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Brandon Baxter In The Morning originates on 107.9 KFIN in Jonesboro, Arkansas. BBITM is a country music morning show that talks about the world of country music, pop culture, and social events. Brandon Baxter is a professional wrestling personality as well as the host of BBITM. Baxter is joined o…

Brandon Baxter In The Morning

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    Latest episodes from Brandon Baxter In The Morning

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 1/20/23 | First Memories Of Radio + Morgan Wallen Winning

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2023 47:02

    *** When you wake up to a grown man standing over you *** BB & KP share their 1st radio memories on National Disc Jockey Day *** Pickleball probs *** Brandon thinks it's Thursday *** Lisa Marie Presley laid to rest *** David Crosby has died *** A flight attendant comforting nervous passenger on 1st flight goes viral *** It's time to find all of your gift cards and USE THEM! *** Free Ticket Friday MORGAN WALLEN ticket winners! ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 1/19/23 | Kelly Is A Pickleball Prodigy + Celebrating Dolly!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2023 37:25

    *** What toys have you kept from your childhood? *** Computers are great… until they freeze *** Carole Baskin claims her ex husband is not dead *** Kelly the Pickleball Prodigy *** Happy Birthday Dolly Parton *** Most work productivity happens at 10:22 AM *** Get ready for Free Ticket Friday & Morgan Wallen! ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 1/17/23 | Our Last Meal, Kids Are Good For Errands, & Hanging Blinds

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2023 53:52

    *** It's your last meal, what's on your plate? *** The stress of hanging blinds *** When your kid can run your errands, take advantage! *** Kelly has run out of passwords *** How 'Bout Them Cowboys *** Public memorial being held for Lisa Marie Presley *** Rock's most hated songs *** Madonna preparing for 40th Anniversary World Tour ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 1/13/23 | Lisa Marie, Olivia Dunne, & Chuck E Cheese

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2023 50:18

    *** The Chuck E Cheese Effect *** Things men CAN do but women get judged for *** When you try to go back to sleep because a dream is so good *** Lisa Marie Presley has passed away *** Massive severe storms in Georgia and Alabama claim at least seven lives *** LSU hires body guards for gymnast Olivia Dunne *** Officer in Denver, Colorado buys weeks worth of groceries for struggling woman *** Are you worried about it being Friday the 13th? *** 17 year old gamer butt dials 911 and says he's killed two ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly AfterShow 1/12/23 | The Gym, The Baldness, & The Fall

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2023 26:13

    *** Brandon's observations as he returns to the gym *** New link between sweeteners and male pattern baldness *** The DMV experience *** Kelly Falls, Again *** Liposuction *** Chrissy Teigen gets waxed *** Darmar Hamlin gets discharged from hospital *** Prince Harry's Memoir *** New Universal theme park in Frisco TX *** Eric Church going on tour *** Luke Combs shares unreleased song *** Megan Moroney is wearing Morgan Wallen's shirt ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 1/10/23 | They Day We Asked The Tough Questions To Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2023 48:49

    *** Inauguration Day for Arkansas & 5 Questions with Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders *** Turn offs that could lead to a break up *** Brandon announces the Rooty Tooty Fresh-N-Fruity Breakfast is back at IHOP *** Kelly meets a donkey with a special name *** Today is your last chance to buy tickets for the $1.1 Mega Millions jackpot *** Kelly has coached & mentored a Hall of Famer *** Canadian reporter suffers medical emergency on TV *** High Five - Stuttgart AR- Brooklyn Project Foundation donates $100K to Arkansas Children's Hospital ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 1/5/23 | The "Caption This" Catastrophe

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2023 48:09

    *** Brandon details his embarrassing moment with toilet paper *** When you come across an old hard drive with life memories *** Woman reunited with cat after 6 years *** Are your Christmas decorations put up yet? *** Brandon immediately regrets posting a throwback photo *** Are stuffed animals on the bed a deal breaker? ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 1/3/23 | Holiday Chaos + New Year Intentions

