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Agency Intelligence Podcast, formerly known as The Grow Podcast Is the number 1 listened to insurance podcast in the country featuring three shows from Jason Cass and Joey Giangola. Agent's Influence, the flagship show hosted by Jason Cass, is your weekly guide to the latest and greatest thought l…

Jason Cass

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    Power Women In Insurance: Throwback: How To Find Your Voice and Purpose In The Insurance Industry- With Brooke Sarratt

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2022 32:23

    Meet Brooke Sarratt, an independent insurance agency owner in Fort Worth Texas. Her agency- White Slate helps families and small to medium businesses with insurance packages that fit their needs and wants. In this throwback episode of the Power Women in Insurance Podcast, Brooke shares her insurance journey with the host Teresa Kitchens. She shares how she started with cold calling large commercial insurance agencies and later fell in love with the industry.  Listen in to learn what it takes for a woman to start and run her own insurance agency. You will also learn what Brooke is doing to help women in the insurance industry, especially those who are just starting. Top Takeaways: Rising from a stay at home mom to an insurance agency owner. The importance of keeping a positive mind and right attitude when running a business. Helping others as a form of giving back.  The power of working with people you like as a way to keep your business's value.  Key Moments: [0:25] Who is Brooke Sarratt?  [1:48] She shares her journey from being a stay at home mom to an entrepreneur. [4:04] How her voice became her strength during her cold calling days.  [7:22] Why she would like to get back to cold calling even though she isn't doing it now. [9:05] Brooke shares how running her agency has become her biggest accomplishment. [11:51] How journaling keeps Brooke focused with gratitude and a positive mind. [15:20] How she is reaching out to help other women in the insurance industry refocus in the same way she was helped before. [20:59] Brooke shares her Shakubuku moment- learning to work with clients she likes.  [23:47] How to set free or let go of rude and disrespectful clients. [26:52] Why it is hard to start an insurance agency and keep its value. [28:23] Why women in the insurance industry should reach out for support from other women in the same industry. Visit the Power Women In Insurance Instagram Page! HERE Connect With Teresa! Sterling Insurance Group's Website: Teresa's Facebook: Sterling Insurance Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Brooke's Deets: Agency website: Facebook: Agency Facebook Page: White Slate Insurance On Facebook LinkedIn: YouTube: WhiteSlateIns Email:

    Power Producers: The Power of a Mentor with Eric Rich

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2022 64:00

    In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Eric Rich of Mentor Insurance. Eric talks about the incredible potential in the insurance industry as well as some of the things we need to consider in order to be successful. Episode Highlights: Eric shares his background story and how he ended up in the insurance industry. (3:47) Eric explains that the biggest lesson he learned was being able to understand the sense of his grit. (8:50) Eric talks about his goal of being able to share his job opportunity with others and let them know that there is a lot of potential in this industry. (14:24) Eric recalls the moment he saw the value that people create and problems being solved for clients in the industry. (20:57) David shares that Cole's Directory is something that continues to be useful today. (25:17) Eric talks about always telling his agents that a good agent is not afraid to share bad news with their clients. (32:33)   Eric shares that the biggest mistake that he is seeing in newer producers is the lack of persistence. (40:41) Eric advises the listeners to find a friend in sales but in a different industry. (43:25) Eric explains why we, as an industry and as producers, do a poor job of explaining to our clients what we do. (52:52) Eric discusses that to be successful, you have to have patience and persistence in the industry. (1:00:45) Tweetable Quotes: "I never knew that I could even be in this position or have this type of success. I never knew this job was out there. I tell all my young producers, just the greatest kept secret in the world. It's the greatest case, the greatest job in the world." - Eric Rich "I always tell my agents that a good agent is not afraid to share bad news with their client. And I say, get it out in the open as soon as possible." - Eric Rich “I'm a big person on persistency. I always say that's the number one thing you have to have in this business. You've got to be persistent." - Eric Rich Resources Mentioned: Eric Rich LinkedIn Mentor Insurance David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

    rich mentor producers directories david carothers kyle houck power producers podcast
    Davie Holt Of IPFS, Embraces The Pain And Loves To Lose

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2022 35:08

    In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Davie Holt, National Sales Practice Leader at Imperial PFS. Davie discusses the significance of Imperial PFS and premium finance in the industry and also explains that diversity in thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and positions in life and in the marketplace will weave a better fabric for the industry.  Episode Highlights: Davie explains that part of the reason he is where he is today is because of his mentors. (5:46) Davie shares that he is an iPhone user and recently downloaded a video editing app. (8:41) Davie mentions that he loves to lose because he knows that the next victory right after that is going to be greater than even what was at stake before. (10:07) Davie shares that it is luck that has been a bigger factor that has made him be where he is today. (11:44) Davie talks about how IPFS has begun to shift its thinking on marketing so that people understand that they are so much more than a premium finance company. (16:17) Davie explains that the diversity of thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and positions in life and in the marketplace is what will weave a better fabric for our industry and our society. (23:07) Davie talks about the two different types of insurance groups that he is currently interested in, those that are technology focused and those that are minority focused. (25:13) Davie talks about the pros and cons of big conferences versus smaller conferences. (28:02) Davie shares that IPFS offers a one-platform solution that allows you to handle billing transactions, documents, and premium finance. (30:18) Davie shares that he is currently rereading "Never Split the Difference." (31:36) Key Quotes: "I'm going to learn, I'm going to dominate. I'm going to embrace that. I'm going to embrace the suck of losing so quickly and move on. Because your greatest victories didn't come without losses preceding them." - Davie Holt "One of the greatest things I took away is that the best presidents in United States history surrounded themselves with people that kind of disagreed with them." - Davie Holt "Diversity, we need some diverse thoughts and different ideas. We all do. On the vendor side, for us out in the production world at the carrier level, a little extra diversity wouldn't hurt anybody." - Davie Holt Resources Mentioned: Davie Holt LinkedIn Imperial PFS Reach out to Jason Cass  Agency Intelligence

    Power Producers: Throwback: Harvesting Success Out of Struggles with Vonda Copeland

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2022 64:52

    In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Vonda Copeland, CPIA, CWCU, VP of Operations at Copeland Insurance Agency, and Custom Harvest Insurance, LTD. Vonda talks about the obstacles she faced in succeeding her goals in life, what they have been accomplishing in their agency, how they utilize technology, and how they manage their producers. Episode Highlights: David introduces Vonda Copeland. (1:24) Vonda shares her background and her career in the insurance industry. (3:59) Vonda mentions that she is currently doing a lot of work with foster kids. (7:00) Vonda shares a story about her parents. (9:31) David mentions that he would instead teach his kids the right way to guide themselves through a properly calibrated moral compass than a full wallet. (18:14) Vonda shares how her offices look like. (18:49) Vonda says that they started as a community-based operation. (20:34) What was the process that they used to determine what they want to automate and leverage technology? (22:36) Along the lines of technology, does Vonda and her team use a CRM? (26:09) Vonda mentions that they are currently using Agency Zoom, and they are gradually building a better pipeline system. (26:13) Kyle mentions that not all producers are early adopters. (28:25) David shares that he's not advocating the agencies moving to everything fully automated, but sometimes agencies miss out on business because they don't make it easy for people to do business. (34:04) Vonda says that automation exposes your weaknesses. (35:46) Vonda mentions that she created her technology stack list. (35:56) Vonda shares that she's always continually looking for something that will integrate, and if it does not integrate, she refuses to make her people do double entry. (37:47) Vonda explains why she loves using Podium. (38:26) Vonda mentions that they started using the beta testing of Podium's video chat. (41:57) Vonda shares her feedback with AMS 360. (44:38) Vonda shares a story about the conversation she had yesterday with a couple of people in her smaller Hangout group. (51:53) David talks about his biggest fear. (54:37) Do Vonda and her team have it set up on individual policies, or is it a program that they administer as the captive? (59:14) Vonda shares that the work comp program is a program that they have put together with a new carrier. (1:00:12) Tweetable Quotes: “It took a while of trying different things. But when you do that, you're not afraid of change. When you go through're not afraid to try something and suck at it because it's like, “Okay, try something else.” And I think that definitely changes my approach to how I work in the office.” - Vonda Copeland “You have to really be careful where you're going to allow that automation into where you feel comfortable to where it's not going to do more harm than good.” - Vonda Copeland “Gratitude is the name of the game.” - Vonda Copeland Resources Mentioned: David Carothers LinkedIn Kyle Houck LinkedIn Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes Vonda Copeland LinkedIn Copeland Insurance Agency Custom Harvest Insurance, LTD

    Digital Insurance Pint: Applied Systems CEO, Taylor Rhodes – An Epic Transformation Season 2, Episode 4

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2022 48:29

    In this episode of Digital Insurance Pint Podcast, Taylor Rhodes joins the show. Former US Marine, Arizona Rancher and Rush Fan, Taylor Rhodes, is getting the Applied System's troops ready for the next round of the Canadian Broker management systems business wars. Scratching your head on Applied? – not so fast. What is cool about Mr. Rhodes; he is new to the insurance industry and has no insurance “dirty laundry” to air. He sees the insurance industry as an underutilized digital playground that needs fresh blood to accelerate connectivity. In this episode, Taylor (while drinking a good La Fin Du Monde 9% Quebec beer) talks about 3 key areas that Applied is focusing on: 1. Velocity 2. User Experience (#ux) 3. Digital Connectivity In addition, we get an update on many of the Applied System's newest products, including Policyworks, Indio, Applied mobile (CSR 24), salesforce integration, and Applied Automation. Taylor also talks about the 5 key trends shaping business today and we pull back the covers and talk about how Google's investment and expertise have helped improve Applied. Over the last 20 months, Taylor has been putting his stamp on the Applied organization. To steal a Rush lyrics, he is doing all of the above to bring the user experience and client experience “closer to the heart.” Taylor is a breath of fresh air that Canada's biggest BMS system needs to fuel their Epic business transformation. Join Tom Reid, Steve Earle, Adam Mitchell, and Jeff Roy as they open the tap and raise the bar with Taylor Rhodes. P.S. What happened to Jeff's glasses? Resources: Tom Reid Jeff Roy Steve Earle Adam Mitchell Digital Insurance Pint Podcast

    Agency Freedom: E60: Broker Brett On Diversifying Your Value

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 64:15

    In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with "Broker Brett" Fulmer, Ambassador for Finaeo, Evangelist for Smart Choice, and startup consultant. Episode Highlights: Brett shares his background story and how he got started in the industry. (7:45) Brett talks about his team of six agents that he has recruited for SmartChoice. (12:26) Brett explains that he has been a P&C guy but he is enjoying learning about life insurance. (16:21) Brett explains the difference between the life cycle of life insurance compared to P&C. (20:20) Brett talks about the different digital life broker wholesalers and their advantages, as well as his personal choice, Finaeo. (26:26) Brett shares how fortunate he is to be a part of things that he has equity in and be able to build with his friends. (36:02) Brett advises the listeners to lever up their technology and reach further with their core competencies. (41:01) Brett shares the topics he is exploring writing a book on. (47:55) Brett asks James his thoughts on how to level up from a one to two-person operation, to a small business. (50:00) Brett explains why you always need people that will frankly tell you the truth in your life. (58:24) Key Quotes: "I feel so fortunate to be touching things I have equity in and to help build things with my friends. You know, I'm very intentional about not overlapping in trying to find complementary projects." - Brett Fulmer "I always say I try to be out there enough to open doors. But my goal isn't just to kind of make noise. You know, you still want to build effective, profitable companies. You still want to be successful. And it's been such a value add to be known in the community." - Brett Fulmer "I always say you need people close. Somebody always has to be able to call you a dummy you know, you need true speakers in your life." - Brett Fulmer Resources Mentioned: Learn more and connect with Brett at Visit our website to join our email list, get the scoop on our LIVE coaching calls, and never miss an episode: Connect with Agency Freedom Podcast on Facebook at the Agency Freedom Podcast group: Email us at with ideas, questions, complaints or your favorite grilling recipe.

