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People are seeing something in the woods and there are too many reports for this too be ignored. Join us every Sunday night as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. Listen as we speak with researchers, witnesses and investigators to unravel the mystery…

Bigfoot Encounters

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    SC EP:890 Somebody Save Me

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2022 50:14

    Tonight I will be speaking to Casey who grew up on a ranch in Humboldt County, CA. Casey and his family have seen the creature on a few occasions. Casey said "A friend and I decided to camp next to the river on the property and something walked across the river and was coming to their tent.   Show Notes:

    SC EP:887 Heroes Are Remembered But Legends Never Die

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 46:05

    Until we meet again my friend    

    SC EP: 886 Something Out Of A Nightmare

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2022 58:08

    Next week I will be traveling but I am going to pack my equipment and do some interviews. I am also going to try to do some video production. I am packing up for PhenomeCon. If you are going to be in Vernal Utah next week stop by and say hi. Tonight I will be posting a rewind one of my favorites. Something Out Of A Nightmare Bill writes “I was 15 it was second day of buck season. It was around 7am. It was snowing so the sun wasnt out full like usual. I heard what sounded to me like a damn bull running through the thickets. There was a deer run just next to it. My stand was about 25-30 yards from where the deer run shot through the thickets. I had clear shots all around. Our stands were built 360 around two giant oak trees. Anyway I was seriously waiting to see a damn brama bull come plowing through this scrub. So I sat on the bench up there and figured whatever it is my chance of getting a buck were gone for next few hours. So I leaned back against the tree and put my 30.06 across my lap. My dad insisted we always loaded heavy with hollow points. My dad reloaded all out ammo. I'm not sure what grain he used in the shells. But I know you couldn't buy them with that much grain powder in them. Anyway. All sudden everything just goes silent. You know that Erie silence you hear when it is snowing. Like the snow absorbers all sound. No more birds, squirrels, nothing there was no sound. Lime mother nature hit the mute button. Then I saw movement. It was about 6 doe trying to sneak by. When they got near the thicket my jaw dropped. These doe jumped straight up in the air! And there legs were running in mid air as well. 4 doe sprinted away when the hoofs hit the ground. But what exploded out of the thorny thicket was these two massive BFs they were on top of these does in milliseconds grabbed them by the throats and snapped the does necks as if they were breaking twigs! These monsters were both reddish brown. Their faces were something out of nightmares. I froze. Did not move a muscle. I just watch as they threw these does probably about 150 pounds each over there should like I would have my book bag from school. And then they walked right under my stand. And stopped. Then what happened next it was all I could do not to piss myself. From right under me came this Unholy roar. That seemed to go on forever. The tree stand was vibrating from the sound waves. Then when the roast stopped, I heard the other go like humph!! And then they walked away with their prize over there shoulder. As they walked I watched them and it was if the trees swallowed them up and they were gone. Next I heard running towards my stand, but it wasnt heavy. It was my dad. He ran to me when he heard the roar. He was running towards me with the intent to shoot anything to save me. My dad did three tours in Vietnam. He was running as if he was going into battle. I didnt recognize it when I was 15, but after my training in the Navy. I was a Navy Corpsman with 2nd Marine recon battalion out of camp legune NC. When I saw there faces I became terrified because it triggered a memory from when I was like 5 or six. And something with that sinister face and teeth would stare through the window in my bedroom of that cabin. I was to terrified to run to my dad. I couldn't even speak. I was frozen in fear. My mind must have blocked it out, until I saw them that day when I was 15. My dad had to climb up to me in the tree stand and assist me down the tree. It was if my brain locked every muscle in my body. I couldn't even speak for about 10 minutes or so. I was in shock. That roar right under me sent a fear through every fiber in my mind body and soul.”

