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Join hosts Jeremie, Brian, and Taylor as they hangout and have an unapologetic, unpolished and unfiltered discussion about what it's like to live life with a disease, in the hopes of finding humour in an otherwise taboo and sometimes dark subject.

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    Racism Is A Key Public Health Threat w/ Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2023 55:28

    Racism, xenophobia and discrimination have a profound impact on health but are largely overlooked. This week the fellas chat with Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, the director of critical care at the Ottawa hospital about his work as a physician leader and the racism he's experienced during his time as a physician. Be sure to check out all of the amazing work Kwadwo does on social media at @kwadcast on all social media platforms.

    I Had A Stroke While Having Sex - Misha Montana

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2023 44:55

    Misha Montana is an award-winning adult film star, hardcore wrestler and stroke survivor. This week she sits down with the fellas to talk about her career in hardcore wrestling and the thrill of bleeding in front of a crowd while being tossed around like a ragdoll. Misha is also a stroke survivor! She spills the tea and reveals how she had her stroke in the middle of making coitus. This led to a long recovery where she still doesn't have movement or feeling in one side of her face. Misha is one tough cookie. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Sally Seat Saver: Navigating Irrational Fears of Seat Saving - Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2023 53:39

    This week the fellas tackle their irrational anxieties. It is common for individuals to experience irrational anxieties, which are fears that are not based on reality or are out of proportion to the situation at hand. Scientists accidentally discovered that life may flash before our eyes as we die... while trying to figure out why an elderly patient's brain was having seizures. Whoopsie! Experts calculated the human brain storage by gauging connections between brain cells and decoded that number into bytes and computer memory units. The memory capacity of the human brain is far more than we ever imagined and even more than the most advanced computers. So next time you are struggling to remember where you put your keys, just remember that your brain is a genius storage device, maybe they are just hiding in one of the quadrillions of bytes. Scientists at the University of St Andrews in Scotland have a very important job ahead of them: figuring out what to do if we ever make contact with aliens. But let's be real, it's not like they're going to be able to come up with a plan better than "run and hide." Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Going Out With a Bang...and a Bubble: Reef Memorials

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2023 58:28

    This week the fellas are joined by George from Eternal Reefs. An Eternal Reef is a unique blend of cremation urn, ash scattering, and burial at sea. It is part of a designed reef system created from individual reef balls made of environmentally safe, marine grade concrete that quickly assimilates into the natural ocean environment. These permanent memorials placed on the ocean floor create new marine habitats for fish and other forms of sea life. Eternal Reefs takes the cremated remains of an individual and incorporates them into a proprietary, environmentally safe cement mixture designed to create artificial reef formations. The Eternal Reefs are then placed in one of the permitted ocean locations selected by the individual, friend or family member. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    ECT-ploring the World Again: Life After ECT-induced Amnesia

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2023 72:39

    Siobhan lives with Bipolar 1 & generalized anxiety disorder. Back in 2018, Siobhan came on the show to talk about her mental health. 5 years later she joins the fellas once more. However this time she comes into the conversation with zero memory of her past. Siobhan, unfortunately, got her memory zapped while undergoing treatment for Bipolar 1 and generalized anxiety. Siobhan shares her struggles of rediscovering the world and reintroducing herself to the people in her life, including her husband. She shares how this incident makes her feel like a character in a science-fiction movie. But don't worry, she's found the silver lining in all of this, thanks to her trusty iPhone camera and social media accounts, she was able to piece together her life and spark some memories from the past. Siobhan shares tips on how you too can document your life and keep your memories safe from any future memory-erasing treatments. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Brain Drain: The Search for the Fountain of Youth in All the Wrong Places

