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Mark Levin is one of the hottest properties in Talk radio today. He is also one of the leading authors in the conservative political arena. Mark's radio show on WABC in New York City skyrocketed to Number 1 on the AM dial in his first 18 months on the air in the competitive 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM time sl…

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    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/15/21

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    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, California passed two laws that have destroyed part of the state's trucking industry by banning the vehicle registration of trucks older than 2010 in a push for electric trucks and eliminating drivers younger than 21 years old. Additionally, California has banned non-union truckers from working in California ports. The same wording from the California law is included in the Congressional infrastructure bill that is part of Biden's "Build Back Better" plan so this supply chain problem will spread nationwide. Then, there was an insurrection at the Interior Department in Washington DC where climate rioters tried to push past the police line while attempting to break into the federal building. The group was reportedly composed of indigenous community leaders that oppose the use of fossil fuels. Later, the money that's been poured into public education isn't paying off. Test scores have dropped to the lowest level in years. The educational bureaucrats in the teacher's unions aren't concerned with educating students, they're concerned with gaining power through the Democrat party. The monopoly on public education must be broken up and parental school choice must expand in all states. Afterward, Jason Miyares, candidate for Attorney General of Virginia, calls in to explain how progressives Democrats are soft on crime and putting violent criminals on the streets for the sake of gaining political power.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/14/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 112:47

    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, due to President Biden's policies, the wholesale inflation rate for September was 8.6% and was the highest rate of the year. Since it's taking longer to get goods from overseas, there's a situation where too many paper dollars are chasing after too few goods and this hurts all Americans. Inflation has gone up and the number of available jobs will go down. Consumers are panicking and hoarding whatever they can get their hands on for fear of the impending recession. Then, Biden's actions to shut down the Keystone Pipeline slowed down oil production on federal land, so now gasoline is at a 7-year high and America went from being an exporter of energy to being an importer of foreign energy. Democrats are using their razor-thin majorities to fundamentally change the economy which will destroy the currency and ultimately the country. Later, a federal judge has ruled that the warden of the D.C jail holding some January 6th prisoners, be held in contempt of court and is being referred to the AG for a federal civil rights investigation. Afterward, the intricacies involved in producing a wooden pencil, as described in the i-pencil video, is proof that this supply chain mess that Biden has created will affect a lot more than just the ports and truckers. Finally, the candidate for Lt Governor of VA, Winsome Sears, calls in with an update on her race and shares her personal story of her time as a Marine and when she sold her car and traveled with a child seat on the back of her bicycle to get through college.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/13/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 113:47

    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, whether it's COVID, Afghanistan, or the economy, President Biden's speeches have become predictable – he points the finger, says he will fix it with government programs, and then leaves without taking questions. We've had situations in the past but we've never had supply chain issues. The problem with the Biden administration is that there are no pro-growth policies and no economic expansion policies. Biden's aim is to massively spend your taxpayer money and fundamentally alter the economy. Democrats are set on their own American Marxist model, so they attack capitalism and use class warfare to turn one person against another. Later, the Loudoun County school board put out a statement claiming they didn't know that Scott Smith's daughter was raped in a school bathroom. If there was a violent attack in school, it would have definitely been brought to the attention of the board. The Loudoun county superintendent and school board should resign. Also, Janet Yellen doesn't know why you are concerned with the IRS peeking into your bank account. They want every transaction of $600 to be monitored. They're not going to catch tax cheats with a $600 transaction. This is their way to get a foot in the door so they can spy on you. Finally, Bret Baier calls in to discuss his new book, To Rescue the Republic: Ulysses S. Grant, the Fragile Union, and the Crisis of 1876.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/12/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 114:29

    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, we're headed for a recession, businesses can't find employees, there are food shortages, the cost of energy and goods are up because President Biden and the Democrats are imposing a third world economic plan on the United States. The White House supply chain task force is made up of people who've never actually worked in the private industry and don't recognize the severity of their actions. Yet, the White House says that now is the time to fundamentally transform the U.S economy. Then, Democrats will reduce the final dollar amount of their debt proposal to get it through. While extending the end dates of certain programs to hang this future debt on our children and grandchildren. This is partly the result of Democrat governors shutting down their state economies and subsidizing unemployment so people could stay home. Later, natural immunity continues to be ignored by Biden, the CDC, and Anthony Fauci. New studies are finding that antibodies are stronger than previously thought. What difference does it make who's vaccinated as long as you are? Afterward, a Loudoun County dad, whose daughter was raped in a school bathroom, was arrested at a school board meeting last June after the meeting was deemed an unlawful assembly by county sheriffs. He was dragged out for speaking against transgender policies allowing biological boys to enter girls' bathrooms.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/11/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 112:48

    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, it's not indigenous people's day, its Columbus Day and NBA coach Gregg Popovich says that Biden's proclamation is appropriate because acknowledging Christopher Columbus is to acknowledge the new world genocide he presided over. Popovich likely got his erroneous information from communist Howard Zinn's " A People's History of the United States" which was written to indoctrinate college students. Then, the first step to liquidate a people is to erase their history. That's why the left teaches this propaganda in every institution they have commandeered since the beginning of the American Marxist takeover of this country. AG Merrick Garland's memo targeting parents that protest critical race theory being taught at school meetings is proof that the conservative anti-Marxist movement is making an impact. Later, Texas and Florida now have COVID rates that continue to drop and Governors Abbott and DeSantis have done a great job tackling the surge of the delta variant. This is why red states are growing while blue states are losing population. Democrats want to impose national standards all over the country to eliminate free thinking Governors. Free states like Florida and Texas have no state income tax and Democrats hate that because it competes with their huge Washington iron fist spending plans. Afterward, Victor David Hanson joins the show to explain how Amazon claimed his book was out of stock when it wasn't. Hanson explained that the relentless attack on the middle class and on the information they receive is part and parcel of why he wrote "The Dying Citizen" in the first place.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/8/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2021 112:54

    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, is President Biden uniting the country by celebrating indigenous people's day or by claiming that unemployment went down since more Americans have opted out of the labor force and joined the welfare state? All while citizens are losing their jobs because of mandates? Biden and the Democrats are subsidizing big government, spending your tax dollars recklessly, weakening our economy, and lifting sanctions on Iranian missile producers and that was just today. Then, the battle of over critical race theory continues as more parents attend school board meetings to criticize Biden's push to silence their speech by saying it's 'violence.' Later, Marc Elias and his gang of Pennsylvania attorneys succeeded in usurping the federal Constitution in the 2020 election through filing lawsuits and friendly judges ruling favorably in their favor. This negates Pennsylvania's state Constitution because changes to election law can only come from the legislature or a change in the state's Constitution - not from the State's Supreme Court. The lawsuit to prevent this from happening again in the future has been brought again because the US Supreme Court refused to even hear the case back in 2020. This case isn't about former President Trump or reversing past elections, it has to do with protecting future elections from activist judges. Afterward, Biden's policies are hurting America because coal and natural gas are used to make electricity. With crude oil at the highest cost per barrel since 2014, the country is facing a serious problem of deindustrialization. Limiting our own access to natural resources preventing America from producing its way out of this problem that was engineered by Biden and the Democrats.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/7/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 113:59