    Power Producers: The Wallace Sessions Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 25:03

    In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Carey Wallace of Agency Focus. Carey talks about the importance of EBITA and how to determine the true value of your agency.  Episode Highlights: David shares that Florida trucking insurance is doing great in the industry right now. (4:08) Carey shares her financial background and how she started in the industry. (7:09) Carey explains that carriers and agency owners must think in terms of revenue, as it is the key to driving the business. (9:11) Carey shares that they have helped build a program that is targeted at looking at all parts of being an owner. (13:28) Carey shares the numbers people need to focus on to determine their agency's value. (15:25) David mentions that most people think that if a problem comes in, they can just sell their way out. (17:30) Carey talks about looking into past revenue before making an investment in a company. (19:28) Carey discusses the importance of EBITA and explains that you have to think in EBITA, in order to make a good, sound business decision. (21:08) Tweetable Quotes: "I see myself as being a business partner to agents that want to transition, want to grow, and want to maximize the value of their asset and run it like a business." - Carey Wallace "If you're going to make an investment, the revenue is one data point. But what's the predictability that that agency is going to continue to produce that way? What's their retention rate? Are they growing? There are so many things to ask." - Carey Wallace "It's not your top line revenue, it's the profit inside that agency. That's the number that gets multiplied by a factor in order to determine the value of your agency." - Carey Wallace Resources Mentioned: Carey Wallace LinkedIn Agency Focus David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

    producers ebita david carothers kyle houck power producers podcast
    RHS 149 - Chris Greene on Content Marketing as a Competitive Advantage

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 66:50

    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley, interviews Chris Greene, the Flood Insurance Guru. Chris joins the podcast for a master's level conversation on content marketing and how properly using your CRM can create an undeniable competitive advantage in your business. Don't miss this episode… Episode Highlights: Chris discusses how insurance is not the problem but the risk is, and how he is working on this data to solve the issue. (4:13) Chris explains how their flood risk analysis provides a huge value to their referral partners to grow their business. (8:29) Chris mentions that videos used for education and advice are still considered streamlining. (14:31) Chris shares how he uses automation to follow up with his clients. (22:32) Ryan explains that this is the moment where HubSpot tools, like video cards, give you a true competitive advantage. (25:35) Chris explains that conversations like why they weren't closing more business can be seen at HubSpot as one of its features. (36:34) Ryan shares that the industry needs a company that offers Accord form integration and creation at a price that the industry can afford. (44:09) Chris talks about Hubspot being better than any AMS, and shares how they are currently using it in their interview process. (51:14) Chris shares that what he likes about Ryan's content creation is that it is very neutral and does never put out any misinformation. (55:53)   Chris shares three different books he requires people to read before they come on board. (59:50) Key Quotes: "We just need one company that offers Accord form integration and creation and mapping easily at a price the industry could afford and they would absolutely friggin dominate." - Ryan Hanley "It's not about us. It's about the customers, you know? So, it sticks in my head and everything I do now." - Chris Greene Resources Mentioned: Chris Greene LinkedIn Flood Insurance Guru Reach out to Ryan Hanley

    Millionaire Insurance Producer: How to Get More Referrals

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 27:53

    Referrals, referrals, referrals! You've probably heard that referrals are great to get and have the highest win percentage when compared to other forms of prospecting. And, you'd be right to think that because it's true. However, most insurance agents and agencies do either a very poor job at systematically asking for (and receiving) referrals from their client base or COIs, or they have no process for referrals at all. In this episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht will give you a step-by-step process you can use to get more profitable referrals from your clients and COIs. Episode Highlights: Charles reveals that while he was a producer for almost 10 years, he wasn't very good at getting references. And it was partly because the kind of company he was pursuing was not one that relied heavily on referrals. (2:01) Charles explains that when it comes to requesting referrals, you must be careful what you ask. (5:56) Charles discusses the reasons why it is critical to have prospects prepared ahead of time. (9:04) Charles mentions that if you are comfortable with your customers and your circle of influence, the recommendation will be substantially better. (12:00) Charles explains that when you work with clients and centers of influence, you highlight possible opportunities that can be powerful for prospecting. (14:47) Charles suggests that if you've saved 30 customers in various places, you can create Excel lists for different prospects you're analyzing and identifying as possibly good prospects to go after in those geographic territories. (16:37) Charles believes you should invest heavily in referral prospecting. (18:46) Charles explains that when he asks his coaching clients, who are insurance agents, about their methods of prospecting, very rarely do they mention referrals. (21:57) Charles mentions that we are severely lacking in getting referrals, an excellent method of prospecting but that it shouldn't be too tough to improve. (25:04) Key Quotes: “If referrals are important to you, then choose wisely.” - Charles Specht “When you work with each of your clients, and your centers of influence and you're going through the list of these potential prospects and they're highlighting them, you need to utilize that information because you're going to have multiples. You're going to have multiples. And that becomes very, very strong information to use when you're prospecting.” - Charles Specht “I encourage you to start looking into getting better at doing referral prospecting. And then thank me later.” - Charles Specht Resources Mentioned: Reach out to Charles Specht Permission Network Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Power Women In Insurance: Make Your Mark In The Industry Through Curiosity And Growth

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 34:43

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Debby Kallinikos. Debby and Teresa talk about how she has built her career around being curious and serving others. Episode Highlights: Debby shares her insurance journey and how she got to where she is today. (1:26) Debby mentions how important it was for her to be around someone that knew what they were doing when she was training and how she sought that ought. (5:31) Debby explains that the better you are at asking what you want to know, the more you will be able to learn. (9:10) Teresa asks Debby what qualities she is looking for in a person or mentor to ask questions to. (14:36) Debby explains that she helps her clients see their coverage by asking them what it covers. (17:08) Debby shares that she prefers in person classes and finds online classes challenging. (22:20) Debby explains why it is important to take ownership of your own knowledge and education. (24:59) Debby shares that people need to take responsibility for learning things that they don't know. (27:04) Debby advises everyone to make a plan and find the right fit for their career and what they really want. (29:00) Debby encourages everyone to listen to the past podcasts that Teresa has done that connect people in the industry. (31:45) Key Quotes: “For me to become good, I've got to be around someone that knows what they're doing. And I've got to surround myself with that knowledge." - Debby Kallinikos "I think if it's something you're passionate about, and you really feel like you can help this industry and be of service, then you should go for it." - Debby Kallinikos "I think that the people that work for companies typically as reps, those people seem to have the most education because they're on a salary, they're not getting paid commission." - Debby Kallinikos Resources Mentioned: Debby Kallinikos LinkedIn USI Insurance Services Contact Teresa Kitchens Sterling Insurance Group

    Throwback: Brian Blakely: Asking For Advice And Taking Action

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 62:38

    In this throwback episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast, guest host Mitch Gibson interviews Brian Blakely, the director of property & casualty insurance at Stonebridge Insurance and Wealth Management and host of The Good Life Small Business Podcast. Brian talks about what he learned from Bradley Flowers and how he started a podcast. Episode Highlights: Brian shares the best things to do in Kearney, Nebraska. (2:40) What has attributed to Brian's career, skill or luck? (9:38) Brian shares his background. (13:32) Brian mentions what he's currently working on with his podcast. (24:08) Has Brian seen any success that's helped him grow as an agent and with his podcast? (31:19) Brian shares why podcasting is something that he's passionate about. (38:51) Brian mentions what he's trying to accomplish this year. (40:06) Brian shares a story about his first conversation with Bradley Flowers. (47:34)  Key Quotes: “I trust everybody in here and I don't need to look over my shoulder. We've all got the client's best interest at heart. So, another instance of where I got pretty lucky is the people that I get to work with every day and the culture that we have here is great.” - Brian Blakely “Sometimes it's good to hear from other people who may have the same story as you do or can use some support when you think you're all alone. What better time to come out with a small business podcast locally here in my community where people can not only get to know these small businesses better, they can learn about their story.” - Brian Blakely “You may be embarrassed about some of the content that you have out now. I mean, it gets better the more you do it but you just have to be consistent. Don't be scared, just do it. Have someone help you. There's plenty of people out there.” - Brian Blakely Resources Mentioned: Reach out to Mitch Gibson Brian Blakely LinkedIn Stonebridge Insurance and Wealth Management The Good Life Small Business Podcast

    Power Producers: Throwback: Protecting What Matters in Life with Greg Zahn

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 57:09

    In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Greg Zahn, AVP of Multiline and Digital Strategies at Highland Capital Brokerage. Greg talks about his career in the insurance industry and the significance of life insurance. He also discusses the benefits of understanding the disability policy in life insurance, and the value of digital tools in creating systems that are more accessible.   Episode Highlights: David introduces Greg Zahn. (1:29) Greg shares his background in the insurance business. (2:02) Greg says that most of what they do at Highland will make sense as to why he works on a digital footprint, and what he does for PNC and benefits organizations. (2:21) Greg shares the goal of their company. (3:01) Did Greg work initially in life insurance after college? (4:42) Greg says that his experiences led him to understand many aspects of life insurance. (5:52) Greg shares that one of the key elements of life insurance is a disability. (12:41) Greg mentions that term insurance is a great and easy solution to get the death benefit done. (13:43) What is the significance of disability? (15:45) Greg shares that there are plenty of options about disability to where a business can have a disability policy for their customer, or their employee. (16:57) Greg mentions that life insurance has a significant aspect when it comes to cash value inside the permanent policies. (17:53) Greg shares that when it comes to death and disability, facts and figures are helpful, and sometimes they like stories of where things have gone wrong, but at the end of the day, helping them understand that a minor cost compared to a major issue is vital. (24:02) Greg thinks that having a network is a big factor. (28:05) David says that most financial planning companies out there are beholden to their products, and they are not regularly the best thing for the situation. (29:54) Greg shares the beauty of brokerage. (31:05) Greg mentions that Easy Life is an electronic application system and a client-facing tool. (34:54) David mentions that they have the Easy Life widget on their Florida Risk Partner website. (37:13) What are the biggest obstacles that Greg has come into when trying to engage with firms like them? (42:38) Greg explains the methodology with Highland Capital Brokerage. (44:20) Greg mentions that they have a new digital tool coming out that is more educational. (47:13) Greg says that Highland Capital Brokerage has support systems that can help those transactional opportunities and don't bury you in opportunities that are not cost-effective for you to work on, but at the same time making sure that you're visible. (47:50) David says that the thing he likes about digital more than anything else is the analytics that he gets from it. (48:45) Greg thinks that being digital, being aware, being connected, and the data in understanding how to read it is vast. (50:58)   Tweetable Quotes: “The ability to help individuals find the right solution for their family and their needs, and work with insurance professionals that may not traditionally do life insurance is an awesome thing to do every day.” - Greg Zahn “If you don't have a good partner that you can trust that's going to deliver the right solutions to your customers, then don't go into it just to chase money, do it for the right reasons.” - Greg Zahn “Google is not the most helpful thing for good objective research, but customers do it. So make sure you understand, really work around the value, and anyone that's bringing a soul product, and not the market is not really truly bringing value to your customer solutions.” - Greg Zahn   Resources Mentioned: David Carothers LinkedIn Kyle Houck LinkedIn Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes Greg Zahn LinkedIn Highland Capital Brokerage

