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At a time when our nation is portrayed as increasingly polarized, media often ignore viewpoints and stories that are worthy of attention. American Thought Leaders, hosted by The Epoch Times Senior Editor Jan Jekielek, features in-depth discussions with some of America’s most influential thought lead…

Jan Jekielek

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    Is ESG Illegal?: Kevin Stocklin on the New 'High Priests of Society' Transforming Corporate America

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2023 58:41

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2“The genius of the ESG movement—and we have to recognize how clever this movement actually is—is they are able to find the pressure points. And so they're able to find who can we go to to essentially get leverage over these companies.”In this episode, I sit down with Kevin Stocklin, writer and producer of "The Shadow State," an EpochTV documentary that investigates the industry of environmental, social, and corporate governance, also known as ESG.“If you're a farmer, you pretty much have to dance to their tune. And they have gone out and they've said to their farmers as a result of the ESG movement, ‘This is what we want you to do. This is how we want you to produce. These are the processes that we want you to follow if you're going to sell to us,'” says Mr. Stocklin. “It's the banking industry, it's the asset management industry, and it's the insurance industry. And if you can get these folks on board, you can control everything else.”How does the ESG mechanism work? Who are the players involved? And is there a way to push back?“We're starting to see the power that private industry has to control us in a way that, in the West at least, the governments legally can't do,” says Mr. Stocklin.He explains how ESG is both an industry and an ideology. Put simply, it is a way to use consumer money to impose a progressive agenda on the private sector in America.“Even though it's our money that's funding the whole thing, they basically are the ones that have the votes, and they're able to put pressure on companies to essentially do what they want them to do,” says Mr. Stocklin.

    Angela Wulbrecht: A Nurse's Journey Through Vaccine Injury to Becoming a Voice for the Injured

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2023 48:27

    "Within 12 minutes of getting my vaccine, I was on the ground. This warmth kind of took over my body. I became numb. I started shaking uncontrollably. I felt like something really bad was going on. At first, I thought maybe I'm having an anaphylactic reaction. So, the paramedics were surrounding me. I had all these people there that were taking my vitals. My vitals were extremely unstable. My blood pressure was so high, I could have stroked out. My heart rate was really high. And things went downhill from there, and I eventually was taken away by ambulance to the hospital. And that was the first of, I think, five 911 calls—five hospitalizations."At the age of eight, Angela Wulbrecht already knew she would become a nurse. A serious car crash had brought her to the emergency room, where she was treated by especially kind and compassionate medical staff, profoundly inspiring her. She has worked in the hospital system for over two decades."I was really looking forward to this vaccine coming out when the clinical trials were done and they told us they were safe and effective. I believed every single bit of that as truth. I never questioned anything, and so I rushed to go and get my vaccine," says Ms. Wulbrecht.But after suffering a severe injury from the shot, her view started to change. She received excellent medical care, but became appalled to see that others weren't getting the same. Today she works for the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, where she advocates for her vaccine-injured patients and friends."My whole perception of these people caring for us and putting us first and putting our health and safety first was not that. And that there was maybe, potentially, greed and money and power that came before what actually was happening to us," says Ms. Wulbrecht.

    Jacob Siegel (Part 2): Pandemic Censorship and the Technocratic Betrayal of the American Voter

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2023 43:46

    "The single most—I would say—significant whole-of-society initiative carried out by the counter-disinformation enterprise was the 2020 Election Integrity Partnership."In part two of my interview with Jacob Siegel, senior editor at Tablet Magazine, we dive deeper into technocratic information control, exploring how the Election Integrity Partnership and U.S. agencies colluded with media and Big Tech to socially engineer the populace—using anti-democratic means."We need to permanently end the relationship between the federal government and the technology sector as it exists now," says Mr. Siegel, who argues that the censorship enterprise is operating on the China model, having adopted the Chinese Communist Party's methods of surveillance and social control."The danger is that in competing with China, we'd become like China. And that's what has been happening so far," says Mr. Siegel.

    Jacob Siegel (Part 1): 'Disinformation' Warfare: A New Weapon of Mass Destruction

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2023 53:19

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2"You couldn't find a hundred people in Washington D.C. who could meaningfully talk to you about disinformation in 2014. Now, of course, there's a dozen of them in every room that you enter, because there's so much money and so much government power behind it."Jacob Siegel is senior editor at Tablet Magazine, where he published “A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century: Thirteen ways of looking at disinformation,” which documents the brave new information world we find ourselves in today."They're claiming the right to all of it—that anything that goes through your mind is now something that needs to be policed for public safety and national security reasons," says Mr. Siegel.In this comprehensive two-part interview, we discuss how the concept of “disinformation” became a tool of deception, in which technocratic officials manufacture consensus and wage a “counterinsurgency”-style war on truth that has, according to Mr. Siegel, deranged our public discourse."Whatever you think of Donald Trump, it's not democratic, by any stretch of the imagination, to lead a bureaucratic, ruling-class coup against a legitimately elected president. That may be many things, but democracy it is not," says Mr. Siegel.We also discuss "cognitive infrastructure" and "predictive analysis"—Orwellian concepts that have now become standard articles of speech in the American official class."The illusion was that if only you could give the machines enough information, they could tell you what was coming next. But of course, that only works if you get rid of these silly privacy laws and these silly constitutional protections that would prevent you from feeding all the data in," says Mr. Siegel.

    Nobel Laureate John Clauser: There Is No Climate Emergency; Climate Models Miss One Key Variable

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2023 63:07

    All the major climate models fail to address the complexities of one key variable, says Nobel laureate John Clauser. He won the 2022 Nobel Prize in physics for his contributions to quantum mechanics.Mr. Clauser was one of two Nobel laureates to recently sign a declaration organized by the Clintel Foundation alongside 1,600 other scientists and professionals, stating “there is no climate emergency.”In this episode, Mr. Clauser breaks down why he considers the major climate models to be flawed, and why he believes America's climate policies are wasteful, misguided, and counterproductive.

    Are We Too Afraid of Germs? Immunologist Dr. Steven Templeton on Healthy Infections, the Appearance of Safety, and Shutdown Culture

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2023 59:12

    “Up until early 2020, the idea that you would wear a cloth face covering to prevent giving someone else a respiratory infection or acquiring it yourself—there was no evidence to support that. But after things had been shut down for a while, there seemed to be a need to give the public something that they could believe was going to make them safer—convince them that maybe they could go out if they just wore something over their face. That was enough. That was the appearance of safety, giving them that control—the illusion of control.”In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Steven Templeton, professor of immunology at Indiana University School of Medicine and the author of a new book, “Fear of a Microbial Planet: How a Germophobic Safety Culture Makes Us Less Safe.”“It's offering people this idea that they can completely eliminate risks—for their children, for themselves,” says Dr. Templeton.Could our fear and excessive avoidance of germs and microbes actually be backfiring? And how will the rise of what Dr. Templeton calls a “safety culture” impact future generations?

