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A show hosted by two best friends who love to talk about sports and then some! Welcome to The Neighborhood Podcast hosted by your favorite duo, Kevin N. Valentin & Kyle DaBrow!

Kevin N. Valentin

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    Championship Weekend is Upon us!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2023 87:09

    We are back once again for another Monday episode! What a weekend we had in the NFL, all of the games did not go as planned! Well at least to the two of us but lets just get into it. First of course we have to talk about Kansas City advancing to their 5th straight AFC Championship game! That is no easy task for any team and the Chiefs showed again why they are one of the best teams in the AFC year in and year out. The thing is, this game was a lot closer than people anticipated and of course the looming headline is will Pat be ready to play next week? The Jaguars should hold their heads up high because they truly had an incredible season! With Patrick Mahomes suffering a high ankle sprain the narrative for this week will be can he play? If he does play, how effective will he be? Only time will tell... The next game was a bit of a shock but not really? Philly blows out the Giants for the second time out of three games to advance to the NFC Championship. What happened with New York? Were the Eagles that much better? Or did the Giants have a fluke game the week prior? We were certain that this game was going to be a lot more competitive, the Eagles just had other plans. JOSEPH Burrow does it again! He goes into Buffalo and demolishes the Bills on their home field! A rematch of last years AFC Championship is set! The Bills came out extremely flat and were embarrassed at the line of scrimmage all game long, Cincinnati's weakened offensive line was able to push the pile on almost every play. Unfortunately this is just another season falling short for Josh Allen and the Bills. With this victory there is no question as of right now the order of the top tier quarterbacks has shifted! Patrick holds the number one spot for now but Joe is now closing in on his heels after passing Josh. There is no longer a debate, Joe Burrow is HIM! Now the final game was pure comedy for most...unless you are a Cowboys fan. Then this game was absolutely miserable to watch. Dak and the boys fall short YET AGAIN!!!!! However we cannot fault the entire team, Dallas' defense kept them in this game against the 49ers. That offense just did not show up and Prescott turned it over 2 more times, almost 3! Is it time for Dallas to blow it up!? In some NBA news, there was a certain TV personality who was in the news for some bad reasons. Shannon Sharpe not only made a scene but caused a stoppage in play during the Grizzlies and Lakers game. His outburst got multiple Memphis players agitated and upset. Yet Shannon was allowed to return to his seat after the half? Wasn't he the one who talked about fans needing to be held accountable just a few months ago? Seems a bit hypocritical to us... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The Divisional Round Begins!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2023 100:09

    Friday is finally here which means the NFL Playoffs are one day closer!! We got plenty of content rolling your way today so lets just dive right into it. As we mentioned the NFL Divisional round gets started on Saturday but of course we got some games on Sunday as well. Game number one is going to be the Jaguars facing off against the Chiefs. The Juggernaut of the AFC in the Chiefs look to make their 5th consecutive AFC Championship game. However Trevor Lawrence and the crew look to upset Kansas City and break that streak. Can Jacksonville shock the world or will Patrick Mahomes continue his dominant run? The second game on our Saturday slate will be the NFC East show down! The Giants are taking on the Eagles for the third time this season. Big blue lost both regular season match ups but we all know the playoffs are a different beast. Can Daniel Jones have repeat success like he did last week against Minnesota? Or will Jalen Hurts and the Eagles show why they are the number 1 seed in the NFC? This next game has all the potential in the world to be the game of the week! JOSEPH Burrow vs Josh Allen is set to be an absolute master piece of a game. With both teams struggling last week can someone clean up their act and move on to the AFC Championship? Joe looks to get another crack at a Super Bowl while Josh Allen is looking to make it to his first ever AFC Championship. Who will win?! Lastly the Cowboys finally got their first road playoff win since 1995! Does that mean they can do it again? Yeah the answer is a massive NO! San Fran looks to continue their magical run. We believe the cowboys do not have enough in the tank to compete with this loaded 49er team. However if San Fran starts off slow like they did against the Seahawks this could prove to be favorable for Dallas to make this competitive. In other news within the NFL the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have cleaned house with the majority of their coaching staff. Is this odd to you? Why hasn't Bowles been let go? Why hasn't their offensive line coach been fired? Its just a very odd situation to fire Byron Leftwich after one bad season and not the coaches who should've been. Lastly to close this out we have our mid season NBA MVP. We believe that Nikola Jokic has all the potential in the world to run it back for a 3rd time! Can he be the first to do it since Larry did it from 84-86? Or will Jayson Tatum swoop in and steal it? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Wild Card Weekend was in fact WILD!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2023 83:39

    MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN what a weekend! The NFL Playoffs did not disappoint, Wild Card weekend was for sure a success. There were 5 games that went on so lets just get right into the slate shall we?! First on the list we have to talk about that Bengals game! Cincy barely escapes this game with a victory over Tyler Huntley and the Ravens. Baltimore's defense did its thing but that Cincinnati offensive line has got some adjustments to make going into next week. Can they make corrections in time for their next opponent being Buffalo? This next one is the shocker of the weekend! Miami falls within 3 points of tying the Bills in the 4th quarter! The Dolphins defense showed up in every way imaginable forcing 3 turnovers from Josh Allen!! Allen was sacked 7 times and almost gave this game away multiple times! Should the Bills worry with a better offense coming to town? In Jacksonville there was a comeback for the ages! Actually the 3rd largest comeback in postseason history to be exact! The Jaguars rally from being down 27-0 to winning 31-30! Trevor Lawrence over comes 4 interceptions and leads this team into a show down against the Chiefs in Arrowhead next week. Now this game brought Kevin great pleasure to have called it and that is the Giants coming out with a victory on the road against Minnesota! New York was in Kirk Cousins face all game and kept him out of rhythm which was enough for Daniel Jones to carve up this horrendous Vikings defense! New York moves on to the next round with Philly waiting on the other side! A trip to the NFC Championship rests in the balance of this NFC East showdown! To close this out we end it with the 49ers having a second half surge to blow passed the Seahawks. Brock Purdy continues to show out and remains undefeated as a starter in this league. Seattle fought hard but was held to 6 points in that second half by that San Francisco defense. Per our points last week, the 49ers are without a doubt the scariest team in these playoffs! Lastly we had to mention LeBron James eclipsing 38,000 career points! He is the second player in NBA history to reach this mark and of course is the youngest to do so. Is he approaching GOAT status? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    They have arrived! The NFL Playoffs!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2023 115:04

