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    Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Three

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2023 6:07

    Play It Forward Episode 603 Eric Andre And Dan Curry Release The Book Dumb Ideas

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2023 5:13

    Thank you for being part of the conversation. This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward Episode 603 With Comedian's Eric Andre And Dan Curry Dumb Ideas From the brilliantly demented minds behind The Eric Andre Show and Bad Trip, an insane illustrated compendium about the art of pranking. Eric André is a master of the art of pranking-"an Andy Kaufman for the Four Loko generation," as Spin magazine once hailed him. For over a decade, he and longtime collaborator Dan Curry have dreamed up and performed a cornucopia of outrageous, often illegal, and always death-defying hijinks for the Adult Swim series The Eric Andre Show, as well as in the hit movie Bad Trip. Now, in their very first book, Eric and Dan reveal the secret fuel behind their surrealistic prank machine. Get ready to gorge your thirsty peepers on epic stories of shame, redemption, and glory behind pranks so dumb they're brilliant.and beyond the realm of criticism.

    C.T.C.S. Episode 105 The No Shows, Bringing Stuff Back And Radio Banter

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2023 15:16

    I'm CT… When I'm not busy being Arroe the podcaster, I live in the real world. Everybody has to have a job. Mine is C.S. Customer Service. Solutions, relationships while keeping my team motivated to keep a constant connection with each guests who's chosen to stop their day to visit our location. Episode 105 The No Shows, Bringing Stuff Back And Radio Banter This is C.T.C.S.

    Rocker Jim Peterik Teams Up With Kevin Cronin Of REO And More Roots And Shoots Vol 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2023 16:56

    JIM PETERIK & WORLD STAGE has spawned a series of extremely well received albums beginning with their legendary self titled debut, featuring partnerships with rock luminaries such as Dennis DeYoung, Kevin Cronin, Johnny Van Zant, Don Barnes, Tom Keifer, and more. In 2019, the concept reemerged on the 'Winds of Change' album, where JIM PETERIK teamed up with legends such as Kevin Chalfant, Dennis DeYoung, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, Kelly Keagy, Mike Reno, Jason Scheff, and others. PETERIK subsequently dedicated an entire album female rockers, resulting in the remarkable 'Tigress - Women Who Rock the World.' This album showcased collaborations with outstanding singers and musicians like Jennifer Batten, Chloe Lowery, Rosa Laricchiuta, Chez Kane, and others. These albums underscore JIM PETERIK's immense talents, complemented by a roster of renowned singers and musicians. With the new Roots and Shoots album concept, the Chicago-based artist presents two superb albums equally divided between Roots (classic rock stars) and Shoots (emerging rock stars). In addition to Kevin Cronin and REO Speedwagon, Vol. 1's notable guests include: Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger), Don Barnes (.38 Special), Mark Farner (Grand Funk), alongside emerging talents like Colin Peterik (Jim's son!), Ashton Brooke Gill, Paul Childers, Leslie Hunt, Mark Mackay, and a captivating duet between Dave Mikulskis and Lisa McClowry. WORLD STAGE embodies JIM PETERIK's outstanding musical legacy, a testament to his songwriting prowess as one of the true icons of melodic rock.

    Roda Ahmed And Charmaine Gordon Release The Book Etta Extraordinary

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2023 6:49

    Meet Etta! Etta was born to be a shining star. When Etta discovers her school is hosting a talent show, she wants to share her many talents with the world. Even though she has never performed onstage before, all Etta needs to do is make a plan (Etta always has a plan!).And in 1, 2, 3, 4 steps, she's ready for her big performance on the big stage in front of a BIG audience. Or is she? Find out how Etta beats her worries, with the help of her loving family, in this joyful story created by celebrated writers Roda Ahmed and Charnaie Gordon and illustrator Chloe Burgett.This powerful author duo is the epitome of inspirational renaissance women. Between the two of them, the titles “bestselling author, CEO, advocate, philanthropist, creator, entrepreneur, model, actress, polyglot” are all applicable.

    ceo extraordinary charnaie gordon
    Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Two

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2023 5:17

    Pod Crashing Episode 282 With Author And Podcaster Annie Gudger The 5th Chamber

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2023 10:21

    Pod Crashing Episode 282 With Author And Podcaster Annie Gudger Fascinated with the heart and its fifth chamber that holds more love, that holds shadows, Annie poetically chronicles her passage through grief and the beauty she found on the other side in her debut memoir, The Fifth Chamber. In 2022, about 60,000 children in the United States under the age of six lived with a single widowed mother, nearly three times the number of children living with a widowed father. Yet our society still shies away from open discussion about death and its aftermath, normalizing the tragedy and ignoring the pain. Crafted with lightning bolts of joy and sorrow, The Fifth Chamber is a tender and lyrical memoir about the dance of loss and life, and how grief can make the heart beat stronger than ever before. Annie and her daughter Maria Gibson have a podcast - Coffee, Grief, and Gratitude. For Annie, writing about love and loss has been her life's work, publishing works in The Rumpus, Real Simple, Tupelo Quarterly, Atticus Review, Sweet Lit, Cutthroat, Cutbank, Columbia Journal, and many more.

