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Video Games 2 the MAX is the official Games podcast of where Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison get together to talk about everything involving Video Games. Every week, we discuss what we are playing, games we are reviewing, the gaming news of the week, and just have some fun talking about…

Sean Garmer & Marc Morrison

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    Latest episodes from Video Games 2 the MAX

    God of War Ragnarok Impressions, Favorite Nintendo Indie World Games - VG2M # 331

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2022 107:55

    Marc has been playing God of War Ragnarok and has some thoughts after about 15 hours through the game. Nintendo had another indie world showcase so you know Sean has some favorite games that were shown off. Plus, Final Fantasy XVI controversy, Control 2 is official, there's a Gears of War movie and animated series coming, rumors abound of a Horizon MMO, the guys lament the sad passing of the voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, Sean has thoughts on Marvel Snap and more.You can also watch this episode earlier on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when here's a new episode: Timestamps: 00:00:00 Intro & Housekeeping- Major Topic -00:03:55 God of War Ragnarok Impressions - Going Gaming -00:21:00 Marc Goes to a Retro Game Expo and Buys some old games (Perfect Dark (N64), X-Men (SNES), Legend of Dragoon (PS1), Kagero: Deception 2 (PS1), Mega Drive Power Mini - What's in the News - 00:29:20 Kevin Conroy, THE voice of Batman, passes away 00:35:50 Favorite Games from the latest Nintendo Indie World (Sports Story, Pepper Grinder, A Little to the Left, Venba, WrestleQuest and More!)00:43:15 Control 2 Officially Announced by Remedy With 505 Games as Publisher, Porting Games to Switch, Miyamoto's Comments about Switch Backwards Compatibility 00:52:05 EA is Not Making Any Project Cars Games01:02:40 NC Soft (Makers of Guild Wars) possibly Making a Horizon MMO01:08:05 AEW Game May or May Not Be Coming to Xbox Game Pass01:13:05 Ubisoft Assures Everyone that the Prince of Persia Remake is still happening01:14:40 Gears of War Movie in Development at Netflix01:20:40 Diablo IV may release in April 2023, Phil Spencer Wants Starcraft on Consoles01:24:40 Final Fantasy XVI Causes Controversy With Its choice of characters and Square-Enix First "Collectible Art Project" 01:35:05 Latest With the ZA/UM Disco Elysium Case- What We Are Playing - 01:38:25 Marvel Snap (Sean)01:43:30 Overwatch 2 (Marc)01:45:05 The Upcoming Games- Plugs - Join us on Discord: Our Website: us on Tiktok: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: us on Instagram: Us on Facebook:

    Is the PSVR 2 Price ($549) Too High? Xbox Game Pass & PS Plus Trend Down - VG2M # 330

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2022 77:47

    Sony has finally revealed the price and release date of the PlayStation VR 2 or PSVR 2. Retailing for a whopping $549 and out on February 22, 2023. Is the price too high? Or is it fair considering the market that's out there for VR currently? What is the launch lineup looking like and will Sean or Marc even venture to get one at some point? Financials are out for many gaming companies, but namely the two big ones, Xbox and PlayStation see downtrends in subscribers or growth for consoles at least when it comes to Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus respectively, what could be the cause of this? And should any alarm bells be sounding because of this? Plus, Henry Cavill leaves the Witcher series, CD Projekt announces The Witcher 1 remake, Phil Spencer has some choice words about Call of Duty remaining on PlayStation, EA making more Marvel games, and more.You can also watch this episode earlier on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when here's a new episode: - Plugs -Join us on Discord: Our Website: us on Tiktok: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: us on Instagram: Us on Facebook:

    Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope Impressions, Big Silent Hill Announcements - VG2M # 329

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2022 91:29

    Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is OUT! And Marc has been playing it. Marc gives his impressions of it, having finished about half the game. Have the gameplay changes been for the better? How's the Overworld? Are the talking Rabbids as hilarious as we'd expect? Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Plus, is it better than the original? Silent Hill's presentation had quite a lot to announce, and although most of it was things we guessed would happen, it is still pretty cool to be getting a Silent Hill 2 Remake, a separate Silent Hill game from No Code and Annapurna called Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill F, (the next game in the series), and even a new movie too. Sean and Marc have some thoughts on this as well. Also, the Bayonetta 3 Voice Actor saga takes another turn, Fallout 4 goes Next-Gen, Sean plays God of War 2018, and the first A Plague Tale game too! Marc also played Batora: Lost Haven, and more!You can also watch this episode earlier on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when here's a new episode: 00:00:30 Intro & Housekeeping:- Games We Are Playing - 00:03:00 Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope (Marc)* Review Code was provided by Ubisoft *00:18:40 Live a Live (Marc) 00:19:10 Batora: Lost Haven (Marc) * Review Code Provided By Team 17 * 00:22:30 God of War (2018) (Sean)00:28:55 A Plague Tale: Innocence (Sean) 00:31:40 Soul Hackers 2 (Sean) * Review Code Provided By Atlus * 00:33:30 Persona 5: The Royal (Sean) - What's in the News - 00:39:00 Bayonetta 3 VA Controversy: Hellena Taylor Wasn't Honest About Her Claims00:51:30 Fallout 4 Getting a Next-Gen Patch in 2023 00:56:00 Disco Elysium Lawsuit 00:57:50 Oscar Isaac Still Wants to make a Metal Gear Solid Movie01:04:30 Konami Announces Silent Hill 2 Remake, Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill F, Return to Silent Hill Movie01:08:55 Resident Evil 4 Remake Gets Gameplay & What Could be Next for the RE Franchise?01:14:35 Square-Enix Potentially Making a Parasite Eve Remaster? 01:16:00 PlayStation Edge Controller is $200, No Cyberpunk Edgerunners Season 2- The End -01:21:40 House of Dragon Season 1 Finale, Doctor Who & Upcoming Games- Plugs -Join us on Discord: Our Website: us on Tiktok: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    Gotham Knights & Bayonetta 3 Controversies, A Sad Ending for G4 - VG2M # 328

