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Grief. It’s almost a taboo word in Western society. And yet, it’s a universal human experience and comes in many forms: the loss of a marriage or job, when a cherished friend (human or pet), an aunt or uncle, sibling, Mom or Dad cross the Veil. But if your child takes his or her last breath before you do, you’re thrown into a world that’s unimaginable and indescribable. If you’re a Mom that has a child in Spirit, this podcast is for you. With Grace, hope, a little tough love, and even some wit and humor along the way, this podcast will honor where you are. Join me, Lori Latimer, Intuitive Soul Navigator, as my guests and I share insights, tools, and techniques to assist you on your grief journey. Every Tuesday, we’ll journey into all the dark places of grief, shining a light on them so you can integrate them rather than avoid them. The Grief With Grace podcast will inspire you to find Moments Of Joy In the Everyday so you can continue to live your life after the unimaginable has happened, and in doing so, honor your precious child’s life and legacy.

Lori Latimer

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    Karmic Wounding & Generational Trauma In Our Natal Chart - Part 2 with Vika Bradford

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2022 36:46

    If you missed Part 1 of my interview with Vika Bradford, be sure to listen to Episode 117 before this one so you have all of her wisdom from Part 1.In Part 2, Vika shares more about some of the many things our natal chart can reveal to us, especially related to trauma and loss we may experience over the course of our lives.The choice we have to make about our karmic lessons as humans The concept of karmic wounding and where it's found in a natal chartWhich areas of the natal chart indicate more karmic and generational traumaThe karmic wounding represented by the Moon in the Natal ChartThe energy of Neptune and what it brings to our livesWhere trauma points show up in a Natal ChartHow our Natal Chart informs our individual “medicines”The energy of the asteroid Chiron and what it brings to our Soul storyWhy Vika's Mom called her “Little Grandma” when she was a little girlAre there links between family members that are reflected in our charts?What we can learn about our Soul's intentions by looking at various points in our chart (Vika used my Sun, Moon and Chiron placements as an example)The Dark Moon - what it is and what it doesHow working with the Dark Moon (and particularly in Vika's monthly membership) can help us clear our energyVika also looked at several things in my chart and my late son's chart as a way to demonstrate the lessons and Soul contracts we came to this life with to showcase what can be revealed in a reading.As you'll hear in this episode, there is SO MUCH to learn from our Natal Chart. I highly encourage you to schedule a reading with Vika. She offers different readings on her website, so choose the one (or ones) that speak to you with where you currently are. I recently had a Past Life & Purpose reading as well as a Wild Woman reading, and what was revealed both confirmed things as well as made me curious about others.And be sure to look into her Dark Moon Collective monthly membership on her website, and connect with her on Instagram.

    Understanding Your Soul Signature with Vika Bradford - Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2022 36:11

    You may have heard of Soul Contracts, but did you know that you also have a Soul Signature? My guest today is a beautiful Soul who shares the journey that led her from depression and suicidal thoughts at a very young age (pre-teenage years) to healing  and understanding layers of herself through her Soul Signature. Vika Bradford is an energy healer, astrology practitioner, yoga teacher, and cosmic shaman whose work is deep and powerful. In this episode, Vika shares:An indicator in your birth/natal chart that might indicate a journey with depressionVika's experience with deep depression at a very young ageHow her Dad helped her during that time in a very non-invasive, non-intrusive wayHow her first use of MDMA helped her “wake up”How the karma between Vika and her Mom affected her early years - and how they've healedHer journey into astrology - and how her family lineage affected itThe book that had a big impact on her and brought new awareness to her lifeHow discovering the energies of her North Node shifted the course of her healing and her lifeWhy learning astrology has been a remembering for herHow the things she learned before she learned astrology created a foundation for her Soul work in astrologyWhat do the North and South Nodes represent?The balancing required between the North and South NodesWhich Node represents the mastery you bring with you to this lifetimeHow long the Nodes tend to stay in a Zodiac signGenerational planets - what they are and what they influenceWhat the planet Pluto represents and the impact he has on our lives - and our healingHow Pluto has been affecting the world since 2008The other thing you must grieve if you're a Mom who is grieving the loss of a child from this lifeWhat happens if we don't come back from the depths of “hell”Why we're destined to repeat what we don't healThe importance of surrendering to where you are, and not fighting against itThe role karmic lessons play in our lives, and the planets that provide the biggest karmic lessonsWhat Vika learned from her grandparents' deaths and the gifts in the learningsThis is a rich and deep conversation, and this is only Part 1! Be sure to come back next week for Part 2 where we'll continue the journey with Vika.The book Vika mentions in the episode can be found on Amazon.You can connect with Vika on Instagram and on her website,

    It's Time For Bold Action On Your Healing Journey!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2022 14:52

    The planet Mars moved into the Zodiac sign of Gemini on August 20, 2022, and it will stay there until March 25, 2023. What does that mean on our healing journeys? Tune into this bonus episode to find out! Mars is the planet of action, motivation, and inspiration. Gemini loves to learn and communicate. This powerful duo brings us a beautiful opportunity to take big, bold leaps in our healing.If you've been thinking about starting your own spiritual podcast, listen to the very end of the episode where I share a special opportunity!

    A Journey Of Deep Healing & Restoration with Christine Jewell

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2022 66:54

    What do you do when you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again? Some people never realize they're doing it, so they keep repeating them - and then wonder why their lives aren't what they want. Others, like my guest on this episode, stop, pause, and look at their part in the patterns. And then they do the deep healing work.Christine Jewell realized she repeated patterns in two-year cycles. When she'd had enough of those cycles, she went inward and discovered the part she played in the cycles she'd experienced. As you listen to this episode, I invite you to see where you're repeating patterns in your life. Christine shares very openly about her journey, including:Her “two-year cycle” of building things up and burning them downThe point she realized she was tired of hustling and forcing things in her life What she asked God to do to help her that began her journey of healing and processing years of griefWhy you must do the inner work first before anything in your outer world will changeWhat she learned about rushing through to the next things vs. preparing for the right thingWhy it's important to feel the loss and move through itHow divorce is like the death of a dreamThe importance of rebuilding trust in a relationship after its been broken and a way to do thatThe love affair you must haveThe realization she had on a solo bike rideThe growth we experience when we become comfortable doing things aloneWhere some of the most amazing relationships in her life came fromThe one thing you must do to see anything change in your life after a loss of any kindThe gift and beauty of the overwhelm of griefThe part we play in the dance of Universal support that's available to all of usThe journal Christine recommends everyone should keepWhy movement is so important on our healing journeyHow Christine has seen emotions physically manifest in our bodies in her work through the yearsThe importance of releasing and expressing joy as well as griefThings we can do when we're in the depths of griefHow the structure of nature can support usWhat can happen when we get stuck in a phase of angerWhy it's so important to connect to living thingsThe magic we can experience when we open up to what exists beyond what we can see with our physical eyesThe myth of being an empath or highly sensitiveAre you adding to or taking from yourself and life with what you choose to consumeWhy what you consume may be compromising your ability to heal and to tune into your intuitionThe importance of learning to receive when you're used to giving all the timeSome of the beliefs women hold that don't serve us One of the biggest things that prevents women from asking for what we needHow we can allow grace to support us on our life journeyConnect with Christine on Instagram or her website.My September calendar is open for Illumination Readings. Books yours here to discover what your Soul knows you're ready for.

