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This is a show all about pirates- anime pirates that is! Join two obsessive fans of the hit anime One Piece and their less knowledgeable friend as they make their way through every episode of the series.

Joel & Kat

    • Nov 9, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
    • weekly NEW EPISODES
    • 55m AVG DURATION
    • 225 EPISODES

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    Latest episodes from King Of The What Now?

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E35: Lightly Salted! Alice Has Parents!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2022 37:57

    Timestamps3:31 Discussion Question 7:34 Succinct Summaries 13:30 Delicious Party 21:23 Doki Doki 31:59 Love Letters 35:00 Looking Ahead Discussion QuestionWe pitch a season in which the lead has a twin sister who works for the bad guys! And also discuss dark reflections in PreCure Delicious Party Someone asked Delicious Party to tell them a story about baseball and we got a story about... loss, and our limited time in this world Doki DokiThese episodes are all about parents! First we meet Alice's dad and get a baby Alice flashback origin story. Then, it turns out Rikka is a good mom, and Ai's crying can.... power up the Distains?!? Oh no!

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E34: Slurp It! Is That a Mother-Licking DRAGON?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2022 50:56

    Timestamps 2:20 Discussion Question 8:24 Succinct Summaries 15:40 Star Twinkle Quick Thoughts 20:03 Delicious Party 32:47 Doki Doki 44:07 Love Letters 47:00 Crack Theories/Looking Ahead Lead in DiscussionWe theoretically talk about PreCure crossed with Romantic Killer, but also we get distracted talking about Gundam in general Star Twinkle Kat has finished her watch of Star Twinkle and she gives her thoughts. Delicious PartyIn the first of the two episodes, a noodle recepipi has gone missing and the group must find it before the noodle festival is ruined! And also Mem mem can... use noodles to see the future? Um.... Alright. Moving on, the Halloween themed episode is about Amane's catholic guilt for the naughty thoughts she tries not to think. Doki DokiThere's a lot happening across these four episodes- First the fairies are able to take on human forms and are overall adorable. Then, we get some lore and the girls have to fight... a DRAGON!?! In order to retrieve a powerful mirror artifact. Then they must contend with Gula and Leva's most evil plan yet. And finally, Ira is equipped with a power up ring and almost ruins the school festival, but Aguri has learned an important lesson about how great Mana is.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E33: Toasted! Doppleganger Hijinks Ensue!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2022 48:03

    Timestamps 1:50 Discussion Question: Vessel & Spirit PreCure 5:47 Succinct Summaries 11:58 Doki Doki 27 & 28 34:38 Delicious Party 31 42:34 Love Letters 45:06 Looking Ahead Lead in Discussion We ponder a PreCure season in which middle school girl and the PreCure are two separate identities, perhaps spanning across time Doki DokiIt's time to learn about Aguri- specifically that she lives with her grandma, she can only transform into Cure Ace for 5 minutes at a time, that she has no friends at school and (in the Glitter Force version) she's not from Earth?!? Also Gula and Leva are now married and we wish them all the best. Delicious PartyYui and a princess from a nearby nation decide to reenact Barbie's Princess and the Pauper. Yui is super adorable, Takumi is once again left out of the hijinx, and Cure Precious thwarts a kidnapping attempt?!?

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E32: Chilled! Festival Time & An Unexpected Ship!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2022 69:51

    Timestamps4:54 Discussion Question: PreCure Boarding School 10:44 Succinct Summaries 15:42 Doki Doki 43:06 Delicious Party 1:02:41 Heartfelt Messages 1:07:24 Looking Ahead Lead in Discussion We ponder a PreCure boarding School, optionally divided into houses, much like the Young Adult Series: Percy Jackson Doki Doki Alice and RIkka get their turns on the growth wheel! Alice wonders how she can protect people and decides to do so by protecting people, but the episode is REALLY about Sebastian being incredible and having more sides to his personality. Rikka, on the other hand, cares for an amnesia stricken Ira and the two... start to form a romance, potentially?!? We were not expecting that. Delicious Party It's festival time, baby! Mari takes on the central role as they compete with another couple to see who will produce the best fried noodles! Also Secretoru has space time powers... maybe?!? What's that all about?

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E31: Candied! Who Is This Unsupervised Child!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2022 61:57

    Timestamps 4:10 Lead In Discussion 10:25 Succinct Summaries 18:39 Doki Doki 23/24 47:20 Delicious Party 29 54:45 Heartfelt Messages 58:45 Looking Ahead Lead in Discussion We pitch a season themed around podcasts, how topical! Doki Doki Two new baddies roll up, and one gives us yikes vibes for the wrong reasons, but we don't sense any malice from the show runners. We also meet Ace's civillian form and ask ourselves, who is this? What does this child want? Why is she so RUDE? Then both Mana and Makoto discover what it means to love, and Ai Freaking Brain-parasites herself into Mana's Mom's Mind. Momma Mia! Delicious Party Delicious party also rolls out a new character, an enby icon, and secretoru does a thing! Sadly, Narcistoru's buddy cop adventure with Mari seems to be but a forgotten dream.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E30: Boiling! Mana Fails The Trolley Problem!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2022 48:27

    Timestamps2:43 News/Announcements 3:19 Lead in Discussion 7:28 Succinct Summaries 13:20 Delicious Party 22:50 Doki Doki PreCure 41:19 Doki Doki Love Letters 45:00 Looking Ahead/Crack Theories Check out Magical Girl Ayu's tweet calling for questions/comments about the Delicious Party movie! Lead in Discussion Well, we don't really talk about PreCure seasons in this one- we just recommend the Locked Tomb Series by Tamsyn Muir, a book about lesbian space necromancers in the future with lots of Catholic imagery. Delicious Party Narcistoru has one last chance to impress his boss and he teases the PreCure for being weak, only for Kome Kome to awaken the power inside of her (it's love, alright?) and they capture the handsome boy, inspiring a new ship in Kathryn's heart Doki DokiThe Doki Doki girls (+ Joe) have to go to the Trump Kingdom to save Regina and the Princess, teaching Regina what love is along the way and converting her to the side of good. Then, we get a beach episode in which Regina is immediately converted back to the side of evil and the girls are almost defeated, until a mysterious fifth cure appears!

