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Zero Blog Thirty is a military podcast presented by Barstool  Sports that's listenable for the most crusty of veterans, the bootest of boots, or people who have never touched a weapon in their life. Through the eyes of enlisted Marines and a West Point trained officer, Zero Blog Thirty is like sitti…

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    • Oct 26, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from Zero Blog Thirty

    Spanish King Slings Dingaling

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 68:26

    Six Rounds In The Magazine! Round 1: Update the safety brief: a man was hit with some FOD while in his backyard. What kinda FOD? Well, it comes from someone else's backyard. Round 2: Are hippos people? Actually, yes. Round 3: The Baldwin Situation Round 4: I wish a mother fucker would moment of the week goes to a former Marine who stopped a would-be armed robber Round 5: New consequences dropped like a shoe release. The Marine Corps is ready to slap them dicks OR FLAPS for refusing to vaccine goof. Round 6: The King of Spain is fucking horny

    Scramble The Jets / Unscramble The Porn

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 73:51

    Round 1: A video of a woman SCREAMING in a Sam's Club has gone viral all over the internet and, you guessed it, she is indeed military. Round 2: The US should do whatever we need to in order to hire a Japanese man who figured out how to unscramble and unblur porn. Round 3: Some old ass Air Force bubbas are spilling the beans about how aliens messed with nuclear weapons Round 4: Poland's Military continues to be a bunch of poor boys who cant even afford religion. Sad. Round 5: An episode of Shark Tank, but for fixing problems in the military? Welcome to Dragon's Lair 2021

    Russia/America Alien Treaty

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 59:45

    Round 1: A cougar went into the barracks and caused a big ole stir. We aint talkin about Jill Biden either, folks. Round 2: Last week we talked about gate guards and all the terrible things they have to do on a daily basis. I think they took it too far because some Air Force MPs destroyed a car by deploying the emergency barriers which seems like a really fun time. Round 3: It's strange when we hear senior leaders making sense especially when that sense involves making junior folks train less. Round 4: Australia is putting the United States to shame as far as vaccines go. The latest news from Australia's medical frontlines will be a real bear for everyone involved. Round 5: A Russian President and American President once set aside their differences and agreed to be allies if needed against a common enemy. Aliens. - This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and our listeners get 10% off their first month at - Go to and use code ZERO today and get the freshest coffee in America shipped to you! - Go to you can get your first month of Swipes for just $5, when you choose a monthly plan. That's - To learn more about the exciting new SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, visit

    Don't Hack My CAC

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 70:02

    We've got 5 rounds in the Magazine! ROUND 1: Honey, North Korea is having a WEEK. Viral videos, a guy in a human canon ball suit, and chirping at the US. ROUND 2: A Lesson in how not to take accountability comes to us from the governor of Missouri ROUND 3: Unacceptable: An errant U.S. drone strike killed 10 members of their family. They're still awaiting compensation ROUND 4: MP interactions ROUND 5: I'm not ashamed to say it, I once had a very small, thin CAC. In fact a lot of us did. Even Kate. But the military might finally be getting rid of them.

    The Chaps and Kate Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 50:31

    Round 1: Couple tries to sell some nuclear secrets to a "foreign agent" Round 2: Attack Submarine, USS Connecticut suffers underwater collision with a mystery object Round 3: Mailbag with ZBT! Round 4: General Ray Odierno passes away.

    Court Martial Urban Meyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 55:52

    The squad kicks off the show with a little Urban Meyer talk! Then we've got 4 Rounds in the magazine! ROUND 1: The US Navy has lost control of one of its warships well, actually they lost control of the FB page for one of its warships thanks to an internet game ROUND 2: Mother left the UK with her kids to join ISIS would like to come home now while giving assurance that shes never seen a beheading which is cool. ROUND 3: Marines have reversed an old decision about allowing religious headwear while in uniform. ROUND 4: The term military grade is all over the place. But, what does it mean? We asked and you answered.