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2023 47:08

    Jer's brain feels like mush after a 12 hour drive from Montreal. Maybe all he needs is a good ol' BT! Neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero's latest plan to extend human life by transplanting brains into younger bodies is met with skepticism and laughter. Critics question the feasibility and ethics of the "brain swap-a-roo", dubbing it a "brain-in-a-vat" science fiction fantasy. In other news, mosquitoes have once again outsmarted humans, evolving to resist insecticides and being dubbed "super mosquitoes" by scientists. The pests now have a new superpower, leaving scientists scratching their heads and reaching for the bug spray in frustration... but the damn stuff don't work no more. The "Maiden" mummy, a teenage girl sacrificed 500 years ago, has been found to have had a lung infection at the time of death. Looks like the Incas knew a thing or two about preserving mummies, even if it was by accident. Who needs embalming fluid when you've got high altitude and chicha? Finally, WHAT THE HELLTH covers the story of an old man who loves WWI-era artillery so much that he shoved one up his bum-bum for pleasure and in turn caused a full evacuation of the hospital. Needless to say the staff of the hospital were shell-shocked. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Pain in the Ass: Literally & Figuratively - A Chronic Pain Special

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2023 54:14

    In this episode, Jer and Tay explore the world of chronic pain and discover the true meaning of 'no pain, no gain.' Spoiler alert: it's a lot of pain and not much gain. 8 million Canadians are living with it. For those who may not be familiar, chronic pain is defined as pain that persists for longer than three months, past the point of typical tissue healing. This can include anything from headaches and back pain to fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. In this conversation facilitated by Pain BC for their national conference the fellas are joined by Natasha and Virgina to talk about their very different experiences in living with chronic pain.

    Lungs Gone Wild: 2 Double Lung Transplants and Cystic Fibrosis

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2023 81:47

    In this episode, Jer and Bri sit down with Tara to chat about her wild ride living with cystic fibrosis and undergoing not one, but 2 double lung transplants! Folks... that's 6 lungs in total! But despite the setbacks, Tara has a great sense of humour and shares some funny moments from her journey. She also talks about the importance of therapy and how it has helped her navigate the medical and emotional challenges of living with CF. Tara also shares her thoughts on organ donation and why she thinks it's so important for people to register. And in the midst of all this, she found time to fall in love and get married after her second lung transplant. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Urine The Know: Brand New Home Pee Test Technology! - Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2023 52:33

    Jer's birthday and the dude is too sick to even co-host with the fellas. Luckily Bri, Tay, and a couple of (not so) quiet co-hosts are stepping in to fill the void. Big day in video game accessibility! Sony announced Project Leonardo, a new controller for the PlayStation 5 designed to improve accessibility for players with limited motor control. With swappable components, extensible button mapping, and multiple control profiles, Project Leonardo is the ultimate tool for gaming accessibility. Speaking of tech, how about that new home urine sample product?! Seems more useful than Theranos. For this week's What The Hellth?! The first patient in the world to receive a 3D-printed nose. After intense chemotherapy for nasal cavity cancer, one person lost the majority of their schnoz and was left with a failed reconstruction and a lack of self-esteem. But a researcher from the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and a young doctoral student embarked on a two-year journey to give our guest a new honker. Using synthetic biomaterial and 3D printing magic, they connected a graft to the patient's forearm's radial artery and two veins, creating a fully formed nose in just two months. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    The Arkells & The Healing Power of Music w/ Max Kerman

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2023 52:07

    This week the fellas have a rollicking good time with Max Kerman, the unstoppable front man of the party-starting rock band The Arkells! We discuss the impact of songwriting on people's lives, and the powerful connections that can be formed with fans through music. Max shares some touching stories of fans who have reached out to the band during times of grief or challenge, and how the band has been able to be a source of support and community for these fans. We also talk about the importance of giving back to the fanbase and the broader community, and the meaningful relationships that can be formed on the road and virtually. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    "The Save of My Life" - OCD & Mental Health in the NHL w/ Corey Hirsch

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2023 63:25

    Corey Hirsch was Born in Medicine Hat and raised in Calgary. Like a true Canadian he took a liking to hockey at a young age and he was eventually drafted by the New York Rangers and played in the NHL as a phenomenal goalie. In 1994, Corey Hirsch won the Stanley Cup with the New York Rangers and a silver medal at the Olympics. While Corey got to live his childhood dreams, he was also deeply struggling with his mental health. There was a stark juxtaposition between Corey's success on the ice and the persistent dark thoughts that plagued him off the ice. Corey was diagnosed with OCD. Today he joins the fellas to talk about his battle with his own mind, the troubles men face with talking about their mental health and his new book The Save Of My Life. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Low Sex Drive Will Lead to an Early Death?! - Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2022 48:27