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E29: Syrupy! Professor Ran & How To Embrace the Weird!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2022 43:19

    Timestamps 3:24 Lead in Discussion 8:08 Succinct Summaries 13:07 Delicious Party 27 24:58 Doki Doki 19 & 20 37:48 Doki Doki Love Letters 39:25 Looking Ahead Lead In Discussion We try to plan a season based around weddings, and come up with wedding planning, funnily enough. Delicious Party Kome Kome feels like a freak for having the cutest ears and tail in the world. Also Ran invents a candy bubble wand. Also Narcistoru... killed Spiritoru? Also also, there was a Kome Kome I? A Kome Kome prime, if you will? Very interesting. Doki Doki We get a sports themed episode in which Regina cheats- of course she does- and Mana and co. have to overcome these obstacles with the power of friendship. The second episode involves a trek up the mountain, Regina's evil is purged from her system, and the Queen is found- but then Regina and the Queen are taken by the Mercenares. What a rollercoaster of emotions!

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E28: Bitter! Green Pepper v Crusty Pan Barrier!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2022 52:38

    Timestamps5:28 Succinct Summaries 11:08 Delicious Party 26 26:15 Doki Doki 17 & 18 41:58 Doki Doki Love Letters 46:53 Looking Ahead Delicious Party PreCure Kokone and Kome Kome try to enjoy green peppers, and then a monster attacks. There isn't much more to say, other than we really liked the comedy in this episode, and hooray! Takumi was actually included in group activities! Doki Doki PreCure Regina continues to try to learn what friendship could be, but seems to be possessed.... by the red royal crystal? Or becomes evil while admiring it? Anyways, she has gone full greedy, and Joe Okada has secretly been a knight of the Trump Kingdom this whole time! And then the Doki Doki girls go on a train ride, learn about the Princess, and then Mana fights a train and wins.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E27: Oven-Baked! A Robot Thief and Mana's Goblin Princess!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2022 55:01

    Timestamps01:55 Discussion Question 07:12 Succinct Summaries 16:11 Max Heart 41-47 Finale! 21:36 Doki Doki 15 & 16 36:35 Delicious Party 44:50 Heartfelt Messages 51:44 Looking Ahead Lead-In Discussion We ask ourselves, "How can we bring the identity formula of Ladybug & Cat Noir to PreCure." And stumble upon releasing 2 seasons of PreCure in parallel. We can all dream. Max Heart With the conclusion of Max Heart, we focus more on the final battle. As you may have guessed, Joel was lukewarm on the finale, but Kat had more compliments to throw its way. Doki Doki PreCure Doki Doki's first episode is about Makoto acting in a play, and it was alright. But then, in the second episode we watched this week, Regina the goblin offers to be Mana's friend, and hijinx ensue! We here at Cure of the WHAT Now?! love Regina. Long may she reign. Delicious Party PreCure This week's villain is a robot that is mistaken momentarily for a ghost? I guess there goes Joel's theory about a werewolf Narcistoru, but it's a cute little episode.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E26: Charbroiled! Cure Rosetta Rises & Adventures of Baby Chicken!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2022 61:15

    Timestamps2:45 News/Announcements 7:28 Discussion Question 13:05 Succinct Summaries 24:25 Max Heart Movie 2 32:45 Doki Doki 13/14, Glitter Force 10 47:17 Delicious Party 24 51:42 Doki Doki Love Letters 57:33 Looking Ahead Lead In Discussion Kat asks how we would try to write a Max Heart movie, and your hosts decide a focus on Hikari would be great Max Heart Movie 2 This movie had everything: PreCure fighting PreCure, rejected Jojo's villains, and the world's hottest chicken! Doki Doki/Glitter Force Alice and Rikka each get an episode dedicated to them, and we love every minute of it. Alice proves that the power of friendship is incredible and she's a serious heavy hitter as she smacks Marmo around. Then, Rikka has discovered a new hobby: Magic the Gathering! And we talk about creative Distain fights Delicious Party PreCure Kome Kome and Pam Pam have a falling out, but more importantly Yui and Ran struggle to find a single brain cell, Amane tries to bust a cap in Narcistoru, and he has a mullet?!?

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E25: Deep-Fried! The Tragedy of the Donut Holes!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2022 52:29

    Timestamps 2:31 Discussion Question 6:28 Succinct Summaries 10:23 Delicious Party 23 19:46 Doki Doki 11/12 38:36 Max Heart 30-40 49:23 Looking Ahead Lead In Discussion We attempt to cross the worlds of One Piece and PreCure, firmly deciding Chopper is the fairy of the season. Delicious Party PreCure Kokone's harrowing backstory is revealed, and boy do we have opinions about her parents! Doki Doki/Glitter Force Bel turns into a cell phone, and Ira into an elephant in these episodes! But also, Makoto learns a bit about friendship, Mana continues to be a super woman, Glitter Force erases Rikka's gay vibes, and a mysterious woman appears! Kat predicts she'll be a total b, and is already rooting for the mysterious girl. Max Heart Joel sacrifices his life energy to go through 11 episodes of Max Heart. We can't cover all the material with our short time, but Hikari and the anti-Christ have another meeting and some people mutter about secrets- we learn Nagisa loves Period dramas, there's a pear-shaped heartiel, and! Both Nagisa and Ryota learn to Enjoy Sports in separate episodes

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E24: Sugary Sweet! PreCure Can Get Married!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 41:28

    Timestamps 1:33 News/Announcements 3:52 Discussion Question 9:03 Succinct Summaries 16:10 Max Heart 27-29 19:38 Delicious Party 22 27:06 Doki Doki 9/10 38:44 Looking Ahead Lead In Discussion Kat ponders how we would integrate technology or robots into PreCure. Would we utilize technology vs. nature, or something else? Max Heart Nagisa learns the value of hard work while gathering pears, and it is the most character development she's ever displayed. And then Joel faces a new nemesis in a fairy even smaller than Pollun and just as annoying as he was when he first showed up. Delicious Party PreCure Takumi is going to quit being black pepper, but not really, and also he's assured he isn't a loser! Also Kome Kome evolves again but we almost didn't even notice. Doki Doki/Glitter Force Makoto has transfered to Mana's school, and Rikka gets jealous. Also, the wlw vibes are on full display as Raquel, Mana, and Sharuru ponder Rikka being Mana's wife! Oh, and the school was haunted by a baby in a bucket, but Rikka x Mana, let's goooo gamers!

