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Damian Abraham can be many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ, a host for Vice…a parent, but certainly he is a punk music obsessive. Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from the far reaching worlds of entertainment to find out how their life was…

Turned Out A Punk

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    Latest episodes from Turned Out A Punk

    Episode 379 - Tim Heidecker (Tim & Eric, On Cinema At The Cinema, Office Hours)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 80:20

    Never Mind Tom Goes To The Mayor, Here's Tim Comes To Turned Out A Punk! Today on the show: On Cinema, Office Hours & Tim and Eric's TIM HEIDECKER is here to talk hating punk, but it still being his scene. Listen in as Tim & Damian discuss: Minor Threat loving drug dealers, losing band members to Digger, Weston as Allentown's Pavement, being sketched out by Ink & Dagger, troll culture, and so much more!  THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also, don't miss Tim and Gregg Turkington's hilarious “On Cinema At The Cinema” available at www.heinetwork.com  Also, don't miss Tim's equally hilarious "Office Hours" available at www.youtube.com/timheidecker Also, grab one of the Turned Out A Punk Shirts at: www.turnedoutapunk.com Also Touched On: The Ramones on rock radio Billy Idol & Generation X Loving the scene but hating the music A hardcore loving drug dealer Minor Threat in the car on the way to get beer Liking early Green Day Weston: Kings Of Scene Dave Weston is PA's Stephen Malkmus  Having your band stolen to become Digger The era when consumer level gear is able to produce at a pro-level Eric: the one stop cultural shop Opening (with videos) for the Shins   Getting discovered by Bob Odenkirk  “Keep them out of the writers room!” The 709 South 6th Street Punk House The Tim Heidecker Masterpiece  Puss WhIp Bang Gang The Doors on Beat Club Cotton Candy: the tape hook up Rockbitch: wildest band in music “Wait til you see this!”: discovering Chris Morris' comedy Faces Of Death Tom Green Derrick Beckles and TV Carnage Smashing the Moog in 12 Tone System Sola: the best Philly band Built To Spill: a mutual love affair Comedy wasn't cool Mr Show as a Matador Band Making “Art” The Influence of Dr. Demento on culture Howeird Stern's Weird Al cash in record Neil Hamburger and breaking Kayfabe Cultural curation  & TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 378 - Ray Ahn (The Hard-Ons, Nunchakka Superfly, The Victims)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 157:36

    What happens when heroes become friends? Find out today as Damian sits down with one of his heroes, The Hard-Ons' Ray Ahn, and quickly realizes that they are birds of a feather. Listen in as the two discuss their shared passions of punk and record collecting. From AC/DC playing earth shatteringly loud at the local park, to power erasing signed records, to confronting hate with humour, to why Jerry A should have thrown Mick Harvey off that boat and so much more: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also, don't miss The Hard-Ons' latest awesome lp “I'm Sorry Sir, That Riff's Been Taken” on Cheersquad Records!  Also, check out the latest lp by Ray's other fantastic band: Nunchukka Superfly's “The Aussie Exorcism (Nah Mate, You Can't Punch A Ghost)” on Tym Records! Also, head over to turnedoutapunk.com and grab a shirt for this podcast! Also touched on: The various species and sub-species of record collectors Australian love for hard rock Getting the SexPistols single from a friend who didn't like it “No one bought Tartus  Beautifully instructional The Ramones and the Saints seal the deal AC/DC playing in the park The influence of the volume on kids in the 70s Accidentally erasing Kym Bradshaw's signature (I'm) Stranded: the real Australian National Anthem Record Collections not as places of enjoyment Having to deal with Racists  Confronting Nazis with humour   The Celibate Rifles The Slugfuckers They not-so-good ol' days The Asshole Roster System being in The Victims Seeing Gauze in '89 Touring Japan with Snuff and Sean ‘Fat Bob' Forbes AND TONS MORE GOODNESS Brought to you by VANS

    Episode 377 - Jeff Tweedy (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Golden Smog)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 61:32

    Your eyes are not deceiving you: JEFF TWEEDY is here! The songwriter, author, record producer & Wilco frontman stops by the show to talk punk! Join Damian as he sits down with Jeff to discuss: the legend of Max Load, when punk misses the mark completely, arguing with Gerard Cosloy outside of CBGBs about ad copy, audiences waiting for Jimmy Buffet covers & so much more!!  THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! Don't miss the reissue of Jeff's "Chelsea Hotel" soundtrack & the deluxe edition of "Love Is The King" coming soon! ALSO, don't forget to subscribe to Jeff's newsletter here: https://jefftweedy.substack.com/subscribe We're getting down to the last few TURNED OUT A PUNK T-Shirts. Get over to www.turnedoutapunk.com & get one before they're gone! Also Touched On: Punk on tv in '77 Local legends Max Load The bad scary punk dudes Punk's most infamous poor taste “joke” band The Johnny Appleseeds of Punk A million dollar comic collection The sketchiness of First Wave Mid-West Punk Ultraman Drunks With Guns “Where do they get these punk clothes?!” The beauty of the Spanish Swing Scene Fool Face were a New Wave band The Stray Cats before the codification Culture Shock on acid The Dazzling Kill Men Producing with Albini Hooking up with Rockville Records The internal Dutch East Indie beef Gerard Cosloy is the real deal Early tours and having to play with Jimmy Buffet cover bands Meeting Mamma Stinson  & TONS MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 376 - Toby Morse (H2O, Hazen Street, One Life One Chance Podcast)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 107:21

    Today we welcome one of the most positive forces in the hardcore universe to the show: TOBY MORSE! The author, podcaster & H20 front person is here to celebrate his lifelong love of punk. Join Damian as he reconnects with his one time tour buddy to discuss: the whiplash between Revolution Summer DC & NYHC, Kevin Seconds as a father figure, Verbal Assault being underrated, Chris Gethard's story from TOAP episode 51 & so much more!  DO NOT MISS IT! Also, don't miss Toby's brand new kids' book "One Life One Chance" OUT NOW on HE Creative or visit H2OMERCH.COM AND if you want one of the new Turned Out A Punk shirts, visit TURNEDOUTAPUNK.COM Also Touched On: 20 years of friendship Going to see Impact Unit “Never Mind The Bollocks” of 8-track Verbal Assault RULE Positive Outlook The Belly punk connection The Marginal Man cover Embrace Kingface East Coast surfing Not liking the “Anarchy and Fuck your parents” vibe 7 Seconds Meeting Milo and seeing the Descendents  The Chris Gethard story Moving to DC just in time for Revolution Summer Going hippies Moving to New York to hang with Token Entry Underdog Hanging with Sick Of It All Living beside  Living in Alan Cage's closet  “The Hick from Maryland” Walter plays the Sugarcubes and Smiths Rusty and Images Outcrowd Violence in NY The Warped Tour Generation Records The amazingness of Kevin Seconds Recording beside Axel Rose Not loving “Go” & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS

    Episode 375 - Elgin James (Co-Creator of FX's Mayans M.C., Righteous Jams, 454 Big Block, Wrecking Crew)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 168:20