    SC EP:883 The Spider Crawl

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2022 53:47

    Tonight I will be speaking to John. John writes “I am a Registered Nurse at the hospital here in town. My encounter happened on approximately November 17, 2020. As Covid was in full swing many of us had to take our turns working on the Covid unit. My home unit had high risk patients so I was being swabbed twice a week to try and prevent Covid from coming onto that floor. Prior to leaving work on Tuesday morning, the 17th, I was swabbed for Covid prior to going home with the plan to come back to work that evening at 7 PM. As I was ready to leave for work that evening I received a phone call from the hospital. I was told I could not come to work because my Covid swab from that morning came back positive and I would need to quarantine for the next 7 days. My problem was that my Father-in-law, who would be considered high risk if he contracted the virus, was staying at our home during that time. My wife and he were not in the house when I found out I had the virus so I formulated a plan and called her. The plan was that I would get out of the house and go quarantine at our cabin at Rough River Lake, KY. She brought my Father-in-law home and met me in the parking lot at the grocery store. I waited out in the parking lot in my pickup while she went in and bought enough groceries to last me during my quarantine and came out to my pickup and she put the groceries in my tool box so we had no contact. The next morning, my wife and Father-in-law went and got tested and were negative- thank goodness because I would have been the one to have given it to them and I did not want to have harmed them. The Drive from Owensboro to the lake was about 56 miles and it was really dark that night. I remember seeing only a sliver of the moon earlier, but by 9 pm or so when I made my drive it was just really dark with no moonlight that I could see. On the way up to the lake I had the radio off (it is usually on) as I was deep in thought about the whole situation. As I drove on I came to realize that my biggest fear would be laid to rest one way or the other in the morning when my wife and Father-in-law would be tested for the virus. I then thought about how I could actually make the most of the quarantine by calling people I hadn't spoken to in a while and working on my book which I was working on at the time and has been published since. The route I take to the lake once I get through Owensboro is Highway 54 east for roughly 25 miles. When I got through the small town of Fordsville, I turned left to go North on 261. This is an 11 mile stretch to get to a junction called McQuady where I would turn right on 105 south to take the rest of the way to the lake. Ten miles in on the aforementioned 11 mile stretch is where I had my encounter. I had been deep in thought coming through the dark, wooded area. I came to an area that had a row of trees along the road to the left coming off a ravine. When I passed the end of that there was a second ravine with trees about 30 yards back that came to an end roughly 100 yards farther than the closer ravine. What initially caught my attention was the yellowish/white eye shine of a deer off to the right side of the road. I started to slow up as this really nice white tail buck walked right onto the road in front of me and just stopped in the middle of the road. He was not looking at me and paid no attention to me coming toward him! He was gazing to the left side of the road toward the end of the second tree row/ravine I mentioned. As I got within about 20 yards of this deer and had almost come to a stop, I looked over toward where the deer was watching. You know how your car headlights cast light off to the left and right of the vehicle? Well, in that cast off light I picked up what I would describe as very large orange eye shine, about 4 feet off the ground near the end of this stand of trees. It was coming from the back side of the trees around the tip or end of the tree stand, so It was facing me at about 9 o'clock position when I picked up the eye shine. I can only describe that I saw a dark creature, moving like a spider but about 4 feet off the ground, with a large head with eyes almost as large as silver dollars around 6 or 7 inches apart that shined orange. When I looked back at the deer standing on the road before me, it suddenly took off in the direction it was facing into open field. I then saw this spider creature turn toward the running deer and started to quickly move toward it. That's when I about dropped a biscuit as this thing rose up onto 2 feet in fluid motion to take flight after the deer! I rolled my window down to see if I could smell anything which I did not, but I heard in the trees to the right side of the road, where the deer had initially come, what sounded like a large branch breaking, so I hit the gas and got the heck out of there. I feel that there was a creature on the right side of the road in the woods that pushed this deer toward another creature at an ambush point and I came along at the wrong time. As fast as this thing took off, in an open field, I have no doubt it would catch up to the buck.”

    SC EP:882 Beasts of the World

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2022 56:14

    Andy writes “Beasts of the World is a seven-part series, which seeks to investigate the histories, evidence, and common theories surrounding the numerous cryptid creatures that have been reported around the globe. In Volume 1. – Hairy Humanoids, we examine the diverse collection of hairy, bipedal, man-like monsters that are believed to inhabit the world's remote and lonely regions and ask the question – do they represent a single species, or, could there be other lesser-known varieties of Wildmen, yet to be revealed? This book seeks to classify some of these distinct kinds and proposes a separation (even when two or more ‘types' or ‘species', appear to be sharing a similar geographic area) based upon key physiological and behavioural differences. And so, we find that the Man-Ape – Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest, is something quite different to the Wildman – Almasti, of the Caucuses Mountains; and that the Relict Ape – known as the Yeti, is more akin to the Florida Skunk Ape, than the Chinese Yeren… Are these mysterious monsters surviving Gigantopithecus, extant Neanderthals, undiscovered apes, hidden tribes, or simply folklore and fable, repackaged for the modern world? Join me, as I go in search of these Hairy Humanoids and the many yet to be discovered Beasts of the World.”   Check out the book here

    SC EP:880 Damn Dirty Yahoo's

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2022 58:42

    SC EP:877 This Thing Bent Down Over My Tent

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 54:22

    A listener writes “I am a Tribal member with the Hoopa Valley Tribe and grew up here all my life, my homes about 20 miles from where the Patterson film was shot at Bluff Creek, during the summer of 2018 me a friend and her family decided to go camping at this little campsite off the mountain road of Bald hill.” Spoke to the witness he said his grandmother was a medicine woman and had warned him not to go into this area after dark. The witness will be sharing the Hoopa Valley Tribe's beliefs on these creatures. He also discusses the canine creature known as Dogman but they have a different name for it.