    'Reign of Terror' on Campuses Post-George Floyd and the Threat of AI Internalized Bias: Cornell Law Professor Bill Jacobson

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2023 62:50

    "Group results are going to be baked into the system without any regard for the individual. And it's going to take place at such a deep level that it will be very hard to prove. The administrator at Cornell or Harvard or Yale can say, 'I know nothing about this. We don't discriminate. We're just using software that says it's bias-free. Don't sue me!'"In this episode, I sit down with Cornell law professor William Jacobson. Out of Cornell's 1,700 faculty members, he is the only one openly conservative, and for over a decade has faced threats, harassment, and organized campaigns to eject him from the school."The one diversity that you will never hear implemented on campuses is diversity of viewpoint," says Mr. Jacobson.He is the founder of the Legal Insurrection blog and foundation, which exposes and takes action against DEI discrimination in higher education, medical schools, and the corporate world."When you look at these DEI statements, they not only require you to recite that you agree with this, they also want you to show how you have tailored your career to advance it," says Mr. Jacobson.We discuss the rise of critical race theory on college campuses and its spread to other institutions, and the importance of elevating the individual over group identity. We also dive into the recent Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action, and the threat of AI algorithms infused with DEI principles."Right now, we're on the cusp of this explosion of baked-in quotas through technology. Now is the time that people have to learn about it," says Mr. Jacobson.

    Kevin McKernan Talks COVID Vaccine DNA Contamination, the Monkey Virus SV40 Promoter, and What's Actually in the Vaccines

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2023 62:13

    "There was a case where Dr. He in China did some genome edits on two children—on two babies. He made two CRISPR babies. That guy went to jail, all right? Suddenly, fast forward to today: we're willing to take that risk on billions of people."Kevin McKernan worked at the Human Genome Project at MIT as manager of research and development. Today, he is the chief scientific officer and founder of Medicinal Genomics, and is researching DNA contamination in the COVID-19 genetic vaccines."There are limits on how much DNA can be in a vaccine precisely because of the concern over DNA integration," says Mr. McKernan. "What we do know is in both shots, there is residual DNA, and this DNA is either right above the regulatory limit or tenfold higher."How do the different mRNA vaccine components impact the body? What's really going on with the SB 40 monkey virus promoter that's in them? Why should we be concerned about lipid nanoparticles and DNA open reading frames? And how is synthetic mRNA fundamentally different from naturally-occurring mRNA?"Australia has different guidelines on what constitutes gene therapy, and it looks like these vaccines may, in fact, fall under that category, given the fact that there's DNA in them and they're using LNPs. And we now know that some of the DNA in there has been used and documented as a gene therapy tool," says Mr. McKernan.

    A Medical Scandal as Horrific as Lobotomies: Dr. Miriam Grossman on ‘Gender-Affirming Care' and What Parents Must Know

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2023 72:20

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2"These kids that are going through gender-affirming care, they become lifelong patients. They become lifelong consumers of pharmaceuticals,” says Dr. Miriam Grossman. She is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and author of “Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist's Guide Out of the Madness.”In this episode, Dr. Grossman breaks down what's causing the sharp rise in teenagers saying they're transgender, what every parent needs to know about so-called "gender-affirming care," and a series of steps parents can take at home and at school to protect their children."What you want to do is put the school on notice, even if your child is only entering kindergarten. You want the school to know that you do not want your child exposed to gender ideology. … You do not give your permission for your child to meet with the guidance counselor without your knowledge or with any other third party without your knowledge. And you certainly do not give permission to the school to socially transition your child,” Dr. Grossman says.

    The Battle Against Communist Reeducation in Hong Kong: Freedom Fighter Frances Hui Shares Her Remarkable Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2023 30:09

    “A lot of my friends that I grew up with, that I met during my activism, a lot of them are either in jail or they're in exile,” says Frances Hui. She joined the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong when she was only 14 years old. Now she's living in exile in the United States.While the Chinese regime is “putting millions of Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps, when they are also doing that to Tibetans, when they're also putting thousands of Hong Kongers in jail, they realize none of these human rights abuses comes [at] any cost … That bar for accountability keeps getting lower and lower,” Ms. Hui says.In this episode, we discuss her remarkable story, the Chinese regime's attempts to brainwash people and rewrite history, and her hopes and fears for her city.“I was fortunate enough that I experienced that golden era of Hong Kong. I got to be engaged in civil society. I [could] go to the streets and fight for my own freedom … But a lot of the young people now ... they don't get to grow up in that environment,” Ms. Hui says. “We are going to have a generation that [doesn't] know what's right or wrong.”

    Oli London: How TikTok Fueled My Gender Confusion

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2023 42:51

    “Bad behavior is rewarded by TikTok. You're given an incentive to behave like that … So when we see influencers acting crazy, and then people sharing their transition journey, it gets more and more extreme, to the point where you have someone like Dylan Mulvaney saying that he wants to become pregnant.”Social media influencer Oli London became known for undergoing many surgeries in his quest to look like a Korean man and then, during the pandemic, a Korean woman. He was one of the first influencers to join TikTok, and he says the social media platform fueled his gender confusion.Now he's sharing his story in his new memoir “Gender Madness: One Man's Devastating Struggle with Woke Ideology and His Battle to Protect Children.”“So many kids look up to influencers more than they look up to teachers or doctors. They respect them more. So if an influencer says something—and it could be very harmful—teens will just follow it blindly, like a cult, almost like a religion. So I feel like I had a responsibility, and I woke up,” Mr. London says.

    How the Gender Industry Has Parasitized People's Emotions: Alasdair Gunn on the Spike in Teens Seeking to Transition

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2023 49:48

    “By the time this hits the parents, there's … almost a religious fervor that they're up against.”Alasdair Gunn, also known by his pen name Angus Fox, is a vice-director at Genspect, an organization seeking to broaden the treatment options available for people questioning their gender—beyond “gender-affirming care.”Mr. Gunn helped inspire parents to share their stories in the new book, “Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans: Tales from the Home Front in the Fight to Save Our Kids.”The gender industry has “parasitized people's emotions,” Mr. Gunn argues. “And it's managed to remain as though it's some very respectable normal field of medicine, as though it's knee replacement or orthodontics or something, and it's not.”

    Gavin de Becker: The Psychology of Fear and How Fear Is Weaponized Globally to Control Populations

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2023 64:46

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2“When you are afraid, you'll take any train that's leaving the station, even if it's not going where you want to go.”In this episode, I sit down with Gavin de Becker, author of the 1997 bestseller “The Gift of Fear” and one of America's leading security experts. He's a three-time presidential appointee, and among his security firm's clientele are people like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.“When it is true fear, we get adrenaline, for example—that's the famous hormone. The less famous hormone is the brain chemical cortisol. And cortisol prepares the body for combat. It sends blood to the arms and the legs, it hardens the muscles, and it causes the blood to clot more quickly in case I'm stabbed or opened up in some way. And that's a great, wonderful resource to have. The problem is it's toxic,” Mr. de Becker says.How have governments exploited and weaponized fear in the last few years? What is it that makes a society irrational? And how can people ultimately take back power from governments?

