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There never seems to be enough time in life to feed our appetite for golf while also trying to be the best dad we can be. What started out as a simple group chats between four best friends and golfing buddies, has become a chance for us to share our viewpoints and opinions on golf, life, fatherhood, and relationships. Brian, David, and Todd are entering middle age with kids between the ages of 2-12, where coaching youth sports, working, and the stress of life have negatively affected their handicaps, while Doug has just entered his 30s and is expecting his first child in 2021.Each episode will spend time looking at the game of golf from a viewer/coach/player of varying handicaps, as well as sharing irreverent stories about what it means to be a dad in today's world. If you're looking for funny, emotional, sentimental, and frustrating stories about parenthood, life, and our elusive quest to play our best golf, then this podcast is for you.

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    Latest episodes from ForeFathers

    Episode 57: Bandon Dunes Trip

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 89:36

    On this week's MEGA pod, Todd and Brian break down their recent trip to the mecca of public golf in the United States ... Bandon Dunes. The guys break down their 7.5 rounds in 4 days, hear Todd's thoughts on his first time at Bandon, why the boys weren't so sold on Pacific Dunes, and their epically terrible, miserable day out on Old Macdonald.Although despite the rain and some travel issues, both agreed this was some of the most fun they had on a golf course. If you've ever contemplated heading out to Bandon Dunes or want to know why we would subject ourselves to the torture of the weather out there ... give it a listen. 

    Episode 56: Spotlight: Madison, WI

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2022 50:01

    This week, Doug joins Brian to talk about three major golf developments going on in his hometown of Madison, WI.First, they discuss the new Pioneer Pointe project; a 13-hole par-3 course featuring template holes done by the same group behind Hawks Landing. Built through a housing development, what caught Brian and Doug off guard was the hefty $4200 a year dues to belong to the club. Given the length of the golf season of WI that seemed awfully steep for a par 3 course.Next, we delve into the latest TPC project, TPC Madison currently underway. Club owner, and Steve Stricker's father-in-law, Dennis Tiziani is overseeing the project to revamp the old Cherokee Country Club that was fading into marshland and bring it back to glory.Finally, Doug celebrates the Keiser family's involvement with redoing the 9-hole Glenway Golf Course. The reason for the intrigue with this course is that the plan is to close the course on Sundays to make it available for the public to walk, picnic, and be an accessible public park in a nod to golf courses like the Old Course in Scotland. 

    Episode 55: The Lone Heretic

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 21, 2022 56:43

    On this week's episode Brian and Todd talk about the 'false spring' weather that has hit the midwest and a few takes from last week's Super Bowl before diving into the main golf headlines of the week.This week, we try to make any sense of who's staying/who's going in the soap opera that is the PGA Tour and the Saudi Golf League. Apparently Donald Trump and his golf courses may be involved, players are desperately fleeing what seems a sinking ship, and we wonder where all of this leaves Phil Mickelson.Next we dive into's claim that the height you tee your ball up may be costing you distance on your drives. We look at what they say you need to do to maximize your distance.And finally, speaking of distance, we spend a few minutes on the 6'9 pro golfer James Hart du Preez. His driving average last year was 375! yards on the Sunshine tour. Todd and I use his story to debate if being taller offers you an advantage in golf like it might in other sports.To close, Todd shares about the world of Harry Potter with his kids, we both commiserate about raising boys, and Brian brags about his son hitting a 'game winning' basket.

    Episode 54: Pains and Gains

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2022 44:30

    Tonight Brian gets Dave's reaction to Bengals fever in Cincinnati before we dive into Bryson's recent injury and wonder if this is a harbinger of things to come for him. Has his quest to be a demigod caused detriment to his golf game?Then we turn our attention to Phil Mickelson's comments this week about the 'greedy' PGA Tour and whether his claim that players should have access to their own media rights is ridiculous or something that should be entertained. Regardless it's obvious Phil is using the potential SGL as 'leverage' to try and extract more money from the tour.Finally, we wrap up with what our kids made us do over the recent snow days that hit the Midwest.