    Happy Friday everyone! The weekend we have been waiting for has finally arrived. The NFL playoffs are here! With the slate being pretty jam packed we are going to get right into it. But first we have to introduce our guest Charlie Banks! First is going to be the Seahawks facing off for the 3rd time against the 49ers! This should be a clear cut and easy outcome but will Geno and Seattle's Cinderella story continue or will the 9ers power through? The next game is Charlie's team the LA Chargers are headed to Jacksonville to face Trevor and the Jags! Both QB's are making their postseason debuts, who do you think will come out on top? Does Jacksonville carry on this second half surge or will the Bolts too much for them to handle? Unfortunately we have to talk about this next game which has the potential to be the biggest blow out in playoff history. The Tualess Dolphins are traveling up to the tundra of Buffalo to face off against Josh Allen and the Bills. Seems like Miami is going with Skylar Thompson since Tua and Teddy are hurt. Which leads us to believe this could get out of hand QUICKLY. Lets put it this way, if you have this game going any direction other than Buffalo by 21+ you may be crazy. New York has quite the tall task ahead of them with having to head up to Minnesota. The Giants look to upset the Vikings in this next matchup and it would be our most complicated game to decide. Merely because the Vikings have had some great games and some bad ones. The Giants have the play style to go into a hostile environment and come out with a win. Can the G-Men's pass rush get through this bad Vikings offensive line? Or will the fire power of Minnesota prove to be too much for the Giants defense? An AFC North rematch is upon us, similar to the NFC West match up earlier. Once again this will be the 3rd time these two teams face off, however Lamar will be unavailable. The Ravens are looking to try and come up with an major upset here without their franchise QB. On the other hand JOSEPH and the Bengals are looking to return to the Super Bowl. Will Cincinnati's offensive line hold with their current injuries or will Baltimore's offense struggle as it has been over the last few months? Lastly the game most are unfortunately being pulled to! Dallas is going to attempt to beat Tom Brady at home in Tampa! Now both teams have been struggling as of late but the Cowboys have some history when it comes to choking in the playoffs. Can Dak shake the narrative of not being able to win in the postseason? Or will Brady continue his hall of fame resume? In NCAA news, we know its late but DAMN GEORGIA BLEW OUT TCU! That game was just completely embarrassing if you are a horn frog fan. It just proves the SEC IS the superior conference! Congratulations to the Bulldogs for winning back to back national championships! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The NFL Playoffs are Set!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2023 108:00

    The time has come where the NFL regular season has come to a close. Emotions are running high right now as this means the NFL season inches closer to being done. The playoffs are always exciting to watch but football season coming to an end is just so painful. With that being said lets dive into our last regular season segment of the year! Today we are going to talk about a few games from Sunday, then go right into a brief overview of wildcard weekend and then our NFL awards. To end the episode we will talk about the National Championship between Georgia and TCU! On the slate for Sunday we are first going to talk about the Giants vs the Eagles and how BAD Philly looked! The Giants rested the majority of their starters and the Eagles only managed to win by 6. This is unacceptable for a team who claims to be the best team in the NFC. The Eagles sure did not look like that number one team and should be careful when they take the field again in two weeks. Another embarrassing game was Dallas getting slapped around by the Commanders. Dak has not looked good what so ever this season and it may cost them once again in the playoffs. The defense has fallen off and the offense has turned the ball over at an alarming rate. Can Tampa really win a playoff game with an 8-9 record?! Next up is the Patriots losing to Buffalo, but mannnnn what an emotional ride for the Bills. Hines running back two kick offs to give the Bills the win and of course dedicated to their teammate Damar Hamlin. Should the Bills be the most feared team in the AFC playoffs? New England came up short this year, but they had a lot to be proud of. Specifically that defense, it was one of the best in all of football. But just like good there must always come bad and that offense was horrendous. Can they find a way to turn it around next year and keep that core of the defense? The playoffs start on Saturday, find out who we think will be coming out of both conferences in our wildcard rundown. As per usual the NFL awards wont be revealed until right before the playoffs. Hear who we have winning MVP, offensive and defensive rookie of the year, coach of the year, defensive player of the year and come back player of the year. To close it on out, the national championship is tonight! The end of an incredible college football season is here! Who do you have?! TCU or Georgia? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Win and Get In!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2023 90:07

    Its Friday baby!!!! Thank goodness we made it! Have any good weekend plans? Lets have some fun and get it started today. We have to talk about Damar Hamlin making a slow but seemingly for sure recovery! We talk about the hit and our immediate feelings as it happened. Of course we have to thank the medical staff on the field and the hospital staff caring for him back in Cincinnati. We hope nothing but the best for him and his family! In terms of the agenda we got some play and get in situations as the title suggests. First on the list of course would be the Patriots going to face the Bills. Buffalo looks to look up the 1 seed in the AFC and New England is one of those teams that has to win in order to get into the playoffs. Who will come out on top with so much riding on this game? This next game is another win and get in but for the AFC South division title! Can the Jaguars continue their miraculous season and close it out with a playoff birth? Or will the return of Derrick Henry give Tennessee the edge it needs to take it away from them? The AFC North isn't necessarily up for grabs but home field could be hanging in the balance if these opponents face off in the playoffs. The Bengals are trying to also chase the top seed in the AFC playoffs but Baltimore stands in their way. The Ravens have already clinched a wild card birth but look to spoil the Bengals potential home game in the postseason. Which one of these teams will emerge victorious?! Cleveland looks to play spoiler and keep Pittsburgh out of the playoffs! Can the rookie tandem of Kenny Pickett and George Pickens keep the Steelers hopes alive? Or will Deshaun Watson and Nick Chubb hold them back and end this season on a strong note? Lastly, the game of the week has been flexed for Sunday night! The Lions look to make the playoffs for the first time in in 6 years! However Green Bay stands in their way! Aaron Rodgers looks to complete this regular season comeback and make the playoffs despite starting the season as bad as the Packers did! Who wants it more?! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The Old Guard Returns

