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When one is alone in a bubble bath, all one has is their thoughts and questions you wouldn't dare say out loud. That is basically what Bubble Bath Stories is. Co-Host Nicky Trendz and Manny Oso are a couple in a small apartment who spend a lot of time talking with the bathroom door open! Become a…

Bubble Bath Stories

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    Opinion is not Fact

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 22:59

    So it's out! The much anticipated stand-up special, from the G.O.A.T. Dave Chappelle. This past week, Netflix released The Closer, his 6th and likely final Netflix special. And with the that, the un-rest has begun! This one was packed up with quotable moments and genius punch lines. And of course, he doesn't hold back. Since his first stand-up with Netflix, the man has had a lot of heat from the LGBTQ+ community about his material. Misinterpretations on headlines about his jokes have really made a storm on Twitter (which he doesn't believe is a real place, haha). So you know, Nicky Trendz & Manny Oso are here to bring you their side! The truth is, it's impossible to listen to his stand-up without having an opinion. But remember, there's no room for hate in the our bathtub! Plenty of room for discussion! But you tell us! What were you thoughts on The Closer? Do you think he crossed the line? Do you believe his art is harmful or helpful? Don't forget to watch The Closer and the rest of Dave Chappelle's Stand-Up Specials while you still can: https://www.netflix.com/us/title/81228510?s=i&trkid=13747225&vlang=en&clip=81345814 Read the Interview with Jaclyn Moore from Variety: https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/dear-white-people-jaclyn-moore-dave-chappelle-netflix-1235083197/amp/?__twitter_impression=true And don't forget to check out 15 Minutes of Shame on HBO Max to see how Cancel Culture affects people. To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 23:03

    Another New Week! Another new Episode! This week, the Rubber Ducky Gang sat down and got a chance to view LuLaRich, on documentary miniseries based on LuLaRoe, a retail and clothing company that is accused of being a pyramid scheme on Amazon Prime Video. You know the company? The funny leggings. You may have known someone involved. In the series, we get firsthand stories from former employees, recruiters, and founders of the company DeAnne Brady and Mark Stidham. Nicky Trendz really lays in on this one. She'll tell you about how she finds these Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) groups a major waste of assets. The worse being what LuLaRoe did to these people's families. Manny Oso also finds himself giving you his first hand experiences, too, having been involved in MLM groups once, before. The documentary is only four episode, but give you so many nuggets of great conversations. Give the series a watch and you tell us what you think! You can watch “LuLaRich” on Amazon Prime Video: https://watch.amazon.com/detail?asin=B09CFXPNSX&territory=US&ref_=share_ios_season&r=web To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories W_Guest Jessica Valentin

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 21:56

    Welcome Back Rubber Ducky Gang! Nicky Trendz & Manny Oso would love for you to meet our special guest, Jessica Valentin, Author, Mother & sister to Nicky. Jessica wrote the Children's Book “Tony & His Mythical Friends” and its sequel “Boomer Is Lost”. In this epsiode, we speak to Jessica and she tells us all bout her books. She tells us about her motivation to create and what inspired her to write. Being a Mother of 3, she also tells us how involved her family is with her creative process. Without spoiling anything for the kids, this series involves Tony a regular Human who has friends that are more than what they seem. But all in all, it's a story of acceptance, empathy, inclusion and kindness. In the sequel, they help him get out of a jam. A really great bedtime read for your little ones. But hey, They can't make all the opinions! Give it a listen then go get yourself a copy! Then let us know what you think. You can read all about Tony & His Mythical Friends here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08C9CYZX5/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_api_glt_fabc_MSHCAQ97V2Y7EWTN224D https://www.amazon.com/dp/B098DMWZ46/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_api_glt_fabc_2034WT8CPSQW2ERT33SR?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Don't forget to Follow, Like & Subscribe to Jessica Valentin on Instagram: @tonyandhismythicalfriends @jesval99 To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Viral Retweet

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 17:11

    Hey Duckies. Welcome back! This past week, Nicki Minaj got in some hot water with her Tweets. In a post she put up after responding to why she wasn't at the Met Gala, Minaj made a claim about the COVID-19 Vaccine and the side effects. Naturally, people took that and ran with it! We had late-night talking heads like Tucker Carlson using it as fuel for his Far Right-Wing claims. There were Health Officials for Trinidad and Tobago hunting down this man Minaj mentioned, who allegedly had “swollen testicles” after his vaccination. The Prime Minister of England was even questioned on this matter! Talk about unintentional side effects. There have been people coming down on Minaj about accountability and the use of her platform. But on Bubble Bath Stories, we wonder why these official figure heads are even using her as a source. After reading through the Twitter threads, the whole tweet may not even be getting read in context in the news world. (Big surprise there!). The world has decided to use this to fan each of their respective flames. And the Rubber Ducky Gang has decided to throw their Two Cents in! But you let us know! Who is to blame when theses posts go out of control? Should we cut Nicki Minaj some slack? Should Tucker Carlson get a new job? Check Out The Reactions To Nicki Minaj's Infamous Tweet: www.wired.com/story/nicki-minaj-vaccine-twitter/amp https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/15/nicki-minaj-health-officials-in-uk-and-trinidad-refute-false-claim-covid-shots-cause-swollen-testicles-.html To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    To VMA, or Not to VMA

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 17:02

    It's that time of year again! That's right! For the 4th time in a row, The Rubber Ducky Gang is bringing you the MTV VMA's Judgement Episode. You know, that epsiode every year when Nicky Trendz & Manny Oso critique just how BAD the VMA's have become? This year was no different. There was enough lack luster performances to keep Nicky talking. And the missed opportunities for jaw dropping Collaba really upset Manny. All this on their 40th Anniversary! You would think after 40 years they'd get the streaming glitches down! They won't recap the whole show, but they'll definitely bring you the Good, the Bad, and ALL the Ugly! But don't be mad at them! Listen! Then go judge for yourself! And keep the conversation going! Check out some highlights from this year's MTV VMA Award Show: https://youtu.be/AQ8uORr6vSA To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Nostalgia Porn

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2021 25:45

    Okay you Guys, Manny Oso has a confession to make and you are the only one's he wants to come out to. That right, Manny Oso is into Nostalgia Culture. Dun. Dun. Dun! What is that? It's all this recent entertainment media that capitalizes on all of our fond memories. We're all victims of it and these two are here to get you through it. If you've been keeping up with the news, re-boots, reimaginings, and re-do's are coming out everywhere in Hollywood. We're getting a lot of new viewing options coming out for us, from timeless classics like The Wonder Years & Fresh Prince of Bel Air, to things no one asked for like the new iCarly & How I Met Your Father. Our hosts also go over how this Nostalgia Culture has also affected the world of Podcasts. It's huge with all the Celebrity and non-Celebrity watch along shows where we are all compelled to re-watch our favorite shows from the past. We're talking about things like Office Ladies, That's Messed Up and Zack To The Future. These are only a few, of the many, that are discussed. But this is just their side of the story, tell us your side! Keep the Conversation Going! What's your favorite Guilty Pleasure TV show? Have any of these reboots forced you to rewatch a show from the past? What's the one show they need to go back and fix? What the one show they shouldn't touch? Tell us! Here are the two shows that get Nicky and Manny going! That's Messed Up: An SVU Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/thats-messed-up-an-svu-podcast/id1540370040 Zack To The Future https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/zack-to-the-future/id1524292915 Check out the news on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air remake: https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/fresh-prince-of-bel-air-drama-reboot-peacock-cast-jabari-banks-1235052847/ Here's the trailer to The Wonder Years reboot: https://youtu.be/ZlDgPSws6Oc To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Dating Age Gaps

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 20:34

    Welcome back folks! Welcome back to the Listeners! Welcome back to your hosts! Time for some new conversations! Nicky caught herself scrolling through Reddit again. This time she found herself reading about Age Gap Relationships. This is a subject that hits close for these two. Both have been heavy in AGR's, but this isn't a contest. Today, you get to hear about those experiences. Manny gets a little revealing, but hey what good is a platform if your not going to disturb someone. And he's had his fair share of AGR's. Nicky speaks about her failed attempts at an on-again-off-again one that left her with a lesson well learned. But tell us what you think? Are Age Gap Relationships doomed to fail? How fun can one be? How do you tend to react when one of your Friends or Family is on one? Let's Us Know! Keep the conversation going! Here's a a clip from the Dr. Phil segment Manny mentioned on Age Gap Relationships: https://youtu.be/mpjBMHvMnvg To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Thought Process

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2021 18:12

    Hello Gang! So it happened, the verdict has been read and Ex-Officer Derek Chauvin has been convicted for the death of George Floyd. This landmark case was decided April 20th, 2021. And so, the Rubber Ducky Gang is here to to give their thoughts. Manny Oso questions about the possible implications in the aftermath of this trial. While Nicky Trendz speaks about how surprised she’ll be if he survives his sentence. Also! Manny Oso has been needing to get his opinion on MCU’s current and future projects. Falcon & The Winter Soldier has been astonishing and they need to to about! But how about you!? What are your thoughts on the Derek Chauvin trial? How excited are you for the Falcon & Winter Soldier’s season finale? Let Us Know! Read About the Verdict of Derek Chauvin: https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/derek-chauvin-trial-04-20-21/index.html Read About Falcon & The Winter Soldier: https://comicbook.com/tv-shows/news/marvel-falcon-and-winter-soldier-finale-teaser-spoilers/ Watch The Trailer To Shang-Chi & The Legend of Ten Rings: https://youtu.be/nPjz6LoiQQo To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Princess Cruise from Hell