    What is the purpose of this podcast if not to help Damian rekindle old friendships? Today on the show, Mayans M.C. co-creator and Righteous Jammer Elgins James sits down for one of the most fascinating episodes yet. Listen in as two friends reconnect and discuss Elgin's harrowing journey from homeless punk to writing a hit tv show.  THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED AT ALL COSTS. Also, lookout for Mayans M.C. season 4 coming in 2022 and catch up on past seasons on FX now! Also touched on: Don Kirshner's Rock Concert The Billy Squier/ Dead Kennedys connection The Sex Pistols rule Catching MRR radio by chance Molly Shannon: New Waver The Clash vs. The Pistols Rainbow and The Scorpions Adventure Jukebox on WXEI No Milk On Tuesday Husker Du Going to the Anthrax and seeing Mental Abuse Chronic Disorder Starting a zine Following Rollins around on the Lifetime Tour Rage Of Discipline: the band “Stay out of prison”: advice from Hank Believing it and living it A little boy never learning to be a man Blackout Bar Meeting Kira from Black Flag…. kinda The changing of the guard in Connecticut  Forced Reality Roger and Agnostic Front: the realest Getting banned from the Anthrax every other weekend Skeletal Ambitions Helping out Jill Heath and DRI Being a punk rock filmmaker Julian Temple on Crass Playing with GG Allin The skinheads going to see Suckdog Nancy and Al Barile Hating Youth Of Today The lost Boston scene of the late 80's Tree B'zrker  Sam Black Church Inheriting the Boston VS New York beef Metal as fantasy The power of the phrase: “I love you”. The delicate Art School/ Street Rock 'N' Roll balance  Fighting onstage during Black Flag Joey C and Righteous Jams Gibby and the invention of social media Everything comes down to sadness And so much more!! Brought to you by VANS

    Episode 374 - Jesse Michaels Part 2 (Operation Ivy, Classics Of Love, Big Rig)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 80:35

    JESSE MICHAELS is back! That's right: the legendary singer of Operation Ivy, Big Rig & Classics Of Love returns to the show to talk about punk, hardcore & mental health. Listen in as Jesse & Damian discuss: a lifelong battle with depression, approach to lyrics, Operation Ivy's impact, unease with punk's success, the reason Common Rider was the band it was & loving hardcore punk most of all. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don't miss Classics Of Love's RAGING 2020 ep: "World Of Burning Hate"! Available here: https://classicsoflove.bandcamp.com/ Also Touched On: Records Mental health and being a lead singer the voice The Neurosis method of writing lyrics The Feederz “The Nerdy, Happy thing” was deliberate  HC 86: The negative and the boring Is it cooler to be in AF or Op Ivy? The first tour The Zero Boys Tim Yo The dived Bay Area scene Lovin' the mid '00 HC comeback  Born Against Warped Tour: not my summer camp Not loving festivals & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS

    TOAP “Architects Of Self-Destruction” Special (John Gentile/ Brad Logan)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 108:45

    In celebration of the release of “Architects Of Self-Destruction: The Oral History Of Leftöver Crack”, Damian welcome's his friend, former LöC guitarist and co-author: Brad Logan (Episode #119) back to the show!  Brad brought along his co-author, editor of  punknews.org and Damian's new friend: John Gentile for the gab! Join them as they go  behind the scenes and talk about the aftermath of making the year's most compelling and honest music book. Out on Rare Bird Books now!

    Episode 373 - Jenna Pup (The HIRS Collective, Jenna & The Pups, Get Better Records)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 82:45

    The triple threat, JENNA PUP is here! Join Damian as he sits down with half of Get Better Records, The Hirs Collectives & all of Jenna & The Pups to talk punk! Listen in as they discuss: house shows as true punk, color vinyl as proto-NFTs, the wear & tear of hardcore, the overwhelming tide of anyone can do it & tons more! DON'T MISS IT! Also, don't miss the fanatic new The HIRS Collective double LP “Third 100 Songs” OUT NOW on Get Better Records! Also Touched On: A house show as true punk Holding on desperately to the word From Christian to Manson The Family Values tour Christmas Card records Merzbow's record in a car in a museum The complete Melt Banana discography THREEONEG keeps it in print  NFT as record collecting The Faustian deal of being the singer in a hardcore band The punk generation gap The overwhelming nature of the reality when everyone can do it Detroit Touring with Some Girls gigging with DJ Assault Wanting to retire to pop music The staggering reality of “anyone can do it” & SO MUCH OTHER GOODNESS! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 372 - Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, Bash & Pop, Guns N'Roses)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 43:53

    Tommy Spread is here!!! That's right: the legend TOMMY STINSON stops by TOAP to talk punk! Join Damian as he sits down the with The Replacement's bass wunderkind & Bash &Pop frontman to talk: first wave Twin Cities punk, getting thrown into hardcore, the real reason they got banned from SNL & the mystery of the Tulsa Jacks!  DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Also, don't miss the deluxe edition of The Replacements' classic "Sorry, Ma Forgot To Take Out The Trash" out now on Rhino Records!!! (The Jacks lp containing the infamous Tulsa Jacks recordings is out now on Reminder Records!) Also Touched On: Getting lumped into Hardcore the welcoming 1st wave No recollection of the Tulsa Jacks sessions “The Impersonating A Musician” sessions What was the original name of the Replacements? FM covers Going to see YES Opening for Plasmatics  Paul evolving into punk Dave Pirner: not a jock but a Clash lovin' Hockey player Working with Tommy Ramone Perfect Bash & Pop The Clerks Soundtrack & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS

    Episode 371 - Barry Johnson (Joyce Manor)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 73:26

    Second time's the charm! Today, thanks to technology failing, Joyce Manor's Barry Johnson sits down with Damian to talk about punk for a second time! And while the first time might be forever lost to the information superhighway heavens, the redo is here and just a good as the first! Listen in as Barry and Damian talk: wandering the Warped Tour alone at 11, faux-goth-Star-Wars-loving-pro-Dance-Dance-Revolutionary-Ska-kids, the Torrence Pop-punk connection and so much more! This is not to be missed! Get to the podcast store now!!! And pick up the 10th Anniversary edition of Joyce Manor's "Joyce Manor" on Asian Man Records now!!! Also touched on: Disbelief about the price of the Punk-O-Rama Vol.2 DFL Humpers Poison Idea Deep AFI talk Korn in Bakersfield Smashmouth: “Pennywise with a British singer” Guy Fieri: Swaggerjacker Not a Goth, just a “Return of The Jedi” lovin' Ska fan Professional Dance, Dance Revolutionary The metal band Moral Ska shows ruled Getting carried around the Rancid pit with you pants around ankles Asian Man Records: “Not as much Ska as you think” The Last Connection Going to Japan AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! Brought to you by Vans

    Episode 370 - Martin Sorrondeguy (Limp Wrist, Los Crudos, Needles, Canal Irreal)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 128:29

    MARTIN CRUDO SORRONDEGUY IS HERE!!! Join Damian as he sits down with one of his heroes to talk about his journey to & through punk. From B-boying beside Kurtis Blow on TV, to "being ready" for punk, to the amazingness of the 90's Chicago DIY Hardcore scene, to the lasting impact of Will Munro: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! Find Martin & his incredible photos on Instagram at @MartinCrudo  Check out Los Crudos at loscrudoschicago.bandcamp.com for their ESSENTIAL discography dbl lp.  And find, Martin's latest awesome band, Canal Irreal's awesome LP on the great Beach Impediment Records in stores NOW! Also Touched On: Finding punk as KISS fan Watching Don Kirshner's Rockpile Seeing Fear on SNL when it happened  The Cramps in “Urgh! It's A Music War” Going to see Joan Jett and seeing the punks getting beat Being a B-Boy Chicago being a tough town Growing up on the South Side Dancing on TV with Kurtis Blow A City of Codes “I'm going punk!” “Fast And Loud” on WNUR The importance of House Music Violence at shows Return to the basement “What The Fuck?” Fanzine Violent Tumour Record collecting talk  Los Crudos: “I wanted something fast and loud” “It's so pretty”: 90s Emo the East/ West Coast Power Violence  Vazaleen Will Monroe and when Toronto was still cool Scum Punk and Hell House Algebra Suicide Meeting Bruce La Bruce International Hardcore Indigesti Wax Trax vs. Vintage Vinyl Best people on the mic in hardcore The emotional drain of Los Crudos shows & SO MUCH MORE!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 369 - Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes, Plasticland)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 50:33