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E23: Crunchy! The Mysterious Egg Fairy is Born!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 54:08

    Timestamps 1:45 News/Announcements 3:26 Lead In Discussion 9:02 Succinct Summaries 20:50 Doki Doki 7 & 8 37:49 Max Heart 24-26 40:00 Delicious Party PreCure 20 49:24 Looking Ahead Lead In Discussion Joel pitches a season in which the two cures are opposites, and one is loosely themed around fire and the other ice, and Kat helps strengthen the themes Doki Doki/Glitter Force We learn Makoto's backstory and see the Doki Doki girls face off against Bel in an exciting battle! Then, the girls suddenly find themselves the unexpected mothers to a mysterious egg fairy baby! This also has one of our favorite distain fights yet: Sleepy sheep! Max Heart These episodes are a blast from the past as Joel relives Futari Wa episodes: Honoka's grandma is relevant again as Hikari wonders if she's useless, the girls go to a festival as Nagisa is depressed about the future, and Fuka sempai returns to wonder what friendship could be. Also Nosferatu may or may not be dead. Delicious Party PreCure It's Ran's turn to bond with Amane and... Joel didn't really jive with the message, but Kat liked it just fine! Also, we talk about the musical Hadestown

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E22: Velvety! Fancy Dress Up Time!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2022 61:53

    Timestamps 1:56 News/Announcements 5:34 Lead In Discussion 13:12 Succinct Summaries 22:53 Delicious Party PreCure 20 32:29 Doki Doki 5 & 6, Glitter Force Doki Doki 2-4 49:17 Max Heart 22 & 23 53:04 Doki Doki Heartfelt Messages 56:28 Looking Ahead Lead In Discussion We discuss a PreCure season based on Race Cars, and Kathryn's love of Kamen Rider Drive zooms into the podcast. Delicious Party PreCure It's official. Amane x Kokone is the new ship. Also pretty dresses just dropped, and we wonder if Narcistoru will be fired soon. Doki Doki/Glitter Force The girls try to solve who the mysterious Cure Sword could be, and they figure it out immediately. But first, they have to win the tsundere to their side with the power of friendship, and also keep Makoto away from any eggs for their safety. And then, surprise! The girls are sent to hell by Daddio. Max Heart These episodes finally produce a plot! Joel briefly wakes up from his stupor and gives even a little bit of a care for the series. Also, buy the new PreCure Sparkle Bracelets merch!

    Cure of the WHAT Now SPECIAL: Suite PreCure Retrospective

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 60:46

    Having recently finished the entirety of the season of Suite PreCure, we take a look at the work as a whole, including what we liked, what we thought could be improved, favorite cures and favorite villains. Timestamps: 2:09 Succinct Summary of the series 5:28 Did You Like This Season? 14:17 What Could Be Improved? 22:30 Favorite Cures 35:16 Favorite Villain 41:03 Roomate, Coworker, Acquaintance, Banish 46:33 Favorite Episodes or Arcs 50:39 Suite Sound Bites

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E21: Fluffy! The Tale of Two Cakes!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2022 68:36

    Timestamps 2:16 Joel's Minecraft Update 3:54 Lead In Discussion 9:55 Succinct Summaries 17:39 Max Heart 20 & 21 24:30 Delicious Party PreCure 19 37:55 Doki Doki 3 & 4 54:21 Star Twinkle Movie Quickie 57:32 Doki Doki Heartfelt Messages 1:05:56 Looking Ahead Lead In Discussion Kat tries to pitch a Chopped style challenge at the Delicious Party cast, and Joel is unable to meet her challenge. Max Heart the ad-libbing continues, and your hosts aren't a fan of the latest heartiel. However, there was a cute raccoon dog, so that's fun Delicious Party PreCure This episode gives us more time with Amane's siblings and a cake baking competition, sort of. Plus, Mari tries to investigate the mystery of Cinnamon's relationship with Black Pepper Doki Doki/Glitter Force In these back-to-back episodes, we get back-to-back cures to join the squad! Alice is (not-so-secretly) Batman, the creepy guy is still creepy, and Kat has a crush on the distinguished older Selfish general. Also, there's an incel character in our PreCure?? Star Twinkle Movie Though not a full review, Kat does a quick overview of what worked for her about this movie. Joel's favorite baddie was the fire guy to no one's surprise, and Kat's was the shark woman- equally shocking, we know.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E20: Fruity! Amane's Transformation & Mana's Sweet Heart!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 64:57

    Timestamps 3:48 News/Announcements 6:13 Lead In Discussion 9:29 Succinct Summaries 24:08 Doki Doki 1 & 2/Glitter Force Doki Doki 1 50:11 Delicious Party PreCure 18 57:50 Max Heart 18 & 19 1:01:12 Doki doki Sound Bites 1:03:00 Looking Ahead Lead In Discussion We come up with a Spy x Family version of PreCure Doki Doki/Glitter Force This season is off to a great start with fun visuals and the unstoppable Mana! Delicious Party PreCure Amane must confront the feelings inside of her and help the girls defeat Narcistoru's ubazao, and we appreciate Amane's brothers some more. Max Heart Your hosts implement command and conquer and each separately tackle an episode. Kat watched episode 18, which is a camping trip and one of her favorites so far. Joel seeks to make his episode more interesting by turning it into an ad lib

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E19 Crispy! Pii-Chan the White!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 9, 2022 54:58

    Timestamps 1:35 News/Announcements 13:53 Lead In Discussion 20:15 Succinct Summaries 26:24 Max Heart 16 & 17 33:59 Delicious Party PreCure 17 44:33 Suite 46-48 51:00 Wrap Up 52:15 Looking Ahead Announcements Be sure to check out Sparkle Side Chats, a podcast covering all things magical girls! Lead In Discussion We try to write a season in which the three evil generals are based on the land, sky, and sea! Max Heart Joel discusses his feelings on Nagisa & Honoka, Kat doesn't understand Uraganos, and we meet the next heartiel, intelligen Delicious Party PreCure Episode 17 sees the return of Amane, and a special recipipi- we don't have a ton to say about this episode, though it does seem we're quickly approaching the fourth cure of the season with a crystalized hoka hoka heart. Suite PreCure With Suite wrapping up, we largely discuss the theme of sadness and happiness represented by Noise. We love the Cures's combo attacks, and we appreciate the way this season handled its final episode

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E18: Simmering! Ran Ran Drowns In A Stew Of Lies!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 53:38

    Timestamps 1:56 News/Announcements 7:37 Lead In Discussion 11:02 Max Heart 15 19:16  Suite 44/45 29:18 Delicious Party PreCure 15/16 43:38 Sweet Sound Bites 47:58 Looking Ahead Lead In Discussion We ponder the Delicious Party girls in 4th of July themed outfits. Also which energy fairy is the one carrying the roman candle and scaring the rest of the cast? Max Heart This episode introduces a one-off character voiced by none other than Mizusawa Fumie, the voice of Erika Kurumi! This alone makes the episode mention worthy Suite We cover episodes 44 & 45 this week. 44 is a Christmas episode that re-visits the "everyone is here!" energy from a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, in 45, Otokichi unveils his Pipe Organ Laser Cannon, do we need to say anything else? We say nay! Oh, but Otokichi and Crscendo Tone are Han-solo'd, things are getting tense as we approach the final episodes Delicious Party PreCure Episodes 15 & 16 give us more time with Kokone and Ran, respectively. Kokone is popular and daydreams of her girlfriends, and Ran is weird but that's okay! She spies on another member of the Yu Yu Hakusho cast eating stew and perhaps a ramen noodle mech is on its way?

