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Frank Seravalli & Jason Gregor are here to bring you the latest from around the hockey world with inside scoops, analysis, and exclusive interviews!

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    Panthers GM Bill Zito breaks down his blockbuster summer

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 72:30

    We continued our August interview series by catching up with Panthers GM Bill Zito. Some would say that he's been the busiest man in hockey this summer as he hired Paul Maurice, filled out the edges of his roster in free agency, oh, and he also happened to orchestrate one of the biggest trades of the salary cap era. He broke down how the mega-deal between the Panthers and Flames went down and why he's excited to welcome Matt Tkachuk to his organization. He also spoke a little bit about why it made sense to trade away Jonathan Huberdeau, who holds many Panthers franchise records, and Mackenzie Weegar, who many view as a top pairing defenseman.He also talked about his journey to being a General Manager, his risk tolerance, and how he goes about building what he hopes to be a Stanley Cup champion.Before the interview with Bill, Frank and Jason talked about Huberdeau's new contract with the Calgary Flames and also the status of some of the remaining UFA's like Nazem Kadri, Phil Kessel, and PK Subban.8:10 - Huberdeau contract & Flames plans13:25 - Kadri update & the rest of the remaining FA's22:50 - The Arizona arena26:30 - Could the NHLPA grieve the Keith cap recapture?29:55 - Zito on all the big changes32:00 - What does he love about Tkachuk36:40 - His journey as a GM52:10 - Going all in & learning lessons See for privacy and opt-out information.

    John Klingberg on his decision to join the Anaheim Ducks

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 52:25

    After a brief summer hiatus, Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli are back with a brand new episode of The DFO Rundown. They even had a big-named guest join the show as the latest big-name free agent to be scratched off the board, John Klingberg, joined the show. He talked about his decision to sign a one-year deal with the Anaheim Ducks, the family aspect of the decision, and he looked back on his time in Dallas. He also shared some insight into his favourite Swedish foods and his gym routines during rapid fire.Before they got to the interview with Klingberg, they hit on some other big news including the big deal that went down a few weeks ago between the Calgary Flames and Florida Panthers. They gave their thoughts on what each side gained from the blockbuster deal. They also hit on some moves that haven't quite happened yet. Nazem Kadri still hasn't found a new home but there are some rumblings about where he could end up. Tyler Yaremchuk also hopped in for a new edition of Buy or Sell.1:15 - Tkachuk deal7:10 - Klingberg to the Ducks10:30 - Latest on Kadri12:05 - Hockey Canada news16:55 - Bergeron, Krejci, Kessel and other UFA notes18:45 - John Klingberg joins the show20:50 - Why the Ducks?26:10 - The family side31:45 - The free agent process34:40 - Rapid Fire39:40 - Buy or Sell See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Recapping day one of free agency!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2022 63:25

    Day one of free agency in the NHL started with a bang as we got a flurry of moves right when the official window opened up at noon eastern time. There were plenty of moves that we saw coming over the last few days but we also got a few absolute stunners. Nothing was a bigger surprise than Johnny Gaudreau choosing to sign with the Columbus Blue Jackets and that's where Jason and Frank started today on the show.From there, they hit on pretty much every major move that we saw today from the way the goaltending market played out to even some of the big trades that went down in between all the big signings. Some teams came out looking really good while others, like the Vegas Golden Knights, really couldn't find a way to improve their rosters.They also talked about the big-name UFAs that didn't find new homes today like Nazem Kadri, Ondrej Palat, and John Klingberg. Frank gave us the latest on what the market looks like for those players. To wrap up the show they brought in Tyler for a new edition of Buy or Sell delivered by Door Dash, which sparked a great conversation about the game croquet!1:45 - Gaudreau to CBJ6:40 - The Devils & Flyers missed out11:15 - What happens in CGY?15:10 - What happened in Vegas?17:40 - Rest of the Pacific?18:55 - Wings & the 'Yzerplan'22:55 - Value signings26:10 - Palat, Klingberg, and Kadri47:20 - Grier's first offseason53:30 - Buy or Sell delivered by DoorDash See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Buckle Up, It's Going To Get Wild

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 53:02

    Free Agent week is here in the NHL and things are happening. The Toronto Maple Leafs acquired Matt Murray just minutes before we started recording today's podcast and that's exactly where Jason and Frank started the show. This is a big gamble for the Maple Leafs, who are desperate to build a roster that can go on a playoff run. That wasn't the only big piece of news that we got this evening as the Colorado Avalanche signed Valeri Nichuskin to a monster eight-year deal that carries a cap hit of $6.125 million. It's a wild contract and Frank and Jason talked about whether or not that will age well for the Avs.From there, they pretty much went around the league and talked about every big-name free agent and trade option on the market. The next 48 hours are going to be hectic. Buckle up.0:45 - Matt Murray is a Maple Leaf7:50 - Nichuskin gets the bag11:15 - non-QO RFA's14:00 - Kadri/Gaudreau/Kane updates22:00 - The Canes UFA's, an Andrew Copp update & Evgeni Malkin29:35 - John Klingberg and blueline options32:15 - Trade targets update36:25 - Fill in the Blank See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Recapping the NHL Draft live from the Bell Centre

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 43:11

    The 2022 NHL Draft has come to an end and to wrap things up, Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli recapped everything we saw over the last 48 hours live from the Draft floor at the Bell Centre. They started the show by talking about the big splash that the hometown Montreal Canadiens made during the first round, acquiring Kirby Dach from the Chicago Blackhawks. The Habs made a lot of noise in round one and the crowd was loving it.They also talked about all the other deals that happened, like DeAngelo to Philly and Georgiev to Colorado, and also some deals that didn't happen like the one involving Matt Murray going to the Sabres and also some offers that Edmonton had for Zack Kassian before sending him to Arizona.1:25 - The Dach & Romanov deals5:50 - The Kassian & Mrazeks cap dump8:15 - DeAngelo to Philly13:50 - Georgiev to Colorado18:20 - What else could happen before free agency? (JT Miller and Patrick Kane)26:35 - Preds and Forsberg getting close? Also, the latest on Gaudreau33:00 - Buy or Sell See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Coming to you live from Montreal!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2022 56:32

