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Longtime friends and journalists Michael Holley and Michael Smith discuss the latest across sports, culture, entertainment, and politics.

Michael Holley and Michael Smith

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    Latest episodes from Brother from Another

    Yet still

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 28, 2022 100:03

    (00:00) Holley and Smith react to reports of Nathaniel Hackett becoming head coach of the Denver Broncos and what it could mean for Aaron Rodgers(16:30) The brothers address rumors of Matt Eberflus getting Chicago Bears head coaching job and challenge the decision (31:00) More on NFL teams searching for new head coaches and GM's (41:00) I am Bane! Desmond Bane joins the show to talk about the success and rise of his up and coming Grizzlies team(55:00) Cleveland Rocks Again: Holley and Smith speak on the Cavaliers surprising run (1:06:00) Ashley Nicole Moss stops by to talk Sean Payton possibly returning to Dallas and Julius Randle's rough stretch with the Knicks(1:20:00) The brothers talk Roethlisberger's retirement, Aaron Rodgers next move then check off some lingering feed items 

    "Were you smoking or eating?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 101:28

    (00:00) Holley and Smith react to David Ortiz induction to the Baseball Hall Of Fame(17:00) On the flip side, the brothers address those left out; Bonds, Clemens and others in the mire of the steroid era (31:00) Remembering Kobe Bryant two years after the tragic event (41:00) Kurt Helin joins the show to talk Wizards collapse, Joel Embiid's MVP run and Cleveland Cavaliers surprising the East(56:00) Mike Smith has his own proposal for a new set of overtime rules for the NFL(1:12:00) What? How? Why? Legendary journalist John Sawatsky sits down and expounds on his interview methods(1:33:00) Reacting to Tom Brady's latest comments on retirement 

    God I love Big Red

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2022 103:13

    (00:00) Holley and Smith decipher Brady's comments on possibly retiring and ponder his next steps  (12:30) The brothers argue whether NFL overtime rules need reevaluation after leaving fans and players unfulfilled (26:00) After listening to Aaron Rodgers latest comments on retirement, the brothers speculate on his return to Green Bay(40:00) AJ Ross joins the show to share her thoughts on Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers (52:00) Who? Mike Jones stops and we pick his brain on next moves for Brady, Rodgers and Sean Payton stepping down as Saints head coach(1:12:00) Vincent Goodwill rolls up to talk Ben Simmons, James Harden possibly on the move and Anthony Davis's possible return (1:30:00) Reacting to Antonio Brown's sit down interview with Bryant Gumbel (1:41:00) The brothers give their quick reactions to Sean Payton's comments at his press conference 

    "I ain't heard you cuss in years!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2022 101:46

    (0:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley sift through the last 13 seconds from the Bills-Chiefs game and debate whether the league should change its overtime rules. (28:20) Following another playoff loss from Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, Smith and Holley discuss how his brilliance in the regular season doesn't translate to the postseason. (49:30) Smith calls out Holley on how wrong he was about the Cincinnati Bengals after the team squeezed out a win against the Titans. (57:30) Charles Robinson joins the show to discuss what the future holds for Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, the Bengals shedding their underdog moniker, and whether or not Sean Payton could end up as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.(1:20:00) The brothers dissect how the 49ers have balanced Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance so far this season and debate who they'll lean on most moving forward in the playoffs.

    "Legacies are forged in the postseason"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2022 101:16

    (00:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley debate how another playoff loss could impact Aaron Rodgers' legacy.  (22:00) A discussion about whether Tom Brady would hang it up without another Lombardi trophy.(40:30) Vincent Goodwill and Carron Phillips join the show to analyze the Phoenix Suns' season and how their consistency might just get them to the playoffs.(58:00) After Memphis' Penny Hardaway sounds off on the media, Holley and Smith hash out what it might be stemming from. (1:12:30) Lindsay Rhodes joins Mike Smith and Michael Holley to discuss how important the playoffs could be for Aaron Rodgers, his future with the Green Bay Packers and how the Rams will matchup against the Bucs(1:22:30) Holley and Smith preview the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs this weekend and the hype surrounding the Bills-Chiefs matchup. (1:35:00) Is Mike McCarthy's job in jeopardy after the Cowboys' Wild Card loss? And with the Broncos set to interview Chiefs' OC Eric Bieniemy, could we see more minority coaches be considered in the offseason?

    "If you have red paint, paint the barn red"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 104:45

    (00:00) Holley and Smith sift through the issues surrounding the Lakers and the contentious relationship between Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook(21:00) When Tomlin speaks, we listen ... then a discussion on viability of Jim Harbaugh's return to the NFL(39:00) Chris Herring returns to discuss his book on the 90's Knicks, Blood in the Water plus we get his thoughts on Lakers issues(58:00) Brother Simms joins the show to preview this weekend's NFL divisional matchups (1:21:00) Holley and Smith react to Antonio Brown's latest comments where he denies mental illness as a factor for his outburst (1:36:34)  The brothers evaluate Embiid and Jokic's MVP level performances last night 


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2022 100:08

    (00:00) Holley and Smith give props to the Rams dominating the Cardinals and Matt Stafford winning a playoff game(24:00) On the flip side the brothers address the Cardinals season collapse and speculate on Kliff Kingsbury's culpability(37:00) Deron Williams joins the show to talk about his career in the NBA and now boxing (52:00) Steve Wyche rolls up to give his thoughts on Rams, Cardinals and Raiders handling of Mike Mayock's firing(1:12:00) Hmm? Kyrie Irving gives a lengthy explanation for his unwillingness to get vaccinated but Smith and Holley aren't buying it(1:30:00) Marcus Allen drops in to share his thoughts on the state of MVP voting, Raiders retooling and USC rebuilding Congratulations to Brother Brandon and welcome to the world baby Mack!