    New Product: Parametric Insurance, If This Then That

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 36:16

    in this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Ryan Keating, Vice President of Keating Agency Insurance. Ryan shares his experience as the Season 2 Coach of The Protege, an insurance reality show, and discusses how the ways in which agents create value and connections is rapidly changing.  Episode Highlights: Ryan shares that he is an Android user and the last app he downloaded is called MyMind, for meditation. (2:43) Ryan explains that he loves to win because winning is a celebration, and losing gives you a negative feeling. (4:20) Ryan shares that luck has been a bigger factor than skill in where he is today. (4:42) Ryan shares his background story, and how he got into the insurance business. (5:28) Ryan shares that his experience on The Protege helped him to build his network on a larger scale. (7:01) Ryan talks about what it is like to work in a family business, and how generational differences can bring up issues. (14:30) Ryan explains that every agency is run differently, and when it comes to growth, there are 100 different ways to make it work. (17:00)  Ryan shares that the way agents create value and connections has rapidly changed. (20:48) Ryan talks about cyber real estate, cyber insurance in the future, as well as cyber liabilities. (23:24) Ryan explains that InsurTech is a software as a service, but also needs to have sales as a service. (27:20) Key Quotes: "Every agency's run differently. And when you look at acquisitions or growth, and you can do things, 100 different ways to make it work." - Ryan Keating "These InsurTechs need distribution, and there's SaaS, software as a service, but there is also a need for sales as a service." - Ryan Keating “I think as agents they get stuck in the narrow-minded, but our day-to-day is dealing with reactive issues for our clients. And taking a step back the industry as a whole, there's so much going on in it. - Ryan Keating Resources Mentioned: Ryan Keating LinkedIn Keating Agency Insurance Reach out to Jason Cass Agency Intelligence

    Millionaire Insurance Producer: The Quality of Your Prospect List

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 32:31

    One of the biggest reasons insurance agents don't achieve success as a producer is due to the QUANTITY of accounts on their prospect list. But the biggest reason overall is no doubt the QUALITY of the accounts on their prospect list.  In this episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht will teach you how to increase the QUALITY of the accounts you are prospecting in order to close more deals and make more money! Episode Highlights: Charles explains that most insurance brokers are inexperienced and have a large number of accounts to call. (3:57) According to Charles, insurance brokers might have 1000 different prospects on their database. However, if none of them are truly qualified to the point that they are likely to conduct business with you, calling them to set up appointments would be the largest waste of your time. (4:35) Charles discusses the three most important things that insurance agents should have in terms of their database quantity. (9:21) According to Charles, the quality of the prospect list is the difference between being a millionaire insurance producer and always spinning your wheels and not achieving the results you want. (10:51) Charles believes that the reason people are not achieving the financial status and the results they desire, is that they have a deficient prospect list. (14:00) Charles explains that if you contact customers that are coming up in the buying window, the number of set appointments you have will significantly increase. (18:27) Charles mentions that your database should include the most profitable micro-niches. (19:37) Charles discusses that there are lots of different ways in which to find lists of prospects. (22:21) Charles explains that when your book of business and profession develops, you may not need the quantity as much since the quality will be there. (29:37) Key Quotes:  “The quality of your prospect list is the difference between you becoming a millionaire insurance producer versus you continually spinning your wheels and not getting the results that you want.” - Charles Specht “The reason that you are not achieving the financial status, the results that you want the amount of commission money in your own bank account right now, the reason why you're not winning as many clients gathering enough broker record letters and so forth is because you likely have a deficient prospect list.” - Charles Specht “As you're maturing in your book of business, as you're maturing in your career, you might not need the quantity any longer because the quality will be there. But, as of right now if you don't have either, it must be very difficult for you to actually keep going and to have the success that you want.” - Charles Specht Resources Mentioned: Reach out to Charles Specht Permission Network Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Power Producers: Throwback: Scaling Through Super Content with Bradley Flowers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 62:20

    In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Bradley Flowers, Founder of Portal Insurance and Co-Host of The Insurance Guys Podcast. Bradley discusses content creation, where you should spend your ad dollars, and how to build your brand and market your business. Episode Highlights: David introduces Bradley Flowers. (1:24)  Bradley shares how he met David. (2:25) Bradley shares his story and his work background. (3:29) Bradley shares how he got into the insurance industry.  (4:55) Bradley talks about working at a state farm agent to learn P&C. (6:38) Bradley talks about The Insurance Guys Podcast. (7:26) Bradley says that they use the podcast as a vehicle to get to know people like Ryan Hanley. (7:56) Bradley shares how he started the Portal Insurance. (8:13) David shares how he invites his guest to join him in the podcast. (9:45) David talks about the email that he received from Josh Gurley. (10:01) Where would Bradley advise producers or agencies to start over building their brand? (17:27) Bradley talks about the video studio he built at the back of his office. (19:27) Bradley shares his own process of creating content. (24:31) Bradley believes that people should create the content they're most passionate about. (30:55) Bradley shares what happened to Mitch Gibson after following his advice. (36:13) Bradley just started a local podcast. (37:07) Bradley says that podcasts can become the epicenter of all of your marketing where everything is derived from. (40:05) Bradley shares the keys to their success. (43:08) David says that as an easy, out of the box way to get your podcast produced. (45:44) What has been the biggest challenge of Bradley? (48:08) Bradley talks about the first content he created. (59:13) Tweetable Quotes: “One thing that I love to do is I just love connecting with people.” - Bradley Flowers “I'm a big believer in hiring against your weaknesses.” - Bradley Flowers “The key is not reaching a bunch of people. The key is finding the right ones” - Bradley Flowers Resources Mentioned : David Carothers LinkedIn Kyle Huock LinkedIn Florida Risk Partners Bradley Flowers LinkedIn Portal Insurance The Insurance Guys Podcast We Got Your Podcast

    Digital Insurance Pint: Theo Duchen, Co-CEO Acturis – How it Oughta Be

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2022 41:38

    London was calling at 10:00 pm UK time when the Digital Insurance Pint Podcast team jumped across the pond for our podcast with the man nicknamed Duke. Theo Duchen, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and every other great tech entrepreneur, started Acturis in his basement 20 years ago. Fast forward to today, and Acturis has over 870 employees and does business in 6 countries. Theo, over the last 20 years, has been co-CEO with his business partner David McDonald and they have successfully made this work. To top all this off, his Favorite Canadian Singer is Alanis Morisset, isn't that ironic. Over a good Camden pale Ale, we discussed with Theo the following items: We unpack why Acturis bought Zycomp Systems (Power broker), the 2nd biggest BMS in Canada and what they were planning on doing with it in 2021 and beyond. We discover how their multi-tenant SAAS platform is loved by small brokers, big brokers, consolidators, aggregators, MGA's, insurers and broker networks. We learn they are one of the world's only vendors who do 50% of their transactions through electronic trading. We dig into why Acturis has Phil Colin's invisible touch with carrier connectivity and have a stranglehold on connectivity in the UK. We discuss electronic trading and broking in a box. In true Alanis style, the digital insurance pint Podcast team of Tom Reid, Steve Earle, Adam Mitchell, and Jeff Roy discuss everything; you Oughta know about Acturis. Listen and determine if Acturis will become the Jagged little pill that catapults the Canadian broker distribution channel to the next level in connectivity and customer experience. Resources: Tom Reid Jeff Roy Steve Earle Adam Mitchell Digital Insurance Pint Podcast

    Cease & Desist: Insurance Agents from Around the World!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2022 73:31

    In this episode of Cease & Desist podcast, Sean, Andy & Ryan welcome some of their favorite people in the industry, Bradley Flowers and Scott Howell! If you have an interest in mini horses, then this is the episode for you!

    Agency Freedom: E59: Michael Zalle On Lifting Up Your Health And Safety Tools

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 59:33

    In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with Michael Zalle, founder and CEO of Yellowbird, an environmental health and safety consulting company.   Episode Highlights: Michael tells James about the growth of Yellowbird since its inception three years ago. (4:37) Michael shares his background story, and what Yellowbird does in the industry. (11:48)  Michael explains that he started Yellowbird because the concept of skill set on demand was very interesting to him and he saw how useful it could be in the field of environmental health and safety that requires regular training. (16:36) James talks about how Yellowbird could help a small agency act big with the wealth of services they provide. (22:21) Michael talks about how people in the industry are starting to rely on third-party providers to outsource work for them. (31:29) Michael shares that the number one use case that they have in Yellowbird, is the hard to insure, those with unique risk profiles. (38:28) Michael explains that there is a big difference between an accident and an incident. (44:48) Michael shares that anything that is risk-related can generally be solved within 24 to 48 hours with Yellowbird because he has thousands of people in hundreds of locations. (46:20) James explains that Google is not research, but the Urmi International Risk Management Institute, and National Alliance ISO manual, is research. (52:00) Key Quotes: "I started Yellowbird, basically, in the back of an Uber, because the concept of skill sets on demand was very interesting to me. But the concept of commoditization of human beings was not interesting to me." - Michael Zalle "I always say there's a line of value. And as long as we stay within the line of value, then everybody wins." - Michael Zalle "To be truly helpful, you need to have resources. And so for me, I look at what I do, as the magic bag behind the broker. If it has to do with anything that's risk related, Yellowbird can generally have it solved within 24 to 48 hours." - Michael Zalle Resources Mentioned: Learn more about Yellowbird at Visit our website to join our email list, get the scoop on our LIVE coaching calls and never miss an episode: Connect with Agency Freedom Podcast on Facebook at the Agency Freedom Podcast group: Email us at with ideas, questions, complaints or your favorite grilling recipe.