    Facebook Compromised OPSEC

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 62:15

    ROUND 1: A wanna-be ninja with a sword attacked an Army special ops unit in California in the middle of the night, hopefully he didn't know MCMAP ROUND 2: Inside the office of a one-star Army general that 100% of soldiers rated ‘hostile' ROUND 3: Are you over the age of 50 and get a majority of your news from Facebook? Stop that and listen up because the house that Zuckerberg built is in disarray ROUND 4: Fat Leaonard is going to give us the skinny in an upcoming tell-all podcast. Sex, drugs, bribery? Spill those beans, fattie. ROUND 5: Welp, we're going broke (again). Could MINTING A TRILLION DOLLAR COIN save us?? ROUND 6: NERD ALERT! The British Army has extinguished the smoking lamp

    Lt Col Stuart Scheller

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 55:13

    We've got 4 Rounds in the Magazine! Round 1: Update the safety brief: longtime stoolie Shakira was involved in a wild boar attack. Head on a swivel, folks. Round 2: In a story fit for Netflix, a former Army Ranger faces extradition to the Netherlands where he is wanted for being a hitman that killed a German businessman. Round 3: The Taliban is sick and tired of their boots acting like nasty little turds. Round 4: The Chairman of the joint chiefs went before both houses of congress this week, it was an absolute shitshow.

    The Ocean's Apex Predator

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 69:03

    Round 1: Killer whales man. They'll get ya. Chaps goes down an insane rabbit hole on these wild creatures. Big respect. Plus Kate went down a rabbit hole & has a whale of a tale about TJ Maxx Ceramics Round 2: Marines Row across the entire atlantic ocean. HARDDDOOOOOOO Round 3: The CIA reportedly was ready to do a little assissination goofin by taking out the Wikileaks founder Round 4: The person who shot Reagan gets an unconditional release

    Dishonorable Discharge Is A Double Entendre

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 61:11

    ROUND 1: A former guerrilla fighter, convicted drug trafficker & biological father of at least 50 kids also became the world's oldest professional soccer player this week. The real kicker? He's the Vice President of Suriname. ROUND 2: Ahh the Bactrian Treasure… Ancient artifacts of gold & gems considered Afghanistan's most important & valuable… but where is it now?! ROUND 3: Remember fallen tech superstar Elizabeth Holmes & her fake deep voice & her Steve Jobs all black outfits & her fraudulent startup, Theranos? That was weird. Remember how Former Defense Secretary James Mattis was on the company's board? That was weird, too. This week he's testifying in court & sharing how he was duped! ROUND 4: Biden opposes honorable discharges for troops who refuse vaccine ROUND 5: Siiiick Calllllllll! Man ejaculates from anus but waits 2 years for medical help

    Oh Sh*t It's DADT Boi Waddup

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 72:59

    ROUND 1: Marines go viral for gettin' wet in their whites ... while returning from funeral duty. ROUND 2: Homeless veterans are making a statement as they grow a tent city called ‘veterans row' outside of the Los Angeles VA, complete with a resident rank structure ROUND 3: About damn time - LGBT vets with other than honorable discharges will get VA benefits under new a plan dropping on the 10th anniversary of the repeal of DADT ROUND 4: China's military has a morale problem, which is shocking because gee it sure seems fun to be them Interview with Patrick Murphy (36:22:00) ROUND 5: Afghanistan Updates

    Milley Commits Treason?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 109:16

    Round 1: Would you fuck a robot? Round 2: Good. Great. Grand. Wonderful. No yelling on the bus even when The National Guard are the drivers like they are in Massachusetts Round 3: General Milley is back in the news again and you gotta think that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is fucking sick of that. Round 4: I got to sit down with the author of the Afghanistan Papers. We talked about everything from the withdrawal to the lack of accountability. Round 5: In an incredible turn of events, turns out you can potty train a cow!