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2023 52:10

    *** Kelly shares her New Year "Intentions" *** Did Cousin Eddie haul his RV to Brandon's house? *** When the truck won't start and no one owns jumper cables *** Brandon goes shopping but takes everything back the next day *** Yellowstone *** Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin suffers cardiac arrest *** High Five - Earle, Arkansas swears in 18 year old Mayor, Jaylen Smith *** The Southwest Airlines Catastrophe ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 12/21/22 | We're Not Down With This Sickness + KFIN Breakfast Club

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2022 82:28

    *** Back from the land of sickness *** A smell takes Kelly back to a 5th grade romance *** Elon Musk resigning from Twitter *** Happy Winter Solstice *** Today on the KFIN BREAKFAST CLUB powered by FAMILIES Inc: *** Doc Talk with Dr. Shane Speights- Kelly's sickness was predicted; Flu symptoms and why certain shots or antibiotics are ineffective *** Dawn Layer w/ Families Inc- 2023 partnerships including: Together We Foster, Center for Good Grief, Hope Found & The Luke Kellums NICU Fund benefiting St. Bernards NICU *** Danny Kapales with Jonesboro Parks & Recreation - Earl Bell opening for cold weather warming centers; Additions coming to Downtown Jonesboro, Winter Wonderland; Craighead Forest cuts new trail *** Wet Nose Wednesday with Dr. Kevin Reed - Upcoming cold weather & your animals and why our pets don't catch the flu *** Alexis Cox w/ El Centro Hispano talks upcoming Spanish classes ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 12/15/22 | Dr. Feelgood's Colon Advice, Beauty & The Beast, & The Phrases

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2022 61:08

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 12/15/22 | Dr. Feelgood's Colon Advice, Beauty & The Beast, & The Phrases by Arkansas' Morning Show w/ Brandon & Kelly

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 12/14/22 | Duck Classic Recap, Mayor Copenhaver, & KFIN Breakfast Club

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2022 93:17

    *** Brandon & Kelly had a BIG time at Duck Classic *** Kelly finds a year old surprise *** U.S law makers look to ban Tik Tok *** The Voice crowns winner *** High Five - 2022 Arkansas Law Enforcement Officers of the Year honored by Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge *** KFIN BREAKFAST CLUB powered by Families Inc: *** Doc Talk with Dr. Shane Speights (Dean of the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at A-STATE)- How stress affects the heart and the passing of Mississippi State Football Coach Mike Leach *** Jonesboro Mayor Harold Copenhaver on the state of the city, extra patrol for holiday season, new city pools, the expansion of Ritter Communications and connecting Downtown Jonesboro to A-STATE *** Matt Cavenaugh invites us to the musical "She Loves Me" put on by The Link Theatre Company *** Wet Nose Wednesday with Dr. Kevin Reed and Vetcare - Trending Pet names and are dogs or cats smarter? *** Kandi Baker with Embassy Suites Jonesboro brings Kelly special gift (just to upset BB) and tells us what we need know about the BIG New Year's Eve Celebration ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 12/13/22 | Duck Classic Advice + Brandon's Disguise Works On Kelly

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2022 57:39

    *** Brandon offers Kelly "advice" on hosting the Duck Classic & Kelly is invited by The Mayor of Jonesboro to perform the National Anthem *** That time Brandon and Lesley hung out with Taylor Swift *** Brandon returns to his "disguise" *** Cost if you bought the gifts from "The 12 Days of Christmas" *** Golden Globes, The Voice finale & Mississippi State's Coach Mike Leach passes away *** High Five- Woman in Brookland gives a homeless man the shoes off her feet *** Shows and events coming to Arkansas & Janet Jackson is headed to Memphis ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 12/12/22 | Road Trips, Wiper Problems, & The Waitress

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2022 50:25

    *** Kelly goes Road trippin' and your gas station go-to's *** Kai and the cute waitress *** Brandon's trouble with windshield wipers *** Pickles & Whipped Cream and other unexpected food combos *** Did your grandparents leave out old fashioned ribbon candy *** Ashley McBryde inducted into the Grand Ole Opry *** High Five - Arkansas Children's Hospital collects $466,854 for Christmas Toy Drive *** More people want experiences over gifts for Christmas ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 12/8/22 | Kelly's Wardrobe Catastrophe + Drink Your Pilk