    Christopher Rufo: How to Recapture America's Institutions From Neo-Marxist Revolutionaries

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2023 42:57

    “There is a discrepancy between the desires of voters in a democracy and a republic, and the ideology of the bureaucracies that are supposed to serve the public interest.”In this episode, I sit down with Christopher Rufo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. He has played a key role in bringing the fight against Critical Race Theory into the public consciousness.“In the 1960s, the radicals of the West took that idea of cultural revolution from China, and they appropriated it and retrofitted it to fit the conditions and the politics of the West,” says Mr. Rufo. “They believe that you first have to go after a culture of a country, like the United States, and then, only then, can you change the politics of the country.”We dive into his new book, “America's Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything,” which explores how the ideology of four 20th-century thinkers profoundly impacted our institutions, and culminated in the 2020 George Floyd riots.“These are figures of death. And yet they see themselves still, despite all the evidence, as figures of life,” says Mr. Rufo. “Conservatives cannot merely retreat to private business, private life, and think that they're going to have a country that reflects their values. Conservatives have to get out of the corner.”

    Grover Norquist on the ‘Make-Believe Energy Sector' and How to Legitimately Reduce Your Taxes

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2023 34:58

    “When you subsidize something, you hide the cost to consumers. So they purchase more of it than they want to, than they meant to. More people will make it, but there's less real demand for it … All subsidies and taxes turn prices into lies.”In this episode, I'm joined by Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform. In a time of soaring inflation and economic hardship, we sat down to discuss what Americans can do to legitimately reduce their taxes.“Consider moving to a state that doesn't have an income tax or that has a single-rate tax,” says Mr. Norquist. “New York City: city and state personal income tax? About 14 percent-plus. Move to Miami: state and city income tax? Zero.”How do corporate income taxes, subsidies, and bail-outs impact the economy? And what can the federal government learn from individual states about how to formulate its tax policy?“Governments shouldn't fix recessions. They should step out of the way, reduce taxes, reduce regulations, let prices reassert themselves … And as happened in 1921, and earlier ones, short recessions fix themselves quickly if everybody's allowed to reallocate their resources, their time, switch jobs, and so on. But if the government says, well, here's how we fix things—that's how we got into the problem in the first place,” says Mr. Norquist.

    Tabia Lee: The DEI Educator Who Was Fired After Daring to Challenge the Status Quo

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2023 73:46

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2“I'm a black woman and I'm being called a white supremacist. That had never happened in my entire teaching career. And not only that, I'd never seen teachers calling each other names like that.”In 2021, Tabia Lee was hired to direct De Anza College's Office of Equity, Social Justice, and Multicultural Education and to reduce the wokeness of the institution.“I just went beyond the smaller bubble to the larger community, and said, ‘Who wants to work on actual inclusion and doing some things we've never done here before?'” says Ms. Lee.But after two years, Ms. Lee was terminated for her heterodox perspectives and inquiry-based approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).“I've lost everything, basically. And that's tough,” she says. “But what I've gained is so many people coming and saying, ‘Thank you for having the courage. Thank you for raising the issue.' They've said, ‘You inspired me to ask about my equity policy. You inspired me to go into my child's school and ask to see that curriculum, and to make a public records act request if needed, if people aren't being forthcoming with the information I'm seeking. You inspired me to push back when I wasn't going to, and I hadn't in the past.' And to me, that's worth everything, because that's what it's going to take to take our nation back.”We discuss Ms. Lee's heterodox approach to DEI, inquiry-based learning, the difference between classical and critical social justice, and what it means to genuinely practice inclusion.“We're making that small impact with our students, right? But the broader system is just being destroyed and dismantled right before our eyes. And we're complicit in that because we're not saying anything,” says Ms. Lee.

    Del Bigtree: The Vaccine Placebos Lie, the COVID ‘Cash Cow,' and Taking Regulatory Agencies to Court

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2023 50:25

    “We have all of these lawsuits where we've made the NIH, the CDC, FDA, Health and Human Services, admit that they haven't done any of the safety studies and trials that we're told by experts have been robustly done … We have the evidence of it because we won it in court,” says Del Bigtree. He's the founder of the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) and host of The Highwire.Beyond the COVID-19 vaccines, other vaccines on the childhood immunization schedule are also not held to the same safety standards as other drugs, and are not tested against true saline placebos, Mr. Bigtree says. How is this possible? And why are people who suffered adverse reactions post-vaccination not being acknowledged and studied so the causes can be identified?“All that I want to do, or that Robert Kennedy wants to do, is make sure that our vaccines are going through the exact same saline placebo safety trials that most every other drug we take are,” Mr. Bigtree says.

    OpenTheBooks's Adam Andrzejewski Exposes Billions in Wasteful Government Spending, Shocking Payments to China, Russia

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2023 33:28

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2In this episode, I sit down with Adam Andrzejewski.Through tens of thousands of Freedom of Information Act requests, this government watchdog has compiled and made public almost all U.S. money taxed and spent, at every level of government, across all 50 states.“[The Government Accountability Office] were charged by Congress at taking a look at the payments into China; they found $49 million. We found $490 million because we actually dug a little deeper. We dug into the sub-grants,” Mr. Andrzejewski says.“We do the hard work so you can hold the political class accountable for tax and spend decisions.”We discuss the problem of earmarks—what Mr. Andrzejewski calls Congress's “currency of corruption.”“Earmarks were brought back after a 10-year ban because of secret votes in the Republican caucus, where they voted to join Pelosi Democrats to bring back the practice,” he says.We also discuss government contracts and grants to adversaries nations and the militarization of our federal agencies.“There are 76 traditional, paper-pushing, regulatory, civil administrative agencies that have now armed up,” says Mr. Andrzejewski. “Who knew that the National Institutes of Health had a police force of over 100 officers?”

    Bruce Pardy: The Triumph of the Administrative State

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2023 50:42

    One year on, what is the legacy of the trucker convoy protests? Why have so many people bought into the idea that a society and its problems must be managed and controlled by so-called experts? And why are laws that pursue equity fundamentally at odds with a society based on the rule of law?“If the government has a license to treat people differently depending upon their identity, then they now have a license to punish and reward as they wish,” says Bruce Pardy, the executive director of Rights Probe and a professor of law at Queen's University in Canada, in this episode of American Thought Leaders.“In many ways, the most disappointing thing about this experience during COVID was the fact that a great many people supported the regime, and they didn't seem to have very much appreciation for the aberration that it represented,” says Mr. Pardy.

