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We catalog the experience of CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs in the outdoor sports industry. Some of them have failed, some of them skyrocket into the stratosphere of success, all of them have a story to tell. This podcast focuses on a different kind of adventure.

Matthew Dello Buono

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    #281 Take Two // Jerek Lovey - Brewing The Best Plant-Based Milk

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 45:18

    Matt sits down with Take Two founder Jerek Lovey. Take Two makes plant-based barely milk with a huge emphasis on sustainability using upcycled spent grain as a key component in their tasty game-changing dairy-free milk. Take Two is changing the game for plant-based milk on seemingly all fronts. To start, their dedication to sustainability is unparalleled to the point of them helping to repurpose thousands upon thousands of spent grain that otherwise would go to waste. On the nutrition front, their barely milk is so much more nutrient-dense than your typical plant-based milk but, most importantly the taste and texture of Take Two is amazing. It really all comes down to barely as the x-factor to fixing the classic problems of plant-based milk while helping offer a better more sustainable solution. So, how just how does one start a plant-based milk company let alone pioneer a new and progressive upcycling technique. In this episode of Built On Passion, Jerek Lovey shares the story of how he started a plant-based milk brand from the ground up, how barely is a game-changing grain of the future, what it took to build out their upcycling process, and the ‘How' and ‘Why' behind Take Two.

    #280 Ranger Ready // Chris Fuentes - The Ultimate Protection From Bug Bites and Vector-Borne Illness

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2022 56:42

    Matt sits down with Ranger Ready co-founder Chris Fuentes. Ranger Ready makes a highly effective permethrin insect repellent. Mosquitoes and ticks bites aren't something to be taken lightly. Obviously, they can be a pretty big annoyance but there are some really life-changing diseases that you're exposed to when you get bitten. Though there are plenty of bug spray options out there to help keep you protected, a good amount of them can still be fairly toxic to people so you have to ask yourself, ‘how can you actually protect yourself from exposure?' That's exactly what Chris Fuentes and Ted Kensten hoped to answer when they started Ranger Ready. When Chris and Ted started Ranger Ready, they weren't just looking for the next project to work on, they wanted to tackle a major issue that desperately needed a better option. They found that permethrin was the key to making bug spray WAY safer for both people and pets than your average DEET bug spray. In fact, they even have the scientific findings behind it to back up their claim and the results are fairly staggering. Ranger Ready has been meticulously tested for effectiveness and has a scientific guarantee of offering 12-hours of protection. It's easy to talk the talk but, Ranger Ready actually walks the walk and has the science to prove it. They also just so happen to be the bug spray of choice for some major organizations including SpaceX and the military. So what actually goes into creating and building a bug spray brand. In this episode of Built On Passion Chris Fuentes shares what led him to dedicate himself to creating a better bug spray option, how they manage to stay committed to their mission, developed a devoted team leading to unparalleled customer service and satisfaction, and the “How” and “Why” behind Ranger Ready.

    #279 Rebo Bottle // Pierandrea Quarta - A Smarter Approach to Hydration & Sustainability

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2022 37:57

    Matt sits down with Rebo Bottle founder Pierandrea Quarta. Rebo Bottle makes a smart water bottle that doesn't just help you stay on your hydration game but, also is designed to help actively remove plastic waste from natural areas. Water bottles are fairly simple in and of themselves but, the intricacies behind Rebo Bottle are absolutely incredible. It all started with Pier wanting to do more to help remove plastic from the environment. His past experience working as a Brand Manager for one of the world's most widely known name brands gave him an opportunity to not only sharpen his knives to build a brand but, also expose him to a newfound passion, sustainability, and coming up with progressive practices to support it. Ultimately Pier wanted to create a product to help push the world towards a much more sustainable future and focusing on something everyone interacted with was the starting point. Rebo Bottle's smart bottle isn't just a container for H20, it's designed to help encourage people to stay hydrated, track their water intake, and find and track nearby refill stations all through their app.  On top of making a smart bottle with extremely detailed features, Rebo has developed some interesting strategic partnerships to help actively remove plastic from the environment. What's most remarkable of all is that in creating Rebo Bottle, Pier is building an extremely unique and progressive brand around a global issue in a way that hasn't really existed. In this episode of Built On Passion Pierandrea shares what inspired him to dig deeper into sustainability, some of the challenges that came with building Rebo Bottle, and the “how” and “why” behind Rebo Bottle.

    #278 Lone Pine Gear Exchange // Katy Jackson - Your One Stop Shop For All things Outdoor Gear

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 35:12

    Matt sits down with Lone Pine Gear Exchange co-founder Katy Jackson. Lone Pine Gear Exchange is an outdoor gear consignment shop and so much more. They also repair gear, tune skis, are a plastic-free refill station, a coffee shop, and act as a community hub for outdoor lovers of all kinds. Getting out into nature and enjoying the outdoors is an extremely important part of the human experience, but it can be really hard to commit to living a life that helps reduce the human footprint on the places we love. That's exactly the issue that Katy wants to address with Lone Pine Gear Exchange. Lone Pine Gear isn't just a gear consignment shop, it gives anyone and everyone who wants to get outside a place to get everything they need to help keep supporting a cleaner and healthier planet. Katy and her partner didn't flinch when they came up with the idea of an all-in-one stop for anyone who loves the outdoors as much as they do and although it seems like such a niche, and specific idea for a brick and mortar store, when you examine all the differance aspects it touches on it seems to effortlessly make sense. Beyond helping people to enjoy and get into the sports they love, Lone Pine Gear Exchange is also rapidly serving as a community center for like-minded people to get together and share in whatever passion brings them together in nature. In this episode of Built On Passion Katy Jackson shares the background of how Lone Pine Gear Exchange got started, how the idea developed, what roadblocks she's faced along the journey, and the “how” and “why” behind Lone Pine Gear Exchange`

    #277 Bolstr // Jay Yoo - The Modern Wallet & Reimagined & Simplified

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 72:03

    Matt sits down with Bolstr founder Jay Yoo. Bolstr makes ergonomic everyday carry bags and accessories designed to help simplify your life, unburden your mind, and bring a little zen into your everyday life. Jay isn't quite a serial entrepreneur, but more of a serial problem solver. He initially got his start as an engineer before moving on to the fashion industry leaving his mark, only to go on and completely revamp how we look at wallets with the inception of the slimmy (the first slim wallet, you've probably heard of it. Yup, Jay is that guy). Despite substantially affecting each industry he enters and making it seem like nothing, Jay's biggest feat has been staying level-headed and focused through all the hard parts of his career. Jay is an incredible reminder that no success comes without struggle and keeping the right perspective and healthy habits pays back in dividends. In this episode of Built On Passion Jay Yoo walks us through his colorful career highlighting how he ended up starting Bolstr, some serious wisdom on what it means to be an entrepreneur and how he navigated some personal roadblocks along his journey, and the “How” and “Why” behind starting Bolstr

    #276 Nocs Provisions // Chris McKleroy - Reinventing An Age-Old Outdoors Essential

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 45:39

    Matt sits down with Nocs Provisions founder Chris McKleroy. Nocs Provisions has reimagined one of the most iconic tools of exploration, adventuring, and the great outdoors; Binoculars. Nocs Provisions is bringing binoculars back into vogue and bringing them into the 21st century. It's interesting how binoculars have been pretty synonymous with time spent outdoors and general adventures of all kinds. Despite being such a recognizable tool it's not something that's really been modernized...until now. Nocs is raising the quality, dropping the price, and making binoculars cool again. Their designs are awesome and make this dusty tool more of a functional accessory. Beyond a long-needed update to the classic tool, Nocs is using their products as a jumping-off point to break down barriers in the outdoor space and open it up for people to enjoy getting outside and experience how life-changing it can be. In this episode of Built On Passion Chris McKleroy shares a more sustainable approach and attitude to bring into a new and budding business, some pitfalls he faced in his first entrepreneurial endeavor and how he managed to avoid them the second time around, and the “How” and “Why” behind Nocs Provisions.