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E17: Saucy! Love at First Mayonnaise!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 75:59

    Timestamps 5:02 Lead In Discussion 14:52 Max Heart 14 21:09 Delicious Party PreCure 14 47:01 Suite 42/43 1:09:01 Looking Ahead 1:11:43 Crack Theory Lead In Discussion Kat tries to convince Joel that Dragon Ball Z is a magical girl anime in disguise, and Joel reminisces about the series Max Heart Joel's seriously at his limit with Max Heart, and he is quite frustrated that this episode treats a new Heartiel like it's a commonplace occurance Delicious Party PreCure Episode 14 Introduces us to Black Pepper, a CooKingdom warrior! But more importantly, a girl named Tomoe who falls in love with Takeda's condiment choices. Amane is still in a coma, and Joel wonders if Yui might be asexual and/or aromantic. Suite Episodes 42 & 43 involve some Road Runner & Wil E. Coyote shenanigans, the potential redemption of Bassdrum and Barritone (but NOT falsetto, okay, we know which one is Mephisto's least favorite), and a plot to... KILL Aphrodite?!? And Mephisto tries to make a heroic sacrifice? We're nearing the end game now, folks. Please note that Joel got confused and proclaimed we'd finish Suite next episode, but that will be in 2 week's time.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E16: Stir-Fried! Kanade's Uncontrollable Thirst!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 12, 2022 58:32

    Timestamps 2:03 Lead In Discussion 13:08 Delicious Party PreCure 13 27:10 Max Heart 13 27:50 Suite 40/41 45:52 Sweet Sound Bites Lead In Discussion How would we construct a season where the PreCure are tasked with protecting the Underworld? We also revisit last week's discussion with some feedback from reddit. Max Heart This episode reveals the next heartiel Suite Episodes 40 & 41 is when the girls realize Pii-chan is Noise, and Ako... loves Otokichi? Something we thought had been established already, but oh well. And episode 41 involves all of Kanon Town trying to thwart the Minor Trio, and we absolutely loved it. Delicious Party PreCure Episode 13 features Yusuke Urameshi (Takeda)'s dad, who is a secret agent of the CooKingdom! Plus Takeda has a delicious stone and has decided to use it to save the girls from the always-pretty vampire Narcistoru.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E15: Savory! Baby Goats and Ugly Birds!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 45:16

    Timestamps 1:46 Lead In Discussion 7:58 Succinct Summaries & Next week's watchlist 12:26 Delicious Party PreCure 12 29:33 Max Heart 12 32:20 Suite 38/39 42:20 Crack Theories Lead In Discussion What kind of season would we write where the Cures can switch powers and/or costumes with each other like in ToQger? Max Heart This episode contains a baby goat! Suite Episodes 38 & 39 first gives us Ako being a party pooper and not wanting to sing, only to realize the Cures are also her family. Then, we get a note-catching episode with Ako being adorable, and the return of Ako's boots! Delicious Party PreCure Episode 12 features Yui using the power of friendship to break Amane free of mind control! Plus, Takumi may impact the plot soon!

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E14: Sliced and Diced! Mephisto is MVP!?!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2022 61:50

    Timestamps 2:30 Announcements 3:42 Lead In Discussion 9:35 Succinct Summaries & Next week's watchlist 16:18 Max Heart 11 22:47 Suite 36/37 & Movie 36:43 Delicious Party PreCure 11 46:58 Sweet Sound Bites Lead In Discussion Joel tries to "sneak" another series into PreCure, will Kat correctly guess- and yup, there she goes. Wow she's good! Max Heart In this episode, everyone is holding hands! Plus, the girls receive a new item: the Buy Our Merch-iel! Suite In episode 36, the truth of Ako's past is revealed, and the girls are able to purify his soul! This leads into the movie in which Aphrodite is possessed by Evil and Mephisto is a wife guy?!? Yeah, it gets crazy. And finally in 37, it turns out Falsetto was the evilest of the Minor Trio all along! Also it's a Halloween episode. Also Baritone cries and we all feel bad for the guy. Delicious Party PreCure Episode 11 features Ran and Yui being totally head empty. Meanwhile, Yusuke/Takumi is catching onto Mari, and the girls realize Gentlu was President Amane! Looks like the next episode will be intense

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E13: Buttery! Grab your Popcorn, CotWN Goes to the Movies!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 73:27

    Timestamps 3:28 Movie Time! (Succinct Summaries) 9:57 All Stars DX3 14:38 Max Heart Movie 25:55 Pete's Ad Space 29:02 Succinct Summary for the Shows 38:47 Max Heart 10 42:05 Suite 34 & 35 54:42 Delicious Party PreCure 10 1:01:28 Sweet Sound Bites All Stars DX3 It's a flash from the past as we're reunited with the PreCure of the first 7 seasons, as well as movie-exclusive enemies! We love the jokes, we love seeing Erika Kurumi again, and also it's whacking time! Max Heart Movie The first ever precure movie sees the precure face off against Izma, and we also meet a sentai team of frogs, one of whom is Goku and one is Sasuke! Max Heart In episode 10, Nagisa bakes a cake. We also talk about whether anything happens in this show. We do appreciate the humor of the evil generals and Kat misses Wisdom. Suite Our theories have finally paid off! We discover the truth of Mephisto's mental state, the true identity of Cure Muse, and secret familial bonds! Also the negatones are looking super cool with Mephisto's influence Delicious Party PreCure Episode 10 gives us more Amane/Gentle inner struggles, and the Delicious Party girls are now ARMED. Plus, we have a new theory about Godatz's identity

