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Longtime friends and journalists Michael Holley and Michael Smith discuss the latest across sports, culture, entertainment, and politics.

Michael Holley and Michael Smith

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    Latest episodes from Brother from Another

    Justin Fields taken out of context, Jerry Jones on Black ownership | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2023 50:49

    Michael Holley and Jim Trotter host the show today!  Holley and Jim discuss Justin Fields' relationship with the media after headlines say he blames coaches for recent struggles.  Trotter responds to Jerry Jones' claim he wants more NFL owners of color.  Ashley Nicole Moss joins the show to address Micah Parson's interest in playing tight end.  Holley, Jim, and Natalie react to Damian Lillard saying he is the best point guard in the NBA, and Deion Sanders calling himself a “monument.”  Natalie tells us how the Warriors offense affects how Stephen Curry is perceived as a point guard.   00:00    Justin Fields says media took him out of context13:16    Jerry Jones says he wants NFL owners of color--23:41    Micah Parsons wants to play tight end27:36    Cowboys, how far will they go?31:47    Brock Purdy and 49ers expectations35:07    Cowboys unfair treatment?--40:42    Damian Lillard says he's the best PG in the NBA42:44    Steph Curry and position-less basketball46:32    Deion Sanders is a monument--50:25    Deion Sanders is a monument

    AFC North, Deion Sanders forgives Hunter hit, Dame NEVER joining Steph | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2023 51:07

    Michael Holley and “The NFL Chick” Reeta Hubbard host the show today!  Reeta and Holley discuss the landscape of the AFC North. Rob Parker joins the show to talk about Shohei Ohtani's elbow surgery and what it means for his free agency.  Holley, Reeta and Rob talk about Deion Sanders' forgiveness after Travis Hunter is injured on a big hit.  Damian Lillard says he would rather lose than join Steph Curry's Warriors.  00:00    Ravens, Bengals, Browns & Steelers, Who wins the AFC North?--16:03    Shohei Ohtani elbow surgery19:54    Blake Snell taken out of no-hitter25:06    Will the Lions ever be trustworthy?28:16    Deion Sanders phenomenon30:07    Deion Sanders forgives hit on Travis Hunter--37:20    Damian Lillard says he'd never join Steph Curry Warriors--47:30    Aaron Rodgers & the power of dolphin lovemaking

    Deshaun Watson unimpressive; Deion Overhyped? MSU to fire Mel Tucker | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2023 51:07

    Michael Holley and Liv Moods host the show today!  Holley and Liv react to the Steelers' defense stealing a win on Monday Night Football. Deshaun Watson fails to live up to his enormous contract.  Holley and Liv address Bryce Young's height concerns.  Mike Hill and Dawn Montgomery join the show to discuss Michigan State's intent to fire Mel Tucker.  Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes go 3-0 but they have a tough schedule ahead of them.  Sean Payton calls out Russell Wilson after disappointing loss to the Commanders. 00:00    Steelers win on MNF4:27       Deshaun Watson disappoints14:31    Steelers defense wins games16:50    Saints vs Panthers19:19    Bryce Young struggling--23:22    Michigan State's intent to fire Mel Tucker34:27    Deion Sanders making Colorado “Black America's Team”--47:16    Sean Payton calls out Russell Wilson

    Mahomes' contract; Bengals 0-2, Cowboys dominate; Deion v CSU | Brother from Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2023 50:44

    Michael Holley and Michael Smith talk NFL Week 2 and dive into teams with the best and worst starts. Connor Rogers and Lawrence Jackson join the show to discuss Tua and the Dolphins win over the Patriots, Patrick Mahomes restructuring his contract with the Chiefs, Baker Mayfield's host start and the Cowboys' domination. Holley and Smith recap Deion Sanders and the Buffaloes win over Colorado State. They also react to the interaction between Geno Smith and a referee that went viral. 00:00                   NFL Week 2: Bengals, Chargers fall to 0-207:04                   Chicago Bears: Justin Fields13:04                   Bucs: Baker Mayfield19:23                   Commanders impressive 2-0 start; Eric Bieniemy-21:44                   Dolphins, Tua Tagovailoa 5-0 vs Bill Belichick24:42                   Chiefs restructure Patrick Mahomes' contract31:53                   Joe Burrow injury37:12                   Cowboys continue their early season dominance--41:24                   Best of44:40                   Deion Sanders; Shedeur Sanders vs CSU--49:40                   Geno Smith vs ref

    Jalen Hurts Doubters; Kevin Porter Jr. Allegations; WNBA Playoffs | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2023 50:37

    Natalie and Terrika Foster-Brasby host Ladies First Fridays and react to the Eagles defeating the Vikings on Thursday Night Football. They debate whether Jalen Hurts is better than Josh Allen and whether Allen is overrated. Nat and Terrika also condemn the racist DMs sent to Alexander Mattison after the Vikings loss. Chris Williamson joins the show to discuss Kevin Porter Jr.'s domestic violence allegations and the NBA's track record of handling domestic violence matters. Natalie and Terrika discuss the Aces and Sun's dominance in their first games of the WNBA playoffs and Terrika's voting criteria for this year's tight MVP race. They also react to Deion Sanders' response to Colorado State coach, Jay Norvell, for his recent remarks on Deion's manners.00:00                   TNF Recap: Eagles defeat Vikings 12:45                   Is Bills QB Josh Allen overrated? 17:42                   Vikings RB Alexander Mattison responds to racist DMs -- 21:42                   Kevin Porter Jr. domestic violence allegations; Rockets attempt to trade KPJ -- 39:09                   WNBA Playoffs; MVP criteria: A'ja Wilson, Alyssa Thomas, Breanna Stewart -- 48:19                   Deion Sanders responds to Jay Norvell

    Jim Trotter co-hosts after NFL lawsuit; Giannis Future with Bucks | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2023 48:52

    Michael Holley and Jim Trotter host the show today!  Jim Trotter gives insight on his relationship with NFL media and tells us what led him to sue the NFL for racial discrimination.  Connor Rogers joins the show to discuss where the Jets stand without Aaron Rodgers.  Natalie comes on to talk about Giannis possibly leaving Milwaukee and the NBA's new resting policy.  Colorado State's Jay Norvell takes a shot at Deion Sanders. 00:00    Jim Trotter sues NFL for racial discrimination--16:50    How good can the Jets be without Aaron Rodgers?24:33    Justin Jefferson and the Vikings vs Eagles28:59    NFL artificial turf debate--33:39    Giannis hints at leaving Milwaukee40:10    NBA instates policy against resting stars--46:45    Deion Sanders vs Jay Norvell

