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At NTD we believe the integrity of our world hinges on the accurate and truthful spread of information.

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    Biden Facing Pushback Over Gas Station Tweet; Uvalde School Police Chief Quits City Council | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2022 25:51

    NTD News Today—7/4/2022 1. Biden Facing Pushback Over Gas Station Tweet 2. Several More Weeks of ‘Remain in Mexico' 3. Uvalde School Police Chief Quits City Council 4. Video Shows Police Fatally Shooting Ohio Man 5. Texas Man Arrested for Supreme Court Threat

    SCOTUS Tosses 3 Rulings Against Abortion Laws; Florida Court Approves Human Trafficking Probe

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 49:45

    1. SCOTUS Tosses 3 Rulings Against Abortion Laws 2. DeSantis Vows to Appeal FL Abortion Ban Block 3. Dem Senators: Don't Expect Filibuster Change 4. Wyo. GOP Primary Debate: Trump and January 6 5. Suspect in Smuggling Deaths on Meth: Lawmaker 6. FL Court Approves Probe of Human Trafficking 7. GOP Questions State Department on Grant Money 8. Former USA Today Editor: Journalism Is ‘Going Off the Rails' 9. Newspapers Dying at Rate of 2 Each Week 10. 4th of July Will Be a Bit Pricier This Year 11. Fireworks Shortage Improved, but Prices High 12. Justice Dept. to Probe Nypd Sex Crimes Unit 13. Delta Pilots Protest Lengthy Negotiations 14. CDC Investigating Listeria Outbreak 15. Disney Reportedly Selling $5k Star Wars Drink 16. EU Denies Kosovo Special Visa-free Status 17. Russian Mall Quiet Amid Sanctions 18. UK PM: ‘We're Not Giving Up on Hong Kong' 19. Xi Visits Hong Kong for Handover Anniversary 20. Xi Jinping: China to Stick to Zero-COVID-19 Policy 21. Taiwanese Join Defense, Medical Training 22. Peruvian Town Engulfed by Landslide 23. Italy's Farmers Face Sea Water Threat 24. Georgian Shoti Loaf Delights Townsfolk 25. Japan Cautiously Welcomes Tourists Back 26. Coney Island Gets New Rides, Plazas 27. Child Interrupts Live Report on Brazilian TV 28. Bananas: Healthy Snack or Glorified Candy? 29. Baby Giraffe Delights Zoo Visitors in Chile

    SCOTUS Limits EPA's Power to Curb Emissions; SCOTUS Allows 'Remain in Mexico' Policy to End | News Today

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 52:05

    NTD News Today—6/30/2022 1. SCOTUS Limits EPA's Power to Curb Emissions 2. GWU Rejects Calls to Fire Clarence Thomas 3. 4 Charged in Connection to TX Human Smuggling 4. Fed Chair: Economic Growth Will Likely Slow 5. Pessimism About U.S. Economy Deepens: Poll 6. Key Inflation Measure Held Steady in May 7. Biden, Hunter Spoke on China Business Deals 8. DC Summit: Speaking Out for Freedom of Belief 9. Cornell University Removes Lincoln Bust 10. Judge: Donald Trump No Longer in Contempt of Court 11. New York Lawsuits Aimed at Ghost Gun Sellers 12. California Gun Owners Private Data Breach 13. Last 9/11 Victim Photo Placed in Museum 14. Last WWII Medal of Honor Recipient Dies at 98 15. Record-setting July 4th Holiday Travel 16. Russia Abandons Snake Island in Strategic Victory for Ukraine 17. Ukrainian Troops Train With British Army 18. Complicated Wheat Season Leads Farmer to Soy 19. French Court: 20 Guilty in 2015 Paris Attacks 20. China: Banks Freeze Deposits, Protests Follow 21. Samsung Beats TSMC to Mass Produce 3nm Chips 22. Peruvian Police Seizes Over 4,000 Firearms During Last Quarter 23. Renaissance Master Titian Featured in Rome 24. Armenian Wine Museum Explores History 25. 20 Goats Journey From Upstate Ny to Manhattan 26. Century-old Tunnel to Open at Niagara Falls 27. 3 Breakfast Foods to Eat for Better Digestion 28. New Zealand: Airline Reveals ‘Skynest' Bunk Beds for Economy Class

    Sheriffs Condemn Stacey Abrams' Crime Policy; Mexico Joins Probe of Human Smuggling Deaths

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 51:45

    NTD News Today—6/29/2022 1. 12 Trump-Picked Winners in 7 Primaries 2. SCOTUS Reinstates GOP-Drawn Louisiana Map 3. Former Rep Fined 25k, Sentenced to Probation 4. Sheriffs Condemn Stacey Abrams' Crime Policy 5. Mexico Joins Probe of Human Smuggling Deaths

    50 Found Dead Inside Tractor-Trailer in San Antonio ; Biden's ICE Director Pick Withdraws | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 47:32

    1. Texas: 46 Found Dead in Tractor-trailer 2. Biden's ICE Director Pick Withdraws 3. Amtrak Train Hits Truck and Derails 4. Project Veritas Exposes SC State Rep. 5. Illinois Primary: Key Races in 5 Districts 6. Analysis: A Net 370k Voters Switched to GOP 7. Marshi Smith, Co-founder, Icons 8. Advocate: Biden's Transgender Protections Create ‘Impossible Battle' for Female Athletes 9. Advocate: Public Doesn't Hear About the Many Challenges Stemming From Trans Athletes Over Fear of Backlash 10. Advocate: No Response From Ncaa Board After Protest Letter on Trans Athlete Sent Over 3 Months Ago 11. Advocate: Fina's Guideline Banning Athletes Who Transition After Puberty ‘A Step in the Right Direction' 12. Californians to Vote on Abortion Access 13. Drug Traffickers Released Days After Arrest 14. Costco Recalls 400k China-made Umbrellas 15. FL: 7 Saved From Boat After Lightning Strike 16. Survivors of Missile Strike Recall Horror 17. Russia Poised to Default on Its Foreign Debt 18. Toxic Gas Leak Kills 10 People at Jordan Port 19. Largest Chinese Military Buildup: Aquilino 20. Air Force Reactivates Unit Over China Threat 21. AG Amicus Brief Supports Falun Gong 22. $642m Worth of Drugs Set Alight in Burma 23. 101-year-old Former Nazi Guard Jailed for Aiding Murder 24. Italy: Drought Affects Crops, Drinking Water 25. Sussex Wine to Receive Special Status 26. Magnificent Ancient Mosaic Returns to Israel After a World Tour 27. Japanese Poet Continues Work at 90 Years Old 28. Engaging Pursuits for Later Life 29. Red Panda Cub Born at Milwaukee Zoo

    SCOTUS Sides with Praying Coach; Report: More Illegal Immigrants Being Released into the US | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 25:20

    NTD News Today—6/27/2022 1. G7 Aims to Raise $60B to Counter China's BRI 2. First Weekend in Post Roe v. Wade America 3. Biden Doesn't Support Court Packing 4. Rob Natelson, Constitutional Scholar 5. Analysis: Current Scotus Judges Diverge From Liberal Case Precedent in Recent Gun, Abortion Rulings

    Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade; Economist: Next Stage of Inflation Coming | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 49:50

    1. Supreme Court Strikes Down Roe V. Wade Abortion Precedent 2. 2nd Amendment Supporters Wary of New Gun Bill 3. Reactions to Scotus Ruling on NY Gun Law 4. Chance Weldon, Texas Public Policy Foundation 5. SCOTUS Ruling on Ny Gun Law Disappoints Biden 6. Atty: SCOTUS Gun Ruling Sets New 2A Standard 7. Atty: Struck-down Ny Gun Law Only on Books for Celebs to Get Guns, Leaving Out Ordinary Americans 8. SCOTUS Limits Miranda Rights Enforcement 9. Economist: Next Stage of Inflation Coming 10. Navy Mocked for Gender Pronouns Video 11. Florida Strengthens Immigration Enforcement 12. VA Worker Chokes and Bodyslams Elderly Vet 13. Twitter Suspends Doctor for Sharing Vax Study 14. Paul Pelosi Charged With DUI With Injury 15. Apple and Android Phones Hacked by Italian Spyware 16. Americans Weigh Driving for 4th of July 17. OSU Trademarks Use of Word ‘The' on Clothing 18. Restaurants Are Adding Extra Surcharges 19. Lightning and Rainbow Cover the Sky in Calif. 20. Balkans Losing Hope of Joining the EU 21. NATO to Focus on Chinese Regime 22. Chinese Ambassador's Speech Interrupted 6x 23. Air Force Reactivates Unit Over China Threat 24. Will the Nih Stop Funding Chinese Research? 25. AG Amicus Brief Supports Falun Gong 26. United to Reduce Newark Schedule by 12% This Summer 27. British Airways Workers Vote to Strike 28. Ancient Tortoise Discovered in Pompeii Ruins 29. Tower of London Flowers 30. Flower Meadow Blooms in Tower of London Moat 31. Madrid Holds International Dog Show Contests 32. ‘Trumpet' Wins Westminster Dog Show 33. ‘Thor: Love and Thunder' Red Carpet Premiere 34. Everlasting Marriage Is in Fashion 35. Couple Celebrate 70th Wedding Anniversary in Original Wedding Gown and Korean War Suit

    SCOTUS Strikes Down New York's Concealed Handgun Law; Bad Weather Cancels Over 1000 Flights | NTD News Today

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 52:43

    NTD News Today—6/23/2022 1. Biden's Gas Tax Holiday Faces Uphill Battle 2. Nyc: Rents Rise in Rent Stabilized Apartments 3. Mcconnell Defends Bipartisan Gun Control Bill 4. Police Chief Put on Leave After Tx Shooting 5. Sentencing for Fl School Shooter Set for July 6. Rep. Clay Higgins, (R) Louisiana 7. Rep. Higgins: Number of Terrorists Entering U.s. Far Greater Than Official Dhs Figures 8. Rep. Higgins: More Terrorists Captured at Border Because They Know Fewer Agents Are on Patrol 9. 3 More 'fly Formula' Missions Announced 10. Family of Tower Collapse Victim Seeks Justice 11. 'torso Killer' Charged in Killing at Ny Mall 12. Nypd Rescues Woman From Subway Tracks 13. Lifeguard Shortage Threatens Summer Safety 14. Coach Saves Drowning Swimmer at Competition 15. Swimmer Injured by Shark Attack Off Ca Beach 16. Weather Causes 1000+ Flight Cancellations 17. Lithuania Braced for Russian Power Shutoff 18. Hungary Introduces New Fiscal Policies 19. Pentagon Wants Rocket-powered Troop Transport 20. Yair Lapid to Become Interim Israeli Pm 21. Saudi Crown Prince, Erdogan Meet to Mend Ties 22. A350 Planes Examined Amid Legal Dispute 23. Fiat Chrysler Workers Block Bridge in Serbia 24. El Salvador Extends State of Emergency 25. Over a Tonne of Cocaine Seized in Peru 26. Skier Rescued From Avalanche in Argentina 27. Ancient Inca Tomb Discovered in Lima Home 28. Elvis-themed Vegas Weddings Set to Continue 29. Elvis Presley's Family Get Together for Hollywood Ceremony 30. A Guide to Letting Go of Stress 31. Bloodhound Wins Westminster Dog Show

    Biden to Urge Congress for Gas Tax Suspension; Senate Advances Gun Control Bill

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 48:18

    NTD News Today—6/22/2022 1. Strong Quake Jolts Afghanistan, 1000+ Killed 2. Primary Results From AL, GA, and VA 3. AL: Al Gross Drops Out of House Race 4. Independent State Legislature Doctrine 5. Speaker Pelosi Swears in Rep. Mayra Flores

    Facebook Removes Candidate's RINO Hunting Ad; United Airlines Says Government Should Step In | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 50:56

    1. Yellen, Freeland Meet on Inflation, Ukraine 2. Pence Slams Biden's Economic Policy 3. United Airlines Says Gov't Should Step in 4. AAA Predicts 42 Million July 4th Drivers 5. TX Woman Pleads Guilty 26 Counts Voter Fraud 6. PA Race Key to Election Integrity: Ellis 7. Facebook Removes Candidate's Rino-Hunting Ad 8. Keri Smith, Host of ‘Deprogrammed' 9. Six Injured After NYC Cab Jumps Curb 10. Former Fraternity Members Indicted for Hazing 11. Stacy Langton, Parental Rights Activist 12. Border Patrol Finds Meth in Kid's Car Seats 13. Ccp Spying via Coffee Makers: Researcher 14. Oregon Drug Operation Linked to China 15. MT: $50M Funding for Yellowstone Recovery 16. Biden ‘Unlikely' to Visit Ukraine on EU Trip 17. Nobel Winner Sells Medal to Aid Ukraine 18. Lithuania Bans Goods to Russian Exclave 19. Israeli Coalition Fails, New Election Coming 20. Britain Faces Biggest Rail Strike in 30 Years 21. France's New Nuclear Reactor to Run in 2023 22. South Korea Launches Nuri Space Rocket 23. Aus Cafe Helps Job Seekers With Disabilities 24. Textile Firm Creates Sustainable Workwear 25. Unfinished Mega-liner to Be Scrapped 26. Iconic Hong Kong Restaurant Capsizes at Sea 27. Boeing Unveils Travel-tech Test Plane 28. Rome Battles Invasion of Electronic Scooter 29. Thousands See Summer Solstice at Stonehenge 30. A Guide for Healthy Eyes 31. A Piece of KFC History Up for Sale 32. Warriors Celebrate in San Francisco Streets

    FINA Restricts Transgender Swimmers; Biden Administration Could Lift Some China Tariffs | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 25:27

    NTD News Today—6/20/2022 1. Biden Could Remove Some China Tariffs: Yellen 2. U.S. Warns Airlines Over Flight Cancellations 3. Juneteenth Birthplace Commemorates Holiday 4. FINA Restricts Transgender Swimmers 5. Biden ‘Not Legitimately Elected'

    White House Says US Doesn't Need to Drill More Oil; Rep. Roy Blasts GOP Support for Female Draft