    Men in Japan who lack the desire for intimacy may want to reconsider their bedroom habits, as a new study suggests that a low sex drive could increase the risk of death from all causes. Researchers at Yamagata University found that men who reported low levels of sexual interest were more likely to die from cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other health issues, even after controlling for factors such as age, BMI, and smoking. So, fellas, if you want to live longer, it may be time to get your mojo back. A UK doctor has warned against the dangerous and surprisingly common trend of masturbating with Christmas ornaments, which can cause injury and disrupt the delicate ecosystem of the vaginal microbiome. So this holiday season, it's best to stick to traditional, body-safe methods of self-pleasure and leave the ornaments on the tree. After a 10-hour breast surgery, artist Maria Koijck was shocked to find six garbage bags full of medical waste, including disposable stainless steel scissors flown all the way from Japan just to be used once and thrown away. As an artist who has focused on waste in her work, Koijck couldn't help but wonder: are we really willing to fly in fancy scissors from across the globe just to toss them in the trash after a single cut? And at what cost are we seeking healthcare? Hopefully, the answer isn't "all the garbage bags." Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Fatberg: A Bowel Obstructed Seaside Town - Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2022 62:28

    During the holiday break we throwback to one of the most delightfully disgusting episodes of all time. Brian would like to profusely apologize for this episode. Jeremie can not contain his excitement for this episode. We speak with the one, the only, Dr. John Love. The man who performed an autopsy on a Fatberg that was longer than the leaning tower of Pisa. Get ready to suppress your gag reflex while we talk all things sewer waste and the importance of not flushing stuff down the sh*tter that isn't meant to go down there... like a set of false teeth.

    Struggling Periodically feat. Turn Me On Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 26, 2022 60:19

    Happy holidays! This week as we take a break over at Sickboy HQ we would like to share with you a wonderful conversation from a recent episode of Jeremie's other podcast Turn Me On. Jeremie and Bryde are joined by their friend Jess. Jess is your average, everyday person with a period, only hers comes with debilitating illness that she has been managing for two decades. The hosts chat with Jess about premenstrual dysphoric disorder and all of the approaches she's experimented with to bring her relief and restore balance to her mensural cycle. If you enjoyed this conversation go check out Turn Me On wherever you get your pods! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    The Birth Canal Chainsaw Massacre - Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2022 65:26

    Ever wonder where the chainsaw came from? Well, buckle up for a wild ride because the origin story of this powerful tool is not for the faint of heart. The fellas explore the shocking history of the chainsaw, from its gruesome beginnings as a tool for childbirth surgery to its evolution into a woodcutting powerhouse. The University of Exeter is leading the charge in the fight against alcoholism with a new clinical trial featuring the sedative and popular party drug, ketamine. Ready for more TWIN content?! Identical twins Kellie and Kayla were falsely accused of cheating on a medical school exam and suffered years of torment, social ostracization, and loss of their dreams of becoming doctors. The twins, who have no "twin telepathy" or "secret language," fought back and won a defamation case receiving a big bag of cash in the process. Finally for WHAT THE HELLTH!? Jer delves into the mysterious world of Sanpaku eyes, the superstitions and beliefs surrounding them, and their potential impact on a person's physical and mental health. From their origins in traditional Japanese medicine to their association with psychopathy and tragic deaths. Do you have Sanpaku eyes? Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Every Family Has A Story w/ Julia Samuel

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2022 63:41

    Best-selling author and psychotherapist Julia Samuel is BACK in the studio and the fellas couldn't be happier to chat with her right before the holidays! This episode is all about family. Why do some families thrive in adversity while others fragment? How can families weather difficult transitions together? Why do our families so often exasperate us? And how can even small changes greatly improve our relationships? This week Julia unpacks her newest book Every Family Has A Story and shares some tools on how to improve our relationships and create the family we wish for!