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2023 108:58

    Happy New Year!!! Hopefully you all had an incredible time during the weekend and that you were all safe! We did a little something different this time and went live on YouTube for this weeks episode! To dive right into it we had a jam packed Sunday for some NFL football and had some huge performances in the NBA over the weekend as well! First on the slate is going to be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning their 3rd division title in 3 years. Tom Brady and Mike Evans have their best games of the year leading the Buccs passed the Panthers 30-24. Philly fails to close up the NFC East and the number one seed is still up for grabs. The Saints march into the Linc and absolutely embarrass the leagues "best team" at home. Can the Eagles manage to survive next week to finally finish the regular season or will they simply choke? In Green Bay the Packers DEMOLISH the Vikings who recently have been proven to potentially be frauds. Are the Vikings this bad? Or are the Packers just that much better than we thought? Green bay gets two defensive scores and a kickoff return on special teams to catapult them to a 41-17 victory to keep their playoff hopes alive! The Patriots survive a nail biter against 2 backups for Miami? Yes you read that correctly New England survives 23-21 in Foxborough. Who will claim the last wild card spot? Miami, New England or Pittsburgh? Sundays best game had to be the 49ers traveling to Vegas in what turned out to be an old fashioned shootout! 37-34 was the final score after some overtime was played but mannnnnnn was this entertaining. San Fran holds on for their 9th win in a row while the Raiders played very well despite having a back up in at QB. Can the 49ers steal home field from Philly?! Flipping it to the NBA there are two players just going completely insane! Luka for the Mavericks and LeBron for the Lakers. In the span of the last 5 games Luka has scored 50+ 3 times and LeBron has been averaging 30 over his last 10 games at the age of 38!!! Can both of these players be considered for MVP?! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Pele, King of the Beautiful game

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2022 107:39

    Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas with your families! We took the week off to reset and are feeling better than ever so lets go and dive right into the agenda! First on the slate is going to be the mentioning of the passing of the greatest soccer player to ever live, Pele. The 82 year old Brazilian super star passed away at the age of 82 earlier this week. Rest in peace to not only a legend on the field but an incredible person off the field for what he did for people around the world. Now to get into the slate we got a few key games coming up this weekend for playoff seeding in the NFL. The big game for the AFC East is going to be the Dolphins visiting the Patriots. Tua has been ruled out for this game and it will be on the shoulders of Teddy Bridgewater to solidify a playoff spot for Miami. In New England it is more on the Defense to carry them as they have been all season long. Can Mac get it done with how bad the offense has been struggling? This next one is just an odd but important matchup, we guess... The NFC South title is still up for grabs and this game could decide it all. The Buccaneers survive another close game to inch back to a .500 record. However the Panthers on the other hand will end this season with a record below .500. Who will come out of this atrocious division and secure the 4 seed in this years playoffs? Mike White returns!!!!!!!!! The Jets look to bounce back with their guy at QB when going against another team that is fighting to remain alive in the playoff hunt. Geno Smith and the Seahawks look to right their wrongs with all of their recent struggles in the second half of this season. Can Mike White help the Jets get into the postseason or will Geno return to his early season form? Buffalo heads out to Cincinnati for the game of the week! The chase for the number one seed in the AFC playoffs is still very much alive! Can JOSEPH Burrow lead his Bengals passed the Super Bowl favorite Bills led by Josh Allen?! An NFL great calls it a career and announces he will be retiring at the end of this season. JJ Watt hangs them up after an 11 year career that consisted of playing with the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals. We are confident he will be enshrined in Canton when it is all said and done. Cheers to an incredible career Mr. Watt! We are going to be doing something a little different in this segment. Today we are going to discuss our best and worst performances of 2022. Stay tuned to hear who we believe made this year their own and who failed to take advantage! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2022 84:02

    What's going on, you guys? We are back to close out the week with Episode 152 as Kyle and Kevin discuss some of the upcoming NFL and NBA games that are taking place over the Christmas holiday weekend. Hope you guys have a great and Christmas this weekend! Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    What a Weekend!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2022 110:10

    This weekend was one for the ages! Well depending what teams you supported it may have been better for you than others. Firstly lets just give a massive congratulations to the Argentina national team for winning the World Cup. Messi is cemented in futbol immortality with this incredible accomplishment. Now lets get into some American football because boyyyyyy do we have to talk about some things!! Out in Minneapolis on Saturday it looked like the Vikings were about to be removed from NFL with a 0-33 blowout on their hands. Little did we know the Colts would one up them and blow that lead to lose 39-36. Not only is this the most embarrassing loss in Colts history but its also the worst loss in NFL HISTORY!!!! Come find out what Kevin has to say about THIS team and how he will be proceeding his fandom moving forward. Kyles team had a bit of a different situation however the end result was the same. Losing to the Raiders as time expires in a completely unorthodox ending for the history books. Mr. DaBrow goes off on his squad letting us know what needs to change moving forward! JOSEPH Burrow faced off against the GOAT and emerged victorious! However the game did not start that way with the Buccs leading at half 17-3. As per usual the Bengals come back and end up winning this game led by JOSEPH with 4 touchdowns! Are the Bengals the best team in the AFC? Will Tampa make the playoffs? Now Dallas goes and chokes a lead in the second half and literally throws it away in OT. Jacksonville comes back and Trevor Lawrence destroys the Cowboys secondary throughout the final two quarters! Dallas now falls to 10-4 and surprisingly the Jaguars move to 6-8! Has Doug Pederson already changed the culture in Jacksonville? Detroit STAND UP!!! The Lions return to a .500 record after defeating the Jets in Metlife! Can the Lions make their way into the playoffs?! Dan Campbell and this staff deserve an insane shout out for turning this season completely around. They have truly earned their respect in this league!!!!!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The NFC West is up for Grabs