    Turned Out A Punk brings ALL their equipment on the bus! Today on the show, the Violent Femmes' BRIAN RITCHIE stops in to talk punk! Listen in as Damian sits down, with the founding member of one of his favourite bands to talk about going from being one of the most hated bands in Milwaukee, to touring the world. From the heavy influence of the Modern Lovers, to jamming with the Velvet Underground, to being harassed on the street by Sacred Order: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Also, don't miss the brand new 30th anniversary reissue of the Violent Femmes' “Why Do Birds Sing?” (and the reissue of “Add It Up” on vinyl!) on Craft Recordings, in stores now! Also Touched On: Love for the Violent Femmes Being into proto-punk The Blue Magoos Lunch with The Modern Lovers Lou Reed Creem barricading the editor of Rock Scene in a studio Zines X-Press Zine: Pre Drivin' N Cryin' Going to Yes and loving prog Finding the Velvet Underground Recording with The Velvet Underground Busking out of necessity  “Slash is only label that wanted us.” Jonathan Richman: “You kinda sound like I sounded when I was your age!” hardcore  being broke but still being a “sell-out” & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 368 - Dani Miller (Surfbort)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 58:00

    Explosive on-stage burrito pukes & crushing backstage anxiety: this is the sound of lead singer friendships being born! Join Damian as he sits down with, front person's front person, Surfbort's DANI MILLER! Listen in as they discuss: being literally birthed into punk, screaming... again, onstage versus offstage personalities & so much more!!! As always, THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss Surfbort's awesome new record, "Keep On Truckin'" OUT NOW on Inner Freak Records! Also Touched On: Mom's love of X The Blasters Going to shows at Che Cafe The Austin 90's Garage Punk Shows RULE! What does Debbie Harry do to handle onstage nerves? Vocal lessons during the apocalypse  Linda Perry The Angels giggin' at recess the catharsis of screaming & TONS OF OTHER GOODNESS!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Splits Vol.3 - Chris Murphy/ Danko Jones

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 97:06

    Welcome to Splits Vol.3! Today Damian welcomes two of his favourite people in music for the laugh out loud, burn it all down, hang to end all hangs.  In addition to being one of the inspirations for the inception of this podcast, DANKO JONES is a world renowned rock music icon. As one quarter of one of Canada's most respected bands, Sloan's CHRIS MURPHY has been shaping popular music in the country for 30 years. Listen in as Damian and these two punk rooted frenemies chat it up for one of the most hilarious episode of this podcast yet!  If you listen to one podcast this year: make it this one! And if you buy one new record this year, make it: Danko Jones' “Power Trio”! Out now on Sonic Unyon!! And if you attend one virtual concert this year, make it: “Chris Get High Park” on October 24th! Tickets available at Sidedooraccess.com!!

    Episode 367 - Mike Herrera (MxPx, Goldfinger, The Cooties)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 86:10

    Rejoice, MIKE HERRERA from MxPx is here! Anyone that has listened to this show long enough knows that they don't get too much more influential than MxPx. Join Damian as he sits down with Mike to talk: the lights on moment of hearing Op Ivy, the 90s Seattle Music that wasn't grunge, evolving perspectives on religion, the secret history of christian punk & so much more!  THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Also, don't miss Mike's fantastic podcast "The Mike Herrera Show" wherever you get your podcasts! & check out MxPx.com to hear the brand new song "Say Yes"!  Also Touched On: A two theatre New Wave Attack Violent Femmes A friend that's into punk with a guitar Bad Juju: Bad Religion meets Minutemen  losing your drummer to another band  Pre/ post hearing Operation Ivy life Fight For Change The Gits The Ernie Ball Stingray in tribute to All. but really Big Drill Car… or My Name is “Who's the?” “It's MxPx.” The Stray Cats The heavy influence of Rollins Band Micheal Knot: The bad boy of Christian punk Punk and religion & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 366 - Tim Kerr (Big Boys, Poison 13, Bad Mutha Goose, Monkeywrench)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 120:55

    Get ready to smile! Today on the show it's Big Boys' et all's TIM KEER!!! Join Damian as he sits down with his friend & an Austin Music Hall Of Famer to discuss punk & Tim's reluctance to fully embrace the term. From laughing at a Jonathan Richman record, to the Austin Hardcore/ Punk/ New Wave divide, to Poison 13 being the city's most hated band:  THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!! Also, don't miss Tim's AWESOME new book "Self Taught" on Don Giovanni Records.  OUT NOW!!! Also Touched On: To Vivian Westwood, marriage isn't punk! Skating and Soul music Chuck Biscuit's ever shortening hair the hilarity of Rockin' Leprechaun  Going to Raul's for the Battle of the Bands Boy Problem and the first wave flipping a coin with Chris for bass or guitar The Butthole Surfers' like of community mindfulness  Bobby Soxx  GG Allin: true performance art but not into it Darby Allin Fy Fan Billy Gibbons, Roky Erickson and the Explosions Lil' San Francisco  We didn't make the division: New Wave VS. Hardcore Going to LA and seeing the future Austin Stains meet the LA Stains and change their name to MDC Fear the week before SNL John Belushi skanking on stage with Steve Martin The massive importance of DOA and Black Flag The art world hates sharing “Minor Threat is the world's greatest band” “Texas bands stick out like sore thumbs once they leave the state” BMX vs Skateboarding “You've completely ruined Austin!”: the hippies hate the punks Cab meets Ian The Huns: kiss a cop and put Austin on the map Poison 13: Hated And Proud & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Splits Vol. 2 - Joey Keithley/ John Ross Bowie: Hardcore '81

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 80:37

    Welcome to another edition of Splits! In celebration of the 40th anniversary of DOA's Hardcore '81, Joey Keithley (ep. 254, 317) and John Ross Bowie (ep. 207) sit down with me to talk practical pragmatic punk politics and more! Don't miss John's FANTASTIC "Household Faces" podcast wherever you get your podcasts!  The 40th Anniversary edition of DOA's foundational "Hardcore '81" album is up for pre-order now from Sudden Death Records!

    Episode 365 - Amyl And The Sniffers (Amy Taylor, Declan Mehrtens & Gus Romer)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 48:43

    For those about to rock: we podcast for you! Today on the show, Damian sits down with three members of AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS! Listen in as Amy Taylor, Declan Mehrtens  & Gus Romer as they talk about their journey's  through punk that brought them together. From the influence of Pissed Jeans, to “Tall Poppy Syndrome”, to Sharpies, to carrying on the legacy of Melbourne Rock & Roll: DON'T MISS IT! & don't miss Amyl and the Sniffers' awesome new album “Comfort To Me” out now on Rough Trade Also Touched On:   Tony Hawk Pro-Skater UV-Rays Cosmic Psychos Tall Poppy Syndrome  Star Wars is actually a pretty good movie Drunk Moms Dumb Punks The influence of Peter Biddy Straightjacket Nation The Separation of Hardcore and Garage  Discovering Sharpie Culture Why does Australia love Rock & Roll AC/DC = “Honest representation of the Australian working class” The influence of Ceremony and Pissed Jeans Speedfunk sounds stressful “A house that plays house parties” & SO MUCH MORE! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    TOAP 80's Toronto Metal Special

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2021 53:14

    Turned Out A Punk goes metal as we celebrate the release of the awesome "Eve Of Darkness" book! Join Damian as he sits down with a returning Derek Emerson (see the "TOAP 80's Toronto Hardcore Special" episode) and Chris Turner to discuss the fascinating worlds that made up Toronto Metal in the 80s and putting together such an spectacularly authoritative tome.  Do not miss it!!!! Also, don't miss the amazing "Eve Of Darkness", out September 24 on UXB Press!