    Episode 53: Show me the money

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2022 51:37

    This week Doug and Brian begin with some non-golf talk. With Nadal's win at the Australian Open we spend a few minutes discussing this golden age of tennis and how we would rank the Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal era.Then we dive in-depth on how the NIL opportunities are impacting collegiate golf and what may be on the horizon moving forward. And we also discuss the resurgence of the local municipal course. Streamsong just announced a short course at their property, and various communities across the US are rethinking the muni concept, including one right in Madison, WI that Doug speaks knowledgeably about. Finally Doug takes a few shots at my new putter ... the LAB 2.1. It's a spaceship, but if I can make more 4-6 footers with it, I'm happy to take the ridicule. Because it has to be the club, right?

    Episode 52: Eye on Golf & Straight Balls?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2022 55:43

    This week Todd joins Brian on the podcast to discuss CBS golf producer Sellers Shy recent comments on what he hopes to bring to golf telecasts beginning in 2022. We welcome modernization to golf on tv, but after hearing what Shy is 'changing', let's just say we're still cautiously worried about how all of this will benefit how most of consume professional golf, from our couches. HOWEVER, talking about CBS' changes allowed us to wander off-topic and announce our billion dollar golf idea. Any interested venture capitalists out there, take a listen, and get back to us.Also we talk about Wilson's latest golf ball release, Triad, which purports to do the magical, the impossible, and straighten out your golf shots to hit more fairways. We'll talk about the technology behind this and if it truly is the miracle cure it purports to be.

    Episode 51: Netflix and Drill

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2022 46:48

    This week we finally catch up with Dave and hear about life in Cincinnati. Brian cries about the tragic end to the Cowboys game while Dave basks in the glory of Burrow magic. Dave then breaks down the state of his golf game currently and we talk about best strategies for getting up and down better.Then we spend the bulk of the episode breaking down the PGA Tour's announcement of its partnership with Netflix to produce a golf documentary. We break down the people it will follow over the 2022 season, who is conspicuously absent, what's in it for the top players, and what the hope for the players might be for this. Then, during parent corner, we talk youth rec league basketball and the highs and lows it affords as a parent.

    Episode 50: Aloha State of Mind

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2022 46:36

    Today Doug and Brian use the Tournament of Champions tournament to question if real life golf has finally caught up to video game golf. Can the low scores on tour be sustained? Is this just Kapalua? Or is the intersection of athletes, statistics, and equipment ushered in a new normal for golf?We also get some insight into Doug's golf game at the moment, including a drill he hopes to practice in his basement during the bleak Wisconsin winter.Finally, we use Kapalua as a jumping off point to discuss our top courses on tour that embrace the region they're in. When you turn on the tv, it's obvious you are in Hawaii for this tournament. Listen in to see some other courses we name that do the same for their part of the country.And as a bonus after I smacked Todd down last week in the season ending quiz, Megan is back to pit a new challenger for me. The results may shock you.

    Episode 49: Golf Drills To Try

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2022 41:20

    This week we usher in 2022 with each of us choosing one golf drill that we are eager to try out in an attempt to strengthen our game. We discussed a full swing drill, bunker shot practice, and putting drill we are looking to implement as we turn our attention to 2022. Hopefully one of these ideas will inspire you, or to find that one tactic that might work well for your own game.Then Megan comes on and asks us a 10 question quiz from the 2021 season to test our knowledge of events that transpired. Turns out following golf twitter definitely helped one of us in our trivia knowledge.

    Episode 48: Tiger and Charlie Go Ham in the PNC

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2021 42:37

    On today's episode I am joined by my son and we talk Tiger ... and Charlie. I was curious to get his perspective as a 10 yr old, how he viewed Charlie's game, I ask him how he views Tiger compared to me and talk about the event as a whole and what the takeaways for his own game are. Then we celebrate/break down his round at Westin Kierland in Scottsdale, AZ where Colin shot his first sub-100 round. Have a great holiday weekend coming up!

    Episode 47: Whistling Straits/Blackwolf Run

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 72:23

    On this week's episode Brian and Dave break down their trip to Kohler, WI to play in a two day, two man event at Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run. The boys give Doug crap for his Milwaukee dinner recommendations, Dave talks about his putting woes, and Brian explains how it's possible to hit a ball multiple times into Lake Michigan. Despite some up and down golf, the boys were actually pretty competitive and share their thoughts on the two courses and what it was like playing Whistling Straits a month after the Ryder Cup.

