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Sirius XM NHL Radio host of the Power Play and long-time TV/Radio Hockey broadcaster Steve Kouleas and TSN's Director of Scouting and former NHL General Manager Craig Button bring their knowledge, stories, wit, and passion to the Kool Button Uncensored Hockey Podcast!

Steve Kouleas & Craig Button

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    Latest episodes from Kool Button Uncensored Hockey Podcast

    EP 68 - Moves Like Jagr + Playoff Hockey!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 42:29

    We start our Jagr salute episode with one of the best games of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs Wednesday as the St. Louis Blues stay alive with a huge game 5 comeback OT win vs the Colorado Avalanche. What a game, what a finish and we break it all down: The Blues down 3-0 rally to tie the game 3-3 with 4:46 remaining before Nathan MacKinnon end-to-end highlight-reel hat trick goalDid hat trick stoppage help Blues? (2:25)What took place on the Robert Thomas 4-4 tying goal (5:45) and Tyler Bozak's overtime winner to set up Game 6 Friday in St. Louis!Also include in the first half of the pod a little master class and fun with hockey history (12:45) throughout… Our Sports Interaction (17:05) features our inside look at two pivotal game 5s Thursday and Friday's game 6 between the Avs and Blues.In the 2nd half of the pod Button describes what it's like being in attendance at The Battle of Alberta (19:20). From the scene setter we talk about and breakdown the special series between Edmonton and Calgary. What adjustments will the Flames make? Can the Oilers close it out?Carolina Hurricanes vs New York Rangers (31:42) will the winner of game 5 pull off the series win? What do we make of the Canes home vs away record? And what do expect from the rest of this series? And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (39:39) John Tortorella in Philly and Barry Trotz in Winnipeg?

    EP 67 - Round 2 Game 3s + 4s

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 43:00

    The 2nd Round continues and we get right into it talking officiating calls, controversy and control after another great weekend in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!The Battle of Alberta (5:00) 2-1 for Edmonton vs Calgary. Are the Flames getting a Connor McDavid-ed? Are the Flames in the fight? What does Darryl Sutter do?St. Louis Blues vs Colorado Avalanche (16:45). What do we make of what took place with Jordan Binnington and Kadri? What do we make of Craig Berube's comments?Our Sports Interaction (21:09) on this episode features our inside look at Monday and Tuesday Game 4s!Tampa Bay Lightning vs the Florida Panthers (23:13). In the Sunshine Showdown can the comeback cats pull off the historic series win down 3-0 vs the Bolts? Carolina Hurricanes 2-1 series lead on the New York Rangers (35:00). Where does the series go after the Rangers found a big game 3 win at home?And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (41:08) a few notes on some of the other news around the NHL and signings.

    EP 66 - Round 2 Notice Served!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 44:13

    Welcome to our 66th episode as we continue with our Stanley Cup Playoff coverage as Round 2 is in full swing! We start with the Battle of Alberta with Button in attendance for Game 1! Not the battle of the goalies after one game and the boys are feeling the toughness of Flames (5:44) will be a huge factor as the Oilers need to get into the fight!Our Sports Interaction(16:58) features our inside look at Game 2s in the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs on Thursday and Friday!Carolina Hurricanes vs New York Rangers (17:00). The story after Game 1 where the Canes rallied scoring in the final three minutes of regulation and then winning in OT thanks to Ian Cole's second career playoff goal.Tampa Bay Lightning vs Florida Panthers (23:17). Tampa Bay has held a 2-0 series lead nine times, claiming each series in no more than six games.Colorado Avalanche vs St. Louis Blues (33:48). Colorado is 15-4 when winning the first two contests in a best-of-seven series and looked dominate in game 1! And we love the Avs depth including their 9 D.And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (41:16) we talk Mario Lemieux with our 66th episode in the books!

    EP 65 - Round 2: The Quest Continues

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 42:48

    Welcome to another edition of the pod as we head to the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs following an insane conclusion to round1 with a weekend filled with Game 7s!We start by looking back at the amazing 1st round, first up the New York Rangers 3-1 series comeback to eliminate the Pittsburgh Penguins. Tampa teaches Toronto another lesson (4:40).Edmonton Oilers vs LA Kings in Game 7 (12:16).Our Sports Interaction features our inside look at the start of the 2nd round Tuesday and Wednesday (20:59).The Homer Series: Carolina takes out Boston in Game 7 (23:08).Sunshine State Showdown: Tampa Bay Lightning vs Florida Panthers (27:45).Carolina Hurricanes vs New York Rangers (33:18)And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (37:57) we are pretty excited about the Battle of Alberta!!!

    EP 64 - The Best Time of the Year! + Trouba/Crosby DOPS

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 40:58

    We continue with our Stanley Cup Playoff coverage and start this edition of the pod dealing with some controversy. Jacob Trouba on Sidney Crosby. We share our thoughts on the play and talk about the NHL's Department of Player Safety process when dealing with all plays and controversy.Calgary Flames vs Dallas Stars: all about coaching and very tight Hockey! (9:12)Florida Panthers vs Washington Capitals (14:40)Our Sports Interaction (18:30) features our inside look at 4 Game 6s Thursday night in the Stanley Cup Playoffs 1st round. Teams that hold a 3-2 lead in a best-of-seven own an all-time series record of 332-88.Toronto Maple Leafs vs Tampa Bay Lightning (21:05)Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins (28:40)Edmonton Oilers vs LA Kings (30:14)Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues (36:34)And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (38:22) on the Montreal Canadiens winning the draft lottery and having the chance to draft Shane Wright 1st overall in Montreal!

    EP 63 - What a Weekend! + Isles fire Trotz

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 42:42

    Steve and Craig bring you another PLAYOFF edition of the pod and the script really writes itself after the unbelievable 1st weekend in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and huge news on Longs Island!Barry Trotz was fired as coach of the New York Islanders on Monday and that's where we start ahead of our playoff breakdowns and analysis.After a conversation about coaching, the boys shift their focus to the 1st round of the playoffs:Dallas vs Calgary (5:48)Penguins vs Rangers (9:04)Toronto vs Tampa (12:16)Our Sports Interaction (17:14) features our inside look at 4 more Games 4s in the Stanley Cup Playoffs Monday!In the 2nd half of the pod we continue our focus on the series and matchups in round 1:Panthers vs Washington (19:28)Hurricanes vs Bruins (25:50)MIN vs STL/LAK vs EDM (30:00)And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (38:13) on Kool breakdown Rule 69.7 Rebounds and Loose Pucks!

    EP 62 - Round 1: Let The Games Begin!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 45:00

    The Stanley Cup Playoffs are underway and on this edition of the pod it's all about the best time of the hockey season the 1st round! And ahead of analyzing and breaking down the series/matchups we start with a Button admission/apology.Carolina vs Boston (1:38)Minnesota vs St. Louis (10:59)Tampa Bay vs Toronto (14:08)Edmonton vs LA Kings (18:56)Our Sports Interaction (24:00) features our inside look at 4 more Games 2s in the Stanley Cup Playoffs Thursday!Pittsburgh vs NY Rangers (25:45)Florida vs Washington (37:38)And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (39:29) Button with a few rapid fire hot hockey topics for Koul!Rod Brind'AmourVictor HedmanCale MakarOfficiating

    EP 61 - 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 44:36

    The 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs are here!!! And we celebrate the start of the 1st round on this edition of the pod as Steve and Craig break down the storylines and picks for all 8 matchups! Tampa Bay Lightning vs Toronto Maple Leafs (00:37). Florida Panthers vs Washington Capitals (4:05). Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins (6:34). New York Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins (13:08).Monday's Sports Interaction (16:13) features our inside look at night one of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs!Colorado Avalanche vs Nashville Predators (18:10). Calgary Flames vs Dallas Stars (19:58). Edmonton Oilers vs LA Kings (25:46). St. Louis Blues vs Minnesota Wild (29:19).And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (34:17), Koul hits Button with a few rapid fire on other NHL topics: Carey Price future NHL Awards + votingEBUGs Jets + Scheifele Craig on the U-18 World Hockey Championship in Germany!

