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Longtime friends and journalists Michael Holley and Michael Smith discuss the latest across sports, culture, entertainment, and politics.

Michael Holley and Michael Smith

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    Latest episodes from Brother from Another

    Fantasy Football preview with Matthew Berry

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 32:54

    (00:00) Michael Smith and Matthew Berry reminisce then share strategies for NFL fantasy drafts(19:00) Matthew Berry shares his sleeper offenses going into 2022  (25:00) Breaking down why Gabriel Davis is a big fantasy favorite this year  (28:00) Previewing week 1 of NFL preseason and what to look forward to

    Certified Buckets Takeover

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 51:52

    00:00           Ashley Nicole Moss and Kristian Winfield host the show today!  The Nets are asking for a king's ransom in trade talks for Kevin Durant!  Will they be able to make a trade happen if they want so much in return?  Baker Mayfield gets traded to the Panthers.14:54             Chris Herring reacts to the breaking news that James Harden is taking a $15 million pay-cut with the Sixers.35:06            Rashad Phillips tells us which players to watch in the NBA Summer League.46:42            NFL Sunday Ticket is likely to move to a streaming service. Let the bidding war begin!

    "Multiverse of MSNBC Madness"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2022 51:05

    00:00           Tiffany Cross and Jason Johnson host the show today! Brittney Griner pleads guilty to her charges in Russia.17:29             Carron J Phillips sheds insight on Grambling State University's controversy of stripping student-athletes of their scholarships.38:17             Michael Harriot talks about his new podcast, stand-up comedy, and the trend of interracial couples on TikTok.49:10          It's the 35th anniversary of the Paid in Full Album by Eric B. & Rakim.

    Hoopstress Takeover Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2022 51:09

    00:00          Natalie and Imman Adan are the guest co-hosts today! The Toronto Raptors reportedly have the most to offer for Kevin Durant. Is Durant a future Toronto Raptor? 10:34            Marc J Spears thinks the Warriors are a strong option for the Durant sweepstakes.  Can Darvin Ham get the best out of Russell Westbrook?25:38          Chris Barnett makes his debut on Brother from Another! He summarizes the most notable moves in free agency so far.36:11             Subria Whittaker gives her analysis on the upcoming WNBA all-star game and Brittney Griner's influence. 

    "Are You Going Just to Go?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2022 51:24

    00:00           Meghan Triplett is the guest host with Michael Smith!  Should we prepare for Kevin Durant to remain with the Nets if trades fall through?  Kristian Winfield says the Nets haven't yet found a deal that is worth trading Durant for.19:48             Tom Haberstroh breaks down what he thinks Kevin Durant can command in a trade.39:35             Shalise Manza Young joins the show to discuss Brittney Griner being held in a Russian prison for 138 days and counting.49:57           Michael Rubin's 4th of July party.

    “I Thought I was Being Fun”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 102:22

    00:00            Vinnie Goodwill is the guest host alongside Michael Smith.  Did the Celtics get away with robbery in attaining Malcolm Brogdon?  Kurt Helin is confident that John Collins will get traded.26:58             JA Adande reacts to the Big 10 acquiring UCLA and USC. 40:36             David Aldridge reacts to the breaking news that Rudy Gobert is getting traded to the Timberwolves. What does this mean for Donovan Mitchell?55:40             Marcus Thompson thinks KD wants to be a part of a good team culture as opposed to running the team, like he did in Brooklyn.1:19:02           Natalie is on FIRE as she goes on a tirade about Kevin Durant and Steph Curry.1:32:16            What happens with Kyrie Irving now that Kevin Durant requests a trade.

    “Check Your Texts”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 104:41

    00:00                Kevin Durant requests a trade from the Brooklyn Nets! Michael Smith is back! Vinnie Goodwill drops his insider knowledge on where Durant wants to go.17:36                  Ryan Hollins says Kyrie Irving opting in, made it easier for the Nets to trade Durant. Do the Nets management deserve blame for Durant's possible exit? 43:21                  Tom Haberstroh says the Heat are willing to go all in for Durant and he isn't ruling out the possibility of a return to Golden State.53:26                 Bomani Jones reacts to the upcoming blockbuster trade.1:11:01                 Kurt Helin describes how he found out about Durant's trade request.1:30:08             Vinnie speculates on the possibility of Kevin Durant joining the Knicks, Heat, Grizzlies and the Lakers.

