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    Florida State Football With Curt Weiler – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 43:28

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes After two weeks of college football there are lots of questions about Florida State football. Curt Weiler of the Tallahassee Democrat joins us on ACC Nation Podcast to provide some answers and insight into the program. We start with an amazing effort against Notre Dame. Stumble through Jacksonville State. Then look ahead at what games on the schedule that hold promise. For fans questioning Mike Norvell and what he brings to the program here's a taste of sanity that might help deliver a clearer picture than what you've been seeing on some Message Boards. Jim and Will get some lowdown on injuries, poor choices and take a look into the proverbial crystal ball with Weiler to see what lays ahead for Florida State football. Listen 24/7 To ACC Nation Radio. At Home, On The Road Or At Work. Is this a better program than what was in place before it? Weiler thinks it is and that Norvell brings some promising recruits and transfers to the the table. He also thinks the program can't afford anymore losses of a nature like that against Jacksonville State which will upset the recruiting apple cart. It's a tricky balancing act. DONATE Florida State Football A win against Wake Forest is almost a must this week as the majority of the schedule will be challenging. Can the Noles make it to a bowl this year? What about realignment, going to the SEC and the Alliance? Weiler share some interesting thoughts and background for perspective. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, listen to ACC Nation Radio or subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the show.

    Weak One – ACC Nation Podcast Talks College Football

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 59:26

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Aside from a few glimmers of hope the debut of ACC football was a weak one. Among the disappointments there were also some positives. In fact, more than imagined. Yes, there were a couple of performances that shattered the illusions (delusions?) of some fan bases. Jim and Will gladly share their thoughts on the opening round of college football across the conference. There's the need for multiple Missouri moments moving forward as everyone takes stock of their team's efforts. Several wins and losses are quite as clear as imagined. As for the positive takes, we've got a lot and we have one rule of thumb to go by following week one. It's only one game. We'll know who these teams are in a few more weeks so have some patience. In addition to football we run down some of the latest sports news for soccer, field hockey, cross country and tennis. We'll have the latest polls for each of these sports elsewhere on this site. DONATE Weak One Coming up on the next ACC Nation Podcast our special guest is Curt Weiler of the Tallahassee Democrat. We'll dig into what Mike Norvell has going on at Florida State after a great debut against Notre Dame. Can they keep that momentum going? A big challenge awaits in week three as the Noles travel to Wake Forest. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, listen to ACC Nation Radio or subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the show.

    Georgia Tech Football With Kelly Quinlan – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 33:44

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes There's a certain air of optimism around Georgia Tech football in Geoff Collins' third year. With a quarterback that is a blink away from reaching the next level, a stable of running backs that are dual threats and finally some beefy linemen perhaps it's warranted. We'll find out what's happening with the Yellow Jackets this season with our special guest Kelly Quinlan, the Publisher of Jackets Online on this episode of ACC Nation Podcast. You can also listen to the interview on ACC Nation Radio or watch it on YouTube. Is this the year the team finally turns the corner. There were signs of it last year amidst the madness of COVID when lack of training and quarantined players hampered all of college football. Things are definitely different this year. You can hear the confidence in the voices of the players and coaches. It's become infectious among many fans and has crept into the media coverage as well. Is this a better team? Certainly it's different than what Collins found when he took over from Paul Johnson. It takes time to re-build a team and Collins is going into the magic three year mark where many expect, nay, demand results. Top Overrated And Underrated ACC College Football Teams Georgia Tech Football Will and Jim dig into the offensive side of the ball with a look at quarterback and running back. Quinlan reveals that Jeff Sims is no longer a freshman trying to keep his head above water. No, Sims is iron forged in fire and he's got plenty of heat to share including that of Jahmyr Gibbs who is a dual threat that can leave defenders in the dust. The line has improved and are no longer the undersized and outclassed group that struggled to hold off hungry defenders. This group is capable of giving both Sims and Gibbs both time and space to put points on the board. DONATE Where are the weak spots? Perhaps on defense but that remains to be seen how this team clicks. We'll get a good look at them when they face off with North Illinois in their opener. ACC Football Media Guide – Teams, Times, TV And More For Week One Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, listen on streaming radio or watch the YouTube episode below (subscribe and follow).

    Bill Bender Talks College Football – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 49:51

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes If you want the bigger picture, especially when it comes to college football, you have to talk to someone who covers it nationally. That's just what we did with our special guest this week, Bill Bender of Sporting News. We were fortunate enough to squeeze him in with his tight schedule. He promised to come back for a more detailed interview in the future. Bender gives us his thoughts on realignment, alliances, NIL, the top teams and teams to keep an eye on from all of the Power 5 conferences. Plus, as always we sneak in a question about his favorite food. After having lived in Charlotte for a few years you probably won't be too surprised by the answer. The changing face of college sports leaves us with the conclusion this isn't our father's game of football any longer. A new generation with new wants and needs will re-shape things for the future. Are super conferences part of that grand scheme? Bender has some thoughts on that and what it might mean as we go forward. DONATE Bill Bender What might transpire if an alliance is formed between the PAC 12, Big Ten and ACC? There may be some schools missing from the equation. Where will they go if a new super conference doesn't include them? Is it all about football? How does basketball fit in? We have some interesting questions regarding each of the conferences and Bender has some very intriguing answers. There's definitely plenty of food for thought on this episode of ACC Nation. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, listen on streaming radio or watch the YouTube episode below (subscribe and follow). Coming up on ACC Nation we'll have as our special guest, Kelly Quinlan, the Publisher of Jackets Online to talk about Georgia Tech football. In addition to Quinlan, we'll have more interviews focusing on ACC football plus we'll dip into basketball, soccer, volleyball and more as the sports season gets underway.

    Wake Forest Football With Conor O’Neill – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 64:48

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes The Publisher of Wake Up, Conor O'Neill joins us on ACC Nation Podcast this week to talk about Wake Forest football and biscuits. That's right, biscuits and where he thinks you can find the best morning combos. O'Neill provides a great breakdown on one of the teams that we think will be a surprise this season. In eight seasons as head coach, Dave Clawson has taken the Demon Deacons to five consecutive bowls. Will he make it six? That may depend on one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the ACC. Sam Hartman can begin writing his ticket to the NFL with a solid year and Clawson has provided him with all of the offensive weapons he'll need to shine. When Wake Forest fans turn to CBS it won't be the network. Christian Beal-Smith returns to power up the running game. Last year Beal-Smith turned more than a few heads when he put up over 100 yards against North Carolina, Virginia, NC State and Virginia Tech. He'll be joined by Michigan transfer Christian Turner and Justice Ellison. Who's Up Next? Find Out With ACC Nation Radio The receiving corps is loaded but who steps up to be a leader this year? Clawson thinks it's one of the best he's seen in a while. One of the keys to making an offense tick is the offensive line. O'Neill calls a time-out and straightens us out on having five starters return. The next man up features two players with interesting side stories that he shares. DONATE Wake Forest Football Boogie Basham is in the NFL and though there may not be the same splash at the position the two ends will deliver consistency. The defensive line has 7 players with starting experience and there are two transfers. The linebacking corps may only have two starters coming back but the level of experience overall may have ticked up a notch. If you're looking for lots of improvement then look no further than the DB's. Eight starting experience players are back. O'Neill looks at the schedule and gives us his impressions of how those games may play out. The end of the season could be a rough and tumble run on the road but with minimal injuries the team should have a load of confidence going up against North Carolina, Clemson and Boston College. Be sure to watch the interview with Conor O'Neill and others on YouTube. There Are Literally Hundreds Of Reasons To Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast

    Boston College Football With A.J. Black – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 56:05

    Is Boston College football turning a hard corner this season? Under second year head coach Jeff Hafley things are looking bright for Eagles fans. Our special guest, the Editor and Publisher of Sports Illustrated's BC Bulletin, A.J. Black pulls up a chair and chews the fat with Will and Jim on the podcast. There are some exciting weapons in Hafley's bag of surprises and right up front, don't say we didn't let you in on this poorly kept secret. We can only see one area of concern and Black keeps all of us in the loop. Jeff Hafley is aggressively building his program and he wants to notch his belt with important wins in the ACC. We take a look at the offense weapons such as QB Phil Jurkovec. He may well be the guy to go 'all in on' when it comes to the 2022 NFL Draft. Is that the only threat in the quarterback room? What does the future look like at the position for Boston College? Jurkovec has a slew of weapons to go to including running back Alex Sinkfield, a transfer from West Virginia and freshman Xavier Coleman. The receiving corps includes tight end Trae Berry, Zay Flowers, Jaelen Gill and Kobay White returns off an ACL injury. What makes all this tick is the offensive line with five returning players that are well seasoned. DONATE Boston College Football The defense is still a work in progress. The line returns 3 starters and 7 players with experience but the real question may be at linebacker where things are still a bit green. When it comes to the defensive backs everyone returns but will the experience count where it matters most? Will opposing quarterbacks be able to take the top off? We run down each game on the schedule and Black gives us his thoughts on how the Eagles will perform and why they may or may not win. It's a promising schedule for a second year coach who was frustrated by COVID when he tried to implement his system last year. There's not much in the way this season. Subscribed To ACC Nation Podcast Yet? Get On It! Be sure to follow A.J. Black on Twitter and for all your Boston College news turn to BC Bulletin. On the next ACC Nation Podcast - Radio - YouTube episode - Conor O'Neill (Wake Forest)

    Jeff Adams Explains The Legal Side Of The Big 12 Vs ESPN

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2021 54:07

    Special Guest Jeffrey M. Adams, a Senior Partner at the law firm Abbey, Adams, Byelick and Mueller, LLP discusses the flare-up between the Big 12 conference and ESPN. What legal implications may be involved? We'll talk about what the American Bar Association refers to as "Wrongful Conduct" in interference with contractual and economic relations. There's more than meets the eye and why legal counsel for several entities may or may not have their hands full. Is this a case worth pursuing? Many on social media think it's a foregone conclusion but is it? Adams' thoughts on the world of college sports may bring many fans to a screeching halt. Life isn't black and white, it's many shades of gray. Those agreements, those contracts that you thought were iron-clad may not be as solid as you imagined. Is college sports as we've known it about to get tossed into the trash-bin of history? With the NCAA seemingly folding like a bad lawn chair under the weight of Mark Emmert's recent comments, the NIL, aggressive moves by the SEC and ESPN moving pieces around the chess board, expect things to get a bit dicey. DONATE Jeff Adams Adams paints an interesting picture not only for college football but basketball and all sports as the way we knew things to be become the way things were. There will be changes to all sports with the NIL, realignments must happen and how will Olympic style sports survive if the money should dry up? Can baseball survive on it's own? How will basketball teams compete when NIL money comes into the full picture? There are lots of questions, few crystal balls and seemingly fewer leaders with capes these days to lead the way. On the home turf, how will the ACC react to potentially having Clemson poached? Are there mergers on the horizon? An interesting conversation with Jeff Adams puts an exclamation point on the week. You will want to listen to this episode of ACC Nation Podcast, also available on ACC Nation Radio and YouTube (see link below). Special Guests coming up on ACC Nation - A.J. Black (Boston College)Conor O'Neill (Wake Forest).....and many more. Be sure to subscribe.