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2022 94:18

    Hello and good morning everyone! We are here a day early but never the less content shall continue to flow as normal. The best part is our first game is today!!! Seattle faces off against San Francisco in a battle for the NFC West! Can the 49ers defense continue to dominate the league?! Or will Geno Smith return to midseason form and carry the Seahawks back into playoff contention. Swinging it over to the east coast, the Miami Dolphins will be going up against the Buffalo Bills. Except this time its going to be in Buffalo potentially in the snow! Can Miami bounce back from this two game skid? Or will Josh Allen exact his revenge from the loss earlier in the year? The AFC East title may hang in the balance of this outcome. This is going to surprise a lot of people but it may not because this team is one of the hottest in the league! The Detroit Lions are 1 game away from a .500 record and they face off against the New York Jets. Mike White is headlining the news for New York with him coming off of that brutal game against Buffalo. Will he be available to play? Only time will tell but the Lions look to compete for a playoff spot and it has been one hell of a ride so far. JOSEPH Burrow looks to continue his incredible run this season by beating the GOAT Tom Brady. Brock Purdy did it so why cant Joe? The Buccaneers have looked horrible this season and yet some how still have a chance at the playoffs. Will Cincinnati lay those hopes to rest or can Tom will the Buccs to victory? Yeah we don't think so either LMAO! Once again the NFC East surfaces its head in our episodes as the Giants take on the Commanders. This is a rematch of the tie they had just a few weeks ago and a playoff birth surely hangs in the balance. Can Taylor Heinicke continue this magical run despite the team trading for Wentz or will Daniel Jones prove all the doubters wrong? Lastly we gotta talk about OBJ. With everything circulating between reports of him not being completely healthy and his latest comments on the HBO Max original series "The Shop." It is looking like Odell is going to lean with the option of waiting until next season to sign. Is that because of teams revoking their interest in him? Or is he not confident in his physical capabilities just yet? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Brock Purdy has arrived!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2022 101:36

    Another week has begun! Happy Monday everyone, hope we all had a good weekend. We definitely know there were some great football games! Without further delay lets dive right into the slate for the day. Out in Jersey the Eagles completely embarrassed the Giants and almost dropped 50 on them! Jalen Hurts is the MVP and it is not close and New York could not stop him! At 12-1 the Eagles are poised to capture the number 1 seed in the coming weeks, but where do the G-men go from here? Now the west coast there was a similar blow out but this time Tom Brady was on the other end of it. The GOAT returns home to SF and gets completely wiped off the field by Brock Purdy! Can the 49ers make a push with a third string QB? A game that threw us for a loop was the Cowboys coming close to a loss to the Houston Texans! Dallas almost choked this game away turning the ball over multiple times. However Dak drove down the field when it mattered most in the 4th and led the Cowboys to victory. Should Dallas fans worry? There has to be a mention of Mike White this episode! The man single handedly showed the Jets locker room he is the quarterback of the future! Dealing with potentially broken ribs and internal injuries and coming back into the game MULTIPLE TIMES! Shout out to him man, he's got some new fans in us for the remainder of his career. The final game on our agenda is going to be the Chiefs narrow victory over the Broncos. Yes, you read that right the Chiefs almost threw away a game against the Denver Broncos. At one point the Chiefs were up 27-0 and the Broncos found a way to make this competitive. Russell Wilson leaves the game with a concussion but not before he found a way to lead them back into the game! We ask again, should Chiefs fan be worried? Pat had 3 interceptions this game and completely took their foot off the gas pedal. To wrap up the episode we are going to talk about the surging Pelicans! They are 18-8 which leads the western conference and they are led by Zion Williamson! With the former number 1 overall pick healthy he has dominated opposing teams and is making his presence felt...LITERALLY! Are they for real or is it too early just like our Utah take a few weeks back? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    White vs Allen the matchup we've always wanted..

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2022 113:26

    Happy Friday everyone! Christmas is coming and we cannot wait for a nice holiday season! Now with that being said, we have so much going on in this episode so lets just dive right into it! In the NFL we have some divisional match ups and first on that agenda is going to the Eagles headed to Metlife to face the Giants. A battle of the NFC East just continues as the season progress and Philly looks to smash New York! Will Jalen continue his MVP campaign? Or will the Giants bounce back from their tie last week and hand the Eagles their second loss of the year? The next game could be considered the battle of New York if one of these teams wasn't based in New Jersey. The Jets head to Buffalo to take on the Bills! Can the Bills get pay back from a few weeks ago? Or will Mike White dominate the injured Bills defense to come back in the AFC East? This next one could be a bit more one sided as the Browns look to sweep the Bengals in their season series. DeShaun Watson has returned but definitely looked rusty last week. Will Kev's boy JOSEPH continue to dominate or will Cleveland repeat their success from just a few short weeks ago? Tampa always seems to find itself in our episodes one way or another and in this weeks case its because they play San Francisco. The 49ers obviously lost Jimmy G for the year but Brock Purdy did not look too bad. Will that be enough to beat the GOAT or will the Buccaneers continue to struggle as they have been all season? Lastly Miami is looking to bounce back from the horrific performance against the 49ers. At the same time so is their opponent in the Chargers who fell to the Raiders. Can Tua return to form or will he continue this slump and bring all the doubters he silenced this season back? Its that or Justin Herbert can have a repeat of last week where he had absolutely no time to throw. We would say its a must win game for both teams! Boston seems to be back on the map, wouldn't you agree?! The Celtics currently are the best team in the NBA in almost all statistical offensive categories. Jayson Tatum is playing at an MVP level and it doesn't look like anyone can stop them! Can they keep this up and return to the Finals?! To Kevin's pleasure the Yankees have resigned their MVP Aaron Judge to a 9 year 360 Million dollar deal. Come find out what he thinks about his team and where they stand thus far in MLB free agency. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    JOSEPH Burrow does it again!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2022 97:38