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2021 18:38

    Hello Gang! So a new documentary came out this month in HBO called The Last Cruise. Manny Oso & Nicky Trendz gave it a watch and are here to give you the deets! This documentary follows the months-long ordeal of the Diamond Princess cruise ship and the COVID-19 Outbreak that it hosted. This was during the very beginning of the Corona Virus Outbreak that took over all of 2020. This doc really got the Rubber Ducky gang in their feelings. Manny got an anxiety scare thinking of the quarantine the crew members had to experience. They show you just how small the living quarters are. And Nicky can’t help but think that this just reinforces her life long ban on Boat Trips! But you tell us! Did you watch The Last Cruise? Have you been on a cruise nightmare? What’s your opinion on open buffets? Let us know! Watch the documentary on HBOMax: https://youtu.be/NspHkPKzrww To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ Guest Shael Norris of SafeBAE

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2021 36:32

    On the last day of Woman’s history month, we are so happy to be ending it with an interview that shows just how strong women are. This week we had the opportunity to speak with Shael Norris- Founding Executive Director of SafeBAE.org. This organization was first founded by 4 extraordinary women who are also Teen Sexual assault survivors! Even with the early and tragic loss of a co-founder, Daisy Coleman, the remaining founders continued to spread the education and importance of consent education. Not only keeping Coleman’s memory alive, but making sure what they experience doesn’t happen again. Shael Norris joined the organization to make a difference and credits these young women to helping her become an activist in her own right. Nicky goes on to explain how she came across the SafeBAE. While scrolling on Facebook, Nicky saw an article post by insider Business about “Consent Panties”! Shael told us another co-founder of SafeBae Ella O’Neal, created and designed these underwear with fun cutesy cartoons that bare a serious topic: Consent. These underwear where created to raise money for organization and become something more than that. Norris goes on to describe that consent doesn’t have to be this mood buster. Consent can be sexy, and the cartoons bring a little humor to it. As the conversation continued Shael expressed to us the consent conversation doesn’t have to be weird between adults and their kids. “One of the things I say [to my kids] is, we have to live in there world we’re currently in, while building the world we want”. If you are interested or want to learn more about the organization go to: SafeBAE.org IG: @Safe_Bae FB: SafeBAE We also encourage you all to check out the powerful documentary: Audrie & Daisy - Netflix To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Yes! We Read About That.

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2021 19:43

    Hello Gang! It’s back! And it brought its friends! After a week of hiatus, Nicky Trendz & Manny Oso returned with so much to talk about this episode, they had to bring back The Hat Of Subjects! Manny Oso picks first and the conversation starts with the Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry and Megan Markle. This definitely was the interview heard ‘round the world. And the Royal family has not held back on commenting! After that Nicky spins the Wheel of Things Talk To Talk About and finds out about Louis Tussaud’s Palace of Wax in Texas and how they had to remove the Trump wax figure. Word is, people have been visiting the tourist site looking for the Trump statue & punching it. They have since removed the figure. It doesn’t stop there, though! They still talk about Joe Budden & Sharon Osbourn’s drama on each of their shows and take some time to speak on the Atlanta Shooting this week. You gotta hear this one guys! Cuz we already know You Read About It! But let them know what you think! Is Joe Budden over stepping on his co-hosts? What did you Hate or Love about the Oprah interview? How far would YOU travel to punch the Trump Wax Figure in Texas? Also, read up on the stories they talked about on today’s episode Trump’s Wax Figure Removed from Attackers https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/20/us/trump-wax-museum.html Joe Budden’s Podcast Drama https://twitter.com/tlop312/status/1374714580388225030?s=21 Sharon Osbourne stands with Piers Morgan https://apple.news/AubGXj4NzT_KJQWNvj9DmHA Here’s how you can help the victim’s of the Atlanta Shooting https://apple.news/A9ZCMeS38TQOD0X4BzFlpdg To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    A Wandary Vision

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2021 38:32

    Hello Gang! This was a special last weekend for Manny Oso! After months and months of waiting him and other Marvel fans finally got the continuing story of the MCU when Disney+ released WandaVision in January. Nicky Trendz joined him in watching this is show and both of their minds are blown!

    Theres’s no place like...

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2021 16:53

    OMG Duckies! Did you guys see the pics? Of course you did! This past week Texas Senator Ted Cruz was spotted hopping a flight to Cancun, Mexico in the midst of a freezing disaster! So you know Manny Oso and Nicky Trendz had to chat about it. News also broke out that Ted and his Wife’s friends that they invited along leaked out screenshots of the texts threads between them all! It all just comes out to a pile of name-brand baloney. However, it got them thinking. Who hasn’t had to just bail on everyone for a weekend? Ever told yourself, “hmm, this seems like a Monday problem”. These two have been there! Hop on a plane, get out and come back when the dust settles. All in hopes nobody noticed you were gone. Well sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but you have to listen to find out the stories. Everyone messes up though, right?! But have you ever had to Get Out & Dodge short notice? Where do you go? Who did you take with you? Did anyone notice you left? Let us know! Read details on Ted Cruz’s Vacyion Blunder - https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/18/us/politics/ted-cruz-storm-cancun.html Find out how mad Heidi Cruz is about the Text Leaks - https://apple.news/AFqV1mbUbQcKnV3q8tg_3YQ To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2021 24:51

    Hello Gang! This week Manny Oso and Nicky Trendz took to Hulu for a trending documentary. The internet has been buzzing about Framing Britney Spears and her subject of Conservatorship. The Gang watched it & had very mixed feelings. Nicky comes in hard, being a life long fan of Britney. She doesn’t feel that this doc properly displays the incidents that brought her to such a public downfall. And doesn’t feel the paparazzi are being held accountable enough. But Nicky doesn’t just talk about the downs, she celebrates her rises and mentions all the recent accomplishments she’s watched from Brittany. Manny Oso doesn’t feel this doc gave enough new info! They don’t mention enough about K. Fed and how he got her to marry him! Manny also can’t help but remember The Simpsons Season 3/Episode1 when Homer was labeled Insane and unable to remove that label. Also how eerily accurate South Park was in portraying the Paparazzi hunting down Britney for the perfect picture.  You guys should check those out AFTER watching this documentary. There was a lot to unload on this but the big question is....  what do you think? Give us a listen and let us know!  Check out the episode of The New York Times Presents Framing Britney Spears on Hulu! https://hulu.tv/3buf97J The Simpsons - S3 EP1 - "Stark Raving Dad" DISNEY+ South Park - S12 EP2 - "Britney's New Look" HBOMAX To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow:  Bubblebathstories.co  FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories  Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ  Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Tampa Super Bowl Issa Vibe

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 17:34

    Hello Friends! History was made on February 7th 2021 in Tampa Bay, Florida. Tom Brady won is 7th Ring. Tampa Bay’s Buccaneers became the first NFL franchise to Host, Participate In, and Win a Super Bowl! And Manny Oso had to be there! He’s native Tampa resident and Bucs fan for life, so why not go to the biggest one of them all! Nicky Trendz joined him on this Road Trip and on this weeks episode we’re here to tell you what happened when they got there. They’ll tell you about the shenanigans they got into. They’ll tell you about what they thought about the game. And they’ll tell you a funny story that could have ended Manny’s weekend! Let them know what you did for the Big Game! Did you treat yourself to a single portion tailgate? Did you win anything on Brady & Tampa Bay’s win? To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories w/Guest Brandon Curet

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2021 24:31

    Hello Guys! You’re favorite duo is here today with a special guest, Brandon Curet, a fan of the show and local Mozzarella enthusiasts. Funny thing is, they brought him on after the start of a text thread about former President Donald Trump’s last minute pardons. Lil Wayne made the cut and Brandon had a unpopular opinion comparing Gramy Award Winning Weezy to one of the most hated men alive, Tekashi 6ix9ine. Join them as they discuss this. Nicky has her opinions about former street artist being held up to Street Code and doesn’t think older artist like Snoop, for example, even know what current Street Code could mean. Also, Manny Oso wonders if Trump’s pardon came earlier, would it have saved Drake’s Masters. And we end with a comically incorrect Super Bowl LV prediction. But we wanna know what YOU think, too! Are Tunechi and Tekashi BOTH sell-outs? Who’s case is more serious? Weezy or Kodak Black? Is there someone else you think should have made the list? Let us know! Read & Follow Along Lil Wayne’s Charges: https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdfl/pr/lil-wayne-pleads-guilty-miami-federal-gun-charge Last Minute Pardons From Trump: https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-pardon-list-every-person-granted-clemency-president-1562668 You can follow Brandon on IG @bj_curet To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    True,False, How the hell should we know!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2021 16:57