    #275 3rd Rock // Jessica Mor - Sustainably made clothing for Dynamic Living

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 30:19

    Matt sits down with 3rd Rock founder Jessica Mor. 3rd Rock makes expertly made activewear while challenging the limits on sustainable manufacturing in the fashion and apparel space. There's no question that 3rd Rock's apparel and activewear is awesome but, beyond the surface of their products is where the magic really happens. What started as a way to make better, more comfortable, and eco-friendly apparel quickly grew into something a little more. It's easy to label yourself as a do-good company by donating some funds to an organization and calling it a day; however, 3rd Rock goes above and beyond to create sustainable products while doing what they can to make climbing much more inclusive space.  In this episode of Built On Passion Jessica Mor shares how she jumped from the fashion world to the climbing industry, her approach for developing functional garments and sustainability, opening up climbing for as many people as possible, and the “How” and “Why” behind 3rd Rock.

    #274 Heather's Choice // Heather Kelly - Backpacking Meals Made For Adventure

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 59:37

    Matt sits down with Heather's Choice founder Heather Kelly. Heather's Choice makes incredibly nutritious and delicious dehydrated backpacking food that doesn't cut corners on ingredients. This episode is a little bit of a different format than what you might be used to. We do hit a lot of entrepreneurial themes and we still dig into the nitty-gritty of what Heather's Choice is all about but, I think what really sets this episode apart is Heather Really lays out her relationship with Heather's Choice, Entrepreneurship, and the meaning behind it all. This isn't just a job or career, this is a HUGE passion point for Heather, she even describes it as more of an art project. To sum up this episode simply, Heather Kelly is a badass, I wish we had more time to really dig into things and I'm. We really hit the ground running with this episode and dive into some deep topics In this episode of Built On Passion, Heather Kelly dives into what entrepreneur means to her and how she approaches building and running her business, how she dove into a brand new career and fought her way to fine-tune her process while learning some tough lessons, and the “How” and “Why” behind Heather's Choice

    #273 Hiker's Brew Coffee // Zach Pecha - Building A Better Coffee Company For Outdoor Lovers

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 38:11

    Matt sits down with Hiker's Brew Coffee founder Zach Pecha. Hiker's Brew Coffee makes sustainably-minded coffee made for the outdoors. Coffee is one of the most common daily routines in the world. However, the waste and single-use plastic that it can create can be absolutely absurd. In creating Hiker's Brew Coffee Zach and his co-founder/partner Addy Serum want to help push the coffee industry into a drastically more sustainable future, and it all started with their Venture Pouches. Zach and Addy went down the rabbit hole meticulously eliminating any single-use plastic in their packaging, finding coffee farms that were ethically and sustainably run, and even opt to run their operation with the smallest team possible to prevent any excess coffee from just sitting on the shelves. Their orders are made on purchase to make sure they're avoiding wasteful excess production and, more importantly, to make sure their coffee is the freshest it possibly can. At the end of the day, it isn't just the length at which Zach and Addy go to make sure their operation is sustainable, it's their grit they show in sticking to their guns to maintain their high standards of quality and sustainability. In this episode of Built On Passion Zach Pecha walks us through the steps they took to ensure their coffee operation was as sustainable as possible with the high-quality coffee, the benefits of staying a small batch company to stay true to their mission, and the ‘How' and ‘Why' behind Hiker's Brew Coffee

    #272 Ener-C // Richard Pollock - Wellness For People & The Planet

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 45:25

    Matt sits down with Ener-C founder Richard Pollock. Ener-C makes a hydrating, energizing Vitamin C drink mix to make healthy habits more enjoyable. In this episode of Built On Passion Richard Pollock shares some of the hurdles of educating people and evangelizing about the importance of Vitamin C while dispelling some fallacies, some wisdom from his expansive entrepreneurial career, and the truly captivating ‘How' and ‘Why' behind Ener-C

    #271 BATCH // Dennis Mistrioty - Building A CBD Industry Staple From The Ground Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 38:23

    Matt sits down with Batch CBD co-founder Dennis Mistrioty. Batch CBD doesn't just make incredible CBD products. They also serve as a CBD testing facility and manufacturer for countless other CBD brands. Batch started when Dennis and his co-founders took the plunge into entrepreneurship as the CBD and hemp industry started to really blossom. However, Instead of heading straight into retail, they started with researching and learning everything they could about the agriculture and manufacturing of hemp and CBD and going on to open up a CBD testing facility. As time went on and the industry grew, so did they. They managed to snowball and expand into hemp extraction and then created their own brand, what we know as Batch CBD. Today they manufacture for some of the biggest brands on the market and have helped set the bar for sustainability, customer satisfaction, and above else, quality. Although it wasn't necessarily the smoothest journey, through trial and error they found their voice and created their own CBD products. In this episode of Built On Passion Dennis Mistrioty shares how they built one of the industry-leading CBD Manufacturers, some insights on how they handled marketing in a completely new industry, their approach to building their community, and the ‘how' and ‘why' behind starting Batch CBD

    #270 Yuki Threads // Luke 'Mitch' Mitchell - Setting The Bar For Sustainability Manufacturing In The Snowboarding Industry

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 38:55

    Matt sits down with Yuki Threads co-founder Luke Mitchell. Yuki  Threads makes Technical Snowboarding apparel with a HUGE emphasis on sustainable manufacturing and the snowboarding community at large. Luke Mitchell, (or as his friends call him, Mitch), and his co-founder Lani started Yuki Threads as a simple way to keep doing what they loved most, snowboarding. After a successful run of hoodies, Mitch started to ask the right question to solidify Yuki Threads as a future household name. He took a step back and asked, “How can we do this better?” rolled up his sleeves, and started his journey coming up with an answer. Building Yuki Threads wasn't just a journey to create apparel but, to make technical outerwear that was made responsibly. He dove down the manufacturing rabbit hole to make sure that virtually every step of the way was as sustainable as possible. Mitch brought his adventurous spirit with him throughout the process, literally visiting every stage of production, traveling through India, building real, meaningful, relationships. All in the name of preserving the integrity of Yuki Threads. Sustainable manufacturing is far from anything they'd compromise and a keystone for what the brand has been built on. For the snow industry, and the Fashion industry especially, this level of detail is something that's unheard of.  At the end of the day, it isn't just building a cool brand, it's about making products that mean something and doing things the responsible way, that's built around a community and can actively give back to the sport of snowboarding and snow sports as a whole.  In this episode of Built On Passion, Luke Mitchell shares his approach for tracking down the right manufacturing partners, how he dove headfirst into a brand new industry and came up swimming, and the how and why behind Yuki Threads

