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No One's Ready For Wrestling is a opinionated wrestling podcast hosted by "The One And Only Phoenix That Rises From The Ashes" ShinoPhoenix! I talk WWE, AEW, or any promotions and give you my official thoughts about anything regarding Pro Wrestling! So I wanna ask you guys this simple question: Areā€¦


    • Mar 11, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from No One's Ready For Wrestling

    Episode 205: My Experience At WildKat Sports X-Rated! John Cena Completely Eviscerated Austin Theory!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2023 203:42

    Episode 205 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses WildKat Wrestling's latest show X-Rated (I MISS TALKING ABOUT WILDKAT!!!!)! The funniest moment at that show and meeting 4 wrestlers! Vouching for WildKat Sports to add a Women's Championship for their shows! My thoughts on AEW Revolution (2023). The return of FTR and reports that they're under a long term deal with AEW, but Dax Harwood says otherwise. 2 NEW champions crowned on the PPV. An outstanding 60 minute Iron Man Match between Bryan Danielson & MJF for the AEW World Championship! Is Andrade seemingly ready for a return to AEW? Saraya calls for AEW to introduce the AEW Tag Team Championships and I give a hard pass on that. WWE is interested in Brian Cage as his contract with AEW is about to expire. It's been a rough week for Wardlow as he rental car got broken into & not only the his gear was stolen, but also the TNT Championship. Ruby Soho explains why she joined Saraya & Toni Storm. FTR cut an incredible promo on Dynamite! Powerhouse Hobbs wins the TNT Title which was long overdue! John Cena to voice Rocksteady in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem movie. Will Ronda Rousey be healed in time for WrestleMania? WWE 2K23 reveals the Season Pass & the DLC characters revealed! Bad Bunny to host Backlash in Puerto Rico. Tokyo Sports reports that Sarray is leaving WWE and details about her departure from the company. Is WWE pushing for legalized betting on matches? 3 matches confirmed for WrestleMania 39. John Cena absolutely recked Austin Theory on the mic in a tremendous segment. Jey Uso chooses his brother over Sami Zayn as he turned on Sami. Johnny Gargano returns to NXT to confront Grayson Waller for their match at NXT Stand & Deliver. Roxanne Perez survives Meiko Satomura for the NXT Women's Championship Match, but she collapsed after the match and what did this paid homage to? Who will challenge GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania? Finally, Jey Uso explains why he chose his brother over Sami Zayn. All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 204: Brock Lesnar Vs Omos Is Official At WrestleMania! Did Vince McMahon Pitched This?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2023 173:25

    Episode 204 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses CM Punk firing back at a fan after Mark Henry discusses the possibility of Punk coming back to AEW and I give the pros & cons of Punk coming back to AEW. Vickie Guerrero is leaving AEW. LOTS of injury news in AEW! MJF reacts to being compared to Alberto Del Rio and why fans need to THINK before they put out pointless comparisons! Predictions for AEW Revolution. Triple H wants a smaller card for WrestleMania and why I'm okay with it. Updates on Stevie Richards & Superstar Billy Graham. WWE is reportedly high on Sol Ruca and I even praise her work. The possible reason why Naomi hasn't returned to the ring and she booked an appearance at WrestleCon. Solo Sikoa gets married! The location for the King & Queen of the Ring revealed and who I would pick to win the respective tournaments and what the winner should get? WWE to begin moving to their new corporate headquarters soon. What is the backstage duties for William Regal? NXT to tape upcoming episodes before Stand & Deliver. Cameron Grimes expected to move up to the main roster after WrestleMania and what brand should he land? My thoughts on Sonya Deville being arrested in New Jersey for gun possession. Trish Stratus returned to RAW to help Becky Lynch & Lita win the Women's Tag Team Championship from Damage CTRL and what I think the plans might be for WrestleMania? Brock Lesnar accepts the match against Omos at WrestleMania and reports about Vince McMahon who reportedly pitched the match, but did Brock Lesnar decline to wrestle Bray Wyatt at Mania? An excellent opening match on NXT against Nathan Frazier (who just returned) & Wes Lee. Cody Rhodes & Roman Reigns meet face to face in an excellent opening segment for SmackDown. Is Ronda Rousey injured & will she miss WrestleMania? Finally, the cracks are showing within The Bloodline! All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 203: Tony Khan's "Important" Announcement Revealed! Is Vince McMahon Back In Creative?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2023 209:40

    Episode 203 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses The Elimination Chamber and my thoughts on the PPV! Asuka makes history at the Elimination Chamber and why her challenging Bianca Belair at WrestleMania makes the most sense. The disappointment that was Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley and what I think WWE might do involving these two heading into WrestleMania. The EXCELLENT Men's Elimination Chamber match and everybody in that match shined! Praising Montez Ford for his star making performance, WWE protecting Bronson Reed, Logan Paul gets involved in the Elimination Chamber and his WrestleMania Match pretty much confirmed, and what do I think is the plan for Austin Theory heading into WrestleMania?! Sami Zayn comes up short against Roman Reigns and the excellent storytelling of this match. Elimination Chamber breaks a lot of records! More on the Ariel Helwani/Tony Khan Twitter exchange. Forbidden Door 2 date revealed and what match I would love to see on the card. Jeff Hardy's DUI case is closed and he will not serve jail time. Latest on Kenny Omega's status with AEW and the interest from WWE. Also, WWE is interested in getting The Young Bucks and if I'm Tony Khan, I would do everything in my power to keep them in AEW. What I think could happen IF The Elite goes to WWE? The Important announcement on Dynamite is a new show called AEW: All Access and details regarding the show and my reaction to that announcement? Adam Cole reveals he'll be back in the ring next month. Shino talks about the overuse of Blood on AEW (Just a minor rant). New Japan did their Battle Of The Valley show and the 3 Key Matches that I discussed. John Cena advertised for the upcoming RAW on March 8th and how the did the tickets sell after this announcement? Stevie Richards dealing with a serious health issue. The morale backstage in WWE is "waning" ahead of a potential WWE sale and Pat McAfee makes him unsure about his future with WWE ahead of a potential sale. A rumor going around that Vince McMahon is back in creative and I shut it down immediately. What match could headline Night 1 of WrestleMania 39? Sonya Deville engaged to be married (CONGRATULATIONS!!!!)! Sami Zayn wants to take down The Bloodline with Kevin Owens, but he declines and where this will be heading going into WrestleMania. Becky Lynch & Lita challenge Damage CTRL for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. Finally, Grayson Waller hijacks the end of NXT and invites Shawn Michaels to The Grayson Waller Effect on NXT Roadblock and where I think this will be heading at NXT: Stand & Deliver? All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 202: The Final Road To Elimination Chamber! Preview & Predictions!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2023 199:56

    Episode 202 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses the passing of legendary wrestling promoter Jerry Jerrett. Eddie Kingston dealing with an undisclosed injury. Tony Khan claims that AEW Talent/Staff said they were asked by WWE to break their contract. Cody Rhodes opens up about the ALL OUT Brawl and his relationship with CM Punk & The Elite. Speaking of Punk & The Elite, they apparantley haven't mended fences at all since ALL OUT. Thunder Rosa addresses locker room heat during a meeting. Is Dax Harwood teasing that FTR my be jumping to WWE? Chris Jericho trademarks his old tag team name. New matches added for AEW Revolution. Jay White seemingly bids farewell to NJPW. My predictions for NJPW Battle Of The Valley show. Will The Usos appear at the Elimination Chamber? Chelsea Green to reunite with Robert Stone on the main roster? Full Roster revealed for WWE 2K23 and the soundtrack listed for this game. Judge dismisses MLW vs WWE lawsuit and is that going to stop MLW? WWE will air parody movie trailers for this year's WrestleMania & I say YES!!! Which stars will be in said movies that they'll be parodying? WWE is headed to trial to fight traffic accident lawsuit. Roman Reigns reaches 900+ days as the WWE Universal Champion. Goldberg criticizes Rihanna's Super Bowl performance & MVP responds to it. Trish Stratus is expected to return to WWE and what I think the plan is for her. WWE is looking to sign a major free agent & who I think that supposed name might be? Cody Rhodes & Sami Zayn had an excellent segment on WWE RAW. Where do I think WWE is going with the Grayson Waller/Shawn Michaels storyline on NXT? My predictions for the Elimination Chamber and how would I book some of the matches. Tony Khan calls Ariel Helwani a fraud and my take on this tweet. Finally, Sami Zayn gets an amazing homecoming in his hometown! All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 201: 4 Years Of Becoming A Podcaster! Vince McMahon A Hindrance To WWE Sale?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2023 209:36