    EP 60 - Freaky Friday + Vegas Messy Miss

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 35:15

    Welcome to our 60th episode! And if we are talking 60 we are talking about the games best goal scorer right now, Auston Matthews who became the 21st player in NHL history to hit the major milestone! Talking about the league's top players the other top dog, Connor McDavid (2:30) continues to demand respect, attention and no doubt has forced himself in the Hart Trophy conversation with his play and another Art Ross!We continue the Hart Trophy talk as we go over the wide open race (4:45) for one of the top individual trophies in hockey! So many names still in play in addition to 34/97 we also have Shesterkin, Josi, Gaudreau, Huberdeau and more!Our other main topic in the first half of the pod has us talking about the Vegas Golden Knights messy miss (7:35). Are management, coaching and players all on the table for possible major changes in Sin City? We try and make sense of what happened this season and what might happen with the team going forward.Our Sports Interaction (18:41) features our inside look at the final Friday night of the NHL's regular season!In the 2nd half of the pod we talk about potential matchups and everything up in the air on a freaky Friday in the NHL (21:49)Tampa, Toronto, BostonWashington/Pittsburgh (28:05)The Wild West (30:45)And our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (32:16)Button on Matthews 60 / a tribute to Steve!Kool on Dustin Brown/Ryan Getzlaf

    EP 59 - The Final Countdown!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 44:33

    We start this edition of the pod talking about the Tampa Bay Lightning and the statement games vs Toronto, Nashville and Florida ahead of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Never rule out a champion! We get into the Hurricanes goalie MASH Unit and try and make sense what is happening in the Carolina crease (5:54). Antti Raanta left a 5-2 win against the Islanders on Sunday with a lower-body injury. Goalie Frederik Andersen has missed four games with a lower-body injury. Alex Lyon in the AHL is also out with an injury, leaving the net for Canes 2nd round pick Russian Pyotr Kochetkov!The West Side story (11:36). Vegas Golden Knights blow it vs SJS, what now? Who do we blame? Are changes coming on or off the ice?Our Sports Interaction features our inside look at the final terrific Tuesday in the NHL! (20:32)In the 2nd half of the pod we take a look at some of the Stanley Cup Playoff 1st round matchups that are set! Minnesota vs St. Louis (23:04)Edmonton vs Los Angeles (30:28)And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (36:42) we talk about Anaheim's tribute to Ryan Getzlaf and the amazing ceremony in Montreal done the right way for Guy Lafleur!

    EP 58 - The Playoff Chase, U-18 + our Guy Lafleur memories

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 36:49

    Our 58th edition of the pod features Craig live from Germany! We go heavy on the playoff races and chases for seeding with a week to go! (1:30) It looks like the final playoff spot in the West could come down to Dallas or VegasDallas trip in EdmontonGolden Knights staying aliveLehner, DeBoer the goalie change.We then shift gears taking an early look at playoff matchups!In the West:Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues (5:45)Edmonton Oilers vs LA Kings (9:13)In the East (14:18) still lots up in the air! Toronto vs Tampa, Carolina Hurricanes with no Freddie and exciting times with the Metro undecided and coming down to wire!Our Sports Interaction featuring our inside look at the NHL with a big weekend ahead! (20:19)We start the 2nd half of the pod talking U-18 World Championship with Craig on location at the tournament (21:18) and lots of excitement around Connor Bedard for Canada and USA's Logan Cooley.And we conclude this edition of the podcast talking about Hockey Hall-of-Famer and Montreal Canadiens Ambassador Guy Lafleur (29:34). With found memories of The Flower, Steve and Craig share stories and talk about his legendary NHL career.

    EP 57 - Must Wins + Playoff Paths

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 41:54

    Welcome to our Heinz 57 edition of the pod! We start as we should talking about the highest-scoring weekend in NHL history (00:44) featuring 153 goals: 102 Saturday, 51 Sunday!!!A big reason for the high-scoring affairs around the NHL the red-hot St. Louis Blues! (1:44) Blues are looking good thanks to Robert Thomas, Vlad Tarasanko and the way they have played possible 1st round opponent the Minnesota Wild!The Playoff Paths in the West (7:10) - Nashville and Vegas must wins, Dallas Stars and LA Kings chasing!In the East(10:18) - With goalie injuries to Freddie and Jarry what does it mean for Carolina and Pittsburgh Toronto vs Tampa or Boston and then Florida. And we also talk about one of our fav teams to talk about the New York Rangers and how they have been put together the right way using all tools!Our Monday Sports Interaction (19:20) features our inside look at the NHL tonight and a big one for Vegas!In the 2nd half of the pod:Carey Price's future (21:31)Patrick Kane future? (26:03)Calgary + Gaudreau! (30:00)NCAA players entering the league and Owen Power with Buffalo (33:11)And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (39:29) we talk about the Toronto Maple Leafs record without Auston Matthews and how it's all about the team!

    EP 56 - Avs, NYR, Ovechkin vs Matthews + Playoff Push!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 43:04

    Episode 56 for Sergei Zubov! We start this edition of the pod looking back at Wednesday and the 9-3 beat down the Colorado Avalanche handed the LA Kings. Nathan MacKinnon factored on five goals and Cale Makar had 1-3—4 to eclipse the 80-point mark as the Avs (53-14-6, 112 points) established a franchise record for most wins in a season, besting their previous high of 52 from 2000-01 and 2013-14.The New York Rangers (10:45) also took care of business Wednesday with a win over Philadelphia. Another big 2-points for the Blueshirts as they fight with the Carolina Hurricanes for the top spot in the Metro Division Our Sports Interaction (18:18) features our inside look at 12-games in NHL Thursday! Washington Capitals vs Toronto Maple Leafs (20:23) and the marquee matchup between two of the NHL's top goal scorers “the master” Alex Ovechkin vs “the apprentice” Auston Matthews! Edmonton Oilers still need to show us what they got! (26:35) a good test Thursday with a big matchup vs Nashville. Also a big game for Preds chasing the playoffs!Minnesota Wild (29:45) KK97 Kirill Kaprizov becoming a superstar and possible best player to ever play in the State of Minnesota. Players coming from Russia explained Looking at some of the other big storylines Thursday in the NHL (35:06) Vegas visits Calgary and Vancouver hosts Arizona with both VAN/VGK push to the playoff in desperation mode. And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final (39:09) we talk about some of the NCAA players making their NHL debuts and have high praise for Owen Power with an early comparison to Chris Pronger.