    Turning PTSD Into A Superpower with Heather Hargrove

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2022 67:27

    PTSD is a term some people throw around lightly. I studied it in depth when I majored in Psychology in college. Many people associate it with the after affects of war, but it can happen to people who have suffered other traumas as well, including sexual trauma and unexpected  loss. One is not "better" or "worse" than another. PTSD can present in many different ways.This week's guest is on a lifelong journey with PTSD after serving in the United States Army after 9/11. Doing two tours of duty in Iraq, she experienced things most of us never will. Her courage and resilience is inspiring. In this episode, she shares from a very vulnerable space about her experience during her time in the Army and her life since then.Her experience with “hidden” PTSDHow her desire and knowing she was here to make a difference led her to enlist in the U.S. Army after 9/11Her experience of taking over the airport in Baghdad and what it was like being on the ground during thatWhy her second tour of duty during peacekeeping was worse than the first deploymentWhat happened when she went to Germany on her way back to Iraq after her weddingHer initial reaction to being told she had PTSDHow her husband's PTSD affected her lifeWhat she was looking for when she went from the Army to the “Mouse House”What she did to avoid facing her trauma and PTSDHow her PTSD was different from her former husband's PTSD (this is important because PTSD does present differently for people)The things she did to “manage” her PTSD (you might recognize some of these in yourself)What helped calm down some of her PTSD reactionsWhen she finally realized the scope of her PTSDHow she turned the symptoms of her PTSD into her superpower - and into a powerful businessHow she changed things that worked against her into things that work for herThe importance of communication and expectations when navigating trauma and PTSDThe parenting style she created that honors her children and her PTSDWhat it's like to be in a “PTSD couple”How the Veterans' organization, Team Red, White & Blue, helped her after she and her husband separated (an organization available for civilians as well as former military members)What running a marathon did for her mentallyThe importance of accountability in her healing journeyHow baby steps have helped her reach her goalsHer experiences with panic attacks from the PTSDMy vulnerable sharing of an experience I had that brought on an panic attack - and how my late son, Greg, showed me he was supporting me through itThe importance of having people and a community to support you and honor where you are on your healing journeyHow Heather has been able to help friends who have had difficult experiencesHow she's created a business that works for her on her healing journeyWhy she believes we should be unapologetic on our healing journeyYou can find Heather on Facebook and on her website.

    113 Finding Richness In Life After Loss with Zoya Bokhoor

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 68:39

    Every loss is hard... indescribably hard. Zoya Bokhoor experienced the loss of her beloved husband, and two years later, her precious son.  She found herself and her purpose through the tragedy and heartbreak. In this episode we talked about:The gift she looks for since her son's passingHer journey from growing up in Tehran, Iran to the United StatesHer first husband's sudden illness and passingThe unexpected passing of her son two years laterThe messages she began receiving a few days later from her son in Spirit - and the surprising messenger that guided her to itThe awareness she had that caused her to decide to healWhat happened when she decided to healThe gift her sister gave her that helped her on her healing journeyThe gifts she received from doing her healing workThe thing she did that moved her forward after her lossesWhat it means when we feel the sadnessHer introduction to Reiki and how it helped her on her healing journeyThe way I had an energetic release during my first Reiki sessionThe shift that happened to many people with the recent Covid pandemicThe myth people believe about holding onto their griefHow cortisol affects us when we hold onto our griefRecommendations for navigating our grief journeyWhat journaling does to help us move through griefWhat I would have wanted for my Mom if I had left this life before she didThe cultural differences - and similarities - between her native country of Iran and the United States / western countriesFinding her purpose after her husband and son both went to SpiritFeeling joy after lossHow we create limiting beliefs, and some ways we can release some of themWhat you can do in the initial stages of griefA beautiful question to ask yourself about where you're giving your powerWays we try to control ourselves and others after lossHow you can support someone who is grievingChoosing to see someone as the hero of their journey and not a victimIs it too late for you?You can find Zoya on her website, Healing With Compassion, and on Facebook.You can learn more about her non-profit, Roy's Love Foundation, here.I've been using The Work by Byron Katie for almost 10 years and highly recommend it. You can learn more about it here.My calendar is open for Illumination Readings  in August and. September. Book yours to discover how to come into alignment with who you are at Soul level, what you can do to move closer to being on your Soul's true path, and so much more. Click here to book your reading.

    Episode 112 Taking Time For Deeper Healing Work

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 29:00

    The energies are shifting and becoming a bit more calm and peaceful. That means it's a perfect time to go inward and do some deeper healing and reflecting. And that's exactly what I'm covering in this week's podcast episode.Why I'm taking a month-long pause with the podcast (but don't worry - I'll be back with fresh new episodes the first Tuesday in August!)What the energies of Cancer season, and this week's New Moon in Cancer, offer us on our healing journeyThe symbolism of the crab that represents Cancer (and how this might apply to you or someone you know who is a Cancer Sun or has Cancer energy in their birth chart)The connection between the Moon and Cancer - and how this amplifies the energies of this New MoonThe importance of feeling our feelings right nowA journal prompt to assist youWhy some of us have a harder time releasing our tears (crying) than others doThe role of Cancer and our intuitive abilitiesSome of the lower energies of Cancer to be aware ofWhy our Inner Child needs a bit more attention during Cancer seasonOne of my favorite ways to enjoy some stillness and solitude during the SummerHow Jupiter and Neptune are affecting us right now, and how to use those energies in your healingWhat Black Moon Lilith represents, particularly during the current energiesPlease be sure to follow one of my mentors, Vika Bradford, on Instagram. I've learned so much from her about Lilith as well as other pieces of karmic astrology. She's a beautiful Soul and hosts incredible workshops.If you'd like to schedule an Illumination reading with me in July (spaces are very limited),  email me at  If you'd like to schedule a reading at any other time, check my availability on my calendar here.

    How Can The Current Change Of Seasons Help You Heal?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 18:55

    Today marks Episode 111 of the Grief With Grace Podcast, and it will be live on the day of the Summer Solstice (or the Winter Solstice if you're in the Southern Hemisphere). Do you feel that energy change when the seasons change? Why Episode 111 holds special meaning for meWhat the Sun moving into the sign of Cancer means energetically for usWhat to do instead of resisting emotions that may be coming upIdeas for ways you can honor the Solstice if you're in the Northern Hemisphere and if you're in the Southern Hemisphere to help you on your healing journeyThe deeper ability to connect with loved ones on the Other Side right now, as well as Spirit Animals and other magical creaturesThe chakras that have the capacity for more healing during the Summer SolsticeThe chakras that have the capacity for more healing during the Winter SolsticeThe rare planetary alignment happening this week, and the activation that's available for us with itMy suggestions for clearing your physical space during the SolsticeSome journaling questions for you if you're in the Northern Hemisphere and some for if you're in the Southern Hemisphere

    Comfort, Confusion & Curiosity In Healing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 26:41

    This week's Super Full Moon in Sagittarius invites us to examine our lives and our healing journey, where we are and where we want to go, from a new perspective. Listen in and hear:What comfort has to do with this Full Moon - and how it affects our healing journeyWhy your thoughts may be swirling right now - and what to do with that energyHow Mercury is going to affect all of this - and how we can use that in our healingWhat we need to allow right now - and why we usually stop itThe life area that's being guided toward healing during this timeWhy you might feel some brain fog - and what to do if you  doHow you can use the fiery energy of Sagittarius to help you move forward on your healing journeyThe card I pulled for this weekI also shared a journal question for you to use this week.I'd love to hear what you're releasing with this Super Full Moon in Sagittarius! Email me at or share with me on Instagram. If you'd like help with what you're releasing, you can sign up here for an Illumination Reading, or a healing reading if that's what you need right now.