    Josh Allen NOT elite?; Tua Top-5 QB?; Jim Trotter vs NFL | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2023 50:22

    Michael Holley and Liv Moods host the show today! Holley and Liv tell us which NFL teams impressed the most in Week 1. Josh Allen's elite status is in question. Mike Jones joins us to discuss the Jets' future without Aaron Rodgers.  Jerry Jones and Terry Pegula accused of making racist statements amid Jim Trotter's lawsuit against the NFL. 00:00   Brock Purdy & the 49ers are for real10:43    Josh Allen no longer elite?--20:47    Top 5 NFL QB's29:06    Jets without Aaron Rodgers--38:45    Jim Trotter sues NFL for racial discrimination--48:27    Kevin Porter Jr. arrested for domestic abuse

    Aaron Rodgers tears achilles, Mel Tucker allegations, Jim Trotter Sues NFL | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2023 50:54

    Michael Holley and “The NFL Chick” Reeta Hubbard host the show today! Holley and Reeta react to Aaron Rodgers' injury. Natalie joins the show to discuss Mel Tucker's alleged sexual harassment as the head coach of Michigan State Football. NFL reporter Jim Trotter files racial discrimination lawsuit against the NFL.0:00       Aaron Rodgers injured in first drive with Jets8:55       Can the Jets trust Zach Wilson?19:20    What QB options do the Jets have?--23:08    Mel Tucker sexual harassment allegations--44:18    Jim Trotter files racial discrimination claim against NFL--48:53    Deion Sanders and Shedeur Sanders are here to stay

    Cowboys embarrass Giants; Tua's return; Deion Sanders effect | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2023 50:56

    Michael Smith and Michael Holley react to the Giants' worst season-opening loss in franchise history, the Cowboys' dominant defense and Brock Purdy's historic performance in a shutout against the Steelers. Lawrence Jackson Jr. joins the show to discuss Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill's historic performances in the Dolphins victory over the Chargers, the Browns blowing out the Bengals and the Chiefs' loss to the Lions. Holley and Smith break down how Deion Sanders is changing college football. The Michaels also react to Coco Gauff's historic U.S. Open win. 0:00 - Dallas vs Giants recap4:32 - The Dallas defense07:28 - Will Dak Prescott finally lead Cowboys to the Super Bowl?11:05 - 49ers blowout against Steelers reaction: Nick Bosa12:20 - Brock Purdy silences the haters14:40 - 49ers are the current-century team17:43 - Tua and Tyreek dominate in win over Chiefs20:17 - Tua Tagovailoa's strong performance in Week 123:21 - Bengals struggle in loss to the Browns; Joe Burrow25:18 - Browns defense and offense stacked26:22 - Detroit Lions surprise season start over Kansas City; Patrick Mahomes27:30 - Chiefs offensive line is rocky28:51 - Anthony Richardson knee injury32:03 - Deion Sanders, Colorado beat Nebraska in Week 236:45 - Deion, Shedeur Sanders are the biggest story in college football45:52 - Mel Tucker suspended without pay after sex harassment allegations47:09 - Coco Gauff's US Open win

    Lions Shock Chiefs; Rooting for Deion Sanders; Gauff makes US Open Finals | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2023 50:54

    Natalie and Kelsey Nicole Nelson host Ladies First Friday today and react to the Lions upsetting the Chiefs. Mike Smith drops by to discuss the impact of Chris Jones and Travis Kelce's absence and Joe Burrow's contract extension. Dr. Jason Johnson joins the show to discuss the impact of Deion Sanders on college football and criticisms of him. Natalie and Kelsey discuss the significance of Coco Gauff reaching her first US Open Final, the WNBA MVP race and the dismissal of domestic violence charges against Aces guard Riquna Williams. Nat and Kelsey react to Team USA's loss to Germany in the FIBA World Cup Semifinals.(00:00) Lions vs Chiefs NFL opener reaction(04:10) Jared Goff Remains Undefeated Against Patrick Mahomes (06:20) Patrick Mahomes Supports Kadarius Toney(09:40) Detroit Lions Defense(13:10) Travis Kelce Optimistic To Play Week 2; Chris Jones watches from stands(16:58) Joe Burrow Signs Extension Becoming Highest-Paid Player in NFL History (24:00) Deion Sanders criticism(29:10) Deion Sanders Drives Unprecedented Attention  (38:13) Coco Gauff Reaches first US Open Final; Serena Williams comparisons (43:40) Tight WNBA MVP Race: A'ja Wilson, Breanna Stewart, Alyssa Thompson (46:57) Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Against Riquna Williams (48:02) Team USA Loss vs. Germany in FIBA World Cup Semifinals

    Caleb Williams opting out of NFL Draft? Super Bowl Predictions; Eagles, Jalen Hurts favorites? | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2023 47:43

    Michael Smith and Michael Holley give their Super Bowl predictions. Smith and Holley react to reports that Caleb Williams may opt to stay at USC if the 1st overall pick belongs to a team he does not want to play for.Charles Robinson tells us why Williams will not return to college after this season. How does Nick Bosa's contract affect others in the NFL? Is it fair to say that a player holding out, is letting his team down? Chandler Jones says Crisis Response Team was sent to his home. “The NFL Chick” Reeta Hubbard joins us to share her Super Bowl Predictions.  Is it difficult to root against Aaron Rodgers and the Jets?00:00    Super Bowl Predictions10:26    Caleb Williams could return to USC next season24:53    Charles Robinson weighs in on Caleb Williams28:09    Does Nick Bosa's contract affect Chris Jones' Holdout?29:12    The Chargers are stacked with talent31:18    Chris Jones rejects that holdout is letting team down35:45    Crisis Response Team sent to Chandler Jones--38:10    “The NFL Chick” Reeta Hubbard's Super Bowl Predictions41:05    Do Lamar Jackson and the Ravens have a chance to win the Super Bowl?--46:53    Are the Jets lovable?