    EP 55 - The Push to the Playoffs!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 43:48

    Welcome to episode 55 “dedicated to Larry Murphy” and fitting we start with some LA Kings and the Wild Western Playoff picture! It looks like it's coming down to LA, Vegas, Nashville, and Dallas for the final spots in the West as both the Wild Cards and Pacific 3rd seeds are up for grabs.However we still think the Western Conference comes down to (5:24) and the matchup we all hope for in the playoffs and that's the Colorado Avalanche vs the Calgary Flames.In the Eastern Conference (10:02)The Metro: the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers are now fighting for the top spot in the Division! Meanwhile the Washington Capitals are chasing down Pittsburgh Penguins and there is still a ton to be decided down the stretch!Our “KB on Ice” Sports Interaction feature (19:34) our inside look at a wild schedule in the NHL on Tuesday night!In the 2nd half of the pod (21:34) we start with some talk on play-in games and possible format changes for getting into the playoffs as we look at the NBA playoffs. Do we want more teams in the post season? Would it be good or bad for hockey?The Atlantic (28:20): its the Florida Panthers Division title as Toronto, Boston and Tampa fight for 2 and 3 and a Wild Card Spot. Does positioning matter? What does Florida taking the division title mean?Auston Matthews special season continues (30:46) as he closing in on the 1st 60-goal NHL Season since 2012. We talk about 50 goals in 50 games and what it means.Carey Price (37:03) returning to the NHL and the Montreal Canadiens maybe this week…but the big question We ask is will he be the Habs starting goalie next season? Or will teams with goalie needs come calling?And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (40:05):Button - on the University of Denver Pioneers NCAA Frozen Four Championship and head coach David Carle.Kool - with some high praise for Nashville Predator Matt Duchene after not expecting much from him this season.

    EP 54 - Amazing Races + The Biggest Losers

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2022 38:50

    This edition of the pod starts where it matters the playoffs and positioning! Who's in? Who's out? Where does everyone slot?We begin in with the Wild West with Vancouver beating Vegas Wednesday (1:00). How will things playout with Nashville, Dallas and the Wild Card Spots?The LA Kings and Edmonton Oilers (2:55) look like a lock for a 1st round matchup and they play Thursday!What's happening in the the East? (5:40) What's going on with the Tampa Bay Lighting mini slump? (9:13) How will things shake out in the Metro with the Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins?We get into the Florida Panthers Comeback cats and the Toronto Maple Leafs playing 1980's hockey (13:17) and also look at possible Atlantic division playoff matchups.Our Sports Interaction featuring our inside look at the NHL Thursday night! (20:12)In the 2nd half of the pod (21:50) we getting to the biggest losers. What now for all the losers NHL? What will happen with some of the teams not in the postseason and already focused on the future:Montreal Canadiens and Martin St. Louis Thoughts on Arizona, Buffalo, Columbus, Philadelphia, Ottawa (25:50). We talk about the long play and the importance of recognizing where your team is at and knowing your path.And thanks to difference makes we feel that Detroit and New Jersey are in the best position for the losers to get out of the basement (33:20).And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (36:13) we highlight the NCAA's Frozen Four starting Thursday as Eastern Michigan takes on Denver followed by Minnesota State vs Minnesota with both winners going to the championship game Saturday!

    EP 53 - Weekend Commentary + Controversy (Beagle/Subban)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 42:19

    Another busy weekend in the NHL means another busy pod filled with controversy. We start with Arizona vs Anaheim, Jay Beagle vs Troy Terry and Trevor Zegras involvement and comments (00:35). Thoughts on no suspension? And how things played out with the Coyotes Analyst Tyson Nash who had controversial comments during the incident.The other big incident from the week saw P.K. Subban earn 27 penalty minutes and ejection reacting to a hit by New York Islanders Oliver Wahlstrom on Subban's star teammate Jack Hughes (6:26).Where are we on enforcement in the game? (9:23) As we share our thoughts on Teemu Selanne's tweet about the Ducks needed a Tie Domi.Monday's Sports Interaction (17:48) features our inside look at 4-games in the NHL tonight!And in the 2nd half of the pod we continue to look back at a wild weekend of action hitting on a number of storylines (19:41):Comeback Cats (20:10)After surrendering a hat trick to Yegor Sharangovich and entering the third period facing a 6-2 deficit, the Atlantic Division-leading Panthers scored five unanswered goals to claim yet another four-goal comeback win!Draisaitl/McDavid greatness (22:50)Oilers Leon Draisaitl became the 2nd player to reach the 100-point mark this season, joining teammate Connor McDavid(40-65—105 in 69 GP) who posted 1-2—3 Sunday to extend his point streak to 13 games (11-15—26). Hart Trophy Talk continued...(26:06)Vegas vs Dallas for the Playoffs (29:44)Sean Durzi + LA Kings impressive play (35:00)Ottawa Senators taking next steps (37:00)And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (39:41): we take a closer look at Mitch Marner and the Toronto Maple Leafs!

    EP 52 - McDavid 100, Penalties + Officiating

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 45:18

    Welcome to Episode 52 where we start with some football talk…Yes some football talk lol...However, we quickly get into the hockey talk with Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid (2:00) once again becoming the 1st player to reach the 100-point mark! Also discuss in this section: The Wild West playoff picture, where the Oilers rank vs the Kings and Leon Draisaitl's Rocket Race as he scored his 49th Wednesday! Also out of Wednesday's storylines we talk some scouting (7:15) and bring up the rookie of the year conversation. Is it clear that The Calder Trophy must go to Detroit Red Wings Moritz Seider?We continue talking some NHL trophies (11:18) and wonder would you rather win the Art Ross or Hart? Voting vs stats...And how can we make voting for awards more complete? Thursday's Sports Interaction (20:00) features our inside look at 9-games in the NHL Tonight with a focus on the Billy Guerin Bowl as the Minnesota Wild host the Pittsburgh Penguins. We start the 2nd half of the pod with an officiating conversation, talking about the balance of special teams and penalties called, thanks to an article put together by TSN's Travis Yost (22:11)are teams treated different?what is the best solution?what will playoffs look like? Thoughts on teams in big games from Tuesday (34:10): Maple Leafs vs Bruins Penguins vs Rangers Hurricanes vs Lightning Flames Vs Avalanche And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (39:53) we talk some hockey broadcasting as we share our take on NHL on TNT, ESPN and think of ways to make hockey broadcasts more engaging.

    EP 51 - Weekend Wrap: MAF, Daddy, BoA, Hart Trophy, Caufield + Hughes!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 43:32

    We start this edition of the pod talking about two great stories form the weekend, involving two big names part of the NHL Trade Deadline day: Marc-Andre Fleury and Evgenii Dadonov! Marc-Andre Fleury made 23 saves in his Minnesota Wild debut, a 3-2 overtime victory against the Columbus Blue Jackets at Xcel Energy Center on Saturday.Evgenii Dadonov scored in overtime as the Golden Knights rallied for a 5-4 win against Chicago at T-Mobile Arena on Saturday. The first-ever three-goal, third-period comeback win for Vegas!We also look at some other key weekend storylines as part of the first half of the pod including: Clean hits that result in fights (6:15)Avs, MacKinnon and control (7:20)Saturday's Battle of Alberta (12:01)Our Sports Interaction features our inside look at the NHL on a big Tuesday night in the league (18:13) and also has some opposite George energy. We start the 2nd half of the pod talking tracking some trophies and with Roman Josi's special season we feel he has added his name to a long list of Hart Trophy possibilities (20:44)is there a Hart frontrunner?so many names in play!We dive deeper into Montreal's Cole Caufield and New Jersey's Jack Hughes 2nd half turnarounds (29:37). With high hopes and potential for both, Steve and Craig talk about reasons for the positives 2nd half's and look forward to both players exciting futures!And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (38:11)Kool is on all over the curious case of William Nylander and the way he is treated and Button talks about the importance of great coaching and how it can apply to the Willy Styles situation in Toronto.