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 48:42

    1. WH Says U.S. Doesn't Need to Drill More Oil 2. Rep. Roy Blasts Gop Support for Female Draft 3. Bill Passed to Help Vets Exposed to Burn Pits 4. Trump, Pence in Spotlight of J6 Hearing 5. MA: ‘Anti-Trump' Car Crashes Into Trump Store 6. Gov. Newsom Explains Joining ‘Truth Social' 7. Residents Blame Section 8 for Crime Increase 8. TX Subdivision Bans Its Section 8 Residents 9. Justice Sotomayor: ‘Mistakes' Can Be Fixed 10. Orlando Gutierrez-boronat Coordinator, Assembly of the Cuban Resistance 11. Yellowstone Tourist Town Repairs Flood Damage 12. Florida: Family Saved From Capsized Boat 13. Native Fish Threatened by Lake Powell Levels 14. No Threatened Status Now for Joshua Tree 15. Sony, Honda to Make Electric Vehicles by 2025 16. Lyft Agrees to $25m Shareholder Settlement 17. Final Trip for Old New York City Subway Cars 18. NASA Inducts 3 Astronauts Into Hall of Fame 19. 3rd American Missing in Ukraine-grady Kurpasi 20. European Leaders Visit Ukraine 21. Russian Spy Tries to Infiltrate Icc as Intern 22. Military Commanders Meet in Japan 23. Steph Curry Named Finals Mvp in Warriors Win 24. World Cup 2026 to Span Three Countries 25. Mexico Seizes Over a Ton of Cocaine 26. Authorities Find Drugs Disguised as Potatoes 27. Peruvian Farmers Brace for Coldest Temperatures of the Year 28. Swimmer Breaks Two World Records by Swimming in the Freezing Waters of Southern Chile 29. Hubble Spots Black Hole Wandering Through Milky Way 30. Visit the Original ‘Top Gun' House in Calif. 31. Sneak Peek Preview on Westminster Dog Show 32. Twelve Penguins Return Home After Rehabilitation in Argentina 33. Top 5 Father's Day Movies

    Impact of Rate Hike on American Consumers; Bill Introduced to Ban Oil Exports to China | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 50:45

    NTD News Today—6/16/2022 1. How Rate Hike Impacts American Consumers 2. Real Estate Companies Cut Jobs as Rates Rise 3. Bill Introduced to Ban Oil Exports to China 4. U.S. Seeks Resolution on Mexico Investments 5. U.S. Navy Fires Its 7th Leader in Two Weeks 6. Rick Green, Founder of Patriot Academy 7. Analysis: Senate's Gun-control Framework Scraps Due Process Protections 8. Analyst: Gun Control a State-level Issue, Not Federal, as Per the Constitution 9. Analyst: No Gun-control Measure Will ‘break the Hold' of Gun Lobby on Gop 10. Bulletproof Vest to Fit Into School Backpack 11. Extreme Flood Hits Yellowstone National Park 12. California Has a Simple Fix for Water Cheats 13. John Hinckley Jr. Freed From Court Oversight 14. Florida Inmate Attacks Officer 15. Women Found With Drug Bundles in Their Bodies 16. Serious Safety Issues at Boston's 'T' Transit 17. Ford Recalls 2.9 Million Vehicles 18. Lego Will Start Building Bricks in USA 19. U.S. Sends $1 Billion More to Help Ukraine 20. Spain's King Attends Navy and Nato Exercises 21. Ukrainian Farmers Fear War-time Harvest 22. Saudi Energy Minister Joins Russian Forum 23. Crimean Mother Mourns Son Killed in Ukraine 24. Nasa Sets Date for Mega Moon Rocket Test 25. Horticulture Show Features Tech Solutions 26. Collaborative Robots Star at Food 4 Future 27. Would You Fly in a Double Decker Airplane Seat? 28. Fifa to Unveil 2026 World Cup Host Cities 29. Artist on a Mission to Kindle Justice in the Hearts of Audience

    Texas GOP Mayra Flores Flips US House Seat; Fed Expected to Intensify Inflation Fight | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 49:32

    NTD News Today—6/15/2022 1. Mayra Flores Flips Texas U.S. House Seat Red 2. Arizona Voter Fraud Investigation 3. Rep. Slotkin Named in Complaint Over Campaign 4. Fed Expected to Intensify Inflation Fight 5. Human Rights Concerns Over Biden Saudi Trip

    Wall Street Diving into a Bear Market, Looming Recession; Senate Bill Aims to Rein in Big Tech | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 50:32

    1. Economic Worries: Bear Market, Recession 2. SCOTUS Rules on Illegal Immigrant Case 3. Non-profit Assisting Illegal Immigrants 4. Todd Bensman, Sr. Nat'l Security Fellow, CIS 5. Analyst: Mexico Doles Out Visas to Migrants to Avoid Media Attention of Big Caravan 6. Illegal Immigrants Can Get Driver Licenses 7. J6 Hearing Focuses on Election Fraud Claims 8. Trump Responds to Jan. 6 Committee Hearings 9. Senate Bill Aims to Rein in Big Tech 10. Supreme Court Rules Against Chinese Firm 11. Abbott Shipping Baby Formula From Overseas 12. Second Recent Wildfire Burns Through Arizona 13. California's Hills Glow Orange From Wildfire 14. Yellowstone Flooding Causes Building Collapse 15. Yosemite National Park Searching for Vandals 16. Coast Guard Rescues Four in Sailboat Race 17. Odessa's Economy to Suffer as Beaches Close 18. Sweden 'really Prepared' to Defend Key Island 19. U.S. Urgently Wants Embassy in Maldives 20. Video of Violence Against Woman Shocks China 21. Hong Kong Bids Farewell to Iconic Restaurant 22. France Elections: Macron's Majority at Stake 23. Spain Scorched by Earliest Heatwave in 40 Plus Years 24. UK Bans Almost All Elephant Ivory Sales 25. UK: Actor Kevin Spacey Charged With Sexual Assault 26. 'Fancy Food Show' Tour in New York 27. Spanish Winery Ages Bottles Underwater 28. Weirdest Items Ppl Left Behind in Ubers 2022

    Senate Agreement on Bipartisan Gun Control Package; West Virginia Warns Banks Over Energy Boycott | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 25:48

    NTD News Today—6/13/2022 1. Agreement on Bipartisan Gun Control Package 2. NY Gun Owners Await SCOTUS Ruling on Gun Law 3. Inflation Could've Been Curbed: Allianz Econ. 4. Inflation Here to Stay for Now: David Brat 5. U.S. At ‘Risk of Recession': Larry Summers

    Jan. 6 Committee Holds First Prime-Time Hearing; Migrant Caravan Grapples to Claim Visa Offers | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 51:52