    Episode 364 - Mac McCaughan (Superchunk, Slushpuppies, Wwax, Portastatic, Merge Records)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 86:27

    Have you got a minute? Can you fit TOAP into it? Because, Superchunk & Merge Records' MAC MCCAUGHAN is on the show today! Listen in as Damian talks to his label boss & hero about his punk journey. From going to see the Ugly Americans, to making a flyer that pissed off Ian MacKaye, to being A Bat: this is NOT TO BE MISSED!!! & don't miss Mac's AWESOME new solo record "The Sound Of Yourself" out September 24th on Merge Records! Also Touched On: AC/DC: punk in Australia Molly Hatchet Point Blank and Loverboy Todd Barry and The Chant “No bands are going to come here!”: moving to NC Finding college radio Getting used by cool stuff The Pressure Boys: king of the scene REM Ugly Americans Stillborn Christians COC The multitudes of DCHC Honour Role and the Minutemen  Mac being a Bat Flying Nun Records & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 362 - John Brannon (Negative Approach, Static, Laughing Hyenas, Easy Action)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 111:32

    CHECK IT OUT: John Brannon is here! Today on the show, one of the most important vocalists of all time stops by to discuss punk. Listen in as Damian sits down with his biggest musical influence to talk: Static vs. Detroit Punk, the Minor Threat shows that bookend Detroit Hardcore, turning Nirvana on to Lead Belly, scaring the shit out of Ryan Gosling and so much more! THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! And don't miss the first ever release of one of the most storied lost recordings in punk history: Static's "Toothpaste And Pills"! Out on Thirdman Records now! Also touched on: A dream episode  punk before punk Alice Cooper Static: Class Of '78 A faster Mott The Hoople: Sex Pistols at midnight on the radio Reading about it in Creem Being at the Kiss “Alive” gig The first smell of weed: Rocking out to Judy Collins in '69 Hearing the Stooges  “Kick Out The Jams” on CKLW Destroy All Monsters at the Red Carpet  “It was horrible”: Detroit first wave punk Fallout: John's first band Terrorizing Grosse Point Thurston and the tape “Everything I'm doing is wrong”: Discovering Hardcore Ben Blackwell is the reason Toothpaste and Pills: the stage show “They all sucked” The Coronation Tavern in Windsor “Minor Threat is going to kill Negative Approach”  The Allied OP and Graham join The death of a scene Violence overtakes the scene metalheads becoming Oi Boys The Birthday Party changes everything “We aren't ready”: opening for Black Flag for the first Hyenas show “Fake NA”: The third line-up Laura Lee “I wanted more violence” where the NA sound would have gone Hating Evacuate… still Hangin' with Belushi going to Fear on SNL “New York SUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKS” Detroit: the Sweden of punk “We don't come from the Beach Boys and the Beatles. We like the Stooges” AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! Brought to you by Vans

    Episode 362 - Chris "Opie" Moore (Negative Approach, Youth Patrol, Crossed Wires)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 68:14

    It's Negative Approach Week on Turned Out A Punk! Kicking it off with former Negative Approach & Youth Patroler: CHRIS MOORE! Listen in as Damian sits down with his friend, live at Dinosaur Jr.'s Camp Fuzz II & talks about the birth of Detroit hardcore. From borrowing your aunt's vest for the Devo show, to the punk vs. hardcore divide, to the differences between the early scenes, to the violence that brought it to an end: this is NOT TO BE MISSED! & don't forget to look for Chris' latest work at cmooremusic.bandcamp.com or crmooreart.com! Also Touched On: Hangin' at the Skatepark in 1978 W4Play: Finding punk on the radio The Clash “It was like getting hit by a train”: seeing Devo  Meeting Jerry Casale  The Minor Threat show that kicked it off Forming Youth Patrol Necros sussing people out “Are they even in the music?”: violence  Joining Negative Approach The early Detroit scene Recording the first 7” Going to NY: “I'm going to live here when I get older!” Meeting the Misfits DC's vs Detroit's tastes Finding The Freezer BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 361 - Steve Caballero (The Faction, Odd Man Out, Bones Brigade, Urethane)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2021 68:00

    Get ready to Skate & Destroy! Today on the show, the original Skate Punk, STEVE CABALLERO sits down to talk about both of his legendary career's. From starting one of the original skate zines, to being inspired by JFA, to the skateboarding/ punk balance: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! & don't miss Steve's new band Urethane's awesome debut album "Chasing Horizons" out on September 24th via Cyber Tracks! Also Touched On: Not growing up with rock music Skate Punk zine Getting into Black Flag The DIY nature of early 80s Skateboarding Inspired by JFA Skaterock Black Flag  Kingpin: The Rockabilly Skate Punk Band Green River IM Records: a mother and son operation A Pro-Skater brings the kids in the door Odd Man Out “The skinheads are looking for you” The “Epi-Fat” era Bodyjar Signing to Mystic Lars Frederikesen in the drum set... twice & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS     

    Episode 360 - Miles Copeland (IRS, Step-Forward, DFC, Illegal, Faulty Product)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 80:56

    Today on the show, Damian sits down with the "Svengali of punk": MILES COPELAND! Listen in as the two discuss Miles' role in the early punk scene, the arrival of the New Wave boom & laying the ground work for the alternative explosion!  Don't miss it!! Also, don't miss Miles' fantastic new book "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back" out now on Jawbone Press. Also Touched On: The first touring festival the Sniffin' Glue atheistic  A&M's reaction to punk Sex Pistols: more of a press operation than band Tour managing the Sex Pistols Lux and Stiv: really scary “It's about what you have to say” Passion over virtuosity “Miles, how am I supposed to help this band!? They can't play!!” The Squeeze: “Not PUNK punk” The Wasps Going to the Roxy and finding Menace The Go-Gos Lux didn't trust anyone The Fall & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Splits Vol. 1 - Tony Molina/ Nick Woj

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 164:58

    Welcome to a new TOAP experiment! Each episode of Splits will have Damian sitting down with two past guests of the show to talk about... punk.... & more, but mainly PUNK. Today on the show, Turned Out A Punk favourites & mutual fans, Nick Woj (ep. 17 & 264) & Tony Molina (ep. 198) meet for the first time & let the good times role! DO NOT MISS THIS!!!! Don't miss Woj's mixtapes on www.soundcloud.com/wOjavelli  (yes, that is a zero)!!! Tony said he didn't want to promote anything.

