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Live Your True Life Perspectives with Ashley Berges, a syndicated talk show, that offers real answers to life’s most important questions, from relationships to common sense authentic living. #LYTL Perspectives offers topics that are relevant to you and full of entertaining stories. Ashley has a magn…

Ashley Berges

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    How to Clearly Know the Differences between Enabling and Helping [Ep.729]

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2022 40:54

    Are you an enabler or are you helping someone? Join me today as I dive deeper into the differences between enabling and truly helping. Many of us do not realize that we are enabling someone rather than being a help to them. We help people because we care about them. We help them work through and identify things that they may be struggling with. It is not healthy to be an enabler. At what point does helping become enabling? Let's get a clearer understanding of what enabling is, and augment what we do so that we are able to help but not enable.

    Is it Possible to be in a Loving Relationship with more than One Person? [Ep.728]

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2022 40:54

    Today's show will discuss different types of relationships, and how these relationships shape the thought process of society. Often, we get into relationships believing that the other person will make us happy, but in reality, we are the only person who can make ourselves happy. Not everyone is in a monogamous relationship. There are many different types of relationships that work well for others. Join me as I help educate us about what others are choosing over monogamous relationships. I will also take a deeper look at how the polyamorous relationship is just one option that works for many people.

    Which of your Core Beliefs are causing you to Self-Sabotage? [Ep.727]

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2022 40:54

    Many of us engage in self-sabotaging behaviors. Self-sabotage can occur either consciously or unconsciously. On today's show, we are going to explore self-sabotage. We will look at the different types of self-sabotage and how our core beliefs influence the reasons we may self-sabotage. Self-sabotage gets in our way of happiness and presents conflict in our lives. Join me as I talk with Adriana. Adriana is going to give her perspective on how self-sabotage has affected her life and some of the things she has done to eliminate self-sabotage. For more information on self-sabotage watch the following videos:What is Self-Sabotage and why do we do it? between Self-Sabotage and Toxic Relationships: I Stop them from Self-Sabotaging their life? learn more about core beliefs watch this video on YouTube:

    Were you Blocked or the one Blocking? Which side of the Phone are you on? [Ep.726]

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2022 49:10

    On today's show, we are going to be talking about the concept of blocking. What happens when someone blocks you, and why do we feel the need to block others? It is a very painful experience to be blocked by someone whom you believed to be very important to you. When we are blocked, especially out of the blue, we are not able to talk about our feelings, concerns, or fears with the other person. Many of us have been blocked and found it to be overwhelming. Joining me today is Adriana. Adriana is going to share her experiences of what it feels like to be blocked and how it feels to be the person doing the blocking.

    Preschool Learning and Life Lessons for Children and Adults, with Author Jeanette Crystal Bradley

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2022 40:54

    Today's show is about Pre-school, communication, and connection with our children. When we connect with our children, we can have a greater understanding of them. Additionally, this connection allows them to understand themselves and their emotions much clearer. Pre-school is a very important developmental step in the lives of children. When done correctly, pre-school can be a safe and formative place for our children to learn, grow and connect with themselves and others. Joining me today is children's author, Jeanette Crystal Bradley. Jeanette has written a sing-along book titled, The First 12 Days of Preschool. If you are a parent, you are aware of all the emotions that both parents and children go through when starting preschool. Jeanette hopes that her book will help to ease the transition into preschool through her beautiful illustrations and memorable tune. To learn more about Jeanette and her work, check out her social media outlets.Website: Facebook: music video: to the Future Preschool's Official website:

    Do Someone's Lies have you Questioning your Reality? [Ep.724]

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2022 40:54

    Do someone's lies have you questioning your own reality? Perhaps you are experiencing manipulation and gaslighting right now. We may not have a full understanding of what is happening to us. The closer the relationship is, the more difficult it becomes to see what is going on. Often, we find ourselves questioning the truth. This questioning takes us off target and may distract us in life. Today's show is going to offer you some guidance and point out red flags to be aware of if you are questioning your reality due to someone's lies. Most importantly, I am going to help you change the situation, find out the truth to make the situation better, see things clearer, and get closure if necessary.Watch the video on ghosting on YouTube: to the podcast on ghosting:

    Are these Common Traits Authentic, or am I Being Mirrored? [Ep.723]

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 40:54

    When you are being mirrored, someone is copying or imitating your characteristics, traits, and behaviors. Does it feel like you have someone in your life that seems to be a bit too much like you? Often, we are not aware that we are being mirrored. We believe that we have so many similar thoughts, feelings, and characteristics as this person. Oftentimes, we have found our perfect companion. It may feel as though we are looking at ourselves in the mirror. Although mirroring can feel good, it is important to figure out if these commonalities are true or, is it a case of mirroring.