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E12: Scrumptious! Bassdrum's Drag Race!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 39:25

    Timestamps 1:28 Lead-in Discussion 9:00 Suite 30 22:51 Suite 31 26:16 Delicious Party PreCure 35:47 Max Heart 36:29 Looking Ahead Lead-in Discussion We pitch our own Multiverse of Madness, but as a PreCure season. Suite PreCure  We watched episodes 32 and 33. The first of which is about a flea market and the Minor Trio dressing as women to steal the Healing Chest! Joel notes the true villain may fear the chest's power. In 33, Hibiki must face her performance anxieties, and Ellen realizes what her dream is! And it looks like Mephisto himself will be facing the PreCure girls next episode... Delicious Party PreCure in episode 9, Ran and Kokone have a bit of a fight, but we love how emotive Ran is. We meet a new general and speculate what hte future holds for Gentle. Oh, and Kome Kome evolved once more Max Heart episode 9 introduces a new enemy general and an unnamed heartiel, but other than that? We got nothing

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E11: Juicy! Hamburgers, Cowgirls and Mountain Training!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 7, 2022 64:09

    Timestamps 1:11 Pre-Show/Announcements 3:02 Lead-in Discussion 10:32 Delicious Party 21:53 Max Heart 25:24 Suite PreCure 53:54 Sweet Sound Bites Lead-in Discussion We pitch a season centered around moms and motherhood, in honor of Mother's Day Delicious Party PreCure This week we cover episode 8 of Delicious Party, in which Ran decides to quit social media! Also, Yui is simply not attuned to Yusuke Urameshi's feelings. Also we surprise even ourselves with a segment on Kamen Rider Drive Max Heart episode 8 was  a nothing burger, but your hosts discuss if the story would work better without the monster of the week business. Suite PreCure  We cover episodes 30 and 31, the first of which is Joel's favorite episode of PreCure ever. Hibiki didn't study for a test, Waon is actually Epona from Legend of Zelda, and the Negatone is actually a quiz show style monster. It's great! And in 31, the girls head to the mountain for a training montage while the Minor Trio decide true power comes from calories! Have they been watching Delicious Party PreCure perchance?

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E10: Savory! Best Girl Has Arrived!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 42:18

    Timestamps 1:41 Pre-Show/Announcements 6:41 Lead-in Discussion 11:51 Delicious Party 24:27 Max Heart 25:01 Suite PreCure 39:00 Thoughts From the Crew Delicious Party PreCure This week we cover episode 7 of Delicious Party, in which Ran and Mem Mem join the party! With the Bundurou Gang targetting restaurants that appear on the social media feed of one Chururin, the girls investigate. The Student Council President is still sus as heck, and we wonder when that will come to a head. Max Heart In Max Heart episode 7, Shiny Luminous can generate strength enhancing rainbows Suite PreCure We cover episodes 28 and 29, which involve Ellen going to school and being adorable, and then a trip to Major Land where the girls go super saiyan to fight some buff Easter Island heads.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E9: Sizzling! The Triumphant Return & Bassdrum is a Goron!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 54:54

    Timestamps 3:14 Pre-Show/Announcements 7:51 Delicious Party 30:24 Max Heart 33:59 Suite PreCure 43:12 Thoughts From the Crew Delicious Party PreCure Delicious Party is back with episode 6! Kokone is still adjusting to having and making friends, and Pam Pam starts a rumor that the school's haunted! Max Heart New villain dropped- we have a pirate looking demon man, but other than that we don't have much to say, but hey, next episode we'll get another heartiel. Suite PreCure We cover episodes 26 & 27, which focus a lot on the fairy tones! It's super cute and we love it. Plus... the bad guys get their own henshin sequence??? These are high quality episodes, and also Hibiki appears to be hearing voices- uh oh!

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E8: Ba Jing! They Gave Her a Gun!?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 48:02

    Timestamps 1:45 Announcements 4:19 Lead-in Discussion 12:02 Suite PreCure 43:12 Sound Bites Lead-in Discussion We pitch a PreCure season themed around video games! Suite PreCure This episode covers episodes 22-25! We have the "former villain is unsure if they can be redeemed" arc, which feels quite reminiscent of Eas from Fresh PreCure, but at least we get plenty of cute Hummy, and Siren's new human identity as Ellen, and the official reveal of her cure name, Cure Beat! Joel's predictions come true as Ellen is both trapped in human form AND her finishing move is straight up just a gun! The last two episodes are the state-mandated beach and festival episodes, and they are more adorable than a litter of piglets putting on a play! Ellen is scared of monsters, she still has the hots for Ouji, and she's a wonderful actress. Plus, they build a shrine to Hummy's greatness at the beach.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E7: Ding Dong! A New Cure Is Born!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 45:35

    Timestamps 2:14 Announcements 5:06 Lead-in Discussion 10:42 Suite episodes 18 & 19 23:05 Suite episodes 20 & 21 39:15 Sound Bites Lead-in Discussion We pitch a PreCure season themed around holidays! Suite PreCure We watched episodes 18-21, which range from an adorable note catching spree (as well as Cure Muse's top 10 anime betrayals), to Siren separating the girls with magic which is thwarted with friendship, as well as Siren pretending to be Hummy's friend (which is her top 10 anime betrayal, of the many times she has tricked the girls), but it's all resolved when she actually is Hummy's friend and she becomes a PreCure! But then she just sort of leaves.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E6: Ba Bum Da! Freaky Fridays and Birthday Parties!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 50:38

    Timestamps 1:32 Lead-in Discussion 11:19 Suite episodes 14 & 15 25:04 Suite episodes 16 & 17 47:31 Sound Bites Lead-in Discussion We pitch a PreCure season in which the girls are secret agents! Suite PreCure We watched episodes 14-17, which range from more Cure Muse investigation, more Siren trickery, Hibiki and Kanade switching places, and Hibiki's mom being the only person who would protect her if the whole world turned on her, a very specific statement with a very specific method to test it. Let's also appreciate Siren x Ouji, and we also briefly talk headcanons for Ouji and Hibiki.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E5: Mysterious Muses and Forgotten Friendships!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 48:54

    Timestamps 2:00 Lead-in Discussion 8:10 Max Heart 17:27 Suite Lead-in Discussion We pitch a PreCure season in which the girls work in a small town government building, inspired by Parks & Rec Max Heart We cover episode 5, which introduces Hikari's transformation into Shiny Luminous, and then a lot of pondering if Hikari could be the Queen's Light. The answer seems to be yes. Suite PreCure We cover episodes 11-13 of Suite PreCure, which focuses primarily on a new, mysterious figure named Cure Muse and who she could be, as well as the growing divide between Siren and the Minor Trio.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E4: Beltiers Out for Harambe!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 40:55