    Celebrity Rumors Episode Hello and welcome to the New World! Your Crew decided to give politics a rest this week for your sanity’s sake. Instead.... heard any good rumors lately? Nicky has been fixated on this Armie Hammer gossip. Speculation has come up that the The Lone Ranger star had “cannibalistic fetishes”. And these women (plural) are even providing screenshots of the conversations. Ewww! Weird Stuff. The two also go thru a list of not so believable and somewhat believable celebrity rumors from the past. From singers to producers to fake falls at the Oscars. But what do you think? Could the rumors about Armie Hammer be true? Do you think the Beyoncé rumor or the Jay-Z Rumor is more believable? Let us know! Read The Story About Armie Hammer’s Texts: https://celebmagazine.com/armie-hammer-disturbing-kink-texts-raise-eyebrows/ Read The List of Absurd Celebrity Rumors: https://bestlifeonline.com/absurd-celeb-rumors/ To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Dec. 37, 2020

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2021 21:31

    December 37th, 2020 Hey guys! You’re here! You made it! It’s finally 2021. On January 6th, far right-wing Republicans laid a siege on the U.S. Capitol and your hosts just decided they’re gonna leave all the ‘ish in 2020! Join them this week as Nicky Trendz & Manny Oso dissect these going ons. Manny mentions his frustration with the accused and how they are asking for leniency during their arrangements. Such as the Arizona Guy requesting an all organic diet in jail, the Long Islnd Fellow who says we was just looking for the bathroom, or the Florida Man that forgot about his lids at home while he’s in jail. Nicky also brings up the companies that have decided to distance themselves from the Trump Organization. Such as the PGA who have canceled their partnership with Trump’s golf courses. The attempted coup on the United States of America and overthrow of our Democratic system was a Dark Day in our society. There aren’t a lot of silver linings to it. But if we use this as an example of how bad things CAN get, maybe we can start doing better now! We start the conversation, you finish it! What was your take on the attempted coup? How do you feel about the moves theses private companies are making? How happy are you that 45 is days away from being gone?! To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    The Year to Forget

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2020 19:52

    SURPRISE! The head duckies in Charge couldn't let the year go without giving the gang l last show. Don't worry we kept this one life, since all 365 days of 2020 has been heart to say the least. So instead of giving you another countdowr. about best songs, moules, television, shocking moments, the crew wanted to talk about what 2020 was for the host. May 2021 be everything you need it to be. HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM Bubble Bath Stories To stay up to date with the gang, head to: bubblebathstories.co IG& FB:@bubblebathstories YT:Bubblebathstories TT:@bubblebathstories To check out the host go to: IG-@Nickytrendz IG-@gotnotime4diss

    A 2020 Festivus

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2020 16:44

    So 2020 definitely kicked everyone in the rear! Nicky & Manny sure thought so. With that as a back drop, they’re bringing you a Festivus Episode! That’s right, Frank Costanza put it best, we just need a moment to air our grievances and gain clarity! Instead of Reigning down blows on one another. Others however, took this as a reason to act like complete a******s! From unprovoked Karens, road rage warriors, and people just being their worst. Manny Oso still feels a need to stand up for the service workers. All he asks for is some respect! They also bring up celebrities frustrations. Nicky thinks people are expecting too much from them. While Manny is just DONE with the overload of celebrity podcast! Nicky goes in with her grievances, Tell us about your gripes this year folks! Got anything funny to get off your chest? Let us in know.  HAPPY FESTIVUS TO OUR #RUBBERDUCKYGANG! To keep tabs on the head ducks in charge check out: Bubblebathstories.co  FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories  Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ  Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories w/Guest Conan Albert

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2020 16:17

    Hello Gang! On this week’s episode, Nicky Trendz brought in someone from her past. Her tattoo artist, Conan Albert. Conan comes in to talk a bit bout his start up from drawing himself tagging sneakers in school to getting his first tattoo machine. He tells a few a stories about his career. And he mentions a tattoo trend he is NOT a fan of! Within the conversation, Manny Oso brings up an evolving story about a court case involving Randy Orton’s Tattoo Artist, Catherine Alexander, and Take-Two Interactive, makers of the WWE 2K Series. Conan gives us his take on this Let us know about your tatto story! When was your first? Read the story: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/wwe-headed-to-trial-for-copying-wrestlers-tattoos-for-video-game You can follow Conan on IG @conandayne.tattoos To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories w/Guest Aneka Winstead of WattKid$, INC

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2020 28:54

    This past spring and summer hit us all hard! Everyone, everywhere had to reevaluate their numbers and it gets one thinking, what are the kids learning from this? This week The Gang sat down with Aneka Winstead. She is the founder of WATTKid$, Inc. This is a program designed to help children learn financial literacy to help them start, guide, build and secure their financial future. This isn’t something that’s built like an S.A.T. test, either. It’s designed to keep their attention and teach them! And don't worry the program is parent friendly as well. The conversation explored that teaching children finances, even if you as an adult don't know much about it. Aneka explained that while she was a parent participating in an after school program in her son's school she realized just how important it was to teaching children about finances. While doing that, she started getting requests to help the parents. It can be discouraging to teach kids about something you, yourself may not know. Her programs aren't geared to just one kind of financial planning, she explains that children should know the importance of treating yourself, investing, being charitable and saving. Nicky Trendz talks about although she is somewhat financially literate, she still finds herself worrying about a rainy day, especially since something as big as pandemic happened. Aneka ensures that everyone is different when it comes to habits, even her husband who spends his money on exclusive sneakers, is able to use those sneakers as an investment when reselling them. When the conversion about money is open and fluid among parent and kids, the open and willingness to learn is greater. Aneka hasn't just developed color books or books, she also has a downloadable budget and business plans to help kids learn with more of a hands on experience. When do you think kids should start financial literacy education? Have you spoken to your children about your family finances? Let us know! Keep the conversation going ... You can follow up with Aneka and WATT Kids on IG @wattkids FaceBook.com/WATTKids https://www.wattkids.org To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ Matt Senn of “WrestleLife Radio”

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2020 16:53

    Hello Gang! Nicky is out with a gig! And so Manny Oso needed help! This week they have an old friend back to help out with the conversation! Matt Senn of WrestleLife Radio joins us. Ready to them on their nerd corner? Matt gives you a bit on his experience at the live shows for AEW! Living down in Florida he had a great opportunity to check out how close we are to “regular life” with live events post-pandemic. After that they get into Vince McMahon’s new policies on 3rd Party Promotions. These past few years, celebrities have found new ways of reaching out to fans including services such as Twitch and Cameo. Well, the Genetic Jackhammer is coming down and ready to take his cut of the money his wrestlers are making. We wrap up with Matt and Manny’s hopes for what to see at WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Read the Story: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alfredkonuwa/2020/09/05/vince-mcmahon-reportedly-threatens-wwe-stars-with-punishment-over-third-party-deals/ Follow @WrestleLifeRadio on IG and listen to them anywhere you find you favorite podcasts! To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    "Where's that mute button?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2020 48:16

    So, America had a second debate! And experts are saying this one didn’t sway undecided voters either way! On Thursday, October 22nd, President Trump and Former VP Biden went head-to-head, again. There were changes made this time around, such as a mute button being added for incidentals. If you listen very carefully, you can even hear them get muted, like once. This debate was wild for the Rubber Ducky Gang, though! Issue brought up like COVID Response, Minimum Wage, Health Care, and Immigration were among the hot topics here. The main O-M-G Moment was during the immigration topic. Manny Oso felt Trump was stopped right before saying something super offensive. And Nicky thinks Trump had no clue how to help the 500+ Kids who’s parents can’t be found! Nicky and Manny also bring up the celebrity involvements that have been added. Ice Cube has come out saying that he has tried reaching out to both parties and has only been replied to by Trump’s Republican Campaign. And 50 Cent posted recently on his Instagram about his fear of a Biden a tax hike on his own Income. These two stories were important because they show how influential artists can be with swaying people. What do you think about our candidates second debate? Do you think this debate swayed you? Are you ready for “little date called November 3rd”? Check out these links for more! 2020 Presidential Debate: https://youtu.be/8o3jOBpIjS8 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/full-presidential-debate-2/id1533859103?i=1000495734401 Ice Cube Defends Working with Trump Campaign: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/ice-cube-again-defends-working-with-donald-trump-on-platinum-plan-im-not-playing-politics 50 Cent and his IG Endorsement of Donald Trump: https://www.forbes.com/sites/shaharziv/2020/10/26/50-cent-bashes-biden-tax-plan-endorses-trump-is-his-criticism-accurate/ To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss --- This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: BallotReady: The goal of this initiative is to increase voter education and encourage your listeners to get the vote out during the 2020 General Election this November. https://www.ballotready.org/

    Hello! Is this mic on?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2020 34:36