    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the America First Legal Foundation sent a letter to Inspector General Horowitz requesting an investigation into Attorney General Merrick Garland. The letter questions whether Garland's memo may be preventing parents from practicing their constitutional right to protect their children and protest their government. The AFL letter also cites that Garland met with several John and Jane Doe's in the White House to plan a pretext to minimize the effect of parental mobilization, and the political impact such motivated parents could have on the upcoming midterm elections by using federal action against parents. The AFL letter also cites key dates in September 2021 where the Biden Administration concocted a plan -- an inside job -- to deter such a grassroots movement by parents by involving a third party's concocted complaint so that the Patriot Act could be used as a 'solution' to the pseudo-problem that they'd just created to advance their political agenda and stifle the speech of American citizens. Then, Americans' trust in the government and the media has dwindled. Perhaps it's because Sen Mitch McConnell agreed to the disastrous debt limit debacle. There would be no default on the U.S debt service yet frauds in the media are still reporting the exact opposite. Later, Biden's administration is made up of Marxists, and some unabashed bureaucrats even praise the former USSR and Marxian policies. Afterward, Rep. Brian Mast joins the show to discuss the ISIS-K suicide bomber, who killed 13 service members, was released from prison from Bagram Air Base on August 15.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/6/21

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    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, a Special Counsel needs to be appointed to look into the financial conflicts of interest of Attorney General Merrick Garland and his families and their role in publishing critical race theory curriculum for public schools. The American people will not be intimidated by Garland or any other public official who received a pension, salary, or benefit package from the tax dollars we pay. We are not servants, and won't allow our children to be brainwashed. We the people will be damned if we are going to pay for the demise of our children, our culture, and our country being indoctrinated by the leftwing politics of this administration. Garland was silent when innocents were murdered, businesses were burned by arsonists, and robbed by looters during the summer of 2020. We will peacefully and loudly protest against these tactics of harassing and intimidating parents from speaking their minds at public school meetings. Whether it's the left within the teachers' unions, the DOJ, Big Tech, or Big Media, they detest dissent and free-thinking. This Attorney General's attacks on federalism and the First Amendment do not represent the people of this great country, we have ceded nothing to these American Marxists. Later, it was only a matter of time before Mitch McConnell buckled on the debt limit. The debt ceiling does not need to be raised to pay the debt service, nor do you have to interrupt social security checks from going out. Afterward, new research from the Barna research group finds that Americans are picking up Marxist principles without even noticing. Race has erroneously been used to justify inequity of all kinds, a view that's become mainstream to many in Congress.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/5/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 115:06

    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Attorney General Merrick Garland has no authority to label parents that protest as domestic terrorists and use the FBI to silence them. The letter from the National School Boards Association smacks of an inside job to help the Federal government further nationalize its reach into local communities. The Biden administration wants to strike fear in the hearts of parents and community members who dare assemble to question their government. If they succeed, the public will have ceded our children, our future, and our liberty to the Marxist left. Then, Manhattan Institute Senior fellow Chris Rufo calls in and explains that this is simply an outrageous attempt to politicize the DOJ even further and prosecute parents for protesting under the Patriot Act. This is a suppression tactic to infringe upon one's Constitutional right to free speech and assembly similar to how the Obama administration used the IRS to stifle conservatives in the Tea Party movement in 2010. Later, Victor Davis Hanson, author of "The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America" joins the show to explain the fragility of citizenship. The destruction of the middle class, border security, the administrative state, and academia are contributing to the demise of American citizenship.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/4/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 114:00

    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Sen. Manchin and Sen. Sinema were harassed by activists over the weekend, which President Biden called part of the process. Democrats have a history of using Alinsky-styled radical tactics for decades. Then, Democrats are looking for a foot in the door to massively expand the welfare state. It's a flat-out lie that the debt ceiling needs to be raised to pay last year's budget. The Democrats want to proactively raise the debt ceiling with an unlimited debt limit for future spending going forward. The debt service is what they claim won't be paid, but it clearly will not be impacted. Afterward, Dr. Marc Siegel, author of COVID: The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science, joins the show and says that Dr. Fauci should stick to research and not delve into economics or patient care where he has no expertise. Hospitals at the border are overloaded with migrants that are infected with the virus, contrary to Fauci's comments.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 10/1/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2021 117:12

    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, WJNO Radio Host Brian Mudd fills in. Halloween has come early for in Washington DC, as America is just a Manchin and a Sinema away from socialism. Biden went to Capitol Hill to convince the Democrats, and he went to lay cover for Nancy Pelosi as she ungracefully prepares for retirement. Then, vaccines are still not being enforced by OSHA, likely because of concerns over the legality of the mandate. Gov. Gavin Newsome is now requiring vaccines for all school children and CDC's Rochelle Wallensky doesn't have a clue of how to handle this. Later, the indictment of Attorney Michael Sussman is easily similar to the 30-count indictment that Brian mentioned on this program over a year ago. While it seems like Special Counsel Durham is making headway, it's way too soon to see if other actors will be held accountable.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/30/21

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    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is an irresponsible big-spending leftist. She testified before Congress that there should be no cap on government spending. Having such a limitation forces politicians to vote and make tough choices so they'd rather not have any limits on spending money and incurring debt. If left to their own devices, our government will spend this country into bankruptcy. Then, America was founded on the belief that We The people are in charge, not the federal government. The Constitution was very carefully designed to divide, enumerate, and, limit powers. Yet here we are spending our way into decline, changing the way we vote and eroding our Constitutional system. Later, brainwashing and indoctrination are plaguing our public schools. The system has been destroyed, so now rebuilding is the task afoot.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/29/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 113:19

    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Democrats are pushing massive American Marxist plans to push social programs and spend trillions - even if they lower it by a trillion dollars - that will enshrine lasting changes to our lives by simply letting the debt grow. Frauds, fools, and phonies are saying that we're paying for programs that President Trump enacted, which is a lie. Even in a government shutdown, the government will continue collecting taxes. Another line that Democrats are telling is that the government will default on the debt service, this is also false because the federal government will have enough money to cover it from tax revenue. Now, raising the debt ceiling is about future spending, not about paying debt service, and this must be stopped. The Constitution is clear on this, the President cannot usurp the authority of Congress to commandeer their power of the purse. Then, the "Build Back Better" initiative uses taxes to fund leftwing armies during election day. They have fused the powers of government with the needs of the Democrat Party. Just like Gen. Mark Milley used the power of the military to his benefit. Later, Stuart and Kathy Scheller, call in, they are the parents of Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller who is currently in prison for publicly criticizing his chain of command over the Afghanistan withdrawal. The Scheller's said he fell on his own sword because he felt the need to stand up for the 13 slaughtered Marines and all the Marines that have served under him. The Scheller's coveted the prayers of all Americans for their son's situation. Afterward, the CDC is looking to fund a study to promote the left's position that guns are violent and are a public health crisis. This is another way to steal people's liberty.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/28/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 112:48

    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, how many more lies does President Biden have to tell until he's impeached? Biden said no military advisor told him to leave troops in Afghanistan but his Generals are telling a different story. These Generals will go down in history as disasters for leaving American citizens behind Taliban lines. If Biden lied about this he will lie about the border, the spending, and everything else. These Generals, particularly Mark Milley, should be forcibly retired for leaking to Bob Woodward. This program expects that Rep. Liz Cheney and Sen. Ben Sasse would demand Biden's impeachment, instead of still chasing down Trump. The conversation of impeaching Biden must be had with the American people because Congress has a constitutional obligation to do so. Later, in "The Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution" Ayn Rand exposed that the left's immediate goal was to destroy capitalism and to establish a global dictatorship. Americans are not as stupid as the Democrats think and Biden's lies on this spending bill is a war on your lifestyle, liberty, and private property. They use climate change as a ruse to control water and any other part of the environment to ultimately control the economy and the people. Why do we have to raise the debt ceiling if the Democrat's $5.5 trillion bill costs nothing? Afterward, Senator Marsha Blackburn joins the show to discuss her questioning in the Senate hearing on Afghanistan today. Blackburn grilled Milley on the exit from Afghanistan and his knowledge of Woodward's book and he responded he hadn't read it.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/27/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 110:28