    Power Producers: A Botched Submission

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 16:34

    In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck talk about the importance of having driver selection criteria established on the front-end and communicating that to your clients. Episode Highlights: David talks about the call that he had with someone where they talked about a contentious meeting all based on having drivers with bad driving record. (2:07) David talks about how bad driving records are impacting the hiring plans of companies. (4:41) David discusses the importance of providing a driver selection criteria. (6:49) David shares that many companies who have bad comp claims are auto-related. (9:13) David explains that your agencies need to have criteria established and clients should be MVR's in house. (10:05) Kyle asks David if there are any restrictions on employees accessing their MVR. (12:33) Tweetable Quotes: "I'm pretty sure that everybody that is looking for a job in the trades right now has a crappy driving record. That's just my theory because the ones who don't are always getting hired." - David Carothers "I think that you know, if the client is of decent size, you're totally right, they should have some sort of MVR check capabilities on their end" - Kyle Houck Resources Mentioned: David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

    submission producers botched mvr david carothers kyle houck power producers podcast
    RHS 148 - Sarah Muniz on Helping Women Find Their Undiscovered Voice in the Insurance Industry

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 65:37

    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley interviews Sarah Muniz, producer at Home Team Insurance and author of Undiscovered Voices: Unlocking the Potential of Women in Insurance. She joins the podcast to talk about why women need to play a larger role in the future of insurance. This is a tremendous episode of the podcast that you don't want to miss… Episode Highlights: Sarah discusses the origin story of her book, which is based on her and other women's struggles to move into a leadership position as women in the industry. (4:16) Sarah explains that the major problem that she wants to solve is showing that we have more than enough talent in the industry. (12:25) Ryan discusses the idea of how many women in the 61% have truly wanted to be in a leadership position. (14:43) Sarah talks about different types of barriers she thinks will affect the percentage of women in leadership roles. (17:00) Sarah compares the profits of a diverse firm to those of a company that is not diverse. (23:37) Ryan explains that he is willing to take anyone regardless of their situation as long as they are willing to show up and work hard and play in our culture. (26:37) Sarah shares that if women get more opportunities, it also creates opportunities for minority groups. (30:24) Sarah elaborates that the only factor that should come into play when hiring is if the person is going to fit into the team. (38:03) Ryan explains that he thinks that there is a major gap in quality leadership in the industry. (43:02) Sarah shares that the key to being at a higher level is to support yourself for more opportunities. (48:42) Ryan explains that everyone should control their personal brand in order to control their career. (52:01) Key Quotes: "If someone is talented and willing to work hard and fit in your culture, they should absolutely have the option to come work for you or with you." - Sarah Muniz "The other problem that I have seen is that a lot of times women are hired into service positions, whereas men are hired right into producer positions." - Sarah Muniz "I do believe that you should make a name for yourself and have your own personal brand, outside of your employer to where you're making a name for yourself. I do 100% agree that you should do that. The part that is hard, and it's happened with me, is having your own personal belief system and brand can actually gets you in trouble with whoever you're employed by." - Sarah Muniz Resources Mentioned: Sarah Muniz LinkedIn Home Team Insurance Insurance Nerds: Undiscovered Voices Amazon: Undiscovered Voices Reach out to Ryan Hanley

    Millionaire Insurance Producer: The Insurance Industry's Best Prospecting Script

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 34:08

    Setting appointments with new prospects is hard. But it's also one of the most important things a producer needs to improve at in order to win new clients. "Scripting" (what you say or write to your prospects) is the difference maker for all of it. In this episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht outlines what is potentially the best prospecting script in the entire insurance industry, as well as how you can personally edit it to make it your own. Episode Highlights: One of the most difficult challenges, according to Charles, is getting over the point of hesitancy. (2:37) Charles explains that the insurance industry's best prospecting script is the one that works for your unique prospect. (3:40) Charles mentions that anything you provide your prospect in return for an hour of their time must be meaningful and simply understood. (5:55) Prospecting, according to Charles, is not easy, is not pleasant, and is challenging. However, if you want to establish a million-dollar book of business, you'll need to persuade individuals to meet with you. (07:29) Charles provides samples of the top prospecting scripts in the insurance industry. (11:23) Charles explains that everything is constructed on the micro-niche, and you must start there. (17:04) Charles discusses why he typically encourages insurance salespeople to have their first script be fairly price sensitive, so that it resonates with everyone. (29:48) Charles mentions that the finest prospecting script for the insurance sector must fit the needs of the individual you're interacting with at the time. (30:42) Key Quotes: “If you don't have many different scripts to use for your prospects, you are probably not getting the results you want.” - Charles Specht “Focusing on how to set appointments is probably the smartest thing you will ever do in your career.” - Charles Specht “As you're figuring out what your script and your pitch and your cold call carrot is, you have to really understand what is one of the main problems they're dealing with. Because whatever you're saying has to be a solution to that problem. And if you don't understand your prospect's problems, the solution that you have to offer really isn't going to be that great.” - Charles Specht Resources Mentioned: Reach out to Charles Specht Permission Network Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Power Producers: Throwback: The Riches are in the Niches with Bob Klinger

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 53:19

    In today's throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, host David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck, interviews Bob Klinger, President and CEO of Klinger Insurance Group located in Germantown, Maryland. Bob discusses his military background, what brought him into the insurance industry, marketing strategy, his staff, and giving back.    Episode Highlights:  How did Bob Klinger get into the insurance industry? (2:49) Why did Bob Klinger decide to start a dry cleaning business? (5:37) Bob explains the importance of working in various roles to understand the pieces and parts of what made their operations tick. (8:36) Why does Bob take his staff on field trips? (13:23) Bob shares how his Ranger mentality impacted his managing style and how he has evolved. (15:26) Everyone that holds a desk at Klinger Insurance Group has to hit numbers, daily/weekly goals, and incentives. (17:26) Hiring and probationary periods. (18:24)  Prioritizing your daily routines. (26:41) Using your CRM and tracking outbound calls. (28:46)  Why is it important to execute a defined process? (30:58) Marketing, advertising, and giving back to the community. (39:01)   Tweetable Quotes:  “I think that if anything gives me chills, it's giving back. You know, I grew up pretty easy, I grew up pretty poor, and so being in this industry has given me a blessing and a standard of living to give back.” - Bob Klinger “No matter who you are, you have to execute the process that has been defined, that has been proven to be successful to perfection.” - David Carothers  “I just realize that not everybody's going to think like you; in some cases, that's good.” - Bob Klinger   Resources Mentioned: David Carothers LinkedIn Kyle Houck LinkedIn Bob Klinger LinkedIn Klinger Insurance Group

    Power Women In Insurance: Using Data To Make Commercial Insurance Easy with Andrea Gioia of Coterie Insurance

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 27:27

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Andrea Gioia from Coterie Insurance. Andrea talks to us about how Coterie is building out the technology to quote commercial insurance quickly and efficiently. Episode Highlights: Andrea talks about her background and what led her to Coterie. (1:29) Andrea shares that their mission at Coterie is to build and foster a world-class team and to bring speed, simplicity, and service to small businesses or commercial insurance. (4:31) Andrea explains how they are constantly learning and iterating around what data they have available. (6:45) Teresa talks to Andrea about the importance of data and how it is being secured. (8:46) Andrea talks about why they focus more on small commercial, which have 10 employees or less. (12:14) Andrea discusses several parts of their process and the teams that are responsible for these specific processes. (14:49) Andrea explains that they sell directly to a policyholder through their quote flow. (16:09) Andrea and Teresa agree that most people who own a company don't know anything about insurance, and also don't want to know anything about it. (19:18) Andrea shares their future plans at Coterie which include honing in on and continuing to iterating the data as well as adding lines of coverage and the ability to quote multiple lines at the same time, even with different carriers. (21:00) Key Quotes: "Our values are so important to us. They're intelligence, integrity, passion, and humility. But when you have that combination, it's so magical." - Andrea Gioia  "I would say most people that own a company don't know anything about insurance and don't want to know anything, so they are looking for an agent. They want to be taken care of. And so I think the demand is certainly still there." - Andrea Gioia "What I'm most excited about is iterating on our confidence models on our data. We're going to get really good at being able to hone in on what data is actually needed, and the right sources to bring that in." - Andrea Gioia Resources Mentioned: Andrea Gioia LinkedIn Coterie Insurance Contact Teresa Kitchens Sterling Insurance Group

    Blessed Are The Flexible, For They Don't Get Bent Out Of Shape

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 28:57

    In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Mark Engels, Chief Executive Officer at ePayPolicy. Mark talks about how ePayPolicy simplifies the digital engagement strategy for your agency and what makes for a great customer experience. Episode Highlights: Mark talks about what ePayPolicy is and the issue it addresses in the insurance industry. (2:17) Mark explains that he hates to lose and expects to win, but remembers the ones he lost more than the ones that he won. (3:20) Mark shares that he believes that it is a strong combination of both skill and luck that got him to where he is today. (3:54) Mark shares his background story and how he started in the business. (4:43) Mark explains that the foundation of ePayPolicy's vision is to solve one of the largest pain points of all agencies and brokers, processing the paper check. (12:34) Mark shares that over the past 10 years, almost all the experiences in the insurance industry have become digitized. (15:08) Mark shares the story of how ePayPolicy initiated building an acquisition team that led him to have the opportunity to join. (16:19) Mark talks about the service they call “Checkmate”, which takes the ePayPolicy platform and moves it from digital accounts receivable management to accounts receivable management, regardless of payment method. (18:51) Mark shares that he is currently reading "Super Pumped" which is a story about Uber. (24:21) Key Quotes: "If you think about our business, and where we sit in the ecosystem, you know, we're in a unique place in that we serve all the constituents in the industry." - Mark Engels "As we think about the way the world has moved here, you know, over the past, let's call it, you know, five to 10 years, or more, almost all the experiences that we have, have become digitized." - Mark Engels "It is why we exist, to help make that simpler, and to help these companies within this broad and fantastic ecosystem of insurance, simplify their daily life in the back office and make it a great experience for their insurance." - Mark Engels Resources Mentioned: Mark Engels LinkedIn ePayPolicy Reach out to Jason Cass  Agency Intelligence

    Age of Indiependence: "Sorry" Is Not Enough

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 42:24

    Our creative energy kicks in when there is a problem to be solved! Don't miss this energizing convo on Age of Indiependence podcast with Quantum Assurance International's Director of Education, Amanda Mapp. It turns out clients want us to solve real problems, and over-apologizing keeps us from seeing the best outcomes. This is an episode you don't want to miss! Episode Highlights: Amanda believes that fear of judgment or rejection keeps us from taking risks because we don't see risk as something that will benefit us regardless of the outcome. (8:56) Amanda agrees with Katlyn that if we can educate our children to have a mentality change, it will be tremendous for their risk tolerance and desire to take more risks. (11:38) Amanda discusses why the price is the most painful aspect of a policy. (15:41) Amanda discusses what factors influence her satisfaction. (18:47) Amanda believes that in the insurance industry, we must be extra creative in order to solve challenges (25:44) Amanda explains that regardless of where we were raised geographically, how we sound in general, not just like the things we say, can affect how the call will flow, and that the person on the other end of the line will impact how that discussion goes. (27:10) Amanda emphasizes the importance of associates understanding that they too are consumers. (29:53) Amanda explains that, instead of sharing a story, we may ask some questions to learn more about the client's situation, which also builds connection and ultimately works towards the goal of addressing an issue. (32:14) Amanda explains that switching the roles of customer and associate is one method to encourage people to understand how something sounds. (33:38) Amanda discusses why it is important to practice dealing with situations in stressful scenarios. (36:24) Amanda mentions TikTok as a wonderful way to learn that has a lot of very excellent knowledge since there are so many extremely educated and really talented individuals on there sharing their experiences and spreading a lot of information (38:12) Key Quotes: “Being a success is subjective but somebody being satisfied is internal.” - Amanda Mapp “In insurance, we have to get extra creative with solving problems. Because we don't have a one size fits all solution for people, at least it shouldn't be that way. So, we have to think outside the box and think how do we, adjust coverages or look at different carrier options to make sure that a customer's problem is actually being solved at the end of the day.” - Amanda Mapp “I think there's a disconnect sometimes where our associates don't always realize that they're also consumers. So they put themselves in only the suit, you know, in the worker position, right? And they don't think about themselves as the consumer.” - Amanda Mapp Resources Mentioned: Amanda Mapp Linkedin Reach out to Katlyn Eggar Quantum Assurance International

    Millionaire Insurance Producer: Get Ready to Pivot!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 33:51