    Episode 46: From the Mouths of Babes

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 34:16

    This week most of the boys are on hiatus, so Brian decided to interview his 10 year old son on the state of his golf game after his first full golf season. They talk about the positives/negatives of the year, some favorite moments from the season, and Colin offers some authentic criticism of playing with his dad that might be good for other parents of junior golfers to hear. Hope you enjoy!

    Episode 45: Going Back to Middle School

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 60:21

    On this week we welcome David back to share with us the results of his daughter's middle school golf team taking on the boys teams this past weekend and what the future looks like for his golf program in the future.We then shift gears and debate the Bryson v. Brooks match coming up, as well as hear some interesting things Bryson has to say on why he was missing putts from inside of 5 feet. You won't believe me if I tell you, so please listen.Then our new favorite golfer, JR Smith, teed it up today for North Carolina A&T and we discuss his first 36 holes of collegiate golf.

    Episode 44: Ryder Cup Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 65:02

    This week is all about the Ryder Cup reaction and trying to drum up interest in the most lopsided Ryder Cup in history. How do you create that excitement? By bringing in our youngest co-host ever. Brian's 10 year old son Colin, who watched more of the action than anyone this weekend, joins us to offer his takes on event.Doug shares his take from being on site during Thursday's practice round, we discuss our favorite holes, if Jon Rahm is a robot, and if the USA is set to be a juggernaut for the next 20 years.

    Episode 43: Ryder Cup Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 63:31

    On this week's episode we hear a brief recap of how Todd battled Dave's 13 year old daughter down to the wire. You'll have to listen to see how it plays out.Then we turn our attention to all things Ryder Cup. We talk about the role of the captain, who are the leaders for the US team, and why the Euros have been so successful.Next we turn our attention to the course itself and which holes on the front and back that will probably be the swing holes before trying to take our guesses on who Stricker and Harrington will pair together in the foursomes/fourball matches.

    Episode 42: Know Thy Enemy

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 60:12

    This week, we use the golf break to discuss the start of the NFL. season and the F1 race before diving in to the official European Ryder Cup team. As an appetizer to our Ryder Cup preview podcast next week we wonder if this year's Euro team can compete with the US and whether Patrick Reed will ever be a captain's pick on any team ever again.Then we talk about whether comments by Mel Reid that for juniors of a certain level, they should spend more time on the course playing versus practicing. Finally, we wrap up wondering if our belief that shooting a lower score will lead to a greater happiness. Or have we been going about it all wrong.

    Episode 41: Solheim Cup Excitement

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 68:11

    Today's episode is all about the Solheim Cup. We recap a great weekend of amazing competition, despite the USA coming up short to the European team 15-13. We rave about Inverness Club's set up of the course, the shotmaking brilliance under pressure, and the appropriate mix of exhibition/competition with the first tee DJ, Juli Inkster dancing,  and players doing karaoke. We came away from the weekend really impressed with Brittany Altomare, Matilda Castren, and Leona Maguire as players who really came up big over the course of the event.Okay ... fine, we did talk about the Tour Championship for a brief minute, but only to bemoan the fact, yet again, that this was not really a playoff.  And guess who the captain picks for the Ryder Cup will be and whether Brooks is healthy enough to play.Finally we wonder if the PGA Tour will stay out of their own way with the announcement of a "Drive to Survive" like show with Netflix over the coming year and who might be part of the 12 man roster they will work with.

    Episode 40: HOLE IN ONE ALERT & Todd 'turns' 40

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 48:52

    On this week's episode one of the ForeFathers did the improbable and made a hole in one. Listen to find out the details and whether it should really count. We spend a few minutes on DeChambeau and Cantlay's playoff drama at the BMW Championship before analyzing our season long one-and-done contest and Brian bemoans his place in the order heading into the final week.Lastly, we share some laughs over the two rounds that Dave, Brian, and Todd played in Cincinnati over the weekend while celebrating Todd's surprise 40th birthday party.This light-hearted episode is one of our favorite's yet and gives a good portrayal of how golf helps solidify friendships. Hope you enjoy!