    The Car Accident That Changed My Life Forever - The Psychosocial Impact of Persistent Pain

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2022 57:32

    This week the fellas are treated to one of the most interesting conversations they've had all year. Keith Meldrum has lived with persistent neuropathic pain for over 36 years following a near-fatal car accident in 1986 - don't drive sleepy, kids. At 20 years old he was told that his pain was “all in his head” by a family physician. For nearly 20 years after that, he fought his pain while trying to find someone or something to "fix it". Little did Keith know, what he truly needed was for someone to validate the pain he was experiencing. Keith breaks down how his pain will likely forever be a part of his day-to-day life, however there are some extremely effective ways of learning to live better through chronic pain.

    Psychology Researchers Are Taking a Serious Look at External Ejaculation - Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2022 51:47

    Psychologists are curious to know if external ejaculation is rooted in men's desire to demean women. According to a new study published in “Archives of Sexual Behavior” they seem to have found evidence against this theory. Everyone loves a good Florida woman story and today's story doesn't disappoint. Kraft is up against a $5M lawsuit for LYING about how much time it takes to prepare a yummy dish of Velveeta. Everyone knows it's scientific fact that if you go outside with wet hair in the cold weather you're cruisin' for an immune system brusin'. But actually, according to science, it has nothing to do with not bundling up properly. It has to do with your nose and the contents within. IWK is working on a radical new program to help teach children how to use power wheelchairs by sending them into VR! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Gratitude & Simple Pleasures w/ Neil Pasricha

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2022 60:11

    Neil Pasricha is a Canadian author, entrepreneur, podcaster, and public speaker characterized by his advocacy of positivity and simple pleasures. He is best known for his The Book of Awesome series, and ""The Happiness Equation"" which are international bestsellers. This week he joins Jer and Tay on the publishing day for his newest book “Our Book of Awesome”. Neil gives insight into how he ended up writing about awesome shit, breaks down the benefits of journaling and how to broaden your view of simple pleasures in the world when practicing gratitude. All in the hopes of living a more meaningful and beautiful life. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Fabry Disease and the Healing Power of Music

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2022 67:49

    This week Bri and Tay are joined by Michel to talk about his experience with Fabry disease! A real pain in the kidney, Fabry disease is caused by the lack of or faulty enzyme needed to metabolize lipids, fat-like substances that include oils, waxes, and fatty acids. Michel has been on both sides of the medical system. A paramedic and also a patient who has had a steep uphill battle. Thankfully Michel is extraordinarily resilient and has found healing through his love of music. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Closed Captioning AR Glasses For Deaf Folks?! Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2022 67:34

    Brian may or may not be with us any longer. This week Jer and Tay break down a new pair of AR/AI glasses that provide real-time closed captioning so that they can communicate easier with those around them! Listening to podcasts provides folks with social connection according to a recent study. A naturopath in the U.S. is facing time for providing hundreds of false vaccination cards during the pandemic. Tay talks about a sad interaction with someone who is struggling with drug addiction. A woman in the UK will be the first person to have their body dissected on national television! The first public dissection in over 200 years! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Equipping Patients with Health Literacy and Empowerment: Patient Empowerment Network

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2022 51:10

    This week the fellas are joined by Aicha, Senior Director of Programs at Patient Empowerment Network! PEN's mission is to fortify cancer patients and care partners with the knowledge and tools to boost their confidence, put them in control of their healthcare journey, and assist them in receiving the best, most personalized care available to ensure they have the best possible outcome. Aicha breaks down the benefits of shared decision making, health literacy and health equity and how those things have a direct result on improving treatment outcomes for cancer patients. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Diagnosed and Undiagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis?! With a Broken Back For Good Measure

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2022 69:50

    Emily has been sick for her entire life, but no one can seem to figure out why. Some doctors believe it's Cystic Fibrosis. Some doctors don't. She's been diagnosed with CF several times, and she has been undiagnosed with CF just as many. CFTR-related illness is complicated to say the least and Emily has been through the wringer trying to get to the bottom of it. The struggle gets even more real after Emily falls through a roof of an abandoned building and breaks her back! On the plus side, she got some pretty beautiful photos in the process.