    “Leprechauns and Mystique”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 52:22

    00:00            Vincent Goodwill and Carron J Phillips host the show today! Draymond Green says the Warriors needed Kevin Durant for the Warriors to win in 2017 & 2018.17:01                Kristian Winfield gives his take on the power struggle between Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets.  Chris Miles projects what John Wall will look like if he signs with the Clippers.37:50             Steve Wyche explains how he thinks the league will respond to Deshaun Watson and his legal issues.49:00            It's the 30th Anniversary of Boomerang!

    Maybe Crazy, but not Stupid

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 51:53

    00:00            Charles Robinson and Jim Trotter are back! Joe Burrow stands against the Supreme Courts decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.20:16            Kurt Helin sees the Clippers winning the West if they attain John Wall.36:55            Pat Forde reacts to Arch Manning committing to the University of Texas.

    “Are You Suggesting Self-Awareness?”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 51:37

    00:00            Charles Robinson and Jim Trotter host the show today!  The Texans are being sued by one of Deshaun Watson's accusers. 20:55             Vincent Goodwill says Kyrie Irving is running out of options in free agency.38:25             Jarrett Bell wins PFWA 2022 Bill Nunn Jr. Award.

    “Outside in the Snow with no Clothes on”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 51:14

    00:00             Vincent Goodwill is back as a guest host! Jeff Goodman doesn't like the Thunder's draft picks “at all.”  Kurt Helin reacts to the report that Kyrie Irving will opt in and be traded.38:46             Carron J Phillips answers today's Black Music Month question.  He remains a supporter of Kyrie Irving, the basketball player.

    “Settling isn't Romantic”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 50:48

    00:00         Vincent Goodwill is back as a guest host and he's skeptical about Paolo Banchero. Smith likes Chet Holmgren for the Thunder.  Kurt Helin reacts to the Jerami Grant traded to the Trailblazers. Does this put an end to rumors of a Damien Lillard departure?31:19             Marcus Thompson gives his answer to today's Black Music Month question. 39:05          Marcus Thompson puts emphasis on Steph Curry's mental fortitude during his time with the Warriors.50:13         Vinnie predicts the Knicks will make a trade.

    “Down Memory Lane”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 52:49

    00:00    Vincent Goodwill is a guest co-host today! Marc Spears joins us to talk about Kyrie Irving's trade rumors, amid his contract negotiation with the Nets. Smith says the Nets should trade both KD and Kyrie! 31:19     Mike Jones comes on to give insight on Dan Snyder being subpoenaed. Deshaun Watson settles on 20 of his 24 lawsuits.42:01    Kurt Helin updates his top 10 NBA players of all time to fit Steph Curry in.49:21    Natalie celebrates her Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Finals.

    "Good Day and Good Night"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 104:25

    00:00    The Warriors elevate their dynasty further, winning a 4th NBA Finals Championship.16:27       Steph Curry finally secures his first NBA Finals MVP trophy.40:43     Jayson Tatum struggled in his first Finals appearance. Will the Celtics be back in the NBA Finals next year?58:33     Kurt Helin and Corey Robinson take over the second hour. They react to the Golden State Warriors winning the 2022 NBA Finals.1:15:15    Where does Steph Curry rank all time now that he had 4 NBA Titles?1:31:22   The Warriors and Celtics are favorites to win the NBA Finals in 2023. Sue Bird announces she will retire.1:42:36  Looking forward to the NBA Draft.

    "Look at Me Now"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 85:42

    00:00             Smith says we will be talking about where Steph Curry and the Warriors' dynasty ranks all-time, after Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Holley presents his Top 10 NFL QB Rankings.24:50             Chris Simms compares his list to Smith's and Holley's.40:17              Tom Haberstroh thinks Jayson Tatum is feeling the fatigue of a long postseason.55:33             JR Smith joins the show! He talks about what it's like to be a black golfer, have a 4.0 GPA, developing self-confidence off the court, adulting, and his experience of accepting retirement from the NBA.1:24:08         The Saints unveil their new black alternate helmets.