    Bennett Conlin – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 52:13

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes There's a lot going on in Virginia sports these days and The Daily Progress' Bennett Conlin stops by to talk about some of it. Football, basketball, ACC media days, conference realignments, Olympics, a shared dislike of the Pack and of course, food and drink. Breaking a bit from tradition we start off with Conlin's favorite digs around Charlottesville and other ACC school towns. With long and sometimes weird hours a person has to eat and have a drink once in awhile. Take out your notepad especially if you're building your bucket list of restaurants to check out. The insanity of conference realignment and how that may impact the ACC. Conlin shares his thoughts on teams he thinks make the most sense in adding and what they'll bring to the table. As a James Madison grad he tosses in some thoughts on how JMU can take advantage of all the changes as well. DONATE When it comes to an overload of information the ACC media days (football in this case) exposes you to all of the teams in the conference in addition to multiple coaches and players. To top it all off you hear from ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips just as the realignment story is breaking so you get a feel for what may or may not be happening behind the scenes. The Latest Interviews And Sports News On ACC Nation Radio Bennett Conlin What does a new season hold in store for Wahoo football fans? There are mixed messages in every direction but the potential is such that there is a feeling Virginia may be somewhat of a surprise. Portions of the team are flying under the radar and Brennan Armstrong's talents are under appreciated. Can Bronco Mendenhall get the most out of his team in the fall? When you're talking about Virginia you can't simply over look the men's basketball team. We didn't and Conlin answers some key questions regarding offense playmakers and what they'll need to do this season. Subscribe (free) To ACC Nation Podcast The Olympics are looming large at the moment and quite a few Virginia athletes are participating. We take a quick look at who, what and how they'll contribute to the Cavaliers. Be sure to follow Conlin on Twitter @BennettConlin and for complete coverage of the Virginia Cavaliers subscribe to The Daily Progress. Coming Up On ACC Nation Podcast A.J. Black (Boston College)Conor O'Neill (Wake Forest)

    Matt Zemek – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 23, 2021 40:02

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Does the recent spate of conference realignment talk have you confused? You're not the only one. That's why we invited Matt Zemek, the Editor of USA Today's Trojans Wire and a twenty-year veteran of covering college football to join us on ACC Nation Podcast. We couldn't have asked for a better guest to help explain why Texas and Oklahoma are unhappy with the Big 12. Zemek lays out how this may impact other college conferences and significantly change the landscape. From the PAC 12 to the ACC and everything in-between you should probably expect a shift in teams in more than one place. We asked Zemek who he thought might be good additions to the ACC should the conference go in that direction. Find out his picks and see if you agree. Zemek doesn't hold back when it comes to the job that commissioners (past and present) are doing for their conferences. Who does he think is the best among the Power 5? What are his thoughts on Notre Dame sticking with the ACC or leaving for the Big 10? There's a lot on the the menu in this special episode. DONATE Matt Zemek Be sure to follow Matt on Twitter @MattZemek and at USA Today's Trojans Wire for coverage of USC Sports. Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast Coming up on ACC Nation Podcast - Bennett Conlin – The Daily Progress (Virginia)A J Black – BC Bulletin (Boston College)Conor O'Neill – Wake Up (Wake Forest)

    Rick Bozich – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 50:14

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes WDRB's Rick Bozich joins us on this week's episode of ACC Nation Podcast. Rick shares some interesting stories on his journey through the world of sports. It all started in Gary, IN which explains his affinity for the Chicago White Sox. Hear his thoughts on Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino plus his wild ride with one Bobby Knight of Indiana basketball fame. Of course we'll talk about Louisville football and basketball. His opinions are well-seasoned and get right to the heart of the matter. There are a handful of sports journalists that cover the ACC and we rank him right up there among the best. Find out why by subscribing to the podcast or watching the interview on YouTube (see link below). Often early influences help drive who and what we become later in life. For Bozich, exposure to top-tier sports started with Notre Dame football and eventually a wide range of Chicago professional sports. It's all led to being a member of the US Basketball Writers Association Hall of Fame. DONATE Rick Bozich Bozich gives us his impressions of how Scott Satterfield and Chris Mack are performing as head coaches. He shares his thoughts on how Louisville fans may need to be a bit more patient in allowing coaches to build their programs. Will and Jim look at how the football team stacks up this season with Bozich providing some important details on key positions. How does he think the Cardinals will do this year? Be sure to listen and we encourage you to listen to the WDRB Sports Podcast where Rick Bozich interviews Phil Steele. Coming up on ACC Nation Podcast - Bennett Conlin - The Daily Progress (Virginia)A J Black - BC Bulletin (Boston College)Conor O'Neill - Wake Up (Wake Forest)

    Phoenix Rising – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 60:11

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Like the Phoenix rising the guys from ACC Nation Podcast return with a full schedule of sports news. Who is Henry Davis and why has he upset the apple cart? The Louisville catcher caught everyone off guard by being the top pick in the MLB Draft. We have a look at the players coming out of the ACC and three high school players that were drafted high that will have an impact on conference recruiting rosters. If you have Comcast Xfinity there is some hope that you'll be watching football on the ACC Network by September at least according to commissioner Jim Phillips. Who are the top draft prospects for the NBA coming out of the ACC? Florida State, Duke and Virginia contribute to the Top 30 list. We take a look at the CBS Sports Top 100 and find that all of the conference players are moving up in value. DONATE What would a mid-summer podcast be without a look at football? After all, we're about a month and a half away from the start of conference games. Coming up first is the ACC Kick-Off on July 21 and 22. Plenty of coaches, players and media all mixing it up and giving us a look at what's coming this fall. Phoenix Rising Speaking of football, what's up with Phil Steele's divisional breakdown and all the ties? What does it mean to have five Atlantic Division teams tied for second? It's only slightly less confusing with four teams tied in the Coastal. Whatever you take away from it all there's one thing we can say for sure. There's better football on the horizon for ACC fans. Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast You can catch the latest ACC sports news on ACC Nation Podcast, ACC Nation Radio or watch us on YouTube. Subscribe to your favorite platform today.

    Bat Meet Ball – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2021 41:39

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes You could use a million and one phrases, like, the rubber meets the road but when it all comes down to the nuts and bolts, it better be bat meet ball. NC State and Virginia have ventured into the College World Series (CWS) through slightly different paths but both teams are nothing short of scrappy when it comes to their wins. Will and Jim take a look at some ACC sports news first and then dive head first into how the conference has performed in post-season baseball action. Two ACC performers came away with gold during the 2021 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Virginia's Michaela Meyers and NC State's Elly Henes delivered in the 800M and 5KM. There's an interesting side note to the Henes win that we share with you on the show. Florida State had a great softball season but unfortunately they came up short against top-ranked Oklahoma in the WCWS. The Seminoles return a young but experienced squad next season. Our colleague Chris Bond notes that now that they've held been in a position to hold the cup they'll be ready to drink from it in 2022. Be sure to subscribe to ACC Nation Podcast, listen to ACC Nation Radio and if you would, we'd appreciate a review and your support to continue to keep the program free to you. DONATE Bat Meet Ball The ACC had a great baseball season and sent 8 teams to the NCAA Regionals. Three of those teams made it to the Super Regionals including Notre Dame, a team that had a stupendous regular season that held incredible promise going into the post-season. The Irish couldn't muster enough to take the final game of the three-game series with Mississippi State and clinch a Super Regional spot. NC State captured the first spot in Bracket 1 of the CWS among conference teams. Later in the day Virginia fought back against a tenacious Dallas Baptist to make their way into Bracket 2. We outline the games that are coming up this weekend in Omaha. Find out the matchups, times and where you can watch coverage. And as a final note, some thoughts on the site of the 2022 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Watch And Subscribe - YouTube

    Puckersville – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2021 39:40

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Puckersville, it's where some fans reside and others just visit. This Memorial Day Weekend's schedule of both ACC and NCAA tournament action kept followers on the edge of their seats. From tennis, golf, lacrosse, rowing and track and field we take a look at the latest sports news. Then we take a look at the NCAA Regional Baseball matchups. As a heads up, you'll want to check out your available channels on your television provider (cable or streaming) to see if they carry the ACC and/or SEC Networks. Not all games will be on ESPN and some will be on the aforementioned. Be sure to subscribe to ACC Nation Podcast, listen to ACC Nation Radio and if you would, we'd appreciate a review and your support to continue to keep the program free to you. DONATE It's all about titles this week as teams and individuals grab ACC and NCAA championships. Conference women dominated the NCAA singles and doubles championships. Six men's teams moved on in the NCAA men's golf championship. For a moment we thought there'd be two ACC teams in the WCWS but it was not to be. Find out who clinched the first spot. When it comes to lacrosse the women's and men's NCAA championships were nothing less than spectacular and of course, an ACC team came away with the win in both. It was a better year than most in ACC rowing as three teams made it to the NCAA championships. And, don't forget we still have a couple of sports that are still working toward the finals and that includes men's golf, track and field and baseball. Puckersville When the No. 9 seed ends up as the conference champion in baseball you may want to keep a close eye on how they do in the NCAA regionals. The ACC is stronger than ever this year as they send 8 teams to the NCAA tournament. We think it should have been 9 as Pitt missed the cut. The guys look at each regional and share some thoughts on how teams match up and who might be the team to beat in each one. Watch And Subscribe - YouTube

    Baseball – Hot Dogs – Apple Pie – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2021 55:21

    Baseball - Hot Dogs - Apple Pie. The ACC Baseball Tournament is underway this week and that provides plenty to talk about on this episode of ACC Nation Podcast. But, we don't stop there as there's a full-plate of conference sports continuing in NCAA Tournament action. Plus, we take a look and share some thoughts on how the writers from ACC Nation are ranking teams for the upcoming football season. Jim and Will toss in some thoughts as they count down from one to fourteen how we think teams will finish this fall. Do you agree or disagree with the early ACC Nation Pigskin Picks? What's on the agenda for this last episode in May? We keep you updated on the latest NCAA lacrosse action for men and women. What's next for NCAA golf? NCAA rowing features three ACC teams. Two teams from the conference advance to the Super Regionals of NCAA softball. There's also tennis and outdoor track and field going on this week that we'll feature on the website. DONATE ACC Nation Radio - At Home, Work, In Your Car Before we jump into the, as D1Baseball calls it, quagmire of conference baseball let us entertain you with our thoughts on the fall. Can we expect something different with ACC football this season? Will teams rise or fall? Baseball - Hot Dogs - Apple Pie Where will conference teams finish this season? We take a look at what the writers are thinking in regard to conference rankings. Sure, it's early but in a profession that deems it okay to release a Way-Too-Early Top 25 in December (that would be right after the season ends) we think this piece is better timed. With most transfers safely in the pocket, spring practice and games under their belts, we believe there's more than enough to provide a clear crystal ball. Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast Who are the top seeds? When will the games be played? Which teams have the most to lose and the most to gain? A look at the ACC Baseball Tournament. Are there any games that can push teams out of the NCAA Tournament? Can a win or two put others back into play for an at-large berth? Subscribe And Watch On YouTube

    Transitions, From ACC Tournaments To The NCAA – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2021 49:18

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes It's that time of year. The transitions of ACC teams from conference tournament action into the NCAA. With double the sports news because of the carry over of fall sports to the spring we've got plenty to talk about on ACC Nation Podcast. Jim and Will also run down some of the notable conference basketball players being mentioned in NBA Mock Drafts. Plus, a rundown of ACC baseball players who are on the MLB Top 100 list as professional baseball's draft is also just around the corner. ACC baseball is the only remaining conference active sport with the tournament just over a week away. Find out what sports wrapped the conference season this weekend and which teams won the ACC Championships. Of note to conference baseball fans, two teams were named to the potential host list for the upcoming NCAA Tournament. We've got the latest on NCAA Selection Shows and you'll find out details in additional stories posted on the website. Transitions The NBA and MLB Drafts are coming up in the next few months. We've got the latest on the NBA Lottery and Draft plus a look at a Mock Draft and where ACC players might be headed. Jim and Will talk about baseball's top prospects from an MLB list with a focus on ACC teams. We end with a question. Why does the MLB continue selecting players long before they are ever ready to play professionally? Maybe you have the answer.