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2022 48:35

    *** Brandon & Kelly do a live "PILK" tasting *** Google: Most Searched 2022 *** The Parade where Kelly unknowingly wears her shirt inside out *** Brandon and the Adidas Golf Pant Phase *** Email gets an Olive Garden manager in some major trouble *** High Five - Jaylen Smith from Earle becomes youngest Black mayor in America ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly AfterShow 12/6/22 | Britney's Booty Has Caused Problems For Double B

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2022 29:30

    *** The autographed Britney booty photo fail (We call Lesley!) *** Brandon reluctantly starts Christmas shopping *** Kirstie Alley has passed away *** Arkansas flu levels high *** Heisman Trophy Nominees *** Dolly's Tik Toking *** Morgan Wallen tour talk ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 12/1/22 | Kelly's Early Christmas + What Spotify Wrapped Has Revealed

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2022 53:54

    *** Brandon & Kelly dive into their Spotify 2022 Wrapped and Brandon makes an interesting discovery *** Kelly surprised with early Christmas present *** Who starts a diet in between Thanksgiving and Christmas (Brandon sets himself up to fail) *** Top Holiday Candy *** Chevy Chase is back as Clark Griswold & Courteney Cox gives fans the surprise of a lifetime *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Arkansas making Christmas brighter for over 100 kids ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/30/22 | KFIN Breakfast Club - Powered by Families Inc.

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2022 88:10

    *** Kelly wakes up with her pj's on backwards and Brandon feels queasy *** Bring JOY this season sending Christmas cards *** AMS High Five- Caddo Valley, AR. McDonald's worker surprised by customer *** Have you told these lies *** Today on the KFIN Breakfast Club powered by Families Inc: *** Doc Talk w/ Dr. Shane Speights: Don't order hamburgers medium rare & when to stay home from work * Sarah Rickert tells us all about Downtown Jonesboro's JOYFEST *** Destiny McGee - School based Clinical Supervisor with Families Inc talks children and ADHD *** Wet Nose Wednesday with Dr. Kevin Reed talks Cats, dairy and puppy cups *** Mikel Wewers from the Foundation of Arts gets us ready for the Jonesboro Christmas Parade *** Gina Winchester with First Christian Church invites us all to Christmas Open House ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/29/22 | Lack of Motivation, Lost Clicker, & Celebrating Jerry Lawler

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2022 53:52

    *** Brandon excuses his lack of motivation and Kelly's lost her clicker *** Cyber Monday spending *** Brandon celebrates the birth of Jerry "The King" Lawler and Kelly begs "The King" for AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly caricature *** $1M Powerball ticket sold in Conway *** Giving Tuesday *** Kelly's son beats her at her own game *** Arkansas restaurants adding serving robots ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/28/22 | Friendsgiving Drama, Fanny Smackin' In Football, & Cyber Monday

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2022 57:11

    *** Brandon reminisces about the flight he thought was his last *** Deer, pheasant and the bloody nose *** Brandon wonders why we don't slap employees on the butt, like athletes do *** Are Thanksgiving leftovers still good? *** Black Friday numbers and Cyber Monday shopping tips *** Where do you put your nail clippings? *** Woman sues Kraft Mac & Cheese *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - U.S. Coast Guard saves man hours after he falls off cruise ship ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/22/22 | Holiday Houseguests, Weight Gain, & Celebs At Your Table

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2022 61:58

    *** What's the maximum number of days YOU want holiday houseguests in YOUR home *** First thoughts of the day *** Average person expects to gain weight before the new year *** Brandon ISO of a zoo animal for Christmas *** What celebrities would you invite to your Thanksgiving table ***Arkansas' Morning Show High Five: Stuttgart student named Queen Mallard *** Brad Bobo (Associate AD for Marketing & Fan Engagement @ASTATE) - make it a Thanksgiving Feast with A-STATE and their 5 Game Special ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/18/22 | Brandon's Inappropriate Gift + Lets Go Hunting