    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Democrats have waged war on the middle-class, and voting is about transferring funds in the name of "tax the rich." Open borders and the massive expansion of the welfare state through a transfer of funds from the middle-income earners to the lowest income earners using the power of government. Voting for Democrats is voting to have them give your money to someone else - their political base. This wealth transfer is not about liberty or our founding, it's about advancing the agenda of leftwing politicians that have waged war on capitalism and liberty as we know it. The Democrat Party has fraudulently changed the way we vote by nationalizing it. Changing the electorate through illegal immigration to expand their base of support by importing illiterate newcomers so that they can get them hooked on the system that they've built and control. Later, assuming the major provisions of the Democrats bill remain consistent with their original budget proposal the actual cost of the bill would be closer to $5 trillion dollars. Nothing is temporary in government so it's likely if the bill is voted in it will be here to stay. Afterward, there's a big difference between supporting vaccines and supporting tyranny. The arguments over vaccinations continue as Biden announces that we won't be "safe" until 98% of the population is vaccinated. Despite the CDC's own data that shows that those that are vaccinated have a minimal risk of death in a breakthrough infection. With 76% of the population already vaccinated why is the federal government mandating vaccines when the data doesn't support it. Meanwhile, Biden hasn't added anything to the country's arsenal of therapeutics and other methods of combatting this virus. Finally, General Mark Milley is a failed General that will testify to defend his lack of leadership as he abandoned Americans to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Plus, the FBI's January 6th informant embedded in the Proud Boys has confirmed that the group had no plans to attack the Capitol that day.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/24/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2021 112:59

    On Fridays Mark Levin Show, all Haitian migrants that had crossed illegally into the U.S, have vanished from the international bridge. Of the 30,000 migrants, more than 12,000 of them were released into cities across our nation. This administration is lying and constantly creating a state of tumult so that they can step in and save the day with big government programs. Yet the media will have you focus on a couple of horses. Then, Democrats are happy to diminish law enforcement agencies like NYPD, Minneapolis Police, and now the U.S Border Patrol but they never criticize the Capitol Police or the FBI. Without any investigation completed as of yet, President Biden says that the horse-mounted border agents will pay. Later, PJ media is reporting that the Arizona audit of the 2020 general election shows discrepancies that leave room for potential fraud. There were 42,727 impacted ballots ranked as “high” or “critical” severity—that's four times the certified margin of victory. Afterward, why do we care about the wealthy? The left calls whatever amount they determine to be one's 'fair share.' Joe Biden didn't pay his fair share. The redistribution of wealth is going directly to Biden's base in many respects. Biden's federal plan to ‘fundamentally change' the economy is taking away aspects of what individuals have earned and created, their labor, through confiscatory taxes - this is an attack on your liberty as the central government seeks to control more of your life.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/23/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 114:31

    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, this program is sick and tired of racism pushed by Democrats. Whether it's Joy Reid, the Democrat Party, or the media. The left uses anti-white racism conveniently to pursue their own interests. The vast majority of this country are tolerant, fair people that see past skin color. They have redefined racism to only apply to a certain group, but not all bigots fueled by race-hatred. The left uses reparations as one more way to redistribute the wealth of others. Interestingly the border is flooded with people of color desperately trying to get into this nation that they call racist and white supremacist. Then, the media is the scum of the earth, they are frauds. Joy Reid is a bigoted hate-monger that promotes anti-white bias and she should be fired for her comments about "missing white woman syndrome." What's truly appalling about this leftwing ignorance syndrome is that Reid never uses her platform to help stop the slaughter of people of color in cities mainly run by Democrats. Later, Chicano studies have laid the foundation for Marxists that want to promote anti-white racism. So many journalists today espouse these Marxist beliefs and spread them. This is why they support erasing the border. Afterward, the New York Post, confirming what this program has discussed regarding President Biden's skirting of Medicare taxes, is reporting that Biden owes upwards of $500K in back taxes. Biden set up an S corporation in order to avoid paying payroll taxes as an employee.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/22/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 113:38

    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, a belief that Republicans will slaughter the Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections is no reason to sit on one's laurels. Americans must organize now that a movement has been built. After 10 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list and one million copies of Mark Levin's American Marxism book now sold, there are one million people that understand how American Marxists work. They are better prepared to get active and counter President Biden's policies and the American Marxists implementing them. Then, the Biden Administration is sabotaging America. Democrats feed on a divided, and economically weak America because that's when the American Marxists step in to offer all sorts of free government support. This is the Cloward and Piven strategy of overwhelming the system, crashing it, blaming it, and transforming it. Later, a group of 15,000 Haitians has illegally crossed the border into Del Rio, Texas. The media goes after the border patrol on horseback instead of after Biden's policies. Anyone challenging this gets labeled a xenophobic racist. This is how the radicals change the voter rolls, by changing the citizenry. Meanwhile, when Cubans that escaped communism were rejected while all other immigrants escaping their countries are welcomed. Afterward, Democrats are attacking the funding of Israel's Iron Dome yet they never complained about the massive spending bills they've advanced. Finally, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls in with an update on why Democrats defunded the Iron Dome that protects Israel because the pro-BDS anti-Israel leftwing is running the Party.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/21/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 116:53

    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, WREC Radio Host Ben Ferguson fills in for Mark. President Biden has lots of problems from the border chaos, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and the budget reconciliation crisis and CNN is covering all of them to distract from Special Counsel Durham's indictment of Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussman. Then, Members of the FBI did the dirty work of the Clinton Campaign and the Democrat National Committee and did it through a web of lawyers. The media spread the lies that promoted the phony Russian Collusion story peddled by Sussman on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Later, John Durham's investigation may lead to Hillary Clinton appearing in front of a grand jury. This investigation may lead as high as officials in the White House and the FBI as well. Afterward, the border chaos continues as all manner of unidentified people including trafficked children and gang members steadily grows. Yet rather than be upset by the Biden-made humanitarian crisis, the White House is investigating the horse-mounted border patrol agents that corralled and grabbed the shirt of a Haitian migrant that crossed the border illegally.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/20/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 116:15

    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Rich Valdes, Mr Call Screener, fills in for Mark. It's been 10 years since occupy wall street and the radical all-out crazy left wing of the Democrat Party and now they are stronger than ever. In 10 years they've gone from occupying a small park in NYC to occupying Congress, newsrooms, classrooms, and even the White House. The left is threatening the livelihood of free thinkers to keep them in line. We need to replace them. Replace your school board, become the teacher or the professor. The goal is and always was, to win the battle in the free marketplace of ideas. But the Americans on the left have put their thumbs on the scale. Then, Abraham Lincoln gave us a warning in his Lyceum Address. He explains to us what is to come if people in government become corrupted. Later, the southern border is wide open and the White House seems like they don't care. Donald Trump fixed this crisis but it came back because of President Biden's incompetence.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/17/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2021 113:36