    We have a fresh episode of the podcast and for the first time in a long time, Jason and Frank are in the same room to record it! They're both in Montreal for the NHL Draft and sat down today to break down not just the news we've seen from around the league recently, but also some rumours from around the NHL.They kicked off the show by talking about the first-overall pick and if the Canadiens will step up and take Shane Wright or if they'll stun the hometown crowd and go in a different direction. They ran through the hypothetical of what could happen if Wright doesn't go first and how that could affect the trade value of the second-overall pick.From there, they got into some of the other big offseason storylines like the goalie market2:30 - The first-overall pick, Shane Wright, and the Devils10:10 - The goalie market13:15 - Puljujarvi, Evander Kane & the Oilers18:05 - JT Miller21:30 - Tarasenko and Krug on the block28:50 - Forsberg & Gaudreau ahead of free agency36:30 - Jakob Chychrun39:00 - Fill in the Blank (Grier and more) See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Long weekend vibes & offseason rumours!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 56:21

    It's a long weekend both north and south of the border and we have a fresh episode of The DFO Rundown for you to enjoy while you kick back and crack open a cold one. Today on the show, Jason and Frank covered a lot of different offseason topics from around the NHL. They started by discussing the Derek Lalonde hire out in Detroit, which makes a lot of sense. They also talked about some offseason plans for the Jets before getting into San Jose Sharks GM opening.They also have very differing views on the Kevin Fiala trade, which led to a fascinating debate. Will LA live to regret the extension? Or is this a move that solidifies them as contenders in the Pacific Division? Things got spicy!Other stories covered include Jesse Puljujarvi in Edmonton, Ryan McDonaugh's future with the Lightning, and Colorado Avalanche GM Joe Sakic's summer plans. Tyler Yaremchuk also had a riveting edition of Buy or Sell delivered by DoorDash.1:05 - Derek LaLonde hire in Detroit9:10 - The Fiala trade18:05 - Pujujarvi debate25:50- McDonagh's future30:10 - The Kraken & their offseason plans33:50 - Kadri, the Avs, and their plans See for privacy and opt-out information.

    The Avs are Stanley Cup Champions & Now, The Offseason Begins

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 56:01

    The Colorado Avalanche finally finished off the two-time defending Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning last night and won their first Stanley Cup since 2001. The last time they won it was Joe Sakic who Captained the team and got to raise the trophy first. This time around, it was Sakic who built the team. Frank and Jason talked about their win last night and how well this team was built. They rolled through these Stanley Cup Playoffs and while the celebration will last for a while, Sakic does have his work cut out for him over the next few months as he looks to build a dynasty in Colorado.They also talked about the upcoming HHOF class that will be announced today, the San Jose Sharks General Manager job, the Johnny Gaudreau situation, and other offseason storylines that they're excited to see playout over the next few months. Tyler Yaremchuk also stopped by for 'Fill in the Blank' delivered by Door Dash!0:30 - Colorado wins the Stanley Cup10:15 - What's coming this summer for the Avs14:25 - Today's HHOF announcement29:30 - What else is coming this summer around the league?31:05 - Johnny Gaudreau situation See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Montreal Canadiens GM Kent Hughes joins the show!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 50:14

    Today's episode of The DFO Rundown features an interview with Montreal Canadiens General Manger Kent Hughes. It will be a busy summer for Hughes and the Habs and it all starts in a few weeks when of course they'll take to the stage at the Bell Centre and make the first overall pick in the NHL Draft. Kent talked about everything that's been going into the big decision that the team will be making, how they'll approach potential trades this summer, and also the future of Carey Price. On a lighter note, Kent's son Jack is a projected first-round pick this year and Kent talked about how he'll balance being a GM and a Dad this July during the Draft.Frank and Jason also talked about the Paul Maurice hiring in Florida and their offseason plans. Frank broke the news about an extension for Vegas Golden Knights forward Reilly Smith and talked about how they'll manage their complicated salary cap situation. Tyler Yaremchuk also stopped in for a new edition of Buy or Sell delivered by Door Dash.0:45 - Stanley Cup Final thoughts3:40 - The Panthers8:50 - Who's going to be the best value UFA?15:30 - Reilly Smith contract17:28 - Kent Hughes joins the show19:50 - Having the first overall pick18:20 - Being a dad at the Draft30:10 - Trading draft picks31:05 - Where does Carey Price stand? See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Is this going to be a short Stanley Cup Final? Plus: we talk NFT's with Thomas Sychertz

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 48:15

    A new episode of The DFO Rundown is here! Jason is out living his best life in Montreal watching F1, but Frank and Tyler were here to break down what we saw in game two of the Stanley Cup Final. The Avalanche are still looking like a juggernaut and Frank has some serious questions about whether or not the Lightning are going to be able to find a way to get back in this series. The talk about Colorado's big win led them into a conversation about just how much Valeri Nichuskin could make in free agency. Tyler also hit Frank with some trade questions in Fill in the Blank delivered by Door Dash.We also had a conversation with Thomas Sychertz, a former NCAA goaltender who is now leading a brand called 'Lipsweater' which is looking to merge the NFT world and the hockey world. The word NFT can automatically lead people to dismiss the idea, but Thomas explained why 'Lipsweater' is simply here to make being a hockey fan better.1:15 - Stanley Cup Final talk7:30 - Nichuskin contract13:15 - Fill in the Blank 16:00 - Thomas Sychertz joins the show See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Guy Carbonneau joins the show & we break down game one of the Stanley Cup Final