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2022 104:00

    Two upcoming games are causing a big stir this week for different reasons. Gotham Knights running at 30 FPS instead of 60 FPS sends gamers into a tizzy because it isn't the peak performance one would expect from a Current gen game. Sean, Marc, and Daniel discuss and debate their stance on the subject and if 30 FPS games could still be happening even further into this console generation. Bayonetta 3 also featured in its own controversy with the past voice of the lead character, Hellena Taylor, saying she didn't return to reprise her role because she wasn't offered a fair wage for her services. This led to a lot of other things including current Bayonetta voice actress Jennifer Hale having to release a statement as well. The CMA has pursued a Phase 2 investigation in the Activision-Blizzard-King acquisition, forcing Microsoft to lay it all out there to prevent a big blow to their hopes of landing the Call of Duty maker. Could Sony have also delayed a PlayStation Showcase to strengthen its position further as well? Plus, Sean has thoughts on Scorn, and Silent Hill is finally back! Or well we are supposed to get some info pretty soon at least. The sad ending of G4, and a mini She-Hulk Season 1 Review.You can also watch this episode earlier on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when here's a new episode:, be sure to check out our fellow @W2MNetwork team members, Radulich in Broadcasting doing their official She-Hulk Review: or on the W2M Network podcast feed.Timestamps: 00:00:00 Intro & Housekeeping:- What's in the News -00:05:10 G4's Return is Officially Over00:13:35 Gamers Get Mad: Gotham Knights Runs at 30 FPS00:19:30 Bayonetta 3 VA Controversy and the Not Boycott00:34:20 Square-Enix Shuts Down Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier00:38:15 The CMA proceeds into Phase 2 in Sony vs MS over ABK00:49:15 Konami Doing a Digital Presentation for Silent Hill00:55:20 Overwatch 2 Has a Big Player Count00:57:50 Splinter Cell Remake Director Leaves Ubisoft After 11 Years & The State of Stealth Games01:03:35 EA Ends Online Support For Some Old Games- Games We Are Playing -01:07:00 Terra Invicta (Daniel)(* A Review Code was Provided by Hooded Horse *)01:10:35 Warhammer 4K DarkTide Beta (Marc)01:13:35 Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars (Marc)01:15:30 Scorn (Sean)01:18:30 Marc Goes to Motor City Comic-Con, Dragon Ball & Doctor Who- Entertainment Stuff - 01:22:00 She-Hulk Mini Review, House of Dragon & Upcoming Games- Plugs -Join us on Discord: Our Website: us on Tiktok: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    Overwatch 2 Launch Impressions And Issues, Would You Buy an Xbox Streaming Device? - VG2M # 327

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2022 73:11

    Another week in video games and another week that revolves around Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard. Whether it is Brazil approving the Microsoft acquisition of ABK, Overwatch 2 launching with various issues, or even Call of Duty also forcing people to use a mobile device there are certainly a lot of talking points for Sean and Marc to mull over. Marc did run into some issues, but he's also played Overwatch 2 and gives out his Launch Impressions on this episode.Would You buy an Xbox Streaming Device? Well, Phil Spencer may have possibly teased the existence of it while hyping a tweet. Sean discusses how the right price could make this a viable option for people that want to get into gaming without a box. While you can probably expect that Marc will have an opposing opinion on the matter. The Super Mario Bros. movie got its first teaser trailer and it was pretty cool. Meta bought some gaming VR studios, and much more.* Apologies, I didn't realize until after we finished recording that I didn't talk about my thoughts on the Pokemon Gameplay Trailer. There's supposed to be more info on the game coming this week. So for the next episode, I'll make sure it gets covered. * - SeanTimestamps: 00:00:00 Intro & Housekeeping - What's in the News -00:03:10 Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Thoughts- Games We Are Playing - 00:10:15 Overwatch 2 Launch Impressions & Issues- What's in the News Continued... - 00:24:40 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Will Require a Mobile Phone to Register & Advance Warfare 2 Rumors - Main Topics -00:30:00 Brazil's CADE Approves Microsoft's Acquisition of Activision-Blizzard-King With No Restrictions00:45:45 Xbox Streaming Device Teased By Phil Spencer in a Tweet- Some Quick HIts - 00:56:55 Meta Announces Meta Quest Pro And Buys Some Gaming VR Studios01:03:30 Square-Enix Montreal is now Onoma Studios - The End - 01:05:55 Doctor Who Returns Soon, She-Hulk, And Upcoming Games- Plugs -Join us on Discord: Our Website: us on Tiktok: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    The Polarizing Horizon Zero Dawn Remake, More Cyberpunk 2077 & More Witcher - VG2M # 326

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2022 92:21

    CD Projekt Dropped some HUGE news confirming they are working on a brand new IP, an entire second Witcher trilogy, two other Witcher projects being developed by other studios, and even a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 as well called Project Orion. Sean and Marc discuss their thoughts on this bold initiative by the company to just announce it all at once and if this will lead to redemption for the studio. Sony and Microsoft's battle over the Activision-Blizzard-King deal continues with each side having its final meetings and say before the CMA goes into investigation mode. Microsoft even made an entire site dedicated to the deal. Could this actually help them get the deal passed? Or are the constant complaints from Sony going to halt it? Also, Sony drew the ire of social media with rumored plans to Remaster or possibly even Remake Horizon Zero Dawn to make it more in line with its sequel Horizon Forbidden West so that it creates more hype around the game when the Netflix series launches. Sean and Marc discuss if there's a legit reason for this to even be made, and why are so many are upset with it happening.Plus, things aren't going great for the Overwatch 2 launch, even more, TV shows and Movie news from The Medium, The Mario movie, and possibly even From Software IP too? Tencent wants to fully acquire studios instead of investing, and Fandom acquires a whole slew of gaming sites from Red Ventures too.Sean played Josh Journey Darkness Totems (* A Review Code was provided by Provincia Studios *), while Marc is very close to the end of Grand Theft Auto V. You can also watch this episode earlier on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when here's a new episode: Join us on Discord: Our Website: us on Tiktok: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    Google Stadia Shutdown, Overwatch 2, Skull & Bones Delayed AGAIN - VG2M # 325

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2022 73:58

    On this edition of the show, Sean and Marc discuss Google Stadia shutting down, is this more of Google expecting more than they should have, what went wrong? And what does it say about Cloud Gaming? Even with Logitech and Razer both announcing Cloud Gaming Devices. Is it possible Microsoft could do their own Game Pass Handheld? Also, Skull & Bones is Delayed AGAIN by Ubisoft and this time it won't be released until March 2023. Will the game actually see release? And could there be some kind of redemption for this title at some point? There's also the latest controversy with Overwatch 2, Tiny Tina becoming a franchise, EA's Wild Hearts, Sean played a little of FIFA 23, Marc played some Live a Live, and more!You can also watch this episode on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when there's a new episode: Join us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook: 00:00:00 Talking about Hurricane Ian, Housekeeping & Intro- What's in the News -00:04:15 Google Stadia Shut Down00:17:20 The Logitech G Cloud & Razer Edge 5G Announced00:25:15 Embracer Group is Happy With Tiny Tina And Upset at Saints Row00:33:50 Skull & Bones Delayed AGAIN00:39:25 Overwatch 2 Forcing New Players to Play 100 Matches to Unlock Original Characters00:46:10 World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Release Date Announced00:50:25 EA shows off their Monster Hunter-like, Wild Hearts00:54:25 Alleged GTA 6 Hacker Arrested & the Cyberpunk 2077 Redemption Arc00:59:00 Onimusha Netflix Anime Announced & PS Plus Games for October 2022- Games We Are Playing -01:02:30 Ted Lasso Officially Comes to FIFA 23 & Sean's initial thoughts on FIFA 2301:07:30 Soul Hackers 2 (- Sean -)01:11:35 Shovel Knight Dig (- Marc -)