    If you're like most insurance agents out there, you're not getting the new business commission results you know you're capable of. You're either not prospecting enough, prospecting inefficiently, not setting enough appointments, not sure how to transition to asking for the signed Broker of Record Letter, or how to close the business if you go through a quoting process. Usually, this boils down to doing things over and over and over again that do not work or do not get a high enough ROI.  In this episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht will talk about how you should Pivot, what to Pivot to/from, and how to determine if the Pivot you make will be profitable or not for you or your agency. Episode Highlights: Charles explains that a common issue that people have is that they can't stop doing one thing and start doing something else. (4:53) Charles shares that pivoting starts at the very beginning of the building process. (7:02) Charles talks about his experience working with a very large agency over the last three years. (10:23) Charles advises listeners to start utilizing some of the technologies that are out there, such as InsurTech. (14:50) Charles explains that you need to have more prospects in your database than you think is necessary. (19:17) Charles explains that the pivot and the database are important as you cannot call the same account every couple of weeks. (23:38) Charles shares that it does not make sense for you to keep doing something that doesn't get you results. (25:36) Charles shares some of the things that would cost you zero dollars but still help you in your success. (28:20) Charles explains that you need to step back and begin to list the things you need to pivot and go through them one at a time. (29:14) Key Quotes: "You need to take a step back, begin to look around at the things that you need to pivot, and make that change today." - Charles Specht "Tech really doesn't help you to sell; that's completely different. You need to be able to persuade, you need to be able to ask for the business, you need to be able to prospect, you need to be able to do all of that." - Charles Specht "If you're actually you're able to do certain things in certain ways, and you can help yourself by including technology into your entire process, then I would say it would probably make financial sense for you to actually do that." - Charles Specht Resources Mentioned: Reach out to Charles Specht Permission Network Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Power Producers: Throwback: Beards and Buffett with Jason Kilgo

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 63:49

    In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Jason Kilgo, Founder of KilGO Insurance. Jason talks about how they treat their clients, providing the best rate with a good policy, and making sure their clients are satisfied. Jason also shares how his team has been working remotely even before the quarantine and how he manages Zoom meetings with clients. Episode Highlights: Jason explains where he came from, and how he got into where he's at today. (17:03) Jason shares how he met Warren Buffet. (19:47) Jason shares one thing he learned at the shareholder meeting. (24:04) Jason shares why he chose the insurance business. (24:41) Jason says that he got a big ego and a lot of ambition personality in his early 20's. (26:17) Jason shares what makes him do mortgages. (27:19) Jason shares why he decided to get back into insurance. (29:26) Does Jason ask everyone if they're delighted at the end of the call? (30:15) Jason says that mortgages really gave him flexibility and entrepreneurship. (33:25) Jason talks about his strategy. (34:02) Jason says that if you call his company, you can expect the best rate with good policy coverage. (35:28) How often does Jason normally work from home? (43:21) What are the things that Jason looks for when he's at meeting with loan officers in terms of partnering? (44:28) Jason thinks that having a survey is important. (55:03) Jason shares how they treat their clients. (56:53) Tweetable Quotes: “If I'm going to sell something, I want to sell something that's a need. I don't want to sell a want.” - Jason Kilgo “The number one thing for a culture of what people want out of a job is they want freedom.” - Jason Kilgo  “I think we're good, but we could be better” - Jason Kilgo “I feel like every job has been a great stepping stone to where I am now.” - Jason Kilgo Resources Mentioned:  LinkedIn- David Carothers  LinkedIn- Kyle Houck LinkedIn- Jason Kilgo KilGO Insurance

    Digital Insurance Pint: Gore Mutual COO Paul Jackson – Big Moves Big Goals

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 19, 2022 44:17

    In this episode of the Digital Insurance Pint Podcast, Paul Jackson joins the show. Paul's favorite Canadian singer is Bryan Adams. Dopey is his favorite dwarf. He is also a fanboy of one of the smartest CEOs in Canadian insurance history, Charles Brindamour of Intact Insurance. However, more importantly, as Chief Operating Officer at Gore Mutual, Paul is part of an astonishing team that has redefined a historic Canadian Mutual insurance company, with deep roots in the Canadian P and C industries, with a new strategic strategy plan, code-named – The Next Horizon. During our Garrison Pucker Up pint with Paul, we boldly dig into Gore Mutual's Next Horizon strategy. We discuss the management changes and strategy shift Gore has made to hit their aggressive east to west expansion plans to grow into a top 10 insurance company in Canada with two billion dollars in premium. The Pint Podcast team unpacks the key parts of their new strategy, which consist of four main pillars Purpose Driven Digitally Led National Expansion Insurance Retailing We discuss the technology flip from Duck creek to guidewire and talk about Gore's brokerage ownership in the Insurance Store. Join Tom Reid, Adam Mitchell, Steve Earle and Jeff Roy as they, Cut like a knife into all the cool things Paul Jackson and the Gore Mutual team are doing. Resources: Tom Reid Jeff Roy Steve Earle Adam Mitchell Digital Insurance Pint Podcast

    Agency Freedom: E58: Pat Mulroy On Getting Ready For The Embedded Insurance Tidal Wave

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 60:06

    In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, host James talks with Pat Mulroy, Head of Distribution for Tarmika. Episode Highlights: Pat shares his career path in the insurance ecosystem. (4:51) Pat talks about what Tarmika is doing on the embedded side and that led to his position there. (6:25)  Pat explains that Tarmika sees embedded insurance as something they can offer to both consumers and agencies as an additional distribution method, a starting point, but not something that is going to complete the full journey. (11:33)  James shares his experience of going to a Coldplay concert and using Allianz concert ticket insurance. (16:09) Pat explains why the ability to offer multiple carriers from certain embedded offerings is very unique. (21:01) Pat shares that their new product, which is called "The Tunnel”, has been available for months now and they are continuing to expand. (25:03) Pat shares that it is very important to understand the experience an agency wants to create in order to be able to create the right platform. (31:00) Pat talks about how they have created integrations that their partner carriers do not have to do. (37:21) Pat talks about the notion of a disruptor and highlights the need to embrace different types of distribution. (44:10) James shares the benefits of agents partnering with loan officers and mortgage companies. (49:05) Pat shares some of the reasons why he loves working in this type of industry. (51:46) Key Quotes: "So, I am of the opinion, this is a blanket statement across all things embedded, that the front end experience is insanely important to making this truly feel embedded." - Patrick Mulroy "I think we fell into a better position and others specific to the embedded space because of all of the years that we were involved in the rating side of the business." - Patrick Mulroy "I personally like working in this space so much because of the unknown, so many different parties, technology companies, agencies, carriers, consumers, are all trying to figure out, how this is ultimately going to play out and look, is wildly interesting to me." - Patrick Mulroy  Resources Mentioned: Learn more about Tarmika here: Visit our website to join our email list, get the scoop on our LIVE coaching calls and never miss an episode: Connect with Agency Freedom Podcast on Facebook at the Agency Freedom Podcast group: Email us at with ideas, questions, complaints or your favorite grilling recipe.

    Power Producers: Fleet Safety for Sales III

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 24:47

    In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck talk about fleet safety and how beneficial it is for sales. They also discuss mirroring and labeling prospects. Episode Highlights: David explains why he would always try and use the carrier for fleet safety. (3:33) David explains that when he was a start-up in the tech perspective, he was only using a laptop and Microsoft Office. (7:17) David talks about investing in training programs and email automation when starting up. (9:24) Kyle explains that the nice thing about using KPA or Mineral is that the reports are pushed out to the employees and it helps with monitoring and accountability. (11:05) David shares about a call that he had with someone in a Killing Commercial. (12:16) David explains about mirroring and labeling somebody as a prospect and what you should sound like. (16:35) David explains that agents see KPA or Mineral as a way to get business and not as a way to keep it. (17:49) Tweetable Quotes: "I think that the thing that's really nice about using KPA or Mineral or really, you know, other ones that are out there is that it pushes it out to the employees, quarterly or monthly." - Kyle Houck "When you're mirroring and labelling somebody as a prospect, you always want to say, it sounds like, it feels like, it seems like. Not, I'm hearing, I'm feeling or whatever. Because the second you put “I” into the conversation, it becomes selfish and about you and not about them." - David Carothers Resources Mentioned: David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

    RHS 147: How Michael Lebor & InsuranceGiG are Creating Better Data Outcomes

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 70:09

    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley interviews Michael Lebor, founder and CEO of InsuranceGiG. Michael joins the podcast for a deep dive into how we use data to create better outcomes for our business. Michael is solving big problems with InsuranceGiG, and we're honored to have him share his insights and expertise. Don't miss this episode.  Episode Highlights: Michael explains what InsuranceGiG is and how it is beneficial to the industry. (8:14) Michael shares that if you are in insurance technology, data is either a weapon or a liability. (11:53) Michael explains that they get their foot in the door with their pricing model and organic platform. (18:02) Michael shares that they recently went live with HawkSoft AMS and explains why it is a game changer. (21:26)  Ryan explains that he sees the tool as very useful in saving time, as the system can do all the work on the same platform. (30:44)  Michael explains that their main drive is not to replace the core policy system but to make things as easy as possible as well as cheap and fast. (34:18) Michael shares that InsuranceGiG has categories like data, operational workflows, and submissions. (40:17) Michael talks about their company and system being able to demonstrate visibility into the flow of data across the entire supply chain. (52:15) Michael explains that InsuranceGig has the beauty of having incredible vendors, like Record Linker. (58:13)  Key Quotes: "If you look at yourself as a company, or somebody in the insurance technology, business data is either one of two things to you, it's either a weapon, or it's a liability." - Michael Lebor "We're not replacing the core policy system. But we really think that we're going to be this really valuable, a creative, secondary layer on top of them." - Michael Lebor " I'm just going out to the best vendors that are out there and saying just connect to me, become part of our data fabric." - Michael Lebor Resources Mentioned: Michael Lebor LinkedIn InsuranceGiG Reach out to Ryan Hanley

    Power Women In Insurance: How Insure Equality Is Making The Insurance Industry A Better Place

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 49:07

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Elisa Stampf. Elisa has helped build Insure Equality and protect the people's voices in the insurance space. She pioneers conversations and helps others to find that safe space to have the tough conversations that will help make tomorrow's industry a better place. Episode Highlights: Elisa shares her background story and how she got into the insurance industry. (1:33) Teresa explains that to move forward, people have to make big changes in the industry. (9:05) Elisa explains that Insure Equality was created because people wanted to have a better way forward. (10:29) Elisa shares that another theme that consistently comes up would be based on relationships. (14:16) Teresa explains that the younger generation is very conscious when it comes to equality, as they want to work in a diverse community. (20:22) Elisa talks about their vision moving forward, which is all about accountability, community, and transparency and the pledges that agencies are signing to move toward that vision. (23:44) Elisa explains that they have pledged signers in over 18 states and Canada in just a span of six months. (35:27) Teresa discusses how the first people lined up for change are those that are putting their egos aside. (40:45) Elisa talks about moving forward and taking action instead of sitting and lamenting the past. (43:38) Key Quotes: "It isn't just about women, it's about black people, brown people, queer people, we're all coming to this industry and getting a bit of a like crisis of consciousness or crisis of self awareness." - Elisa Stampf "We are not the first group of people that have tried to make a change in this industry. And we certainly won't and shouldn't be the last. But for many people, this is their first foray into this conversation. And that alone is super impactful." - Elisa Stampf "Everybody makes mistakes, and we have to get comfortable as a culture with saying that we've made a mistake and then taking action with it." - Elisa Stampf Resources Mentioned: Elisa Stampf LinkedIn Insure Equality Contact Teresa Kitchens Sterling Insurance Group