    Another weekend has flown by which means another Sunday has also ended. The NFL season continues to move too quickly for our liking but we will enjoy it while we can. What a football Sunday we had ladies and gentlemen so let us get into the episode. Kevin's boy JOSEPH as he calls him, had himself a game as the Bengals beat the Chiefs. It seems like the Cincinnati has the Chiefs number recently with beating them 3 times in 2022. Looks like the Bengals may be back, but they have a tough schedule to close out the year. KC will bounce back as they always do but we hope this could be a matchup in the playoffs again! Normally we go over winners and losers but in this case we are going to be covering a tie. The Commanders and Giants end at 20 a piece in what was a back and forth battle. Washington remains competitive without even being at full strength and New York is clawing and fighting to remain in games. Which of these NFC East teams do you think will make the playoffs? Speaking of NFC East Philadelphia moves on to 11-1 after blowing out Tennessee by 25 points. The Eagles defense shuts down Derrick Henry and Jalen Hurts shows yet again why he deserves to be in the MVP conversation. Can Philly lock down the number 1 seed in the NFC? Out on the west coast The Dolphins were fished out of the water as the 49ers defense made them look like guppies. That San Fran defense forced 4 turnovers in the game and found a way to overcome losing Jimmy G for the season. Should the Dolphins panic? Should the 49ers look for another QB or will Brock Purdy guide them to the promised land? For this one we make our predictions on the NFC South battle taking place tonight! Can the Buccaneers return to .500? Or will the Red Rifle spoil this home game for Tom Brady? Lastly we gotta talk about Anthony Davis and the path he has been on this season.... He just dropped 55 points yesterday and has been on a mission since the beginning of November! The Lakers are also 8-2 in their last 10 games, can they turn it around? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Josh Allen OWNS The Patriots

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2022 94:05

    Well this weekend started off with a least for Bills fans. Happy Friday everyone, hope we all had a good week! Sunday is jam packed with an incredible slate so lets dive right into it. First, unfortunately for Kyle we have to talk about the Thursday night game where the Bills just embarrassed the Pats at home. Josh Allen has bounced back and the Patriots look lost on offense. Who do you think is to blame for the Patriots recent issues? Find out who Kyle points the finger at, and the answer may shock you. To go into our Sunday games we are going to start with the Jets and Vikings. Can New York and Mike White continue on this path to the playoffs? Or will Kirk and JJ find away to put this young and exciting Jets defense to bed? Philly has got a good one coming to town and that one is King Henry. The Titans are coming off a tough loss to the Bengals, while the Eagles won a close one against the Packers. Can Derrick Henry continue to expose Philly's rush defense or can Jalen Hurts push his campaign for the MVP? The NFC East remains competitive and both of these teams are fighting to stay alive in the hunt for a wild card spot! The Commanders march their way into Metlife to face off against the injured Giants. Can Taylor Heinicke keep finding ways to win or will Daniel Jones shoulder the load and bring the Gmen back into the hunt? Mike McDaniels makes his return this weekend against his former team the 49ers. Tua and the Dolphins absolutely DOMINATED the Texans last week while SF's defense is the talk of the town shutting out New Orleans. Seems like a battle of offense and defense to us, Tyreek and Waddle look to be unstoppable. However that 49ers defense looks like an immovable object that will not let up. This now has game of the week potential! A rematch of the AFC Championship, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs head to Cincinnati to face off against Kevin's boy JOSEPH Burrow and the Bengals! Jamar Chase and Joe Mixon are listed as questionable for this game so the Bengals may finally be at fully strength. Who do you have coming out of this game, because we just want a show! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The Mike White era has begun!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2022 98:51

    We are back in action! Hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving and holiday weekend. What a weekend for sports though, both in college and the pros! In New York there seems to be a new crowned king! Mike White takes the field by storm for throwing over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns as the Jets beat the Bears by 21! Looks like Zach Wilson is going to be holding a clip board for the foreseeable future! Seems like we talk about this team every week and just as we thought their season was turning around this happens. Tampa falls to a struggling Browns team late in the 4th and loses in overtime. That Buccaneers defense continues to struggle in the later portion of games and needs to get it together quickly. This game was an absolute shoot out! The final score was 40-34 in favor of Vegas. The Raiders close this out in another overtime thriller with an 86 yard touchdown run by Josh Jacobs. Who by the way had over 300 all purpose yards in this game which has not been done since Antonio Brown in 2015. The Seahawks continue to falter as the 49ers now take a division lead in the NFC West. Is Seattle crumbling before our eyes? A shocking team thus far has for sure been the Washington Commanders! They have now won 6 of their last 7 games and Taylor Heinicke looks to solidify himself as the starter for the remainder of the year. This Commanders defense doesn't even have Chase Young back and they are playing incredible lately! They are a team to watch out for if they were to sneak into a wild card spot. Cincinnati wins a close one but also in impressive fashion! The reason we say that is because they only won by 6 but held Derrick Henry to 38 yards rushing!! Now that's a tall task in and of itself but to also come out with a victory despite Ryan Tannehill's performance shows toughness. Lets not forget they were without Jamar Chase and Joe Mixon for this game and still came out on top! The AFC North is heating up so lets see how it plays out. In college hoops Kevin's team falls not once but TWICE! The number one seeded North Carolina TarHeel's lose back to back games against Iowa State and Alabama. As per usual Kevin completely rips them apart for their style of play thus far. Lets remember its only November and it is a long season! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    A Minneapolis Massacre..