    1. Jan. 6 Panel Holds First Prime-time Hearing 2. Biden Promotes Plans at Summit of Americas 3. Migrant Caravan Grapples to Claim Visa Offers 4. U.S. And Chinese Defense Chiefs Meet 5. Tight Races in Alaska Top-four Primary 6. MI Voters Sue Sec. Of State Over ‘Zuckbucks' 7. Scotus Rules Counting Can Proceed in PA 8. Gunman Kills Co-workers at Maryland Factory 9. NTSB to Probe Hawaii Chopper Crash That Injured 6 10. US Military Eases Restrictions on HIV+ Members 11. Missing Woman Found After More Than 40 Years 12. Rpt: Canceling $50k Student Loan Debt Helps 30m Americans to Be Free of Student Debt 13. Poll: 3 Out of 4 Veterans Oppose Biden's Plan 14. Cuban Americans Against Radio Takeover 15. Average U.S. Gas Prices Nearing $5

    Trumps Agree to Testify in NY Business Probe; China Advances into Latin America Through Trade

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 51:50

    NTD News Today—6/9/2022 1. Yellen, Lawmaker Butt Heads Over Global Taxes 2. OECD Slashes Global Growth Outlook 3. Manufacturers Offer Consumers Less Product 4. LNG Plant Shutdown Adds to Global Strain 5. Biden Pitches Economic Prosperity at Summit 6. China Advances in Latin America Through Trade 7. Trumps Agree to Testify in NY Business Probe 8. Expert: ‘Rogue' Prosecutors ‘Sabotage' Laws 9. Mexico Finds Drug Tunnel Leading to the U.S. 10. House Passes Gun Control Legislation 11. Lt. Steven Rogers, Ex-NJ Police Detective 12. Ex-Detective: Lawmakers Need Shift Focus From Gun Control to Crime Control to Address Shootings 13. Analysis: Parents Must Run for School Boards, Seek Better Security Following Mass Shootings 14. NJ School District Hires Off-Duty Officers 15. Megachurch Leader Gets 17 Years for Sex Abuse 16. Arizona Executes Second Prisoner Since May 17. PA: Suspect Wanted for Weekend Shooting 18. Multiple People Killed in Ar Highway Pile-up 19. At Least 4 Dead in Military Aircraft Crash 20. U.S. Young Caregivers Need Support: Expert 21. Former Drug Dealer Becomes Master Falconer 22. Report: 7m+ Ukraine Border Crossings 23. Russia Holds Military Exercises in Baltic Sea 24. U.S. Army Presents Unmanned Systems 25. NASA: James Webb Telescope Hit by Meteoroid 26. Giant Model Railway Opens in Florence 27. Tech Turns Food Waste Into Raw Materials 28. Bears Fall From Cliff in Spain After Fight 29. Project Preserves Canada's Caribou Population 30. Why Do We Love Sugar?

    Midterm Primary Results from 7 States; Study Finds Wind and Solar Energy More Expensive

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 46:16

    NTD News Today—6/8/2022 1. 2022 Midterm Primary Results From 7 States 2. AZ Judge Rejects Gop Block on Mail-in Ballots 3. NY Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Debate 4. Wind and Solar Is More Expensive: Study 5. Victims Want Life Sentence for Church Leader

    White House Expected to Bring Back Price Controls; Mexican President Boycotts Americas Summit | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 49:33

    NTD News Today–6/7/2022 1. WH: High Gas Prices Are Global Challenge 2. Biden Expected to Bring Back Price Controls 3. Mexican President Boycotts Americas Summit 4. USDA Giving Waivers to WIC Families for Baby Formula 5. Pier Shooter Sentenced for Time Served 6. NJ Has Thousands of Double-registered Voters 7. Mich. Court Denies 3 Gop Candidates Appeals 8. Couple Stood Outside Their Home With Guns 9. PA Senate Candidate Might Be Out Until July 10. State Rep. Mark Finchem (R) Arizona 11. State Rep. Says Early Voting Begets Fraud 12. State Rep. Says Running for Az Secretary of State to Tackle ‘Pervasive Irregularities' in Elections 13. State Rep. on Trump's Endorsement of Masters 14. Blinken: Russia Pilfering Ukraine's Grain 15. U.S. Authorized to Seize Oligarch's Planes 16. Sugar Industry Issues Warning Over Gas Cuts 17. Malaysian Chicken Export Ban Weighs Heavy on Singapore 18. German Woman Swaps Suv for Horse 19. China Censors Anniversary of 1989 Massacre 20. Prague Chooses Pangolins Over China's Pandas 21. Apple Announces New Iphone Update, Macbook 22. NASA Returns Moon Rocket to Launch Pad 23. Calif. Man Determined to Kayak to Hawaii 24. Treasure Uncovered in Ancient Shipwrecks 25. Stradivari Violin Could Fetch $11m at Auction 26. Figure Skating to Raise Minimum Age 27. Team USA Hall of Fame Inductions for 2022 28. The Gift of Hardship 29. AK: Lost Iditarod Sled Dog Found After 3 Months

    Senate Discusses Bipartisan Gun Control Measures; US Supplies Ukraine with Precision Rockets | NTD News Today

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 23:52

    NTD News Today—6/6/2022 1. 3 Dead, 11 Hurt in Downtown Philly Shooting 2. 3 Killed, 14 Injured in Chattanooga 3. WI: Investigators Id Gunman in Judge Attack 4. Bipartisan Gun Control Measures 5. Vigil Held for Texas Family Killed by Escapee

    House Committee Advances Gun Control Bill; S. Dakota Governor to Sue Biden Over Transgender Issue

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 49:55

    NTD News Today—6/3/2022 1. Biden Urges Congress to Act on Gun Control 2. House Panel Advances Gun Control Bill 3. Commander at Scene Not Informed of 911 Calls 4. Montana, New Mexico, New Jersey Primaries 5. S. Dakota to Sue Biden Over Transgender Issue 6. Unaccompanied Little Girl Rescued at Border 7. Girl's Father Collapses After Crossing Border 8. Analysis: Fewer Criminals Deported Due to Biden's Moratorium and Telling Ice to Arrest Only Most Serious Offenders 9. Expert: Fewer Criminals Deported Despite There Not Being Fewer Crimes Committed 10. Gop Questions Biden's Oil Reserve Releases 11. Biden, Saudi Crown Prince to Meet in June 12. Ford to Add 6.2k New Jobs and Invest $3.7b 13. Chevy Bolt to Be Cheapest EV in the U.S. 14. Chicago Officer Shot While in Squad Car 15. Escaped Convict Killed in Police Shootout 16. Harvey Weinstein's Rape Conviction Upheld by Appeals Court 17. Fmr Mexican Governor Extradited From the U.S. 18. 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway 19. 2 Navy Carriers Scrapped for 1 Cent Each 20. California Imposes Grass Watering Ban 21. Spelling Bee Champ Emerges After 'spell-off' 22. Spelling Bee: Why English Is So Hard to Spell 23. Windows Pose Threat to Birds During Migration 24. U.S. Hacking Operations Support Ukraine 25. Nuclear Envoys Meet Over N. Korea Tensions 26. Rubio: Nominees Agree to Not Invest in China 27. Malaysian Chicken Export Ban Weighs Heavy on Singapore 28. Celtics Beat Warriors in NBA Finals Game 1 29. Dogs Participate in Paddle Board Race 30. Fitness-star Defies Age Stereotypes at 82 31. How Does Diet Affect Premenstrual Symptoms? 32. Icelandic Horses Learn to Write Emails