    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden has always been an evil man. From what he did to Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, and Tara Reade, to lying about his school records. Now, he's holding back monoclonal antibodies from the state of Florida. These therapeutics were distributed by need, not by equity, but that supply has now been cut by the federal government. The insanity of this man is becoming the insanity of this country. Jen Psaki argued that the supply was rationed because of Florida's lax vaccination standards, despite having a higher vaccination rate than Washington, DC, or Illinois. Gov Ron DeSantis has long been a proponent of vaccines and monoclonal antibody therapeutics and his citizens are being told, by their party-first president, to drop dead. Later, the secretary of Defense has the duty of reporting to the President and offer the best advice. Allowing Gen mark Milley to be a rogue actor is negligent and it's never routine to do it after a conversation with Speaker Pelosi which gives the patina of a soft coup. It was confirmed by Gen. McKenzie that Biden's drone strike did in fact kill as many as 10 civilians including up to seven children, not an ISIS-K militant. Afterward, Rep. Chip Roy calls in to explain the severity of the situation at the Texas-Mexico border. Roy cited increases in child trafficking and drug smuggling which affects the entire country and has called for Biden's impeachment for abdicating his Constitutional responsibility. Roy added that Texans will also suffer because of Biden's creation of a rationing problem that didn't even exist. HHS refused to respond to whether there was a shortage of treatments or not.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/16/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 114:35

    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, upon this program's review of federal laws on the role of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, it was determined that the Chairman has no command function over the United States military. None. Although, the Chairman can oversee a combat command function if asked to do so on behalf of the Secretary of Defense. General Mark Milley seized power in contravention of the federal statute. There's leaking to news outlets to spin the Milley story and minimize its negative fallout. Later, Attorney Michael Sussman from Perkins Coie, the firm that represented Hillary Clinton, has been indicted in John Durham's investigation. He's being charged with making false statements to the FBI when he lied about representing Hillary Clinton in 2016 while lying about Donald Trump. This is the same law firm that laundered the money for the phony dossier paid for by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the Democrat National Committee. Clinton's lawyer, Marc Elias, has raised $715 million through a web of dark money front groups that are prepared to sue their way around existing laws - this must be stopped. Meanwhile, Julie Kelly, Sr. Contributor at American Greatness, joins the show to take on Phillip Bump from the Washington Post who is now attacking this program for the January 6th riot at the US Capitol. Kelly added that two federal judges have raised questions as to the constitutionality of some of these felonies that are being levied against some protesters that didn't even enter the Capitol Building. Afterward, President Biden wants to destroy jobs, the currency, and the American way of life by using Marxism. No company in America has more money and employees than the US federal government and they have the power to make laws. And the Democrat Party wants to be the permanent singular party that dominates all control of the state and its bureaucracy. Finally, Larry Kudlow, former Director of the National Economic Council during the Trump Administration, calls in to discuss how Biden's use of class warfare and welfare programs will further rig the playing field instead of leveling it for all Americans. The Trump Tax cuts did that and the Biden Tax increases will kill those gains.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/15/21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 116:42

    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, WPHT Radio Host Rich Zeoli fills in for Mark. It's difficult to believe Bob Woodward, but Gen Mark Milley is a woke General so this report rings true. Milley has cited "America's original sin" in support of the 1619 project, "white rage" and his previous detrimental comments regarding former President Trump.  Why would Milley make such comments to think there's even a hint of a reason to believe that Trump would launch an attack on China? An immediate investigation is needed to get to the bottom of these secret phone calls with China. Later, the public is slowly learning that Anthony Fauci and the federal government lied about the origin of the coronavirus. Now evidence is emerging that reveals that Fauci lied about the US's role in gain of function research. Afterward, masking kids and indoctrinating them in public school continues and the politicians think parents shouldn't even have a say in the matter. The pro-Marxist movement wants to label anyone that opposes them as a white supremacist and woke teachers are teaching children that whiteness is an extension of white supremacy.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/14/21

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    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, California will decide if they retain their liberty by electing a new governor or vote for tyranny and keeping Gov Gavin Newsom in office. Larry Elder is a vote to save the state and reject all of the radical changes enacted in California that shut churches, closed businesses, and eliminated many basic rights. Then, spineless leadership by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the comments of George W. Bush comparing those that attacked America on September 11th with rioters trespassing in the Capitol Building on January 6th are an absolute Disgrace. Judge Mehta is now the second federal judge questioning the constitutionality of felony charges that the government has brought against members of groups such as the Oath Keepers, the Three Percenters, and the Proud Boys. Later, the media is working with the government to destroy our liberty. Bob Woodward's new book trashes Donald Trump again, but it also reveals that Gen. Mark Milley tried to lead a coup by warning the Chinese of any military strikes by the U.S. Milley held secret phone calls with Chinese military Gen. Li behind the back of then-President Trump. If the book is accurate Milley should be thrown out of the military and court-martialed. Why would the media only report on this now? Why is it okay for these so-called journalists to hold back information until they can cash in on a book? Why does the public accept these pseudo-events as news? Those who don't follow the edicts of the propagandistic press shall perish by it. Afterward, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is the first AG to file a lawsuit against the Biden Administrations' unconstitutional vaccine mandate because it violates the 10th Amendment and the principles of federalism. Perhaps more ironically is the administration's stance on allowing migrants to enter the country illegally and imposing a vaccine mandate on certain citizens based on where they work which is a violation of the equal protection clause of the Constitution. Brnovich added that while states may have police powers, the federal government does not. Finally, Sen. Ron Johnson calls the show and shares that President Trump was treated less fairly than any other president, ever. Johnson added that we must recognize that Democrats own the media and they launched an internal coup against their political adversaries.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/13/21

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    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Article II, Section I, Clause 2 is clear that it gives the broadest power to the state legislatures to decide the time, manner, and place of its elections. In the contested election of 2000, the Supreme Court stepped in to defend the Constitution. In the 2020 election, they refused to intervene in the state of Pennsylvania's overreach. On Sunday, Justice Steven Breyer said that none of the cases brought met the criteria of having four Justices agree to take the case. This program has repeatedly made the case that the Constitution is clear that each state shall appoint the electors they see fit. Breyer was wrong and never cited which criteria he was referring to. Then, serial lying from the Biden Administration continues to go unchecked by the media. Even FDA officials are stepping down because they disagree with President Biden and Anthony Fauci's push for booster shots. Forcing people to get vaccinated is not the same as keeping a clean workplace under OSHA standards. Later, Secretary Antony Blinken is questioned by members of Congress and offers little in his responses on Afghanistan. When pressed on why nothing is being done to get Americans out of Afghanistan, Blinken said he was unaware of any such problems. Afterward, Curtis Sliwa, the Republican candidate for Mayor of New York City joins the show to explain how he's in the battle for a lifetime to save the City of New York. His opponent Eric Adams poses as a moderate when he's as far to the left as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and was mentored by Al Sharpton. Finally, California is no longer the land of opportunity, and it needs to be helped by Larry Elder.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/10/21

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    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, September 11th was a time where America saw great heroes and great leaders emerge during a tragedy resulting from an enemy strike. Regrettably, that very same enemy is back. Leaders like Mayor Giuliani are now being destroyed by the left, the police that were lauded as heroes are now met with calls to defund them. This program will always honor their dedication and sacrifice. President Biden is a president to be despised and should hide his face. Young soldiers and experienced officers have sacrificed for 20 years only for Biden to come and reverse their efforts. Later, the time has come to reclaim what is ours. If we close our eyes and ears we will lose this struggle and will define us as they wish. The American Marxist live off of the sweat and toil of others and hate America and its founding. Afterward, Debra Burlingame, the sister of American Airlines pilot Chip Burlingame, calls the show to express her sentiments on 9/11 and recent developments. Burlingame reiterated how ruthless the Taliban was and is and how their radicalism stems from Islamist extremism dating back to the 7th Century. In their view, this is a holy war. Finally, Anthony Fauci fails to make the case for how natural immunity stacks up against the vaccines. While Jen Psaki similarly can't articulate why American citizens working for companies with 100 employees or more are required to be vaccinated but employees of smaller companies are not. Why is OSHA now involved in medical decisions? And if it is an emergency, why aren't migrants crossing the border into the US is mandated to take the vaccine?