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2022 114:34

    Hello everyone! Normally we would say happy Monday but unfortunately this weekend was not so happy. A legendary icon for childhood television in the 90's passed away this weekend. Jason David Frank better known as Tommy Oliver from Power Rangers died at the age of 49. Kevin was a massive fan of not only the character itself but the man who played Tommy. He gives his thoughts on what he meant to him in his life and how much he will be missed. Rest in Peace to The Greatest Ranger the world will ever know... Now on a brighter note sports still did transpire this weekend! Some NFL games took place as well as some NFL news with OBJ. Then of course we have a little bit of NBA news with the surprising Kings! Lets just get right into it first we have to talk about the embarrassing performance the Vikings put out at home! Or should we say the incredible performance the Cowboys put on? We have no idea because not a single person saw this coming but the Vikings just got washed and there is no other word to describe it. Another horrible game to talk about was the Jets and Patriots game. Both teams are not 6-4 but not before a defensive showdown took place in Foxborough. Zach Wilson is the epitome of garbage after his piss poor performance against the Patriots. The Patriots hold on to win on a punt return touchdown but both teams struggled to put up points. In Indianapolis the Colts lose a nail biter to the Eagles despite Kevin's screams for a better performance. Jalen Hurts leads the Eagles down the field with under two minutes to take a 17-16 victory. The Colts once again falter in the play calling department and do not utilize Jonathan Taylor correctly... To close out the NFL games the Detroit Lions are now in second place in the NFC North. They are on a 3 game win streak after defeating the injured Giants. Jamaal Williams crushes New York with 3 rushing touchdowns as the Lions force 3 turnovers! Detroit is moving and the Giants season continues to be rattled with unfortunate injuries losing Wan'Dale Robinson for the season with a torn ACL. Odell Beckham Jr has been medically cleared to play and has narrowed his selections down to the Giants and Cowboys. Where do you think he would fit best? The Sacramento Kings are 9-6 and are on a 6 game winning streak of their own!!! Are they for real? Can the Kings actually find a way to be relevant once more after 20 years of despair? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Are the Warriors in trouble?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2022 95:10

    What is going on everyone! Happy Fridayyyyyy, hope everyone is having an incredible day thus far and we hope to make it better! Kev is back in the booth and we are ready to roll so lets get into it! We got some NFL games to cover and first on the agenda is Kyle's team in the New England Patriots. Part two of their duel with the New York Jets! Can Zach Wilson shake the narrative of not being able to beat Bill and the Pats? Or will the Patriots continue their push for a wild card spot? Next up has the potential to be the game of the week if one of the teams remembers to show up. Dallas heads to Minnesota to face the 9-1 Vikings who upset the Bills last week in Buffalo. Can the Vikings repeat last weeks success? Or will Dallas rebound from their typical midseason collapse that occurred last week against Green Bay? Now this game has massive potential as well since its an AFC West showdown. However one team is battered and bruised while the other looks to be unstoppable. The Chiefs head over to SoFi to face the struggling Chargers. Will Pat Mahomes continue his MVP campaign or will Justin Herbert bounce back with Keenan Allen and Mike Williams potentially returning? Last on the NFL slate is more of a lop sided game between the 49ers and Cardinals. This game will be played in Mexico City but the Cardinals are basically living on fumes. With Kyler Murray, Colt McCoy, DeAndre Hopkins, Budda Baker, Marco Wilson and Zach Ertz all injured it could pose a SLIGHTTTTT issue. The 49ers should roll in this one but if they do not, it will be something to monitor as the season progresses. In the NBA we have some surprising news and that's the Warriors are 0-8 on the road this season. Klay and Poole are not performing well and so many other pieces are under performing. Can they find a way to get together? We know its very early in the season but they just do not look good what so ever.. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Game Of The Year

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2022 63:36

    What's going on, you guys? We're back to kick off the week with Episode 142 and here's the agenda for today's episode: Vikings vs. Bills Cowboys vs. Packers Seahawks vs. Buccaneers Raiders Lose To Colts UFC 281 Recap Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Will Josh Allen Play On Sunday?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 78:56

    What's going on, you guys? We're back to close out the week with Episode 141 and we've got an action packed weekend of sports coming up. Here's the rundown for today's episode: Seahawks vs. Buccaneers Preview Vikings vs. Bills Preview Cowboys Packers Preview Chargers vs. 49ers Preview The Utah Jazz Are Off To A Hot Start Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The Chiefs hold on by a thread..

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2022 105:44

    Good Morning everyone! Happy Monday, hope everyone had an incredible weekend! As per usual Sunday's never disappoint and man do we have content to roll out today! Lets lock it in ladies & gentlemen! First we will discuss the embarrassment of a Colts game that took place on Sunday. The Patriots completely embarrassed the Colts on Sunday afternoon sacking Sam 9 times...Come to find out this morning head coach Frank Reich has been fired! Kevin is over joyed with this decision from owner Jim Irsay and understands the team still has a lot to work on. Moving into the next game on the slate we talk about the Rams going to visit the Buccaneers. Both teams looked horrendous just like previously predicted last episode. Tampa comes out on top by the score of 16-13 in a very tough and ugly battle. Can Tampa turn their season around with this win? The Jets host the Bills in Metlife and upset the AFC's best team by the score of 20-17. Josh Allen has a bad game and that leads to Buffalo's demise. Do the Bills put too much pressure on the shoulders of Allen? Leading the team in rushing yards on top of having to be their franchise Quarterback? Buffalo's defense looked bad as well allowing the Jets to rush for over 170 yards on the ground. Are the Jets for real or did Josh Allen and company have an off game? Out in the desert the Cardinals looked to get revenge on the Seahawks for their game a few weeks back. However the Seahawks hold on and improve to 6-3 in the NFC West. Another balanced offensive attack with having over 150 yards on the ground and Geno putting up 275 in the air. Seattle's defense was also able to limit DHop to only 36 yards receiving! Could the Seahawks be a contender?! To close out our NFL segments we are going to discuss the Green Bay Packers. What an extreme disappointment they have been this year despite only losing two players this offseason. Aaron Rodgers looks completely frustrated and the team is under performing in almost every way possible. Losing to Detroit is not a good look for a team who was just the number one seed in the NFC playoffs. Green Bay's front office is in question as well as Aaron Rodgers ability to communicate effectively with his teammates. The Houston Astros are your 2022 World Series Champions for this MLB season. Congratulations to them on an incredible season only losing two games the entire postseason. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Never a Dull Weekend