    Director Ashton Gleckman From Kennedy On History Channel

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2023 7:46

    Timed to the 60th anniversary of JFK's assassination, The History Channel presents KENNEDY, an eight-part docuseries that chronicles the life, legacy, and leadership of John F. Kennedy. Featuring a vast collection of archival materials and more than 70 new interviews with historians, family members and more, Kennedy reveals the complexities of JFK's presidency and public perception. See the trailer. To preview the docu-series is Kennedy director Ashton Gleckman. 23-year-old filmmaker/music composer Ashton Gleckman began shooting Kennedy in more than 25 states in 2020 and wore many different hats including director, editor, co-scorer, and producer all at the age of 20 years old at the time of filming. Ashton began his musical career at age six and started composing film scores at 14. He also directed two documentary films (the award-winning Holocaust film We Shall Not Die Now and The Hills I Call Home), released six albums of original music, and composed scores for several productions.

    Huntley From NBC's The Voice

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2023 8:10

    Huntley was singing and impersonating Elvis by the time he was 4 but never took himself seriously. When Huntley was 14, while walking home from school, a friend overheard him sing and assured him he was great. From that day forward, Huntley wanted to pursue music. After two years of college, he moved to Nashville but didn't find the success he had hoped for. After falling out of love with the music grind, he moved back home to Virginia. In 2016, Huntley welcomed his daughter and in 2021 welcomed his son. He never had a relationship with his own father, which motivated him to be very involved in his kids' lives. Since 2022, Huntley has found success as a booking agent for musicians. Now that music is coming back into his life, he's been a full-time musician gigging five times a week all over Virginia. Huntley is ready to make music a priority in his life after being a dad first.

    Actor And Special Ops Agent Vincent Vargas Releases Borderline Defending The Homefront

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2023 20:51

    One of the most hotly contested issues of our time - the US-Mexico border - stretches more than 2,000 miles. It's protection is led by a thin-line of overworked and underfunded US Border Patrol agents. Vincent Vargas, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan with the US Army's 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, later served with the Border Patrol. His new book, BORDERLINE: Defending the Homefront, which publishes November 14, 2023, provides a thorough insiders look at just how dangerous defending the border is.

    Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Three Hundred Twenty One

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2023 3:47

    Five Time World Boxing Champion Andre Ward Releases Killing The Image

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2023 7:53

    In Killing the Image, Ward shares the gripping narrative of his unforgettable career, his rock-solid faith, and why boxing was never the biggest fight of his life. Ward was the undefeated light heavyweight boxing champion of the world when he walked away from the ring and did not look back. Now that he has taken off his gloves for the final time, the Olympic gold medalist is ready to share the heartbreaking and uplifting stories of his formative years and unprecedented boxing career.The book is described as a motivational, faith-building, and utterly compelling memoir which offers not only an inspiring story of overcoming a broken childhood but also insight into breaking destructive generational bonds, forgiving those who have hurt us, and moving toward hope. Along the way he shares a behind-the-scenes look at the drama from his epic championship bouts, complicated relationships with managers and promoters, and his shocking decision to retire at the top of his game.Andre Ward is married to his high school sweetheart, Tiffiney. Together with their five children, they live in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a retired world champion and Hall of Fame boxer, as well as a licensed minister and youth pastor at his church, The Well Christian Community in Livermore, California.

    Forest Stories Episode Thirteen Heart Break Hill

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2023 3:21

    Thanks for being part of the conversation I am the Poet In The Forest. A children series I penned out in the 1990s. None of it would be possible if it wasn't for this forest in South Charlotte, NC. I talk about it so much that I thought maybe it's time you get to meet all that inspires me. Thanks for being part of the conversation

    Actor Singer And Broadcaster Raymond Arroyo Releases Christmas Merry And Bright

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2023 11:19

    A response to longtime fan requests, Raymond Arroyo Christmas Merry & Bright charms listeners with Arroyo's renaissance sensibilities. Warm vocals and a touch of humor refresh and cast new light on a collection of Christmas standards we've all taken for granted. Raymond Arroyo has entertained and informed audiences in one way or another his whole life, as a contributor for Fox and CNN, with his New York Times bestselling-books and his frequent appearances on: The Today Show, Fox News, Good Morning America, CNN Headline News, Access Hollywood, Erin Burnett Outfront, The Ingraham Angle and through beloved shows on EWTN (commonly known as "the world's largest Faith media network"). Now audiences will be treated to his debut recording Christmas Merry & Bright in which his deeply rooted musical background takes center stage; having grown up singing in his native New Orleans, then graduating from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts followed by theater stints in London. On Merry & Bright Arroyo is backed by jazz supergroup, The NOLA Players. Christmas Merry & Bright showcases Kevin Kaska's (The Greatest Showman, Jungle Book) beautiful, Big Band new arrangements of the timeless "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day", a hard driving, "Joy to the World", and a never-before heard orchestration of medley "The First Noel/ We Magi of Orient Are". Recorded at the historic Le Petite Theatre by multi-grammy award winning producer Brad Michel, the album captures unexplored emotions of the season with an all-new rendition of the beloved, "Feliz Navidad"-- complete with a moving duet with Grammy Winner José Feliciano. Soon to be a Christmas favorite, Christmas Merry & Bright will forever change the way listeners will experience these cherished songs. Arroyo will be touring in select markets this coming November and December in support of Christmas Merry & Bright, bringing a uniting, memory making, wonder awakening, experience to prepare for the yuletide season!