    ACC Scores In The NFL Draft – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2021 62:18

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes The ACC scores in the 2021 NFL Draft with not only the top pick but also in the number of players selected in seven rounds and as UDFA's. Before we get into the laundry list of players headed to the pro's we'll round up the latest ACC and NCAA sports action for you. As always, there's a whole lot on the plate with the combination of fall and spring sports being played out. The guys will do their best to touch on as much as possible in this week's episode of ACC Nation Podcast. Don't forget. You can listen to the program on ACC Nation Radio and watch it on YouTube. Before you jump into the show, can we ask a small favor? Please review and/or rate us on the platform you use to listen or watch us on. The guys love the feedback. And, if you can visit our PayPal site and keep the momentum going. It's most appreciated! DONATE Before taking a look at the NFL Draft results and the absolute steals picked up in UDFA action afterward there's a rundown of the latest ACC and NCAA sports news. Field HockeySoccerBeach VolleyballGolfLacrosseTennisRowingSoftballTrack and Field ACC Scores A look at rounds one through seven of the 2021 NFL Draft and the players from the ACC and Notre Dame that have been selected. To wrap things up, some stellar players were not drafted but did immediately generate interest as UDFA's.

    Baseball, Basketball And More – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2021 40:39

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes How many sports can you pack into the spring season? We'll let you know when we finally finish counting. But seriously, the fall sports that were moved because of COVID provides plenty of great action. Find out who the latest champions in ACC action and who's headed to NCAA Tournaments? We've got that. Plus we take an in-depth look at baseball, basketball and more. Find out which teams will likely be in the Field of 64 and who Charlie Creme is projecting in his latest bracket to make the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. Follow ACC Nation On YouTube Some quick house-keeping. We'd appreciate a thumbs up for the podcast on the platform you are using to download. We're always glad to hear from you. Whether it's suggestions on guests or how you think we can do better. It's anonymous and we'd don't collect personal information when you do. And, if you could help us buy a brew or two we can assure you it would be most appreciated, thus the 'donate' button. Thanks in advance. DONATE Baseball, Basketball And More Which teams won the ACC Men's and Women's Tennis Championships?Find out about the ACC Men's and Women's Golf Champions.NCAA Women's Soccer Championship is underway. Who's seeded?The ACC Women's Lacrosse Championship runs through this weekend. Who's the top seed?The latest college baseball Top 25's have four ACC teams. We take a look at D1Baseball's Field of 64 and how ACC teams stack up. Who are the top teams in a Way-Too-Early Top 25 for women's basketball?The ACC teams projected to hit the NCAA in the latest bracketology.

    Ken Cross College Hoops Watch – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2021 37:02

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Ken Cross of College Hoops Watch is our special guest on ACC Nation Podcast (Subscribe). Ken drops by to discuss the impact of the NCAA Transfer Portal upon men's college basketball. Plus, he shares some thoughts on the coming season. You're in for quite a ride if your a men's college basketball fan. Teams become stacked as more and more players move around. To further strengthen rosters the NCAA's extra year of eligibility is keeping more players right where they are. Just how many players in the Division I are actually opting to go the transfer route? It's far more significant than you may have thought. This is especially true with the NCAA allowing for a one time transfer without sitting out a year. What kind of impact does this have on players? How about teams? Coaches may have to hit the road more just to keep a roster. Ken has some thoughts on how this will all impact the sport and how everyone will adjust. Donate Ken Cross College Hoops We take a look at the ESPN Way-Too-Early Top 25. Ken gives us his thoughts on how the top dogs and the teams in the ACC will perform. He gives us his prediction for who takes home the conference title this coming season. Then reflects on Mike Young at Virginia Tech, the Boeheim's and the transition from Williams to Davis at Chapel Hill. What does Ken think of the top seeds in Joe Lunardi's (also far, far too early) Bracket? One team doesn't belong. Finally, we talk a bit about food. Ken says if you like hotdogs you've got to hit Green's Lunch in Charlotte. When in the Tampa area you might enjoy Frenchy's Cafe. And, if by any chance there's a BBQ place in North Carolina that ships. And we're sure there is. Drop us a line so we can hook you up with a man longing for a taste of home. Subscribe to the ACC Nation YouTube channel and watch the latest podcast with special guest, Ken Cross. Other videos include coverage of the ACC in our feature, In Pictures - Dave Wolpert.

    Sports News 7 – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2021 42:40

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes In the latest episode of ACC Nation Podcast, Sports News 7, we touch on all of the ACC and NCAA championship dates and scenarios. Then we delve into why the word, befuddled, applies to ACC baseball. It's an upside down world this season as the northern conference teams dominate the latest rankings. Then we share some thoughts on transfers and how exciting it is to watch spring football. Welcome back old friend, we've missed you. Before you get too far into the show you'll want to look up the movie, Being There with Peter Sellers. It will provide some context for some of the conversation along the way. We'd appreciate your review of the show on your favorite platform. Feel free to send us feedback and suggestions as well. And, if you'd like to buy us a coffee (beer?) or two we'd be very appreciative. Support Our Podcast Sports News 7 Championship SchedulesVolleyballWomen's GolfWomen's GymnasticsMen's SoccerWomen's SoccerMen's and Women's TennisMen's GolfWomen's LacrosseMen's LacrosseField HockeyBeach VolleyballSoftballOutdoor Track and FieldRowing NCAA Ice Hockey and Fencing Will takes a closer look at the outcome of the NCAA Frozen Four. Jim talks about the NCAA Fencing Championships. ACC Baseball A look at the top teams in the conference and how they're performing. The surprise teams this season. An exciting series is slated for this weekend in Blacksburg between the Hokies and Yellow Jackets. Can anyone stop Louisville? Who's headed to Omaha? ACC Football A quick look at spring football action and some thoughts on NC State and Florida State. Be sure to subscribe to ACC Nation Podcast or catch all of the action on ACC Nation Radio.

    Implosion. Noles And Cuse Make A Splash – ACC Nation Podcast

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    ACC men's basketball teams started out the NCAA Basketball Tournament with a whimper. Let's call it, an implosion. It wasn't just ACC teams struggling to survive either. The upside down world of collegiate sports that began it's strange journey last year around this time continues to befuddle. Not everything is terrible in the world though. Both Florida State and Syracuse continue their march toward....well, who knows what but fans aren't complaining. Jim and Will crank up this episode of ACC Nation Podcast with gobs of sports news. The doubling down on sports action due to the NCAA moving competition and championships from the fall to the spring provides plenty to talk about. Here's a list of some of the stories we're talking about - Which ACC swimming and diving team won the 2021 NCAA Championship?A conference wrestler, seeded No. 2, upsets No. 1 to take home an NCAA Wrestling TitleACC fencers load up the NCAA ChampionshipsThe Top 25 ACC baseball teams this weekWhich four conference softball teams made the Top 25?The CRCA Rowing Top 20 includes three conference teams including a top 3Which team dominates both men's and women's collegiate lacrosse?A look at the latest AVCA Beach and Volleyball polls includes a No. 1 team Support Our Podcast Implosion Things aren't all bad on the basketball front. We take a look at the progress so far with ACC women's teams in the NCAA Tournament. Have A Minute? Enjoy A Doughnut. Let's not forget the NIT. The Wolfpack continue to get in critical minutes. The first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament was not kind to ACC teams. The losses came fast and furious but the impact of Florida State and Syracuse created a wave. How far will it go? We'll find out this week. Stay tuned!

    Tournaments – ACC, NCAA, NIT On ACC Nation Podcast

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    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes There's tournaments galore to talk about on the basketball front. The ACC, the men's and women's NCAA and the NIT get some love in this episode of ACC Nation Podcast. But, there's more sports news on the agenda first. How does the recent hire of Earl Grant to be the new head coach of Boston College men's basketball. Our thoughts, observations and expectations, were they met? We look for the pluses and anticipate the reactions of Boston sports fans on social media on the other side of the coin. Will hits it on the head by saying, 'Give the dude a chance'. We'll see. We reflect on some of the thoughts that A.J. Black (podcast) shared with us on an earlier podcast regarding the hiring process. The ACC Board of Directors have rid themselves of the intra-conference transfer rule which will allow players to move in conference and compete immediately. A look at the latest D1Baseball Top 25 and how the 'northern' schools are excelling in a less than perfect scenario. How are men's and women's lacrosse teams doing? Stellar, as always. The polls prove it out. And, the ACC had three second-place finishes at the NCAA Cross Country Championships. Support Our Podcast Tournaments ACC Men's Basketball Tournament A rundown of each round of the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament - Our ThoughtsThe struggles of year one for Wake Forest but a bright future aheadOur picks go off the rail in the second round - Jim eats crow over CuseMiami continues their roll with a win over Clemson - Say hello to Isaiah Wong (Beast)Duke begins to click but COVID punches their ticket Surpassing Ralph Sampson in the record booksNorth Carolina unloads on Notre Dame (Walking away from the TV)*Subtle (not-so) skipping over a game (We get back to it)Georgia Tech pulls away from Miami when it countsWhat might have happened between Duke and Florida StateVirginia Tech's COVID break and North Carolina's back-to-back games - The result?Virginia - Syracuse. A last second shot clinches the winThe clock is ticking slowly on how things will work out for the Cavaliers moving forwardThe depth pulls it out for Florida State against North CarolinaSurprise of the Tournament (as always when it comes to the ACC) Georgia Tech wins!The stories that come with sports championships NCAA Women's Basketball Seeds - ACC The Number One Seeds - NC State, UConn, South Carolina and StanfordTournament action begins on March 21#8 Oklahoma State - #9 Wake Forest#2 Louisville - #15 Marist#8 Syracuse - #9 South Dakota State#7 Virginia Tech - #10 Marquette#8 Oregon State - #9 Florida State#5 Georgia Tech - #12 SFA#7 Alabama - #10 North Carolina#1 NC State - #16 North Carolina A&T NIT NC State head coach Kevin Keatts make a wise investment in his young team by taking them to the NIT. The more experience, the better. The Wolfpack will open with a match-up against Davidson. REGISTER NOW TO PLAY ALONG! NCAA Men's Basketball Seeds - ACC Seven ACC teams are headed to the tournamentUnder the No. 1 seed Gonzaga - #4 Virginia faces off with #13 OhioUnder the No. 1 seed Michigan - #4 Florida State plays #13 UNC GreensboroUnder the No. 1 seed Baylor - #8 North Carolina matches-up with #9 Wisconsin#7 Florida meets #10 Virginia TechUnder the No. 1 seed Illinois - #8 Loyola Chicago battles #9 Georgia Tech#6 San Diego goes up against #11 Syracuse#7 Clemson is challenged by #10 Rutgers