    EP 50 - The Big Five-O: Vegas/Dadonov + Playoff Push!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2022 34:11

    We start the BIG 5-0 talking about doubt and not saying no. Button with a nod to NHL Scout Smokey Cerrone! And Kools starts with some Oilers Evander Kane thoughts.Our first main topics the Vegas Golden Knights and Evgenii Dadonov's no-trade clause (2:07). The NHL announced on Wednesday that it was cancelling the trade that sent Dadonov to the Anaheim Ducks as it violated his limited no-trade clause. What is Ottawa's role in this? Who is to blame?What now for Kelly McCrimmon and the Golden Knights? Lots up in the air including the money. How do things play out in Sin City?The natural big question with the way they have also been playing, will Vegas make the playoffs?(6:22)We talk about big Thursday schedule with lots of implications in the West and Atlantic Division! (9:39)Toronto, Tampa, Boston (12:12) Winnipeg playoff path (15:49) Thursday's Sports Interaction (17:23) Our inside look at the 10-game sin the NHL tonight!In the 2nd half of the pod we we start with talk about the Roman Josi's special month and what we think of the Nashville Predators (19:15). Staying the Central, the Preds with Blues, Stars, Wild all part of tier 2 of contenders. (22:30)Kool bits and bites (24:43)Hart Trophy RaceEye in the skyOfficiating in playoffsAnd with Craig part of the broadcast, we highlight the CHL Top Prospects Game as part Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts to close out Episode 50 (32:17)

    EP 49 - Trade Deadline Fallout

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 39:58

    A deadline-day record 33 trades were completed prior to the 2022 NHL Trade Deadline! And that's where we start this edition of the pod with 54 different players and 28 picks involved, Monday was not a quiet trading day as some might have expected.Our first breakdown comes out of the State of Hockey as the reigning Vezina Trophy winner was traded on deadline day for the first time in League history! Steve and Craig share their thoughts (2:37) on the Marc-Andre Fleury trade to the Minnesota Wild by the Chicago Blackhawks for a conditional first-round pick in the 2022 NHL Draft.We also get into other teams that were in the mix for the Flower and talk about the Kyle vs Kyle feud with the Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas and Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson TDD media availability.We like what the New York Rangers did (7:36) acquiring four players who have appeared in at least one NHL game in 2021-22, the most among all clubs (Justin Braun, Nick Merkley, Andrew Copp & Tyler Motte). And we also talk more about what certain trades mean in the East's push to playoff in both the Metro and Atlantic (15:35)Tuesday's Sports Interaction (21:23) features our inside look at 11-games in the NHL!In our 2nd half of the pod MORE Trade Deadline housekeeping (23:35)Vegas + Dadonov Top deals (26:48)Button: Toffoli, Hagel, MansonKool: Artturi LehkonenAnd in our Ultimate Hockey Fans(35:20) Final Thoughts: We are excited for the push to the playoffs but wonder how the west will be won? And we are keeping an eye on the Vancouver Canucks, LA Kings and Vegas Golden Knights playoff odds.

    EP 48 - Countdown to Trade Deadline: 4 Days!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 42:05

    The countdown to Monday's NHL Trade Deadline continues and with things heating up we start the pod off talking wheeling and dealing...well after some disappointing news with Kools men's league team losing 2-0.The first deal we start with has the Montreal Canadiens trading Ben Chiarot to the Florida Panthers (1:55) in exchange for forward Tyler Smilanic, a 1st-round pick in 2023, and a 4th-round pick in 2022 (via New York Rangers). What do we make of the deal? What does it mean for Florida?That leads us to what happens with Claude Giroux (8:37) who is set to play his 1,000 NHL game with Philadelphia Thursday. Is he on a plane to Florida or Colorado after the game? Where does he land? Another team that could be in the mix for Giroux is another team that has been active, the Calgary Flames (10:08). After picking up Tyler Toffoli a couple weeks ago the Calgary Flames Wednesday acquired forward Calle Jarnkrok from Seattle for three draft picks: a second-round (2022), third-round (2023) and seventh-round (2024) picks for the Swede. Thursday's Sports Interaction (18:39) features our inside look at 10-games in the NHL tonight! In the 2nd half of the pod we continue with NHL Trade Deadline topics (20:58):Who doesn't want Jakob ChychrunVegas Golden Knights Butch Goring TDD history Maple Leafs, Wild, Rangers And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (39:02) Steve and Craig talk about two topics to keep an eye on:Kool: Marc-Andre Fleury Button: St. Louis Blues

    EP 47 - Trading Season, VGK/TOR trouble + 34 suspension

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2022 39:58

    With the NHL Trade Deadline less than one week away we start this edition of the pod talking about Monday's deal as the league-leading Colorado Avalanche acquired defenseman Josh Manson from the Anaheim Ducks for prospect Drew Helleson and a 2nd-round pick in the 2023 NHL Draft.What else do the Avs have planned? What could be next for new GM Pat Verbeek and the Anaheim Ducks?Our 2nd main topic comes with concerns around two teams as the Vegas Golden Knights and Toronto Maple Leafs have issues (6:12). Will either team try and plug holes at the deadline? We share our thoughts how things could play out with both teams not playing up to expectations.Tuesday's Sports Interaction features our inside look at 11-games in the NHL Tonight (19:00).In the 2nd half of the pod (21:12) we start with Toronto Maple Leafs Auston Matthews suspension for two games, for cross-checking Buffalo Sabres Rasmus Dahlin. We share our thoughts on the suspension. And also discuss how suspensions to superstars can actually help them in the playoffs.And to close out the pod we head back to the back to the deadline (30:00) and hit on a number of topics part of our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts:Ben ChiarotWinnipeg Jets Minnesota WildLawson Crouse

    EP 46 - Buyers + Sellers, Eichel back in Buffalo, MORE Trade Talk!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 44:20

    Another pod filled with a ton of NHL Trade Deadline talk! We start this edition of the pod talking about the two games and four teams in action Wednesday night.First some Oilers talk as they fight for a playoff spot in the the West coming off a big 4-3 win vs Washington where Connor McDavid scored his 30th goal 3:27 into OT.That also leads us to the Washington Capitals plans around the deadline. (4:05)Another Wednesday night storyline featured the Vancouver Canucks (6:03). They continue to get closer to a playoff spot but what does that mean for JT Miller and those trade rumours'? A big night in Buffalo Thursday as the Sabres host the Vegas Golden Knights and Jack Eichel makes his return (12:15). What do we expect? Thoughts on how things could play out?Our Thursday Sports Interaction (18:59) features our inside look at the 13-games in the NHL tonight and two marquee matchups: Colorado at Carolina and Tampa at Calgary!We continue with our countdown to the NHL Trade Deadline theme in the 2nd half of the pod (21:02). What could be coming? Are we waiting for the math to work? Are the prices set?What's working the Trade Deadline like? (27:00)Craig takes us in the room and talks about how different deal can come together. Rapid Fire TDD(35:26)Claude GirouxAlexandar GeorgievJake DeBrusk Ducks UFAsAnd in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (40:20) Steve has some thoughts about Ben Chiarot in Colorado and Craig wonders if some might call Montreal GM Kent Hughes about Artturi Lehkonen.

