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The Restump Podcast should only be listened to as a last resort, it features two mates talking trash about their favourite footy team, The Fremantle Dockers."We don't rebuild but re-stump, we re-wire, we re-plumb."

JoJo and The Chief

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    Jaeger Trade Bomb

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2022 50:28

    It's unconfirmed but upon hearing Jaeger's deal, apparently David Mundy said, “What am I… chopped liver?” Time to Restump Podcast the wrap up of our big 2022 trade period. Poor old Dave Mundy… he gets the tap on the shoulder and we replace him with a 29-year-old! 29 is actually 42 in Mundy years.But we'll put our light-hearted nostalgic exaggerations aside for the moment and focus on what seems to be an exceptional trade period play performed by the purple pillagers and plunderers. Had Luke Jackson been the only course of business, its fair to suggest we would have all been satisfied. But to snare Josh “Ronnie” Corbett and then surprisingly end up with the Jager-Bomb… we're sitting here like the Cat that got the trade week cream…. well the cream that was left over from the cream the actual Cats got.Sure, we lost Blake Acres, Griff Logue, Darcy Tucker, Lloyd Meek and the teammate baking, one arm contest bandit Rory Lobb, but you can make a case for all of them why it isn't the end of the world. Enough of the words on paper, lets get to the chit-chat. Join us as we dissect our individual trades and pick swaps and look at how it sets us up for 2023. Support the show

    Jackson Of All Trades

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2022 45:39

    We don't want to upset the coach and cop a lecture for getting ahead of ourselves, but is it too early to give Luke Jackson a nudge in the father son direction? Let's hope he gets on the job in more ways than one. Time to Restump Podcast the news of arguably one Fremantle's biggest gets.Its not too often you get the chance to secure a 21-year-old Luke Jackson. David Walls, Peter Bell and JL just managed something remarkable and it will help set the club up for the next decade. Understandably many fans have some trepidation as we're still sporting the scars of many historic failed attempts with these types of deals. But Luke Jackson is a different kettle of big fish! He's a talent in the air, yet as good on the ground. A ruckman, a forward, a roving utility…. the purple prototypical hybrid, if you will.  We're not about to break into celebratory song signalling his arrival because we'll leave that to the Freo social media team with their no doubt chart rocketing “Unicorn” banger… but we'll quietly nod in appreciation and acknowledgment and say… welcome to the Purple LJ.But while Jackson is the headline act, there's plenty more happening down at Limestone Park. We'll have a chat about Ronnie Corbett who couldn't have been more impressive in his interview, Josh Cyclone Treacy has been copping some seemingly unfair heat and what now for Lloyd “Braun” Meek? Are we sharpening the offer for Jeremy? Ronnie Corbett, Will Brodie and Jeremy Sharp? Is there a Gold Coast quota that needs filling?Lastly does the Luke Jackson news now spark the Rory Lobb deal to the Dogs? If the trade isn't of value does the club dig in? We'd like to think so. All that and plenty more on this momentous Monday where too much marvelling is never enough. Join us for our usual recap nonsense and put your best ears forward to be part of the starting twenty-two. Support the show

    Take Your Pick

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2022 41:24

    At least they were nice enough to leave us a bunch of picks. Could've left us a shovel to bury our Griff, Tucker and Acres merchandise! Just kidding… petrol and a match will do the trick! Time to Restump Podcast the day in trade.To be fair, the trio have left us for largely valid reasons. Darcy Tucker just couldn't get opportunity here; Griffin Logue didn't have positional certainty and Blakey Acres had to take the money from Carlton that we weren't offering. We wish them all well… except when they play Freo.Did we get value? Did we get hosed? Whatever the case, we've got future picks galore which will no doubt be used to try to prise Jeremy Sharp from the Gold Coast clutches, in a package deal with Josh Corbett.The Luke Jackson deal is dragging out as expected. Are the Eagles really back in the picture? Or is it simply Melbourne trying for further leverage? Either way we sit comfortably however it plays out. Shock news of the day was the revelation regarding Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti… coming out of retirement with Fremantle on his radar! That's an interesting conversation!Tipu's former club is living up to its Bomber name given everything there is blowing up! Sheedy not happy, board members storming out, 24-hour CEO's… no wonder Tipu wanted to come to Freo, its as far away from Bomberland as he can get!Last we looked Lobb is still lingering. And while Lobby would be needing a lie down, there are still some shenanigans to play out before the week is done.Well, that's enough of the written stuff! So, if you're keen to continue, and only God knows why you would, plug in your ears, click play and join us for further purple parley on the pod.Support the show

    Having Second Thoughts

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2022 57:04

    We were resigned to the fact Griff was gone. Is there a change in the air? Did we catch a whiff, are we back in with a sniff for Griff? There's plenty going on to fill a Restump Podcast episode cup.  We jostled for position on day one of trade week but little eventuated for us purple people. However, there's still more than enough happening to go through. Trades have been completed, others stalled and pressure is building. With Jason Horne-Francis signalling his intent to leave the Roos, does it favour us? Does it allow the Roos to pay up for Griff, or better still, put a red flag in Griff's mind about heading there?Apparently, we're standing firm with Rory Lobb. Are we foxing, will the Dogs call our bluff if so? Could we really see Lobb, Darcy, and Luke Jackson all at Freo in 2023?A third rounder for Blake Acres… fair? Unders or Overs? With Paddy Dow wanting out of the Blues, could he find his way somehow to Freo in the deal? He would be surplus to requirement but he's a talent. Across the league it seems GWS will need a warehouse to store all their picks while Richmond landed the prized Tim Taranto. If the Tiges go on to secure Jacob Hopper they may be back ion premiership calculations sooner than we think. The West Coast Eagles picked up Jayden Hunt which tells us all they don't know where they are and believe they don't need to rebuild through the draft. Patch work rarely ends well… we know from experience. Andy Brayshaw took out his first Doig medal and did so by the length of the Flemington straight. Was Alex Pearce stooged? He looked a clear second place getter. And there is no shadow of a doubt Hayden Young had himself down for a few more than he got!In this crazy fast paced trade week there is little time to stop and breathe. So, if you're looking for a break from the noise… we can't help you. But if you're looking to have your ear drums reverberated with a purple focused commotion then by all means plug in and press play.Support the show

    Buy Sell Hold 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2022 127:01

    Well, it's that time of the year again. On the eve of the meat market silly season, the period otherwise known as trade week, its time to endure the annual Restump Podcast 2022 Buy, Sell, Hold report.It's the episode where we decide if we're going to buy sell or hold each player's stock. We look at the year they have had, the future prospects, their ages and any other defining factor to reach an individual and team oriented financial investment conclusion. Do some players get a reprieve for credit in the bank? Does loyalty, in committing to the club and not chasing the smell of an extra dollar, count? Is there value in old man legs that we may well be cutting off too soon? Who receives speculative investment dollars? Who are we taking tax losses on?So, if you have too much time on your hands that you're looking to rid yourself of, join us for this extended 2 hour episode where we forecast investment calls and provide reasons for the purple cattle we're buying selling or holding.    Support the show

    We're Going To Jackson

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2022 52:27

    Worth every cent of the Johnny Cash he gets. Brownlow done, Grand Final won and the Cats had the last laugh. Season over but there's always purple stuff in need of Restump Podcasting.In this episode we go over the Grand Final and ask the question, did Jordan Clark trade himself out of premiership?Has Geelong won everyone over with their actions, their humility and their humour? If so, how can we put a stop to it? We go through the grains of salt we take Colin Young's commentary with and try to work out where the Griffin Logue and Darcy Tucker to North Melbourne train is at. Has Griff pumped the breaks a little?Speaking of a grain of salt… never mind Aaron Naughton and Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, apparently Rory will be the focal point at the Western Bulldogs according to Col.Are Luke Jackson and Sean Darcy best buds and will they be the purple super hero duo? Let's not dance around the obvious, Jackson's move to Fremantle is just a formality and, while I hope I haven't just jinxed it in saying that, we have a go at coming up with a trade to get it done anyway. Plenty of WA boys out of contract around the country. We go through the list and weigh up if there are any names that may be attractive to Freo.Looking forward to trade week starting next Monday but while we jostle for prime position front and centre, we manage to, despite our male statuses, multi task and bang out 40 plus minutes of purple lead up language. So, if your ears are already deprived of some Docker dialect, click play, tune in and join us in prolonging the purple party.   


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2022 67:24

    We're obviously just not doing it for Griff as he wants to spice things up and play with others. Boatloads going on in the harbour so it is time to Restump Podcast all the news in purple shoes. Apparently, if you listen to the revenue generating click bait media, every Freo player and his dog, or in Rory's and Acres' case their emotional support animals, wants out. It's an ‘exodus' they tell us!  Griffin Logue, Rory Lobb, Blake Acres, Darcy Tucker and Liam Henry are all, let's say, restless.Which of those players in their positions would we not be looking to improve on anyway? They are not vehicles to the promised land and given a few of them having had career best years, they probably couldn't take us any further than we ventured this year. We dig a little deeper and dissect each player's reasoning and their trade prospects.Speaking of vehicles, arguably the greater loss may be that of Josh Carr. He ping ponged between Port Adelaide and Fremantle his entire playing days and now looks set to continue throughout his coaching career. He may be in teal a while though as he does look their future head coach when the Ken Hinkley bell rings.Deliberately speaking of segway Bells, another of the non-playing brigade appears likely to set sail from the port in the form of General Manager of Football Operations, Peter Bell. Like Josh Carr, is Belly ping ponging yet again back to his former club to take on the CEO role? If so which cap will he wearing in the Griffin Logue tussle? Sadly, he couldn't take home Charlie but it was a big result for Andy Brayshaw last night. 20 votes prior to the bye but then just 5 on the run home. Opposing teams rightfully had to up their defensive work into the future captain.Will Brodie took home an appropriate workmanlike 11 votes to finish second for Freo while the umps got a bit bedazzled with a few goals of Rory's and gifted him 7 to round out the top three.What has happened to former Freo great Paul HaSENby? Another seemingly outlandish suggestion from him that Josh Schache could suit us in a trade with the Bulldogs for Rory Lobb! Is Hase on a clicks and listens performance based contract? Does he have quotas to fill?Believe it or not the usual fence sitting and controversy avoiding Jojo takes a shot the AFL and its hypocrisy over the gambling influence and saturation of last night's Brownlow count. However, I'm not sure Jojo didn't take the $6 about Andy and is just dark he didn't get up.There's no shortage of Docker dot points to discuss so let's put on the purple peepers, peruse what's prominent at the port and fill up on our fair share of Freo fanfare.  

    Mad Mundy After Sadurday

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2022 69:09

    Given the pain of the loss and the realisation we'd seen David Mundy run out in purple for the final time… it wasn't a Saturday, it was a Sadurday. Time to Restump Podcast Freo's semi-final loss to the ferocious Pies.We went in high on hope but also unfortunately on next to no experience for such a hostile environment. It showed very early and the intensity the Pies brought and hit us with, we had no answers or replies for. While we had no trouble getting our share of the ball, our disposal was under relentless pressure. Admittedly it wasn't the sole cause of our inability to score, but it compounded issues for our more often than not dysfunctional forward line. 14 inside 50s for 1 point in the first quarter painted that picture.After a few early jitters and mistakes our defenders again stood up but the weight of numbers and the Pie pressure further up the ground made it almost an impossible task for our back six.The reality is we were overawed, out pressured, outmuscled and outplayed. We simply were convincingly beaten by a more seasoned and experienced outfit in that particular environment. The margin on paper was 20 points but realistically it was a 10 to 12 goal hiding, so the result wouldn't have been any different had the game been played anywhere else. However, while we don't want to be 'that guy'…. it must make things a tad easier when you've played 16 of your 24 games in 2022 at the MCG and 19 of your 24 games in your home state of Victoria... thereby alleviating the detriment of hours spent on planes.Having said that, to be fair to Collingwood, the possible extra 22-minute car or bus journey from the MCG to Marvel must be brutal!When all said and done, it brought to a close a magnificent season in which we saw substantial growth in individuals and as a collective. We not only got our team of kids a taste of finals, we put a September win on the board. But just as important we got a lesson in where we are and what is required to get to the promised land.Sadly, it also saw the completion of the great David Mundy's wonderful career, a career that left an immeasurable permanent positive impact on the club.So, when one season comes to a close another silly type of season begins. Trade talk season. 90% print, TV and airway filling noise but about 10% materialises. Its difficult not to get caught up in the nonsense so we take the view that if you can't stay clear of it, indulge in it.We start with the Luke Jackson making his intentions clear and we get more hyped up from there. Lobb, Acres, Griff, Henry and whoever else Haggers and SEN clickbait the footy community into buying their exodus narrative! So, while the on-field year is over, the chatter continues. If you've overdosed on the Restump after a long season, go outside have a 'thunder chunder' and you'll be good to click play and go around again in this episode of reviews, analysis and trade talk. 