    4 Years of Shino being a podcaster and I share my journey on becoming a podcaster and I give my advice to anyone who wants to get into podcasting! Episode 201 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses NXT Vengeance Day and what I thought was the best match on the show? Where I think we'll be heading going into NXT Stand & Deliver for WrestleMania week? MJF stands up for Zachary Wentz (FKA Nash Carter in NXT) from antisemitic accusations and why I agree with MJF 100%. Rampage set to air the episode on a different time slot and the reason for next week time change. Tony Khan expects AEW will get a very lucrative deal for its media rights. CM Punk will be available for AEW soon IF (Keyword IF) they want to use him again and 1 current AEW star wants to see him back in the company. MJF & Konosuke Takeshita put on a epic opening clinic on Dynamite. A shocking title change on the main event of AEW Dynamite and my feelings about it. IMPACT & New Japan announces Multiverse United: Only The Strong Survive event in Los Angeles. WWE is preparing new movie parody promos for WrestleMania 39! WWE has talked with several promotions about booking NXT talent on indie shows. Update on the health of Superstar Billy Graham. Is Naomi teasing a hint that she's not returning to WWE? The location for this year's SummerSlam has been revealed. Alexa Bliss will be taking time off from WWE. Jerry The King Lawler rushed to the hospital and a positive update on his health scare. The Undertaker praises The Bloodline storyline! Yet ANOTHER Law firm is investigating WWE. Vince McMahon's presence is seen reportedly as a hindrance to sale talks from the company! Baron Corbin gets brutally buried by JBL on RAW. Cody Rhodes & Paul Heyman had an excellent promo segment on RAW! Toxic Attraction is no more on NXT. Finally, Did Jey Uso show up on SmackDown for his title defense? All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 200: The Road To WrestleMania Officially Begins! The Bloodline Storyline Is Absolute Cinema!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2023 210:59

    The 200th Episode of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses The Royal Rumble PPV! Cody Rhodes & Rhea Ripley win this year's Royal Rumble. The return of Asuka and she has a new look! Praising the ending of the Royal Rumble PPV and why it will go down as one of the greatest endings in all of Wrestling PPVs. Kota Ibushi is now a free agent and he's expected to talk with AEW. AEW is now going to be doing live events called AEW House Rules. Is AEW considering launching a live streaming service and why I think it's a good thing? Samoa Joe regains the TNT Championship in a brutal No Holds Barred Match and Wardlow makes his return to AEW. Fandango signs with IMPACT Wrestling. Another law firm is investigating WWE on behalf of the shareholders, but that's not all! Vince McMahon & WWE are facing yet another lawsuit over horrifying allegations. Vince McMahon is reportedly willing to step down from WWE if buyer isn't interested in keeping him and I won't believe it until I see with my own eyes. Is WWE thinking about bringing back the Winged Eagle Championship Title? Seth Rollins on FTR possibly returning to WWE. Stone Cold Steve Austin turned down WWE's offer to do a match at WrestleMania 39. The Rock has left the door open for WrestleMania match next year. WWE apparantley has no creative plans for Aliyah and what I would do to resolve this situation. GUNTHER vs Brock Lesnar unlikely for this year's WrestleMania. "The Genius" Lanny Poffo passed away. A Cinnamon Toast Crunch match being hinted for WrestleMania 39 and what in the world could it be? Rhea Ripley chooses Charlotte Flair for WrestleMania and why I don't have an issue with it as this is a redemption for Rhea for WrestleMania 36, but where does this leave Bianca Belair going into WrestleMania? Looking at the potential WrestleMania card for this year. The United States Championship will be defended inside the Elimination Chamber and it's looking must see. NXT Vengeance Day Predictions and I see two titles changing hands on that show. Finally, Sami Zayn challenges Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship and Roman accepts and wants to face him at the Elimination Chamber! All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 199: The Bella Twins Shoot On RAW Is XXX! Royal Rumble (2023) Predictions!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 28, 2023 188:21

    THE ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!!!!! Episode 199 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses Tony Khan doing things behind the scenes to help Jay Briscoe's Family. Warner Bros. Discovery allows Mark Briscoe to wrestle on AEW Dynamite against Jay Lethal and giving credit to TK for pushing hard to change WBD minds for Jay Briscoe Tribute. Brian Cage's AEW contract will expire soon and is WWE interested in The Machine? Jake Roberts rips on today's wrestlers for not selling moves. An emotional main event on Dynamite and my take on the match. Konnor signs a multi year deal with IMPACT Wrestling. WWE apparently knew for a while that The Rock couldn't do WrestleMania this year. Will the Authors Of Pain return to WWE along with Paul Ellering? WWE 2K23 cover revealed and details on the game and when it will be released. Health update on Superstar Billy Graham. Charlotte Flair addresses the reason why she was off WWE TV for so long last year. WWE announces 15 new NIL (Next In Line) signings. Bray Wyatt slotted as the number 1 babyface on SmackDown. Plans for Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble changed. The EXCELLENT Tribal Court segment on RAW and why I feel like this is WWE at their absolute best. The steel cage match involving Bayley & Becky didn't happen and why I don't have an issue with it. The Bella Twins talk about RAW Is XXX and they absolutely shoot hard on WWE not doing enough to feature the women on that show and I give my thoughts on this entire situation. Brock Lesnar makes his return to RAW and cost Lashley the opportunity to win the United States Championship and why I think we might be getting Bobby Lashely vs Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 39? Nikkita Lyons revealed that she suffered a torn ACL and Meniscus and she'll be out for quite some time! I give my predictions on the Royal Rumble and including who I think will be in the Rumble Match! Finally, Sami Zayn appears on SmackDown when Roman told him that he didn't want to see him until the Rumble and where I think this could be leading in the future. All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! NOTE: Mailbag is open for the next episode as I'm approaching Episode 200 and I want to celebrate this milestone! Thank you guys for supporting this podcast! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 198: Remembering The Life Of Jay Briscoe.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2023 186:40

    It was a sad week in the world of pro wrestling and episode 198 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses the tragic passing of Jay Briscoe. The details regarding the car accident. Going through the accomplishment that he contributed along with his brother in the pro wrestling world. My early memories on how Jay Briscoe got me into watching ROH at the time and watching him perform at Glory By Honor against Luke & PJ Hawx. What does this mean for the ROH Tag Team Titles? AEW reportedly wanted to do a Jay Briscoe tribute show on Dynamite, but Warner Bros. Discovery told them NO. Eddie Kingston will take on Jay White at Battle In The Valley. Match 7 of The Elite vs Death Triangle nearly didn't happen due to visa issues. Tony Khan reveals that he is interested in being part of WWE's sale process. Miyu Yamashita wants to wrestle more matches in AEW and some of the names I would love to see her face if that happens. Top Flight gets a shock win over The Young Bucks and what I think the idea is going to be involving the AEW Trios Championship. Bryan Danielson & Bandido put on an excellent match on Dynamite. Saraya & Toni Storm officially turn heel and what I think the idea is going to be with this heel turn. KUSHIDA makes his AEW Dynamite debut in a open challenge against Darby Allin for the TNT Championship. Hiroshi Tanahashi extends his contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling. A LOT of news regarding Vince McMahon (Feeling that he might return, the new SEC Filings, Another Lawsuit, and reaching a multi million dollar legal settlement with Rita Chatterton)! Adam Hopkins is gone from WWE after 25+ years with the company. Not only that, D-Von Dudley announces that he's no longer in WWE. Colby Corino is expected to sign with WWE. Update on Kevin Nash after his comments on his podcast left a lot of fans worried. WWE removing independent wrestling content on Peacock. Reason why WWE is making a change to the tag team titles. Is Naomi expected to return to WWE? Cody Rhodes officially announces that he'll be competing in the Royal Rumble and why I don't have a problem with this announcement. Bronson Reed makes his really good RAW in ring debut. More teases on RAW regarding The Hurt Business reuniting. Who is the number 1 contender for Austin Theory's United States Championship? Is there trouble brewing regarding Toxic Attraction on NXT? The SmackDown Tag Team Tournament officially begins to determine who will face The Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The Firefly Funhouse makes its return to WWE and what I believe is the different personas of the Bray Wyatt character. Finally, the drama involving Sami Zayn and The Bloodline (Mostly him & Roman Reigns!)! All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 197: Stephanie McMahon Announces Her Resignation From WWE! Addressing The Supposed Rumors Of WWE Being Sold!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2023 195:30