    Timestamps 3:16 Lead-in Discussion 7:40 Max Heart 12:42 Suite 33:22 Star Twinkle Lead-in Discussion We pitch a PreCure season focused on animals and kindness Max Heart We cover episode 4, and spend most of the time talking about Nagisa's art skills and how mean everyone is to her. Also, it seems Hikari is closing in on the secret of PreCure. Suite PreCure We cover episodes 9 & 10, focusing on Kanade trying to imitate Hibiki (and bribe Hummy) to get her own Belltier. Then, the pair teach some kindergartners by becoming gorillas! Oh, and Siren discovers what warmth is and develops a crush. And is also a bad boss. Star Twinkle PreCure Kat has watched up to episode 21, which introduces the season's mid-season cure. We discuss how much she's liked it so far, favorite characters, as well as potential weaknesses of the season.

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E3B: Resounding! CotWN's Harmony Power!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2022 42:02

    Timestamps 1:26 Max Heart 4:09 Suite PreCure 34:12 Delicious Thoughts Max Heart We briefly cover episode 3 of Max Heart, though we realize that nothing happened. We also eventually compare Pollun with other fairies, including Kururun, long may they reign. Suite PreCure Covering episodes 5 - 8, we have a lot to talk about! Kanade and Hibiki have a falling out but are able to recover, Kanade is an angry older sister to her little brother, Souta (who also has a jerk of a friend, gosh she's rude!), a leprechaun lives in the old music hall, taking the guise of an old man, and finally Siren learns what friendship feels like by trying to become Hibiki's friend and drive her away from Kanade

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E3A: Spicy! Kokone Can't Communicate!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2022 55:34

    Timestamps 2:57 Lead In Discussion 7:31 Tropical Rouge Movie 16:31 Delicious Party PreCure 40:01 Delicious Thoughts 47:19 Looking Ahead Lead In Discussion Let's Pitch a PreCure season focused on stage magic Tropical Rouge Movie We watched "The Snow Princess and the Miraculous Ring!" and found it lovely to revisit both the Tropical Rouge and Heartcatch girls. Erika Kurumi and Laura make for the best pair of goblins! And our deepest apologies for not talking about the movie's version of PreCure Giant Lady. We can and will do better. Delicious Party PreCure We cover both episodes 4 and 5- Which we dub the Kokone Fuwa Power Hour! Kokone is new to friends, but Yui barges into her heart and demands they become best friends, and it works out for both parties. Plus, we discuss the all-important power of rectangles!

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E2: Delicious! Kome Kome's Carrot Adventure!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 79:29

    Timestamps 1:54 Lead In Discussion 9:17 Delicious Party PreCure 2 25:50 Delicious Party PreCure 3 48:33 Max Heart 2 53:17 Suite PreCure 3 59:57 Suite PreCure 4 1:07:36 Delicious Thoughts 1:15:38 Looking Ahead Discussion Question We pitch a PreCure season themed around mechs! Delicious Party PreCure We cover both episodes 2 and 3- in which Mari breaks up with Yui for her own good, and we meet the second energy fairy Pam Pam! We also discuss the heartbreaking framing of Kome Kome's desire to be appreciated. Max Heart PreCure The second episode of Max Heart formally introduced Hikari Kujou, the mysterious girl. And a new villain in the form of Dracula! Suite PreCure Covering episodes 3 and 4, we see Hibiki's troubled relationship with her dad and music, and kanade's cakes! No one knows Kanade's cakes better than Hibiki. Why are you giggling?

    Cure of the WHAT Now S2E1: Rice Powered! Cure Precious is Here!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 14, 2022 64:56

    Timestamps 4:45 Call to Action 9:56 Delicious Party PreCure 35:43 Max Heart 1 42:37 Suite PreCure 1 & 2 54:22 Delicious Thoughts 58:01 Looking Ahead Discussion Question We pitch a PreCure season themed around bugs! Delicious Party PreCure With a new season comes a new cure, a new mentor figure, a new fairy, and new villains! Did this show serve a premium first bite of deliciousness, or did it leave a funny taste in our mouths? We loved every minute of it, and especially Yui and Kome Kome for their adorableness. Itadakimasu Max Heart PreCure We watched the first episode of Max Heart, and found it was much what we expected- not a ton happened, but we liked the visuals and are intrigued by the mysterious new girl... whoever could she be? Suite PreCure We review episodes 1 & 2 of Suite, and are absolutely delighted by our lead cures, and we don't find Hummy suspicious at all! We try to decide which of us is Hibiki and which is Kanade, and who has the better outfit as a PreCure.

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 48: The End of a Tropica-Shining Journey!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2022 77:41

    Timestamps 1:38 Tropical Rouge Retrospective 16:26 1st Annual CotWN Award Show! 46:45 Tropical Rouge 46 Discussion 1:01:08 Fresh Discussion 1:12:20 Tropica Thought In this final episode we reflect on Tropical Rouge's ending (and the journey so far), as well as the final episodes of Fresh PreCure. We spend time deliberating on awards to give to various characters and other related PreCure things- who did we decide was best girl? Who was "Most Likely to get Kicked Out of an AppleBee's" ?

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 47: In the Darkest Hour, SHE Appears!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2022 50:21

    Timestamps 0:55 Call to Action 4:49 Tropical Rouge Discussion 17:57 Fresh 45 26:58 Fresh 46 33:29 Fresh 47 40:42 Tweets in a Bottle 43:53 Looking Ahead Call to Action Next week we'll be hosting an award show for Tropical Rouge, and we're looking for your nominations! What superlative would you give the girls (e.g. "Most likely to be banned from a McDonald's" or "Most likely to star in a kung-fu action movie") Tropical Rouge Episode 45 gives us the intense final battle with Butler, the return of PreCure Giant Lady (Tropical edition), and Laura must make a choice. It's looking like next episode will be really emotional, and we're not ready. Fresh PreCure We cover episodes 45-47, which involves the PreCure revealing their identities to their family, a cute moment between Love and Daisuke, the dreaded DELETE HOLE, a donut revolution, and the final battles against Westar, Soular, and Northa. We also must bid farewell to Westar and Soular, who are lost to the delete hole- a tragic end that sounds far funnier than the scene actually was.