    Time To Bake Some Pies

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2022 47:13

    We won't interrupt Jimmy Aish, he's currently occuPied. Time to Restump Podcast preview our ridiculously anticipated semi final against the Maggies at the Gee! What an opportunity and experience awaits us! 90k plus people, predominantly Pie fans, are about to cram into Australia's Colosseum to create both an electrifying atmosphere and the most hostile of environments. Its one thing to be playing a semi-final. But to be playing a semi-final at the MCG against Collingwood…. some Danny Zuko vibes... I've got chills, they're multiplying! If you're not in possession of a bucket of nerves, a bag of apprehension and a boat load of excitement, check your pulse because you may not be alive.After the monumental comeback against the Dogs, we're going in with an unchanged line up. Only 4 of our starting 22 have previously experienced something of this magnitude, so the remaining 18 are sailing into unchartered waters and are about to suffer a monstrous culture shock.You have to feel for Matty Tabs. It had to be a difficult decision to leave him out and we'll find out if it was the correct one. Can James “Mr Fix It” Aish fix up a few of his former colleagues and will Mr September Sonny Walters continue asserting his supremacy? After steering the ship last week Andy Brayshaw and Caleb Serong have to pad up and head back into battle against Scotty Pendlebury, Jordan De Goey and Jack Crisp with the help from the Gold Coast gift.But don't for one minute overlook the man who has played in every single final Fremantle has ever been in, except one. The legend who doesn't know how to play a poor game, who has plenty left to give… the peerless David Mundy. Upping his game time will no doubt ensure us victory.Collingwood lose Taylor Adams who ripped his groin off the bone, something I can't even say without wincing. Not only his groin but Collingwood's team have been weakened by it.Remove the parochial noise and you'll see the teams are extremely evenly matched. Could the ultra-hostile environment the Collingwood fans will create and our inexperience be the difference? Neither team will lay down and until that final siren sounds, neither team will be safe. Enough of this here…. let's continue the purple love in the pod as we try to dissect the battle and attempt to work out what might unfold.So, if you're looking for someone to provide a calming presence and some words of composure to ensure we don't all run our race prior to Saturday….. you've come to the wrong place! We're buzzed up and in danger of our purple hype filled zip lock bags spilling over!But click play anyway and join us on our rare journey to the Gee in September. We ride til we've died.

    You Gotta Be Kidney, Jye

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2022 54:30

    You can't do that! Second career game in an elimination final and Jye was as cool as a Busselton cucumber. Ryan Crowley couldn't have rattled him! Time to Restump Podcast the unfathomable Freo victory.All we can say is, how? You just can't do that! 41 points down with a tick over a half of footy to play and we somehow found a way with a team possessing barely a single final of experience between them. We averaged around 68 points per game for our last 6 games and we had to find 41 points in a just over a half of footy to just draw level, without the dogs kicking a single score! And we had to do that without our best forward and a replacement playing just his second career game. And we did! We somehow orchestrated a 54-point turn turnaround…. what kind of purple sorcery is that! How sweet was it to see Sonny Walters back to his former typical big game best? However, he couldn't do what he did if a couple of young ridiculously talented hard nuts didn't do what they did. Andy Brayshaw and Caleb Serong somehow went to another level, a level, given their age and experience, that should almost be classed as unfair to the Dogs!When you look at those two guys in particular, you have to say Phar Lap suddenly has a couple of challengers for the world record size of hearts! If that win and all it represents doesn't overly satisfy the harshest Freo task marker, then give the sport away because your unrealistic and unfair expectations will never be met.  We've been starved of this feeling, we live for this, we're doing it for Dave and for Nat, we're allowed to dream, live in hope and we say why not us? But whatever unfolds and however next week results, an elimination final victory with such a young inexperienced team put the icing on a successful season's cake. Let's get into the game and relive the extreme emotional rollercoaster of Saturday night. We're still running on adrenalin so we'll aim for composure but not getting carried away reminiscing and dissecting the inconceivable purple performance.... we cannot guarantee. So, if you're still buzzing…. Join us for this 60 minutes and come along for the recap before we look towards the ride to the G. 


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2022 52:48

    They've carried the team for decades so it's time to return the favour. It's the Restump Podcast preview of our monstrous do or die elimination final against the dogs!It is true absence often makes the purple heart grow fonder. It's been 7 years since we've seen September action and I don't know about anyone else, but for yours truly, the anxiety is already building and the nerves are kicking in.  Being an elimination final, it increases the pressure knowing it's ‘do or die' in terms of our season. However, if you're trying to remain calm and composed its probably best not to think about the additional stakes on the line…. that this is potentially the great David Mundy's final ever game. What the hell are we doing…. trying to cause mass mental breakdown! We're not pessimists… we're going in as glass half full folk and not because it will probably be filled by the rain tomorrow night! (Yeah, way to go Chief, way to be ironically optimistic! I'm sorry…. I'm a nervous wreck… and I'm also obviously going mad because I am talking to myself!)We bowled over the dogs 3 weeks back so that should provide us some confidence and comfort, but we all know finals are a different bag. They surely won't give us the time and space like they did under the roof at Marvel so it will be a case of same kennel but different dogs.As has been so often this year, over our ability to score is where the dark cloud hovers. The magnificent surprise inclusion is our round 8 debutant, Jye “Nev” Amiss and what a moment in time and opportunity for him. Could Nev provide us with an adaptation of our own Marlon Pickett moment? So, the whole season has come down to this Saturday night. It has been a highly successful year and we achieved the preseason goals set out. But to have it end Saturday night would still feel like a dagger through our purple hearts. Considering he was a career dog and now a recent Freo acquisition, we did our best to get Bob Murphy on for a brief chat. But the apparently nationally loved, the supposed man of the people, the claimed common folk's champion…. snubbed us. He said, through his people, “no can do, I'm too busy.” He gave us the generic... too busy! Bob is more creative than that!So, we can't bring you Bob's insight, his repartee and we can't put him to the blowtorch to really see where his deep-seated allegiance truly lies. We're not suggesting anything untoward… but matters of the heart can do strange things. You either bleed purple or you don't!However, if you want a chance at winning two tickets to Saturday night's game, listen to the pod for instructions and come up with a better excuse that Bob could have given us. Quite simply we just can't wait for Saturday night. But between then and now, if you're looking to keep the momentum going and increase the purple noise, click play and join us as we talk everything Freo finals…. Let's just say that again… Freo finals! 

    Old Habits Die Hard

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2022 49:01

    Dangerous weekend off, out of habit we almost shifted into Big Bash mode! Not this year though because it's time to Restump Podcast awards, finals campaigns and contracts.It's been a while since there's been a finals pep in our step and a September glide in our stride. But we've earned our place in the eight so we're shamelessly strutting towards Optus Stadium. On this episode, after the entertaining Ryan Crowley was well received, we're asking listeners who you'd like to hear from next and why? And we'll see if we can make it happen.But back to now and we've adoration to bestow upon the 2022 Leigh Matthews Trophy, the great Andy Brayshaw… or Andy Bradshaw as Mark McGowan knows him by apparently. There is no more a meaningful and prestigious individual award to win given it is selected by the players themselves.We've got contracts to talk, some signed, some not so signed and some in danger of being singed. Acres, Aish, Banfield, Griff, Lobbby…. Just to name a few.With Erasmus and Johnson doing everything right and on AFL trajectory, do we really want to pay overs for Blake Acres? He's been a big contributor this year.Down at Peel, if Mitch Crowden puts too many more feet forward he'll end up on his back! He continues to put a magnificent batch of form together but can't get his opportunity. Is there any way in?Is there a purple Marlon Pickett in the Peel ranks, as we look for improved finals forward line strategy? Let's get into it. We'll raise a lot of issues, talk a lot of gibberish, end up further back than we started and with more questions than we set out with. But the nonsensical journey is as important as the ever-evasive destination. So, if you've nothing to do, nowhere else to be and nothing better to listen to, join us for this 45 minutes on the purple path to the promised land. 

    Chat With The Clamp

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 63:32

    We got to sit down with one of the all-time Freo fan's favourites, the great Ryan Crowley, and we had an absolute ball. Given today's football it's difficult to think he isn't truly the last of the Mohicans.In this hour long, somewhat alcohol fuelled, convo we run through his regularly amusing and insightful journey, which constantly left us in stitches of laughter. Given how quickly the hour went and how desperate toilets were required at the end, a lot of content was left on the table. So, while we haven't told Crowls yet, we're calling this part one and we'll go to work on him to potentially come back for part two.Word of warning for those that aren't keen on explicit language.... there are a few f-bombs dropped. We're a no editing podcast so we run with what results. Consequently, we got the genuine and authentic Ryan Crowley. The Chief forgot we were recording a podcast and consequently forgot about speaking directly into the microphone, but we're here to hear Ryan anyway and not the Chief.So, with all that been said, we present you our chat with the much loved, still missed and ever entertaining Ryan “Clamp” Crowley. We hope everyone enjoys listening to it even half as much as we enjoyed recording it. 

    The Honourable Alex Pearce

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2022 52:36

    Down back defending, organising, up forward kicking goals in Canberra… the honourable Alex Pearce took on more roles than Scomo! Time to Restump Podcast Freo's top 5 securing win over the Giants.He assumed the Ministerial roles for defence, for planning, up the ground on the spacious wing he was the minister for parks and recreation. On Jesse Hogan he became the minister for transport and main roads and when he ventured into unfamiliar territory and kicked a goal…. he said give me the minister for foreign affairs portfolio! While we're all about David Mundy, and rightfully so, we couldn't be happier or more thrilled for Alex Pearce, who will finally play his first finals series in his career. (nobody move for two weeks… we don't want to jinx it)What a weekend of footy! After a degree of lethargy and uninspiring effort early, we managed to get over the top of the Giants in what has to be said was somewhat of an encouraging performance. after quarter time. Did we allow complacency to creep in early on? To be fair, we were minus Lobb and Taberner and then losing Griff before the bounce…. wasn't ideal. But it was more so the lack of energy and urgency that was of concern. The fumbling and ball watching didn't aid the early cause either.However, with about 10 minutes left in the second quarter the purple people came together and when Sonny Walters laid that tackle 25 metres out, went back and slotted his second…. energy levels got a boost. Coming back from 31 points down is a feat in itself.Ironically with a forward line deficient of talls we went on to kick 89 points, our 2nd highest score in the last six weeks. Caleb Serong played a monster, Sonny had a ripping 200th and it was good to get a run into the captain. Quite simply though in the end, we did what we needed to do. We waited and watched Sunday's games hoping for a favourable result to fall our way but as close as we got, it wasn't to be. But regardless of top four or top eight finishes, what a season we've put together. 15 wins and a draw from our 22 games and we now play finals for the first time since 2015. If anyone suggests we haven't exceeded our expectations… you're a tough marker and you're probably an eternally disappointed person! We go over the weekend's game, the good the bad and the indifferent, we talk the Sunday games and what nearly was and could have been, throw around early discussion on the Dogs in two weeks' time and we bring it home with the return of the Ask Jojo segment. Later this week we'll post the hour-long chat we had with the great Ryan Crowley, so hopefully that is enjoyable for all. But before then…. friends, romans, countrymen… lend us your ears for these 45 minutes of packing up the successful purple home and away season.