    Suzanne Heywood Releases The Book Wavewalker

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2023 19:37

    'A jaw-dropping and thrilling real-life adventure on the high seas for a girl who just craved normality and finally found her way back to it' - Sarah Brown Aged just seven, Suzanne Heywood set sail with her parents and brother on a three-year voyage around the world. What followed turned instead into a decade-long way of life, through storms, shipwrecks, reefs and isolation, with little formal schooling. No one else knew where they were most of the time and no state showed any interest in what was happening to the children. Suzanne fought her parents, longing to return to England and to education and stability. This memoir covers her astonishing upbringing, a survival story of a child deprived of safety, friendships, schooling and occasionally drinking water. At seventeen Suzanne earned an interview at Oxford University and returned to the UK. Wavewalker is the incredible true story of how the adventure of a lifetime became one child's worst nightmare - and how her determination to educate herself enabled her to escape

    Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Three Hundred Twenty

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2023 5:09

    Play It Forward Episode 602 Gail Papp Releases The Book Public Private My Life With Joe Papp

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2023 14:15

    Thank you for being part of the conversation. This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward Episode 602 With Public Theater Legend Gail Papp Public/Private is Gail's memoir about her life with famous producer/director Joe Papp as they founded the Public Theater in NYC. Over their 26-year relationship, Gail and Joe established a legendary partnership that built the famous theatrical institution. In her memoir, Gail gives you an inside look at the early years of the Public when plays such as A Chorus Line were just starting and then little-known actors were making their way in show business. Gail and Joe's production genius was responsible for an extraordinary body of work that launched the careers of dozens of actors, including James Earl Jones, Colleen Dewhurst, Gloria Foster, Morgan Freeman, Raúl Juliá, Kevin Kline, Mandy Patinkin, George C. Scott, Martin Sheen, Meryl Streep, and Diane Venora, all of whom make an appearance in the book.

    Executive Producer Nick Barili From De La Calle On Paramount+

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2023 10:40

    Paramount+ introduces De La Calle, a new eight-episode docuseries that explores the growth of Urbano music and its evolution into a variety of genres including Rap, Reggaeton, Bachata, Latin trap, Cumbia and other sounds that influence music and culture worldwide. De La Calle – which premiered at the 2023 Tribeca Festival – is hosted by award-winning journalist Nick Barili (who is also executive producer and co-creator). Nick takes viewers on a journey of Latino urban music from the U.S. to Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain and beyond.From perreo to political issues to the stories of rebellion, Barili engages with musicians, cultural icons and fascinating characters who reveal the story of Urbano music, its history and its significance today. De La Calle features interviews with artists such as Fat Joe, N.O.R.E., Residente, Mala Rodriguez, Nicky Jam, Nicki Nicole, Villano Antillano, Sech, Goyo, Nathy Peluso, Santa Fe Klan, Jessie Reyes, Feid, Aleman, Gente De Zona, Aczino, Princess Nokia, Kombilesa Mi, Renato and more.

    Award Winning Filmmaker Andrew Jenks Releases Billion Dollar Babies The True Story Of The Cabbage Patch Kids

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2023 6:56

    Doll hospitals, cabbage "births," a four-year legal battle over the origin of the idea and a BILLION-dollar toy brand that put the wheels of modern-day Black Friday shopping riots into motion. This is the unbelievable true story you never knew about the toy craze that started it all, the Cabbage Patch Kids. Narrated and executive produced by Emmy- and Tony Award-winning actor Neil Patrick Harris Featuring interviews with Cabbage Patch Kids' creator Xavier Roberts, journalist Connie Chung, and former Coleco marketing head Al Kahan Before the Cabbage Patch Kids, no one could have imagined a world where police would need to break up fights between rampaging adults in toy stores. But after the Cabbage Patch Kids, every manufacturer in the world was desperate for their own "riot-worthy" toy. Everything had changed, and we were never going back. Billion Dollar Babies: The True Story of the Cabbage Patch Kids is the evolution of that change, told through the lens of what is arguably the most beloved toy of the 1980s. It's one filled with doll hospitals with delightfully attentive staff tending to every need of the "babies" birthed from a cabbage patch before their adoptions, dangerous counterfeit dolls and intense U.S. Customs raids, inevitable black-market sales, a glut of spin-off products, severe doll shortages and a rabid media frenzy that gave rise to a BILLION-dollar toy brand unlike anything the world had ever seen. Oh, and did we mention the "custody battle" over the origin of the idea? An unassuming and relatively unknown artist from rural Kentucky filed suit claiming she was the true creator of the dolls, setting off a contentious four-year legal battle over the Kids. This is the story you never knew about the dolls that stole America's heart and turned us all into total maniacs.

    Biographer And Cultural Historian Danny Fingerroth Releases Jack Ruby The Many Faces Of Oswalds Assassin

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2023 8:50

    As we approach the sixtieth anniversaries of the murders of Kennedy and Oswald, Jack Ruby's motives are as maddeningly ambiguous today as they were the day that he pulled the trigger. The fascinating yet frustrating thing about Ruby is that there is evidence to paint him as at least two different people. Much of his life story points to him as bumbling, vain, violent, and neurotic; a product of the grinding poverty of Chicago's Jewish ghetto; a man barely able to make a living or sustain a relationship with anyone besides his dogs. By the same token, evidence exists of Jack Ruby as cagey and competent, perhaps not a mastermind, but a useful pawn of the Mob and of both the police and the FBI; someone capable of running numerous legal, illegal, and semi-legal enterprises, including smuggling arms and vehicles to both sides in the Cuban revolution; someone capable of acting as middleman in bribery schemes to have imprisoned Mob figures set free. Cultural historian Danny Fingeroth's research includes a new, in-depth interview with Rabbi Hillel Silverman, the legendary Dallas clergyman who visited Ruby regularly in prison and who was witness to Ruby's descent into madness. Fingeroth also conducted interviews with Ruby family members and associates. The book's findings will catapult you into a trip through a house of historical mirrors. At its end, perhaps Jack Ruby's assault on history will begin to make sense. And perhaps we will understand how Oswald's assassin led us to the world we live in today.

    Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Three Hundred Nineteen

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2023 4:21

    Pod Crashing Episode 281 Dr RoseMarie Dr Laurie And Grover The Happiness Lab

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2023 7:22

    Pod Crashing Episode 281 With Doctor's RoseMarie, Laurie Santos And Sesame Streets Groover From The Happiness Lab Podcast Yale's Laurie Santos, a psychologist who explores the science of well-being in her popular podcast The Happiness Lab, is teaming up with a group of familiar characters who have brought joy to generations of children. On Sept. 18, Santos will be joined by Grover, Big Bird, and Abby Cadabby, three members of the beloved children's show Sesame Street, for the first in a three-part podcast series on how families can improve their emotional well-being and feel happier. Santos, who five years ago launched "Psychology and the Good Life," a wildly popular course that enrolled more than 1,000 Yale College students - and who this year launched an online version of the class for teenagers - hopes the new series will offer similar evidence-based happiness tips with younger students. The three-part series - which features tips on regulating emotions, cultivating happier mindsets, and developing more positive self-talk - is aimed at young children and their parents, she said. "The tips we share in the podcast can help listeners of all ages," said Santos, a professor of psychology in Yale's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. "They're relevant whether you're aged 3 or 103."

    C.T.C.S. Episode 104 Fight In The Fast Lane, Shopping Center Fire And Y3000 Soft Drink

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2023 23:04

    I'm CT… When I'm not busy being Arroe the podcaster, I live in the real world. Everybody has to have a job. Mine is C.S. Customer Service. Solutions, relationships while keeping my team motivated to keep a constant connection with each guests who's chosen to stop their day to visit our location. Episode 104 Fight In The Fast Lane, Shopping Center Fire And Y3000 Soft Drink This is C.T.C.S.

    Pro Wrestling Hall OF Famer Nikki Garcia Hosts Barmageddon On Peacock USA Network

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2023 6:53

    Buddies Blake Shelton and Carson Daly star in and executive produce the fun-filled celebrity game show where everyone lets loose and anything goes. Television personality and Wresting Hall of Famer Nikki Garcia brings the heat as host. The superstar trio goes all in on a good time as they head to Nashville and invite the audience into Blake's bar, Ole Red, for a front row seat as their celebrity friends compete in over-the-top bar games.A naturally competitive spirit who once dominated the wrestling ring, Nikki sets the stakes as celebrity friends go head-to-head in a series of classic bar games with a fun twist, including returning favorites Air Cannon Cornhole, Keg Curling, Drunken Axe Hole, Sharts (“Shelton Darts”) and more. A new set of outrageous bar games thrown into the mix include Fool's Ball, Tic Tac Throwdown and Talk Derby to Me. With Carson behind the bar and Blake taking the stage with his house band for live music sing-alongs, these icons and celebrity favorites show a new side to themselves in this anything but ordinary game show where everyone is invited to the party. This season's celebrity competitors include Kelly Clarkson, Jelly Roll, Gwen Stefani, Boyz II Men, and many more!

    Elana K Arnold Releases The Book The Blood Years

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2023 9:34

    Inspired by her grandmother's childhood experiences in Holocaust-era Romania, Michael L. Printz honoree & National Book Award finalist Elana K. Arnold weaves an unforgettable tale of love and loss in the darkest days of the twentieth century. After their father abandoned the family seven years ago, Frederieke and Astra Teitler's grandfather did his best to provide for the sisters and shield them from antisemitism. But when war breaks out in Europe, their beloved home, Czernowitz, once considered a safe haven for Jewish people, becomes increasingly dangerous. First the Russians, then the Germans, invade. Almost overnight, Frederieke and Astra's world changes, and every day becomes a struggle: to keep their grandfather's business, their home, and their lives. As those that threaten Frederieke and her family close in around them, she must decide between holding on to her life or letting go of everything that has ever mattered to her—a choice she may not even have the chance to make.

    Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Three Hundred Eighteen

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2023 6:25

    Play It Forward Episode 601 Film Director Phil Traill From Good Burger 2 On Nickelodeon And Paramount

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2023 7:36

    Thank you for being part of the conversation. This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward Episode 601 With Phil Traill Director Of Good Burger 2 Good Burger 2 is the sequel to the iconic ‘90s feature film based on the sketch from the Nickelodeon comedy series All That. The highly anticipated film sequel follows Dexter Reed (Kenan Thompson) and original cashier Ed (Kel Mitchell) as they reunite in the present day at fast-food restaurant Good Burger with a hilarious new group of employees. In GOOD BURGER 2, Dexter Reed is down on his luck after another one of his inventions fails. Ed welcomes Dex back to Good Burger with open arms and gives him his old job back. With a new crew working at Good Burger, Dex devises a plan to get back on his feet but unfortunately puts the fate of Good Burger at risk once again.In addition to Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, GOOD BURGER 2 also stars Lil Rel Howery (Get Out) as Cecil McNevin, Jillian Bell (Murder Mystery 2) as Katt Boswell, Kamaia Fairburn (Blockbuster) as Mia, Alex R. Hibbert (THE CHI) as Ed2, Fabrizio Guido (Perry Mason) as Mr. Jensen, Elizabeth Hinkler (The Good Doctor) and Emily Hinkler (The Good Doctor) as Cindy and Mindy and Anabel Graetz (Free Guy) as Ruth. The film also will feature surprise celebrity cameos as well as original GOOD BURGER cast members who are reprising their roles: Josh Server as Fizz, Lori Beth Denberg as Connie Muldoon and Carmen Electra as Roxanne.