    This is going to be an interesting episode is it not? Episode 197 discusses Stephanie McMahon announcing that she is resigning from WWE and why I think she really resigned from WWE. I discussed the rumors that took place on Tuesday Night regarding WWE being sold to Saudi Arabia. My reaction to the rumors and the story being completely debunked on Wednesday morning. When did Vince McMahon started talking to Saudi Arabia about a potential sail for WWE and are they still in the hunt to buy the company? If the deal went through, multiple wrestlers are willing to leave. Nick Khan met with Disney CEO Bob Iger & ESPN president James Pitaro about a potential sale. Tony & Shad Khan are reportedly in the pool of potential buyers for WWE. A WWE shareholder files a lawsuit against Vince McMahon that claims he illegally installed himself as chairman and why I think people should not get this excited knowing Vince when he's in trouble. Kyle O'Reilly shares an update on his recovery from neck fusion surgery. Is Andrade leaving AEW or is he getting a character change? FTR granted time off from AEW and when will their contracts expire? Sting plans to retire this year. The best episode of AEW Dynamite this year! Adam Cole makes his return to AEW. Bryan Danielson & Konosuke Takeshita put on a PPV quality match on Dynamite. The Elite regains their AEW Trios Title in an Escalera De La Muerte match with Death Triangle. Is their backstage heat on Mercedes Mone in NJPW? Tessa Blanchard & Daga announced that they're divorced. Chelsea Green signed with WWE a while ago and when I think we'll see her back on WWE television? Former NJPW star Karl Fredricks signs with WWE and he'll be starting with NXT. Sudu Shah no longer in WWE. Health update on Superstar Billy Graham. Mandy Rose was the guest on the Tamron Hall show to talk about her WWE release. Ricochet & Samantha Irvin are engaged to be married. Why HHH should bring back Alison Danger after her brief 1st stint with the WWE? A boring edition of Monday Night RAW with Dominik Mysterio being the highlight of the show. Is WWE planning on splitting up the Tag Team Championships? 2 matches confirmed for NXT: Vengeance Day. Tiffany Stratton makes her NXT return! Finally, Sami Zayn's mannerisms showing signs of him potentially being kicked out of The Bloodline on SmackDown. All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 196: Is This A Dream Or A Nightmare?! Vince McMahon Is Back In WWE!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2023 186:52

    HAPPY NEW YEAR'S TO ALL OF MY LISTENERS AND THIS IS BACK FROM HIS HOLIDAY BREAK!!!! Episode 196 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses 3 stories that I missed last year (Charlotte Flair coming back and winning the SmackDown Women's Championship on the Final SmackDown of 2022, WWE signing Dragon Lee, and the passing of Don West). Pro Wrestling NOAH's The New Year 2023 show and what matches stood out for me. My thoughts on Shinsuke Nakamura vs The Great Muta. My take on Wrestle Kingdom 17, the debut of Mercedes Mone (FKA Sasha Banks), Will Ospreay & Kenny Omega put on the best match of 2023 so far, and new champions crowned! Some people in AEW aren't happy about what Dax Harwood said on his podcast. Update on The Young Bucks negotiating a new AEW deal. My thoughts on the new set for AEW and I don't have a problem with the new look. Saraya picks Toni Storm as her partner, but I firmly believe that will not happen after the look Hikaru Shida made and will Mercedes Mone "MIGHT" be her mystery partner. Bryan Danielson vs MJF at AEW Revolution for the AEW World Championship in a 60 minute Iron Man Match. Darby Allin becomes a 2x TNT Champion after beating Samoa Joe CLEAN!!!! Josh Alexander becomes the longest reigning IMPACT World Champion. Nick Aldis is officially a free agent and where he might land. Mandy Rose made big money from FanTime content. WrestleMania 39 nearly sold out. Why Piper Niven has been MIA on WWE television? Naomi is expected to return to WWE. William Regal is officially back in WWE. WWE announces that Money In The Bank will take place in the UK and I'm really excited for that since they haven't ran a PPV for 2 decades! The shocking big story of 2023 starts as Vince McMahon is officially back in the WWE, BUT as the Board Of Directors! My take on Vince's return to WWE and what I REALLY believe why Vince decided to come back to WWE? What could this mean for Stephanie, Nick, and Paul? Did Seth Rollins suffer an injury during a United States Championship match? NXT New Year's Day predictions. Seeds planted of The Bloodline potentially kicking out Sami Zayn and when I think that will happen? Finally, an excellent main event for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship! All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 195: Mandy Rose Fired From WWE! Vince McMahon Planning A WWE Return?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2022 175:35

    Episode 195 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses Ring Of Honor Final Battle & NXT Deadline. What I thought was the best match on ROH Final Battle? How did I feel about the Iron Survivor Concept on NXT Deadline? Should it stay or go? Injury update on Thunder Rosa. Tony Khan secured the rights to the NBA theme Roundball Rock on NBC. When is Jeff Hardy's pre trial hearing set? An upset of the century in AEW as Action Andretti beats Chris Jericho! Details on why Action Andretti beating Jericho. Backstage news on how much NJPW will be paying Sasha Banks. Details on Sasha Banks' status with the WWE. Brock Lesnar vs GUNTHER will happen at WrestleMania 39? Cameron Grimes expected for a main roster call up and where do I think he should land. William Regal will return to WWE next month as a Vice President in WWE. WWE officials are happy with the buzz around Sol Ruca after NXT LVL UP. Kylie Rae made WWE debut during main event tapings before RAW. Mia Yim deactivates her Twitter after dumb fans criticized her being photographed with Austin Theory. Conflicting reports about Matt Riddle as BodySlam reported that Matt Riddle expected to enter rehab after failing second drug test this year and Wrestling Observer reports that Riddle is taking time off because of pressures of going through a divorce. Papa H reportedly "severely underwhelmed" with some of the WWE talent he brought back and who I think it could be? Vince McMahon accused yet again as Wall Street Journal reports of an assault in 2011 at California resort & ex-WWE ref Rita Chatterton asking $11.75 million for alleged 1986 rape. WSJ also reports that Vince McMahon teasing a WWE return and why it would be a terrible move for WWE and even the people who have supported him don't want him back in the company. A shocking title change as Roxanne Perez defeated Mandy Rose to win the title. Mandy Rose shockingly fired from WWE and the details regarding her release. My take on Mandy being let go from WWE and why I felt that this situation could've been handled better? Uncle Howdy makes an appearance in WWE. An excellent match between Ricochet & GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship. Finally, John Cena makes a surprise appearance and announces he'll be KO's partner for the final SmackDown of 2022! All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 194: Tony Khan Explains Why William Regal Is Leaving AEW! Sasha Banks To Appear At Wrestle Kingdom 17?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2022 146:39