    Have a Narcissist in your Life, Learn how to Identify their Deceptive Traits. [Ep.722]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2022 40:54

    Do you have a narcissist in your life? Are you able to identify who that malignant narcissist is? In today's show, I want to discuss the traits of the malignant narcissist and how to understand them. The show will give you the knowledge to identify when you are dealing with someone who has these traits, symptoms, and signs. We may also be operating with codependent programming that caters directly into the malignant narcissist behavior that makes it even more complicated to identity. Having this knowledge will be powerful for you when dealing with a malignant narcissist. Remember, we are not always aware that we are dealing with someone with these traits. We might feel like we have connections and similarities to the person with the narcissistic traits however, that may not be the truth. Join me today to learn more about narcissism and what you can do to safeguard yourself when someone in your life has the signs and symptoms of it.

    How to Realize Your Intrinsic Value and See that you do Matter.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2022 40:54

    We all matter, but what does it mean to matter? Many of us have grown up experiencing a narrative of feeling like we only matter if we are doing for others and giving of ourselves. We do not necessarily need to stop giving and doing for others to matter, but we must also derive our value from within. We were never taught that we have value and matter just because we are human. Today's show is going to help us figure out how we are valuable, how we matter, and not focus on what we do for others to find our value. We matter, no matter what.

    How Attachment Styles Affect the way we Talk or Argue with Loved Ones. [Ep.720]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2022 40:54

    Arguments, we all have had them at some point in our lives. Some arguments may have been more heated than others. The arguments we have with the people we are the closest to are the most challenging. It is easier to argue with a stranger than with someone close to us. The challenge occurs when we try to keep our cool during a heated, emotional argument, with a parent, spouse, or someone very close to us. In today's podcast, I am going to discuss arguments and how attachment styles relate to the way we argue. I am going to give some suggestions on how to keep cool, keep your stress level down, and how to de-escalate an argument. Take the quiz below to learn what your attachment style is, and watch the video in the link below to learn more about attachment styles.Quiz on attachment styles: styles video link

    Helping Children to Embrace and Understand Difference with Jim Price [Ep: 719]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 40:54

    Many of us remember our school years, some of us have fond memories of school and others of us do not. Fitting in at school can be difficult and children can be mean especially when it comes to other's differences. Children's Author and Creator of the Harold From the Hood Series, Jim Price, joins Live Your True Life Perspective to share his stories about Harold and his friends. The Harold From the Hood series are fun and entertaining books for kids that also help children to begin to understand diversity. Understanding diversity and inclusion are important as children grow up so they can embrace other's differences. If you're a parent, you remember those times when what set you apart was not a good thing, you tried to fit in, and you just wanted to be like everyone else. It wasn't until you grew up, that you were able to embrace your differences. With the help of this series and Jim's message, he would like to help students embrace their differences much earlier in life. To learn more about the Harold From the Hood Series and Jim Price, check out his website at: www.jimpricebooks.educationFor other social media outlets and to follow Jim and his work check out these social media outlets:Twitter: @jimmyPr74639009Facebook: @jim.price.9822Instagram:  @childbookauthor

    When the Emotional Wedge Finds it's Way into the Relationship

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 40:54

    A relationship wedge is anything that has the potential to drive you and someone you care about apart. Today's show will identify relationship wedges, what they are, and how they appear. Often the people who create the wedge are unaware of why they are doing it. The wedge in a relationship can be many different things, it does not have to be just one. Some examples of wedges may be forever ammunition, a person, or a particular situation. Sometimes the situation may not have ever happened but is living in the mind of someone, and they insist that it occurred when it never did. Join me in listening while we explore these concepts, become more aware of what can cause the wedge, and diagnose why these wedges are happening. Learn more about Forever Ammunition on YouTube:

    How to Communicate in a Calm and Productive Way [Ep.717]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 40:53

    The way we communicate can either calm or trigger other people. Additionally, we all have different attachment styles. These attachment styles impact all of our relationships. Although we are all individuals with different thought processes, some of us may have similar thoughts, but never the exact same. For the most part, we all try to get along, be helpful, and be positive. Some empaths live amongst us. Empaths care deeply about other humans, animals, and nature. It does not matter if you are an empath or not, we all get confused at times by the choices, behaviors, and comments of others. In today's show, I am going to discuss how we can work to communicate in a more calming and productive manner. This will enable us to understand where we are coming from and not get confused.

    Being an Empath is a Superpower, Don't Let it Become a Burden. [Ep.716]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 40:53

    Are you an empath? Being empathetic is a superpower. Often, that superpower may feel like a burden. Empaths take in and try to process feelings, sometimes leading to emotional overload. In today's show, I am going to share with you some ways to be successful as an empath. Discover how to feel your feelings, process feelings, spotlight your superpowers and help others without feeling used, overwhelmed, or helpless. Also, find out how to create a successful morning routine for you to thrive and use your superpower to the best of your ability.

    How to Successfully Navigate Dating Apps to Find a Healthy Relationship [Ep.715]

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 40:54

    Can you form a healthy relationship with a person you meet on a dating site? There is a way to look at multiple different variables, and be able to have the ability to see exactly what is going on. One good thing about dating sites is that most likely, everyone is there to meet someone, unlike walking down the street or going to a bar where many people may not be looking to date. We need to understand the variables of dating sites to have them work best for us. Join me today in examining dating sites, to find out if it is possible to find a healthy relationship while using them.

    Johnny Depp & Amber Heard, Why We Are So Fascinated [Ep. 714]

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 40:54

    Are you fascinated by the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation case? People from all over the world are drawn to their televisions to watch the case live. It appears sides have been chosen. Most likely, you feel that one person is more liable than the other. In this case, neither parties hands are completely clean. There is definite division in this case. Many support Johnny Depp, while others are behind Amber Heard. Many factors have gone into this case to allow this reality to take place. Some of the fascination is due to the relatable events that have gone on in this relationship. Join me today in discussing this case and how it parallels many of our relationships today.

    Successful Nightly Routine to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 40:54

    Routines enable us to create clarity, alleviate anxiety, and reduce stress while preparing us for the next day. Often, we have a morning routine and a routine at work, but do not have a night routine. When we come home at night after work and do not have a nightly routine, tasks do not get accomplished. When we wake up the next morning, we realize everything that we did not do the night before. This causes us to feel like we were less productive than we should have been. A solid nightly routine will help us be more successful, have clarity, and understanding. Join me today, as I discuss what it looks like to have a nightly routine.

    How to Identify Signs of Control [Ep. 712]

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 40:56

    How do you know if you are in a relationship with someone who is very controlling? Often, we do not realize we are in a relationship with someone who is controlling. This may be because we were brought up around that type of behavior our whole lives. In today's show, I will give you indications that the person you are in a relationship with is controlling you, whether the relationship is romantic, a friendship, or work. I am also going to provide you with some things that you can do to overcome this control. It is important to learn how to stop the programming of giving in to others' control to not lose your independence and Identity.

    Oceans of Thoughts with Rosalind McClean [Ep.711]

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 40:54

    Rosalind Severin McClean joins Live Your True Life Perspectives live with her two award-winning books: Oceans of Thoughts Book One and Two. Rosalind, a Caribbean Author from the Commonwealth of Dominica, and Bestselling Author of Oceans of Thoughts Book One and Book Two, which have both been released on Amazon. Rosalind shares her thoughtful emotion based poetry that helps all readers to process their own emotions. We will discuss today, processing the passing of a family member, respecting our seniors, processing divorce and when a parent leaves, and much more. Be sure to check out her website at and her social media down below. Rosalind's Website: www.RosalindSeverinMcClean.comYouTube: @OceansOfThoughts55 Instagram: @Oceans_OfThoughts

    Fear of Losing the Relationship [Ep: 710]

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 40:53

    When we are in fear of losing a relationship, we do not speak our truth. This fear ultimately gets in the way of us doing what is right by our values, beliefs, and the boundaries we have in place. It is important for us to understand when we are in this place of fear, what is happening and why we are being held back from speaking the truth. We need to know what are some things that we can do to see the situation for what it really is. If you are going through an unhealthy relationship, are in fear of it, and have not spoken your truth, you definitely don't want to miss this show.