    Many Unaccompanied Minors Sent to Traffickers, Not Family Members: HHS Whistleblower Tara Rodas Breaks Down Red Flags

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2023 44:51

    “We're incentivizing the traffickers … The United States government is paying for the flights and the bus tickets to deliver these children to people who view children as assets,” says Health and Human Services (HHS) whistleblower Tara Rodas.A federal employee for two decades, including 17 years in the inspector general community, she was among a number of people who answered a call from the Biden administration to help with the crisis at the border and a surge in unaccompanied minors.“Everybody just believed we were reuniting children with families … I thought I would be able to help, you know—be that smiling, welcoming face to the children when they came. I just had no idea that the children didn't know who they were going to,” Rodas says.Large numbers of unaccompanied minors are being sent by HHS to sponsors that are not being properly vetted, Rodas says. In some cases, kids are being released to apartment buildings where dozens of other children have also been released. In other cases, there are sponsors using multiple addresses to sponsor children, she says. And in some cases, sponsors are submitting fake documentation—that no one is checking.

    Why Climate Change Policies Could Be Even Worse Than the COVID Lockdowns: Andrew Montford

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2023 37:00

    “We're all being told we have to have smart meters in our homes … and that will give central government the ability to just switch off appliances in your home when the wind isn't blowing. Now, they don't like to talk about it very much, but that is what they will do,” argues Andrew Montford, director of the UK-based organization Net Zero Watch and author of “The Hockey Stick Illusion.”What would achieving net zero actually look like? How much would it cost?“The reality is that the only way they're going to get energy down to the extent that they need to is essentially by rationing of one form or another,” says Montford.Will cars, air travel, and reliable power become luxuries of the rich?

    Matt Taibbi: How Hidden Actors Distort Reality, Manipulate the Public, and Enforce Consensus

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2023 53:10

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2“This is the new technology of speech in America: You can dial people all the way up to ‘everybody sees it,' and you can dial someone else down to ‘it's almost impossible to see them.' And that is extremely dangerous, and it's especially dangerous if it's done in secret and nobody knows exactly how it operates.”In this episode, Jan Jekielek sits down with investigative journalist Matt Taibbi. He was one of the key investigators of the Twitter Files, which exposed collusion between social media companies, the nonprofit sector, and the federal government to censor Americans on a mass scale.“In parallel to this censorship program, I think what they're doing—with things like shadow banning and denylisting—is they're trying to simplify controversies and reduce everybody's intellectual field of view and, in doing so, kind-of drain our will to be curious, to stand up for ourselves, [and] to think about things in a complicated way,” says Mr. Taibbi.We discuss the current state of journalism, government information operations, internet culture and addiction, and the importance of free speech and free inquiry.“All of these agencies that were once involved with counterproliferation, counterterrorism, trying to counter messaging to disaffected young Muslim men in foreign countries … they are now turning all those techniques inward on our own populations and trying to get them to believe in a different kind of political consensus,” says Mr. Taibbi.“Instead of, ‘don't join al-Qaeda,' now they're saying, ‘don't vote for Donald Trump,' or ‘don't join the Canadian trucker protests,' or ‘don't join the Yellow Vest movement.' It's actually not a left or right thing—it's just: stay in the safe place, stay with consensus.”

    Defecting From the ‘Ultimate Propaganda Country': Hyun-Seung Lee on North Korea's Oppressive Regime, Its Relationship With China, and Its Nuclear Bluster

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2023 51:13

    “I've communicated with some people inside of North Korea, and I heard from them that the recent famine is very similar to [the] 1990s famine. And, as we all know, almost 3 million people died of starvation during that time.”Hyun-Seung Lee, otherwise known as “Arthur” Lee, is a former member of the North Korean ruling party. He and his family were fiercely loyal to the communist regime. But being on the side of economic reform and having witnessed several brutal internal purges by Kim Jong Un—including that of Kim's uncle—the family made the decision to defect.“Many people, especially top people, and even [the] general public in Pyongyang City, don't know what's happening outside Pyongyang because of the isolation of the information. The regime structure controls the information distribution,” says Mr. Lee.We discuss North Korea's current food crisis, the regime's nuclear weapons program, the value of free information, and what can be done to bring about change.“North Korea's regime keeps saying that once we have nuclear weapons, we'll live [a] better life … and we will be a strong country in terms of economy and the military side. Now, they have enough nuclear weapons—and the people are still suffering from starvation,” he says.Despite the political and cultural divisions in the United States, Mr. Lee believes that it is one of the world's greatest nations in terms of its commitment to democracy and individual freedoms.“American people should respect this society, because many people in the world think that still, America is the best. The freedom they have cannot be compared to the other nations,” says Mr. Lee.

    What's Behind the Push to Stop Eating Beef?–Texas Slim

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 17, 2023 55:23

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2Across the Western world, we're hearing growing calls to stop eating meat—and especially beef—to combat climate change. But is this really about saving the planet?“They're trying to take the animal and the soil out of our consumption model, and turn it into basically something that's grown and produced in the labs,” argues Texas Slim, founder of The Beef Initiative.The campaign against beef is just one part of a radical transformation that both our food and our health have been subjected to over the last half-century, says Texas Slim. A study in 2018 showed that 88 percent of American adults are metabolically unhealthy. What are the root causes? And how do we turn this situation around?

    Stella Morabito: Technocratic Totalitarianism, the Impulse to Conform, and AstroTurf Mobs Versus Organic Protest

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 17, 2023 54:10

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2“It doesn't matter what your politics are. People want friends. People want family. They want strong relationships. Nobody wants to be lonely. And that's why what I call the ‘weaponization of loneliness' is so effective.”In this episode, I sit down with Stella Morabito, a senior contributor at The Federalist. She's a former CIA intelligence analyst who studied the psychology behind Soviet Union propaganda.“It doesn't even matter how fringy an idea is. If you keep injecting it into public discourse over and over and over again, you create this cascade of public opinion. And people will go along with it, primarily for reputational reasons,” says Ms. Morabito. “It all depends on who speaks … and who remains silent.”We discuss her latest book, “The Weaponization of Loneliness: How Tyrants Stoke Our Fear of Isolation to Silence, Divide, and Conquer.”“People aren't terrorized as easily if they have strong bonds of relationships. And that's why the private sphere is such a target—has always been such a target of tyrants and authoritarians, because that's where our power lies … That's where we get the strength to deal with so much of what comes at us in life,” says Ms. Morabito.We also discuss the impact of social media and new technologies on society, and how they further serve to isolate people from strong bonds and deep relationships with others.“With these technocratic devices … it feels as though we're … being nudged into a kind-of virtual solitary confinement,” says Ms. Morabito.

    Paula Scanlan, Former UPenn Swimmer: How We're Being Conditioned to Think It's Normal for Biological Men to Compete in Women's Sports

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2023 37:32

    “In the fall of 2019, we were told that a member of the men's team was going to be transitioning to the women's team … And that's when I started to dig deeper on what the NCAA actually allowed. And they did allow for men to become women only after a year of deciding that they wanted to switch.”In this episode, we sit down with Paula Scanlan, a former University of Pennsylvania swimmer and teammate of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas.“They brought in psychological counseling, advising us to make an appointment with them if we were uncomfortable with the situation. And they did say very clearly, Lia swimming is a non-negotiable. … Psychological counseling was scary because, in my mind, that's almost equivalent to reeducation. That really showed me that they wanted us to think differently, not just help us be comfortable with the situation that we were in,” Ms. Scanlan says.Now, Ms. Scanlan is an outspoken advocate for banning biological men from women's sports.