    Episode 39: Will Grimmer Returns

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 84:14

    On this week's episode we welcome back tour professional Will Grimmer to act as a co-host and talk through issues in the golf world this week. The boys ridicule Brian for losing at mini golf this weekend before talking about the FedEx Cup playoffs, if they would ever consider playing 100 holes of golf in a day for charity, and Tin Cup's place in the pantheon of golf movies.In addition, Grimmer shares stories of his opening day 64 at the Barbasol last year, how tour golf is more mentally demanding, and what makes a course like OSU's Scarlet course (the next stop on the Korn Ferry Tour) so difficult.

    Episode 38: Russell Henley is NOT Tiger Woods

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 52:57

    This week Brian deals with the trauma of his survivor pick, Russell Henley, inability to close out the Wyndham Championship. And we congratulate a Spartan (ick), James Piot for coming back and winning the US Amateur. Plus we question whether Kevin Kisner should be a Ryder Cup pick despite the Barstool boys' backing.But this week we primarily discuss our rounds this week with our ten year olds. Dave highlights the merits of playing not for score with his daughter while Brian dealt with the tension of taking on his kids in a handicapped scramble match which wasn't decided until the final putt.Lastly we look at Golf Digest's 13 dumb things in golf and weigh in on whether their take on things like trees in the fairway, throwing clubs, or hitting out of a divot are dumb.

    Episode 37: Golden Days of Summer

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 72:35

    This week all four guys are back to catch up on things in the world of golf, both professionally and personally. After spending two minutes on the WGC tournament in Memphis, the group talks about golf in the Olympics ... and go completely off on a tangent that connects Rickie Fowler to F1, why breakdancing is an olympic sport, and what events make up the modern pentathlon.Oh yeah, the golf. Brian loved the back nine of the final round drama in the women's tournament, including the horn for a weather delay while they are on the 71st! hole.After that we spend the second half of the podcast talking about recent golf we've played. Brian broke down his round with Colin at a parent-child alternate shot tournament, Doug had a round at the ultra exclusive Sanctuary Golf Club outside of Denver, Dave brags about his kids' performances at the Drive, Chip, and Putt, and Todd took his daughter out to the course for her first experience.  (I can't stress enough ... all of these stories were great, but most reinforce just how great relationships with your kids can be.) Hope you listen!

    Episode 36: Alex Swayne

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 58:49

    This week we take a breather from the professional golf schedule and sit down with Alex Swayne, a senior at Clemson University. Alex recently competed in the US Women's Open at Olympic Club, including playing a practice round with Lexi Thompson and she shares some stories and reactions from that week. Prior to her time at Clemson, Alex was the top ranked junior in Ohio by the AJGA and 14th overall in 2018 according to Golfweek.She also recently competed as an amateur in the Symetra Tour event in Cincinnati and she opens up about that experience. But ultimately what really resonated with us over the course of the interview was her sense of self belief that she and her coach have been working on. If you've been struggling with your own game, hearing Alex talk about herself using positive reinforcement is a reminder to all of us about how our emotions and energy can affect our play. Be more like Alex!

    Episode 35: British Open Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2021 63:49

    In this episode Todd and Brian discuss Collin Morikawa's win at the British Open and his remarkable iron play this week. We also discuss Spieth's up and down weekend and how he might respond to missed opportunities to win his fourth major.We question the recent batch of English golfers, whether this week was truly a British Open in terms of conditioning and weather, and Todd drops some stats comparing past Opens to past PGA Championships.Will Grimmer gets a shout out for his T47 at the Barbasol, including his 8 under par opening round.Finally, we discuss Space Jam 2, find out the first movie Todd saw in the theatre, and I offer an apology to my playing partner in the club's two man competition.

    Episode 34: British Open Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 72:26

    Tonight the boys start off by talking soccer and the drama of the European Cup Final, much to Dave's chagrin. Then we touch on a myriad of topics from the week: The Match/Bryson's new caddie/JT's club throw/Rory's brush with a fan before launching into a preview of the British Open at Royal St. George's.Brian reads a few anonymous bios of key contenders and Todd and Doug try to identify who it is and talk about their chances to lift the Claret Jug before announcing our survivor pool picks 'live' on the pod.

    Episode 33: Bunker Blasts

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 64:56

    In this episode the boys apologize for being a day late with the podcast, but hey, it was a holiday. And then they spend a few minutes on the Rocket Mortgage Classic and wondering if The Match this week will be entertaining or a bunch of canned bits.We spend the majority of the podcast breaking down Todd's trip to St. Louis and his round with Brian. And Dave shoots a low number at a course on the east side of Cincinnati and teaches us all the proper way to hit an 85 yard shot. I'm sure you'll be captivated.