    Always Been Sonny's House

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2022 49:44

    It's always been Sonny's house and we're just fortunate he allows us to visit. Time to Restump Podcast preview Sonny's 200th and the Giant clash against GWS. What a privilege and an absolute joy it has been for us all to ride along with Sonny on his career to date. Coming up for 200 games, he's kicked 306 goals and many of them have been when we've been in dire need. He was born for the big stage and that has been the setting where he has often done his best work. He has sliced, diced and iced games on many an occasion.At his best he would enter the midfield in second halves and not only drag us back into games but get us over the line. Few could go with or stop him when he was on. The best part of it all is that its far from over and if we go anywhere in September, the smart money will be on Sonny being a big reason.But while we celebrate Sonny's milestone, we need to keep our eyes on this weeks prize… a win over the Giants and a possible top four finish. While a spirited performance against the Dogs last week, the Giants have been off the ball in recent weeks. They have nothing to lose and even less to play for, but… always beware of the sleeping Giant. The captain is back to get a hit out. With no Lobb or Tabs… much of that hitting is going to be needed to be retrieved up forward. With Meek coming in Fyfey should see a bit of time alongside Sean Darcy, who returned to some big form last week. The reality is, it doesn't matter how we get this done but we have to get over the line. We need to start taking these opportunities that are presented to us so, win ugly, win pretty, win boring…. It doesn't matter…. Just get the 4 points.Whatever the case on Saturday the Giants will make us work for it… and that will be odd because work occurring in the vicinity of parliament house? A rare occurrence indeed! Another morning game for us in WA but anywhere anytime comes to mind. Let's get into the preview! So if you can't find anything better to listen to and you settle on us and this 40 minutes.… we question your detective skills, your effort and your low bar listening content expectations! 

    No Medaling In My Ruck Role

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2022 59:43

    Did Sean Darcy just tell everyone to stop ‘Medaling' with his number one ruck position? Time to Restump Podcast review the hotly contested win over the Eags. Well, I for one didn't see that level of heat coming. While harmless, it created excitement and inserted some electricity into the atmosphere. It wound the clock back a little and showed there is still some feeling in Derbies. The result mattered but it was the hit out we got that was of most benefit. We didn't want to head into finals on two soft wins so the fierce contest was just what the Docker Doctor ordered. It was such a fitting occasion and emotional moment for the great David Mundy…. Fortunately, the wet weather hung around so many of us male Freo fans were able to say I'm not crying, it's the rain in my eyes!   There was a lift across the board, Sean Darcy took giant strides on his way back to his best, Caleb Serong showed a grit and determination for the club and his teammates that we wish we could bottle and Sonny Walters shut up and take my entry fee money!The only hope the Eagles had of winning was if Jack Darling had one of his rare days out. The magnificent Alex Pearce said, yeah nah that won't be happening.But bigger picture wise it was most pleasing to see Blake Acres get back near his super form prior to his hamstring injury. It's a vital position and we desperately need that level from him. Sure, we didn't exactly display the art of accuracy but was it by design? The Eagles are keen on the number one draft pick so we didn't want to aid them by destroying their percentage? Obviously, we jest because who wouldn't want to see a wooden spoon head their way!     Defenders were rock solid without the big numbers this week but with the Eagles having just 44 inside 50's the defensive unit weren't stretched. That said they kept them to just 12 scoring shots and one was courtesy of Caleb's 150 metre penalty!Enough of this written stuff, lets get into the conversation and cover all that and everything else that possesses even the slightest shade of purple! Click play, jump in… join in… the purple water is warm.  

    Get In, Get the Points, Get Out

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 41:19

    Not getting ahead of ourselves but surely the $1.11 solves all the inflationary pressures! Time to Restump Podcast Saturday's walk in the park.It doesn't really have that Derby feel. In fact, I can't recall a more lacklustre week leading up to a derby. The build-up has been non-existent as it seems much of this year the Eagles have run with Homer Simpson's “can't win, don't try” philosophy.There's been no banter, no cheap shots no angst... sure we've got bigger fish to fry but there's room for all to coexist! Having said that, if we want to potentially take any top four opportunity that may arise, we just need to keep our heads, allow Andy Gaff to keep his head for the foreseeable future and just bag the four points. We've got two more games that aren't going to deliver finals like intensity so we have to keep that in mind. We don't want to wander into the first week of finals on the back of two soft wins and drowning in complacency, so we need to bring the energy.Like Hawk's coach Riley said in before the playoff game against the Mighty Ducks, “it's not worth winning if you don't win big.” Now I'm not sure we need to go that far but we should be looking to put the eagles to the sword. That said, do we really want to destroy their percentage and aid their campaign to secure pick one? Lets put away the four points convincingly and what will be will be. Switta is back after a seriously busted back, Jye Amiss plays his first game back with Peel this weekend and Sean Darcy has been in contact with his future ruck forward teammate, Luke Jackson! And we've made some progress with the Clampaign! Everything is coming up Milhouse.So, while there isn't the buzz around this Derby there is still plenty to get excited about. Click play, get our rubbish in your ears and feel free to join the conversation. We don't only subscribe to Ross Lyon's ‘failure is feedback' theory, we're open all feedback. 

    Kept A Short Lead On The Dogs

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 62:51

    Did Lobby ace the interview for his new employer or what! Are we back? Time to Restump Podcast review the top 4 door opening win over the Dogs.What a difference it makes when the forwards function productively and cohesively and your two big targets actually lead to space or at the ball carrier? Oh, and kicking straight always helps. Credit when it's due… Rory Lobb put on a goal kicking master class. We turned our recent form around but continued our magnificent Victorian form on Saturday, putting the dogs back in their kennels. That's now 7 games in Melbourne this year so far for 5 wins, a draw and 1 loss. Who is this Fremantle team?We showed the pressure, the intent, the urgency and finally the mid forward connection. The Dogs aren't exactly the hottest defenders but we rarely gave them a genuine look in and we constantly kept them guessing.Luke Ryan never plays a poor one but he was back to his All-Australian best. He must have a crystal ball because he knows where the ball is going to land in his area before its been kicked! And speaking of getting back to hot form… hello Caleb Serong. How good was it to see the Disco back! Nathan “Disco” O'Driscoll had only played 7 career games so it sounds ridiculous to say it, but geez we've missed his run, his bite and his goal sense.  It was truly a game where everyone stepped up and we collectively returned to that cohesive roleplaying team of individuals.The much-needed win just ensured we're playing finals tis year for the first time since 2015, but it also slightly opened the top four door as well. We need to win our last two games and then hope a few teams above us, namely Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, lose at least one of their remaining two. But that is literally getting ahead of ourselves so let's reel the rhetoric in or we'll rightly have coach JL putting as tight a leash on us as we did the Dogs Saturday. The Doggies win has put the pep back in our step and the glide back in our stride. We're all up and about with a sense of possibility again. So join us as we bask in the Bulldog victory glory, we momentarily place the finals in the background and have a celebratory chat about our wonderful purple people.

    Is Sam Thinking A Fresh Sturt

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 43:40

    Despite Freo's horrific three weeks up forward, we won't see Sammy Sturt on the Marvel dirt. Time to Restump Podcast review the daunting assignment against Rory Lobb's future teammates.  We're a bit disappointed this week as its seemingly becoming a bit ground-hog-dayish on selection day. While Sammy Sturt isn't the second coming of Christ, after three team scores averaging 7 goals a game, it appears we've opted not to address or even tinker with the dysfunctional forward structure. However, JL and his selection posse know more than us and they're providing the opportunity for the forward crew to dig themselves out of the hole they've found their way into. To be fair, the Bulldogs do leak score at times so it is probably the game to forward the forwards a week's grace. On paper you look at the Bulldogs names and they terrify you on nearly every line. Yet you then look at their form and it doesn't quite equate. But you get the feeling they've recently watched, Carlton, Richmond and Melbourne bring the heat to us and, consequently, we should expect fire and brimstones.We don't want to limp towards the end of the year and cling on to a top eight position so we need to turn things around Saturday night. However, the Bulldogs want to force their way into the finals so there is no doubt they'll be on.Its great to see Disco Nathan back as he might provide the bite on the wing that we have been missing recently. And hopefully Darcy Tucker can reproduce his damaging accumulating possession and goal kicking Peel form and prove a positive replacement for Trav Colyer. While Dave Mundy has called time on his career and the club is using it as motivation, we would have thought the prospect of playing finals and potentially a home final would be all the motivation the boys would need. But if we can add in “do it for Dave” and it helps, then why not.Its an unnerving task this Saturday. The Dogs will smell our blood from the last three weeks in the water. On the other hand, we simply have to deliver an appropriate response after that substandard performance last week. Both teams have so much to play for and that makes for a potentially cracking game.We're all on board all the time but that doesn't mean we can't respectfully remove the purple rose coloured glasses at times and have a candid chat about all aspects of the club. Talking things out and speaking from the purple heart is always the therapeutically way forward.  So, click the play button and join us for a 45 minute chat about selections, where we're at as a club, our neglect of our areas of deficiency and the big clash Saturday night. 

    Drummed Up Old Vibes

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 67:38

    Ouch, Freo Dockers! We're just getting over Friday night and you drop unwanted Mundy news Monday morning on us! Time to therapeutically Restump Podcast all of it.   The news hit hard this morning and it really put us off our cornflakes. The great man, the man we thought would still be playing when we all leave this earth, ripped our hearts out and called time on his career. The MundyFourHundy dream is over.After a relentless effort based 35 possession game on Friday night, you got the feeling Dave Mundy was in deep contemplation mode meditating on the bench late in the game. Depending on where we finish the home and away season, we'll possibly only get to see him one last time going around in the flesh in the round 22 Derby. What a way and what an opportunity to send him off.But before then we have to unpack last Friday night. And given the demolition it was, very little needs unpacking and its more of a picking up the pieces and cleaning up the mess job. Have teams worked us out? Are they paying us the extra attention and preparing in ways they may not have been doing in the first half of the year? Is our young team fatigued? Or has our effort and commitment fallen off the pace a bit?Quite simply it seems the majority of the issues are attributed to our eternally dysfunctional forward line. Matty Tabs had one of his worst games we can remember and Rory Lobb… good luck Bulldogs! Trav Colyer has hit the brick wall of late and hasn't been his earlier year productive self and Lachie Schultz has been well off the pace for a while now. His frenetic defensive pressure is a vital cog in our forward line wheel and when it's absent so is any hint of cohesiveness.We've got three games remaining, top four is all but gone but now we desperately need at least one, possibly two wins to ensure we finish the season in the top eight. It's been a tough few days for all us Freo folk so lets have a chat about it all and see if we can find some uplifting answers…. and by uplifting we don't just mean the Bulldogs uplifting and taking Rory Lobb! I'm sorry… I'm still a bit dark on a few efforts on Friday! If you're keen, click play and let's get into it. 