    Miles Lagoze Releases The Book Whistles From The Graveyard

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2023 21:47

    "The most bracingly honest, refreshing account of the Afghan war" (Sebastian Junger, New York Times? bestselling author) from a Marine Corps Combat Cameraman and director of the acclaimed documentary Combat Obscura. At just eighteen years old, Miles Lagoze joined the Marine Corps a decade after the war began and found himself surrounded by people not unlike those he'd left behind at home-aimless youth searching for stability, community, and economic security. Deployed to Afghanistan as a Combat Cameraman-an active-duty videographer and photographer-Lagoze produced slick images of glory and heroism for public consumption. But his government-approved footage concealed a grim reality. Here, Lagoze pulls back the curtain and illustrates the grisly truth of the longest war in American history. As these young men and women were deployed to an unfamiliar country half a world away-history's "graveyard of empires"-they carried the scars of the fractured homeland that sent them. Lagoze shows us Marines straddling the edge of chaos. We see forces desensitized to gore and suffering by the darkest reaches of the internet, unsure of their places in an unraveling world and set further adrift by the uncertain mission to which they had been assigned abroad. Whistles from the Graveyard: My Time Behind the Camera on War, Rage, and Restless Youth in Afghanistan shows the parts of the Afghanistan War we were never meant to see-Afghan locals and American infantry drawn together by their fears of the ghostly, ever-present terror of the Taliban; moments of dark resignation as the devastating toll of years in war's crossfire reveals itself between bouts of adrenaline-laced violence; and nights of reckless, drug-fueled abandon to dull the pain. In full, vivid color, Miles Lagoze shows us an oft-overlooked generation of young Americans we cast out into the desert, steeped in nihilism, and shipped back home with firsthand training in extremism, misanthropy, and insurrection.

    Rocker Wes Cage Releases The Wolf

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2023 17:08

    Solo rock artist Wes Cage unleashes his new single “The Wolf” via Pavement Entertainment. Co-written with Keith Wallen from Breaking Benjamin, Cage breathes fresh life into the rock scene with a memorable, meaningful song for listeners everywhere. Listen to “The Wolf” on all streaming platforms here: ⁠⁠ “I hope this song resonates with the masses and is embraced as a symbolic work of art that encourages triumph and hope,” says Cage. “‘The Wolf' is about the spiritual dichotomy of the higher and lower self.” To further illustrate his vision, Cage has released the official music video for “The Wolf,” which recently premiered on Metal Injection. Produced by Glitter and Gold Media, and filmed at Le Grand Restaurant in Los Angeles, California, the video shows Cage contending with darkness while searching for the light. Cagenotes, “In the video, I play the two contrasting incarnations of the same character. His lower self, in his case, is one of destitution, zero self control, addiction, oblivion and failure, while his higher self is depicted through a being who is of power, elevation, awareness, organization and overall success. Both forces live in us all.” By Cage's own admission, battles with addiction once saw him digging his own grave. An advocate for recovery who went to the depths of despair and emerged that much stronger, Cage's music speaks with a wisdom beyond his years, shaped by hardened experience. Now a dedicated family man in his early 30s, Cage embarks on a courageous new chapter, creating ambitious hard rock no less lacking in authenticity or edge but designed to connect on a bigger scale. His music is equal parts reflective and inventive, with hooks that resonate with diverse crowds.

    Dr Michael Crupain Releases The Book The Power Of Five

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2023 10:28

    Board-certified preventive medicine physician, Emmy® Award-winning producer, and self-described “wellness crusader,” Michael Crupain, MD, MPH, brings us an essential cookbook, with 75+ recipes that focus on the five food groups to keep you living longer—without sacrificing flavor or favorites. The Power Five: Essential Foods for Optimum Health is In many ways, the culmination of a life dedicated to medicine and cooking. First in medical school, he staged at David Bouley's Austrian restaurant, The Danube; with pastry chef Walter Luque from Palma; and spent transformative time cooking with Silvestro Silvestori at The Awaiting Table Cookery School in Puglia, Italy. As a result, Dr. Crupain presents a book grounded in food expertise and medical knowledge. In The Power Five, he puts the five essential foods for living longer—fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, seafood, and nuts and seeds—to work in 75 recipes that maximize taste, texture, and flavor, championing the idea that eating and living healthier no longer feels like work. Each chapter delves into the science and nutritional information in a playful, at times humorous way, making it easy to digest why each of these foods is essential and powerful. The subsequent recipes are weeknight accessible and sophisticated, ranging from 100-Layer Eggplant Parmigiana to Sumac Semi-Cured Slow Roasted Steelhead Trout, Miso Creamed Corn, and a crowd favorite—Lasagna Bread! But you don't have to give up beloved treats to live to a long life. Dr. Crupain includes chapters on meats and sweets, and guidance on how to eat them—but less often—underpinning Michael's belief in balance and practicality.

    Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Three Hundred Seventeen

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2023 5:10

    Forest Stories Episode Twelve The Ivy And Slow Dancing Trees

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2023 3:08

    Thanks for being part of the conversation I am the Poet In The Forest. A children series I penned out in the 1990s. None of it would be possible if it wasn't for this forest in South Charlotte, NC. I talk about it so much that I thought maybe it's time you get to meet all that inspires me. Thanks for being part of the conversation

    Late Night Writers Rebecca Shaw And Ben Kronengold Release Naked In Rideshare

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2023 11:08

    Dynamic duo Rebecca Shaw and Ben Kronengold met at Yale in 2014, and since then they've become a sensation as the youngest-ever writers for Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. Their debut book, NAKED IN THE RIDESHARE (William Morrow, November 14, 2023) is a collection of stories about thedifferent stages of human life, from childhood to college to adulthood. The authors let their imaginations run wild with 30 stories that contain that will entertain readers of any age.

    Jordan Rainer From NBC's The Voice

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2023 17:05

    Jordan got off to a rocky start with her transition to adulthood. She found herself homeless, carless and jobless at 24. She eventually was thrown a bone from a friend who owned a donut shop and once she earned enough money, moved to Nashville and secured a publishing deal. It wasn't until about five years ago that she discovered she could pursue a career in singing as well. Jordan has only had one octave range, due to a condition she was born with that affected her vocal cords. However, in recent years she's been able to get vocal therapy and coaching to correct the problem and can now sing in a five-octave range. Jordan has opened for the Eli Young Band, Hunter Hayes, Craig Morgan and Luke Combs. Jordan has also written for former "Voice" winner Sundance Head, who has performed her music at the Grand Ole Opry and sent her single to #1 in Texas.

    Photographer David Alexander Releases Pictures Of Time

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    Acclaimed commercial photographer, David Alexander, built his reputation early in his career by creating album covers for The Eagles and Blues Brothers among other 70's rock bands as well as movie posters for iconic films like THE TERMINATOR. He was responsible for the album cover photography of the 1978 Grammy-winning Eagles' Hotel California. The front cover depicts The Beverly Hills Hotel at sunset. He shot the image 60 feet above Sunset Boulevard on top of a cherry picker with the light and unfamiliar vantage point giving it a slightly sinister look in keeping with the Album's theme. A critical and commercial success, Rolling Stone named Hotel California the 5th best album cover of all time and the highest rated pure photography cover. Hotel California went on to incredible success, becoming a 1970s cultural landmark, cementing Alexander's reputation in the entertainment industry and beyond. Alexander has now focused his attention on understanding the meaning behind images. In PICTURES OF TIME, he explores the intersection of science, art, and, perhaps, philosophy. Described as "photography that makes you think." the images are arranged as a contemplation of time, raising thought-provoking questions such as what is time and can time really be seen? This beautiful tabletop book is filled with powerful images encouraging reflection.

    Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Three Hundred Sixteen

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    Ian Fritz Releases The Book What The Taliban Told Me

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    When Ian Fritz joined the Air Force at eighteen, he did so out of necessity. He hadn't been accepted into college thanks to an indifferent high school career. He'd too often slept through his classes as he worked long hours at a Chinese restaurant to help pay the bills for his trailer-dwelling family in Lake City, Florida. But the Air Force recognizes his potential and sends him to the elite Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, to learn Dari and Pashto, the main languages of Afghanistan. By 2011, Fritz was an airborne cryptologic linguist and one of only a tiny number of people in the world trained to do this job on low-flying gunships. He monitors communications on the ground and determines in real time which Afghans are Taliban and which are innocent civilians. This eavesdropping is critical to supporting Special Forces units on the ground, but there is no training to counter the emotional complexity that develops as you listen to people's most intimate conversations. Over the course of two tours, Fritz listens to the Taliban for hundreds of hours, all over the country night and day, in moments of peace and in the middle of battle. What he hears teaches him about the people of Afghanistan-Taliban and otherwise-the war, and himself. Fritz's fluency is his greatest asset to the military, yet it becomes the greatest liability to his own commitment to the cause. Both proud of his service and in despair that he is instrumental in destroying the voices that he hears, What the Taliban Told Me is a brilliant, intimate coming-of-age memoir and a reckoning with our twenty years of war in Afghanistan.

    Michael Azerrad Releases The Book The Amplified Come As You Are The Story Of Nirvana

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    "Kurt screams in a code that millions can understand. He communicates in the same scattershot, intuitive way that his generation has been trained to assimilate and to express information, thanks to the usual litany of tens of thousands of hours of television advertising before they were even able to read, lousy schools, the glut of the information age, video games, etc. Kurt's lyrics make unusual sense of chaos. When he screams "a denial, a denial" over and over again at the end of "Teen Spirit," it's something that is understood on a deep level. And either you get it or you don't. It clearly draws the lines, even as it deals in universals. And it's one of the most transcendent moments in rock music." - from the book In 1993, a young rock journalist named Michael Azerrad published Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana, an era-defining deep dive into Nirvana at their peak. Invited to write the book by Courtney Love, and with Kurt Cobain's blessing and the front man's promise he wouldn't make him change a word, Azerrad set out to tell the true story of the revolutionary band. Thirty years on, Azerrad has revisited the book he wrote back then, re-examining and illuminating what he originally reported, and providing essential glosses on the band's musical, cultural and historical contexts. The result is a thoroughly original book: THE AMPLIFIED COME AS YOU ARE (Harper One; October 24, 2023), a deluxe hardcover edition that fascinatingly "amplifies" the iconic bestseller.