    New Iron Man Game Revealed, Valkyrie Elysium Demo, Big GTA 6 Leak - VG2M # 324

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2022 97:10

    On this episode, Sean, Marc, and Daniel discuss the announcement of a new Iron Man game in development at EA's Motive studio. There's a rumor going around of a new PlayStation 5 SKU with a detachable disc drive. Also, sadly mass layoffs occur at G4 and gaming outlet Fanbyte. Someone leaked Grand Theft Auto VI and now even the F.B.I. is involved. Dan Allen Gaming outed himself as the "Real Insider." The Yakuza name is no more, it's all about Like a Dragon, at least there are more games coming in the series now. Plus, Sean played all of the recently released demos of the big swath of Square-Enix games that are coming soon. Harvestella, Diofield Chronicle, Valkyrie Elysium, Star Ocean Divine Force, and he has thoughts on them all.You can also watch this episode on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when there's a new episode: us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook: Intro & HousekeepingWhat's in the News - 00:02:55 Layoffs at Fanbyte & G4 00:10:10 EA Motive Making a New Iron Man Game00:18:00 Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak00:28:10 Dan Allen Gaming Outs Himself as Real Insider00:34:50 RUMOR: Possible New PS5 SKU with Detachable Disc Drive00:39:45 Sony Confirms PSVR 1 Games Won't Work on PSVR 200:43:45 Yakuza Series Now Known as Like a Dragon in Every Region & Their New Game Announcements00:52:30 Suikoden 1 & 2 Remasters Announced by Konami00:58:45 Elden Ring Wins Best Game at Japan Awards & NPD for August 2022Games We Are Playing - 01:01:30 Temtem - (Daniel) 01:05:30 Assassin's Creed Ragnarok & GTA 5 - (Marc) 01:08:00 Harvestella Demo, Diofield Chronicle Demo, Valkyrie Elysium Demo, Star Ocean Divine Force Demo, Soul Hackers 2 - (Sean)01:21:10 TV Show Talk, Marc watched Clerks 3, Sean watched the Cyberpunk Anime, and Upcoming Games

    Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Revealed, Bonnie Ross Leaves 343 - VG2M # 323

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 104:02

    Originally Recorded in the early hours of Wednesday 09/14/22. It is out late this week due to Sean having to go to his Grandfather's Viewing and Funeral within two consecutive days. Well, to put it mildly, this week was announcement mania. No less than four showcases have taken place since the last time we recorded an episode. So obviously there is a lot to discuss and go through. Sean, Marc, and Daniel discuss their favorite announcements and things they are looking forward to from each one. We got God of War: Ragnarok, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a new Captain America & Black Panther game, and teases for several Assassin's Creed titles. What more could have happened? Trust me, there was quite a bit more. Plus, although Square-Enix had a ton of positives from two of these events, they also announced the shutdown of Babylon's Fall is coming soon, Xbox is getting Discord support and a new dashboard, and also Bonnie Ross leaving 343 Industries too. You can also watch this episode on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when there's a new episode: us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook: 00:00:00 Intro & Housekeeping00:04:30 State of Play: God of War Ragnarok, Stellar Blade, More 00:12:10 Nintendo Direct: LoZ: Tears of the Kingdom, Bayonetta 3, More00:42:45 Ubisoft Forward: Assassin's Creed Mirage, $70 Games, More01:00:20 Marvel & Disney Games: Captain America & Black Panther, More01:09:20 D 23 Announcements: Marvel, Star Wars, Disney01:17:10 Bonnie Ross Leaving HALO & 343 Industries 01:30:20 Babylon's Fall is Being Taken Down01:33:30 Xbox Gets Discord & A New Dashboard01:35:30 Sean Beat Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Upcoming Games, And TV Show Talk

    Sony and Microsoft's Inadequate COD Deal, Horror Game Franchises Returning - VG2M # 322

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2022 116:55

    Originally recorded in the early morning of 09/08/22. Sean had a death in the family shortly before recording this episode which delayed the release of it. As the gaming world gears up for some big announcements within the next few weeks, the acquisitions and stock purchases of companies continue, as Tencent and Sony make payments to up their stake in Elden Ring developer From Software, while Tencent even does the same with Ubisoft making the rumors from a few weeks ago come true. Not to mention, Net Ease ups their stake into a full-on acquisition as they have made it their intention to purchase Quantic Dream. The battle still rages on between Sony and Microsoft in the fight with the review boards, as Sony gets a small victory in forcing an in-depth review of the Activision-Blizzard-King acquisition in the UK. While also fanning the flames of social media with Jim Ryan's statement that “Microsoft's offer is inadequate.” Is it really a bad deal? Would this actually weaken Sony's place in the gaming industry? And should that really be a region's place to decide anyway? Shouldn't Microsoft's intent to want to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation play a role in this as well? If you haven't noticed, there sure have been a lot of Horror games in the works lately, the System Shock devs say this in-large part due to the success of Resident Evil 2 Remake. Sean and Marc discusses the revival of Horror games and what are some franchises that are dormant they'd like to see make a comeback. Plus, should we believe the rumors about the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wind Waker remasters being announced for Switch at the next Nintendo Direct? What the canceling of Split-Screen Co-op says about the state of Halo Infinite, final thoughts on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Soul Hackers 2, and more.Join us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    Global PlayStation 5 Price Hike, Xbox & Sony Focusing on PC & Mobile - VG2M # 321

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2022 91:06

    It's another week in video games and one that created controversy with Sony deciding that the PlayStation 5 should see a price hike in basically all major regions except the United States. Sean, Marc, and Daniel give their views on the decision if it's really needed, and what it says about Sony, especially in the face of Microsoft and Nintendo both stating they would not raise the price of their consoles. Sony also made another purchase, this time in the form of a Mobile game studio, Savage Games, furthering their previously stated intent to go into mobile gaming. Is this a good idea for Sony? Phil Spencer also stated that their still pending acquisition of Activision-Blizzard-King is due to a greater push towards mobile and PC. Should primarily console gamers be worried about this? Or is this just the way of the times? Also in this episode, the guys discuss if there could be a gaming world with no Third-Party exclusives, the first two episodes of She-Hulk, the latest with Assassin's Creed Mirage, could Bandai Namco lock down From Software? The new Mafia game, and much more. You can also watch this episode on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when there's a new episode: us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook: 00:00:00 Intro & HousekeepingMain Topics - 00:02:50 Sony Increases the price of the PlayStation 5 Globally00:17:40 Sony Buys Savage Studios For Mobile Games, Both PlayStation and Xbox are putting a focus on Mobile What's in the News -00:31:00 What if Amazon did actually purchase EA? 00:40:25 Bandai Namco is concerned about not owning IPs 00:45:00 Netflix's Horizon TV show has a Showrunner00:45:40 Hangar 13 has a new Mafia game in development 00:48:25 New info on Assassin's Creed Mirage & AC 1 Remake00:54:35 Could there be a revival of Capcom vs SNK? 00:59:20 Netflix's Bioshock Movie has a Director and Head Writer & Resident Evil Series CanceledGames We Are Playing - 01:06:45 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - (Sean)01:08:10 Soul Hackers 2 - (Sean & Marc)01:18:30 Upcoming Games For This WeekTV Show Interlude -01:24:20 Thoughts on She-Hulk, House of Dragon, More

    Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 Reactions, Embracer Group Buys Everything - VG2M # 320