    Dr. Mobeen Syed: Pandemic Destruction and the Emergence of Anti-Antibodies

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2023 44:53

    “It becomes scarier the more you learn about it and the more new studies are coming up. Instead of making it better, every new study demonstrates some new alarming outcome.”During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Mobeen Syed, also known as DrBeen, noticed there was a lack of unbiased, accessible information about both the virus and the vaccine. Using his skills as a physician and software engineer, he started making simple online medical lectures and illustrations about COVID. Today, he has over 1,000 videos and tens of millions of views on his YouTube channel.“We found that spike protein for mRNA was present in mothers' breast milk, which means the lipid nanoparticle traveled all the way to the breast tissue, and that means everywhere,” explains Dr. Syed. “Breast milk is produced when you take a cell and you take one-third of the cell and pinch it off, and that becomes milk. So whatever is inside the cell is donated to the baby. So, the mother really gives a part of her body to the baby. So now, if the mRNA is sitting in there, it actually goes in the breast milk. This was a fascinating new discovery for me.”Dr. Syed says that while he tries to focus only on the medical outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than the associated politics, he is disturbed by the political and financial elements, and is worried that if another pandemic occurs, our response to it will be the same.“If a simple doctor like me, who is only reading the studies, can infer that the vaccine's design should change, the receptor motif should be removed so that we don't end up with anti-ACE2 antibodies, don't you think that the people who are more capable and are in this field and in this profession of virology and vaccinology—they would know it better? That lack of interest? That baffles me,” says Dr. Syed.

    Dr. Flavio Cadegiani: From ‘Sciencesplaining' to Collective Gaslighting, the COVID Pandemic Resulted In a Loss of Compassion

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2023 53:51

    “With the exception of the medical boards, all the authorities, or all the [organizations] in Brazil, they never wondered whether we saved lives or not. They just wanted to charge me as guilty.”Dr. Flavio Cadegiani is one of Brazil's leading scientists, specializing in endocrinology and sports medicine. He has published 25 peer-reviewed papers on COVID-19, including a landmark study showing a dramatic reduction in deaths and hospitalization in patients given proxalutamide, an affordable, off-label treatment.“All the real good molecules that are out there, none of them belong to any of these pharma that try to push the vaccines and expensive drugs as treatments,” he says.After the former president of Brazil began citing his research, Dr. Cadegiani became public enemy #1. Demonized as “anti-science,” he spent months under investigation and was ultimately vindicated by the Brazilian medical boards, which acquitted him unanimously of any wrongdoing in his clinical trials.“I just can tell you that I used to be a very down-to-earth person, a very anti-conspiracy person. But some of the things that I really believed that did not exist, they actually do,” said Dr. Cadegiani, who considers the smear campaign against him to be a form of “sciencesplaining,” in which activists and members of the mainstream media who are not skilled in the scientific method lecture renowned practitioners such as Dr. Cadegiani about what constitutes “science.”“When did the system go too far?” he asks. “I think that in COVID, this clearly happened.”

    Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard: Hard Truths of the Global Child Sex Trade and the Spiritual Battle for Our Children

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2023 38:57

    “I get films. I don't get the easy ones. And this one definitely wasn't,” says actor Jim Caviezel. “This is a huge weapon to evil, and they don't like it.”In this episode, I sit down with actor Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard, a former Department of Homeland Security special agent and founder of Operation Underground Railroad. Jim Caviezel plays Ballard in the new Angel Studios action drama film “Sound of Freedom,” which sheds light on the dark realities of both human and sex trafficking.“This country needs to be the solution. Instead, we are the problem,” says Ballard. “We're the source of the corruption right now that is enslaving children.”“The United States is number three for destination countries for human trafficking, number one for the consumption of child rape videos. And we are now approaching number one in the production of child exploitation material,” Ballard says.

    The Dark Side of Social Media Use and How to Protect Children—and Yourself: Nick Janicki

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2023 29:41

    Over the last few decades, we've seen social media's potential for good: bringing communities together, fostering innovative new ideas, and transforming our access to information. But we've also seen its dark side: addiction, violence, depression, loneliness, and self-harm.What role should social media play in our lives? Should tech companies have societal responsibilities? And what does a positive alternative look like?In this episode, I sit down with tech entrepreneur Nick Janicki. He is the director of media relations for Gan Jing World, a new family-friendly and G-rated digital platform that is free of violence, eroticism, and other harmful content.

    Dr. Syed Haider: How the Mind Can Fuel Disease, Lifestyle Tools to Fix This, and the Incredible Ivermectin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2023 49:02

    “People were coming to me and they were, like, begging me, ‘You got to help me. There's no one else I can find in my state who's licensed who's willing to give me ivermectin.'”Since the start of the pandemic, Dr. Syed Haider has prescribed ivermectin to tens of thousands of patients, in many cases offering his services for free. Today, his functional medicine practice primarily focuses on treating long COVID and COVID vaccine injury.“Functional medicine is basically … medicine on steroids. It's like medicine the way it really should be practiced, and it's the opposite of … Fauci medicine,” says Haider.Haider is passionate about helping people change their lifestyle habits and tap into their subconscious mind. He argues that your mindset and what you believe can have a profound impact on your health.“First, do no harm. Really, the only way you can truly practice that is by doing lifestyle medicine first. It has to be lifestyle first. There is no harm from eating better and getting some more sun and sleeping properly and exercising,” says Haider. “Obviously, you can overdo it, you can hurt yourself, but within the limits of what is normal and natural, it's not harmful to be in a natural, normal, healthy environment, right? That is, by definition, good for you. So, it's a matter of figuring out what that normal is and not exceeding those bounds.”

    Warner Mendenhall: Medical Malpractice, Unprecedented Overreach, and Hospital Protocols That Killed

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2023 50:15

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2“The upper bounds of damages against Pfizer would be $3.6 trillion dollars. And obviously, Pfizer's not worth $3.6 trillion dollars. That company would have to be seized in bankruptcy, its assets distributed and sold off, and I think that's an appropriate end for that company. So I'm doing everything I can to get there.”After witnessing fraud and abuse among his colleagues in local government in the early 1990s, Warner Mendenhall decided to go to law school. He has now spent over two decades bringing lawsuits against the government for overreach and abuse of power.“Government is treating us like children, as if we can't make decisions that are appropriate for our friends, families, communities, on our own,” says Mendenhall.Today, he is representing Brook Jackson in a landmark case against Pfizer, alleging fraud in their clinical trials for the COVID-19 genetic vaccines.“She went to work for a subcontractor of Pfizer, a clinical trial site, and what she saw there was absolutely appalling,” says Mendenhall. “And it was completely unblinded. I think that's the key point, is they knew who had gotten the shot and who had not.”We dive into the details of the case, and look at Pfizer's contract with the Department of the Defense to manufacture and distribute mRNA vaccines.“There is no requirement in that contract for good manufacturing,” claims Mendenhall. “So if safety signals come up, or we know the manufacturing is bastardized, it doesn't matter. They can't stop paying on that contract.”