    “Guardian of the Warriors Galaxy”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 52:47

    00:00                 Deshaun Watson speaks to the media.  18:10                    Steve Wyche gives his takeaway from Deshaun Watson's presser.24:29               The Celtics turn over another game in the Finals. J.A. Adande points out that the Warriors haven't been great at closing out a series in these playoffs.45:39             Ashley Nicole Moss says experience is the story of this year's NBA Finals. 

    “You Ain't Gotta Lie to Kick it”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 50:49

    00:00             Steph Curry has the best NBA Finals performance in his career. Could he win Finals MVP even if the Warriors lose?23:40              Charles Robinson says Lamar Jackson could command $45 million a year on his next contract.39:19               Vincent Goodwill doesn't know how realistic it is to expect two more games like this from Curry.

    “Hump the Leg of Analytics”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 80:46

    00:00          Michael Smith breaks out his own 2022 QB Top 10 list, in response to Chris Simms'.17:22             Vincent Goodwill says tonight's NBA Finals game determines the series. Could Draymond Green's podcast be helping the Boston Celtics?36:03           Natalie is not worried about the Golden State Warriors going into game 4.53:21            Marshall Faulk joins the show! He enjoys being compared to today's players and he envisions a day when losing a QB won't be an excuse to lose.1:13:21         Ron Rivera fines Jack Del Rio for his comments on the January 6th Capitol Riots.

    “Everybody's Got a Price”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 52:12

    00:00          Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, and the other golfers who joined LIV Golf have been suspended by the PGA.  Kurt Helin gives his take on this and the NBA Finals.22:16            Tyler “Dragonfly Jonez” & Lajethro Jenkins weigh in on Boston's explicit chant toward Draymond. 40:07           Chris Simms breaks down his Top 40 QB Countdown.51:52             Mellody Hobson is about to be the first black woman to own part of an NFL team.   

    “Generational Wars”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 52:39

    00:00           Deshaun Watson has an article written about his numerous massage therapist appointments, and the Texans aiding in his alleged transgressions.16:30             Marc J Spears reacts to Draymond Green's rant about NBA players from the 80's.28:00            Charles Robinson and Shalise Manza-Young give insight on the recent developments in the Deshaun Watson case.  Jack Del Rio describes the January 6th Capitol Riot as a “dust up.”52:25          Game 3 of the NBA Finals: Who ya got?

    “If You're Good at Something, Don't Do it for Free”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 51:56

    00:00             Aaron Donald isn't retiring! Instead, he agrees to a massive $95 million contract with the Rams.21:19                Shalise Manza-Young dismantles Pro Football Focus' 2022 NFL Head Coach Rankings.43:06             Jim Trotter calls out the NFL for not giving any punishment to the several NFL owners who have sexual harassment accusations.50:31               Holley is looking forward to Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Happy Birthday and RIP to Prince.

    “Has Anybody Ever Tried to Pull Your Pants Down?”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 52:56

    00:00             Draymond Green pulls down on Jaylen Brown's pants while getting up.  Which team benefits from this physical style of play?24:17               Nate Duncan picks the Warriors in 7. Is Steph Curry now an all-time great NBA player?42:08             Charles Robinson knows the secret to sounding good when you rap at your wedding.52:36             Congrats Romeo Crennel!

    The Hoopstress Takeover

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 50:36

    00:00               Natalie takes over the show today! Her fellow Hoopstress, Imman Adan analyzes what the Celtics did right to win game 1.14:32                  Siobhan Beslow gives her insight on the NBA Finals and Tyler Herro announcing he wants to be a starter next year.27:47                  SJ points out that the Warriors series vs the Mavericks, looked similar to game 1 of the NBA Finals.  The Mavericks are on the hunt for a new center.39:20               Subria Whitaker thinks the WNBA should add more roster spots instead of expanding the league in 2024.

