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Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and much more from NYC.

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    Latest episodes from The Right Time with Bomani Jones

    Reliability Matters, Book Club Part 2 with Corey Erdman

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 56:28

    Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on the futures of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving now that their time together seems to be coming to an end with the Nets (1:01), as well as how the politicization of Wimbledon has a connection to the events of this past Friday in America (10:28). Plus, boxing commentator and former "The Morning Jones" producer Corey Erdman joins for #TheRightTimeBookClub to discuss “King of the World” by David Remnick about Muhammad Ali (22:13).

    Roy Wood Jr. on New Beyoncé and Drake, Great 90's Rap Albums, PSA for MLB

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 47:49

    Bomani Jones welcomes Roy Wood Jr. of The Daily Show to react to new Beyoncé and Drake records and discuss the greatest hip-hop albums of the 90's (8:46), as well as wonder why rappers don't put their homies on records anymore (34:21). Plus, Roy gives a PSA for Major League Baseball now that we are past the NBA season (41:18).

    Playing for Today, and Tomorrow

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 61:09

    Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on the Warriors winning the NBA Championship and how the result reflects on PG Stephen Curry (1:30). Plus, possible movement for Nets G Kyrie Irving this summer (19:34), a Title IX-themed IYHH as we approach the 50th anniversary of its passage into law (34:23), and your voicemails about that one friend who takes things just a little "too far" (48:27)!

    Foxworth Friday: LIV Golf 'Sports Washing", Joe Burrow Speaks out on Gun Violence, 'Dream On' 30 for 30

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 38:59

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth share their thoughts on the new 30 for 30 "Dream On", about the 1996 Women's Olympic team (2:05). Plus, will "sports washing" work for the Saudi-backed LIV Golf (13:08), and Bengals QB Joe Burrow speaks out on gun violence in America (26:58).

    Vinnie Goodwill on the NBA Finals, Warriors' Future Planning, Stephen Curry's Legacy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 50:03

    Bomani Jones and Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports discuss the latest from the NBA Finals, including Warriors F Draymond Green's contributions (3:21), and whether or not Celtics F Jayson Tatum is going to finish the series with any regrets about his performance (10:55). Plus, Golden State's long-term roster construction (27:03) and PG Stephen Curry's legacy (34:11).

    Ain't No Joker, Book Club Part 1 with Howard Bryant

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 54:00

    Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on the NBA Finals action from over the weekend, including PG Stephen Curry carrying the Warriors (1:40), and F Jayson Tatum not delivering for the Celtics (10:52). Plus, Howard Bryant joins for #TheRightTimeBookClub to discuss “King of the World” by David Remnick about Muhammad Ali (16:26). They get into the reporting of the book, as well as how journalists spoke about Black boxers in that day. Also how Ali treated his peers, and what it meant for him to join The Nation of Islam.

    Foxworth Friday: NBA Finals, Deshaun Watson NYT Article, Jack Del Rio's Comments, Aaron Donald's Deal

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 42:41

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth share their thoughts on the Celtics taking command of the NBA Finals after a resounding Game 3 victory over the Warriors (1:25), the latest revelations from the New York Times about Browns QB Deshaun Watson (13:12), and Commanders DC Jack Del Rio's comments about January 6th and Black Lives Matter (27:02). Plus, DL Aaron Donald's monster deal to extend with the Rams (36:26).