    "Where were you when I needed you last winter"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2022 98:41

    (00:00) Classic McCarthyism: Holley and Smith dissect the Cowboys devastating loss on the final play of the game (18:20) Michael Holley starts beef with the Bills Mafia then the brothers speculate on how far the Bills can go with Allen at the helm after trouncing the Patriots(38:00) Charles Robinson comes on to share his takeaways from Wild Card Weekend and more(54:00) Charles part 2: we continue our discussion with Charles and pick his brain on Russell Wilson possibly leaving Seattle(1:07:00) Shalise Manza Young joins the show to weigh in the NFL's handling of hiring minority coaches(1:26:00) Who dey? Holley and Smith give props to the Bengals for breaking their playoff curse (1:36:00) The brothers pay their respects to the late great Martin Luther King Jr 

    "Don't tell me it takes all of us"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2022 100:09

    (00:00) Holley and Smith talk Nets victory over the Bulls, Kyrie Irving's half return and implications of Kyrie's vaccine status (25:00) The brothers take issue with David Culley being relieved as head coach of the Texans leaving only one black coach left in the NFL(41:00) Tom Haberstroh joins the show to talk Knicks trade, Klay Thompson's return and his thoughts on Curry vs 96 Bulls(56:00) Our brother Chris Simms rolls up to talk Wild Card Weekend, break down his favorite playoff teams and thoughts on next steps for the New York Giants (1:14:00) Holley and Smith revisit the Culley/Flores firings, assess the validity of each move and question the justification for termination (1:35:00) The brothers address the Colts collapsing at the end of the season and Chris Ballard's harsh words for the team at his press conference today

    "Kodak Moments"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 94:28

    (00:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley discuss the firing of Joe Judge and why Brian Flores would be a perfect fit as the Giants' next head coach.  (25:00) The brothers react to Kodak Black's viral moment at the Florida Panthers game and why it's great for the sport of hockey.(34:30) Nekias Duncan joins the show to explain why the matchup between the Nets and Bulls is important for both teams, why the Lakers are not finals contenders at this point and more.(49:00) The classic LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate arises, plus is Nikola Jokic being disrespected as NBA's reigning MVP?(1:07:40) Willie Colon stops by to break down the NFL playoffs, including what the Steelers need to do to stop the Chiefs. (1:30:35) Steph Curry's comments that the Warriors with Kevin Durant would beat the 1996 Bulls prompts Michael and Michael to offer their takes on the hypothetical matchup.

    "A rematch of Super Bowl 1"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2022 100:40

    (00:00) Holley and Smith review Georgia's win over Alabama in the National Championship game and Stetson Bennett's stellar performance (24:30) Previewing a marquee NBA matchup between the fully assembled Warriors and Ja Morant's Grizzlies  (38:00) Rank the power! The brothers look over NFL Playoff power rankings heading into Wild Card Weekend(41:00) Coach Tony Dungy joins the show to talk Brian Flores opportunities and shares anecdotes from his time job searching in the NFL(55:00) Ryan Harris rolls up to talk Georgia winning the CFP and a way-too-early look ahead to next season(1:06:00) Rank the power! Part 2: Holley and Smith look back at NFL Playoff power rankings then make their own predictions plus possible rematches(1:29:30) Reacting to Chauncey Billups mentioning Kyrie Irving as "most skilled PG in history" then a conversation on humility 

    "They're the Paula Abdul of the NFL"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2022 94:27

    (00:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley look at the Chargers and Raiders wild regular season finale and whether Staley being treated fairly for his decisions that led to Los Angeles missing the postseason.(18:00) The surprising firing of Brian Flores as Dolphins' head coach leads to a discussion about the organization as a whole and why its the "Paula Abdul" of the NFL. (35:00) Senior NFL writer Charles Robinson joins the show to take a closer look the fluid NFL coaching carousel, diagnose the league's diversity issues in the coaching ranks and name the scariest NFL Wild Card team.(50:00) Maria Taylor stops by talk about Georgia's chances of beating Alabama in the CFP National Championship and what it would mean to an entire generation of Georgia fans.(1:10:00) Former NFL cornerback Darius Butler drops in to offer his take on both the AFC and NFC playoff brackets.(1:24:00) reflect on Jimmy Garoppolo's clutch performance in the 49ers' playoff-clinching win over the Rams and explain why San Francisco's talent makes it an entertaining threat in the NFC.