    Hello Gang. Here we are with part 2 for debate season! In one corner Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris! ... in the be other corner Lord Voldemort - - - we mean, Mike Pence! This one really did get Nicky and Manny fired up! The rant at the beginning is Nicky’s way of getting people with platforms involved. And Manny really feels after this debate “we really need an angry black woman in charge!” This debate really made us feel extra passion for the election. Nicky has had gripe with these platforms people haven’t been using wisely. She goes in at the beginning letting everyone with influence know it’s time time step up the game and get people out there on the poles. And Manny really feels like this was the debate that got him decided on which ticket to support. What did you think of the V.P. Debate? What questions did you think they should have brought up? Let’s us know! Listen to the Vice Presidential Debate: https://youtu.be/GonXpUbJbz4 Get an explanation on every candidate at BallotReady.org Vote Informed on the Entire Ballot - BallotReady To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss --- This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: BallotReady: The goal of this initiative is to increase voter education and encourage your listeners to get the vote out during the 2020 General Election this November. https://www.ballotready.org/

    The Great Trainwreck of 2020

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2020 29:30

    Hello Gang! Nicky and Manny invite you into their bubble today for a look at their reactions from the first Presidential Debate of 2020. On Seetember 29th, President Donald Trump and Former Vice-President Joe Biden went head to head in what was widely reported as on the worst moments of the elections. Hosted by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, we were supposed to get a night of diplomacy and answers to questions we have had all year. Instead we got what CNN’s Dana Bash called “a sh_t show”! Insults were thrown, accusations were made and most Americans thought we learned nothing new. Manny Oso was particularly annoyed by how Trump continued to answer questions no one asked. Many of his answers seemed to be on how he imagines Biden would have lead, had he been put in charge 4 years ago. And then, beofre the waters could settle down, someone tried dropping a political bombshell on all of us. Melania Trump’s former BFF & advisor released secret recording of the FLOTUS speaking candidly about her frustrating experiences with the press. These recording included her speaking about her wardrobe choices and decorating tasks for the White House. This was a story that Nicky found a particular nuisance, professionally speaking. It was quite the weekend of ups and downs (mostly downs) of updates for political circus we are in this year and the Rubber Ducky Gang invites you to peep into our minds and see where we were mentally at the time! So join us for Part 1 of this saga! What do you think of what’s been happening with our candidates? What do you think about how our leaders are ha doing this election? Check out these links for more! 2020 Presidential Debate: https://youtu.be/wW1lY5jFNcQ Stephanie Wolkoff releases FLOTUS recordings: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/melania-trump-separating-migrant-children-give-me-a-break_n_5f7686f4c5b6dd94f1e83a57 President Trump tests Positive for Covid-19: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/02/us/politics/trump-covid.html To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss --- This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: BallotReady: The goal of this initiative is to increase voter education and encourage your listeners to get the vote out during the 2020 General Election this November. https://www.ballotready.org/

    Can you Guess Who?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2020 26:54

    POC in Charge, NYTimes Article Hello Gang. A few weeks ago Manny Oso came across a great piece from The New York Times by a team a of journalist that put together a list of the 922 most powerful people in America. The article puts faces to people who are apart of the industries that make our world go round. The list includes, CEOs of huge companies, owners of your favorite sport teams, policy makers and policy enforcers and so many more! Here is the part that doesn’t surprise anyone, 80% of these people in power are White. Now that we can see where the chips actually fall, how many of these people do you identify with? Manny asks the listeners to look around their homes and see how the list of 25 Highest Valued Companies is basically scattered around them. Nicky’s reaction over the 25 Highest Values Fasion Companies was less than warming. She mentions how it is amazing that not only are there only 3 People Of Color, but only 4 women. She sees this trend across the article. The article doesn’t tell you anything you don’t know. It’s not a surprise when you see that out of the 99 owners of professional sports teams, only 6 are POC. Even though the majority of the players are POC. Does putting faces to these powerful position change anything for you? Check out the The New York Times article: Faces of Power: 80% Are White, Even as U.S. Becomes More Diverse - https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/09/09/us/powerful-people-race-us.html To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss --- This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: BallotReady: The goal of this initiative is to increase voter education and encourage your listeners to get the vote out during the 2020 General Election this November. https://www.ballotready.org/

    Bubble Bath Stories w/Guest Ree Dillihay

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2020 30:35

    This week the gang is getting Animated! CARTOONS! Something we can all be a fan of, that’s whether you’re a fan of edgy adult humor, magical stories from Pixar, classic anime new & old, or maybe you’re a Pony Bro! (What ever, we don’t judge) Either way, you will enjoy this episode. Our guest today has had his hands in some animation favorites of our’s and your’s. Tyree Dillihay has helped bring us great cartoons such as Drawn Together: The Movie, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, The Venture Bros., & Bob’s Burgers. As an Animator & Animation Director, he brought multiple Emmy nods. As a Creative Consultant, he helped bring the 2019’s short film Hair Love an Academy Award. Ree’s current project is SN’EADS by REE, is sneaker heads comic. If you spend the night thinking about if you are wearing your Jordans or your Lebrons the next morning, this comic is for you. Where you can laugh at the dilemmas of being a sneaker head. He tells about his involvement in Hair Love and being brought on by producer Karen Rupert Toliver and Director Matthew A Cherry. Spoiler Alert: They called that Oscar win like “Kobe!” We go over his involvement with Bob’s Burger’s, and he dishes on the feature film in the works! Which excited the hell out of us! Later, we go over his thoughts on voice actors stepping down from roles they represent and if it really helps cause change. And when Manny Oso asked him about his opinion on the Golden Age of cartoons, Ree gives him a reality check on what he’s been watching! You can find Ree on IG & Twitter @sneadbyree https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7129636/ Let's keep the conversation and support going: IG & FB: @bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz: IG @nickyTrendz Manny Oso: IG @gotnotine4diss --- This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: BallotReady: The goal of this initiative is to increase voter education and encourage your listeners to get the vote out during the 2020 General Election this November. https://www.ballotready.org/

    John Boyega Wars

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2020 32:50

    That right the dynamic duo sit down for a double feature to explain what their theories are about the “Star Wars" storyline and the possible dream sold to Boyega to make him feel like he got the short end of the stick. So let’s dive in: "STAR WARS" STORYLINE THEORY - Ok check it, everyone knows the story of "Star Wars" so we won't bore you. Episode 7,8,9 tells the story of Han Solo and Princess Leia's son who reps the dark side, some chick goes on to follow the journey of being a Jedi, a Stormtrooper who flees and a bunch of other things happened. Now here is the BIGGEST THING ABOUT "Star Wars Episode 7"... The trailer seen around the world was an opening shot of a deserted desert. In the distance you see a Stormtrooper walking through. Then all of a sudden the stormtrooper takes off the helmet! BOOM! (For those of you who aren't Star Wars Stans, This is a SUPER HUGE DEAL! because they never take their helmets off!) the first look of the face is of a... BLACK MAN! (AGAIN! this is a super huge deal in the "Star Wars" universe. In the story of the Skywalkers its always about keeping the family out of the dark side and controlling the skills learned as a Jedi! All the other characters are simply put in the story to give it depth. John Boyega's character is Finn. Now the trailer makes it seem that Finn- the AWOL Stromtrooper is the main attraction for the movie! All everyone spoke on was "OMG there's a black storm-trooper!" Manny who is a "Star Wars" fan makes a point to say even he was fooled by the trailer. GQ UK Magazine Article - Fastforward to Boyega's GQ interview. This interview caused so much controversy for no reason! Here's why: He only briefly touches on his experience while doing the franchise. He spoke on how he felt about how he was dealt with as a member of the "Star Wars" family. Here are a couple of excerpts from his interview: “I’m the only cast member who had their own unique experience of that franchise based on their race,” he says, holding my gaze. “Let’s just leave it like that. It makes you angry with a process like that. It makes you much more militant; it changes you. Because you realize, ‘I got given this opportunity but I’m in an industry that wasn’t even ready for me.’ Nobody else in the cast had people saying they were going to boycott the movie because [they were in it]. Nobody else had the uproar and death threats sent to their Instagram DMs and social media, saying, ‘Black this and black that and you shouldn’t be a Stormtrooper.’ Nobody else had that experience. But yet people are surprised that I’m this way. That’s my frustration. ”Backstory of what could've happened -  As someone who works in production, Nicky is completely aware of the back alley deals that are made. She points out that it is completely within Boyega's right to feel what he feels because she sees it happen on small scales, so lord only knows how it is on a much bigger scale. She believes he was sold a dream as a prominent black character and once the hype dyed down, he was placed on the back burner without being told. Nicky also believes that Disney thought he would be happy just to be apart of the franchise and just do whatever they wanted. They picked the wrong one! To read the GQ UK x John Boyega's interview: https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/culture/article/john-boyega-interview-2020 To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ Guest Penny Serrano of “Labian Nights”