    Howard Bryant talks his new book 'Rickey', and the NBA Finals

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 49:30

    Howard Bryant of ESPN and Meadowlark Media talks with Bomani Jones about his new biography of Hall of Fame OF Rickey Henderson, titled "Rickey" (1:56). They get into Henderson's impact on the sport, how much the culture of the sport has changed, and how the city of Oakland has played a role in all of it. Plus, Howard's take on the NBA Finals thus far (38:22). The Right Time Recommends... “Rickey: The Life and Legend of an American Original” by Howard Bryant “The Warmth of Other Suns” by Isabel Wilkerson “The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and how it Changed America” by Nicholas Lemann

    Attention Span

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 58:11

    Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on how the NBA Finals have played out thus far over Games 1 and 2 (1:39), as well as why the Jazz are going to have a difficult time holding on to star G Donovan Mitchell (13:01). Plus, an IYHH including whether or not “smart guns” could prevent mass shootings like what happened in Uvalde (25:22), and your voicemails from fantasy football beefs that got “testy” such as the one we witnessed between Joc Pederson of the Giants and Tommy Pham of the Reds (40:46).

    Foxworth Friday: Josh Donaldson's 'Heart', Kyler Murray and Aaron Donald's Money, Daniel Snyder Asked to Testify

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 49:00

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss Yankees 3B Josh Donaldson feeling "hurt" that his team didn't have his back after the comments he made to White Sox SS Tim Anderson (2:05), as well as players like Cardinals QB Kyler Murray and Rams DL Aaron Donald having leverage over their teams with contracts and hold outs (17:34). Plus, Commanders owner Daniel Snyder and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have been summoned to appear at a congressional hearing about the team's hostile workplace culture (35:30).

    Nick Wright Previews NBA Finals, His 'Top 50 Players From Last 50 Years' List

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 52:37

    Bomani Jones is joined by Nick Wright of FS1 to preview the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics (2:30). Which fanbase hates which guy more? Plus, Nick shares his "Top 50 Players From Last 50 Years" list, most notably where he defends Mavericks G Luka Dončić's inclusion (20:38).

    Foxworth Friday: Working in Majority 'White' Spaces, 'Non-Athletes' Across Sports, NFL's 'Accelerator Program'

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 39:40

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth wrap on White Sox SS Tim Anderson's appearance on the pod Wednesday, including what it's like to be in workplaces that are majority White as Black men (1:00). Plus, which sport has the most “non-athletes” (if any) (20:10), former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick's workout with the Raiders (28:47), and the NFL's "Accelerator Program" meeting for minority coaches and executives (30:40). The Right Time Recommends "The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion" by Jonathan Haidt

    White Sox SS Tim Anderson, Sports Emmys, Mavs Extend Warriors

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 39:54

    White Sox SS Tim Anderson joins Bomani Jones to address the “incident” with Yankees 3B Josh Donaldson this past weekend, and offer some additional background and context (1:04). Tim gets into how long this has been going on between he and Donaldson, how he felt supported by his manager Tony La Russa, and why he doesn't feel “burdened” being himself as a Black player in MLB. Plus, Bo gets into his appearance at the Sports Emmys Tuesday night, and the Mavericks extending their series against the Warriors in the WCF (25:34)

    Bring It Home

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 55:07

    Bomani Jones reacts to the Warriors being on the brink of returning to the NBA Finals over the Mavericks, and how Heat F Jimmy Butler's injury changes his squad's chances against the Celtics (0:54). Plus, MLB is reportedly investigating a 'disrespectful' comment Yankees' 3B Josh Donaldson made to SS Tim Anderson of the White Sox (14:56), an IYHH including issues with Elon Musk's Twitter takeover (26:46), and your voicemails from when you had to “bring it home”(42:14)!

    Foxworth Friday: Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban's 'War of Words' on NIL

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 39:23

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth share their thoughts on Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher's impromptu press conference going “scorched earth” on Alabama coach Nick Saban, following his comments about the Aggies' recruiting tactics in the NIL era (1:33). Plus, at what point will colleges be forced to pay players (16:14), and how closely should the NFL be watching where this all goes (29:42)?