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 115:34

    Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 had plenty of trailers and gameplay reveals, but what did Sean and Marc find most interesting from the showcase? How does it stack up to what Geoff Keighley has done with Summer Game Fest and Opening Night Live in the past? And what are the guys looking forward to for the rest of this year? Embracer Group made HUGE news with the purchase of the Lord of the Rings IP, Limited Run Games, Tripwire Interactive, and a whole lot more. Could there be more in store? And what could this mean for LOTR? There are also the latest NPD sales, the canceled Iron Man game, SEGA, and Sony making more movie news with four movies on four known franchises including Space Channel 5, Comix Zone, Days Gone, and Gravity Rush. PSVR 2 coming in 2023, the KOTOR Remake officially switches studios, and much more.You can also watch this episode on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when there's a new episode: us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook: 00:00:00 Intro & Housekeeping Main Topic - 00:02:45 Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 ReactionsWhat's in the News - 00:49:10 Embracer Group Buys the Lord of the Rings IP, Limited Run Games & More Game Studios & KOTOR Remake Switches Studios01:12:30 Disney's Avalanche Studios was making an Iron Man game in 2012 & Could there be another Marvel vs. Capcom game ever? 01:17:30 NPD Sales for July 2022 features Multiversus & Xenoblade 3 in the Top 1001:19:20 Blizzard Promises Diablo IV won't be Pay to Win 01:22:35 SEGA Genesis Mini 2 Games & SEGA Movies For Space Channel 5 & Comix Zone in Development01:28:45 Sony is making movies for Days Gone & Gravity Rush, Possible PSVR 2 Release Date01:39:55 Tiger Woods on Cover of PGA Tour 2K2301:42:30 Controversy Abounds Death Stranding is now on PC Game PassGames We Are Playing - 01:44:50 Bloodborne - (Marc)01:50:15 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - (Sean)01:52:30 Upcoming Games & The Ending

    Hogwarts Legacy Delayed, Sony Keeping Games of Xbox Game Pass - VG2M # 319

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2022 59:32

    Sony and Microsoft are in a now second week of the war of potshots and statements. Microsoft alleges Sony makes deals that effectively block big third-party games from appearing on Xbox Game Pass. While Microsoft proves just how unprofitable it would be to keep COD off Sony's platform. This will certainly have Sean, Marc, and Daniel in their feelings.Game Delays continue as now Hogwarts Legacy is the next big game that moves its release date to 2023. Some other smaller games also have to take the hit and head into 2023 as well. There are some major game-related events on the horizon with a recently announced Disney + Marvel showcase and Gamescom's Opening Night Live too. All of this, plus Marc has some thoughts on PlayStation maybe having their own PC game launcher too.You can also watch this episode on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when there's a new episode: us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    Marvel Midnight Suns Delayed, Thymesia, Tekken 8 Teased - VG2M # 318

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 80:45

    It is certainly a mixed bag of a week in gaming with yet another major third-party release seeing a delay, this time it is Marvel's Midnight Suns. While the EVO Live event possibly teased Tekken 8 and the first Fatal Fury game in 23 years. Plus, is Marvel doing too much content between their films and TV Shows?Sean, Marc, and Daniel give their thoughts on that, plus Xbox may be rolling out a new feature for Cloud Gaming Soon, an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan is actually being tested, and Ubisoft is in the news again and it involves Tencent. Also, one of its games, Beyond Good & Evil 2, actually has good news for once. Sean has more thoughts on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as he approaches the 40-hour mark with the game and also finally gets to talk about all the announcements in the Pokemon Direct too.You can also watch this episode on video through our Youtube channel, W2M Network. You can go subscribe and ring the bell there to get notified when there's a new episode: us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Impressions, Batgirl Movie Canceled, Sony's Major Call of Duty Concerns Correct - VG2M # 317

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 96:45

    On our latest episode, so is Call of Duty "nothing special?" or is it "indescribable?" These are the statements put out by Microsoft and Sony concerning whether or not it would be ok for Call of Duty to be owned by Xbox. Sean and Marc debate on who's right considering some other factors at play involving the franchise as well. Is it a good idea to have them skip a year? And is there really no way to have a COD competitor? Warner Bros. Discovery has apparently shelved Batgirl and it may be due to monetary reasons. Why not just release it on HBO Max instead? And was there any interest in this film? Does it further the negative narrative about DC Films? Also, it is finally here, Sean has initial impressions of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the game he's been waiting for all year. Does it live up to the hype and all of the praise from critics? What about the story, the characters, and how is the battle system? Plus, the duo have their say on the reports that Grand Theft Auto VI is set in Miami and will feature a Latina main character. Sean is obviously a lot more excited, but Marc has some concerns for sure. The next Tomb Raider game's plot may have leaked, EVO is going to have a press conference type event called EVO Live, will there be some big announcements? Also, rumors are swelling about a huge D23 for Marvel Disney Plus shows. What are the guys excited about from the big slate?You can also check out the podcast a little earlier by watching over on our Youtube Channel, W2M Network, by going here: Timestamps: 00:00:30 Intro & HousekeepingSpecial Entertainment Topic00:03:10 Batgirl Movie Canceled, Could HBO Max be canned too? And What Marvel stuff could be announced at D23 Expo 2022 What's in the Gaming News00:32:30 Sony's Concerns Over Xbox Owning Call of Duty and Microsoft's response to it, Will the acquisition actually go through?00:48:10 Grand Theft Auto VI Set in Miami And Feature a Latina Lead00:59:15 PS Plus & Xbox Game Pass Games 01:05:30 Next Tomb Raider Game's Plot Possibly Leaked01:09:40 Warhammer 40K Dark Tide Gets Delayed Again01:12:35 EA Pays for Naming Rights for Spain's La Liga01:13:55 Could Mortal Kombat 12 Be Announced at EVO Live 2022?01:18:10 AEW Fight Forever Gets Some New InfoGames We Are Playing01:20:45 Bloodborne & Remnant from the Ashes - (Marc)01:25:50 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - (Sean)Join us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    KOTOR Remake in Trouble, Black Panther Game - VG2M # 316

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 84:48

    This episode was originally recorded on July 27. Apologies for taking a little long to get it out to you all. We also do the podcast in video form on our Youtube channel and it gets out much quicker there: this episode, there's quite a lot going on between the KOTOR remake having major issues to Ubisoft continuing to have delays and cancelations. VR also is a big fixture this week with Meta announcing a price hike and PSVR 2 getting another info drop as well. SDCC just happened too. Sean and Marc discuss some of their favorite announcements from the big convention. Plus, there's also a Black Panther open-world game in the works too. Sean's excitement for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 reaches a fever pitch as it's only a few days away. While Marc is playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Join us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    Stray & As Dusk Falls Impressions, Konami Franchises that Need a Revival - VG2M # 315

