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    Wake Forest ’22 | Nightmare Or Opportunity

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2022 39:44

    For Wake Forest the loss of starting quarterback Sam Hartman was an immediate nightmare. But it seems as if it may become an opportunity if everything clicks for Dave Clawson's new starter. The offense jet fuel is still there. It's just a matter of having the right spark plug to ignite it. Special guest, Les Johns, the Publisher of 247's Demon Deacon Digest joins us and shares his insights and observations about the Deacs. After addressing the 600 pound gorilla in the quarterback room Will talks with Johns' about the offense and who to keep an eye on this season. There's plenty of juice in the backfield and among the wide receiving corps this season. Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast With One Click Wake Forest What about the defense? It's been a question the past few years but there is a new Defensive Coordinator and lots of talent that can make a difference. Will Wake Forest be able to slow down teams instead of trading scores? Can the kicking game keep up this season? Then we take a look at all of the regular season games and where Johns' thinks the team will end up in the win/loss bracket. There are a few surprises in the mix. Listen to the podcast, to ACC Nation Radio and watch us on YouTube.

    Virginia Tech ’22 | Relentless Hurry Up And Wait

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 30:51

    You can hear it from the backseat as you suffer through a relentless hurry up and wait routine on a trip. Are we there yet? Virginia Tech football fans are no more fond of repeating that question over and over again then they are hearing it sitting behind the wheel. Nonetheless, there it is. Now, Brent Pry is the dad who must partially zone out as he steers the Hokies back to success. Our special guest, Andy Bitter of The Athletic has a few years under his belt covering the Hokies and understands the pain, suffering and indignation of the fans. He shares some important observations about the coaching staff and players that can start leading to success. Coaches Poll '22 | Alluring Perception Vs Reality Virginia Tech Bitter provides a breakdown of the offense and defense with Will then looks at the schedule with Jim. No crystal ball action here just down to earth realistic observations. Be sure to subscribe to ACC Nation on podcast, streaming radio and YouTube.

    NC State ’22 | Will Pack Taste Ecstasy Or Brave Agony?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 31:14

    Steven Muma from SB Nation's 'Backing The Pack' joins us on our ACC+1 Football Preview Series to talk NC State. This could be the year where Dave Doeren's years of work all come together and brings an ACC title to Raleigh. From a stellar quarterback to a solid defense things are coming together at the right time but is it enough? The ACC football season kicks off in under a month with the Pack stirring up Carolina college football fans with their opener against East Carolina on September 3. Turn On ACC Nation Radio For Conference Football Previews 24/7 Jim and Will take a look at the offense, defense, special teams and the schedule with Muma and get some interesting perspective on what NC State brings to the table. NC State ACC Nation Preseason Power Poll Be sure to watch on YouTube (subscribe) or listen on ACC Nation Radio or Podcast.

    Louisville ’22 | Do Satterfield’s Solutions Worry Fans?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2022 32:31

    Scott Satterfield has had a bumpy ride at Louisville. But, given the opportunity his fourth year may not be his last with the program. Why? The off-season has seen changes in staff, a ramping up of quality transfers and players who are coming into their own at the right time. The question is, can it all come together this season? We'll find out early in the schedule. If the Cardinals can make it through the first few games showing promise the overall season may end up being better than expected. If not, then expect the fans to roll out the hot seat. As the ACC+1 Football Previews continue we're joined by the publisher of Cardinal Sports (part of the Rivals network), Ty Spalding who provides some insight and his thoughts on what to expect this season. There's plenty of talent, there's more confidence and the fan base is finally seeing what they expected from day one. Football Rankings | Daring ACC+1 Preseason Poll Louisville Will and Jim take a look at the personnel on offense that could deliver more wins and get Louisville over the hump. If you are ranking the team based upon last year's performance, it may be a good idea to go over the roster. There's more experience, talent and drive on this year's roster. When it comes to the defense a combination of veterans and transfers will help fix the glaring weakness that was found last year. What about special teams? Last season the team lost 4 games by 6 or fewer points that may or may not be attributed to a lackluster kicking effort. There's competition in camp this fall and it's time to deliver the goods. Be sure to follow Ty Spalding on Twitter and at Follow and subscribe to ACC Nation on YouTube, your favorite podcast platform and ACC Nation Radio.

    Realigning Realignment | 2 Conferences, Dubious Money

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2022 33:51

    A firefighter knows that it only takes an ember to rekindle a raging forest fire. The embers of college athletics realignment are still lurking. There is every bit of a chance that the once out of control burn of just a few weeks ago may reignite. The latest news has the Big 12 stepping away from the Pac-12 with the configurations that were discussed. The SEC's commissioner made the comment at their conference football media event that there was no more change on the table. That leaves the Big Ten lurking in the shadows, Notre Dame sitting pretty and unlikely to make a quick decision and the ACC wrapped up in a nice little cocoon that may only provide a sense of security. What's next? Will the Big Ten swoop in and gather up the remaining (or a portion thereof) Pac-12 schools? Will the ACC, Pac-12 and ESPN hash out a new contract that puts more money on the plate for teams, gives the western teams a network and stabilizes the recent mad dash for cash? Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast Realignment is the main course on this episode of ACC Nation as we get serious about where things stand and what may happen next. Realignment Might there be some surprise announcements in store during the ACC Football Kickoff in Charlotte? What better venue to unfurl a new 'conference' configuration and maybe even announce the new location of the ACC headquarters. Will and Jim take a look at the ACC players drafted by Major League Baseball. Both Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech scored two players apiece in the opening rounds. ACC+1 Football Previews start up again on our next episode. Subscribe to the podcast, YouTube or listen to ACC Nation Radio.

    Inspiring | 5 Minutes With…Jon And Renee Laaser

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2022 22:02

    In this bonus segment of 5 Minutes With...our special guests are Jon and Renee Laaser, the co-founders of Laaser's Ladybug Society. The organization aids in mental health education plus treatment and holds a variety of sporting events in central and eastern Virginia with plans to expand. Mental health issues have seen an uptick as people have become isolated due to the pandemic and also because of economic struggles. The most disconcerting rise comes via suicide among youth. The answer comes first with awareness, acceptance and open discussion. In the past, mental health issues were often swept under the rug or ignore because there were no easy answers. The Laaser's hope their message will be inspiring and open doors. The answers may not be any easier but as more and more high-profile individuals discuss their challenges, individuals who deal with issues no longer feel alone. Discover More At Laaser's Ladybug Society Inspiring Jon and Renee Laaser share their individual journeys that led them to create this non-profit organization. They share personal details of their challenges and the things that have and do help them move forward. 5 Minutes With...Content Is Available Exclusively Via Podcast And Streaming Radio Be sure to volunteer, ask questions or participate in their multiple sporting events that help bring people together and inspiring them to search for answers. Connect with them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

    Duke ’22 | Elko Ready To Replace Agony Of Defeat

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 45:19

    For first year head coach Mike Elko there are far more questions than, perhaps, answers. Is Duke football ready to take that all important next step on the competitiveness scale? Will the constant chatter of realignment be a driving force that moves the school toward positive investment in the program? The Publisher of Devils Illustrated, Conor O'Neill joins us to talk about the Blue Devils and what we can expect moving forward. The ACC+1 Football Preview Series continues on ACC Nation with Jim and Will. Subscribe And Don't Miss Any Of The Previews Duke There may be some surprises as players step into schemes that make the most of their talents. When it comes to recruits, Duke is making great strides to build for the future. Listen for O'Neill's thoughts on how both the offense and defense will perform in Elko's first year. Watch ACC Nation on YouTube or listen to the football previews plus our 5 Minutes With... features on ACC Nation Radio, streaming 24/7. Thanks to our worldwide listeners in the UK, Philippines, India, Netherlands, Brazil, France, Germany, Canada, Nigeria and close to 40 countries. We appreciate you!

