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"Land Line Now" is the first daily news and information program designed specifically for America's truck drivers.

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    Driver pay on truckers' minds

    Play Episode Listen Later May 14, 2022 50:48

    LLN (5/13/22) – Marty Ellis is hearing about driver pay – or more precisely, the lack of compensation for much of truckers' on-duty time; and truckers are telling him what they think of the speed limiter proposal. Also, an idea for a domestic source of natural rubber is picking up traction. Goodyear recently announced a partnership to develop a source of natural rubber from a specific species of dandelion. And it's not every day you ask an officer to give you a ticket, but there are circumstances where you might want to. Jeff McConnell and James Mennella of Road Law explain that, then offer up a gentle reminder to think before you pay off any ticket. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Rubber from dandelions. 24:53 – When you might want the ticket. 39:35 – Driver pay; speed limiters.

    Few chances left to speak out on new EPA emissions plan

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 50:44

    LLN (5/12/22) – The EPA is proposing new nitrogen oxide standards for large trucks. And truckers have a limited time left to speak out on the proposal to the agency. Also, it's one thing if the regulations allow you to do something. But in some cases, your carrier has a rule that goes beyond the regulations. So what are your options then? And a bill to give truckers access to occupational accident insurance in Colorado is a step away from becoming law; meanwhile, two states have acted to end ticket quotas. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Used truck market. 24:53 – More freight on the boards. 39:35 – Primaries and the next Congress.

    Summer freight pumps up load boards

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 50:47

    LLN (5/11/22) – Summer goods, fresh produce, and construction materials are in high demand, and that's good news for the load board. Stephen Petit of DAT talks about the increase of freight. Also, “nutty” is one word Steve Tam of ACT Research would use to describe the current new and used truck market. He has others as well, and none of them are particularly encouraging if you're looking to upgrade or add on to your fleet. And the shape of the next session of Congress – and any trucking issues that come before it – will be shaped to a great extent by the primary elections now underway. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Used truck market. 24:53 – More freight on the boards. 39:35 – Primaries and the next Congress.

    Diesel prices spark state action

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 50:45

    LLN (5/10/22) – Nine states have action brewing to provide fuel tax relief in the face of high diesel prices, while Nebraska will allow public-private partnerships. Also, later this week, the town of California, Mo., will briefly triple in population. That's because of the Crossroads Truck Show is back for a second year. We'll talk with organizers of that event and of the East Coast Truckers Jamboree. And the summer heat can be brutal on your tires, especially if your truck has been sitting for a little while. Mike Steiner of Michelin North America breaks down how downtime and heat can spell trouble for your tires. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Truck shows. 24:53 – Summer heat and tires. 39:35 – Fuel tax relief work in nine states.

    NTSB offers speed limiters alternative

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 50:41

    LLN (5/9/22) – The National Transportation Safety Board has long called for speed limiters on trucks. But in a recent statement, the agency called for a different approach. Also, Dr. Phil Koopman of Carnegie Mellon University has studied autonomous vehicles since the 1990s. We'll discuss the progress made since then and what the future could look like. And in another Land Line Media roundtable discussion, we look at speed limiters: We've been down this road before, and Jami Jones and Mark Schremmer of Land Line Magazine have some thoughts about how this might play out. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – An academic look at autonomous vehicles. 24:53 – Speed limiters: We've been here before. 39:35 – Speed limiters: NTSB wants a more nuanced approach.

    Diesel prices, new truck costs spark concerns

    Play Episode Listen Later May 7, 2022 50:47

    LLN (5/6/22) – Marty Ellis is spending some time at a truck show that supports a good cause. But he's also hearing from truckers about some bread-and-butter economic issues, such as diesel prices and the cost of new trucks. Also, as the federal government continues to drag its feet on the truck parking crisis, states are picking up the slack. Tyson Fisher of Land Line Magazine explains how they are getting results, then runs down the problems some cities are running into as they try to add more spaces. And the federal government has said it wants to hire more truck driver, but its outright ban on cannabis is creating problems in meeting that goal. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – The Parking Zone. 24:53 – Bread-and-butter issues. 39:35 – Cannabis and driver recruitment.