    Episode 359 - Charlie Angus (Grievous Angel, L'Etranger, MP for Timmins/ James Bay)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2021 80:59

    It's election time in Canada! To celebrate the process of democracy we welcome, the only punk rocker currently in Canadian Parliament, CHARLIE ANGUS to the show! Join Damian as he sits down with Charlie to discuss the music side of his life. Listen in as they talk the journey from the bands L' Etranger & Grievous Angels to applying his "degree from the school of punk" in the world of federal Canadian politics. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! & don't miss the Grievous Angels' fantastic album "Summer Before The Storm" on Jimmy Boyle Records now! Also Touched On: Sitting in the back of accounting class hoping for something more Getting rock mags from a neighbour  “Oh my god! You aren't going to buy that are you? The divides in Toronto punk The music changes the landscape “Losers like John Tory” Why was the downtown art scene used to be so good Tell the Parliamentary Library you graduated from the school of punk rock Elvis Costello and the radical reinterpretation of what a rockstar was Touring and building community Going to the Last Pogo Going on tour with Goddo Don't go upstairs at Larry's Hidaway  The Cabana Room “The Jam had a record by 18. We're are almost 20! We're failures!” The Ugly The ill-fated tour with the Dub Rifles & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 358 - Monty Messex (DFL, The Atoms)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2021 82:00

    Swear word bands unite! Today on the show, Dead F*ckin' Last's MONTY MESSEX stops by to talk about punk! If being from one legendary band wasn't enough, Monty was also the lead singer of long time Turned Out A Punk obscure favourite: The Atoms! Listen in as they talk about the rocky journey getting from The Atoms to DFL. From the hardcore/ punk divide, to Flea having to come to the rescue at the first show, to The Beasties Boys/ Guns & Roses Connection: DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE! And don't miss DFL's awesome new EP YRUDFL out now on SBÄM Records! Also Touched On:  Halloween 1979: burnt into your soul going to the Hong Kong Cafe for  Keith Morris in a Spiderman costume singing for Black Flag The LA HC/ Punk divide The Germs=Greatness Going to see the Chiefs and the Gears Hangin' at THE Church Hollywood High Dangerhouse Records How Atoms came together “We Got The Power” zine Flea to the rescue Who was Harvey Oscar? Chris Trent Finding a bootleg of the of your own band “Nothing to do but do drugs and have sex with each other.” Things fall apart How DFL came together now vs. then Fletcher attacks on a Pennywise tour & so much more! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 357 - Nancy Barile (Author, Educator, former manager of Sadistic Exploits)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 66:11

    Class is in session! This week on the show Damian is joined by the author of the amazing memoir "I'm Not Holding Your Coat" and celebrated teacher: Nancy Barile! Listen in as the two discuss the formation of the American East Coast hardcore scene. From early Philly New Wave, to the economic realities behind what gets canonized in punk, to why Jackal is the coolest punk and so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED! And, don't miss Nancy's fantastic "I'm Not Holding Your Coat" on Bazillion Points! Available at your favourite bookstore now! also touched on: Kenn Kweder The Ramones and Blondie “Philly never gets its due” The class differences in the early hardcore scenes having to sell a school ring to pay for the Sadistic Exploits 7” The 1981 explosion Punkfest SSD The Stick Men Headcheese the art/punk divide  Pure Hell are gods When Jackal hits the scene Going to New York… somehow The NY before the HC Hating DC  The board daylight Boston scene Bad Brains  “Kill anyone with a beer in their hand” AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! Brought to you by VANS

    Episode 356 - Brooke Smith (Grey's Anatomy, Silence Of The Lambs, Big Sky)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2021 53:30

    You'll never look at Dr. Erica Hahn on "Grey's Anatomy" the same way ever again! Today on the show, star of film and TV, Brooke Smith stops by to discuss the journey from the New York Hardcore episode of "Donahue" to having to put the lotion in the basket in "Silence of The Lambs". Listen in as Brooke and Damian discuss: navigating the LES as a teenager, being the OG Cro-Mags roadie, Jeff Buckley's love of Bad Brains and so much more!! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!! Also, don't miss Brooke in "Big Sky" on ABC and "Them" on Prime And, don't miss this week's guest booker and TOAP alumni (Episode 207) John Ross Bowie's awesome new podcast: "Household Faces"! Also touched on: Exploring the LES as a kid in the 80s Going to shows super young dying your hair until it falls out the Bad Brains as the best live band ever Cause For Alarm Straight Ahead The original Cro-Mags' LP unused art the unity of NY Punk If you are looking for John and Harley: go to the park memorizing the payphone number Driving the Cro-Mags around in the family station wagon  The Agnostic Front, Nausea and Warzone Pool Party Standing WAAAAAAAAY in the back for GG Allin Jeff Buckley never getting to see Bad Brains AND SO MUCH OTHER GOODNESS!!! Brought to you by Vans

    Episode 355 - Jason Narducy (Split Single, Bob Mould, Verboten, Superchunk)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 89:54

    How many 10 year olds have helped shape rock history?! Today on the show, Split Single's JASON NARDCUCY talks about his "influential" elementary school punk band & his incredible career since then. Join Damian as he sits down with his friend to discuss: being a 10 year old punk, Bob Mould being awesome on & off stage, Tim Meadows' love of music & SO MUCH MORE! Don't miss this one & don't miss the awesome new Split Single album "Amplificado" on Inside Outside Records OUT NOW! Also Touched On: Getting into punk at 8 Rock n Roll High School with Cheap Trick? Gigging by age 11 Tracy is the COOLEST being too young to understand the scene meeting Vic Bondi as an adult Why Bob Mould rules The influence of the Germ's “Panther” The issue of kids in the punk scene Meeting a Coachella Going to parties with grown-ups Off Broadway Did DCHC like KISS Leaving the punk scene at 13 Seeing Sonic Youth in Europe on the Sister tour put yourself in the sightline Tim Meadows is super cool Taking the Dead Kennedys to a country club & SO MUCH OTHER GOODNESS! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 354 - Bear Witness and Tim "2oolman" Hill (The Halluci Nation)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 97:11

    The Halluci Nation is here! Years in the making, Tim “2oolman” Hill and Bear Witness sit down to discuss the separate paths that have led them to working together. Formally know as A Tribe Called Red, The Halluci Nation is one of the most important groups in Canadian music. Join Damian as he sits down with two of his closest friends to discuss: punk, the rude awaking of sleepy Toronto, the differences growing up in Six Nations, the importance of collaboration, why are pool halls always so sketchy and so much more! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! And don't miss The Halluci Nation's INCREDIBLE new album “One More Saturday Night”!!! Also discussed:  Pat and Kelly: sword fighting, D'n'D, Warhammer 40k and Punk Growing up against the norm The differences growing up in Six Nations The Basement of HMV  Geography's relationships to culture Growing up as sleepy Toronto wakes up The Untouchables and The Skinhead War Toronto neighbourhood gangs Why were pool halls and arcades so sketchy? The unique division of the labour in The Halluci Nation collaboration  Breaking Rammer and Left For Dead's Joel Fisher's arm AND SO MUCH MORE Brought to you by VANS

    Episode 353 - Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction, Porno For Pyros, Infectious Grooves, Ballhog or Tugboat)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 71:18

    Our "Give The Drummer Some Love" weekend wraps up with a doozy: Jane's Addiction's STEPHEN PERKINS is here! Listen in as he & Damian talk about going from an 80's glam metal kid to helping usher in the 90's alternative music takeover. The Bad Brain's influence on Jane's, touring with Tommy Lee & Mike Watt back to back, DC / LA similarities & so much more: do not miss this!! Also Touched On:  The end of the Sunset Strip the late 80's LA punk scene Perry wanting to get funky coming out of PsyCom The influence of Fishbone and Red Hot Chilli Peppers  The Scream Club  Venom The connection between the Glam and Punk scenes Opening for Iggy Pop Love And Rockets Trying to get bigger Seeing punk before you hear it  Fear as one of the best bands ever Jane's Addiction's HEAVY Bad Brains influence Bullet Boys, Guns'N'Roses Fishbone and Jane's shared practice space Drummers HANG Meeting X Ballhog or Tugboat? & LOTS OF OTHER GOODNESS!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 352 - Greg Gilmore (The Living, 10 Minute Warning, Mother Love Bone)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2021 80:22