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 43:41

    The Stanley Cup Final got off to a flying start as the Avalanche walked away from game one with an overtime victory. Speaking of flying... Jason had a great story about his trip to Montreal that involves a cab driver getting pulled over and being given an insane speeding ticket. Since Jason is in Montreal, there was a natural tie-in to the trade that went down yesterday between the Canadiens and the Vegas Golden Knights. On the surface, that trade might be a little confusing but Frank and Jason broke down why that deal actually makes a lot of sense for both sides.They also spent some time talking about the goaltending market and which teams are going to be looking to get involved this summer. From free agents to trade targets, there are plenty of intriguing names that could be available this summer. Tyler Yaremchuk also stopped by for another edition of Buy or Sell delivered by DoorDash.To wrap up the episode today, they were joined by former HHOFer Guy Carbonneau. He's teaming up with 3Ice, the new 100 percent 3-on-3 hockey league launching this summer. He talked about getting back behind the bench with the new start-up, how the league works, who's on his team, and how fans can take in the action this summer. It's overtime, all the time and Guy talked about how he'll attack that as a coach.0:40 - SCF Game one recap7:05 - Weber for Dadonov (also: Habs offseason)11:10 - Breaking down the goalie market14:15 - Tampa's contract structures21:50 - Buy or Sell26:37 - Guy Carbonneau joins the show See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Matt Calvert on his new agency & cheering on his boys in the Stanley Cup Final

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 62:15

    After winning four straight games against the New York Rangers, the Tampa Bay Lightning are off to their third straight Stanley Cup Final. If they want to win a third straight ring they'll have to beat arguably the toughest Finals opponent they've faced in the Colorado Avalanche. It's lining up to be an incredible series and Frank and Jason started today's podcast by previewing the matchup. They debated how many future Hall of Famers are playing in this Stanley Cup Final and they also drooled over the quality of hockey we will likely see over the next few weeks. It should be a great series and they debated the key matchups that will decide who gets to lift the Cup.They were joined by former Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Calvert. He talked about his career, the time he spent with the Avs and what makes that group special, and also the new sports management company that he launched. He gave some tremendous insight into what makes players like Makar and MacKinnon tick. He also shared why he loved having Jared Bednar as a Head Coach.2:20 - How many future Hall of Famers in this series?8:10 - Vasilevskiy vs the Avs offence16:20 - Where does Vasilevskiy rank all-time?31:58 - Matt Calvert joins the show40:55 - His new agency41:50 - Cale Makar insight43:40 - What makes TB so good36:10 - Nathan MacKinnon insight47:20 - Why he loves Jared Bednar See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Trade Targets and Top Free Agents

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 60:37

    Yes, the playoffs are still going on but Frank and Jason decided to take today's episode to get ready for what could be a wild offseason around the NHL. There are some big names on Franks's trade targets board and that's where they started on the show. Alex Debrincat sits at the top of the list and represents a chance for the Chicago Blackhawks to really kickstart their rebuild. Will they cash in on his value this summer? Or will they wait until the deadline to do it? Frank says it's a matter of when not if the Hawks move on from him,They also hit on the big decision the Oilers have to make with Evander Kane. Will anyone offer Kane a long-term deal? Both of the guys seemed to think that's unlikely. They also hit on the availability of both John Gibson and Connor Hellebucyck at different points throughout the show. There are plenty of other teams who will be very interesting to watch. The Minnesota Wild will likely be moving Kevin Fiala, the Vancouver Canucks will need to decide what to do with JT Miller, the Flame's plans hinge on Johnny Gaudreau's decision, and They also hit on some coaching candidates before getting to Tyler Yaremchuk for Buy or Sell delivered by DoorDash.2:22 - Debrincat and the Blackhawks 9:20 - Minnesota's potential plans13:30 - Evander Kane and the Oiler's offseason21:00 - Is Gibson available?29:05 - Vancouver Canucks and JT Miller37:10 - Coaching talk44:35 - Buy or Sell delivered by DoorDash See for privacy and opt-out information.

    NHL Draft Special: An Interview with Projected Top 10 Pick David Jiricek & A full Preview with Chris Peters

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 53:22

    We are just over a month away from the NHL Draft and while the Stanley Cup Playoffs are rightfully taking up a lot of the headlines right now, we decided to take this episode to preview the Draft with our very own prospect analyst Chris Peters. The combine just wrapped up and most of the prospects have finished their seasons so lists are starting to be finalized. Chris gave us his thoughts on who could go first overall (hint: he wouldn't take Shane Wright), who have been the big risers and fallers, and also how he views this year's draft class compared to others.Before the end of the show, they were also joined by projected top ten pick David Jiříček. The defenseman is coming off a strong season with HC Plzeň in Czechia. Frank and Chris asked him about his game, winning a bronze medal at the World Championships, and whether or not he thinks he's ready to jump into the NHL.1:40 - Sizing up the NHL Draft3:30 - Shane Wright thoughts9:00 - Who would be his #1 pick?12:05 - Why people love Slafkovsky18:00 - Draft stock risers and fallers35:25 - Fill in the Blank43:27 - David Jiříček joins the show See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Dave Randorf on the Eastern Conference Final!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 58:55

    A new episode of The DFO Rundown is here to take you into the weekend. Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli started off today's podcast by breaking down game two of the Western Conference Final between the Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avalanche. Frank was in Colorado to cover the first two games of the series and gave some insight into what's allowed the Avalanche to dominate the Oilers for long stretches of these games. Jason also gave some insight into what the Oilers need to do differently as the series shifts back to Edmonton. They were also joined by the play-by-play voice of the Tampa Bay Lightning Dave Randorf to talk about the start of the Eastern Conference Final. The Rangers won game one in convincing fashion but if any team can come back from a tough defeat, it's the Lightning. Dave, or should we say 'Jeff Thomas', talked about their playoff run and also how he got into broadcasting. He shared some great stories about his career in sports and his brief time as a wedding DJ.They wrapped up today's episode with a fresh edition on 'Buy or Sell' delivered by Door Dash where Tyler sparked up a big conversation about breakfast foods.0:30 - Avs take a 2-0 series lead6:45 - Lineup changes for EDM?19:12 - Dave Randorf joins the show24:50 - Brayden Point's absence32:20 - Jon Cooper's impact & lack of Jack Adams votes37:42 - Ross Colton's emergence48:30 - Buy or Sell See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Getting set for a wild Western Conference Final