    OOIDA: Speak out on speed limiters now

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 50:47

    LLN (5/5/22) – FMCSA has released a proposal that would require speed limiters on commercial trucks. And OOIDA is urging truckers to speak out. Also, hundreds of truck drivers will be in Pennsylvania this weekend to help make wishes come true for sick children. This is the 33rd annual Mother's Day Make-A-Wish convoy. We'll find out how the event started, and what it means to be back to full scale this year. And the Illinois Supreme Court has ruled in favor of constitutional protection for transportation revenue. Meanwhile, Legislation in Louisiana would double fines on an important bridge. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Speed limiter proposal. 24:53 – Mother's Day Convoy. 39:35 – Illinois lockbox; Louisiana doubles fines on bridge.

    Freight, rates and Mother's Day

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 50:48

    LLN (5/4/22) – Eighty-four percent of adults in the U.S. are expected to spend a record $31.6 billion dollars this coming Mother's Day. So what does that mean for the freight market? Also, last month, when HBO's “Last Week Tonight” did an in-depth piece on the trucking industry, it echoed many of the things OOIDA has been saying for years. And there's a reason for that. We'll also take a look at how a bird flu outbreak in multiple states is affecting truckers. And how do you increase retention in trucking? The secretary of transportation has some pretty clear ideas of how he thinks it can be done, and he shared those with members of the U.S. Senate earlier this week. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Last Week Tonight. 24:53 – Mother's Day and freight. 39:35 – Retention in trucking.

    EPA gets the word out on new emissions standards

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 50:47

    LLN (5/3/22) – The EPA is holding a roundtable discussion regarding new proposed emissions standards for large trucks. We'll discuss what aspects of the regulation they're likely to cover and more. Also, when we talk about drug problems, people typically think about the serious stuff, but rarely think of one of the most addictive drugs of all – nicotine. We'll hear about smoking and its consequences. And a bill nearing passage in Colorado would give those not eligible for workers' comp an alternative, while Pennsylvania considers bringing toll collection into the 21st Century. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Smoking and your health. 24:53 – Colorado occupational accident coverage; Pennsylvania toll collection. 39:35 – EPA emission proposals.

    EPA emission plans present problems

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 50:47

    LLN (5/2/22) – Two proposals have been put forward by the EPA to reduce nitrous oxide emission standards. OOIDA's director of federal affairs, Jay Grimes, explains why both options are problematic. Also, if you've got someone riding shotgun, it's best to make sure you've got the right coverage. Trista Roby and Trina Skywalker with OOIDA's Truck Insurance Department join us to discuss passenger accident coverage. And an effort in Colorado would make a specific kind of insurance coverage available to owner-operators; meanwhile, another state is taking a look at reform to police-dispatched tows. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – EPA emission proposals. 24:53 – Passenger accident coverage. 39:35 – Towing reform; occupational accident insurance.

    Taking a stand on truck parking

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/29/22) – An organization provides truckers a safe, secure place to park. A town provides food and shelter to stranded truckers. And a city takes a stand on truck parking. And Marty Ellis is hearing about it all. Also, it's been two years since COVID-19 changed our lives. Now things are slowly going back to normal, but Land Line Magazine Managing Editor Jami Jones asks should truckers really be craving a return to normal? We'll explore that topic and many others as we take a look at the May issue of Land Line Magazine. And members of Congress had questions about recent supply chain problems – and the secretary of transportation pointed directly at driver retention. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Truck parking. 24:53 – Land Line Magazine preview. 39:35 – Supply chain and retention.

    Speed limiters a bad idea, OOIDA says

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/28/22) – Yesterday, we learned that FMCSA and NHTSA plan to propose a new rule requiring speed limiters in trucks. We'll get a breakdown of what we know at this point from OOIDA Director of Safety and Security Operations Doug Morris. Also, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has extended COVID-19 vaccination requirements for non-U.S. travelers. Meanwhile, FMCSA is moving toward saliva testing for drugs. And efforts in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania state legislatures would require some commercial trucks to use side underride guards – a mandate that's opposed by OOIDA. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Vaccine requirement extended; saliva for drug tests. 24:53 – Underride guards. 39:35 – Speed limiter rule under development.