    It's Give the Drummer Some Love Weekend! Kicking it off with Seattle drum god, GREG GILMORE! Greg played in three of the key bands during three separate eras of Seattle punk. Listen to Greg & Damian talk: partying with the Refuzors, meeting Duff McKagan & joining The Living, 10 Minutes Warning's 10 months of punk fame, nearly joining Guns & Roses, The Freshjive/ Mother Love Bone connection & so much more! Don't miss it!!!! Also, don't miss the fantastic, recently unearthed, “The Living: 1982” lost recordings OUT NOW on Loosegroove Recordings!  Also Touched On: The forgotten 90s' 10 Minute Warning record   Meeting The Refuzors  Eno  Prog Loving live records' energy Meeting Duff and forming The Allied   Joining 10 Minute Warning Going to LA with Duff Nearly joining Animal Dance Not joining Guns and Roses & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 351 - Paul Mahern (Zero Boys, Dandelion Abortion, Datura Seeds)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2021 73:47

    Slam & worm your way over here because this week on the show, it's legendary Zero Boy: PAUL MAHERN! Listen in as Damian & Paul talk about punk, the Zero Boys & being behind the mixing board for some of the greatest records ever! From being too hardcore for Gulcher, to eating homemade deer jerky with Boom & the Legion of Doom, to the Mellencamp/ Gizmos connection:  THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! LISTEN TO THE ZERO BOYS!!! Also Touched On: A first time meeting The punk section at the local record store The Gizmos and Gulture The Hoosier Hysteria comp changing your life Going to see Dow Jones and The Industrials for the first time Dandelion Abortion: being disillusioned with punk The Dead Kennedys Hardcore as a gateway “This is where you come from now”: being introduced to Detroit Rock Meeting the Gizmos  Being too hardcore for Gulcher “Its a pop record”: Vicious Circle being passed on by all the labels The midwest scene: Die Kreuzen in Milwaukee, Toxic Reason in Dayton and Articles Of Faith in Chicago  “not hardcore enough” The Master Tape The Gynaecologists (the band) Malignant Growth Punk is the Midwest  The Coneheads   The making of Raw Power's “Screams From The Gutter” Boom and The Legion Of Doom stories!!! Stevie Stiletto Paul's Ardent Studios demo tape Meeting the Afghan Wigs Mass Giorgini Scenius John Couger Mellencamp punk connection & SO MUCH MORE BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS  

    Episode 350 - Greg Graffin (Bad Religion)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 16, 2021 62:13

    We're going for a drive, but not the after dinner kind! Join Damian as he goes for a ride with Bad Religion's GREG GRAFFIN Ph.D! Listen in as the two discuss: Darby Crash stealing french fries, summers away from punk in Wisconsin & "Becoming Keith Morris". So get in the sedan because this one is  NOT TO BE MISSED!!! & don't miss Bad Religion on tour this fall with War On Women & Alkaline Trio! Also Touched On: Lyrically intimidating  An article in Details Loving Todd Rundgren  “Darby was not someone to look up to” Hearing the Germs for the first time The Gears lp The importance of the abundance of studios to California hardcore The relationship with the Circle Jerks Red Kross and not fitting in with the LA punks Going to back to Wisconsin and having no interest in local punk Going to University with Milo but never talking Working with Noam Chomsky The “back to the known” show Not relating to the late 80's HC kids Becoming the “Keith Morris” In defence of “Into The Unknown” & SO MUCH MORE! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS

    Episode 349 - Ambrose Kenny-Smith (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Murlocs, Sambrose Automobile)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2021 48:53

    Get ready to celebrate Melbourne music history! This week on the show Damian is joined by a sonic inheritor to the great city's rock and roll lineage: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard & The Murlocs' AMBROSE KENNY-SMITH! Join them as they discuss: the perils of a career in pro-skateboarding, Amyl & The Sniffers being obsessed with his dad, SHARPIES, the greatness of Thee Oh Sees & so much more! DON'T MISS THIS!!!  & don't miss the fantastic new King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's "LW" on Flightless. Also,  The Murlocs' "Bittersweet Demons" on ATO Records. GET THEM BOTH NOW! Also Touched On: The Melbourne music history  Skateboarding as a gateway “Corrupted from a young age”: hanging with the older kids A dead-end lifestyle Showing the Emerica Team around Melbourne “Man-Am”: aging out of pro-skateboarding God (the band) The Saints soundtracking skateboarding Hating sports Sisters' first words being Bo Diddley Coloured Balls Dad dating Lobby Lloyd's ex SHARPIES  Carson family ties Amyl and The Sniffers “That's the guy from The Blues Brother”: going to see Ray Charles for a first show Playing the National Hotel in Julong The Friendlies  Thee Oh Sees The Hospitals Dan Burke Eddie Current Frowning Clowns & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 348 - Paul Therrio (The Imperial Dogs)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2021 50:22

    This ain't the Garden Of Eden, this ain't the summer of love! Join Damian as he sits down with Paul Therrio from the proto-punk gods The Imperial Dogs. Listen in as the two talk: the real birth of punk in LA, Iggy and Bowie at Rodney's English disco, Ray Bradbury loving Zolar X and so much more! NOT TO BE MISSED!! Also touched one: This Ain't The Summer Of Love Creem Mag Breaking up before punk came “I need time to surf and smoke hash!”: A brief Sax career Meeting Don Waller in the high school band  The Seeds as one of the first punk bands the Stan-dells Vom and the early scene Taj Malhall  Howlin' Wolf opening for Alice Cooper Chaka Khan and Iggy at the Whiskey Coming home and feeling compelled to smash furniture Getting into the Velvet Underground “Got any pills?”: meeting Iggy David Bowie on blow at Rodney's English Disco and SO MUCH MORE! Brought to you by VANS

    Episode 347 - Dallas Green Part 2 (City And Colour, Alexisonfire, Helicon Blue)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2021 74:19

    Mr. City and Colour himself is back! Join Damian as he sits down with his buddy to reflect on their musical journeys and catch up after 6 long years. From regret and gratitude, to discovering reaction videos, to missing Gord, to Dallas needing to see Phantom Of The Paradise for people in his life: DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!  And check cityandcolour.com for Dallas' upcoming tour dates!!!  Brought to you by Vans

    Episode 346 - Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy, Binding Of Issac, The End Is Nigh)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 2, 2021 144:14

    This is one of the most fascinating episodes yet! EDMUND MCMILLEN is a beloved independent video game developer who has helped produce revolutionary & thought provoking games obsessed over by millions of people around the world. Join Damian as he sits down with Edmund to discuss punk & the rise of the indie game. From Jesus Lizard, to changing Nintendo's policy on blasphemy, to the hellish concept of "Rock Stars" in any industry & so much more:  AGAIN, this is NOT TO BE MISSED! Find everything Edmund is up to on twitter: @edmundmcmillen Also Touched On: The depressing reality of videos game eclipsing music finding grunge DIY comics Spike and Mikes Liquid Television R. Crumb Troma  The Kinko's “Drop The Key” Trick The Santa Cruz art scene not realizing that you were the weirdo art kid a cool teacher Mike Diana and “Boiled Angel” The end of Slamdance   Defending terrible art The origin of the Indie Game Scene The E.N. Scene NeoGeo Fanzine The fallacy on overnight riches in video games working animal control Believing in your art What goes into making a video game The personal origins of Binding Of Issac Getting on to Nintendo “Steam” changed everything Sleepytime Gorilla Music The Fish Masters: The TV show Selling everything to invest in Super Meat Boy & TONS MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 345 - Michelle Zauner (Japanese Breakfast, Author, Little Big League