    Bruce Bowen on Luka Dončić's Development, Patrick Beverley's Words on Chris Paul, Joel Embiid's Future With the Sixers

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 53:22

    Bomani Jones welcomes three-time NBA champion Bruce Bowen to share how Mavericks G Luka Dončić has improved at getting his teammates involved, and why the Warriors' previous style of play wasn't replicable (23:06). Plus, Timberwolves G Patrick Beverley's comments on Suns G Chris Paul (36:11), Joel Embiid's future with the Sixers (44:11), what's to come for the Celtics against the Heat (4:40), and why the increase in athleticism across the league has contributed to a neglect of basic fundamentals (16:08).

    Victim of Success

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 43:45

    Bomani Jones breaks down the results of the Conference Semifinals, including where he was wrong about Luka Dončić of the Mavericks, and what their victory over the Suns in the West says about star Chris Paul (0:55). Plus, the toughness shown by the Celtics against the Bucks in the East, and why the Sixers not making it to the Conference Finals over the Heat spells bad news for the partnership between Joel Embiid and James Harden (11:28). An IYHH sheds light on the national baby formula shortage (18:51), and Bomani hears your voicemails from that time your mom came to school and had to "check" the teacher (30:51)!

    Foxworth Friday: Giannis Shows 'Heart of a Champion', Why Tom Brady Might Be Worth $375 Million in the Booth!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 47:24

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss the latest in the NBA Playoffs, including why Mavericks G Luka Dončić is showing his “Kobe” tendencies, and why Bucks F Giannis Antetokounmpo is showing what winning the title last year did for his game (1:10). Plus, is Bucs QB Tom Brady really worth the $375 million deal that Fox Sports reportedly gave him to be an analyst when he retires (31:13)? The Right Time Book Club is back! Join us in reading "King of the World: Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero" by David Remnick

    Holly Anderson on the NCAA's New NIL Guidelines, David Dennis on His New Book 'The Movement Made Us'

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 50:00

    Bomani Jones is joined by Holly Anderson of Channel 6 to discuss the NCAA's latest set of guidelines for NIL and booster involvement (1:42), as well as a previously untold story of the two of them trying to sneak into a high school football game in Miami (18:11). Plus, David Dennis of Andscape discusses his new book "The Movement Made Us", which chronicles the extraordinary story of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, and its living legacy embodied in Black Lives Matter (24:10).

    Crowding Out

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 47:52

    Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on whether or not legislating the “hard foul” out of the NBA has actually made the product we are seeing in the postseason worse (0:52), as well as why he's skeptical of Formula 1's long-term attractiveness to fans in the United States (12:53). Plus, an IYHH including a second year of lost population for the state of California in a row after a century of growth (26:05), and your voicemails from that time mom "came up" to the school because you were "acting up" (35:43)!

    Foxworth Friday: Phoenix's 'Big Three', NFL Receiver Supply/Demand, Pitt's Jordan Addison Sparks NIL Controversy

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 38:30

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss Luka Dončić's big Game 2 for the Mavericks against the Suns in the Western Conference Semifinals, as well as why C DeAndre Ayton's ascent has Phoenix feeling like they have a “Big Three” now (1:43). Plus, the guys get into the supply and demand of wide receivers this NFL offseason around the draft (15:39), as well as how Pitt's Jordan Addison entering the transfer portal has sparked fresh NIL controversy (24:48).

    Vinnie Goodwill on NBA Playoff Officiating, Warriors-Grizzlies, Suns-Mavericks

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 41:24

    Bomani Jones is joined by Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports to discuss what he is seeing in the NBA Playoffs, including controversial officiating decisions across games in the Western Conference surrounding Warriors-Grizzlies and Suns-Mavericks, as well as which players make up the group that will lead the league into the next generation.