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2022 81:12

    Happy Friday everyone!!! We got an action packed episode for you all this morning so lets just dive in shall we!? The first game is a bit more personal for us both. The Colts head to New England to face off against what used to be a rival the Patriots. Indy is falling apart at the seams and the Pats are finding ways to grind out wins. Can New England get another victory or will the Colts throw the game away? There is ZERO faith in Indianapolis on both sides here. LA heads to ATL to face off against the surprising Falcons! Atlanta leads the NFC South and is coming off a shootout victory against Carolina. Can the Chargers turn it around after the bye or will Mariota continue this run to a potential division title. In the NFC West matchups never fail to be entertaining. The Seahawks are another surprising team that have overachieved this season and are looking to continue that success. Arizona has struggled lately but the Kyler to DHop connection has been unstoppable! Can Murray and Hopkins carry this team to victory or will Geno and the hawks continue this magical Cinderella story? A playoff rematch is looming...however both teams SUCK! This is not how we thought both teams would perform thus far this season! The Rams head to Florida to face the struggling Buccaneers. Tom has never lost 3 games in a row IN HIS CAREER! Will it become 4 games in a row after Stafford comes to town or can the Buccs find a way to win?! Sunday night has a great matchup..for Chiefs fans haha. We predict Kansas City will absolutely ANNAILATE Tennessee in Arrowhead. Pat is playing at an MVP level and with Tannehill's status up in the air it could mean bad news for the Titans. Derrick Henry is an animal amongst men but will it be enough? To round this out the World Series has not disappointed. It has gone back and forth between Houston and Philadelphia proving it to be a very even match up. The Astros unfortunately come out with a win after we finished recording and the series now heads back to Houston for game 6. Can the Phillies win the next two to clinch their first title since 2008 or will Houston reclaim the top spot? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Geno and the Seahawks shine again!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2022 83:19

    Another incredible weekend of football!! Happy Monday everyone, hope you all had an amazing weekend! We definitely got a slate for you all today, plenty of games to talk about. The Giants faced off against the surging Seahawks and fell short! Geno led Seattle to an impressive victory against a very good New York team. Are the Seahawks for real?! Out West we had another show down between San Fran and LA! The Rams once again fall short and get shut out in the second half. Jimmy G moves to 8-0 against McVay and his boys! Are the Rams in trouble?! Surprisingly this next game was maybe the game of the week because of how entertaining it is! Carolina loses a close one to the Falcons in OT. The 4th quarter was filled with 34 total points scored between both teams! Carolina tied the game with seconds remaining but DJ Moore costs them the game with a 15 yard penalty. That led the kicker to miss the extra point and then missed a field goal in OT. Atlanta wins and moves to 4-4 to lead the NFC South. Now this game ended up picking up towards the end as well and Arizona falls short against Minnesota. DeAndre Hopkins is just that dude and Kyler showed glimpses of greatness. However it was not enough to stop that Vikings offense! Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook took over this game and it showed late in the 4th. The Cardinals just looked very inconsistent throughout that game and the Vikings continue their dominance moving to 6-1. Unfortunately this game had to be talked about.. The Raiders got skunked 0-24 by the Saints and Vegas looked TERRIBLE. How could a team who has DaVante Adams suck this bad?! McDaniels job is 100% on the line after this season and there is no getting around it. In conclusion we are talking about the Lakers and Nets. Both teams are just flat out horrendous and there is no beating around the bush. What is next for both teams? Can they find a way to turn this around? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Lamar out duels Brady!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2022 92:37

    What is going on everyone!! Happy Friday I hope everyone has some incredible weekend plans! We got some great content coming at you so lets go and get into it. The Cardinals head to Minnesota to play the Vikings. Can the return of D-Hop save the Cardinals season? Or will the dangerous offensive of the Vikings continue dominate the league? A battle is brewing in LA for relevancy in the NFC West. San Fran is traveling to LA to face off against the Rams. In their last matchup the 49ers looked unstoppable, but since then they have lost two in a row. The Rams are coming off a bye and should be well rested, is that enough for them to turn it around? Or will Jimmy G and the 9ers continue their 7-0 streak against McVay's team. In our opinion this will be the game of the week by far! The G-Men are facing off against the Seattle Seahawks in the home of the 12th man! Can Danny Dimes and Saquon keep this incredible run going? Or will Geno Smith carry on this improbable season!? The Buccaneers have now lost 3 games in a some pretty bad teams outside of the Ravens last night. Tom and the crew do not look good what so ever and the defense has been atrocious the last two weeks! Baltimore kicks it in gear carving the Buccs D up for 231 rushing yards!!! Is the Buccaneers season over?! Green Bay is headed to their own demise...Buffalo is about to mop the floor with this bad Packers team. What percentage do you have that Green Bay comes out on top? We gave it ZERO percent! Unfortunate news coming from Cincinnati this week and that's Jamar Chase. He could potentially be placed on IR with a hip injury and we were wondering if his presence would be missed. What do you think? Can Cincy hang on until he gets back? To close us out, the World Series begins tonight between the Phillies and the Astros! Who do you got?! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The Buccaneers are in TROUBLE

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2022 81:16

    Good Morning world! Normally the word happy follows up behind it but with the Yankees getting swept it just isnt possible to be that joyous this today... Any who we got some good content rolling for you guys this morning so lets just dive right into it shall we. Since the title speaks for itself lets talk about that horrific Tampa game. The Buccs lost to arguably the worst team in the league which is the Carolina Panthers. PJ Walker (their 3rd string) looked incredible and Tampa's offense looked all out of whack. How much trouble are Tom and the Buccaneers in 7 games into this season? JOSEPH BURROW made himself known against Atlanta this Sunday. He absolutely torched the Falcons for over 500 total yards and 4 touchdowns! Atlanta had no answer for that cincy defense outside of their 17 point second quarter. Can the Bengals keep this up or was this week an outlier. Aaron money man Rodgers and the Packers have now lost 3 straight games. Their latest defeat came by the hands of Taylor Heinicke and the Commanders. It just seems like Green Bay is all out of sorts this season with no signs of turning it around any time soon. Letting Davante Adams go in the offseason should not mean this team should be as bad as they are. In LA the Chargers are just like Kevin said, not as good as people think. Seattle comes to town led by Geno Smith and win in convincing fashion. With the Seahawks now in first place in the NFC West, can they sustain this level of play moving forward? To close this weeks NFL slate out the Kansas City Chiefs just trample the 49ers. Pat Mahomes goes for over 400 yards while San Fran completely implodes in the second half. After falling short to Buffalo last week the Chiefs reminded everyone who the best offense in the league is. What is going on in San Fran?! Is it Jimmy? Is it the defense? They need to figure it out soon before the division gets away from them. The Philadelphia Phillies are headed to the World Series to face off against the Houston Astros! Can Philly get revenge for Kev's Yankees? Will Houston hoist another championship? Seems like its going to be a good series no matter what, you all have to tune in! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    McCaffrey to San Fran?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2022 87:45