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2022 56:51

    *** Brandon & Kelly's First thought of the day leads to a major debate *** Morning BRAMBLES *** The fiber install *** Go through the Phonetic Alphabet with us *** Meeting Amanda Beth Carmen *** Kelly goes hunting with Elmer Fudd *** Brandon's given a slightly inappropriate gift *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five- Lake Hamilton gets school lunches paid for by Tennessee woman ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/15/22 | Kelly Is Making Her Netflix Debut?!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2022 55:13

    *** First thought of the day, GO *** Who takes pre-workout at 3:30 am and doesn't work out *** Morning Brambles *** Kelly's making her Netflix debut on Chelsea Handler's special Revolution *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Oldest living American is 115 *** Brandon justifies (tries to) why his family should get a new vehicle *** When the cable and internet is out, it's a family freak out ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/14/22 | Man Of The People + Wienermobile Names

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2022 54:48

    *** Brandon is "accepting accolades" for braving weather conditions to entertain fans *** What would your nickname be if YOU were driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile *** Remembering life without seatbelts *** Brandon thinks he should watch what he calls "the new western show" Yellowstone *** Thanksgiving Dinner might be cheaper in a restaurant *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - TikTok user raises over $180K for Walmart worker ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/11/22 | Veterans Day, Deer Hunting, & Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Team

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2022 49:07

    *** VETERANS DAY *** B & K's first thought of the day *** Happy Hunters & Happy Hunting as gun season kicks off in Arkansas *** We act fake at family gatherings *** Veterans Day Deals *** Governor- elect Sarah Huckabee Sanders announces transition team and Brandon feels left out *** Watch OUT! Deer on the move in the Natural State *** NTL Toy Hall of Fame announces 2022 inductees *** Glen Sain Dealerships honoring Veterans today with free lunch ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/8/22 | It's Election Day & Brandon Asks For Your Vote?!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2022 51:33

    *** Voter anxiety *** Powerball Jackpot delayed due to glitch *** Parents spend the most on Christmas for kids between 7-12 *** Who gives a 10 year old a screwdriver for Christmas *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Homeless man helps Chicago woman change flat tire *** People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive *** The average person needs 66 hours to adjust to Daylight Saving Time *** Brandon & Kelly reveal their campaign platforms *** Lionel Richie to receive icon award and we reflect back on our parents music ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/7/22 | Kelly's Weekend With Cole Swindell & Ashley Cooke

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2022 48:47

    *** Kelly spends the weekend with Cole Swindell and Ashley Cooke *** Battery powered shoes that make you walk 250X faster *** Brandon & Kelly's weekend of Eats *** Brandon wonders if everyone's Sunday was the longest day EVER *** When you wait at a closed drive-thru *** Mid term elections and last day to vote early *** Woman turns 101 and just wants tequila *** Houston Astros win the world series and Mattress Mack wins $75M bet ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly AfterShow - 11/3/22 | The One With Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2022 15:12

    Brandon Baxter & Kelly Perry had the chance to chat with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is one of the candidates running for governor of Arkansas. This is probably the most unique chat of her entire campaign. Check it out!

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/3/22 | A Winter Wonderland, Dreams, & Sandwiches

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2022 50:38

    *** Brandon goes home to find a winter wonderland *** Today we celebrate the invention of the sandwich *** Another edition of Brandon's wild, crazy & ridiculous dreams *** People notice signs of aging at 42 with peak health averaging 34 *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five- Arkansas Tech University collects over 1 ton of food for elementary school backpack program *** What counts as a sandwich *** Miller Lite offering holiday tree keg stand and ornaments ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 11/1/22 | The Haunted House Experience + The Dog Rug

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2022 52:15

    *** The Haunted House *** The Spirit of Halloween costume fallout *** Brandon wonders if it's already Christmas at home *** Just two minutes of exercise a day helps you live longer *** AMS High Five: McDonald's presents 9 y.o with fries for a year *** Family turns dead dog into a floor rug *** Tom Brady breaks silence on divorce from Gisele ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/31/22 | The One On Halloween, Costumes, & Too Old To Trick Or Treat