    Creating Rituals and Ceremonies For Grief & Loss with Jess Wertz

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 55:10

    So many women are turning to ceremonies and rituals in ways we haven't for centuries. This week's guest and her sister have created a beautiful company to support anyone looking for a unique way to honor a loved one in Spirit, whether the loss is recent or long past.Jess Wertz, and her sister Amanda Wertz McClellan founded Spirit Vessel. Jess and I had a magical conversation and covered so many things about the beauty they've brought to a topic people frequently ignore, until they're faced with the most difficult of life's decisions. In this episode, Jess and I talk about:The beginnings of Jess's journey into artWhat led her to opening up more conversation around death, rituals and ceremoniesThe importance of creating personalized rituals and ceremonies that honor the emotions of griefHow nature helped her heal from a breakupThe impact conversations with friends and family navigating grief had on the creation of Spirit VesselHow my Mom's preplanning helped me in the aftermath of her sudden return to SpiritThe stark difference when my son returned to Spirit with having no plans in place (this underscores the importance of preplanning at any age)Why we need rites of passage in the course of our livesHow ritual and ceremony allow us to come back and hold space for our grief and emotionsHow preplanning allows us to be more present with our grief and with others in times of lossThe way in which ceremony and ritual allows the paradox of joy and grief to co-existWhy it's so important to move our emotions out of our heads and into our bodiesHow the original intention and vision of Spirit Vessel changed due to the pandemicWhy the idea of rewriting the ideas and stories of how things should look around grief and loss is very intriguing and excitingHow the traditional ways of experiencing death and grief are disrespectful and uninvitingThe Ceremony Guidebook Jess created that you can use at any time to honor your loved one and your griefHow you can work with Spirit Vessel in creating your own unique ceremonies and ritualsWhy ceremony and ritual helps us avoid the isolation that's so prevalent in modern societyThe passage Jess read from her beautiful Ceremony Guidebook on Opening To ForgivenessPlease be sure to visit their website (this is an affiliate link) and follow them on Instagram!

    Are You Ready To Rewrite Your Story?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 19:46

    Ahh.... can you feel the shift? With the current New Moon in Gemini, we have officially completed the recent Eclipse Season. The energies have been very intense, but Gemini is here to lighten things up for us. NOTE: If you're listening to this after the New Moon in Gemini in May 2022, most of what I share in this episode is relevant at any time.In this episode I share:Mercury Retrograde is still affecting us - when it will go direct again?How Gemini will assist us in moving out of Eclipse SeasonThe reason you might be feeling foggy. mentally - and what you can do to relieve some of itHow you can rewrite your storyWhat the twins of Gemini represent for usWhy this is such an important time to look at our communications - both with ourselves and with othersThe self-reflection exercise I use with my clients that you can do at any timeThe piece of healing work many mentors don't use with their clients, and why it prevents further healingWays to reframe your self-talkWhy it's important to slow down right nowIf you'd like to see if a past life healing session would assist you, email me at

    Processing Trauma & Grief Through the Enneagram - Part 2 with Sarah Wallace

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 35:59

    This week, we're picking up with where we left off with the amazing Sarah Wallace and the Enneagram types. If you haven't listened to Part 1 of our conversation yet, I invite you to go listen to episode 106, and then come back to this one so you'll have the fullness of Sarah's beauty and wisdom around the Enneagram, types 1-4 which we covered last week, and how each of those 4 might process trauma and grief.If you already listened to Part 1, then you're ready to step into the magic that awaits for types 5-9. Which type strives to feel self-sufficient... and detached -and why detached is not a negative thingWhich type tends to ruminate… woulda/coulda/shouldaWhich type is the “contingency planner”Which type runs from emotional painWhich type tends to struggle with depressionWhich type strives to be strong and powerfulWhich type has the most trouble asking for helpWhich type strives to be at peace - both inner and outerWhich type tends to numb out during stress and griefThe type we tend to default to when we're under stressThe possible correlation between Astrology and the EnneagramWhy doing a podcast on grief was a growth opportunity for Sarah and her typeYou'll also hear which type I most closely align with, and which type Sarah most closely aligns with!You can find Sarah on her website and on Instagram. And be sure to listen to her podcast, Enneagram MBA on all the podcast apps.If you'd like to learn more about the Enneagram and take an assessment to see which type you're most closely aligned with, Sarah recommends the website Personality Path.

    What's Your “Type?” Understanding Grief Through the Enneagram with Sarah Wallace - Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 31:32

    Do you know your "type?" I discovered the Enneagram several years ago and was curious about how each Enneagram type processes grief. In this week's episode, my beautiful guest, Sarah Wallace, shares some insights into each Enneagram type in general, and how each type might express grief. We talked about:Why Sarah chose to incorporate the Enneagram into her workWhy mindset alone isn't enough to change or heal something in our livesWhy it's important to understand that not everyone sees the world the way you doWhat is the Enneagram - and why is it different from other personality type tools?What the Enneagram can reveal about usWhat the 9 Enneagram types representDoes our “type” change over the course of our lives?What your core motive reveals - and the role it plays when we experience deep trauma or lossHow the traits of another type may play out when we're in grief or experience traumaSarah's recommendation on how to find your Enneagram typeHow knowing your Enneagram type can help you filter out what's helpful and what's not helpful at various points in your lifeSarah's description of each type, the shadow side of each type, and how it might look for each type to process trauma and grief (*this is GOLD*)Which type most women initially identify with - but this isn't necessarily their true typeMy intuitive insights into each typeSarah and I could have talked for hours about this fascinating topic! Be sure to come back next week for Part 2, where Sarah and I will pick up with where we left off.Be sure to listen to Sarah's wonderful podcast, Enneagram MBA (available on all the podcast apps), as well as her website, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.If you're curious about the different Enneagram types and want to begin exploring what yours might be, Sarah recommends the website Personality Path.

    It's Time To Complete, Release and Rise

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 20:28

    We're entering a very powerful portal of energy with the upcoming Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Listen in to learn how to use these energies on your healing journey.Why this Full Moon is called a "Blood Full Moon"Which area(s) of life it affectsWhat to trust to guide you to what's ready to be releasedHow Scorpio affects this Full Moon Lunar EclipseHow Mercury is impacting us right nowWhich cosmic alignment is available to bathe us in a healing, soothing balmWhen the last Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio occurred, and how you can use that as an indicator for this oneThe magic and opportunities available when we allow the releaseWhy we need the Taurus energy to assist us right nowI also shared a powerful journal question you can use to guide you over the next week.Share your insights and what you're releasing with me on my Instagram page or my Facebook page.If you're interested in an Illumination Reading, I'm offering a 20% discount through May 31, 2022. Click here to schedule yours. An Illumination reading can let you know if you're on path after completing and releasing what comes up  over the Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

    When Being Selfish Is A Good Thing

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 23:54

    Does the word "selfish" trigger you? It does a lot of people, especially women. We'd rather be seen as the martyr than being selfish.In this week's episode, I share the theme that's been coming up in some recent Illumination sessions. Listen in to learn:What coming from the energy of the martyr does to usWhy self-care is actually self-loveSelf-care ideas that go beyond manis and pedis (although I do love a good mani/pedi!)Boundaries as self-careWhat traveling alone taught me about self-careAnd so much more!In celebration of Mother's Day this month, through May 31, 2022, you can receive a full Illumination reading for 20% off the regular investment. Click here to book your session, but be sure to do it before May 31st (you can schedule the reading after May 31st but it must be scheduled and paid for before May 31st).