    #269 Sego Ski Co. // Peter & Tim Wells - High-Quality, Handcrafted Skis Designed To Help Carry The Spirit Of Skiing Forward

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 42:53

    Matt sits down with Sego Ski Co co-founders Peter & Tim Wells. Sego Ski Co is a ski manufacturer making high-quality handmade skis Over the years Sego Ski Co. has been growing hand over fist as a rapidly rising star in the ski industry. One of the remarkable things about Sego Ski Co. isn't JUST the fact that they make a remarkable pair of skis, it's that despite experiencing some serious growth (expanding their facility, growing their team, etc.) they manage to stay committed to the foundational soul on which they've built Sego Ski Co. In addition to completely owning their entire manufacturing process, they've seriously grown their partnerships, working to help expand the accessibility of snowsports and get more people out there to enjoy it whether it's their local hill or somewhere along the powder highway in BC. In this episode of Built On Passion Tim & Peter Wells peel back the curtain on some major milestones they've reached, their vision for where Sego Ski Co. exists in the snow industry, and the ‘how' and ‘why' behind starting Sego Ski Co.

    #268 Hestra // Drew Eakins - A Legacy Of Glove Makers That's Honoring Tradition By Consistently Innovating

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 49:39

    Matt sits down with Hestra US Marketing Manager Drew Eakins. Hestra is a family-owned glove manufacturer that has helped define what makes a high-quality performance glove. It's no secret that Hestra is considered one of the bigger players in the world of outdoor sports. With being in business for over a century, it's safe to say they've left a serious mark, especially with snow sports (which has been their bread and butter since almost the beginning). However, despite being a recognizable brand you might not realize just where they fit in the tapestry of the outdoor sports industry (and at this point fashion too...really anything glove related). For instance, did you know that Hestra is run by 2 of the 100 true master certified glove cutters in the world (which is a skill that's dying out… chances are you might not have even realized that there was a glove cutting profession). Not only is Hestra a company built on rich tradition but, they've managed to still push forward and both develop and integrate new technology, paving the way for the technical gloves. In this episode of Built On Passion Drew Eakins shares a glimpse into Hestra's rich history, a peek behind the curtain of what goes into Hestra's R & D, and the ‘how' and ‘why' behind Hestra

    #267 Dynamite Starfish // Leslie Kim - Climbing Culture Inspired Apparel Designed To Bring Climbers Together

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 48:10

    ​​Matt sits down with Dynamite Starfish founder Leslie Kim. Dynamite Starfish makes climbing apparel with climbing culture-inspired designs to fill in some of the blanks in the culture of the climbing community. Leslie has been a longtime designer, in her career and just as a personal passion. Between her visual art and her many (MANY) hobbies, she's had a chance to see what kind of culture exists within all the circles she became a part of. As she got into climbing, she felt a SERIOUS sense of community and culture but didn't feel there was a lot of apparel that shines the spotlight on what climbing is REALLY about. I mean, how does one represent the entire zeitgeist of an activity that is built around close-knit communities that are propping up a sport? Well, Leslie found a way.  There are so many tropes, cliches, and inside jokes embedded in the culture of climbing that every climber is familiar with whether they realize it or not. Leslie aims to take those commonalities and use them to help strengthen a community and make more space for fun. Climbing culture extends beyond the act of climbing and that's a lot of what Leslie want's to highlight. Being a climber can mean a lot of things for a lot of different reasons to a lot of different people but, it's all built on the hinge of the love of the sport and that's exactly what Leslie wants Dynamite Starfish to amplify. In this episode of Built On Passion Leslie Kim shares what kinds of roadblocks she faced in starting Dynamite Starfish (but, physical and mental), the uncomfortable nuances of crossing over into the entrepreneurial world, and how she managed to come out on top, and her ‘how' and ‘why' behind building Dynamite Starfish

    #266 FireCreek Snacks // Dustin Riechmann - A Better-For-You Snack Company Making All-Natural Snacks With Clean Ingredients

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 47:38

    Matt sits down with FireCreek Snacks co-founder Dustin Riechmann. FireCreek Snacks makes super tasty all-natural snack sticks with better-for-you-ingredients. Dustin has been a long-time entrepreneur. He's had a lot of success and really hopped into a lot of different positions along his journey. FireCreek Snacks came together in a wave of serendipity when Dustin met his co-founder Ryan Hansen. When the two of them had met Dustin had an opportunity to explore a lot of different areas of starting a business and was getting increasingly interested in marketing. Ryan on the other hand had a dynamite beef jerky and vast culinary prowess. The combination of them coming together help make FireCreek Snacks one of the best options of snack sticks for anyone who doesn't want to compromise quality for taste (or vice versa). Not only did they manage to balance each other's skillsets out perfectly, but they also came together to make a better snack that has people keep coming back. In this episode of Built on Passion Dustin Riechmann shares how he and his partner joined forced to build FireCreek Snacks, what it took to craft their product and truly stand out in an industry with a lot of noise, and the ‘how' and ‘why' behind starting FireCreek Snacks

    #265 Routine // Jake Rhodes - Improving Your Day By Simplifying Your Morning Routine

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 43:38

    Matt sits down with Routine co-founder Jake Rhodes. Routine makes daily supplements to help you get into your routine, develop healthy habits, and start the day off right. Jake might be what you would call a serial entrepreneur but, of his colorful career of building businesses, Routine is something that particularly hit home for him and his co-founder and wife, Erin Rhodes. They didn't have to dig too deep. It started by simply looking at their daily routine and just asking the simple question of ‘how can we make this better?'  The answer was taking something that they did every day, that was simple, that primed them to start the day off right and simplify it. For Erin and Jake and many many people hydration is exactly that; more specifically, hydrating with the concoction of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and Himalayan sea salt. This might seem like a simple recipe on its own but,, when you introduce the chaos and unexpected turns of life getting in the way, it can be harder to keep up with the routine. That's exactly what Jake and Erin sought to remedy in creating Routine. Taking these simple yet extremely impactful rituals like hydration and fueling up and making them simplified, streamlined, and bulletproof when life gets a little hectic. Moreover, creating a product that is healthy, natural, and a better take across the board on a tried and true ritual that can have such a positive impact on how your day unfolds. In this episode of Built On Passion Jake Rhodes shares his experience in creating his flagship product the mourning routine, how, and the ‘how' and ‘why' behind starting Routine.