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2020 34:10

    What do you get when you are newly single, on the prowl and ready to get some stuff off your chest? You get “Labian Nights”! A podcast made by our very outspoken guest Penny Serrano! The obvious first question the game throughout her was where do you get a name like Labian Nights?! Penny explains that she found herself having all these conversations with friends about relationships, sex, taboos, and all of that. She decided the world needed to hear and be a part of the conversation. And since “Vagina Monologues” was already taking, Labia was a better word to play on. Don’t let the podcast fool you, Penny briefly touches on the fact that she was in a relationship for 13 years, 5 of which included marriage. She explains that although her partner is an amazing person, she couldn’t continue in a relationship that she wasn’t happy in. So what does a lady do when she is fresh out of a relationship... explores online dating! Penny has had a high and low when it comes to navigating online dating. She makes it clear that going into the world of dating, she is looking for fun and experience, NOT A RELATIONSHIP! which is fair, considering her long term experience as a serious girlfriend turned wife. Penny shared with the world a very sobering experience as a woman during Covid. Serrano explains that during a “situationship” she discovered that she was pregnant. After the initial shock, she made a decision to share the news with the guy she was dating. After speaking with him she decided to terminate the pregnancy. And she has no regrets about it. But she does explain what a lonely situation it was to be in during Covid! This is a conversation you want to miss! To follow Penny and her blush worthy podcast: Penny Serrano- host of “Labian Nights” IG: @peneloppe__ @labiannights https://linktr.ee/pennyserrano To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Explicit Language Required

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2020 16:57

    What a week to get your ears cleaned with holy water! Nicky and Manny are throwing shade at all the fake hoopla surrounding the current success of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s newest single “W.A.P”. Nicky is coming full force against all these “Hatin’ Ass Hoes” out there causing a ruckus over the song and video. Manny, who admits that he isn’t the best at keeping up with new music gave the song 2 thumbs up after a co-worker played it for him. So what is everyone complaining about? Well according to US House Candidate running for Congress in California’s 33rd District James P Bradley tweeted “what happens when children are raised without God and without a strong father figure.” Nicky was very clear in fact-checking that comment, stating “Both of Megan’s parents passed away and Cardi’s father is very much a figure in her life.” This eventually leads to the topic of why is this song such a problem, when male artists literally rap, sing, dance all things related to sex, women’s body, and how every female they know (with the exception of their mothers) are whores. And there really is no answer to that. This song really isn’t as explicit as it could be. Remember Lil Kim, Foxxy Brown, Missy Elliot, and so on, and so on. Nicky goes on to argue that, men especially should not be commenting on this song or video. The song represents women who are proud of their sexuality and having sexual desires. But Cee-Lo, another Hatin ass hoe, commented There was once a time when we were savvy enough to code certain things. We could express to those it was meant for with the style of language we used. But now music is shameless, it is sheer savagery.” A man whose whole vibe is sex! We can go on, but then why would you listen to the show! What do you think is an offensive song? To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss Jame P Bradley Tweet - https://twitter.com/bradleycongress/status/1291735105774522368 Cee-Lo Quote https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/ceelo-green-interview-gnarls-barkley-music-today/

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ Guest Jon Wu

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2020 26:21

    On this episode of Bubble Bath Stories, Nicky and Manny speak with long time friend to the gang Assistant Director Jon Wu. Jon has been in the film industry for 10 plus years, working his way from Production Assistant to his now position as an Assistant Director. As someone who's worked with some of hollywood's biggest names, he made time to soak and talk to us about his latest project “Tigertail.” “ Tigertail” is a multi-generational drama that tells the story of a man’s journey from Taiwan to American with a woman he barely knows or loves to present day relationship with his daughter who feels like they are complete strangers. Wu touches on how reading the script felt like he was reading his own family’s story. He talks about his own family’s journey as they immigrated from Taiwan to Queens, NYC. Jon also speaks on how language in the Asian community is anything but basic. The movie does a great job at differentiating languages via subtitles, something Wu points out is very real in most Asian communities. Your Grandparents may speak Tawianese, but your parents are fluent in Mandrian, and you speak with your siblings in English. Nicky is particularly blown away by this because she already thinks spanish is hard to learn, but having to be fluent in multiple languages to communicate with family members is unfathomable. For Wu, however this was a strength he bought to set. He was able to help direct one of the actors who only spoke Taiwanese. Nicky does mention that while doing research for the interview she came across reviews for the movie that complained the accents of the actors portraying Taiwanese characters were a BIG disappointment, and Jon’s mother was also on that bandwagon of criticism. When asked his opinion on that Jon responded “ I'm mixed with that. It’s a balance, do you want a really good actress with a name that's not from Taiwan or do you want a real Taiwanese person that's not so great… There aren’t a lot of superstars in Taiwan. You can’t perfect everything.” The conversation swifes through the notion of a film like “Crazy Rich Asians” where the cast is filled with big names in Asian Cinema, take away from the story of the film or is it seen more as a powerful assemblage of talent. You won’t want to miss his answer! To catch this Alan Yang film “Tigertail” just log onto your (or whoevers) Netflix account. To keep updated on Jon Wu and his projects follow him: IG: @chinitomendez And to keep up with with the head ducks in charge go to: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz - IG @nickyTrendz Manny Oso - IG @gotnotime4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories w/guest Akilis

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2020 18:26

    Hello Duckies! Manny and Nicky are bringing you an episode of Bubble Bath Stories is something that brings great joy and value to them. And they believe everyone should do something that brings the same to them. Capitalizing on his own abilities and willing to risk his career, Akilis of AkilisMusic, has found joy, value and great success in his new and growing career in music production. It’s not saying enough, though. This guy has worked hard to display his talent to the industry! He’s worked with Drama B, Ario Amanie, Mike el Beta y Luno, & more to produce music ranging from Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Clasical, R&B, Pop, & Reggae/Dancehall. Akilis talks to the gang about his startup and what it was like talking to his family about leaving his job at a bank to be a producer. It’s worth mentioning, within a year, he received a YouTube Award based on his rapid growing subscribers! With his first studio he opened in Ridgewood, Queens and how he decided to go through the route of leasing his music as a stream of income. He goes on about the importance of having different streams of income in endeavours such as these. Hear his music on his Youtube page and see what he is up to: https://www.youtube.com/user/AkilisMusic/featured www.AkilisMusic.com  IG & Twitter @AkilisMusic We start the conversation so you can keep it going! IG & Fb: @bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz: IG @nickytrendz Manny Oso: IG @gotnotime4diss

    The No Prenup Blues

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2020 26:43

    To prenup or NOT to prenup! It is getting heated in the bathtub! This week the couple is talking about divorce and prenups and lack thereof! With the news breaking about Dr. Dre and his wife going down the path of divorce city, the question that comes to mind is “ Who deserves what? And Why do they deserve anything?” The conversation heats up when both hosts start to discuss what exactly qualifies someone to get spousal support. While Nicky understands why someone would ask for spousal support; ie. being a stay at home parent, Manny chimed in with “and make sure the nannies are working.” It didn’t take long for Nicky to comment! Although it is such a messy process, both hosts agree that not everyone has the best intentions when going through it. Although there aren’t too many details about what caused the divorce request from Nicole Young (Dre’s soon to be ex) the duo went on to dissect some other pop culture divorces. Obviously, Nicky and Manny definitely spoke on the priciest divorce of 2019! Amazon king Jeff Bezos! Manny completely understood why the ex-wife of Bezos deserves whatever she gets in the divorce. Especially since Mr. Bezos was caught out there cheating! Manny comes to the defense Mackenzie Bezos, agreeing that a marriage of this stature would be hard to deny that Mackenzie may have hand in helping her husband achieve greatness in some kind of way. It’s not just the fellas that have to pay up. R&B Queen Mary J Blige is one of the ladies paying for the no prenup love. Blige’s ex-husband Kendu Isaacs is credited for not only helping to get her career back on track as well as being a light in life during some dark times. This however was not one of those times. After 13 years of marriage, it was alleged that Isaacs cheated on Blige with her protege. During the court proceedings, Isaacs was granted $130,000 a month in spousal support as well as $30,000 a month for temporary support. Another woman who is happy her ex is married is Jessica Simpson. After her short-lived marriage to boy-bander, Nick Lachey was supposed to be her happily ever after, which is why she was offended that Lachey would even bring up the dirty word. But recently in her memoir “Open Book” she wrote that the choice was her most expensive one. What are your thoughts on the stigma behind prenups and alimony? To keep you with the Ducks in charge follow: Bubblebathstories.co FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ Guest Pastor Frank Gil