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/9/21

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    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, when it comes to vaccines, this program urges you to speak with your doctor about your health and follow the appropriate guidance. Yet, in a frightening speech, President Biden is calling for vaccine mandates on private companies with more than 100 employees. Something Biden didn't say was how he was going to prevent the virus from coming in on unvetted migrants at the border. He also didn't mention how many of the unvaccinated have natural immunity. Why is that? Then, the Supreme Court's 1904 Jacobson v. Massachusetts decision called for fines to be levied on the unvaccinated. Jacobson was a pastor that was vaccinated in Sweden as a child and refused the vaccination so he was fined and fought back. Jacobson argued that the government was forcing himself to accept illness into his otherwise healthy body was a violation of his 14th amendment rights and limited his liberty and the Supreme Court struck it down creating the "reasonableness test" for the government taking away one's liberty. In 1922 the Court heard the Zuck case and rejected that case as well. In 1927 the Supreme Court used these precedents in the Bell case that upheld forced sterilization on people deemed less viable.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/8/21

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    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, joins the show. Trump said he never imagined that America would retreat from Afghanistan the way they did. Trump reiterated how the conditions-based deal had fail-safes in place to ensure peace was maintained and when there were violations the U.S would use strategic bombings to respond. Trump was clear that he would never leave any Americans behind in Afghanistan and expressed regret for the loss of 13 members of the U.S military and 170 Afghans. Trump said that parents of slain soldiers know that their child would be alive if we didn't have rigged elections. On the border, Trump said the wall was a great idea and was nearly complete after winning 11 court challenges. Trump added that this is Biden's sheer incompetence because Democrats cheat in elections, so they don't need to flood the country with immigrants. On running in 2024 Trump said, he wasn't sure because Wokeism is for losers and the Democrats are unbelievably good at cheating in elections and that his administration exposed that as he underscored the need for election reform. Then, the media will create straw men to twist people's words just like they will attack Trump for saying that Robert E. Lee was an effective military officer, despite not supporting the confederacy. Yet, the left never calls for the toppling of statues of Karl Marx, I wonder why? The disdain for history is always one-sided, as it often is when Marxists are rewriting it. The left calls for counting every vote, even those that are not legally eligible to vote. That's illegal! Later, the Democrat Party doesn't fit into the system that the founders created. Biden's push for electric cars only hurts the country. The country is run by dolts and now Psaki is saying that the US must rely on the Taliban to rescue our citizens that are being held on the airplanes. Afterward, Larry Elder was accosted in Venice Beach and when his campaign staff tried to intervene they were physically assaulted by the hecklers. Another Californian, Nancy Pelosi is embracing AOC's desire to gut the capitalist system with paid family leave. Finally, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich calls in to discuss his Senate run in Arizona. Brnovich also added that Arizona has argued for their state senate's election integrity measures in front of the US Supreme Court.

    Donald Trump One-On-One With Mark Levin

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    Listen to Mark Levin's interview with the 45th President of the United States on September 8, 2021

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/7/21

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    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, we still have American citizens behind enemy lines in Afghanistan and the elites in the Democrat Party don't care. Why is there no committee on Americans left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan? Planes on the runway at the Kabul airport are being prevented from leaving, yet the White House refuses to call them hostages. The media ignores the presence of Iran, Russia, and China in the region. Meanwhile, the Biden administration still can't produce the nearly 5,000 children that they can't account for. And every time there's a natural disaster it's We The People that become the problem for causing climate change, or for White supremacy, or anything else. Then, the New York Times's Paul Krugman has taken aim at Levin's book "American Marxism" taking cheap shots, instead of accepting the public challenge to debate the substance of the book's premise on a live broadcast of this program. Later, Nicholas Wade, the former science editor of the New York Times, broke the COVID origin story earlier this year. Now, the New York Post is reporting that Anthony Fauci has been caught in a lie regarding his alleged ignorance on animal testing and gain of function experiments at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Afterward, Marx was a pagan and as much as they'd like it, there's never been a right to abortion in the U.S Constitution.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/6/21

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    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, we bring you the Best Of Mark Levin on Labor Day! A transcript reveals that President Biden pressured Afghan President Ghani to create the perception that the Taliban wasn't winning, whether it was true or not. Can we now impeach this president over a phone call? Then, President Biden's speech demonstrates his ignorance of the genocide he just unleashed on women, children, and the patriotic allies that stood up and fought with Americans in Afghanistan. Biden's unaware or doesn't care about the global implications with China, Iran, and other enemies of the United States now that the U.S has no presence in Afghanistan. Biden says every American that wanted to leave was given a chance. Lies! Biden says many of the Americans that stayed were once Afghan nationals and implied that we should not worry. More lies, more propaganda from the White House and the State Department. Now that the American media is gone the terrorists will do what they do and we will not hear the screams of the genocide that Biden has unleashed in Afghanistan. Afterward, Larry Elder, candidate for Governor of California in the recall election of Gavin Newsom, joins the show to discuss the issues. Elder highlighted that 75% of African American boys are reading below grade level. He also mentioned how Democrats are fearful of losing California because they need a Democrat governor to make important appointments, such as the U.S Senate should Kamala Harris ever assume the Office of the Presidency.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/3/21

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    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Gen. George S. Patton was an inspirational General in the American military and the movie "Patton" reenacts one of the most passionate speeches from the legendary general. This inspiration is the kind of message America needs to hear, not President Biden's speeches that separate Americans by race. America can not embrace Biden's trajectory of surrender, abandonment, and empowering our enemies like Iran, China, and others. Then, the media is running to the ramparts to announce the reversal of Roe. V Wade when that in fact has not happened. The White House cites biological differences but usually embraces the idea that there are no biological differences between men and birthing people. They will use any physical characteristics like race, gender, and religion to split people into groups. Later, the politicians and the media continue to disgustingly use deaths from a natural disaster to advance their climate change agenda. According to current reports, people have only tapped into a very small portion of the earth's resources and that includes the industrial revolution. But for the liberty and mobility of We The People standing in the way, the American Marxists would have their way on every single one of their radical issues. Afterward, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lacks experience in any particular policy area, but the Democrats made her the expert on attacking capitalism in the name of climate change. She alleges that the fossil fuel industry is incompatible with humanity. Yet, it is the fossil fuel industry that is responsible for food reaching Americans all over this country. AOC's statement is not just flawed, it is stupid. Even the scientists agree that climate--catastrophe-mongering is one of the biggest frauds in science today.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/2/21

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    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, we bring you the Best Of Mark Levin on Labor Day! A transcript reveals that President Biden pressured Afghan President Ghani to create the perception that the Taliban wasn't winning, whether it was true or not. Can we now impeach this president over a phone call? Then, President Biden's speech demonstrates his ignorance of the genocide he just unleashed on women, children, and the patriotic allies that stood up and fought with Americans in Afghanistan. Biden's unaware or doesn't care about the global implications with China, Iran, and other enemies of the United States now that the U.S has no presence in Afghanistan. Biden says every American that wanted to leave was given a chance. Lies! Biden says many of the Americans that stayed were once Afghan nationals and implied that we should not worry. More lies, more propaganda from the White House and the State Department. Now that the American media is gone the terrorists will do what they do and we will not hear the screams of the genocide that Biden has unleashed in Afghanistan. Afterward, Larry Elder, candidate for Governor of California in the recall election of Gavin Newsom, joins the show to discuss the issues. Elder highlighted that 75% of African American boys are reading below grade level. He also mentioned how Democrats are fearful of losing California because they need a Democrat governor to make important appointments, such as the U.S Senate should Kamala Harris ever assume the Office of the Presidency.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/1/21