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2021 58:26

    The week on the show, we are joined by a true double threat, MICHELLE ZAUNER AKA Japanese Breakfast! Join Damian as he sits down with the musician/author for a revealing conversation about insecurity, success & grief. From the Pacific North West's unique take on indie, traveling through punk while never feeling like you fit in, to creativity learned through grief: DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE! Also, don't miss Michelle's fantastic book: "Crying In H-Mart", out now on Penguin/ Random House!  & don't miss Japanese Breakfast's new album: "Jubilee", available now on Dead Oceans! Also Touched On:      In defence of Avril Levine “I want to be the kind of person that is into music” The Pacific Northwest takes up punk differently  Built To Spill First shows Post Post R5 Productions Philly is a tough town Will you know the moment your career has peaked? & So Much More!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 344 - Tommy End (Professional Wrestler)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2021 72:32

    This week on the show, it's professional wrestling's hottest free agent TOMMY END (FKA ALEISTER BLACK)! Listen in as Damian finally gets the answer to the question that has been on every wrestling fan's mind: What is Tommy's connection to Jesus And The Gospel F*ckers?!? From Dutch hardcore ties to MMA royalty, to cutting promos for George Pettit, to hard lessons with Robbie Brookside, to touring with Jun "The King Of Comedy" Kasai: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!  Find Tommy at @tommyend & grab shirts though https://blxckmass.com Also Touched On: Cutting a promo for George Petite Helping bringing the wrestling and music together Getting set up with Andy Williams The universality of the drive The DEEP Dutch MMA/ Punk Connection Jesus the Gospel F*ckers Bob Schrijber's mentorship Punk and Combat Sports: “Violence within the boundaries of discipline”  Social media, merch and indie wrestling's ascent  Danhausen and the Rock Golding Earring  Gang Starr Defari  Cannibal Ox Cradle Of Filth  Shinning  Cruel Hand Trapped Under Ice Anime Jun Kasai  & SO MUCH MORE!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 343 - Larry Livermore (The Lookouts, Lookout Records, The Potatomen)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2021 116:08

    Hats off to Larry, because he is giving us a monster of an episode! Join Damian as he sits down with Lookout Records, Lookout zine & The Lookouts band impresario: LARRY LIVERMORE!!! From answering John Lennon's calls at White Panther headquarters, to Lookout's accidental funding, to how the weed/acid divide led to strife in the scene, to the hippies in SF finding punk: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!  Also, don't miss Larry's two fantastic books as well as a ton of his music on Don Giovanni Records now!!!! Also Touched On: Showing up to talk about Cannabis... not Sasquatch  Trying to burn down your university living in the Cockettes' old apartment the origins of Lookout records Motown Records The EpiFat Sound VS. The Lookout Sound The start of Very Small records Getting to know Sons Of Ishmael Staying up all night talking about about acid with Ray Cappo at the MRR house  The Gilman Geeks vs. Slapshot Neurosis Following the Weakerthans around like they were the Grateful Dead Seeing the MC5 when they were a mod band “We play Avon Rock” Destroy All Monsters Quitting the White Panthers Rock and Roll Revolutionaries: Tim Yo and Jon Sinclair  pothead/ acidhead divide Iggy Pop tearing up your Cream submission Hanging with Don Vinyl taking shitty LSD and listening to bad Jefferson Starship & SO MUCH MORE!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS

    Zach's Back! - Rise Against Week Wrap Up with Zach Blair

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 34:12

    How could we do a Rise Against Week without having sometime co/host & all-time friend of the show, ZACH BLAIR on to do a wrap up?!?Don't miss Zach & Mike Wiebe's great new podcast "Zach And Mike Make 3"!!!!

    Episode 342 - Joe Principe (Rise Against, 88 Fingers Louie, Methadones)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 18, 2021 100:29

    Where else this week will you hear a conversation about the brilliance of “The Fungus Among Us” 7” compilation?! Rise Against week continues as Damian sits down to chat Chicago Punk with Joe Principe! Listen in as they talk about going from learning to silkscreen at the Underdog Warehouse, to touring the world with 88 Finger Louie and beyond. Friends getting hit by jocks and run over by cops, trying to avoid Honest Don's, not-so-good advice from local legends and so much more: NOT TO BE MISSED! And don't miss "Nowhere Generation” available everywhere NOW! Also touched on:Watching “Rock'n'Roll High School” over and over againA tape with Suicidal Tendencies, Circles Jerks and Dead KennedysObliterationDevastation: pre Vindictives The PlagueThe importance of Impulse Manslaughter “The Fungus Among Us” CompThe Chicago Punk/ Metal and Hardcore Scenes intersection Leeway opening for the Bad BrainsOG Screeching Weasel reunion with Sludgeworth, Gore Gore Girls and ContracideSeeing Fat Mike's ad in MRRKid Dynamite Rise Against: turned down by everyone at firstWalking the Straight Edge/ Pop-Punk divedThe Fury 66 connectionDan Vapid“I don't want to get bumped to Honest Don's!”Hopeless RecordsSchlong: “This is the same Dave Mellow, right?”Q: How do you get on Lookout? A: Don't be called Spoonless.Ben Weasel he's a… Meeting Martin and Los CrudosWeedeaterIvy LeagueBillingsgate SHUTDOWN: No punk at the MetroUnderdog RecordsShowing Todd from I Spy around ChicagoPlaying with Fair Warning in Montreal and Reset (Simple Plan)Doing data entry for “Book Your Own Fucking Life”Phallocracy split with 88 Finger LouieFuneral OrationMissing the Battery tourHi-StandardAND MORE!Brought to you by Vans

    Episode 341 - Tim Mcllrath (Rise Against, Baxter, The Killing Tree)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2021 88:25

    For most of the music world Tim Mcllrath is the front person of Rise Against; one of the biggest bands to come out of punk. But around these parts Tim is also known as the link between the disparate scenes of 90's Chicago DIY Punk. Join Tim and Damian as they nerd out about one of Chicago's most important cultural periods. From Los Crudos mixtapes, to Pete Wentz being born to make it, to Victory's unique place in the ecosystem, to Bill Stevenson's mentorship, to getting dropped off at DIY shows in Fat Mike's private limo: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!  And don't miss Rise Against's awesome new “Nowhere Generation” out now on Loma Vista!  Also touched on: Damian's murder board90's Chicago: the Punk capitalA friend's older sister with amazing tastePegboyListening to Crudos in 7th gradeTranscending the Divided SceneBorrowing from Cap'N'JazzFollowing Sidekick Kado like they were the Grateful Dead“Chicago Pricing”Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Fall Out Boy and The Smashing Pumpkins: United by PunkThe Mythical Jim Chamber C.I.T. MixtapeTapping VBXTaking Brandon Barnes to the Integrity showThe Fat SoundBill Stevenson“Did Fat Mike drop you off in his private jet?”Race Traitor: A needle scratch of a bandHardcore: a Secondary Education Victory RecordsSigning to Fat and it bumming out your friendsAND SO MUCH MORE!Brought to you by VANS

    Episode 340 - Theo Kogan (Lunachicks, Theo and the Skyscrapers)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 11, 2021 65:56