    "Why you runnin' with people that lick toilets?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2022 100:27

    (00:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley react to Antonio Brown's comments regarding the sideline fiasco and his relationship with Tom Brady.(25:30) More on Antonio Brown's release from the Bucs and a discussion about how mental health could have played a part. (44:00) The brothers give their take on Knicks' fans booing Julius Randle at The Garden and react to his response afterwards.(57:45) It's Goodwill Friday: Vincent Goodwill joins the show to discuss all things NBA, including Zion Williamson's injury and Ja Morant's superstar status.(1:21:30) Michael Holley explains why LeBron James calling for Glenn Consor's job after his comments about Kevin Porter is "reckless".(1:34:25) Michael Smith and Michael Holley share some of their favorite memories of Sidney Poitier and explain his positive influence. 

    "If you're toxic, you get no time"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2022 100:21

    (00:00) Holley and Smith sift through the latest statements made by Antonio Brown while trying to dissect the facts from social media posts(25:30) We kick it with Austin Ekeler to talk fantasy football, look ahead to SNF vs the Raiders and  his thoughts on the extended season(40:45) Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Baker's the man? Baker Mayfield lashes out at a reporter after rumors swirl about a possible trade (55:30) Our brother Chris Simms joins the show for a feisty debate over who should win MVP: Rodgers or Brady(1:12:00) The brothers assess the return of Kyrie Irving and what he brings to the team but will his limitations hinder the Nets success?(1:23:50) Ash Thursday: Ashley Nicole Moss stops by to talk Antonio Brown, Dallas Cowboys and New York Knicks(1:36:00) Oh shush Hub Arkush: Holley and Smith question the sincerity of his apology 

    "He shouldn't even get to vote for student council!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 103:32

    (00:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley discuss their excitement for the return of Kyrie Irving and how he will impact the rest of the Nets' season.(22:40) Michael Smith sounds off on Hub Arkush comments about whether he thinks Aaron Rodgers should win MVP. (44:20) Marc J. Spears joins the to talk about Ja Morant's continued rise and what to expect from the Los Angeles Lakers for the remainder of the season. (1:05:15) Dr. Jason Johnson stops by to share his memories of the late Carlton Haywood and his impact on health and medicine for the Black community.(1:25:30) The brothers debate whether Antonio Brown's career in the NFL is over. 

    "When people wore pajamas and lived life slow"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 100:56

    (00:00) Holley and Smith start with the Ben Roethlisberger send off and remark on his legacy in Pittsburgh (15:30) Reacting to Tom Brady's latest comments on Antonio Brown's situation and debate the validity of Bruce Arians comments(42:30) Steve Wyche sits down to share his opinions on Antonio Brown, Russell Wilson's tenure in Seattle and Baker Mayfield's future in Cleveland(56:00) The brothers give props to TJ Watt and Cooper Kupp for their MVP level seasons but can they take the award back from the QB? (1:10:30) Kurt Helin joins the show to to weigh in on Ja Morant as an elite PG plus we get his thoughts on Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson's return(1:22:00) WTF, WFT? Holley and Smith mull over the Washington Football Team name change and Jalen Hurts almost getting hurt when a WFT barrier collapsed   

    You need a little huh huh

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2022 104:37

    (00:00) Holley and Smith start by addressing the Antonio Brown drama during the Jets/Bucs game (32:00) Who Dey? Bengals are looking sharp but Holley remains skeptical at their ability to make a deep playoff run (48:30) Assessing the Green Bay Packers viability as Super Bowl champs, Rodgers winning MVP and Brady doing his thing vs the Jets (1:00:30) Charles Robinson joins the show to give us his NFL playoff predictions and review the Hurts incident at Fedex field with fans toppling over a barricade (1:26:00) Holley and Smith breakdown the NFC playoff picture and debate which team will emerge in the Super Bowl(1:36:00) The brothers take a moment to remember the late great, John Madden, rest in power coach

    Can I kick it? Yes I can

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 103:16

    (00:00) Kupp half full: the brothers assess Cooper Kupp's performance last night and whether it brought him into the MVP conversation (23:00) Charles Robinson stops by to weigh in on Cooper Kupp for MVP, speculate on Jaguars next head coach and Covid wreaking havoc(38:00) Marc J. Spears joins the show to converse about Suns, Lakers and how the NBA is handling the Covid surge(52:00) A Medley of Michael's: Maryland Coach Michael Locksley drops in to discuss his success, recruiting process and black head coaches becoming more prominent in CFB(1:09:30) Holley and Smith talk Meagan Good's breakup and Jay Z's claim to be unbeatable in a Verzuz match(1:29:00) Dr Jason Johnson shares his experience at the Rams, Seahawks game then a long overdue Marvel discussion 

    They're sleeping on us dog

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 105:30

    (00:00) Holley and Smith discuss the Buccaneers bringing back Antonio Brown (24:00) Ja is the Ruler: the brothers take issue with fans disrespect of Ja Morant (45:00) Holley and Smith give Tyler Huntley props for his overlooked performances filling in for Lamar Jackson(1:05:00) Haley O'Shaughnessy joins the show to weigh in on Ja Morant and the Covid crisis in sports(1:25:10) The brothers ponder about Cam Newton's future in Carolina but is he to blame or does Matt Rhule carry responsibility?(1:42:00) Happy Birthday to the legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson!