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    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, President Biden still hasn't acknowledged or saved the interpreter that saved his life in a trip to Afghanistan as Vice President. Biden is a coward that has ignited a genocide in Afghanistan. It's a lie to say Afghanistan was a 20-year war because it's been over for more than half a dozen years. In Barack Obama's eight years he was not nation-building and brought home the majority of troops. Donald Trump wasn't nation-building and brought home most of the troops that were left, but he also retained the ability to attack the enemy. Biden's disastrous move to bring home 2,500 non-combat personnel that were focused on intelligence and air support has now caused a genocide. Then, the Biden Administration continues to dehumanize American citizens in Afghanistan with dual citizenship acting as if they don't need help. Acting as if people aren't being slaughtered and beaten. Acting as if Biden didn't create this uniquely dangerous disaster with his decision to hastily withdraw from Afghanistan. How many people will die and become enslave in Biden's genocide? Later, the American Academy of Neurology is now requiring anti-racism training. This will open the door to future lawsuits. This push for equity diversity and inclusion that chooses people based on race doesn't make anything equal.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/31/21

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    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, in breaking news, a transcript reveals that President Biden pressured Afghan President Ghani to create the perception that the Taliban wasn't winning, whether it was true or not. Can we now impeach this president over a phone call? Then, President Biden's speech demonstrates his ignorance of the genocide he just unleashed on women, children, and the patriotic allies that stood up and fought with Americans in Afghanistan. Biden's unaware or doesn't care about the global implications with China, Iran, and other enemies of the United States now that the U.S has no presence in Afghanistan. Biden says every American that wanted to leave was given a chance. Lies! Biden says many of the Americans that stayed were once Afghan nationals and implied that we should not worry. More lies, more propaganda from the White House and the State Department. Now that the American media is gone the terrorists will do what they do and we will not hear the screams of the genocide that Biden has unleashed in Afghanistan. Then, today's media has no circumspection and peddles lies as they distort history and will soon fall right back in line with Biden because his domestic policy agenda is too important to the American Marxists for them to stop it with truth, reality, and decency. Organized movements are critical to succeeding and 1/3 of the nation will decide which direction that will be. We have to do things in our neighborhoods in order to be taken seriously otherwise we're going to lose. The majority of Americans don't support losing liberty or being overtaxed. We need a movement that will speak up for Americans. The question isn't what can we do, it must be what can I do. Later, during WWII the New York Times got away with monumental acts of propaganda and censorship to cover up the Holocaust. They covered up Stalin's genocide against Ukraine and romanticized Castro, yet they've never been held to account. They are promoting an agenda and the media is just organized propaganda, not a free press. Bernays believed that propaganda could create irresistible pressure on legislators and teachers and wrote that propaganda was the executive arm of the movement to deceive the public into supporting their effort.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/30/21

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    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, what is success in Afghanistan? President Biden and his handlers will want you to think this was a tremendous success when in reality it is a complete and utter disaster. How many American citizens have been killed or taken hostage in the last three weeks? We don't know because no one in our media has asked and no one in our government has answered (except for the 13 U.S service members we know of). Yet asking such questions will get you accused of attacking the military by the Democrats. There are no more U.S media in Afghanistan and no one is going to report when the Taliban tortures women, dismembers people, and their screams will not be heard, because according to the democrats it's not our problem, and every American that wanted to get out was offered a chance to leave. Then, Biden's poor decision-making will get more people killed. This Administration doesn't have a clue as to how many Americans are really left behind in Afghanistan. The more they lie and propagandize the more our enemies see it and the less prepared America is to respond to what awaits. The Taliban is being treated as they weren't the same people that released thousands of ISIS-K terrorists from the jail at Bagram airbase. Later, there is an isolationist movement within the Republican Party, mainly because the U.S has never been hit from Kansas. The enemy is primarily abroad, which is why Afghans need to prove that they assisted the U.S in war before they are let into the U.S as refugees.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/27/21

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    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, it's a mistake to say we should never have gone into Afghanistan. They were harboring Osama Bin Laden and the terrorists that attacked the United States in 2001. Critics say that we should engage in nation-building but that's exactly what the US did after World War II, it was called the Marshall Plan. What Biden did in Afghanistan is atrocious. The Afghan airbase commander said he showed up and the Americans were gone because they'd left in the middle of the night. Now the Taliban, ISIS-K, Al-Qaeda are running wild in Afghanistan. The moment the U.S abandoned the Bagram airbase and relinquished their air support, every one of those 13 soldiers became a sitting duck. Then, Victor Davis Hanson calls in to explain how contrary agendas at play in Afghanistan are playing out. Hanson predicts that there will be many more 'Bowe Bergdahl" situations because the Army has shifted its focus from military science to the social science of wokeness. Later, when a society begins to hate itself, hate its founding, and what their country once stood for it rots away at the core of a nation. Forget climate change, the biggest problem facing us is 'ideological change.' Afterward, the media and the Biden Administration continually fail to recognize that the Taliban and the Afghan government had to meet conditions in order to earn withdrawal. The conditions set forth by the Trump agreement, for a government of peace were never upheld by the other parties. Therefore, there was no need for a precipitous, reckless withdrawal that killed hundreds, injured more, and gave away billions in military assets. In breaking news, the murder of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sirhan Sirhan, has earned a shot at parole after two sons of Robert F. Kennedy advocated for Sirhan, ultimately the Governor of California will make the decision. Sirhan maintains that he has no recollection of the RFK assassination, and the Soros-backed prosecutor has declined to participate in the parole hearing.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/26/21

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    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, every last General that aided and abetted President Biden in this disastrous Afghanistan surrender that has now claimed the lives of 13 US Marines should all be court-martialed. It was President Biden that pulled the military out of Afghanistan and put our citizens abroad in danger. It was Biden that pulled the air support and intelligence from Afghanistan before evacuating our citizens and allies. Is the left going to blame the military for being complicit in White supremacy, like they did weeks ago, or will they finally just stay shut?  Then, Rep. Jim Banks, a veteran of the Afghanistan war, calls in to agree that steps need to be taken to begin impeachment hearings on Biden. Banks added that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was the General advising then-President Obama that ISIS was the "J.V. team" and that Biden must replace all the generals if the US is to succeed in getting Americans out of Afghanistan. Afterward, Rep. Claudia Tenney calls in to discuss her formal letter to Speaker Pelosi pursuing the impeachment of Joe Biden. Later, too many reporters are buying into Biden's lies and stupidity on Afghanistan. Despite Republicans calling for resignations too few are stopping the evil ideological movement that is afoot in our own country, American Marxism.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/25/21

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    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the cover-up continues today, just like yesterday, with the Biden Administration praising the best airlift in history, which is actually the greatest surrender in American history. Meanwhile, Americans and Afghan nationals continue to be slaughtered on their trek to the Kabul airport. Then, Secretary of State Antony Blinken's State department is not trustworthy and is placing the onus on "Americans that won't leave" Afghanistan. Multiple reports have emerged from Americans and Afghani's warning that they'll be killed if they leave their homes to get to the airport. Later, Speaker Nancy Pelosi spreads more lies about Republicans stifling the right to vote as they close the loopholes exploited by democrats who want to weaken elections. Also, Democrats are hard on vaccines and mask mandates, but not at the southern border. Yet the media will still portray effective Governors like Ron DeSantis as if he were the Taliban. Afterward, former White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany calls in to discuss how the Biden Administration lies and is covering up for one another over the Afghanistan surrender.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/24/21