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 80:19

    This episode was originally recorded on July 20. Apologies for taking so long to get it out for audio listeners. We also do the podcast on our Youtube channel and it gets out much quicker there: this episode, is a double dose of impressions from Sean regarding Stray and As Dusk Falls, two games currently on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass respectively. Sean enjoys both games, one for being a great cat simulator, and the other for telling a terrific suspense tale with narrative game aspects. In the news, Bayonetta 3 finally gets a release date, Sony finishes their acquisition of Bungie and then acquires, as the guys discuss what PlayStation's strategy could be for making so many varied acquisitions in a short span of time. Plus, what are some Konami franchises that could use a revival? Could Nintendo be doing more with CG in their games and maybe even push into TV series after buying a Japanese company Dynamo? What are some shows that work in this type of vein? Marc has some thoughts on the decision to not make Final Fantasy XVI turn-based and how the young generation has something to do. He's also not to fond of what's going on with the Assassin's Creed franchise too.Join us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    Bright Memory Infinite Impressions, Kirby Dream Buffet Announced - VG2M # 314

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 16, 2022 98:02

    Sean, Marc, and Daniel discuss the announcement of Kirby's Dream Buffet, Sean has initial thoughts on Bright Memory Infinite, as he's reviewing the game. Plus, God of War Ragnarok has a release date, Forspoken is Delayed Again, Supermassive Games getting acquired, Haven being fully acquired by Sony, should Last of Us Part 1 Remake cost $70, Rockstar confirming GTA 6 development is the priority, and much more. Due to some news items involving Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed Liberation HD and Sony, the guys also debate the merits of buying physical media versus digital media, does it really make a difference at this point? And what is everyone's preference now? You can watch the podcast in video form on the W2M Network Youtube Channel here: Intro & Games We Are Playing -(00:01:10) Fire Emblem: Three Hopes - Marc(00:05:25) Bright Memory Infinite First Impressions - Sean* A Digital Code was Provided For Review by the PR Company * What's in the News -(00:10:45) Forspoken Delayed, God of War: Ragnarok Release Date, Skull & Bones Gameplay & Release Date Reveal(00:20:05) Kirby's Dream Buffet Announced(00:25:20) Lollipop Chainsaw is Getting a Remake(00:26:45) Ubisoft starts up the Physical vs Digital Debate Again (00:39:10) Xbox Series Consoles Double Xbox One Sales in Japan(00:45:45) Sony Completes Purchase of Haven Studios & SuperMassive Acquired By Nordisk. Could increased global Inflation cause fewer studios to be purchased and more companies selectively buy known IP instead?(00:55:30) Should The Last of Us Part 1 Remake cost $70? Will there be a Last of Us Part 3? (01:01:45) PlayStation 5 gets an official Third Party SSD Drive and Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Really Only on PS5 Because of its SSD? (01:08:35) Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption Remasters shelved to focus on GTA 6. (01:15:55) E3 is Back Thanks to ReedPop, Could it Succeed?(01:19:10) Xbox 360 Games Ending Soon on Games For Gold (01:23:10) Which do you think does better a Terminator game or a Robocop Game? (01:29:00) Sean laments Kazuki Takahashi, Creator of Yu-Gi-Oh's sad passing(01:31:20) Ending: Upcoming Games & TV TalkJoin us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    Cuphead DLC, Neon White, Best Games of 2022 So Far - VG2M # 313

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2022 99:13

    Now that the first six months have passed in 2022 it serves as a great halfway point to examine how things have been up to this point in the gaming year. Sean, Marc, and Daniel give out their Best Games of 2022 So Far with each person dishing out their Top 5. You'd obviously expect major games such as Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West to be on there, but what surprises could be there for some games to check out this summer. Sean also checked out some games this week, namely the newly released DLC Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, the Live a Live Demo, and Neon White as well. Sean discusses why he absolutely loves Neon White. How the Live a Live Demo gets you hyped for the remaster's release in a few weeks. Plus, Marc also has a lot more thoughts on Fire Emblem: Three Hopes as well. In the news, Sucker Punch finally quells rumors of a new Sly Cooper or InFamous game, Nintendo opens up a monthly subscription warranty program for the Switch, HALO Infinite Co-op Campaign progression and why it is a good thing for more games. There's also discussion on gamer hate affecting both God of War Ragnarok and Return to Monkey Island. The death of the Intellivision Amico patent, could an NFT console actually happen? And what are some Nintendo franchises we'd like to see make a return? You can also watch the show on the W2M Network Youtube channel here: - Intro: 4th of July CelebrationsGames We Played -(00:02:40) - Fire Emblem: Three Hopes - Marc (00:09:40) - Marc completes his SNES Physical Collection (00:12:45) - Neon White - Sean(00:17:55) - Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course - Sean(00:21:00) - Live a Live Demo & Card Shark Demo - SeanWhat's Going on in the News -(00:23:50) - Nintendo Wide Care Launches in Japan - A Monthly Warranty Subscription (00:29:30) - Nintendo Franchises We'd Like to See Get Sequels(00:40:40) - Sucker Punch Definitively Says There Are NO Sly Cooper or InFamous games in development.(00:45:00) - HALO Co-op Campaign Has Progress For All Players(00:49:30) - Mary DeMarle joins Mass Effect 4 Writing Team (00:55:10) - EA Knocks Singleplayer Games Going for a Twitter Trend(00:58:30) - Ubisoft Ends Multiplayer Servers for Some Old Games(01:00:50) - Blizzard Purchases Spellbreak Studio Proletariat (01:04:00) - God of War Release Date Circus and Gamer Hate Towards Ron Gilbert and Sony Santa Monica Employees(01:16:45) - The First NFT Game Console is a Scam and Intellivision Amico Patent Dead(01:22:10) - Sony Files Patent That Includes Many PS3 Accessories(01:25:50) - Good Klonoa Remaster Sales Could Lead to More For Series Main Topic - (01:28:30) - Top 5 Games of 2022 So FarEnding - (01:31:40) - Games Coming Out This Week & TV Show TalkJoin us on Discord: Our Website: Us on Twitter: Twitter: Twitter: us on Twitch: Us on Facebook:

    Fire Embem Warriors: Three Hopes, Persona Games Finally on Switch - VG2M # 312

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 87:11

    On the latest episode, Sean, Marc, and Daniel discuss early thoughts on Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes and a little more on TMNT: Shredder's Revenge in the Games Being Played. The trio also goes through the highlights of the latest Nintendo Direct Mini which featured Persona 3, 4, and 5 finally being announced as coming to the Switch. Sean is excited, but Marc thinks Persona 3 Portable was not the right version to bring over. Of course, Sean has plenty of indies he wants to check out now including the cute puzzle game Blanc, RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, Return to Monkey Island, and more. Marc also isn't impressed by the footage of Sonic Frontiers and is now turned off by the game entirely, here is why he feels this way and how this sort of has something to do with Sonic Origins. But at least there's the awesome announcement of a Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection. Marc and Daniel also have a pretty interesting conversation about how to save World of Warcraft in light of the newest expansion Dragonflight getting special edition details. Also on this show: Sean goes through what he liked from the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct and the Expansion Pass, Final Fantasy XVI's unique take on easy mode, and initial thoughts on the Horizon 2074 show. Around 1 hour and 14-minute mark, the Entertainment talk begins with final thoughts on the Star Wars Kenobi series now that it's hit the finale and The Orville Season 3 too.