    Travis Kelce Knee Injury; Deion Sanders Hype; Nick Bosa's record breaking deal with 49ers

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2023 50:46

    Michael Holley and Liv Moods discuss Travis Kelce's knee injury and whether the Lions have a chance to win in his absence. Liv Moods gives her take on Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes as a TCU fan. Connor Rogers predicts when Chris Jones will receive his new contract with the Chiefs. Will the Chris Jones holdout and Travis Kelce injury affect the Chiefs early season success? Liv Moods is a Kenny Pickett believer! Holley gives background on his beef with the Buffalo Bills. USA Basketball bounces back with a win vs Italy. Holley and Liv revisit Noah Lyles comments on NBA title winners being called “world champions.”00:00    Intro4:03       Travis Kelce's knee injury 14:00    Liv Moods gives her take on Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes as a TCU fan21:30    Connor Rogers - Chris Jones' holdout with the Chiefs 25:35    Will the Chris Jones holdout and Travis Kelce injury affect the Chiefs early season success?27:37    Liv Moods believes in Kenny Pickett and the Steelers30:31    Jets vs Bills?32:53    Holley's beef with the Buffalo Bills36:29    Super Bowl predictions39:21     USA Basketball wins vs Italy in FIBA World Cup44:55   Christian Wood signs with Lakers47:16    Nick Bosa signs record-breaking contract with the 49ers49:20    Travis Hunter is a hooper49:46    U.S. Open – Coco Gauff and Ben Shelton reach semifinals

    Deion Sanders, Colorado beat TCU; DeMarcus Ware's advice on NFL holdouts | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2023 49:39

    Michael Holley and “The NFL Chick” Reeta Hubbard discuss Deion Sanders' debut coaching performance with the Colorado Buffaloes, after a statement win vs TCU. D.J. Reed says the Jets defense can be “historical.”  Holley and Reeta roast Jonathan Gannon's uninspiring speech. DeMarcus Ware joins the show to discuss having his number retired at Troy, becoming a member of the Cowboys' Ring of Honor, and what it was like to sing the national anthem at the Hall of Fame Game. DeMarcus gives advice to the defensive stars currently holding out in the NFL. Tom Brady makes fun of the NFL script conspiracy.  Coco Gauff advances to the US Open Semifinal, becoming the first American teenager to do so since Serena Williams. 00:00    Colorado vs TCU: Shedeur Sanders, Travis Hunter; Deion vs media 19:59    D.J. Reed claims Jets can be historic like Bears and Seahawks defenses; Gannon's uninspiring speech 32:11    DeMarcus Ware interview 46:24    Tom Brady mocks NFL script; Coco Gauff makes the US Open Semifinal 

    Burrow Returns; Rodgers vs Ward; Deion Sanders Claps Back | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2023 50:50

    Natalie and Reeta Hubbard “The NFL Chick” discuss Colts GM Chris Ballard's comments about the effect of Jonathan Taylor's absence on rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson, T.J. Hockenson signing the largest tight end contract in NFL history with the Vikings, Joe Burrow's return to practice after his calf injury and Aaron Rodgers' trash talk with Jihad Ward featured in Hard Knocks. Dawn Montgomery joined the show to discuss expectations for Deion Sanders in Colorado with the new season set to begin and the significance of Tennessee State's matchup against Notre Dame. They also discuss a recent player poll ranking the top issues in the WNBA and how it's at odds with the league's plans to expand. Natalie and Reeta react to Nebraska Volleyball setting the record for the largest crowd at a women's sporting event and the overall increasing popularity of women's sports. 00:00                  Chris Ballard comments on Jonathan Taylor and Anthony Richardson 08:44                   T.J. Hockenson signs largest TE contract in NFL history12:29                   Joe Burrow returns to Bengals practice18:17                   Aaron Rodgers trash talks Jihad Ward on Hard Knocks and trolls Giants--25:34                   Deion Sanders responds to criticism of his roster35:32                   TSU set to become the first HBCU and first FCS school to play Notre Dame 40:55                  WNBA explores expansion; Kelsey Plum and other players oppose expansion--47:40                   Nebraska Volleyball sets record for largest crowd--50:31                   Brother From Another returns to 5 days a week next week

    Jimmy G supports Lance; Jonathan Taylor stays put; Gauff vs umpire| Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2023 49:47

    Ashley Nicole Moss and Liv Moods host Women's Wednesday on Brother From Another. Asley and Liv discuss Jimmy Garoppolo shading the 49ers in connection with the Trey Lance trade to the Cowboys, potential Super Bowl contenders and the mother of Eli Apple's child putting an apparent bounty on him. Mike Jones joins the show to react to Jonathan Taylor not being traded and the Colts placing him on the PUP list to start the NFL season. Jones also discusses the Giants naming 10 team captains and NFL roster cuts. Ashley and Liv weigh-in on the NBA world champions debate sparked by Noah Lyles and react to Ben Simmons' recent comments that he's ready to ‘come back and dominate' this upcoming NBA season. Ash and Liv also discuss Coco Gauff standing up for herself at the U.S. Open and calling out the chair umpire.   (00:00) Jimmy Garoppolo Reacts to 49ers trading Trey Lance  (5:01) 49ers struggle with QB evaluation  (6:45) Impact of Trey Lance Trade on Dak Prescott; Jerry Jones Agenda (13:39) Super Bowl Contenders or Bust: Jets, Bills, Cowboys (18:06) Eli Apple has bounty placed on him   (21:58) Colts place Jonathan Taylor on PUP List after not being traded  (26:28) Running Back Market (29:37) Giants Name 10 Team Captains: Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, Darren Waller   (32:12) Patriots release Bailey Zappe; Mac Jones (36:48) Doug Pederson Cuts Son Josh from Jaguars  (39:02) Are NBA players World Champions? (41:58) NBA should take In-Season Tournament global (43:03) Ben Simmons Ready for Comeback  (46:17) Coco Gauff Wins U.S. Open Match After Calling Out Chair Umpire

    49ers trade Trey Lance; Josh Jacobs' deal; Noah Lyles offends NBA players | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2023 48:10