    4 Shot Dead in Oklahoma Hospital; Texas Governor Orders Random School Inspections | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 52:54

    NTD News Today—6/2/2022 1. Four Shot Dead in Oklahoma Hospital 2. Mourners Say Goodbye to Teacher, 10 Y/o Boy 3. Witness Footage Could Help W/ Uvalde Timeline 4. TX Governor Orders Random School Inspections 5. Buffalo Shooting Suspect Facing 25 Charges 6. Report: 19k Late Ballots in Az 2020 Election 7. Primary Races in Iowa, Mississippi, S. Dakota 8. Congressman Accused of Ethics Violations 9. Consumers Contend With Rising Gas Prices 10. Depp Wins Defamation Suit Against Amber Heard 11. Reagan Shooter to Be Released Unconditionally 12. SC: Good Samaritans Rescue Trapped Person 13. Fmr Colombian Drug Lord Dies in U.S. Prison 14. Denmark Votes to Join Eu Defense Pact 15. DHS: Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Recruiting Americans 16. Russians Escape to Montenegro Amid War 17. Finish Shelter Doubles as Sports Facility 18. Germany Fights Inflation With Cheap Transport 19. FBI Blames Iran for Hospital Cyber Attack 20. Blinken Wants Coalition to Counter Beijing 21. Taiwanese Anxious About China Learn to Shoot 22. New U.S.–Taiwan Trade Initiative 23. Analysis: China Displeased With U.S.–Taiwan Trade Deal but Glad Taiwan Was Excluded From Larger Framework 24. Supply Chains Key Part of U.S.–Taiwan Deal 25. Analysis: Taiwan's Leading Semiconductor Production Plays an Important Part in U.S.–Taiwan Deal 26. Malaysian Chicken Export Ban Weighs Heavy on Singapore 27. Exotic Wines in Chile's Atacama Desert 28. Meteor Shower Lights Up Night Sky in Brazil, the Longest Event of Its Kind in 2022 So Far 29. Head of Mayan Maize God Discovered in Mexico's Palenque 30. 14th-century Sword Smuggled to Switzerland 31. Both ITA Pilots Fell Asleep Mid-flight 32. Nasa Announces New Spacesuit Companies 33. Pickleball Quickly Gaining Popularity 34. METS Fan Makes Amazing Hr Catch While Holding Baby 35. 82-year-old-fitness-star Loves Her Gym Routine, Defies Age Stereotypes 36. 'Love Purse' Inspires Kindness

    Threats Against Schools After Uvalde Shooting; SCOTUS Blocks Texas Social Media Censorship Law

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 49:56

    NTD News Today—6/1/2022 1. Texas School Shooting Victims Laid to Rest 2. Uvalde School Police Chief Under Scrutiny 3. Biden, Lawmakers Holding Talks After Shooting 4. Threats Against Schools After Uvalde Shooting 5. NY: Brooklyn Subway Shtg Vic Sues Gunmaker

    Biden and Fed Chair, Powell to Discuss Inflation; Border Patrol Chief Praises Agents Over Bust | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 52:06

    NTD Midday News- 5/31/2022 1. Biden, Fed Chair Powell to Discuss Inflation 2. Border Patrol Chief Praises Agents Over Bust 3. Calif. Senate Midterm Race Heating Up 4. Sailors From Sunken Navy Ship 'Buried at Sea' 5. Memorial Day Observed at Florence Cemetery 6. Navy Can Sell Retired Ships to Allies: Gilday 7. Heated Exchange on Fox News on Election Fraud 8. Omaha Residents Near Fire Urged to Evacuate 9. 2 Dead, 20 Injured in Nebraska Crash 10. TX: Photos Released of Escaped Inmate's Tattoos 11. Larry Elder Joins Epochtv as Host 12. Trump to Launch 'Non-Woke' Streaming Service 13. EU Agrees on Russia Oil Ban 'in Principle' 14. Poland Struggles to Accommodate Refugees 15. Gaza Flour Mills Ground Down by Ukraine War 16. U.S. National Guard to Work With Taiwan: Tsai 17. North Korea Leads Un Disarmament Forum 18. 1m Chinese Unable to Access Bank Deposits 19. Nepal Recovers Last Body From Plane Crash 20. Italy: Wild Boar ‘invasion' of Rome 21. Basque Culinary Center Pushes Technology 22. Australians Turn Cooking Oil Into Fuel 23. Scientists Find Well-preserved Mayan Ruins 24. Glass Bottom Bridge Gets World Record 25. The Devon Horse-show and Country Fair in Philadelphia 26. Jurassic World Dominion Debuted in Germany

    Memorial Day Rally to Pay Tribute to Fallen Soldiers; Gas Prices Hit Record High on Memorial Day | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2022 25:59

    NTD News Today—5/30/2022 1. DC Motorcycle Demonstration Honors Vets National Memorial Day Concert/PBS 2. Lincoln Memorial's 100th Anniversary 3. Gas Prices Hit Record High on Memorial Day 4. Biden Visits Texas Shooting Site 5. Mixed Feelings as Biden Visits Uvalde

    Parents: Police Didn't Act Quick Enough to Save Kids; Republicans Consider Concessions on Gun Laws

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 55:47

    1. Dad of TX Victim: Police Didn't Act Quickly 2. Official: School Shooter Was Unobstructed 3. Priority Is to Neutralize the Shooter: Expert 4. Mom: Slain Uvalde Girl Excelled in School 5. Republicans Consider Concessions on Gun Laws

    Cli21 Victims Identified in Texas School Shooting; Biden's Pick for ATF Director Clashes with Senator | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 51:15

    NTD News Today—5/26/2022 1. Shooting Suspect's Grandfather: I'm Sorry 2. Prayers, Vigil for Uvalde Shooting Victims 3. Biden's ATF Pick Clashes With Senator 4. House Sgt Arms Walker Wants to Ban Guns at Capitol 5. Baby Formula Arrives, Congress Wants Answers 6. USDA to Cover Formula Costs for Some Families 7. State Supreme Court Impedes Iowa Abortion Ban 8. Oklahoma Abortion Bill Signed 9. Allowing for Profits From Sale of Aborted Fetuses 10. Prosecutors Rest in Clinton Campaign Case 11. Oz, McCormick Primary Race Heads Into Recount 12. Community Honors Buffalo Shooting Victim Hero 13. NYPD Saves Visually Impaired Man From Subway Tracks 14. Chicago Updates Teen Curfew to Curb Violence 15. AZ: 500k Fentanyl Pills Found During Traffic Stop 16. Twitter Accused of Selling User Personal Data 17. Los Angeles Water Restrictions Start June 1 18. Defense Sec. Addresses Af Academy Graduation 19. Medical, Defense Supplies Heading to Ukraine 20. War Crime Victim's Widow Grapples With Loss 21. European Space Agency Will Work With Russia 22. Rafael Nadal's 300th Grand Slam Match Victory 23. Dairy Farmer Turns to Rum by-product 24. Panera Bread Brings Back Lobster Roll, Mac and Cheese 25. Danish Museum Sails Replica Viking Vessels 26. Fleet Week Returns to New York City 27. Boston Flag Garden Prepares for Memorial Day 28. Movies: ‘Top Gun' History 29. Ducklings Rescued From Outside U.S. Capitol 