    Kristen Brown From NBC's The Voice

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    Kristen has known she wanted to pursue music since a young age. When she was 13, she formed a band with friends from her vocal studio and the trio hit the road. They went on to release original music and open for country artists such as Toby Keith, Morgan Wallen, and Rascal Flatts. In 2021, Kristen began her solo music journey writing and producing her first solo song, "Christmas Spirit," in memory of her late aunt. The music video for the song has amassed nearly 94,000 views on YouTube. Over the last couple years, Kristen has been writing her own music, producing the tracks, marketing it, directing and editing her own videos and booking her own gigs. Kristen gets her determined spirit from her parents, who have always told her if you work hard enough you can accomplish any dream.

    Olympic Snowboarding Champion Lindsey Jacobellis Releases Unforgiving

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    With two Olympic gold medals, one silver medal, six World Championships victories, 31 World Cup victories and a staggering 59 career World Cup podiums, five-time Olympian Lindsey Jacobellis, is the most decorated snowboard cross athlete of all time. But, for the better part of her career, she was known for one of the most epic unforced errors in Olympic history, which not only cost her a gold medal but cast her into a storm of media ridicule and stifling self-doubt. In her deeply personal memoir, UNFORGIVING (Harper; Publication Date: October 17, 2023), Jacobellis chronicles her career from crushing early failure, to self-growth and love, to finally conquering her goal almost two decades later. Honest, intimate, and inspiring, UNFORGIVING is both an unprecedented look at what it's like to be a young female athlete under the spotlight and a manifesto for triumphing over failure, believing in yourself, and achieving at the highest level. On February 16th, 2006, twenty-year old American snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis was poised to win the first gold medal in women's snowboard cross. Jacobellis, the top snowboard cross racer in the world and one of the most celebrated and decorated winter sports champions of all time, had a seemingly insurmountable lead in her race until she decided, in the home stretch, to celebrate midair and it all came crashing down. She lost her balance and fell. It was a mistake that would go down as one of the biggest unforced errors in sports. Jacobellis endured the criticism and second-guessing of Olympic commentators, sportswriters, and detractors. She was dropped by sponsors, ridiculed in the press, and grilled by interviewers. But Jacobellis refused to let her fall define her. It took her sixteen years of perseverance, training, and life coaching before, at the age of 36, Jacobellis reached the podium and became the oldest US female athlete to capture gold in Winter Olympic History.

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    NY Times Best Selling Author Ben Mezrich Releases Breaking Twitter

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    In October 2022, Elon Musk barreled through Twitter's front doors carrying a kitchen sink, tweeting a message to his millions of followers: "Let that sink in." His takeover came with the promise of fundamental changes, but nothing could prepare the company for the turbulence to come-brutal, sometimes arbitrary mass firings, an exodus of advertisers and users, and a vicious internal battle for control. With unique access to Twitter employees and Musk's confidants, this is the astonishing story from all sides, revealing a wealth of new details, including: * The events and motivations that led Elon to take over the social media site at the center of our global conversation. * The chaos of the first few days after Elon and his "goons" crashed through Twitter's front door. * The fiasco of Elon's relaunched "Blue Check" system, and the near collapse of Twitter's revenue stream. * The series of events - darkly comic, self-inflicted, and sometimes frightening-that led to Elon's emotional and dangerous downward spiral. * And what, ultimately, Elon hoped to accomplish: Why the battle for Twitter isn't simply about money, of whim, or even political reach.

    Jennifer Williams From My True Scam Story On VH-1

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    According to the FTC, nearly 70,000 Americans fell victim to online romantic scams in 2022. In VH1's new docuseries My True Scam Story, one unlucky professional con artist is about to discover that he's scammed the wrong woman!“My True Scam Story” follows Jennifer Williams - star of VH1's hit series Basketball Wives and former wife of NBA star Eric Williams - who is still reeling after learning that her ex-boyfriend is a professional con artist who took advantage of her kindness, money and assets. In the process of healing herself, Williams is approached by many other innocent people her ex-boyfriend scammed and decides to take action. As the series host, Williams makes it her mission to get justice for not only herself, but for the many other men and women hurt and scammed by the same con artist. Jennifer vows to press on until she heals her heart and sees justice served - and, she warns, it might not be through the court system!Speak with Jennifer about her unfortunate story, which sadly has become all too common, and hear her tips for recognizing a romance scam in the making.

    Chicago's Lee Loughnane New Music, Parades, Films And Earth Wind And Fire Tour

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    Chicago Greatest Christmas Hits - A Collection Of Yuletide Favorites From All Three Of The Legendary Band's Christmas Albums Arrives November 3 On CD And Red Vinyl PRE-ORDER NOW A Green-Vinyl Version Will Be Available Exclusively At Barnes & Noble Chicago is lighting up the holidays with a new collection that combines songs from all three of its beloved Christmas albums. The legendary "rock band with horns" will even add a few of those holiday classics to its live shows during its current tour. CHICAGO GREATEST CHRISTMAS HITS arrives November 3 on CD for $14.98, red vinyl for $21.98, and digitally. The festive compilation shines a spotlight on Chicago's unmistakable sound across 13 yuletide favorites, including "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow," "All Over The World," "Wonderful Christmas Time" (featuring Dolly Parton), and "Winter Wonderland." The tracks originally appeared on Chicago XXV: The Christmas Album (1998), What's It Gonna Be, Santa?(2003), Chicago XXXIII: O Christmas Three (2011), and Chicago XXXVII: Chicago Christmas (2019). Earlier this year, Chicago XXV: The Christmas Album and What's It Gonna Be, Santa? were both certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