    Find Your Inner Super Powers, Become Un-Mess-with-able with Scott Feld [Ep: 709]

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 40:54

    Certified Life Skills Coach for kids and best-selling author, Scott Feld connects with Ashley on Live Your True Life Perspectives. The two will be discussing the process of unlocking kid's inner super powers. Scott and Ashley will be talking about what it means to be un-mess-with-able, unlocking inner powers, seeing the unseen, realizing blind spots, the power of imagination, and power shifting. "Dax to the Max" is Scott's best-selling book that presents the power of imagination and how it can positively impact our lives. You can find "Dax to the Max" on Amazon at: more information on Scott, go to his website at: https://www.mindzenmotion.comThis show is for anyone who wants to clear their mind, find their inner truth, and likes to be inspired by thought, change, and insightful discussion.

    Strength to Leave an Unhealthy Relationship [Ep. 708]

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2022 40:53

    Do you need to find the strength to be able to manage and possibly move on from an unhealthy relationship? Many folks have tried to leave relationships multiple times. They tend to go back out of fear, and quickly realize that things in the relationship haven't changed. We go back into relationships for many reasons. Often, we reminisce on the past, romanticize the relationship, and fear a failed relationship. We also may feel guilt, shame, and the fear being alone. I understand fearing a failed marriage, but is it more important to find and cultivate one's identity? The concept of purpose is a very deep challenge, it's finding your truth, your true identity, and being able to be that truth no matter what. Usually when we are in toxic relationships, whether they are family, romantic, or work-related, we are not able to be ourselves. Instead, these relationships have us walking on egg shells and feeling fearful. During this time, we appear to be in the process of losing ourself and losing the precious time we could be using to cultivate our true life. Often, when we are in these unhealthy relationships, we do not realize the impact it has on family and friends. We need to reach out to our friends and family and explain what has been going on. If there are children involved, we need to take them into consideration, understand how to open the lines of communication, and how to create a situation for everyone's growth and peace. Being true to your values will allow you to find your purpose of identity. However, you do not necessarily have to leave the relationship to learn about your values, to grow, and to begin to find your truth. You can do the work while you are in the relationship. The results of your hard work may make differences that can better the relationship, or it may make it easier for you to make healthier choices. You need to take a deep look into the relationship to see the situation clearly in order to decide what will be best for you.

    Road Rage: Understanding All Angles [Ep.707]

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 41:03

    Road Rage! Most likely we have all been a part of a road rage incident, either as the aggressor or the victim. Occurrences of road rage are on the rise. We need to understand why there is road rage and how we can safeguard ourselves to not fall prey into it. We are at a time where there is a lot of stress, anxiety, resentment, and anger. Unfortunately, there are not many outlets for those feelings. We have to take a look at what we are doing with our anger and how to react when someone comes at us with their road rage. We must learn how to respond appropriately so that we don't get pulled into the situation. We need to understand where it is going worldwide and why road rage is happening. In today's show I will take a look at road rage from all angles, see both sides of the situation and discuss the inherent reasons people engage, and how to protect yourself whether you are feeling rage or being raged upon. Listen to the podcast and safeguard your time and energy today!

    Clarity and Strength: Help to See the Relationship Clearly [Ep. 706]

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 40:53

    Are you thinking of leaving an unhealthy relationship? Do you need to find the strength to leave and move on? Have you been thinking about leaving and moving on but seem to not have the willpower or energy to leave? Throughout this podcast, I will provide you with real techniques to get clarity and understanding about you and your relationship. I will also help you find the strength needed to see things clearly, and begin to see your life without the other person. Once we see the events of the relationships clearly, we can begin to see why things took place and bring attention to the red flags we didn't want to see. As we look further into the relationship, we will begin to understand parts of the relationship we previously may not have understood. We must look at the crumbs we received during the relationship, because at the time we were unaware that they were crumbs. It is essential to examine your values, understand your values, and be able to see where you and your values have been walked all over. As you listen to this podcast, you will do inventory of your relationship, see it clearly, see where you stand, and gain the strength you will need to stand up for what you believe in and stand for. Sometimes we find ourselves waiting on them to make a decision and that usually doesn't benefit us and it usually makes us feel resentment and frustration.Additional Resources:Waiting on them to make a Decision about the Relationship? This is a video you can watch on YouTube here: Solid and Strong After a Toxic Breakup. This is a video on YouTube, link: Love or Pedestal Phase?