    ACC Basketball And Sports News – ACC Nation Podcast

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    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes There's more sports on the plate than you can shake a finger at this week. We start out covering ACC sports news and then move into ACC Basketball. The latest Top 25's, NET Rankings and Quadrant performances, brackets from Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm and the ACC Men's Basketball award winners. Then we jump into the fun of picking the winners and losers in the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament. First up, NC State won the ACC Wrestling Championship. Duke swept the ACC Fencing Championships. A quick look at the ACC Women's Basketball award winners. The ACC Women's Basketball Tournament was all that and more (read more). Notre Dame upsets Florida State which sets up Virginia against Louisville as a shot at another ACC regular season title for the Cavaliers. As far as conferences go, the ACC leads with 11 cross country teams headed to the NCAA Championships. The Noles get dinged in the latest polls based on a loss to Notre Dame. Meanwhile, Virginia rises after knocking off Louisville. Only three ACC teams populate the Top 25 polls. Who would have seen these three teams? Support Our Podcast ACC Basketball We take a look at the NCAA NET Rankings plus some of the Quadrant wins and losses. The top to No. 51 of ACC teams. Which of these teams will hear their names called on Selection Sunday? The surprise in the numbers? Georgia Tech who started off 'rough' and is finishing stronger than expected. Or, why Josh Pastner was in the running for ACC Coach of the Year honors. Breaking out the latest brackets from Joe Lunardi (ESPN) and Jerry Palm (CBS Sports). Find out who the Last 4 Byes are and what is up with the 'Boeheim Bubble'? Will there be 7 ACC teams in the NCAA Tournament? Struggling on the road should concern several teams in the conference. The first that comes to mind, Florida State. How do they offset that factor? ACC Awards Who picked up the ACC Player of the Year honor? Was it a surprise or was this player clearly the best overall? The depth of conference rosters is staggering. Freshman and Sixth Man of the Year honors find a home at Florida State. Coach of the Year honors belong to Mike Young for his work with the Hokies. The ACC Defensive Player of the Year? It belongs to Jose Alvarado. Most Improved Player? Our thoughts on having that category. Who's on the All-ACC first team? ACC Men's Basketball Tournament Picks First Round Pitt vs MiamiWill - MiamiJim - MiamiDuke vs Boston CollegeWill - DukeJim - DukeNotre Dame vs Wake ForestWill - Notre DameJim - Notre Dame Second Round Syracuse vs NC StateWill - NC StateJim - NC StateMiami vs ClemsonWill - ClemsonJim - ClemsonDuke vs LouisvilleWill - LouisvilleJim - LouisvilleNotre Dame vs North CarolinaWill - North CarolinaJim - North Carolina Quarterfinals Virginia vs NC StateWill - VirginiaJim - VirginiaGeorgia Tech vs ClemsonWill - Georgia TechJim - Georgia TechFlorida State vs LouisvilleWill - Florida StateJim - Florida StateVirginia Tech vs North CarolinaWill - North CarolinaJim - North Carolina Semifinals Virginia vs Georgia TechWill - VirginiaJim - VirginiaFlorida State vs North CarolinaWill - Florida StateJim - Florida State ACC Men's Championship Virginia vs Florida StateWill - Florida StateJim - Virginia

    Mike Wilson Pitt MBB – ACC Nation Podcast

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    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes This week, as we wrap up the ACC men's basketball regular season, we're joined by special guest Mike Wilson, the Assistant Editor of Cardiac Hill. Will Ojanen and Jim Quist talk with Wilson about the Pitt men's basketball team. The fits and starts that head coach Jeff Capel has and will face along the way. Wilson also gives a taste of what's to come with Pat Narduzzi's 2021 squad. We open up the can of worms immediately to find out what's behind all of the Pitt men's basketball transfers. We start with Xavier Johnson's passive-aggressive relationship with Capel. Johnson isn't the only player transferring. On the heels of Johnson's announcement Au'Diese Toney decided to follow suit. The impact of losing two players and who steps up? Analyzing the first game after the changes as Pitt faced North Carolina. Looking For More ACC Basketball? Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast Support Our Podcast Mike Wilson An explanation of what's going on with Jeff Capel's recruits leaving. Mum's the word from the coaching camp. Pitt Men's Basketball What category does Jeff Capel fit into as a coach?How will Johnson's 'jawing' impact his future?Fan base reaction to CapelDon't compare Pitt fans to the Eagles fanbaseTaking a closer look at the freshmen moving forward What Players Are NBA Bound? What player might be an ACC POY candidate and headed to the pros?Are player ratings 'all that'?Who is showing flashes of promise?Recruiting - Why the pantry looks bare for '21 and '22Searching for that 3 point shot threatHighlights of the season Panthers Football A drop-off on defense? Don't count on itKey piece of the offense returnsPursuing higher level recruits on offenseThe love-hate relationship with Pat NarduzziIs Narduzzi part of the long-term picture? Finish With Food Looking for a good 'English' breakfast? Try Piper's Pub in PittsburghMike recommends the Irish Boxty and the Bangers and MashInteresting place to visit - The Angry Dog, Dallas

    Andrew Jones North Carolina MBB – ACC Nation Podcast

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    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Special guest Andrew Jones, Publisher of Tar Heel Illustrated joins us on ACC Nation Podcast to discuss men's basketball, some football and tips on how food can serve you best when on the road. Will Ojanen and Jim Quist delve into North Carolina sports with Andrew Jones. We start with examining the "strange" loss to Marquette and the win over Florida State. The ups and downs of Tar Heels basketball. What's going on? It all begins with Louisville. There's a theme that you'll want to pay attention to in this episode. Jones points to the freshmen frequently and the big picture. Keep this in mind when discussing next season. Looking For More ACC Basketball? Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast The Buzz in the buildingA look at Walker KesslerIncrements of growthKerwin Walton is delivering - The outside threatReversal of Fortune at the line Andrew Jones Tar Heels Basketball Support Our Podcast Roy Williams' frustrations and how he's dealing with it"The Cloud" - An important factor for the programKey? ConsistencyNext Step?Glass half full, half empty ACC Basketball Who's the best player? An insider's view from press rowGarrison Brooks - An explanationRoy shakes the treeThe most important stat for North CarolinaSome very important statistical rankings What's The Future Hold? Caleb Love must growThe summer pro 'punk' transitionWho else can or will deliver 3's?NCAA Tournament - NET talkWhy Tar Heels fans should cheer on Duke and KentuckyDoes Roy Williams get the respect he deserves? Football Looking at the '21 season and beyondWhat types of personnel will be essential to win?Defense - It starts with the coordinatorBattling for the CoastalA team that we'll check in with this fall. Maybe not their coach Food Stop The seasoned press guy with hints on maximum performanceFavorite restaurant? Primanti Brothers PittsburghPeanut Butter Pita (Extra Crunchy) Good luck finding it in a tube!Alas......Pizza (Pineapple or no pineapple?)You don't want to miss the end

    Curt Weiler On Florida State MBB – ACC Nation Podcast

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    Support Our Podcast Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Florida State beat writer for the Tallahassee Democrat, Curt Weiler joins us to talk about the success of Noles basketball and more. The Seminoles are on the rise in the latest men's basketball polls and are looking at the top seed in the ACC Tournament. In the latest Jerry Palm Bracketology from CBS Sports Florida State is a No. 3 seed replacing Virginia as the top conference team. Despite the challenges imposed by the pandemic and limited attendance by fans Florida State is creating excitement with this year's team. Reflecting on the contrast between Noles football and basketball. Is it too early early to say that Leonard Hamilton has built a dynasty? There's an asterisk here and Weiler explains what Florida State needs to do to lay claim to that label. Curt Weiler What does it take to get Florida State to make a similar (to football) investment in basketball, that next step?Florida State is one of the few ACC teams to have success against Virginia - Why?Who stepped up when MJ Walker was out against Pitt?Has Scottie Barnes lived up to the early 'hype'?The impact of seasoned players this yearThe Seniors - Who might take advantage of the NCAA 'extra year'?Players who are NBA talentHot bed for recruiting Want More ACC Football News? Want More ACC Sports News? What prompts Hamilton to play so many players?Working on the Big GuysTaking a look at the ACC stats - Two names pop up....then?What a team effort deliversWhat's the story with the Noles 3 point game?Looking at the NCAA Tournament - Will FSU deliver?Is this a Final Four team?How much longer will Leonard Hamilton stick around? Noles Football Adding McKenzie Milton at quarterback. Can he make an impact?Mike Norvell kills it on the recruiting trail. Will this be a young team or a very young team?Willie Taggart's pay-off. How does it impact the budget? Florida State Sports Women's Basketball, Beach Volleyball, SoftballSoccer, Volleyball, Women's TennisBaseball - How's Mike Martin, Jr doing? The Personal Side Atlanta Pro Baseball and FootballRestaurants you should check outMadison Social TallahasseeCollege TownThe Pit - Durham (when travelling) Never pass up Creme Brule or Key Lime Pie Our thanks to Curt Weiler of the Tallahassee Democrat for joining us. Follow Curt on Twitter @CurtMWeiler.

    Eagles MBB With A.J. Black Of BC Bulletin

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    Podcast - ACC Basketball Support Our Podcast Estimated reading time: 2 minutes BC Bulletin's A.J. Black discusses Eagles MBB with Will and Jim (podcast) including the recent firing of Boston College men's basketball coach Jim Christian. The before the end of the year dismissal caught a lot of people by surprise. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight and allowing the dust to settle we get a look at what has transpired. Black starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together for us in this special podcast for ACC Basketball. Tension builds between Christian and AD Pat KraftHow COVID played into the decisionA 'jackass' member of the media gets called outSome of the inner workings of sports politics in the NortheastIssues: Building a roster and sloppy playWhere does Scott Spinelli fit in this picture?A nice plug for Red Bull Kelly Quinlan Georgia Tech MBB - ACC Nation Podcast The scenario - Does Kraft have an ace up his sleeve?Pat Kraft really wants to win - What will it take?Boston College fan? Keep up with the Eagles at BC BulletinWith the firing will there be a loss of players currently on the roster?Will there be a mass exodus or will players be patient and see who's next? Eagles MBB The recruiting issue - the only way to go is upRecruiting news? CricketsThe candidates - Find out who is being consideredThe reality check - the coaches that are worthy of considerationWhy one name stands out and would be a perfect fit ACC Baseball Coaches Pick Favorites For 2021 Season How administrations can create (inadvertent or not) train wrecksAn interesting name is tossed outNo more beating a dead horseGut feel about the future of the programApples to Oranges comparison for coaching hires Our thanks to the Editor and Publisher of BC Bulletin, A.J. Black for joining us to talk Eagles men's basketball. Follow A.J. on Twitter @AJBlack_BC

    Kelly Quinlan Georgia Tech MBB – ACC Nation Podcast

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    Support Our Podcast Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Special guest Kelly Quinlan, the Publisher of JacketsOnline joins us on ACC Nation Podcast. Quinlan shares his thoughts on Josh Pastner, the Yellow Jackets men's basketball team and what the football season may look like. As a bonus he shares some suggestions of places to eat across the ACC. In this one instance it may be worth be repeating what is learned from history when it comes to Georgia Tech men's basketball. A look back to help you find your way to the future. Want More ACC Football News? Want More ACC Sports News? Grading Josh Pastner's job so far as head coach at Georgia TechLosing James Banks and the impact on the team's performanceThe need for an NBA quality player that will push them into the next levelPlayer injury statusForcing turnovers - Scheme and talentJose Alvarado - What drives himBreaking down an important statWill Alvarado and Wright return since they have COVID eligibility?Who steps up? Kelly Quinlan Will Michael Devoe (a Junior) return for another season?Moses Wright - Is he underrated?Looking ahead at the rest of the scheduleDoes the team have a shot at the NCAA Tournament?Resumes count Georgia Tech Football Where is Geoff Collins in the timeline of a rebuild of the program?What does WIN mean? Could it have anything to do with Waffle House?Getting to the 5-7 game win level will bring fans alongRecruiting notes - Some dissing of TennesseeWhat's the next step at QB?Will Gibbs be an All-ACC running back?The difference between Johnson's and Collins' approachWhich is more dominant this season? Offense or Defense? Bringing Out The Foodie Atlanta is a hotbed for entertainment - Let's talk foodThe melting pot offers diversity in the restaurant sceneSuggestions of where to head for just about every kind of mealPastry? Sublime Doughnuts.ACC vs SEC - Hands down better selection of food in the ACC townsPizza - Pineapple or no pineapple?Favorite dessert - There are two answers Our thanks to Kelly Quinlan of JacketsOnline for joining us on ACC Nation Podcast. Follow him on Twitter @Kelly_Quinlan for the latest on Georgia Tech.