    Episode 194 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses how AEW Fight Forever game will be released to everyone. Dustin Rhodes announces that 2023 will be his last year as a wrestler and when will his contract with AEW expire. Update on Thunder Rosa's injury. Tony Khan gives the REAL REASON why William Regal is leaving AEW and returning to WWE?! Tony Khan reveals on the ROH Media Scrum that he'll limit ROH Storylines on AEW TV and that's a great move. The reason why Miro hasn't been seen on AEW television and what I would do to feature him? Ricky Starks cooks MJF in an excellent promo with MJF. Sasha Banks to appear at Wrestle Kingdom 17 and what I think the plan might be? Predictions for ROH Final Battle. Seth Rollins paid tribute to Brodie Lee at WWE live event in his hometown. Kylie Rae & KC Navarro are getting tryouts with WWE. John Cena will be returning to WWE on the final SmackDown of 2022 and his status for WrestleMania 39. Plans for Roman Reigns to wrestle both nights at WrestleMania 39. NXT reportedly going on the road for NXT Vengeance Day. NXT to tape upcoming episodes to give their talent the holidays off. Who will duel in a number 1 contenders match for the RAW Women's Championship match next week? Is Asuka teasing a character change in WWE and why I think it's a great thing! Predictions for NXT Deadline and who I think will walkout the winners of the inaugural Iron Survivor Challenge for both men's & women's match?! The New Day appears on NXT to confront Pretty Deadly. Finally, Kurt Angle celebrates his birthday on SmackDown in his hometown. All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 193: William Regal Written Of AEW Television?! Quick Thoughts On Survivor Series WarGames!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2022 185:24

    Episode 193 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses Survivor Series WarGames! The excellent storytelling in the men's WarGames match and Sami Zayn was the MVP of this match! Shotzi & Ronda having the weakest match on the card. Austin Theory wins the United States Championship in an excellent match with Rollins & Lashley. Andrade underwent surgery for a torn pectoral. Stokley Hathaway claims that CM Punk is no longer with AEW. AR Fox is officially All Elite and why this is a great signing for Tony Khan?! MJF knocks out William Regal with the Brass Knuckles and this is the last we've seen of William Regal. William Regal will be returning to WWE and backstage news on how this is happening. I also give my idea on the programs MJF will be in regarding the PPV. Alex Riley will be returning to the ring after 6 years. Mandy Rose says Toxic Attraction's next goal is the main roster and even Mandy knows that she's ready to go back to the main roster. Papa H explains how WWE handles creative changes in the last minute. Backstage news on morale since Vince McMahon's departure. When will WWE do their next draft? Is Charlotte Flair teasing her return to WWE? Who were the original members for Damage CTRL? Current plans for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and plans for Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble revealed. A WWE personality gets fired after pulling a dumb unplanned spot at a live event and what was the unplanned spot that got her fired! The best 1st hour of Monday Night RAW was commercial free. Kevin Owens foreshadowing the potential feud at WrestleMania on RAW. Who are the competitors for the men's & women's Iron Survivor Challenge? Tegan Nox is officially back in WWE and a part of the SmackDown Brand! Finally, Ricochet & Santos Escobar put on a excellent match for the World Cup Tournament Finals! All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 192: AEW Full Gear Quick Thoughts! Randy Orton's Career In Jeopardy?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2022 127:14

    PROGRAMING NOTE: THIS WAS ALL OF THE STUFF THAT HAPPENED LAST WEEK AND I RECORDED ON MONDAY TO MAKE UP FROM LAST WEEK CAUSE OF THANKSGIVING! I WILL TALK ABOUT SURVIVOR SERIES ON THE NEXT EPISODE!!! Episode 192 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses the death of Jason David Frank and I share my thoughts about JDF. I talk about AEW Full Gear and 3 new champions are crowned! Shawn Spears gives his take on the interim title. Scorpio Sky cleared to compete, but where is he? Is Andrade leaving AEW? Adam Cole suffered two concussions within a month. Darby Allin will team with Sting & Great Muta in Pro Wrestling NOAH. Preston Vance leaves The Dark Order on Rampage. Thunder Rosa officially vacates the AEW Women's Championship and Jamie Hayter is now the official AEW Women's Champion. The House Of Black returns to AEW Dynamite. Chris Jericho & Ishii went to war for the ROH World Championship. KAIRI is now the official IWGP Women's Champion at the NJPW x STARDOM show. Kenny Omega will challenge Will Ospreay at Wrestle Kingdom 17 and backstage details on Kenny's return to NJPW. Cody Rhodes focused on WWE return. Bronson Reed drops cryptic tweet amid WWE return rumors. Mia Yim explains why she returned to WWE and who she wants to see back in WWE? The Good Brothers are set for NJPW return. Television Personality Gabi Butler signs with WWE. WWE breaks Royal Rumble record. HHH sees Finn Balor as a reclamation project. WrestleMania reportedly headed to Nashville in 2027 IF proposed new stadium is built. Randy Orton underwent back fusion surgery and no timetable for his return. What could this mean for Randy's in ring career? What the hell is going on with Mustafa Ali on RAW? Final build go home show for Survivor Series. SCRYPTS makes his NXT debut and Shino explains why this debut was a let down? Donovan Dijak returns to NXT and this is a great move! Finally, who will be in the finals of the World Cup Tournament on SmackDown!?!? All this and so much RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling!!!! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 191: AEW Full Gear Predictions! NWA Gets Major Backlash!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2022 160:17

    Episode 191 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses AEW will be running a 2nd Owen Hart Cup Tournament next year. Abadon taken to the hospital after suffering a collarbone injury at an indie show. Jake Roberts no longer on oxygen and he returns to AEW. Darius Martin returned to AEW much sooner and details on his return. AR Fox offered a contract with AEW and why Tony Khan would be a fool to not sign AR Fox? Full Gear Predictions and why it's time for MJF to win the AEW World Championship? My experience with the recent NWA tapings and my take on NWA crowning Tyrus as the NWA World Champion. Nick Aldis calls NWA the most toxic brand in wrestling. Is Cody Rhodes teasing a return to WWE? A fan gets arrested after throwing a drink at Scarlett at a live event and Shino rants hard about how fans should respect the performers boundaries when they go to an event and that "fan" deserves to be banned from attending any wrestling events. Kevin Owens suffered a sprain MCL. GUNTHER was set to be buried by Vince McMahon and sent back to NXT and THANK GOD TRIPLE H TOOK OVER CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Randy Orton's wife hints that he underwent a procedure. JONAH (FKA Bronson Reed) receive an offer for a WWE Return and does he stay in NJPW or go back to WWE? Chelsea Green is reportedly WWE bound and will Matt Cardona be returning to WWE as well? Reason why several NXT stars have been missing from TV. Mia Yim joins Team Bianca at WarGames while Rhea Ripley joins Team Damage CTRL. Austin Theory gets a character change after failing his Money In The Bank Cash In last week. Apollo Crews & JD McDonagh put on a clinic on NXT. NXT Deadline will have a new match called Iron Survivor Challenge and the rules revealed for this match. Finally, Kevin Owens is the final participant for The Brawling Brutes & Drew McIntyre at WarGames against The Bloodline! All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! Have a great Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for all the support you guys give me! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 190: Nick Aldis Gives His Notice To NWA!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2022 154:10