    SC EP:875 The Kern River Monster

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 43:48

    Nate writes "We decided to go night fishing for catfish in the Kern River canyon because it was too hot during the day. I decided not to go too deep into the canyon but to the first or second campground off the 178hwy. We arrived to lower richbar around 12:30am just after midnight. All three of us were armed, just for protection like we always do. Haul our fishing gear and started fishing with chicken liver as bait. By 1:30am we caught at least 6 catfish in a stringer. We were happy that we didn't really had to use the flashlight since the moon was out. As we were talking, we heard this roar. Roar so loud that we felt instant fear as it vibrate through our chest. I have heard many animals nothing like this. Then we all noticed across the river by a tree, this thing stood up, all black, tall 9-10ft, muscular. We all froze. It proceeded to push the tree next to it into the river. The tree snapped and echo throughout the canyon. I grabbed my knife and cut my fishing line. My friend and brother also in a hurry brought their poles to cut our lines. As I'm finishing up with that, it jumped into the river and was swimming (more like walking through the water) towards us. At that moment, I drop the poles, pulled out my gun, and keys. Told the guys to run to the car. Understand that this river, Kern River, have killed many people, trying to swim across or drowned. We all ran to the car with left our poles, the fish and stringer, and tackle box. Running in fear to the Lexus and drove off. I must've been going 70mph. After a couple miles we came out of the canyons towards Bakersfield, I slowed down, and utter the first words. Wtf was that? We were in shock but asking that it snap the guys back. My friend said the .45 wouldn't do a thing to it. We laugh but we're all still in shock, how big it was, how it was swimming through those rapids, like it was in a indoor swimming pool. Like the river current wasn't an obstacle to get across. It shook all of us. Let me know if you like to hear the second story.”

    SC EP:873 I Thought I Shot A Man

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2022 63:26

    David said "In 1981 I was in North Louisiana and I came across this creature. He came from around a tree that was about 6 feet from me and we stared at each other. I wasn't sure what it was but I could tell by his facial expressions he was mad and working himself up to attack me. I shot it and I know it was a lung shot. I could describe every detail about him. This has weighed on me for the last 40 years, I have only told one person about it. It bothers me that I shot but from the way it was acting I thought it was him or me.”

    SC EP:871 Strange Creature At Grandma's House

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 56:32

    Tonight I will be speaking with Chris. Chris will be sharing with us his families experiences back in the 70's in Kentucky. Chris said "I don't think anyone knew what it was, it was large and hairy and walked around like a man but it wasn't a man." The Smithsonian Institution makes a surprise appearance in this families encounter.    

    SC EP:869 Strange Man In A Ghillie Suit

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 9, 2022 45:49

    In 1999 Bo and his father were hunting in South Carolina. Bo said “I was in my tree stand and at first I thought it was a bear but it did not walk like a bear it walked like a man. Than I thought it must be a huge man in a ghillie suit. I watched him take his foot and scratch his calf just like a man would. When it saw me it took off so fast. I don't even know how to describe it. It was like on a zipline. It was so smooth and fast.” Here is the link for Phenomecon. The event is in September, stop by and say hi.  

    SC EP:867 Encounter On The Mogollon Rim

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 2, 2022 58:24

    Tonight I will be speaking with Aaron. Aaron will be sharing with us an encounter he had almost 30 years ago with his brother in Arkansas. We will also be speaking with Dan. Below is Dan's account.    

    SC EP:866 A Little Gravel In Your Travel

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2022 55:29

    Tomorrow night I will be speaking with Roslyn who is from Georgia. She will be discussing her encounter near her home. I will also be speaking to Evan. In the fall of 2013, Evan was driving north on I-49 in South Louisiana.

    AREA 51: Former Counterintelligence Officer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 78:15

    I wanted to share this presentation in a podcast format. Sometimes when you are searching for answers it is important to look at other topics or genres. If this topic interests you, take a listen. Richard Doty's presentation centers on his assignment as a counterintelligence officer at Area 51. He will disclose never before publicly released incidents involving UFOs/UAPs and extraterrestrial contact and research projects.

    SC EP:864 The Chewy Road Incident

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 19, 2022 53:28

    Tonight I will be speaking with Miranda, Jeanette and Carol. The family is from Oklahoma and they will be sharing their encounters from their time on this property.