    Kevin Connelly Duke MBB – ACC Nation Podcast

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    Support Our Podcast Ball Durham's Kevin Connelly joins us on ACC Nation Podcast this week to delve into the mysteries of this season's Duke's men's basketball team. What will it take to get past the struggles of a young team? How long will Coach K be sticking around? Can this team make it to the NCAA Tournament this season? Before you respond to that last question be sure to hear out Kevin's reasoning, it may change your mind. It hasn't been the best of seasons for the Blue Devils. Connelly shares his thoughts on how things have gone so far and why. Is it a youth issue? Perhaps a lack of a strong leader on the court? Read some of the latest thoughts by Connelly at Ball Durham and find out whose stock is up and which player's is down. Taking a look at the roster and talking one and done status. Two major pieces are expected to try their hand at the NBA but hold on. How has that worked out for other players before them? Kevin Connelly Duke MBB Who are the NBA level players?The reasons for moving onOne and done gets exposed but that doesn't mean it's overDoes isolation really work?Two top 10 recruits - three offers still outstandingSecond-guessing fans. What is it that you really want?Coach K - Who, what, when and how?Big decisions ahead for the next Duke AD ACC Basketball What's ahead on the schedule in February?Big Dance or Wallflower?Thoughts on the ACC TournamentDoes a resume count?Stack the wins to make it to the Field of 68Looking at the roster - Where players need to improveInconsistent play is hurting the overall performanceAssessing the backcourt And More Kevin also covers St. John's - How are they doing?Chicken Parm - It's easier to answer than you'd thinkRestaurant recommendations - Da Noi (Bayonne)Wishing Well Restaurant (Saratoga Springs)Chocolate Chip Skillet for dessertSeven layer cake from Judicke's Bakery (Bayonne) As always, a lot of fun talking with Ball Durham's (and Storm The Paint's) Kevin Connelly about Duke. Be sure to follow Kevin on Twitter @KevinConnelly24.

    Shannon Russell Louisville MBB – ACC Nation Podcast

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    Support Our Podcast Special guest Shannon Russell talks with Jim and Will about the struggles and highlights of Louisville men's basketball on ACC Nation Podcast. From the injury bug to working out the bugs in a young team Chris Mack has had his hands full this season. The team is seeded No. 8 in the latest bracket from Andy Katz. Will they make it through what appears to be a tough February? Russell addresses those questions and more. How have injuries impacted the team this season?What's the word on Malik Williams? Will he play this season?Youth leads to inconsistency - Starting from scratchA daunting schedule is aheadIs the dominating game against Georgia Tech a precursor?How is Chris Mack reacting to the struggles?What kind of emotional impact has the combination of COVID and the injury bug together had on the players?Carlik Jones - WorkhorseTapping the Grad Transfer market Shannon Russell Taking over a major sports role in the midst of COVIDA mixed bag when looking at the statsGoal: SustainabilitySamuel WilliamsonIt's February - Is there a sense of urgency?The progression of David JohnsonWhere's the 3 point game?Who steps up on offense?Recruiting notes - Looking at the futureHappy hunting grounds Louisville Men's Basketball Reaching their potential - Can it be done in a month?What Louisville needs to see and avoid in the NCAA TournamentJim asks, 'Is it all that'?Pizza is on the way after recording this podcastA favorite place to eat - Welcome to Dinosaur Bar-B-QueLooking forward to the Bourbon Trail Our thanks to Shannon Russell of the Courier-Journal for talking about Louisville men's basketball with us on the podcast. Be sure to follow her on Twitter @slrussell

    Aaron Fitt D1Baseball – ACC Nation Podcast

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    We begin our twofer on ACC Nation Podcast with special guest Aaron Fitt. A Managing Editor and National Writer for D1Baseball Fitt drops by to talk college baseball with an emphasis on the ACC. The benches run deeper, the talent is more seasoned and fans are in for a spectacular season due to the carryover of players from 2020. Though there still won't be that many fannies in the seats this spring a lot of action will be carried on sports starved cable outlets. Dave Wolpert and Jim Quist look at the D1Baseball Preseason Top 25 teams starting with a top 5 preview by Fitt. Find out about changes to the 2022 format for the College World Series and how it will impact the fan experience in Omaha. The top dog again this year is Florida. What makes the Gators the team to beat? What other teams are in the top 5? One is an ACC team that features depth and lots of pitching strength. Aaron Fitt See the latest on ACC teams in the preseason D1Baseball poll and their list of conference All-Americans. What's on the agenda? The Top 5 teams previewThe ACC teams in the Top 25COVID delivers a plus for college baseballWill there be an impact on the MLB?Where is the MLB headed?How Jr compares to SrWhat teams are lurking just outside the Top 25?Who does Fitt see heading to Omaha?A well travelled writer tells us about the best places to eat Our thanks to Aaron Fitt from D1Baseball for joining us. Love college baseball? We recommend subscribing for premium content. Follow Aaron on Twitter @aaronfitt

    Chris Coleman – ACC Nation Podcast

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    The Virginia Tech men's basketball team got off to a solid start this season under head coach Mike Young. Like most of the ACC the Hokies have had a bumpy ride this year. Chris Coleman from TechSideline joins Jim and Will to talk about the players, coach, program and fans on this week's ACC Nation Podcast. Be sure to subscribe to hear this episode and others. There's lots to talk about on this episode. We start with Monday's breaking news that the men's basketball team lost a key player. You'll get a good look at the team and then we move into some interesting thoughts on football. And, what would one of our episodes be without some insider information on where to chow down in Blacksburg? Let's start with the big story. It isn't the success of the team but rather the loss of a player which may impact the program. The suspension of Tyrece Radford is front and center. Will he be back? Chris Coleman Breaking down the players and their performancesAn explanation regarding the polls and the NCAA TournamentThe Yin and Yang of the Hokies and their 3 point effortsThe ultimate glue guyRecruiting - How to go after 'your players'Building the rapport with fans Building Hokies Basketball The importance of having AAU connectionsLooking at the ACC overallSome thoughts on longer term player investment versus one and doneHow many teams can make the NCAA Tournament?Is the conference suffering from mediocrity?Waning optimism Transition To Football Runs Through A Beanie If you don't like the weather in Blacksburg, wait fifteen minutesHow the football team performed this seasonFocusing players has been a challengeStrengths and weaknesses that lay ahead for the HokiesThe players hitting the NFL DraftMixed messages Struggles Ahead? Hot seat?Recruiting takes a ding because....What sells Hokies football?Four star, three star, two star......getting caught up in rankingsHonest opinion - Justin Fuente's futureIs there another Beamer in the mix? Getting The Goods Looking for good eats in Blacksburg? Our Daily Bread gets a nodHow about on game day?Q: Favorite sport? A: Today? Ask me again later, too.Working out and readingBe sure to follow Chris Coleman on Twitter and read his articles at TechSideline

    Spring Is In The Air – ACC Nation Podcast

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    Yes, we know it's still January and we're in the middle of winter but forgive us for having an optimistic spring in our step. You see, the thought of having an even close to normal season in multiple sports has made us giddy. Before we get back on track with looking at ACC men's basketball with our special guests we take a moment to wrap up football. Well, we also take a look ahead with a plethora of Way-Too-Early Top 25 polls. You really need to hear them to believe them. Support Our Podcast In addition to football we roll through multiple polls and talk about the following sports: BaseballBeach VolleyballWrestling GymnasticsIce HockeyIndoor Track and FieldTennisFootball How three polls ranked teams after all was said and done with the 2020 college football season. The latest Way-Too-Early Top 25 polls don't see eye-to-eye for 2021 which is a good indication there will be more competition for a national title. Or, it could be that it's too early to be making guesses about something that could change dramatically in 8 months. Spring What teams in the ACC (football) do we think aren't getting enough love/respect? We have a one team that we agree with each other on. Can you guess who that might be? Breaking down the early looks at a handful of ACC football teams. Unleash The Basketball Kraken The evolution of teams in the ACC may be going slower than usual due to COVID nonetheless it's beginning to kick in for several programs. Who are these teams and why are they beginning to succeed? We start with Virginia and how Tony Bennett has found the perfect combos on the court and players are on a roll. Be sure to listen to our interview with Zach Carey discussing the Cavaliers with Will. The storm known as Florida State is taking off. Stats don't lie, their numbers are staggering. A new reckoning in the ACC as Duke and North Carolina fall out of the Top 25. What's going on with North Carolina? We have an answer. The latest AP and Coaches' Poll and how ACC teams line up. A quick look at the latest bracketology and how teams line up. Listen closely to the changes that occurred from January 15 to January 18. Jeff Capel's Pitt team moves into position to grab a spot in the tournament. The growth of Virginia Tech has been step by step over the years. Have the Hokies arrived? Mike Young enables his players to succeed. Looking for number two at Louisville. Will Chris Mack find his guy by tournament time? ACC Women Surge The top teams in the country reside in the ACC. Louisville and NC State are on a tear at No. 1 and No. 2. A look at Charlie Creme's bracketology and where conference teams are projected to seed. The struggles of Notre Dame continue as the program adjusts under a new head coach. Syracuse behind the returning Tiana Mangakahia who has a spring in her step find themselves on the rise.

