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Cars Yeah is a podcast created for Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts™. Mark interviews successful entrepreneurs who have discovered how to work, play, and have fun with their passion for everything automotive. Do you wish your career could be in the automotive field you're passionate about? If you ar…

Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts through discussions with successful people who have discovered how to build a successful career and life around their passion for all things automotive.

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    Latest episodes from Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

    2080: Bruce Canepa

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 48:07

    Bruce Canepa is the Founder and CEO of Canepa Motor Company. Bruce is passionately involved in all aspects of his companies from vehicle design and development to historic and collector cars sales, restoration, and racing.

    2079: Tom Smith

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 44:26

    Tom Smith is the President & CEO of Buffbrite, a company that has a passion for the detail car care industry and creating solutions for car care challenges.

    2078: Nathan Hecht

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 46:41

    Nathan Hecht is the founder and CEO of Rodo. Rodo is an online platform that enables car shoppers to buy, sell or lease from authorized dealerships from the comfort of their home.

    2077: Edmond Piffard

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 41:22

    Edmond Piffard is a professional artist who paints murals and paintings for interior designers. He enjoys the incredible challenge of accurately painting historic cars that are set in a nostalgic scene from their era.

    2076: Nick Jordan

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 44:14

    Nick Jordan is the CEO and Founder of Narrative. He has spent his career in data-driven, technology-driven companies like Adobe, Tapad, and Yahoo! 

    2075 David Pertecman

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 46:00

    David H. Perecman, Founder and Lead Trial Attorney of The Perecman Firm, has dedicated over 40 years of his life to advocating for personal injury plaintiffs in New York City and Long Island.

    2074: Spencer Goldstein

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 40:36

    Spencer Goldstein is the President of Wolfsteins Pro-Series, manufacturer of RAGGTOPP and SOFTTOPP products, the premier product line for cleaning and protecting your convertible or SUV soft top.

    2073: Tom Gloy

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 51:52

    Tom Gloy has had a career in the racing world that spans decades of driving and owning race teams and has competed in virtually every part of motor racing.

    2072: Melanie White

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 40:46

    Melanie White is the president of Hellwig Products. Founded in 1946, Hellwig Products manufactures forged steel suspension products for a variety of vehicles including recreational vehicles, trucks, and SUVs

    2071: Jamie Chadwick

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 41:57

    Jamie Chadwick was the 2021 Champion in the W Series, a racing series that provides equal opportunities for women, eliminating the financial barriers that prevented them from progressing to the upper echelons of motorsport. 

    2070: Fred Veitch

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 42:00

    Fred Veitch is a Pike Peak racer, organizer, supporter, and all-around racing cheerleader. In 2012 he ran the Hill Climb and again in 2013 and then won the Time Attack II class in 2014.  He's been the Pikes Peak Chairman, Founded the AMR PCA Region in 1972, has run at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and still races a Porsche 996 in POC, PCA, and NASA events. 

    2069: David & Jason

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 51:04

    David Tracy and Jason Torchinsky, along with Galpin Motors', and past Cars Yeah guest, Beau Boeckmann, are the founders of a new online destination for car enthusiasts that they call The Autopian.

    2068: Ron Harris

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 38:16

    Ron Harris is the Co-Chairman, along with Chad McQueen, of the Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show, a position he has held since the show's inception in 2007. The show benefits The Boys Republic in Chino Hills, California.

    2067: Wedrick Campbell

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 47:12

    Wedrick Campbell and his wife Ivonne own First Place Visuals. They offer brand and lifestyle photography, drone videography, high-speed action video and photos, event coverage and social media solutions. They also cater to lifestyle, products, and portrait needs.

    2066: Don Ince

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 45:43

    Don Ince has been involved in the Vintage Motocross bike scene since 1997. He sells vintage motorcycle memorabilia, parts, motorcycles, and accessories. Don is part of the Steve McQueen Car Show that raised money for the Boys Republic.

    2065: Michael Dolphin

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 42:19

    Michael Dolphin is the Awards Chairman and Chief Judge at the Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show. He's a Technical Advisor for the Grand Prix Region of the Porsche Club of America, a National Concours Judge and a National Driving Instructor for the PCA as well.