    Author Amy Price Releases The Book Behind The Door

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    REMINDER: TOMORROW MORNING, Friday, October 13th, 2023 @ 10:00 to 10:09 AM EASTERN AMY PRICE, ex-general manager of notorious Cecil Hotel & author of BEHIND THE DOOR VIA ZOOM (link below and in separate email), AND PLEASE KEEP YOUR CALL TO 8 to 9 MINUTES. Thank you! Michael Azar is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Premiere Networks Radio Tour with Amy Price Time: Oct 13, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 822 7916 8554 Passcode: 457984 One tap mobile +16469313860,,82279168554#,,,,*457984# US +19292056099,,82279168554#,,,,*457984# US (New York) Dial by your location • +1 646 931 3860 US • +1 929 205 6099 US (New York) • +1 309 205 3325 US • +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago) • +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC) • +1 305 224 1968 US • +1 253 205 0468 US • +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma) • +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston) • +1 360 209 5623 US • +1 386 347 5053 US • +1 507 473 4847 US • +1 564 217 2000 US • +1 669 444 9171 US • +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose) • +1 689 278 1000 US • +1 719 359 4580 US Meeting ID: 822 7916 8554 Passcode: 457984 Find your local number: ABOUT AMY PRICE AND HER BOOK BEHIND THE DOOR BEHIND THE DOOR by Amy Price is the disturbing true story of the notorious Cecil Hotel in downtown LA, told by its general manager for a decade and star of the controversial Netflix documentary series Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel When Amy Price took a temporary design job at an Art Deco hotel in Los Angeles to help a friend, she had no idea the path it would lead her down. The hotel was the infamous Cecil Hotel, located at the foot of Skid Row. She would soon learn about the hotel's notoriety-since its opening in 1927, there had been any number of deaths by suicide, and some of the residents included the serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger. Price's temporary job eventually turned into a permanent one, as the general manager. Price recounts her unlikely path in her memoir BEHIND THE DOOR: The Dark Truths and Untold Stories of the Cecil Hotel (William Morrow; On sale October 3, 2023; $30.00, 240 pages; ISBN 978-0-06-325765-8). From the very beginning of what was supposed to be a temporary job, it was Price's mission to turn the hotel into a more-welcoming place and a place that could survive constant challenges. As general manager, Price was one of the key figures who was interviewed for Netflix's highly rated documentary series Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel. Before being interviewed, she was told by producers that the series would focus on the hotel's history and would touch on the Elisa Lam tragedy. So she was surprised that the actual focus of the series ended up being almost solely about the mysterious death of Lam, a haunting case that captivated millions and led to its own controversies and unwarranted personal attacks on Amy. BEHIND THE DOOR touches on the fallout from the documentary, but it is about so much more than that. This is Price's story, but also the "untold stories of all the tenants and guests who would probably otherwise remain anonymous." Price got things done while she managed the hotel, often dealing with harrowing occurrences (indeed, 80 people died over the 10 years she worked there). But she never lost sight of the humanity of the people she encountered there, even if they had been discarded and abandoned by society. Her humanity shines through in every chapter. Amy Price is the former general manager of downtown Los Angeles's notorious Cecil Hotel. She lives with her dogs in West Hollywood.

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    Play It Forward Episode 600 Gary And Shannon Saurage From Texas Gator Savers On EarthxTV

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    Thank you for being part of the conversation. This is Play It Forward. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward Episode 600 With Gary And Shannon Saurage From Taxas Gator Savors They say everything is bigger in Texas, including alligators who may show up unexpectedly in your backyard. The new EarthxTV original docu-series "Texas Gator Savers” follows world-renowned conservationist and alligator wranglers, Gary Saurage and his wife Shannon, their partner Arlie Hammonds, and their Gator Country team of employees and college interns, as they rescue alligators who have wandered where they shouldn't be and work together to relocate them to his refuge. Saurage's Gator Country Park houses American Alligators, crocodiles, and many different reptiles and mammals they receive through nuisance rescues, donations, other institutions, or abandonment.Saurage and his wife Shannon, who owns the Texas-based adventure park, Gator Country, with their partner Arlie Hammonds is home to over 600 American Alligators, including Big Al, the oldest living alligator in captivity.On the Texas Gulf Coast, Gary Saurage is the go-to expert for alligator issues. He's a passionate conservationist and the owner of Gator Country, a Texas-based adventure park. Gary's lifelong fascination with alligators traces back to his Louisiana upbringing, where he studied every aspect of these creatures. In 2005, he founded Gator Country, a 15-acre animal sanctuary that houses over 300 alligators and various other animals. Together with his wife Shannon and dedicated team, Gary is on a mission to rescue, relocate, and provide a safe haven for alligators. Whether it's returning them to the wild or rehoming them at Gator Country, Gary's passion for these remarkable reptiles has earned him global recognition.

    C.T.C.S. Episode 103 Neil deGras Tyson, Thefts On Fire And Clogged Toilets

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    I'm CT… When I'm not busy being Arroe the podcaster, I live in the real world. Everybody has to have a job. Mine is C.S. Customer Service. Solutions, relationships while keeping my team motivated to keep a constant connection with each guests who's chosen to stop their day to visit our location. Episode 103 Neil deGras Tyson, Thefts On Fire And Clogged Toilets This is C.T.C.S.

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