    Truck parking and the environment

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 50:58

    LLN (4/27/22) – Could truck parking end up being a solution to lawmakers' concerns about things like climate change? And what can we expect from the next round of spending bills? Also, we're still years away from the next generation of heavy-duty engine oils hitting the market, but as you might imagine, the process of developing something like that takes time. And after weeks of steep declines, the number of loads posted on the MembersEdge load board increased last week. Stephen Petit with DAT tells us if this is the start of a new trend or just a momentary break. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – New truck engine oil. 24:53 – More loads showing up. 39:35 – Truck parking and the environment.

    Fuel surcharge: Making it work for you

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/26/22) – Yesterday, we talked about the history of the fuel surcharge – where it first came up, why, and OOIDA's involvement. But how do you make use of the fuel surcharge? Also, Louisiana lawmakers want to allow longer, heavier loads at the state's ports, and may double fines along an important bridge. And on the surface, ending the overtime exemption for truckers is about company drivers. But the bill calling for that would also benefit owner-operators. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Fuel surcharges, Part II. 24:53 – Longer, heavier at Louisiana ports. 39:35 – Overtime and owner-operators.

    Fuel surcharge: a little history

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/25/22) – Coping with sudden surges in the price of fuel is far from a new problem in trucking. Today, we'll hear a little of the history of the fuel surcharge and get some advice on how to create one. Also, wondering how to contest incorrect violations on a driver vehicle inspection report? We'll find out from attorneys Jeff McConnell and James Mennella of Road Law. And the past year has been a busy one in terms of state issues. We'll have a review of efforts on towing reform, restroom access and other issues. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Fuel surcharges, Part I. 24:53 – Contesting incorrect violations. 39:35 – The year in state issues.

    Calling out carriers over driver pay and turnover

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 23, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/22/22) – Calling out carriers over low pay and wild levels of turnover and applauding those with increased pay and little turnover. Roses and Razzberries for Saturday Night Live, toll-happy states and the nation's largest retailer, among others. And a debriefing on the OOIDA board meeting and CVSA North American Fatigue Management Program. 0:00 – Newscast. 9:59 – Roses and Razzberries. 24:53 – Calling out carriers. 39:35 – OOIDA spring board meeting and CVSA fatigue management program.

    Under-21 pilot program: Some questions answered, but others remain

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 50:59

    LLN (4/21/22) – FMCSA has answered some questions about its under-21 apprenticeship pilot program, but questions remain about the safety implications and information gathering. Virginia's governor busts out his veto stamp for a bill that would have put restrictions on truckers during winter weather. And progress reports on the GOT Truckers Act, truck parking, fuel prices and broker transparency. 0:00 – Newscast 9:59 – Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot Program questions. 24:52 – Virginia winter weather restrictions; ticket quota bans. 39:35 – Progress reports: Truck parking, fuel prices, broker transparency and more.

    Prophecies of a freight recession? Not so fast

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/20/22) – You've no doubt been hearing the prophecies of a “freight recession,” but at least one expert says not so fast. The used truck market is booming – so here's how to keep from going bust. Plus, countering opponents to a bill that would guarantee overtime pay for truck drivers. 0:00 – Newscast. 9:59 – Don't go bust amid used truck market boom. 24:53 – Freight recession? Not so fast. 39:35 – Countering opponents to GOT Truckers Act.

    Guaranteeing Overtime for Truckers Act

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/19/22) – For decades now, truckers have been shut out from receiving overtime pay due to an exemption in the Fair Labor Standards Act – but a new bill called the Guaranteeing Overtime for Truckers Act would change that. We talk to the bill's sponsor, Rep. Andy Levin of Michigan. More states are looking at fuel tax relief measures. Plus, a preview of what OOIDA members will hear about the Association's successes and priorities on the state level. 0:00 – Newscast. 9:59 – Rep. Andy Levin on the GOT Truckers Act. 24:53 – More states mull fuel tax relief measures. 39:35 – OOIDA successes, priorities on the state level.

    Fuel tax holidays and IFTA: clearing up the confusion

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/18/22) – When it comes to fuel tax holidays and IFTA, things can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. We clear up the confusion. Which is best for you – an actual cash value or stated limit policy? The answer depends. And breaking down the Guaranteeing Overtime for Truckers, or GOT Truckers Act. 0:00 – Newscast. 9:59 – Fuel tax holidays and IFTA. 24:53 – Actual cash value or stated limit? 39:35 – Guaranteeing Overtime for Truckers Act.