    2064: Tony Pando

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 43:12

    Tony Pando is the Global Business Director at Dr. ColorChip where he and his team helps the (DIY), Do It Yourselfer, care for your vehicles. They provide an easy-to-use, color matching system, so that you can repair rock chips and paint damage at home with the exact match to your factory paint.

    2063: Stephan Baral

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 45:26

    Stephan Baral is the Managing Director at Porsche Digital, the sports car manufacturer's digital subsidiary in the U.S. He also heads up Marqued, an on-line venture of Porsche Digital that focuses on classic and modern-classic vehicles.

    2062: Jim Nicholas

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 44:09

    Jim Nicholas is the CEO of Uniphy, the leading provider of 3D smart-surface technology. The technology unifies non-conductive, finger pressure touch sensing with the integration of physical HMI features including dials, buttons & sliders.

    2061: Joe Brenner

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 32:30

    Joe Brenner is the General Manager at Porsche Colorado Springs, recognized by Porsche as a world class Premier Porsche dealership. He's also the co-owner of Colorado Spring Powersports. 

    2060: Chris Smith

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 38:01

    Chris Smith is the President of the Constellium where they produce aluminium rolled products for the automotive and packaging industries.

    2059: Dalia Rojas

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 35:41

    Dalia Rojas is owner of Sixty61 and the Exclusive North American Distributor for GPR Exhaust Systems, a company founded in 1968. It's a one-stop platform for motorcycle, scooter, and ATV exhaust dealers.

    2058: PJ Aass

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 43:20

    PJ Aass is the Director of Dodo Juice who, along with Dom Colbeck, created the original brand in 2007 in the UK. Dodo Juice is focused on producing the highest quality, custom formulated car care for both enthusiasts and professionals.

    2057: Courtney Carr

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 42:44

    Courtney Carr is the Director at The Tucson Auto Museum where a visit takes you back to when every car on the road didn't look the same and American cars were the undisputed kings of the Road.

    2056: Ryan Fisher

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 44:53

    Ryan Fisher is an attorney, financial advisor, and entrepreneur in the automotive world. He is the co-founder of Shift-S3ctor, an automotive racing event company best known for hosting half-mile racing events taking place on airport runways. 

    2055: Chloe Chambers

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 44:25

    Chloe Chambers is a racer in the W Series, the international single-seater motor racing championship for female drivers. She's drivng in the new season supporting F1 racing events.

    2054: Thomas LeClair

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 42:15

    Thomas McClair works in the Marketing Department at Speedtech Performance where they create custom builds, suspension components, and parts for the pro-touring industry.

    2053: David Donohue

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 47:29

    David Donohue is a champion racing driver with a long and impressive resume that includes Touring Cars, Prototypes, NASCAR Stock Car and Craftsman Truck Series. David will be driving a Brumos livery Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport at Pikes Peak this year.  

    2052: Krissy Wells

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 39:15

    Krissy Wells is the Seattle Events and Community Director for Avants, a membership program for die-hard gear heads that provides their members with exclusive access to private events, discounts with premium partners, and access to a spectacular community of like-minded enthusiasts.

    2051: Jeremy Winters

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 41:16

    Jeremy Winters is the Marketing and Content Creator for Accudraft Paint Booths where for over 35 years they have served multiple industries in the market across the western hemisphere.

    2050: Alessandro Borroni

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 49:09

    Alessandro Borroni is the creator of Hypercar Invitational, a uniquely experiential automotive marketing concept and dynamic launch platform for new sports cars and products.

    2049: Shay Hoelscher

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 44:46

    Shay Hoelscher is the CEO of Privé Products and a race car driver. Shay's career in the beauty industry and passion for motorsports have intersected where she combines her personal passion on the track in a Porsche race car with her company's work.

    2048: Carey Hines

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2022 37:16

    Carey Hines is the President of Special Editions  which includes Beck Manufacturing and Beck Automotive Group builders of the Beck Spyder and 904, and the 356 A Speedster and a 356 C Coupe.

    2047: Cole Manz

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 35:27

    Cole Manz is the co-owner and co-founder of Manz Motor Company, a father and son company that specializes in designing and rebuilding custom Land Rover Defenders with its clients.