    Breathe... And Ground Into Your Healing

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 15:47

    Can you feel the shift in energy? The Sun has moved out of  fiery Aries and into the slower, more grounded sign of Taurus. It's Spring  (or Fall depending on where you live), and the weather is more moderate, calling us outside to soak up the energies of Mother Earth. And, we're about to enter Eclipse Season. There's so much going on cosmically and energetically, and it can all help us on our healing journey, if we're aware of it and work with it.In this week's episode:Why the energies of this New Moon are amplifiedWhat the Earth sign of Taurus makes available to usHow the planet - and Goddess - Venus affects the energiesWhy self-worth is impacted by Taurus, especially when you're on a healing journeyWhy we do not want to set intentions on this New MoonThe quantum level change that's possible right nowWhich planet may cause unexpected chaos and upheaval right now - and what you can lean on to help move through itWhat the best medicine for healing is

    The Magic & Insights Of the Akashic Records

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 26:30

    What if there was a place we could journey to where your Soul could give you insight and guidance to the questions you have about your life, your life's path, your experiences, your next steps, and so much more? There is, and in this week's episode, I share some of the magic of the Akashic Records with you.What is this mystical, magical place - and where is it?An easy way to envision the Akashic RecordsHow can we access it?The importance of permission and consent in accessing the RecordsWhat information can we receive from the Records?Levels of information available in the RecordsWhat can happen if we don't have the training or permission to access the RecordsThe Records are not to be accessed randomly. This is deeply sacred work and needs to be honored as such. When done from that energy, the healing that's possible is truly next level.If you're ready for your own Illumination reading with me, email to get on my calendar. These readings have the potential to shift your life and your healing at quantum levels!

    Are You Living In Alignment?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 26:05

    Do you feel off in your life, but you can't quite put your finger on it? That's where I was when I left my last marriage in 2008. When things seemed like they were "off" again the first part of this year, I went back to some of the things I did in 2008 to come back into alignment. In today's episode I share a powerful exercise I did that will help you if you're feeling out of alignment in your own life.In this episode I share:How you know when you're out of alignmentA practice you can do to begin to come into alignmentThe energies of the upcoming Full Moon in LibraHow these  energies are asking us to look at both ourself and others on our healing journeyWhat may pop up for attention, healing, and releasingWhat we're being called to reevaluateThe rare cosmic alignment happening the day this episode is released (April 12, 2022)The opportunities for healing that Jupiter, Neptune and Pisces are bringingA journal question to reflect on while we're in these energiesThere are still a few spaces available for an Illumination Reading during the month of April. If you're curious about whether you're in alignment with who you are at Soul level or if you're on the right path at this time in your life, secure your spot by emailing me at I'll send you a payment link and we'll get your reading scheduled!

    A Celebration and Some Reflections

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2022 29:06

    Welcome to Episode 100! When I started this podcast less than 2 years ago, I never envisioned hitting this milestone. In this special episode, I reflect on what I've learned over the course of this journey, and how it can assist you on your healing journey.We're all healing from something, and each journey is unique and differentWe don't tend to acknowledge or celebrate ourselves and our journeysWhy boundaries are so important, and why you need to know your "Sacred Yes" and your "Sacred No"What can happen when we let things be easy and in flowThe importance of self-care on a healing journey, and why should be a non-negotiableHow all humans struggle with a sense of worthinessWhy your voice and experience matterNavigating the highs and the lows on a healing journeyWhat to do when people attack you when you speak out or show upThe importance of having a purposeA heartfelt thank you to all the listeners and guestsAnd, I'm doing something special for one listener. Post a photo of this episode to your IG stories or post. You must tag me (@lori_latimer) and use the hashtag #GWG100. You can do this on Facebook as well, but you'll have to email me a screenshot of your story or post if we aren't friends on Facebook. Again, you must tag me and use the hashtag #GWG100. You have until midnight, April 8, 2022. My assistant will draw a name and I'll announce the winner on next week's show.

    Taking Bold, Courageous Action To Shift Your Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2022 27:26

    Welcome to Aries Season! As this episode is released, we're in the energies of the New Moon in Aries which happens this week. Aries is a fire sign, so let's use this spark of Aries energy to make some shifts in our lives.In this episode, I share:All the "new" energies available right nowHow the planet Mars brings its Warrior God energy to usHow to use the current energies of independence, freedom and innovation in setting your New Moon intentionsThe way Aries invites us to look at our "self" firstThe role that trust plays right nowWhat to do if you're feeling stuck or stagnant in life or in your healingThe one question you must ask yourself as you set your intentions on the New MoonWhat we cannot change - and what we can do insteadWhat you may be doing (without realizing it) that's keeping you stuckThe energy and opportunity for healing that the asteroid, Chiron, brings to usIf you're interested in receiving one of the 10 clarity readings I'm offering for the month of April 2022, email me at to see if any are still available. If you're listening after April 2022, email me to see if I have space available.If you haven't yet received your copy of my free guide, 4 Steps to Connect To Your Higher Self and Loved Ones In Spirit, go to my website and click the button to receive yours. It's filled with actions you can take to begin to shift your life and to co-create your life with the Universe.

    Mantras & Setting Your Intentions For the Equinox

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 15:05

    Welcome to Equinox Season! If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, you've just entered the Spring Equinox, and if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, you're entering the Autumn Equinox. Either way, there's a renewed sense of balance and harmony as we're experiencing almost equal amounts of day and night, light and dark.We've also just left Pisces season and have entered Aries season. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so it's the astrological New Year, filled with so much potential for healing and growth.In this episode, I break it all down and share how you can use all these gorgeous energies to support you over the next six months until the next Equinox. Spend time reflecting on where you are as well as where you want to be in six months. Honor both the light and the dark within you.I also share some very powerful mantras as well as some journal questions to assist you in these reflections and in your intention setting.If you find this valuable, please leave a rating and review on Apple and/or Spotify so  we can help more people on their healing journey!

    Our Bodies Know the Truth - Part 2 with Haumea Hanakahi

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2022 27:35

    If you haven't listened to Part 1 of my conversation with the feminine powerhouse, Haumea Hanakahi, be sure to listen to that episode (Episode 96) as well.We left off last week with Haumea talking about the importance of getting into our bodies, especially as women. In Part 2, Haumea will share 2 exercises that will help shift us out of the trauma and fear so prevalent in today's world. And be sure to listen to the end of this episode where Haumea will share a very special opportunity.Why it's so important to be in our bodies - and what our bodies will tell usWhat usually happens when we experience traumaWhy we often pop out of our bodiesThe power our bodies hold for healingThe importance of getting to the root cause of health issues - and how to do thatWhat happens when we don't give our body what it needsA technique to use when you pop out of your bodyWhat keeps emotions stuck in our bodyWhat happened to the stress I was feeling when Haumea took me through this techniqueThe power of food - and its healing or addictive propertiesA technique to use when you get caught up in fear and negative thinkingThe zero point - what it is and what can happen when you reach itWhat you feel and ultimately experience when you move your thoughts and attention from your head to your heartThe importance of not blaming ourselves or taking over-responsibility for our experiences in lifeClick here for more information and to sign up for Haumea's upcoming course, Awakening Beyond Your Trauma. I'll be a guest contributor to the course and would love to see you there!