    Episode 190 discusses WWE Crown Jewel (2022) and why it was one of their best Saudi shows? Braun Strowman wins "Stupidity Tweet Of The WeeK". Praising Logan Paul in his match against Roman Reigns. Logan Paul will be out after suffering a torn ACL, MCL & Meniscus. Bandido officially signs with AEW and what was the biggest reason for him signing with AEW over WWE? FTR to wrestle at Wrestle Kingdom 17. Saraya reveals to Britt Baker in an excellent segment on Dynamite that she's officially cleared to compete and will wrestle Britt Baker at Full Gear. Nick Aldis will be leaving NWA after giving his notice to the company. NWA suspends Nick Aldis after giving his notice and what was the reason for Nick Aldis wanting to leave NWA? People in WWE believe that Cora Jade will be the next Sasha Banks. Jim Cornette praise Sami Zayn and hell has frozen over (Plus, Sami Zayn reacts to Jim Cornette's praise)! Is John Cena coming back to wrestle at WrestleMania next year? If so, Who I think would make a perfect opponent for Cena at WrestleMania! Bobby Roode will be returning to WWE soon and will be switching brand. Shino goes off on the lack of crowd reactions at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The Women's WarGames match is set and who I think will be the final participants for Team Damage CTRL and Team Bianca. Mia Yim is officially back in WWE teaming with The O.C. The 24/7 Championship is officially gone and I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear that story! Austin Theory fails at cashing in his Money In The Bank contract against Rollins for the United States Championship. Are we getting a Hurt Business reunion soon and I explain why it was a coincidence that Cedric, Shelton, and Lashley were featured on RAW in different ways. Cameron Grimes set for a main roster call up after his feud with Joe Gacy is completed. Zoey Starks turns heel on Nikkita Lyons and why I'm happy about it! The Usos & The New Day put on a clinic on SmackDown! Who will challenge Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series for the SmackDown Women's Championship? Bray Wyatt's 1st feud will be against LA Knight and if so, I'm on board with it 100%! Finally, the Men's WarGames Match is seemingly set for Survivor Series and I give my take on how it will play out! All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 189: The Final Build For WWE Crown Jewel (2022)!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2022 169:10

    Episode 189 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses location & date for the 5th installment of Battle Of The Belts. Latest on the potential legal action between Punk & The Elite and will this be the last time we see CM Punk wrestle? I agree with Joey Janela on his criticism on AEW Dark and what I think they can do to improve AEW Dark? Jeff Jarrett appears on Dynamite and is officially All Elite with a new title in the company. Katsuyori Shibata makes a surprise appearance on Dynamite and challenges Orange Cassidy for the AEW All Atlantic Championship and what opponent does Shibata wants to face in AEW next? My take on the TBS Championship match between Marina Shafir & Jade Cargill. Shinsuke Nakamura will wrestle The Great Muta on Pro Wrestling NOAH at the beginning of next year and the details on how this came to be!? Why I have no problems with WWE putting the pause on plans for Kevin Owens? Carmella reveals a heartbreaking story on Instagram. Five wrestlers cut on the NXT side and who those people are? WWE looking to sign more independent wrestlers. WWE set to break record for the Royal Rumble next year! The return of the Nikki Cross character on RAW. The parody 60 minute segment involving Johnny Gargano & Bryon Saxton. We got new Women's Tag Team Champions crowned on the main event of RAW! Crown Jewel (2022) Predictions! Is Von Wagner going to be next in line to challenge for the NXT Championship? The OG Shayna Baszler returns and THIS IS HOW SHAYNA SHOULD'VE BEEN PRESENTED ON THE MAIN ROSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUNTHER & Rey Mysterio had an excellent match for the Intercontinental Championship. Finally, Shibata wrestled Orange Cassidy for the AEW All Atlantic Championship on Rampage and it didn't disappoint! All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 188: CM Punk's Camp Reveal More Details About The Brawl Out!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2022 195:43

    Episode 188 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses NXT Halloween Havoc (2022)! Taya Valkyrie isn't sure about signing with AEW! Thunder Rosa hopes to be back by January 2023. What advice did Charlotte Flair gave to Britt Baker on internet trolls? What is MJF's reputation backstage at AEW? Lana comments on why Miro isn't used a lot on AEW. The Kingdom signed with AEW full time along with Josh Woods. Jim Ross revealed that he's cancer free. CM Punk's camp claims that Punk's dog Larry was injured during the backstage fight at ALL OUT. I give my thoughts about these claims and why this is all of a sudden coming out when The Elite were backstage at this week's Dynamite! The Firm attacks MJF after Maxwell fires Stokley Hathaway and is this leading to a babyface role for MJF coming really soon? New Japan issues a statement about Karl Anderson being double booked. Cathy Kelley had talks with AEW before returning to WWE. Kevin Owens is excited about WWE's ongoing creative changes. PWI reveals the 150 women's list and who was ranked Number 1? The real reason why Sheamus was written off of television. Is Chelsea Green heading back to WWE? Kevin Nash comments on the passing of his son. Kofi Kingston reveals that Triple H has more surprises in WWE. Bray Wyatt slotted as the number 1 babyface on SmackDown. Has Triple H changed his stance on CM Punk returning to WWE and I give my take on this story. WWE has discussed an interesting idea for Austin Theory & the Money In The Bank. Date & Location for the 2023 Elimination Chamber has been revealed. WWE completely getting rid of the Hell In A Cell PPV and why that's a great move? Nikki ASH is back to being Nikki Cross on RAW. The red hooded member of The Schism is revealed on NXT. Sami Zayn breaks The Bloodline in an Excellent Segment on SmackDown. Emma makes her return to WWE. Who I think is playing Uncle Howdy doing the end of SmackDown? Finally, Breaking News as Fightful reports that WWE is interested in bringing back Tegan Nox! All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 187: WWE Making Changes To PPVs Next Year! AEW To Buy Out CM Punk's Contract?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2022 164:12

    Episode 187 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses Mike Chioda saying that Tony Khan should stay away from press conferences after CM Punk incident. Speaking of Tony Khan, he promises great news soon about ROH's weekly television show. Toni Storm reveals that the AEW "interim nonsense" is bothering her. Who does MJF want to wrestle if he goes to the WWE? Chris Jericho signed extension with AEW and he has another role within the company. Ace Steel released from AEW. My thoughts on AEW potentially buying out CM Punk's contract. I give my take on an AEW Dark match between Jodi Threat & Athena. An EXCELLENT segment involving MJF & William Regal on AEW Dynamite. Hangman Page suffers a concussion during a match against Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship. The main event for Full Gear has been revealed. What is the latest on Roman Reigns' schedule? Gallows & Anderson signed big money deal to return to WWE and an interesting detail about Karl Anderson being booked for 2 events in one day. WWE has reportedly canceled the WWE Day 1 PPV event and apparently will be making major changes to PPV events next year. The sad passing of Tristen Nash who is the son of WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash. The next NXT PLE revealed and the name of the event. Brock Lesnar & Bobby Lashley will face off at Crown Jewel. Why I'm not making a big deal of Dominik Mysterio beating AJ Styles on RAW? Is WWE planning a push (hopefully) for Mustafa Ali? Predictions for NXT Halloween Havoc. Shinsuke Nakamura makes his return to NXT and we might be seeing more of the King Of Strong Style on the brand. Is Austin Theory teasing cashing in on the NXT Title? A tease of Uncle Howdy and who I think it might be? Liv Morgan going through a character change. Finally, Willow Nightingale is Officially ALL ELITE!! All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 186: Bray Wyatt Makes His WWE Return! My Live Experience With SmackDown!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2022 238:14

    Episode 186 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses my thoughts on Extreme Rules. Ronda Rousey talks about the original plan she pitched for the ending of the SmackDown Women's Championship match. What made the I Quit Match between Balor & Edge the best match on the entire PPV? Bray Wyatt makes a triumphant return to WWE and why this return was excellently produced!? Tony Khan announces that AEW will be in a working relationship with Pro Wrestling NOAH. Speaking of Tony Khan, Ariel Helwani talks about his interview with Tony Khan being frustrated and I give my takes on that. Is Bandido leaning to signing with AEW? Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly happy with AEW's numbers & plans for additional show. The update on Adam Cole's injury. Renee Paquette is officially All Elite. Orange Cassidy wins his 1st AEW title after 67 (I might be wrong) wins in the company. Shawn Spears returns to AEW and the "Chairman" gimmick is gone. Mia Yim is now a free agent and apparently WWE is interested in her. Where do I think Mia Yim should land? Air date for the Vince McMahon documentary on VICE TV changed. Positive news regarding the injury status of Cody Rhodes. Bo Dallas will be returning to WWE and I have a feeling he might be involved with Bray Wyatt. WWE has interest in bringing back Chelsea Green and she react to reports about WWE having interest in her. Matt Cardona says that he'll definitely pick up if Triple H called about WWE return and I give my ideas on what I would do "IF" Chelsea Green & Matt Cardona return to WWE. The Good Brothers made their return to WWE and I give my thoughts on their return including Karl Anderson still being the Never Openweight Champion in New Japan. Brock Lesnar returns to Monday Night RAW to set up a match with Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewel and a mini rant from Shino on USA Network censoring the Holy Shit chant and you wonder why WWE wanted to go TV-14. Rollins wins the United States Championship from Bobby Lashley and I don't have an issue with this at all. DX celebrating their 25th anniversary on Monday Night RAW. Who is the last participant in the ladder match for the NXT North American Championship at Halloween Havoc? Sonya Deville makes a surprise appearance on NXT to assist Toxic Attraction. Talking about the SmackDown live experience with MCZX from Simply Complicated! Finally, Bray Wyatt's emotional promo on SmackDown! All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 185: More Backstage Drama At All Friends Wrestling!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2022 180:56