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2022 54:59

    The Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avalanche are set to square off in the Western Conference Finals starting on Tuesday night. It's expected to be a fast-paced, high-flying series featuring some of the biggest stars in the game. Frank and Jason gave their thoughts on how this series could play out and the key matchups for either side. Can Mike Smith outperform Darcy Kuemper? Can Cale Makar keep up with Connor McDavid? Which #29 will be more dominant? They answered all of those questions and talked about some other under-the-radar players who could make big impacts on this series.Before that, they also looked at tonight's game seven matchup between the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers. The home team has won every game in this series, will that trend continue tonight at PNC Arena? To wrap up the episode, they welcomed in Tyler Yaremchuk for a fresh edition of Buy or Sell delivered by DoorDash. Tyler asked them about the GM of the Year Award, which got Frank very fired up. From there they hit on Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe odds. Frank also outed Tyler for what he likes to do while the podcast is being recorded in the morning.1:20 - Game seven preview4:45 - Colorado vs Edmonton8:00 - Size matters18:00 - Mike Smith: the story of the playoffs?23:20 - Makar and Toews30:15 - First overall picks in the Conference Finals37:12 - Buy or Sell See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Ray Ferraro on the Oilers series win & the Hurricanes wild streaks

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 58:40

    Well, the Battle of Alberta certainly lived up to the hype. Edmonton and Calgary battled it out for five games with each one being wildly entertaining with plenty of scoring, lots of lead changes, and some very memorable moments. In the end, it was Connor McDavid who was the hero in the clinching game for the Oilers. Frank and Jason started the podcast by recapping the BOA and talking about what impressed them with the Oilers series win. They also hit on the New York vs Carolina series. Can the Hurricanes finally win a game on the road and wrap up the series?Their guest today was ESPN analyst Ray Ferraro. Ray talked about the maturity that the Oilers showed by consistently over-coming deficits in their series. He also hit on the Hurricanes vs Rangers series, which he's been between the benches for. The Canes can't be beaten at home but can't find a way to win on the road. Ray gave us some insight into that trend.To wrap up the episode, Frank and Jason talked about the Flame's season being over and what could be coming next for players like Johnny Gaudreau and Matt Tkachuk. They also brought in Tyler Yaremchuk for a fresh round of Fill in the Blank delivered by DoorDash!0:44 - BOA Recap5:50 - NYR vs CAR8:27 - Ray Ferraro joins the show9:40 - Thoughts on the Oilers16:10 - Giving love to Keith and Hyman20:14 - Ray on the Rangers vs Hurricanes29:19 - More BOA talk42:44 - Fill in the Blank See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Connor McDavid is on another level & the defending champs can't be stopped!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 41:56

    We have wrapped up another wild weekend of playoff hockey! Jason and Frank broke it all down today on a fresh episode of The DFO Rundown! They started the podcast by talking about the fact that the Florida Panthers are staring down the barrel of a potential sweep at the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning. The two-time defending Stanley Cup Champions are absolutely rolling right now and the Panthers just aren't even close to their level.They hit on the other three playoff series as well. The Rangers and Hurricanes series has been a little bit of a snooze-fest, according to Jason's son, and it's hard to argue with that. The Avs have found a way to go up 2-1 in their series vs St. Louis despite the fact that both Cale Makar and Nathan MacKinnon have been quieter than we expected. Of course, the big story from game three was the Nazem Kadri incident. Frank and Jason each gave their take on the play and the unfortunate aftermath of it.And finally, they talked about the Battle of Alberta! The Oilers are coming off an incredible game three victory and now lead the series 2-1. McDavid is on another level right now as well and it just looks like the Flames don't have an answer for the Oiler's high-octane top line.To wrap up the episode, Tyler Yaremchuk hopped in for a new episode of Buy or Sell that was focused on potential offseason moves!0:40 - Panthers on the brink of elimination4:40 - The Rangers/Canes series9:59 - Avs/Blues and the Kadri play16:39 - Battle of Alberta28:00 - Offseason Buy or Sell See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Craig MacTavish on the Battle of Alberta, his career, and golfing with Tiger Woods

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 65:55

    A new episode of The DFO Rundown is here to take you into the weekend! Frank and Jason are both out in Calgary to cover the Battle of Alberta and they kicked off the podcast by talking about the wildly entertaining series opener that we saw on Wednesday. They outlined what both teams need to do in order to clean up their games. The Oilers are very banged up right now with key players like Leon Draisaitl and Darnell Nurse clearly labouring. That could derail things for the Oilers. The Flames scored nine goals in game one but as the guys discussed, that performance won't sit well with Darryl Sutter. They also hit on the Panthers being down 2-0 to the Tampa Bay Lightning after two games in Florida. They also welcomed in Tyler Yaremchuk for a new edition of 'Fill in the Blank'!Their guest today was Craig MacTavish. As a former Oilers player, Head Coach, and GM, he has plenty of great stories when it comes to the Battle of Alberta. He also gave us some insight into what allowed the Flames to look so good and what the Oilers will need to do in order to bounce back in game two. He also shared a tremendous story about the time he played a round with the greatest golfer ever!0:40 - BOA game one recap9:30 - FLA in trouble12:00 - NYR vs CAR13:05 - STL evens series vs COL16:50 - Fill in the Blank22:11 - Craig MacTavish joins the show See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Canucks' Jim Rutherford & breaking down round one