    Seeking Truth In An Era Of Fear - Part 1 With Haumea Hanakahi

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2022 39:50

    The past two years have thrown the world in a state of collective fear, trauma, and grief. With the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, that cycle is continuing.This week I'm joined by a very special lady who happens to be one of my closest and dearest friends. I first met Haumea Hanakahi over 10 years ago when we were in an online program together. We later met in person at a live event and have since traveled to some of the most beautiful places in the world together.Haumea is a highly gifted psychic, intuitive, and mystic. Her passion is evolving consciousness on Earth and helping to make the invisible… visible. She can be found geeking out on discovering the higher spiritual workings of Creation and bridging Science and Spirit.I asked Haumea to lend her wisdom and insights into the topic of fear, trauma, and healing in today's world. She's been on her own healing journey for the past 29 years. In this episode, we covered so much that I broke it up into two episodes - so be sure to come back for Part 2 next week!In Part 1, we talk about:The effects of chemical poisoning and the physical effects it caused for herThe way her brain injury resembled Alzheimer'sHow listening to her intuition helped her navigate her healing journeyWhat the doctors told her she should do - and what she knew to do insteadThe prayer she said every day that helped herHow she tuned into her own body to receive the wisdom she requiredHow she connected with trees and plants - and how they helped her on her healing journeyThe amazing way we can all source this information - but what we have to do to allow itWhere she lived in Hawaii for 16 yearsThe important element in the questions we askThe piece that's often missing when we gain knowledge and wisdomHer insights about much of what people believe to be knowledge and truthHer research and learning of the inverses, or reverses, of what's true that's being put out into the collective human knowledge fieldThe exciting benefits of the solar flares that are occurring and how they're helping with the awakening and raising of consciousness (for those who are ready)Why it's critical to step away from what we're told by others and look at things from a different perspectiveThe amazing effect that's possible when we change our thinking and the feelings we produceWhat happens to us physically when we're in a state of fear or traumaHow the news and advertisements get us into the fear state - and why they do it“The Bandwagon Effect” - what it is and how it's used to manipulate usHow soft advertising is perpetuating the culture of fear we're living inWhy equating the news with the truth is another reversalWhat we can turn to for truthWhy sleeping with the TV on is so harmfulThe safest place for us to beYou can learn more about this magical woman here. Next week she'll share a very special opportunity as well as more of her incredible wisdom.Please email me at info and let me know your takeaways from this episode so I can share them with Haumea. And please be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review on Apple and Spotify so we can continue to grow and reach more women on a healing journey.

    It's Time To Swim In the Healing Waters Of Pisces

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 21:07

    It's mystical, magical, dreamy Pisces Season, and today is the New Moon in this watery sign! So how can we use all these gorgeous energies on our healing journey? Listen in as I cover:All the energies that Pisces brings to support us in our healingWhat to watch for during this time so you don't sabotage the opportunitiesThe two other planets that are magnifying the energy of Pisces right nowWhat you may experience with your dreams - and how to capture the potency of themWhat you can do if your emotions become too intenseHow the first Pluto Return in the United States is impacting the world right now (this one should be pretty obvious!)I hope you'll immerse yourself in these beautiful energies and allow them to support your healing.

    Unique Afterlife Communications with Ellisa Levant Beaver

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2022 40:30

    When someone we love returns to Spirit, the one thing most of us want is to know our loved one still exists somewhere, in some form. Mediums are one way of communicating with those on the Other Side. There's another way, and Ellisa Levant Beaver shares her journey and experience with us in this episode. We cover a wide range of topics, so prepare to suspend some belief as we discuss:How her son's passing led her to the work she now doesHow being open and curious about death and what happens when we leave this earthly life started her spiritual journeyWhat is EVP?How Souls in Spirit communicate through EVPThe wide array of people who practice EVP (some of these will surprise you!)Other forms of communication, such as ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) and visual imagesWhat we're really connecting with through these various methodsHow she's able to communicate with non-verbal human beings from children to the elderly with Alzheimer'sThe process she uses to communicate with Souls, living or in SpiritThe role that ever-evolving technology plays in these communicationsDo the voices of our loved ones in Spirit sound the same as when they were in their human body?How she uses a recording of someone's earthly voice in creating messages from someone in SpiritHow she records the messagesThe technology available in SpiritHer journey to learning to develop images with the renowned Brazilian researcher, Sonia RinaldiHow Spirits create the images she recordsThe types of communications and messages the come through from loved ones in SpiritSomething that makes EVP unique and different from mediumshipLearn more about Ellisa through her Facebook Group or by joining her Patreon channelLearn more about Sonia Rinaldi hereYou can watch Calling Earth here Please come over to the Grief With Grace Podcast page on Facebook and let me know what most amazed you from this episode!

    How Are You Avoiding Your Grief or Trauma?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2022 14:05

    As you listen to this episode, please remember to come from an open, compassionate heart, both for yourself and others. This is a no-judgment episode!Our society is uncomfortable with the emotions of grief and trauma, so we often hide them. We use a variety of ways to avoid facing them and healing them. Here's some of what I share in this episodeWhat avoiding our grief and trauma really isExamples of some of the common ways I see women do thisMy "go-to" way to avoid my grief and traumaHow the concept of "tap tap, knock knock, bang bang" shows upWays we can course correct when we notice ourselves avoiding our grief, trauma, or healingI get several readings and healings each year to help me process my grief and trauma. If you're interested in an intuitive reading or healing, email me at for a complimentary session to see if a reading or healing would assist you in processing your experiences.

    It's Time To Reflect, Release, and Roar!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2022 24:16

    There is so much going on in the Universe right now! We have a Full Moon in Leo, and we have the first Pluto Return in the United States since it was formed in 1776. We're swimming in some pretty powerful energies. In this episode I break it down:How we can use the energies of Leo (the lion) on our individual healing journeyWhy self-love is so important right nowHow to use the energies of confidence during this Full MoonThe impact the Pluto Return is having on the chaos in the United States (and around the world)Questions to ask yourself during this potent cosmic timeHow long we'll feel the effects of the Pluto Return (this may surprise you!)What Pluto represents (this will explain so much of what's currently happening)A review and reflection process to use during this time to help you navigate these energies and support your healing journeyEven if you come across this episode long after February 2022, the energy of the Pluto Return in the United States will have an impact on all of us for several years to come. In this episode, I share much more so be sure to listen in.

    How Making New Choices Helps Us Heal & Grow

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2022 17:33

    The experiences we have in our physical lives always provide us with an opportunity to grow and heal as a human and as a Soul. In this episode I share:The difference between healing at an energetic level, a mental level, and a physical levelThe importance of the choices we make on our healing journeyHow to honor your heartbreaking memories and shift to a higher vibrational stateWhy we must take different actions to shift our karmic patternsHow our healing helps heal our lineageHow one client shifted karmic relationship patterns by taking different actionsWhat it takes to show up for yourself, your loved ones, and your ancestorsIf you're ready to heal some of your karmic patterns, email me at to get on my calendar for a complimentary call to explore how we might work together.

    Let Your Intuition Guide Your Healing During the New Moon In Aquarius

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2022 21:06

    The New Moon in Aquarius and the Lunar New Year are upon us - and the energies are potent and powerful! In this episode I break it all down and share with you:What New Moons mean in the lunar cycle - and the opportunities they gift usHow we can use the energies from the Water Tiger Lunar New YearWays to use the Air energy of Aquarius to help release self-doubt and limiting beliefsWhy we might still feel some of the heaviness we've been feeling The importance of responsibility during the current energiesThe challenges and rewards that Saturn is presentingJournal Question: What limiting beliefs can you release or shift during this energetic time so you can move forward on your healing journey?Hop over to my IG or FB page and share what comes through for you.

    Real Talk About Healing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2022 21:06

    In the recent Soul Profile readings I've been doing, a theme has emerged about healing - what it is, what it isn't, and more. In this episode, I get real about healing:The correlation between healing and living on autopilotHow we tend to give our power away in our lives and in our healingThe role responsibility plays in our lives and in our healingHow healing actually happensDifferent types of wounding that requires healingHow intention assists in healingHow your healing helps heal your lineageThere's still time to sign up for my special package that includes a Soul Profile reading and a Chakra Analysis, but only until midnight ET on Jan. 31, 2022. Email me at for a payment link and let yourself receive new insights from your Soul!