    'Good' Just Isn't Enough

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 55:04

    Bomani Jones discusses the latest in the NBA Playoffs, including why Ja Morant of the Grizzlies is one of his favorite players (0:59), and why Karl-Anthony Towns of the Timberwolves is one of his biggest disappointments (16:04). Plus, an IYHH including corrective surgery that can make "short kings" tall (27:29), and your voicemails from when you "quit" your job in the middle of a shift (43:28)! Miss our YouTube exclusive edition of #UnblockmeBo? Check it out here! IYHH Stories @elamin88 says limb-lengthening surgery has become increasingly popular for men: @anniegowen says Texas residents sue county for removing books, and firing a librarian: @jjsahadi says Fidelity will soon offer bitcoin as an option in 401(k)s:

    Foxworth Friday: Derek Stingley Jr.'s Potential, Overthinking Top Draft Picks, Chris Paul's 'Dark Arts'

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 39:07

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth offer in-depth analysis on one of their favorite NFL draftees from the 2022 class Derek Stingley Jr., including why teams have "overthought" their picks at the top in years past (2:08), and just how dominant the corner could be in the league over the course of his career (6:11). Plus, how rare "nut punching" is as a tactic for an all-time great like Suns PG Chris Paul (29:27).

    Monica McNutt on Young Stars Taking Over the NBA Playoffs, Kyrie Irving's Future, and More!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 42:18

    Bomani Jones chats with Monica McNutt of ESPN about the NBA Playoffs, including which teams are the surest bet for the Western Conference Finals (7:06), and how injuries have derailed what could have been in the East (17:15). Plus, why the “time is now” for young stars in this league (25:10), and what the Nets plan to do with Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving this offseason (1:16).

    Fall Guy

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 49:19

    Bomani Jones discusses who is at fault for the Nets as they attempt to get out of the 3-0 hole they find themselves in against the Celtics (1:15), and whether or not the level of play from the Pelicans we are currently seeing means they "won" the Anthony Davis trade (14:04). Plus, an IYHH including Elon Musk's attempts to take mankind to Mars (24:28), and your voicemails from "unfortunate" typos that you have made in the past (37:01)!

    Foxworth Friday: Deebo Samuel Requests Trade From 49ers, Is Coaching Hurting the Nets?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 43:04

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss Deebo Samuel requesting a trade from the 49ers, and how the wide receiver market has been shaken up across the league this offseason (8:55). They get into if Samuel could be elite in a different offense, as well as how other great receivers of the past compare. Plus, is coaching hurting the Nets in their matchup against the Celtics (34:46)?

    Michael Smith on the Suns, Warriors, Celtics, and Abolishing the NFL Draft!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 49:44

    Bomani Jones and Michael Smith discuss the latest in the NBA Playoffs, including whether or not Chris Paul or Devin Booker are more crucial to the Suns (3:03), if the Warriors have what it takes to give them a challenge potentially in the next round (5:24), who the "best" player in Celtics-Nets is (25:06), and why the lack of coverage around "big games" has hurt the NBA as a product in recent years (34:55). Plus, Mike weighs in on Bomani's idea to get rid of the NFL draft (38:37)!

    The Kyrie System

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 47:09

    Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on performances by Kyrie Irving and the Nets in the Eastern Conference side of the NBA Playoffs (0:53), as well as Karl-Anthony Towns and the Timberwolves in the Western Conference (12:10). Plus, an IYHH including Amazon launching a campaign to recruit high school graduates to work in warehouses (21:54), and your voicemails from when you came up against a "future pro" (35:24)! IYHH Stories @A_W_Gordon shares that working at an Amazon Warehouse got even more dangerous in 2021: @whereishayley says a proposed bill would shorten California workweek to 32 hours: Amazon Targets High Schoolers in a Warehouse Recruiting Blitz:

    Foxworth Friday: Steve Wilks and Ray Horton join Brian Flores' lawsuit against NFL, will Karl-Anthony Towns Step Up?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 48:20

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss former Cardinals and Titans coaches Steve Wilks and Ray Horton joining Brian Flores' lawsuit against the NFL following his departure from the Dolphins (9:18). Plus, why Bomani thinks that Timberwolves C Karl-Anthony Towns' game doesn't translate to team success (27:52), and what Domonique's thoughts were on the crazy Tom Brady story that surfaced earlier in the week (1:09).