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2022 47:55

    *** Brandon & Kelly present their "Spirit of Halloween" costumes *** The never-ending water-logged weekend *** When your kid decides they are over Halloween *** Kelly and the Haunted House *** Powerball is over $1B *** Brandon & Kelly share Halloween memories *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Highland, Arkansas teacher celebrates being cancer free *** Top candy kids like less than their parents ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/28/22 | Little Moments Of Kindness, First Dates, & Alana Springsteen

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2022 62:06

    *** Little moments that restore your faith in humanity *** Batgirl costume Fallout *** Arkansas man catches on fire after being tased *** Top things that ruin your chances on the first date (Brandon calls his wife live & and things get awkward) *** New Music from Rhianna, Lainey Wilson, & Alana Springsteen gets mentioned by GARTH Brooks *** Brandon on the hunt for a new gaming monitor *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Operation Christmas Child *** Join us tomorrow for ASTATE Football - The Embassy Suites Kickoff Show in Jonesboro ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/27/22 | Ping Pong Party, The Guilty Party, & Meg Ryan Is In Arkansas

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2022 47:35

    *** The Ping Pong Party *** Brandon finds out the guilty party isn't who he thought it was *** Jerry Lee Lewis is NOT dead! *** Brandon continues to find ways to celebrate beer *** Are you dressing up for Halloween? *** Meg Ryan & David Duchovny filming movie in Northwest Arkansas *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Conway teacher awarded distinguished teaching award and will travel to Vietnam *** Man finds ring woman intentionally threw out *** Black cats get a bad rap ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/24/22 | Pink Warriors, Thanksgiving Turkeys, and The Roast & Toast Host

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2022 48:53

    *** Thanksgiving turkey shortage upon us *** The many outfit changes of the Roast & Toast Host *** Lyon College appoints 1st female President *** Brandon says baldness could be a thing of the past *** St. Bernards Pink Warrior Walk *** Most annoying phrases people say *** McDonald's brings back the McRib ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/20/22 | Double B Is Fishing For Compliments + KP's Exam...

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2022 54:46

    *** Brandon preps his boots for Boots and Ballers *** Can you still be friends with an ex *** Kelly shares the awkwardness of the yearly OBGYN check up *** Why some people are mosquito magnets *** Jonesboro woman hits rare milestone *** Reasons you should smile *** What we do in awkward situations *** Passive aggressive phrases heard at work ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/18/22 | BB Wants To Become A Cowboy + Older Generations Got It Right

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2022 59:28

    *** What did the older generations get right *** Brandon dreams of having a great beard *** 9 month pregnant firefighter goes into labor while helping crash victim *** When the new dresser isn't "easy to assemble" *** Brandon says he "Should've Been A Cowboy" and now obsessed with owning "Boots"***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/17/22 | A Special AfterShow Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2022 37:03

    A special AfterShow podcast. Kelly's dog has something "stuck." Brandon's wife did a yard sale. Kelly attends a gender reveal party. Brandon is preparing to host multiple events and a new tv feature. Reflecting on a football weekend for Tennessee, Alabama, A-STATE, & UofA. Morgan Wallen pops up in Knoxville. Carrie Underwood launches her tour. Florida Georgia Line to release a greatest hits album. Trending Halloween costumes. Songs that Brandon & Kelly are obsessed with.