    When's the last time you bust out the worm?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2021 103:31

    (00:00) Holley and Smith react to Chris Godwin's injury news and Tom Brady being shutout by the Saints (26:00) The Cards folded to the Lions and Holley, Smith argue over their expectations for Arizona after a painful loss(42:00) Going for two: the brothers get into a deep debate on Harbaugh going for two, whether it was worth it and could it have been done better(57:00) Admiring Christian Wilkins dance moves then could Matt LaFleur win Coach of the Year given what he's put up with?(1:15:00) Going for two part 2: after hearing Harbaugh's sideline comments the debate about going for two reignites(1:23:00) The brothers talk Urban Meyer fallout then Thomas Dimitroff joins the show to weigh in Urban and give his thoughts on GM of the Year 

    "He got that check and he was checked out"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 97:05

    (0:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley react to the news of Urban Meyer being fired as head coach of the Jaguars.(24:10) With Urban Meyer out, Michael Smith shares why Byron Leftwich is the perfect fit for the Jags and how much he would be able to help Trevor Lawrence. (45:40) The brothers discuss Roger Goodell's comments about Daniel Snyder not interfering with the NFL's investigation into the Washington Football Team.(52:40) Chris Simms joins the show to talk all things NFL, including Justin Herbert's potential, DeAndre Hopkins season-ending injury, and more. (1:08:55) Van Lathan drops in to give his thoughts on the hiring of Marcus Freeman as Notre Dame's head football coach and the recruiting job that Deion Sanders has done so far at Jackson State.(1:26:10) A discussion about the changes that the NFL is making to its COVID-19 protocols and how the NBA could potentially modify its protocols as well.  

    "Teachin', preachin', teachin'"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 98:17

    (0:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley react to Deion Sanders flipping the No. 2 college football recruit from Florida State to Jackson State and how it will impact HBCU recruiting. (17:30) After breaking Ray Allen's three-point record last night, the brothers debate where Steph Curry falls in the NBA's GOAT conversation.(35:00) Managing producer at Bleacher Report, Jeff Johnson, joins the show to break down the Nets and Kevin Durant's triple-double in their OT win against the Raptors. (57:00) Former NFL tight end Antonio Gates drops in to give his take on some of the best tight ends in the game right now. (1:08:25) Former NFL cornerback Rodney Harrison stops by to share his take on the Urban Meyer drama and why this may be the best season Bill Belichick has had as a coach in the NFL. (1:18:45) The brothers discuss what plan of action the NFL should take to combat the surge in COVID cases among players.

    "That's not a hot take, that's not even lukewarm"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 102:38

    (0:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley recap the Rams win over the Cardinals and debate where Aaron Donald ranks among the top players in the NFL this season.(23:50) Examining how Steph Curry's skills have developed over the course of his career and his dominance from behind the arc.(40:50) Former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib joins the show to give his insight on Sean McVay's competitive nature, his new career in media, Tom Brady's football IQ and the impact Demaryius Thomas' positive energy had on him.(1:00:10) Reacting to the rising number of COVID-19 cases across the NFL and how it might impact the rest of the season.(1:11:00) John Feinstein stops by discuss the lack of diversity amongst head coaches and front office positions in the NFL and college football.(1:26:30) Vincent Goodwill drops in to explain why he believes it's time to include Stephen Curry in the conversation as one of, if not the, best NBA player ever.

    The ship be sinkin

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2021 103:16

    (00:00) Bad Ideas: Holley and Smith start with Raiders disrespecting the Chiefs logo and how badly it backfired (19:00) Muck and Meyer: the brothers address the latest reports of a revolt brewing in Jacksonville after Urban Meyer called out his staff(39:00) Charles Robinson rolls up to talk Chiefs, Raiders plus AFC Playoff picture and Urban Meyer(1:03:00) Giving props to Durant for his 51 point performance last night(1:13:30) The Bus stops in! Jerome Bettis joins the show to give us his thoughts on the state of the Steelers and more(1:26:00) The latest updates on Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons after reports of a return, trade heat up (1:38:30) Shoutout to the GOAT Tom Brady for getting his 700th TD pass on an overtime game winner

    Can you dress that?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 103:43

    (00:00) Is time up for Big Ben? Holley and Smith preview Steelers v Vikings, then wonder if this is Big Ben's final season and can Justin Jefferson be contained?  (26:00) Hue Jackson is back! Mike Smith congratulates Hue for his new job as head coach of Grambling State football(43:00) Vincent Goodwill joins the show to expound on his NBA quarterly review and look ahead at Warriors schedule(1:02:00) Our brother Chris Simms stops by to weigh in the brothers 2020 draft critique, give his thoughts Roethlisberger's longevity plus MVP, Coach of the Year predictions(1:23:00) Comment Section: Holley, Smith and Brandon read and react to your social media comments from topics from the week such as Tom Brady's appearance, Deion Sanders and Marcus Freeman(1:37:00) Cut two? Holley and Smith debate cutting two QB's from Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, John Elway, Joe Montana and Drew Brees 

    "Is Tom Brady secretly black?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2021 101:14

    (00:00) Michael Holley explains why he doesn't get the Lakers 25 games in and doesn't expect them to figure it out. Michael Smith details why the Lakers may not come out of the West and why it wouldn't be a complete disaster.(23:10) Vanessa Bryant fears that images from Kobe and Gianna Bryant's helicopter crash will be released and Michael Smith shares why he cannot believe people may not understand the humility of the victim's families.(36:10) Directors and producers Rex Miller and Sam Pollard join the show to discuss their latest project, HBO Max's Citizen Ashe documentary.(56:05) Marc J. Spears stops by to talk all things NBA, including a break down of the Nets' and Lakers' latest wins.(1:09:20) With Tom Brady continuing to defy age, is it time to shelve the Brady retirement conversation? And could this season be Bill Belichick's best coaching performance yet?(1:26:00) The brothers discuss Damian Lillard's future with the Trailblazers and what a new general manager might have in mind for the team. (1:34:45) Dr. Jason Johnson  pops in to discuss Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams' season-ending shoulder injury and Pete Carroll's future with the team.