    Conference Meltdown | 5 Minutes With…Mike Barber

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 5:42

    The annual summer meltdown over conference realignment is on but the stakes are much higher this time around. With major schools bolting from the PAC 12 and lots of rumors swirling around who might be next we invited Mike Barber, who covers the ACC for the Richmond Times-Dispatch to join us. Will realignment help or hurt Virginia and Virginia Tech? Could it leave one or both stranded if the ACC has a meltdown? The clock is ticking and anxiety is building around what may happen next. Is the conference in a position of strength or weakness? Conference 5 Minutes With...Content Is Exclusively On ACC Nation Podcast And Radio There's plenty of chatter surrounding Virginia but what about Virginia Tech? Are the Hokies going to be without a date to the prom? Barber shares his thoughts on the teams that have been reported as possibly headed to the SEC. What teams may be headed to the Big 12? Is anyone lined up for the Big Ten?

    PAC 12 Apocalypse | 5 Minutes With…Matt Zemek

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 6:10

    The bomb that came close to leveling the Pac 12 created a tsunami that is just beginning to ripple across the college sports landscape. With USC and UCLA shedding their west coast skins to join the Big Ten it has everyone making projections about who and what is next. Make no mistake, those first two shoes were just the beginning so strap yourself in for what is sure to be the wildest rollercoaster you've ever ridden. The editor of USA Today Sports' USC Trojans Wire, Matt Zemek joins us on 5 Minutes With... to share his thoughts on how this move will impact several conferences including the ACC. None of us have a crystal ball but the chatter is re-emerging about how it may impact the folks on the East Coast. Five schools are mentioned as possible departures. Some you may have surmised, others maybe not. ACC Sports News 24/7 On ACC Nation Radio What will the commissioner of the Pac 12 have to do to keep the remaining sheep in his flock? Zemek shares some quick thoughts there and why many of those schools don't seem good fits with say, the Big 12. So many, what ifs and maybes are churning up the fan bases across the country. PAC 12 It looks like we've hopped, skipped and jumped over super conferences into mega conference status with the sweep of the hand. Does anyone know what might come next? Zemek says the commissioners are playing the long game and may have an idea about what comes next but their lips are sealed. Get The Latest ACC+1 Football Preview By Subscribing Ultimately, who comes out on the winning side of all these moves? We know that the money game is the big draw for schools but what about their fans? Does anyone care about what you think or how you might feel about such drastic changes? For now Pac 12 fans are left dangling but who knows who may be next.

    Virginia ’22 | Empowered Elliott Drives Focused Hoos

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 36:18

    What will it take to take Virginia football in the right direction? Will there be a turning point soon in the success of the program that will put rear-ends back in the seats of Scott Stadium? Athletic Director Carla Williams couldn't have sent a louder, clearer picture of where she and thousands of fans want Wahoos football to be with the hiring of former Clemson Offensive Coordinator Tony Elliott as head coach. Elliott came with a price and that was facility upgrades. Keep Up With The ACC+1 Football Series On YouTube The Publisher of Wahoos 247, Jacquie Franciulli joins us to talk about what you can expect this fall and moving forward from Virginia football. New coaches, new schemes, new players and a potential Heisman candidate in Brennan Armstrong should be enough reason to light a fire under fans. Virginia Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast For Interviews And Sports News Will breaks down some of the offense with Jacquie. What are the strengths? What are the weaknesses? What's holding Brennan Armstrong back from being on the Heisman list? Then, they jump into a look at a defense that was iffy last year but may present a different look this year. Jim talks about the schedule and Jacquie points out that Tony Elliott couldn't have asked for a better one in his first year. Could there be some bumps in the road? The end of the season might be a challenge but Jacquie predicts the Hoos take the Hokies this season.

    Miami ’22 | Blast From The Past Makes Fans Hopeful

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 37:44

    Special guest, Manny Navarro of The Athletic and Host of WideRightPod previews the Miami Hurricanes with Jim and Will on ACC Nation. You can subscribe to the podcast, listen to ACC Nation Radio or watch us on YouTube to catch all of the ACC+1 football preview series. With a completely new coaching staff headed by former Miami player Mario Cristobal the pieces are coming together quickly. One positive, no outlandish preseason expectations. It's all about putting together a team that can and most likely will be very competitive within the ACC. Football Rankings | Daring ACC+1 Preseason Poll Miami Will breaks down the offense and defense with Manny. Who's running the show? What changes are expected at running back. Who steps up in the receiving corps? The transfer portal has helped fill in needs on defense. Will that be enough? Jim takes a look at the schedule. Where are the biggest challenges this season for the Canes? An early matchup with preseason #5 Texas A&M in mid-September will test the mettle of this team. It's not all roses but things are looking better.

    North Carolina ’22| Feast Or Fortune For Football?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 47:43

    With three consecutive top 15 recruiting classes it may be time for North Carolina to blossom this fall. Mack Brown has the pieces to the puzzle and brings back Gene Chizik to tighten some loose screws on defense. The once Top 10 touted team in 2021 has a chance to make things click and get on a roll this season. Can they? There's more than enough talent to make this team a surprise in the conference. Will breaks down some of the finer points of the defense with Jones as they look at personnel and what Chizik brings to the table. Then Jim asks, who's the starting QB and is there any truth to the rumor we could see two getting time on the field? Jones breaks down the receiving corps and what needs to happen then looks at the backfield where there needs to be an emerging star. Hit The Jackpot And Never Spend A Dime - Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast North Carolina This year's schedule offers a potential jackpot. Can North Carolina take advantage of the early games and so much home advantage? The Appalachian State and Notre Dame games will be telling. Speaking of Chapel Hill, you may want to get your tickets now for Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Pitt and NC State all of which are home games. Be sure to listen to ACC Nation Radio (thanks to all of our international listeners) and watch us on YouTube, too.

    Georgia Tech ’22 | Bold Changes Bring Optimism

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 32:37

    Geoff Collins needed to make some bold changes to Georgia Tech football and he has. There's a glint of optimism among a refreshed staff and the multiple add-ons to the roster via the Transfer Portal. But, the Yellow Jackets, once again, have a brutal schedule to deal with....or do they? Could they win enough games to make it to a bowl in the post-season? Listen to our guest, Kelly Quinlan, the Publisher of and make up you own mind. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly but surely coming together but is there still time for Geoff Collins? Is he on a hot seat that can't be ignored or are there other factors involved that put that concept into dispute? Quinlan takes us through the offensive scheme, some of the players and what to expect this season. Then a quick dissection of the defense and whether a porous secondary will no longer be leaky this fall. Georgia Tech Be sure to follow us on YouTube, ACC Nation Radio and of course, click the link below to have our podcast automatically downloaded. Subscribe To Catch All 15 Episodes Of ACC Nation Football Previews

    Football Recruiting Jackpot | ACC Winning In ’22 And ’23?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 59:36

    College football recruiting can be dicey at times and even more so when you add in the impact of the Transfer Portal and NIL. Are ACC teams beginning to move in the right direction in competing for quality role players? Will and Jim delve into the 24/7 recruiting rankings for 2022 and 2023 and analyze the impact on teams. Who's moving up? Who's surprisingly not? The annual ACC+1 football previews are just around the corner. Beginning in early June we'll start our weekly focus on each team. Then, by late August, just before Week Zero kicks off the season we'll have a preview round up, picks and power poll. In addition to our weekly episodes we're adding a new feature called, "Five Minutes With...." with interviews and commentary. 1 Place 24/7 - Tune In Now - ACC Nation Radio Football Recruiting Also, on this episode a quick look at some of the spring sports action as the conference sends teams into NCAA Tournaments. Be sure to subscribe and follow ACC Nation on your favorite social media outlet (we've added Counter Social and Mastodon for those of you departing Twitter). Watch the latest on YouTube and subscribe to our podcast.

    Omaha | Amazing 10 ACC Baseball Teams In Post-Season?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 49:44

    What would you think if you were told 10 conference teams were projected to be in post-season play this season? The first thing you might think is, what happened to all of the SEC powerhouses? That's a great question. Our special guest from D1Baseball, Aaron Fitt, explains what is going on at the mid-point of the college baseball season and who he thinks has a shot at going to Omaha. It's been a wild season so far and you can expect even more down the stretch. There's plenty of other ACC sports action going on, too. Jim and Will give a quick run-down of how teams stack up in the latest polls and who's taking home ACC titles. A look at golf, tennis, softball, lacrosse, beach volleyball and track and field is on the agenda. But first and last, the NFL Draft is game on this week so the guys look at the ACC players likely to go in the first round. One Click - ACC Nation Radio Omaha This year isn't about the flash but rather the men who make the game happen from down in the trenches. The linemen, the edge rushers, linebackers and corners are the stars of the show this year. Only one quarterback is currently projected to go in the first round and he'll likely sit for a year before taking the reins. What about ACC quarterbacks? There's been plenty of talk about who may or may not be the top selection but according to Mock Drafts we'll have to wait until the second round to find out. The NFL Draft begins on Thursday. Which conference teams have the best shot at Omaha? Find out on this week's episode. Be sure to subscribe and get the latest from ACC Nation via podcast, radio and on YouTube.