    Healing With Pluto, Neptune & A Full Moon In Cancer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2022 17:41

    We're in the middle of the energies of the Full Moon in Cancer, paired with Pluto and Neptune. It's a very potent and exciting time for healing with all these cosmic energies! In this episode you'll hear:How to use the watery energies of the Moon and Cancer for your healingWhy many of us have been feeling a deep heaviness the past few weeksWays to release the heaviness you've been feelingWhat Pluto brings to the table during this timeHow we often give our power away - and how to take it backHow Neptune is affecting our ability to connect to our spirituality, our Higher Self, and our loved ones in SpiritHow to use the current energies to get unstuck and to open your creative channelsWhat healing opportunities Aquarius Season, coming up in a few days, will bring to usThere's still time to receive both a Soul Profile Reading and a Chakra Analysis reading for one investment - but only until midnight on January 31, 2022. Email me at and I'll send you a payment link.Be sure to check out my brand new website here!

    Presence, Meditation & Following Your Calling With Harry Sherwood

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2022 59:30

    Harry Sherwood is thoughtful, delightful, insightful, and wise well beyond his years. Growing up as a typical American young man, something began pulling him in a different direction. Harry is very vulnerable in this interview in sharing his journey. We covered a variety of fascinating topics including:Life before traveling the world, living in an Ashram, and developing presenceThe gnawing sensation he kept experiencing that led him to follow his callingWhat lit him up along the wayHow he followed the “awe” he receivedHis path from football coach to meditation and self-realizationThe real reason he landed in China to study Tai Chi and Qi Gong (this isn't what you'd expect!)What he feels pulled him forward more than courageWhat can happen when you don't follow your Soul's callingThe remembering he had as he was following his Soul's callingThe importance of the present momentThe presence question he asks peopleWhy so many of us don't want to stay presentWhat he first thought presence would be - and what he learned it really isWhat spiritual bypassing does to our humanityThe side of healing and humanity the “love and light” community bypassesWhy it's critical to feel our feelings and embody themQuestions you can ask once you're in your bodyHeartMath and  the intelligence of the heartThe heart-brain-gut connectionMeditation - myths and realitiesWhat happens when we have expectations of what meditation should beThe meditative power of natureThe one part of the self that never changesThe importance of curiosityYou can find Harry's website here. And be sure to follow him on Instagram

    New Year. New Moon. New Energies. New Opportunities.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 2022 34:40

    As we step into a brand new year, we're greeted with the first New Moon of 2022. The energies it brings set the stage for a year filled with possibilities for healing and expansion.Listen in to hear what these energies are, and how they can support you in creating your 2022.And be sure to check out my brand new website! It's been a labor of love, and it's infused with so much love and healing energy. There are several ways you can work with me, and more will be added soon. I created a special offer for you to start the New Year. If you missed my recent Black Friday special of the Soul Profile Reading and the Chakra Analysis, you can get both readings for one low price. Listen to the episode for the details, and email me at for a payment link.May 2022 be filled with healing, expansion, and blessings for all of us.

    A Year-End Reflection & Creation Process For You

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2021 29:45

    In 2008 when I left my last marriage, I realized I needed to make some big changes in my life so I didn't continue repeating patterns that didn't serve me. Long before the “word of the year” was a thing on the Internet, I began creating a Theme for my life for the upcoming year. In this episode, I take you through the process I've used since the end of 2008 to reflect on the year that's ending, and intentionally create what I want in my life in the upcoming year. This is the process that helped me create a life I loved for several years, before my son went to Spirit in 2019 and Covid changed life in 2020. It's also the process I've used to heal on a quantum level since Greg left this life.I created a beautiful PDF to assist you in this process. If you aren't on my email list, send me an email at and I'll personally send you the PDF. If you are on my email list at the time this episode goes live in December 2021, you'll automatically receive the guide in my weekly newsletter.This process is timeless. You can use it at the end of any year, or at any time during the year. It's lovely to do it on your birthday, or any other significant day throughout the year.I'd love to hear how this process is for you. Screenshot this episode and post it to your IG or Facebook stories, and tag me in it so I'll get a notification. Or send me an email and let me know. I wish you a peace-filled New Year

    Animal Soulmates & Tyson's Gift with Brandon Wainwright

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2021 51:01

    My guest this week has a different type of grief story. Brandon Wainwright is an animal lover, a police officer,  and a Reiki practitioner. He lives with his wife, daughter, two dogs, and a chinchilla in the San Francisco Bay area, although they're moving less than a week from when this episode is released. Brandon wrote a wonderful book, Tyson's Gift, after the passing of their family dog, Tyson. The book follows the story of Tyson and their family, the impact Tyson had on Brandon while Tyson was in this life, and the spiritual awakening Brandon had after Tyson went to Spirit.I know a lot of my listeners are animal lovers just like I am. Animals are Souls just like we are, and the impact they have on our lives is immeasurable. The gifts that Tyson brought to Brandon and his family live on. I highly encourage you to get a copy of this book. I cried through a lot of it because Brandon lets you feel as if you know Tyson on an intimate level. The story of his healing through his spiritual awakening is really special, and Tyson clearly orchestrated that. How a pint sized dog named Tyson helped create a spiritual awakening in an agnostic police officerHow Tyson came into their livesWhy Brandon wasn't initially excited about his wife bringing Tyson into their livesWhat Brandon had to do to win Tyson's trust and respectHow Tyson helped open Brandon's heart in ways he didn't know he neededThe questions he asked after Tyson left this life that led to his spiritual awakeningHis experiences with animal communicatorsThe reasons he wrote “Tyson's Gift”Why he was compelled, but not necessarily convinced, by some of the stories of animal communicationHow he went from "belief" about the Afterlife to "knowing"The experiences his wife and daughter had “hearing” Tyson after he went to SpiritThe hilarious story of Tyson and their other dog, Chloe, getting into the pantry and what they ate!The bond between Tyson and Chloe both in this life and now that they're both in SpiritHis first experience with a medium when some of his loved ones in Spirit came throughThe fears he had as he embarked on his Reiki training (you will probably relate to these!)What Tyson's Gift really is - and where the name of the book came fromHow Tyson's Spirit is kept alive every dayWhile losing a pet and losing a child are not the same, the similarities he sees in both lossesMy experience with an animal communicator this summer when my dog, Huckle, had cancerBe sure to visit Brandon's website, and pick up a copy of his book, Tyson's Gift, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores (or directly from his website).

    Honoring Your Grief Through the Holidays

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2021 29:33

    The holidays bring up so many emotions when we someone close to us has gone to Spirit. As I was meditating on what to share in this year's holiday episode, I kept hearing that I should use the episode from 2020 because the ideas shared in that episode are timeless. I added something new in the beginning and at the end, and I did a lot of editing. So even if you listened to the episode last year, I invite you to listen again this year because you'll hear something new, or you'll hear something in a different way than you did last year.In this episode I shared:The very different Thanksgiving I had this year - and why it was perfect for meWhat to do during the holidays if you have other children or grandchildrenWhat to do if your only child is in Spirit and you're alone for the holidaysHoliday preparationsSetting boundaries to honor your griefThings to consider about your traditionsWhat to do if your grief becomes too much during a holiday get togetherWays you can honor your child or other loved ones during the holidaysRandom acts of kindness you can do in your child's or other loved one's nameThe importance of time and space in your holiday calendar  I'd love to hear what you're going to do to honor yourself, your child, or other loved one during this tender season. Email me or post on Instagram.