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    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the country is now experiencing massive propaganda from the White House to sway public opinion on what President Biden is doing in Afghanistan - the greatest surrender in American History. Biden decided how he'd withdraw from Afghanistan against the advice of the generals. It is Biden that capitulated to the Taliban on the August 31st deadline. It was Biden that decided to end air support and human intelligence support for the Afghan soldiers on the ground. Yet, Washington Democrats all voted for a radical $3.5 trillion "reconciliation" bill that makes it easier for illegal aliens to apply for chain migration, while thousands of Americans are stuck in Afghanistan behind Taliban lines. Once the final American troops leave Afghanistan, Americans will likely see a slaughter like it hasn't been seen since Cambodia. Biden's withdrawal is indefensible and weakens America. What they are describing as the biggest airlift in history will always be remembered as the greatest surrender in American history. Then, Rep. Michael Waltz, a retired Army Ranger Green Beret, calls in and points out that enemies will not be nice in the face of weakness, he reflected on his experiences across the table from the Taliban and how they'd only respond to strength and resolve. Waltz criticized Democrats for pushing their social infrastructure bill to take over the government and education system with indoctrinated students.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/23/21

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    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, we are witnessing the beginning of a genocide in Afghanistan and the U.S government is lying to us. Our country's resolve is weakening, and few are calling for military action to extract Americans and allies from this Biden-made disaster. When one preaches that their own country is racist and creates disdain for one's own flag and national anthem you get politicians and media types that promote big lies about America. Sadly, America has wound up with patriotically feeble idealogues that are too weak to project strength overseas. This is how a nation falters and ultimately declines. It's exacerbated by a media intent on pushing anti-Americanism that has historically backed despots like Stalin and Castro. When a nation has lost its virtue and its resolve, its moral guide, bad things happen. It is up to those Americans that still have the resolve to reverse course and save this great nation. Then, American leaders like National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and DOD Sec. Lloyd Austin have all but told the Americans that are left behind that they are on their own in getting to the Kabul airport. Conversely, Col. Richard Kemp (Ret.) of the UK forces says that Biden's actions are beyond impeachment and as Commander-In-Chief he should be court-martialed. Later, a review by the Public Interest Legal Foundation of the mail-in ballots in the 2020 general election found that 1.1 million votes were marked undeliverable, then another 14 million met a similar fate according to reporting from the Daily Signal. The margin of victory in some states was only 43,000 votes in certain states. Afterward, Sen. Tom Cotton calls in and shared that military force may be necessary to rescue the Americans that are stranded in Afghanistan who are being beaten and robbed by the Taliban. Cotton reiterated that Biden has put the generals in a very tense situation with his poor leadership.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/20/21

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    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, we won't allow the FBI to use the cover of atrocities in Afghanistan to release their report indicating that there was no insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, citing scant evidence of coordination amongst rioters. When you hollow out a country it weakens the resolve of the military, law enforcement, and the nation's foreign policy. America needs its resolve back so that it can inspire others again. Then, President Biden says they were prepared for every contingency but then said they weren't prepared for the rapid collapse. Biden also said Americans weren't having a hard time getting to the Kabul airport, that was a lie! Sec. Lloyd Austin has admitted to members of Congress that Americans are being beaten in Afghanistan and prevented from getting to the airport. This program recommends to Biden to use his staff to immediately draw a plan to extract every single American citizen out of that hell hole and then a plan targeting the top 10 Taliban commanders. Every minute that goes by without American action the Taliban is strengthening their grip. The Taliban is now going door-to-door searching for and hanging people that have sympathized with Americans. Later, Rep. Brian Mast calls in to discuss his dismay over the idea that American civilians and contractors might be killed by American weapons. Did Biden consider that the enemy could use American anti-aircraft weapons against Americans during extraction efforts? Biden has created a situation where we now have American hostages, it seems that every wrong decision imaginable was their plan all along. 

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/19/21

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    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, removing 2,500 non-combat personnel from Afghanistan that weren't even in harm's way was not necessary. The United States didn't have a battalion of Marines on the ground because the Afghans were fighting for their country and our men and women were in intelligence and support roles. The 2,500 Americans withdrawn from Afghanistan prematurely were at no greater risk in an impenetrable base built by the soviets than if they were in downtown Chicago. The outcome in Afghanistan was as good of an outcome as one might expect until President Biden ruined it. Then, the Biden Administration is soft and allowing the Islamonazi regime in Tehran to do whatever they want. Trump was choking off the economy in Iran so they couldn't enrich uranium. Now, due to Biden's recklessness, the very same sons and daughters Biden says he wants to protect, will be more endangered than ever.  There has been more death on this planet from totalitarians in the last 100 years than at any other time in history. Later, Biden argued that 1 trillion dollars over 20 years had to stop yet he's signed away multiple trillions over the past eight months. Biden is a liar that doesn't care. We know this from a newly-released confidential memo from July where the State Department indicates that Biden did in fact know that Afghanistan would collapse.  

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/18/21

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    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, President Joe Biden walked away from the media today, taking no questions. Vice President Kamala Harris is missing in action, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The military leaders also gave a press conference confirming that they had not planned for all possible outcomes in Afghanistan. In 20 years, the Taliban hasn't taken action on the U.S because we were engaging them there. Now they're in control. Then, Donald Trump sat for an interview with Sean Hannity and made it clear that Biden is a disaster, endangering America, and turning his back on Afghanistan. Trump said that what Biden did is America's greatest embarrassment behind the border crisis - two areas where Biden inherited Trump's successes. Later, Biden threatened Republican governors in his press conference today. He completely avoided any questions and acted as if nothing was happening in Afghanistan. Afterward, former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt joins the show to discuss his announcement to run for the US Senate. Laxalt highlighted how Harry Reid's hand-picked candidate is stopping progress in Nevada.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/17/21

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    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, one of several terrorists released by President Obama is the current leader of the Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan. This is one of the most appalling surrenders by any superpower, ever. President Joe Biden has endangered our country as it now faces the threat of terrorism like it hasn't since 9/11. The Taliban are the ideological equivalent of early-century barbarians. What is the United States giving the Taliban in these negotiations to get Afghans to the Kabul airport? Then, support for the withdrawal plummets as the Taliban has taken control. One poll indicates that upon learning that the Taliban would regain power, most people no longer support a withdrawal from Afghanistan. Later, the Donald Trump critics chant that Trump negotiated this withdrawal, what they fail to recognize is that Trump's approach was principled and based on making progress in Afghanistan, not the chaos that's occurring now. Trump was firm and always willing to cut a deal, but he never would have surrendered leaving contractors, and civilians behind. Afterward, James Madison's writings on property rights are clear, yet the Supreme Court and Joe Biden disagree. In the same way we protect our private property we must protect our own bodies. The government must not be the entity that decides what happens to one's own property; the individual's liberty is their own to protect and utilize as they wish. Madison concluded that a government that doesn't sacredly guard private property rights is therefore putting it in peril.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/16/21

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    On Monday's Mark Levin show, President Biden has just reversed 20 years of enormous progress in Afghanistan, which was not a 20-year war. The US has been supplying air power and intelligence to the Afghan forces since 2014. The Taliban is not known to be one of the world's strongest armies, but when Biden makes the mistake to end all of that abruptly you get an emboldened enemy who didn't have an air force but might certainly have one now, given the number of helicopters and equipment left behind by Biden's rapid troop withdrawal. Biden's response was dishonest, he blamed Donald Trump, and it was outrageously political. The disastrous scene caused by Biden's petulance is something we'd never seen during Trump's tenure. Allies around the world are watching and surely this does not inspire confidence. Then, Sen. Tom Cotton, a veteran of the Afghanistan war, joins the show to explain why Biden made such a strategic blunder leaving Americans behind enemy lines. Cotton added that irrespective of your thoughts on the withdrawal we must recognize that it was gravely incompetent to do it this haphazardly and against the advice of all military leaders. Later, Col. Richard Kemp (Ret.) commander of the United Kingdom's military forces in Afghanistan, calls in to articulate that the execution of this US withdrawal is a disaster. The morale of the brave men of the fledgling Afghan military has collapsed more devastatingly than the country itself; what Biden's done is a disgrace. Afterward, Sean Parnell, a retired Army infantry captain, and veteran of Afghanistan calls in to highlight how Biden hasn't even spoken with the Prime minister of Pakistan about the exfiltration and this blame falls squarely on the 'suits, not the boots.'