    EP 45 - Countdown to the NHL Trade Deadline: 2 Weeks

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2022 41:02

    Now under 2 weeks until the NHL Trade Deadline at 3pmET on March 21st! We go heavy on the wheeling a dealing speculation as we wonder who's buying? who's selling? What's the price on the market?Also part of the 1st half of the pod we talk about the Stanley Cup Playoff and Wild Card format (3:10). Do we like it? Do we want more playoff teams?Other Topics in the 1st half:Races in both conferences (8:05)Metro - Penguins, Rangers, CapitalsAtlantic - Maple Leafs, BruinsOur Monday Sports Interaction (18:53) feature our inside look at the NHL tonight and the battle of Alberta!We continue with our NHL Trade Deadline theme in our 2nd half as well (21:04). Looking at a number of intriguing teams around the deadline and what they might do.Dallas Stars Anaheim DucksMinnesota Wild Edmonton Oilers We also talk about one of the games of the season in the 2nd half of the pod as we get into Calgary vs Colorado from Saturday night! (26:37)And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (35:27) Steve and Craig are excited about both the LA Kings and New York Rangers as we approach both the deadline and game 83!

    EP 44 - 50-Goal Club, Giroux, Chicago + Deadline Deals

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2022 40:12

    We start as we should on episode 44 talking about one of the best to ever wear that number as we talk some Chris Pronger!Some other key topics in the 1st half of the pod (2:49):The 50-goal club How many score 50?McDavid/Matthews shoot/passGoals per game up this season!Calgary Flames well coachedMinnesota Wild going for itOur Thursday Sports Interaction (19:50) features our inside look at 9-games in the NHL tonight!In the 2nd half of the pod we continue our series looking at the upcoming March 21 NHL Trade Deadline. (21:50)How will things play out with the Philadelphia Flyers and Claude Giroux?Now that Kyle Davidson is officially GM, (27:57) we wonder what he and the Blackhawks do at the deadline? What will happen with Marc-Andre Fleury? What about Patrick Kane's future in the Windy City?And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (34:40), we have a few tributes and nods to a few players as Steve gives credit to Mikko Koskinen and is loving Mo Seider! And Craig talks Detroit Red Wings bright future, Kris Draper and big congrats to Wayne Simmonds on his 1,000 NHL game!

    EP 43 - Hart Trophy, Vegas issues + MORE Trade Talk!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2022 40:58

    Another week and another pod filled with NHL Trade talk, thoughts and speculation as the Deadline is now only 3 weeks away!But before some trade chatter we start this edition off with a conversation about the NHL Awards and Hart Trophy candidates! So many in the mix this season including some goalies! Just a few to consider: Igor Shesterkin, Jacob Markstrom, Alex Ovechkin, Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, Auston Matthews, Nazem Kadri, Cale Makar and Craig's pick Sidney Crosby!Another main topic part of our 1st half of the pod has us wondering what is going on with the Vegas Golden Knights? (6:15) What's with their struggles? No longer fighting for division but fighting for playoffs? What's wrong? And we also take a look at the way things are shaping up for a crazy race in the Pacific.Monday's Sports Interaction (17:58) our inside look at the 3-Games in the NHL tonight. Vancouver at New Jersey, Toronto at Washington and Boston at Los Angeles.We continue our look at the NHL Trade Deadline(20:19) in our 2nd half of the pod as we continue to wonder what might happen. Buyers? Sellers? Expectations? Some thoughts on what both the Anaheim Ducks and Dallas Stars might do.1980's hockey from the weekend (29:46) Toronto at Detroit! Our takeaways from the Maple Leafs 10-7 win over the Red Wings Saturday. Toronto goalie troubles and and how things could change in the Atlantic Division.And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final thoughts (38:09)Craig thinks the East is set but loves the races in the West! And Steve check-in on the cross checking crackdown or lack-there-of...

    EP 42 - Wheeling + Dealing: Forsberg, Chychrun, Giroux

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2022 44:56

    Before a ton of NHL Trade Deadline talk we start the pod discussing a big matchup from Wednesday that saw the Edmonton Oilers visit the Tampa Bay Lightning.In the contest, Corey Perry scored his 400th NHL goal, as Tampa beat the Oilers 5-3 at Amalie Arena. And yet again our take away from an Edmonton loss GOALTENDING! The boys explain how the Oilers still need a damn goalie and are going no where until they address this area.For our 2nd main topic we head to the Music City as the Nashville Predators are set for a big weekend (6:00) as they honor Pekka Rinne and host some outdoor hockey! However our main topic with the Preds concerns the future of Filip Forsberg. What are the plans with the player? Will he be dealt? What would you do?Our Thursday Sports Interaction(19:38) features our inside look at the Dallas Stars at Nashville Predators and Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks. More on the March 21 NHL Trade Deadline (21:53). More speculation on trades. Who's chasing what? More names in play. Never start with NO!Jakob ChychrunClaude GirouxAnd in our Ultimate Hockey Fan Final Thoughts(38:05) we continue to get excited for the coming weeks leading up to the NHL Trade Deadline! Kouleas has some love for Avs Nazem Kadri and Button is done with the Winnipeg Jets.

    EP 41 - Panthers Time to Hunt + MORE Trades!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 21, 2022 43:05

    We start this edition of the pod with a deep dive into the Florida Panthers. A team that can play a number of ways, both Steve and Craig have a lot to say about one of the NHL's top teams!How do GM Bill Zito and his scouting staff continue to find the diamond in the ruff type player? From their depth to the balance throughout the lineup, interim bench boss Andrew Brunette has a lot to work with and do not underestimate this coach! Our Monday Sports Interaction (18:56) features our inside look at Carolina at Philadelphia, Winnipeg at Calgary and Toronto at Montréal tonight!With the NHL Trade Deadline now 1-month away we continue our trading series looking a teams wants and needs (20:56). One big name in play is Arizona D Jakob Chychrun. What's the price? Who could he fit with?And another name we continue to be interested is Montreal D Ben Chiarot(29:58). Almost any team could use him as he adds what everyone is looking for at this time of the season, added depth on D.As we approach the end of the pod we also talk some 2022 Olympic Men's Hockey as Finland wins the gold-medal in Beijing(34:21). However our main topic in this section is the size of the rink and reasons for low boring scores. And we conclude the pod as usual with our "Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts" (40:42). Steve continues to be interesting in Nashville Predator Filip Forsberg and Craig shares some thoughts on the Dallas Stars.

    EP 40 - Team Canada Gold! + Eichel, Toffoli, Trades

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2022 42:15

    We start with the big game at the 2022 Beijing Olympics between rivals Team Canada and the USA for the women's hockey gold-medal (2:57). Marie-Philip Poulin led the way for Canada as they became Olympic champions for the 5th time with a 3-2 win. We also talk more about Poulin's excellence as she became the only Canadian player, to score in four Olympic gold medal games!Our 2nd main story had the Colorado Avalanche spoiling Jack Eichel's Vegas Golden Knights debut (13:02). Darcy Kuemper stopped 29 shots as the Avs beat Vegas 2-0 on Wednesday. It was Eichel's 1st game since being acquired from Buffalo and the 25-year-old finished with one shot, one hit in 17:24 of ice time.Our Thursday Sports Interaction (19:53) includes our inside look at 2 of the 10 on the ice tonight. St. Louis at Montréal and Anaheim at Edmonton.In our 2nd half of the pod we hit on one of our top topics looking at trades and talking about the big one this week as the Calgary Flames acquire Tyler Toffoli (22:03). On Monday morning, the Flames acquired the two-way winger from the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for a conditional 1st-round pick, a 2024 5th-round pick, forward Tyler Pitlick and prospect Emil Heineman.NHL trade talks, trade rumors and speculation (27:32). Who's buying? Who's selling? We continue our trade talks hitting on a number of different teams and topics as we approach the NHL Trade Deadline March 21.And in our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts(37:56), we talk some Jagr with his 50th birthday and also tip our caps to Sidney Crosby scoring his 500th NHL Goal this week!