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 69:50

    What a wild weekend around the NHL! We witnessed five game sevens over the last two days and each one came with a lot of drama! Frank and Jason touched on what we saw on Friday and Saturday and gave their takes on how each series ended up playing out. Connor McDavid was sensational, Johnny Gaudreau finally had his big playoff moment, and the Rangers completed the big comeback in their series vs the Penguins.  From there, they looked at each upcoming series and gave their predictions for the next round of the playoffs. They each have at least one underdog going to the Conference Final and multiple series going the distance! To end the episode, they welcomed in Canucks President of Hockey Operations Jim Rutherford! Jim talked about the Canucks offseason plans, how he's handling being a President and not a GM, and more! 1:20 - What stood out in round one? 3:30 - The Rangers series comeback 11:05 - Rangers vs Hurricanes 14:25 - Battle of Florida! 19:11 - Avalanche vs Blues 21:10 - Battle of Alberta! 27:30 - Do the Leafs need changes? 37:45 - Jim Rutherford joins the show   See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Ep. 128: Let's Play Seven! PLUS: An interview with Coyotes GM Bill Armstrong

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 63:44

    WHAT A NIGHT OF PLAYOFF ACTION! Jason and Frank stayed up late to recap what we saw from around the league tonight. The Leafs and Lightning had an OT thriller, the Oilers hung on to force seven vs the Kings, the Bruins and Canes will also play one more game, and the Blues bounced the wild! MADNESS! They gave their picks for game seven and also talked about what we'll see on Friday night as a wild first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs continues. In the back half of the show, they were joined by Arizona Coyote GM Bill Armstrong. He was quickly dubbed the best-dressed guest in the history of the show. He talked about the future of the Coyotes, the comments made by Jakob Chychrun at the end of the season, and also how he got to where he was. He shared stories of his come up through hockey and also gave a great pitch as to why players want to play in Arizona!

    Oilers & Leafs need more killer instinct and raw reaction to Barry Trotz news

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 50:38

    The news broke late into episode 127 of The DFO Rundown that Barry Trotz had been relieved of his head coaching duties by the New York Islanders. Frank Seravalli and Jason Gregor gave their raw thoughts on the decision.  Also, Frank and Jason ran through the games that happened over the weekend on the show. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers missed the opportunity to go 3-1 in their series. After Bruce Cassidy reunited the Perfection Line, the Boston Bruins are back on level terms with the Carolina Hurricanes. And the Florida Panthers' goalscoring woes continued in game three. Jason and Frank talked in depth about those three series and the other five that played out over the weekend.  They also questioned how almost every series is so close, yet, we have seen endless blowouts night after night.  Midway through the show, Liam Horrobin filled in for Tyler Yaremchuk to host Fill In The Blank, presented by DoorDash. You can hear all of that and more on episode 127 of The DFO Rundown with Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli.  0:00 "tight series."  2:50: Boston/Carolina 4:00 Toronto/Tampa 8:39 Florida/Washington 16:37 Penguins/Rangers 27:06 Colorado/Nashville 27:49: Flames/Dallas 34:56: Oilers/Kings 41:14: Wild/Blues 44:51 Islanders fire Trotz (RAW REACTION)

    An interview with Kyle Davidson, General Manager of the Chicago Blackhawks

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 70:17

    Welcome to episode 126 of The DFO Rundown with Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli.  We are now two games into the NHL's Stanley Cup playoffs, and there is plenty to talk about. Jason and Frank dove into talking about the Calgary Flames lack of offence, how the Boston Bruins can avoid the sweep, and the outstanding performance from Connor Ingram last night.  Frank gives a hot take on who he thinks is the best playoff performer that has not won the Stanley Cup.  After that, Kyle Davidson, the General Manager of the Chicago Blackhawks, joined Jason and Frank. They talked about the early days in Chicago as the general manager, the plan for Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, and the timeline for appointing the team's next head coach. Davidson also spoke about his origin story and how he came to be the general manager of the Blackhawks.  There was no buy or sell on today's episode, but they did close out the interview with Davidson with rapid fire.  00:48 Calgary/Dallas 2:50 Edmonton/LA Kings 9:57 - Where's the playoff drama! 11:15 - Frank's Hot Take 14:40 - Minnesota/St Louis 17:44 - Boston/Carolina 20:11 - Toronto/Tampa 26:56 - The Davidson Origin Story 38:24 - Fitting in Kane & Toews 44:35 - Timeline for new head coach 56:44 -The importance of Rockford 59:16 - Rapid Fire

    Ep. 125: A full playoff preview!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 54:53

    THE PLAYOFFS ARE FINALLY HERE! Frank and Jason went through every single series and gave their thoughts on every single series ahead of the first batch of games tonight. The Panthers look like a juggernaut, the Leafs are facing a crazy amount of pressure, the Rangers might be getting overlooked, a playoff Battle of Alberta could be coming soon, and are the Avs primed for a deep run? Or are they a team that could fall victim to a classic Stanley Cup Playoffs upset? They broke it all down throughout the course of the show. Tyler Yaremchuk also hopped in for a special playoff edition of Fill in the Blank delivered by DoorDash! 1:22 - Florida vs Washington 6:45 - Toronto vs Tampa Bay 12:59 - Caroline vs Boston 18:40 - New York vs Pittsburgh 24:45 - Fill in the Blank 31:25 - Colorado vs Nashville 35:30 - St. Louis vs Minnesota 40:40 - Calgary vs Dallas 43:50 - Edmonton vs Los Angeles 48:40 - Running through our bracket

    Ep. 124: An Interview with longtime NHL official Brad Meier!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 73:47