    Michael Smith and Michael Holley react to the 49ers trading Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys. Connor Rogers joins the show to discuss Trey Lance's fit with the Cowboys, rookie quarterbacks in the NFL, Josh Jacobs' new contract, Jonathan Taylor's trade request and whether the Kansas City Chiefs should pay Chris Jones. Vincent Goodwill joins the show to weigh-in on Noah Lyles' ‘World Championship' comments and the backlash from NBA players and the Steph Curry vs Magic Johnson best point guard debate.(00:00) Trey Lance trade to Cowboys; Dak Prescott  (07:03) San Francisco 49ers draft blunder (12:25) Brock Purdy in Shanahan's system (16:00) Jerry Jones wanted to draft Jalen Hurts (18:26) Trey Lance will be QB3 with Cowboys (25:48) Anthony Richardson's improved confidence   (27:18) Rookie QBs: Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud (30:31) Running back market: Josh Jacobs, Jonathan Taylor (34:33) Chris Jones vs. Kansas City Chiefs (37:14) Noah Lyles on NBA players being called world champions  (39:19) NBA players respond to Noah Lyles (43:46) Steph Curry says he's best PG of all time  (47:44) Magic Johnson vs Steph Curry debate

    Reggie Bush vs NCAA; WNBA Rankings & MVP race; Sha'Carri-Jamaica rivalry | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2023 50:26

    Natalie and Terrika Foster-Brasby react to Reggie Bush's defamation lawsuit against the NCAA, Anthony Richardson's performance in the Colts preseason game vs the Eagles and the Colts issuing a deadline for Jonathan Taylor's trade request. Lauren “Lo” Dreher joins the show to discuss the Liberty's comeback vs the Sun in overtime, the WNBA MVP race and Power Rankings, the Sparks win streak and Satou Sabally's tweet calling out Lynx fans. Natalie and Terrika weigh-in on the Stephen Curry vs Magic Johnson “best point guard” debate. Nat and Terrika react to Shericka Jackson winning the 200m Finals at the World Athletics Championships and the rivalry between Sha'Carri Richardson and Jamaica.  (00:00) Reggie Bush Files Defamation Lawsuit Against NCAA  (10:20) Colts QB Anthony Richardson Leads team to Win over Eagles  (14:17) Colts Negotiating Jonathan Taylor Trade with Dolphins (17:19) Liberty Rally from 20 Points down to Win in OT Over Connecticut Sun  (24:20) WNBA MVP Candidates: Breanna Stewart, A'ja Wilson, Alyssa Thomas (29:44) WNBA Power Rankings: Liberty, Aces, Sun, Sparks, Wings, Lynx (35:53) Satou Sabally Calls Out Lynx Fans  (38:06) Potential WNBA Postseason Teams   (40:57) Steph Curry Says He's the Best Point Guard of All-Time over Magic Johnson (43:39) Michael Jordan Challenges Steph Curry on Greatest Point Guard claim (45:33) Shericka Jackson Wins Women's 200M at 2023 World Athletics Championships  (47:05) Sha'Carri Richardson Shuts Down Rivalry with Jamaica; Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

    Sha'Carri Richardson wins 100M at Worlds | A'ja Wilson Ties WNBA Scoring Record | Jonathan Taylor and Colts Failed Relationship | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2023 49:14

    Sha'Carri Richardson wins 100M at Worlds | A'ja Wilson Ties WNBA Scoring Record | Jonathan Taylor and Colts Failed Relationship | Brother From Another  Michael Holley and Reeta Hubbard (The NFL Chick) react to Sha'Carri Richardson's triumphant win in the 100M Finals at the World Championships.  They also discuss Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh's veiled criticism after Baltimore's record preseason win streak was snapped.  Jim Trotter joins the show to praise Ace's star A'ja Wilson after her record-tying WNBA single-game scoring mark.  The trio also discuss running back Jonathan Taylor's failed relationship with the Colts and his potential landing spots in a trade. They also weigh in on Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh's 3 game suspension to start the 2023 season, and news out of 49ers Training Camp regarding the backup QB role behind Brock Purdy. Holley and Hubbard also congratulate tennis star Serena Williams after the birth of her second daughter, and close the show by discussing a recent story Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll shared when he was the Patriots Head Coach that involves deli meat.   00:00: Sha'Carri Richardson is Back After 100m Win/ Redemption   11:15 – John Harbaugh on Ravens Preseason Streak Ending  16:40 – NFL Preseason Notable Stories  19:45 – A'ja Wilson Ties WNBA Single-Game Scoring Record  25:19 --  Liberty and Aces Rivalry and WNBA Standings  28:11 – Jonathan Taylor and Colts Relationship, Next Steps  37:51 – Michigan Suspends HC Jim Harbaugh for 3 games   41:38 – 49ers name Sam Darnold QB2 over Trey Lance  45:35 – Serena Williams Welcomes 2nd Daughter   48:54 – Pete Carroll on Robert Kraft  

    Richardson sits vs Bears; Harden's clarification; Sam Howell named QB1 | Brother from Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2023 49:37

    Holley and Smith discuss Brandin Cooks flying his Cowboys teammates and the Colts decision not to play QB Anthony Richardson in their preseason matchup vs the Bears. Charles Robinson joins the show to discuss Josh Jacobs and the running backs situation in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers' relationship with Zach Wilson, and whether Trey Lance can play for the 49ers. Marc Spears also joins the show to talk about Andscape's upcoming series on Hulu, ‘The Conversations Project'.  Marc also weighs-in on James Harden's contract situation with the Sixers and Jaylen Brown's thank you letter to All-NBA media voters. Mike Jones joins the show and reacts to Bill Belichick's handling of Isaiah Bolden's injury, the Ravens undefeated preseason record and the future of the Commanders after naming Sam Howell their starting QB. 00:00 – Brandin Cook Flies Plane with Cowboys Teammates: Micah Parsons, Stephon Gilmore 03:36 – Rookie quarterbacks: CJ Stroud, Bryce Young 07:04 – Anthony Richardson does not play in preseason matchup vs Bears; Jonathan Taylor  16:17 – Running Backs pay saga continues in NFL; Josh Jacobs 19:29 – New York Jets: Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson's relationship  24:26 – 49ers: Trey Lance doesn't look ‘comfortable' 29:54 – Andscape's ‘The Conversations Project' on Hulu 33:55 – James Harden clarifies “liar” comments to the league 37:20 – Jaylen Brown Thank You Letter to NBA media 39:00 – Patriots CB Isaiah Bolden Out of Hospital   44:29 – Commanders name Sam Howell QB1 

    Blazers won't let Lillard go | Harden-76ers broken relationship| Can Rodgers put Jets over the top? | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2023 52:51