    Episode 32: Emergency 9 & LIVE Golf

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2021 80:01

    This week we get a special guest star appearance from Rachel Lunn who has big news from the golf world this weekend. Then we talk about the incredibly long and drawn out playoff on the PGA Tour, including a proposal from Todd on how they should do playoffs in the future that leaves the guys scratching their heads.We also use the KPMG to discuss tempo and swing speeds of our favorite LPGA stars before Todd breaks down his day at the Symetra Tour event in Cincinnati.Finally we take a few minutes to discuss money games at your local club and why we shy away from them before jumping into some NBA talk and stories of our kids.

    Episode 31: Rahm's Rebound & Perspective

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 62:38

    After a week off we jump right back in to the golf world with an obvious focus on the US Open. Rahm had a strong finish and Louie continues to play bridesmaid in major championships. We debate whether Torrey was a worthy venue for a major championship, despite the leaderboard, potential alternative sites and routings, and whether the USGA truly set this up like a true US Open and if they can say they are the 'toughest test in golf' anymore after seeing this set up.We also dive into our own games a little and single out some shots that cause us the most mental challenges before talking about our own Father's day memories from today.

    Episode 30: Lexi Lament

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2021 75:16

    On this episode we spend a great deal of time discussing the US Women's Open and the thrilling finish of Yuka Saso's win ... and Lexi's continued collapsing in major moments. Olympic Club was a worthy venue and showcased some amazing golf including from 17 year old Megha Ganne.We briefly mention Cantlay's 'win' over Morikawa but spend the majority of the time talking about the outcome with Rahm and the continued escalation Brooks and Bryson and whether the PGA likes what is happening between them.Finally Doug teaches us about supply chain issues, Todd delves into his disdain for flat head screws, Dave celebrates the Reds recent run, and Brian details Colin's first PGA Jr League match to close it out.

    Episode 29: Mental Health and Golf

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2021 79:16

    This week Brian and Todd use Naomi Osaka's withdrawal from the French Open to discuss the media's role in mental health of athletes, how governing bodies of the sport should work with athletes on this, and wonder in this digital age if mass interview/press conferences are even necessary anymore.After that, Todd takes us through "The Match 2" in his on-going saga to take down Dave. He starts it off going shot by shot but I promise he fast forwards through his round. And Brian keeps us in suspense in recapping the opening two man best ball match at his club with his partner against the reigning champions.Finally, two well-deserved shout outs to Emily and Megan close out the pod.

    Episode 28: One for the Thumb

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2021 69:00

    On this week's episode we breakdown Phil's win at the PGA, his resurgence overall, the teeth of the wind and Kiawah in general. We also spend a few minutes praising Rickie's comeback before complaining about CBS' incessant use of the 4k camera and refusal to show any golf shots outside of 4 players.In other news ,Dave brags about his position in the season long one-and-done pool and Doug introduces us to the wild world of Eurovision. 

    Episode 27: Thunderstruck!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2021 71:11

    On today's episode, we congratulate K H Lee for his win at the Byron Nelson. Before the deluge of rain Sunday the players absolutely drowned the course with birdies, so Brian and Doug break down why TPC Craig Ranch played so easy and whether this type of scoring is good for golf viewers.Brian also bitches about CBS' coverage of the rain delay, we air out the NCAA for their handling of the women's regional, and break down a few items from Spieth's recent interview on the No Laying Up podcast that resonated strongly with us.Finally, we talk about if a hole in one from the red tees counts and if the golden age of movie making is a lost art in this current realm of CGI'ng everything.

    Episode 26: Mother's Day, McRib, and the PGL debate

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2021 74:27

    Tonight the boys discuss McIlroy's return to the winner circle, and Brian wonders if the glut of tournament golf took away from his win. We talk about the 14th and 18th holes at Quail Hollow before taking a look at the announcement of the PGL v SGL V PGA saga that seemed to gain steam this past week.Finally, Brian recapped a little bit of the carnage that was the Walker Cup. The USGA did their thing, cranked up the speed of the greens, and created some absolutely nightmare scenarios on the greens for the world's top amateurs to navigate. Great tv, not sure it created great golf.And finally, join us as Dave discusses his kids making their own tee times with friends, the superhuman pain threshold of Todd's kids, and the inability of Brian's son to make a card for his mother. 