    The final day of the regular season is here and there is plenty to play for on the last full day of NHL action. A handful of seeds in the Eastern Conference are still up for grabs so what happens tonight will have a big impact on round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Frank and Jason started the podcast off by talking a little bit about what is on the line tonight and which potential matchups could intrigue them. They also talked about the President's Trophy and the bad reputation it seems to have among some fans. They were then joined by recently retired NHL referee Brad Meier! Brad officiated over 1400 NHL games and recently worked his final one. He talked about how he got into officiating and shared some great stories from his career. He shared some insight into what the travel is like for a ref, what is was like working through the pandemic, and he shared a wild story about his time in Sochi for the Olympics. 1:10 - Big nights for Frank & Jason 8:40 - Final night of the season 16:30 - The Presidents Trophy 24:20 - Brad Meier joins the show! 48:00 - Working during COVID 54:00 - What's next for him? 57:30 - Rapid Fire 1:05:20 - Buy or Sell delivered by DoorDash

    Ep. 123: Pretenders, Contenders, Darkhorses, and the Elite Cup Contenders

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 49:50

    Kick your week off with a new episode of The DFO Rundown! It's the final week of the regular season and the 16 playoff spots are almost locked up. Jason and Frank started the show by talking about the crushing loss that the Vegas Golden Knights suffered last night and why that organization has become pretty unlikable. With the 16 teams pretty much set, they went on the put the teams into four tiers. They went from pretenders to dark horse Cup candidates to plausible winners before wrapping up with the teams they view as elite. Certain teams are heating up and both Frank and Jason gave their thoughts on who they like heading into the postseason. They wrapped up the show with Fill in the Blank delivered by DoorDash and also Frank shared the bets he's sweating out down the stretch! 2:00 - VGK loses 13:30 - TB and others getting hot 19:05 - Our playoff tiers 19:40 - The Pretenders 22:45 - The Darkhorses 27:05 - The Plausible Winners 32:50 - The Elite Contenders 39:40 - Fill in the Blank! 45:50 - Frank is sweating

    Ep. 122: Remembering Guy Lafleur & former NHLer Hal Gill joins the show!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 56:48

    Today's episode of the DFO Rundown started off on a sombre note as Frank and Jason talked about the passing of Guy Lafleur. They talked about his legacy both around hockey and in Montreal. They both had some unique stories to pass along about the Hockey Hall of Famer and Gregor marvelled at some of his incredible career numbers. From there, they took a quick look at the playoff race in the Western Conference. Frank thinks that the eight teams that are in now are the eight teams that will be there at the end of the regular season. There are also a few unique races in the Eastern Conference as well. They also welcomed in former NHL defenseman and current Nashville Predators analyst Hal Gill to the show! Hal talked about how the Preds are looking as we get closer to the playoffs, how they stack up against the Calgary Flames and Roman Josi's historic season. He also talked the toughest battles that he fought in the Stanley Cup Playoffs during his long career. 0:30 - Remembering Guy Lafleur 8:35 - Playoff talk 14:20 - Hal Gill joins the show! 22:30 - Josi's historic season 25:40 - Appreciating defensive d-men 28:35 - Nashville's physical style 31:50 - His playoff memories 40:10 - Being a media friendly player

    Ep. 121: Can we just start the playoffs already?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 52:36

    A new episode of The DFO Rundown is here and it features the return of Frank Seravalli! He and Gregor dug into the playoff race in the Western Conference and how the regular season feels like it's dragging on a little bit. That led to Frank saying that the NHL needs to change the way its point system works. They also talked about some teams in the East that have playoff spots locked up but are really limping to the finish line. They also went into a big discussion into which coaches could be returning next year and which organizations could be looking to make a change behind the bench. There was also an impromptu discussion about the play of Elias Pettersson and what his future could look like. They also brought in Tyler Yaremchuk for 'Fill in the Blank' delivered by Door Dash! 4:00 - The Western playoff race 12:45 - 3-2-1-0 system 14:00 - Late season swoons 17:00 - Potential coaching changes 27:30 - The Pettersson discussion 38:15 - Fill in the Blank

    Ep. 120: Dirty money, tarnished legacies & hockey

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 44:12

    Jason Gregor was running solo today on The DFO Rundown as Frank took some time off. To kick off today's episode, Jason talked about the playoff picture and also the unfortunate passing of NHL legend Mike Bossy. He then welcomed in Vesa Rantanen from Ilta-Sanomat in Finland. Vesa covers sports in Finland and talked about the impact that the Russian war on Ukraine on both life in Finland and hockey. Jokerit has pulled out of the KHL and that's a result of their ties to Russian money. The fallout from this is very deep with plenty of deep connections to the hockey world.

    Ep. 119: Playoff Races, Burning ELC's & Buy or Sell!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 51:10

    Today on The DFO Rundown, Jason and Frank dug into some of the races that are really heating up as we head down the stretch. The LA Kings and Vegas Golden Knights are now neck-and-neck in the Pacific division and out in the Eastern Conference, the Rangers suddenly have a shot at catching the Hurricanes for the Metro Division title. They also talked about the flurry of college players signing with their NHL teams this weekend and how some players will have the first year of their ELC's burnt and others may not.  They also talked about Auston Matthews continuing his insane run and how that ties in to a handful of awards races in the NHL. Gregor also shared who's on the short list for the Hart Trophy in his mind. Frank also has a theory on why offense is up. 0:45 - LA/Vegas race 6:55 - CAR/NYR race 10:30 - College players signing 18:45 - Matthews and awards talk 24:30 - Gregor's Hart Ballot 32:00 - Frank's theory on offence 38:00 - Buy or Sell