    Zach Carey – ACC Nation Podcast

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    Want to know what's going on with Virginia men's basketball? Like with many complicated things in life the answers you are looking for are simple. Sometimes you just have to talk to a guy in Philly. That's what we did as Zach Carey joins us to talk about the in's and out's of offense, defense, players and Tony Bennett. The only thing we didn't ask him? Where can you find Philly's best cheesesteak? We'll save that argument inducing question for another time. But first, Will and Jim talk about a disappointing end to ACC football. It was a bad finish to an already rocky season. The Cheez-It Bowl began with a thud for Miami before they dusted themselves off for a rally. It wasn't enough though as they fell to Oklahoma State and lost D'Eriq King to an ACL injury. Jim has some thoughts regarding the 'Fire Manny Diaz' crowd. Wake Forest got off to a good start before wearing down against Wisconsin in the Duke's Mayo Bowl. Find out who hits the Transfer Portal from the Deac's. Next season the offense looks good but what about the defense? Zach Carey Notre Dame had the misfortune of drawing the short straw and facing off with Alabama in one of two College Football Playoff semifinals. No more 'friends with benefits' for the Irish next season when it comes to the ACC. Jim's highlight of the game? Nick Saban getting a flag. Will proves that even after 21 years he's still got some 'Southern Boy' in him. Yes, ACC fans will have to suck it up listening to the 0-6 taunts but it can't be nearly as bad as the fate that awaits Clemson fans. When your head coach taunts an opponent by voting them No. 11 and you lose against said team then karma is at work. Mouth meet foot. Brent Venables seemingly had no answer for the Ohio State offense. Meanwhile, social media stirs the pot with a Justin Fields vs Trevor Lawrence who goes first in the draft scenario. So Long ACC Football The pain doesn't stop with the College Football Playoff debacle. It picked up the very next day with the Bowl Season action. First, the Gator Bowl where NC State (a ranked team) fell victim to Kentucky (an unranked team). Turnovers were instrumental along with the Wildcats controlling key periods of possession. We look at how the Wolfpack will look next year (and hey, it's good news). With key players sitting out North Carolina still had a decent game against Texas A&M. The Aggies simply took control in the latter portion of this matchup to cinch the win. The Tar Heels should be the second best team in the ACC next season and we'll tell you why. Thankfully There's Basketball We start looking closer at the trials and tribulations of ACC men's basketball on the podcast as we move into 2021. Our first look is Virginia a team that began with high hopes ranked at No. 4 nationally but who has fallen to No. 22 in the AP Top 25. What's going on in Charlottesville? Our guest, Zach Carey of Locker Room Access has a good eye and ear when it comes to Cavalier basketball. Here are some of the highlights of Will's interview with Zach. Is the defense as good this year?Where is Sam Hauser coming up short?Turnovers were the key to the loss to Gonzaga. Was it a learning opportunity?Rating Kihei Clark's performance. If given the opportunity can Reece Beekman deliver?Is Casey Morsell thinking too much?Trey Murphy - Is he the biggest surprise?Kadin Shedrick steps up.Where can Virginia's three-point shooting improve?Is Tony Bennett trying to figure out the best offense for this team?How to reconcile the fan behavior of the Philadelphia Eagles vs Virginia Cavaliers. Be sure to follow Zach Carey on Twitter and his coverage of Virginia at Locker Room Access.

    Paper And Bow – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2020 47:21

    Clemson came away with another ACC Football Championship wrapped in paper and bow with a big win over Notre Dame. There was a deep sigh of relief in South Bend on Sunday. The CFP selection committee only moved the Irish down a few notches in the top 4 lining them up for a game against Alabama. What would have been a Rose Bowl appearance has now been moved to Texas due to COVID. The Tigers moved up to the second spot and will play Ohio State in New Orleans at the Sugar Bowl. On this year ending program we take a look at the Clemson-Notre Dame game. We look at the CFP and preview some of the bowl games that ACC teams are headed to this season. There are lots of cancelled bowls and teams that opted out of playing as well. Will it be the same? No, but let's just be happy we have what we have at the end of the year. COVID has hit close to home and we repeat our urgings for you to follow safety protocols so you or someone close to you doesn't come down with the virus. Paper And Bow The guys talk about Trevor Lawrence and the Heisman Trophy plus where he may now be headed in the NFL Draft. There's talk of ACC men's and women's basketball and some of the struggles of once mighty programs. Is Will destined to become a Marvel Comics superhero? This season's biggest sports story - one guess. Our thanks to the many guests who have joined us the year. We look forward to having them back and adding more to our list. Our goal continues to be to inform and entertain you. Have a safe and healthy holiday(s). We'll be back with our full podcast in 2021, in the meantime look for special short-casts to wrap up bowl games.

    Isabella Agostinelli – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2020 50:38

    Our special guest on ACC Nation Podcast/Radio this week is a contributing writer for She's also the Press Officer for Italy's College Basketball Tour. Isabella Agostinelli joins us from Perano and shares her love of NCAA basketball, talks about some of the players she follows, who she thinks is the hot team and sets us all straight on what not to put on pizza. First, we talk about the latest action in ACC men's and women's basketball. A look at the AP Top 25 polls first. Who are the top ranked conference teams? A look back at the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. It started ugly. It ended with some wins and three big games were cancelled because of COVID-19. Some important wins by conference teams. Isabella Agostinelli The interview - A Fulbright Scholar gets hooked on journalism at St. Bonaventure University.If you didn't know about Pesaro, listen carefully and you'll find your next bucket list trip. A passion for basketball.Breaking the glass ceiling as a woman sports journalist covering basketball.Read Isabella's coverage of NCAA basketball on her blog. Also, at Focus on Italian men's and women's players.Alessandro Lever (Grand Canyon), Tomas Woldetensae (Virginia), Lorela Cubaj (Georgia Tech), Elisa Pinzan (USF) '21 Duke Recruit Paolo BancheroWhat is the College Basketball Tour?The challenges of ordering ice cream or 'pizza' in Pesaro. Do you know about Rossini? Find out what kind of pizza is 'sacrilege'.Comparing the differences between the focus of players - U.S. vs European. Two different worlds.What are the challenges of an NCAA player adjusting to play in Europe?Food and drink. Why some things never change when it comes to beer.Isabella says, 'keep an eye on Illinois' this season. Big surprise regarding the bad start by Duke. High marks for Clemson men's and women's teams visiting during the College Basketball Tour. Notre Dame women's basketball team after their championship win.Hey Syracuse! We've got a suggestion for a student for the master's program. Football Recap The AP and USA Today Top 25 teams.The top ACC teams.Recapping ACC football action.What was truly the highlight of the Pitt-Georgia Tech game?Louisville finds a way to eliminate turnovers to pull off a win over Wake Forest.North Carolina puts up offensive yardage that is mind-boggling against Miami.Florida State begins to show promise with their young players as they take out Duke.Virginia Tech was nothing short of dominant against Virginia in the Commonwealth Cup game.Who's playing this weekend? Two games on the schedule and one last ACC weekend of football.

    Krzyzewski Was Right? – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2020 31:11

    A look at a not so stellar start for the ACC/Big Ten men's college basketball challenge, well, at least on the part of the ACC. With only one win to open the mash up any hopes of catching up on Wednesday night slipped through the conference's fingers with three COVID related postponed. One of several notable losses belonged to Duke. Following the game coach Mike Krzyzewski talked extensively about how the pandemic is impacting the players and the game as a whole. Will and Jim talk about the conference teams and their performances in a quick review of opening night. Find out how Will aptly applies a Wile E. Coyote analogy to the Hokies. Krzyzewski Is the NCAA serious when they say, 'Student-Athlete'? In other words, do they really care about the education (first) and the mental and physical well-being of the person before the athlete? It's not a difficult question to answer. There is a need for uniformity and one central leadership role to guide sports at the college level. In other words, the buck stops here. Will we see changes in college sports following COVID-19? A quick rundown of the ACC women's basketball schedule. ACC Basketball Scoreboard ACC/Big Ten Men's Challenge - TuesdayMiami 58 Purdue 54Minnesota 85 Boston College 80 OTOhio State 90 Notre Dame 85Penn State 75 Virginia Tech 55Illinois 83 Duke 68Rutgers 79 Syracuse 69 ACC/Big Ten Men's Challenge - WednesdayClemson 67 Maryland 51Louisville Wisconsin PPDGeorgia Tech 75 Nebraska 64Florida State 69 Indiana 67 OTNC State Michigan PPDMichigan State Virginia PPDPitt Northwestern *LATE ACC Women's Basketball - WednesdayGeorgia Tech 86 Boston College 68Louisville 73 Duke 49NC State 76 Elon 47 More From ACC Nation

    Mike Barber – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2020 42:22

    This week's special guest on ACC Nation Podcast is the Co-Host of the Teel and Barber podcast and ACC Beat Writer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Mike Barber. Will and Jim talk with Mike about ACC football, basketball, coaches, COVID-19, food and ask, which exit? How severely has the pandemic hurt athletic programs across the ACC. Mike provides a bigger picture view and thoughts on how long it may take to recover. What impact the basketball season will have on the question above. Will the fans be pumped to return to the venues? Are we still going to be exercising COVID protocols by next year? Mike Barber A look at the Clemson vs Virginia Tech game. A 'Keep-Away' strategy on the part of the Hokies. Talk about a buyout - Is it realistic? The numbers don't add up. Why putting a team on the field this season is a bigger job than imagined. If Shane Beamer were to have come to Virginia Tech and fail....what would be the impact? Twitter Lights Up What was ABC thinking when they booked a special guest in the middle of the Clemson-Virginia Tech game? Friends with benefits - Notre Dame and the ACC. What to expect from this Grand Experiment? The win-win of having the Irish be a part of the ACC football program full-time. How have the ACC coaches been performing? Who are Mike's three possible candidates for Coach of the Year. Improvements Brennan Armstrong continues to step up and lead the Cavaliers offense after injuries decimate the defense. Missteps - How do two ACC coaches recover? Or will they? About that exit...... Food, drink, fun. A nice plug for Perch in Richmond. What's the word on the ACC Commissioner job? Eyes are looking toward Charlottesville. ACC Basketball The dilemma at Virginia is.....teamwork? The Cavaliers are still looking for that 'fire'. Is Virginia Tech ahead of schedule? Mike Young brings his brand of special to the Hokies. The list of ACC basketball teams rising in the polls. Who is the sneaky good team to watch out for in the conference? The answer may surprise you.

    Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2020 59:29

    How do we rank the efforts of ACC football coaches this season? It's as simple as a thumbs up or a thumbs down. We're more than generous with both. Some you might find perplexing but a team's season speaks for itself. We take a look at the opening week of ACC basketball then review last week's football games plus hear from coaches Tony Bennett, Mike Young, Jeff Hafley and Brian Kelly. You won't want to miss the interesting exchange between Young and beat writer Mark Berman either. Amidst it all we drop in the latest USCHO ice hockey rankings for men and women. The opening week of the ACC basketball season started out big in both a positive and negative fashion. Are fans looking for the coaches head on a platter in Atlanta? Georgia Tech drives into a pothole big enough to suck up an SUV. Thumbs Up The 1-point curse. No. 4 Virginia stumbles while Syracuse and Louisville eek out wins by just one. Virginia Tech pulls out a big win over Villanova to further upset the apple cart at the top of the poll. The guys relish Richmond knocking off Kentucky. Tony Bennett talks about the energy level against San Francisco. A quick look at the first polls (before the new one on Monday) along with some KenPom numbers. Mike Young with some thoughts on the Hokies' performance against Villanova. Finger In Your Eye Roanoke Times beat writer Mark Berman walks into a trap. ACC Football The guys take a look at last weekend's conference matchups. Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly begins looking ahead following the win over North Carolina. Is the ACC a 'friend with benefits' for the Irish? Weirdness at Syracuse as the game with NC State ends with a head-scratcher. Clemson rolls Pitt and sends a message they have a chip on their shoulder. Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley talks about what makes the Eagles successful. Georgia Tech rolls Duke. Ranking The Coaches (Get Your Thumb Out) Who gets a thumbs up? Who gets a thumbs down? Are there coaches that are on hot seats? Be sure to follow ACC Nation on social media @accnation at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

    Turkey And Stuffing – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2020 41:10

    We plan on carbing you out on this episode of ACC Nation Podcast. While we're at it we go hunting for the perfect Turkey. It was easier than first imagined. We didn't even have to call. On this Thanksgiving show we look at football, basketball, soccer and the NBA Draft. We deliver the bird and there's plenty of stuffing. This family get-together has plenty of opinion and when all is said and done we expect to go home with a slice. Up first, a look at the NBA Draft and the players out of the ACC that were selected in the first round. Then, who are the top two ranked men's college soccer teams? If you didn't know we'll tell you and one came away with an ACC Championship. Jerry Palm is out with his latest college men's basketball bracketology. Virginia is a top seed and we'll share the other teams making the bracket. What's going on in football? The votes are in for the latest Top 25 teams and we'll share where ACC teams stand this week. Turkey And Stuffing Will and Jim share their thoughts on the games from this past weekend. Louisville 30 Syracuse 0 What has Syracuse become? There is a bright spot - Sean Tucker. Social media talk begins to swirl around looking for a new coach. Louisville. Plenty of talent on offense. Building on defense. Fix the turnovers. Pitt 47 Virginia Tech 14 'Fugly' 'Pathetic' Hokies drop the ball. What's going on? No, seriously. What is going on at Virginia Tech? Is a buy out on the horizon? Pitt finds their offensive firepower as Kenny Pickett(s) apart the Hokies D. Did Narduzzi move to a less warm seat with this win? Virginia 55 Abilene Christian 15 A stat-padder game for the Virginia offense. Rough week on defense. Briggs transfers and Snowden breaks his ankle. NC State 15 Liberty 14 No 'three-fer' for the Flames against ACC opponents. Cue applause. If there was a warm seat for Dave Doeren it has flipped. Defense rules the roost with a respectable running game on offense. Two no-performance games - Wake Forest and Duke, Clemson and Florida State. How engaging your mouth before your brain is a dangerous game to play. Looking ahead to games this weekend.