    19 Kids, 2 Adults Killed in Texas Elementary School Shooting; US to Sell 40M Oil Barrels in Reserve

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 51:16

    NTD News Today—5/25/2022 1. Death Toll Rises to 21 in Texas Shooting 2. Biden Asks Americans to Stand Up to Gun Lobby 3. Families Reeling After Uvalde Mass Shooting 4. TX Shooting Analysis: Calling for More Enforcement of Gun Safety and Storage Laws 5. Analysis: Calls for 'Common Sense' Gun Laws Are Justified, Though Not Much Has Been Done Following Shootings

    Quad Vows to Stand Up for Freedom and Democracy; 2020 Census: Major Miscounts in 14 States | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 48:40

    NTD News Today—5/24/2022 1. Quad Vows to Stand Up for Freedom, Openness 2. Biden's Remarks on Taiwan Not Gaffe: Expert 3. WEF: Risk of U.S. Recession Uncertain 4. Heat-related Deaths, Drownings at U.S. Border 5. Penn. Senate Race Mail-in Ballot Dispute 6. 2020 Census: Major Miscounts in 14 States 7. DC Attorney General Sues Mark Zuckerberg 8. Scotus Rules on Prisoners, Counsel Rights 9. U.S. Buys 13M Monkeypox Vaccines 10. Policy Org: Biden's WHO Amendments ‘Shameful' 11. Biden, EU: Who Amendments Help Preparedness 12. Litigation Nonprofit: Biden's WHO Amendments ‘Done Under the Radar Back in January' 13. 20 Nations Offer New Military Aid to Ukraine 14. Ukrainians Tell Stories of Survival Amid War 15. Starbucks Leaves Russia, Closing 130 Shops 16. Sanctions Thwart Russians' Travel Plans 17. China's Lockdown Impacting U.S. Economy 18. Airbnb to Close in China as COVID Lockdowns Continue 19. UN Human Right Chief Lands in China 20. Cardinal Zen Appearing in Hong Kong Court 21. Analysis: Cardinal Zen's Arrest Signals Crackdown on Religious Freedom in Hong Kong 22. Analysis: Communist Regimes Have History of Arresting, Harassing Prominent Religious Leaders 23. Analysis of Cardinal Zen's Arrest: Religious Figures Historically Viewed as Threat to Communism 24. Sharkcano! NASA Spots Underwater Volcanic Eruption 25. Ancient 'Dragon of Death' Dug Up in Argentina 26. GPS Collar for Cows Could Eliminate Fences 27. NYC Removes Last Free-standing Pay Phone 28. Albanian Craftsman Preserves Tradition 29. Ancient Wooden Looms Produce High-end Velvet 30. AAA: 39M to Travel for Memorial Day Holiday 31. "Mission Impossible- Dead Reckoning" Teaser Trailer

    First Mandatory Quarantines for Monkeypox; Biden Announces Indo-Pacific Economic Framework | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 24:49

    NTD News Today—5/23/2022 1. Biden Announces Indo-Pacific Econ. Framework 2. Biden Commits to Defending Taiwan From China 3. Milley Warns of Likely War With Russia, China 4. Australia's Albanese to Meet Quad Leaders 5. Biden Comments on Spread of Monkeypox Virus

    New Cases of Monkeypox Discovered; Southern Border Braces for End of Title 42 | NTD News Today

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 52:46

    NTD News Today—5/20/2022 1. Doctor Frustrated by Baby Formula Shortage 2. FDA Head Faces Grilling on Formula Shortages 3. Biden Orders $119m of Monkeypox Vaccines 4. Australia Confirms First Monkeypox Case 5. Southern Border Braces for End of Title 42 6. Oklahoma Passes Strictest Abortion Ban 7. State Struggles to Count Votes Under New Law 8. New Jersey Sued Over Vote Transparency Issues 9. Analysis: Trillions in Trade Deficit With China Cost U.S. 1M Jobs, Making China a Big Issue for Voters 10. Analysis: Biden's Visit to Asia Overshadowed by His Trade Policy Towards China 11. Fmr FBI Official Testifies in Sussmann Trial 12. Officer Shoots Unarmed Carjacking Suspect 13. 2 People Shot at Mich. High School Graduation 14. Holocaust Survivors Reunite After 80 Years 15. Remains of WWII U.S. Pilot Found in Thailand 16. Navy Ship to Be Named After Filipino Sailor 17. Biden Toured Samsung Plant on Asia Trip 18. Tumultuous Backdrop Behind Biden's Asia Trip 19. Europe War Awakens U.S. Asia Allies: Ex-Advsr 20. U.S. to Counter China in the Indo-Pacific 21. China's International Schools Losing Teachers 22. North Korea 'Fever' Cases Surpass 2 Million 23. Zelenskyy: 'Hell' in Ukraine's Donbas 24. No Snow for Delayed World Economic Forum 25. Tight Race in Australia's Federal Election 26. Australians in the U.S. Cast Their Votes 27. Boeing Starliner Test Launch Is a Success 28. Nasa Mars Rover Begins Next Phase of Work 29. Hubble Captures Image of Star Cluster 30. World's Most Expensive Car Sold for $142m 31. Kids Are Getting Wired for Stress by Screens

    Biden, House Act on Baby Formula Crisis; Vote Counting Continues in Pa. Senate Primary | NTD News Today

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 53:05

    NTD News Today—5/19/2022 1. Biden, House Act on Baby Formula Crisis 2. Moms Donating Milk to Other Moms in Need 3. Cdc: Cases of Hepatitis Jumps in Kids 4. Massachusetts Reports Case of Rare Virus 5. Biden Seeks New Powers for W.H.O. Chief 6. Vote Counting Continues in Pa Senate Primary 7. U.S. Orders Agencies to Fix Software Bug 8. NY AG to Investigate Social Media Platforms 9. Canine Response Team Arrives in Buffalo 10. Buffalo Bills Visit Site of Mass Shooting 11. NY Court of Appeals Hears Elephant Case 12. 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli Freed From Prison 13. TX: Search for Escaped Convict Narrows 14. TX: Wildfire Grows, Prompts Voluntary Evacs 15. Colorado, Nebraska Battle Over Water Supply 16. 5 Tips to Save on Utility Bills 17. Retailers Warn on Visa, Mastercard Fee Hikes 18. Mastercard Rolls Out New Biometric Tech 19. 50% Gazprom's Clients Opened Ruble Accounts 20. G7 Considers Financial Aid for Ukraine 21. Blinken Unveils $215m for Global Food Crisis 22. Russia: More Mariupol Fighters Surrender 23. Drone Views Show Bavarian Village's Preparations for German G7 Summit 24. Ukraine Blows Up Bridge to Thwart Russia 25. The Deminers Clearing Up Ukraine's Borodyanka 26. El Salvador Seizes 1,700+ Lbs of Cocaine 27. Peruvian Police Arrest 'Narco Pigeon' 28. Germans Snap Up Pre-planted Vegetable Plots 29. Romans Socialize in Vegetable Gardens 30. Former Mafia Member Goes on UK Tour 31. Tom Cruise Receives Palme D'or at Cannes 32. Have You Gone Vegan? Keep an Eye on These 4 Nutrients