    Healing Through Poetry After 9/11 - Part 2 with Andrea Carter Brown

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 36:36

    If you didn't listen to Part 1 of my conversation with Andrea Carter Brown (episode 81), be sure to listen to it and then come back to Part 2. I promise you'll be glad you did!Part 2 of our conversation is just as rich and fascinating as Part 1. In Part 2, we talked about:What Andrea and her husband found when they finally returned to their apartment after 9/11When they finally felt good about their home againWhat it was like running into some of their neighbors after they moved back to their apartmentWhy people began going to New York after 9/11 - and why those people didn't stayHer thoughts on collective griefWhy she chose the date of September 12 as the title of her latest bookWhat she felt needed to be included in a book of mourningThe tribute she wrote to her neighborhoodHow having written before 9/11 helped her write after 9/11Why she doesn't think she wouldn't have written the book if they hadn't left New YorkWhat being stuck does to us in our griefThe beautiful reading Andrea did for us of one of her poems from “September 12”The survey they receive each year as 9/11 "survivors"Her journey to being able to enjoy life againThe ensuing PTSD she experiencesWhat she believes recovering meansThe common bonds between all people who have experienced sudden loss and traumaWhy she wasn't able to write for a long time after 9/11The belief she'd held that was ruptured after 9/11Why the pandemic triggered a lot of her fears againWhat she believes is some of the unfinished business of 9/11The healing she's found in CaliforniaBe sure to get your copy of Andrea's book, September 12, on AmazonYou can find samples of her beautiful work on her website here

    Healing Through Poetry After 9/11 - Part 1 with Andrea Carter Brown

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 43:58

    Andrea Carter Brown and her husband, Tom, lived one block from the World Trade Center on that fateful day, September 11, 2001. In part 1 of our conversation, she takes us through some of her experiences of that day and the days and months that followed. Andrea is a natural story teller who will draw you in with her words and stories, and you'll feel as if you're with her on her journey. Here's some of what we talked about:What her life was like pre 9/11Her journey from bookkeeper to poetThe questions she asked herself that led her to writingThe inspiration she found from 19th century pianist, Clara Schumann,  the decision to write Clara's biography - and why she never finished itHow a poetry reading shifted her lifeHer haunting recap of that fateful morning from her perspective just one block awayHow she learned about the terror attack on the World Trade CenterWhat her intuition told her about the Tower - and what she didThe initial aspect of her griefHer sole motivation for many decisions she made that dayWhere her husband would have been that morning, if he hadn't had a meeting in another part of New YorkWhat life was like in NYC the first weeks and months after 9/11The health effects she experienced within two weeks of the attacksWhat going back to live in her apartment was likeThe memories - and what's beneath the memoriesMy experience of going to NYC in 2009 and being at Ground ZeroThe losses her small hometown in NJ (across the river) from Manhattan experienced on 9/11The memorial her hometown created - and what it's made ofWhy she hasn't returned to Ground Zero since leaving New York - and why she chose not to participate in the 10th anniversary commemorationWhat she believes is part of the mourning experienceThe beautiful way she describes what it was like to live in Battery Park before 9/11 - and why living there was the best of both worldsWhy allowing is such an important part of the healing processHow poetry helped her preserve her experienceWhy it took her so long to write her book, September 12What's happened since the book came out that she didn't anticipateWhat she's been asked by generations who weren't alive on that dayWhat it took her a long time to realize she was mourningHow the loss of her neighborhood haunts herBe sure to listen to the next episode for the conclusion of our interview. Be sure to get a copy of her book, September 12.You can find more about Andrea and a sample of her writings on her website.

    A Different Approach to Gratitude

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 12:42

    It's Thanksgiving week in the United States, so many people will be posting about how grateful they are. In this episode, I share:How "grateful" and "gratitude" have become throwaway words in our societyHow you can take your gratitude lists and practice to a deeper levelWhat to focus on when creating a gratitude listHow shifting what you focus on can help create shifts in people around youThere's one more week to receive my special Black Friday offer for 2021. To receive a complete Soul Profile reading and a complete Chakra Analysis (each are usually priced at $77 for one of these readings), you'll receive both readings for $77 - but only until midnight on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. Click here to receive this special offer.

    Doorways and Sacred Alchemy with Raina Irene

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 56:05

    My guest this week is a beautiful Soul with a fascinating story. Raina Irene is a Heart, Soul & Spirit practitioner with a son in Spirit. Their journey together is documented in her book, Because of Josiah. Listen in as we talk about:The effect dreams have had on her lifeHer son, Josiah's, journey through the circus, Disneyland, and his cancer diagnosisHow Josiah evolved from being the Orange County yuppie to a hippie on a healing journeyThe power of words and why Josiah chose the words he used about cancer very intentionallyThe unexpected way Josiah left this lifeThe “doorway” Josiah showed Raina after he left this lifeHow Raina sees the way we leave this worldThe peace she found from stepping out of the story of Josiah's passingHow the loss of her sister (and then her brother) impacted her lifeWhat she learned about grief - and rising - from her mother's journeyWhy she knew she had to “find” Josiah after he left this lifeHow she became the teacher for her familyWhat her mother focused on after the loss of Raina's sister and brotherFinding laughter and joy after the loss of JosiahHow she created her Sacred Alchemy card deckThe cards Raina and I each pulled from her deck for the listenersA reframe on the thought that someone “did something to us”What she's learned since Josiah left this worldYou can get a copy of Raina's book on Amazon (it's available in paperback and on Kindle).You can connect with Raina through her website.My Black Friday offer is available through midnight ET on November 30th. Click here to receive a Soul Specialization reading as well as a complete Chakra Analysis.

    Navigating the Seasons Of Life… and Grief

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 25:43

    We all go through "seasons" of our lives, just like the the weather and the seasons on the calendar. When we've experienced loss or trauma, we navigate new seasons, and they don't follow any dates on a calendar.In this episode I talk about:The various seasons we experienceWhat can cause them to changeHow we're affected by seasons and dates on the calendarCollective vs. personal shifts in energyThe misperception many people have when they repeat seasonsWhat to do when you feel you're backslidingHow and why to define "happiness"I also shared about my upcoming Black Friday Special for 2021! Be sure you're signed up for my email newsletter so you get advance notice, before the offer goes public. You can sign up here to be sure you receive the special newsletter. Note: If you're listening after Nov. 30, 2021, this offer will no longer be valid. 

    What Are You Reaching For?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 19:43

    Sometimes we receive inspiration and messages from unexpected sources. This happened to me just a couple of days ago, and in this episode I share the nuggets of gold that came from that experience.Are you reaching? Or are you holding on in an effort to not forget?How we can take our loved ones in Spirit with us as we reach, so we don't forgetThings you can reach for on your healing journeyWhy I no longer set goals, and what I do insteadWhat prize do you hope to receive when you finish this life?What is it costing you not to reach?Share your biggest a-ha from this episode on my Instagram page or on the Grief With Grace Podcast page.And I'd love for you to take a screenshot of this episode, post it to your IG stories, and tag me in it!

    Beautifully Broken with Melissa Oatman

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 49:37

    This was a fun interview, but one where we also went very deep. I did some business coaching with Melissa about a year ago after finding her podcast. Melissa is a beautiful Soul with a different type of grief journey. She's a Mom who went through a divorce a few years ago which is a grief journey of its own. Then, a couple of years ago, her former husband, her children's father, left this life of his own choosing. Listen in as Melissa explains how she got that news, where she was, who was with her at the time, and so much more, including:How Melissa's childhood led to issues with codependency and people pleasingHow her divorce led to her first awakeningHow a breakup from a subsequent relationship led to her second awakeningHer path from being a teacher, to becoming a Reiki practitioner, writing a book and starting a podcastHow she's helping her children navigate the death of their fatherThe physical changes that happen in our brain when we experience traumaHow she initially tried to hide her grief from her children after their father's death - and what she later realized about thatHow learning to “stuff” our feelings in childhood can affect us into adulthoodSomething that makes grief so difficult - and what's required in the processWhy grace is so important on your grief journeyWhy Melissa used laughter in her book, Beautifully BrokenHow I used “Sex and the City” to heal after my divorceThe various ways guilt affects our griefWhy you don't want to “ugly cry” at a drag showWhat it means to “Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness”You can find Melissa on Instagram or on her website.