    On Ladies First Friday, Ashley Nicole Moss and Liv Moods start with the latest on the Blazers and Damian Lillard, as Portland refuses to trade the All-Star guard.  They also react to James Harden's double-down on his trade request out of Philadelphia, calling his relationship with the 76ers beyond repair. And with the release of the entire NBA schedule, Ashley and Liv give us their Top 5 must-see games of 2023-2024.  Jim Trotter joins the show to discuss the Michael Oher-Touhy family situation regarding his conservatorship. Tempers flaring around NFL training camps and joint team practices has been a hot topic – but is it a big deal? And as the Hard Knocks spotlight shines bright, will the Jets and Aaron Rodgers be able to live to the hype this season?  Ashley and Liv also react to Stephen A. Smith's recent comments on Paul George's podcast about traditional vs “new” media – and share their own experiences as journalists.  The Ladies close out the show questioning Aaron Judge's choice in recreating Michael Jordan's famous 6 ring portrait while announcing his marketing deal with Jordan Brand.  (00:00) James Harden / Damian Lillard trade requests (15:00) NBA schedule release / Ashley and Liv's Top 5 Must-see games(22:00) Jim Trotter / Michael Oher conservatorship (33:00) Fights at NFL Training Camps and joint practices(36:00) Aaron Rodgers and Jets – Super Bowl contenders or pretenders?(43:00) The age of “new” vs traditional media (49:00) Aaron Judge signs marketing deal with Jordan Brand, poses like MJ

    James Harden & 76ers Trade Drama; New York Liberty Win Commissioner's Cup; History of Women in Hip-Hop | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2023 54:04

    James Harden & 76ers Trade Drama; New York Liberty Win Commissioner's Cup; History of Women in Hip-Hop | Brother From Another  Reeta Hubbard (The NFL Chick) and Kelsey Nicole Nelsonbegin by explaining why tempers flaring at joint Commanders/Ravens practices may actually not be a bad thing. One thing not good for Philly fans - the ongoing drama between the 76ers and James Harden.  They also discuss the NBA official schedule release for the league's first In-Season Tournament. Terrika Foster-Brasby joins the show to discuss the Liberty's Commissioner's Cup win against the Aces, the current WNBA standings and WNBA MVP candidates. They also react to the Colts naming Anthony Richardson its starting QB. Justin Tinsley also stops by to celebrate the 50thanniversary of Hip-Hop and Netflix's Ladies First documentary highlighting the impact of women in Hip-Hop. Reeta and Kelsey end the show reacting to Keke Palmer starring in Usher's latest music video.   (00:00) – Tempers flare at Ravens-Commanders Joint Practice  (07:35) – James Harden and 76ers clash over trade request  (15:06) - NBA In-Season Tournament Official Schedule   (20:17) – New York Liberty blowout Aces in Commissioner's Cup  (26:12) - WNBA MVP Candidates  (28:46) – WNBA Standings   (33:20) – Colts Name Anthony Richardson QB1   (36:21) – 50thAnniversary of Hip-Hop  (40:11) – Netflix's Ladies First highlights the impact of women in Hip-Hop  (49:41) – Keke Palmer in Usher's Music Video

    James Harden calls Morey ‘a liar'| Michael Oher conservatorship |Young, Stroud, Richardson preseason reports | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2023 48:07

    Mike and Michael react to  James Harden's comments calling 76ers president Daryl Morey ‘a liar', and the relationship that seems beyond repair between the Sixers and the former MVP. They also discuss what's behind the latest realignment moves in College Football that might spell the end of the Pac-12.  Reeta Hubbard, “The NFL Chick”, joins the show to discuss the news about Michael Oher's claims that the Tuohy family tricked him into a conservatorship, further saying he did not receive any royalties from the movie, The Blind Side. Leading up to this week's Ravens/Commanders joint practices, they also discuss Ravens rookie WR Zay Flowers' impressive camp, and Ron Rivera's comments that Commanders Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy is ‘too intense' – comments he eventually backtracked on.  Connor Rogers also joins the show to discuss The Athletic's list of Top 25 players in the NFL 25 and under, how Zach Wilson will learn from teammate Aaron Rodgers in the Jets QB room, and how other young QBs in the NFL have fared so far during training camp and preseason.  Mike & Michael close the show wishing Hip-Hop a belated Happy 50th Birthday, and share how the genre has impacted their lives.    00:00    Intro; James Harden vows to never play for 76ers as long as Daryl Morey is with the team  09:24    CFB realignment, Big 10 expands, Pac-12 on life support 18:28    Reeta Hubbard joins the show; Michael Oher claims Tuohy family tricked him into conservatorship 25:39    Ravens rookie Zay Flowers opening eyes at Training Camp 30:24    Commanders HC Ron Rivera says players claimed OC Eric Bieniemy was “too intense”  35:21    Connor Rogers joins the show; The Athletic's Top 25 NFL players under 25; Early Jets impressions 41:45    Young QBs Preseason report cards 45:24    Happy 50th Birthday to Hip-Hop 

    Taurasi hits 10K; Skylar Diggins-Smith vs Mercury; Magic donate to DeSantis | Brother from Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2023 53:15

    Natalie and Kelsey Nicole Nelson host Ladies First Fridays and react to Diana Taurasi becoming the first WNBA player to score 10,000 career points and Skylar Diggins-Smith's claim that she is banned from the Mercury's facilities during her maternity leave. They also react to Lizzo's statement in response to the lawsuit filed against her by former dancers. Mike Jones joins the show to discuss DeMarcus Ware's rendition of the National Anthem and the 2023 NFL Hall of Fame Class. Natalie and Kelsey weigh-in on the Orlando Magic's donation to Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis. Nat and Kelsey react to Carli Lloyd's comments on the USWNT and some of the surprise teams who made it into the Knockout Stage of the Women's World Cup.00:00 Diana Taurasi becomes first WNBA player to score 10,000 career points08:30 Skylar Diggins-Smith vs Mercury19:20 Lizzo issues statement in response to harassment and body shaming allegations25:45 DeMarcus Ware sings National Anthem at HOF Game to honor Demaryius Thomas28:30 2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class36:50 NBPA releases statement on Orlando Magic donation to Ron DeSantis46:45 Former USWNT star Carli Lloyd critical of USA's play at WWC; Lindsey Horan responds to criticism51:20 WWC Round of 16: Jamaica, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco; African nations make history

    Nathaniel Hackett vs Sean Payton; Damar Hamlin returns; Lizzo Lawsuit | Brother from Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2023 52:40