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2020 32:15

    This week Nicky and Manny call upon a former high school classmate Youth Pastor Frank Gil to talk about today’s climate, being a youth, and having faith and being religious. Pastor Frank talks with the hosts about his “aha” moment after a mission trip to the Bahamas. It was after that trip when he realized his decision to become baptized as a Christian. At the age of 17, Gil approached his senior year as a football player and a Christian but kept those 2 worlds separate. He talks about how hard it was for him to be open about his faith while in high school, due to the need to fit in and the peer pressure he faced. As time went on he soon realized he needs to fit in, didn't hold weight to his need to live in his truth and his faith. Nicky goes on to ask Pastor Frank - “How do you relate the real world to what the bible says?” he goes on to describe that the best way to relate to the youth is to genuinely care about them. He continued to emphasize that knowing someone truly cares about you, and building a solid relationship. He strategy is to get to know the youth pof his congregation, because although he may not necessarily know what’s hip, he cares enough about the kids to want to know what they are into. Gil knows that there are scriptures that are out of date or counter to our culture as he puts it, but there are parts of the bible that we can connect with. He uses the an example of a follower who is on the path on transition from female to male, Gil made sure that the student understood that they were welcomed and loved at the church. Gil stressed to them that there will be scriptures that they may not agree with and that would be ok. Pastor Frank Gil currently lives in Milwaukee WI, the 2nd largest segregated place currently. Although he is a Pastor who has worked and been around white people, found himself having to answer to a neighbor who questioned him during a walk in his community. Gil continues to tell the story and the emotion he felt through the experience. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS! Here is all the ways you can find and connect with our guest PASTOR FRANK GIL: FrankGil.com Twitter - Pastor_tank Instagram - @Pastor_tank Facebook - Frank Gil 15 minutes with Frank Podcast - (Where you find all your favorite podcast) Here is where you can keep up with the host: Bubble Bath Stories Facebook & Instagram - @BubbleBathStories Nicky Trendz-IG @nickyTrendz Manny Oso- IG @gotnotime4diss

    The Kanye Candidate

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2020 16:34

    Season 3 has officially started!!!!!! Nicky and Manny are back and ready to piss some people off! This first episode is dedicated to all those snowflakes out there, who are running ragged screaming about Kanye West running for president! If you have been living under a rock, this isn’t the first time Mr. West has declared his want and need to run for president during the 2016 election. But later we find out it was all for an album drop. Nicky is speechless as to all the chaos this announcement has caused. She is actually offended that so many high profile democrats are worried younger democrats are going to vote for him as a joke, or because he is a celebrity! Manny is more offended that other independent candidates aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Candidates who have actual policies, who have been on the campaign trail since day one! Kanye plans on running with Wyoming Pastor Michelle Tidball (another person with no political background), which Manny points out is a bit of a gray area to the whole separation of Church & State. Manny advocates that if you are looking to vote independently, take a look into Andrew Yang (we are not endorsing). West is allegedly being advised by friend Elon Musk & wife Kim Kardashian-West. During his Fobes interview, West was asked about his policies in which he replied “I don’t know if I would use the word policy for the way I would approach things. I don’t have a policy when I went to Nike and designed Yeezy and went to Louis and designed a Louis Vuitton at the same time. It wasn’t a policy, it was a design. We need to innovate the design to be able to free the mind at this time,” made the following declarations: - Foreign Policy “I haven’t developed it yet. I’m focused on protecting America, first, with our great military. Let’s focus on ourselves first.” - Tax Policy “I will research that with the strongest experts that serve God and come back with the best solution. And that will be my answer for anything that I haven’t researched. I have the earplug in and I’m going to use that earplug.” - Pro-Life “because I’m following the word of the Bible,” “Thou shalt not kill. I’m against the death penalty,” “Planned Parenthoods have been placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work.” And soooooo much more! Nicky goes on to ask a simple question to all the people who are so concerned with Kim Kardashian- West being potential First Lady, “How many innocent people have you freed from prison?” Manny also includes that i=the country would be so lucky to have a First Lady like Mrs. West. Both hosts agree that albeit the family can be problematic, Kim has definitely put her money where her mouth is when it comes to helping make a change. And get over the damn sex tape already!!! It’s so outdated to use that as a reason she shouldn’t be in the White House. GET A GRIP! Duckies - This is just the first episode back!! If you want to check out the Forbes interview featuring Kanye West check the link below: https://www.forbes.com/sites/randalllane/2020/07/08/kanye-west-says-hes-done-with-trump-opens-up-about-white-house-bid-damaging-biden-and-everything-in-between/#21bb60c747aa To keep up with the head Ducks in charge follow: FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz IG: @nickyTRENDZ Manny Oso IG: @gotnotime4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ the ladies of Rock Bottom

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2020 33:12

    FIRST FACEBOOK LIVE SHOW!...and Manny Oso was nowhere around! Nicky Trendz held down the fort to chat up with the ladies of a promising new project "Rock Bottom". Although COVID-19 put a holt to their in person meeting, the gang got with the times and went LIVE! Co-creators Jasmine Ellis and Mariah Torres, along with Director Lou Robinson speak with the #rubberduckygang about their very promising project "Rock Bottom". A 30 minute comedy, inspired by real events that have happened in the lives of Ellis and Torres. The ladies speak on their individual journeys that lead them to become a creating trio. As the interview goes on, Mariah reveals the concept of the show came from her and Jasmine actually living in her car! Mariah also talks about the hardest decision she had to face in the pursuit of her dream. Jasmine speaks on how one on the outside knew about their situation. Lou talks about the importance of investing in yourself. The ladies have put in their blood, sweat and their own cash flow to hold events to showcase all their hard work. you can find out more about the ladies and their project "Rock Bottom": ROCK BOTTOM - The Show FB: @RockBottomTheShow1 IG: @rockbottomtheshow WEBSITE: https://www.multielementproduction.com Let's keep the conversation and support going: IG & FB: @bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz: IG @nickyTrendz Manny Oso: IG @gotnotine4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ Randy Santel

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2020 21:48

    Did we find someone interesting for you guys today! When was the last time you ordered a meal with eyes bigger than you stomach? Not this guy! The #rubberduckygang spoke to professional eater Randy Santel. Randy has spent over 10 years traveling all across the 50 U.S. states and 37 different countries, participating and recording food challenges from restaurants all across the cuisine choices. From steaks dinners lager than a baby, to gyros that can feed a small family, Randy hasn’t heard a good challenge he won’t do. Just don’t ask him to eat anything too spicy! Along with that, Randy is also a certified personal trainer with a bachelor’s in dietetics. In this episode, Randy talks about what got him into his challenges including some of his favorite, more memorable ones. And with over 829 successes under his belt, he had plenty to choose from. They also talk about his plans on becoming a registered dietitian and his website FoodChallenges.com, where he gives his best tips for anyone trying to follow his challenges. Listen to this episode and you’ll hear Randy’s take on being a professional eater, misconceptions people have on competition eaters, and why we never see close-up shots at a hot dog eating challenge. Look up his website, FoodChallenges.com to find a challenge near you and to read tips from the pro. Visit his YouTube page, https://www.youtube.com/user/RandySantel to see all his challenges! And follow him on Twitter @RandySantel to get updates on his new upcoming food tour across America! We start the conversations, so you can keep them going! IG & FB: @bubblebathstories. Nicky Trendz: IG @nickyTrendz Manny Oso: IG @gotnotine4diss

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ Matt Senn

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2020 33:01

    A while ago we hatched a plot to head to Florida for WWE WrestleMania 36. Unfortunately, because of the turn of events, the health pandemic canceled those plans for us. Before that, we had a chance to speak with Matt Senn of Wrestle Life Radio, and he went over his thoughts on the state of WWE wrestling. Manny asks him about The Miz and his struggle for respect, CM Punk’s debut in WWE, & his opinion on older stars taking airtime from new stars. Nicky speaks to Matt about the state of Women’s wrestling as he goes over a mini timeline of how they have progressed. Also, they chat about wrestlers who go on to Hollywood and attempt a return to the ring. Don’t forget to check out their show Wrestle Life Radio, too, anywhere you’re listen to podcasts! IG: @wrestleliferadio Matt Senn @wrestlelifematt We start the conversations, So you can keep them going! IG & FB: @bubblebathstories. Nicky Trendz: IG @nickyTrendz Manny Oso: IG @gotnotine4diss

    ‘RONA your least favorite relative

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2020 17:54

    Coronavirus aka COVID-19 aka fun killer is all the world can talk about, even in the tub! In this episode Nicky and Manny are grateful to be co-host who live together, so they can still give you duckies your fix. The duo talk about how the corona virus tried to destroy the joy of Nicky's birthday and failed. Nicky gives a huge shout out to all the people to trekked to the bar to wish her a happy birthday. While on a birthday high, they did receive some bad news. Their trip to Wrestlemania 36 is CANCELLED! Although WWE is still holding Wrestlemania 36 in Orlando Florida, there will be no audience! trying to take lemons and make lemonade, by stil going to Florida proved to be another fail. With their families social distancing, and bars and clubs closed for 30 days Nicky and Manny decided to let the Wrestlemania dream go. To answer your question, NO they will no be watching the super awkward Wrestling matches. If you ever wonder what its like to watch wrestles wrestle with no audience, its brutal! Poor Manny really did dedicate so much time to WWE to make sure he knew what was going on in preparation for Wrestlmania 36. To answer your follow-up question... NO. We will not be going to Wrestlemania 37! With everything going on Bubble Bath Stories wants everyone to appreciate and be nice to the people on the fore front of this. Not just the doctors and nurses, but all the teams working around the clock to keep the grocery stores stocked, open and moving. The custodial crews that are working to keep things clean, the restaurant workers working double time with half the staff and the double orders. The teachers trying to figure out how to keep their students on track virtually , the blue collar works who are making sure you can get to where you need to. #rubberduckygang salutes you. Nicky cant help but sympathize with all the people who are missing/ or postponing important milestones: High School/College seniors missing graduation; prom; senior trips/festivities; Student Athletes who are missing on their last seasons. Brides/grooms! e are sure the list goes on. With a million different conspiracy theories out there, Nicky throws out that perhaps the zombie apocalypse isn't so far fetched at this point. Manny begs to differ. Bubble Bath is urging all of you out there, to take this serious! We all know the $95 roundtrip flights are too hard to resist, but the virus is literally shutting down countries. During all this we here at Bubble Bath Stories want to do our part to help! First, we will be selling merchandise meant for Wrestlemania 36 - Bandanas w/ our logo - and taking 50% of the proceeds and donating them to a cause to help people in need during this time. We are also going to be re-posting  links to help keep the kids on routine, any links to help with those in need, anything to help keep spirits up at this weird ass time. Let’s keep this conversation going: What is the best method to keep sane during quarantine? Links for Students of all ages: https://www.helpfullinks.org/helpfullinks/index.cfm?ID=4 https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html http://gws.ala.org/category/sites-parents-caregivers-teachers-others Links for those who want to help: https://www.eater.com/2020/3/17/21182293/coronavirus-relief-funds-restaurants-food-service-workers https://pledgeit.org/for/athletesforrelief https://www.gofundme.com/f/44ndst-relief-fund-for-hollywood-support-staff https://www.epa.gov/recycle/donating-food We will keep you updated!! FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories IG Manny: @gotnotime4diss IG Nicky: @NickyTrendz Become a member of #Rubberduckygang at www.bubblebathstories.co