    SC EP:861 What Did I Just See?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 11, 2022 54:18

    Justin writes "In 1991 and we moved back to Ohio. It was a your typical warm night in August sometime. The corn was fully grown. Me, my cousin and her friend were out riding in my 66 Chevelle. We started down the hill on county road 1281. The road dips into a shallow valley where Buck Creek runs through it. And crosses and set of railroad tracks before heading up the other side. I crossed the tracks and started up the other side. As I crested the top I noticed eye shine. Not yellow like racoon or like deer. This was different and had my attention. As I got closer I noticed a dark shape in the bushes. This is a gravel road. And I was only doing around 15 mph. These eyes where a lime green in the headlights.

    SC EP:859 I Thought They Were People

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 63:12

    Tonight I interview Mike from CA. Back in 1975 he encountered these creatures. Mike also discusses a UFO encounter 20 years later. Check it out at…they-were-people/

    SC EP:858 Paralyzed With Fear

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2022 68:28

    Tonight I will be speaking to Matt and Eugene. In 1985 Matt and a friend were hiking in California. Matt said "I thought they were hikers, the man was really tall. As we got closer to where we first saw them I realized they were not hikers, whatever it was one was male and the smaller one was female."   Eugene grew up hunting and fishing his whole life. Eugene said "I live out in the middle of nowhere. I have always loved the outdoors and I hunt to feed my family." Eugene first sighting happened in 2014 while fishing with his son.

    SC EP:856 Alaskan Killer Bigfoot

    Play Episode Listen Later May 22, 2022 64:09

    Jeff Davis has a BS in Anthropology and an MA in Archaeology. He lived in England for nearly a year, while working on his Master's Degree on the Vikings in Greenland. He also worked for several years as a field archaeologist in the Pacific Northwest. Jeff spent many years in the U.S. military, serving in Italy, South Korea, Japan, Bosnia and Afghanistan in a number of positions, ranging from Infantryman to military historian, to putting on puppet shows at orphanages. Jeff has written several books on military history, ghosts, mythology, and archaeology. His best selling books were Weird Washington and Weird Oregon. Topics To Be Covered: Kennewick Man The Solutrean Hypothesis (Origins of the Clovis People) Alaskan Killer Bigfoot Paisley Cave Weird Oregon: Your Travel Guide to Oregon's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets Weird Washington: Your Travel Guide to Washington's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

    SC EP:853 It Ran Past Me

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 54:27

    Spoke to Brandon and he grew up in Georgia. Brandon talks about an encounter he had when he was 13 years old. This was not the last incident.   Check out Phenomecon 2022:

    SC EP:851 The Runaways

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 65:46

    Phil will be joining me tonight and over 20 years ago he was a runaway teenager. He lived in the Pine Barrens for some time. One night Phil and his friend had an aggressive encounter with a creature he had never seen before. I will also be speaking to Jeanette. Over 30 years ago Jeanette and her boyfriend were fishing at a campground when they saw this huge creature stand up and walk away. Jeanette said "It was not a bear and it was not a man, I did not know what it was."

    SC EP:850 The Desolate Highway

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 59:47

    Tonight I will be speaking to Kyle. Kyle had a very recent encounter in PA. He is a long haul truck driver and had a very strange experience. Here is the full encounter I will also be speaking to Timothy Renner from the Strange Familiars podcast to discuss his new book The Witch Cloud: The Haunted Bridges of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It is available on Amazon and on At the beginning of the show I played a clip from the Paranormal Portal podcast I was on. Here is the link  

    SC EP:847 Encounter In Connecticut On Family Property

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 50:19

    A listener writes "I recently came across your podcast on Spotify and figured I would reach out to you. A few years ago I had two brief sightings and heard an odd vocalizations. At my home in CT. At the time I reached out to the BFRO and reported them. Eventually after years it was posted on their site as a class A sighting but after trying to get back in touch with them it's been radio silence. I love your show and have a few encounters I'd be like to share!. Let me know if you are interested in some more info!"

    SC EP:845 Correlations Or Coincidences Part Two

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 100:38

    Rick returns for part two as we deep dive into Sasquatch, UFO's and the Paranormal. Timothy Renner from Strange Familiars Podcast joins the discussion. Are there correlations or coincidences? Rick writes “I'm a regular listener to your podcast and find it very informative. On one of your recent shows, I believe you mentioned getting a Ufologist, Paranormal Researcher, and Cryptid Investigator together in order to compare notes on the potential similarities/ connections within all three fields. During my tenure with MUFON, I investigated many sightings to include the abduction phenomenon. I found that many of those cases had elements of the paranormal associated with them, which intrigued me. I then began investigating the paranormal with the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation (CPRI), also in Virginia. I've investigated many cases. Some involved negative entities or the “demonic”. One of these cases was featured on an episode of “A Haunting” entitled “Mark of Evil”. That was a rather serious/ horrific case that changed my life dramatically. I'm still with that organization. However, my wife and I also started the Virginia chapter of the North American Dogman Project (NADP). We've been investigating Dogman/ cryptid cases for the past five years. During my research, I've seen some cases that have “crossover elements” to them.”

