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Join Trent, Darren, Ben and Frank as they discuss the world of Toy Collecting and everything Pop Culture.

Justice Ninja's of Eternia

    • Sep 16, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from Toy Power Podcast

    #328: Darren From Dark Oz!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2023 60:03

    This Week on the Toy Power Podcast we have Special Guest Darren Koziol in the studio, to chat about his role in Australian Comics!  Darren is of course the Creator, Editor, Publisher & Primary Author of Dark Oz Comics!  He produces many titles under this banner, with hundreds of other creators working on these titles too.  After the initial get to know you questions, we find out, just how much Darren is passionate car enthusiast that even features some of his cars in his comics too!  Where has Dark Oz taken Darren and what future things does he potentially have in the works!   Darren has a hell of a lot going on, and is an extremely busy man!  So we really appreciate him talking to us. This was a really fun episode indeed. Please find out more about Dark Oz from the website: the show: for privacy information.

    #327: Drink it in

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2023 71:33

    It's news day have we our usual selection McFarlane, HasLabs and more to get through. Did the Ghost make the finish line? And will a new Marvel project meet the fate of the infamous Ghost Rider? Mattel let the fans decide and there are some decisions to be made – some more obvious than other. Brian Flynn makes Frank's year (and indeed his wallet cry) while another toy seems to bear his very name. Speaking of named things, tonight we drinking something special… Then it's over to latest scores and the merry-go round of toy swapping and buying even from within the four of us proving once and for all, that all good things come to those who wait!Support the show: for privacy information.

    #326: Razz with Spin-Master Gab!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2023 60:01

    This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we are joined by a Spin Master Gab!  With our regular get-to-know-you questions out of the way; we move onto our main topic around Raffles, Waffles, Razz or whatever name it takes, to fly under the social media guidelines.  So what is a Waffle?  (Cause Scotty doesn't know!)  What does it take to make a successful Raffle?  What doesn't work too is quite interesting too! Then we spin the discussion around; and touch base on what sub-category of the TMNT Franchise is Gab into the most?  How does such a huge TMNT fan like Gab focus his collecting habits too?  Overall, this was an intriguing conversation on many levels.  Enjoy.Support the show: for privacy information.

    #325: News & The Big Lie!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2023 84:30

    This week on the Toy Power Podcast, its another full on News session; as we kick it off with a chat about the new Star Wars Asoka Show - what are we missing?  Then it genuinely seems that Todd McFarlane himself has filled our Runsheet with his upcoming reveals and announcements!  But can you believe that we are discussing more characters, from the DC Universe, than just Batman himself!  Yes, its a pretty cool mix... with some Batman too of course.  Then we move over to some really neat news from Ramen Toys.  Ace, announces a new Diorama set in the works plus a bomb shell statement on who has the rights for a certain 80's property....  Then in rounding out the episode, we circle back to a Question initially put forward by Master Fresh; of which - What is the great toy lie you are telling yourself this year?  Whilst we attempt to recall our initial answers to that question from 6months ago; we mostly seem to have all but broken the rules; except for Frank.  Well done sir!  All this and more!  Enjoy!Support the show: for privacy information.

    #324: Davey's Cartoon Connection

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2023 65:56

    Davey sticks around and is here to carry the show as we delve into the world of 80s cartoons. Ready your sugar-high cereal, blanket and remote-less TV as we prepare to park it on the shag-pile brown carpet and relive our favourites. Which cartoon had too much singing in it? Best intro? Best voice and music? Is Scot's childhood dependence a little too much? All the controversial opinions are here. Does Ren and Stimpy hold up? Ben reports in. Then Colin Betts delivers the good - literally - from far off Canadia in classic style.Support the show: for privacy information.

    #323: News With DaveyDamaged!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2023 61:51

    This week on the Toy Power Podcast; we have the Legendary man himself; back to poke fun at everything we say!  Yes; Master DaveyDamaged is in the studio to help us get through all the latest news.  Not too much regular news to cover, as their where obviously so much announced from SDCC; but now with some early reveals from PowerCon; we easily fill an entire episode!  Vehicle Voltron, more from Batman 66, Marvel Legends & a blank customisable figure.  Flocked Panthor, Silver Hawks & Cow Boys of Moo Mesa?!?  Then we take a look at the reveals from PowerCon!  TMNT Sewer Dio, Premium DNA & Thunder Cats Pipeline. Plus closer to home, Ultimate Figure Protection Launches their website!  A very fitting tribute from Action Figure Adventure to round out the episode.  Enjoy! Find more antics from DaveyDamaged on his own NSFW platfrom: Dave's Video Graveyard!! Support the show: for privacy information.

    #322: The Hang-Over Episode.

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2023 52:05

    This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we are taking it very easy.  We are honestly still quite worn out from the excitement & partying that came from the previous SDCC episode!  However, we are quite excited to announce our Seventh Birthday!  We have an exciting social media trend we wish you to be a part of too.  Then we shine the lime-light onto our latest scores.  Seems a very nice mix of Modern items, & not one of us can stick to just one item, we all share multiple scores.  Then a round table discussion about what we are all Reading, Playing, Watching.  So sit back, as we kind of phone it in this ep; but still have some very interesting points to discuss.  Enjoy.Support the show: for privacy information.

    #321: SDCC 2023 Recap!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2023 150:11

    This week on the Toy Power Podcast, we have a MASSIVE show organised for you!  As we attempt to cover almost all the wonderful news & reveals from the juggernaut that is San Diego Comic-Con!  We have a small batch of Pre-Con news, and then we get stuck into the Con headlines - breaking them down into Company Brands.  Kicking off with Mattel, (with a bonus breakdown from Criss Fresh on all things Wrestling); then Super7, Mondo, Nacelle, Neca, Hasbro, McFarlane & Mezco.  We have not one, but two "Shut-Up-And-Take-My-Money!" sizzle reels!   Then we rate the overall Companys display presence against each other - who was the overall best in our opinion?  Plus an interesting convo about if we even missed the Hollywood cinematic side of things this year?  This is probably our longest episode to date; so strap in as we break it all down for you! Episode cover art is an outstanding picture from Instagram Artist: @WorkMoreOrLess Support the show: for privacy information.