    Why Protecting Your Children From Adversity Is Actually Maiming Them: Lee Benson

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2023 45:34

    In this episode, we sit down with Lee Benson, the author of “Value Creation Kid: The Healthy Struggles Your Children Need to Succeed.” Growing up in a low-income family, Benson went from pulling weeds for 25 cents an hour as a child to founding and selling multiple successful companies.What is the downside to protecting children from adversity? How do we create opportunities for our children to grow and eventually prosper on their own? And what role should the government play in all this?

    succeed adversity protecting your children
    Exposing the Vaccine ‘Military Machinery' Behind the Global COVID-19 Response: Sasha Latypova

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2023 53:29

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2“What we found is [that] the whole representation of what is happening is a lie … The U.S. government is representing to the public that this is a health event and the response to a health event. But in fact, … this is a military operation.”In this episode, I sit down with former pharmaceutical executive Sasha Latypova. She emerged from retirement during the COVID-19 pandemic to become a whistleblower after she observed the government and vaccine manufacturers veering away from established clinical research and public health protocols.“The total volume of adverse events and deaths was tens of times higher than [for] all the previous vaccine products combined,” says Latypova, referring to public data from the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.“We have all kinds of levels of protections—consumer protections—that should be triggered with this picture long before this extent of injury has occurred. Yet none of them were triggered,” says Latypova.We discuss variability in different vaccine lots, and how the U.S. federal government militarized public health and weaponized gene therapy in its deployment of the COVID-19 genetic vaccine.“The government was able to commandeer pharmaceutical companies to produce these non-compliant injectable products and distribute them,” says Latypova. “If you catch an official—a professional—lying about something straight to the public, what else are they lying about?”

    How Communist China Could Imminently Cripple America's Electric Grid: Tommy Waller

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 18, 2023 53:02

    The U.S. electricity grid is critically dependent on extra-high-voltage transformers made in China, says Tommy Waller, President of the Center for Security Policy. An expert on the U.S. grid, Waller also stars in the documentary “Grid Down, Power Up.”What are the greatest problems facing America's electrical grid? Why is the industry allowing these vulnerabilities to exist? And what happens if the electric grid goes down?

    Libby Emmons: Why Biological Men Are Entering Women's Prisons Across America and the West

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2023 53:13

    “Federal prisons have been tasked with making sure that they are not transphobic by allowing men who identify as women … into women's federal prisons.”Libby Emmons was a playwright and producer in the New York theater community until she faced the ire of both her peers and her audience. Her crime? The views she held on gender ideology.“The ‘ask' by these trans activists, which I do not believe includes all trans people, or all gay people, or anything like that—this is an activist ‘ask', and the ‘ask' is to erase women. The ‘ask' is to completely change the language, change our understanding of reality, and to tell us not to believe our eyes, not to believe our senses, but to believe what we are told to believe. This is indoctrination on a mass scale,” says Emmons.Today, Emmons is the editor-in-chief of The Post Millennial and Human Events, where she writes frequently about cultural trends related to race and gender in America.“By conflating gender identity and biological sex and then—essentially because you have changed the definitions—rewriting all the laws today that have protections for women, you are changing the entire structure of society, and you're doing it by not even having to pass any laws. You don't have to do anything but completely corrupt the language,” Emmons says.We discuss many of the gender-related changes in society today, including biological males in women's prisons and on women's sports teams, “gender-affirming care” for minors, rewriting the definition of “woman,” and how transhumanism and transgender ideology embrace a similar mission.“The Department of Agriculture took this directive and said, ‘Okay, so we give out a bunch of funding for free student lunches across the country so that kids can eat lunch … If your school has a policy of not allowing gender self-ID for washroom access—for bathroom access—then we will withhold free lunch aid,” says Emmons. “You can't even quantify how many women commit crimes in Canada because men are included in that number.”

    Inside the SCOTUS Case on Affirmative Action and the Pernicious Threat of DEI Ideology: Kenny Xu

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2023 40:45

    The Supreme Court is expected this month to make a major ruling on affirmative action. To understand the case, we sat down with Kenny Xu, an insider in the lawsuit and president of Color Us United. He is the author of “An Inconvenient Minority” and the upcoming book “School of Woke.”We also discuss his recent investigations into the dumbing down of academic standards, the protection of sexual predators if they espouse diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) ideology, and the spread of DEI ideology in medical schools.“Medical schools across America are basically advocating that you stop abiding by the Hippocratic Oath and that you start administering preferential care,” Xu says.

    Eduard Habsburg: The Antidote to Globalism and Our Nihilistic World

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 11, 2023 55:23

    “There is no life without suffering. There is no love without suffering … You cannot have this perfect hedonistic life. It doesn't exist, even if advertising, media, and everybody tells you so,” says Eduard Habsburg, the archduke of Austria and Hungary's ambassador to the Vatican.He is from the royal line of the Habsburgs and author of “The Habsburg Way: 7 Rules for Turbulent Times.”In this wide-ranging interview, we take a look at what it means to live a good life, and to die a good death. What is the value of faith, family, and traditional values? Is there something to learn from the ruling philosophy of the Habsburgs? What core principles unite America's founding and the Habsburg approach?

    David Stockman: Debt Default, the ‘Doomsday Budget Machine,' and Failed Fiscal Restraint Explained

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2023 71:22

    “For capitalism to work, you have to have effectively functioning, solid capital markets. And in order to do that, you need savings—real savings, not money printed by a central bank, but real savings from businesses and households,” says David Stockman, who served as budget director for President Ronald Reagan.“Back then, the public debt was 30-40 percent of GDP—not good, but tolerable in terms of historic trends,” says Stockman. “Today, it's 120 percent and growing rapidly—total change. We basically tried to borrow our way to prosperity.”Stockman is the author of “The Great Money Bubble: Protect Yourself from the Coming Inflation Storm.”“You can't keep borrowing two or three trillion a year, building up the public debt, and leaving that massive burden to future generations. You can't do it,” says Stockman. “There's a lot of whining on Wall Street and elsewhere about how fast the Fed has raised interest rates. But the problem is they started at zero.”How did we end up in the current fiscal crisis, what happens when we raise the debt ceiling, and what are we not being told?“In this deal, there are no enforcement mechanisms at all beyond the current year,” says Stockman. “The mainstream media didn't want any alternative except for the Republicans to blink and the debt to be raised yet again. And that's exactly what happened.”