    “Momentum Doesn't Matter”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 97:06

    00:00                 JA Adande is the guest host today! Holley makes an argument that the Warriors aren't as much of a “homegrown' team as they get credit for. 20:25             JA says momentum won't matter in the NBA Finals, confidence matters.35:32             Tom Haberstroh tells us the first concert he went to and gives his predictions for the NBA Finals.51:58             Josiah Johnson hopes both teams lose the finals.1:04:16             Kurt Helin picks the Warriors to win the Finals.1:16:25             Today is the 20th anniversary of “The Wire.”  Which season was the best in the series? 

    "Black Don't Crack"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 99:20

    00:00           Meghan Triplett is the guest host today!  Holley and Meghan talk about their first concerts.18:19              We preview the NBA Finals. Meghan hates cold weather.34:51             Michael Pina doesn't think Steph Curry needs a Finals MVP to cement his legacy.  Holley disagrees.51:25             Ryan Hollins comes back on the show after getting a new job as a broadcaster for the Houston Rockets.1:10:32         Aaron Donald says he's at peace if he retires after his illustrious 8-year career. Jaylen Brown signs with Kanye West's Donda Sports Agency.1:25:20        Jason Johnson reacts to the Darvin Ham hire for the Lakers and he is not amused by this NBA Finals matchup.

    “Assy to Classy”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 100:46

    00:00             Jeff Van Gundy had a problem with Jimmy Butlers shot at the end of game 7. Does anyone else?  Ime Udoka goes from being rejected by multiple teams, to the NBA Finals.25:40             Gabe Kapler paused his protest on Memorial Day. Can a protest take a break if the issues he is protesting don't?39:50             Charles Robinson comes on to help us figure out if Aaron Donald is going to retire.  A Sherrod Blakely tells us the importance of Al Horford to the Boston Celtics.1:15:18             Vinnie Goodwill previews how the Warriors defense will matchup against the Celtics in the NBA Finals.1:31:54             Nekias Duncan picks the Celtics to win the NBA Finals in 6 games.  

    "Turn my levels up!"

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 52:45

    (00:00) Holley and Smith discuss the Warriors closing out the Mavericks and advancing to the NBA Finals  (22:40) Marc J Spears breaks down the Mavs loss and next steps for Mavs, Luka Doncic(35:20) Dr. Myron Bolle joins the show to discuss his incredible journey from growing up in the Bahamas, making it to the NFL and becoming a Neurosurgeon 

    "Coincidence? Or not?"

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 100:47

    (00:00) Holley and Smith react to the political and societal fallout from the tragic shooting in Texas(18:20) Colin Kaepernick works out for the Raiders but does the timing seem a little too poignant? (26:53) Vincent Goodwill stops by to discuss Celtics, Heat and Nets offseason woes(41:50) Previewing game 6 between Warriors and Mavericks: can Luka keep the Mavs series alive?(51:30) Ashly Holder joins the show to speak on the tragedies in Buffalo and Texas and how local teams are helping communities heal(1:13:30) Jared Dubin writer for FiveThirtyEight joins us for a long discussion on NBA, NFL and share his thoughts on the Texas tragedy (1:40:00) Rest in Power Ray Liotta who passed away at the age of 67 today 

    “This is who America chooses to be”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 52:52

    (00:00) Holley and Smith reflect on the tragic events in Texas(22:00) Kurt Helin and Jeff Goodman join the show to review the Mavs win over Warriors and preview Celtics, Heat game 5(38:30) The brothers discuss the fallout from the HBO Real Sports interview with Deshaun Watson's accuser Ashley Solis(51:20) Congratulations to the newly hired Steelers GM Omar Khan 

    "This series is drunk and not in a good way"

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 49:17

    (00:00) Holley and Smith react to the Celtics stomping the Heat last night plus Holley takes issue with one of Steph Curry's celebrations  (20:30) Louis Zatzman from FiveThirtyEight joins the show to talk Jayson Tatum's rise to stardom(30:00) Taking a look at the Patriots OTA's and Bill Belichick's comments on his coordinators  (37:00) Steve Wyche stops by to share his thoughts on NFL storylines coming out of training camp 