    Phony Bennett – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2020 64:23

    Who is this Twitter persona, 'Phony Bennett'? A Virginia alum, Wahoo men's basketball fan and a social media warrior who is quick of wit. We invited the man behind it all to join us on ACC Nation Podcast to talk about Virginia basketball. Just in case you were wondering, nothing Phony here when it comes to knowing about the program. Before we talk with our special guest we take a look at ACC sports. First up soccer, the polls and the winner of the ACC Women's Soccer Championship. We run down the latest AVCA Volleyball poll. Things look pretty good for ACC teams. What kind of carnage has the pandemic left behind in college sports? A conference cancellation of fall sports, cutting Olympic sports, an ACC men's basketball program is on pause while it's head coach deals with COVID-19 and a former ACC coach says we should be talking about 'May Madness'. Phony Bennett First up, a look at what happened in ACC football this past weekend. We start with the latest AP Top 25 and USA Today Coaches Poll to see how teams are ranked. There seems to be an issue with one conference team and how they've lost ground in one of the polls. We review the following games: Miami @ Virginia TechWake Forest @ North CarolinaLouisville @ VirginiaNC State @ Florida State The Interview Basketball and a little moreA possible 3 month ride on Twitter hits it's 8 year strideLooking back at the Virginia championship runWhat Sam Hauser brings to the offenseJay Huff's foul issues - Are they in the past?Depth - Could the front court be a problem?'Unbeefed'Jack Salt 2.0 (The Ummph Factor)How 'it' all began and whyDifference maker? Reece BeekmanClark and Beekman become the new power coupleCasey Morsell - Is he getting ready to step up?The question that every UVA fan hates to answerFavorite memories of Charlottesville (From restaurants to basketball)The JPJ ExperienceThe wonders of ACC Network commercials

    Sports News 6 – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2020 8:22

    Soccer, golf, football and lots of basketball is what Will and Jim offer up on the Sports News 6 episode of ACC Nation. The guys delve into the AP Top 25 for men's and women's basketball and share some thoughts on the ACC teams that are ranked. What does Kihei Clark think of the Wahoos being a top 5 teams this season? Be sure to subscribe to ACC Nation Podcast and take us with you everywhere 24/7 at ACC Nation Radio. What's new in ACC sports news? Teams are set for the ACC Women's Soccer Championship SemifinalsACC golfers tee up for a shot at the 2020 Masters Golf TournamentMore and more COVID 19 related postponements in college footballThe first college basketball game falls victim and it involves an ACC teamNot so good news from Mike Norvell at Florida State regarding a number of playersWho are the top 5 teams in the AP Top 25?What does Kihei Clark think of Virginia being ranked No. 4?How does the ACC media predict teams to finish?Find out who the Preseason ACC Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year areThoughts on Seth Greenberg's ACC 'sleeper team'Which ACC women's basketball teams are in the AP Top 25? Sports News 6 Be sure to listen to our interview with ESPN College Basketball Analyst Seth Greenberg and hear his thoughts on the coming season. Look at the early KenPom numbers for ACC teams.

    Sports News 5 – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2020 3:43

    On this short form podcast, Sports News 5, we touch on the latest from the ACC. We've got updates on championship action in field hockey and soccer. Who are the top ranked teams in men's and women's basketball? You'll find out. Seth Greenberg shares a thought on conference favorite Virginia and their keys to success. Plus, find out where and when you can watch conference coaches and players talk about the upcoming basketball season. North Carolina and Louisville battled it out for a conference titleWhich women's teams move on in the ACC Soccer Championship?Find out when the men begin play and who the top seeds areThe AP Top 25 polls are out for men's and women's basketball. Who are the ranked teams from the ACC?How did an ACC Blue Ribbon Panel rank women's basketball?You won't want to miss the ACC Women's Basketball Tipoff and Men's Operation Basketball. Sports News 5 Be sure to listen to the entire interview with ESPN College Basketball Analyst Seth Greenberg on ACC Nation Podcast. Click for a direct download. Want more? Subscribe and have the podcast delivered to you automatically when each episode drops. Keep up with the latest from ACC Nation Radio wherever you go and available 24/7.

    Seth Greenberg – ACC Nation Podcast

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    Our special guest on ACC Nation this week is two-time ACC men's basketball Coach of the Year and ESPN college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg. His intelligent, passionate approach to the game he loves translates just as well on television as it ever did on the court. Coach Greenberg starts us off talking about the ESPN Way-Too-Early Top 5. We touch on his journey from coaching to becoming an analyst. Then a look at the Top 25 ACC teams and select conference teams (including his sleeper). We start things off with a rundown of sports news from the ACC. Find out who captured the ACC Field Hockey Championship. We've got the dates for the ACC Women's Soccer Championship. Plus, for out of conference sports fans we've got the latest preseason Ice Hockey polls. We jump into football with a look at the latest college football polls from the AP and USA Today. There are three ACC teams in the top 10 this week and a handful receiving votes. Seth Greenberg Will and Jim run down the weekend's football action from the ACC and have some choice words for officiating crews and coaches. You'll find out which three teams are, as of today, still in the running for a shot at the ACC Football Championship. The guys wrap up their segment with a look ahead and some of the games on the schedule. Check out the latest rankings in our piece, 'Playoff Shakeup? - College Football Top 25'. Be sure to subscribe to ACC Nation Podcast and take ACC Nation Radio with your everywhere 24/7. There's a whole lot of sports packed into this episode. Hold on to your hat. Our thanks to Nick LoPinto of The Montag Group for his efforts in making things happen behind the scenes. The Greenberg segment begins at :44 in the episode.

    Sports News 4 – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2020 56:45

    This week's episode, Sports News 4 is chocked full of news about fall sports. Everything from ACC Championships, NCAA Championships in 2021, basketball and football. There's a lot on the plate as the guys discuss ACC basketball, too. You'll find out information on ACC Operation Basketball and the ACC Women's Basketball Tipoff. We didn't forget the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. We share the ESPN Way-Too-Early Top 25 poll for men's basketball and re-visit Joe Lunardi's Bracketology from early October. Before we get into the latest ACC football news we update you on Cross Country, Field Hockey, Soccer and Volleyball. The winners (team and individual) of the ACC Cross Country Championships and the latest polls for men and women. Then a quick look at the ACC Field Hockey Championship, the ACC Men's and Women's Soccer Championships. We've got the latest soccer polls and the AVCA Volleyball Poll. Be sure to subscribe to ACC Nation Podcast so you receive the latest episode delivered in a method best suited to your needs. If you already subscribe via a podcast platform, we'd appreciate you rating the show. Sports News 4 Before we get too deep into the football portion of the program you'll want to check out the latest from KenPom. We include the Top 25 and a look at Dickie V's Preseason All-American list which is suspiciously short of ACC players. After the guys run down the aforementioned ACC Basketball they dive into ACC Football. First up on the list of tasty tidbits are the bowl berths that await conference teams. There are new names, a new bowl, some postponements and a substitution to flesh out. Then it's on to the AP Top 25, a look at the past weekend of action and some thoughts on this weekend. Don't forget to get the latest schedule at Times, Teams, TV and compare notes with the ACC Nation Power Poll. Listen to the latest programs on ACC Nation Radio by clicking here. We're available 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

    Mike Vukovcan – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2020 66:26

    Special guest on this week's episode of ACC Nation is Mike Vukovcan of Pittsburgh Sports Now. Mike shares his thoughts on Pitt football and we broach the question of hot seat status across the board. Fans aren't happy and the question is, are the alumni ready to pitch in the bucks to buy out a contract? Will it go that far now or will it be addressed at the end of the season? First, we take a look at the latest polls starting with college football in the AP Top 25. Who are the top 5 in the nation? Which ACC teams remain ranked this week? Which team is receiving votes just outside the Top 25? Then it's the United Soccer Coaches Poll of men's and women's college soccer. The ACC tops both sides and is well represented overall. A look at the AVCA Volleyball poll has one conference team in the top 5 and several in the rankings this week. Mike Vukovcan The guys review the ACC football weekend looking at performances, rolling off some stats and sharing their thoughts on the outcome of games. Our guest, Mike Vukovcan shared his thoughts on Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi in this opinion piece at Pittsburgh Sports Now. Mike's Twitter response to the outcome of the Notre Dame-Pitt game, along with many fans prompted us to reach out to him. What happened against Notre Dame - "An embarrassment"Has Pat Narduzzi had enough time?Will AD Heather Lyke have patience or demand a correction?The buyout may be too steepIs change imminent?Playing scared and quitting doesn't go over well Analyzing the coordinator hiresMoving from a running attack to a passing game under WhippleWhat is the answer? Lead Or Get Out Of The Way Taking applications from innovative offensive coordinatorsAnswering the question - Why do QB's run to the sideline to talk with Whipple?Are other teams really trying to steal Pitt's offensive calls?Calling Comcast - Pitt fans aren't happy with youBucking the Boss - Don't do it unless you have another job waitingWhat is really going on with Kenny Pickett?Sifting through the rumorsTherapy sessionBreaking down the Pitt defensive break downAll or nothing approach tests the corners Is That All There Is? Why no, no it's not. Let's talk basketballThe excitement about what Jeff Capel brings to the programThe slow build as Capel brings in 'his guys'Putting the pieces together - one recruiting class away from successThe importance of developing playersGuard strength is a big key this season

    Vashti Hurt – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2020 63:39

    The Editor-In-Chief of Carolina Blitz, Vashti Hurt joins us to talk about the Tar Heels, Wolfpack, Blue Devils and Panthers. Our primary focus is on the North Carolina-Florida State game. What went right and what went wrong? Where do the Tar Heels go from here? We take a look at some of the playmakers and how Mack Brown has taken this team to new levels. But first, Will and Jim break down the games from this past weekend and share thoughts on the good, the bad and some real ugly in the ACC. There are some hard questions ahead for programs that want to continue to build. Yes, that includes looking at coaching changes. Did Dabo put the pedal to the metal against Georgia Tech?Social media pundits want to push out Geoff Collins.....already?Speaking of pundits some (tongue-in-cheek?) want to boot Syracuse from the ACC after their loss to Liberty.Hot seat alert - 'Clemsoning' is long gone but 'Pitting the bed' may have arrivedMidway through the season and the best the Irish can produce is a 5 point win over Louisville. What's going on here? Two wrongs don't make a right.Who is this Wolfpack team and where are they headed? Hot seat alert - Is it time to move on in Durham?Virginia discovers 'burnt toast' in their secondary. Wake Forest continues to surprise.North Carolina sleep walks through the first half and wakes up too little, too late in the second against a reinvigorated Florida State.Watch out, here comes a healthy Hokies team hitting on all cylinders. Vashti Hurt Talking North CarolinaWhat happened in Tallahassee? Florida State set the tone and it included a buzz-sawThree dropped passes put a lid on the comebackPushing each other in practice - the success behind the Running Back duoThe arrival of Carolina Blitz - the journeyWhich guy would you let date your sister?Podcast, radio....where to listenWho's the Goat?My nickname was 'Barkley'The North Carolina defense struggles to create turnoversChazz Surratt - An eye for the ballSam Howell - Still in the running for the Heisman?Talking about Mack BrownOut on a limb with a saw - North Carolina vs Notre DameLooking aheadNC State - injuriesDisrespect - Early oddsPreviewing Carolina sports - What to look forward toWhere's the hoops schedule? Points For Zoom Set-Ups On the right side of Vashti's AuntWill's place is party central