    Buffalo Supermarket Shooter Warning Signs; Top Races in 5 States Holding Primaries | NTD News Today

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 48:13

    NTD News Today—5/17/2022 1. Buffalo Supermarket Shooting Warning Signs 2. California Shooting Victim Hailed as 'Hero' 3. Top Races in 5 States Holding Primaries 4. PA County Bans Drop Box a Day Before Primary 5. Marxist Influence in 2020 Election: Loudon 6. 77 Secret Royalty Payments to NIH Officials 7. Trial Begins for Fmr Clinton Campaign Lawyer 8. Ukraine Evacuates Azovstal Steelworks 9. Senate Advances $40b Ukraine Aid Package 10. US: Hypersonic Missile Test Successful 11. Putin Backs Off Hardline on NATO Bids 12. Russian Views on Finland, Sweden NATO Plans 13. Brother of Slain Al Jazeera Journalist Speaks 14. Analysis of Abu Akleh Funeral: Common Israeli Police Procedure to Order Flags to Be Taken Down 15. Analysis of Abu Akleh Funeral: Israelis May Be Heading Into ‘Khashoggi Moment,' a PR Nightmare 16. Analysis of Abu Akleh Funeral: ‘Terrible' Optics for Israelis, Not Good for Palestinians Either 17. Remembering Fallen Reporter Abu Akleh 18. Israeli Politician: Reporter Abu Akleh's Death Not a Defining Moment Given Many Prior Tragedies 19. Iraqi Sandstorm Disrupts Schools and Flights 20. Crime Victim Rams His Car Into Robbers 21. Postal Drones to Deliver 'Airmail' Across UK 22. 'Game On' for British Artisan Cheesemakers 23. Australian Prescribed Burn Ignites Debate 24. Bavaria Passion Play Returns to the Stage 25. Cannes Film Festival Returns Post Pandemic 26. The Joy of Letting Go

    Video Captures Chaos After California Church Shooting; Finland, Sweden to Apply to Join NATO | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 24:20

    NTD News Today—5/16/2022 1. Calif. Churchgoers Hog-tied Shooter: Police 2. Video Captures Chaos After LA Shooting 3. Buffalo, New York Mass Shooting 4. Locals React to Deadly Buffalo Shooting 5. Finland and Sweden Closer to NATO Membership

    House Jan. 6 Panel Subpoenas GOP's McCarthy; Biden Hosts Southeast Asian Leaders at the WH

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 48:50

    NTD News Today—5/13/2022 1. Biden Welcomes Southeast Asian Leaders 2. Jan. 6 Panel Subpoena's GOP's McCarthy 3. Bipartisan Calls Grow for More Police Funding 4. PA GOP Senate Primary a Tight Race Among 3 5. 'Devastating' Wildfire Destroys California Mansions

    NIH: Fauci's Royalties 'Appearance' of Conflict of Interest; SCOTUS Meeting 1st Time Since Leak | NTS News Today

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 49:22

    NTD News Today—5/12/2022 1. Abortion Bill Fails in U.S. Senate 2. Poll: 76% Disapprove of Scotus Home Protests 3. Pro-life Group Hires Armed Security 4. Candidate for PA Gov. Challenged Over Jan. 6 5. Early Voting Underway for Arkansas Primaries 6. NIH: Pharma Royalties to Fauci Present 'appearance' of Conflict of Interest 7. Moderna Exec Resigns One Day After Taking Job 8. Coastal Fire Rips Through S. California Homes 9. TX Law Forces Removal of Instagram Filters 10. Florida Bans Deadly New Class of Drug 11. NV: Lake Mead Water Levels Reach Historic Low 12. Remains in Drying Lake Recall Vegas Mob Lore 13. Vegas Hotel Gives $5k Awards to All Employees 14. Trump Hotel to Reopen as Waldorf Astoria 15. Finland Announces Plan to Join NATO 16. Residents of Norway Town Coexist Amid War 17. Russia Not Engaging in Prolonged War Would Challenge Kremlin's Authority: Ukraine Expert 18. Prolonged War in Ukraine Would Drive Up U.S. Inflation, Benefit Defense Contractors: Analyst 19. Analyst: ‘Profoundly Disruptive' Barbarity in Ukraine War, Per Open Source and Contacts on the Ground 20. Rafael Nadal Defends Russian Tennis Players 21. North Korea Confirms ‘1st' Cases of COVID-19 22. ‘Falling in Love Again': Expert on U.S.-S. Korea Ties 23. Marcos Jr. To ‘Hit the Ground Running' 24. Nickelodeon Filming 'fantasy Football' Movie 25. Concert Goers Return to Live Shows 26. Cambodian Fisherman Discover Giant Stingray 27. 12 Foot Dinosaur Fossil Found in Glacier 28. Florida: Motorists Help Save Woman's Life

    Trump-Backed Mooney Wins West Virginia Republican Primary; No Relief in Sight for High Gas Prices

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 51:34

    NTD News Today—5/11/2022 1. Mooney Wins West Virginia Republican Primary 2. Nebraska Republican Primary Results 3. Pillen Wins Nebraska Gubernatorial Primary 4. Mail-in Ballots Found on Hollywood Sidewalk 5. Immigrants Influencing U.S. Elections

    Alabama Prison Guard Who Escaped With Inmate Has Died; Odesa Hit After Russia Marks WWII Victory | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 52:46

    NTD News Today—5/10/2022 1. Odesa Hit After Russia Marks WWII Victory 2. EU Deal on Oil Ban Could Be Reached This Week 3. Rice Farming Returns to Crimea After 8 Years 4. Sweden Bolsters Forces on Gotland Island 5. AL Prison Guard Dead, Inmate in Custody

    Putin Marks Victory Day, Accuses NATO of Preparing to Invade; G7's New Sanctions on Russia | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 24:07

    NTD News Today—5/9/2022 1. Ukrainian Soldiers Vow to Fight Till the End 2. Last Civilians Evacuated From Azovstal Plant 3. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Visits Mariupol 4. Putin Addresses Victory Day Parade 5. ‘We Will Not Bow': Russians Mark Victory Day

    2 States Sue Biden Admin. Over Censorship; Pentagon Says Most Russian Forces Left Mariupol | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 49:51

    NTD News Today—5/6/2022 1. Zelenskyy: Hundreds of Hospitals Devastated 2. Medic at Azovstal Appeals to Turkey for Help 3. Pentagon: Most Russian Forces Left Mariupol 4. Jill Biden Heads to Slovakia and Romania 5. EU to Win Over Reluctant States on Oil Ban

    Justice Alito Cancels Public Appearance; Russia Rehearses Moscow Military Parade | NTD News Today