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 46: PreCure Origins: Witch of Delays

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 64:24

    Timestamps 2:23 Last week's discussion question 6:14 Discussion Question 11:54 Futari Wa Finale/Retrospective 28:47 Tropical Rouge PreCure 40:34 Fresh PreCure 56:04 Tweets in a Bottle 1:00:11 Looking Ahead Discussion Question If Tropical Rouge PreCure had given each girl a personal fairy (a la Futari Wa, Heartcatch, or Healin' Good), what would their designs and personalities be? Futari Wa PreCure Having finished episodes 48 and 49, our time with Futari Wa PreCure has come to an end. We not only talk about the final battle(s), but look back on the first season- what worked for us and what didn't? Tropical Rouge Episode 44 is another lore-heavy episode, detailing the Witch of Destruction's past and reveals the legendary PreCure's name! All hope seems lost as the witch begins to rampage but then Manatsu saves the day with kindness! Tune in next week to see how the team will defeat the true final boss: Big Butler! Who may or may not count as a dragon Fresh PreCure We cover episodes 42-44. the first two are basically a two parter which pits the PreCure against Labyrinth's sorrow gauge and Northa's devious plans. Setsuna tries to sacrifice herself and then the girls get sprayed with scarecow gas before Chiffon uses a spirit bomb to save the day. 44 is about a dance competition and Daisuke trying to make the PreCure's defeat about his bad day. Now's not the time, Daisuke!

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 45: Who Could Have Guessed! The Butler Did It!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2022 55:16

    Timestamps 2:24 News/Announcements 4:07 Discussion Question 10:44 Tropical Rouge 19:46 Futari Wa 25:35 Fresh episode 40 30:56 Fresh episode 41 36:53 Tweets in a Bottle 41:30 Next Season Talk Discussion Question What is the signature dish of the tropical club girls? Main Discussion In episode 43 of Tropical Rouge, we're heading into the end game, where Laura learns the Mermaid Queen once went to the human world, and Manatsu decides to just ask the Witch of Delays what her deal is. Oh, and the Fool's Casket will kill all life on earth and Butler turns Chongi-re into a yarane-da. Yeah. It's that kind of episode Futari Wa PreCure We cover episodes 46 & 47, which are also the beginning of the end game - the Evil seeds have taken the power of the stones and now the girls must face the ultimate goo monster in the Dokutsu zone Fresh PreCure We cover episodes 40 and 41, which focus on Setsuna's relationship with Love's family and Buki being on a boat, respectively. We also give props to episode 40 for being genuinely creepy with an evil doppleganger of Ayumi Momozona

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 44: Our Court Mandated Christmas Episode!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2022 40:46

    Timestamps 2:04 Discussion Question 14:34 Futari Wa 44 18:43 Futari Wa 45 22:49 Fresh Movie 36:44 Tweets in a Bottle, Sorta Discussion Question What New Years resolutions would the Fresh PreCure girls make? Futari Wa PreCure This week we're covering episodes 44 and 45, which are a Christmas episode and an episode about a singing competition. Joel really liked the singing competition, and Kiriya also made a brief appearance- what could it mean? Fresh PreCure This week we watched the Fresh movie, "The Kingdom of Toys has Lots of Secrets!?" in which we go to toy land to save children from having their toys taken away! Setsuna has her best outfit yet, Love fights a kung fu mannequinn, AND Love takes on a new form!

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 43: More Like VORE of the What Now, amirite?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2022 65:16

    Timestamps 2:00 Announcements/Pre Show 5:11 Discussion Question 13:07 Tropical Rouge 42 24:55 Futari Wa 43 34:02 Fresh PreCure 37 43:50 Fresh PreCure 38 49:08 Fresh PreCure 39 54:55 Tweets in a Bottle 58:55 Looking Ahead Discussion Question If the Tropical Club had Stands like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure characters, what would be their names and abilities? Main Discussion Episode 42 is more preparation for Tro-fest and a look back on other clubs from throughout the series. Laura is troubled by what may happen when it is time to return to the Gran Ocean, Minori is struggling to find the perfect ending, and- oh yeah- Manatsu gets eaten by a whale. We're in the end game now, PreCure fans. Also check out this hilarious Jojo's video that we reference throughout today's episode: Futari Wa PreCure Episode 43 is the first episode to give Fuji P and Nagisa a real interaction, and once again we are asking Nagisa to try and take any action whatsoever. Really, though, this episode shows us what an excellent partner Honoka is to Nagisa. Fresh PreCure We cover episodes 37-39, which involve a training facility and a shallow falling out between the Fresh girls, Miki giving a small child the Clover Box and losing it (surprising no one), and a trip to Okinawa for Love and her class, giving us Love and Daisuke moments. And we continue to love Westar who is the Best... star

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 42: What the CotWN is a Papaya Treasure?!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 67:31

    Timestamps 5:21 Announcements/Pre Show 8:24 Just Nonsense, Honestly 13:26 Real Discussion Question 21:47 Tropical Rouge episode 41 Discussion 30:29 Futari Wa episode 42 Discussion 36:03 Fresh PreCure episode 35 Discussion 43:55 Fresh PreCure episode 36 Discussion 52:54 Papaya Thoughts 57:37 Tweets in a Bottle 58:29 Looking Ahead Discussion Question What humorous situation has ended each Tropical Club member on Santa's naughty list? Main Discussion Episode 41 is mostly a clip show, so we don't have much to discuss. However, Minori does give us an insight into her OC and goes a bit intense. Also for the love of all things good and pure, someone listen to what Kururun has to say! Futari Wa PreCure Episode 42 of Futari Wa asks if Honoka and Nagisa can function without each other, and it turns out this builds Nagisa's character and brings the two closer together. Fresh PreCure Covering both episodes 35 and 36, we get some backstory on Chiffon AKA Infinity, plus the most powerful general appears. We also take a moment to be disgusted by the general appearance of the liquid in the sorrow gauge. It's best not to think about. Papaya Thoughts Ode to the Papaya O Papaya, how sweet is your nectar. Allow your taste to dance across my tongue. O Papaya, how generous is your color, May your splendor be renowned around the world O Papaya, how frightening your power Thy strength shakes me to the bones

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 41: The Real CotWN Was the Papayas We Ate Along the Way!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 53:40