    Splitting: Understand and Identify [Ep: 705]

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 40:53

    Have you ever had someone tell you how great you are, sing your praises, then find fault in you, and eventually cut you out of their life completely? Is there someone in your life who tends to see things in only black or white? They may see people as either being for or against them, and tend to see the extremes. We may know someone who may take this to extremes. However, we must ask ourselves if we tend to see things in black and white sometimes? When we interact with people who have signs and symptoms of BPD, we may see them demonstrate splitting with everyone and everything. In order to not get swept up in other people's splitting, we must understand what it is and why they do it. Splitting is also linked to the pedestal stage in the love bombing phase in relationships. Often when a person is being love bombed, they aren't aware and fall into the trap of the attention. Eventually the person is devalued and even discarded. Because of the experience, they tend to be in a blender of emotions and are challenged to pick up the pieces. They must work to embark on a self-understanding journey. This podcast will help you to identify splitting, understand why people tend to use splitting, and how to avoid falling into the trap of giving it power over you when it is being done to you.

Additional resources:
Real Love or Pedestal Phase:
Am I Being Loved Bombed or is it True Love? [Ep: 704]
Black and White Thinking -Cause and Effect Become a member today:

    Am I Being Loved Bombed or is it True Love? [Ep: 704]

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2022 47:12

    What does it mean to be love bombed? Are you in a relationship where you are currently being love bombed by the other person? We need to become aware of what love bombing is and understand what it looks like when it is happening to us. When we are able to identify love bombing, it will become a very powerful tool. While in the grips of love bombing the feeling can be amazing. Love bombing usually goes under the radar because for many people who are on the receiving end, they have never experienced this level of care, attention, and interaction. When you're being love bombed, it feels like a whirlwind romance, like something you see in a movie. We must be able to figure out if what is happening is real or are we being love bombed. Often times, the person doing the love bombing is not even aware they are doing it. This podcast will be very helpful for you to understand what is love bombing, how do we see it, and how can we recognize it when it is happening to us or someone we know.Additional Resources:Signs of Love Bombing video: Bonding, Love Bombing, and Narcissistic Abuse video: this Real love or Love Bombing video: you a Victim of Love Bombing video:

    How to Safeguard yourself from the Challenging and Demanding People in your life. [Ep: 703]

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 47:34

    While listening to this podcast, you can take some mindful moments to analyze and see clearly who the challening, demanding, and negative people are in your life. In the beginning of the podcast, I am offering you ways of becoming aware of who they are, understanding the characteristics they will have in common, and how to spot them. Also, I'm discussing why we allow them in our lives and ultimately how to safeguard yourself from them and their energy. Some of these people you can let go of, others we can't but we can get emotional distance.Additional resources:Combat Narcissistic Abuse with the Gray Rock Method, link to the video: more about Toxic Positivity. When does Positivity turns Toxic? Watch or listen to this podcast: you find yourself overexplaining to people who don't get it or don't want to understand you? Over Explaining is a Trap - Are You Trapped? Here's the link to the video:

    The Effect of the Silent Treatment on Children and Adults [Ep.702]

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 5, 2022 40:45

    Were you on the receiving end of the silent treatment growing up? Did you receive the silent treatment as a child? How did the silent treatment from your mother or father impact you? The silent treatment impacts us as a child and impacts our entire life if we aren't aware of the impact it makes on our lives. When a child grows up experiencing the silent treatment, it can impact them in their adult relationships and impact their interactions with their children. Listen to the podcast and get more understanding and answers.