    To Brayshaw To Brayshaw

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2022 46:34

    Two Brayshaws would have been handy… but we're ok running with one and a Jackson. Time to Restump Podcast preview the Brayshaw Bros Friday Night Bout in the Freo V Dees clash.Angus Brayshaw is a big signing for the Dees and congratulations to them. However, interestingly enough the grapevine chatter is suggesting Luke Jackson flew to WA for tomorrow night's game with a shipping container of luggage! (Disclaimer - We may have put that out on the grapevine)  Massive game Friday night and its fair to say there are some nerves in the Restump camp regarding the outcome. Question marks are being placed over Melbourne by the wider football community, they'll want some retribution for round 11, there is threatening weather… do we have a plan B? In that round 11 win, Petracca was injured, Steven May went down in the first quarter and Harrison Petty was on one leg.Rightio that's enough of the glass half empty…. it'll probably fill up tomorrow night from the rain!Rory Lobb returning is obviously vital, joining Tabs to take on a formidable Jake Lever and Steven May duo. So much of our fortunes rest on the shoulders of Sonny, Shultzy, Freddy and co. If they don't bring the frenetic pressure and intensity we know they can, then our hopes of a much-needed win take a massive hit.Probably fair to say Mitchy is getting a little twitchy! There is not a lot more he can do, but the small forward region is a bit of a Crowden area at the moment. He's banging on the door but it's just not getting opened. Does he get in through the emergency entrance?We need a big lift from Sean “Swaggy Onions” Darcy up against the great Max Gawn. Darce has been a bit off his influential form for a fair bit of the season but he does seem to save his best for the best. Darce and Lobb up against Gawn and future teammate Jackson… an interesting battle.The midfield is where it starts and it's Petracca, Oliver and Viney opposed to Serong, Brayshaw, Brodie and Mundy… at some stage an Aish might get the tap on the shoulder and asked to ‘put the slows' on someone but you'd imagine they'd be ready for such a move.The defenders will do their usual super defending and strangle the Dee's scoring but Bailey Fritsch kicked 3 against us in round 11. Last week he nailed 4 and Sam Weiderman booteed 3 while Melksham and Pickett each got a couple. They're in good nick and they have a good spread of competent goal kickers.We need 60 points to make the top four and probably 52 points to all but guarantee us a spot in the eight. So 3 wins for top four and one win for finals. Lets focus on the top eight and cliché it to one week at a time.Can't wait for tomorrow night. We hold some fears of what might be but we have hope knowing what we can potentially make happen. So, click play and join us for a light-hearted 45 minutes of everything retro Freo before the clash gets under way tomorrow evening. While Jojo is in his element with this retro jumper, I am not underestimating the damage it may do. When you look good you feel good…. This jumper may have a lot to answer for!Get up, Freo.

    Thank God For Freddy's Mother

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    Thankful for Freddy's mother and smother. We're just being more complimentary efficient than our forward line was! Time to Restump Podcast the lifting of two points off the Tiges.Still don't know how Freddy did that. His smother and Chappy's defensive punch in round one…. pool room material. If Richmond was a bank, we got away with the cash drawers but not the vault. To be brutally honest, we lightened Richmond's burden by lifting two points off them. While there were endless bewildering moments throughout the game that led to the result, the ridiculous two final positive and negative unthinkable moment minutes will forever trump the previous seventy eight.Game saving tackles, holding the ball wins, smothers, shot clock breaches and playing on with all of a second left. It is one for the obscure history books. But after all the befuddlement, the reality is we walked away with two points, we lost a Fyfe and we fell out of the top four. We should write a song about our defenders because once again we're singing their praises. Their collective efforts are astounding but in particular Hayden Young continues to astonish.   But our Achilles heel continues to be our forward line and our mid forward connection. Rory Lobb was sorely missed but the game plan we concocted and the one we executed highly conflicted each other. While it is obviously not ideal the reassurance and the consolation are that with the current 12 and a half wins and 50 points we have, we'd have made the finals in all but 4 of 22 seasons since 2000. (minus 2020) Sportsbet have us at $1.005 to make the eight… and  that should calm anyone who has a few nerves. There is too much to go through the entire game here so join us on the podcast where we go into detail, unpack the extraordinary Friday night and attempt to make heads and tails of it. 

    Top 4 On The Line

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    Having our top 4 destiny in our own hands hasn't gone well for us in the past but this time it's different… hopefully! Time to Restump Podcast the Friday night Dockers V Tiges show.Friday night under lights, under the Marvel roof, on the big stage! We're desperate to keep our top 4 chances alive while Richmond has a ton of teams wanting their place in the 8. Add the above to the fact that every one in three games between Freo and Richmond is decided by 12 points or less and it promises to be a cracking encounter.   We talk changes and what that means for the match ups. We've lost a Lobb but a Henry and a Pearce has dropped in. While at Tigerland there's no Dusty or Tom Lynch but a Soldo enters the backup ruck arena. With the loss of Lobby, its grounds for thinking the inform Lloyd Meek might sneak in to give Darcy a chop out and allow him to go up forward. We need a lift across the board from all individuals because if we deliver Friday night what we served up last Saturday… sayonara top 4!Got to keep Daniel Rioli in check and stop his run, Jayden Short through the middle can hit the scoreboard and God help whoever draws the short straw to play on Shai Bolton. But one in all in, we can get it done as a collective!We know we shouldn't but we cover the rubbish Hagdorn and his SEN outrage journos came up with this week, we probably mistakenly wander into the Daisy Pearce saga and as always we chat all things Luke Jackson. Cannot wait for Friday night, our season is alive and well, our top four hopes are hanging by a thread…. Its all up to us. Well not us but us as in them, our them or their them or is it they them or they're our them?…. Oh for crying out loud, you know who!If you're into nonsense like that… and why would you be… there's plenty more where that came from so click play and jump on in, the purple preview listening water is warm. 

    Get Griff's Buddy Signature

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    After Griff's game, we need to secure his signature and get him presenting lectures down at Cockburn on adaptability. Time to Restump Podcast our tough to take loss to the Swans. Was there a game at Optus on Saturday night or a Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch concert? Marks everywhere! The Swannies racked up 138 marks for the game, largely with our assistance. After quarter time they took 64 more marks than us… over 20 more per quarter. The warning signs, or should that be Warner signs, started flashing in the second period and the resulting fears materialised over the second half. After quarter time, the mids copped a bath and that didn't help the defenders. The wingers provided no outlet or run and the Swans walked the ball out of our 50 metre arc effortlessly. A young Chad Warner gave us a lesson and who does Errol Gulden think he is kicking goals like that, Disco Nathan?We can all handle a loss, God knows we've had plenty of practise over the last 25 plus years, but it was the uncharacteristic manner in how we lost this one. So much on the line, so much to play for and disappointingly we fell down in what we stand for, team defence and offensive pressure. To be comprehensively beaten, yet kick the first two goals of the last quarter to go nine points up… an added effort needed to be raised. There was no such raised effort forthcoming. In fact there was little effort delivered, raised or otherwise.The shining light was the swingman's performance. Griffin Logue can hold his head up high as he blanketed Buddy Franklin. Had Griff not slipped on the Optus Stadium ice rink, Buddy would have turned in the duck eggs. But again, this is a successful season. Its far from over and we've shown enormous growth to date. As we always say, growth isn't linear. The reality is we're in the embryonic stage of a long period of sustained finals success. Sure, we need some tinkering here there and a bit more up forward, but we're a solid unit on the up and, top four or otherwise, its highly unlikely we're not playing finals this year.So, join us as we put things in perspective, part the problems and pick out the purple positives. They're few and far between in that game Saturday night but we're not rolling over just yet. 

    Sheriff Patrolling Acres

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    Is Budweiser than we think? Freddy said, yes you better beerlieve it. Acres returns and Chappy is back. Time to Restump Podcast what'll hopefully be our 4th win from 4 games against the Swans at Optus.Given we're currently sitting a win clear in third heading towards September, we've got Acres and Chappy back in the team, the Disco is back up and about and Switta has recommenced running... are we getting ahead of ourselves if we suggest everything is coming up Millhouse? We're getting as close to having our best twenty-two fit and available as we're ever likely to get so it does feel like we're getting a bit falling favorably for us at the moment. Currently twelve wins, we probably need at least fifteen to secure a top four finish. With Richmond, Melbourne, Bulldogs, Eagles and Giants to come we need to make Sydney one of those three wins this Saturday night, especially as this is one of our only three remaining home games.Speaking of the Buddy Swans, they've been a little bit erratic this year. They probably haven't been the steadfast Swans we come to expect but they have a dangerous list and can produce on their day.However, they were recently beaten by Port Adelaide and Essendon , yet they beat Melbourne, St Kilda and the Dogs so they've made it tricky to get a handle on the form.We have won all three games against Sydney at Optus Stadium, but apart from one of them by 5 goals, the remaining two games we won by 2 points and 1 point respectively.  Worryingly it does appear rain is forecast for Saturday. We don't want to have flash-flood-backs back to the Gold Coast and Collingwood games but… its difficult not to have a few little nerves. However, let's stay positive, they'll don the flippers and snorkel if need be, if it means getting hold of the four points. We wander into the North Melbourne fiasco and Wayne Carey's nonsensical suggestion that Ross Lyon is the prime candidate. We have a chat about Buddy attempting to use Freo to beef up his contract again. Trav Colyer and Sammy Switkowski get one year extensions and its difficult not to think Rory Lobb is out and Luke Jackson is in next year. It could be big day Saturday so get plenty of sleep between now and then so you're tip top to fight the elements. And the best way to get some deep sleep…. click play on our 45 minutes of docker drivel… we've been known to cure insomnia! 

    Mid Fyfe Crisis

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    What a luxury it is to have the ‘In case of midfield emergency, break the Fyfe glass' option. Time to Restump Podcast Saturday's slaying of the Saints. The Saints gave us a lesson in the first half as they treated our midfielders like purple witches' hats. In the middle we couldn't have bought a footy in a clearance sale!  When Maxy King goaled from the silver service, Jack Higgins got on the scoreboard and Dan Butler chipped in with one all in that first quarter…. not going to lie, we had flash backs to round two when they got a hold of us. However, despite being obliterated out of the middle, the defensive unit once again stood tall, led by swingman Griffin Logue, who showed no sign of suffering any swingmans fog this week. The back six did a remarkable job keeping us within 20 points of the Saints at half time when it could have and probably should have been substantially more.There is nothing like having a two time brownlow medallist up our sleeve, especially one that is itching to get into the midfield furnace. After JL and the crew had managed Fyfey to perfection, they pulled the trigger at the start of the second half and it was literally like a midfield switch had been flicked.It was if Fyfe was the key component that set off a positive chain reaction. Some sort of small-scale adaptation of the butterfly effect. His influence and contribution was instrumental in turning the course of the game around and providing the environment for which others soon thrived. That isn't to suggest Andy Brayshaw's game wasn't another mind boggling, incomprehensible head-shaking in awe performance…. because it was. How do you do all the tough hard work, lay ten bruising tackles and still manage to collect 38 touches and get from contest to contest?But with Fyfe halving the midfield contest and Andy Brayshaw doing Andy Brayshaw things, the rest of the crew soon got on board after the main break.We got a bit of good fortune late in the third but which the Saints fans a still bleating about but the end margin of 41 points suggest their claims are largely inconsequential.  Big kudos to Jordan Clark for arguably a career best game, Brennan Cox and Griffin Logue for roles and Lachie Schultz who was back to his tenacious and energised best.  It was a wonderful victory, a tale of two halves and there was a conspicuous feel about it. Are we back? It may be never as good or as bad as it seems but that second half felt like we're back! We're sitting in 3rd, a game clear of Brisbane in 4th. Three more wins and a top four finish should well and truly be ours…. but let's not get ahead of ourselves and jinx anything. So let's get the podcast underway! If too much purple pandemonium doesn't pack your pouch…. click play and spend 60 minutes here with us. However, we can't offer refunds or returns for the listeners remorse you'll inevitably suffer.

    Starts With Swaggy

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    We're trying to stay in the top four and the Sainters are trying to get into the eight. Time to Restump Podcast the Sainters and Dockers concert Saturday night. We were ordinary at best in round 2 against the Saints when they bowled us over by 10 points. But we're a different side now and we're better equipped to deal with them. We're looking to defend our top four position while the Saints are just on the wrong side of the edge of the top eight. There is so much up for grabs, so much to play for.Having lost to Carlton two weeks back and beating the Bombers in round 5, we're one and one under the Marvel Stadium roof this year. We need Sean Darcy to go up a level and Rory Lobb to step up when he gives Darce a breather because Paddy Ryder and Rowan Marshall are a formidable combination.  Down back we're looking to Alex Pearce once again to get the job done on Max King. King kicked four in round 2 so we may prefer team defence to give Pearce a helping hand. Brennan Cox was a touch off last week but with Membrey going at two goals a game against us… he needs to switch on.Clark, Walker, Young and Wilson can work out a plan to stop the sneaky cheeky Jack Higgins because we don't want another round 2 repeat of his four goal haul.The mids go head to head.  Dealing with Jack Steel, Brad Crouch and Jade Greshem won't exactly be a Sunday picnic for Brodie, Brayshaw and Serong. Does Fyfey head in there at all? At worst we need to break even in the middle to give the backs a chop out. Up forward we're looking to Lobb to keep his hot form going, the hamstrung but then not hamstrung Tabs to play a full game and then the smalls needs to get and stay busy. While we're almost locked in to playing finals, finishing top four would be nice. We probably need four more wins to secure a berth and we have just seven games remaining. Lets ensure we need 3 wins from 6 games after Saturday night.We're a bit nervous about this one on Saturday night. We feeel we have the Saints measure but we probably need to kick it up a notch from last Sunday against the Power. There's not a lot of  Freo fanfare at the moment which is surprising considering we're in unfamiliar top eight and top four territory. But while content is light, there's always enough purple pieces to pack up the pod with.  