    Ep. 118: Insane awards races & a chat with 70-goal man Bernie Nicholls

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 63:40

    A new episode of The DFO Rundown is here to carry you into the weekend! Jason and Frank started today by talking about Auston Matthew's crazy run and where he might finish the season. They also talked about the struggling Tampa Bay Lightning and then they got to some very complicated awards races. They also talked to 17-year NHL Bernie Nicholls who has not only popped home 50-goals in a season, but he's one of the few NHLers to ever score 70-goals in a single season. He compared scoring goals in his era to today's game and also talked about his illustrious career and shared a funny nutrition fact about Wayne Gretzky. 1:05 - Matthews run 2:40 - Concerned about Tampa? 4:40 - Awards races 12:05 - Sutter's impact and Jack Adams case 14:20 - Fill in the Blank 26:05 - Bernie Nicholls joins the show 35:00 - Playing with #99 37:35 - Scoring in today's game 53:40 - Rapid Fire

    Ep.117: Yandle's streak ends, the Beagle incident & Draisaitl joins the 50/50 club!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 51:01

    Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli kick off the week by recapping all the big stories from a wild weekend in the NHL, and there was a lot to get to. They started the pod by giving their takes on the Flyers' decision to healthy scratch Keith Yandle and end his NHL-record iron man streak. Was it fair or foul of the team to make that move? There was also the incident to start the weekend in a game between the Coyotes and Ducks. While Trevor Zegras should have been the biggest story of that game after scoring another insane lacrosse-style goal, it was instead Jay Beagle beating up Troy Terry that ended up being the biggest headline. Was this overblown? Or should Beagle have been suspended? They also talked about Leon Draisaitl hitting 50-goals and joining the 50-50-100 club, which Gregor pointed out is a very exclusive group. They also brought in Tyler Yaremchuk for Buy or Sell! 1:40 - Yandle's streak ends 9:05 - Beagle vs the Ducks 14:20 - 50/50 Club 28:48 - Buy or Sell 43:05 - Will Franks bets hit?

    Ep. 116 Talking with Marc Methot

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 59:25

    Happy Friday! Episode 116 of The DFO Rundown with Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli is here. Frank is back from his trip to Florida for the NHL General Manager meetings and ready to fill you all in. Before that, we are in crunch time in the NHL with less than a month to play. The Western Conference is tight, with nine teams still in the running for the postseason. Only eight teams can make it, so who the team that's going to miss out is?  They also dive into the NHL awards and who should be nominees, especially the Jack Adams. There are plenty of candidates for that award, like Todd McLellan, Andrew Brunette, and even Jared Bednar from the Avalanche, to name a few. However, Frank thinks there's one clear winner.  Also, on the show, Frank and Jason were joined by former NHL Marc Methot. Methot played over 600 games in the NHL with the Columbus Blue Jackets, Ottawa Senators and Dallas Stars.  Before they dug into the interview, Methot spoke about Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melynk and his memories of him. They then spoke about Methot's media career, the future of the Senators, and his time with the London Knights.  You can hear all of that and more on episode 116 of The DFO Rundown. 

    Ep. 115: Frank is live from Florida!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 45:18

    Jason Gregor is sitting in snowy Edmonton, Alberta and Frank Seravalli is literally doing the show from a beach in Florida. Sometimes life isn't fair, but the guys put that aside and dug in to talk a little hockey on a Monday morning. They started by talking about the upcoming GM meetings and what's going to be brought up for debate. The main thing is potential changes to the LTIR loophole that teams like Tampa Bay and Vegas have exposed in recent years. There are some other things that will be discussed and Frank shared those. They also took a quick look at the playoff races before bringing in Tyler Yaremchuk for Fill in the Blank delivered by DoorDash. 2:00 - LTIR change 8:00 - Gregors idea for change 11:00 - East playoffs 13:40 - Who can beat Colorado? 17:15 - Weekend Performances 23:10 - Fill in the Blank

    Ep. 114: The Post Deadline Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 62:54

    The trade deadline has come and gone, and that means our boy Frank Seravalli has finally been able to get some sleep. He and Jason Gregor broke down what happened in the days leading up to the deadline and the big day itself. They talked about teams that were active, the contenders that made big splashes, and how things unfolded on Monday. They also talked about some teams that sat still and wondered if that was the right move. Before getting into the deadline talk, Gregor got to watch his nephew Noah play in-person for the first time at the NHL level last night as the San Jose Sharks rolled into Edmonton. It was an emotional night at Rogers Place as Gregor explained. They also welcomed in Tyler Yaremchuk for Buy or Sell, presented by DoorDash! 1:00 - Quick deadline recap 3:59 - Gregor's night & Ben Stelter 14:55 - Big deadline recap starts 17:00 - Frank shares a super stat 24:35 - LA did nothing 31:30 - The Hagel deal 34:15 - Looking at bad deals 38:20 - Prices came down 40:20 - LTIR changes in the playoffs  

    Ep. 113: The Ultimate Trade Deadline Preview (All 32 Teams!)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 112:25

    The deadline is almost here! It's been a wild few days around the league with some big moves and signings already going down. Frank and Jason started the podcast off by talking about what we saw go down this week with the Panthers acquiring Chiarot and more!   From there, they went through every single team in the Eastern Conference and talked about what their deadline plans could be. The eight playoff teams are already locked it and it is crystal clear who the buyers and sellers are, but still, there are a handful of GMs who could surprise us by making a big splash ahead of the deadline.   After going through the Metro and Atlantic, they took a break and brought in Tyler Yaremchuk for a new edition of Fill in the Blank! He asked them about the goalie market, the Hertl extension, and who could be a surprise team at the deadline.    From there, they went through every team in the Western Conference as well, starting with the Central Division where the potential playoff teams have one goal in mind: taking down the Colorado Avalanche. The Avs themselves could be busy as well. They also hit on the Pacific Division where a few teams have big decisions to make.   Here are some timestamps to help you find your favourite team:  