    #264 Gozney // Tom Gozney - Building Culinary Innovation & sharing the Joy Of Cooking

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 44:32

    Matt sits down with Gozney founder Tom Gozney. Gonzey makes extremely high-quality innovative ovens designed to not just make fantastic pizza but give you the opportunity to maximize your culinary efforts right in your backyard. Tom's path to starting Gozney was not at all linear and far from easy but, there's a consistent theme that followed him through the ups and downs; determination. It all started when his passion for cooking led him to build a pizza oven. What started out as a fun project to keep his hands busy, quickly began to snowball and grow, leading him to build oven after oven. Home oven builds lead to restaurant builds and eventually to push beyond the limits and dream up a way to give everyone the opportunity to have access to a pizza oven and enjoy its versatility to make some truly incredible meals.  They've had some seriously notable partnerships with some well-known chefs and frequently put out recipes to help get you inspired. Tom's vision for building Gozney isn't solely to dream up and make innovative products; he aims to break down the barrier of cooking and baking and help people enjoy it as much as he does. Despite the rampant growing success, building Gozney wasn't exactly all sunshine and bubble gum. A lot of its success relied on Tom's tenacity to keep getting up and moving forward, and his passion to see his vision through. In this episode of Built On Passion Tom Gozney shares what led him to start Gozney and the lead up to its now global footprint, a better look at how he developed Gozney's latest product, and his ‘how' and ‘why' behind starting Gozney

    #263 PNW Bushcraft // Heather Saulsbury - Creating Tools To Enjoy The Outdoors & Making Room For Women in the Wilderness

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 38:05

    Matt sits down with PNW Bushcraft co-founder Heather Saulsbury. PNW Bushcraft makes outdoor gear specifically for bushcraft but, even bigger than that, they give their customers the tools to have the most fun in the outdoors. Heather built PNW Bushcraft with her co-founder and husband out of a hobby and passion that grew like wildfire after she began to make gear and sell it on Etsy (it sounds like a simple progression but, when I say they attacked this thing and won, that's a huge understatement). As the dynamic duo dug deeper into the industry they slowly expanded their product line, doing countless R & D testing, and even began to host meetups, demonstrations, and workshops. One of the bigger things Heather's been trying to tackle is to open up the outdoors to women and encourage them to learn new skills, and just become comfortable when roughing it. The Outdoor Industry has been marketed as a boys club but, the barriers that exist aren't solid and Heather wants to break them down once and for all for women and really anyone who wants to get outside and have some fun but, might not know where to start. You don't need to be perfect or do things flawlessly, you just need to be safe and have fun, and that's exactly the message Heather wants to promote! In this episode of Built On Passion Heather Saulsbury walks us through how PNW Bushcraft got started and the steps to grow to where they are now, how she's been building and nurturing a wave of wild women getting into the outdoors, and her how & why behind starting PNW Bushcraft.

    Local Laundry // Dustin Paisley & Connor Curran - Locally Made Apparel Putting The ‘Unity' In ‘Community'

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 45:50

    Matt sits down with Local Laundry co-founders Dustin Paisley & Connor Curran. Local Laundry is an apparel brand based in Calgary Canada that goes far beyond fashion and fabrics. Local Laundry was created around the question “what if clothing can bring people together?” (Ironically enough this was a thought Connor had while studying abroad in Sweden RIGHT before seriously having it out a washer machine). In any event, Despite Local Laundry primarily being an apparel brand, community and expression are two major keystones that fully drive the soul of what it was built to become; a community and platform of self-expression. From where they source their fabrics, to their manufacturing, and even the brands they collaborate with, everything about Local Laundry is rooted in community and connectivity. While Local Laundry makes incredible clothing, it gets way more interesting beyond the hoodies and hats. It might be their goal of raising $1,000,000 for local communities by 2030, or the countless partnerships and connection to the community where they've dug their roots but, there's a magic beyond the company that starts to really become captivating when you look beyond the surface. More importantly, Dustin and Connor, show just how important it is to truly breathe life and soul into a company. The ideals behind their brand are an extension of something they believe in and that has made all the difference in not just their brand identity but, their impact on their customers and the relationships they've made over the years. In this episode of Built On Passion Dustin Paisley & Connor Curran share how they cultivated such a strong community, the power of relationships and where that can lead you, and their how & why behind starting Local Laundry

    #261 Giddy Yo // Bridgitte Longshore - How A Chocolate Bar Can Change Everything

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 51:17

    Matt sits down with Giddy Yo founder Bridgitte Longshore. Giddy Yo makes organic nutritious dark chocolate & body care products that are designed with purpose and made with love. Bridgette has always had a serious love for healthy living and clean nutritious foods. So, it's no surprise that Giddy Yo really got its start right in her kitchen while trying to feed her family the best food she could get her hands on. Before long she was making chocolate for farmers markets and that very quickly snowballed into a bigger, and bigger operation until she found herself going through hell-and-high water to source ingredients for enough batches of chocolate to meet her demand. With a sense of uncompromising quality and a commitment to run an ethical business, Bridgitte is fairly strict about what goes into her products and keeps her deep-rooted love for healthy foods sowed within each bar. Beyond making such fantastic chocolate, Bridgitte has instilled a deep sense of gratitude and moral responsibility within Giddy-Yo and is always quick to help support anyone in need. At a point, one can make the argument that Giddy-Yo is less about the chocolate and more about celebrating the little things in life that make it special. In this episode of Built On Passion Bridgitte Longshore shares how she scaled her business so quickly, the challenges of sourcing ingredients while maintaining the highest quality, and her how and why behind building Giddy Yo.

    #260 Earth Echo Foods // Craig Collins - Superfoods For A Healthier You And Cleaner Mother Earth

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 32:50

    Matt sits down with Earth Echo Foods co-founder Craig Collins. Earth Echo Foods makes nutritious superfoods designed to promote a healthier lifestyle in the most natural way possible while pushing to help heal mother earth any way they can. Craig and his wife and co-founder Danette are no strangers to the entrepreneurial world. They got their start by building a strong community around a fitness site and as they gained more and more traction their following started to ask about supplements. It didn't take much for Danette and Craig to decide to answer the call of their community but they knew if this is something they were going to do they wanted to do it right and take it all the way. After going above and beyond to find the best possible ingredients, that aren't just packed with vital nutrients but, also responsibly harvested, they came up with their Cacao Bliss. It didn't take long for them to sell out and with their customers raving about what they had concocted it was pretty clear that they had once again caught lightning in a bottle and decided to officially start Earth Echo Foods.  In this episode of Built On Passion Craig Collins shares the steps they took to fine-tune a product to fit exactly what their community wanted and some of the challenges they faced, the lengths they are going to make sure Earth Echo foods are operating as sustainably as possible, and their how & why behind starting Earth Echo Foods.