    WNBA ’22, College Baseball Top 25 And NFL Mock Drafts

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 48:55

    ACC women's basketball players scored big in the 2022 WNBA Draft nailing down 7 spots. On this episode of ACC Nation Podcast (subscribe now) we look at who is moving on to become a professional. We've got the lates D1Baseball Top 25 and a new ACC leader following a weekend series sweep. Who is headed to the NFL? We take a look at two mock drafts, one from the NFL and the other from CBS Sports that gives us an interesting preview of what's to come at the end of the month in Las Vegas. Are You Listening To ACC Nation Radio? Will and Jim have the latest from the WNBA Draft as it was happening. Emily Engstler of Louisville was selected No. 4 in the first round with the remainder of ACC players going in the second round. Miami moves up to No. 2 in the latest college baseball rankings after sweeping No. 3 Virginia. What other conference teams populate the poll? WNBA You may be surprised by the players that are in two NFL Mock Drafts that we have to share. More so, where they land or didn't land according to these projections. One player from NC State has a lot to be happy about if these mocks are accurate. Watch, subscribe and like ACC Nation on YouTube.

    Wrap | Unbelievable Basketball, 8 Hot ACC Spring Sports

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2022 44:16

    It's a wrap! Unbelievable basketball put ACC men's and women's basketball teams in position to bring home the bacon in 2022. The way the season ended will be etched in the memories of players, coaches and fans for years to come. The efforts down the stretch by NC State and Louisville women's basketball and then North Carolina and Duke were nothing short of phenomenal. There's plenty to talk about on this episode of ACC Nation Podcast (subscribe, like and watch us on YouTube). Ready, Set, Stream - ACC Nation Radio 24/7 When spring rolls around there's a complete reboot of ACC sports. One conference team competes in beach volleyball and is ranked in the top 5 again this season. Find out who it is if you haven't guessed already. We look at baseball, lacrosse, rowing, softball, golf, track and field and tennis. We encourage you to take a peek too. There could be a national champion or two among these sports. Wrap On top of the great competition there are a number of programs that are excelling even though they are still fairly new. Virginia Tech women's golf and Clemson softball top that list. Speaking of softball, there are five teams ranked in the Top 25 which is more than usual for the ACC. Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast For The Latest Conference Sports News

    NCAA Basketball Tournaments | 4 Explosive Venues

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 48:05

    Perhaps it's been a better year for ACC basketball than we initially thought. NCAA basketball tournaments, a total of four venues, has provided great recruiting tools for men's and women's teams in the conference. With teams in the WNIT, NIT and both NCAA Tournaments, the late season surge has done wonders in helping put a shine back on the ACC. There's more to come, too. With teams in the NCAA Final Four there's the possibility of a national title in both men's and women's competition. Jim and Will delve into March Madness with a look at the performances of conference teams and select who they think will bring home the trophy. The guys think UConn getting a seed in Bridgeport may have an unsavory smell (watch on YouTube) and share your thoughts on the matter. Listen To The Latest On ACC Nation Radio NCAA Basketball Tournaments Some thoughts on how men's teams performed and what to look for next year. What incentive is there for Sam Brunelle to return home and play for Virginia? Maybe more than most people realize. Will she? A new coach may be the key. Subscribe and follow ACC Nation Podcast, Radio and YouTube.

    ACC Sports News 11 | Trust And Trauma In Tournaments

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2022 46:29

    The transition from winter to spring sports is in full swing and thus time for everyone to look at the latest ACC sports news. There's plenty to review and even more to preview especially with ACC men's and women's basketball. Before the guys get into sharing some of the latest on that front they'll go over conference action and important dates for NCAA selection shows and tournaments. Have You Subscribed To ACC Nation On YouTube? The ACC Women's Basketball Tournament seemed like a lock for two of three of the top teams but somehow Miami didn't get that memo. The Canes battled their way into the championship game against a daunting NC State. The Pack came away with the win and an MVP award for one of their outstanding role players. Want a look at the ACC Men's Player of the Year? Who is the ACC Men's Coach of the Year? We've got the list and how players and coaches ranked in the voting. We share our thoughts on the players that excelled and some that, perhaps, should have been included in a list or two. ACC Sports News The ACC Men's Basketball Tournament gets underway in New York today (Tuesday) and runs through Saturday. The first round games are on the ACC Network (read more here) before switching over to ESPN and ESPN2. Is there a clear winner? The guys don't think so and believe there could be a path for several teams to produce an upset or two. Would it be enough to get into the Field of 68? We'll find out on Sunday, March 13 beginning at 6:00pm ET on ESPN. The women's selection process begins at 8:00pm ET. Watch on YouTube and subscribe to the podcast for more ACC sports news.

    Bracketology With Jason Carmello | Q1 W’s Are Important

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 43:57

    Is it an exact science? No, but bracketology depends on the black and white world of statistics to tell a story. How does it work? Our special guest, Jason Carmello, Big Underdog's bracketologist is here to explain how it all comes together. Want to know why being an AP Top 25 team or having more wins in conference standings doesn't mean as much as Quad wins and losses? Carmello explains in detail and then applies the examples to teams who hope to make the Field of 68. What ACC teams will be sipping on lemonade and which will be sucking on a sour lemon when all is said and done? Carmello, a top ranked bracketologist, lays it all out for Jim and Will on ACC Nation. We See You - Thanks To The Growing Number Of ACC Nation Radio Fans! Why are there so many conference teams on the bubble this year? What can wins in the ACC Tournament do for those teams? Are there teams outside the conference that we should be watching? Bracketology There's lots to talk about when it comes to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament and having a grasp of how the brackets work will help you make picks this season. Be sure to listen and we strongly encourage you to follow Carmello on Twitter and at Watch our interview with Jason Carmello on YouTube and be sure to subscribe there or to our podcast for more great interviews.

    Notre Dame With Joshua Vowles | Irish Roll Into ’22 On Fire

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2022 51:37

    Notre Dame is lining up to take 2022 by storm. Special guest, Joshua Vowles of One Foot Down joins Jim and Will to talk basketball, football, baseball and the questionable dancing skills of a former coach. Mike Brey has quietly re-inserted the Irish into the discussion in ACC men's basketball as the team sits at No. 2 in the conference standings. Where will this take them in post-season play? First things first. The ACC Tournament may be the launching pad for the Field of 68. Want ACC Sports? Click Here For ACC Nation Radio Anyone who has ever watched Seinfeld knows of the herky-jerky dance moves of Elaine Benes. If you're an Irish fan you know of the somewhat dubious moves of one former coach. Needless to say, he's not getting very high marks from these judges. New head football coach Marcus Freeman is turning heads and putting the team in position to go after that elusive national championship title. Vowles shares the roller coaster ride of emotions that have come with change at the top and how it all transpired. Notre Dame It's been a few years since Notre Dame baseball has risen within the ranks of the Top 25. The Irish are building a program within an ever competitive ACC that wants a shot at Omaha. Make It Easy - Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast And Let Us Do All The Heavy Lifting Watch the interview on YouTube and be sure to subscribe.