    2046: David Manz

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2022 42:32

    David Manz is the co-owner and co-founder of Manz Motor Company, a father and son business that specializes in designing and rebuilding custom Land Rover Defenders for their clients. 

    2045: Josie Rimmer

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 37:10

    Josie Rimmer is a Writer and the Women in Motorsport Coordinator at DirtFish Rally School. Dirtfish is the most prestigious rally school in North America.

    2044: Jason Manns

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 35:53

    Jason Manns is the owner of Manns Restoration, a 4th generation family business that was established in 1939. Jason has over 30 years of experience in professional automotive restoration

    2043: Angel Hacker

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 43:46

    Angel Hacker is the General Manager at Indian Motorcycle of San Diego. They are the motorcycle sponsor for the La Jolla Concours d'Elegance. Their dealership was voted Best Motorcycle Shop in San Diego by Reader publication.

    2024: Kellen Porter

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 43:28

    Kellen Porter is Vice President and General Sales Manager in San Diego County at Pacific Sotheby's International Realty who along with LPL Financial are the exclusive sponsors for the La Jolla Concours d'Elegance. 

    2041: Chuck Spielman

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2022 34:38

    Chuck Spielman is an avid automotive enthusiast and collector who owns Only Yesterday Classic Autos, a 30,000 square foot facility filled with exceptional automobiles, automobilia, and The Hall of Heroes which is his tribute to America's serving men and women, both past, and present.

    2040: Michael Dorvillier

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 41:07

    Michael Dorvillier is the Co-Chairman of the La Jolla Concours d'Elegance, a role he's had for the last 10 years. This is a fantastic event that takes place in La Jolla, California, just north of San Diego, overlooking the Pacific Ocean April 22 - 24.

    2039: Morgan Lucas

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 41:18

    Morgan Lucas is the President of Lucas Oil Products. He grew up in the automotive and racing world getting his first exposure to drag racing at 10 years old attending the NHRA World Finals. Today he's running the family business.

    2038: Macra Adair

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2022 33:50

    he Executive Director of Savoy Automobile Museum. This new, world-class museum and show grounds sits on 37 acres in Cartersville, GA between Chattanooga and Atlanta.

    2037: Idaliz Maldonado

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 35:55

    Idaliz Maldonado is the Executive General Manager of San Diego based Hello Automotive Mazda dealership. She is approaching nearly two decades of automotive sales experience, Idaliz has achieved her success with a focus on customer service and satisfaction.

    2036: Alpio Barbara

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 37:57

    Alpio Barbara is the President of Redwood General Tire in Redwood City, California and Alpios at Troon where he holds automotive events and raises money for charities. 

    2035: John Charpentier

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2022 34:27

    John Charpentier is the Director of Marketing and Social-Media for the Cadillac Club known as V-Club that started in Texas in 2013.

    2034: Mike Carnahan

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 33:00

    Mike Carnahan is the owner of Vengeance PCM, the world's leader in LS and LT engine calibrations and performance tuning.  You'd be hard-pressed to find a setup Mike has not seen and/or tuned. He's also started Elite Tuning School.

    2033: Karl Noakes

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 39:49

    Karl Noakes is the editor-in-chief for Avants magazine. Karl is official photography for ProFormance Racing, Flying Husky Racing, and is also helping collectors/dealers with BaT Premium Listings amongst other things. 

    2032: Ant Anstead

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 42:38

    Ant Anstead is best known for hosting car-centric television shows. He started working on and building cars in an old cow shed and grew that business and his reputation as a serious builder, author, and TV celebrity.

    2031: Chuck Beck

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2022 32:40

    Chuck Beck has built numerous projects from dragsters to race cars to street cars to a Lamborghini powered motorcycle, and more. He is renown among automotive enthusiasts for his 550 Spyder and the Beck 904 prototype. And guess what? Today is Chuck's 85th birthday!

    2030: Justin Bell

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2022 48:23

    Justin Bell is a TV and Web Show Host with a lifetime of experience in the racing and automotive world. He co-produced and hosted The Torque Show with racer Tommy Kendall. Justin has just launched a new venture titled Life With Legends, a video interview with the greatest drivers of all time. 

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