    How Humans Were Used as ‘Lab Rats' in the COVID Pandemic: Dr. Ryan Cole on Fragmented mRNA, Spike Protein Messages, and the Vaccine ‘Ego'

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 4, 2023 56:06

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2“Here we are three years into this, with a virus that has evolved into something that for most people is a common cold, shots that are expired because the variants they cover are all extinct—I mean, it's an absurdity that the shots are even on the market at all—and yet, we're still seeing brilliant physicians and educators and scientists being attacked for simply calling out the truth.”At the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) conference last month, I sat down with pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole to discuss autopsies and excess deaths rates allegedly related to the mRNA shot, and to dig into what has actually been found in the vials of these shots, as well as what studies are being done to differentiate between spike damage caused by the virus, versus the vaccine.“There are two dangerous things in these vials—that's a lipid nanoparticle, and a gene sequence that's making your body make foreign proteins,” says Cole. “When a FOIA request was done of the European Medicines Agency, they found out that these vials were only about 50 percent pure mRNA, meaning they can potentially code for these other proteins for which we don't even know what they're going to do. And instead of saying, ‘Yeah, you need to purify your product and make it better,' they said, ‘Okay, we'll lower the standard to 50 percent.'”We also discuss the curious emergence of what doctors are calling “turbo cancers,” and how they potentially relate to the COVID genetic vaccine.“What's happening is these cancers we are used to seeing, their growth patterns and their behavior are completely out of character … So ‘turbo cancer' is something that wasn't there and, all of a sudden, it's everywhere,” says Cole.He believes one of the biggest tragedies during the pandemic has been the loss of curiosity, and considers it tragic that so many people are afraid of having to pay a consequence for telling the truth.“All doctors and scientists agree when you censor the ones who don't. And so this construct in dialogue and free speech of not allowing a contrary voice to come into the conversation means science isn't being done. If you can question it, it's science. If you can't question it, it's propaganda,” says Cole.

    Peter Boghossian: Hiding People From Truth Does Not Protect Them—Academic Institutions, DEI Bureaucracies, and Ideological Capture

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2023 59:30

    “It's a tremendous danger when we have people who run institutions and who have jobs for life in the academies, they're completely convinced they found the truth, they publish in their own journals, they teach those ‘truths' to their students, and then they've indoctrinated generations of students.”Peter Boghossian is a former professor of philosophy and co-author of the Sokal Squared hoax papers. These were intentionally false and absurd intellectual papers that were accepted as legitimate in ostensibly prestigious academic journals. In 2021, Boghossian resigned from Portland State University.“In DEI [diversity, equity, and inclusion] bureaucracies, we have extraordinarily intolerant people. We have ideologues. They have a set, or a suite of propositions that they forward to the expense of all else,” says Boghossian. “You can either have free speech at a university or you can have DEI bureaucracies. It is literally impossible to have both.”Today, Boghossian, a champion of the Socratic method, goes around the world, teaching people how to speak across divides and to harness their humility and ability to ask the right questions.“We know where this problem comes from. It's the academic institutions,” says Boghossian. “The places from which you graduated are not the same places today.”We speak about what he calls a “large-scale ideological capture” of institutions, and debate what the best path is moving forward toward genuine diversity of thought and expression.“To what extent should society tolerate illiberal, radical, intolerant people in the orthodoxies in which they bring to that society? That's the paradox of tolerance in a nutshell,” says Boghossian.

    James Lindsay: The Marxist Underpinnings of Modern Education and the ‘Unraveling of Civilization'

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2023 76:04

    “This is the unraveling of civilization, if we allow for the full-scale corruption—political and ideological corruption—of our knowledge-producing sector,” says James Lindsay.Lindsay is the founder of the website New Discourses, author of “The Marxification of Education” and “Race Marxism,” and co-author of “Cynical Theories.”He's also one of the minds behind the “Grievance Studies Affair” or “Sokal-squared Hoax,” in which they managed to get a number of fake papers published in critical-theory-based journals. The story is detailed in Mike Nayna's new documentary “The Reformers.”We discuss the corruption of education and the evolution of Marxism to the new variants we see today.

    ‘Reeducation Is a Code Word for Human Reengineering': Nury Turkel on the CCP's War on Faith

    Play Episode Listen Later May 29, 2023 48:24

    The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) treats people of faith “as though they carry an infectious disease [that] needs to be cured … ‘Reeducation' is a code word for human reengineering,” says Nury Turkel, chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). He was born in a reeducation camp in China during the Cultural Revolution. It's been 19 years since he last saw his mother, who remains in China.We discuss the CCP's high-tech tyranny, its war on religious faiths—detailed in a new USCIRF report—and the influence of Chinese lobbying in America.What was America's greatest strategic blunder in its relationship with the CCP? And how can it be rectified now?

    ‘The Spike Goes to Every Organ System'–Dr. Paul Marik on mRNA in the COVID-19 Vaccine Vs. Natural Infection; Cheap and Effective Treatments and Interventions

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2023 60:32

    “We make up about 4 percent of the global population in America, yet we consume 55 percent of prescription drugs. How is that possible? 80 percent of prescription opiates are [prescribed] in this country. So this tells you the stranglehold that Big Pharma has.”At the FLCCC Conference last month, I sat down with critical care physician and FLCCC co-founder Dr. Paul Marik to get an update on what we currently know about spike protein-induced diseases in people who've contracted COVID-19, versus those who've gotten the vaccine.“When you get the jab, the amount of spike protein is exponentially higher than with natural infection. And that's why we see all these complications from the vaccine,” explains Dr. Marik.We discuss the best treatments for ridding the body of spike protein, and how patients can embrace and enhance their ability to heal themselves.“We have enormous potential [for] self-repair, self-healing, and so many of the drugs patients take are toxic,” says Dr. Marik.We also dive into the battle he has been fighting to legitimize the use of vitamins, lifestyle changes, and cheap and effective repurposed drugs in healthcare.“The amount of data supporting the concept that vitamin D deficiency causes cancer, and that supplementing with vitamin D reduces your risk of cancer, is overwhelming. And yet, nobody knows about it, and nobody cares,” says Dr. Marik.

    EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Suidani Reveals the Chinese Regime's Tactics in the Pacific

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2023 34:36

    Daniel Suidani, the former premier of the Solomon Islands' Malaita Province, became a hero among China watchers after he challenged Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence operations in the region, refused a bribe, and barred CCP-linked companies from operating in his province.The punishment came swiftly. He was ousted from his position, and when he fell ill and needed brain surgery, he was denied access to care—until Taiwan finally came to his rescue.I had the rare opportunity of sitting down with Suidani and his adviser Celsus Talifilu when they were on a trip to the United States.The story of Suidani and the Solomon Islands is a window into the Chinese regime's tactics across the Pacific, and even here in North America, as it expands its influence, bribes the powerful, and co-opts strategic resources.In 2019, the Solomon Islands, which had long recognized Taiwan as the true seat of the Chinese government, switched this formal recognition to the People's Republic of China.Recently, Parliament voted to delay elections to accommodate a big event funded by China, the Pacific Games. There's evidence that suggests the Parliament members who supported the change received about 200,000 SBD per person (about US$24,000), from a CCP-linked slush fund.