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 50:55

    NTD News Today—5/5/2022 1. Several Injured After Strike in Kramatorsk 2. Hundreds of Civilians Evacuated From Mariupol 3. Moldova Separatists Denounce Kyiv, EU 4. Fallout From Ukraine War Hits Children, Orphans Hard: Exec. 5. Russia Rehearses Moscow Military Parade 6. Russia Eyes Asia Amid EU Oil Ban: Analyst 7. Bulgarian Protesters Clash Over Ukraine 8. Justice Alito Cancels Public Appearance 9. Migrants Use Chat Rooms to Discuss Title 42 10. U.S. Authorities Catch Cuban Migrant Vessels 11. Outrage Over Drag Queen Performance at School 12. Musk Responds to Call for Twitter Boycott 13. Steady Lava Flow at Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano 14. Beijing Tightens Curbs to Stem COVID Spread 15. Chinese City Ramps Up COVID-19 Rules 16. Emotions Run High Philippine Election 17. Japan Struggles to Source Russian Buckwheat 18. Astronaut Team Departs ISS, Headed to Florida 19. UK Boosting Community-led Energy Production 20. Prado Exhibition Highlights Sense of Smell 21. Barcelona Beaches Prep for Summer Smoking Ban 22. Why We Struggle to Make Time for Solitude

    Trump-Backed JD Vance Wins Ohio's GOP Senate Primary; EU Proposes Russian Oil Ban | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 50:08

    NTD News Today—5/4/2022 1. Ohio Primary Election Results 2. Chief Justice: Roe V. Wade Leak a ‘Betrayal' 3. Biden Visits Plant Making Weapons for Ukraine 4. Zelenskyy: 156 People Evacuated From Plant 5. EU Chief Proposes Phased Russian Oil Ban

    Supreme Court Ready to Overturn Roe v. Wade: Leaked Opinion; Russia Attacks Azovstal Factory | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 50:48

    1. Russia Restarts Attacks on Azovstal Factory 2. Lavrov's Hitler Comment Prompts Outrage 3. Russia Plans to Exit ISS Over Sanctions 4. Russian Support for War Has Steadily Increased, With Pockets of Dissent: Analytics Firm 5. Russians Have Less Reliable Media on War Now That ‘echo of Moscow' Radio Closed: CEO

    Russia: Dozens of Targets Hit Over 24 Hours; Pelosi Visits Ukraine and Poland | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 20:39

    NTD News Today—5/2/2022 1. Civilians From Mariupol Flee Azovstal Bunkers 2. Russia: Dozens of Targets Hit Over 24 Hours 3. Pelosi Visits Ukraine and Poland 4. ‘Ghost of Kyiv' a Myth: Ukraine Military 5. Biden Speaks at WH Correspondents' Dinner

    Putin Accepts Invitation to Attend G20 Summit; Oklahoma Bills Aim to Ban Most Abortions | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 51:08

    NTD News Today—4/29/2022 1. Kyiv Is Still a Target for Russia: Mayor 2. House Revives WWII-era Program for Ukraine 3. Ukraine Hospital Suffers From Lack of Staff 4. Overcrowded Warsaw Schools Welcome Ukrainians 5. Energy Secretary Testifies on 2023 Budget

    Putin: Quick Response If West Intervenes; US Economic Growth Shrank in First Quarter | NTD News Today

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 50:41

    NTD News Today—4/28/2022 1. Soldiers at Azovstal Call for Evacuation 2. Putin: Quick Response if West Intervenes 3. Ukrainian Farmers Wear Body Armor to Work 4. Holocaust Survivors Flee Ukraine for Israel 5. NY Human Rights Center Condemns Russian Invasion, Supports Holocaust Survivors in Ukraine 6. $7B of Military Equipment Left in Afghanistan 7. U.S. Economic Growth Shrank in First Quarter 8. Joe Biden Met Hunter's Close Business Partner 9. Blinken: U.S. Officials Are Under Threat 10. Desantis Signs Bill on Election Integrity 11. GA Bill Authorizes Voter Fraud Investigations 12. Justice Breyer's Last Day on the Bench 13. Archegos Founder, Former CFO Plead Not Guilty 14. AZ: Cold Case Arrest in 30 Year Old Murder 15. LA Sheriff Announces Probe Into Stolen Video 16. OH: Teen Jumps From Moving Car During Chase 17. AZ: Mountain Lion Spooked by Automatic Door 18. 'Ida' Retired From List of Hurricane Names 19. U.S. Report: China Unfairly Dominates Markets 20. U.S. Trade Representative Recognizes Taiwan's Intellectual Property Protection 21. Manufacturers Say Trade Report Shows Concrete Steps to Protect Innovation 22. Many Countries Have 'Far to Go' to Protect Intellectual Property: U.S. Innovation Center 23. Lockdowns Hurt China's Commuter Workers 24. 1st Ever Human Case of H3n8 Bird Flu 25. AUS Politician's 'Nazi' Remarks Anger Beijing 26. Election Shows Polarized France: Analyst 27. Macron Expected to Name New Prime Minister 28. Toxic Foam Floats on Colombian River 29. Nadal Unveils Rafa Nadal Sports University 30. Zverev Apologizes for Munich Open Loss 31. Prades Crashes Mistakenly Celebrating Stage Win 32. Sistine Chapel Replica Opens in Mexico City 33. The Dutch Celebrate First King's Day Holiday 34. World's Largest Blue Diamond Auctioned for $57m 35. The Ups and Downs of the Sun Hormone 36. One Lucky Winner for $473 Mil Powerball Ticket

    Russia Releases US Marine Vet in Prisoner Exchange; Russia Cuts Gas to 2 EU Countries | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 49:36

    NTD News Today—4/27/2022 1. Russia Says It Hit U.S., European Arms Depot 2. UN Chief: Sooner the War Ends, the Better 3. Russia's Gazprom Cuts Gas to Poland, Bulgaria 4. Germany Seeks Alternatives to Russian Oil 5. Ukrainian Farmers Wear Body Armor to Work

    Footage Released From Alec Baldwin Film Set Shooting; Ukraine Can Win Against Russia: Austin | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 49:23

    NTD News Today—4/26/2022 1. Austin: Ukraine Can Win Against Russia 2. Defenses Shored Up in Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia 3. Lavrov: 'Serious' Risks of Nuclear War 4. 36th Anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster 5. Berlin Think-tank Gathers Ukraine Testimony

    US Officials Meet w/ Zelenskyy, Want Russia Weakened; Wikipedia Deletes Entry for Hunter Biden Firm | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 25:36

    NTD News Today—4/25/2022 1. Blinken and Austin Meet President Zelenskyy 2. U.N. Chief to Visit Moscow on Tuesday 3. Wikipedia Deletes Entry for Hunter Biden Firm 4. Nearly 100 lbs Fentanyl Seized in California 5. Remembering an Appeal Against Persecution

    Russians Collect Dead Bodies in Mariupol; CDC Issues Nationwide Alert Over Hepatitis in Children

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 50:23

    NTD News Today—4/22/2022 1. Russians Collect Dead Bodies in Mariupol 2. Zelenskyy Says More Financial Support Needed 3. Ethiopian Men Hope to Fight for Russia 4. Slovenian Prime Minister Faces Close Race 5. Ukraine War Causes Price Increase for Wheat, Lumber, Metal, and Oil: CEO

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