    “Beige Rage”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 100:58

    00:00          The Warriors are on their way to a sweep over the Mavericks. Is a Warriors championship inevitable at this point?  The Celtics drop a game against a Butler-less Heat team.31:00             The NFL is starting an “accelerator” program, to speed up the hiring rate of minority coaches and GMs. 41:16               Charles Robinson speaks on Kyler Murray and Deebo Samuel being absent at OTAs. Deshaun Watson's case will be spotlighted on HBO.  NFL owners reportedly taking a vote to oust Dan Snyder from the NFL.58:22             Vinnie Goodwill describes the success of the Warriors coaching staff in the WCF. He breaks down the Celtics struggles using one of the 10 Crack Commandments.1:13:47           Michael C. Wright defends Jason Kidd seemingly conceding the WCF after going down 3-0. 1:30:03        Josh Donaldson calls Tim Anderson “Jackie” in reference to Jackie Robinson. 

    “The Only Constant, is Change”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 51:26

    00:00              The Celtics demolish the Heat in game 2.  Is Marcus Smart the most important player on the Celtics?  Bob Cousy claps back at JJ Redick's “Firemen & Plumbers” comment.  Nick Saban backpedals and apologizes for singling out Texas A&M and Jackson St.27:42               Vincent Goodwill reacts to the Warriors dominant game 1 victory and previews game 2. 41:00               Jerami Grant has his Brother From Another debut .He tells us what he learned from playing with some of the best players in the world. 

    “You're Doing it Wrong”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 52:22

    00:00            Nick Saban says Jackson St. and Texas A&M “Bought” their top players.  Jimbo Fisher and Deion Sanders respond strongly. Carron J Phillips responds to the beef between Saban, Fisher and Sanders.  Phillips passionately explains why he thinks Deion Sanders doesn't care about HBCUs.29:04            The Boston Celtics' Derrick White is out of game 2 against the Miami Heat as he is choosing to witness the birth of his child.38:21             Tom Haberstroh says, Luka Doncic needs to trust his teammates more to open up plays for himself. 51:28           Smith didn't forget about Holley's NBA playoff predictions.

    “Don't Leave the Game With 3 Fouls”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 103:06

    00:00             Jimmy Butler continues to lead the Miami Heat to playoff victories. Holley breaks down his Top 10 Current NBA Players.  The Comments Section returns with Morgan Miller.19:32               Natalie comes back in anticipation of the Warriors vs Mavericks playoff series.36:15               Real Talk: Christy Winters-Scott tells us how the Miami Heat beat the Celtics using skill and will.  Monty Williams responds to Patrick Beverley's negative comments toward Chris Paul.54:34              Michael Silver went to a concert with Robert Kraft. Tom Brady's offseason stories. Will Deebo Samuels come to an agreement with the 49ers? 1:13:37             Kurt Helin reacts to the NBA Draft Lottery.  Can the Magic be trusted with the #1 pick in the draft?  Helin chimes in on Holley's Top 10 Current NBA Players.1:30:38           Dr. Jason Johnson will be attending the Broncos-Seahawks game in Week 1.  Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness review.

    “The Ring Plays”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 100:45

    00:00           Guest co-host Albert Breer gives the show some insider info around the Las Vegas Raiders.  How will Josh McDaniels fare in Vegas?19:34             The Patriots have not named an Offensive or Defensive Coordinator. Is Bill Belichick having a staffing problem, or is this his genius at work?36:14             Vinnie Goodwill comes on to preview the NBA Conference Finals matchups.55:11             Super Bowl Champion Ryan Harris tells us what it was like to have Peyton Manning as his QB. John Elway says Russell Wilson is the piece needed for the Broncos to compete again.1:10:00             Tom Brady, Tony Romo, and Drew Brees. What separates a good athlete from a successful commentator?1:31:21             Deshaun Watson is expected to meet with the NFL. Is a suspension looming? 