    SC EP:844 Retired Detective And Former MUFON Director

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 61:34

    The listener writes "I'm a regular listener to your podcast and find it very informative. On one of your recent shows, I believe you mentioned getting a Ufologist, Paranormal Researcher, and Cryptid Investigator together in order to compare notes on the potential similarities/ connections within all three fields. During my tenure with MUFON, I investigated many sightings to include the abduction phenomenon. I found that many of those cases had elements of the paranormal associated with them, which intrigued me. I then began investigating the paranormal with the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation (CPRI), also in Virginia. I've investigated many cases. Some involved negative entities or the “demonic”. One of these cases was featured on an episode of “A Haunting” entitled “Mark of Evil”. That was a rather serious/ horrific case that changed my life dramatically.

    SC EP:842 Seeing Is Believing

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 62:22

    Will writes "A childhood friend and I were scouting places to conceal a turkey blind in a very inaccessible location in northwest Alabama. Having taken a 4 wheel drive in, then unloading 4 wheelers, and then again having to abandon those to walk where we wanted to be gives you an idea how deep we decided to go. Approximately 2 miles in on foot a large rock landed directly between my friend and I. We both looked at each other thinking the same thing, someone is messing with us. However the we also thought the other unnerving thing, no one knows we're here and no one is anywhere close. Approximately 30 minutes later and about another mile in I caught the second rock in mid air out of my periphery before it hit. I immediately turned my head in the direction I thought it came and there that big bastard was. Only 70-80 feet away, no more than 30 yards."

    SC EP:839 I Thought I Shot A Man

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2022 66:27

    With my moms passing yesterday I will be playing a rewind from episode 820. One of my favorite witnesses. SC EP:820 I Thought I Shot A Man Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “In 1981 I was in North Louisiana and I came across this creature. He came from around a tree that was about 6 feet from me and we stared at each other. I wasn't sure what it was but I could tell by his facial expressions he was mad and working himself up to attack me. I shot it and I know it was a lung shot. I could describe every detail about him. This has weighed on me for the last 40 years, I have only told one person about it. It bothers me that I shot but from the way it was acting I thought it was him or me.”

    SC EP:836 Sounds With Jim Sherman

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 12, 2022 91:08

    Jim Sherman is a High School Teacher who searches for Sasquatch. Jim says “I had an experience when I was camping with my father. I was terrified of being out in the woods alone after dark. I started to really investigate the subject of Sasquatch. Jim has captured some of the best Sasquatch audio. I will be playing some of Jim's audio. We will discuss capturing the audio and Jim's insight on this subject. Subscribe to Jim's YouTube channel:  

    SC EP:835 What Are We Chasing?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2022 61:08

    Dianne writes "As it came closer it stopped right behind the wood line. I could see the massiveness of this creature. It had to be over 9' tall and shoulders 4' across. I could only see parts of it. It seemed to know it was obscured by the trees. I could see the torso area of shiny black hair. At that point I lost my nerve to keep looking and frankly if I would have seen it's face I probably would have had a heart attack. My body went into what I've coined LIQUID TERROR. My insides felt like jello. I decided to pretend everything was just ok and with shaking hands I started beading again. It actually helped me calm down but IT WOULDN'T LEAVE. I thought if I ignore it it will go away. No such luck."

    SC EP:832 Its Face Was A Man's Face

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 26, 2022 59:36

    Tonight I will be speaking to Gabriel who is from California where his encounter happened. This took place 32 years ago. Gabriel and his friends had a run in with a creature but not before finding something strange. Here is the full report:

    SC EP:830 U.S. Marine And The Creature

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 19, 2022 67:03

    James writes “Around 2006 I was about 16 and I had a girlfriend that lives about 2 miles away from me in ft. Drum which is a very small town puts of okeechobee." James describes running into a creature. Mike will also be coming on and sharing an encounter from MI in 1981.

    SC EP:828 The Squatch Watchers

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 12, 2022 67:08

    Tonight I am joined by the Squatch Watchers. David, Taylor and Tate will be sharing their experiences on a property they have been investigating in North Carolina. Check out their YouTube Channel here.

    SC EP:827 Put One In The Chamber

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2022 61:53

    *Due to a technical issues and some podcast player not playing the show, I am uploading this again.   My guest is Josh. Josh comes from a military family. He will be sharing his Sasquatch encounter with us along with other strange things that happen to him on the military base.