    Michael Holley and Reeta Hubbard “The NFL Chick” discuss Nathaniel Hackett's response to Sean Payton's criticism of him and the New York Jets. Jim Trotter joins the show to discuss his interview with Mike Tomlin, Damar Hamlin's return and running back salaries in the NFL. Holley and Reeta react to the lawsuit filed against Lizzo by her former dancers for harassment and creating a hostile work environment. Michael and Reeta also react to the Orioles trade deadline moves, Mark Jackson's exit from ESPN and Method Man's speech at the Jets practice.00:00 Intro03:20 Nathaniel Hackett responds to Sean Payton's criticism of him as Broncos head coach10:40 Aaron Rodgers responds to Payton: “Keep my coaches' names out of his mouth”16:45 Mike Tomlin entering season 17 as Steelers head coach                                                                       23:40 Damar Hamlin's return28:45 RB salaries: Jonathan Taylor37:00 The Profile of a Pro Football HOF Contributor 41:20 Lizzo accused of body shaming and sued for hostile work environment harassment49:00 MLB trade deadline winners and losers: Baltimore Orioles50:20 Mark Jackson and ESPN part ways51:30 Method Man makes speech at Jets practice

    USWNT, Nigeria & Women's World Cup; Las Vegas Aces Dominance | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2023 52:15

    Natalie and Zena Keita discuss the Women's World Cup and whether the USWNT should be concerned about advancing. They also react to Nigeria advancing to the knockout stage, the Jamaica Reggae Girlz' historic win over Panama and the flaws in FIFA's World Rankings. Jordan Robinson joins the show to discuss her ‘Queens of the Court' podcast with Sheryl Swoopes, whether any team can challenge the Aces and candidates for the WNBA's MVP and MIP Awards. Nat and Zena react to a video of Bronny James playing the piano and discuss cardiac arrest in young athletes. Kurt Helin joins the show to break down the memo the NBA sent to all teams regarding Damian Lillard's trade request. Joy De'Angela joins the show to discuss her interview with Julius Erving and his All-Time Top 10 list.00:00 Intro02:00 Is the USWNT in trouble?07:30 Underdog teams continue to surprise at Women's World Cup: Nigeria Super Falcons, Jamaica Reggae Girlz19:30 WNBA Storylines: Las Vegas Aces, Candace Parker, Minnesota Lynx30:00 WNBA Awards Watch: A'ja Wilson for MVP, Satou Sabally for Most Improved Player39:30 LeBron James posts video of Bronny James playing piano44:00 NBA sends memo to all teams regarding Damian Lillard's trade request47:45 Dr. J's All-Time Top 10 List 

    Women's World Cup; Riquna Williams arrest; Burrow, Ramsey injuries | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2023 52:23

    Natalie and Zena Keita are joined by Subria Whitaker to discuss the arrest of Las Vegas Aces' player Riquna Williams for domestic violence and complexities of domestic violence in the LGBTQ+ community.  Natalie and Zena react to the first week of the Women's World Cup group stage. Callie Lawson-Freeman joins the show to discuss Jamaica's Reggae Girlz team and the ticket and viewership records being broken during the Women's World Cup. They also discuss NFL training camp injuries to Joe Burrow and Jalen Ramsey and Sean Payton's comments on Nathaniel Hackett and the New York Jets.  Natalie and Zena discuss Jaylen Brown's “Black Wall Street” comments and react to Bronny James being released from the hospital.  03:08 - Riquna Williams facing 9 domestic violence charges-------16:10 - USWNT vs Netherlands reaction: Lindsey Horan  24:08 - Nigeria stuns Australia: Asisat Oshoala 29:49 - Jamaica's Reggae Girlz; Khadija “Bunny” Shaw; Women's World Cup breaking records   38: 45 - NFL training camp injuries  44:38 - Sean Payton takes shots at Hackett, Jets; Robert Saleh responds-------48:44 - Jaylen Brown wants to create Black Wall Street in Boston 50:36 - Bronny James leaves hospital; TMZ releases 911 call

    Bronny James Scare; Jaylen Brown Supermax; Herbert, Barkley Deals | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2023 52:39

    Michael Holley and Ashley Nicole Moss discuss Justin Herbert's massive contract extension with the Los Angeles Chargers, the end of the standoff between the Giants and Saquon Barkley and whether Brock Purdy is the right quarterback for the 49ers. Liv Moods joins the show to react to Jayson Tatum's recent comments on load management, Jaylen Brown receiving the richest deal in NBA history and Bronny James' cardiac arrest scare. Ashley and Michael discuss why Becky Hammon hasn't received a head coaching job in the NBA. Ashley also weighs-in on Kevin Durant's role in getting marijuana removed from the NBA's banned substance list and reacts to Messi mania in Miami.   03:14 – Justin Herbert's 5-year, $262.5 million contract extension 09:36 – Saquon Barkley signs new 1-Year deal  14:33 – Brock Purdy cleared to practice for 49ers ------ 20:20 – Jayson Tatum on load management  22:34 – Jaylen Brown's $304M supermax contract  28:15 – LeBron James son, Bronny James, hospitalized after cardiac arrest ----- 41:28 – Becky Hammon should be an NBA head coach ----- 47:23 – Kevin Durant talked to Adam Silver to about marijuana use in the NBA 50:15 – Messi mania in Miami   

    NFL Running Backs Zoom Call; Jets' Expectations; Pierce vs D-Wade | Brother from Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2023 51:52

    Michael Holley and Michael Smith react to some of the NFL's running backs holding a Zoom call to discuss the diminishing running back market and reports that Bill Belichick is on the hot seat with the Pats heading into the 2023 season. Mike Jones and Reeta Hubbard “The NFL Chick” discuss Dalvin Cook's comments on his free agency, the Commanders sale to Josh Harris, and whether the Jets can live up to the hype this season. Holley and Smith react to Paul Pierce's comments on Dwyane Wade, the complex relationship between Steph Curry and LeBron James, and Austin Rivers' criticism of star players requesting trades in the NBA.   (00:00) – RB Salary Discussion: Nick Chubb, Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs (17:00) – Bill Belichick on Patriot's Hot Seat   ---------- (20:20) – Dalvin Cook weighs in on free agency   (29:01) – NFL owners approve Commanders sale; Dan Snyder   (33:56) – Jets expectations for 2023 season: Aaron Rodgers, Garrett Wilson   (39:32) – Tennessee Titans unveil Houston Oilers throwback jerseys  -------- (41:08) – Paul Pierce discusses Dwyane Wade  (45:56) – Steph Curry describes relationship with LeBron James as ‘complex' (49:10) – Austin Rivers on players' demands: James Harden, Damian Lillard ---- (51:21) – Giannis Antetokounmpo volunteers to replace Kylian Mbappé 