    Mina Kimes on 'That' Crazy Tom Brady Story, Russell Wilson, NFL Draft

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 46:45

    Bomani Jones and Mina Kimes discuss the remarkable story that Tom Brady reportedly retired to move to the Dolphins as a player-executive, including former Miami coach Brian Flores' role in it not happening (2:06), and the position the Buccaneers find themselves in now with new head coach Todd Bowles and Brady back on the team (19:27). Plus, Russell Wilson's departure from the Seahawks (23:56), what prospects she likes at the top of the NFL draft (34:00), and much more!

    Sense of Entitlement

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 46:29

    Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on the unceremonious way that the Lakers have parted ways with coach Frank Vogel (0:53), Tiger Woods' performance at The Masters (13:05), and Steelers QB Dwayne Haskins' passing (18:31). Plus, an IYHH including Amazon workers on Staten Island voting to unionize (28:30), and your voicemails from the “worst” take that you have, sports or otherwise (36:20)! IYHH Stories @andrea_c_hsu shares that Amazon workers on Staten Island have voted for a union: @AlexWilkins22 shares that a robot made of magnetic slime could grab objects inside your body: @joshpcain shares that a Riverside CA man was sentenced for buying Coachella tickets and more with company credit card:

    Foxworth Friday: NFL Warned to Improve Treatment of Women, Daniel Snyder Ticket Allegations, Utah to Keep '23 ASG

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 37:21

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth weigh in on the attorneys general of six states writing to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expressing concern over the league's treatment of female employees (3:04), and the Commanders denying a former team employee's allegation to Congress that they withheld ticket revenue from visiting teams (11:15). Plus, the 2023 NBA All-Star Game will stay in Utah after much debate following the state's passage of a bill that banned transgender students from playing school sports under the gender they identify with (25:18). Next episode's voicemail topic will be..."What is objectively your worst take? Sports or otherwise!"

    Vinnie Goodwill on LeBron James Chasing the All-Time Scoring Record, Suns' and Celtics' Title Chances

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 45:43

    Bomani Jones and Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports discuss whether or not LeBron James chasing the all-time scoring record has hurt the Lakers, and where the MVP conversation stands currently (5:30). Plus, a discussion on the Suns' (26:43) and Celtics' title chances as we hurdle down the stretch of the NBA season (34:07)

    So Long, Farewell

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 51:17

    Bomani Jones discusses Kansas and coach Bill Self's history with deep NCAA Tournament runs as they face off against North Carolina (1:27). Plus, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski loses to the Tar Heels in agonizing fashion to close his career (8:56), an IYHH with a Yale employee stealing $40 million in electronics from the university (30:25), and your voicemails from the most random place you've seen a fight take place (41:30)! IYHH Stories @RobertKlemko shares that a police chief is hiring female police officers to fix ‘toxic' policing: @pblest shares that an ‘atrocious' email caused a mass resignation at a Kansas Applebee's: @olivialanknews shares that a former Yale Med school employee has plead guilty to stealing $40M in electronics from the university:

    Foxworth Friday: Bruce Arians, 'Rooney Rule' Changes, Deshaun Watson 'Leaked' Deposition

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 40:57

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians deciding to step down and move into the front office, clearing the path for defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to assume the same title (2:50). Plus, the impact of new changes to the "Rooney Rule" (25:54), leaked recordings from Browns QB Deshaun Watson's court deposition and more (29:54)!

    Elle Duncan on Russell Wilson, Falcons, Deshaun Watson, Will Smith

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 40:30

    Bomani Jones and Elle Duncan discuss Russell Wilson's fit with the Broncos, and what she'll be able to learn about him and his wife Ciara as someone who keeps a close eye on the team (4:29). Plus, how the quarterback musical chairs from this offseason led the Falcons to make questionable decisions around Matt Ryan, and the Browns to do the same with Deshaun Watson and Baker Mayfield (11:28). Elle also shares her thoughts on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at The Oscars (31:14).