    Power Producers: Throwback: Treating Technology as a Team Member with Scott Beene

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 63:18

    In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Scott Beene, the CEO of Diversicom Corporation. Scott Beene talks about his unique views of Managed Services and why you should invest in Managed Service Provider. Scott also shares that he participated in four different groups and why building trust and relationships with clients is important. Episode Highlights: David introduces guest Scott Beene. (1:43) Scott Beene shares his background story. (2:33) Scott Beene shares his experience working with the second world's largest distributor of technology. (7:13) Scott Beene talks about the win-win profitable relationship. (11:28) Scott Beene was kind of naive when he started because he was an engineer. (12:35) Scott Beene talks about what the cybersecurity threat has done with the industry. (14:06) Scott Beene says that when he started, the term “Managed Service” doesn't exist yet. (15:47) When Scott Beene got engaged with a prospect, how does he determine if he's gonna work with them or not? (18:25) Scott Beene discusses the two questions he asks a prospect. (19:56) What's the biggest obstacle that Scott Beene runs into when he is dealing with prospects? (24:59) Scott Beene shares that they literally treat the technology in the client's business as a virtual employee. (28:15) Scott Beene has worked with four professional groups. (33:45) Scott Beene shares the hardest part about running an IT company. (35:55) Scott Beene talks about the reaction of prospects about the job description. (43:00) Scott Beene talks about his favorite author. (55:06) Why does Scott Beene ask for a job description from clients? (49:57) What is the daily routine of Scott Beene? (53:07) Tweetable Quotes:  “I have a goal to get to a point to where I only look at my email three days at three times a day”- Scott Beene  “Most of my peers laughed at me, thought I would never gonna make it. And today, over half of IT companies are running their business using this model called Managed Services”- Scott Beene “I'm trying my best not to start my week before it's finished”- Scott Beene Resources Mentioned: David Carothers - Linkedin Kyle Houck - Linkedin Florida Risk Partners Scott Beene - Linkedin Diversicom Corporation

    Let's Have A Real Conversation About Things People Don't Discuss

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 33:36

    In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Troy Korsgaden, President & Consultant of Korsgaden International. Troy talks about how he was able to build himself back from having mental and physical health issues. Episode Highlights: Troy shares that he is an iPhone user and the last app he downloaded was Blankest. (2:19) Troy explains that he loves to win but he learns from losing. (3:43) Troy shares that luck has played a bigger role than skill in getting him to where he is today. (4:09) Troy shares how he expanded his practice and hired and develop people to become bigger and stronger in the business. (10:46) Troy explains that it is not easy being a self-employed person, but the advantage is that carriers would hire you from a global standpoint. (12:19) Troy discusses the moment where he became unhealthy, mentally, and physically and how he was able to change it. (14:09) Troy explains that his fears led him to ignore the rock bottom moment. (17:56) Troy shares the story of how he was able to bring himself back as a bigger and stronger person in 100 days. (20:36) Troy explains that he helps other people that are having mental issues as a way of giving back. (24:54) Key Quotes: "I had to stop and I just had to really take a look at myself. How did I get here? Why did I get here? And then where do I want to go? What changes am I going to make to get healthy? Because you've got to have good health, everything you want to do is useless if you're if you don't have the health to be able to do it." - Troy Korsgaden "You're going to fall off once in a while, and I did. But you know, just at the end of the day, I'm a bigger, stronger, better person for it. And my business is stronger and better." - Troy Korsgaden "You know, the old saying, 95% of what you worry about never comes to happen, never comes to pass, and never happens." - Troy Korsgaden Resources Mentioned: Troy Korsgaden Korsgaden International Reach out to Jason Cass Agency Intelligence

    Power Producers: Throwback: Local Traffic Cop with Chris Langille

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 64:47

    In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Chris Langille, Founder of Advisor Evolved. Chris talks about website development, the importance of SEO and pay-per-click, knowing the entire process from top to bottom in doing niche marketing, and the importance of having a VA in the organization. Episode Highlights: David introduces guest Chris Langille. (1:24) What does Chris Langille do with traffic generation? (4:14) Chris Langille talks about how often things change in business throughout the course of a year or two. (7:25) Chris Langille shares his unique background story. (11:47) Chris Langille got to the point where he was running the agency by himself. (14:31) Chris Langille talks about website marketing. (17:05) What is the mistake that most people make with marketing? (22:32) There are certain things that you shouldn't waste your time on and there are certain things that you should spend time and money on. (22:52) Why is insurance a very competitive industry? (26:54) What is Chris' biggest obstacle when he engages with agencies that he runs into? (28:24) Chris Langille talks about how they started doing search ads for trucking. (38:08) Chris Langille shares that they are on the process of buying data from google. (42:25) What would be Chris Langille's advice to somebody who wants to revamp their marketing efforts? (54:28) Tweetable Quotes: “Don't think about the cost as an expense. think about it as,'If I can outspend my competitors, I'm gonna win.'” – Chris Langille “You got to have the right mindset with it. You can't put your website in the marketing expense column anymore. It's the cost of doing business, it's like your electric bill.” – Chris Langille “We have to educate the person first and then they become a client and that's sort of always been our approach.” – Chris Langille Resources Mentioned:  LinkedIn- David Carothers LinkedIn- Kyle Houck LinkedIn- Chris Langille Advisor Evolved Local Traffic Marketing

    Digital Insurance Pint: Graham Haigh – Building a Broker Friendly Insurer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 12, 2022 58:43

    In this episode of the Digital Insurance Pint Podcast, Graham Haigh, VP of broker distribution at Wawanesa, avid golfer, scotch drinker, huge Winnipeg Jets fan and an even bigger fan of the broker distribution channel, talks about all the great things Wawanesa is doing to become even more broker friendly. Tom, Adam, Steve and Jeff discuss the following topics with Graham: Is Western Financial Wawanesa's version of Canadian Brokerlink? Are aggregators friend or foe? Is digitizing claims the next frontier for Wawanesa? What will a broker of the future look like? Why won't Technology plays, Insurtechs, and auto manufacturers beat brokers in the future? How software brokers are using today is considered bush league? Finally, Graham gets to the bottom of all the bullshit surrounding insurance companies claiming there is such a thing as a direct type of customer. Resources: Tom Reid Jeff Roy Steve Earle Adam Mitchell Digital Insurance Pint Podcast

    Cease & Desist: Christmas in April

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 11, 2022 54:32

    In this episode of Cease & Desist podcast, Daniel Jimenez and Margeaux Giles chat with Ryan, Sean, and Andy. If you love Christmas music, romance novels, and hunting for unicorns then you HAVE to listen.

    Agency Freedom: E57: Dr Billy Williams On Discipline, Process And Niches

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 61:47

    In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with the one and only Dr. Billy Willams, CEO of Inspire A Nation, an equity partner in over 100 retail insurance agencies, and an investor in many other businesses.   Episode Highlights: Dr. Billy Williams talks about his background and what led him to start Inspire A Nation. (5:23) Dr. Billy Williams shares that he does not worry about a person's mindset, but what is important is discipline. (10:27) Dr. Billy Williams explains that when he chooses an agency management system, he makes sure that it does 90% of everything he needs.  (20:03) Dr. Billy Williams mentions that he is a step-by-step guy, and gives out the steps he is guided through on a normal workday. (24:34) Dr. Billy Williams explains that the reason most people won't follow a process is that they don't take the time to create a process. (30:07) Dr. Billy Williams elaborates on common weaknesses that a lot of people have. (38:17) Dr. Billy Williams explains that he is not a cold caller type of guy, but a big referral type of guy. (44:31) Dr. Billy Williams shares that one thing agents can do to make themselves experts is to understand that insurance is all about claims. (46:43) Dr. Billy Williams explains the importance of having enough of a niche and knowledge in your demographics. (49:18) Dr. Billy Williams elaborates on the importance of people getting back to the process and understanding assurances about the claim. (56:39) Key Quotes: "Profit sharing is a part of new business. If I didn't write new business, and I didn't have renewals, I don't have profit sharing. " - Dr. Billy Williams "The reason why most people won't follow a process is that they don't take the time to create a process. They don't take the time to follow a process." - Dr. Billy Williams "The process for me is freedom. Freedom for me is delegation. If I can't delegate it to someone, I'm not free. If I'm the only person who can do that, I'm not free." - Dr. Billy Williams Resources Mentioned: Learn more about Inspire A Nation and connect with Billy's team at Learn more about the Tango process documentation program at Visit our website to join our email list, get the scoop on our LIVE coaching calls, and never miss an episode: Connect with the Agency Freedom Podcast on Facebook at the Agency Freedom Podcast group: Email us at with ideas, questions, complaints or your favorite grilling recipe.

    Power Producers: Fleet Safety for Sales II

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 20:09

    In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck talk about driver selection criteria and how important it is. They also discuss how being a bit more forceful with clients can help them to understand that you want what is right for them. Episode Highlights: David shares that it is sometimes okay to be more forceful with your clients because it can help them to understand that you are only willing to provide the best. (1:52) Kyle explains that there are people that are stuck in the perspective of being at low risk, and the means of having insurance is not important. (4:42) David shares why companies need to have a formal safety program in place. (8:11) David talks about himself being a hall pass monitor when it comes to interstate driving for his clients. (11:22) Kyle mentions that it's hard to get contractors to do the things that you need them to if they don't feel like it has any impact on them. (13:05) Kyle explains that it may be more effective to use the incentive method to keep drivers on track. (14:21) David shares that it is also important to have a defined keyword, progressive disciplinary policy. (15:00) Tweetable Quotes: "One of the things that I didn't bring up is that sometimes you've got to be a little bit more forceful with your client. Sometimes you want what's right for them more than they want what's right for them because they just don't get it." - David Carothers "If people aren't following your program and the stuff that you've put in place, I think that it's better to use the incentive method to get them on track." - Kyle Houck Resources Mentioned: David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

    RHS 146 - Live Recording of Bradley Flowers and Ryan Hanley Talking Insurance

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 54:01

    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Bradley Flowers, founder, and president of Portal Insurance and the co-host of the Insurance Guys Podcast sits down with Ryan Hanley in Cleveland, Ohio in front of an audience of over 150 people for a live recording of the podcast. In this conversation, they dive deep into culture, hiring, and the marketing strategies producing exponential results in 2022. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind conversation. Episode Highlights: Ryan introduces this special live episode with guest, Bradley Flowers. (1:35) Bradley shares that looking for opportunities not only within your agency but outside of your agency is a way to stand out. (11:13) Bradley shares that they have an unlimited time off policy in the company so long as they are able to deliver results. (18:13) Bradley explains that culture is not something you accomplish, it's a living, breathing thing that you're constantly working on. (20:37) Bradley explains how managing people can be changed by understanding the average millennial. (26:56) Bradley shares the story of the first employee he had to fire and what he learned from it. (29:57) Bradley talks about having a great working relationship with your VA's. (36:05) Bradley talks about the opportunity that they have with cross-selling at the moment. (38:06) Bradley explains that every single client goes through the same process, through automated texts and emails. (43:13) Bradley shares what their emails and text messages are composed of and how it subliminally tells people the purpose of their message. (45:25) Bradley explains why text messages are still important in communication nowadays. (47:23) Key Quotes: "It's harder now than when I started. There definitely were some things that were hard when we were scratching that are not hard now. But there are some things that were easy when we started that are hard now." - Bradley Flowers "We are not perfect at culture. That's like the first thing out of my mouth. And it's not something you accomplish. It's a living, breathing thing that you're constantly working on." - Bradley Flowers "Combined with the average employee now staying at a job for four years and eight months, the average millennial stays at a job for three years and six months, and Gen Z is like two years and eight months. I think of your approach managing people with those few things in mind, it kind of changes the way that you manage." - Bradley Flowers Resources Mentioned: Bradley Flowers LinkedIn Portal Insurance Reach out to Ryan Hanley