    Truck parking gets federal attention

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 16, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/15/22) – There's been an increase in chatter about the truck parking crisis over the first three months of 2022 – and a lot of that chatter is apparently coming from the top levels of the government. Also, the Mid-America Trucking Show has a lot of serious stuff, including new technology and products. But it's also a lot of fun. We'll take a walk through the lighter side of MATS. Also, among the sights and sounds at MATS, there was a sneak peak of OOIDA's Truck to Success seminar. We'll have reaction from those who attended. And truck makers are saying full steam ahead on electric trucks – but the group that represents them in Washington, D.C., is trying to put the brakes on. So what's going on? 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – MATS. 24:53 – Parking Zone. 39:35 – Electric trucks.

    Parking, bathroom bills now law in Washington state

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 50:59

    LLN (4/14/22) – Washington state lawmakers have taken two big steps toward helping truckers who work in that state – ensuring the state's rest areas stay open; and guaranteeing access to bathrooms at ports. Also, the U.S. EPA has been hearing from the public about its intent to ramp up emissions controls on trucks. We'll have the details on that – as well as efforts to get more veterans into truck and the lawsuit over hours of service changes. And a regulation that forbids coercing truckers into violating the regulations has been on the books for some time. However, what happens when truckers report that coercion has occurred? 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – EPA hearing on emissions controls. 24:53 – Parking, bathroom bills pass. 39:35 – Coercion reports.

    Freight down, number of trucks up

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/13/22) – The numbers on the load board fell last week, but the number of trucks increased. So what does that mean for those looking for loads to haul? Stephen Petit of DAT brings us the latest freight trends on the spot market. Also, Marty Ellis is hearing a complaint we've all heard many times over the years – dispatchers telling truckers to get back on the road because they have time left on their clock, even though the trucker thinks it's not safe. And efforts to reform police dispatched towing nationwide have focused on Maryland recently, where action has been underway in the legislature for some time. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Dispatchers and truckers. 24:53 – Freight down, trucks up. 39:35 – Towing reform.

    Electric trucks – go or no go?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/12/22) – Truck makers are saying full steam ahead on electric trucks – but the group that represents them in Washington, D.C., is trying to put the brakes on. So what's going on? Also, it's vital to have your truck in good working order when you head out onto the road, the same applies for your health. We'll focus on DOT physicals and what you can do to get your health in check with Stephen Kane of Rolling Strong. And New York and New Mexico are the latest states to offer fuel tax relief through a tax holiday. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Getting ready for your DOT physical. 24:53 – Fuel tax holidays. 39:35 – Electric trucks – go or no go?

    EPA heads toward tighter emissions rules

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 50:57

    LLN (4/11/22) – The EPA will conduct a public hearing on new rules for heavy-duty engine emissions – and they may look a lot like California's. And OOIDA is planning to be there to express the concerns of truckers. Also, a veteran truck driver is spreading a very important message. Jason Robison is the driver of a custom-wrapped truck that advertises Mission 22, an organization that combats the ever-rising veteran suicide rate. And the price of fuel, the White House Trucking Action Plan and the recent Mid-America Trucking Show are all hot topics in the industry right now. Mark Schremmer and SJ Munoz of Land Line Magazine join us for another Land Line Roundtable. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Combatting veteran suicide. 24:53 – Land Line Roundtable. 39:35 – EPA hearing on emissions.

    Personal conveyance limits sought by CVSA

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 9, 2022 50:56

    LLN (4/8/22) – CVSA wants changes to the rules for personal conveyance – and wants to track your truck as it goes down the road. Also, the latest in the line of acting administrators made her first major public appearance recently. We'll bring you what she had to say. We'll also have information on some situations that you may not be aware are considered refusals under drug testing rules, and what a recruiter at one motor carrier had to say about driver retention. And you hear all the time that trucking isn't like the old days anymore, that truckers don't help others the way they used to. But Marty Ellis has seen just the opposite. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – FMCSA's acting administrator; drug tests; driver retention. 24:53 – Just like in the old days. 39:35 – Personal conveyance.