    Commanders Sale; Saquon Barkley's Leverage; Curry's ‘Underrated' Film | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2023 52:28

    Natalie, Zena Keita and Jim Trotter react to Saquon Barkley's recent comments about his contract situation with the Giants and the NFL owners approving the Washington Commanders sale to Josh Harris. Natalie and Zena discuss Draymond Green's relationship with his Warriors teammates, Steph Curry's ‘Underrated' documentary and James Harden's status with the Sixers in light of him removing all references to the team from his social media bios. Nat and Zena also discuss the Aces continued dominance after the All-Star break, competitiveness among women athletes and how the World Cup is drawing more attention to women's sports. 00:00                   Saquon Barkley addresses contract situation 16:00                   NFL owners approve Commanders sale; changing Commanders culture--26:45                   Draymond Green's relationship with teammates: Jonathan Kuminga, Chris Paul, Jordan Poole 36:00                   Steph Curry's ‘Underrated' documentary debuts 41:45                   James Harden scrubs his social media of 76ers references--44:45                   Aces match best WNBA start to the season 47:30                   Kahleah Copper and Sophie Cunningham dust up 50:15                   Women's World Cup; Naomi Girma's dedication to Katie Meyer

    Draymond, Poole Saga; Steph Curry's Golf Impact; Angel Reese Commercial | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2023 51:30

    Natalie and Kelsey Nicole Nelson react to the recent comments Draymond Green made on “The Pat Bev Podcast” regarding his incident with Jordan Poole and the drama that's ensued on social media involving Poole's father. Will Lowery joins the show to discuss Steph Curry's golf impact on the Black Community and his Underrated Tour. Terrika Foster-Brasby joins the show to discuss Flau'jae and Angel Reese's new Dormz commercial for Amazon and NIL deals, WNBA All-Star Weekend's success, Elena Delle Donne's TikTok video and Sabrina Ionescu challenging Stephen Curry to a 3-point contest. 00:00                   Draymond Green insinuates on Patrick Beverley's podcast that he was triggered to punch Jordan Poole--22:00                  Steph Curry: Underrated Tour; HBCU Howard University; American Century Golf Championship (ACC)--38:30                   Angel Reese paves the way for college athletes 44:00                   WNBA All-Star Game draws huge audience 49:00                   Sabrina Ionescu challenges Stephen Curry to 3-pt shootout--51:15                   Tune in to all NBC Sports shows on Amazon Music

    NFL Franchise Tag Deadline; Titans sign DeAndre Hopkins; WNBA All-Star | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 17, 2023 52:08

    Michael Smith, Mike Jones and Tashan Reed discuss whether Josh Jacobs and Saquon Barkley will reach long-term deals before the NFL franchise tag deadline and the Titans signing DeAndre Hopkins on a 2-year deal. Natalie joins Mike to recap WNBA All-Star Weekend and discuss whether any teams can challenge the Aces in the second half of the season. They also discuss the Suns signing Bol Bol, Bradley Beal being designated as the Suns point guard and Zion Williamson's Instagram story that raised concerns about his mental health. Natalie and Mike also react to Stephen Curry winning the American Century Championship. Reeta Hubbard “The NFL Chick” joins Michael to discuss Joel Embiid's recent comments that he wants to win a championship “in Philly or anywhere else” and the struggles NFL running backs face while trying to secure a long-term deal. 00:00                   NFL franchise tag deadline: Josh Jacobs, Saquon Barkley  15:30                   DeAndre Hopkins agrees to deal with Titans--19:00                   WNBA All-Star Weekend: Brittney Griner, Breanna Stewart, Sabrina Ionescu, Jewell Loyd, A'ja Wilson 30:00                   Las Vegas Aces vs the field: Chelsea Gray, Kelsey Plum, Jackie Young; Liberty; Sun 33:00                   Suns sign Bol Bol; Bradley Beal to start as PG 35:00                   Zion Williamson's post raises concerns 38:00                   Steph Curry shines on the golf course at Lake Tahoe (ACC)--42:40                   Joel Embiid expresses his desire to win a championship 47:20                   Struggles for NFL running backs to get long-term deals

    LeBron James on retirement; WNBA All-Star Weekend; Kahleah Copper Interview | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2023 52:21

    Natalie and Kelsey Nicole Nelson react to LeBron James' ESPY speech that clarified he will not be retiring, Pat McAfee having to write his opening ESPY monologue due to the writers strike and Damar Hamlin honoring the Bills training staff at the ESPYs. They also discuss Nicole Lynn's latest contract negotiation for Quinnen Williams and some issues that have arisen with the sale of the Commanders. Subria Whitaker joins the show to discuss the WNBA's partnership with Mielle, Kelsey Plum calling out the Commissioner over available All-Star tickets, WNBA All-Star weekend and Dwyane Wade joining the Chicago Sky ownership group. Natalie chats with NBA Champion Kahleah Copper about her third All-Star selection and being a part of Fast Twitch's ‘Game Changer Collection'. (00:00) – Lebron James announces he will not retire at ESPYs (04:30) – Actors join the writers' strike (08:00) – Damar Hamlin honors Bills training staff at ESPYs (11:00) – Nicole Lynn negotiates Quinnen Williams' contract extension with the Jets (15:00) – Commanders sale hits legal snag  (18:30) – LeBron James shouts out A'ja Wilson and WNBA (20:15) – WNBA partnership with Mielle (26:00) – WNBA All-Star Weekend ticket issues  (30:00) – WNBA 3-point contest & skills competition (37:00) - WNBA All-Star game preview (41:30) – Kahleah Copper interview

    NBA Tourney & Rule Changes; 2K WNBA Edition; Chris Paul Bench Role| Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2023 52:22