    Smuggling Loved Ones' Ashes in a Buttplug - Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2022 70:46

    Finding new and innovative ways to do meaningful things with the ashes of our loved ones is something Sickboy has always been fascinated with. Smuggling your partners ashes around the world inside your bum hole is a new one though. Speaking of new, the ESA has just signed on the first-ever disabled astronaut to their program! We live in the future and it's awesome. Speaking of the future, scientists kept a premature lamb alive in a "biobag" for weeks. Could humans be next? Motorcycle rallies could be the key to the organ donation shortage! To appease Brian and his need for TikTok content, Jer explores a top 8 list of bizarre medical practices from a bygone era. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Attachment Styles and Romantic Partner Attributions w/ Professor Angela Rowe

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2022 52:54

    Angela Rowe is a professor of social psychology at the School of the Psychological Science, University of Bristol. Today she joins the fellas to chat with them about something they've been curious about for weeks - attachment styles! Angela breaks down how biologically we attach, for survival. Humans are unique in that we need to have attachments throughout our lives, but what happens when our childhood experience of attachment influences how we relate to others as an adult? Angela breaks down the four adult attachment styles and how they may have an effect on our romantic relationships. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Making Porn & Fighting Diabetes

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2022 56:14

    Slava Siderman is an award-winning and hall-of-fame adult and horror filmmaker. He joins Taylor and Jer today to take them through his very gnarly experience with diabetes and the months-long stay at the ICU where he almost lost his entire leg. Just like a quality body horror film, this episode is full of nasty descriptions including needles in the eyes for a procedure to prevent ocular decay. Slava uses the traumatic time he spent in the hospital as inspiration for future spooky sexy movies and has been on the road to much more self care after failing to take care of his body properly over the years.

    Sperm Rates Plummet Amid Reaching Population 8 Billion - Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2022 62:24

    Twins have been born from embryos that are almost as old as the guys. Does this technically make them '90s babies? Millennial Zoomers? The earth has now reached 8 billion humans! It's also been discovered that sperm counts worldwide have plunged 62% in under 50 years. One man needed healthcare that he couldn't afford, so he got arrested to get the care in jail. RNIB reminds us how the everyday shopping experience is much different for those that are blind. Finally, one nurse in Wisconsin is looking at hard time for a joke that no one thought was funny except her. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    It's Okay To Decay - Terramation (Human Composting)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2022 50:58

    Brie Smith is chief operating officer at Return Home, a service that is providing families access to inclusive, gentle, transparent death care that continues the cycle of life. This week the fellas speak to Brie about the state of current death care in the U.S. and its impact on the planet. Brie explains the beautiful alternative being practiced at Return Home. 'Terramation' is where your last act on earth is one that gives back to it by returning life-giving soil to the earth (AKA human composting). Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    One in Six - A Story of IVF

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2022 66:37

    Jen and Neil are a happily married couple in their thirties. From the outside, life is picture-perfect. But behind their smiles lies a heartbreaking secret: they can't get pregnant. Today Jen and her husband Neil join Jer and Tay to discuss their years-long struggle with fertility — a journey filled with hormone injections, transvaginal ultrasounds, tears, anxiety, shame, laughter, love and hope. One in Six is the podcast that tells their story and is available now on CBC Podcasts! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Chainsmoking While Running a Marathon - Feel Good Friday LIVE in Ottawa

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2022 30:10

    The fellas are finally back together and this week they come to you LIVE from Ottawa at Algonquin College! Uncle Chen couldn't look more cool. Smoking like a chimney AND crushing an absolutely bonkers marathon time. Speaking of smoking, one study out of Ottawa is saying that smoking weed could very well lead to more lung disease than smoking tobacco. By the way, do you have Crohn's disease? Well if you do, you should thank your ancestors. It's likely your autoimmune disease is a direct result of your ancestors surviving the black death. Lots of speculation in this weeks episode, but here is something that needs no speculation whatsoever - how horrible it is for the body to chug 12 energy drinks in 10 minutes. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Underpaid & Overworked: The Trauma of Nursing