    Chelsea Jewel On Karmic Astrology, Grief & Healing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 61:44

    I had the pleasure of meeting Chelsea Jewel online a few months ago, and when we realized we live close to each other in Atlanta, we met for coffee on a rainy afternoon late this summer. Chelsea is absolutely delightful and has so much wisdom and insight to offer through her own journey. She is an Intuitive & Karmic Astrologer, a Spiritual Life Coach, and an Intuitive Mentor to people who are looking to unlock their own intuitive gifts. Her mission is to raise the level of consciousness on the planet by helping others re-awaken to their own potential and by serving as a supportive and friendly guide for those embarking on their own journeys of self-discovery, healing, and soulful evolution. Chelsea's work has been featured in Bustle, Romper, Authority Magazine, and more.Chelsea's journey from corporate America to karmic astrologyThe ego deaths that began her spiritual awakeningA question people are beginning to ask themselves that shifts everythingThe ego deaths that began her spiritual awakeningA question people are beginning to ask themselves that shifts everythingWhy your Sun sign is just a tiny piece of the information available in your overall astrology chartWhich “language” you're learning when you learn astrologyHow learning astrology is like a healing journeyWhat houses in your chart representWhat an empty house indicatesWhat your Rising Sign, Sun and Moon represent in your chart, and in your lifeHow karmic astrology is different from what most of us think astrology is - and how it can give us insight into our past lives, what our Soul came here to learn and to heal, and so much moreThe most important points on a chart Chelsea looks at related to karmic astrologyHow we can use astrology to look at, and move through, trauma and griefHow the elements of air, fire, water and earth in the signs of the Zodiac affect how we express, and experience, griefWhy it's important to understand the charts of people around us as well as our own chartWhere our charts show potential challenges in lifeWhere to look in your chart for how you uniquely need to healWhich planet represents healingA brief summary of each of the 12 Zodiac signsSign up for Chelsea's free Journey Through the Zodiac Masterclass on the Light and Shadow sides of each sign hereFind Chelsea on IG or on her beautiful website here

    What Moving Taught Me About Healing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 24:25

    Moving is one of life's greatest stressors. Add on moving out of a home you lived in when you experienced great trauma or loss, and the stress can be off the charts. In today's episode, I offer you some tips that will assist you not only with moving, but with any life changes after great trauma or loss.Why we often resist changeA process to use when you need to release some of your material possessionsSigns I received that let me know my son (and my parents!) are not only with me in my new home, but the daily reminders I'll have while living hereWhy it's so important to move (or rearrange things in your current home) - and how it assists you on your healing journeyI still have a few spots available for complimentary calls during October 2021, so if you're interested, send me an email at I'd love to support you!

    Finding Meaning - My Interview with Shelby Rose

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 51:28

    After my month-long hiatus, I'm back with a different type of episode. A few months ago I was interviewed by the delightful, Shelby Rose, on her podcast "Raise Your Vibration" and I wanted to share that interview with all of you. Shelby mainly works with female business owners, but she's also on her own healing journey, so she understands my work at a deep level. In my interview, we talked about:How my spiritual journey prepared me for my son's passingHow to find meaning after trauma or lossHow to transmute lower vibrational emotions into higher vibrational emotions - without spiritual bypassingBe sure to give Shelby's podcast a listen - she's a beautiful Soul with so much wisdom and has helped me shift my energy in my business this year.

    Navigating Your Grief During A Global Tragedy

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 16:28

    No matter how far along we are on your grief and healing journey, global tragedies have a profound effect on us. With the recent events in Afghanistan, I wanted to offer some guidance on how you can support yourself during times like these. Even if you listen to this episode long after September 2021, these tips can assist you.I also announced that I'm taking a break from releasing new episodes over the month of September 2021, and I explained why. I may pop up with a couple of surprises during that time, and I'll be back in a few weeks.If you haven't received your copy of my free guide, 4 Steps To Connect With Your Higher Self or Loved Ones In Spirit (which contains a lot of the ideas I talk about in this episode), click here to get your copy.

    What's Your Edge?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 19:13

    In Episode 69 (my interview with Scott Howard), I said that publishing that episode was an "edge" for me. I had several email and social media messages from listeners asking what I meant by that. In this episode, I break that down and share:Why that was an edge for meWhy talking about it is another edge for meWhat an edge isHow to know when something is an edgeThe importance of pushing your edgesSome examples of edgesWays to navigate some of your more emotionally difficult edgesWhy your Soul wants you to push your edges

    Q&A On Grief, Healing, Ascension & More!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 36:15

    A few months ago I asked listeners to send me any questions they have around grief, healing, or anything spiritual. I've had some beautiful questions come in, and in this episode I share my thoughts and insights into them. I love hearing your questions because it helps me create new content for you. So, please keep the questions coming! In this episode I answered questions about:Do I think there's evil in the world or not (and can we forgive evil)How free will impacts our Soul ContractsVibration - what is it, what raises it, and what lowers itHow I do what I do when it hasn't been that long since my son went to SpiritWhat can we do when our grief overwhelms usDo I work with someone who isn't a bereaved MomIf you want more ideas about how to raise your vibration and you haven't received a copy of my free guide, 4 Steps To Connect With Your Higher Self and Loved Ones In Spirit, click here to receive your copy.And please keep sending me your questions so I can do another Q&A session in a few months.

    Scott Howard and the Illusion of Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 54:55

    Music can uplift us. It can comfort us. It can bring tears of joy and tears of sadness. It's connected to some of our most cherished and profound memories. And, it can help us heal.Scott Howard left corporate America to write, produce and sing a unique form of music using the frequency of 432 Hz, which is the frequency for healing. Little did he know that a few short years later, that music would help him on his own healing journey when his 29-year old son unexpectedly went to Spirit.From his paranormal experiences to the healing potential of music at the correct frequency, join Scott and me for a fascinating conversation where we talked about:The photographic evidence he received 3 days after his son went to SpiritHis awakeningThe things he saw on the “trip” he took - without any drugsWhat he saw in the cloudsHis journey from corporate America to creating a new genre of musicWhy we must raise our frequency right nowHow the switch to 440 Hz music by the Germans in WWII affected (and continues to affect) humanityWhat happens to digital pictures that doesn't happen with filmHow the Angel numbers he sees has changedHow he writes his musicWhy he believes we're all masters of survivalWhat he does with his runaway thoughts (we all have them!)What happens when the Angels realize you're listening to themWhat scared him when he saw three beings standing up in the SunWhat he believes his Soul mission isHow frequency helps the brain healHis clothing line - and the surprise incorporated into each pieceWhy it's so important to be careful with the words you use and what you signHis experience with the Blue Kachina in Utah in 2021 when the world was shut downScott gifted us by playing a beautiful song, Illusions of Life, on the episode. Please support Scott and his music by  going to to see the photos he talks about throughout the episode and to and experience his beautiful music! You can also find him on Instagram.

    Tapping Into the Energies Of the Lion's Gate Portal & the New Moon In Leo

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 34:45

    In this bonus episode, I'm diving into all the incredible cosmic energies that are available to us right now as we're in the midst of the Lion's Gate Portal and the New Moon in Leo is a few days away. Even if you listen after these events, there's so much rich information in there that will assist you on your healing journey!What creates the Lion's Gate - and how can we use these energies in our healing?How darker energies try to prevent the Lion's Gate energies from flowing to EarthThe importance of stillness and connecting to your heart during this timeHow to set intentions for the next 6 monthsHow walls we build around our hearts impact our healing and our connection to SpiritA new way of "listening"A better way to make decisions and choicesWhat you must to do heal in this lifetime so you don't have to repeat any of your current life experiences in another lifeHow to use the energy of the Leo New Moon in your healingI'd love to hear the intentions you set for the New Moon period - email them to me at!

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