    "That 70's stuff"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 99:20

    (00:00) Run, Bill, Run: the brothers recap the Patriots perplexing win last night against the Patriots only threw 3 passes (20:45) Holley and Smith react to Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde getting testy with a reporter after being asked a loaded question(35:00) Steve Wyche joins the show to give us his takeaways from Pats v Bills and thoughts on Taylor Heinicke's future in Washington after a 4 game win streak (48:00) Ryan Harris stops by to comment on Marcus Freeman's hire plus we take a look at Heisman candidates (1:09:00) The brothers survey the landscape of AFC playoff hopefuls after Patriots reclaim the top spot in AFC standings (1:26:00) Annie Agar rolls up to talk Lions, her comedic inspirations and how they influence her brand of comedy

    You got your finger on the pulse don't ya?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2021 103:49

    (00:00) Holley and Smith assess the College Football Playoff rankings and look ahead to the big matchups(09:00) Marcus Freeman rolls up to explain his ambitions as the newly appointed head coach of Notre Dame football(22:00) Mike Smith takes his lumps after another Bengal loss then surveying the landscape of the AFC North after a wild weekend(46:00) Props to the Lions for finally getting a win and dedicating it to a good cause (1:15:00) Thomas Dimitroff joins the show to discuss Miami Dolphins hot streak, affects of college coaching hires in the NFL and leather jackets (1:36:00) Shoutout to Deion Sanders and his Jackson State team  for winning their SWAC title 

    Blessing from touchdown Jesus

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 99:30

    (00:00) Holley and Smith start by addressing rumors surrounding Marcus Freeman suggesting he'll be next head coach of Notre Dame (22:00) Our brother Chris Simms stops by to share his takes on Tua's improvement, Josh Allen's potential resurgence and Micah Parson's success (39:00) Maria Taylor joins the show to preview Alabama vs Georgia then Kansas City vs Denver (50:00) Clearing up some misconceptions about RGIII's message then Antonio Brown gets busted for a fake vaccination card (1:13:00) Ashley Nicole Moss rolls up to talk Knicks, Nets and her thoughts on Cowboys chances tonight against the Saints (1:25:00) Michael Holley starts with the MLB lockout then Vincent Goodwill drops in to rip Holley's all-time point guard list (1:36:45) Comment Section: Holley, Smith and Brandon read and react to your comments on Mike Smith's outfit from Tuesday

    The highest levels of pissivity

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 93:52

    (00:00) Holley and Smith address the Suns hot streak after taking down the Warriors (18:00) Brian Kelly's latest comments get the brothers fired up again over his sudden departure from Notre Dame (35:30) Nekias Duncan joins the show to chat about the Suns, Bulls and Hornets recent success(49:00) Yahoo!'s Pat Forde rolls up to weigh in on Brian Kelly to LSU, Lincoln Riley to USC plus his early Heisman favorites (1:05:00) Holley and Smith react to James Harden's performance vs the Knicks then get into a greatest NBA Point Guards of all time(1:18:00) Assessing the fallout from Robert Griffin's announcement of a 'tell-all' book about his experiences with Dan Snyder and tumultuous time Washington Football Team(1:28:00) Our social media guru Brandon stops by to share anecdotes from his time with Brian Kelly at Notre Dame 

    Betwixt and between righteousness and the evil empire

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 100:22

    (00:00) Holley and Smith start with Brian Kelly's move to LSU and debate the morality of his decision  (23:00) The brothers react to Mike Tomlin's comments on Chase Claypool's suggestion to have more music in practice (35:00) Ashley Ross rolls up to talk NFL power rankings, her thoughts on the Bengals, Chase Claypool's plea for music and gives us a caption for Mike Smith's outfit (46:00) Celebrating Washington's win over the Seahawks then looking at NFC playoff picture (54:30) Jac Collinsworth joins the show to weigh in on the recent CFB hires, then we get his opinions on Chiefs, Broncos this Sunday Night Football matchup (1:09:30) Vincent Goodwill stops by to weigh in on the Suns v Warriors, James Harden's comments after losing to the Suns on Saturday (1:29:00) Holley and Smith react to Lincoln Riley's remarks on making USC the college football 'mecca' (1:39:00) Taking a look at current mock drafts where 3 teams could dominate the first 10 picks

    "This is a slice of humble pie I might send back"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 100:54

    (00:00) After the Bengals blow-out win over the Steelers, Michael Smith and Michael Holley discuss Cincy's playoff hopes and potential to take over the AFC North.(22:45) Diving into the current state of the Packers and Aaron Rodgers' chances at a second-straight MVP.(36:30) A recap of the Dolphins-Panthers game and the performances of Tua Tagovailoa and Cam Newton.(43:00) Charles Robinson joins the show to explain why the New England Patriots could be strong playoff contenders, what's going on with the Cleveland Browns and more.(53:00) The Cardinals are 9-2, but could Kliff Kingsbury leave Arizona for the head coaching job at Oklahoma?(1:12:40) Connor Rogers, NFL Draft analyst for Bleacher Report, stops by to discuss the top draft prospects for 2022. (1:27:45) Michael Holley reacts to Ohio State's shocking upset at the hands of Michigan and why the Buckeyes haven't seemed capable of making adjustments after losses to Alabama and Oregon.  