    #259 HydroSwell // Kaydn Jensen - Helping People Stay Fueled To Stay On Track & Live A Healthy Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 48:26

    Matt sits down with HydroSwell co-founder Kaydn Jensen. HydroSwell is a budding supplement brand that has come out of the gate swinging with a hydration + protein mix filling a gap in the supplement world. With a lot of people progressing into adulthood and beyond, it's not uncommon for us to grab sugary drinks or caffeinated beverages as a pick-me-up. The problem is, that becomes a slippery slope when it turns into a habit, and that's exactly what Kaydn aims to help fight through HydroSwell. Creating healthy habits usually starts with your diet, and with creating HydroSwells Pro Loco Kaydn wants to help keep people satisfied and properly fueled without getting too carried away. So what was the spark that pushed Kaydn to concoct this kind of supplement? This was something that he himself was looking for but couldn't quite find and after reaching for one too many sugar drinks, he decided to get his hands dirty and create what he couldn't find. After a long R & D process, he figured out something that not only worked for him but also filled a void within the market. A great drink mix to help keep you going, stay hydrated, stay satiated, and help you get started with living a healthier lifestyle. In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion Kaydn Jensen shares, what it took to really develop what he wanted HydroSwell to be from idea to final product, how rocky waters can serve as a great proving ground for entrepreneurs, and his how and why behind starting HydroSwell

    #258 HybridLight // Terry Peterson - How Building A Better Product Can Make All The Difference

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 35:31

    Matt sits down with HybridLight founder Terry Peterson. HybridLight makes high-quality flashlights and lanterns all of which have some kind of double feature. Most of them act as a device charge or have a solar charging component. Terry got into the flashlight game because of an interesting opportunity. What he thought was a one-off business venture quickly became a hobby and snowballed substantially from there. After his first build, he ended up getting such great feedback to the point where he couldn't ignore the writing on the wall and started HybridLight as a serious endeavor. As a brand HybridLight goes far above and beyond creating an incredible product while keeping their price point at a level that makes sure they have something in just about anyone's price range. What's even more jaw-dropping is Terry and his team haven't spent a dime on advertising which in 2021 is beyond impressive. HybridLight has also been committed to creating opportunities to give back to the community and with their fundraising program, they've been able to help countless people in a truly unique way. HybridLight is a phenomenal example of how focusing on your product and really solving a problem in the most honest way possible can pay off in dividends and when you have passion in the driver seat, you can't lose. In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion Terry Peterson shares the value of not following your passion but bringing it with you. How staying product-driven can drive a business, and how & why he built HybridLight.

    #257 Moosejaw Mountaineering // Eoin Comerford – Helping Customers Gear Up To Get Outside

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 54:39

    Matt sits down with MooseJaw Mountaineering CEO Eoin Comerford. MooseJaw Mountaineering is an online and brick-and-mortar retailer specializing in apparel and gear for skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and camping. If you're already familiar with MooseJaw chances are it played a solid role in helping you get outdoors. If you haven't, well, let's just say there's still hope for you. Eoin has been with the company for over a decade and got to see it evolve but, more notably he's helped steer it from being a small company with vibrant energy to a big company with vibrant enthusiastic energy without sacrificing the spirit of love for all things outdoors. Not only have they developed and kept a fantastic brand culture but, they also aren't afraid to experiment with interesting ways to give customers a better experience. MooseJaw is more than just creating efficient systems, more than just numbers; It's giving people a chance to interact with gear in new ways, connect with people who not only can help them find exactly what they're looking for and would serve them best, but also help excite them to use their gear.  In this episode of Built On Passion Eoin Comerford shares how to balance growth as a company without sacrificing culture and identity, his approach for balancing online and in-person sales, and MooseJaws plans to make getting outside a more enjoyable and inclusive experience.

    #256 PurePower Botanicals // Don McLaughlin- CBD As A Key Ingredient In A Greater Health Equation

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2021 44:19

    Matt sits down with PurePower founder Don McLaughlin. PurePower Botanicals is a health and wellness company making supplements designed to help you live a healthy life. Their supplements are a combination of carefully CBD, herbs, minerals, and functional mushrooms to come together to give you the support you're looking for. Don is an endurance athlete and a wellness advocate however, his foray into the wellness world was one that came after a long arduous journey that challenged what he knew about health. This stark shift nudged him towards CBD as a solution. Before long he took that even further, started doing research into herbs and minerals to further give him the health boost he was looking for, interviewing health experts and even publishing a book on sports medicine and the endocannabinoid system. He was looking at CBD in a new light, as a part of a system rather than a remedy in and of itself and this idea laid the groundwork for the philosophy behind PurePower Botanicals. So, he brought on an herbalist, built an all-star team, and with a ton of community support, began to build PurePower Botanicals. In this episode of Built On Passion, Don McLaughlin shares his how and why behind PurePower Botanicals, what it took to create and market his products, and how he built an all-star team.

    #255 Puori // Oliver Amdrup - Cleaning Up The Supplement Industry

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2021 52:52

    Matt sits down with Puori founder Oliver Amdrup. Puori is a supplement company dedicated to giving you the highest quality supplements while providing full transparency of the ingredients in their products. Oliver's passion for health and nutrition came way before he started Puori and was the main motivation for him to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. As Oliver studied nutrition he looked at what was on the market and realized that there was a huge lack of transparency with supplement brands who weren't forthcoming with some of the finer details of their products' ingredients. This lack of transparency built the foundation of Puori and helped them not only stand out but give consumers something they've been searching for; accountability. Puori's mission is to raise the standards of the supplement industry and create products that are made using the cleanest and highest quality possible. With their partnership with the Clean Labels Project, there's no question that they are well on the way to raising the bar for the industry. In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion Oliver Amdrup shares how and why he started Puori and what the road has been like in building a brand with such a high commitment to high-quality products and transparency.

    #254 CaniBrands // Chris Lord - Creating Problem Solving CBD Experiences

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2021 54:54

    Matt sits down with Cani-Brands founder Chris Lord. Cani-Brands is made up of four distinct CBD experiences (Cani-Sleep, Cani-Boost, Cani-Mend, & Cani-Fresh) designed to help you get the most out of your CBD products.  Throughout Chris's extensive experience in the business world, there are two things that for him always come first when building a successful company; Strong customer service and a problem-solving mentality. That's precisely the idea behind each experience, to give the customer a solution for the problem they are turning to CBD to help treat. Not only do they provide different approaches to common ailments but offer options on how to enjoy your CBD products (tinctures, capsules, or even an oral spray just to name a few) Although Cani-Brands wasn't his first rodeo and it hasn't been all smooth sailing, Cani-Brands is on track to be a widely recognized brand built on relationships and positive experiences. Having already been accepted by a ton of professional athletes (and showing up in ¾ of NHL Locker Rooms) It's pretty clear that Cani-Brands is on to something. In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion Chris Lord shares his approach to customer service & marketing, how he built some poignant relationships, and what it takes to truly build brand identity.

    #253 Zero dB // Gary LeBlanc - A Functional Beverage To Quiet Your Mind

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2021 74:25

    Matt sits down with Zero dB founder Gary LeBlanc. Zero dB makes a plant-based science-backed cbd-free functional beverage that actively helps you relax and quiet your mind. We've all been in a situation where we've been so tired, so run down, that we end up reaching for an energy drink or an extra cup of coffee. Well, what if we had the same option when we're overly stressed? That's the question that Gary and a team of scientists from NeuroTheryX (NTX) have been asking and, more importantly, have answered. After studying CNS (central nervous system)-related genetic pathways linked to anxiety, they tested combination after combination of plant extracts to finally find the perfect combination that will help center your mind and bring you back to your baseline. Beyond pioneering an experiential beverage Zero dB has taken a HUGE leap in opening up the functional beverage space for something other than energy drinks and other similar stimulants. What's even more fascinating is that this isn't just a holistic approach, this is carefully tested science at its best. In this episode of Built On Passion Gary LeBlanc digs into the science behind what Zero dB is, his why behind creating such a unique beverage, and his philosophy on the importance of making space

    #252 Lava Linens - Creating A Better Option & More Sustainable Travel Towel. Co-Founder Mary Swanson Sharing Her Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2021 47:47