    The whole house has been excited for this one! This week on the show Damian is joined by his family's favourite: The Lunachicks' THEO KOGAN! Listen in as the two talk growing up punk in New York City! From silent tours with Dinosaur Jr, to finding out you may be a Warzone Woman, to falling in love on a Troma movie set: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!& DON'T MISS the FANTASTIC new Lunachicks' book Fallopian Rhapsody, out now on Hachette!Also Touched On:Changing Lauren and Damian's livesWhat is Pigfuck music?Growing up in the Bad AppleMusical Youth at the RitzThe Dead Boys ReunionLux Interior beating a kid up with a mic standWendy O'Williams and ManowarNYHC showsWatching the fights at CBGBs“Are we Warzone Women now?”Working with Don FuryDrea and Theo's favourite side effect of the violenceGary Oldman gets beaten down  Ragging SlabFreak with Howie PyroNot hearing Dino Jr. until touring with themFrightwig: like when Jim ate the hash brownies on TaxiTodd Phillips directs a Black Light Rainbow video?!Falling in love on a Troma movie set & SO MUCH MORE!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 339 - Will Sergeant (Echo & The Bunnymen, Electrafixation, Poltergeist)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2021 67:56

    THE BUNNYMAN COMETH! Today on the show Damian is joined by THE LEGEND, WILL SERGEANT!!! Listen in as the two discuss the journey from proto to post punk & everything in between. From Status Quo being the English Ramones, to the Pink Fairies being too stoned to play, to the Liverpool punk scene being criminally overlooked, to the influence of Metal Urbain: this is NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don't forget to pre-order your copy of Will's new book "Bunnyman" out July 15th on Little Brown!Also Touched On:Sex Pistols played Liverpool first!Hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time at a Dr. Feelgood gigThey tore down the Cavern: “Where did that band the Beatles used to playThe Liverpool Scene: True undergroundThe CurbiesLeaving a Pink Fairies show because they were too stonedTwinkLiverpool Stadiumhearing the Ramones way before hearing about punkSharing music, building scenes“Shut up about Tull and get into ‘em!”Tubular Bells was a hippy record“Virgin's just cashing in on this punk thing.”Forming Echo And Bunnymen“A dedication to idleness”Metal Urbain EnoSuicide: Gods in Liverpool“Hey, Manchester!”“We all loved the Fall”A Certain RatioGoing to Belgium  & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 338 - Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals, Ffa Coffi Pawb, Emily)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 4, 2021 79:34

    Ffa Coffi Pawb! The great GRUFF RHYS is here!!!! Join Damian as he sits down with the Super Furry Animal to discuss: his fantastic new book, the incredible history of Welsh Punk & going to Punk University through tour van lectures. From the cultural significance of Llygod Ffyrnig, to accidentally winding up on a punk comp, to the minority language European punk network: this is NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, don’t miss Gruff’s amazing new book “Resist Phoney Encores” on Antenne Books now!!!Also Touched On:A brother and sister getting into punk Mannequins spray painted to look like pukeRock’N’Roll as American imperialist propagandaParents loving ReggaeAnglo/American Corporations and creation of a Global pop-cultureThe effect of CrassLlygod FfyrnigThe history of Welsh Language Musical and political education coming from punkAnhrefnWorkers Playtime RecordsMachlud: a soft rock band on a seminal Welsh Punk compRecording at Dave Anderson from Hawkwind’s studioPop PositiveFfa Coffi PawbGetting into Psych to wind up old punk rockersGeo-politicsBecoming a pop star accidentallyBjork comes to WalesTrying to give Alan McGee a tape“Doing For The Kids” FestLearning how to make salad dressing from French Ska band: Le Have NotsSeeing Fucking Up in TexasButthole SurfersEuropean Squat tours& SO MUCH MORE!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 337 - Chris Gethard Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2021 85:42

    CHRIS GETHARD is back! Five plus years after Chris' first incredible appearance on the show (Episode 51: one of the best of all-time), he returns to prove that sequels can top the originals. From Chris' Bouncing Souls Curse, to the influence of "Another State of Mind" on his latest comedy road movie, to having to do really "sad" crowd work to no one at Lollapalooza: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! And don't miss Chris' HILARIOUS new "Half My Life" Comedy Special/ Road Movie out on June 1st (& the album dropping on June 4th)!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS

    Episode 336 - Danny Elfman (Composure, [The Mystic Knights Of] Oingo Boingo)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2021 59:04

    Who hasn't heard a song written by today's guest!?! Join Damian as he sits down with the great DANNY ELFMAN to discuss punk, politics & wanting desperately to blast Buddy Hackett in the face with CO2! From riots in Paris theatres, to walking around Western Africa learning to play Highlife, to "dropping everything to form a ska band": THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! ALSO,  don't miss Danny's monster new "Big Mess" dbl lp out June 11th on ANTI!Also Touched On: X, Fear, Wall Of Voodoo: everything fits inLe Grande Magic Circusbecoming the musical director of a group of street performers Setting people of fire and putting them out with a rocket ship“GRAB YOUR VIOLEN!!!”: riots in ParisThe unprecedented time we live inWhat the hell has happened?!? Manson and Trump “Shut up and sing!”Writing for yourself again"Chamber Punk"The Mystic Knights of Oingo BoingoLiving life like it was the 1930'sWho is this new New Wave artist David Bowie?The "lost" Oingo Boingo 10"Going on the Gong Show& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

    Episode 335 - Kevin Seconds (LEGEND, 7 Seconds, 5’ 10” etc.)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2021 133:50

    If we can walk together, why can't we podcast together?! Today on the show Damian is joined by his hero, from 7 Seconds: the legend KEVIN SECONDS!!! Listen in as the two discuss the formative days of American Hardcore & building a scene from the ground up. From cold calling Iggy Pop's dad for an interview to Lou Barlow's thoughts on "Committed For Life" to the literal Ian MacKaye on his shoulder: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!! & don't miss the absolutely essential reissue of 7 Seconds' "The Crew" on Trust Records Company, PRE-ORDER IT NOW!Also Touched On:A TV expose on punkFind the X-Ray Spex 7”Having a cool momNot wanting to smoke pot but wanting to hear rock recordsThe Dolls, KISS and Alice Cooper: The make-up inspiration?Kevin and Steve calling Iggy Pop’s dadInterviewing the Chip from Dils, Pat Bag and Joey Shithead on the phoneStarting The Reno Sex Pistols Fan Club to get them played on mainstream radioPutting flyers up looking for punksMeeting the 20 other Reno punks in line to see the Ramones opening for Eddie MoneyThe early punk fan clubsForeigner Jefferson Starship Basteel: Kevin’s “progressive metal” pre-punk band Chuck Ruff: Reno Legend Young Canadians and DOA at house showSearching for Bellevue: Reno’s first punk bandThe Outcast Hour on KSANConvincing the biker bar to book 7 Seconds and making the newsThe Zeros rule!Punk party at the A-Frame in Tahoe Watching MTV all night long hoping to see “Live Wire”Urban AssaultThe YobsThe WrecsDOA, Black Flag and DOA paving the wayBooking Aggression in an apartmentThe PlugzNegative TrendThe OffsNew Youth: One of the original punk collectivesSneaking into “Up In Smoke” 7 times to see the Dils partThe Saturday Night Pogo compilationThe Misfits, Poison Idea, 7 Seconds show that didn’t happen“We got to play after fucking Poison Idea?!”The FeederzJFA’s Mad GardensThe Viva Las Vegas Lou Barlow and Committed For LifeSoul Force Revolution’s influence on NYHC& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS 

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