    It’s A Celebration Bitches

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2020 18:41

    It’s that time of the year again. March 13th is just around the corner, and that means our Co-Host Nicky Trendz has a birthday to celebrate. So, as a special treat, Manny Oso sat down with the Birthday Girl to help you guys learn a little more about her. If you didn’t know, Nicky has been part of that broadcasting life from day one! Never one to sit down and blend in, Manny Oso has her talk about her first try at YouTube. Don’t try to search it, she’ll hate you forever! Also, her try as the female voice in guy’s podcast. Then, to an all female show. We briefly learn about her schooling background in Manahattanville and what direction she aleventually wants to take her creativity. LET’S KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING!! What’s something you wanna hear more about? Have you seen or heard her past work? Do you have a Nicky Trendz story? We wanna hear it! Also, don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday. She loves that kinda stuff. This Friday, March 13, 2020, we celebrate Nicky Trendz! FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories IG Nicky: @NickyTrendz IG Manny: @gotnotime4diss Become a member of #Rubberduckygang at www.bubblebathstories.co

    The Airing Of Grievances

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2020 18:23

    HELLO DUCKIES! Hope to not disappoint you but no guest just Nicky and manny and their grievances! So lets get into it... First up... Celebrity endorsed commercials! What’s the deal with them. After Nicky saw the Coke Energy Super Bowl commercial featuring Jonah Hill and Martin Scorsese, she couldn’t let go of the fact the commercial made no sense. Between the odd party scene and Hill going to what appeared to a local bodega to get the energy drink! So are we to believe that he 1) wouldn’t already have his fridge stocked with it 2) he wouldn’t be drinking sugar free Red Bull 3) Martin would actually be at a party like that? This grievance led to the discussion of other commercials featuring celebrities trying to make sure believe they are just regular folks. Nicky just isn’t buying what these companies are putting down. Next up: Over zealous corona virus worry worts. Manny can’t get over how people are going crazy buying up mask, and an abundance of Lysol wipes and anti bacterial hand sanitizer. Nicky explains that a surgical mask wont help you not get sick, it’s more for people who already have it. To prevent getting sick there is a different mask you need. She also points out that most likely these masks are coming from Asia. Manny also stressed that Corona Beer HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VIRUS!!! With the namesake disease Corona beer found their sales and stocks plummeting due to dumb people. Manny goes on to talk about a meme he saw comparing the over kill of caution for the Corona Virus but the lack approach to safe sex during the height of AIDS. Seems like society picks and choose what to go crazy over. The gang also goes on to speak on the rise of racism toward Asian people because of the outbreak of Corona Virus. Here is a simple solution.. WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS! Finally - Last but not least, NY ONE TIME PLASTIC USE BAN. The time has come where New York is taking initiative to combat the problem of pollution and liter. Normally Nicky wouldn’t have a problem helping the earth, but this is just a super inconvenience! After a trip to the grocery store Nicky found herself dumbfounded that she had to carry a brown bag with no handles before the office ban started. And Nicky being Nicky couldn’t help but think of the following: 1. How are we suppose to carry multiple bags? 2. What if it rains? 3. What do we do if a store doesn’t have a paper bags and you don’t have a tote? 4. Am i suppose to ALWAYS carry a tote bag around? The complaining could go on and on but we know you get it. Let’s keep this conversation going: Is your state banning plastic bags? What are some celebrity commercials you find hard to believe? What are your precautions toward the corona virus? Celebrity Commercials: Coke Energy - https://youtu.be/-gAZRN3SCBw Hyundai Sonata - https://youtu.be/85iRQdjCzj0 Rocket Mortgage - https://youtu.be/g2ERWFMLptw FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories IG Manny: @gotnotime4diss IG Nicky: @NickyTrendz Become a member of #Rubberduckygang at www.bubblebathstories.co

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ Justin Curet

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 26, 2020 19:06

    Bubble Bath Stories has covered and spoken in depth about the vaping epidemic taking over. It wasn’t until recently that this epidemic hit close to the #rubberduckygang. On this show the crew spoke with long time #rubberduckygang member Justin Curet on his recent health scare. In the early month of 2020, Justin began to feel ill, chalking it up to just a bug he continued about his day. It was later on in the day he began to feel worse, and his mother’s intuition that urged hm to go the hospital. It was there the doctors diagnosed Justin with walking pneumonia. If that wasn’t bad enough, after further testing doctors were able to see damage in his lungs. After answering some of the doctor’s questions, they determined the damage was in fact caused by vaping. Justin admits to taking part in e-cigarettes as a way to smoke less cigarettes. He also admitted to vaping THC to make sure the doctors had all the info. Justin goes on to talk through the emotions and how he processed what the doctors told him. This is definitely an episode worth listening to! LET’S KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING: now knowing how dangerous vaping is, should the whole device be banned, and not just the flavors? To follow our guest go to: IG: @Justin_John1592 FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories IG Manny: @gotnotime4diss IG Nicky: @NickyTrendz

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ Tammy Tilson & Kimberly Simonetti

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 12, 2020 43:01

    HAPPY ALMOST LOVE DAY! Your favorite couple is joined by east coast matchmakers The Match Pro ladies Tammy Tilson & Kimberly Simonetti. These ladies did not start their journeys as matchmakers, Tammy Tilson a LCSW-C has spent 20 years as a as a psychotherapist specializing in martial relationships. Kimberly Simonetti is an award winning Master Photographer who specialized in romantic portraits. WIth their individual skills these two found a matchmade in business heaven! The perfect duo to help those Rubber Duckies out there looking for love. Nicky and Manny know way too many great people who are single, and they just can't figure out why! One of the gem these ladies dropped was that some people just have way too many unrealistic standards, and bending on some of those "standards" doesn't mean you are settling. The women speak on clients who come in as a 4 thinking that they are going to get a 10! They shared a story about a recent speed dating event where a gentleman was taken back by a woman, who just wasn't into him. After some persuading, Tammy and Kimberly talked their client into giving that guy a chance. The end result... She could not be more smitten with the guy! The hosts also relay to Kimberly and Tammy, they know a couple of people who are very much entangled in the lives of their exes. Nicky wondered how would it be possible for them to move on if this is their situation. Tammy plain and simply said "if that is the case, they are not ready to move on." They also suggested that in order to really move on it has to be on their terms and when they are ready, but it will be difficult if they continue to allow their lives to be heavily influenced by an ex. Nicky also points out that it would also lead to an awkward dating life for a potential new partner. If you want to know more about these matchmaking angels, check out their website at www.thematchpro.com. Let’s keep this conversation going: what do you think about matchmakers? What do you think is the best way to meet a potential partner? The Match Pro: IG: @b.morethematchpro FB: The MatchPro FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories IG Manny: @gotnotime4diss IG Nicky: @NickyTrendz Become a member of #Rubberduckygang at www.bubblebathstories.co