    V.A.L.U.E. New Year, New Chapter, New You [Ep.701]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2022 40:53

    What do you want to see happen this year?What will happen in your new chapter/book that is you this year?What do you want to augment this year?In today's Live Your True Life Perspectives, I've identified the value we can give ourselves this year.Within this value that we can give ourselves, we will embark on identifying our personal values, understanding how to live by them, and how to grow stronger within our values.We will be more personally aware of ourselves, our intentions, and our core beliefs and values. We hear a lot about unconditional love and we will be exploring what that means and how to begin to find that for ourselves and for others in our life. Very important is to understand others and even more important is to understand our self so we can better understand the world around us. When we have self-understanding we are able to have more self-awareness and we are able to see ourselves clearly and honestly to see our attributes and to see our shortcomings to make our life better. Lastly we will be discovering expression. When we are able to honestly and positively express ourselves, we are able to communicate better and understand others.This year give yourself the gift of value, inspiring yourself, and finding your value within.

    The GIFT to Receive This Year! [Ep. 700]

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2021 40:48

    On today's live show, I will be revealing the gift you will want to give yourself this year. This is the gift of all gifts and it transcends time and space. If you want to be in a state of focus and appreciation, you won't want to miss today's show. It's time to get the gift we need to maximize our time here and let go of the manipulators and negative energy from our life still season and throughout the entire year.

    Everyday Guidance for Health and Personal Growth [Ep.699]

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2021 40:46

    The holidays are coming up and in the process we tend to forget that we need to do some things everyday to take care of ourselves and make the most of our life. Many of us may be future thinking and some of us living in the past. On today's show let's become aware of when we are doing either and work to move back into the moment. I will offer some tips for self-care and quieting the mind.

    Helping Children Understand and Process Memory Loss in their Elders. [Ep.698]

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2021 40:50

    Join Awilda Prignano and I today on Live Your True Life Perspectives. Awilda is an acclaimed children's author with her book: Loving Lulu. Awilda's book is based on her real life experience of being her mother's primary caregiver, after she was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia (the form of dementia that the late Robin Williams had, before he tragically committed suicide). Her book is written to help children understand and process memory changes and memory loss of a loved one. In the story Lulu and her Grandmother spend time together and over time her Abuelita/grandmother begins to develop memory loss, and Lulu realizes she can help her Grandmother feel loved and special. Listen today around the country on AM radio or on our Youtube channel @ashley berges

    Why do we Overlook the Dysfunction? [Ep. 697]

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 40:46

    Since we were children, out of simple preservation, we overlooked and pretended the dysfunction did not exist with regards to our family. Throughout our lives, we still do that, we overlook dysfunction in our lives, our friends, and our family. However, what happens when you point it out with certain people? How do some people deal with you pointing out the elephant in the room? In today's show, Ashley is discussing how to begin to see the dysfunction, what to do when you see it, and how to know if this is someone you can bring it up to or simply distance yourself.

    In a Relationship where You have to Prove your Value? [Ep.696]

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 40:49

    Are you currently in a relationship, romantic, friendship, or marriage where you are constantly having to prove your value, your innocence, or truth? Are you experiencing sadness and depression and don't know why this is happening? Have you recognized the patterns of this relationship? Do you have idea why you are experiencing this type of dysfunction? Are you looking for answers? Catch the live feed and get some honest answers and possible solutions to better your current situation.

    Common Mistakes Made when Dating after a Toxic Relationship. [Ep.695]

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2021 40:51

    In today's live show Ashley will be exploring and explaining the common mistakes made when dating after a toxic relationship that creates more dead-end relationships that go no where. Ashley reveals the specifics to changing the old programming and moving you into a position of being in a healthy state of mind allowing you to find someone who is also healthy. Tune in to the show and lets have some fun discussing relationships and the relationship with ourselves.

    Is it Optimism or Toxic Positivity? [Ep.694]

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 40:51

    In today's live show Ashley will be exploring and explaining positivity and at what point it turns toxic. Many of us are optimistic and try to find the silver lining no matter what, however their are those times that pain, suffering, and turmoil are part of life, how do we deal with it for ourselves and how do we talk to our friends and family when they 're going through turmoil? We will be understanding the difference between optimism and toxic positivity and how to be more aware of our words and the words of others. There is nothing wrong with positivity however we want to be aware of other's feelings and needs when going through stress and pain. A family member may use toxic positivity and it may be making you feel weak, depressed, or that your feelings are wrong.