    Episode 185 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses Konosuke Takeshita set to make his return to AEW soon. Shawn Spears bids farewell to AEW? Ruby Soho had successful surgery on her nose. Is Bandido signed with AEW or not? Jeff Hardy not expected back on AEW anytime soon. AEW's investigation involving Punk & The Elite is not yet completed and we might get legal action soon. AEW deals w ith yet another backstage drama and this time it involves Andrade & Sammy Guevara. How did this all get started and who I think is in the wrong in all of this? How I would prevent another incident like this to happen again? AEW Dynamite celebrates its 3 year anniversary, but it gets overshadowed by the drama. Is MJF & Jay Lethal teasing a face turn? Loving The Acclaimed National Scissoring Day segment on Dynamite. Survivor Series close to selling out. WWE sets a new record with Royal Rumble 2023 ticket sales by selling 25,000 tickets. WWE higher ups happy with Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae's returns. Vic Joseph & McKenzie Mitchell are married and Alicia Fox is engaged to be married so congratulations to them! Raquel Rodriguez wants to see a Women's Intercontinental Championship. Did Vince McMahon have plans to make Cody Rhodes a World Champion in WWE. Speaking of Vince McMahon, the documentary for Vince McMahon has a reveal date on Vice TV. WWE makes changes to the commentary team on RAW, SmackDown, & NXT! Nigel McGuinness released by WWE and what I think might happen next for Nigel. The unexpected passing of Tough Enough winner Sara Lee. Predictions for Extreme Rules. Legado Del Fantasma makes their SmackDown debut with Zelina Vega making a return. Is there dissension between Sami Zayn & The Bloodline? LA Knight is officially back on SmackDown. Finally, Jon Moxley signs a 5 year extension with AEW and he now has a role of mentoring and coaching at the promotion and this is an excellent move for the company! All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 184: Malakai Black Responds To Rumors About His AEW Status!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2022 157:50

    Episode 184 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses Buddy Matthews taking some time away from AEW and I address the rumors on him wanting to go back to WWE and the REAL reason why he's taking time away from pro wrestling. Malakai Black goes on Instagram Live to address the rumors about his status and even reveals that he received death threats. AEW sources & Bobby Fish denies report of him asking Cole & O'Reilly to leave AEW and go back to WWE. Details regarding Saraya's deal with AEW. Is Andrade teasing leaving AEW? Bandido impresses in the main event of Dynamite and why Tony Khan would be a fool not to sign him! Juice Robinson is a free agent and is AEW interested in him? RUSH is officially part of the AEW roster. IMPACT Wrestling contract updates on Mia Yim & Bobby Fish. Former WOW ring announcer Dan Masters killed in an accident. Will we see the return of Indus Sher and what I would do with both Veer & Sanga to make them feel presentable. WWE will still reach out to independent & Japanese talent. Yulisa Leon undergoes successful surgery. Roman Reigns gives advice to WWE stars unhappy with celebrity matches. Several WWE title belt redesigns have been completed. Former NJPW wrestler Karl Fedricks spotted at the WWE Performance Center!? Squashing the rumor of Kevin Dunn being fired from WWE. WWE has big significant plans for Finn Balor and this is great news for fans of Balor. Chris Amann no longer working in WWE. The reason why we haven't seen Bobby Roode on WWE television. Candice LeRae makes her shocking return to WWE and will now be a part of the RAW brand. Main event for Halloween Havoc revealed for NXT. Tony D'Angelo suffers a knee injury during his match against Wes Lee. Finally, Breaking News during the recording as former NJPW wrestler & founder Antonio Inoki passed away at the age 79. All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 183: Triple H Brings WarGames To Survivor Series!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2022 194:34

    IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Episode 183 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses CM Punk's status in AEW & could a buyout of his contract be happening? Leila Grey confirms that she signed with AEW. Brian Pillman Jr. revealed that he wasn't happy about Julia Hart being moved from the Varsity Blondes to House Of Black. MJF talks about his current relationship with Tony Khan, what changed since coming back to AEW, NJPW, the reaction to Cody Rhodes leaving AEW for WWE, and many more. Malakai Black speaks out for the 1st time and the possible rumor of him potentially coming back to WWE? Chris Jericho shocks the world on AEW Dynamite by becoming the ROH World Champion! The Acclaimed finally catches gold and the big reaction they received. Saraya (FKA Paige) arrives in AEW and my concerns if she competes in the ring. Which Blackpool Combat Club member walked out as the new AEW World Champion? KAIRI will be competing for the IWGP Women's Championship Tournament. Is WWE considering a big farewell for Vince McMahon at WrestleMania Week? Why Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns is happening at Crown Jewel? Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jane will be called up to the main roster soon and why they should be on SmackDown and my idea on what they could do with them. Triple H confirms that WarGames will be at Survivor Series and it's one of the best moves that got me excited for the PPV and he also reveals that Survivor Series will be more story driven instead of doing brand vs brand. My ideas for the two WarGames matches at Survivor Series. HHH brings back Gabe Sapolsky for creative, but will he be working on the main roster shows or NXT? News regarding the White Rabbit teases and it could be leading to a Bray Wyatt return. Matt Riddle & Seth Rollins will face each other in a Fight Pit at Extreme Rules. Ilja Dragunov makes his NXT debut and a possible Triple Threat Match for the NXT Championship at Halloween Havoc. Solo Sikoa forced to relinquish the NXT North American Championship and my thoughts on that. The best opening segment for SmackDown involving the Bloodline. The Great Muta makes a shocking appearance on AEW Rampage. Finally, who will challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship on Dynamite? All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! NOTE: MCZX makes a cameo appearance to annoy me at midnight on my birthday! LOL! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 182: The Young Bucks Sending Feelers To WWE?! NXT Getting Rebranded Again?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2022 169:26

    Episode 182 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses AEW might be changing video game promotional plans due to suspension. Being The Elite will be on hiatus till further notice due to the suspension. Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks not advertised for Full Gear in November. Shino reacts to the reports and update on The Young Bucks sending feelers to WWE and what his take is on this story. Skye Blue signs with AEW. Update on Thunder Rosa's back injury. Jeff Hardy's AEW return update. The Firm is revealed on Dynamite and it's a random stable to say the least. Who advanced in the finals of the AEW World Championship Tournament? PWI Top 10 revealed and my thoughts on it. AJ Styles has wrestled more matches in WWE than IMPACT which is impressive. What happened to Gable Stevenson? Is he going to return to amateur wrestling and what were the plans for him in WWE under the realm of Vince McMahon at the time? Max Dupri hinting the return of LA Knight? Eva Marie hospitalized after fire ant bites caused allergic reaction. Backstage news on big creative changes in WWE after Vince McMahon stepped down. WWE upgrading the title belts and I'm curious to see what it was. Velveteen Dream responds to EC3's comments about him leaving his phone in the bathroom of EC3. HHH has more surprises that fans aren't talking about and what I think those surprises might be? Logan Paul to challenge Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship and I give my take on this story. IYO SKY & Dakota Kai captured the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. Johnny Gargano & Chad Gable had an excellent match on RAW. Kevin Owens Incredible passionate promo on RAW! NXT celebrated the 1 year anniversary of NXT 2.0, but will this developmental brand get rebranded after the ending of the latest episode of NXT? HHH bringing back the TakeOver shows for NXT! Michael Cole mentioned PWG on SmackDown during a match between Ricochet & Sami Zayn! Solo Sikoa defends the NXT North American Championship on the main roster. Who will challenge The Usos next Friday for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship? Finally, Chris Jericho challenges Claudio Castagnoli for the ROH World Championship! All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 181: Chaos Backstage At AEW! Who Was In The Wrong?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2022 216:18