    Episode 25: Babies, Burns, & Butts

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2021 75:14

    In this week's episode, we welcome Doug back into the fold after a few weeks of celebrating the birth of his son, Isaac. He provides us with a few nuggets of new fatherhood before we dive into the world of golf.We celebrate Sam Burns' win at the Valspar and wonder at the awkwardness of Keegan Bradley's golf swing.Next we dive into a course review of The Grizzly, just outside of Cincinnati, OH and the troubles Todd found himself in throughout the round, and Dave's near miss for a closing eagle.Then we conclude the golf portion of the show with an animated conversation around the issue and impact of dress codes in golf, what their purpose is, and are they barriers to bringing new golfers in, especially women and juniors.Finally we conclude with Brian ranting about his driver woes, his son's recent soccer goal, something Doug found unexpected as a new parent, and Dave's excitement at his daughter Sara using golf as a way to strengthen friendships. Todd tried to tell a story about downspout gutters but he was shut down. Do better next week Todd!

    Episode 24: Beignets and PIP $$

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2021 61:47

    On today's episode the guys start with the important topic when the tournament is in New Orleans ... favorite cajun food. We discuss the merits of crawfish boils and gumbo, and the universal love for beignets.We debate whether the tour should have more unique formats built in to the schedule, and oh boy, does Todd have an idea. Before we spend a large amount of time trying to figure out the tour's new Player Impact Program. Dave wonders if this amounts to the tour farming out its marketing division to the individual players.Finally, more issues at the Lunn household this week and a guest appearance from Brian's daughter to explain what he looked like watching the Texas women's volleyball team in the national title game.And shoutout to Baby Disabato. Hopefully Doug will rejoin us so we can celebrate in person his move into official fatherhood.

    Episode 23: Plaid Jacket, Harbour Town, and Genitalia

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2021 61:16

    On this week's episode Brian and Dave break down Stewart Cink's win at Harbour Town, discuss his career, and debate Harbour Town as a venue for everyday golfers.We also spend a large chunk of time discussing the father/son connection sports provides and fantasize about how cool that moment must've been for Cink and his son.In addition, we also discuss the latest exploits of our kids including one who ran around the house naked, and why our kids are to blame for our weight gain.

    Episode 22: Hideki & All Things Augusta

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2021 77:07

    On this episode, we celebrate Hideki's coronation on Sunday, question what happened to Xander, Jordan's absence on the weekend, wonder if Bryson is too long for success at Augusta, and try to put in context what Hideki's win means for Japan.In addition, we debate whether the course setup this week identified the best golfer or if it went too far on the firm conditions. Plus we try to decide which hole would be the hardest for us to make a par from, and which hole would be the best chance for us to make a birdie. The list for hardest par was long, and the list for easiest to birdie was short.Finally, we wrap up with some home improvement, youth sports, and Doug teaches us a grammar lesson. Enjoy!

    Episode 21: Todd beats Dave, Spieth wins, and the ANWA delivers

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2021 70:44

    In this week's episode, of course Brian celebrates Spieth's first win in over four years, much to the chagrin of Dave. After basking in that victory, Brian and Doug hear all about Dave's excuses for losing to Todd this weekend, and Doug thinks he's figured out the cheat code for how to play golf when his newborn arrives.We also discuss the Augusta National Women's Amateur, and runner-up Emilia Magliaccio's decision to not pursue professional golf, despite her numerous amateur awards, in favor of becoming a writer.Finally Dave breaks down his spring break trip to Gatlinburg with the family, and Brian explains why his kids are the worst fighters of all time.

    Episode 20: More Match Play & Best Back 9s

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2021 70:08

    On episode 20, we get into why the tour doesn't play match play more often, like say the FedEx Cup Championship, the ridiculousness of the pod system (go back to ONE and DONE!), and a few names to consider for the Ryder Cup in September.We also drag the tour for the WGC tweet about Austin CC being the best back 9 in golf. Period. I'm not sure it's the best back 9 in Texas, but we discuss our favorite back nines in golf that we've played and what makes them great.Finally, for parent corner, Doug asks our philosophy on letting your baby cry at night when putting them to sleep. So if you want to hear two dads weigh in on that minefield, give it a listen. And oh yeah, hear about how Brian took $3 off his kids in mini golf.