    “My Toes Are Out”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 101:09

    00:00             The Celtics win game 7 against Milwaukee. Amina Smith guest co-hosts and shares what it was like at the game.20:46             The Suns fall apart in game 7 as the Mavs move on to the Western Conference Finals.33:13               Charles Robinson laughs at the Lions not getting a primetime game.  Amina thinks the NFL Schedule release is overrated.  Drew Brees considering a return to football?56:04              Ashley Nicole Moss takes over the show with her co-host of the Certified Buckets podcast.  Will the Heat-Celtics series go to 7 games? 1:10:59             Best-Selling Author Chris Herring, believes Giannis Antetokounmpo will be considered a top 10 NBA player of all-time by the end of his career.  Chris picks Dallas to win against Golden State.1:29:06             Kanye West wins Best Gospel Artist at the Billboard Music Awards.  Holley can't separate Rapper Kanye from Gospel Kanye. 1:39:40          Steph Curry graduates from Davidson College.

    “Aint It, Never Been It, Never Gonna Be It”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 97:03

    00:00           James Harden's first playoff run with the 76ers was a flop.  How much blame does he deserve?21:04             Luka Doncic and the Mavs force a game 7 against the Phoenix Suns.  Is Luka Doncic the best player in that series?40:28            Vincent Goodwill comes on to remind us that he said Jimmy Butler was a top 10 player last year.  Did James Harden perform poorly on purpose?1:00:01         Jasmine Watkins says Michael Smith is “trippin as usual.”  She also thinks no tricks will be whooped yet in the Grizzlies Warriors series.1:10:37          Keith Pompey examines James Harden and the 76ers' struggles. 1:29:23        NFL teams have fun with the recent schedule release.  Jarvis Landry signs with the Saints.

    “Whoop That Trick!”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 93:43

    00:00         WHOOP THAT TRICK! Steph Curry eats his words as the Grizzlies show their depth in a blowout victory over Golden State.18:09             The Celtics collapse, and the Bucks come back to win in the final seconds of game 5.33:57             Meghan Triplett describes what it was like to be at the electric Warriors-Grizzlies game.50:33            A Sherrod Blakely says Nikola Jokic is not famous enough to be MVP.1:14:41          John “LaJethro” Jenkins and Tyler “Dragonfly” Jones reflect on last night's NBA playoff games.  Rumor has it, Phil Jackson wants the Lakers to trade Lebron James and keep Russell Westbrook. 

    "Hand Me Ups"

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 100:42

    00:00               Embiid aggravates his orbital injury as the Sixers get blown out by the Miami Heat in Game 5.18:40                 Steve Wyche gives input on the new details of Tom Brady's contract with Fox Sports.  Should the NFL schedule release be a big event? 36:29               Joel Embiid says he doesn't know what else he has to do to win MVP. 55:13                Marcus Spears canceled his ticket to Dallas thinking the series would be over by now.1:13:50             Justin Tinsley shares his experience of writing his book about Biggie Smalls. Anniversary of Allen Iverson “Practice” rant.1:33:46            Tua Tagovailoa underthrows Tyreek Hill in Dolphins hype video.

    “I Am Not a Pocket Watch”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 100:44

    00:00             Tom Brady signs a $375 million deal to be an analyst at Fox Sports. Will he be good at the job?18:16             Chris Mannix joins the show to talk Al Horford and the Celtics. Mannix breaks down why he voted for Embiid over Jokic on his MVP ballot.39:28             Is Brady's commentary worth $375 million?54:25             Natalie comes on to analyze Steph Curry and the Warriors going up 3-1 over the Grizzlies. Will Klay Thompson ever be as good as he was before his injury?1:16:19             Mo Dakhil says the Celtics physicality is taking a toll on Giannis.1:29:52             Monty Williams wins NBA Coach of the Year.  Jeanie Buss is unhappy with the money she spent for a Lakers team that didn't make the playoffs.