    The Psychological Games People Play [Ep.693]

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 40:49

    In today's live show Ashley will be exploring and explaining some tactics and games people use to manipulate and control others. These games are highly effective and can create sadness, confusion, frustration, and resentment. The more you understand these tactics and how they are presented the better you can safeguard yourself. Ashley will be explaining forever ammunition, the silent treatment, victimhood, entitlement and put downs. Listen to the show to get the knowledge you protect yourself and to spot manipulation a mile away.

    Perfectionism and Procrastination [Ep. 691]

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 40:49

    Do you identify yourself as a perfectionist? Do you find yourself stuck sometimes unable to finish or even start a project? Do you wonder how all of this began? Are you looking for some solutions to help offset perfectionism and help you to achieve your daily goals in an easier manner? In today's show I am offering some ways to achieving peace in your day to day life when it comes to taking action. You don't have to be a slave to your perfectionism anymore.

    Stop Walking on EggShells with Randi Kreger [Ep.690]

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 40:49

    On today's live radio show, Live Your True Life Perspectives, I'm discussing the parent child dynamic when it comes to raising a child with signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. We will be discussing the signs and symptoms, what to look for, the driving force behind the behavior, treatment options, and limits and boundaries that need to be established and followed to help you and your kid. Randi is the author of Stop Walking on Eggshells.

    What Happens to Relationships with No Boundaries? [Ep.689]

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 40:54

    Creating and being consistent with boundaries in our relationships is vitally important to the health of all relationships, but can be extremely challenging to implement. Many of us find ourselves in long-term relationships that have no boundaries. We may feel like it is impossible to create healthy boundaries, because we fear how the other person will react. It is a'lot easier to create boundaries in new relationships because we begin the relationships with certain values and conditions in mind. In today's podcast, we will be discussing, ways of establishing boundaries in long time relationships, how it feels to not create boundaries and not have sufficient boundaries in relationships, and ultimately what happens to relationships with no boundaries.

    Life After a Toxic Relationship [Ep.688]

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 40:54

    Exiting a toxic relationship is challenging to say the least. Our mind makes us question ourselves, the relationship, and if we will ever find a good person to be in a relationship with, or if we're destined to live on our own for the rest of our life. We wonder if we will ever meet someone that we will get along with. We worry that we may be alone for the rest of our life. Sometimes we wonder if we're destined to always be in toxic relationships. Being alone is a huge fear for most people and that fear perpetuates toxic relationships because sometimes we take what we can get assuming there won't be another option. Sadly the longer our core wounds and fears run our lives the more unhappy we will be and the longer we will be in destructive relationships. The core fear of abandonment is another core fear that can put us into relationships that don't encourage our authentic self and keep us in the loop of the toxic relationship that keeps us tied up, however a toxic relationship can, if we use it properly, can create personal awareness and clarity.

    Ghosting: How to Safeguard Yourself Before and After [Ep.687]

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 40:44

    Many of you have heard about ghosting and many of us may have been ghosted recently. When someone ghosts you, you are left with unanswered questions, sadness, and a feeling of emptiness. We wonder what we could have done differently, did we say something wrong, and ultimately wondering what happened to the other person. Usually you text more messages and there is no response and after a while you begin to let it go. However, more often than not the person who ghosted you may reappear when you least expect it. When someone resurfaces we need to safeguard ourself. Some of these ghosts will resurface and others will not. Throughout this podcast I reveal why people ghost, why they may resurface, the emotions we go through when we are ghosted, the core wounds that are ignited with the act of being ghosted, and the various ways to safeguard yourself from more pain and trauma. Ghosting is a way out of a situation without explanation, without revealing the truth, and the ability to avoid confrontation or emotional and mental exposure. Whether you have ghosted or been ghosted, this podcast is revealing and helpful in understanding the reasoning and how to stop ghosting and or how to recalibrate after being ghosted and stop beating yourself up emotionally.