    Sunday Cliff Notes

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 29, 2020 18:05

    This week Nicky and Manny are giving Cliff notes of all events of Sunday. Instead of being a night of celebrations and wins, but instead we were met with sadness, grief and shock. Nicky and Manny speak about where they were when they were alerted of the news of NBA great Kobe Bryant’s untimely death. Although Manny wanted to believe it was “fake news” it was unfortunately the opposite. As the day went on, it was also reported the other victims that were aboard the helicopter were his 13 yr old daughter Gigi, Mamba Academy coaches, parents and 2 of Gigi’s Mamba teammates, as well as the pilot of the helicopter. Nicky and Manny didn’t go into details of the crash, but they did describe the upmost remorse for Vanessa Bryant’s loss. As Nicky went on to describe her sadness, she got chocked up trying to even imagine the emotional toll of what it is like to lose not only the love of your life but also your daughter. What should have been a day to process., mourn an share love it obviously took a turn to highlight controversy in Bryant’s life. This tragedy seems to have bought out the worst of people using their platforms to exploit this terrible lost. The duo also conveyed their disgust for those people. The feelings of remorse didn’t stop there, Nicky went on to describe all the artist and celebrities who took the Grammy stage to pay tribute to the great late basketball player. From Alicia Keys and Boys II Men opening number of “It’s So Hard To say Goodbye”, to Lizzo’s dedication, to DJ Khalid walking the red carpet with a shirt of Kobe the day he signed to the NBA. Nicky also relived the astonishing comeback performance of her new single “Anyone”. And to lighten the heavy load, Manny came in with some WWE’s Royal Rumble highlights. Nicky was disappointed with Roman Reign not making then cut. Manny boosted about how the women of wrestling were on top of their game for the big event. Manny also gave high praise to Charlotte Flair’s work in the ring, while not depending on her famous last name. Let’s keep this conversation going: FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories IG Manny: @gotnotime4diss IG Nicky: @NickyTrendz Become a member of #Rubberduckygang at www.bubblebathstories.co RIP all those who lost their lives too soon: SARAH CHESTER -45 PAYTON CHESTER -13 ARA ZOBAYAN -50 CHRISTINA MAUSER-38 JOHN ALTOBELLI -56 KERI ALTOBELLI -46 ALYSSA ALTOBELLI -13 GIANNA BRYANT -13 KOBE BRYANT -41

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ Brock Fabbri

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 22, 2020 18:00

    This week, all the way from Tampa Florida Brock Fabbri stops by the bathroom to chat a bit with Nicky and Manny. The original #Rubberduckygang member has been named as an honorary New Yorker after a wild night with Manny and company. He appreciated the experience and even picked up some key phrases like “ongawd”. Brock happily touches upon an upcoming cruise to the Caribbean. That lead Nicky to explain why she doesn’t do cruises. Nicky is getting ganged up on, as she explains why cruises are the worst! They may not agree on cruises, but they definitely agree that teenagers are actually the worst!Everyone shares the exact moments when they realized how weird teenagers really are. The gang talks about what they are binging these days, why manny can’t let tv be tv, and Nicky faces ridicule for never seeing breaking bad.  Come join the conversation:  FB & IG: @Bubblebathstories Brock Fabbri - IG @fabreezy44  Manny Oso - IG @gotnotime4diss  Nicky Trendz - IG @Nickytrendz

    Bubble Bath Stories w/ Chris “Black Ass Boy” Eustache

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 15, 2020 21:10

    What a time to be alive! The duo are so happy to have their friend and fellow brunch squad member Chris “Black Ass Boy” Eustache on the show. Nicky and Manny speak to Chris about his hilarious internet videos. Chris talks about how everyday life events inspire his videos. Nicky talks about her favorite video the involves a nosey atm and a patron In a rush! (Link below) Chris is not just a comedian, he is also a world traveler. He speaks on his most recent solo trip to Asia, specifically to Japan and Thailand. Nicky not only is impressed with people who can do anything by themselves, but she also expresses just how impressed she is that Chris can make friends with with anyone, anywhere. The duo also pokes fun at his international love-cap aces! Let's start a conversation! IG & FB: @bubblebathstories IG: Manny Oso - @gotnotime4diss IG: Nicky Trendz - @nickyTrendz his page. Link Below To check out all of Chris’ videos check: Chris “Black Ass Boy” Eustache: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/blackassboy Facebook: Blackassboy IG: @blckassboy

    ...This is 2020.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 8, 2020 14:54

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! The dynamic duo is back after a restfully busy holiday break! Nicky and Manny are keeping it short this week but nothing less than fun. Even though 1/1/2020 and Manny are all about the new year’s resolution, Nicky is taking more of a “positive intention” route for the new year. Nicky and Manny are also kinda disappointed that the technology is nothing they thought it would be in the year 2020. Nicky is also perplexed as to why NYC MTA is still trash! And also comes to the realization that “Back to the Future” is no longer relevant! 2020 also brings the lost of “Friends” on Netflix! But Manny also begs the question “Why isn’t “King of Queens” on any streaming site?”. Lets start a conversation: What do you want to see on the streaming sites this year? What do you want to come out of 2020? IG & FB: @BubbleBathStories IG: Manny Oso - @gotnotime4diss IG: Nicky Trendz - @nickyTrendz

    Parent/Teacher Conference

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2019 18:20

    To extend the school day or not to extend the school day?, that is the question! A question Nicky Trendz and Manny Oso are exploring this week with guest Courtney Edwards. The conversation stemmed from a bill former 2020 Presidential candidate Kamala Harris was working on. The Family Friendly School Act proposed extending the school day by 3 hours to help alleviate the working parents financial burden of child care. When Nicky came across a post about this, she strolled the comments before reading the article to gage what the opinion was on the matter. As she was reading she observed many parents arguing that this is a terrible idea, and kids need to be kids, and parents SHOULD find jobs that allow them to work remotely or have flexible hours. After reading the article Nicky herself felt that it wasnt such a bad idea, but there was room for improvement. Courtney Edwards who is a 2nd grade teacher and parent, was at first oppressed to this whole ordeal. She was going to be a guest who would debate why this was a bad idea, against someone who though opposite. However through corresponding with the host and doing more research on the bill, she soon changed her out take on the whole thing. Courtney gave insight as a teacher why this may work in some states and what kind of schools would benefit from this. She also gave perspective as a working mother who sometimes misses out on quality time with her child due to work. Here is one of the points Courtney shared “In short, I think this bill has some promise. It’s a start. I do believe the wording need to be a bit more precise and the language and requirements should be carefully reviewed and crafted to ensure that the bill does what it actually was created to do. " To learn more about Courtney Edwards be sure to check out her blog at www.EverythingCourt.com, and on IG @EverythingCourt. Lets start a conversation: PARENTS, TEACHERS, STUDENTS... your thoughts matter on this! HOw do you feel about school day being extended an extra 3 hours? IG & FB: @BubbleBathStories IG: Manny Oso - @gotnotime4diss IG: Nicky Trendz - @nickyTrendz

    When All The Bubbles Pop, You Got This!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2019 22:20

    This week our host speak with respected author and trauma therapist Whitney Boole, LMFTA M.A on the traumatic experience of divorce and how to heal from it. Boole has used experience of her divorce to help other heal, with her book "You Got This: Healing Through Divorce." In the book, Boole uses personal stories of heartache and trauma to not only relate to the reader but to also embark on a journey of healing. Although Manny and Nicky are not married, they both have been products of divorced parents, and have been third parties to crumbling marriages. Manny brought up an interesting question about what is the best approach when a child whose parents are going through a divorce ask and ask an outsider "what's goin on?". Boole, who has children of her own, speaks on the importance of helping a child continue to feel like a child. She expresses the best approach is l to allow the child to speak without making them feel like they are going through an interrogation. The three also go on to speak on how generational and cultural differences can sometimes morph the ideology of divorce as well. If you or someone you know is going throught a divorce, Whitney offers an array of resources on her website. To learn more about Whitney Boole be sure to check her out at: https://www.whitneyboole.com/ . This is definitely an episode you won't want to miss! Let's start a conversation: What are some deal breakers for you to end a marriage? IG & FB: @bubblebathstories IG: Manny Oso - @gotnotime4diss IG: Nicky Trendz - @nickyTrendz

    The Bubbles, They Are A Changin’

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2019 27:34

    An innocent bar crawl opens up the eyes of the Rubber Ducky Gang. After seeing the changes that have been made in their neighborhood, Nicky Trendz wanted to start a conversation on Gentrification. Not that she doesn’t love having a new brewery open every month in Ridgewood, Queens. She just wonders about the possible displacement going on! The questions comes up of how these new businesses are helping the neighborhood they open shop in. Are they employing locals or transplants? Are they using local vendors for menu items or chain-establishments? How do the neighbors feel about non-native people who come just to drink and take up precious limited parking spots?! Manny Oso chimes in here, too. With the popularity of the Todd Phillips’ Joker film, fans have been flocking to the stair streets of the Highbrodge neighborhood in The Bronx. The problem with this, is there have been no changes, clean ups or updates. No new stores or “Joker Breweries” to help the neighborhood keep tourists coming. Instead, a flood of influencers and selfie sticks! Locals have complained about the people who are just getting in the way of regular commuters and yet some have looked at it as hope for positive change in The Bronx. We can only start this conversation, Duckies! You have to keep it going! Tell us all about it by following us: IG & FB: @bubblebathstories Nicky Trendz: IG @nickyTrendz Manny Oso: IG @gotnotime4diss [[Also! BONUS CONTENT!! the Rubber Ducky Gang has brought on co-founder of Kreaky Products for a short reveiw on some of their featured products! Join Nicky Trendz and Manny Oso as they speak to leading lady Chica about what the female-run Kreaky Products has to offer us all! They go over her inspiration of how she started the company! And Manny Oso list all the things he tried to infuse and if they worked or not!]]

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