    SC EP:827 Put One In The Chamber

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2022 61:53

    My guest is Josh. Josh comes from a military family. He will be sharing his Sasquatch encounter with us along with other strange things that happen to him on the military base.    

    SC EP:824 The Face In The Window

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 29, 2022 56:45

    Tim writes“My first encounter happened in the state of Vermont. Between Clarendon and Tinmouth. My father was with me. And we was deer hunting. To start from the beginning. My father was a minister and he had started a church in Rutland. We had a family that had started coming on a regular basis. And it was almost rifle season and we didn't really have a place to go. So in conversation with this family and my father, we got invited to go out to there farm. This would be my first hunt. Like I said, we didn't really know where to go. But the man told my father that they had deer on there property and if we wanted to go, we were more than welcome to hunt there. I was excited since this would be my first time hunting and my dad was going to let me use my aunt's old rifle. She was short and the butt of the stock had been cut so she could shoulder it. I had shot it before. And I could shoot it quite well. It was a Winchester model 54 and chambered in a 30-06 caliber. My dad was using a ruger chambered in a 7mm Magnum. We got up early that morning. It was November and cold. We left our house early because dad wanted to get out and get settled in before it got to light out and things had time to get quiet. We got out to the property, found the barbed wire gate and dad got out opened the gate and drove the truck in and closed the gate behind us. There was what we called a two track road that we could drive on. It had grass in the middle of it and we drove a ways in and found a place where we could get the truck off so the man if need be could get by if he chose to come out. Vermont is mountainous and rocky and lots of ridges and ravines. We got out threw on some warm insulated hunting clothes on and loaded up and started walking up and over ridges. Dad as we walked said that the highest ridge would give us the best advantage to see. By the time we reached the ledge of the highest ridge daylight was breaking. Dad pointed out a huge sugar maple that would be good to sit up against and I made my way to it. Dad said that he would go down farther on the ledge and still be within eye sight if I needed him. I cleared the leaves where i was going to sit at up against the trunk of the tree so if I needed to move , I could without any noise. The mountain was still behind me and it was steep so I was expecting deer to feed among the ridges and ravines for acorns. I bunched my knee's up against my chest so I could use them as a steady rest. It wasn't long and I could hear something coming down from behind me and it was coming fast. 4 does came full tilt running and ran down the ledge I was sitting on and they never stopped. They ran through some spruce tree's and was out of sight. It wasn't long and something else was coming down from behind me and it was coming fast. Now Wes, I noticed just from feeling the ground with the steps it was taking that this wasn't deer. I literally froze , and didn't move a muscle. Whatever it was , was behind the tree I was leaning against. From this point on. Things went into very slow motion. I heard what sounded like a nut hatch bird sounded like on the side of the tree. I heard dirt or bark hitting on my left shoulder. Moving my head extremely slow a looking up and over my left shoulder was a HUGE and dirty hand. This hand had enormous fingers. If I was to compare the size of the diameter of the fingers I would have to say that they were as big around as the packaged eckrich sausage is that you see in the grocery store meat coolers. They were extremely dirty and a dark grayish black in color hair on top of the back of the hand that wasn't really thick hair because you could still see the skin. From where my head was I'd have to say that the hand was every bit of 5ft above me. I seen breath as it was breathing as it plumed out from behind me. I literally lost all bodily functions. I soiled my pants as well as wet myself. It emitted a very low but vibrating growl. I don't know if you have ever heard alligators during the breeding season where they do a low growl and the water literally vibrates off there backs in the water. But it was very similar. I could feel it inside myself. It then took off down the ledge where the deer went. It moved with such a speed that you cannot comprehend. The hair looked black at the base and where it was longer it looked almost a deep brownish red. It was every bit of 9ft tall and the shoulder width was massive. Probably 4 and a half to maybe 5ft .the hair on the back where the shoulder blades are located looked longer in length. And it had mud matted in the hair wherever it had been sitting. I never at one time thought about the rifle that I had in my hands. After it took off my Dad came running over to me and asked me if I was ok. He said that he would have shot it but was literally afraid that if he did then it would have probably killed me. We cautiously made our way back to the truck. Which wasn't easy with the way my pants was. I vomited before I got into the truck and we left. We got to the gate opened it and closed it and never returned to the location. I was shaking violently on our way home. We pulled into the driveway and dad shut the truck off and told me. Don't you ever talk about what had just happened. We would be ridiculed in town and school for me. This happened in 1979. I just told my wife whom I've been married to for 26 years. This encounter has given me a paranoia every time I'm around woods or I'm outside in the dark.” 