    "Who in their right mind don't like pie?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 98:25

    (00:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley react to verdict of three men being found guilty in the death of Ahmaud Arbery and explain why this is an impactful case.(19:15) Matthew Judon and Mac Jones' takes on Thanksgiving sides and desserts sparks a debate between the brothers on which pies are the best.(37:00) After Giannis Antetokounmpo tweeted about discovering Oreos with milk, more food takes are shared, as well as Giannis' performance during last season's NBA Finals.(50:30) Glynn Turman joins the show to talk about his participation in Beyonce's Ivy Park campaign and where his love of horses comes from. (1:07:55) Vincent Goodwill stops by to discuss the latest NBA news.(1:19:20) Jason Johnson joins the show to give his take on the verdict in Ahmaud Arbery's murder and the not guilty verdict given to Kyle Rittenhouse. 

    On the verge of being of dope

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 100:59

    (00:00) Ash and fashion: Holley and Smith talk about Kevin Durant's ankles and Kyle Kuzma's interesting sweater (18:00) LeBrawl fallout: the brothers assess whether the punishment fits the crime in the LeBron James, Isaiah  Stewart fight(34:00) Kurt Helin joins the show to discuss the brawl punishments, Steph Curry's greatness and the Suns hot streak (50:00) Gotham Chopra stops by to share his insights on the Man In The Arena and Tom Brady (1:12:00) Ryan Harris rolls up to talk Notre Dame's chances at making the CFB playoffs  (1:26:00) The brothers address the latest reports that Matt Nagy coached his last game in Chicago(1:38:00)  Rank the power: Holley and Smith critique the latest NFL power rankings

    "We're all trying to figure it out"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 98:11

    (00:00) Holley and Smith debate which NFL teams are legitimate contenders after another week of upsets and give props to Jonathan Taylor for his MVP performance(22:30) The brothers debate if the Patriots are the best team in the AFC and whether the revamped Chiefs defense can help them make a deep playoff run(38:00) Charles Robinson joins the show to give his takeaways from the wild NFL weekend and look ahead towards playoffs (57:00) Charles sticks around to expound on playoff bound teams(1:09:00) Actor Russell Hornsby stops by to talk Black Family Mafia on Starz, his acting career and future projects(1:31:00) Cam Newton's return to Carolina got spoiled by the Washington Football Team and his former head coach  (1:37:00) The brothers quickly touch on LeBron James ejection and brawl in Detroit 

    "Justice is just for them"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2021 94:38

    (00:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley react to Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty on all charges and discuss what it means for the justice system.(24:00) Rumors swirling about Antonio Brown using a fake vaccination card prompts a discussion about whether there are more NFL players doing the same?(39:10) Joel D. Anderson joins Brother from Another to touch on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the 1992 L.A. riots and his podcast Slow Burn.(57:00) Bucks sideline reporter Zora Stephenson stops by to share her insight on what the next step is for Giannis Antetokounmpo.(1:08:50) The brothers break down the Patriots shutout win over the Falcons on Thursday Night Football. (1:21:30) It's Feel Goodwill Friday and Vinnie is here to give his take on Steph Curry's MVP chances. 

    "Death to the Death Star!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 101:54

    (00:00) Michael Holley and Michael Smith break down the Golden State Warriors' hot start to the NBA season and discuss the team's potential to make a championship run when Klay Thompson returns.(31:00) A discussion about Stephen Curry's unprecedented impact on the NBA and his ability to consistently improve his craft.(44:00) Chris Herring details why there may be cause for concern for fans of the Clippers and Lakers at this point in the NBA season and how the Brooklyn Nets have been performing without Kyrie Irving. (1:03:20) Steve Wyche stops by to talk all things NFL, including the Power Rankings through Week 10. (1:14:10) Mike Golic joins the show to explain why he's surprised the Jets are closing the door on Mike White and why New York got it wrong by not bringing in a veteran from the beginning.(1:28:05) Holley and Smith share their thoughts on Matthew Stafford's wife, Kelly, throwing a pretzel at a fan who was heckling the Rams.(1:34:20) The new "Spider-Man: No Way Home" trailer and Michael Smith already sees it being in his top 5 Marvel Movies. 