    EP 39 - NHL bits + bites, Avs, Flames, Trades!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 14, 2022 43:30

    Welcome to Episode 39 of the Kool Button Hockey Podcast! And if we bring up that number 39 we must talk some Dominik Hasek! Is he the best goalie ever?On this edition of the pod, Steve and Craig hit on a number of NHL topics looking at some of league's news and notes from the past week and weekend.Goalie and coaching carouselA good goalie, equals a good coachMontreal 0-3 start under St. LouisEdmonton's start with Jay WoodcroftLots of love for the Colorado Avalanche (14:12) as we look at one if not the top team in the NHL and look at what they might need ahead of a playoff run.In our Monday Sports Interaction(19:32) we give you an inside look at 3 of the 4 games in the NHL tonight: Detroit at Minnesota, Toronto at Seattle and Chicago at Winnipeg.In the 2nd half of the pod we look at the red hot Calgary Flames (21:39) and things might play out in the pacific division. Our discussions around the NHL Trade Deadline continue (25:57) as we wonder what some teams might do? With March 21 quickly approaching we talk about teams working on moves, a target focus and recognizing what your needs are.And in our Ultimate Fans Final Thoughts (40:37) we get excited for the big women's Gold Medal Matchup this week at the Olympics between Canada and USA!

    EP 38 - MTL/EDM Coaching Changes + Marchand sits for six

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2022 51:45

    We start this edition of the pod with big coaching news out of Montreal and Edmonton this week!With the Habs firing Dominique Ducharme and naming Martin St. Louis interim head coach, Steve and Craig start with their thoughts on what is going on in Montreal. Reasons behind the fire/hire? And we share our thoughts on one of the firs big decisions by new Canadiens GM Kent Hughes. The 2nd coaching casualty this week comes out West as the Edmonton Oilers say goodbye to Dave Tippett in the third year of his tenure (11:31). Why now? And what now for the Oilers? Steve and Craig also try and understand this decision by GM Ken Holland.Brad Marchand was at it again this week (20:43). The Boston Bruins forward was suspended six games for roughing/high-sticking Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry.Our Thursday Sports Interaction (26:57) features our usual inside view on the NHL tonight, but the boys also share some Super Bowl picks with the big game Sunday!Another big game comes our way in the NHL Thursday. A possible Stanley Cup preview as the Tampa Bay Lightning visit the Colorado Avalanche (29:13). We dive deeper into this marquee matchup and talk about two of the league's top teams with two of the best head coaches. Some more Olympic Hockey talk comes your way near the end of the pod (41:18). Both the Men's and Women's tournaments are in full swing and we talk about excitement around both.And we conclude this edition of the pod with out Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (48:08) talking some Tuukka Rask with the news about his retirement this week.

    EP 37 - Fab Feb ahead + The Art of The Deal

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2022 42:55

    Welcome to another edition of the Kool Button Hockey Podcast as we start the week off with some classic hockey talk with Steve Kouleas and Craig Button.We start post NHL Allstar weekend talking about the League's big showcase event. What did we like? From the spectacle on the ice to business off it, the Allstar weekend in Vegas also feature a very intriguing State of the Union from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and Deputy Commissioner Billy Daly. We share our thoughts on the press conference and also talk about new testing protocols. What happens now with testing? How will testing work for crossing the Canada/USA border.Jack Eichel and a Vegas Golden Knights (12:34) debut is getting closer! With excitement growing the big question is who will be shipped out of Sin City? And how will play out with salary implications and possible trades?On our Monday Sports Interaction (19:25) with the NHL back on the ice we look at the Carolina Hurricanes at the Toronto Maple Leafs and New Jersey Devils at the Ottawa Senators!In the 2nd half of the pod (21:35) its all about the NHL Trade Deadline and the Art of The Deal. Now 6only 6 weeks away!!! What might some teams do? How is in play?Craig takes us inside the room as he shares stories about trade deadline and trying to make deals with Darcy Regier and Lou Lamoriello. And as part of our Final Thoughts (37:38) on this episode, we look at the big women's hockey matchup between Canada and USA at the 2022 Winter Olympics!

    EP 36 - Rocky Wirtz, NHL at Allstar + Women's hockey!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2022 43:09

    We get right into it with Chicago Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz outburst Wednesday (00:14). What was he thinking? What happens now? Will there be an NHL response and is one needed?Our 2nd main topic we focus on Women's hockey getting underway (10:46) at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing! Canada and USA both open with wins but both lose key forwards to injuries.Thursday's Sports Interaction (18:44) with the NHL on the Allstar break, Steve gives us some possible trophy winners this season looking at the Art Ross, Calder and Jack Adams.In the 2nd half of the pod we talk about the NHL at the Allstar break and what might happen the 2nd half of the season (21:00).Craig is excited about the Florida Panthers season and what is to come (21:52) as they remind him of his 1999 Stanley Cup Champion Dallas Stars. Steve looks at possible playoff scenarios in the East (24:53) and the teams involved. And what's another episode without Kool and some Oilers love! (26:23) We also look the Pacific race, the Vegas Golden Knights and Calgary Flames (28:33). And as part of our Ultimate Hockey Fans Final Thoughts (39:20) we think the future is bright for both the NHL and hockey and we are looking forward to NHL Allstar skills!

    EP 35 - Price, Oilers, 87 vs 8 + Avs Kadri

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2022 40:27

    We start this edition of the pod with some fun with numbers as we dedicate Episode 35 to the great Tony Esposito!Speaking of great goalies one of our main topics includes Carey Price and his future with the Montreal Canadiens (4:56). Following his weekend press conference we have a few thoughts and questions. Will and when does he play again? What should his plan be? What should the team do?Our 2nd main topic yet again we take a look at the Edmonton Oilers with the addition and debut of Evander Kane (11:43). The Oilers now look deep up front and have options. However we still think some pieces are needed on the back end, on both the blue line and between the pipes.Mondays Sports Interaction (16:50)Florida at Columbus Vancouver at Chicago New Jersey at Toronto Edmonton at Ottawa Anaheim at Detroit Another reoccurring topic on the pod our ageless wonders 8 and 87! Sidney Crosby 2 goals shy of 500 (18:50) plays Alex Ovechkin this week and we talk about the great rivalry between the two that keeps on giving!Another great story this season has been the Colorado Avalanche and Nazem Kadri (28:53). The Avs are looking great as they extended their home winning streak to 18 and Kadri's impressive season has been a big time catalyst for the team.In our Final thoughts (35:09), Craig is excited for the upcoming 2022 Women's Olympic hockey tournament especially Canada vs USA! Meanwhile Steve has high praise for the Florida Panthers Jonathan Huberdeau and Aleksander Barkov!