    SC EP:823 The Hypnotic Eyes

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2022 56:04

    I will be speaking to Will and he had an encounter while hunting in Alabama. Many years later Will was hiking with his family in TN. Will said "When me and this creature locked eyes I felt like I could not move. We will also be speaking to Emily and George. Emily writes "I believe I had an encounter. I was camping in a van in the Mark Twain national Forrest last month while hunting with my boyfriend and friend.

    SC EP:821 Which One Did You See?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2022 58:01

    Robert writes “I had encounters in the Daniel Boone National Forest in the 90's. I think it's still a hotspot but most people won't talk about it. Most of my encounters were brief except for one. I had a bear walking towards me and one came running down the mountain and actually chased the bear off. I was walking back down a gravel road as my car was broke down. It actually jumped into the road, slid in the gravel before coming to a complete stop. Turned towards me and bluff charged me twice to push me out of the area. It was 7.5 to 8 fat tall, browns oh red with white hair which made me think it was an older one. Right before it turned towards me I could see it looked like it had “road rash” on the back of its left shoulder. You could see it had hair missing as it looked scabbed over. Kind of like the aftermath of sliding in gravel while wearing shorts for us. There are a lot more details about that encounter but too many to type up.”

    SC EP:819 Best of Sasquatch Chronicles IV

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 112:50

    I was scheduled to take off the week but I wanted to stop by and wish you guys and gals Happy New Year! Be safe out there!

    SC EP:818 The Yellow Towel

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2021 54:58

    Tonight I will be speaking to Adam. Adam writes “I had an encounter with a male and female “Bigfoot” in the summer of 2003. It's very difficult to go into details while writing. But I would love to speak with you personally about what happened.” Spoke to the witness and he has agreed to come on. The incident took place in 2003 while hiking in the Mark Twain National Forest. The Mark Twain National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in the southern half of Missouri. We will be also speaking with Estevan and his wife. They had an encounter in Virginia while camping. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    SC EP:816 I Saw A Monster

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2021 54:56

    Tonight I will be speaking to Darren and he will be sharing an encounter he had when he was 13 years old. Darren talks about finding a structure in the woods and this monster came from around the structure. Darren and his friends were about 30 feet away from the creature. Darren said "At the time I did not know what it was..."

    SC EP:814 Bigfoot Odyssey 168 Hours

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2021 47:54

    Tonight I will be speaking to Kerry Arnold about his documentary called 168 hours. Kerry filmed this week long expedition with 10 people in South Florida. Check out Kerry's channel at:

    SC EP:812 A Higher Call (Holiday Show)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2021 12:09

    A little Holiday show for everyone. On 20 December 1943, Franz met the B-17 bomber named "Ye Olde Pub" and its pilot Charles "Charlie" Brown for the first time. Franz had shot down two B-17s earlier that day and he soon caught up to a wounded B-17 flown by Charles Brown. Lining up to finish the bomber and shoot it down, he noticed the tail gunner never moved the guns. Upon further inspection of the airplane, he saw through large holes in the fuselage a frantic crew trying to save the lives of their fellow airmen. Franz is quoted as saying "and for me it would have been the same as shooting at a parachute", in reference to a statement by his commander and mentor Gustav Rödel; "If I hear of one of you shooting a man in a parachute, I'll shoot you myself!". Stigler motioned to Brown to land his airplane in neutral Sweden because of the extensive damage. However, Brown didn't understand, and decided to keep flying towards England. Stigler escorted the B-17 and its crew to the North Sea coast, protecting it from German anti-aircraft gunners.

    Video Message: Happy Holidays

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 1:13

    Holiday Thanksgiving message and update for this week!

    SC EP:811 The Thermal Camera Incident

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 54:30

    Tonight I will be speaking to Greg and Charles. The guys were hiking in the Daniel Boone National Forest at night when they had an encounter with a creature. The men were able to see the creature through Greg's thermal camera. The night did not end there.


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 50:12

    Deep in the darkest heart of the Philippines sits a terrifying creature. As night falls it begins the hunt for human blood, stalking its prey in the shadows of your town, neighborhood and even your own home. Its tongue drips in hunger, emitting a tick-tick-ticking noise from the vast darkness. This is the aswang, the most feared creature in Philippine folklore. According to Philippine folklore, an aswang is an evil, shapeshifting creature that shares the grotesque characteristics of werewolves, vampires and ghouls. It has no consistent image or description because its appearance varies per region. People have often characterised them based on hearsay, which is why the term aswang has commonly been used as a catch-all description for most evil creatures that lurk in the night. But sometimes….things are not quite as they appear. “To the superstitious, the Huk battleground was a haunted place filled with ghosts and eerie creatures.” -Air Force Brigadier General Edward G. Lansdale

    SC EP:807 The Little Monkey

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2021 71:36

    Tonight I will be speaking to Mark. Over the last 30 years Mark has had two sightings of the creature. Mark is from Nebraska and moved to Colorado. He spent most of his life as a hunter. One of the encounters that Mark had was with a smaller creature.