    "Do your neighbors know your stealing wifi?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 100:05

    (00:00) It's Michael Holley's turn for a victory lap after the Rams get bodied by the 49ers (25:00) Rank The Power! Holley and Smith assess week 10 NFL power rankings (40:00) We connect with Monica McNutt for her takes on NBA favorites, the Bulls resurgence and her experience as a new New Yorker (58:00) The brothers discuss Giannis Antetokounmpo's quotes about staying in Milwaukee and debate their validity(1:11:00) John LaJethro Jenkins and Tyler Dragonfly Jonez join the show to talk Steph Curry, Scottie Pippen hating on Jordan and fatherhood

    "Carolina without Cam is like cornflakes without milk"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 99:16

    (00:00)  Lights, Cam, Action: Mike Smith starts today with a victory parade after Cam Newton's triumphant return to the Panthers and what it means for the team going forward (18:00) Holley and Smith assess the performance of Mac Jones and the Patriots chances at taking over the AFC (38:00) Charles Robinson stops by to preview OBJ's first game for LA (52:00) Charles sticks around to talk about the tie in Detroit, Mike White's disappointing performance and fallout from the Gruden lawsuit(1:12:00) Mitchell Schwartz joins the show to explain how the Chiefs got back on track after a blowout win vs the Raiders(1:26:00) Reacting to the Bucs loss: should they be worried about their playoff spot? 

    "They're just hooking up!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2021 98:58

    (00:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley dive deeper into Cam Newton's return to Carolina and why it's the perfect set-up for the veteran QB.(16:50) In the aftermath of the Aaron Rodgers vaccine controversy, Michael Smith explains why it shines a light on inconsistencies in the way the NFL handles the pandemic. (38:05)  Author Mitch Albom joins the show to discuss his family and how they tied into the meaning behind his books.(54:00) A recap of the Dolphins' upset win over the Ravens, including offensive lineman Robert Hunt's wild almost-touchdown.(1:14:00) NFL writer David Gardner stops by to debate whether the criticism towards Odell Beckham Jr. for joining the Rams is warranted or not. (1:23:30) Jon Gruden is suing the NFL and Roger Goodell over the leaked emails, but does he have a case?

    "The Eagle has landed"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 102:58

    (00:00) Holley and Smith react to Cam Newton's reunion with the Carolina Panthers (18:00) The brothers mull over Odell Beckham Jr's options and wonder where his skills will fit best(30:30) Surprise! Legendary artist Black Thought joins the show to talk music, his new projects and reminisce with Holley and Smith (58:00) Brother Simms shares his thoughts on Cam Newton's return and Lamar Jackson vs Miami on TNF (1:12:00) The Odell drama concludes in Hollywood after the Rams land the star receiver then the brothers argue over how effective he will be in LA(1:30:00) Vincent Goodwill rolls up to cool the Wizards hype and tell us his favorite teams in each conference(1:41:00) Holley and Smith close out the show by reflecting on the wild day

    "Don't trust anybody, they'll kneecap ya"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 98:00

    (00:00) Holley and Smith start by keeping an eye on Odell Beckham Jr and possible landing spots for the disgruntled receiver (22:00) Derrick Johnson President and CEO of NAACP joins the show to explain the organizations call for athletes to avoid signing with Texas teams (40:00) The brothers revisit Rodgers comments on the Pat McAfee Show and give their reassessment after the dust settled (1:02:00) Kneecaps and kneejerk reactions: Holley and Smith react to a wild story with the PSG women's team and Scottie Pippen taking more shots at MJ(1:17:00) Addressing the disturbing and conflicting allegations against Dalvin Cook and former girlfriend Gracelyn Trimble(1:26:00) Dr. Jason Johnson comes on to celebrate Russell Wilson's return, Brian Williams retiring from NBC and his thoughts on the Rittenhouse trial

    "MLK on Friday to Jesus on Tuesday"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 101:10

    (00:00) Holley and Smith react to the latest Aaron Rodgers interview with Pat McAfee and debate if he helped or hurt his situation(25:00) Breaking down Steph Curry's 50pt game and wondering if he's surpassed the 'best shooter' title and elevated to the GOAT conversation (36:00) Tom Haberstroh joins the show to break down all the hot teams in the NBA, Jokic shoving Morris and give his thoughts on the investigations into Robert Sarver and Neil Olshey(1:03:00) The brothers discuss landing spots for OBJ after he cleared waivers this afternoon(1:23:00) Holley and Smith review and assess the validity of Cassius Marsh's taunting penalty (1:38:00) Cooper Kupp's father is being barred from drafting his own son in fantasy: fair or foul? 

    "If you make fans side with the media, you suck"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 100:20

    (00:00) Don't forget about the Titans: Holley and Smith react to Titans shutting down the Rams in LA as well as the other upsets in the NFL last night (19:00) The brothers react to the Packers losing to the Chiefs without Aaron Rodgers and the after effects of his 'immunization' debacle (47:00) Rough week for Mike Smith's teams: reviewing the Browns trouncing the Bengals after cutting OBJ (56:00) Charles Robinson joins the show to give his insights on Odell Beckham Jr. landing spots after being waived  (1:09:00) Charles Robinson sticks around for another segment to talk Rodgers and the shakeup of NFL standings after a weekend of upset wins (1:37:00) Holley and Smith end with assessing Sam Darnold's decline in Carolina 

    "Welcome to the woke mob"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 94:25

    (00:00) Michael and Michael sound off on what Aaron Rodgers had to say about not getting vaccinated.(30:00) With the release of Odell Beckham Jr. by the Browns, the brothers debate where the star wide receiver could land. (38:30) The Ben Simmons-76ers saga continues: Michael Smith explains why he needs out of Philly.  (1:00:45) The Undefeated's Terrika Foster-Brasby joins the show to discuss the latest developments in the Phoenix Suns' workplace controversy.(1:14:00) Vincent Goodwill stops by to share his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers' claim that he's a victim of the "woke mob" and "cancel culture. Plus, is Russell Westbrook holding the Lakers back?(1:29:30) The brothers take a dive into the comments section to get your takes on the latest sports news. 