    Rivalries Matter More Than Titles

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 47:52

    Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock on stage at The Oscars on Sunday night (1:30), as well as the upcoming rematch of fierce rivals Duke and UNC at the Final Four (15:30). Plus, an IYHH including "digital rest stops" for "doomscrolling" (26:00), and your voicemails from that time a celeb stole your significant other (34:47)! IYHH Stories @alexisnews shares that a couple stole a Paulding school bus for ‘joyride' before crashing: @TaylorLorenz says 'doomscrolling got you down? Take a break at a digital rest stop': @KatieHunt20 says Amazon is near tipping point of shifting from rainforest to savannah:

    Foxworth Friday: Spencer Hall Subs in to Talk Why CFB Fans Are Different, Falcons Misery, and Tyreek Hill to Miami

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 49:26

    Bomani and Spencer Hall of Channel 6 and the SEC Network's “Thinking Out Loud” discuss the subtle differences between Alabama and Auburn fans, why Memphis isn't more of a football power, as well as why college football runs deeper than any other fandom (4:30). Plus, QB Matt Ryan's departure from Atlanta (21:15), and why Kansas City HC Andy Reid can get away with trading WR Tyreek Hill to Miami (30:30).

    Joel Anderson on that Urban Meyer Story, and Baker Mayfield

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 50:40

    Bomani Jones and Joel Anderson of Slate discuss the damning piece on former Jaguars coach Urban Meyer in The Athletic, including why anybody should be allowed to have that kind of "unchecked power", and what sorts of coaches from the college game make it in the NFL (8:45). Plus, why is there so little trade interest from the rest of the league in Browns QB Baker Mayfield (29:17)?

    Leverage Pays

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2022 47:15

    Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on Packers WR Davante Adams' decision to push his way to the Raiders to join up with college teammate and QB Derek Carr (1:33), as well as the Browns' decision to trade for QB Deshaun Watson and reward him with a new contract in spite of the allegations against him (14:23). Plus, an IYHH including AMC investing in a gold mine (yes that AMC, and, yes a real gold mine) (27:23), as well as your voicemails from when something your favorite team did caused you to get "off that narcotic" (37:04)! IYHH Stories @thatsjonnyfrank says Uber and Lyft to add fuel surcharges to rides as gas prices surge nationwide: @betsy_klein shares what to know about Biden's bid for a digital dollar: @A_W_Gordon shares that AMC, the “meme stock” company, has boughten a gold and silver mine:

    Foxworth Friday: Accountability for Deshaun Watson and What's Next for Baker Mayfield

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 41:39

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss the pursuit of QB Deshaun Watson amidst NFL free agency, including whether or not the league should have the power to “punish” him themselves given he won't see any criminal charges from what has been alleged against him by over twenty-two accusers (3:05). Plus, what's next for QB Baker Mayfield and the rest of the QB's who already made moves this offseason like Mitchell Trubisky in Pittsburgh (28:16). Are they good enough to put a team over the top?

    Shannon Penn on how Duke 'Changed', Also NFL Free Agency and Tom Brady's Return

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 40:55

    Bomani Jones is joined by former “The Right Time” producer Shannon Penn to discuss how Duke basketball changed as a program over the years of coach Mike Kryzewski's reign, and why college basketball isn't as interesting as it once was (5:53). Plus, NFL free agency is here, and Shannon shares his thoughts on why QB Tom Brady decided to spurn retirement and return to the Buccaneers after all (21:33). The Right Time apologizes for the technical difficulties in today's episode that resulted in degraded audio quality...