    EP 34 - Failing Flyers, Lundqvist 30 + Zubov 56

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2022 43:24

    We start this addition of the pod with a code orange in Philadelphia as Steve and Craig try and figure out where the Flyers go from here? GM Chuck Fletcher, his blank cheque and the mess on Broad Street. What happens next? How will Claude Giroux's situation play out? Where will he end up?With Henrik Lundqvist's 30 and Sergei Zubov's 56 jersey retirements in New York and Dallas this weekend we talk about both hockey legends and remember their careers.Learn about Lundqvist(12:25) before he was the King. Where does Hank rank on the all time goalie list? Thoughts about watching his rise and great career on Broadway.When it comes to Sergei Zubov(25:30), our very own Craig Button who won the 1999 Stanley Cup in Dallas with 56 shares a few stories about the Hall of Famer.Sports Interaction (23:15) we look and try and set you up for 6 of the 10 games in the NHL Thursday:Carolina at OttawaVegas at Florida Seattle at Pittsburgh NY Rangers at ColumbusCalgary at St. Louis Nashville at Edmonton And we close things out on this edition of the pod talking some Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and Craig's Top 5 teams in the NHL right now!

    EP 33 - NHL big picture, trade deadline + Clark Gillies

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2022 46:43

    From the NHL playoff format to 3-on-3 overtime changes, Steve and Craig discuss and debate a number of hockey's hottest topics on this edition of the pod including the exciting February ahead!With Craig still in Winnipeg we start things off talking some Jets! Also part of the first half we talk NHL big picture as we discuss the product, style of play and where the League is at on the ice. Our Monday Sports Interaction(23:23) is a busy one as we look at Dallas at Philadelphia, Vegas at Washington, St. Louis at Calgary, Anaheim at Boston and Los Angeles at NY Rangers. Some thoughts about the NHL Trade Deadline coming up March 21. Does dealing at the deadline work? Craig also shares a story about his time with the Dallas Stars at 1999 deadline. What players and names are available this year? What do some teams need to do?And before our finally thoughts we have a conversation about the New York Islanders in the 1980's and Clark Gillies with the sad news about his passing. Steve and Craig remember the amazing player and person who was a huge part of the dynasty that made so many memories for so many people!

    EP 32 - Rangers vs Leafs, Habs GM + a new sked!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 42:14

    On our 32nd episode, we start with a nod to a great 32 Steve "Stumpy" Thomas who went undrafted. And speaking of undrafted, we also talk some Martin St. Louis greatness to start this edition of the pod!Our first main topic comes from the New York Ranger 6-3 win vs the Toronto Maple Leafs as we discuss and debate where both teams are at and who will go further in the playoffs.The New York Rangers are looking good for the playoffs, a big reason stud netminder Igor Shesterkin, who could be up for some major hardware. Meanwhile the Toronto Maple Leafs have problems playing with the lead. Do they understand situational hockey?One of our other main topics on this episode is the Montreal Canadiens new GM Kent Hughes introduction this week. How will he handle his new role? What is the plan at trade deadline? Who stays? Who goes?Thursday's Sports Interaction(30:00)Winnipeg at NashvilleFlorida at Edmonton We also discuss the new NHL comprehensive update to the 2021-22 regular-season schedule. As all 32 teams will complete their respective 82-games by the regular season's original closing date of Friday, April 29!And as part of out final thoughts, we tip our caps to the great seasons that both Alex Ovechkin and Nazem Kadri are having!

    EP 31 - Allstar, Eichel, Pronger + The West

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2022 39:06

    Welcome to our winter wonderland edition of the podcast! With Steve snowed in and Craig in Michigan we start this edition of the pod talking a little Borje Salming and Wayne Gretzky.Our 1st main topics has us looking at the NHL Allstar Game and the selections. We share our overall thoughts on the weekend and how the event comes off. Are we ok with the players who are going? Our start of the week Sports Interaction(16:30) features Steve and Craig looking at Montreal vs Arizona on Monday and Carolina at Boston Tuesday.In our 2nd half of the pod we talk Jack Eichel and the Vegas Golden Knights. The timetable for his return and the importance of the team being on the same page. Also what might happen with roster decisions and trades to get him in the lineup.As we approach the 2nd half of the season, a very intriguing story line includes how the Wild Wild West will be won? We look at some of the tight races in both the Central and Pacific.And we conclude this edition with a great conversation about Chris Pronger with the St. Louis Blues retiring his number 44 Monday.

    EP 30 - Kane, Marchand, Clarke vs Hextall

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 42:19

    Celebrate the 30th edition of the Kool Button Podcast with Steve Kouleas and Craig Button discussing and debating the top NHL news and stories!We start the pod with one of hockey's hottest topics: Evander Kane, NHL interest in the player and the Edmonton Oilers going down that path.The Boston Bruins are rolling since the holiday break and the boys are loving the “little ball of hate” Brad Marchand…In addition to 63's impressive play, Tuukka Rask is back and we think David Krejci is paying attention!Our Thursday Sports Interaction (at 24:41) has us looking at the B's visiting Philly, New York Rangers at San Jose and the LA Kings home to the Penguins.In our 2nd half of the show, we dive deeper into Bobby Clarke vs Ron Hextall. Our thoughts on Clarke's comments on "The Cam and Strick Pod" this week about Ron Hextall's time as GM of the Philadelphia Flyers.And we conclude the 30th edition of the pod talking about the 2022 NHL mid season draft rankings, Craig's list and what it all means.

    EP 29 - Contracts, Tributes + Trades

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2022 42:46

    Welcome a new hockey week with a new edition of the pod as Steve and Craig discuss and debate the NHL's and hockey's hottest topics! Will another NHL team take a chance on Evander Kane? Would your team want him? After clearing unconditional waivers and with the San Jose Sharks intention to terminate his contract we wonder how things will play out. Marc Andre-Fleury returns to Vegas! A great feel good story from the weekend as the Flower was welcomed back with a ton of fan fair, a beautiful tribute and made 31 saves in the Blackhawks' 2-1 win...the 1st to beat all 32 teams in the NHL! Is Vegas a better team without him? Would you have done the same things to build out your team? For our Monday Sports Interaction we look at Seattle at Colorado and Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals. We also feel good about the New York Rangers and overs! What will happen with John Klingberg? What is the price? The Dallas D man with a trade request after saying he has felt underappreciated by the Stars in their approach to contract negotiations. And we conclude this edition with Steve and Craig on one of their top topics: NHL officiating. Those who complain, consistently consistent and the elite of elite!

    EP 28 - All Hail Cale! + don't forget the goalie

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2022 40:58

    We start this edition of the pod talking about the special OT goal scored in Chicago this week by Cale Makar of the Avalanche. Where does it rank with the best goals of the year? Where does Makar slot among the best blueliners in the NHL?Another pod, another conversation about the Edmonton Oilers issues and where they go from here. Is this the worst it gets? And enjoy a classic Craig rant on the key piece they are missing!In our Thursday Sports Interaction we preview the battle of Pennsylvania with the Pittsburgh Penguins visiting the Philadelphia Flyers and we also look at another great matchup Thursday with the Colorado Avalanche hosting the Winnipeg Jets.What are some of our biggest surprises this season? And some key NHL storylines heading into the 2nd half.What do we make of the Nashville Predators? Are they over achieving? Are they this good?And what do the Vegas Golden Knights when Jack Eichel is ready to play? All that and more on Episode 28 with Steve Kouleas and Craig Button!