    Matt sits down with Lava Linen's co-founder Mary Swanson. Lava Linens make linen travel towels designed to be a much more environmentally friendly option than microfiber towels.  Lava Linens is a family business run by Mary, her sister Caitlin Dickman, and their mother Sheila Bannigan that was started when Mary decided to take a hard left turn with her career and found herself on the trip of a lifetime. While putting together her gear list, she wanted a towel she could easily travel with and still provide more comfort than your typical microfiber towel. After a ton of research, Mary and Sheila didn't just stumble upon Linen as being the best option they also unearthed the fact that Linen in many ways was a wildly more sustainable fabric than microfiber and synthetic materials in general while still performing just as well. It wasn't too long into her backpacking excursion when Mary realized she couldn't be the only one looking for a non-synthetic option so she promptly called up her mother and sister and began rolling the snowball that is Lava Linens. Although they're starting with linen travel towels, their sights are on the horizon and they have some serious plans for the future. This all-star team of women isn't just looking to change how people shop for products but, encourage them to be more mindful in the process. In this episode of Built On Passion Mary Swanson shares how Lava Linens got its start and what sent her down a rabbit hole of sustainable manufacturing, the wonders of linen's practicality, and how Lava Linens is helping to steer outdoors and travel enthusiasts away from petroleum-based products containing microplastics

    #251 Smartish // Matt Altschul - Building a Brand With Character & A Smart(ish) Design

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2021 60:29

    Matt sits down with Smartish founder Matt Altschul. Smartish makes design-focused function optimized Phone cases and accessories to make your life a little easier. While they have a serious utilitarian side to their designs, they aren't afraid to wave their weird flag. Phones have become an everyday necessity and it's an easy thing to take for granted or even worse, drop and crack your screen. Smartish's aim is to make carrying around a phone more practical and even give you a chance to add a little personality to your life. Their phone cases aren't JUST phone cases and often have a secondary feature built into the design, plus they have a ton of color and design options to give your case a little pizazz. It might seem like a simple thing on paper but, for founder Matt Altschul, the product building aspect of Smartish is something he holds close to his chest. With such a fun brand that's adding convenient innovations to everyday simple items, it's hard to not see the passion that's fueled this creative rocket. In this episode of Built On Passion Matt Altschul shares how Smartish came to be, how he approaches product development, how to build a brand that stands for something, and the importance of finding your strengths and sticking to them.

    #250 SylvanSport // Tom Dempsey - Making Outdoor Adventures Way More Accessible

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2021 45:56

    Matt sits down with SylvanSport founder Tom Dempsey. SylvanSport makes camping gear designed to make your time spent outdoors way more enjoyable.  Their SylvanSport Go, the crown jewel of their products, is a redesign of a pop-up camper from the perspective of a kayaker, skier, mountain biker. Tom dreamed and built it from the ground up himself, with the goal to develop a product that could transport gear and be towed for any vehicle. What makes this so interesting is that he hated trailers. This gave him the foresight to build something that anyone can get behind. Tom's knack for product design has helped him create a company that is pushing boundaries from a technology standpoint but, it's his passion for the outdoors that keeps him pushing forward and more importantly creating a company that can be a force of good for the outdoor industry. In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion Tom Dempsey shares his perspective on building a company that is extremely product-driven, how he stays hungry to keep creating, and the importance of community and the people SylvanSport serves.

    #249 Grayl // Travis Merrigan - World's Best Adventure Travel Purifier

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2021 52:53

    Matt sits down with Grayl founder Travis Merrigan. Grayl makes extremely simple and highly effective water purification devices to help provide clean, safe, drinking water to people in need while helping them to cut down on their plastic use. Grayl is the perfect example of a company that exists FAR beyond its product. On the surface, their product still is a one of a kind water filtration device. It's a one-pump water bottle design and It's one of the few that actively filters out viruses as well as particulate matter and bacteria; There's something to be said about that alone. However, beyond an efficient and effective design, Grayl's bigger message is doing good, helping people, and driving to make the world a better place any way they can. When it comes to environmental awareness Grayl's ability to walk the walk is vastly more important than just ‘talking the talk'.  In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion Travis Merrigan dives into what Grayl is and is meant to be, how a company's message and actions should exist beyond their product, and how putting together the right team is everything.

    #248 Campo Design // Jon Neff - An Entirely New Take On Tents

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2021 52:42

    Matt sits down with Campo Design founder Jon Neff. Campo Designs is a brand new company pioneering a completely new camping tent design. The Escape M4 is a tent that has a fully adjustable canopy that can be as open or closed as you want it to be.  Campo Designs' Escape M4 Tent was originally designed by Ru Hartwell but the idea was quickly adopted by Jon. The Escape M4 is an incredible example of a product being born from the simple question ‘what if?' Simply put, Ru wanted a way to be able to gaze at the stars and not feel so closed off when camping and there wasn't anything that fit his needs. Not too long after he put together the first iteration of the Escape M4, Jon was introduced to Ru and his tent and quickly jumped on board to further refine the idea. Despite COVID-19 making some challenging roadblocks Campo Designs has been hitting the pavement hard and coming out of the gates swinging. In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion Jon Neff shares how the Escape M4 was developed, what his journey has been like building the brand, and how he worked together with his user base to make the best tent possible.

    #247 Steeped Coffee // Nate Appel - Pioneering A Game Changing Brewing Method For Coffee

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2021 55:59

    Matt sits down with Steeped Coffee Director of Marketing Nate Appel. Steeped Coffee has pioneered a new method of coffee brewing that makes high-end coffee accessible, requiring no gear that doesn't compromise on taste for convenience. Steeped Coffee exists to fix the disconnect between premium special coffee requiring a ton of specialized gear and convenient pod machines leaving a wake of single-use plastic waste. In essence, their method makes brewing coffee similar to how you would brew tea but, the convenience is only one piece of the equation. The packaging of Steeped Coffee is fully compostable and they are constantly looking for ways to minimize environmental impact. The idea has been such a success that it's even been welcomed by the artisanal coffee community with open arms! In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion, Director of Marketing Nate Appel shares how Steeped Coffee got its start and how Steeped is making premium on-the-go coffee ultra-accessible without the cost of single-use plastic.

    #246 Crossrope // Srjan Popovic - Bringing Jump Rope Training Into The 21st Century

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021 56:56

    #245 Terra FRMA // Allison Barnard - A More Practical Disaster Preparedness Kit For What Matters Most

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2021 76:12

    Matt sits down with Terra FRMA founder Allison Barnard. Terra FRMA is an emergency preparedness company dedicated to creating products to give you the mental and emotional tools to overcome natural disasters. Allison is what she would call a serial entrepreneur and, I don't think anyone would argue otherwise. It's safe to say that when Allison comes up with a good idea, she follows through, and that is very much the case for how she started Terra FRMA. Disaster is something that touched her personally and was ultimately the catalyst for her creating Terra FRMA's disaster deck but, for her it wasn't simply a matter of creating a product to address her experience. She took it all the way, as far as talking to countless disaster experts, making sure the most common natural disasters were addressed fully and completely. One of the more remarkable things that Terra FRMA covers is how to handle these traumatic situations on a physiological and emotional level. That's something that was extremely important to Allison when creating the grab & Go Kit and something that she didn't find ANY other disaster resource really included. In fact, it was exactly that missing component that made her say ‘Yeah, I can do this better' and start Terra FRMA. In this episode of Built On Passion Allison Barnard shares why she started Terra FRMA, some of the obstacles she faced and how she overcame them, and how she added a new element to what it means to be prepared for a disaster.