    "Thought they'd be Titans but it's the Titanic"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 100:08

    (00:00) Holley and Smith start with the continued fallout from Aaron Rodgers covering up his unvaccinated status (21:00) Beckham Bedlam: Odell Beckham Jr and Sr continue to feud with the Browns and Holley and Smith argue over which party should be more upset (41:00) Reacting to the tragic news of Henry Ruggs III reckless DUI taking an innocent life(54:00) Brother Simms rolls up to preview Colts v Jets, breakdown Matt White's success last week and thoughts on Jordan Love taking the reigns for the Packers (1:10:00) Darius Butler joins the show to talk Rams acquiring Von Miller, the Stephon Gilmore trade and his personal experience playing against Odell on the field (1:23:00) The brothers address the recent report of a toxic culture in the Suns organization created by owner Robert Sarver(1:38:00) Scottie Pippen's continues to take shots at MJ in a New York Times interview

    "I don't wanna hear from ya daddy"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 99:59

    (00:00) Michael Smith and Michael Holley react to the news of Aaron Rodgers testing positive for COVID-19 and that the Packers QB is not vaccinated. (22:00) Kevin Stefanski addresses the rumors surrounding Odell Beckham Jr., but the brothers believe the star wide receiver is done in Cleveland. (36:00) Marcus A. Clarke joins the show to discuss the making of his new movie “Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali” and shares some big takeaways from the film.(56:45) Eric Dickerson stops by to share his thoughts on the Los Angeles Rams trading for Von Miller and how the NFL has changed over the years. (1:11:50) The brothers are joined by Ashley Nicole Moss to explain why this Cowboys team is different from years past.(1:27:00) The Atlanta Braves are World Series Champions! The brothers discuss why winning the title was so important for the city of Atlanta  

    "That franchise mode narcotic"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 95:21

    (00:00) Holley and Smith start by reacting to Deshaun Watson staying with Houston (23:00) The Last Dance Takes Two to Tango: Scottie Pippen sounded off on Michael Jordan again but at this point is he just being a hater or is his gripe legitimate?(41:00) Our BFA GM Thomas Dimitroff joins the show to share his thoughts and insights on the NFL trade deadline (1:00:00) Bryant McFadden former Steeler/Viking stops by to weigh on the Steelers trade, tell us his favorite Tomlin-ism then his thoughts on the Lakers (1:13:00) Kevin Stefanski admitted he needs to get 'Odell involved more' but did lack of production, trade interest raise red flags?(1:26:00)  The brothers react to Damian Lillard getting 'we want Lillard' chants from the Philadelphia crowd

    "Manage as if you're on 4th and short"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 100:28

    (00:00) Holley and Smith discuss the impact of Rams trading for Von Miller and Derrick Henry's injury (23:45) Reacting to Mike White's epic performance vs the Bengals as well as other backup QB's stepping up (40:00) Charles Robinson stops by to share his info on NFL trade rumors and potential moves still to be made (50:00) Charles returns for a deeper dive into the NFL trade deadline(1:01:00) Holley and Smith talk about the landscape of the AFC division after all the top teams lost (1:14:00) The brothers discuss Calvin Ridley and Lane Johnson coming forward with their struggles with mental health(1:29:00) Clint Coley joins the show to talk World Series of Spades (1:39:00) Tyrann Matheiu apologizes for calling Chiefs fans 'toxic' but does he have a point?  

    "Let me bring my Bourbon in here and talk to ya'll"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 101:40

    (00:00) Holley and Smith review last nights thriller where the undefeated Cardinals get their first loss against a fired up Aaron Rodgers(24:00) The brothers give props to Rasul Douglas for his game winning interception against his former team (37:00) Vincent Goodwill makes his first appearance of the day to chat about Ja Morant (54:00) (1:09:00) Holley and Smith react to NAACP telling free agents to avoid signing with Texans teams and a discussion on Rob Manfred's comments about the Tomahawk chant (1:29:00) Vincent Goodwill and Caron Phillips join the show to talk Nets, Warriors then weighs in Tomlin(1:37:30) Comment Section: Brandon and Holley read and react to your comments on topics from the week

    "Don't give me your excuses"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 97:19

    (00:00) Holley and Smith react to the disturbing sexual assault allegations against members of the Chicago Blackhawks staff by former NHL player Kyle Beach(22:00) The brothers argue if Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant need Kyrie Irving amid slow start to fix their season(35:00) Chris Mannix joins the show to explain Lakers woes then previewing Knicks, Bulls and Charlotte Hornet's becoming a sneaky good team(53:00) Brother Simms serves up some piping hot takes about the Jaguars, Seahawks and Ja'Marr Chase while previewing the Week 8 NFL matchups (1:22:00) Holley and Smith discuss Russell Westbrooks ejection and whether it was necessary     

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