    Final Fantasy VII Overload, Dragon's Dogma 2 is Real! - VG2M # 311

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 61:08

    This episode was originally recorded on 06/21/22. Apologies for taking long to edit it and get it out to you all. It certainly was one heck of a celebration week for both Final Fantasy VII and Dragon's Dogma. Square-Enix and Capcom respectively showed off new games in both of these franchises. Dragon's Dogma 2 is certainly really in development. And not only are known games such as Ever Crisis getting a beta. But also there's a remaster of Crisis Core coming and also the second game in the Remake series, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth was shown off as well. Sean, Marc, and Daniel discuss their thoughts on all these reveals and also if Square-Enix's heavy reliance on Final Fantasy will pay off or end up backfiring instead. Also, Sean and Daniel played some TMNT: Shredder's Revenge and they loved the game. Is it even going to be Game of the Year contender? Plus, the Gran Turismo movie gets a synopsis, is God of War: Ragnarok actually coming out in November 2022? Marc's despair over the shelving of Tony Hawk 3 & 4 Remaster, and Skull & Bones gets ratings around the globe. Could it actually finally release? There's also discussion on episodes 4 & 5 of Kenobi and where the Star Wars film universe stands as a whole.

    Summer Games Fest, Capcom, Xbox + Bethesda Showcase Thoughts - VG2M # 310

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2022 66:10

    Originally Recorded on 06/15/22. Sorry for taking a little too long to get this edited and out.On this episode, Sean, Marc, and Daniel give their thoughts both positive and negative on the Summer Games Fest Opening, Capcom Showcase, and Xbox + Bethesda Showcase, (and Extended too). This includes looking at each showcase in general, the big games like Resident Evil 4 Remake, Redfall, Starfield, Last of Us Remake, and a lot more. Sean also has thoughts on some standout games from the smaller indie showcases too. They also discuss some of the games they are looking forward to for the rest of the year as well.

    Diablo Immortal is Pay to Win, PlayStation's Best State of Play Ever - VG2M # 309

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 62:06

    This episode was originally recorded on 06/07/22. Apologies for taking so long to edit it and get it out. On this episode, Daniel has played quite a bit of Diablo Immortal. He discusses the game itself, how Diablo Immortal's Pay to Win strategy is a total detriment to gaining good vibes with gamers and it actually makes Sean and Marc not want to play it at all. Will this prove to be a winner for Blizzard? And could any of this bleed into Diablo IV as well? Marc also laments Jeff Gertsmann leaving Giant Bomb, his legacy in gaming, and what he could do next. (Turns out he's doing his own thing including a Solo podcast called the Jeff Gertsmann Show.)They also go through the highlights of the most recent PlayStation State of Play which featured the surprise of Final Fantasy XVI and even included a release window of Summer 2023. The Resident Evil 4 Remake also got show time too. Could this be the best State of Play ever? Also on this show: The latest Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer, the SEGA Mega Drive 2 announcement, Street Fighter VI leaks, and thoughts on the first three episodes of Star Wars Kenobi as well.

    V Rising, PlayStation's Big PC And VR Initiative # 308 - Video Games 2 the MAX

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 68:46

    This episode was originally recorded on 05/31/22. Apologies on taking so long to edit it and get it out. On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX, Sean, Marc, and Daniel discuss playing V Rising, Warcraft 3 Reforged supposed roadmap and the overall picture of Blizzard heading into the release of Diablo Immortal. PlayStation also seems to be on this big turn to changing how many think of them. Moving away from only being known as a place for the big tent pole AAA games and doing more in the PC, VR, and games as service spaces. Will this wind up as a major win for Sony? Other things discussed on the show: The reveal of the Jedi Fallen Order sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The Marvel MMO that never was. Horizon Zero Dawn getting a Netflix show, and more.

    Xbox Game Pass Lacking AAA Games, EA Looking to Sell? # 307 - Video Games 2 the MAX

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 66:17

    This episode was originally Recorded on 05/24/22. Apologies that it took so long to edit and come out. On this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX, Sean, Marc, and Daniel discuss whether the sentiment that Xbox Game Pass is not living up to its billing of delivering on the AAA titles is truly warranted. Do gamers just need to be playing more indies? Or do gamers have a point? Is it time to start unsubscribing from the service? There's also discussion on how EA's deal to merge with NBC Universal falling through is a major statement about where the state of AAA gaming is at? And should we worry for other big publishers like Ubisoft and Square-Enix as well? Also on the episode: Would the Spider-Man games be as big a deal if they were an Xbox exclusive? Norman Reedus sort of confirming the existence of Death Stranding 2. Thoughts on the HALO TV Show and more.

    Classic Titles for PS Plus Premium, Latest on Silent Hill 2 Remake - Video Games 2 the MAX

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 85:26

    The show goes through a little bit of a reboot to introduce a third co-host with Daniel Anderson making his return and Marc Morrison takes the reigns as host, with Sean going into more of a rotating role where he may be on some episodes and not on others to make time for other things at the W2M Network. In this episode, Marc and Daniel discuss the announcement of the first classic titles heading to the PlayStation Plus Premium service, the tiers, and the outlook of the service as a whole as it heads into launch. There's also discussion on what's happening at Blizzard, Activision putting on a front about Call of Duty Vanguard's lack of sales, the EA and FIFA split, the possibility of several Silent Hill titles in the works, Square-Enix selling off much of their western studios, the WATA lawsuit, and much more. Just a side note, when Marc and Daniel are the only ones hosting the show will still be available on Youtube, but only in audio format.

    A New The Witcher Saga, Strangers of Paradise, Tunic, Moon Studios Toxicity

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 83:36

    After an unintended long layoff, Video Games 2 the MAX has returned with Sean and Marc joined by Jens Dietrich to talk about, you guessed it, more Elden Ring. Marc also has final thoughts on Horizon Forbidden West as he's beaten the game. Sean's also been playing some games too, with Tunic and Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin being the two main ones. There are quite a few things to discuss since the last episode, as CD Projekt has announced a new saga of The Witcher series is in development. Although scarce details are available as they are basically in the beginning stages. At least it is being made with Unreal Engine this time. Moon Studios is hugely toxic according to many former employees. We discuss some of the aspects of why this is so concerning and how it played a role in why Microsoft did not push to acquire them. Sony had not one, but two State of Plays since our last episode, and they've also acquired yet another studio in Haven. Supermassive has a new game, Gotham Knights is actually coming out, and much more.

    A Musical Story, Forspoken Delayed, Pokemon Generation 9 is Happening Correct

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 72:24

    Well, there certainly have been a lot of big games that have come along lately to keep everyone busy, as Triangle Strategy now joins the list of yet another game someone on the podcast is playing. Sean discusses his very brief time with the game so far and also more on A Musical Story as well. Marc continues trekking through the huge open worlds in Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, and Lost Ark. As the War in Ukraine has intensified over the last week, gaming companies have done everything from donating money and game sale proceeds to even stopping their games and products from being sold in Russia too. EA even made sure to remove Russian teams from NHL 22 and FIFA 22 as well. New Pokemon games are coming THIS YEAR and it is in fact generation nine of the series as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were revealed in a Pokemon Presents last week. Is Sean excited for more Pokemon? Or is there some Pokemon fatigue possibly setting in? Plus, Forspoken has been delayed into the fall, Switch Online subscribers get a semblance of a reward system, Halo Infinite gets more bad news, more TV shows are coming for Sony, and more.