    Karol Markowicz: ‘Ultimate Revolutionaries'—How the Woke Regime Indoctrinates Children

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2023 50:58

    “This happened in a red enclave, in a red hamlet, in a red town, in a red county. I need these people to understand that this could happen anywhere.”New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz was a self-described “New York supremacist,” having spent all of her life in the Big Apple. But she uprooted her family to Florida after the coronavirus pandemic opened her eyes to what she saw were “Soviet patterns” across American culture.“I saw very clearly, for the first time, that even free people can act like authoritarians and turn on their neighbors at a moment's notice,” says Markowicz.She considers these patterns part of a larger cultural revolution sweeping the nation, in which woke institutions are increasingly separating children from their families, whether it be through the indoctrination of gender ideology, critical race theory, or pandemic measures.“If parents see this kind of thing going on, where somebody's asking their kid to keep a secret from them, I think they should imagine for themselves what else is happening,” says Markowicz, who is the co-author, with Bethany Mandel, of the new book, “Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation.”“The woke are a very small segment of the population. And yet, they're able to control so much, and they do that through this forced conformity,” says Markowicz. “When we treat kids like little adults, we instill all of our problems and issues on them. And that really does mess them up going forward.”

    Dr. Pierre Kory: Deadly Conflicts of Interest and the Global Coverup of a Failed Medical Experiment

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2023 50:47

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2“Looking at the data from a totality of sources, I mean, the signals were absolutely alarming … You saw a failed medical experiment being covered up on a global scale,” says Dr. Pierre Kory.We discuss the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, what Dr. Kory describes as a decades-long war on repurposed drugs, and the information warfare tactics that have been deployed these last 3 years. And we also take a look at an interesting and perhaps not well-known part of Dr. Kory's medical experience—he was an expert medical witness for the George Floyd civil case.Dr. Pierre Kory is a pulmonary and critical care medicine specialist and co-founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).“Once you read a study, and you see that they have numerous conflicts of interest with the actual molecule or compound or medicine that's being studied, you cannot trust that paper,” Dr. Kory says.He's the author of the upcoming book “The War on Ivermectin: The Medicine that Saved Millions and Could Have Ended the COVID Pandemic.”

    Alan Dershowitz: The Anti-Trump Obsession Is Undermining America's Justice System, Civil Liberties, and Rule of Law

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2023 67:04

    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2“Independent voters will look at some of these charges and say, gee, where there's smoke, there's fire. But of course, where there's smoke, sometimes there's arson,” says Alan Dershowitz, professor emeritus of law at Harvard Law School.“I think a lot of these fires have been set politically in order to get Trump,” Dershowitz says. He's the author of the new book, “Get Trump: The Threat to Civil Liberties, Due Process, and Our Constitutional Rule of Law.”We discuss the many cases being litigated against former President Donald Trump, what his vulnerabilities actually are, and the broader assault on civil liberties.“Justice Thurgood Marshall said the First Amendment has two sides: one, the right to speak, and two, the right to listen and the right to hear. And the right to hear is just as important as the right to speak. And so people who have been denied the right to hear have the power to bring lawsuits,” Dershowitz says.

    Thomas Harrington: ‘The Treason of the Experts' and the Cudgels of ‘Disinformation' and ‘Misinformation'

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2023 54:41

    What happens when large swathes of society stop trying to make sense of the world themselves and simply defer to “experts”? What happens when those “experts” actually have no moral grounding or sound scientific reasoning? And what happens when young people are trained to self-censor to the point that they don't even notice that that's what they're doing?In this episode, we sit down with Thomas Harrington, senior scholar at the Brownstone Institute and author of the new book, “The Treason of the Experts: COVID and the Credentialed Class.”“There seems to be almost a perversion and a joy in making us obey and be compliant for compliance's sake,” Harrington says.We discuss what Harrington sees as the infantilization of society, the techniques of information warfare, and the cudgels of “disinformation” and “misinformation.”

    Asra Nomani on the ‘Unholy Alliance' Between the Woke Left and the Islamist Right That Is Destabilizing America

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2023 59:29

    “He came to visit a home that I was renting in Karachi, and he went off for an interview. And he never came back. The man whom he was supposed to interview had set a trap for Danny. It was actually a kidnapping scheme. And Danny was never to be seen again.”In 2002, Wall Street Journal correspondent Asra Nomani was in Pakistan to investigate the Islamist ideology behind the 9/11 attacks—in defiance of State Department warnings—when her colleague, Daniel Pearl, was kidnapped by ISIS terrorists—and brutally beheaded.“That was the moment that I knew, deep in my heart, that we were in this war with this extremism. And what was that extremism defined by? It was defined by sectarianism and it was defined by the most illiberal of ideas, which is that there is a hierarchy of human value in the world,” explains Nomani. “And that's when I first confronted the fundamental idea of ‘identity' as a weapon.”Since then, Nomani has become an activist on many fronts, first as a Muslim reformer—“I, as a Muslim feminist, was declared ‘Islamophobic' because I dared to challenge the sexism within my faith and the intolerance,” she says—and now as an ardent advocate of parental rights.“They want a dumbing down of the United States of America, and that is why they came after my son's school,” says Nomani.She is the author of “Woke Army: The Red-Green Alliance That Is Destroying America's Freedom.” We discuss her book and talk liberal values, the line between free speech and character assassination, Big Tech, and soft power.“Soft power can be more damaging and can weaken a nation and a people even more than bullets or bombs,” says Nomani.

    Dr. Aseem Malhotra: Big Pharma Has Had a Net Negative Impact on Society in Recent Decades

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    Sponsor special: Up to $2,500 of FREE silver AND a FREE safe on qualifying orders - Call 855-862-3377 or text “AMERICAN” to 6-5-5-3-2“First and foremost, medical regulators shouldn't be taking money from industry. Drug companies … over the last few decades, overall, have had a negative impact on society, because of the way that they exaggerate the safety and benefits of their pharmacological products,” argues cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra.We discuss issues in the drug regulatory process, why many new drugs are simply duplicates of old ones or more harmful than beneficial, and growing evidence surrounding the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and the harms they cause.“In my whole career, analyzing and looking at all sorts of different drugs over 20 years, I've never seen something with such poor effectiveness [and] such significant, unprecedented harms that we have rolled out to the population. It is extraordinary. And to add more insult to injury, this is now one of the most lucrative products in the history of medicine,” Dr. Malhotra says.We discuss extensive COVID-19 vaccine data released by the UK government comparing outcomes for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, and Malhotra's concerns of accelerated coronary artery disease among vaccinated persons.What has been the cost of speaking out for Malhotra? And what is his strategy for getting these products withdrawn?

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