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/13/21

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    On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Larry O'Connor of WMAL fills in for Mark. The military did its job in Afghanistan, but Joe Biden and military leadership was never clear on what the end game was, just like how Biden ruined the roll-out of the vaccine that Trump handed over to him. was the only one that took a firm position on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, but now Biden hastily and thoughtlessly pulled out and the Taliban is taking over while Biden is pleading with them to spare our Embassy. Then, faith family and what the founders stood for is what gives us all hope to rise up against injustice and to stand for liberty. Something learned from Andrew Breitbart was how to affect the culture because that is exactly where the left creeps in. This is precisely what Mark Levin points out in American Marxism, but the best part is he provides the blueprint for how Americans can fight back. Later, school boards in Loudon County have launched a movement of parents fighting against critical race theory and transgender policies. Those that defend traditional, biological pronouns are chastised for not being woke. They claim it's about the prevention of bullying, but it's really about grouping children the way they'd prefer to group them.  Also, the teacher's union in Florida is reporting to news outlets that four Broward County teachers have died in one day. The fourth person wasn't even a teacher, but facts seem to have little value to the left within the teacher's union. This is an attempt to paint teachers as victims of Governor Ron DeSantis' policies because the county is currently in a heated debate with the governor over mask mandates for students.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/12/21

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    On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, seven months ago the US had approximately 7,000 troops in Afghanistan, the war was over and the troops were training the Afghans and providing air cover. President Biden reduced their air cover and slashed the number of troops in the region, now he is pleading with the Taliban to not attack our embassy because, as expected, they are taking over. The Taliban is executing anyone with an affiliation to the US military. Now the US is sending another 3,000 troops to rescue our civilians in the embassy. Our enemies in China, North Korea, Russia, and around the world saw Biden's miscalculation and weakness. China will feel emboldened to invade Taiwan, Putin will be emboldened to reclaim Ukraine and the United States will be humiliated even further. General Jack Keane calls in to explain that this withdrawal is problematic and that Biden knew it would endanger the American civilians left behind. He added that the geopolitical ramifications all equal a net political gain for Iran. Keane reiterated that the US pulled out all combat troops in 2014 and only left enough troops to train the Afghani forces. Then, the $5.5 billion boondoggle known as the infrastructure spending bill is the brainchild of Bernie Sanders and is ripped from the pages of the Soviet Union playbook. In the 1936 USSR Constitution, Stalin wrote that citizens had the right to work and the right to rest and leisure, as well as rest homes, sanitariums, medical services, and universal education through the university level. So much of this has been mirrored in the infrastructure bill to expand government services. This will make the US mostly socialist and push our public education to be more of an indoctrination system. Later, the United States' southern border is the biggest super spreader event in history because Biden is allowing immigrants open access to America. Migrants that have tested positive are being bussed into other cities and nothing is being done to stop it. If this isn't an impeachable offense then what is? Finally, Peter Schweizer calls in to highlight the media's obfuscation of Hunter Biden's latest scandal. Schweizer pointed out that Hunter's latest video is problematic because it's a Joe Biden problem, not just a Hunter Biden problem. Some emails show that Hunter was paying his father's bills. Did anyone pay taxes on these gifts? Will the Manhattan District Attorney look into this?

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/11/21

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    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, there's a coup taking place, an un-armed insurrection in the Capitol by the Democrat Party. As Thomas Jefferson said, this is the tyranny of the legislature. Congress doesn't have the power to attack America's sovereignty or to open our borders, brainwash our children and promote racism. Everything going on in Washington DC is an extraconstitutional subterfuge. The Democrat Party is an evil political institution that protected slavery and creates the Jim Crow laws all while being shielded by their propagandists in the media. The once-great Republican Party is filled with quislings led by Mitch McConnell and every single baby born will now have a debt of $750,000 as soon as they are born as a result of today's capitulation on the infrastructure bill. Then, President Biden doesn't care about America, he is a selfish street-thug politician supported by an unqualified vice president who's failing miserably at the border, a power-hungry Senate Majority Leader using New York to guide all of America, and a Speaker of the House who's a San Francisco psycho! Later, transgenderism and critical race theory are not government education, it's Democrat Party indoctrination. Children are being taught to be American Marxists with disdain for this country and this is how you change and destroy a nation. Afterward, the CDC is misreporting the infection count coming out of Florida, this was subsequently reported by the media as a new record high. of course, the correction of those numbers was never reported.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/10/21

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    On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, things are now happening in this country that will affect you directly. 19 Republicans in the Senate have surrendered to the American Marxist movement, with Mitch McConnell leading the way. How can McConnell be the Republican leader if the majority of Senate Republicans voted against the bill? The $1.2 Trillion infrastructure bill is filled with pork and pet projects, empowers Democrats, and expands government even more. Every Republican that voted for this bill has now paved the way for trillions of additional Democrat spending.  Later, Philip Klein of National Review calls In to discuss the infrastructure bill and the failure of Republicans to stop it. Also, there isn't any difference between the various Democrat Marxist movements and the media. The climate movement has nothing to do with clean air or water, and everything to do with de-growth and anti-capitalism. The Green New Deal is exactly what Thomas Jefferson was referring to when he described tyranny of the legislature. Finally, Andrew Cuomo resigned as governor of New York, forced out not because of the nursing home deaths he caused but because of a damning report of sexual harassment. How does Biden keep escaping his sexual harassment scrutiny? Rep. Lee Zeldin calls in to give his take on Andrew Cuomo and the next governor of New York.

    Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/9/21

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    On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Barack Obama threw a lavish party in his 12-million-dollar mansion in Martha's Vinyard. Despite accomplishing so little as president, he gained much wealth afterward. Now he and the former first lady live like monarchs while claiming to be down for the revolution. In the French revolution, the monarchs didn't fair well yet our own modern monarchs benefit from the very system they claim is corrupt and unequal. This class of nobility crystallizes the concept of American Marxism. They have become the very same rich they rail against and use the middle class that they got rich on to begin with. Despite his mental illness, Rousseau informed Marx's teaching that people should surrender their individuality to have a peoples' society, in effect totalitarianism in the name of the people. Afterward, Officer Ella French was shot and killed in Chicago and her partner is in critical condition. Sadly, Democrats like Rep. Cori Bush want to defund the police, which is detestable. She is not standing up for Black people by defunding the police, she's stepping on their throats because defunding the police is supporting murder. It's time that police officers and their unions need to rise up in peaceful protest against their local government's embrace of lawlessness. If the teacher's unions can organize and protest the cops should too. Later, the democrats sewed the seeds of doubt in Trump's vaccine and now they are paying the price. Anthony Fauci is a disaster and has a reputation in question over the funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. They've known about the delta variant in India since December, what did Biden and Fauci do about it? Nothing. This is why people don't trust the government. Forced vaccinations on young children would be an act of medical malpractice.

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