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2022 62:42

    This week is all about the current state of nursing in North America. Jer and Tay are joined by a special co-host, Keara, a CVICU nurse in Halifax. They are joined by Chelsea, a registered nurse fresh out of the ICU post-COVID-19 pandemic! Living in Edmonton, Alberta. Jer and Tay sit back and let Chelsea and Keara break down how nurses in Canada are underpaid and overworked. Burnout is at an all-time high and it's having a direct impact on our health. OTTAWA! We're coming to you for a live show on November 16th! Grab your tickets here - Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    The Other Side of Depression

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2022 57:18

    Neil Kelders is a mental health and well-being advocate and coach who since his teenage years has suffered from depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. After 21 years of suffering alone, Neil talked for the first time. Through that simple act, Neil took responsibility through action, and his life was never the same again. This week he joins the fellas to discuss masking, the importance of using your voice when you are struggling, and how he manages his struggles with depression. Neil's new book ‘The Other Side: A memoir of hope in the midst of depression' is on pre-sale now! OTTAWA! We're coming to you for a live show on November 16th! Grab your tickets here - Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    The Invisible Sexuality & Romance - Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 67:24

    Cenobites are a small price to pay when having fun and learning too! The health care system is a hot dumpster fire everywhere you look! In the U.S. an ER called 911 on themselves?! Asexuality doesn't get much air time, but one psych researcher is looking to change that! One woman had to beg for care at the IWK while going through labour. The clitoris is absolutely jam packed with nerve fibres, and one doctor has discovered the actual number of nerve fibres all thanks to gender affirming surgeries! Did you hear? Picking your nose leads to Alzheimer's. OTTAWA! We're coming to you for a live show on November 16th! Grab your tickets here - Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Not Flossing is the Mouth Equivalent of Not Wiping Your Butt - Dental Care In Canada

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2022 36:29

    Leanne Huvenaars is a Metis dental hygienist from Saskatchewan who has previously served as the President of the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association. She is the co-owner of Tisdale Dental and Dental Hygiene Clinic and T2 Dental and Dental Hygiene clinic. This week she joins Jer and Brian to discuss her work, the importance of dental care, and how Indigenous folks in Canada are suffering from much higher rates of disease and decay. She also informs us how bad not flossing really is!

    Dinosaur Bones - Ankylosing Spondylitis

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2022 68:55

    Dylan is a new father, a dancer, actor, stunt performer and bar manager at Halifax's Bar Kismet! He also is dealing with an inflammatory disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Over time this disease can cause some of the bones in the spine (vertebrae) to fuse. Dylan joins the boys to discuss how he's managed to navigate life as an extremely physical person while dealing with a genetic illness that has a massive physical impact, and how our physical health is in a way attached to our mental health as well. OTTAWA! We're coming to you for a live show on November 16th! Grab your tickets here - Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Locked Down Inside Disney Land - Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2022 49:35

    The boys are back! This week Taylor and Jeremie discuss how thousands of people at Shanghai's Disney Resort were locked inside during a COVID outbreak - FUN! Taylor has a horrible recurring nightmare. Luckily scientists have discovered a way to turn your bad dreams into good dreams! An Iranian man who didn't wash for half a century dies at 94 after he finally took a bath. Apparently nuns watch porn. Finally the fellas talk about how scientists have grown human brain cells in rat pups in the hopes of studying diseases within the brain! OTTAWA! We're coming to you for a live show on November 16th! Grab your tickets here - Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Throwback — The Order Of The Good Death w/ Caitlin Doughty

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2022 64:04

    One more throwback while the boys are on vacation! What consists of a good death? According to Caitlin Doughty, it is staring down your death fears—whether it be your own death, the death of those you love, the pain of dying, the afterlife (or lack thereof), grief, corpses, bodily decomposition, or all of the above. Accepting that death itself is natural, but the death anxiety of modern culture is not. Caitlin is a mortician, activist, and funeral industry rabble-rouser. We dive deep into the different ways in which the world deals with death. From raking hot bones out of an oven to vultures ceremoniously eating human remains to wrapping bodies in a shroud and burying it three feet under the earth, there are many options for us to plan our death. This episode is not to be missed!