    Timestamps 1:22 Discussion Question 4:44 Tropical Rouge episode 40 Discussion 20:17 Futari Wa episode 41 Discussion 33:30 Fresh PreCure episode 33 Discussion 40:55 Fresh PreCure episode 34 Discussion 41:57 Tweets in a Bottle & Looking Ahead Discussion Question What method would we use to fill the despair gauge if we served Labyrinth? Main Discussion Episode 40 is all about papayas! Minori wants to write but can't because she's never tasted a papaya- a powerful metaphor. Futari Wa PreCure Episode 41 of Futari Wa tells two unrelated stories: One about the lacrosse championships, and one about the power of annihilation, which is apparently eating the evil generals! Fresh PreCure episode 33 focuses on Miki and Setsuna's relationship, and the deep terror of octupi. episode 34 is... well, it wouldn't be inaccurate to compare it to a "mess." The bad guys stop time, but not in a fun or interesting way

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 40: Sango's Cuteness is Evolving!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 49:48

    Timestamps 1:48 Discussion Question 12:17 Main Discussion 26:21 Futari Wa Discussion 32:44 Fresh PreCure Discussion 41:57 Tweets in a Bottle 43:55 Looking Ahead Discussion Question How would Brandon Sanderson write a PreCure series? Also Joel talks about the Tropical Club in Minecraft a little. Main Discussion Episode 39 is a certified cute Sango episode! She learns a new attack, and Laura continues to be befuddled by mountains. We also get one of the cutest scenes between Manatsu and Sango. Futari Wa PreCure Episode 40 of Futari Wa is a sleepover episode, with strange dreams and lewd hand holding for our two girls. Fresh PreCure We watched episodes 31 and 32. 31 was about Love and Daisuke's relationship, and an intense and amazing game of baseball. We loved it. This was followed by a visit to the sweets kingdom in which we learn Tarte is a prince and he has a cute squirrel fiancee!

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 39: A Tennis Match and a Wedding!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 29:36

    Timestamps 2:40 Discussion Question 5:17 Main Discussion 17:56 Futari Wa Discussion 23:23 Tweets in a Bottle Discussion Question How would we try to enter the prestigious Phoenix Academy? Main Discussion We cover Tropical Rouge episode 38, which centers on Asuka's tennis career and her relationship with Yuriko. Will they or won't they end up in a relationship? Additionally, we ponder the philosophical nature of Chongi-re controlling a crab yarane-da. Futari Wa PreCure Episode 39 is about a wedding, and a quilt with which Joel formed an emotional connection. It was cute, but didn't have much meat to it.

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 38: A Swim Through the Cave of Frozen Memories!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2021 51:54

    Timestamps 1:02 Pre Show 4:32 Discussion Question 7:23 Main Discussion 25:37 Futari Wa Discussion 29:39 Fresh PreCure Discussion 47:17 Looking Ahead Discussion Question How would we have tried to keep the Marine Ring from our enemies? Main Discussion With episode 37 comes some revelations. Manatsu and Laura met as kids?? The Witch of Delays wants immortality? And the Butler is sus, as always. Futari Wa PreCure Episode 38 is all about Nagisa's relationship with her little bro, who may or may not be transforming into a frogman as we speak. Fresh PreCure We cover episodes 27-30, covering a guest Manzai duo, a trip into Momozona Love's memories, Tarte almost dying of a tummy ache, and secret agent Karou. We have a lot to talk about.

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 37: Kururun's Secret Adventure!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 46:03

    Timestamps 1:35 Pre Show 6:27 Discussion Question 9:31 Main Discussion 21:38 Futari Wa Discussion 29:30 Fresh PreCure Discussion 37:53 Tweets in a Bottle/Closing Thoughts Discussion Question What Gran Ocean character would we create? Main Discussion With episode 36 comes a visit to the Gran Ocean! The girls search for the Marine Ring, Kururun gets lost in the sauce, and... the citizens of the Gran Ocean are revealed to be illusions! This is a two-parter, and a bit of a downer, but at least Minori was cute! Futari Wa PreCure Episode 37 tackles Romeo and Juliet, and is about how Nagisa can't act. Also some of their classmates have a few speaking lines. But perhaps an evil plot is in the works at the Bad Guy Mansion. Fresh PreCure We cover episodes 25 and 26, which Joel dubs the Setsuna power hour. She decides she can make up for past sins in the first and has some cute moments with Buki in the second. Also we appreciate Westar, predict what North may be like, and talk about the coincidence of the Cures always being wherever the villains are in some seasons

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 36: The Crow Tengu Stole Our Episode!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 39:06

    Timestamps 1:18 Discussion Question 5:45 Main Discussion 23:05 Futari Wa Discussion 28:40 Fresh PreCure Discussion 34:25 Closing Thoughts Discussion Question What movie-only character would we create for the Tropical Rouge movie? Main Discussion We cover the Pretty Cure Dream Stars movie, featuring the Kira Kira, Maho Tsukai, and Go Princess girls! We found the jokes quite good, we're happy to see some of our favorite girls again, though the special outfits the teams received left us underwhelmed. Futari Wa PreCure We cover an episode that felt both like filler and one of the few that actually seemed to cover plot- but then it fell flat in the end. We also talk about how originally the PreCure season was planned to end with the first defeat of the Dark King Fresh PreCure It's time to introduce Setsuna to the concept of happiness! She and Love go out to dinner, and Westar seems to miss his former ally. We also speculate on where the story may go from here.

    Cure of the WHAT Now Episode 35: Manatsu's Spooky Scary Selfishness!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 64:19

    Timestamps 1:07 Announcements 5:50 Discussion Question 10:11 Main Discussion 24:20 Futari Wa Discussion 31:58 Kira Kira PreCure A La Mode Discussion 52:37 Tweets in a Bottle 56:46 Closing Thoughts/Breaking Leak News Pre-Show Be sure to check out the Puppy Face video featuring Haruka from Go! Princess Discussion Question What other PreCure characters would the Tropical Club dress up as? Main Discussion It's a Halloween episode with cute outfits, and Manatsu struggles to conjure a second braincell! Also, we're carving... pineapples? We suppose that could be a thing. Futari Wa PreCure This week we play the Futari Wa game in reverse: Kat watched it and Joel has to guess the plot! It turns out it was an episode about dating, and despite featuring Nagisa, helps highlight how great Honoka is. Kira Kira PreCure A La Mode Having watched episodes 47-49, the main Kira Kira series is now done. Cure Pekorin is born, Cure Yell makes her first animated appearance, Elysio literally vores the Kira Pati girls, and his final boss design is perfect.

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