    Power Womein In Insurance: Little Dog Media And How They Can Help Manage The Social Media Headache

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 27:39

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Danielle Willets, Big Dog at Little Dog Social Media. Danielle talks about how Little Dog Media helps agencies with their social media. They pre-plan and post 15 different social media posts per month to help with brand awareness and generate business for insurance agents. Episode Highlights: Danielle shares why she started Little Dog Social Media. (1:23) Danielle explains that she saw the potential to help insurance agents and companies through social media. (3:26) Danielle shares that they are not just putting out content on social media, but also looking and understanding how it benefits the agency. (06:16) Danielle discusses that they create content for each platform that can be the same content, but written or geared differently on each platform. (8:46) Danielle shares how they are able to utilize the features and benefits of every platform, like Facebook and LinkedIn. (10:52) Danielle explains that they also provide resources to keep the clients active on different social media platforms. (13:38) Danielle shares that her favorites and top priorities to recommend are Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and LinkedIn. (15:16) Danielle talks about other services they offer, such as marketing, print, and creating digital graphics. (16:34) Danielle explains that they provide monthly reports to their clients so they can be aware of the engagement and growth of the audience. (19:42) Danielle talks about the different pricing and packages available on their website. (23:16) Key Quotes: "The items that we like to help agents with is not just, you know, putting out content on social media, but putting out content and looking and understanding how that content is benefiting the agency." - Danielle Willets "We give them the resources to keep active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and then we have to talk about Google My Business, and having your Google My Business listing claimed is so important. It's worth its weight in gold. " - Danielle Willets "We eat, breathe, and sleep insurance and social media 24/7. That's what we are, that's what we're thinking about all the time watching the trends, looking to see how we can run campaigns, how we can make the agents successful." - Danielle Willets Resources Mentioned: Danielle Willets LinkedIn Little Dog Social Media Contact Teresa Kitchens Sterling Insurance Group

    The MVP Podcast: Chelsie Sweazy; The Agent Who Made Me Hate Losing!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 56:41

    In this episode of The MVP Podcast, Mitch Gibson sits down with Chelsie Sweazy, who comes to us from MJ Insurance, located in Carmel, Indiana! Chelsie started her career on the carrier side with Travelers, then just over 2 years ago, Chelsie jumped headfirst into the agency side with MJ Insurance as a Risk Management Consultant/Producer. Before I got to know Chelsie about a year ago, she and I were competing for an account against each other for a prospect, and yes, she won the account. I LOVE to win, but Chelsie made me realize that I HATE losing way more. Episode Highlights: Chelsie shares why she posted the question, "would you rather have $30 trillion or 30 trillion friends?" and answers it herself. (4:16) Chelsie explains that coming into the sales role and getting into cold outreaches has been the biggest struggle for her. (7:28) Chelsie explains that her goal is to bring value to prospective clients and that she is not interested in taking someone's program and just recreating it with a different broker, or a different carrier. (16:34) Chelsie shares how she became interested in cyber policies. (22:38) Chelsie shares that her way of keeping up to date with constant learning is through webinars. (23:29) Chelsie shares that they have seen more claims in the last 12 months, particularly ransomware claims. (28:44) Chelsie explains why multifactor authentication is very important as the baseline of defense against cyber hackers. (30:17) Chelsie shares her time blocking techniques and how they have helped her be more successful in her book of business. (36:37) Chelsie talks about how to evaluate and adhere to your time block to be able to balance everything on your schedule. (41:24) Chelsie shares that yellow is her favorite color, and her favorite ice-cream flavor is peanut butter cookie dough. (45:17) Chelsie shares that Oprah Winfrey is the person she would like to talk to and hang out with, aside from Jesus. (46:44) Chelsie explains why she would choose to be in Aruba if given a chance to go to a place she wants. (47:24) Chelsie advises the listeners to always be learning and to stay true to themselves. (48:35) Key Quotes: "I am constantly trying to learn and so cyber just became the thing. I think it's a trend that's not going away. Cyber continues to evolve. I don't think that's going to change either." - Chelsie Sweazy "I think if you don't have a plan, I don't know how you're going to succeed. And like you said, I am very routine driven." - Chelsie Sweazy "Stay true to yourself. I think a lot of times that can get lost. And so for me, just stay true to yourself. Especially, you know, just being a female in the insurance space. Sometimes, it's just different. And so I would say stay true to yourself and be you." - Chelsie Sweazy Resources Mentioned: Are you a young insurance professional? Are you ready to be heard? Are you ready to grow? Click here to join our Young Insurance Professional Group which is loaded with FREE resources and opportunities to help you become the best agent you can be. Chelsie Sweazy LinkedIn MJ Insurance Reach out to Mitch Gibson

    Power Producers: Throwback: Walk Softly and Carry a Big Selfie Stick with Gabe Oh

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 54:09

    In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Gabriel Oh, Principal at Western Pacific Insurance Group. Gabe talks about how he got into the business of insurance, his passion to support small local businesses, and shares his advice on how business owners can start doing something for their communities. Episode Highlights: How did Gabe Oh get into the insurance industry? (6:00)  What was Gabe's deciding factor in doing insurance? (7:47) Gabe never did this for the money, it wasn't a money play. (10:44) For Gabe Oh, it's always about what you can do best for the client (11:07)  Gabe just changed his time, from seven to seven (14:15) Gabe loves what he does for the community and industry. (14:47) How did Gabe Oh get the idea of doing the walk video with local people? (15:09)  Gabe shares how he tries to support local businesses. (22:31) How easy has it been for Gabe Oh to adapt to everything that's going on right now? (25:47) This is an awful time for a lot of people but there's going to be good that comes out of this (29:05)   How did Gabe Oh prepare himself for the new normal? (29:51)  Gabe Oh gave his advice to business starters. (46:19) Tweetable Quotes:  “Be genuinely kind to people. Don't be an arrogant punk, you don't know what they're going through.”- Gabe Oh “We operate here based on what the right thing to do is for this community because this community has given so much back to our agency” - Gabe Oh “I started this from scratch. I didn't get a loan from my dad. I grinded to get this thing up and running and I think that kind of holds me down a little bit and keeps me humble” - Gabe Oh “When I go to hire people, we hire people that have good values and morals and that's kind of helped us move forward” - Gabe Oh  Resources Mentioned:  David Carothers - Linkedin Kyle Houck - Linkedin Florida Risk Partners Western Pacific Insurance Group Gabriel Oh - Linkedin

    Coming To America: I Felt The Wind I Was Breathing Was Not Mine

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 63:38

    In this episode of the Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass and Erik Garcia, CFP®, sit down with Felix Garcia and Ebens Jean to discuss their journeys to America, their careers in the insurance industry, and the life lessons they have learned along the way. Episode Highlights: Erik shares what inspired him to interview Felix Garcia and Ebens Jean, both of whom immigrated to America, not speaking the language, and ended up in the insurance industry. (1:47) Ebens shares his experience of immigrating to America from Haiti and the challenges of not speaking the language and adjusting to a new culture and climate. (5:04) Felix shares about his childhood in Cuba and his journey as a teenager from Cuba to Spain and ultimately to New Orleans, and the difficulties and discomfort of being a foreigner in a new country. (10:38) Felix and Ebens recall what it was like going to school as immigrants who spoke with an accent and did not know the language well. (17:51) Ebens shares the story of getting his first paycheck in America and how that felt. (22:48) Felix shares the trajectory of his career and what led him to the insurance business. (29:08) Felix explains that the desire to succeed is ingrained in immigrants. (39:08) Ebens shares why his company looks for and hires people with an entrepreneurial-driven mindset. (44:46) Ebens shares that he is currently reading "The Power of Broke" by Daymond John. (49:55) Felix reads an excerpt from the book he wrote, “Ingredients of Success”, about what success really means to him. (50:26) Key Quotes: "When I first arrived in the United States, I was afraid. The wind that I was breathing wasn't mine, the language barrier, new people in a new country. I didn't feel right about walking in the street, because I just felt like I was a foreigner and I didn't believe belonged here. And those were my feelings at the very beginning." - Felix Garcia "If you're willing to put in that work, and the sky's the limit, especially in this industry, you could make as much as you want, but it depends on you." - Ebens Jean "Some people think that success is driving an expensive automobile, buying a big house, being successful in business. Success is more than that. Success to me, is the way you walk the path of life each day. It is the things you do and the things you say." - Felix Garcia Resources Mentioned: Ebens Jean LinkedIn Felix Garcia LinkedIn Erik Garcia LinkedIn American National Insurance One Way Insurance Group   Reach out to Jason Cass  Agency Intelligence

    Power Producers: Throwback: The Auto Shop Whisperer with Chris Cotton

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 64:13

    In today's throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck, interview Chris Cotton, owner of AutoFix SOS. Chris travels around between states in a mobile home with his family coaching auto shop owners to help them run their business. This podcast discusses how business coaches can get struggling businesses to make a profit, and goes into the details that auto repair shops need to succeed in the current market, such as digital inspections. Episode Highlights:  Chris talks about how he and his family changed their life course as they started AutoFix. (2:15) What does Chris Cotton's daily routine look like? (5:26) How did Chris originally get into auto repair? (8:45) What led Chris to leave his shop and do road coaching and consulting?  (16:15) How does Chris determine who he wants to work with? (18:35) How does Chris go about giving people advice on how to fix their business? (21:55) Provide unemotional guiding and accountability, and focus on educating them about the things they don't know. (22:35) Embrace technology and make sure your social media is up to date. (22:35) People want you to guarantee results. (26:10) How does Chris hold people accountable for following the process? (27:20) The process is like math, and if you follow the proven process you will get the right answer. (28:10) When Chris is building a relationship, he tries to leave people in thought so that if they don't follow through they will feel responsible for that. (32:25) Chris considers experiences to be bad when people do not follow through with the plan or stop taking phone calls. (34:55) Focus on learning from your successes as well as your mistakes. (38:50) Chris'greatest success story, what did he learn from it, and how is he replicating it in other shops. (40:15) How does Chris help shops navigate social media? (44:15) Facebook is (essentially) free, take the time to make 2 posts a day, and make a video for your page. (44:45) The future of auto repair is in Facebook ads, as far as cost-per-click and return on investment. (45:38) Digital inspections for cars can help bring shops up to current standards and gives people visuals for their car's repairs without requiring any phone calls. (50:50) Digital files also help protect your business because there is minimal risk of losing information and provides accountability. (53:55) What percentage of shops are actually using digital inspections? (55:10) Tweetable Quotes:  “There's not anybody who's really too small to work with.” -Chris Cotton “If during the coaching process, I say something that hurts our feelings or motivates you to want to do better, that's where the real change happens.” -Chris Cotton “As long as you're with me I'll be with you ‘till the end.” -Chris Cotton “I think so many of us deal with the old chiche of failing forward and learning from your mistakes and learning from your losses and everything else that you don't take the time to learn from things that you win at.” -David Carothers “You are way more successful if you have a visual or if you can show somebody versus trying to paint a picture over the phone.” -Chris Cotton Resources Mentioned:  David Carothers Linkedin Chris Cotton LinkedIn AutoFix SOS AutoFix SOS: Facebook Reach out to Chris Cotton  580-491-3519