    Throwback - No Colon Still Rollin': Hirschsprung's Disease

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2022 66:49

    From way back in 2016 is a conversation that stuck with us for years! Stomas, ports, megacolons, no colons, and dogs. This weeks episode is all sorts of silly, disgusting, hilarious, and fascinating. Patrick, much like dog, has only one meter of small intestine. He has Hirschsprung's Disease, a form of megacolon. What is a megacolon? Exactly what it sounds like, a big ass colon. With no colon, a jajunostomy, a port and a useless asshole, Patrick lives a rather interesting life. Get ready for some silly.

    Throwback - The Gene Daddy: Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2022 102:28

    With the fellas on vacation we throwback to earlier in 2021: A new "Human Challenge Study" is coming to the UK. The gang weigh in on what price is right when risking your wellbeing in the name of science. Speaking of science, some group of smart people are trying to recreate an AI super sniffing robot dog to either sniff out cancer, or eradicate the planet of humans. Good boy. Then the fellas speak with Joshua Keyes, a certified genetic counsellor out of Boulder, Colorado! What the heck is genetic counselling? What role does it play in diagnosis & treatment? Is there a difference between the work that he does and the online services like 23&me? Joshua gives us all the deets on everything you didn't realize you wanted to know about your genes.

    The Politics Of Life-Saving Healthcare w/ The Honorable Zach Churchill

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2022 63:54

    Zachariah Churchill is a Canadian MLA from Nova Scotia. He serves as a member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly for Yarmouth. During his tenure as health minister, Zach committed to providing drug coverage for Trikafta, a life-saving drug for people with cystic fibrosis. In opposition, Zach advocated for this commitment to be followed through and was successful. Cystic fibrosis patients in Nova Scotia began receiving coverage on November 18, 2021. This week Zach joins the fellas to give them an inside look at what it means to be the health minister.

    Dateabilty Is Making Accessible Love - Disability & Dating

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2022 54:36

    There is no shortage of dating apps out there. You have your Tinders and your Bumbles. But there are also dating apps made specifically for certain groups of the population. Grindr has grown into the largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people. There are dating apps for threesomes, for people who live in the countryside, for farmers, for music lovers... But get this: until today, there hasn't been a dating app to connect people who live with disabilities?! Kind of a wild thought. Did you know that 15% of the population of the entire planet live with some sort of disability? That's a large gap in the market that Jacqueline and Alexa Child have decided to try and fill with Dateability! Inspired by Jacqueline's negative experiences in the dating world while managing chronic illness, she and her sister both decided to dive into something they had no prior experience with and build an app for folks who live with disability to find love! Dateability is now live and if you wish to check it out: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Throwback - Emotional Fitness & Social Anxiety w/ Dr. Emily Anhalt

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2022 82:49

    Taylor is in Europe, Brian is off to Antartica. The fellas need a much needed break. This week for FGF we throw back to an early episode of Feel Good Friday featuring the bad ass Dr. Emily Anhalt! She is the CoFounder of Coa, a psychoanalytic psychologist, emotional fitness consultant and all-around promoter of self-awareness in all forms. We talk about the importance of caring for your mental health during these wickety wack times, how to find a therapist that jives with you and more. Then the gang go deep into Jeremie's current struggles with mental health. Beer butt-chugging and all.

    iMaster Health - Online Pulmonary Rehabilitation

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2022 43:52

    Amanda is a Kinesiologist and Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist. She is also the founder and CEO of iMaster Health. Her experience working in academia and healthcare allowed her to recognize a global gap in rehabilitative care. In turn she built a business focused on implementing technology-based solutions to reduce a major strain on the healthcare systems and improve patients' quality of life. iMaster health is an online pulmonary rehabilitation program that is available now! Amanda joins the fellas to talk about why applications like iMaster health are important and how they can serve to fill gaps in our healthcare system. Check out for more info! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Sickboy Introduces: One in Six