    Young Indianover Jones

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    Did Mitch Georgiades relegate Youngy to a Raider Of The Lost Mark? Time to Restump Podcast yesterday's win that wasn't for the faint hearted.It was a nostalgic day yesterday as Freo wound back the clock. Late in the game fan's were calling for the defibrillators to get their purple hearts going again, but it was all part of the emotive four-point banking fun. 40 points up at one stage, did we take the foot off the pedal or did fatigue set in? There are many ways to asses it but the reality is, we ended up in front when the siren sounded, we banked the four points and kept our top four chances alive.If there is any disappointment with the win, send your mind back to the start of the season and revisit your expectations. Come back to now and you'll find we've exceeded them greatly.Fyfe is finding his feet as his confidence and desire levels rise and despite staying out of the middle, he's going to be a that old weapon after a few more games wherever he plays.There are no superlatives left to describe Andy Brayshaw. Quite simply we don't win that game without him.James Aish took his Mr Fix It role to the electrical field, constantly cutting off the Power. We are forever wondering how the hell Geelong let Jordan Clark escape and we're willing to concede that if Rory can guarantee us that intent every week, then re-sign him up.   Alex Pearce had done a superb job on the dangerous Charlie Dixon to three quarter time but Charlie went into the middle and literally turned the game in a matter of 60 seconds. He rucked roved and kicked two of his own and had a hand in a third. Sean Darcy and Rory Lobb had no answer to him.Special thanks to Robbie Gray and Todd Marshall who inexplicably both missed goals in that last quarter, sodas that you would have taken out a second mortgage on your house and put it on them being kicked.  We got the points, we've got 11 wins and we need four more to clinch a top four finish. It doesn't matter how we get them! However, bigger picture, we're exceeding any expectations, we're going to play finals and anything above that in the way of double chances, home finals and top fours, is the cream on the 2022 season cake. So, if you're looking for some straight and narrow, never as good never as bad as it seems perspective with regular tangents of preposterousness, click play and join the prattle in the purple pool. 

    Sawed To Great Heights

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    One minute you're on the band saw, next minute you've got an All Australian jacket and 100 games under your belt. Time to Restump Podcast DJ Luke Ryan's 100th in the clash against the Power.Big game for Luke Ryan in his 100th as it is for Nathan Wilson in his 150th. But individual accolades will have to wait because we've got to somehow turn the Power off while managing to keep our top four faint flickering light on. We've got a trick up our sleeve though. We'll turn the Power of and switch to solar because we've got Sonny conditions! That's right sports fans Sonny Walters is back and geez we missed him last week. Port Adelaide have only just been travelling for most of the season but the return of Charlie Dixon four games ago and Connor Rozee's rise up the ranks has seen them steady up and regain winning form. We were pummelled in the midfield last week against the Blues and it won't get much easier against the likes of the experienced big bodied Travis Boak and Ollie Wines. He might not be back to his best or in tip top match fitness condition yet but we might need you Fyfey!And the big man, Sean Darcy, in the middle has been a bit off in recent weeks but he gets his chance to dominate the game against makeshift ruckman Jeremy Finlayson. Port Adelaide have only won 7 games this season. They have won 6 of their last 7 so they're in decent nick, but of their 7 wins to date, just 2 have been away from the Adelaide Oval. They have won 5 of the last 7 games against us but only 2 of those games have been played at Optus Stadium, of which we won both. We haven't played Port Adelaide at Optus in over 3 years so it really is foreign territory for them. We're back to the old Sunday arvo time slot so it actually should feel familiar for us! However, lets kill some time, have a chat about the clash, praise the milestone men and bring it home getting to know the great man Brett “Jojo” McDonnell a little better with another Ask Jojo segment.  

    Just A Tax Loss

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    Did we just hit the Wall, up against the Lygon Street Lads? Time to Restump Podcast the end of year tax loss against the calculating Carlton Blues. It's the end of financial year time and fans are attempting to claim their memberships as tax deductions. So, despite it being a boat load of ridiculousness and making no sense, is it beyond the possibility that we had too many capital win gains and Saturday was the opportunity to bank a strategic capital tax loss prior to the 30th June?   A loss that is difficult to take does weird things to our minds in our endeavours to find reasoning and or excuses. But the reality is the Blues turned up and gave us a hiding. They outran us, outmuscled us and outworked us.   In the midst of the momentary ruins, the light shines brightly on the defensive unit. How they managed to restrict Carlton to just twenty scoring shots from relentless and clean supply with little to no help from the mids restricting the flow or even the forwards applying any sort of pressure, could well become one of the mysteries of the world.To be fair to our mids, it wasn't due to lack of effort. There are times in life where you simply have to dip your lid in respectful acknowledgement of a supreme performance from your opponent. When the Carlton crew are in that frame of mind, enact damage control policy instantly, if you're on the receiving end!While we were really never in the game, it does feel like the four points opportunity that got away and, based on our fixtures on the run home, with it our top four finish fades a little. But bigger picture, we've probably exceeded expectations already this year so keeping authentic perspective often ends up being the emotional balance we all need after such an individual defeat.That said, we're not dead by a long way and to reach for a Ross Lyonism, “It's never as bad or as good as it seems.” So, we've got eight games remaining, we need about five wins to be a chance at top 4 and probably two more wins to secure a finals berth. We get Sonny and Chappy back, Fyfey will get some spectacles so he can spot his teammates, Freddy gets off the booze, Bailey puts on the sub vest and we're off to the top four races!So, if you're like us and you need to dissect a game from eleventy different angles, grab your scalpel, put your safety glasses on, click play, join us and get involved in the conversation because what we'll come up with, will be far from Sciency.

    About To Give Carlton The Blues

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    Griff to Charlie, Alex Pearce to McKay and we should be off to the bank with a 4-point deposit. (probably 3-points taking inflation into account) Time to Restump Podcast the Blues bash on Saturday.If we're a genuine top four finisher and premiership contender we have to put away the defence depleted Blues. Lose this game and suddenly it paints a shifting picture.The Blues have struggled to contain scoring in recent weeks so if we can capitalise on their deficiencies that end of the ground and quell the scoring power of Curnow and McKay the other end, we should be in good shape. The Blues are 4 wins from 4 games at Marvel this year and each time they kicked over 100 points. Further reasoning why extra focus should be on our team defence and why surely Griff starts back this week.Great to see Matty Tabs return although he'd have to be half a run short. Freddy has finally gotten over his hangover and he's straight back in, so its probably a good thing he's not on the side-lines carrying the drinks! And after a couple of cracking games for Peel, Liam Henry has been handed another opportunity in the absence of Blake Acres.The concerns are the massive losses of Sonny Walters and Sammy Switkowski. Both are vital cogs in the forward set up so Freddy and Shultzy will need to shoulder the workload. They may mitigate some of the loss but there's no substitute for Sonny in his current form!Unfortunately, no Adam Cerra to give constant reminders to each time someone runs by him but there is still a Jack ‘bloody' Newnes! It's simply a game we can win, should win and must win.  It was great to hear Dave Mundy say he isn't leaving until they drag him out of the joint. Can he go another two years and secure the illustrious Mundy4Hundy? If things don't go our way in September can we blame Paul Hasleby for being a destabilising influence? Firstly, he was urging Griff to shift camps to West Coast and now he's got his eyes set on Belly for them? Is Hase on the payroll of the rogues up the road or has he been infiltrated by the clickbait revenue generating SEN business model?What a turnaround! We've 9 games left and we've got 5 of them on the big Friday and Saturday night stages. Time to stock up on carrots. It's a great time to be a Freo supporter. Crips and Fyfe, Charlie and Griff…. Its going to be a great game. It's about a day and a half until bounce down against the Blues. If you click play, we can get you through about 45 minutes of it here but then you're on your own.  

    To Be Decided In The Wing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 52:33

    Its official, the bye round stinks and we're glad it's over. Time to restart the Freo Freight Train and Restump Podcast the latest news in purple shoes.The bye round probably came at a good time for a few of our momentarily sore soldiers. But other than for those favourable reasons, the bye round can get in the sea!We're 10 and 3 going into the back end of the season and we need, as a rule of thumb, a minimum of 15 wins to make the top four. Jojo McDonnell has us winning the next three straight so in his book we're virtually a monte to make it.With the tragic loss of Blake Acres to a hamstring, it seems the battle has been set between Liam Henry and Ethan Hughes to duel it out for the call up? But with possession being 9/10ths of the law, does Darcy Tucker trump them both?To avoid injury, it's always preferable to put your best foot forward at, rather than on, peel, and that is what Neil Erasmus is doing. He may have to bide his time but he'll inevitably secure a long-term midfield position. On the injury front we've lost a few troops. Sam Switkowski is a huge loss, Josh Treacy looks like he'll miss a few with the ankle, Blake Acres as mentioned, Nathan Chappy is still a few weeks away and unfortunately it appears Nathan O'Disco has suffered a setback. The Luke Jackson talk is heating up! But there is a bigger question than dollars and years. Does he truly fit in at Freo? If he wants to play lead ruck, sadly Freo probably isn't the place for him…. that said, we'll happily squeeze him in if we can. The conversations will be interesting.In what could potentially be described as JL's textbook display of ‘getting ahead of ourselves' Jojo McDonnell has locked in Hall Of Famer Matthew Pavlich to present the winning premiership cup to us at the G in September. The Chief is being a bit more conservative and wants to wait and see if the Clamp is back from Europe. We unnecessarily give our pointless two cents worth on the De Goey non-scandal, we had a poorly timed Ask Jojo segment and then we bring it home with another Neighbourhood Watch episode.So, after a week off, it's time to saddle up, get back on the Restump horse, click play and listen to this 50 minutes of nonsense on your way to Marvel Stadium… through the desert… if your horse has no name…     Ok enough of that rubbish….  the play button is there somewhere if you want it and its not going to click itself! 

    We're Hawkish On Purple Policy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 64:00

    Maybe getting ahead of ourselves is too much, but how about Hawkish on our prospects. Time to Restump Podcast review the hard-fought win over the Hawks.Hawthorn is a pretty decent 13th placed team! They brought their best and ran us to the wire but 3rd quarters are our specialty, we stuck the fork in the hawk and it was done. Did we overuse the handball? We only had 88 more than Hawthorn so…. yeah just a bit! But everyone got amongst the disposals as we ended up with a record equalling 13 players on 20 or more possessions.But make no mistake we won the game largely because we somehow managed to consistently generate scores from minimal forward 50 entries. We set our season record of scoring 53% of the time, meaning we went at a rate of hitting the scoreboard every 1.9 forward entries. Not bad considering our season average 43%.Andy Brownlowshaw was at his Brayshaw best but he probably got trumped for best on ground honours by secret celebratory handshake mate, Caleb Serong. Caleb's hands are so quick they're blurry. He'd be one hell of a pickpocket if this footy thing ever goes wrong.Sonny Walters went up another level, back to his brilliant best. He's turned in a Richie Benaud on Saturday, 2 goals from 22 possessions. A match high 11 score involvements tells you how team oriented the great man is.And down back Brennan Cox was controlled the defence marking everything. He could have plucked a low flying seagull out of the air had he tried! And whatever Coxy didn't mark, Hayden Young did, as the pair took 20% of the teams grabs on the day. Young's signature was a handy one the other week.The negative to come out of the game was obviously Blake Acres' hamstring. We got a glimpse of how much this caper means to these guys as Blake was left distraught on the side-lines. The bye has come at the right time for him.So, we put the plucky Hawks to bed and we enter the bye in ripping shape both on the ladder and, bigger picture wise, in terms of healthy personnel. We dissect Fyfe's return, his forward craft and look at how his reintegration into the midfield went. Bloody decent performance in isolation at least!We secured a non-binding agreement from Ryan “Clamp” Crowley to come on the pod and it was the persuasion of everyone who helped us get him. So, thanks to all. He is in Europe so he can't do the bye pod but he will come on when he returns. Jojo, believe it or not, decided to extend his holiday so we're still recording across oceans but he assures me this will be the last one. Inflation? Water off a duck's back to him!You would think the West Coast Eagles would be able to stay out of the headlines during a bye, but no, Tricky Trevor Nisbett has presented us with a podcast closing Neighbourhood Watch.So, while we're off looking to secure a bye round podcast guest, feel free to give this hour of purple poxless monkey business a whirl. 