    Elden Ring Review Extravaganza, Latest on Project Spartacus w/ The Outerhaven's Keith Mitchell

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2022 100:52

    We are joined by The's Head Man and EIC Keith Mitchell and Jens Dietrich to discuss their spoiler-free thoughts on Elden Ring. Keith reviewed the game for The Outerhaven and is pretty far in the game, while Jens is still early on in his adventure. Being two major Soulsborne lovers will their ideas match? Marc is also playing the game too. Will there be a big difference of opinion? Plus, Marc also has more thoughts on Horizon Forbidden West as well.There's also discussion on the latest rumors surrounding Project Spartacus, the price tiers, and what they could offer. Is this worth it? Will there be changes to what's there? Or is this all a bunch of nothing that won't even happen? Not to mention, Street Fighter 6 has officially been announced, the PSVR 2 has some real images, Call of Duty skipping a year in 2023, Bethesda closes their launcher, another Western developed game doesn't sell well enough for Square-Enix, and more.

    Horizon Forbidden West, Wii U & 3DS E-Shop Going Down - VG2M # 302

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2022 96:08

    Another one of 2022's most anticipated games is finally out in the wild and Marc's had a chance to play it. He gives his first thoughts on the game in a review-in-progress style. Sean has plenty of questions since this is on everyone's minds this week. Marc also is further into Lost Ark and he beat Demon's Souls as well. Sean played a little Edge of Eternity and Kingdom of the Dead too. Nintendo once again causes controversy by announcing that as of March 2023 gamers will no longer be able to make digital purchases on the Wii U and 3DS E-Shops. Will this wind up being a permanent move? Or could Nintendo change course as Sony did with the PS3 and Vita storefronts? Plus, there's a chance another Fire Emblem game comes out in 2022, Street Fighter 6 was officially announced post podcast, but Marc gave plenty of thoughts on what needs to be changed from Street Fighter V. Ubisoft hints they could entertain an acquisition, a ton of video game TV and Movie news including a Sonic 3 already being greenlit, and much more.

    Pokemon Legends Arceus, Lost Ark, That Nintendo Direct! - VG2M # 301

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2022 77:56

    After a very much unintended delay, Sean and Marc are back and have plenty to discuss on this jam-packed episode of Video Games 2 the MAX. Sean finally gets to talk about his adventures in Pokemon Legends Arceus, while Marc has been spending a lot of time with Lost Ark. There's also a big Nintendo Direct to talk about as the Big N revealed additions to their 2022 slate of games, some we already knew about like Kirby And The Forgotten Land and Advance Wars 1 & 2: Reboot Camp, while others such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3 were a total surprise. Sean gushes about all the awesome stuff revealed in this Direct, while Marc will probably have a few less enthused thoughts. There are also the latest NPD numbers, and some major stories the guys haven't discussed yet like Sony acquiring Bungie news, World of Warcraft going Mobile, Grand Theft Auto 6 is actually real, and a lot more!

    Nobody Saves the World, EA Making More Star Wars Games - VG2M # 300

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2022 60:48

    Originally Recorded January 27, 2022. Apologies that it is being posted now. Sean had been going through some personal issues that made this one very late, but also be sure to check out the new episode that was posted as well. The original description continues as follows... Sean talks about playing Nobody Saves the World, the indie RPG Paladin Dream, the mobile game Beat Star, and Marc beats Chorus too. In a calm before the storm of sorts before the big game releases start rolling in for the year, EA announces that Respawn is making not one, not two, but three Star Wars games at the studio. And while it looks like only one is coming relatively soon in Jedi Fallen Order 2, the others are farther away Hot off the big acquisition news of last week, Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation for at least three more years and there's even a Warzone 2 in the works. Blizzard also announces their own Survival game as well. Plus, more news on Overwatch 2, Diablo IV, and other franchises are on the way. All of that and there's also Crysis 4, the QA team at Raven unionizing, and more.

    Microsoft Acquires Activision Blizzard King, Our 2022 Fantasy Critic Video Games Draft - VG2M # 299

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 57:49

    Some huge news dropped on Tuesday morning that shook everybody in gaming. Microsoft announced that they are set to acquire Activision Blizzard King for a whopping $68.7 Billion. We spend the first 23 minutes of the podcast discussing what this means for Xbox, for Xbox Game Pass, Sony, and the rest of the gaming industry. Of course, between Marc, Sean, Randy Isbelle, and Jens Dietrich we also cover the workplace issues and the topic of exclusivity as well. The rest of the episode is dedicated to our Fantasy Critic Draft. Each host will have to pick seven games that they think will score the best on the website and do it in snake draft style. This should certainly be a fun podcast for sure.You can watch the podcast on video here: can see our draft picks for the Video Games 2 the MAX League over at Fantasy Critic:'s written thoughts on Microsoft Acquiring Activision Blizzard: Sean on Twitter: Marc on Twitter: Microsoft set to acquire Activision Blizzard King(23:00) Our Fantasy Critic Video Game Draft

    Should PlayStation Exclusives Go to PC on Day One? Gravity Chase, More

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2022 81:57

    In the first episode of 2022, Sean gives out the reason why that is (hint, he and the family got COVID-19.) Marc also discusses his trip to Atlanta that was supposed to involve seeing the Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra concert, but COVID-19 canceled that too. After that, the guys discuss playing Gravity Chase, Heaven Dust 2, Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth, and The Anacrusis. Topics include: PlayStation deciding to keep making PS4's for another year. Discussing PSVR 2 Features and how much it will cost, PS NOW cards being removed from retail in the United States and the UK, what it means for Spartacus, and what could Spartacus actually include in its service. Plus, Sean asks Marc the golden question of when PlayStation exclusives should come to PC? They also discuss Days Gone not getting a sequel, E3 canceled as an in-person event, Take-Two purchasing Zynga, and the latest with NFT's in gaming involving Troy Baker and Square-Enix both saying agreeing to them, while SEGA reverses course and cancels their interest. Make sure to tune in to the next episode which will be available on Thursday, January 20 where Sean and Marc are joined by Jens, Randy, and Daniel to do the first-ever Video Games 2 the MAX Fantasy Critic Draft.Follow Sean on Twitter: Marc on Twitter: can follow the Video Games 2 the MAX Fantasy Critic League here:'s Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth Review:

    Our Personal Top 10's And The 25 Best Games of 2021 - VG2M Special

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2021 80:00

    It is that time again to decide what games make up Our 25 Best Games. For the 2021 edition Sean and Marc are joined by Randy Isbelle to debate, order, and finally, decide on the ultimate choices. Each person also gives out their personal Top 10 Games of 2021 and takes a look back at the year that was during this special episode as well. In a year that was rife with great Indie titles will this be the year that a game like Death's Door, It Takes Two, or Kena: Bridge of Spirits takes the crown? Will it be a PlayStation exclusive like Returnal or Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart? Or perhaps something from an Xbox studio such as Psychonauts 2, Deathloop, Halo Infinite, or Forza Horizon 5? Don't forget Nintendo also had a huge stalwart in Metroid Dread to consider as well. Plus, there are the third parties bringing their own major games to the table such as Resident Evil Village, Monster Hunter Rise, Scarlet Nexus, Tales of Arise, Riders Republic, and so many others. 2021 was another terrific year for games. Picking just 25 is certainly an unenviable task for sure.You can watch the show on Youtube here:

    Our Most Anticipated Games of 2022, Dungeon Munchies, Final Fantasy XIV is Too Popular

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 18, 2021 92:24

    It is games, games, and more games to discuss in this episode. Between Sean and Marc, the guys have been playing quite a lot. Sean delved deeper into the Halo Infinite Campaign, although all of the side stuff is kind of derailing the story portion of it. He discusses why this is both a good and bad thing for the series.He's also played an even more recent game in Dungeon Munchies, which was one of the four games that released the day of the most recent Indie World event. Of course, they discuss the showcase, and some of their favorite games from the show too.Also on the list to be discussed today: No Longer Home, Moonglow Bay, The Gunk, The Forgotten City, and a bunch of Game Awards and Indie World Demos too.In the news, the development team behind S.T,A,L,K.E.R. felt the blow of being on the wrong end of the NFT debate. Final Fantasy XIV is so popular that it has been taken down from storefronts to help curb the long queue times for veteran players excited for the Endwalker expansion. A new Splinter Cell game has finally been announced in the most non-exciting way possible, PlayStation 5 finally gets the long awaited cover plates, and more.Oh, and if you didn't have enough games in this episode, get ready for Our Most Anticipated Games of 2022 as well.

    Game Awards 2021 Post Show: Big Announcements, Too Little Awards

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 66:23

    The Game Awards 2021 has finished and there certainly were a lot of announcements, advertisements, and I guess some awards given out at the show. Certainly, there is a lot to discuss about the event itself.Sean and Marc give their feelings on the show in general, the lack of showing awards, could it use being a little bit shorter, and of course their favorite announcements and not-so-favorite things from the show as well. Not to mention, their thoughts on the actual award winners. Especially with It Takes Two GOTY.

    Early Halo Infinite Campaign Thoughts, PlayStation Game Pass, 2021 Honorable Mention Games - VG2M # 296

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2021 89:14

    Randy Isbelle joins Sean and Marc to dish out early thoughts on the Halo Infinite Campaign. Since this is coming out before the actual 2021 Game Awards, the guys give out their games that will probably just barely be off their eventual Top 10 Best Games of 2021 and also discuss some games they've either recently finished playing or are still playing such as Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 7, Unpacking, The Artful Escape, Persona 5 Strikers, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Demon's Souls, and Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Plus, there's also been some news this week as well. Could it be that a Chrono Cross Remake is actually happening? There are now two sources kinda sorta making Sean get really excited about it. Should gamers actually be upset about Spider-Man outfits not coming to PS4 and The Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy Collection having a $10 upgrade for PS5? Also, according to Bloomberg, Sony may actually have a true competitor to Xbox Game Pass in the offing. What do the guys think about the rumored "three tier system?" Does it have to actually include day-one first-party titles? And will we see Sony pay for exclusives and add perks too?

    Could Legal Emulation Actually Happen? Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Mass Effect TV Show - VG2M # 295

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 92:03

    After an unintended week off, it is back to gaming for Sean and Marc. Games discussed in this episode include: Sean took his first steps in the world of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, discussing his choice for starter, where he's at, and what it feels like to go back in time with the Pocket Monsters. He also played and beat Life is Strange: True Colors, is almost at the end of Resident Evil Village, and also got some time in with Deathloop and Persona 5 Strikers too. Marc takes his turn with Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy does he feel differently than Sean has? Plus, he's had a lot more time with Shin Megami Tensei V too. Amazon is apparently close to making it official for a Mass Effect TV Show, Bobby Kotick keeps making a mess of things over at Activision-Blizzard including even hinting at resigning if things don't turn around quickly. Will he actually do it? Sean has major mixed feelings about Epic Games buying Harmonix. There's a possible Marvel MMO in the works, Phil Spencer wants legal emulation in the future, and a whole lot more.Also, some movie talk on this episode as Sean went saw Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City and liked it a lot even with its low budget. Marc also liked Ghostbusters: Afterlife too.

    League 2 the MAX - Free Agent Day!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2021 207:58

    Well while someone was off celebrating a birthday, the REAL offseason really began with some MAJOR announcements in terms of roster changes, coaching changes, and a big development from Riot themselves that harkens back to what we discussed on the show before. The preseason has begun, and Bryan is here to help get the ball rolling on our first official show!

    Game Awards 2021 Nominees, Shin Megami Tensei V, Xbox's 20th Anniversary

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 57:43

    Microsoft had their 20th Anniversary event stream and had quite a few announcements to share from it. Sean and Marc discuss the big ones including the final backwards compatibility additions, Halo Infinite Multiplayer releasing early as a Beta, and a big documentary series too. Right before the guys started recording the Game Awards 2021 Nominees were announced. So they go through the game-related ones and give their early predictions for who is going to take the crown and who they would like to see win. Marc also gives his first thoughts on Shin Megami Tensei V. Sean finally beat Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and also played a lot more of Eastward as well. There are also thoughts on the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition mess, the NPD for October 2021, Elder Scrolls VI being an exclusive for Xbox and PC, Gamepass was once a rental service and more.

    Forza Horizon 5, A Donkey Kong Movie, PS5 & Xbox Series One Year Later - VG2M # 293

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 69:43

    Games discussed on this episode of Video Games 2 the MAX include: Sean spending a little bit of time with Forza Horizon 5, along with some indie titles in The Legend of Tianding and Tunche. Marc also gets to play some Deathloop too! In the news, rumors abound that a Donkey Kong movie could be up next for Nintendo after the Mario film. They also promise more for Switch Online and Switch Online expansion as well. Also, Xbox has some games leak, Phil Spencer talks about wanting more social and casual games as part of their portfolio, could it lead to the return of 1 vs 100? Sadly delays are also a topic of conversation once again, but hey, at least there's more news on Sonic Frontiers, right? Finally, there's also a look at the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles as they both have been out on the market for one year. Who's done more in that time? And what about those games?

    League 2 the MAX - Tournament in Review Final

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 197:25

    The chaos wasn't done after all, as EDward Gaming pulled off a major upset over Damwon Kia to claim the Summoner's Cup. Dr. Manhattan will be salty, but Bryan will put the last bit of energy he has together to recap a classic final, and a classic world championship tournament overall.

    League 2 the MAX - EDward Gaming Deep Dive

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 77:36

    Our Worlds 2021 Finals Week coverage continues with a deep dive into our second finalist. EDward Gaming is on a historic run, making it past the quarterfinals for the first time ever. We'll take a look into how they got here, their history, and a bit more on how they stack up come Saturday.