    EP 27 - New Year, New Plans

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2022 41:06

    Happy 2022! In our 1st episode of the New Year, Steve and Craig get right after it trying to figure out what is happening in Canada with COVID fan restrictions vs USA fans at games. Why is the NHL postponing more games in Canada due to COVID restrictions on number of fans? Will Canadian teams on a temporary basis relocate down south?In our 2nd section of the pod we review the Winter Classic where Jordan Kyrou and the St. Louis Blues took care of the Minnesota Wild in some cold conditions. And Craig is not happy with how the announcement was handle for the USA women's 2022 Olympic team!Our first KB on ICE Sports Interaction features Monday's matchup that has the Edmonton Oilers visiting the New York Rangers.More NHL topics include Florida Panthers Jonathan Huberdeau, Carolina Hurricanes Rod Brind'Amour and drafting NHL players, Stars vs Superstars.And we conclude this edition of the pod with one of the early feel good stories of 2022 involving hero Kraken fan Nadia Popovici and what she did for Canucks trainer Brian “Red” Hamilton.

    EP 26 - World Juniors canceled, NHL back + Winter Classic

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2021 42:21

    Happy New Year! Enjoy our last episode of 2021 as Steve and Craig discuss and debate hockey's hottest topics.Our main discussion part of this edition is the cancelation of the World Junior Hockey Championship. How did we get here? Was it the right decision? Why no bubble? Why not relocate? Will it be rescheduled? Steve and Craig try and answer those questions as we talk about the major disappointment with the tournament being canceled.With the NHL back from the holiday break we also talk about the game back on the ice and how teams are looking heading into the new year. One concern for Steve is the Edmonton Oilers trying to figure it out and what happens if they don't.It's also time for another January 1st NHL tradition as we talk about taking the game outside with the 2022 Winter Classic set to be played in Minnesota between the Wild and St. Louis Blues.And we close things out on this edition remembering and thanking the legend that is John Madden!

    EP 25 - The Future is Bright

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2021 41:43

    Fresh off Christmas weekend, Steve and Craig celebrate one of the most wonderful times of the year talking about the World Junior Hockey Championship now underway!With Craig on location and covering the tournament for TSN in Red Deer, Alberta we dive deep into the NHL stars of tomorrow. Some of the storylines following day one that we discuss include: Sweden and Russia, Owen Power's historic hat trick for Canada and defending champion USA holding on to beat Slovakia 3-2 Sunday.In addition to our expanded World Junior conversation we also discuss the NHL returning from the holiday break, taxi squads and how the season is a marathon. And we close out this edition of the pod looking at storylines to follow in the 2nd half of the NHL season in both the East and the West.

    EP 24 - Festivus: NHL feats of strength + grievances

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2021 45:08

    Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus from Steve and Craig as we bring you a special episode 24 ahead of the holidays!On this edition we celebrate the day Frank Costanza made famous The Festivus for the rest of us!Before the traditions and with the NHL now in the holiday break, we talk about the League's COVID decisions and plans going forward. We also discuss the February gap in the schedule now that it's official that NHL players will not take part in the Olympics.With our pole proudly up, we tackle some hockey and NHL feats of strength. No better strength for the game and league then 97 Connor McDavid or the Tampa Bay Lightning.In this edition of the pod we also talk some more World Juniors with the tournament just around the corner and Craig set to be part of the coverage on TSN.And we concluded our Festivus special with the airing of grievances as Button and Kouleas have a lot to say and your going here about!

    EP 23 - NHL COVID: what now?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2021 42:00

    With more postponements and team's in protocol, Steve and Craig discuss how the NHL and World Juniors will manage the ongoing COVID crisis and what might happen with scheduling.In the 2nd half of the pod, we take a look at the NHL big picture as we talk standings, parity in the league and take an early look at the playoff races.With Mo Seider, Lucas Raymond and the way the team has played, we also look at the Detroit Red Wings and agree they are now on the other side of the rebuild.And we close things out with more World Junior conversation as our own Craig Button who will be covering the tournament for TSN, talks about some of the storylines and explains the big difference between a drafted player and a prospect.

    EP 22 - NHL COVID Crisis / Ovi + the torch

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 41:38

    With the NHL's ongoing COVID-19 situation, Steve and Craig start this edition of the podcast trying to figure out how things will play out and where we are at with the pandemic when it comes to playing hockey.Yet again Alex Ovechkin has us talking about his great season as he turns back the clock and is a frontrunner for the Hart. We dive deeper into Ovi vs Crosby, the matchup that keeps on giving 16-years later! Will 8/87 eventually pass the torch to maybe McDavid vs Matthews?Also part of this edition an extended talk about what's going on with the Edmonton Oilers? And we close out the pod with a discussion on expansion and what we make of the recent news about Arizona, Houston and Quebec City.

    EP 21 - Flames PPD, Torts at it again + ice cream!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2021 42:39

    Start your week off with another busy edition of the podcast as Steve and Craig talk World Juniors, Calgary Flames, Olympics, John Tortorella and the Vancouver Canucks 4-0 under Bruce Boudreau.We start where Craig was, at Team Canada's World Junior camp as Connor Bedard became the the first 16-year-old to make the 25-player roster since Connor McDavid.With the NHL announcing Monday that the Calgary Flames games will be postponed at least through December 16th, we discuss why and what it means for the Olympics.And with another John Tortorella hot take, this time on the Zegras-Milano Michigan pass goal, we discuss and debate how Torts can say what he wants even if he's wrong but we still want examples!

    EP 20 - NHL BOG/Olympics, big hits + a special goal

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2021 42:54

    With the NHL Board of Governors meetings, Steve and Craig start with key topics expected to be discussed and at the top of the agenda 2022 Olympic participation. We take a look at the evolution of body-checking and Rule 48 in the NHL with New York Rangers Jacob Trouba's BIG hits this week on Chicago's Jujhar Khaira and Colorado's Nathan MacKinnon. We also discuss the evolution of goal scoring in the league after the Michigan pass goal by Ducks Trevor Zegras and Sonny Milano. And we close out this edition of the pod with some love for Bruce Boudreau's start with the Vancouver Canucks and some life advice from Auntie Rita!

    EP 19 - Canucks changes + Flyers problems

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2021 43:18

    Starting another week and another podcast with significant changes to a Hockey Operations department as Steve and Craig start with the Vancouver Canucks firing GM Jim Benning and replacing head coach Travis Green with Bruce Boudreau.Another team in turmoil, another team we have been all over this season, the Philadelphia Flyers and what they might do is a big topic of conversation. (Hours ahead of the decision to relieve head coach Alain Vigneault.)On team's on the other side of the standings, we also dive deep into the Minnesota Wild's success and highlight great work by Dean Evason and solid play by Ryan Hartman.And finally we conclude the pod with a conversation on NHL Player Safety decisions and thoughts on recent incidents with Connor McDavid on Adrian Kempe and Neal Pionk on Rasmus Sandin.

    EP 18 - Crosby vs McDavid + World Juniors

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 42:19

    Following the 8th head-to-head meeting between 87 and 97, Steve and Craig on Thursday's edition of the podcast talk about the marquee matchup and remember Gretzky vs Lemieux.With Craig on location in Ottawa where he watched the Under-17 Capital City Challenge featuring Canada's National Women's team, we also talk some international hockey with an early look at Olympic rosters and the World Junior Championship.Other hot hockey topics from Episode 18 include: losing before you win, can the Flyers and Islanders salvage the sauce? And the impressive play from Maple Leafs Jack Campbell and John Tavares.

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