    Episode 19: Honda, Rickie, & Internal Pressure

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2021 58:28

    In this week's episode, we quickly recap a so-so Honda Classic and what's happened to Rickie Fowler this past year. Then we spend a lot of time talking about Todd's quest to break 80, the internal pressure we all put on ourselves when we play, and our own philosophies towards golf. 

    Episode 18: Stimulus Check - Players Championship Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2021 63:27

    On episode 18, the boys breakdown JT's clutch weekend play, whether Westwood benefits more from his fiance as caddy or if he needs more experience, DeChambeau's disappointment, pros/cons of Every Shot Live, Rory admitting chasing Bryson has hurt his performance, and whether the narrative will be that JT has overcome his past slurs from earlier in the year. And we wrap it up by putting out in public our not to be bet on in any circumstances Final Four picks for March Madness.And Brian at one point tries to pull off a southern accent. (An easter egg you'll have to find on your own).

    Episode 17: DeChambeau is a FRAUD & East Coast/West Coast beef

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2021 64:08

    Today the boys go back and forth on Bryson DeChambeau's persona after his one shot victory at Bay Hill. There's no debate on his talent, but we debate whether he tries too hard to the point of aggravation. Also, is his schtick a little tired at this point.In addition, we discuss Spieth's continued "Finau streak" of three top 5s in his last four tournaments and whether we can stop talking about him as a hopeless case on tour. Could he be an outside Ryder Cup captain's pick if his play continues like this?Then we discuss the better golf 'swing' between the California/Florida swings. Not surprisingly our feelings were strongly dictated about how CBS and NBC cover the sport.

    Episode 16: Jackson Miller & Survivor Pool Update

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2021 63:08

    On episode 16, we conclude 'junior golf month' with an interview with Jackson Miller (18:10) who will be a freshman on the Faulkner University golf team next year. He reminisces about his playoff putt to advance from sectionals to districts and his love of tournament golf. As parents we see our kids athletic success through a certain lens, so hearing Jackson talk about his love for golf (and Hailey in last week's episode) reminds us what it's like from their perspective and the stress it can bring.Before that, Todd learns the highs that gambling can provide via our PGA survivor pool and gloats about his lead at the two month mark. Dave offers his perspective on Tiger's injury and how his initial reaction reminded him of his reaction to Kobe's crash.Follow us for more at:@forefathers04 on both Twitter and Instagram

    Episode 15: Hailey Stegemann & Homa prevails

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2021 69:28

    On this week's episode, the boys (minus Todd) break down the Homa/Finau playoff at Riviera, question whether this loss will only build more ammunition against Finau as someone who can't win, and use the 3rd round suspension at Riviera to tell a few stories of the worst conditions we've ever played golf in.Then (27:00) we continue our series on junior golf this month and spend the rest of the time talking with Hailey Stegemann, a current high school senior, who will be playing Division 1 golf at Tennessee Tech this fall. She  earned Southwest Ohio High School Girls Golf Coaches Association (SWOHSGGCA) First Team Division 2 honors her last three years and has worked really hard on her game. She spent a lot of time breaking down the college recruiting process and how that works for other high school golfers trying to get recruited, and she gives some great insights for players/parents to consider when trying to get a college scholarship in golf.

    Episode 14: Todd Johnson & Spieth Fatigue

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2021 54:41

    On episode 14, Brian offers a lament for Jordan Spieth and what the last two weekends have done to his soul, and whether or not he can continue this affair of the heart much longer. But the main focus this week is our interview with Todd Johnson (9:53), the executive director of the Greater Cincinnati Golf Association. Todd, as part of his mission, oversees the 1905 tour, a junior tournament tour that helps kids compete in local events  in a fun and enjoyable way. He guides us through how kids can get involved in golf, answers questions that parents might have about getting a child started in junior golf tournaments, and some of the ways they are trying to attract kids to the game of golf.If you live in the Cincinnati area we encourage you to check out for more information. And for those of you listening elsewhere,  we guarantee your city/region probably has something similar in your area. We encourage you to listen to our interview with Todd as a way to help you navigate the world of junior golf in your area.