    Ep. 112: Talking Trade Deadline and more with LA Kings PresidentLuc Robitaille

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2022 67:08

    Jason and Frank recapped a busy weekend around the NHL. The Heritage Classic got heated, Matthews might get suspended, and the Golden Knights are falling apart. There is no shortage of storylines as enter the final week of play before the trade deadline. Today's guest was HHOFer and LA Kings President Luc Robitaille! Luc talked about his experiences being traded as an NHLer and how his team could look to handle things ahead of the trade deadline. The Kings have been one of the biggest surprises in the NHL this season and they could very well be a team that makes a splash before next Monday. He also had some great stories from his illustrious NHL career. After the interview with Luc, Tyler Yaremchuk hopped in with a new edition of Buy or Sell! 3:00 - Heritage Classic 7:20 - West Playoff Race 16:30 - Luc Robitaille 17:30 - His experiences getting traded 11:35 - The LA Kings season 25:50 - Kopitar and Doughty 28:35 - Kings deadline plans

    Ep. 111: Goaltending woes, Eichel's shot at the Sabres & the great term debate!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 60:16

    Jason and Frank are here to bring you into the weekend with another hour of hockey talk on The DFO Rundown! They kicked off today's episode by looking back at a wild Thursday night in the NHL. From there, they got into three teams that are facing issues between the pipes. The Leafs' problems aren't getting any better any time soon, the Golden Knights have sent Robin Lehner back to Vegas with a lower-body injury (Dr. Seravalli gave his diagnosis), and the Oilers might be running with Stuart Skinner and Mikko Koskinen. They both also gave their thoughts on what Jack Eichel had to say about his return to Buffalo. Did he go too far? Does the NHL benefit from this?  Before bringing in Tyler Yaremchuk for a new edition of Fill in the Blank, Frank and Jason got into a big debate about whether or not the NHL should introduce a term limit for contracts.  0:30 - Last night 2:40 - Leafs goaltending 9:40 - VGK or TOR... who's more worried? 12:25 - Oilers goaltending 18:00 - Eichel & the Sabres 24:00 - Canes deadline plans 30:30 - Kris Letang negotiations 45:30 - Fill in the Blank

    Ep. 110: The Stars are rolling, Nick Schmaltz makes history, and the Leafs still need a goalie

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2022 49:01

    A new episode of The DFO Rundown is here to take you into the work week! Jason and Frank started the show off by talking about the incredible weekend that Jason Robertson and the Stars had. They were a playoff bubble team just a week ago and now they'll have some big decisions to make at the deadline. They won't want to be sellers but they have a handful of impact players who are on expiring contracts. Nick Schmaltz also had himself quite the weekend. He became just the 45th player in NHL history to record seven points in a single game. Gregor did a deep dive into the history of seven-point performances. From there, they got into the mushy middle that currently exists in the Western Conference, the Canucks chances, the Leafs goaltending, and Tyler Yaremchuk hopped in for a new edition of Fill in The Blank!

    Ep. 109: Talking goalies, the trade market, and Buy or Sell!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2022 49:50

    A new episode of The DFO Rundown is here to bring you into the weekend and it was a spicy one. Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli dug into what was a spirited Thursday night in the NHL with Nathan MacKinnon and Brayden Point both getting into it. It's officially playoff race season around the league and they talked about the seeding in the NHL and how they think the NHL could potentially improve the playoffs. From there, they talked about a pair of Canadian teams with goaltending problems and what they could do to solve them ahead of the deadline. They also talked about who will be the big buyers this year and why it may just be a buyers' market. The other big news this week was that Kyle Davidson had the interim tag removed in Chicago and officially became the 10th GM in franchise history. Tyler Yaremchuk also joined the show for a new edition of Buy or Sell delivered by DoorDash! 0:30 - Spirited night around the league 5:40 - Toronto's goaltending problems & goalies around the league 17:50 - Davidson & the Hawks rebuild 25:40 - Avs at the deadline & who are the buyers? 34:30 - Buy or Sell 43:05 - Ottawa deadline plans  

    Ep. 108: Tanner Jeannot = Good Saskatchewan Boy

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2022 62:28

    We got a very exciting interview to kick off the week on The DFO Rundown as we welcomed Nashville Predators rookie sensation Tanner Jeannot to the show. He's fresh off scoring in the Stadium Series last night and he talked about the experience of playing in an outdoor game, which is something he considered to be his Welcome to the NHL moment. He also talked about his path from Oxbow, Saskatchewan to the NHL. He was never drafted and he had to grind to make it to the league and now he's on pace to set the Nashville Predators rookie goal-scoring record. He also talked about the influence of his parents, having them at the outdoor game, and becoming a father! Before the interview with Jeannot, they talked about what could come from the IIHF and the situation with Russia, the wild game between the Leafs and Red Wings on Saturday night, and Tyler Yaremchuk joined for 'Fill in the Blank'!

    Ep. 107: Welcoming Matt Larkin to Daily Faceoff!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 58:07

    It was an exciting week at Daily Faceoff as we welcomed Matt Larkin to our team! He joined the show and took his "first shift" with the DFO team. We got to know Matt on a bit of a personal level. We talked about where he's been in his career, what he does in his spare time, and for the first time ever he publicly admitted who his favourite team was growing up. We also got into some big storylines from around the NHL like the Leaf's goaltending, their deadline needs, the Senators rebuild, and Matt stuck around for a new edition of 'Buy or Sell'! Matt also gave some fantastic tips on good hair products. Before bringing in Matt, Frank and Jason talked about the Penguins getting beaten up by the Devils, Patrik Laine's hot streak, and of course, they talked about the terrible Russian attack on Ukraine and the ties it has to the hockey world. 0:25 - Penguins waxed by the Devils 1:10 - Laine's heater & his future in Columbus 10:01 - Russian attack on Ukraine & hockey ties 16:21 - Larkin joins & talks about joining Daily Faceoff 26:21 - His favourite team growing up 28:26 - Leafs goaltending 35:40 - Senators rebuild 38:10 - Buy or Sell & Rapid Fire

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