    #243 OM Organic Mushroom Superfood // Dr. Sandra Carter - Making The Case For Mushroom-Based Preventative Medicine

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2021 38:37

    Matt sits down with OM founder Dr. Sandra Carter. OM makes mushroom superfood supplements designed to help with full-body nutrition and improve brain function. Dr. Sandra Carter has had an exceptionally robust career in the health and wellness industry, in a myriad of different capacities. Despite her interdisciplinary knowledge of health and wellness, it was a personal experience that drew her towards the power of mushrooms and ultimately led her to use her expertise to evangelize their benefits. Not only has she helped launch an extremely successful brand that is widely recognized, but she also has helped create a very impressive mushroom cultivation operation and help other supplement and food companies alike get their hands on OM's high-quality crop. Ultimately, Dr. Carter's mission is to help people improve their health and wellness through the nutritional benefits of mushrooms, and OM is her vehicle to do so!. In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion Dr. Carter shares how, after a colorful career in health and wellness she honed in on bringing mushrooms as a superfood into the mainstream, some of the benefits of mushrooms, and how OM developed their products.

    #244 Worn // Bryan Marville - Rethinking Performance Socks

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2021 44:20

    Matt sits down with Worn founder Bryan Marville. Worn is a performance sock brand that's pioneered its own proprietary fabric blend to conquer some of the common complaints. I'm sure it's safe to say we've all had a favorite pair of socks' that became a saggy, loose, uncomfortable disappointment. When it comes to athletic performance this isn't something you'd take lightly. Your feet are a complex part of your body, and if not taken care of properly can cause a lot of ailments. Worn founder Bryan Marville recognized this as something that needed to be addressed. In Fact, it was enough to get him to jump from his career in marketing to kick-starting a company dedicated to bridging the complexities and nuances of performance footwear with the only buffer between your shoes and your feet. For a long time socks become a forgotten factor while performance shoes and boots get all the glory. Worn aims to create socks that are just as advanced in foot protection as the high-end footwear you find on the market today. In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion, Bryan Marville shares a bit about how he developed Worn's proprietary Arrowool, some challenges that come with being a young company, and how he transitioned from being immersed in the marketing world to developing a product-driven brand.

    #242 Wisdom Superfood // Sean K Fay - Mushroom Powered Whole-Nutrition

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2021 71:22

    Matt sits down with Wisdom Superfood founder Sean K Fay. Wisdom Superfood makes highly nutritious supplements from mushrooms designed to give you whole nutrition for a healthy body and mind. Sean's foray into starting Wisdom Superfood is best explained through his own story, and of course from the beginning. His beginning is likely unlike any you've heard mainly because he got his start in infomercials and could be seen as a relatively big player in making some household names mainstream. Sean has been a long-time producer and through his journey, he slowly got more and more focused on his health. What's most interesting is Sean has had a really robust experience in infomercial marketing and has been attacking digital marketing with the same vigor he's held consistently throughout his career. One thing is for certain, is Sean knows the ins and outs of getting a product he's passionate about to an audience and knows how to turn labor into love. In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion Sean K Fay shares his extraordinary colorful story on how he became interested in health and nutrition, the nuances of marketing a product, and how to educate your audience on a product or concept that they might not know about. 

    #241 Armadillo Merino® // Andy Caughey - The Most Versatile Fabric For The Most Extreme Environments

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2021 42:34

    Matt sits down with Armadillo Merino® founder Andy Caughey. Armadillo Merino® makes merino clothing and base layers but, their focus is way different than anything you've likely come across. They focus on functionality but, not just comfort and temperature control. They take things even further by delivering a product that can keep you protected in extreme conditions.  Andy has been in the merino game for a long time so it's safe to say he's no stranger to the magic that is merino wool. He got the inspiration to start Armadillo Merino® after hearing countless heartbreaking stories of people in extreme conditions having their synthetic next-to-skin clothing melted to their skin under extreme heat. In his eyes, there was a simple solution to that in merino wool. While synthetic fabrics can be good in certain situations, merino's natural qualities make it one of the absolute best choices under almost any circumstances In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion Andy expands on how and why he started Armadillo Merino®, some of the deeper beneficial qualities of merino wool, and how he shares his passion for merino wool as a material with the world.

    #240 Colleen Kavanagh // Zego Foods - The Highest Quality Foods With The Most Transparency.

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2021 67:43

    Matt sits down with Zego Foods founder Colleen Kavanagh. Zego Foods is a healthy food company making delicious high-quality foods and snacks but that really only scratches the surface of what they are. They are at the forefront of a food health standards revolution and are leading the way to ensure that people are getting the cleanest and safest foods possible. Buckle up, because we're about to take a peek behind the curtain of food standards. Colleen has been working in the food/health industry for her entire career, starting on the policy level. Throughout her years of experience, she realized that there was a serious disconnect between how healthy food is produced and the standards designed to ensure they were high quality. She slowly went deeper into the industry until she decided to create a vehicle for change, Zego Foods, where she's in the driver seat and blazing the trail for food standards and transparency in a very serious way. This issue of lack of transparency with food safety standards is what drives Zego Foods and although they do make some tasty and highly nutritious products are more of a catalyst for change than simply a snack brand. In this episode of ReddyYeti | Built On Passion Colleen Kavanagh shares the truth behind food quality standards and how Zego Foods is about to change what it means to make healthy food.

    #239 Luke McMillan // Sea Sense Flip Flops - Raising The Bar For Companies That Give Back.

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2021 55:24

    This podcast episode was originally recorded on December 28th, 2020. In an effort to support the launch of Sea Sense Flip Flop's recently launched Kickstarter and their overall mission and message we have decided to recast their recently launched episode. Matt sits down with Sea Sense Flip Flops founder Luke McMillan. Sea Sense Flip Flops makes vegan, beautifully made eco-friendly flip flops however, there is much much more behind Sea Sense than just fantastic sandals.  Luke really makes sea sense stand apart and where the really awesome piece of his business comes in is the socio-economic and environmentally sustainable piece of Sea Sense. Sea Sense is working with various grassroots NGO's to create a system designed to turn plastics into a commodity to incentivize people to help collect plastics on beaches and near waterways to prevent them from getting into our oceans. A big piece of Luke's plan is to keep things on a grassroots level to make sure that everyone is involved in the mission equally and without vanity and he's actually willing to go through great lengths to make that so. In this episode, Luke dives into how he developed a product to help push forward his social and environmentally driven mission (Think Tom's but, better), what it's like managing relationships with NGO's and grassroots organizations, building a community around a global issue, and how to cultivate it in a way that shares the spotlight.