    Episode 13: Goals 2021 & Spieth is BACK?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2021 46:23

    With the Super Bowl happening Sunday, we recorded this pod about our 2021 goals on Friday not realizing Spieth was going to burn the golf world to the ground with his play on Saturday, before hitting it like a 5 handicapper on Sunday. However, there's plenty of time to dissect Spieth in future episodes. Instead we address our goals for the year, both for our golf games and personally. It was cool to see the overlaps in our wants and in other areas seeing how each of us have a different attack mindset for how best to get the best out of ourselves this year and maybe even give you some ideas on how to improve your own.

    Episode 12: Patrick Reed cheats & Torrey Pines stinks

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2021 72:17

    On episode 12, the boys join the rest of the golf world in losing their minds over the latest Patrick Reed mishap. Opinions are mixed as to Reed's intentions, but we wonder why heels get embraced in other sports, but Reed is left to languish on his own in golf. Doug also talks about his round at Torrey Pines and its pros/cons as a venue for the everyday golfer. Finally we update listeners on our season long PGA survival pool and discuss potential prizes/punishments for the winner and loser.

    Episode 11: Golf in the UK with @BelowParGolfer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2021 64:22

    On episode 11, Brian and Dave are joined with our new 'international correspondent' Jack, aka @belowpargolfer. Jack spent most of 2020 getting back into the game of golf, once the rugby pitches were closed due to COVID. He speaks candidly about his progress as a beginning golfer (he lists his handicap in the 30s) and the issues he's facing. But what enamored us with Jack, is that his positivity, enthusiasm, and desire to improve are evident immediately upon talking with him. No matter when we've been introduced to the game, we all had initial struggles. From telling us about shanking one at a golf cart a fairway over and laughing it off to describing his first birdie, on an island green par 3 no less, Jack's stories will draw you in. We're already scheming about when we can have him show us around London's golf and pub scene. 

    Episode 10: Fitting in at Club Champion

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2021 63:18

    On episode 10, Brian is joined by Club Champion fitter Brett Schneider, and the two walk the gang through his recent iron fitting at Club Champion. Brett details what someone can expect about the experience from walking in the door through the whole process. They look at Brian's trackman data and use him as an example of how a fitter can help a player understand where they can improve their game. Brett also addresses the issue of cost and why he feels Club Champion is the right move for any golfer serious about improving their game. 

    Episode 9: Will Grimmer (aka Mr. Pinehurst 59)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2021 95:25

    This week, the boys are honored to have professional golfer Will Grimmer on the pod to talk about his journey in professional golf (20:30). A former AJGA All-American, two time qualifier for the US Open in 2014 and 2018, Grimmer has conditional status on the Korn Ferry Tour. Grimmer talks about his passion for golf from an early age, his rise in the AJGA standings, and recaps shooting 59 on Pinehurst #1 at the prestigious North/South Amateur. He also mentions his time at Ohio State, his hope for the future, and his mental approach as he continues to pursue the goal of reaching the PGA Tour.

    Episode 8: Parenting Advice with David Tieche

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2021 74:43

    On episode 8 of the ForeFathers podcast, we go 'golf adjacent' to ring in 2021 and while there's a break in the golf action, focus more of our attention on bettering ourselves as parents. To that end, we welcome best-selling author and pastor, David Tieche (13:20), who has co-written several books with youth empowerment expert Josh Shipp and ex-NFLer Trent Shelton. Tieche focuses on the pitfalls parents can fall into when raising teens and offers practical advice that is relevant for navigating all stages of parenthood.Before that sage advice, Tieche does put the crew into fits of laughter when he recounts his one summer working grounds at a golf course just outside of Dayton, Ohio. Those stories might be the funniest 15 minutes you hear all week.

    Episode 7: Holiday Golf at Oak Ridge

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2020 67:10

    In this episode, Dave and Brian recount the joy of Christmas morning for themselves and their kids before breaking down a winter golf excursion (19:30) to Oak Ridge Golf Course in Brazil, Indiana. Despite 48 degree weather, shivering kids, drizzly rain, and high winds, the boys talk about how enjoyable of a round it was. The episode concludes with them breaking down's list of the 10 biggest mistakes that high handicappers make (45:00), and how Dave's coaching let his 4th grade girls basketball team down against a team of third-graders (54:30).

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