    This has been a crazy week in pro wrestling! Episode 181 discusses Clash At The Castle and why I thought this was a great PPV. Sheamus & GUNTHER put on possibly one of the best matches in WWE history at Clash At The Castle. Solo Sikoa makes his main roster debut at Clash At The Castle. Thoughts on NXT World's Collide. Thoughts on AEW ALL OUT (2022) and the return of MJF. Sadly, MJF's return is overshadowed by the drama involving CM Punk at the AEW Media Scrum. Chaos backstage in AEW as CM Punk buries Colt Cabana, The Elite, and Hangman Page at the media scrum. The Elite & CM Punk involved in a fight backstage and details regarding this madness. Both sides give their version of the story and who I believe in? Why didn't Tony Khan stop CM Punk from his rant at the scrum? Who I think was in the wrong in this entire situation? Tony Khan lashes out at WWE for running events during Labor Day weekend. Malakai Black released form AEW and my thoughts on the situation. Debunking the rumors that Thunder Rosa asked for her release. CM Punk & The Elite are stripped of their respective championships in AEW and several names were suspended from the backstage fight. CM Punk suffered a torn triceps and how long he'll be out? Jon Moxley's passionate promo on Dynamite was excellent. New ROH Pure Champion crowned and is Daniel Garcia leaving the Jericho Appreciation Society? D'Lo Brown officially leaves IMPACT Wrestling. HHH didn't agree with NXT 2.0 creative direction. HHH gets a new title in WWE as the Chief Content Officer. Ciampa got his 1st name back! The next location for the 2023 Royal Rumble event revealed. The latest & disturbing troubles of the Velveteen Dream as EC3 recalls that Velveteen set up camera in a bathroom & filmed wrestlers without their consent and TMZ revealed that he punched, bit, & threatened to kill a gym employee and as I said before, he has nobody to blame but himself and if I'm WWE, I would never consider bringing him back. Pat McAfee is stepping away from his duties on SmackDown as he joins ESPN's College Gameday. Braun Strowman officially returns to WWE and destroys the tag team division on RAW. Dominik Mysterio's new look as a heel and it is great. Roxanne Perez & Meiko Satomura had a great match on NXT and I give my idea on what I would do with Meiko in NXT. Imperium & The Brawling Brutes had a great opening match on SmackDown. Is Max Dupri going to return as LA Knight? Ronda Rousey will face Liv Morgan at Extreme Rules for the SmackDown Women's Championship. Drew McIntyre & Karrion Kross' feud officially starts for the Extreme Rules build. Finally, Claudio defends his ROH World Championship against Dax Harwood. All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 180: 3 Big Wrestling Shows For The Weekend! Predicting ALL OUT (2022), Clash At The Castle, & World's Collide!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2022 206:04

    Episode 180 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses possible location for Full Gear this year. Bobby Fish is now a free agent as his contract with AEW is not renewed. Rumors regarding Malakai Black & Miro apparently asking for their release in AEW. Tony Khan explains why Thunder Rosa's injury promo was short and fans didn't take kindly to what he said and how I interpreted what he really meant. FTR removed from the AEW Fight Forever game and I believe that they'll be DLC characters in the future. Samoa Joe expected to be back soon after finishing season 1 filming of Twisted Metal. Eddie Kingston & Sammy Guevara squash their beef backstage. Mercedes Martinez out with an injury. W. Morrissey makes his appearance on Dynamite and is he signed? Ace Steel gets fined by AEW for dropping the F Bomb on Dynamite. The Elite vs United Empire was amazing and why I think Kenny Omega & Will Ospreay should run it back one on one at the Tokyo Dome. Predictions for AEW ALL OUT (2022). Joe Doering stepping away from IMPACT to battle brain cancer for the 2nd time. Solo Sikoa is main roster bound and he'll be on SmackDown and I give my ideas on what they can do with him. Santana Garrett returns to WWE as a coach. Ryan Katz confirms he's returning to WWE and who I think HHH should bring back. Carmella to return to action soon after being out with an injury. Braun Strowman is officially returning to WWE and will be on the RAW brand (Plus I made a remark about CYN being dead) and what I think they might do with Braun Strowman. DDP announces that Buff Bagwell has relapsed and will enter rehab. USA Network gives a positive reaction to the WWE changes. Velveteen Dream is never coming back to WWE as he was arrested this week and the details regarding his arrest. An excellent "Face To Face" between Matt Riddle (Yes he's got his 1st name back!) and Seth Rollins. Who was crowned the new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions on RAW? Predictions for Clash At The Castle & World's Collide. Ronda Rousey's suspension has been lifted and Adam Pearce's fiery rant about his job on SmackDown. Finally, who advances to face the Elite at ALL OUT? All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling!!! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 179: The Rebel Heart Returns To WWE! CM Punk Squashed On Dynamite!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2022 212:58

    Episode 179 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses the chaos that's supposedly going on behind the curtains in AEW! Freddie Prinze Jr. claims that CM Punk has backstage heat in AEW because of his behavior and reveals that CM Punk literally hated John Cena during his time in WWE. Dynamite will be preempted on October due to the MLB and will go head to head against NXT. Konnan claims that many people in AEW told him that they're unhappy with Tony Khan's booking. Tony Khan held a talent meeting before Dynamite and the details regarding said meeting. CM Punk gets destroyed by Moxley in 3 minutes on Dynamite and is this all a big work for a CM Punk heel turn? I give my thoughts on this situation and what I really think is going to happen in the world title picture for ALL OUT? Eddie Kingston was suspended in AEW and the details revealed what went down between Kingston & Guevara plus Sammy gives his side of the story. Backstage heat on Thunder Rosa and the original plan for the AEW Women's Championship at ALL OUT. Tenille Dashwood is no longer in IMPACT Wrestling and a rumor going around about her potentially returning to WWE. Jeff Jarrett no longer in WWE and Road Dogg returns to take Jarrett's position in WWE. Road Dogg explains what went wrong with Bray Wyatt. Nikitta Lyons denes reports of her being pulled from SmackDown last week due to being unvaccinated. Positive news on Bobby Fulton. Toxic Attraction pulled from the Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament as Gigi Dolan suffered an injury. WWE staff and announcers are very happy with the changes and fun environment. The WWE Draft is not happening at the moment and why I think the draft should happen after every WrestleMania from now on. Is Bronson Reed (now JONAH) returning to WWE? Solo Sikoa main roster bound? Johnny Gargano made his shocking return to WWE and why it was a perfect segment on RAW!? InDex reunites on NXT and why I feel like Indi Hartwell is main roster bound? Legado Del Fantasma are also main roster bound as Santos picked them up in the parking lot. Tiffany Stratton & Wendy Choo main evented NXT in a fun Lights Out Match. Sheamus & GUNTHER had a great stare down while Butch (Pete Dunne) & Ludwig Kaiser were brawling. Another excellent segment involving Sami Zayn & The Bloodline. Finally, Claudio defends his ROH World Championship on Rampage against Dustin Rhodes. All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling!!! Programming NOTE: I recorded Part 1 on Thursday and concluded Part 2 on Friday!!! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 178: NXT UK Is Getting Rebranded To NXT Europe! Backstage Drama Involving CM Punk?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2022 176:50