    You are the Light with Muz Murray [Ep. 686]

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 40:52

    Muz Murray is joining me on Live Your True Life Perspectives today at 1pm CST. Muz is discussing his latest book, You are the Light: Secrets of the Sages Made Simple. I'm delighted to have him on the show, his wisdom and profound sense of clarity will inspire! Muz speaks of empowerment, truth, and light. Listen today on various radio stations around the country or listen online at Website: www.MuzMurray.comLike & Follow Muz on Facebook: @ MantraMuzLink to Muz's official biography: Muz Murray | Biography

    The Race of Your Life [Ep.685]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 40:53

    Author of The Race, Lindsay Reiling - Author joins Live Your True Life Perspectives and Ashley Berges to discuss her latest best-selling book. 100% of the proceeds through the sale of "THE RACE" will be donated to The British Columbia Children's Hospital Foundation in the name of 12 year old BMX World #2 Jack Cerney who inspired this book by his current courageous race with leukemia. This book is inspiring boys all over to the world to read! Listen locally at 1160AM KBDT or online at: Lindsay's Official Website: Facebook: @LindsayReilingAuthorInstagram: @LindsayReilingAuthor

    Finding the Rainbow After the Loss of an Infant [Ep. 684]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 17, 2021 41:23

    We need support systems, we need guidance and understanding especially in crisis situations. The loss of an infant is overwhelming, difficult to process, and even more difficult to explain to the rest of the family including young children. Je'Nai Kuhn joins Live Your True Life Perspectives to discuss her new children's book Rainbow.We share with you this segment, Je'Nai walks us through the loss of her infant -the exact situation that lead her to writing the book to help and comfort others.For more info on Je'Nai:[](

    Safeguard Yourself from Narcissistic Abuse [Ep. 683]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 40:39

    On today's show, I am discussing narcissistic abuse, the signs of it, the way it can make you feel, and ways to identify someone walking over your boundaries without always needing to know all signs of NPD. Our best defense is knowing ourselves and understanding exactly who we are as an individual.

    Free and Independent You [Ep.682]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2021 40:46

    Much like how the United States received its freedom from the British, each and everyone of us go through a rebirth process that leads to freedom. Much like the phoenix, we recreate ourselves, battling inner and outer battles, working to ultimately win the war, and then solidifying our solid true self. In today's show, I am illuminating how we find freedom in our own life, freedom in our relationships, and freedom in our thoughts and emotions.

    What are You Thinking About? [Ep.681]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2021 40:52

    What do you spend your time thinking about and what you spend your time doing? Let's analyze our use of time & what we spend our time focused on. Often times, we don't realize how much energy we use thinking about certain things in our life. In order to live a happier and healthier life, we must do a personal mental inventory of our thoughts to better understand not only our feelings but to better understand our focus. Dan Nelson joins us on the show today with his historic perspective.

    When did the Marriage become a Roommate Situation? [Ep.679]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 40:52

    Marriages can be wonderful integrations of two people coming together to create a home, a family, and a future. However, marriages can shift and augment into something different. As we know, people grow, change, and learn as we get wiser and sometimes we grow in similar ways and other times we don't. More and more people are complaining that their marriage has become a roommate situation and in today's show we are examining the roommate situation, what it means, how to determine length of time, and other factors that can lead to this situation. When we understand more of what we are going through, we are able to begin to look and find solutions. Later in the hour, Dan Nelson will be on with his historical perspective offering information from our historic past.

    What is a Core Wound [Ep. 678]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 40:49

    Many of us are not aware that we are dealing with one or more core wounds on a daily basis. We don't realize the impact it has on our life and how we make decisions, enter into relationships, and make decisions based on them. On today's show in a positive way we will safely explore these wounds and be able to see our lives with more clarity. Dan Nelson will be with us today offering up some history with regards to Eli Lilly the pharmaceutical company and its origins.

    Compliment or Insult: How to Protect Yourself [Ep.680]

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 19, 2021 40:36

    Whether someone is paying you a compliment or giving you a backhanded insult, how do you protect yourself and see the situation clearly. On today's show I am addressing ways you can dissect the compliment and insult and to be sure that you are understanding and not giving too much power over you. Often times, we may not realize what somebody is actually saying to us and how they want us to feel and what they are really trying to tell us, positive or negative we need to understand why it's being said, what the reason is and how to not allow it to control our lives. In todays show I am here to introduce the concept of neutrality, how to stay neutral no matter what is being told to you. Often we allow the good things to make us feel good and the bad comments to bring us way down. I'm here to offer advice and help to create peace. Dan Nelson joins me today by phone to offer his historical perspective!

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