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/14/22 | Being Bald, Being Rude, & Travis Tritt In Arkansas

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2022 50:35

    *** Vin Diesel voted hottest bald guy but Brandon remembers when being bald was bad *** Brandon & Kelly's night with Travis Tritt & Chris Janson *** Rudest things you can do in someone else's house *** Eye doctor removes 23 contacts from woman's eye *** Spontaneity peaks at age 31 *** UK Couple celebrates 75th Anniversary at age 100 *** Arkansas State Fair opens today ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/13/22 | Coach Butch Jones Calls 'Em Out + Double B Has Lunch Trouble

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2022 51:15

    *** Coach Jones questions Brandon's size and puts the pressure on Kelly for better jokes *** The emoji's old people use *** Brandon suffers from major business lunch anxiety *** It's the little things in life that bring joy *** Governors could be put on all vehicles to prevent speeding *** How GROSS are YOU ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/12/22 | Celebrating Farmers, BB's Son Had Surgery, & KFIN Breakfast Club

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2022 93:05

    *** Brandon's "son" survives his procedure *** Youth Pastor placed on leave for handing out stickers saying " I LOVE Hot Youth Pastors " ***Shout out to our FARMERS *** KFIN Breakfast Club powered by Families Inc: *** Dr. Shane Speights (Dean of the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine): Sodas & weight loss, cold showers & weighted blankets *** Scott Willhite- The Roast of Danny Ford: Fundraiser for Kids' Chance of Arkansas *** Dr. Dana Watson: Clinical Psychologist w/ Families Inc: When you should silence your inner critic *** Rodney Poff: Occasions Magazine - Jonesboro Event Roster *** Wet nose Wednesday with Dr. Kevin Reed: Pet care with Vetcare *** Jamie Seaborn - D.A.R.E. Teams up with U.S. Renal Care for Tread the Trails: Mountain Bike Poker Ride *** Sarah Rickert - Downtown Jonesboro Fall Fest this weekend ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/11/22 | Kelly Goes Grunge + Double B's "Son" Has Surgery

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2022 50:33

    *** What fear have you conquered and/or what fear do you want to conquer *** Kelly goes 90's grunge but Brandon thinks she should leave the trends to the kids *** It's looking like Christmas in October *** Brandon come to work emotional about his "son" (not Kai, his dog Murphy Lee) *** School Superintendent was drunk and crowd surfing at high school game *** A new trend for brides in 2022 *** Texas Roadhouse releasing candle that smells like honey rolls *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - ATU students win collegiate bass championship ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/10/22 | World Mental Health Day + Check Your Bags

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2022 54:49

    *** Do you check your bag of food before leaving a drive thru *** After watching a 49 year old football player, Brandon believes he's still "eligible" to play football *** Things we can do to better our mental health on World Mental Health Day *** Brandon is just a man wanting to have lunch on a patio *** Amazon Prime having a 2nd Prime sale but beware *** Brandon's new idea for A-STATE Football may already be a flop *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Floridian Chris Nikic sets record in Ironman World Championship in Hawaii ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/07/22 | Earliest Childhood Memories, Music Therapy, & KP Is Triggered

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2022 60:20

    *** What is your earliest childhood memory *** Feeling down? Brandon says turn up the music *** Kelly triggered by a sippy cup *** Candy experts rank the top 5 Halloween Candies *** Tips and tricks to read someone's body language *** Things you shouldn't brag about *** Are you less likely to watch a show if someone says you'll like it *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Little Rock Central High School student scores perfect on the ACT ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/06/22 | YouTube Skills, Target Practice, & A Meatball Sub

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2022 50:56

    *** What have you learned or taught yourself to do from watching Youtube *** Brandon's truck used for target practice *** The pressure you feel after you give a food recommendation *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - 11 Year old Hendrix Yancey from Hot Springs lands a show on Peacock *** Bike, Blues, and Barbecue motorcycle safety *** Brandon renames a local sandwich after himself ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/04/22 | Did Double B Get Blocked By The Doc?!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2022 52:33

    *** Brandon wonders if he got blocked by the Doc *** How do you put on your socks and shoes *** Money tips from Brandon ( formerly known as Luchador "El Cheapo") *** Jeffrey Dahmer's glasses on sale for $150K *** When the donuts are stale *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Safe Night Ministries purchases safe house for victims *** Best and worst cities for foodies ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 10/3/22 | Double B Gets Lost At Garth, Guy Fieri, & A-STATE Homecoming 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2022 49:42