    Wake Forest With Conor O’Neill | Hot And Hopeful For Field Of 68

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2022 37:52

    For Wake Forest men's basketball fans the well has been a bit dry. The arrival of Steve Forbes promised to at least start seeding some clouds so there would be some rain. Forbes and his staff have made the most out of the transfer portal and built a formidable team in short order. One that is looking at being (at present) a No. 9 seed in the Field of 68 according to bracketologists. Special guest, Conor O'Neill, the publisher of Deacons Illustrated joins us to talk about men's basketball, football and a bit about baseball. The increased fortunes of the men's basketball team arrived sooner than O'Neill expected and it's been exciting watching this season's journey of success. What or should we ask who has sparked that turn for the better? Find out why that question challenges O'Neill on an unexpected front. Want To Hook Up? So Do We. Get A Taste Of ACC Nation Radio Wake Forest Is there a rivalry between Wake Forest and Louisville? It may have started in football but is it also finding it's way into basketball as well? A little bit of history will point the way to an answer. D1Baseball's Aaron Fitt has had a thing for Wake Forest the past few years only to be disappointed at the end of the season. What the coaching staff has done to correct previous shortcomings and why Aaron may come around to the new and improved Demon Deac's. Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast - Watch Us On YouTube

    Clemson Sports With Sam Neumann | Hopeful 1, Cautious 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2022 35:40

    Clemson Insider's Sam Neumann makes a return visit to ACC Nation to give us a rundown on the Tigers. Football delivers the biggest news of the past few months with a major change in coaching personnel. Neumann shares his thoughts on the transition and what that may mean for the offense and defense of the team. What would a football team be without a quarterback controversy? Not that there's one (at present) but we wanted a perspective on what kind of challenge junior DJ Uiagalelei might face from incoming freshman Cade Klubnik. ACC Nation Radio Is Rolling 24/7 We venture off the beaten path for a moment or two for some conversation about Trevor Lawrence and Deshaun Watson plus a few other Clemson players (and coaches) in the NFL. Clemson There are several teams that can and probably will be a challenge for Clemson in the ACC's Atlantic Division. Who are they and what do they bring to the table in 2022? Next on the list of topics we take a quick dive into the basketball program under Brad Brownell. Yes, there's been a contract extension under a new AD but is that really telling? Our perspective is that there may be a need for fresh blood and a different perspective with recruiting. What does Neumann think? Want More Great ACC Sports Interviews - Subscribe! Clemson baseball is legendary. When Jack Leggett was let go and Monte Lee brought in it was assumed that things would pick up within a year or two. Where is the program now and is that good enough? There will be some high expectations this season for the team. Is this a make or break it year for Lee?

    2022 ACC Baseball With Aaron Fitt | Big Arms That Menace

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2022 17:52

    The 2022 ACC Baseball season begins February 15 and there's an awful lot of promise residing on the roster of teams. D1Baseball's Aaron Fitt joins us to talk about the smoking pitchers and big bats that are swinging in the conference. Fitt and his colleagues have six conference teams in their preseason Top 25 and we talk about each one in this preview. NC State sits atop the conference in the eyes of D1Baseball writers as the team to beat. There's also plenty of talent perched and ready to strike at Florida State, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Duke and Miami. Fitt also gives us a taste of other ACC teams that have the goods but the question remains, can they cash in their chips to make it to Omaha? Subscribe Now To ACC Nation Podcast So You Don't Miss Any Of Our Interviews Baseball We take a few sidesteps as we look at No. 1 ranked Texas and what makes them such a dangerous team. How many SEC teams are in the Top 25? A look at the PAC 12 and Big 12 contenders as well. You can watch the interview with Aaron Fitt on YouTube (be sure to follow) as well as all the other special guests that join us on ACC Nation.

    Louisville Cardinals With Ty Spalding | 5 Topics, Intriguing Answers

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2022 32:39

    Want to talk Louisville sports? Special guest, Ty Spalding, publisher of joins us to hit five hot topics. First up, the departure of Chris Mack and some background outsiders may not have heard before. What contributed to the change in direction? Spalding provides us with the insight we've been looking for and his thoughts on where the program is headed. Next up in our all too brief conversation that is chocked full of goodies we look at how Scott Satterfield's topsy-turvy ride. Is Louisville football beginning to get back on track or is Satterfield's seat 'warm'? Watch This Interview And More On YouTube There's been a big leadership gap in the athletic department and it's led all the way to the top of the school. Does that need to change? Will it change? This leads to the rumors of Tom Jurich returning as AD. It may be a money talks and, well, you know how that goes. Will the next leaders cede their control of sports at the school? Louisville Jeff Walz has done some amazing things with the women's basketball program over the past few years. The Cardinals continue to push ahead in the ACC and are projected as a No. 1 seed in Charlie Creme's newest bracket at ESPN. Spalding shares some observations on the team. Have You Subscribed To ACC Nation Yet? Finally, if you're looking for good food you should always ask a sports media person. We asked Spalding where he'd head if he was visiting Louisville and he had some answers that steak lovers will need to make note of.

    Virginia Sports With Jacquie Franciulli | 2 Hidden Treasures

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2022 50:14

    There's a lot to talk about when it comes to Virginia sports. The publisher of Wahoos 247, Jacquie Franciulli shares her observations and thoughts on both Cavaliers basketball and football. For many, Tony Bennett's squad has come out flat this season but some of it was to be expected. Why? Franciulli lays out multiple reasons and then takes fans to the promised land for next season. Speaking of brighter futures, with the hiring of former Clemson offensive coordinator Tony Elliott as the new head coach of the football program there's many things for fans to get pumped about. One potential bump in the road is getting alumni and fans excited about football and buying in with support. That support comes by filling the seats and making donations to bring the facilities up to snuff. Football isn't the only place that a financial infusion will help. The need to keep pace in Olympic sports with competitors is also raising red flags. You Can Also Hear The Latest On ACC Nation Radio Franciulli gets into detail about the basketball program, the players and challenges they've faced the past few seasons. The key to success may actually be staying away from the transfer portal where players have limited time to learn Bennett's pack-line defense. So where do you go to find the kind of athletes best suited to UVA? Virginia Sports When it comes to Elliott the recruiting efforts are already helping turn the corner. It started with players who considered leaving the program when Bronco Mendenhall departed and has extended into new recruits. Elliott having his fingers in two national championships at Clemson doesn't hurt when it comes to opening doors. Subscribe And Follow ACC Nation Podcast

    Hokies Football With Chris Coleman | 1 Big Serving And Some Hoops

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 50:16

    As each day passes there's additional news that fires up Virginia Tech fans. It seems like it's been a long time since there was this much enthusiasm surrounding the program. It all revolves around new head coach Brent Pry and the exciting additions to his staff. Special guest Chris Coleman of Tech Sideline joins us to analyze the hire, what it will take to get the most out of the players and what to expect moving forward. Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast If you're a glass half full person then you'll like what Coleman has to offer in the way of what he sees ahead for the program. It's not so rosy when it comes to the basketball program especially when it comes to the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Hokies Football Listen To ACC Nation Radio On The Go

    News | ’22 ACC Sports Fun, Fast And Furious

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 31:58

    There's no shortage of ACC sports news this week as rankings are out for baseball, fencing, swimming, gymnastics, ice hockey, tennis and of course, basketball. We get into the latest bracket from ESPN's Joe Lunardi by looking at possible first round opponents of the four conference teams he projects for the Field of 68. Jim and Will take a quick look at what's going on in the conference and then start breaking down that possible March Madness scenario for ACC teams. A reminder to subscribe to the show so you can catch all of the special guests visiting with us. For Georgia Tech fans, Kelly Quinlan stopped in earlier this week to talk about Geoff Collins and Josh Pastner. Coming up, Chris Coleman from TechSideline with a rundown of Hokies action. Jacquie Franciulli of Wahoos247 gets into Virginia football and basketball. And to start February off Aaron Fitt of D1Baseball joins us to break down their preseason Top 25 rankings and give us his impressions of ACC baseball. Are You Listening? ACC Nation Radio 24/7 News

    Georgia Tech | The Deadly 1-2 Coaching Combo

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2022 42:24

    Our special guest on ACC Nation is the Publisher of JacketsOnline, Kelly Quinlan. Does Georgia Tech have a deadly coaching combination in Josh Pastner and Geoff Collins? By asking that question we want to know if the struggles both the men's basketball team and football programs are and have had are putting the school in a tough position. At what point will it all become too much for AD Todd Stansbury? Are we even close to discussing hot seats here or is this simply the frustrations of fandom beginning to boil over? Quinlan has some thoughts on the programs and what we can expect to change. Some of the answers may surprise you while others may not go over so well. What does the future hold for Georgia Tech football and basketball. Hold on fans, the ride is going to get wild. Take Jim And Will With You Everywhere With ACC Nation Radio 24/7 Georgia Tech One Click To Subscribe - How Easy Is That?