    “Sweep Around Your Own Front Door”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 96:34

    00:00             Nikola Jokic wins 2nd consecutive NBA MVP Award. Why do people disagree with Jokic being MVP after his historic season?23:03             Kurt Helin explains why he voted for Jokic to win MVP. Will Embiid take out his anger on the Miami Heat after coming short of MVP Award?40:47             Charles Robinson agrees with Pete Carroll that Geno Smith gives the Seahawks their best chance to win right now. Charles takes some guesses on what else is to come this offseason.54:39             Kelcey Wright Johnson gives some insider info on how the Grizzlies are reacting to Ja Morant's knee injury. 1:08:21           Marcus Thompson says its not a playoff series until players try to get their opponents suspended.  The Kings sign Mike Brown to be their Head Coach.1:33:03       Chris Paul was irate after a young fan pushes his family.

    “If You Don't Score, I Can't Lose”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 48:11

    00:00            The Phillies collapse and hand the Mets a devastating comeback win.  Joel Embiid clears concussion protocol. Jalen Hurts' make or break season.22:02             Mike Jones gets followed by Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Twitter.  He lets us know if Deebo following the 49ers is a good sign for a future contract. 38:18              Vincent Goodwill joins us to talk Pippen's All-Time NBA Starting 5. Steph Curry and the Warriors are hell-bent on stopping Ja Morant.  Vinnie doesn't believe in Bucks Coach Mike Budenholzer. 


    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 52:21

    {00:00}             Tom Brady trolls everyone about the tuck rule. How different would NFL history be without it.  Deebo Samuel follows the 49ers again. Is this a sign that they will agree on a contract?  Baker Mayfield may be stuck in Cleveland.{23:07}             Chris Simms thinks Pickett makes a lot of sense for the Steelers. Is it a starting quarterback's responsibility to mentor his backup?  Simms says “Cleveland screwed over Baker Mayfield.”{41:39}             Tom Haberstroh argues that Harden is the 4th best player on the Sixers in this series against Miami.  The Warriors vs Grizzlies series is getting nasty!{50:52}             Scottie Pippen drops his All-Time NBA Starting 5.

    “What Are You Like When You're Crazy”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 80:10

    {00:00}           Chappelle gets attacked on stage.  Do people have a problem laughing at themselves?{10:06}            Tannehill opens up about mental health and therapy{21:39}             Real Talk: Amina Smith predicts the Bucks beat the Celtics in 6 games. Steve Kerr thinks Dillon Brooks broke the player code with his potentially “dirty” play that injured Gary Payton. {40:45}         Ekam Nagra compares Ja Morant to Allen Iverson and thinks players shouldn't be flipping off the fans.{55:20}           Ryan Tannehill says its not his job to mentor Rookie QB Malik Willis.{1:03:09}       Jason Johnson reacts to Chappelle being attacked on stage & the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v Wade decision.

    “Turn Down That Public Enema”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 101:16

    00:00            Draymond Green gets ejected after a controversial Flagrant 2 call.  Is it okay for refs to make calls based on a player's reputation?29:24             Grading the draft now that it's all said and done. Chiefs, Steelers and Ravens get high praise. The Punt God gets drafted!41:26               Charles Robinson foresees Baker Mayfield with the Browns at the start of next season.  He also reacts to the results of the NFL Draft.59:18               Vincent Goodwill weighs in on the Draymond Green Flagrant 2 debate.  Should the media have paid more attention to Scottie Pippen?1:13:24            Kurt Helin comes on to talk about Joel Embiid's injury and how it will affect the 76ers.  Are the Miami Heat boring?1:26:31           Eric Edholm tells us which players are good fits with the teams that drafted them. 1:35:09          Deandre Hopkins suspended for 6 games for violating PED Policy.

    “You're Overthinking This”

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 102:56

    00:00           AJ Brown and Hollywood Brown get traded on Draft Day! We react to a wild night in Vegas.25:26             Both NY Teams left the 1st round feeling good. Connor Rogers disagrees with Green Bay ignoring wide receivers. 40:48            Charles Robinson thinks the Packers can still draft a quality wide receiver in the 2nd round.56:55           Was the Patriots 1st round pick of Cole Strange the worst decision in Patriots' draft history?1:14:11         Eric Edholm got more than half of the top 10 in his mock draft correct. How does he think the 2nd round will go?1:29:56         Steve Wyche breaks down the best talent coming out of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. 