    Agency Freedom: E56: Corina Ludwig On Out Foxing Your Competition

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 53:10

    In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with Corina Ludwig, CEO of Function Fox, a task and project management software platform. Episode Highlights: Corina discusses her background, as well as her life vision and values. (4:58) Corina explains when they discovered that the technology they had created for themselves may benefit others in the creative industry. (6:21) Corina mentions that their group prefers to focus on what they do best: being creative rather than spending a lot of time on software. (10:18) Corina shares the lessons she has learned along her journey that she is now using as a seasoned Executive. (14:31) Corina discusses FunctionFox's business structure. (18:48) Corina explains how FunctionFox supports its team members' personal and professional vision and growth. (19:48) Corina discusses their transition from 25% to 100% percent remote workforce. (21:35) Corina discusses the current developments in the advertising industry. (25:00) Corina discusses the freelancing trend in the advertising industry. (28:50) Corina discusses FunctionFox's platform and the flexibility it offers to its customers. (36:49) Corina explains that email doesn't operate the same way it used to, that traditional advertising is fading, and that there are many new channels in the advertising business. (40:22) Corina believes that there is a wealth of information and ideas available to us, regardless of the industry, and that there is a lot of overlap. (45:52) Key Quotes: “When we started 22 years ago, the vision was simple. We wanted to help better understand our profitability, and to help increase our revenue at the end of the day. And so we built a tool for ourselves…and found that this was really helpful, not just for us, but also from the background that I had, knowing that there wasn't really anything in the industry.” - Corina Ludwig “We're helping people increase their revenue, increase their billable hours, and at the end of the day, be more profitable, and really, that's the goal. It's not just selling a software service or providing a productivity tool, but it's actually helping them grow their business.” - Corina Ludwig “There's lots of knowledge and insights that we can get, regardless of the industry you're in, and lots of overlap.” - Corina Ludwig Resources Mentioned: Learn more about Function Fox at Visit our website to join our email list, get the scoop on our LIVE coaching calls and never miss an episode: Connect with Agency Freedom Podcast on Facebook at the Agency Freedom Podcast group: Email us at with ideas, questions, complaints or your favorite grilling recipe.

    Power Producers: Fleet Safety for Sales I

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 15:55

    In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck address the importance of establishing driver selection criteria upfront and communicating it to your client. Episode Highlights: David believes that everyone searching for work in the trades right now has a bad driving record since those who don't are always employed. (4:14) David explains that the dissatisfaction comes from the agents' failure to properly prepare their clients for what they must do on their end. (7:25) David mentions that anyone who needs a driver selection criteria template can write him an email, and he will provide a copy. (7:45) According to David, many persons who have poor comp claims are auto-related. (8:50) David shares that he's dealing with customers that run background checks for a living and are innocent, but a lawyer is fishing because of one of their PEO clients. (9:51) David explains the need for establishing driver selection criteria in advance and communicating the criteria to your client. (13:11) Tweetable Quotes: “Two things need to happen…You need to have the criteria established. But number two, you really should be having your clients run the MVR's in-house, they need to be the ones doing this.” - David Carothers “You need to have the driver selection criteria established on the front end and communicate that to your client.” - David Carothers Resources Mentioned: David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

    RHS 145 - Gordon Coyle on Using Video to Create Inbound Specialty Liability Leads

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 65:33

    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley interviews Gordon Coyle, founder, and president of The Coyle Group. Gordon is a risk management and insurance services firm specializing in liability products. He joins the podcast and explains how he's using video to create inbound leads in specialty liability insurance. This is an episode you do not want to miss... Episode Highlights: Gordon shares his background story with Ryan. (13:00) Gordon explains that his natural curiosity and motivation from Ryan led him to take it to the next level in the technological aspect of the business. (18:31) Gordon talks about consistency and discipline being the keys to everything that you do. (21:07) Gordon shares how he was able to assist someone who had seen his videos and asked for his help. (26:23) Gordon shares that he gets his leads from people that are searching for answers on insurance on YouTube. (33:51) Gordon explains that one of the hardest things for him to do is to repurpose content. (40:31) Gordon shares that every sales job is all about getting noticed, and the best way to do that is through social media. (45:22)  Gordon shares that there are a lot of producers that have stood out and become successful through the use of social media. (48:14) Gordon talks about the difference between paid and organic marketing in social media. (54:23) Gordon advises people to think about the sales process and the closing ratios when talking about inbound and non-inbound businesses. (57:40) Key Quotes: "Consistency and discipline, I think, are key not only for marketing but a lot of things in whatever you do." - Gordon Coyle "Every sales job is all about getting noticed, right? You have to kind of build interest you have to have you have to get your foot in the door, your toe in the door. And, you know, how do you do that? How do you get noticed? And I think that there's a lot of good opportunity to do that with content." - Gordon Coyle "The consistency around video creates an aura of expertise, knowledge, whatever it may be, you become a very believable character." - Gordon Coyle Resources Mentioned: Gordon Coyle LinkedIn The Coyle Group The Coyle Group - YouTube Reach out to Ryan Hanley

    Millionaire Insurance Producer: Throwback: How to Get the Incumbent Agent Fired and You Hired

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 35:27

    In this throwback episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht discusses the biggest problem insurance agents have. It's not around prospecting or messaging. The biggest problem insurance agents have is their lack of success at getting their prospects to fire the incumbent agent in order to hire them. That is what this episode is all about.  Episode Highlights: Charles explains the process of competitive dethronement. (2:56) Charles shares how insurance is war. In sales, you either win or lose. (4:21) Charles explains how to get the incumbent agent fired, to get you hired. (9:19) Charles shares a story about speaking to an insurance agent, who sent him a message on LinkedIn. (11:43) What's the second thing you want to do to get the incumbent agent fired? (13:30) Charles shares how to get the insured to realize that their agent hasn't fulfilled their services. (18:31) Charles explains another way of identifying significant problems that the insured has with their incumbent agent. (20:28) Charles shares what you need to do to help the insurer take away the pain. (25:50) Charles mentions why it's important to remember that insurance buyers have the insurance mentality of a four-year-old child. (29:33) Key Quotes: “If you can't get the incumbent agent fired, you will never get another client. If you can't get the incumbent agent fired, you will never get hired, period. And so, we don't have a prospecting problem, we have a firing problem, that is the issue.” - Charles Specht “If you can begin creating that killer mindset, so that you understand what this is, I do believe that everything else will become easier. I do believe that you'll be more focused, that you will understand the process more, that you will start creating strategies and systems, and a process that is going to work yourself through the situation with the insured, so that at the end, you are more likely to ask for the broker of record letter, and get awarded the broker of record letter.” - Charles Specht “If you don't win, you lose. And, there is somebody else right now sitting in your chair, on your throne, the other incumbent agent. Unless you can get the insured to willfully fire, terminate that relationship, you will never get another client, period. If you can't get people fired, you can never get a new client. It is that simple.” - Charles Specht Resources Mentioned: Reach out to Charles Specht Permission Network Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Power Women In Insurance: A Powerful Commercial Insurance Career and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 55:08

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Lorin Montgomery. Lorin is an amazing commercial insurance producer with Brown & Brown Insurance. She built a successful career and has been able to ride the tides of commercial insurance in Florida for 38 years and she is still going strong! Episode Highlights: Lorin discusses her journey to get to where she is today. (1:50) Lorin shares the best day she's ever had in her 38-year career. (6:45) Lorin explains that she gets most of her clients from referrals because she no longer cold calls. (18:40) Lorin discusses her strategy with everyone she meets for the first time. (19:16) Lorin discusses the transition from Liberty Mutual to a brokerage-type position. (23:58) Lorin discusses the learning curve of submissions on the brokerage side. (25:54) Lorin mentions that Corporate Insurance Advisors was sold to Brown & Brown in 2021 bringing her back to corporate America. (30:52) Lorin discusses the importance of differentiating yourself from everyone else. (40:18) Lorin gives advice to someone entering the commercial industry at this time. (48:43) Key Quotes: “You've got to differentiate yourself from everybody else in the pack. And the only way to do that is to do something different.” - Lorin Montgomery “Always learn, always be a resource, always try to be that person that's going to be valuable to somebody else” - Lorin Montgomery “Brown & Brown acquired Corporate Insurance Advisors, and so we were absorbed into the Brown & Brown family. And what's really neat about that is I'm now back in large corporate America.” - Lorin Montgomery Resources Mentioned: Reach out to Lorin Montgomery (954-732-9453) Brown and Brown Insurance Contact Teresa Kitchens Sterling Insurance Group

    Power Producers: Throwback: Using CRM and Automation to Reel in The Big Fish with David LeFevre

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 67:16

    In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck, interview David Lefevre, who works in the marketing department of Florida Risk Partners and David talks about how to use CRMs to ensure your salespeople have the tools they need to be successful, and the importance of knowing and being able to talk about your customers. Episode Highlights: You are not an insurance agency until you close a deal and you have to do policy administration. Until that point, you are a sales organization. (8:55) The difference between a B2B sales organization and an inbound sales organization. (10:08) David discusses his daily routine and how he breaks down his days. (10:50) David's backstory and how he got to where he is now. (13:45) Using mapping to show customers and leads in a certain radius or boundary. (20:56) There are different types of people who are good at different things, let people play to their strengths. (22:30) What's the biggest mistake David has seen that the sales organizations make? (24:40) It really comes down to managing your team and having realistic expectations, so the biggest mistake is having unrealistic expectations. (24:55) What's one thing David Lefevre sees that successful organizations have in common? (26:00) Giving your salespeople the support they need to be successful. (26:36) David Lefevre's explanation of the strategy around content. (28:50) You can determine your future customer's needs based on your current customer's needs. (30:50) Know your customer, and be able to talk about them the same way you can talk about yourself. (32:30) What's the biggest obstacle David dealt with in implementing automation and CRM in companies he works with? (36:17) The idea of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is centralized contacts and management of information, where everything that's being done is not lost. (38:10) The CRM helps ensure you are giving your salespeople the tools they need to succeed. (39:55)  Install a CRM to help prevent information from leaking out. (41:55) What is David's advice for someone who is getting started with using a CRM? (46:00) Stick to the basics and don't do something that makes you segment out your clients. (46:37) David Carothers is doubling down on evergreen content instead of coronavirus content. (49:55) Use email as a tool to build relationships. (56:15) David Lefevre clarifies the difference between advertising and marketing. (57:00) Tweetable Quotes:  “The high production agencies realize that they are sales organizations.” -David Carothers “Mapping is an essential part of all business today in the United States.” -David Lefevre “Success breeds on success so give your salespeople winning opportunities.” -David Lefevre “People need to think of their customer just as they do trying to talk about themselves.” -David Lefevre “When I think of marketing, I am trying to create awareness for my company...Advertising is giving money to somebody else to get my information in front of you, regardless of when you're ready to buy.” -David Lefevre “I think advertising is shouting.” -David Carothers Resources Mentioned:  David Carothers Linkedin Florida Risk Partners SalesPWR Reach out to David Lefevre (813) 857-3283

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