    College Basketball | 2022 ACC. Bomb Or Late Bloomer?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 53:40

    College basketball has been a wild ride since the first game back in November. Are things any better now that we've hit conference play in January? Jim and Will take a look at the play of ACC men's basketball teams thus far and share their thoughts on if they have bombed or are just late bloomers. Consistency appears to be a critical word when describing the play of almost every team across the board. We're pretty sure it isn't every team but, wow, there just doesn't seem to be any way of explaining what's happening in men's college basketball. Give it a few months and we'll all have some of that wonderful 20/20 hindsight and maybe an answer. Are You Listening? ACC Nation Radio 24/7 A rather unsettling aspect of what is going on applies specifically to the ACC. One look at week 1 and then week 10 of the AP Top 25 lays out how conference teams were wiped out with a magic wand. We share some thoughts on coaches that may not or should not be around much longer. We'll only give you a couple of guesses as to who that should be. You'll have to check in with the guys to find out their thoughts. College Basketball Ranking ACC+1 Football | The Way-Too-Early Power Poll ACC Nation is available as a podcast on your favorite platform (subscribe here), streaming radio (links) and you can watch us (follow) on YouTube. Our special guest on the next episode is Kelly Quinlan, the Publisher of JacketsOnline. We'll talk about Georgia Tech basketball and football and get his thoughts on the forward progress of both programs.

    Podcast | College Basketball With Jonathon Warriner

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 36:54

    On the mid-week podcast our special guest is analyst/bracketologist Jonathon Warriner of Jim and Will open the book on college basketball and Warriner writes the story. From a down year for the ACC and what that may mean in March to the re-emergence of the PAC 12 we cover east to west coast in detail. At the end, Warriner, who resides in the Kansas City area shares his choice on where to find the best barbeque. A quick note to say thanks to both Warriner and Will Ojanen for being on the show while a major storm was passing through both of their hometowns. Both gentlemen made it through unscathed. On 24/7 - Listen To ACC Nation Radio Who are the best teams? Who are the worst teams in the Power 5? The ACC has one in the running but ultimately we head to the west coast for our answer. Speaking of west coast the PAC 12 is generating some excitement with UCLA, Arizona and USC. What about the other conferences? We look at the Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, Big East, American Athletic, Mountain West and yes, the ACC. Warriner says it will take some strong efforts by teams in the conference to find an open spot in the NCAA Tournament this year. Is this the year the ACC comes up on the short end of the stick? Podcast We take a look at the top 5 teams in the AP Top 25 where Warriner wonders why No.'s 4 and 5 aren't flipped. We have a simple answer that won't surprise you. Subscribe To ACC Nation YouTube DONATE We make it easy for you to subscribe to the podcast! Once you add us the episodes download automatically and are ready to listen to. Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicAndroidPandoraiHeartRadioStitcherBlubrry PodcastsJioSaavnPodchaserGaanaPodcast IndexEmailTuneinDeezer

    Basketball And 3 ACC Favorites Strive For Titles

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2021 34:43

    There's a lot of exciting ACC championship sports news right up front and then we hit basketball in this episode of ACC Nation Podcast. The conference has been loaded with volleyball talent this season and it's paying off. Louisville and Pittsburgh head to the NCAA Volleyball Semifinals. It's the first time either program has made it that far. The ACC achieved a conference first with three teams in the Elite 8. Florida State defeated BYU on PK's, 4-3 to win the NCAA Women's Soccer College Cup Championship. Clemson and Notre Dame battled it out for a spot in the NCAA Men's Soccer College Cup Championship playing through 2 OT's before the Tigers won it on PK's, 5-3. Listeners In Germany, The UK, Philippines And Finland To Name A Few - ACC Nation Radio Take a look at the latest ACC teams and individuals in the ITA Singles and Doubles Rankings. Basketball And 3 ACC Favorites Will and Jim run down the latest in women's and men's conference basketball plus a look at Charlie Creme's bracket for ACC women. With only one conference team in the latest men's AP Top 25 we ask and maybe answer what is going wrong with a few teams. Coming up on the mid-week episode we'll have Jonathon Warriner of as our special guest. You'll get a broader look at college basketball and he'll share his thoughts on where the season might be headed. That last part may be of serious interest to you ACC fans as January looms ever nearer. There's three ways to listen, watch and subscribe - ACC Nation Podcast - ACC Nation Radio - ACC Nation YouTube. Before you check it out be sure to support us with a quick visit to PayPal below. ACC NATION

    Gift That Keeps On Giving | 3 Free Holiday Choices

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 36:52

    Give yourself a gift that keeps on giving all year long. You get to choose from three free subscription choices when it comes to listening to ACC Nation. Simply choose your favorite podcast, streaming radio platform or watch on YouTube and get updated on the latest conference sports news or check out the interviews with special guests. On this episode Jim Quist and Will Ojanen throw their hat in the ring when it comes to reviewing the ACC Football Championship. Then they take a look at the 11 bowl invitations for the ACC+1 teams. We also review the latest conference sports news covers men's and women's soccer and volleyball plus a quick look at ACC basketball. The matchup with Pitt and Wake Forest was pegged as an offensive endeavor by pundits. It ended up a battle between the Panthers defense and Demon Deacons offense. Defense ultimately won out but not without a few glorious moments of offensive thrills. In The Holiday Mood? Click Here Gift What's next on the football agenda? Plenty of post-season action and great matchups to keep you entertained over the holidays. Bowls A' Plenty For The ACC+1 With 11 Eye-Opening Invites Florida State women's soccer defeated BYU in PK's to win the NCAA College Cup Monday night. This weekend two men's teams battle it out in the semi-finals. No. 4 Notre Dame and No. 8 Clemson will play on December 10 at 6:00pm ET. In NCAA Volleyball Championship action No. 1 Louisville, No. 3 Pittsburgh and No. 8 Georgia Tech all hope to move forward to the title game. What better gift? Can anyone explain why there is only one, that's right, one ACC men's basketball team in the AP Top 25? It's not looking good early on in the college basketball season as more and more conference teams struggle to get out of their own way. Will things change in January when we hit the regular season full-stride? Can we depend on the kind of growth necessary to get bids to the NCAA Tournament in March?

    Bronco Mendenhall | A Powerful 25 With Jerry Ratcliffe

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2021 25:49

    When Virginia head football coach Bronco Mendenhall dropped the bomb that he was leaving the program it left many unanswered questions. We reached out to the Dean of Virginia sports coverage, Jerry Ratcliffe of to chat about the who, what, how and when of Mendenhall's time at Virginia and his decision. Ratcliffe fills in the picture for fans up to this point and expects more pieces of this puzzle to be found as time moves forward. ACC Network Xfinity – Exciting News For 1000's Of Fans Here are some of the highlights/questions of our interview - What Bronco Mendenhall brought to the Virginia program in the way of culture.Did the closeness with his staff make it difficult to make changes?Recruiting, especially in Virginia was challenging.Could the defensive performance have been the undoing of Mendenhall's run?How the announcement was and was not a suprise.AD Carla Williams is facing big challenges in the selection of a new coach.Why Williams' experience at Florida State, Vanderbilt and Georgia may come in handy.Could there be another head coach at Virginia that will need to be replaced? Bronco Mendenhall How the Commonwealth Cup loss left a bad taste.Was Anthony Poindexter offered a spot mid-week to join the program?Ratcliffe has the bullet points for The Perfect Storm.What's next for Bronco?What will the current crop of assistants do?Which one (or more) could or should be retained?Who's the favorite replacement among alumni, supporters and fans?Can a decision really be made in 72 hours?The importance of the new coach to help raise money for a new football complex. Are You Listening? ACC Nation Radio

    1 Monstrous Coaching Carousel | ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 60:12

    NCAA football has been one monstrous coaching carousel over the past weeks. The ACC+1 teams haven't been immune to this virus as it appears to infect everyone. From Virginia Tech's Justin Fuente, to Duke's David Cutcliffe and Notre Dame's Brian Kelly plus a slew of offensive and defensive coordinators there has been monumental change. The Hokies and Irish have already filled their spots but what about the Blue Devils? Might they be interested in taking a slightly different path with their next hire? So far that appears to be the common thread with the new head coaches. It hasn't just been coaching staff as Miami showed athletic director Blake James the door and Florida State's David Coburn indicates he'll be retiring. Who will step up and fill these shoes? Can we expect more changes in athletic departments in the coming weeks? Once we're out of the recruiting phase and have completed bowl games you should see more movement among staff. Like The Podcast? You'll Love ACC Nation Radio Coaching Carousel We'd appreciate your support. You can make a one time or continuing donation to keep the podcast alive and well. Thank you in advance! DONATE Our thoughts on the upcoming ACC Football Championship Game between Wake Forest and Pitt. The latest line was 72 and Will thinks you should go over. Who do we think will win? You'll have to read the latest ACC Pigskin Picks to see what our team thinks. A quick look at the Players of the Year and the amazing amount of talent that returns next year in the ACC. If you're a Comcast Xfinity subscriber and having waiting two years to watch the ACC Network then there's some good news for you. Finally, a quick spin around the ACC to look at basketball. The Big Ten/ACC Challenge started out rough for the conference but there were some big wins in Wednesday's action.