    FMCSA acting chief gets official nod

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/7/22) – President Biden has officially nominated Robin Hutcheson to be administrator of the FMCSA. Meanwhile, the agency's internal auditor is conducting an audit of Mexican-owner motor carriers, while the CVSA offers a petition regarding personal conveyance. Also, Arizona and Utah may allow motorcycles to move between lanes of stopped traffic, while Utah is also addressing zipper merging the worst speeders on the state's roads. And the FMCSA is going to take a serious look at leasing plans in trucking, and getting more women behind the wheel. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Longer, heavier trucks survey. 24:53 – Bathroom access, auto parts tax. 39:35 – Trucking Action Plan.

    Reefers rev up as produce season begins

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/6/22) – We're at the starting line for the U.S. domestic produce season now. What does that mean for reefer carriers? Dean Croke with DAT explains. Also, the Mid-America Trucking Show has a lot of serious stuff, including new technology and products. But it's also a lot of fun. We'll take a walk through the lighter side of MATS. Among the sights and sounds at MATS, a sneak peek of OOIDA's Truck to Success course. We'll break down the event, and get reaction from those who attended. And a key component of the president's Trucking Action Plan is getting more people CDLs and apprenticeships. We'll examine that, and some other aspects of the plan. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Walk around MATS. 24:53 – Produce season and reefers. 39:35 – Trucking Action Plan, Part II.

    Trucking Action Plan to tackle parking, lease-purchase problems

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/5/22) – Earlier this week, the president and secretary of transportation discussed the Biden administration's Trucking Action Plan – including efforts to address predatory lease-purchase plans and tackle truck parking, among other issues. Also, for several years lawmakers have debated longer and heavier trucks. Recently, OOIDA and the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks put out a survey asking members to share their thoughts. And Pennsylvania may give truckers access to bathrooms at any place they pick up or drop off freight, while Minnesota eyes using tax revenue from auto parts sales for roads. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Longer, heavier trucks survey. 24:53 – Bathroom access, auto parts tax. 39:35 – Trucking Action Plan.

    Income tax: When to file an extension

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/4/22) – What do you do if April 15th is rolling up quick and you're not quite ready yet to file your taxes? It turns out you can delay filing, but only if you send in a request for a tax extension. Also, it's important to have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage to protect you if you're in an accident and the at-fault party has no insurance. We'll explain why it's important. And two members of Congress are teaming up on a bill to combat the supposed “truck driver shortage.” And OOIDA has a few thoughts on the topic. 0:00 – Newscast. 09:59 – Tax extensions. 24:53 – Protecting against uninsured motorists. 39:35 – ‘Truck driver shortage' bill.

    Fuel economy: stretch those dollars out

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 2, 2022 51:01

    LLN (4/1/22) – With fuel prices through the roof, we have a few tips to help you increase fuel economy and stretch those dollars. Conversations about the truck parking crisis are being held at the highest levels of the government – so what happens now? And breaking down the White House plan to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Federal leaders prioritize truck parking solutions. 24:47 – Fuel economy: stretch your dollars out. 39:37 – Tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

    IFTA sticker fading? You're not alone

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 50:29

    LLN (3/31/22) – What do you if you have a required sticker like IFTA on your truck and it begins to fade to the point it can't be read? It's not a hypothetical for some truckers. Also, the FMCSA is seeking women to join a new advisory board covering the trucking industry. We'll cover that, plus what we learned from the FMCSA's recent Analysis, Research, and Technology Forum. And lawmakers in five states are taking actions to address ticket quotas while Idaho's legislature is considering more funding for bridges, roads and other transportation projects. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Women of Trucking advisory board. 24:47 – Ticket quotas; road funding. 39:37 – Fading stickers.

    Rates down, fuel up – so what's ahead?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 50:31

    LLN (3/30/22) – Dry van line-haul rates are down and the price of fuel is up. So what are we likely to see in the short term? Dean Croke of DAT explains. Also, our coverage of the Mid-America Trucking Show continues with a look at a number of events that took place in Louisville. We'll have details on the 50th anniversary Wall of Fame celebration, the big event Women in Trucking put on and the OOIDA Town Hall Meeting. There was a common thread throughout all of it: everyone was glad to be back taking in all that MATS has to offer. And the president has submitted his annual budget to Congress, and it includes more money for transportation. So how much, and what will it pay for? 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – MATS wrap up. 24:47 – The latest on freight, rates. 39:37 – The president's budget.