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2022 39:17

    Jen and Neil are a happily married couple in their thirties. From the outside, life is picture perfect. But behind their smiles lies a heartbreaking secret: they can't get pregnant. Join CBC journalist Jen White and her husband Neil Hyde in this intimate and informative eight-part series on their years long struggle with fertility — a journey filled with hormone injections, transvaginal ultrasounds, tears, anxiety, shame, laughter, and hope. Listen to more episodes at:

    3.5 ft Tall While Wheelin', Muddin', and Other Hick Activities w/ Caden Teneycke - LIVE From Vancouver!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2022 87:59

    Caden Teneycke joins the fellas once again for a very special live show from the Biltmore Cabaret in beautiful Vancouver, Canada! Caden is 17 years old and is 3.5 ft tall due to a rare form of dwarfism. He joins the fellas to dive into his life as he moves through a massive transition by beginning his very first year at university and living on his own for the very first time. He shows the fellas how he's made his one bedroom apartment accessible, how he modified his lifted Jeep in order to allow him to drive (and go wheelin' and muddin' of course). The gang also dive into Caden's experience in and out of the hospital including some very gnar gnar surgeries! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    10 Worst Ways To Die - Feel Good Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2022 79:32

    Lo's back!!! That's right, guest host Lauren Skankey popped into the studio to join Jeremie and Brian for this week's Feel Good Friday episode! This week we explore traumatic music festival events, face transplants, a guy who was cut in half by a forklift, a province that has legalized psychedelics for therapeutic treatments, and last but not least, a list of the top 10 worst ways to die! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Forever Marked - A Dermatillomania Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2022 60:19

    Angela Hartlin is the founder of Skin Picking Support, a community that provides resources for those with excoriation disorder and other Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs). This week Angela joins the guys during BFRB Awareness Week to take them on a journey of recovery, awareness, and advocacy surrounding BFRBs while touching on Angela's personal experience with skin picking. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Embalming Arts and Death Education - LIVE from Edmonton

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2022 105:56

    Jeremy Allen is a funeral home director in Alberta, Canada, where he has the privilege to be able to witness the emotion that is sparked when he helps someone identify where their loss lives. Quinn Furey is also a funeral home director who specializes in the embalming arts. They join the fellas in front of a live studio audience in Edmonton to talk about grieving our pets, our loved ones and the work/tools needed to successfully embalm someone who has died. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    There Is No Escape From Death - Or Is There? Feel Good Friday LIVE From Edmonton

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2022 39:28

    This week we cover FGF LIVE from Edmonton. A death-themed episode where we come to terms with our inevitable reality. We cover the story of a medieval ‘vampire' unearthed with a sickle across her throat to stop her rising from the dead, 7 Unique Burial Rituals Across the World, Jeremie's bizarre experience with sifting through Bigby's ashes, and the fascinating evolution of the Cryonics industry! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Autism & The Loudest Girl In The World w/ Lauren Ober

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2022 53:40

    Lauren Ober is a podcast host and producer. In a life before hosting, Ober was an award-winning audio reporter and has been heard on shows like This American Life, 99% Invisible and Criminal, as well as all of NPR's flagship programs. Laurens latest podcast The Loudest Girl in the World tells the story of Lauren's journey to understand what the hell it means to be on the autism spectrum and how to live life as a newly diagnosed autistic person. This week Lauren chats with the fellas about what it's like to create a project that is so personal to her own life, how she faced social friction, and what it was like to receive a diagnosis in her 40s. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

    Kat - Serotonin Syndrome

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2022 48:51

    This week the guys are joined by Kat, a 25-year-old teacher from Western Australia. They have multiple chronic health conditions such as Ehlers Danlos and Dysautonomia, and in 2018 they developed long-term Serotonin Syndrome. They talk to the guys about a history of illness and how a combination of medications led to their experience with long-term Serotonin Syndrome and how much it completely up-ended their life. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

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