    New Coup Goofin'!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 57:53

    Round 1: Propaganda is my favorite. Round 2: Acrobatic squirrels may hold the key to better jumping robots in Army-funded research Round 3: Update the safety brief. The Latvian military conducted some realistic training out in town over the weekend … the problem is that they didnt tell the town they were doing an exercise Round 4: New coup goofin in Guinea after some Green Berets accidentally helped oust a president

    20 Years

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 87:39

    4 Rounds in the magazine ... ROUND 1: The national debt ceiling will be reached in October. With the military as the biggest eater of money, we have some ideas on how to cut the mil budget without impacting readiness. ROUND 2: Alcohol ban on the border for National Guard following string of incidents which the troops wont mind because theres plenty of things to do in the middle of the nowhere when it's 100 degrees outside. It's fine. Dont worry about them at all. ROUND 3: “All available boats, this is the United States Coast Guard….”That's how the message began on September 11th, 20 years ago this coming Saturday. From there an unprecedented rescue mission began in Manhattan. ROUND 4: Afghanistan updates

    Taliban Using US Helicopters

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 88:03

    4 Rounds in the magazine ... ROUND 1: We need some levity, so in this round we've got some eex crazed spiders in Ireland that will go zero to sixty(nine) in no time, bite you, and then bang each other's brains out. Which will lead us to our weekend safety brief. ROUND 2: Plain and simple, it's a FART STORY ROUND 3: Afghanistan updates ROUND 4: The saga of a congressman from Oklahoma named Markwayne Mullin. That's right, Markwayne. And he went John Wayne on everyone's ass & traveled rogue to Afghanistan… or at least he tried to. Bonus Interview with a Airforce Pilot

    To The Fallen - ZBT #384

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 57:13

    This episode is in tribute to the fallen.

    A Tragedy In Kabul - ZBT #383

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2021 56:39

    A Tragedy has occurred in Kabul. Uncle Chaps opens with a message. We then go into an interview with Chris Davis.

    Cuomo Let The "Dog" Out - ZBT #382

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 121:10

    4 Rounds in the magazine ... ROUND 1: Feels like we do this story annually with each of the service academies, but 18 have been expelled from the Naval Academy after cheating on a Physics exam so Kate has a little quiz for us ROUND 2: As a former dog handler Chaps has a BONE TO PICK with former governor Cuomo and it ain't a Nylabone folks! ROUND 3: Afghanistan update - quick overview & touch on a few viral posts ROUND 4: Interviews: - (38:42:02) - Dan Lamothe - (01:11:16:02) - @killzone

    Taliban Public Relations? - ZBT #381

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2021 85:19

    4 Rounds In The Magazine: ROUND 1: The Taliban has a PR Team?! Afghanistan update. Duh. We'll talk about everything from the cowardly former president fleeing to a group of witches ready to wage spiritual witchcraft. ROUND 2: A Haitian American soldier who once went viral at West Point graduation is back in the spotlight for good reason ROUND 3: Victory for... PETA? Cobra blood is now off the menu for Marines training in operation Cobra Gold ROUND 4: VetBro Hardo RoundUp: We pit two annoying groups against each other to decide who is more annoying based off the comments section. This week it's “Kuwait's Not A Deployment” VS “Ponytails?! In The Military?!” FIND ZBT:

    Our Worst Fears For Afghanistan Realized - ZBT #380

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 56:09

    Nearly two decades after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, the nation's capital fell back under Taliban control. The ZBT squad sat down to record this episode and talk about the events that transpired and President Biden's speech to address the Nation. To quote Chaps, "It was emotional, all over the place, and raw ... and that's okay." FIND ZBT:

    Taliban Surges In Afghanistan - ZBT #379

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2021 63:55

    Four Rounds in the magazine .. ROUND 1: Chaps sat down with Big Cat & Large this week to share something deeply personal regarding his family and he has some more thoughts to share. ROUND 2: The Air Force is allowing hands in pockets, folks, and you better believe Kate has a genuinely terrible Alanis Morissette cover song about it ROUND 3: Speaking of hands in pockets, we asked, “What was the pettiest thing you ever got yelled at for?”, and indeed the reasons you gave were petty as shitty. ROUND 4: Checking in on Afghanistan & it looks like, holy shit… the withdraw worked. Just kidding, it's a mess! Find ZBT:

    Mandatory Vaccinations For The Troops? - ZBT #378

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 58:46


    The Worst Hardos On The Internet - ZBT #377

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 103:14

    4 Rounds In The Magazine: ROUND 1: USA, USA! Kate's got the skinny on all the active duty military Olympians & Paralympians competing over in Tokyo. Spoiler alert, the Air Force speed-walking team & Navy ribbon dancing squad are thee talk of the village this year ROUND 2: A British military tank commander is in hot water for putting national security at risk over the details of a video game. Tank hardos.. Almost as bad as BBQ hardos. ROUND 3: Speaking of war games, turns out the US sucks at them big time & we recently lost one so badly the joint chiefs are overhauling our entire war strategy ROUND 4: (01:37:09) Chaps sat down with a Marine Corps major who spent the last few years at the Naval Academy and is currently at the War College. He blew me away which doesnt happen often.

    Veteran Coffee Wars - ZBT #376

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 119:11

    5 Rounds In The Magazine: ROUND 1: If the National Guard tries to make eye contact with you avoid them at all costs… they are going big time BROKE & will probably try to ask you to borrow a $20 ROUND 2: Breaking Bad, but make those tighty whities camo instead… we've got an Air Force Walter White who got caught selling an AK47 and meth…. Not great! ROUND 3: The story of ‘The 10,000 meter thriller' and no we're not talking about Buzz Aldrin's penis. It's the story of a young Devil Dog who became an unlikely champion in the ‘64 Olympics! ROUND 4: Interpreters are in the news big time. Kate got to speak to two sides of those COIN operations. One from a local commander who served with Interpreters and from a congressman who is trying to right this wrong. INTERVIEW TIMESTAMPS: (37:37:21) - Rep. Mike Waltz (50:31:12) - Former Army Captain Sayre Payne ROUND 5: (01:18:59:23) We speak with founder of Team RWB, LTC Mike Erwin, about how his former soldiers not allowing him to get soft sparked a movement in the veteran community. SAVED ROUNDS to close out the show! Find ZBT:

    ZBT Probes Alien Expert - ZBT #375

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2021 90:29

    FIND ZBT: Five Rounds In The Magazine: Round 1: A down on his luck Air Force veteran got his vaccine shot & got more than a boost to his immunity Round 2: Our friends in New Zealand pulled off an insane rescue of an American in Antarctica Round 3: Secretary Austin talked about the future of artificial intelligence in the military and it's absolutely wild. Round 4: Kate and Chaps interviewed UFO expert Ben Hansen about the national security implications of the DoD's UFO report .... and we also asked about anal probes because duh! Round 5: A British Airman crashed through a roof in California!

    The War In Afghanistan Is Over. What Happens Now? - ZBT #374

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2021 62:28

    Find ZBT: We've got 3 Rounds in the magazine ... ROUND 1: The Afghanistan War appears to officially be over. We've all aged a ton while it's gone on and if we want to stop aging, science suggests that Connor get castrated. We talk about it ... all of it. ROUND 2: This round is easily one of THE MOST INSANE stories we've ever shared. It involves a Lt. Col and several wives, lies about deployments, and a cheating scandal. JUICY! ROUND 3: Leaving Bagram and all the things left behind

    Facts Of The 4th - ZBT #373

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 89:18

    FIND ZBT: ROUND 1: The UK's Ministry of Defense is scratching its head & looking for answers after classified documents were found at bus stop ROUND 2: CWO Bobby Motherfuckin' Yarbrough is back & lowcrawling through the comments, sniping the haters on a Pride Month post ROUND 3: Malaysia's Prime Minister And Longtime Stoolie Muhyiddin Yassin Has Been Hospitalized Following A Case of Diarrhea The Likes Of Which Have Never Been Seen And Also Kate Wants To Talk About Diarrhea Too Bc She Had It Really Bad This Morning ROUND 4: (34:20:06) Cons sat down with the two veterans behind the popular Instagram page, Veteran With A Sign, to talk their origin and where they get all that damn cardboard ROUND 5: WE'VE GOT 15 FOURTH OF JULY FACTS THAT KATE FOUND ON A WEBSITE FOR A COLLEGE SHE HAD NEVER PREVIOUSLY HEARD OF SO YOU KNOW THESE ARE FACTUAL AND GOOD!!!

    Rear Naked Chokes And Skydives - ZBT #372

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2021 92:38

    FIND ZBT: Round 1: 82nd Airborne has some serious ground to catch thanks to a Nebraska man who makes the elite unit look like little babies all swaddled up and ready for nap. Round 2: United Airlines CEO wants to cry into his first-class warmed napkin because the military cant produce enough pilots for them to hire away. Round 3: Fuck around and find out. The Phillipines president will break your ass down shotgun style and give you a bolt bore check if you dont get the vaccine. Round 4: I sat down with two MMA fighters. One is a Marine who was the first ever woman to fight in the UFC octagon and the other is a Minnesota reservist who is fighting for the heavy weight championship of the world. Round 5: Surprise Round for Kate and Cons with no prep and they have no idea what the subject is!

    Dolphin Bird Robots - ZBT #371

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 63:52

    FIND ZBT: Four Rounds in the Magazine! Round 1: A Vet saved a cat born with a defect so severe that it'll make you cry when you hear about it. Round 2: Guess that Rank: USAA denied a claim of an active duty Mariner whose government housing was flooded. It was 14000 dollars worth of damage. Round 3: We are about to have hybrid drones which will kill you on land or sea! Round 4: Grandparents are weird. What they eat is even weirder.

    The Cicadas Are Coming - ZBT #370

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2021 76:42

    FIVE ROUNDS IN THE MAGAZINE: ROUND 1: Politics can be contentious from time to time but we can all understand taking a big ole nasty dump on your neighbors porch if the situation warrants it. ROUND 2: The dumbest guy in congress might have an idea thats worth exploring regarding the moon. ROUND 3: A swarm of cicadas shut down an entire Presidential flight. Not bad for a group that hasn't had any practice for 17 years ROUND 4: The Air Force's last surviving prisoner of war has retired after 33 years ROUND 5: Military drinks segments

    Call The Woke Hotline - ZBT #369

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 67:27

    We have FIVE rounds in the magazine! ROUND 1: Imagine you’re a Bulgarian olive oil worker happily doing your job when suddenly US Special forces come barging in. Is your country under attack, or is one of their Lt’s just a little lost? ROUND 2: An ISIS wannabe was about to head overseas to be a badass “machine gunner” and a “beheader”... until he was turned in by “his momma” Round 3: Nothing says serious business like a whistle blower hotline set up by Dan Crenshaw and Tom Cotton. They set up a hotline about sexual assault, sexual harrasment, and hazing. Just kidding. It’s about being too woke. A hotline for wokeness. The troops responded in a way that only troops could. ROUND 4: BADASS OF THE WEEK: Florida boy swims an hour through gator infested waters to save family, no - it wasn’t Chaps. ROUND 5: Worst things to buy as an adult

    Rubbin' Is Racing - ZBT #368

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2021 73:23

    Memorial Day Weekend Episode ROUND 1: What do you get when you combine the military with dancing? THAT’S RIGHT - BREAKDANCE FIGHTING. And we’ve got a Staff Sgt. in the National Guard who might be taking that skill to the Olympics ROUND 2: What would you do if the contents of your entire house went missing?? That’s what happened to one military family when the moving truck carrying all their belongings got stolen, and this isn’t the first time it’s happened! ROUND 3: Wooo-eyyy! RUBBIN’ IS RACING folks (Cons & Kate: Raise hell, praise Dale!) and we’ve got a ZBT / NASCAR collab down in Charlotte this weekend that we can’t wait to tell you about. You don’t wanna miss our interview with military veteran & mulletted driver Keith McGee. ROUND 4: Reading of names & stories from the DMs / Letter to Josh

    Jurassic Safety Brief - ZBT #367

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2021 88:32

    Round 1: Update the safety brief. DO NOT CLIMB INSIDE DINOSAUR STATUES Spain: Missing man's body found 'inside dinosaur statue,' police calls it accidental death ( Round 2: Belarus is losing their fucking minds. They stopped a dude for having a bomb on his plane but it turns out he didnt actually have a bomb on his plane. Belarus accused of 'hijacking' plane, provoking outrage in the West ( Round 3: Lawmakers are shocked at the condition of the barracks across the military. Uhhh… Have you guys never seen forever? When were the conditions good? Round 4: The Army turned off comments on their new recruiting video… yeah… the one that the Junior Senator from Texas is talking/crying about Round 5: I sat down with Sebastian Junger about his new book and he told me about the time he nearly died. Very unexpected but I handled it with great aplomb. Round 6: Wake up, bitch. You’ve got Firewatch.

    The Joke Heard 'Round The Internet - ZBT #366

    Play Episode Listen Later May 21, 2021 53:23

    Four Rounds in the magazine ... ROUND 1: If you’re active duty, has big brother been spying on your social media accounts?! Do they know you said something a liiiittle sexist back in 2011 or that you’ve been active on the r/LongBoobs reddit?! ROUND 2: Crickets for Biden? And no we’re not talking about a new White House family pet … ROUND 3: Ah, Port o potty art, specifically of the phallic sort, a rare bastion of self expression in the military, and we’ve got the story of a veteran & artist who’s turning that medium into a living ROUND 4: BADASS OF THE WEEK

    The Kate Rises - ZBT #365

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2021 65:00

    Four Rounds in the Magazine! Round 1: We've got beach bod tips from the arctic! Round 2: Pre-Boot Camp Boot Camp? Huh? Round 3: Birth control glasses for all! Round 4: Some new night vision goggles + a related bonus idea from Cons

    Not So Final Jeopardy! - ZBT #364

    Play Episode Listen Later May 14, 2021 54:30

    FOUR ROUNDS IN THE MAGAZINE! Round 1: Time to update the Annual Training for OPSEC. Some boot at a power plant got phished like he was the subject of an Ernest Hemingway novel. Round 2: That Checks Out: anti-vaxxers are back at it again but this time in a way that no one would expect Round 3: Commanders, update your safety brief if youre traveling to russia. A little casual nuclear reactor vodka is on the way. Round 4: A beautiful beluga whale is possibly the first ever whale refugee after it swam to norway from Russia.

    Bee Keepin' It Real - ZBT #363

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2021 105:20

    WE HAVE FOUR ROUNDS IN THE MAGAZINE! Round 1: French Pilot gets tied to a post while fighter pilots fired around him just for some good ol' hazing and goofin' Round 2: Bartender goes full ass Karen on some soldiers over a fake ID that was in fact very real. Rough N' Rowdy in the future?! Round 3: Chaps interviews a Bee Keeper in a new series that highlights non-military jobs that are also pretty darn dangerous! Round 4: Must Watch! Round Table Discussion from the early 90s - Active Duty vs. Reporters talking about War Reporting.

    School Bus Hijacking

    Play Episode Listen Later May 7, 2021 68:44

    Round 1: Time to update the safety brief. DO NOT EAT RAW ROTTEN MEAT SO THAT YOU GET HIGH FROM RAW MEAT ROTTEN MEAT Round 2: A persnickety bride left her would-be husband at the altar for a reason all soldiers would find very unfair. Round 3: An Army recruit is in hot water and the brig after a grand theft auto-inspired morning where he hijacked a bus filled with children while armed…. Round 4: Between Jeopardy and talking to Sebastian Junger this week, Ive been thinking about living in a movie. Which movie? Well, you'll have to wait for round 4.

    Osama Bin Dead For 10 Years

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021 63:59

    Round 1: Good initiative/ Bad Judgment strikes again but this time involving some beloved McDonalds hamburgers. Round 2: Kate’s diet has been the topic of conversation lately. Her choice might wanna make you die a little bit which leads us to the story for round number 2. Round 3: Our British friends might be able to hug each other again. Neat! Round 4: Bin Laden has been dead as a doornail for 10 years. The new article in Politco made me drop my jaw

    Nipple Biting Polish Strippers

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2021 69:12

    Round 1: Kate is back (at least for this episode). She’s still on leave but we are learning how her significant other can help her via a book for military spouses. It’s something special. There’s no doubt about that. Round 2: Each unit has a motivator whose job it is to get the people going. One Army specialist did not fail his task this week. Round 3: An army major was drugged and bitten at a Polish strip club and apparently thats a problem for the soft ass military smh. Round 4: livin in a cave for 40 days? French HARDDOOOOOS

    Beefin With Biden - ZBT #359

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2021 62:54

    Today, on a loaded show, we have 5 rounds in the magazine: Round 1: We have a big ole beef with Joe Biden. Round 2: Astronauts are back at it again with their demands for fancy boy frenchie food and the softies in charge let them have a little luxury in space. Sad Round 3: It is with a heavy heart that we announce that the DoD is back at it again with their weirdo ways of promoting sexual assault prevention. Round 4: Talkin jobs for when you get out. Round 5: The Russians are attacking Lithuania and arent holding back.

    Zero Blog 30 War Room - ZBT #358

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 23, 2021 61:47

    No Rounds today, it's just your standard "Hey who would my NFL team take in the draft if they needed military equipment or personnel?" type of show. You know. The usual.

    Still No Helicopters on Mars - ZBT #357

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2021 51:20

    Round 1: The life of a farmer in Wales makes all of us look like big ole pussies. Round 2: The Air Force is not gonna let folks have beards because they are big ole sticks in the mud. Round 3: A helicopter took flight on Mars according to reports. I have some serious doubts. Round 4: A woman has shot breast milk out of her armpit. More like armtit if you ask me

    Hatchet Weilding Perverts - ZBT #356

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 16, 2021 74:58

    Round 1: Yeah. It’s time to admit it. I’m jealous of Air Force Pilots. Round 2: Navy officer gets disciplined for acting like a navy officer and thumbing his nose at the lowly enlisted vagabonds. Round 3: Love is in the air. I have unearthed a treasure trove of beautiful, beautiful letters from the front lines of a non-disclosed combat tour. It’s not soft to get hard about your love Round 4: An Army Staff Sergeant Captain was caught on tape bullying the shit out of a smaller fella. He went from neighborhood captain america to the Gob Bluth “I’ve made a huge mistake” meme in an instant that involved over 2 million views just on twitter. Round 5: The Macarena is basically a song about Jodie.

    The Gang Fixes Every Military Problem Ever - ZBT #355

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2021 87:57

    Round 1 (12:44:76): Wrong or Right? We are gonna see if the actions of one husband are punishable under the UCMJ. Round 2 (22:39:33): That burnt up ship with the Frenchy Name is getting decommissioned. Sad. Round 3 (28:32:94): Fuck around and find out. India sent the strongest of messages to tourists caught breaking coronavirus rules. Death? Possibly worse. Round 4 (42:32:97): Cons sat down with Navy Seal, Chris Pellitier, who took an unconventional path to the Navy and an even more unconventional path after. Spoiler: he didn’t write a book

    Big Cat Joins The Military (Podcast) - ZBT #354

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 9, 2021 48:39

    Big Cat joins us to co-host and answer your military questions. We play "military or not" for inventions, get his favorite military movies, and have him place the branches on Mt Rushmore, sorry Air Force.

    Honeymooning With ISIS Is Not Fun - ZBT #353

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2021 66:38

    Round 1 (10:49:53): Cons got engaged recently and I’d bet responsibly on the Barstool Sports Book that, unlike a lovely couple from New York, he’s not gonna try to sail on the open seas until he join ISIS. Round 2 (19:09:35): You’ll never guess how many dicks a baby in Iraq has. Round 3 (28:36:83): I can’t tell you what round 3 is but let me just say, this story is the most hubris I’ve ever seen in print. Ever. Round 4 (35:12:41): There’s certain animals you cannot admit that you’ve been attacked by. A fella down under didn’t abide by that rule so now I’m gonna make fun of him for about 7 minutes. Round 5 (39:12:54): Update the safety brief. Some fellas- once again down under - were doin a little sex goofin but things went a little awry with a machete as they are prone to do.

    Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini Talks Jobs, Leadership, And Interviewing Veterans - ZBT #352

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 2, 2021 78:56

    We welcomed on our boss and the Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini. She talked about how she views leadership, what she has seen interviewing military veterans, and general advice for all job seekers. It is a great interview, and a great episode as we approach the summer season where MANY of our active duty listeners will be transitioning out of the military.

    ZBT #351: Woody Williams Interview Replay and Ask ZBT!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2021 81:02

    Round 1 (06:21:19:: There was trouble on the high seas but it wasn’t because of our beloved Navy/Coast Guard. Many people are saying it was your daddy that caused the Evergreen to get stuck but it could have been our mummies. Round 2 (19:11:97): On Friday’s show, we told you about a delusional old fuck who pulled weapons on National Guard Members so that they couldnt transport the COVID vaccine. Now, some fellas in Maine went basically the entire other direction. Round 3 (24:39:40): The military should use a method taken advantage of by a mechanic shop in Georgia when they paid a shitbag employee in pennies. Round 4 (30:01:51): Ask ZBT! Round 5 (40:02:38): 76 years ago this week, the Marines defeated the Japanese on Iwo. In a new ZBT tradition, we’re gonna hear from the last living Marine awarded the Medal of Honor during WW2.

    ZBT #350: Live Episode Shenanigans

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 26, 2021 79:05

    ROUND 1 (11:15:90): Guard Troops ambushed in Texas, held at gunpoint ROUND 2 (27:27:85): Not since the Axis powers have we seen such an unholy alliance as what is coming from the Pepsi and Peeps factories. This is an abomination to the Lord on EASTER no less! ROUND 3 (36:43:42): Like a longtime boyfriend who can’t take the next step, President Biden refuses to commit….to leaving Afghanistan by May 1st -YouTube live cut right here- ROUND 4 (45:53:39): Hand salute. Ready TO freak out because VP Harris failed to salute the Marines before boarding Air Force Two and people were wildly offended but ARE NOT SNOW FLAKES! ROUND 5 (55:28:34): It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission especially in the world of memes. The DoD wanted to go full blown Vindog on some Russian hackers but it took 22 days to launch the first meme and it wasnt even a live action meme or a targeted meme.

    ZBT #349: Kate Had A Baby!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2021 69:45

    Round 1 (10:03:06): Kate has officially given birth so she’s gonna be out for a while. Fret not because now that shes not here, we can talk about dicks more and thats EXACTLY what we are gonna do. Round 2 (19:47:43): It’s once again time to update the safety brief. A father in San Diego is arrested after bringing his two year old daughter into the elephant area and nearly getting his shit caved in. Round 3 (33:00:51): The Green Berets are being sent on a new mission to take on some pieces of shit who were recently given the terrorist designation and they big time deserve to be treated like Rocko in Boondock Saints. “We should kill everyone.” Round 4 (44:07:58): We hated the events of January 6th as much as anyone. A Marine turned congressman has some ideas for those veterans that were involved with storming the capitol.

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