    Hold That Thought

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2022 51:08

    Bomani Jones weighs in on Tom Brady's decision to come back from retirement to play QB again for the Buccaneers (1:28), as well as the situation around PG Kyrie Irving attending home games unmasked while not being able to play for the Nets due to his vaccination status (13:17). Plus, an IYHH including marijuana dispensary licenses for those with prior convictions in New York (22:48), and voice notes from friends of the program on Bo's first episode of "Game Theory" on HBO (33:43)! IYHH Stories @dwickert says Georgia Senate rejects a bill that would have let drivers touch their phones at stoplights: @DipoFaloyin says the world's largest cultural organization to return its collection of Benin Bronzes: @jessemckinley shares that New Yorkers with marijuana convictions will get first retail licenses:

    Foxworth Friday: Wilson to Broncos, Wentz to Commanders, Ridley Suspension

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 43:25

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss QB movement in the NFL from this week, including Russell Wilson's trade from the Seahawks to the Broncos (6:27), as well as Carson Wentz's trade from the Colts to the Commanders (19:28). Plus, Falcons WR Calvin Ridley has been suspended for the 2022 season for betting on games (28:09).

    'Game Theory' on HBO Preview With Show Staff and Bo's Parents!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 37:41

    Bomani previews his new show "Game Theory with Bomani Jones" on HBO, alongside show staff members James Davis and Roderick Morrow (0:56). What can we expect on screen as listeners of the podcast and fans of Bo? Plus, Bomani's parents, Dr. Mack Jones and Dr. Barbara Jones, join to share how proud they are of their son (29:22)! Watch "Game Theory with Bomani Jones" on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, March 13th at 11:30p ET

    Catch That L!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2022 47:15

    Bomani Jones cackles at Duke losing to unranked UNC in Coach K's final home game as coach of the Blue Devils (1:28) and sheds light on WNBA star Brittney Griner being detained in Russia after customs officials said they found "hashish oil" in her luggage (14:43). Plus, an IYHH including doomsday "preppers" saying "no" to bunkers (24:48) and your voicemails from what made you "quit" playing football (35:43)!

    Foxworth Friday: NFL Combine or the SAT? Also, Domonique's MLB Labor Thoughts

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2022 46:11

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss why the NFL combine doesn't really matter at all, after agents around the league discuss the impossible idea of eliminating it (12:29). Plus, Domonique shares thoughts on the MLBPA's fight with MLB over the next CBA, from his unique perspective as a former union executive in both the NBA and NFL (25:25).

    Howard Bryant on MLB's Labor Battle, WNBA's 'Chartered' Flights

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 43:06

    Bomani Jones and Howard Bryant break down all of the angles of MLB's labor battle, with the league cancelling the first two regular-season series after MLBPA rejected their final proposal (0:56). Plus, the New York Liberty have been fined $500,000 for chartering flights and more (36:01).

    Back, for the Wrong Reasons

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2022 52:57

    Bomani Jones discusses the state of the Lakers, as well as how culpable star LeBron James is and should be for the issues that plague them (1:34). Plus, the war in Ukraine as it relates to American displays of patriotism via sport (19:04), an IYHH including the FBI warning us about a "funny money" ad during the Super Bowl (28:36), and your voicemails from a wild story you heard at the barbershop (41:25)! IYHH Stories @LloydAlcynna says Black buyers are getting pushed out of the housing market faster than anyone else: @JasonAten says if you scanned that QR code from the Super Bowl, the FBI has a warning for you @dustingardiner shares that the outcome of a new bill would determine if Cal Berkley has to cut thousands from its freshman class:

    Foxworth Friday: Aaron Rodgers' breakup, Brian Flores' new gig, Phil Mickelson and the Saudi League

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 44:41

    Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss Packers QB Aaron Rodgers' vague “grateful” post on Instagram following his breakup with actress Shailene Woodley and what comes next for Green Bay (4:15). Plus, what to make of former Dolphins coach Brian Flores' new job with the Steelers (22:49) and Phil Mickelson's comments about the breakaway Saudi Golf League (29:43).

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