    Michael Holley and Ashley Nicole Moss react to the NBA's announcement of its In-Season Tournament and new rules next season for flopping and additional coaches' challenges. Natalie joins the show to discuss some of the backlash to Sabrina Ionescu being selected for the WNBA Edition 2K24 cover over more accomplished players like A'ja Wilson and Breanna Stewart. They also discuss the Aces dominance of the WNBA this season and Chris Paul's apparent reluctance to come off the bench for the Warriors. Holley and Ashley react to the NFL selecting the Jets to be featured on Hard Knocks. They also discuss Joel Embiid's reaction to James Harden's trade request and Ja Morant's lawyers asserting a “stand your ground” self-defense argument in a legal matter where Morant is alleged to have punched a teenager.  00:00                   NBA In-Season Tournament 10:00                   NBA announces rule changes: techs for flopping; expansion of coaches' challenges--20:00                   Sabrina Ionescu picked as 2K24 cover athlete over A'ja Wilson, Breanna Stewart 28:00                   Aces superteam dominance continues: Kelsey Plum, Chelsea Gray, Jackie Young 31:30                   Chris Paul reluctant to come off bench for Warriors --42:30                   Jets to be featured on Hard Knocks--48:30                   Joel Embiid reacts to James Harden's trade request

    Victor Wembanyama debuts at Summer League; Chris Paul's Warriors role | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 10, 2023 51:46

    Natalie and Michael Smith react to Victor Wembanyama's NBA Summer League debut, Jerry West referring to himself as “a wolf” and West's Wemby-Bill Russell comparison. Vincent Goodwill joins the show to discuss Wemby's Summer League performance and other Summer League standouts. Kurt Helin joins to weigh-in on whether Chris Paul will start or come off the bench for the Warriors. Mike, Nat and Kurt also discuss the Blazers and Damian Lillard's trade demands, whether the Pelicans are still willing to trade Zion Williamson, Summer League performances and the NBA's announcement that the new in-season tournament will be played in Las Vegas. 00:00                 Jerry West's legacy; Jerry West on Wemby; Wemby's Game 2 Summer League performance 13:50                   Natalie sees Usher in Vegas--16:10                   Wemby silences critics in Game 2 with Spurs 19:45                   The Vegas experience; Usher, Winnie Harlow, Keke Palmer 23:35                   Summer League: Scoot Henderson, Jabari Smith Jr.--26:40                 Will Chris Paul start or come off the bench for the Warriors? 35:35                   Latest on Damian Lillard's trade request 39:30                   Will Pelicans trade Zion Williamson? 42:50                   Wemby's maturity on and off the court 45:30                   Summer League: Scoot Henderson, Keyonte George, Brandon Miller, Thompson twins 49:00                   NBA releases details of In-Season Tournament-- 51:10                   This week's BFA preview

    Britney Spears vs Wemby; Keke Palmer shamed; NBA Summer League| Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2023 52:39

    Natalie and Zena Keita host the show from Las Vegas and react to Victor Wembanyama's security slapping Britney Spears. They also react to Damian Lillard's latest trade demands and the Celtics trading Grant Williams to the Dallas Mavericks. Nat and Zena discuss recent reports on Jordan Poole's relationship with Draymond Green and other Warriors' teammates. Kelsey Nicole Nelson joins to recognize the Inaugural National Black Women in Sports Day and to discuss Keke Palmer and her boyfriend's recent comments attempting to shame her. Natalie and Zena also discuss the upcoming WNBA All-Star draft, the New York Liberty's recent travel issues and the launch of Breanna Stewart and Napheesa Collier's new women's league in Miami.  00:00                   MSG Sphere in Las Vegas01:35                   Britney Spears slapped by Victor Wembanyama's security10:12                   NBA free agency and trades: Damian Lillard; Grant Williams traded to Mavs18:13                   Chris Paul, Jordan Poole trade completed; Draymond Green--25:54                   Inaugural National Black Women In Sports Day27:17                   Keke Palmer's partner tries to shame her for outfit worn to Usher concert--41:47                   WNBA All-Star in Vegas; A'ja Wilson, Breanna Stewart team selections46:45                   Telfar gifts New York Liberty new bags48:46                   New York Liberty 13-hour travel day50:30                   Stewie and Napheesa Collier launch new 3-on-3 league “Unrivaled”

    Damian Lillard, James Harden delay free agency; Stars shine at Rubin's party | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2023 52:52

    Michael Smith and Ashley Nicole Moss react to Michael Rubin's star-studded 4th of July party and discuss the upcoming Netflix docuseries about Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. Kurt Helin joins the show to weigh-in on Damian Lillard's trade request and discuss whether Chet Holmgren or Victor Wembanyama will win the 2024 NBA Rookie of the Year Award. They also debate the NBA's new penalty for flopping. Natalie joins to discuss whether James Harden would be a good fit with the Clippers and react to the Suns and Lakers free agency moves. Michael, Ashley, and Natalie shout out the new social media app Spill. 00:00                  Michael Rubin's star-studded 4th of July party06:52                  ‘90s Cowboys and Jerry Jones Netflix docuseries--18:35                   Tobias Harris and Crumbl Cookie; Daryl Morey19:46                   Everyone is on “Dame Time” during NBA free agency32:14                   Chet Holmgren or Wemby for ROY?35:42                   Proposed NBA flopping penalty--38:14                   James Harden and the Sixers; Fit with Clippers45:22                   NBA Free Agency: Suns, Lakers, Nuggets, Warriors; Chris Paul--52:12                   Is Spill the new Black Twitter?

    Damian Lillard, James Harden Request Trades; NBA Free Agency | Brother From Another

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2023 52:39

    Michael Holley and Michael Smith discuss Damian Lillard's trade request. Sam Amick joins the show and breaks down the different trade options for Portland and Dame. They also discuss James Harden's request to be traded from the Sixers, likely destinations and what this means for Joel Embiid. Gary Washburn joins to provide a status update on the Celtics since trading Marcus Smart and acquiring Kristaps Porziņģis and weigh-in on the trade rumor that the Celtics may have interest in acquiring Lillard. Holley, Smith, and Natalie revisit their Boyz II Men debate and Nat reacts to the most overrated and underrated free agency moves. 00:00                   Damian Lillard requests trade to Miami Heat; Are Spurs option?--16:58                   Could Nets or Sixers be potential trade partner for Blazers?25:43                   James Harden trade rumors; Clippers best trade option for Sixers; What about Joel Embiid?--33:01                   Celtics free agency: Grant Williams, Jayson Tatum--42:48                   Boyz II Men vs Jodeci--48:13                   NBA Free Agency: Lakers, Suns, Warriors, Chris Paul, Wizards, Jordan Poole, Kyle Kuzma, Rockets