    Winner Winner Turkey Dinner – ACC Football’s A Blast

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2021 38:49

    Was there a Turkey or two in ACC action this weekend? Will and Jim review the latest football games from the conference plus look at this week's AP Top 25 'Oopsies'. The PAC(k it up) 12 proceeded to eliminate any hopes of making it the College Football Playoffs following a stinker between Utah and Oregon. Ohio State throttled Michigan State, Clemson is re-emerging and Notre Dame sent a message to the committee that they want in. Another fun weekend in paradise with only one sure thing in the ACC. Pitt took down Virginia and won the Coastal Division. Unlike in years past where Coastal Chaos reigned supreme it's all about Atlantic Anarchy as the division championship will be decided in the final week of play. Could Clemson surprise everyone? There's a remote possibility and it bears watching. Congratulations to the NC State women's cross country team who has won the 2021 NCAA Cross Country Championship. There's more sports coming your way this week as we head to Thanksgiving. Not only do we wrap up Fall sports but we are beginning to wade into the pool and we're wrestling with the best from the ACC. There's ice hockey, basketball and indoor track and much more waiting around the corner. Lots for us to talk about over the next few months. For right now, focus on the bird, safe journeys over the hill and through the woods to your favorite grandmother and save us a slice of pie with a scoop of ice cream. And hey, if you have any Turkey left over we'll take a sandwich or two for the road. ACC Nation Radio Goes Everywhere You Go This Thanksgiving Winner Winner Turkey Dinner We make it easy for you to subscribe! Once you add us the podcast downloads automatically and is ready to listen to. Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicAndroidPandoraiHeartRadioStitcherBlubrry PodcastsJioSaavnPodchaserGaanaPodcast IndexEmailTuneinDeezer Subscribe to the podcast using one of the options above, subscribe to ACC Nation Radio via your favorite streaming radio platform or watch this episode on YouTube below. Make sure you subscribe to your favorite option and we'd appreciate a five-star rating on any and all. DONATE

    WDBJ7’s Travis Wells Talks Virginia Tech Football

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 27:20

    There are lots of questions swirling around the departure of Virginia Tech head coach Justin Fuente. WDBJ7's Travis Wells joins us to talk about the Hokies and what to expect next. There's lots of ground to cover as we look at Fuente's time in Blacksburg, how it all started and how it ended. Who are some of the coaches that Director of Athletics Whit Babcock might be (emphasis on might) looking at to take over the program? One Click – Listen All Day/Night. ACC Nation Radio You'll hear what kind of coach would fit best in a small town environment such as Blacksburg's. In addition to Babcock, who may be on the in-house search committee. Wells also shares with us the special history of the interim coach and how that plays into this weekend's game against Miami. Virginia Tech Don't forget to catch the ACC Nation Weekend Wrap Podcast where we review the week's ACC sports news and take a closer look than the scores on ACC+1 games. DONATE We make it easy for you to subscribe! Once you add us the podcast downloads automatically and is ready to listen to. Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicAndroidPandoraiHeartRadioStitcherBlubrry PodcastsJioSaavnPodchaserGaanaPodcast IndexEmailTuneinDeezer Subscribe to the podcast using one of the options above, subscribe to ACC Nation Radio via your favorite streaming radio platform or watch this episode on YouTube below. Make sure you subscribe to your favorite option and we'd appreciate a five-star rating on any and all.

    No Joe Rogan – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 50:37

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes There's no Joe Rogan on this podcast but we do have some fun at his expense. He's a walking punch-line. Would you expect less from us? On this week's episode of ACC Nation Podcast we've got cross country, field hockey, soccer, volleyball and ice hockey sports news from conference teams. We can't miss out on the opportunity to examine the opening of the basketball season. Some great matchups and some, well, give a listen and find out for yourself. We've got our weekly Top 25 'Oopsies' which thankfully were reduced significantly this go around. Then we break down the ACC+1 football action from Thursday and Saturday. Some great performances by players and fun matchups kept us all entertained. There's more to come but you'd better pay close attention because we're a few short weeks away from the ACC Football Championship game, i.e., the regular season is just about over. One Click - Listen All Day/Night. ACC Nation Radio No Joe Rogan It's NCAA Championship time for cross country, field hockey and soccer. Not far behind volleyball is rapidly approaching. Even though the ACC doesn't recognize ice hockey as a conference sport several of schools compete at the Division I level. Boston College and Notre Dame are ranked in the latest USCHO polls and we drop the numbers. DONATE The close games highlighted the weekend of college football in the ACC. The not-so-close games, well, they speak for themselves. We're rolling up on the conclusion of the regular season. Who will grab division titles? Who's headed to the ACC Championship. It's an ever evolving scenario that we're keeping our eyes on. We make it easy for you to subscribe! Once you add us the podcast downloads automatically and is ready to listen to. Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicAndroidPandoraiHeartRadioStitcherBlubrry PodcastsJioSaavnPodchaserGaanaPodcast IndexEmailTuneinDeezer Subscribe to the podcast using one of the options above, subscribe to ACC Nation Radio via your favorite streaming radio platform or watch this episode on YouTube below. Make sure you subscribe to your favorite option and we'd appreciate a five-star rating on any and all.

    Ted Talk. Don’t Blame The Media – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 46:40

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes ACC Nation Staff @accnation - Welcome to our Ted (TED) Talk regarding high-profile coaches at the college level blaming 'things' on the media. Our recommendation? In short, don't do it because it will come back to bite you in the arse. Now, as a matter of habit we tend to steer clear of what is usually an outburst of frustration on the part of a coach or coaches. No one's perfect. It happens. In this case one Geoff Collins crossed what we felt was a red line. The two journalists on the receiving end of his scorn are big boys who can take care of themselves but we thought we'd add this. And please not, there's no 'and with all due respect' attached. Coach. Shut the hell up. Focus on what the issue at hand is and roll with it. As mother's everywhere used to say, 'you attract more bees with honey' or some such sage advice when we got into a conflict with peers. Our advice comes free and without strings attached so use it liberally. Yeah, so no one said we had to be the nice guys all the time either. We're more than willing to give players, coaches, fans and administrators the benefit of the doubt. It also applies to fellow members of the media and blogosphere. That benefit is applied frequently not because we're catering to anyone. No, it's as mentioned above, none of us are perfect. But, like anyone we also have only so much to give on being patient. You try ours, we try yours. There's some give and take here. Ted Talk On the Weekend Wrap we take a look at ACC sports news, the Top 25 'Oopsies' (why are there so many?), ACC+1 football and the upcoming men's basketball season starting Tuesday. There's lots on the plate. Dig in and prepare yourself for Thanksgiving. DONATE We make it easy for you to subscribe! Once you add us the podcast downloads automatically and is ready to listen to. Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicAndroidPandoraiHeartRadioStitcherBlubrry PodcastsJioSaavnPodchaserGaanaPodcast IndexEmailTuneinDeezer Subscribe to the podcast using one of the options above, subscribe to ACC Nation Radio via your favorite streaming radio platform or watch this episode on YouTube below. Make sure you subscribe to your favorite option and we'd appreciate a five-star rating on any and all.