    “Live From the Annual Selection Meeting”

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 97:23

    {00:00}             The Brothers are happy to be in Vegas for the NFL Draft!{21:24}             Connor Rogers thinks the Lions' No. 2 pick is the biggest mystery of the draft. Should teams risk missing big on a potential superstar QB, or play it safe?{38:35}             Charles Robinson is hearing that teams may trade up for an early pick.{54:50}             Chris Simms doesn't think Malik Willis is worth a 2nd overall pick and wouldn't touch Thibodeaux or Stingley Jr. in the top 15.{1:15:27}             Feeling the excitement of the draft. The Brothers are high on Jermaine Johnson & Sauce Gardner.{1:30:36}             Both NY Football teams want Sauce Gardner. Will the Giants draft a QB after declining Daniel Jones' player option?  

    If The Shoe Fits

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 102:02

    00:00            The Celtics sweep the Nets. Did Steve Nash do a poor job coaching, or was it a roster issue?25:04             Marc J Spears says the Raptors have the Sixers right where they want them. Will Doc Rivers blow another playoff series lead? 42:37             Mike Patton doesn't think the Jags will pick Travon Walker with the No. 1 pick. 52:10              Real Talk: Jerry Brewer's 2nd favorite player of all time is Kevin Durant. How does he think the Nets will bounce back from their collapse?1:14:57             Garrett Wilson tells us about his time at Ohio St. and how he is preparing for the NFL Draft.1:28:18             Crissy Froyd breaks down the QBs in the upcoming NFL Draft.1:40:07             Michael Holley appreciates Mike Tomlin on National Poetry Month

    This Is Not How It Was Supposed To Go

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 98:16

    {00:00}             Holley was right about Celtics being clearly better than the Nets.  Smith picks Pelicans to win series over Suns. Holley didn't sleep well after Suns loss.{20:42}             Vincent Goodwill & Kurt Helin help the Brothers break down the Nets collapse. Ben Simmons criticized for sitting out of playoffs. {40:52}              Charles Robinson says the 49ers don't want to trade Deebo Samuel “at all.” {57:41}               Thor Nystrom is very high on “generational talent” Malik Willis.{1:09:35}         Matt Stafford breaks ground on his new Education Center in Detroit. Reflects on winning a Superbowl and his popular phone commercial. {1:22:36}           Mike Renner analyzes the marquee players of the upcoming NFL Draft.{1:36:07}            Is it too soon for Lebron to be recorded dancing?

    “A Timeout Would Have Been Nice”

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 98:30

    {00:00} Timberwolves blow huge lead against Grizzlies. Is Karl-Anthony Towns to blame?{18:34} The Brothers are sick of the Utah Jazz. {34:23} Evan Neal drops in and tells us the NFL players he looks up to.{47:14} Kyler Murray didn't have leverage for a trade, while Deebo Samuel is fighting for a trade from the 49ers. {1:09:31} Kurt Helin doesn't think we have seen the best version of the Grizzlies. Does Harden have it in him to take over games anymore?{1:37:42} Jermaine Johnson II has fun on the show. What it's like to battle from Junior College to a potential 1st round pick In the NFL draft.   

    "The Other Brother From Another"

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 98:03

    15:00:00            Are the Celtics a lock to win the series? Can the Suns stay in the playoffs long enough for Booker to return?   15:23:55             Is “Winning Time” too sensational? Is Jerry West right to be upset about his portrayal?15:42:54             Tom Haberstroh helps us break down Embiid's game-winning 3 pointer, and how the Celtics are shutting Kevin Durant down.16:07:13             Chris Simms expresses his thoughts on Deebo Samuel's trade request and analyzes his favorite players in the NFL Draft. 16:26:13             Ari Chambers stops by to talk about the Women's NCAA Basketball Championship, WNBA, and how to make a name for yourself outside of traditional media.16:44:25             Jay Wright retires. Is the transfer portal going to make early retirements a trend in college basketball?16:54:24             Pitcher tackles home-run hitter, Mike Tyson punches man annoying him on an airplane.

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