    *** Brandon experiences Guy Fieri's Branson Kitchen & Bar *** The Thunder Rolls with Garth at Thunder Ridge *** Kelly crashes a college party *** Is it too early for Chili *** Things you wish you could do in public without getting scolded *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Benton teen, Bella Crowe speaks at White House *** 10 things you post online that make you look cheap *** Hefty is selling pumpkin scented trash bags ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 09/28/22 | Hurricane Ian, The Voice, Neighbors, & KFIN Breakfast Club

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2022 76:21

    *** Florida braces for Hurricane Ian as it reaches Category 4 *** 50% of us have a neighbor we wish would move away *** Arkansan is a contestant on The Voice *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - 56 year old set to give birth to granddaughter *** KFIN Breakfast Club powered by Families Inc: *** Doc Talk with Dr. Shane Speights - Dean of the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at A-STATE: Sleep apnea, keeping that feeling after a good pump & Poop Banks? *** Hannah Caddy w/ City Youth Ministries: The Downtown JTown Kids Walk- Fundraiser *** Rachel Anderson w/ Jonesboro Police Department: JPD Trunk or Treat *** Kraig Pomrenke w/ Embassy Suites Red Wolf Convention Center: A-STATE Homecoming; Real Men Wear Pink - Mechanical Bull Fundraiser *** Wet Nose Wednesday w/ Dr. Kevin Reed & VetCare - Pet prep for natural disasters *** Lindsey Wingo with Glen Sain and the Roast of Danny Ford ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 09/27/22 | Brandon The Door Greeter + Favorite Fair Foods

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2022 53:52

    *** Brandon mistaken for a door greeter at Walmart *** Favorite Fair Food *** Pop culture Halloween costume ideas *** Man caught peeing on ex wife's grave *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Arkansas Tech University's Jerry the Bulldog to Retire *** Rocks greatest one hit wonders *** Hurricane Ian heading toward Florida *** Have you already bought Halloween Candy ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 09/26/22 | Brandon Has A Teenager + Kelly Tells A Whale Of A Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2022 56:50

    *** Brandon's little Kai-Man enters the teenage years *** Kelly tells a "Whale" of a story *** Brandon's wife reveals she is afraid he will die in his sleep *** New episodes of COPS on the way *** The Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey fall out *** Brandon's hunt for Yeezys *** John Cena recognized by Guinness Book of World Records *** Super Bowl halftime announced *** Listener gets banned after encouraging Brandon to sing a new Karaoke song *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Russellville teacher plays in USGA Women's Open Championship ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 09/23/22 | Foods You Refuse + Most Embarrassing Things In Public

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2022 57:42

    *** Brandon reflects on having a teenager *** Today we honor country's redheads *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Benefit volleyball game held in Pocahontas to raise money for Camp Quality Arkansas for kids with cancer *** Food you absolutely refuse to eat *** Arkansas adds recreational marijuana to November ballot *** Instagram's "close friends" is for hook-ups *** Random Betty White items up for auction *** Mega Millions Winner finally claims their $1.337 billion dollar prize *** Things people splurge on for better quality *** New poll finds passing gas is most embarrassing thing you can do in public ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 09/22/22 | Is KP The New Queen Of TikTok?!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2022 52:19

    *** Jason Aldean & Lee Brice in Arkansas *** It's the first day of Fall *** Brandon wants to audition to be the next James Bond *** Kelly panics when seeing over 1000 comments on Tik Tok post *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five- Woman loses special engagement ring but it's found and returned *** Sonic intros fried cookie dough bites *** Brandon & Kelly recap their A-STATE photo shoot *** Whataburger coming to Little Rock *** Ghosts of the Ozark premieres tonight in Jonesboro *** The Byers home on Stranger Things is up for sale ***

    AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 9/20/22 | To Tip Or Not To Tip...

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2022 54:05

    *** Brandon discovers his dog, "Mr. Perfect" isn't exactly as perfect as he thought *** Jackson Farm turns Jurassic Farm *** Do you tip on carry out *** Man tips waitress $3K, then disputes the charge months later *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Man goes from auto mechanic to doctor *** What toppings belong on a pizza *** 20% of couples don't talk money ***

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