    FMCSA acting chief: Parking a priority

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 50:35

    LLN (3/29/22) – Robin Hutcheson had been relatively quiet since taking over as acting administrator at FMCSA in January, but that changed at the Mid-America Trucking Show. Hutcheson took part in several events and made several headlines, providing timelines for several programs. Also, what do elevated levels of iron and silicon mean for your engine? You'd likely never know unless you're running routine oil analysis checks. And Connecticut has joined the list of states considering a fuel tax holiday for at least some drivers; meanwhile, Michigan is easing fuel taxes for timber haulers in the Upper Peninsula. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – FMCSA chief at MATS. 24:47 – Iron, silicon and your oil. 39:37 – Connecticut eyes fuel tax holiday.

    Tickets, warnings and inspections – some advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2022 50:34

    LLN (3/28/22) – When is a ticket not a ticket? When it's warning. And many truckers dread a warning. So why is that, and what's the reality? We'll discuss tickets, warnings, inspections and more with Tom Crowley and Jim Jefferson of OOIDA's Business Services Department. Also, news doesn't always have to be doom and gloom. Land Line Magazine Managing Editor Jami Jones will join us to talk about some of the fun stories in the March/April edition of Land Line Magazine. And efforts to get more parking for truckers in Washington state continue, as do efforts to get truckers access to bathrooms at facilities they visit as part of their jobs. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Tickets, warnings and inspections. 24:47 – Land Line Magazine preview. 39:37 – Truck parking, bathroom access.

    Chrome and mods at MATS, plus tech and equipment innovations

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 26, 2022 50:32

    LLN (3/25/22) – Few places have as much chrome, paint, vinyl and other mods on trucks as the Mid-America Trucking Show. There's also a lot of new technology and equipment on display at the show. Plus, OOIDA's Washington, D.C., office uses the show as a chance to hear directly from professional truck drivers. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Chrome, paint, vinyl and mods at MATS. 24:47 – New tech and new equipment at MATS. 39:37 – OOIDA uses show to interact with members.

    One left-lane rule falls, another still alive

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 50:32

    LLN (3/24/22) – New Mexico's governor has vetoed a left-lane rule in that state, and Virginia's governor will soon have a chance to sign one. Meanwhile, several states are close to requiring vehicles to remove snow and ice accumulated on top. Also, the FMCSA is here at the Mid-America Trucking Show to discuss some of the agency's recent and planned actions – as well as how those actions will affect your life. And MATS is an opportunity to talk with truckers and get their take on the issues of the day. It's also a chance to bring issues to those truckers, and get their take on them. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – FMCSA sessions at Mid-America. 24:47 – Left lane rules; snow and ice removal. 39:37 – OOIDA at MATS.

    Fuel tax holiday closer in four states

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2022 50:34

    LLN (3/23/22) – As diesel prices continue at historic levels, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland and Virginia are all close to passing some version of a fuel tax holiday. Also, three nominees are up for Women in Trucking's Driver of the Year. We'll hear from each of them on what lead them down the road of this career. And there are strategies owner-operators can use to keep costs in check and maximize loaded miles. Stephen Petit of DAT shares some of those tips as concerns continue to rise with operating and fuel costs.  0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Women in Trucking Driver of Year Nominees. 24:47 – Controlling costs. 39:37 – Fuel tax holiday.

    Bad factoring deals trap truckers

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 50:29

    LLN (3/22/22) – Some specific financial companies are preying on small motor carriers, trapping them into factoring deals and agreements that can be very financially damaging – and impossible to get out of. Also, the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund has a program called “Rigs Without Cigs.” There are a number of decisions you need to make after getting a ticket. One of the first should be calling an attorney. Next is whether to fight it. And physical damage coverage isn't required by law, so you might feel inclined to say no when your insurance agent asks if you want it. But there are reasons to have it. 0:00 – Rigs without Cigs. 10:14 – Bad factoring deals. 24:47 – What to do when you get a ticket. 39:37 – Physical damage coverage and who needs it.