    Brett Ciancia – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2020 64:51

    Brett Ciancia, the publisher of Pick Six Previews joins us on ACC Nation Podcast to talk about the big picture of college football. Where do things stand so far with the conferences that are playing? What impact will the next conferences to come on board with their seasons have upon the playoff picture? So many questions and Brett has plenty of answers. You don't want to miss this episode. Be sure to subscribe. Coming up this week we have the latest men's and women's soccer rankings, volleyball poll, ACC Nation Power Poll and Pigskin Picks. A quick look at the latest AP Top 25 for college football starts out the weekly ACC football review. Will and Jim toss in some random thoughts and opinions galore along the way. Brett Ciancia We wanted to get Brett on to talk about all things college football as we're well into the season. What's going on not only in the ACC but also the SEC, Big 12, AAC and some thoughts on the Big Ten and PAC 12 as well. Clemson belongs right where they areNorth Carolina lives up to expectationsThe conference coaches are worthy of mentionIs Travis Etienne an early Heisman favorite?A closer look at the performance of Clemson thus farSam Howell is a dark horse Heisman candidateNorth Carolina looks like a playoff contender Other Conferences - SEC Florida's defensive implosionSome struggles - LSU, AlabamaLockdown defense - Georgia Big 12 Sun Belt losses hurt the conferenceLast hope - Oklahoma StateNo playoff teams? AAC A number of teams ranked but not likely to make the playoffsThe need to punch-up with teams in the Power 5 Independents BYU is delivering on offense and defenseIs this a top 15 team? PAC 12 Is Oregon still the team to beat?USC may be a contenderTalking about Cal's defense Big Ten The Buckeyes and everyone else?Keep an eye on Penn StateIndiana is moving upBig questions in the West Questions - Answers Most impressive start for a new coachFreudian slip by Will?Whose job has been saved by the pandemic?Most disappointing team so far and can they turn it around?Craziest games so far this season More ACC Breakdown What's going on with Louisville?Has Florida State found their QB? How To Keep Up What's it take to cover college football for Pick Six Previews? College Football Playoffs Brett talks about who he thinks should make it to the playoffs. Will we have two teams from a conference this season? And, what conference might that be? Breaking down Notre Dame and if they'll make the playoffs. How much do the Irish want another shot at a national championship title? Looking Forward To 2021 Find out how you can get Pick Six Previews. What goes into producing the final product and what you'll get. Our thanks to Brett Ciancia, Publisher of Pick Six Previews for joining us and sharing a snapshot of the college football season so far. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @PickSixPreviews. Read More From ACC Nation

    Ryan Kantor – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2020 64:50

    On this week's episode of ACC Nation Podcast we're joined by special guest Ryan Kantor of TigerNet and SB Nation's Shakin The Southland. There's plenty of talk about when it comes to Clemson football. Plus, we do our weekly review of ACC football games and provide some sports news from around the conference. So, if you're an ACC fan come join us and be sure to subscribe so you'll get the latest sent directly to your email or favorite platform. And don't forget, ACC Nation Radio is always available 24/7 and is ideal for streaming at work or on long trips. We start with a quick update of ACC sports news. The AVCA Volleyball poll is stuffed full of ACC teams in this short season. Out of 15 spots the conference populates six. A new United Soccer Coaches Poll is coming out this week and we'll have the men's and women's rankings here on the website. What's new in ACC football? Check out the latest ACC Nation Power Poll and college football rankings. Ryan Kantor Wake Forest has a 'stat padder' game with Campbell. CBS is more than a television network.How a cookie can divert a conversation in the blink of an eyeWe've implemented a new 'phrase' within the ACC - PittingAll eyes turn toward Pat NarduzziNC State earns an upset win - Watch this QB!North Carolina shakes off the rust and faces a challenging Boston CollegeWTH Virginia Tech? 'This is something that needs to be addressed'Duke reduces the mistakes and improves their performanceFlorida State finds their heart and soul in a struggle with Jacksonville StClemson and Virginia answer questions and also raise a fewConsistency on offense and defense is beginning to show in the ACC Let's Talk Clemson Football Thoughts on the Clemson-Virginia gameWhy Ryan was 'underwhelmed' by the Tigers performance Was the offensive line an issue?Clemson notoriously starts slow and builds - Why the Virginia game was importantLack of focus or is that who they are? Clemson extremely efficient in converting 3rd and longWhat's the status of Justyn Ross?Travis Etienne improves his receiving capabilitiesRunning back depth - How things have changedDefense - Freshmen Sack Machine Changing Lanes How to properly pronounce, 'Dabo'Brent Venables - The futureThe BBQ battle beginsWelcome to The Smokin PigThe LB's are the current strength on defenseSome weaknesses against the Virginia passSpecial teams - Kicking Challenges Will D'Eriq King's running game present a challenge?The Canes player to watch - Cam'Ron HarrisWill Miami pull out the turnover chain? A little 'smack talk'This presents as a 'stiffer test'Clemson's offensive line vs the Miami defensive lineThe crowd influence at Death Valley Thanks to Ryan Kantor from TigerNet and SB Nation's Shakin The Southland for spending some time with us and talking about Clemson. Be sure to follow Ryan on Twitter @ryan_kantor. Read More From ACC Nation

    Jeff And Matthew – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2020 88:00

    Special guests this week on ACC Nation Podcast are Jeff and Matthew from All Sports Discussion. We've got an extra helping of ACC football and much more. After a rundown of the past weekend's conference action we talk with the guys about the two Tech's. Jeff breaks down what's happening at Georgia Tech. Matthew dissects Virginia Tech. If you like ACC football, you'll love this episode. We start off with a look at the polls for soccer. The ACC is dominating both the men's and women's side. Then we move on to the latest AP Top 25 and USA Today Coaches' Poll. Next, a quick look at the ESPN FPI. Then, to light a Tiger's tail on fire we share the Allstate Playoff Predictor. We have a feeling that list will end up on the wall in the Clemson locker room. Will is a frequent guest on the All Sports Discussion podcast. We've also had both Jeff and Matthew on the show before. As always we appreciate the guys joining us. Even though everyone's schedules were challenged this week and Matthew was in North Dakota it all came together. There was more (timewise) than usual but when it's good content you keep it all. Jeff And Matthew After the opening round up of ACC sports news Will and Jim jump into the latest football action with a review of the games. We start off with Jeff (Begins at 32:09) with an in-depth rundown of what he sees out of Georgia Tech. Will Geoff Collins fix the little things? The Matthew (Begins at 56:25) shares his thoughts on how the Hokies are performing after one game and what he's sees for the future.

    Doofus On A Podcast – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2020 60:00

    On this episode of ACC Nation Podcast there's plenty of sports to talk about and we dig up some extra for good measure. From the NCAA Woman of the Year to basketball to football action we've got it covered. Olympic sports got underway in the ACC. The Big Ten sets their starting date for football. The PAC12 may do the same this week. And, Jim even admits to being a doofus on a podcast and Will agrees. What else are we talking about? ACC men's golfers playing the U.S. Golf Open Championship, basketball tournaments and what makes them special. The ACC/Big Ten Challenge, the Louisville 'Bubble', why South Dakota may not see Duke and aside from the beer scene, Asheville ain't Maui. Breaking down the AP Top 25 from the top 5 to teams receiving votes we look at where the ACC lines up. Who's getting First Place Votes this week and who might next week? Doofus On A Podcast Breaking down the games from the weekend's ACC schedule. Were there surprises? Yes, and we explain who, what and why. Boston College 26 Duke 6Pitt 21 Syracuse 10Notre Dame 52 USF 0UCF 49 Georgia Tech 21Clemson 49 The Citadel 0Miami 47 Louisville 34NC State 45 Wake Forest 42 Looking at last week's ACC Nation Power Poll and some thoughts on where teams may be this week. Previewing the upcoming week of ACC football - Louisville at PittNotre Dame at Wake ForestGeorgia Tech at SyracuseDuke at VirginiaTexas State at Boston CollegeFlorida State at MiamiNC State at Virginia Tech Read More From ACC Nation

    Johns And Hamilton – ACC Nation Podcast

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    Special guests this week on ACC Nation Podcast/Radio are Les Johns and Scott Hamilton. Johns, the Publisher of Demon Deacon Digest talks with us about the pluses in the Wake Forest football program. Never to miss an opportunity we also ask about Steve Forbes, the new men's basketball coach for the Deacs. Hamilton, a veteran columnist and radio host joins us in the second half to share thoughts on the ACC football weekend and some games that are coming up. You won't want to miss Johns and Hamilton on this week's episode. Right off the bat we get a 'taste' for North Carolina BBQ with Les giving a plug to Bibs in Winston-Salem. A look at the positions of strength - The wide receiversQuarterback playDeveloping Quarterback talentBuilding a relationship with wide receiversInsight into the running gameWhy Wake Forest programs fly under the radar nationallyWhat makes special teams so special? Then we move over to the Wake Forest men's basketball team and the addition of Steve Forbes. Les drops a tease for an interesting story involving Forbes that he's working on. Who is the expected leading scorer?Building the future through recruiting - is COVID19 slowing up the process?The facilities are a great selling tool What Les considers to be 'great music' wraps up the interview. Johns And Hamilton Our next guest, Scott Hamilton brings his wit to our review of the weekend's games in the ACC. Miami over UAB - D'Eriq King delivers but are there still weaknesses?North Carolina over Syracuse - Should we have expected more from the Orange?How many teams would love to have Tommy DeVito?Georgia Tech is a team on the rise. Should anyone be shocked by the win?Is Florida State what they used to be under Bobby Bowden?Pitt opens with a big win. Can the Panthers keep the offense rolling?Notre Dame comes up with a win against Duke. Brice looks good at QB for the Blue Devils. Ian Book delivers for the Irish.It's difficult to gauge teams this early in 'this season' but we weigh both teams as evenly as possible.Faustian dealsLouisville delivers on opening day. Satterfield is a people person. Is the coming challenger to Clemson?Clemson and Wake Forest - Is Dave Clawson one of the best coaches in America? Will the Demon Deacons pick up 7 or 8 wins? ACC Nation Podcast - Football Then we jump forward to take a look at some of the games on the schedule. A few quick previews - Miami at Louisville - This game is the start of the ACC season. This should be Game Day material.UCF and Georgia Tech - Yes there was a win....butBoston College at Duke - Don't bet against David Cutcliffe. A serious note about how COVID19 has impacted sports media. With a little experience on a fairway or two we ask Scott what his favorite golf course is and he doesn't hesitate. Read More From ACC Nation

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