    Happy Anniversary – ACC Nation Podcast Weekend Wrap

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2021 56:53

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes ACC Nation Staff @accnation - On the Weekend Wrap we take a look at the latest ACC sports news, Top 25 'Oopsies' and wrap up October's conference football action. But first, we take a minute to say, 'Happy Anniversary' to one of our own. To properly celebrate you'll need a healthy (?) dose of M&M's, Cheesy Poofs and a Vegas hotel room to set the mood. Let's just say, that's how we someone of us roll at ACC Nation. We start with a look at the ACC championship action in cross country, field hockey, soccer and even college ice hockey. Then we move on the never-ending supply of Top 25 college football upsets that keeps everyone guessing about what the first CFP rankings will look like come Tuesday night. Who are the leading teams in the Atlantic and Coastal Divisions of the conference at this point? Who's nailed down a bowl bid and which teams are close? There are surprises all around so jump in and give this week's podcast a listen, grab us on the go with ACC Nation Radio or watch us on YouTube below. DONATE Happy Anniversary We make it easy for you to subscribe! Once you add us the podcast downloads automatically and is ready to listen to. Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicAndroidPandoraiHeartRadioStitcherBlubrry PodcastsJioSaavnPodchaserGaanaPodcast IndexEmailTuneinDeezer

    Jacquie Franciulli Wahoos 247 – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 30:53

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Special Guest, Jacquie Franciulli, Publisher of Wahoos 247 joins us on this week's mid-week interview. With an important football matchup between Virginia and BYU set for Saturday we take a look at the Cavaliers and what they bring to the field. Yes, we've got some basketball for you as well and a quick look at impressions from the practice game. Franciulli paints a picture of a dinner table to die for during the holidays which leads to why she's fluent in Portuguese. Be sure to follow her on Twitter @JacquieFran_. The late night game between Virginia and BYU has many twists and turns. The Cougars are ranked No. 25 in the latest AP Top 25 while Virginia is just outside the 25 at No. 30. When it comes to the ESPN FPI Virginia is ranked 27 and BYU 51. Oddsmakers have BYU at -2 1/2. What does Franciulli think will make the difference in this game? Who are some of the playmakers to keep an eye on this fall in basketball? After being overlooked by multiple outlets in their preseason rankings the Cavaliers debut in the AP Top 25 Preseason Poll at 25. Is there more than meets the eye? DONATE We make it easy for you to subscribe – (And a big thanks to our listeners worldwide!) Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicAndroidPandoraiHeartRadioStitcherBlubrry PodcastsJioSaavnPodchaserGaanaPodcast IndexEmailTuneinDeezer Jacquie Franciulli

    Heisman Candidates Anyone? ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 53:32

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Anyone willing to bet on the Heisman Candidates? Anyone? When it comes to the players from the ACC we've heard plenty of talk about how Pitt's Kenny Pickett or Virginia's Brennan Armstrong should be in the running. But those aren't the only names that are floating about in this discussion. We took at look at to see who the oddsmakers are going with and we lay that out for you in this episode of ACC Nation. We've also got the latest rundown of top-ranked ACC teams in fall sports and one for winter as well. There's a never ending supply of Top 25 'Oopsies' games on tap and of course, the latest from around the ACC+1. If you haven't subscribed to the podcast then we encourage you to do so as we have an interesting schedule of guests coming up. On the next episode is Jacquie Franciulli, the Publisher of Wahoos 247 to talk all things Virginia. If you're not a podcast person then we offer up ACC Nation Radio or you can watch us on YouTube (link below). We make it easy for you to subscribe - (And a big thanks to our listeners worldwide!) Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicAndroidPandoraiHeartRadioStitcherBlubrry PodcastsJioSaavnPodchaserGaanaPodcast IndexEmailTuneinDeezer DONATE Heisman Candidates

    Sports News 9 – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2021 43:15

    Estimated reading time: 1 minute With this episode, Sports News 9, we share the latest college football Top 25 'Ooopsies' and 'Wow, it was really that close' games. We explain why ESPN College GameDay host Rece Davis' view of the ACC is very wrong. Get with it Rece! Then, a rundown of conference fall sports teams that are ranked at or near the top. The ACC owns a lot of turf in women's and men's soccer, field hockey, women's and men's cross country and volleyball. Will the weekend change the Top 25 polls? We're approaching the mid to late portion of the season for some of these sports and we'll have the latest on the website. We've got some great guests coming up on ACC Nation who will talk football, basketball and much more. Be sure you subscribe to the podcast and/or YouTube plus listen to ACC Nation Radio. Where you go, we go and we're available 24/7. DONATE Sports News 9

    Sports News 8 – ACC Nation’s College Football Weekend Wrap

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2021 39:39

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes ACC Nation Staff @accnation - Sports news 8 is this week's episode of ACC Nation's Weekend Wrap. The guys enjoy the sweet, sweet tears of Crimson Tide fans. Plus, they wonder where Paul Finebaum is now when it comes to Nick Saban. You know Finebaum, the guy who infamously proclaimed Dabo's Dynasty Done? Don't hold your breath waiting for his response. That game headlines our weekly 'Ooopsies' Top 25 upsets list along with some games that were just far too close for comfort. And, of course we jump into the madness of ACC+1 college football. If you weren't pumped up during this week's games then you might want to see a Doctor to confirm that you're still alive. Indulge us, if you will, for a few minutes, okay, many minutes in which to savor the deliciousness of Texas A&M knocking off Alabama. There's nothing quite like a loss to help bring the 'bragadocious' back down to Earth. So, maybe that won't sink in with one loss. So, we're predicting Georgia lays some 'whoopass' on Alabama and owns the SEC. Would that mean Tide fans will be sitting at home watching the Dawgs go for a national title? Like we said, delicious. We've all come to the conclusion that a madness, much like Rabies, is spreading like wildfire through both divisions of the ACC. Everything you thought you knew last week (think baby and bath water) got tossed out on Saturday. Some of the scrappiest games we've seen in a long time flooded the airwaves this weekend. Sorry Comcast subscribers. Close scores, last second (literally) efforts and even overtime were part of the discussion. DONATE Sports News 8 Have you followed or subscribed to ACC Nation yet? You can listen to us through your favorite podcast platform, on ACC Nation Radio or watch us on YouTube. We'd appreciate a five-star review of the show as well.

    College Basketball With Tristan Freeman Of Busting Brackets

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 37:22

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes While many of you are immersed in football there's a large number of fans who can't wait for the return of college basketball. The countdown is on and we thought it might be a good time to invite Tristan Freeman of Busting Brackets on to talk hoops. We get into their preseason Top 25 Power Rankings by looking at the Way-Too-Early version from April and the latest released in September. It gives us a good look at the impact of the transfer portal, both good and bad and how some of the 'COVID Seniors' impact teams as well. Freeman goes through the top 5 teams for us by looking at personnel. That's not all though. We get his thoughts on how the transfer portal is improving the game and how NIL may help keep players around longer. Then it's time for a look at the top teams in the ACC. Why Virginia Tech and Louisville were part of the earlier rankings but aren't any longer. What moved Virginia into the Honorable Mention category? Some thoughts on coaches, players and what the future holds. Don't forget to feed the kitty so the guys won't have to walk uphill both ways through blizzards this Winter. It's very much appreciated! DONATE College Basketball With Tristan Freeman Have you followed or subscribed to ACC Nation yet? You can listen to us through your favorite podcast platform, on ACC Nation Radio or watch us on YouTube. We'd appreciate a five-star review of the show as well. Be sure to listen to the Weekend Wrap on ACC Nation for the latest on ACC football.