    No Freddy But We're Eveready

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    Us Dockers are lovers and fighters, which is why we'll love taking down the War Hawks. Time to Restump Podcast Saturday's Freddyless clash against the once mighty Hawthorn side.Whenever we play the Hawks, instantly the painful memory of the 2013 Grand final resurfaces. To be fair, it probably burns David Mundy more than anyone but maybe it's been the motivation he has used to solider on.On top of that we have an atrocious record against the once powerful Hawthorn team, being 11 wins and 28 losses. But this is a new era, we're a new Fremantle team and we head into the battle with a clean slate and without fear or favour. There are no longer any Hawkish monkeys on our backs!We welcome back Sonny, Switta and finally that man Fyfe. With an 80% chance of precipitation, Captain Fyfe might be the umbrella for our recent inclement weather concerns. Let's hope Sam Mitchell's hasn't passed on his former playing day tactics otherwise Fyfey might end up with another Hawk cork!  They're a tricky bunch these young cocky Hawks as they have an air of unpredictability about them. They've beaten Port Adelaide, Geelong, Richmond and Brisbane…. they got within 10 points of Melbourne, almost knocked over Collingwood and they fell by the narrowest of margins to Carlton. That's the form of a team with capabilities on the up, but they can put in a dodgy one.But the stats that allows us to enter the game with a respectful and healthy confidence lie in the defence standings. We're second in the league for restricting opposition scoring while the Hawks are twelfth. With Mitch Lewis out of their side, its difficult to see them kicking a substantial score. Sorry JL we might have just gotten ahead of ourselves.We talk Freddy and his not so sneaky six-day break sip. It's JL's 50th and we take a step back and admire what he has astonishingly achieved in such a short period of time, the ridiculous Griffin Logue talk is increasing, the imbecilic 'trade Fyfe' nonsense is lingering and then we round for home with an interesting Ask Jojo question. Getting us across the finishing line, the Chief, believe it or not, is orchestrating one final attempt at getting Ryan Crowley on the podcast for a special bye weekend episode and he's putting the call out to everyone to join the campaign… or as he calls it, The Clampaign. So, if you're a glutton for ear insulting punishment, pick up a six day break breaching six pack, push play and pass the time listening to this purple nonsense before participating in the Chief's poxy podcast plan. 

    No Substitute For Baileys

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    Geelong, Melbourne and now Brisbane. Once is a chance, twice is a coincidence, three times is a trend! Time to Restump Podcast Freo's eventual taming of the Lions on Sunday. There was something about the Bailey's in that game, Zac Bailey and Bailey Banfield each kicked four but we'll focus on the latter. Straight off the top, you're not human if you weren't thrilled for Bailey Banfield. The serial sub, battling with confidence, got his chance and delivered arguably his career best game when it was most vital. Who knows what happens in future weeks but JL now has an extra headache to deal with, albeit a positive one.From the meaningful game perspective, if you had any doubts or weren't convinced in the authenticity of this Fremantle football club's performances and its trajectory, Sunday surely put your concerns to rest. This was a definitive display that truly signalled this team has arrived. And not from an outlandish “the premiership is ours” perspective, but from a belief that we should fear no team, knowing that we'll turn up and deliver required and respected effort….  unless the weather turns a bit damp. We still need to tick that box!This performance over Brisbane was compelling because the Lions were absolutely on their game, they were ferocious from siren to siren and relentless with their pressure. We combatted it, matched it, upped it and counterpunched our way to one of the clubs most significant victories, and we did it with a team averaging 25 years of age and without a Walters, a Matty Taberner, a Switta and a Fyfe.It is a game in which the unsung heroes rightfully became a little less unsung. The value in being able to turn to and bring in an Ethan Hughes and a Lloyd Meek and have them instantly play at the level they did, cannot be overstated. Quality list depth is invaluable and a key ingredient of long term and meaningful success.  We continue this praise singing extravaganza in the pod, we chat individuals, our favourite single moment, cover what's doing in Fyfe life and bring it home with another instalment of the Neighbourhood Watch. We're already late with this internationally recorded but definitely not renowned podcast, so let's stop banging on about it here and get into the conversation. 

    Is Fyfe Playing At Peel, Bananas?

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    Geez an 85% fit Fyfe would be handy! But you don't want to go in rushed and underprepared like we did into this difficult Restump Podcast preview of our clash against the Lachie Neale Lions.Jojo wanting to do the preview in between drinks on his swimming pool bar crawl in Bali is probably the time to realise you need to start holding yourself to the same disciplinary account you hold your team's players to.Sunday's game is a tricky assignment to assess. Brisbane are 9 wins and 2 losses but they've only played 2 top 8 sides, resulting in a win and a loss. We have played 4 top 8 sides for 3 wins and a loss. Brisbane is a high scoring side, having kicked 100 points in each of their last 6 games. But we've allowed 27 goals less kicked against us than Brisbane has against them. We can probably cover Chappy's out but no Sonny, Tabs and Switta hurts our scoring ability. Its all over the shop!Brisbane haven't been a great travelling team but they've won 4 of 6 away this year. Have they improved or has it been the predominantly bottom eight opponents they've faced away from home?Can Schultzy, Freddy, Banfield and co contain Charlie Cameron, Zac Bailey, Linc McCarthy and Cam Rayner who is starting to deliver on his hype? Our old mate Lachie Neale will get plenty of it regardless of pressure applied. Daniel Rich, as he so often does, holds one of many meaningful keys to the game. Some level of constant influential negating attention wouldn't be the worst decision made. Schultzy, Freddy… if you're listening?How will our forward line function? With Meek into the side and Taberner out, Darcy should spend big minutes forward. Can Meek go with Oscar McInerny? One thing for sure is we're going to need the Lobb of last week to show up again this week. It would have been nice to see Neil Razzamatazzmus get a gig but, who knows, there could be a late in lifeline.   We're asking a lot of questions, we try to make heads and tails of them, but we might just have to wait until Sunday to find out the answers. In other news, Sebit Kuek has swaggered in and, while he may be a project player, he looks a decent throw at the stumps. Disco Nathan signed on for a further 2 years but he wasn't going anywhere, and Will Brodie is apparently Fremantle's classiest kick while West Coast's Tim Kelly is the league's worst. The usually reliable Paul Hasleby put in a dodgy one yesterday calling for the club to go after Tex Walker. His logic makes sense and everyone deserves forgiveness for a mistake but we don't want to disrupt our long-term build or stray from the path we're on. This game is a head scratcher, it's difficult to work out and the process wasn't helped by Jojo deciding to take holidays in season! But we scraped through, acknowledging there is plenty of upside. So if you're looking to get rid of 40 precious minutes of your life and you accept the reality you can never get them back, then just remove any listening content standard you may have, recheck you have nothing better to do, and then click play and endure the nonsense.  

    Jamie's Oliver Meal

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    What about that Freo fans! We might never lose again… unless it rains! Time to Restump Podcast the spectacular win against the Dees!That's the one in all in team performance we've come to know and love. 22 players ironically executing their individual roles as a collective. We can't even remember the last 2 weeks now!23 inside fifties for 2 goals 7 behinds in the 1st half. In the second half we racked up 30 inside fifties for 12 goals 3 behinds… and Gloria Estefan reckons she can turn the beat around!Is Rory Lobb starting to have concerns about his future earnings? He was frustratingly outstanding. Give us that Rory on a weekly basis!Half time Hayden Young was thinking, “I just signed on for 4 years, what was I thinking.” End of the game he said to himself, “why didn't I sign on for longer.” Brandon Walker now has to be a mainstay; Jordan Clark is mocking Geelong each week and who knew we were getting a ridiculous Mr Dependable when Will Brodie trekked interstate!Sean Darcy went to another level in the second half. Laying tackles, winning ground ball… he's a big lumbering midfielder trapped in a ruckman's body!And it's all about Freddy! He's been doing all the hard yards all year, selflessly influencing games without the ball and it was his turn to fill his boots! Stooging players, selling candy, flick backs….. it's Freddy's game and he just allows us to watch But the result was in doubt without Jimmy Aish's unbelievable 2nd half job on Clayton Oliver. After getting 24 touches and tearing us apart in the 1st half, Aish restricted Oliver to just 12 disposals all while snaring a dozen of his own after the long break. Just a herculean effort.  So much more to dissect, analyse and sing praises of. We cover the lot and then round for home with Jojo's new segment "Mark Harvey Stories" and finish up with another pointless Neighbourhood Watch.  We're all still buzzing from Saturday so it might pay to substitute the coffee for a cup of calming tea while you kick back and generously donate us an hour of your listening life….. wait a minute… what is wrong with you…. life is precious and you're throwing it away on us? Yes we know, it's the purple noise that is addictive, not us!  

    Just Having A Luke At Him... For Now

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    Whatever the result, let's not let a potential crisis go to waste. We usually like our coffee hot but we'll take it Lukewarm this weekend! It's time to Restump Podcast preview our clash against the Dees  at the Gees this Saturday.Three weeks ago this was the blockbuster game the world was looking forward to. The two weeks since, the rain has literally rained on our parade. We're still quietly eager but we've got one eye on the bureau of meteorology's weather radar!Darcy Tucker got a big feed at WAFL level last week and returns to the side and its good to see Walker running back in. Banfield takes a rest as does the unlucky Neil Erasmus while Chicken Wing Sam sits out for the next two weeks.Our confidence has understandably been dented over the last two games but there is always a bump or two on the road to anywhere. We're coming off two consecutive poor losses while the Dees are looking for their 18th win on the bounce, taking into account late 2021.But are the Dees as good as their 10 and 0 record this year suggests? They've had a favourable draw and a few unexpected teams have gotten close to them. Or are they just coasting, knowing they can click up a few gears when required?This is an appropriate challenge for us, especially after the last two disappointing losses. If we had a West Coast or a North Melbourne this week and won, we'd learn nothing. We'll leave the rest for the pod and we'll cover Sammy Sturt's clip from coach Justin Longmuir, Fyfe's imminent return, Switta's verdict and we'll look at some indigenous stats from Freo and that rabble club up the road. The big news, which we can all dine out on for at least a month, though is the securing of the official signature of Hayden Young for a further four years, beyond the completion of his current contract ending post season 2023. Jojo McDonnell's work ethic and commitment is called into question once more as, believe it or not, he is once again poncing about in the south west partaking in an endless winery crawl. So, we'll get an explanation from him but i cant guarantee it will be coherent.We're actually really looking forward to Saturday arvo for our one and only home and away season appearance at the MCG. So until then if you're looking for some purple noise to bang your ear drums… there's 40 minutes right here which we take absolutely no responsibility for any damage caused.