    #238 Shannon Kenner // Waxhead Sun Defense - Uncompromising Sun Protection. No Exceptions

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2021 59:10

    Matt sits down with Waxhead co-founder Shannon Kenner. Waxhead makes natural sunscreen and skincare products that are made ethically, sustainably, and are non-toxic.  Shannon and his Kari are completely dedicated to educating the public about what healthy sunscreen really looks like. Their story of kickstarting Waxhead started with the notion that they wanted to start a B2C company after each having a robust career in B2B marketing. After a series of the right dominos falling at the right time, they ended up exploring and digging deeper and deeper into finding sunscreen that wasn't pumped with chemicals and struggled to find something that they were satisfied with. They quickly realized there was a solution to filling this serious gap in sun protection, so they rolled up their sleeves and starter building what they now call Waxhead. In this episode of The ReddyYeti Podcast Shannon drops some serious sunscreen science facts on us and frames exactly why he started Waxhead and where they fit in the tapestry of the skincare and sun protection industry.

    #237 Lance Capel // Let's Go Chia - Creating A Better Way To Consume Chia Seeds.

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2021 56:34

    Matt sits down with Let's Go Chia co-founder Lance Capel. Let's Go Chia turns the popular superfood we know as chia seeds and turns it into a much better form of consumption. By powdering this neat little seed, and adding some supporting ingredients like turmeric, Lance, and Kelli Chapel have created a better way to get your chia fix. Lance and Kelli originally made their blend of Let's Go Chia for themselves but figured it could be a fun project to turn it into something real. It really didn't take long for them to dive into Let's Go Chia on a more serious note and with way more gumption. It's rare that we get a chance to talk with a brand this fresh out of the gate and it seems like Let's Go Chia has hit the mark with every step they take. Not only are they occupying a new product space but, they're taking a popular and globally celebrated superfood and adding a new spin to it. In this episode of The ReddyYeti Podcast Lance shares with us how they developed their product and how they grew in popularity so quickly. We also chat about how they are getting the word out and some interesting and exciting new products they're already working on.

    #236 Brad Keyes // Carbo Rocket - Simple, great tasting endurance fuel. Founder Brad Keyes Sharing His Story.

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2021 38:45

    Matt sits down with Carbo Rocket founder Brad Keyes. CarboRocket has become a household name in the west coast cycling world as one of the best options for endurance fuel to keep you going during long rides and races. Though Brad's been making this proprietary mix since the late 2000s it wasn't until recently that Carbo Rocket has really taken off. The remarkable thing about Carbo Rocket is that Brad never really intended for it to become a full-blown business. Keyes originally created Carbo Rocket for himself. After experiencing nausea time and time again during rides, he eventually got fed up and started as a way to keep him properly fueled to experience and craft his own endurance mix. With the help of some friends, he landed a bullseye that started getting the attention of the riding community. In this episode of the ReddyYeti podcast, Brad walks us through some of the trials and tribulations of what it took to build Carbo Rocket and push through some plateaus to find success.

    #235 Liz Merritt // Healthy Roots Hemp - Hemp Powered Natural Health Supplements & Preventive Medicine. Founder Liz Merritt Sharing Her Story.

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2021 46:17

    Matt sits down with Healthy Roots Hemp founder Liz Merritt. Healthy Roots Hemp is dedicated to making CBD wellness products in almost any format you can possibly think of, ranging from classic tinctures to even cbd dog treats to keep your anxious pup a little more chill. They even have a provisional patent on their formulation method of their CBD products. Liz got her start in the cannabis industry right as it started to boom in the late 2000s. She got her start working for a family-owned cannabis cultivation company and got a hands-on look at how to successfully grow cannabis and hemp. Despite the pushback, she got from being a woman in a male-dominated industry she thrived and learned the in's and outs of how to successfully run a cultivation operation. It wasn't until she was met with some unfortunate news that brought her gaze to the medicinal side of hemp, CBD. Being that CBD is a brand new industry Liz felt it needed more credibility and scientific backing. So she took her prior knowledge and experience, got back in the lab, and started slowly building what we now know as Healthy Roots Hemp. In this episode, Liz shares some insight on how she got started on her entrepreneurial path, navigating a newly emerging industry, and some logistics on creating a wide breadth of products. She also describes some of the challenges of being a woman in the CBD and cannabis industry and actually helped blazed the trail to make it more accessible for women, even before actually starting Healthy Roots Hemp. 

    #234 Daniel Scott // FeetUp - Adding A Different Perspective on Yoga & Movement. Director of Community Daniel Scott Sharing His Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2021 65:21

    Matt sits down with FeetUp Director of Community Daniel Scott. The FeetUp trainer is a device designed to help people practice and work on inverted movements in their yoga practice but, its usefulness drastically goes beyond its original intent. Building a community is a learned skill, especially when introducing a niche product but, when driven by pure joy and excitement it's a piece of cake. Daniel Scott is, what he would call, a movement enthusiast, and absolutely reflects on how he got involved with FeetUp. His is a story of ‘one thing led to another' in the most unyielding way, whether it was him leaving the rat race of NYC to travel and find peace of mind, or randomly bumping into the founder of FeetUp. For what he's interested in and passionate about, it's clear that this is a man who is dedicated to sharing what he loves with the world and FeetUp was the conduit for this. In this episode, Daniel shares his approach to cultivate and build a community, what yoga and movement mean to him, and helps map out what yoga is and how it's often misunderstood.

    #233 - Matthew Dello Buono // ReddyYeti - New Host, Better Format, Same Podcast You Know & Love.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2021 6:54

    Matt sits down with a tasty beverage and a microphone. In this episode of the ReddyYeti Podcast we officially (sort of) say hello to our new host Matthew Dello Buono and talk about some exciting things happening with The ReddyYeti Podcast

    #232 GoSun - Pioneers of Fuel Free Cooking. Founder Patrick Sherwin Sharing His Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2021 43:06

    This podcast episode was originally recorded on June 18th, 2018 We've cleaned up the audio a bit and hope that you enjoy the episode with founder Patrick Sherwin talking about how and why he started GoSun. Josh sits down with GoSun founder Patrick Sherwin. GoSun makes solar-powered stoves that operate without any type of fuel, just the power of the sun! Sherwin is no stranger to the power of solar technology. Having spent an impressive amount of time in the solar industry, it wasn't until a previous career path would push him towards the idea of letting the sun cook your food. GoSun is not only a pioneer of this breakthrough solar cooking technology but is also pursuing products in addition to their solar kitchen technology. Join us as we dive into the inspirational spark behind GoSun and see what other products are in the pipeline for the culinary powerhouse!

    #231 Bogobrush - Combating Single-Use Plastics By Making Superior Products. Co-Founder Heather McDougall Sharing Her Story.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2021 69:24

    Matt sits down with Bogobrush co-founder Heather McDougall. Bogobrush makes eco-friendly toothbrushes designed to help cut down on everyday single-use plastic consumption. Heather had a pretty interesting layup to starting Bogobrush which is technically a family business, with her brother, John, being a co-founder. Heather and her brother wanted to position Bogobrush as a company that can directly do some good in fighting single-use plastics but, they also wanted to work in a philanthropic side as well, something Heather is particularly well versed in.  In this episode, we chat about the logistics of making a product that you pretty much always need to keep up with hygiene (at least we hope) and a lot of the innovations the McDougalls made to make their products as eco-friendly as possible. We also got a chance to talk about burnout and mental health, keeping healthy relationships, and what that means in regards to building and running a business.

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