    SC EP:804 “It's a Boo La, Boo La!!”

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 56:15

    Tonight I will be speaking to two guest. Dylan who was in GA for a visit got into an argument with his girlfriend and decided to take a walk in the woods to clear his head ran into a creature he did not think existed. We will also be speaking to Ed who had an encounter in 1977 while hunting in California.

    SC EP:803 Sierra Sasquatch

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 70:50

    I will be speaking to Jaime Avalos and he writes "In June of 2006 I would see something that has forced me to question who we are and where we fit in the web of life. If you told me prior to this event that I would be scanning the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in search of something that science says does not exist, I would of just laughed at you. Now I spend many hours in the wilderness alone, without a gun, food, use of lights or many other creature comforts. Through the years I have thought about the best way to be able to have sustained contact with these indigenous people as well as creating a formula that would help me locate them throughout the seasons. A measureable, repeatable, predictable formula that would work anywhere. A scientific approach. The resulting data has been promising."

    SC EP:800 I Am Not Sure What We Saw

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 47:48

    In the summer of 2005, I had moved back home. So had my friends Ryan and Kelly. The 3 of us grew up in the same cul de sac with each of our houses being one house apart. Kelly had just finished college and me and Ryan just needed to move home for whatever reason. We were all about 23 or 24 years old. One day, I believe it was in August, we were out playing softball with some friends at the local high school. Kelly's girlfriend helped couch the team so she had a key to the fields. When we had finished, we were all going to go home, clean up, and then meet back up with everyone at Applebee's. Since Ryan, Kelly, and I lived in the same cul de sac we had driven together. When we got home, Kelly went to his house, but me and Ryan went to Ryan's house to have a beer and smoke a cigarette. We're sitting on his back patio just hanging out when Kelly calls to see if we were ready to head out. We told him we had been chilling having a drink. He came up to join us. (We we're not drunk or on any drugs during this. We had 1 beer and we're smoking cigarettes). Ryan's back yard is where this happened. His back yard has a concrete patio directly out from the kitchen. It's on ground level. Extending along the back of the house from the patio is a concrete basketball court with a hoop at the far end. His yard is completely fenced off and the gate was closed. The yard itself goes slightly up hill from the patio/basketball court with a shed in the corner of the yard. There are flowers lining the fence. They had been doing yard work so there were various tools around. There was a wheelbarrow lying on its side under the hoop and a shovel leaning against the house near the kitchen door. On the patio was a patio table which is where we were sitting. Kelly sat with his back to the basketball hoop, Ryan was to Kelly's left, so his right side was to the hoop facing the shed, and I sat to Ryan's left directly facing the basketball hoop. As we sat there talking, the sun was going down. We didn't have any lights on except for the light coming out from the kitchen. There was a faint light from that pre dusk just before the sun sets. This is where things start getting weird. So, as we're sitting there I notice that there is these lights up in the top of the evergreen trees behind the shed. It looked like someone had two flashlights and was moving them in circles next to each other. Those trees are pretty tall. I pointed it out to the other two. It was weird enough to take note of, but we were just like, that's weird, but whatever. Not weird enough to freak us out or anything. Then, like 2 minutes later, from behind the wheelbarrow crawled this creature. I was facing towards it so I pointed and was like, “What the f*** is that?!?” This creature looked at me with as much surprise as I had. I looked at this thing in the face. Next, it took off running fast up the hill, and it sounded like a horse of a race track. Like it was heavy. It ran hand over feed and it was booking it up the hill and then it jumped OVER THE SHED into the trees where the lights had been shining.

    SC EP:798 No Creature, No Deer and No Light

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2021 66:06

    Tonight I will be speaking with Johnathan. Back in 2018 he had a very strange encounter happen to him while driving back to his cabin in Virginia. I have personally heard many accounts like this and I am happy Johnathan decided to come on the show and share it. Johnathan said after the encounter “I am left with no creature, no deer and no light. All I have is confusion. This incident has bothered me ever since.”

    SC EP:796 The Stand Off

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 66:50

    A listener writes “I'm a private person, a 20 year military combat veteran and have only told this story to two other people. My wife and my cousin.” Spoke to the witness and he has agreed to come on the show. He said “I bought some property in Oregon and wanted to get away from everyone. I was dealing with PTSD. I was staying in a trailer while I was working on building a home on the property. One night I thought people were messing with my equipment. I armed myself and ran out of the trailer. I was face to face with these creatures. I have NEVER seen anything like this.”

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