    Who'll Stop The Rain

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 65:14

    Are  we placing too much credence in wet conditions for our poor performances? Time to dry out and Restump Podcast review yesterday's hosing at the hands of the Pies.  Did we have water logged ears after drowning on the Gold Coast and were unable to hear the instruction? Did the written instruction get smudged by the rain? Is anyone down there aware of these things called weather reports?It's difficult to ascertain what the reasoning is behind our unpreparedness for wet weather football again. But what seemed further baffling was the inability to subsequently adapt to the conditions. If global warming doesn't kick in soon and dry the place out…. the slide could well continue!We'll save the in depth talk for the pod but there did seem a worrying inability to adapt and or deal with what Collingwood brought. The overuse of the handball signified we weren't in the correct frame of mind and yet going +23 for contested possession and +46 for uncontested possession…. you have to scratch your head and ask questions!Switta has been pinged for chicken winging Jack Ginnivan but we have to give a deserved rap to that man Will Brodie and, while in positive mode, that was a pretty fair game from Hayden the Young aerialist. Pre-season, if we were told we'd be 7 & 3, we'd have suggested the person to seek medical attention. The truth is we're in pretty good shape and we're probably marginally ahead of expectations. We need to arrest this recent slide though because our run home is red hot! Should we have cottoned on to Collingwood's ruse and subbed a tall out? Given Darcy Moore was blanketing Tabs, should we have switched him to decoy? Did we get some clarity around playing the 3 talls going forward and has covid affected Blake Acres? Questions we'll ponder on the pod. In other news, Jojo McDonnell is asking if anyone knows any good laser tattoo removal clinics? And is Jack Ginnivan one of the Chief's favourite players?Its cold and its wet but at the Restump we'll make the necessary adjustments. Yes sure, it's simply turning the heating up a degree or two, but we've come in prepared and ready to adapt to the inclement podcasting conditions. So, get your self a cup of coffee, settle down, click play and turn it up. You need something to drown out the noise of this bloody rain!

    The Collective Spirit

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 45:24

    Sonny Walters and Alex Pearce will proudly represent the collective this Sunday against Collingwood on Sir Doug Nicholls round. Time to Restump Podcast preview the clash.We need after a response to last week. Collingwood won't be a pushover but if we get back to playing our brand, it should hold us in good stead.If we're any chance of a top 4 finish, we have to bank 4 points here. You need about 15 wins a season to make the top 4. We've got 13 games left meaning we need to win 8 of them. We've got Melbourne twice, Brisbane & Carlton to come, so 4 of those 13 games are against current top 3 sides. A further 3 are against current top 8 sides…. which means 7 of our remaining 13 games are against top 8 sides. It's a tough run home which makes Sunday's game vital.  We look at the changes and somewhat scratch our heads in bewilderment over Brandon Walker's omission. The selection panel obviously knows more than us and sees things we may not. Good to have Sonny, Switta & Tabs back though. You never want to hear “put off contract talks” but Griff Logue has done just that. Sounds more agent inspired but we'll inevitably have to have the conversation. We momentarily deal in hypotheticals about what could unfold.Fyfey has Rd12 in his sights and despite the Malthouse madness, he'll be a welcome return. Connor Blakely looks done and dusted in the purple so we're looking to support his new venture, Blakely's Backyards. James Clement cops a “what the hell, Jimmy!” He passed up the invitation to hop on the Restump for a chat…. and, to be fair, who could blame him… but he then accepted the invite onto the Collingwood fan pod, Pie Hard. We don't want to exaggerate but is treasonous too strong a term?And, no you don't escape it, we bring it home with another episode of the Neighbourhood Watch segment. So, if you've gorged yourself all your listening content, enjoyed a second course of filling noise and you still haven't had sufficient…. click play for this purple listening snack to tide you over.  

    Call It Healthy Regression

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    A day later we can see clearly now the rain has gone. Time to Restump Podcast Freo's rain drops keep falling on my head loss to the Gold Coast Suns.How were we not prepared for the conditions? We're from a port, we're Dockers, Dockers work on a wharf! How could water even remotely seem foreign to them? Did they think we all ironically came down in the last shower?  Now the angst is out of the way we can look at it in a more measured manner…. yeah measured manner with a rain gauge!The conditions overwhelmingly were the talking point but they shouldn't be judged as the reason for the performance. It was our bewildering inability to adapt and be prepared for the conditions…. oh and it was also Gold Coast themselves, they brought the heat we didn't.Kicking a winning score was always going to be difficult without a Taberner, Walters and Switkowski. When the Suns' mids got on top and then their forward pressure came… we got hung out to, obviously metaphorically, dry. Some positives on a dark day, Griffin Logue's form continued as he broke the all time Freo record for intercepts with 17. Neil Erasmus showed us signs he'll be a career mid for the next dozen years and, while part of a beaten midfield, Will Brodie carried on his hard ball getting ways with a game high 17 contested of his 27 possessions.Anyone who indulges in the ‘old man Malthouse trade Fyfe' talk got a reality check. We had no one to stop the rot… A big Fyfey would have been handy. Darcy uncharacteristically lowered his colours and, despite his best one-handed mark attempts, Lobb had no influence which left all the points with Gold Coast's Jarrod Witts. But to  be fair, they weren't on their own. We had few winners out there Sunday. Maybe the loss just resets the expectations and brings them back into line with reality. Nothing goes up in a straight line and teams will always throw in an uncharacteristic inexplicable one. Anomalies aren't trend changers, we're still on the up.Maybe, its simply the loss we had to have.So, join us for a reviewing paddle through Sunday's waterlogged game as we mop up the spillage and refill the expectation glass to half full. 

    Brodie Back To Where It Barely Began

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 43:25

    As Freo fans it feels a bit weird ridiculing Gold Coast's trades. Doesn't mean we're not going to do it, but just feels weird. Time to Restump Podcast Sunday's clash against the Suns. We've not got a great recent record at Gold Coast's home ground Metricon stadium, but then again… with two losses from three games there this year, neither do the Suns.Some expected big ins but a somewhat surprising yet also understandable out with Brandon Walker, having been told to take a spin around the oval with the Peel boys. Fresh off taking care of Curnow and Cameron, Griffin Logue returns to play his 50th.  Alex Pearce and his defensive crew will look to contain the in form Levi “Rock the” Casboult all while keeping short leashes on the dangerous Izak Rankine and Ben Ainsworth. Will Brodie makes his return to the place where it barely began. So its safe to say he won't be humming the Cheers tv show theme song, “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.” Brodie will be looking to continue making the statement he has in the first 8 rounds.With Switta and Sonny side-lined and still no Tabs, 3 or 4 goals more now fall on the shoulders of the collective. The forecast is for 25 degrees and rain…. I don't know about you but that sounds like the perfect weather for the Cyclone to me!Sean “Swaggy Oh” Darcy has only played against Jarrod Witts once in his career and it was a break even contest. They're both in cracking form but we'll back Darce, with back up from Lobby, to relentlessly drive Jarrod mad, possibly to Witt's end.We have to keep an eye on Touk Miller after his rare quiet one last week, Matty “Notepad” Rowell is back on his way to becoming that contested possession king and the slick big ball winning youngster Noah Anderson returns to the Suns line up.It's a game we should win but the Suns are a bit unpredictable and they're are coming off a big win over the Swans on the their home deck last week. Fyfe is on the way back, Matty Johnson is closing in on returning to the WAFL but unfortunately the Disco is out for an extended period. We see Luke Jackson making his way West this weekend and wonder if room in the schedule has been made for a bit of chat. The Chief has found out a bit more about Bob's role down at the club and we bring it home with another episode of the informative segment, Ask Jojo. So stop reading this rubbish and join us on the pod by clicking a bunch of links and buttons until you get our purple preview nonsense in your ears. 

    Mr Fix It Sees Off Rebuilding Roos

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 60:08

    Safe to say North's rebuild could do with a Jim's Handyman. Time to Restump Podcast Friday night's result in which Freo hopped over the Kangas.   Six wins on the bounce… who is this purple outfit? As Fremantle fans we know too well what North supporters are going through so there will be no showboating from us. However, it was pleasing to put away a side in the manner we should have, as it is something we have rarely been able to do. It was a methodical, disciplined and systematic performance from a club that is growing in professionalism. Starting with the Busseltonian, Jye “Nev” Amiss. Sometimes footy delivers moments you hope for but can't realistically expect. If you were writing a script pre-match you would have been pretty proud of your work. His first kick first goal was one special moment. But above and beyond the moment, and more importantly, what a pick 8 product we have got for the next 10  to 15 years! He moved well, didn't seem overawed, he looked comfortable and settled and while he may make way for Tabs and Lobb, he's not far away from returning if he does. That's enough Jye love… let's get to Mr Fix It. The man who wears many hats and performs a multitude of roles often even within games! Jimmy Aish put in a ripping game but not one that could be classed as rare. 30 touches and 5 clearances, he was a notable standout and another who has seen his performance rise substantially this year. On Friday night he owned the fastest hands in the west. But you cant talk cracking games without mentioning future captain Andy Brayshaw. We can get a bit unintentionally complacent with Andy's work given his regularity but its genuinely difficult to not have him up in the calibre of the league's best. Leading by example and intent, 34 touches, 10 clearance and 7 marks… its ridiculous he's 23 years of age!  Oh to hell with this…. Lets stop beating around the bush! It was a deadest procession Friday night. If North were any slower to move early on they'd have been statues and you could go as far as to realistically suggest North may have put up a more competitive first quarter had David Noble selected actual Kangaroos!But hey let's keep a lid on it, stay reserved and humble, don't rock any boats and allow this purple juggernaut to roll on.We talk everything Friday night, we go over Malthouse's moronic remark, as usual we wander into things that don't concern us and bring it home with our first Butcher of the Week winner! So, ride the Mexican wave and join us for more emotionally conflicting, many failed attempts at measured purple praise masquerading as analysis. 

    Don't Want Amiss Jye's Debut

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 49:54

    The one Jyed Freo supporting Busselton folk are coming! This is a game they would Nev  Amiss. Time to Restump Podcast Friday night's ‘marquee' game against the Roos. When you hear covid hit and six of your players are out… you immediately do the Sean Darcy umpire remonstrating disguising hands to your head move! But then you realise Chappy, Young and Darcy are three of the ins, you hear Jye Amiss' name confirmed and Liam Henry is back for another crack at it! Suddenly the blood pressure returns to its optimal range and you're in ‘no worries' territory.Six changes to a team would usually see a team's chances lessen and their odds blow out. The bookies see little to no problem for us as they have Freo at $1.08 to beat North Melbourne.8% return on investment in 80 minutes…. easier earn than on the end of a shovel! No that isn't investment advice and remember here at the Restump we always gamble irresponsibly, so don't follow us!Sammy Sturt, while a chance at still being called up, was a notable omission and with Connor Blakely missing a berth you'd have to think the chances of seeing him in purple again are getting slimmer by the day. With North's tall defence, consisting of the likes of Aiden Corr 195cm, Josh Walker 197cm, Ben McKay 201cm, could this be a night out in more ways than one for Lachie Schultz, Sammy Switkowski and Sonny Walters?It seems it's a game we should just be banking the four points from and moving on from. But when you get ahead of yourself and allow complacency to creep in…. strange things occur. No doubt JL has that covered! The West Coast Eagles are in a bit of strife so we give them a bit of a lift and a pump up in the Neighbourhood Watch segment and the chatter about Luke Jackson is getting louder.All that and shedloads more for those who don't have high standards on their listening content. God help us if anyone raises the bar on the quality of what they wish to listen to! But until you do, click play, head in with low expectations and we'll do our best to meet them.