    Pumpkin Spice – ACC Nation Podcast Weekend Wrap

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2021 37:25

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes What an amazing way to kick-off college football in October. Six Top 25 teams took a dive while five ACC teams added some Pumpkin Spice to the mix with one score margin games. The Weekend Wrap takes a look at both categories tosses in a 'remote' reference that only regulars can fully appreciate. It all started and finished with hold your breath finishes in the conference as Virginia held on against Miami and Clemson fought back Boston College. There was a mixed bag in between among the ACC + 1. There's lots of Pitt chatter going on after their win but the one thing we didn't hear about was this. Did Geoff Collins shake Pat Narduzzi's hand at the end of the game this year? It appears as if the PAC 12 may have squandered their playoff hopes after their top ranked team got clipped in OT by an unranked. That wasn't the only loss in that conference either. Over in the SEC two top 15 teams lost to the unranked further weeding out teams that probably don't deserve to be there or ranked as high as they've been. Notre Dame finally met the wall in their matchup with Cincinnati. It was just a matter of time and to throw more gas on the fire now there's a big question mark at QB. None of the three thrown against the wall appeared to stick but is that a quarterback issue or something more? DONATE Pumpkin Spice Have you followed or subscribed to ACC Nation yet? You can listen to us through your favorite podcast platform, on ACC Nation Radio or watch us on YouTube. We'd appreciate a five-star review of the show as well. Where will ACC teams rank in the latest AP Top 25? Who moves up in the ACC Nation Power Poll? Find out this week on the website. Don't forget to join us for the mid-week show where our Special Guest is Tristan Freeman of Busting Brackets. We'll talk about their preseason Top 25 college basketball poll and what we can expect in the ACC.

    Mike Wilson Talks Pitt Panthers Football – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 29:14

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Our mid-week special guest is the Editor of Cardiac Hill. Mike Wilson talks Pitt Panther football. He takes us from an up and down September to what to look for as the schedule fleshes out. The chatter around Kenny Pickett is explored a bit more in detail. We look at his stats and even a recent comparison to Dan Marino. Is Pat Narduzzi sitting on a warm seat? Or, is there something he can do (remember 2018?) to get an extension? Anything seems possible in this division and for that matter, the conference. Wilson provides some analysis of the offense. Then he delves into why the defense is slower on the draw this season. There's a lot to talk about and a narrow window in which to fit it all. Be sure to subscribe to receive the podcast (free). Don't forget to listen to us on ACC Nation Radio or watch the program on YouTube (see the link below). Before you do, take a moment to not only subscribe but rate the show and leave a comment or question. And, if you would, support our efforts with a small donation by using the 'donate' button below. We appreciate it. DONATE Mike Wilson Talks Pitt The Panthers head to Georgia Tech this weekend. Wilson doesn't think there will be much of a home field advantage for the Yellow Jackets. Could it be an exciting and possibly close game? Wilson thinks it could be so keep an eye on this matchup. Where does Pitt rank in the latest ACC Nation Power Poll? A solid win this week against a conference opponent will go a long way toward restoring faith in the Panthers.

    Big Fork – The Weekend Wrap On ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021 40:32

    We couldn't have asked for a better mid-week guest on our last episode than Sam Neumann of The Clemson Insider. This week Mike Wilson of Cardiac Hill will join us for the mid-week show to talk about Pitt and what's on the horizon. It seems too early for ACC teams to come to the big fork in the road but alas they have. For some, it's a change in direction for their season and for others it must feel like it's been stuck in them. We also brought along a special fork for you fans that have overstepped your boundaries. There's a lot to talk about and just enough time to fit it all in some whether you're listening to the podcast, around the world on ACC Nation Radio or you've just discovered our YouTube channel, thanks for letting us join you each week. It's been a Gomer Pyle kind of season. One surprise, after another surprise and yet another surprise to numb our brains. Everyone is questioning what we thought we knew about every single one of the ACC + 1 teams. With the release of the latest AP Top 25 everyone and I mean everyone is jumping on the 'let's kick them while they're down' train. Follow the ACC or a team therein? Better get used to another year of abuse from the inferiority complex conference, better known as the SEC. Oh, did we mention Mizzou lost to an ACC team yet? Now didn't that feel kinda good? DONATE Big Fork What kind of damage has been done to teams in the rankings? There was major damage to Clemson dropping from No. 9 last week to No. 25 in the latest poll. NC State benefitted with a debut at No. 23 while Wake Forest also joined the Top 25 at No. 24. North Carolina went from No. 21 to only receiving one vote this week. Meanwhile, Notre Dame as part of our ACC + 1 moved from No. 12 to No. 9. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, listen to ACC Nation Radio or subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the show.

    Clemson Football With Sam Neumann – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 35:07

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes What better time to talk about Clemson football than right now? The Tigers have gotten off to an unaccustomed rocky start and all signs point to some issues on offense. Special guest Sam Neumann of The Clemson Insider joins us on our new mid-week ACC Nation to take a look back at last week and and what lays ahead. We get right to it with an analysis of the offense. What's right? What's wrong? What can be fixed? Is it just a matter of time and some minor adjustments or are there bigger questions in play? Will the fans have the patience? Lots and lots of questions and Neumann addresses as many as possible. Listen 24/7 To ACC Nation Radio. At Home, On The Road Or At Work Neumann examines the first three games of the season and especially the Georgia Tech matchup and lays out some observations. Will Tony Elliot and Robbie Caldwell be able to address some shortcomings on the OL before other teams use the same attack that the Yellow Jackets did? We take a look at the transfer of Lyn-J Dixon and the ascendancy of freshman Will Shipley. Like the program? Help quench the thirst of the guys after all that sports talk by buying them a coffee or beer. Just click on the link and say, 'thanks' with a donation through PayPal. They'll appreciate it. DONATE Clemson Football The wide receiving corps is potent and ready to play. Paired with a newly established run game and given protection the Clemson offense of old may return sooner rather than later. In the meantime, it's all the Brent Venables' defense where 'next man up' still applies. It looks like Dabo Swinney's crew will have their hands full in Raleigh as the Tigers take on the Pack. This is a must-watch game. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, listen to ACC Nation Radio or subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the show.

    Flame Throwing Hot Seats – ACC Nation Podcast Weekend Wrap

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 52:50

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes After week three of college football some coaches need to experience flame throwing hot seats. We don't hold back on who and why in the weekend wrap of ACC Nation Podcast. Coming up later this week our special guest is Sam Neumann of The Clemson Insider who'll share his thoughts on the sputtering Tigers offense. So, it's a week full of holding teams accountable for their head shaking performances. Everyone gets a dose of that medicine called reality as there's no more room for excuses. You get paid big bucks, now make something equally big happen on the field or face the wraith of fans who have no more patience. Listen 24/7 To ACC Nation Radio. At Home, On The Road Or At Work. Just as a quick reminder, not only will Sam Neumann be joining us mid-week but our next mid-week special guest will be Mike Wilson of Cardiac Hill to help dissect the dizzying roller-coaster ride know as Pitt. You deserve answers and we want to ask the questions. If you have any of your own feel free to drop them to us here. DONATE Flame Throwing Hot Seats Experience the sizzle for yourself from start to finish of this past weekend's schedule. There's plenty of talk within the ACC about 'upping the game' when it comes to football. We've been hearing it for years now and it's come down to, 'You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk'? We know it's what you're yelling at your tv or in person when watching the games (though we did clean it up a smidge) so don't be too surprised. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, listen to ACC Nation Radio or subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the show.

    Florida State Football With Curt Weiler – ACC Nation Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 43:28

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes After two weeks of college football there are lots of questions about Florida State football. Curt Weiler of the Tallahassee Democrat joins us on ACC Nation Podcast to provide some answers and insight into the program. We start with an amazing effort against Notre Dame. Stumble through Jacksonville State. Then look ahead at what games on the schedule that hold promise. For fans questioning Mike Norvell and what he brings to the program here's a taste of sanity that might help deliver a clearer picture than what you've been seeing on some Message Boards. Jim and Will get some lowdown on injuries, poor choices and take a look into the proverbial crystal ball with Weiler to see what lays ahead for Florida State football. Listen 24/7 To ACC Nation Radio. At Home, On The Road Or At Work. Is this a better program than what was in place before it? Weiler thinks it is and that Norvell brings some promising recruits and transfers to the the table. He also thinks the program can't afford anymore losses of a nature like that against Jacksonville State which will upset the recruiting apple cart. It's a tricky balancing act. DONATE Florida State Football A win against Wake Forest is almost a must this week as the majority of the schedule will be challenging. Can the Noles make it to a bowl this year? What about realignment, going to the SEC and the Alliance? Weiler share some interesting thoughts and background for perspective. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, listen to ACC Nation Radio or subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the show.

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