    Hours of service emergency order – here are the facts

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 50:34

    LLN (3/21/22) – The emergency declaration from FMCSA meant to cope with the pandemic – and its exemptions from the hours of service – sounds broad, but in reality it's very specific. So why are truckers confused? And why do violations keep happening? Also, there are a lot of benefits that come with having a dashcam in your cab. We look at the insurance implications of having one. And the CVSA is having a conference. We'll find out what they're likely to discuss – plus offer an update on towing reform efforts and bills to expand parking and bathroom access for truckers in Washington state. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Emergency order – what's tripping people up? 24:47 – Dash cams. 39:37 – CVSA conference; towing reform; Washington state parking, bathroom bills.

    Marty heads to the Mid-America Trucking Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 19, 2022 50:35

    LLN (3/18/22) – Marty Ellis has just finished with his first trucking event of the year and is now headed to the largest – his first Mid-America Trucking Show as driver of the Spirit of the American Trucker. Also, from a state acting to improve parking and bathroom access for truckers to a federal agency that's pursuing a regulation no matter how it hurts America's truckers, we'll offer up some Roses and Razzberries. And a Trump administration rule broadening who can be an independent contractor, which was nixed by the Biden administration, is back thanks to a court decision. Confused? We'll explain. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Roses and Razzberries. 24:47 – Marty heads to MATS. 39:37 – Who is an independent contractor.

    Parking, restroom bills pass in Washington state

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 50:34

    LLN (3/17/22) – Washington state lawmakers have OK'd money to keep the state's rest areas open, and they passed a bill to ensure that truckers who work at the state's ports have access to restrooms there. Also, the White House has announced an initiative to improve data flow in the supply chain. But how will that work? Meanwhile, the president's Trucking Action Plan hits the 90-day market – we'll fill you in on where it stands. And the sales pitch for the infrastructure bill was that it would finally begin the process of rehabilitating America's crumbling infrastructure. And much of the money was targeted to one particular part of that infrastructure. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Data flow in the supply chain. 24:47 – Parking and bathroom access in Washington state. 39:37 – Fixing America's bridges.

    Fuel tax holiday gains momentum

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 50:34

    LLN (3/16/22) – States across the country are considering a fuel tax holiday, and some have even urged the federal government to temporarily suspend the federal fuel tax. We'll have an update on where things stand. Also, the Mid-America Trucking Show is right around the corner, and attendees will have a chance to honor our nation's heroes through a Veterans in Trucking showcase. We'll talk with a coordinator of the event about what people can expect to see. And what are the current freight trends in the spot market, and what are experts forecasting for 2022? We'll find out from Dean Croke of DAT. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Veterans tribute at MATS. 24:47 – Freight, rates update. 39:37 – Fuel tax holiday gains momentum.

    Daylight saving time debate is back

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 50:31

    LLN (3/15/22) – The annual practice of daylight saving time changes continues to be a topic of discussion at statehouses around the country. And federal efforts could potentially end the practice of changing clocks in the spring and fall. Also, if Aaron Terrazas of Convoy were to describe the February jobs numbers for the transportation industry in one word, that word would be “strong.” But uncertainty is rearing its ugly head again. And industry stakeholders are asking CARB to pause the deadline for enforcing the truck and bus regulation; meanwhile, a new initiative is designed to improve data flow in the supply chain. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Trucking job market. 24:47 – Daylight saving time debate. 39:37 – Industry to CARB: Delay enforcement.

    Fuel surcharge: Coping with high diesel prices

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2022 50:34

    LLN (3/14/22) – The price of fuel is doubtless the No. 1 topic in the industry right now, and recovering some of that expense may require a fuel surcharge. Also, items 1, 2 and 3 in trucking news right now might be fuel prices. In a roundtable discussion, Jami Jones and Mark Schremmer of Land Line Magazine talk about what's driving the news right now – from fuel prices and fuel surcharges to the convoy in D.C. and hours-of-service challenges. And an effort to reform police-dispatched towing in Maryland continues to move forward. We'll take a look at where that stands, and take a look at OOIDA's 2022 state legislative agenda. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Fuel surcharges and cost of operations. 24:47 – News of the day roundtable. 39:37 – Spending bill finally passes.