    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 69:24

    They said we couldn't do it and they wrote us off. But we prevailed, our mighty Freo Dockers beat Tom Stewart by 3 points! Time to Restump Review Podcast Freo's big win over the Catters.Still haunted by their harrowing defeat in the 2013 qualifying final, we made sure their purple nightmare continued. We're trying to keep the lid on things but we're going to need more help.We weren't going to be able to match them on their advantageous uniquely shaped poxy ground, we were told. Guess what? The Cats had to apply for and obtain a hall pass from us to use their own corridor. None were granted. We were a bit off the pace early but that country air can have some relaxing effects on you. The collective soon recognised the laconic stupor they were in, made the adjustments and got their act together to begin moving as that cohesive unit, we're becoming familiar with. Can we just stop for a moment's silence to acknowledge the work of Griffin Logue in blanketing Jeremy Cameron? I don't know if you all took part in the moment but shame on you if you didn't! What a performance by Griff! After last week's shut down defensive role on Charlie Curnow, he never gave Jeremy Cameron a look in on Saturday. Griff now has to always be the first port of call for the big forward with high athletic capabilities. And let's not overlook the performance of partner in crime Alex Pearce who, it must be said, was a little shaky early with ball in hand. Worryingly Tommy Hawkins looked switched on early and, as he has terrorised us in the past, we had some fears. But after quarter time Captain Pearce said, enough of that rubbish, and he never gave the Hawk another gawk!We'll go over plenty more on the pod but can we please firstly remove our hats and give Blakey Acres the respect and the nod of acknowledgement he so thoroughly deserves. He has fast become one of our most important players and few, if any, would have thought that pre-season. All credit to him.We're six wins, one loss, second on the ladder with North Melbourne to come this Friday night. We have a few covid concerns but we're in terrific shape.So, if, like us, you can't stop talking Freo footy, click play and join in because we're definitely ‘the more the merrier' type people. Jojo takes us through all aspects of the game, we raise the question on whether Geelong should be an AFL venue going forward, Adam Looney Cooney suggests Gaff should head to Freo, the commentary team gets the thumbs up but the Chief has an issue with Kath Loughnan which he apparently needs clarification of. All that and sadly plenty more of the Freo folly no one asked for!We'll do our best to get the right balance of Jojo's insightful analysis and tolerate the Chief's nonsense. So cut us some slack and click play on an hour of Freo fanfare! 

    Two For Twenty Two

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 56:56

    Could we be about to reignite the vicious Lyon-era rivalry with the Cats? We will have a Clark of the Course to oversee it! Time to Restump Preview Podcast Saturday's Cat clash. Think of Matty Scarlett only getting the equivalent of a five minute holiday for king hitting Hayden Ballantyne in an unprovoked attack. Yes, Ballas got a couple for knocking Paul Chapman in the same game, but it was a misguided retaliatory self-defensive action, a case of mistaken identity. Think of Steve Johnson and his initial weird unwillingness to shake the hand of the great Ryan Crowley, who had just put him through 80 minutes of relentless “how'd you like that one” type treatment. Think of Fremantle getting shafted by the AFL and shunted down to Geelong to play that qualifying final in 2013, only to come out victors. And what about the provocative Mock-A-Docker double page spread in the Geelong Advertiser! (Did you know that if you go outside late at night when it is quiet, and you turn an ear to the east, you can hear Geelong folk still grinding their teeth over that loss to us!) And then think about today! Us securing Jordan Clark picking up Matty Johnson and  leaving the Cats with pennies on the dollar.Sure, they did well years back when they picked up Sam Menegola and got him going and lets not forget they royally stung us in 2016, when they got us to pay massive overs when we parted with pick 63 for Shane Kersten.Oh, the picturesque event littered trail a deep and meaningful, nasty at times, rivalry creates. That rivalry flame is sadly dim, only just flickering and it needs attention. Could Jordan Clark be the igniting spark that brings it roaring back to life? If you're looking for something to get you through part of Friday, something to cut the wait until our Purple troops destroy the hoops on Saturday, then join us for a sneaky peak preview, of the young band of purple misfits taking on the aging Gee-long in the tooth rock stars.As always your time is valuable so listen responsibly and know when to stop.

    Blues Suffer Acres and Pains

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 60:33

    The ground being covered by Acres is a lot. In fact, it's probably several lots. Time to Restump Review Podcast Freo's significant victory over the Blues. That was some performance. A one in all in four quarter role playing display signifying we may well be a serious team. Not counting the chickens just yet because there are tougher tests to come, but mark this win down as a reference point to look back on as the standard going forward.To go with the Blues' midfield, it ticked yet another developmental box aiding the belief we're on track to contention territory. A Geelong and a Melbourne in the next few weeks will provide greater clarity but, maybe this year maybe not, the tilt is building.  Blake Acres' rise this year has astonished most, if not all, and possibly even himself. His improvement in his wing role has been an integral part of the team's improvement and on Saturday night it was evident again.We've lobbed criticisms at Rory on numerous occasions simply out of frustrations regarding his inconsistency and intent. He again showed why and what he is capable of. If he brings that performance weekly, he's as valuable as anyone. Sammy Switkowski is getting continuity and now delivering. Freddy played the best two possession game you'll ever see, Shultzy is at fever pitch and if you didn't already think Sonny was back…. he's back!The mids did their thing but don't get us started on singing the praises of the backs. Griffin Logue's job on Charlie Curnow was something else but the collective defensive unit cohesively controlling the Carlton cabal was methodical! And spare a thought for the coach. This is a big moment for JL.  It was the coming together of all the pieces of his plan he's been working on since he got to the club and the result of it unfolded before our very eyes.   We got through this without the need to bash Cez! We got him enough in the lead up and we'll all launch into next time we take on the Blues but this win was too impressive and too meaningful to take anything away from it.So, if, like us, you can't stop talking about Saturday night's momentous victory… click play and join the purple raving and rambling.

    Somebody We Used To Know

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    In his best Tony Greig voice, Billy Birmingham said “A grudge is nothing more than a place to park your car.” We respectfully disagree. Time to Restump preview podcast Saturday night's much anticipated grudge match!Yes Ok, there are four points on offer and we don't want to take our eyes off the bigger picture prize…. but great meaningful entertaining long-term rivalries are built on stubbornly held grudges… so look out apron-string boy!There's a bit of a nostalgic old school Freo about this upcoming game. Sean Darcy making his intentions public and coach JL saying you should hand in your membership if you're not filthy on Cez! (Well that's what I read between JL's lines… the inference was there!)Prime time Saturday night, us and the Blues at similar developmental stages, both four and one, Jack Newnes is playing and Cez had the audacity to recently state he wanted to be part of building something from the ground up! We're one win and four losses in our last five encounters and haven't beaten them since 2018. And let's also not forget round 3 last year when the Blues deliberately singled out, took to and viciously bullied Andy Brayshaw!  All the above plays a complimentary and respectful role, adding to the emotional and inspiring experience of the Len Hall game and the Anzac Day weekend. It promises to be one special occasion. While we were singling the Blues over the losses of Angus Young and Tracey Chapman, it isn't music to our ears! Their absence will seriously hurt us against Carlton's powerful forward line. But Griffin Logue's inclusion down back and a returning Sargent Schultz putting anything in blue under pressure up forward, has somewhat changed our tune. Is Carlton's naming of Paddy Crips a ruse? One week for a hamstring? Are the Blue baggers playing funny blue buggers? We're buzzing with anticipation and just can't sit still waiting for this game to come around! Plenty more to go over though, matchups, selection chatter, coaches covid, Lobby, Sonny and Alex Pearce. We touch on the umpiring debacle without animated arm and hand movements and then we round it out with a listener's question in the juggernaut that is the “Ask Jojo” segment. So, pick up your plugs, put em in your ports and piers, press play on this hour of purple poppycock and join us potting that punk who pinched our pesos, played us and pi55ed off! (You have to ask the question... how much nonsense can two people come up with!)Whatever the case…. We can't wait for Saturday night. Get in Freo!

    Seven Sacramental Goals

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 56:38

    We're four and one, and second on the ladder with a healthy 141%. The real tests are to come but it's our best start to a season since 2015. Time to Restump Podcast Sunday's Purple procession. Off the top it was good to see Tabs get a bucket load with half a baker's dozen. He was the first Docker to kick 7 goals in a game since Matthew Pavlich did ten years ago in 2012.It was pretty scratchy for 2 ½ quarters but the game never felt out of control. A bit of tidying up of disposal and some gorilla grip on the palms to ensure marks stuck, was all that was needed.While everyone seemed a tick off their game, the tall timber down back kept control. Alex Pearce returned not only to the team but to his All Aussie contention best, while Brennan Cox marked everything, moved like a midfielder and hit more chests than a pirate! It was as if Heath Chapman, Jordan Clark and Hayden Young were swinging meat cleavers early as they did their fair share of butchering. But all three rectified the errors and went from butchering the ball to carving up the Bombers.  Brayshaw enjoyed the absence of a close checking shadow, Will Brodie is putting a body of work together none of us saw coming and geez, its handy to have someone by the name of Serong just slot back in.The Disco danced his way up and down the wing leaving a conga line of Bombers behind him and with another 20+ disposal game, it was like he had his own Disco ball. Across the paddock a seemingly new and improved Blake Acres again provided plenty of run and option, although a teammate or two may have a word to him about hospital handpasses. While Shultzy was missed, Freddy, Switta and Sonny held up their end of the bargain. Not sure what is going on with Sonny's radar as his usual flawless goal kicking has gone all…. Fyfe-like! (Sorry Fyfey)We could bang on and on about it all day and if you listen to the pod… we probably do. But the reality is it was just a hit and run mission to collect the four points. Mission complete. (We're not convinced those Bombers are fitted with the latest and greatest defence system technologies)There's all the above, as well as a hell of a lot more that no one asked for and then we bring it home with some breaking news in a Neighbourhood Watch episode. So, bung this purple claptrap in your ears…. I mean lets face it, you're already suffering knowing you have to head back to work after the Easter long weekend... so what's a little more suffering on top! 

    It Serong Time To Be A Bomber

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 37:02

    It's a battle with the Bombers so we're russian Serong back in, while Alex Pearce is in charge of enforcing a No Fly Zone in Peter Wright air space! Time to Restump Podcast Easter Sunday's clash.We needed to make hay while the sun shone on our favorable first five round draw. Win Sunday in round five and our four wins and one loss will be our best start to a season since 2015 when we won the first nine straight. Concerningly our record against Essendon at Marvel isn't flash… and that is being kind. Fourteen times we've played the Bombers at the venue with the roof and we're stuck on the single victory. Our last seven against them at all grounds we're again stuck on the single win…. that said, five of them have been under the roof!  So, it is safe to say we're in desperate need of a trend changing win over the Bombers at the Marvel Tomb on Easter Sunday and this is as good a chance as we're likely to get. Serong, Pearce and Banfield come in while Logue has to be desperately unlucky to get dropped and, disappointingly, Erasmus didn't get a 3rd consecutive game after not really putting a foot wrong. Coach JL made his way back in, unfortunately passing the Covid baton to Shultzy. However, we suspect the virus may come off second best in that battle!Easter holidays are upon us and a lot of families are on the road travelling. So, bung this half an hour of purple palaver on, turn it up and drown out the racket of the arguing kids in the back seat! Word of warning to those behind the wheel though… we have been known to put people to sleep!Happy Easter to you all who have ever donated a minute of your valuable time to listen to our nonsense. We're eternally grateful… yet bewildered. Carn Freo! 

    Well Earned Roadie, Brodie

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 69:26

    Freo did such thorough homework on GWS, it was as if they'd beanstalking the Giants! Yeah Ok.. enough of that, its time to Restump Podcast Saturday's magnificent victory.Now that was a performance to put a pep in your post game step and a glide in your Monday stride! We went in with concerns of the Giants' midfield… but we forgot that where there's a Will there's a way. 37 disposals of which 21 were contested…. what a dependable asset Will Brodie is rapidly becoming.Old man Mundy returned to scoop a lazy 30, Brayshaw still found a way to contribute under a strong tag and let's not overlook the rare inside work of Jimmy Aish.The forward pressure was off the scale with Switta, Schultzy, Freddy and Sonny all putting in 4 quarter performances, and while again we didn't exactly capitalise on it, it went along way to getting us the result. Brennan Cox took control of the first half before handing the intercept marking baton over to Griffin Logue to bring it home. Clark and Walker had quieter days but both contributed. In an efficient use of two for one congratulatory time, we dip our lids in acknowledgment of their feats and say well done Young Chap. Our two attacking defenders are in blue sky improvement territory!   We could go on and on but we'll save the rest of the pouring of adulation for the podcast. However, one man that deserves a mention… the literal Giant slaying Travis Colyer's performance Saturday cannot be overstated!So, all that and plenty more to discuss like what does Blake Acres' form mean for Liam Henry? Does Alex Pearce walk straight back in? How do we finally fix our inaccuracy? And was JL sending telepathic coaching messages? Then we bring it home with another episode of the Ask Jojo segment. So, if you can put up with our palaver, plug in, push play and put this pedantic piece of audibly perceptible purple pandemonium in your Lords and Peers.

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