    Episode 178 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses Ari Daivari signing with AEW. AEW Dynamite set to be preempted in October due to the MLB and when will AEW do their tapings? AEW stars planned for Wrestle Kingdom 17 event in NJPW and who I think it could be. WWE reached out to a current AEW talent? Major story in AEW regarding CM Punk shoot promo on Hangman Page and the details regarding the entire situation. Kenny Omega makes his return to AEW Dynamite. Kazuchika Okada wins his 4th G1 Climax and why I believe Tama Tonga should challenge Jay White for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestle Kingdom 17 for Night 1 and then Okada challenges the winner the following night. Is Mickie James teasing retirement from wrestling for one of the upcoming IMPACT Wrestling tapings? Corey Graves explains how his commentary changed since HHH took control. WWE does away with another banned term. HHH nixes Vince McMahon's controversial third party Twitch ban. Ronda Rousey nice little burn about "Budget Cuts". Latest plans on Sasha Banks & Naomi's return and it's just like how I predicted it. WWE says that Vince McMahon's resignation could affect the company's abilities to create popular characters & storylines which I don't by now that we got a new regime in WWE. Speaking of Vince McMahon, WSJ (Wall Street Journal) reveals that the WWE Board found $5 million paid by Vince McMahon to Donald Trump charity. Is Johnny Gargano open to a WWE return? NXT UK will be going on a hiatus as they get rebranded as NXT Europe and multiple NXT UK talents released from WWE! An excellent promo on RAW between Kevin Owens & Drew McIntyre. Thoughts on NXT Heatwave and World's Collide is happening again. We need more Sami Zayn & Roman Reigns interactions and why Sami is a gem in WWE!? Toxic Attraction replaces Zoey Stark & Nikkita Lyons in the Women's Tag Team Tournament and they honestly should've been in the tournament in the 1st place. Sheamus FINALLY is getting a shot at the Intercontinental Championship at Clash At The Castle against GUNTHER. Finally, Who will challenge Claudio Castagnoli for the ROH World Championship? All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 177: HHH Is Making WWE Watchable Again! Possible Names Returning To The Company!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2022 193:08

    Episode 177 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses the AEW Fight Forever roster so far. Tony Khan admits that recent WWE shows are better than before. Miro & Andrade El Idolo apparently frustrated in AEW and the reason being? The rumor of MJF possibly making his AEW return and my idea on what AEW should do IF (keyword If) he makes his return. Kris Statlander out with a knee injury and might (later confirmed) require surgery and it came at a worse time as she was set for a major push. The AEW Trios Tournament bracket revealed. Why I feel that Kenny Omega is going to be The Young Bucks' partner in the Trios Tournament? CM Punk made his return to AEW and confronts Moxley which could set up a match at ALL OUT. Thoughts on Night 11-15 of the G1 Climax. The reason why ROH doesn't have a television show. Vince McMahon's ideology upset a lot of people in WWE and honestly I would be upset as well. Shawn Michaels revealed that Vince McMahon didn't have time to run NXT. Rumor shut down on Vince McMahon still running things in WWE. Things get worse for Vince as WWE has uncovered another two additional payments made by Vince McMahon totaling $5 million. John Laurinaitis is fired from WWE and he'll likely never return and all I can say is good riddance. WWE eyeing Konosuke Takeshita. Triple H wasn't happy with Kross' 1st main roster run and backstage news regarding Kross & Scarlett's return to WWE. The deaths of Mike Masters & Gene LeBell. Is Bray Wyatt set to return to WWE and Vince McMahon shouted derogatory things about Wyatt. T-Bar is expected to get a character makeover and I believe Dijakovic will be back to his normal self. When Sasha Banks & Naomi agreed to a WWE return? More names potentially returning to WWE and who I think it could be? Mickie James hints at retirement. The bracket for the WWE Women's Tag Team Tournament revealed and why I believe that IYO SKY & Dakota Kai are the favorites to win and who should face them in the finals, and I would bring back Sasha & Naomi after the tournament is concluded to confront the new champs. A great United States Championship match between Ciampa & Lashley. RAW ends with a cliff hanger as Dexter Lumas makes his return getting escorted out of the crowd by security. NXT Heatwave predictions and my booking on most of the matches. Solo Sikoa out of action with a sprain ACL. HHH making the Intercontinental Championship feel important and it showed during the main event of SmackDown between Shinsuke Nakamura & GUNTHER. Hit Row made their return to SmackDown and it was a much needed boost for the tag team division. Parker Boudreaux is officially All Elite. Finally, Sonny Kiss shockingly turns heel on AEW Rampage and why this is a good thing!? All this and so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling!!!! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 176: It's A New Era In WWE! Major Changes Happening In The E!

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    Episode 176 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses my experience with the latest WildKat Wrestling show and my conversation I had with Serena Deeb. My quick thoughts on SummerSlam (2022) and the crazy main event for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship! Bayley makes her WWE return, but she's not alone with IYO SKY & Dakota Kai making their official main roster debut plus news regarding DK's return and the stable. Becky Lynch suffers a separated shoulder at SummerSlam and how long will she be out of action? AEW Fight Forever video game officially announced and details regarding the game. AEW announces expansion of Talent Relations & Department. Madison Rayne will be in AEW as a coach and will compete in the company. Is Tony Khan concerned about AEW talents potentially jumping ship to WWE? Adam Cole & reDragon attack The Young Bucks eventually kicking them out. Thoughts on Night 8-9 of the G1 Climax 32. How did I feel about Ric Flair's last match in wrestling? Finn Balor tells WWE talent to leave the company if they want out. Jim Duggan is now cancer free!!! Dana Warrior no longer working as WWE creative team. Are Sasha Banks & Naomi returning to WWE? WWE making a lot of changes in this company and why these changes are a great thing!? A start of a new era in WWE as RAW was a really enjoyable show and the keyword that I call this episode of RAW was purpose. Finally, Karrion Kross & Scarlett make their returns to WWE and THIS IS HOW YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DEBUT KROSS & SCARLETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling!!! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

    Episode 175: IT'S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! Triple H Is Now The Head Of Creative For WWE!

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    It's a BIG week to be a wrestling fan! Episode 175 of No One's Ready For Wrestling discusses CM Punk's injury update and it doesn't look good. Speaking of CM Punk, he rips WWE for their attack on Sasha Banks & Naomi and gives his thoughts on Vince McMahon stepping down permanently. Tony Khan reacts to the narrative that some AEW stars will jump ship to WWE. Jungle Boy cuts the best promo of his career in AEW. AEW announces the trios titles and how this will be booked for All Out? Also, AEW is heading to Canada in October! Thoughts on Night 4 to 7 of New Japan's G1 Climax 32. Nick Wayne returns home after his flight diverted due to a bomb threat. My quick thoughts on ROH's Death Before Dishonor show. Claudio wins a World Title and Jonathan Gresham leaves AEW/ROH and apparently cussed out Tony Khan. Tully Blanchard is no longer in ROH/AEW. FTR & The Briscoes once again put on a Match Of The Year clinic! Roman Reigns explained why he has a limited schedule in WWE? WWE NXT will run a PLE on the same day as AEW ALL OUT which I think is a terrible idea. Kevin Dunn is called out for nixing female wrestlers pushes because they weren't pretty (really Dunn? REALLY?!). Matt Riddle vs Seth Rollins pulled from SummerSlam and this is a work and the real reason why this match was pulled? Also, is Seth Rollins going to get a mystery opponent at SummerSlam? Triple H is now the Head Of Creative for WWE and why that's a great thing in WWE?! What's the latest on Bruce Prichard being demoted? TONS of stories regarding Vince McMahon and this doesn't look good for him. New NXT Women's Tag Team Champions will be crowned next week and why I feel Katana Chance & Kayden Carter needs this win more? Finally, SummerSlam 2022 predictions! All this & so much more RIGHT HERE on No One's Ready For Wrestling! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: