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David Waldman

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    Kagro in the Morning - May 20, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - May 19, 2022

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    King of KITM, Local President David Waldman asks: What's next for Madison Cawthorn after his primary loss? Also: Who cares? Mads is certain to be forgotten much more quickly by Republicans than Democrats, for whom he'll be a wistful memory like Aaron Schock, who may have a few things in common with Cawthorn, but definitely better fashion sense. Greg Dworkin talks about the growing significance of Tuesday's elections. We are witnessing the birth of Fettermania! Soon all Democratic candidates will be 7 feet tall. That beats the winning algorithm Republicans have chosen, as every election cycle requires them to out white Christian nationalist each other. The Big Lie playbook was everywhere as Republicans promised that once elected, they would eliminate elections. The solution for those who don't trust democracy is of course more Electoral Colleges. Donald Trump says the vote is RIGGED, unless they stop counting votes and declare his boy the winner. GQP candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano, is so Trumpy he might embarrass Trump, but never Trump's followers, who would rather self-destruct than give up. Overthrow attempts of the last election are only beginning to be investigated. 9 Republicans voted against a bill that would help poor families buy baby formula. 192 voted no to help manage formula supply. Democratic candidate for governor of New York, Tom Suozzi, had a solution ready for the Buffalo Massacre question, it just wasn't a solution for that issue. Tesla's “Mike Lindell”, Elon Musk, will never vote commie again.  Furrys aren't taking over public schools. Stop it.

    Kagro in the Morning - May 18, 2022

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    How will Madison Cawthorn ever go back to his North Carolina cocaine orgy life after two years rubbing elbows in DC? Who cares, he's going. Chuck Edwards, whoever he is, gave Mads the key bump he wasn't hoping for last night. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin drop off the takeaways on Tuesday's primary elections.  Cawthorn was an insurrectionist maniac, but that didn't hurt him, as insurrectionist maniacs were the hot ticket for Republicans last night. Check out the results in Idaho, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, and this guy's school district. Leading GQP contenders in swing states are running for election on their ability to overthrow elections. Doug Mastriano promises to overthrow anyone he disagrees with, and God willing, smite whoever's in his way, which would include Trump if required. Don't expect Trumpists to ever go out of their way to help Trumpers. That just isn't how Trumpism works. Pro-Trump “electors” are named in a first-but-not-last-of-its-kind lawsuit in Wisconsin.  Former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman is backing away from his talk of election decertification. The Justice Department wants January 6 committee transcripts to move on its own investigations. Donald Trump keeps on being Trump, however. What does he have to lose? Mike Flynn doesn't really file a lawsuit to sue the people who didn't prosecute him for prosecuting him. Great Replacement theorists are afraid of Critical Race theory revealing their scam. Hungary's Victor Orbán pushes Great Replacement in his opening speech. Ron Johnson pushes and denies GRT at the same time. Mitch McConnell la-la-la'ed himself through an entire press conference on GRT. The Buffalo GRT shooter shared his plans for months on the Discord app and no one reported him. Nationalist Republicans want to make life hell for Mitch McConnell and Ukraine where Russia still claims to be winning, but something just doesn't smell right with that.

    Kagro in the Morning - May 17, 2022

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    Today, David Waldman announces that Joan McCarter is moving! No, not from Tuesdays on KITM, but from Idaho, where her family has lived for generations, to reunite with kith and kin in Oregon. Also, it might be a good time for her to leave Idaho, away from the far-right extremists taking over the GQP and the state. There's one Democrat left there to turn off the lights, and he's running for Governor. Well, there are others who say they are Democratic but are actually Republicans looking to parasitically take over the party. There probably has never been a more lucrative grift than Christianity, nor will there ever be. Anything that moves that much violence will always move a lot of cash. It also can't be beat for hiding any sorts of crime. The Trump administration did all it could to protect and nurture the White Christian Nationalist industry, and we now reap what they had sowed. Fox News doesn't even know what we are talking about. Elise Stefanik was a little late in shutting up. Wendy Rogers is just asking questions. In Georgia, the election supervisor let the local bail bond guy check out all her voting equipment for fraud. They had to throw out those machines, and that election supervisor. Colorado elections clerk Tina Peters is barred from overseeing elections, but unfortunately not from running in them. Lauren Boebert is a lying nitwit, but don't take my word for it, there are plenty of people who can personally attest to it. Meanwhile, North Korea has had an "explosive" COVID outbreak along with a 0% vaccination rate, and so has Eric Clapton.

    Kagro in the Morning - May 16, 2022

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    We are under the cloud of another mass shooting, or two, again. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin discuss the one Fox News will need a while to refocus upon, as it is based on the heart of their business model. The murders are Tucker Carlson's fault, and each one pays his salary. Tucker's long been pushing the “great replacement theory”, not only the shooter's raison d'être, but pretty much the GQP platform for some time. Replacement theory is nothing new, but neofascist muscle is now taking it to new places in brotherhood with Christian nationalism. Whiteness and Christianity have been consecrated by those who only worship themselves. It looks as if the place to be for Trump-endorsed candidates on January 6 was at the scene of the crime. Republican staffers have been fired for “ballot harvesting” in Pennsylvania, which used to be frowned upon, indeed it seems the interest of their Republican bosses as well. Businesses aren't seeing the McValue in staying in Russia any longer. In fact, rumor has it that Vladimir Putin might be vacating his own body in the near future. What does that mean for Russia? What does that mean for Ukraine? Oh no, what if Ukraine wins? Sweden isn't taking any chances.

    Kagro in the Morning - May 13, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - May 12, 2022

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    Not to underestimate you, but David Waldman and Greg Dworkin probably deliver as much KITM as you can handle today. Russia continues to not win in Ukraine.  Some would say they are losing. Some, like the Institute for the Study of War. Some, like Ukrainian soldier on the ground in charge of blowing up stuff, Максим. Sanctions are turning Russia into a place Borat would be ashamed to work for. Russia is pulling electronics out of their washing machines in order to keep their military running. Russian soldiers will wish they had pulled the SIM cards from their phones when the Switchblades lock on them. Remember when Republicans openly loved Russia? If only public opinion mattered to abortion rights. Mitch McConnell is unlikely to dump the filibuster to ban abortion until the very second he can. Joe Manchin might be a Republican, but that doesn't mean he always votes on a party line… unless it's against abortion rights. Well, that Supreme Court leak investigation deescalated quickly. Susan Collins and Stephen King live in the same neighborhood, of course. One of their neighbors used chalk on the sidewalk, not for hopscotch or Valentine's hearts, but in order to deeply concern Susan Collins. Elon Musk is bored with Tesla. Soon, he will be bored with Twitter. A popular GQP wacko might out-Trump all Republicans in Pennsylvania. She might even win her Senate nomination before conceding her 2020 House loss. That is Trumpy. The important elections however are for secretaries of state, as they are the ones who will install future Trumps. The math wasn't going Donald Trump's way in 2020, so John Eastman had a plan to install his own math. Baked Alaska came up with the novel idea of pleading guilty with a side-plea of innocence for his involvement on the insurrection January 6. Too novel for the judge, apparently. The January 6 Committee subpoenaed Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs and Scott Perry, which is a good start.

    Kagro in the Morning - May 11, 2022

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    David Waldman strictly follows the KITM plan for Wednesday success: A. Find out what Greg Dworkin wants to talk about.  B. Profit! Greg advises to always check with your doctor first before attempting to bury anyone in your backyard. Donald Trump is almost too stupid for words. The guy who wanted to nuke hurricanes planned to bomb China for shooting them at us, when all Trump really needed to do was to redirect a Jewish Space Laser at them. Mark Esper continues to come up with words on how stupid Trump was. Lindsey Graham would even tell you how stupid Donald was, if you were to catch him feeling catty. It's gotten so bad that people are now starting to question Donald's business sense. Trump actually is not the only stupid Republican. Tommy Tuberville is one of the last GQP to pretend to fall out of love with Russia and hasn't yet got the hang of it. Charles Herbster assaulted a fraction of the women Donald Trump has, and yet still couldn't ace his primary in Nebraska. Idiot Doug Mastriano however is polling great in Pennsylvania, and that is exactly why Republicans there are worried. Joe Manchin might be a Republican, but that doesn't mean he approves of everything Donald Trump says. The Republican party was hoping their voters would be interested in non-stupid issues, such as the economy, but that won't happen when there's so many tempting stupid issues out there. Democrats would like to run on how stupid Republicans are, but they probably should be focused on the economy as well. The GQP sure hadn't planned to talk about abortion, an issue that makes things more complex for them but simplifies things for Democrats, because all Dems need to do is represent what America wants. The Evangelical Church got into anti-abortion politics right about when Jimmy Carter made them desegregate.  John Eastman put together a plan for overturning the 2020 election, but first needed Pennsylvania to help get the fraud rolling. Ukrainian troops have fought their way back to the Russian border, and boy, the Russians are blowing their tops. Ukraine seems to have better intelligence and equipment and definitely knows how to use them. The trick is to kick Putin's ass gently. Not too fast or too hard, but just the right amount.

    Kagro in the Morning - May 10, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - May 9, 2022

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    David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back broadcasting from the KITM booth for the 77th annual Victory Day Parade and it sure is a beautiful day today, just not so much for Vladimir Putin, who needed to reach back, way back, to find a victory worth talking about. If you want real heroes and real fireworks, check out Ukraine. Oooooh!  Ahhhhhh! In the US, Pro-Roe mobs roam the streets calligraphing buildings implying to hint at an allusion to proto-violence, causing a few Republicans to reach for their smelling salts and others to reach for their ARs. Clarence Thomas blames your reaction for his decision, and if you didn't keep voting for a world he disagrees with, he wouldn't need to vote to invalidate your beliefs. Mitch McConnell ABOSUTELY WILL MAKE A NATIONAL ABORTION BAN HAPPEN AND WILL IMMEDIATELY THROW OUT THE FILIBUSTER TO DO SO.  When government is determined to be against the will of the people, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, don't you think? Ben Franklin was determined not to be the founding father of too many and published an abortion recipe in his math book. Good to not have to exist in such primitive desperate times! Billionaire Russian oligarch Alexander Subbotin has reportedly died after an anti-hangover treatment that involved toad poison. Meghan McCain isn't smart and annoys people. It really was not smart to annoy Steve Schmidt.

    Kagro in the Morning - May 6, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - May 5, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - May 4, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - May 3, 2021, airing May 3, 2022

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    Whoops! What a day to be out! But maybe it's for the best, just for today. Maybe you'd rather just wrap yourself up in the comfort of an old show. Like our May 3, 2021 episode. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin were back together again! Their pent-up news energy threatened to explode at any minute (as did Greg's computer). Good news! The world has emerged victorious over influenza this year! COVID-19, not yet. India is calling their pandemic response a crime against humanity. In the US, “herd immunity” has probably fallen out of reach, but we might not need to achieve it to reach normalcy, which could mean something like seasonal flu death rates. About 56% of U.S. adults have received at least one shot, with the more vaccinated areas receiving more benefits. The Johnson & Johnson pause didn't really increase vaccine hesitancy, it's just that some will get around to it when they get around to it, and some are just cops, and you go and try to make a cop do a thing. Even fake cops can be pretty cocky, although the “Arizona Rangers” are just grifters with badges. Schools got air TROUBLE my friend! With a capital ”T”, that rhymes with “P” and that stands for “unproven” air cleaner technology sold by traveling hucksters, looking for their piece of institutional pie. Meanwhile, Republicans be Republicaning. Systemic racism got them here, but lies… and more lies will need to keep them here. Republicans long for the days when their insurrecting had a shelf life. One news team plans on remembering for once. The Gop hopes that more poll watchers will abuse their positions in the future. Of course, they assume poll watchers are just like them. The Giuliani two-man clown car is crashing and burning, and you can bet they'll find more clowns in the trunk. The nation smiles at President Joe Biden, and Uncle Joe smiles back in unity. Republicans might even be feeling it a little bit. 

    Kagro in the Morning - May 2, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning Worldwide licensed merchandise continues to hit snags. Our KITM-embossed ashtrays have been underscoring in focus groups, and now our Kagro-blooey! ™ unexploded artillery shells have run into an indefinite shipping delay. Where David Waldman comes up short in self-marketing though, he more than makes up in dropping dope bars. Hey, it's Monday so Greg Dworkin is here to lead the roundup: The cringe of the White House Correspondents' Association dinner has been rebooted now that we aren't overwhelmed with cringe on a daily basis. Is there such a thing as a White House Correspondent anymore? If reporters know, they aren't telling.  President Joe joked about his low ratings, but perhaps that joke is done, since Biden is beginning to climb back up. Perhaps now's the time to look into student loan forgiveness? Elon Musk might not be able to define free speech, but he knows it when he sees it, and it's whatever the market will allow. And as long as rich white guys like him are the market that is what it will be. Unyielding conservative publisher of the unyielding conservative Manchester Union Leader newspaper constantly molested his daughter. Donald Trump wanted to shoot protesters around the White House in June 2020. In a few months he developed a different viewpoint, as did many in the GQP. The RNC's lawsuit to stop the Jan. 6 select committee from finding just how different that viewpoint was, has been rejected in court. A special grand jury has been opened in Georgia to gather evidence relating to possible criminal charges on the Trump coup. One day Donald will discover what Madison Cawthorn is now learning, that no one gets beat on like a failed bully. Which brings us, and legions of hackers, to Russia. Russia continues to fail in Ukraine. Another of Putin's main men is finding the dangers of in-person visits over phoning it in from Moscow.  Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi walks right into Kyiv to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky.

    Kagro in the Morning - April 29, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - April 28, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - April 27, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - April 26, 2022

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    April 25 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - April 22, 2022

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    David Waldman made it the end of the week without losing his mind yet, so let's all hold it together for a couple more hours and hear what he has to say: A performer at a haunted house was shot when a man shot him with a gun that he thought was a prop. Many guns are props, but unfortunately, they are still guns. Yep, everyone knows that. Still happens, though. Guns killed more people ages 1 to 19 in the U.S. than vehicle crashes, drugs overdoses or cancer. You know that most of those guns were bought for home safety. Kevin McCarthy said Donald Trump was to blame for January 6! Then defended Trump in public! McCarthy said Trump was “feckless, spineless” and a “liar” … and yet, Kevin is all three of those! Also! Everybody also knew what McCarthy thought of Trump long ago, from a previous time he was caught on tape. Liz Cheney doesn't know where you got those tapes, but in case you're interested she has many, many more. Remember back in Watergate, when Republicans were honest? Mark Meadows, election integrity warrior, was simultaneously registered to vote in three states. The Judge that threw out the Federal mask mandate did so on behalf of a group devoted to their body, their choice, while new anti-abortion laws will now restrict interstate travel, which you'd think was unconstitutional, and what about emoluments, huh? Republicans live their whole lives then one day suddenly realize how furious they are about wearing masks, not being allowed to say the N word, math textbooks… and Disney World! Tomorrow they will just as furiously believe the opposite. Don't they know what kind of hypocritical self-serving dimwits they seem like?  And, that's the game. The playbook says, “They will say you're a hypocrite. Don't worry. Keep going. This wastes their time and when you win, you will be right and what they say won't matter.”

    Kagro in the Morning - April 21, 2022

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    David Waldman and Greg Dworkin wedged some big rafts o' stories into the dock today! Emmanuel Macron remains France's least-worst option, because Le Pen couldn't be less worse for all the people. Over in Ukraine, Putin's genocide isn't exactly going as he planned. That won't stop Vlad from declaring “Mission Accomplished” in Mariupol, ignoring those obstinate Ukrainian Troops hanging about. Russia does completely control the gravel that used to be Mariupol however, which seems to be the essence of the Russian army strategy for the next couple of weeks in advance of their big victory party. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues to be a great leader that plays one on TV. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz offered Ukraine a billion euros worth of arms… but he seems to have misplaced the requisition form somewhere. Graphic schmuck on schmuck violence erupted on the set of Piers Morgan Uncensored recently. Sadly, both survived. In fact, this bromeopathic therapy will probably do wonders for our former guy's macho image. Trump can't lose, as long as he keeps winning. Steve KG Bannon first harnessed the power of angry assholes in large groups but needed Trump to be their king. Alex Jones, once the prince of pricks, has fallen from grace, and is reaching out to the Justice Department to snitch away some jail time. The throne is never empty for long and Chaya Raichik of Libs of TikTok is the newest ass in it. The New York Times is certain there must be somebody on the left just like each of the above examples. Ron DeSantis wrecks vengeance upon the Happiest Place on Earth to bring it a bit closer to Florida levels. Desantis' other crusade is against dangerous math textbooks, and for their replacement by one single publisher linked to Virginia's Glenn Youngkin. Marjorie Traitor Greene might be one of the first Reb officers to be questioned under oath, but she won't be the last. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy were shocked to their senses for a moment after January 6 but slid back quickly under their respective rocks. Donald Trump says that if New York really wanted those subpoenaed documents, they should have called before he ate them.

    Kagro in the Morning - April 20, 2022

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    Hoorah! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin again wield the full force of the internet to bear us athwart the hebdomad convexity: Vladimir Putin is presently fighting World War III, or at least World War II, in Ukraine. Vlad's definitely writing checks he cannot cash. Meanwhile, Ukraine's rich uncle is going to make it rain, as howitzers, helicopters, tanks and fighter jets are now beginning to pop up like daisies. You can put time and effort into pointing out the illogic, hypocrisy and stupidity of the Right's ideas, as many have for a generation or two, but keep in mind that they will be spending their time making those ideas reality. Why yes, that judge's opinion striking down the airplane mask mandate is quite idiotic. Everybody on both sides knows that. So, what are you going to do about it? The Biden administration may not do anything, because maybe Republicans would then make another law to prove that reality wrong. David suggests that if Democrats don't have the courage to challenge one judge's incredibly silly, paper-thin decision, that perhaps instead they could make the breathtaking historical gambit of… yeah, right.  The illogic, hypocrisy and stupidity therefore continue. Ron DeSantis' office doxxes the public but is sad to be doxxed. Ron is punishing Disney by threatening to take away $2 billion of their debt and passing it along to the taxpayer. Marjorie Traitor Greene might actually be forced into acting rationally, but don't bet on it. Mike Lee could also come clean, but Mark Meadows hasn't told him what to say yet. Somebody honest could turn up yet in front of the committee, you never know. Even the state of Tennessee behaves reasonably, sometimes. Munchies? Just because it's floating in a rainbow above your head doesn't mean it's all magically delicious… but it probably is, so go for it!

    Kagro in the Morning - April 19, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - April 18, 2022

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    Looking for something entertaining, educational, and two hours long? You've come to the right place! Well, almost. We're right up there… what, maybe two inches away, max? But, if you can't find us here, check us out over at Libsyn or at YouTube, where you'll always find us, never too far from “kangaroo fights”. David Waldman counts down the days to Eastern Orthodox Easter, somehow the source of 80% of our humor here. Greg Dworkin calls a meeting in the KITM War Room to discuss the upcoming Battle of the Donbas. It's not a secret meeting, in fact everyone everywhere can plainly see everything going down. A retired Russian colonel demonstrated that he was way smarter than any dead general by predicting where Russian troops would find themselves today, three weeks before the war began. Ukraine decided to not wait for Russians to get their act together and began pinching off their pincer movement early. Russian checks bouncing is a real problem as their war machine runs on foreign components. In fact, Russia will eventually lose when it gives up. The sinking of Russia's flagship is bad news for everyone's navy, however. Alex Jones' InfoWars files for bankruptcy, probably forcing Alex into hosting a show on CNN. Newsrooms aren't stupid and evil, they've only sold themselves to stupid and evil people. Not every stupid and evil person is rich though. Marjorie Traitor Greene makes a lot, spends even more. Madison Cawthorn might need to throw a bake sale at his next cocaine orgy. Mike Lee spent 14 hours a day trying to help Donald Trump overthrow the government, and what thanks does he get? John Eastman has spent decades plotting coups and what has he ever gotten out of it? Not enough, that's for sure. For more than a generation, Project Blitz has strived to be the Christian nationalist-dominionist ALEC for local government, and unfortunately, they've been pretty good at it. Emmanuel Macron leads Marine Le Pen before the vote, but what counts is who leads after the vote.

    Kagro in the Morning - April 15, 2022

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    You thought last week had a good Friday? Just wait until you catch what David Waldman has in store for today! More and more texts are emerging revealing the criminality of the criminals behind the January 6 insurrection. Mike Lee of Utah and Chip Roy of Texas bombarded Mark Meadows with helpful hints on how to reinstall Donald Trump, including bringing in “straight shooter” Sidney Powell. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott discovered that no day is a good day for traffic problems coming in from the border. The DC-Ontario Trucker Caravan couldn't have blocked traffic and commerce more completely. Speaking of trafficking, Gregg will be moving as many as 900 busses of immigrants across state lines, on expense-paid trips out of danger and into sanctuary. Abbott hopes that Republicans will let him slide on his accidental care for the oppressed, and to please understand that he really meant to do harm. Everyone hates to lose arguments, be proven wrong, and to be made fun of. The best way to fix that would be to buy the forum that you are being criticized on and then feed it into a woodchipper. Not everyone is able to do that of course, so instead they become one of the 5 Supreme Court justices for whom winning is not enough, they also refuse to hear dissent. Remember Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Amy Klobuchar wants to help keep their memory alive with new statues in the Capitol. Many couch cushions were flipped to find the money for those statues.  

    Kagro in the Morning - April 14, 2022

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    David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back, baby. In Ukraine, Russia had its flagship shot out of the water like a Muscovy sitting duck. (China should worry that someone might develop a taste for Peking sitting duck.) Russia didn't plan on bad roads and weather for their war, and their U-haul is almost out of rentals. Slovakia is sending Ukraine a Soviet-era air defense system as it does seem that they are fighting a Soviet-era army. Slovakia is a NATO country, as Sweden and Finland will be soon. Russia threatens the Baltics with whatever they have left once they are finished with Ukraine. Meanwhile, Latin American countries volunteer to take one big step back from this thing. It seems that Russia's only remaining friends are too tied up in their 2022 election campaigns to really help. Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden have had a hard time enthusing their lefties. Mitch McConnell knew about Donald Trump's plan to overthrow the United States, but you didn't know about that because these two guys wanted to sell a book. Time for some traffic problems on the Texas border as Governor Greg Abbot tries out New Jersey politics on Joe Biden. North Carolina is taking steps to keep Mark Meadows from committing voter fraud, a crime so vile hanging would be too good for him, unless he's a Republican, and then Civics class would be more than enough. The upcoming trend in conservative thought is to kill public school teachers, or at least call for their deaths, which is hardly as bad, right? Glenn Youngkin wants a piece of that action, which he likes to call “transparency and accountability”. He also likes to pick fights with Loudoun County, every Virginian red county's idea of woke commies. Loudoun School Board Elections happen every four years, but Glenn says why not three, just this once? Youngkin pulled that idea right out of his tip line... or not. Why would you think transparency and accountability pertained to him? When not pwning Loudoun, Glenn Youngkin spends his time vetoing bills and cutting taxes to whip inflation. 88-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein's reelection plans might have hit a stumbling block, as she becomes less and less available in this reality.

    Kagro in the Morning - April 13, 2022

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    David Waldman is still “out”, but never out of things to say!  Thus, while David's wife and kid are treated to a LIVE Kagro in the Car this morning, we likewise score an ALL-NEW hour of pre-recorded KITM! The State Department reports that the White House gift records for Donald Trump and Mike Pence are MISSING! Whaaaaaaaa? If only somebody had done something when they said we couldn't instead of waiting until now when they say we can't! Idiots, sycophants, and lunatics flock to Mar-a-Lago in order to leap into bullshit so concentrated that it has collapsed into a spacetime singularity focused on late 2020. However, even Donald Trump can't believe how long and how far Wisconsin Michael Gableman has been able carry his farce. Ron DeSantis wastes everyone's time screwing with people probably just to bait reporters into accusing him of wasting everyone's time for partisan reasons. Glenn Youngkin vetoes 25 bipartisan bills and looks forward to working together with the members of the General Assembly by vetoing whatever else they come up with.

    Kagro in the Morning - April 12, 2022

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    Today, as David Waldman carries on in his quest for an establishment of higher learning worthy of his son, it is an excellent opportunity to check out the two finest exemplars of Republican wunderkinds, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. After solving world peace and the COVID pandemic, Jared Kushner set out to make his name in private equity investment. So, one day Jared popped his head out of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's pocket to ask for some money. Unfortunately, Jared had no experience no experience running an investment fund, which MBS's sovereign wealth fund advisors pointed out, and that along with the issue of Kushner's operation being unsatisfactory in all aspects, and Jared's unfortunate predilection of associating with the most unsavory and corrupt scoundrels might all sully the Saudi Kingdom's honor. Nonetheless, the crown prince saw something special in the young man, and worthy of investment, and MBS tossed Jared a couple of billion, raising the total worth of Kushner's company to around $2.5 billion. On the other hand, Don Jr. has some catching up to do if he wants to earn Donald Trump's love. There was a time, before 2020's votes were even counted, when Junior had operational control. He had multiple paths, and he controlled them all. It was very simple, but Don failed again. Someday, Dad!

    Kagro in the Morning - April 11, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - April 8, 2022

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    It's not Good Friday, but it's always a great Friday with David Waldman and KITM! Nancy Pelosi, President Joe Biden's sister, and Jill Biden's press secretary all caught the new (but not newest) COVID variant this week, along with a big chunk of DC, for yet another superspreader event to not get worked up over… but do stay careful out there! Russians are probably war criminals, certainly assholes, and will soon be on the ash heap of history but should never be confused with the Soviet Union. David explains where that went wrong at the United Nations. Donald Trump struck a defiant posture and repeated false claims the other day… and also today and will do it tomorrow too. We all hold Donald in contempt, but New York Attorney General Letitia James wants to make it official and charge Trump $10,000 a day until he turns over subpoenaed documents. Meanwhile, the Justice Department has begun investigating the former guy's theft of 15 boxes of White House records. The Tennessee bill allowing a man the freedom to marry a woman, free of the constraints of age or any other competency in giving consent, was actually intended to invalidate the marriages of men with men, or women with women. Tennesseans also will soon have the freedom to deworm without the embarrassment of talking to a pharmacist.  The Supreme Court has recently avoided their embarrassment and hassle of explaining their decisions while overthrowing precedent through shadow dockets. From now on, let's treat their opinions as “opinions”. A couple of guys told Secret Service agents that they were with the Department of Homeland Security, and really why shouldn't they be believed? After all, they gave everybody a bunch of really cool stuff for free! However, no one ever expected that the crime-fighting inspectors from the Postal Service would come along and break up the fun.

    Kagro in the Morning - April 7, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - April 6, 2022

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    David Waldman slipped Greg Dworkin's timecard through the clock today as Greg's off “on assignment”, or something. Don't worry, Greg should be back tomorrow! A Tennessee bill proposes to eliminate pedophilia simply... by putting a ring on it. No longer will marriage be held back by age, psychiatric disorders or mental capacity. It's not “grooming” if your spouse isn't old enough to comb their own hair, is it? TN Representative John Rose met his future wife back in high school… when he was agriculture commissioner. Fellow TN Rep. David Byrd was named chairman of an education subcommittee, and in three women's sexual assault allegations from when he was a high school coach. Byrd has learned his lesson… at least about vaccination, once COVID almost killed him. So, that's why it's “Moms for Liberty” pushing “Don't Say Gay” bills in red states, because man, you don't want to consider the “Dad”s' histories… but let's! For instance, Dennis Hastert was the longest Republican-complicit, felon/Speaker of the House in history. Then there's Rep. Mark Foley. You might remember him in connection with “The Mark Foley Scandal”, in which he texted… uhm, ewwwwwww! Anyhow, like Hastert and several other Dads for Liberty, Mark was very, very anti-gay, in theory. Ohio's “Don't Say Gay” clone bill was recently introduced by Jean “Mean Jean” Schmidt, who identifies as “female” presumably, or else why would they have let her in the Capitol women's restroom to sully Michelle Bachmann's vomit? 

    Kagro in the Morning - April 5, 2022

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    David Waldman delivers the Tuesday KITM and pizza… No, he thought you were bringing the pizza! Remember the good old days, when ducks didn't wear pants, unless they were female, so they had a bow and no one asked questions and everything was great?  Ron DeSantis does, or at least he mandates that from now on that everyone will pretend that is the case. Anti-mandates and anti-cancel culture are so yesterday for Republicans! Why even anti-CRT is beginning to feel a bit passé once they felt the warmth of their new dirty word, “grooming” pass over their lips. Marjorie Traitor Greene got overly excited and called all Democrats and many Republicans pro-pedophiles. Tennessee figured out how to eliminate pedophilia the old-fashioned way. Florida's solution to Black voting was deplorable enough to finally catch a Federal judge's attention. No state cares less about any Constitution than Ohio. Facing contempt charges for violating their Constitution, state Republicans explain their job is only to stamp “approved” on whatever redistricting map was in their in-box. Ohio's redistricting maps were “complete” like Trump's phone logs are “complete”, in that's about as complete as they want to make them. There's no missing information as far as Trump staff are concerned, because they did not intend to supply the information in the first place.  Joan McCarter reports that Ketanji Brown Jackson is almost a Supreme Court justice, in spite of Republican efforts, which will turn into a full blockade if they get the power. That doesn't mean they aren't furiously rowing backwards on everything already. Republican-in-everything-but-name-only Joe Manchin doesn't remember what approving a bill is like anymore. Joe Manchin will show everyone what real inflation is, right before the election.

    Kagro in the Morning - April 4, 2022

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    David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are together again for a new KITM! That's the good news today. The rest, well... At Donald Trump's latest Big Lie Jamboree, Michigan congresswoman Lisa McClain got to bring her lie game up to the podium, telling the crowd about how Donald caught Bin Ladin. Yes, Lisa McClain is an actual member of Congress, and not a Cecily Strong character, yet. Whatever can be said at a MAGA rally, the crowd will always be at least two lies ahead. The infrastructure to support such delusion is daunting and requires a steady feed of lies. Removing viewers from the Fox News teat for only a month tends to wean them for good. CBS hired Trump flunky Mick Mulvaney for access to just that kind of viewer. Americans strongly disapprove of how the GQP treated Ketanji Brown Jackson. That doesn't trouble Republicans, nor will it alter their plans. Just wait until there's a replacement that alters the balance of the rigging they already put into place and see how they behave. In Ohio, land of bad haircuts and worse ethics, Secretary of State Frank LaRose certainly wouldn't mind it if the Ohio Supreme Court Chief were to be impeached for following the Ohio Constitution. His legislature flushed their constitution a couple of decades ago. By the way, the Jan. 6 committee is now wondering if a criminal referral for Donald Trump would really be necessary, considering how they are a little behind in stuff and all. Donald Trump will continue being a criminal, probably for the rest of all of our lifetimes. Donald Trump has no reason to believe that lies and bluffs wouldn't carry him forever. Neither did Vladimir Putin, until very recently. At that point, putting up and shutting up became equally bad choices so Vlad picked the one that might potentially kill him last.

    Kagro in the Morning - April 1, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * This morning, David Waldman was late packing school lunches and just hadn't the time for fooling around. If you are in the mood for that kind of stuff, you can check out our KITM Eastern Orthodox April Fool's Day Special, tomorrow… David looks back at the Ukraine Aid Freeze of 2019, because it was withheld in the never-ending pursuit of dirt, has always been lied about, and will be lied about in the future. Newly elected Lauren Boebert was already an insurrectionist VIP on January 6, with a seat at the insurrectionist planning committee, right behind Mr. Pillow! Lauren didn't crash the party though; Boebert earned her seat leading insurrectionist tours the day before. Horse paste does not cure COVID-19. Most who take it are idiots. Idiots do remain Republicans' most important constituency, however, so the sacred right to brush your teeth with the stuff will never be infringed upon. An anti-masker in Pennsylvania did her research, not on masks but on arcane local procedural provisions, to oust 5 out of 9 of her school board members. Conservatives now embrace QAnon's "liberals are pedophiles", and “great replacement” doctrines, even taking Disney flat-footed.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 31, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * Kick in some money and you'd be amazed at what we at KITM can do. David Waldman reads viewer mail, in which we hear Greg Dworkin's dog Abby is more than just a doorbell: she's 50% pointer, 50% retriever, and 100% attractive to skunks. David explains Nike swooshes, French pop music, how some Steve Millers are better than others, and why our loving wives keep pointing us toward more lucrative careers, like perhaps, Walmart greeters.  We discover little about the Five Brothers Waldman, other than Paul Waldman may not be one. Paul, however, gives us a heads up on the QAnon buzzword/Republican dog whistle “groomer”, which will spread like wildfire when your aunt thinks she learned a new dirty word. Madison Cawthorn did break the first rule of Republican Sex Cult, which in turn got him called to Kevin McCarthy's office… and not just for hookers and blow either. Primaries are the bus Republicans are most often thrown under. Mick Mulvaney must still be invited to the parties, because that is exactly the advantage CBS sees in him. Some at CBS just don't get the benefit of access journalism though. The DOJ is expanding its January 6 probe to include the insurrection rally. It looks like a few of Donald Trump's phone calls fell off of the White House log. Trump is in so much trouble that the only person he can turn to is… Vladimir Putin. Vlad has enough problems at the moment, however. His Russian army can't capture a town twenty miles away. They're using tree branches and carpet remnants for camouflage and are slapping together ISIS-level hardware to fight. Most of their soldiers there don't know why they are there, and thousands more are being shanghaied to join them. Meanwhile, Putin's right wing want him to up the viciousness. Renault is divesting from AvtoVAZ, which will take Russia another step closer to Borat levels. The people and businesses in Germany are cutting back in order to give Russia a little less. Russia has wanted out of talks with Japan over the Kuril Islands since WWII, and figured this time is as good as any to slide out. Joe Rogan might not be the medical expert many hoped for, as Ivermectin is shown to be ineffective on Covid.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 30, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * Wake up with David Waldman and the KITM Morning Zoo (Greg Dworkin) for another Wacky Wednesday! Susan Collins found a way to sound very seriously concerned while still voting yes on Ketanji Brown Jackson, so that's “bipartisanship” off the to-do list. There appears to be a new urgency about a Covid preparedness funding bill as it dawns on people that there's still Covid to be prepared for. You can be tired and burned out about the pandemic, but you just can't quit it like your job. Donald Trump is always on the phone, it's just sometimes not his phone. When Trump said he didn't know what “a burner phone” was, he was probably lying, but then again Donald Trump knows the actual meaning of very few words. However, if you want to know what Trump was “thinking”, read Ginni Thomas' text messages and you won't be far off.  Sovereign citizens all think they're Donald Trump, except they're also anti-vaxxers as well, which is a awful combination. The New York attorney general says there's significant evidence that the Trump Organization misstated asset values for more than a decade, which sounds almost criminal. Donald asked Vladimir Putin to assist with regime change in the US, when Vlad has some downtime. A former congressman and a lobbyist look for work in Belarus, a country aligned with Russia, of course... all except for the Belarusians, of course, who hate Russia almost as much as Russians. If Russia isn't that big of a deal, why do we spend so much time and money worrying about them? The UK also sees the need to reconsider their defense budget, for when a keyboard might do as much as tank. The Walt Disney Company doesn't like Florida's Don't Say Gay bill, and Ron DeSantis says disagreeing with him crosses the line, so now it's war.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 29, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube   Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * What would Tuesdays be without David Waldman and Joan McCarter? One can assume they'd be Tuesdays still, but not as pleasant. Clank! Into the hole! People actually witnessed Donald Trump achieve, probably for the first time in his life.  We still await Trump's long-awaited pivot to chain gang.  A federal judge found that it's “more likely than not” that Trump committed a few crimes while attempting to overthrow the government. Probably more than a few crimes. If only the White House phone records handed over to the House select committee didn't have that gap of seven hours and 37 minutes right over the insurrection! That gap might be explained by all of the burner phones, bought with cash, by January 6 organizers... Donald doesn't understand, what are these “burner” phones you speak of… and what about Hunter? Plenty of evidence is being provided by that reverse Martha Michell, Ginni Thomas and her texts with Mark Meadows. Clarence Thomas should… or he could… but he won't. Trump's estranged lover Mike Pence will never come out, as neither will the still firmly-lodged Ted Cruz. Mick Mulvaney follows the money over to CBS. Sanctioned oligarch Roman Abramovich tried to patch up things between Ukraine and Russia. It seems that somebody wasn't all for him doing that, and since the meeting wasn't near a 5th story window, somebody had to go with plan B. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden released his 2023 budget after he ran it past his boss, West Virginia Oligarch, Dirty-Coal Baron, Joe Manchin. Joe was a Carpet King once upon a time, one of the little people before he discovered what lazy drug addicts they all were. But now that Manchin maybe might vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson, you can keep this great Senator's name out your mouth. There's plenty waiting to screw things up if Manchin isn't available, anyways.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 28, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - March 25, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * David Waldman delivers an “ALL-NEW!” KITM today, with all-new rabbit holes to explore! We return to the Antigonish-ish story of Hunter Biden's laptop. The closer you look, the less there is, but it's the New York Times, so it must still be “a story”, right? Is anyone dumb enough to believe that anyone is dumb enough to believe Donald Trump's big lie? Republicans believe good faith is for suckers, and finding suckers for their lies makes them winners. Conversely, they see believing in widely held truth and facts as weak acquiescence. That is why there is no down side for Trump. Lord Evgeny Lebedev didn't lie big enough to hold his peerage in British parliament. In fact, Lebedev does nothing at all. OTOH, Vladimir Putin has always been one of the hardest-working mobsters in Russia, but the Ukraine job might be his last.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 24, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver our KITM booster today. Nobody turns those down. Meanwhile, COVID cases are beginning to inch up again, so expect hospitalizations and deaths will follow. Also expect a comparable spike in misinformation and self-denial. The Clarence Thomas deathwatch health update is that Clarence enjoys his adjustable hospital bed so much that he'll probably spend this weekend in it. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson doesn't need to mold herself on anyone, but plenty do see a future role model for themselves in her. Tucker Carlson was disappointed that Judge Jackson didn't sing us a song. Ben Sasse believes Ted Cruz is a jackass. Alan Dershowitz feels that Ted Cruz acted like a bigot. Ron Perlman agrees. Senator Patrick Leahy felt that Lindsey Graham's behavior was an abrogation of everything the Senate should stand for. Cruz, Graham, Josh Hawley, and Tom Cotton got what they needed, which is not what they deserved. Laura Ingraham says Senators have a sacred duty to not confirm judges that she dislikes. Russia had one of their ships sunk off the coast of Ukraine, and a couple others were picked off near Cannes. Ukraine should employ more walruses.  Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is in Europe talking with NATO allies. We already know what Estonia will have to say. Russian shelling killed a Russian journalist, Oksana Baulina. One of those shells might have had Baulina's name on it. Donald Trump threw Mo Brooks under the bus, but Mo hopes to take Donald under with him. Trump's candidate for Michigan attorney general has everything a Trump Republican would require. Prosecutor Mark Pomerantz resigned from investigating Donald Trump saying that he has no doubt Trump was guilty of numerous felonies. So now what? Paul Manafort is up to no good, but he can't do it in Dubai, as his passport's been revoked. Alex Jones is in so much legal trouble that all he can do is anything to delay his inevitable end. Before they employ even one more Black person, the Supreme Court cut down on Black people getting elected. Why? They don't have to tell you why, but it might be because... they don't have to tell you why, and what are you going to do about it? Evangelicals figure that there is nothing a church could ever do for them that a gun can't.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 23, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver the latest communiques from the front, on wars here and abroad. Russia is losing, especially when it comes to convincing anyone it's not losing. The world now has to convince Russia to not take everyone down with them. Ukrainians slip into Russian's DMs to invite them to surrender. For a moment there, we weren't talking about everything that popped into the QAnon hivemind, but then the Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation hearings began and all that ended. Josh Hawley yearned to see Ketanji's reaction on a few porn stories he had heard but then forgot the punchline to the one Clarence Thomas used to tell. No matter what Republicans tried, Judge Jackson remained above it all. We are still losing to COVID-19. We lost a million lives, and have had enough, which to some means surrender, and the welcoming of our virus overlords. The CDC couldn't fight the war and please everyone at the same time. The DC caravan of grievance will now makeover their trucks into posse-wagons and go out cruising to citizen arrest local police officers and the mayor. Senator Mike Braun isn't a big fan of either abortion rights or interracial marriage, especially when the federal government is, so he'd like do-overs in each state, so that Mike and like-minded Americans can go in and correct all of the mistakes the wrong people made. Donald Trump didn't fail Mo Brooks, Mo Brooks failed Donald Trump… Now Donald really has Mo problems. Stacey Abrams, President of United Earth, is running for Governor of Georgia and hopes to turn Brian Kemp's previous unconstitutional incumbency protection rigging against him. In Texas, a court is blocking investigations of parents providing gender care to their children. Mark Meadows will miss his wife when she goes to jail for voter fraud.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 22, 2022

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    Kagro in the Morning - March 21, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * David Waldman and Greg Dworkin give us the latest on the war-watch: Join the Russian Army! Room for advancement — top positions open every day! By the way, who is winning in Ukraine? Nobody! Counting dead bodies and kilometers gained won't tell you what really matters, as things go much deeper than that. Russian combat effectiveness is falling apart as fast as all of their trucks. Rope-a-doping Russians while Ukrainians die can be a toughie though. Another COVID wave is coming with a much bigger surge than anyone saw coming, unless you are one of our reader/listeners, then c'mon. Ginni Thomas' husband Clarence is in the hospital with an “infection”. The good news is if he has malaria, hydroxychloroquine will clear it right up. Rural America wasn't ready for COVID, and now things are even worse. Glenn Youngkin has reached the “giving the finger to all his constituents” stage in record time. Hunter's laptop was a story that wasn't there. It wasn't there again today. Don't you wish it'd go away? Now the whatabouts are back to Ashley Biden's diary, which fell off of a truck into the hands of a girlfriend of a guy that lived in a house… then was passed around a Trump fundraiser like a Marina Butina photo op, until it was fenced to Project Veritas, who should have all gone to jail years ago. A member of the DKos community known as Fishgrease (also known for dropping the F-bomb more often than Greg Dworkin) has found his niche of helping make people smarter about proper booming technique and oil well production. Turns out, Deepwater Horizon isn't just a Wahlberger. The DC truckers with entirely way too much time on their hands are still hanging around, still being humiliated by bicyclists, kidnapping Tesla drivers, and inspiring patriots everywhere. Their leader Brian Brase got bored and left. We knew Mark Meadows helped plan the January 6 insurrection. Scott Johnson, who worked on the planning of Trump's Ellipse rally, knew firsthand, and is talking. All of this is distracting us from Ketanji Brown Jackson's first day of confirmation hearings! We'll catch up on that lunacy tomorrow.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 18, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * David Waldman brings us Friday, and it is about time. Florida police have arrested a man who sold a “fentanyl-laced powder” to five West Point cadets who bought the powder, overdosed on it, and who knows, might also get in some sort of legal trouble themselves. Arnold Schwarzenegger is viral on all media with a message of sincerity and truth to the Russian people. Russian soldiers in Ukraine may view the video while they wait for a tow. Russian generals can watch it while a Switchblade locks on their cellphone signal. Donald Trump thought US troops were in Ukraine back in 2017. He probably still does. Trump's ignorance is almost infinite. Unvaccinated in the US have another COVID wave to be unconcerned about until their surprise intubation. Senator Ron Johnson considers an OJ Simpson team up to hunt down the culprit. The trucker caravan bravely carries out sorties into downtown DC to fight antifa for parking spots. How do Russian oligarchs get so darn rich? The old-fashioned way, with lots of dollars. Clarence Thomas' worse/better half, Ginni Thomas, admits attending the January 6 insurrection rally, but absolutely nothing else until proven otherwise. North Carolina's State Bureau of Investigation will investigate allegations of voter fraud against Mark Meadows, only to discover Mark is not black. How did VA give Biden a 10-point victory, only to see McAuliffe lose by 2 a year later? Common wisdom blamed suburban parents, but new analysis suggests a more complex answer, namely old white people out to control the lives of their enemies. The 2020 Census undercounted Blacks and Latinos, but they still can wield power when organized, wresting away anti-history bigotry from the Indiana legislature. Of course, there are some Hispanics white enough to be racists, and men of all colors ready to be misogynist. An Idaho bill allows a rapist's family to make a few bucks off the rape, while in Iowa, it's ok for milk to kill people, but no one can threaten the dairy industry.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 17, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * Today, David Waldman celebrates Jewish Mardi Gras, and Irish Mardi Gras, and tomorrow will be broadcasting from the floor of KITM World Headquarters. Mmm-mmm! Enough green beer and anything's a nosh! Greg Dworkin reports on the birth of a new Ukraine and continuing fall of Russia. Ukrainians are a band of brothers, while Russia stalls out in the east, west, south and north somewhat. Vladimir Putin avoids tea, windows, and Russians, especially Russians, as those will be the death of him someday. US voters are united, too, with Ukraine. President Joe Biden is getting the job done, but of course people always want more, faster. White nationalist, Christian theocratist Matt Shea pops up in White nationalist, Christian theocracy Poland, to shop for some white kids. Republicans attend White nationalist events and yet somehow never hear or see a thing. Donald Trump is staring at a resounding rejection in upcoming GOP primaries but hopes to avoid it through strategic disloyalty and dishonesty. Ireland's Prime Minister travelled all the way to United States, met literally hundreds of people, then tested positive for COVID. Another COVID wave is heading towards America, and again many are in denial, and of course we know who those people are. Your risk of everything continues to increase in red states. Nancy Pelosi is really heated up about Dems taking down their covid preparedness package last week. Senator Rick Scott wants every American (without a tax lawyer) to pay at least some income taxes. Meanwhile, the UK would rather someone other than just rich people win libel cases. There's a new gold rush on to claim electric vehicle manufacturing and infrastructure deals, and a small predominantly Black town is about to have its claim jumped by the Tennessee state government. 

    Kagro in the Morning - March 16, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * On today's KITM, David Waldman continues lobbying to designate all days to be permanently Eastern Orthodox, so that we might all remain a day ahead of schedule.  Greg Dworkin describes how Russia's spin doctors struggle to get behind a coherent narrative. The one about Russia being “a superpower” isn't holding up well anymore. Meanwhile, Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelenskyy virtually circles the globe, coherently building his case, consistently making his plea with world leaders, to lead. Donald Trump has remained consistently incoherent, but in his defense, Trump has never said anything that wasn't a bluff or a lie, so how would he guess something like that was even possible? Republicans are trying to imagine Trumpism without Trump, while Don Jr. imagines his dad photo-opping with NATO. Luckily for the world, Joe Biden is the one going to be there. Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich made billions from rigged elections and crooked deals in Russia and the US. He's probably made plenty in worse ways too. nevertheless, he still has his plane and his yacht. How is that so? West Virginia oligarch Joe Manchin can't imagine American manufacturing/infrastructure for electric vehicles… but that's nothing a trillion or so in West Virginia EV battery plants couldn't fix. Are COVID-19 infections going back up? Oh poo! It does look like that might be true. Trump areas in the US hardly had a breather. How does Ron DeSantis sleep at night knowing he got away with killing so many? Pretty well, since so far Ron did get away with it. China and New Zealand both have exploding infection rates, but only one has matching death rates. China is locking down whole cities and provinces. Indiana shows that red states aren't all idiots. All you need are some smart citizens, and a Republican legislature split between doing bad or doing worse. Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio wanted to always be remembered as a complete idiot, so he made sure to get it on tape. As idiots go however, Lauren Boebert still ranks right up there. Donald Trump was sent by God; Vladimir Putin was also anointed by The Almighty. Trump Republican Jennifer Carnahan was only directed into office by her dead husband, and yet still she does come off as pretty entitled.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 15, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * David Waldman has Joan McCarter stop by for some leftover pi. There's still .141592653589793238462643383279502884197 left, if anyone wants it. Joe Manchin has made millions from coal and is blocking Sarah Bloom Raskin's nomination to the Federal Reserve, Is Joe a dunderhead who doesn't understand how electric vehicles work or is Joe a dunderhead looking to switch out coal mines for battery manufacturing plants and in turn pocket billions?  Dunderheading can be quite profitable with little investment. So, while the Party of Ideas introduces serious immigration and education plans, the Party of No finds that a lack of rationality, a lot of hypocrisy and just the right amount of sociopathy will get them through the day. As Congress prepares for an address from Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine aid and COVID funding dominate their time in Congress. Rand Paul somehow found himself sane for a moment, but probably has something up his sleeve, like a letter from Putin.  It turns out that “Ukraine biolabs” were cooked up by the US far-right, sold to dealers in Russia and China and injected directly into the veins of QAnon and MAGA. The Proud Boys' Enrique Tarrio took notes on a criminal conspiracy, and then posed for pictures with the Oath Keepers. Madison Cawthorn came up with the brilliant idea of smuggling arms into the January 6 Insurrection, and the not-so-brilliant idea of telling it to Charlie Kirk. Tina Peters has been indicted for 10 counts in Colorado and went peaceably this time. Josh Hawley incited insurrection and he doesn't even get this lousy mug. Georgia Republicans who just don't trust the 2020 election results, just don't trust Black people either, but as long as they know their place, they can stay awhile. Children shoot adults, adults shoot children, children shoot children, again and again and again.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 14, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * David Waldman and Greg Dworkin were extra prescient today but had to take naps after the show, so it should be back to normal tomorrow. The Karen Konvoy Karavan are knuckleheads, all deserving of ridicule, and fully deserve to be laughed at, flipped off, and laughed at some more. That doesn't mean they aren't dangerous clowns though. Watch out, they might vote for Trump! Fly those patriot trucks to Moscow. Russia has always been a bad place to hold an opinion of any sort. In Red Square it is now illegal. Russia is heading toward defeat in Ukraine, albeit one with an elimination of Ukraine and most Ukrainians also scheduled. Until then, Russia intends to spread their love until they run out of love to spread.  Outside of Ukraine, folks have all sorts of ideas on what to do, as long as it doesn't lead to World War III, which unfortunately every idea leads to. While Vlad ponders what harm just one, tiny, little nuclear bomb or two could be, China wonders what they might be able get out of this, other than beautiful chocolate cake, billions and billions of losses, and a newfound respect for Eddie Murphy movies. Perhaps this whole thing will turn out peachy for everyone if China makes the correct choice… unless that choice is a psy-op false choice… or is its seeming falsity a trick? This looks like a puzzle only QAnon might solve. You see, Ukraine bioweapons, transported by insects and migratory birds…  This is where Tucker Carlson comes in, and the FSB gets out. Oh, yeah, Covid. People seem to still be catching that stuff. Barack Obama is one of them, but he is handling it well. Although the straight poop is that things might be heading towards normal, there are still plenty of challenges left ahead.

    Kagro in the Morning - March 11, 2022

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    Listen to our archived episodes: RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube Support the show: Patreon|PayPal: 1x or monthly|Square Cash * David Waldman pours another one out for another childhood icon. RIP Louis. DC's Ignoramus Armada still circles, well, sort of circles the tri-state area, proudly saluted by all as they sail by. It's just that no one really understands them and their true cause — saving America from being turned into female sex robots. Speaking of Maria Butina, who has taken a few laps around DC herself, it might be time to revisit her and the decade-long relationship between the NRA, Russia and Donald Trump. QAnon has known about the sex robot/COVID/bioweapon laboratories in Ukraine for a while. Word of Ukrainian wokeness infuriated Madison Cawthorn, who is so anti-woke he doesn't even let the government tell him how to drive. The South Dakota AG runs over and kills only Democratic pedestrians. 13 New Hampshire Republicans voted to secede from the US just like Czechoslovakia did from the USSR. QAnon somehow missed the child sex trafficking over at the faith-based child sex trafficking abuse center. Your baby won't survive an ectopic pregnancy, and you might not either, but Missouri will arrest anyone who helps you, even if they are in another state. Idaho won't let you provide gender affirming care, although just about everyone needs their gender affirmed sometimes. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is a mother to a trans child and a former US House Rep from Florida and could speak out more about the Don't Say Gay bill if inclined. The Independent State Legislature Doctrine has always been understood as… what does that matter? What matters is what five or six judges presently understand it to be. Some find the best evidence is homemade.

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