    Diesel prices: What are truckers saying?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 12, 2022 50:32

    LLN (3/11/22) – It should be no surprise to anyone that truckers are thinking about fuel prices. And Marty Ellis, driver of the OOIDA tour trailer, is hearing about it all as he heads into his first trucking event of the year. Also, the votes are in and a truck stop in Kansas is now dubbed the best independent truck stop in North America. Meanwhile, an Illinois truck driver is being credited with saving the lives of four people after he came upon a vehicle that was on fire following an accident. And Congress has finally finished the spending bills they were supposed to finish last September. So what does it hold for transportation, and how might it affect truckers? 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Best truck stop; Goodyear's Highway Hero. 24:47 – Diesel prices. 39:37 – Spending bill finally passes.

    EPA pushes trucking to go green

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 50:34

    LLN (3/10/22) – The EPA is going all-in on its cleaner transportation initiative, with the White House announcing several actions addressing greenhouse gas emission, including stricter emission standards for trucks. Also, Washington state lawmakers are close to approving bills to keep the state's rest areas open and give truckers access to rest rooms in the state's ports. And the U.S. House has finally reached agreement on annual spending bills, but Senate approval remains ahead. We'll hear about that – as well as the potential for cyberattacks and the end of a duplicative regulation – from OOIDA Director of Safety and Security Operations Doug Morris. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – After-treatment of exhaust. 24:47 – Diesel prices and the spot market. 39:37 – Two CDL proposals dropped.

    Diesel prices and the spot market

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 50:36

    LLN (3/9/22) – Rising diesel prices are likely to have an ongoing effect on the spot market. Stephen Petit of DAT tells us what to expect before getting into the latest numbers and trends. Also, when it comes to technology, truckers for the most part focus on what makes the truck go – engine, drive train, tires and so on. Past that, it was through the muffler and out the stack. But that's not so anymore – and after-treatment is now a big deal. And the FMCSA has dropped two proposals related to people applying for their CDLs. And OOIDA supports both actions. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – After-treatment of exhaust. 24:47 – Diesel prices and the spot market. 39:37 – Two CDL proposals dropped.

    Parking bill sponsor optimistic

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 50:34

    LLN (3/8/22) – A year ago this month, U.S. Rep. Mike Bost of Illinois introduced the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act. But despite bipartisan support, the bill hasn't really gone anywhere. Why not? Afterward, we'll hear about what it will take to get something done on parking from Todd Spencer and Lewie Pugh of OOIDA. Also on today's program: Lawmakers in six states are trying to end ticket quotas in their jurisdictions, while Michigan officials are working to cut red tape and open the spigot for local road funding. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – Rep. Bost on parking, Part I. 24:47 – Rep. Bost on parking, Part II; OOIDA analysis. 39:37 – Ending ticket quotas; local road funding.

    Education at MATS 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2022 50:34

    LLN (3/7/22) – The Mid-America Trucking Show is normally a place to see shiny new trucks and the latest doo-dads. But for MATS 2022, the show's 50th anniversary edition, a lot of emphasis is being put on the education seminars. We'll explain, and bring you what OOIDA plans for the big show. Also, you're involved in a crash that requires clean-up and maybe even a tow. Do you know whether your insurance is going to cover those services? And we urge people on this program every day to contact their lawmakers about the issues we discuss on the show, but it's also important to talk about the tools available to help you do that. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – MATS 2022 – education, OOIDA plans. 24:47 – Crash cleanup and your insurance. 39:37 – Speaking out; grassroots efforts.

    Parking moving in the right direction

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 5, 2022 50:31

    LLN (3/4/22) – At long last, the stars appear to be lining up on truck parking. There's action on the federal, state and local levels – but in our latest installment of The Parking Zone, Tyson Fisher of Land Line Magazine tells us what it's going to take to keep the momentum going. Also, Marty Ellis has been hearing how tired truckers are of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and how frustrated they are of short-sighted proposals, like the proposed gas tax holiday. And recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that fatalities on the road are up. But why that's happening is significant. 0:00 – Newscast. 10:14 – The Parking Zone. 24:47 – Pandemic fatigue. 39:37 – Fatalities up.

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