    Happy Friday everyone! Your favorite duo is back in the booth and ready to go! Seems like we have some interesting match ups in the NFL as well as some NBA topics. Lets get right into it! First off we are going to talk about the Falcons and Bengals facing off on Sunday. Atlanta has surprised everyone this season by being competitive in almost every game. Cincy is on the struggle bus and definitely under performing based off of last year. Which 3-3 team will come out on top? The Seahawks head to LA to face the Chargers. Can Geno Smith lead this team to another upset or will Herbert and the Bolts continue their quest for an AFC West title?! Now the matchup of the weekend is for sure the Chiefs vs the 49ers! Can KC bounce back from last Sunday's loss against the Bills? Or will Jimmy G and the 9ers exact their revenge from the Super Bowl just a few years ago? Oh lets not forget breaking news at the end of the episode, Christian McCaffrey has been traded to SF!!!!! Does this make them Super Bowl contenders yet again?! Moving along into the NBA the Nets got blown out opening night by the Pelicans. However the story line we are choosing to go with here is Ben Simmons horrid performance. He only played a mere 23 minutes and fouled out with 4 points...are you kidding me?! Trouble for the Purple and Gold just seems to be a thing the last couple of years. The Lakers get embarrassed in game one of the season as well losing to the defending champion warriors. Can LeBron in year 20 work a miracle and CARRY this team to a playoff appearance? Lastly, the Mavericks blow a 22 point lead against the Suns and lose game one. Kevin is absolutely fed up and is ready to take on the world! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The Bills Exact Their Revenge Against KC

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2022 51:17

    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Cowboys vs. Eagles and SO MUCH MORE!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2022 101:51

    Good Morning everyone happy Friday! Got some good NFL content for you guys this weekend and we hope you enjoy! First up we have the Jets and Packers! Can Zach Wilson lead the Jets passed a struggling Rodgers? Or will A-Rod and the Pack return to peak form? The Ravens are headed to MetLife to face Saquon and the Giants! Lets be honest the Giants being 4-1 thus far is one of the more surprising headlines in football. Is the G-men's defense good enough to contain Lamar? Or will Lamar expose their weakened schedule? Here is where it gets interesting! Allen and the Bills travel back to Arrowhead for potentially the game of the YEAR! Will Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs repeat their success from last years divisional round? Or will Bills Mafia finally overcome the obstacle that is Kansas City?! Last on the game slate is going to be a massive NFC East showdown! The Cowboys and Cooper Rush are going to attempt to upset the Eagles at the Linc! Is it possible for them to knock off the currently division leader? Or will Philly continue their dominant run and move to 6-0? Now this topic was a bit more serious. Commanders head coach Ron Rivera made some comments this week to the media that turned some heads. Stating that "Quarterback" was the reason the team was not keeping up in the division. Do you think his comments were justified? In the NFL there are always divisions you expect greatness out of and then there are some that you expect absolutely nothing. Who do you believe is the most competitive division thus far in the NFL? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The Cowboys dominance continues

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2022 104:22

    Happy Monday everyone! What a week 5 of football we had as well as the MLB wildcard! We are going to start off in the NFL since we had a bunch of great games. Lets start in LA, the Cowboys go in to SoFi and upset the defending champs. Dallas' defense proves to be elite once again sacking Matthew Stafford 5 times. Cooper Rush does nothing flashy but moves to 5-0 in his career as a starter. Can they keep this up with a matchup against the Eagles on the horizon? Over in London the Giants go and upset the Packers. The G-Men look to be for real this season, led by a young defense and a healthy Saquon Barkley!!! Can they continue to make some noise in surprisingly the most competitive division in football?! Kyle's team gets some love with a shocking upset against Detroit by the score of 29-0!!! The leagues best offense gets shut down by the Pats and they lose to a third string quarterback!! Who would've thought?! Now there has been some scrutiny in San Francisco since Jimmy took the starting role back. We have heard "he sucks, he cant win, he's not good" and so much more. But yet again here we are talking about a dominant 49ers performance and Jimmy G moving to 33-15 as the 9ers starting quarterback. Can we stop the hate? He has done nothing but move this team in the right direction and multiple playoff appearances. Are the 49ers poised for another deep postseason run?! Lastly the MLB playoffs began this weekend with the wild card round. Some shocking results came out of the weekend let us tell you! The Phillies beat the Cardinals, the Guardians beat the Rays, the Padres beat the Mets (HAHA, Kevin had some choice words for that fan base) and the Mariners beat the Blue Jays. The ALDS and NLDS are set! Who do you have coming out of each series?! Guardians vs Yankees Mariners vs Astros Phillies vs Braves Padres vs Dodgers Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Week five is off to a rough start..

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2022 98:55

    What is up everyone happy Friday! We are back in business and we got a lot to talk about today. Week 5 in the NFL unfortunately started off with a SNOOZE fest! The Colts played Denver and there were ZERO touchdowns scored. The Colts come back to win a nail biter 12-9 and move on to 2-2-1. Both offenses looked terrible and each defense played well but mannnnnn was this hard to watch for Kevin as you could imagine. Hopefully the rest of the games aren't this boring. First game coming up is going to be the Giants and Green Bay as they face off across the pond in London. Both teams being 3-1 (surprisingly) who do you believe will come out on top? The Giants wide receiver room is basically in the medical tent and Green Bay's offense has been lack luster to say the least. The defending champs look to be on their heels early this season. Can Cooper Rush lead Dallas to another shocking victory? Matthew Stafford has looked horrendous so far this year. The defense has looked suspect and overall this does not look like a team that is coming off of a Super Bowl appearance last season. On the flip side, the Cowboys are actually looking really good! Their defense has stepped up and Cooper Rush is filling in perfectly until Dak returns. Could Cooper end up taking the job? Sunday night prime time has a huge matchup between the Bengals and Ravens. Burrow has owned the Ravens over the last year and with the Bengals winning two in a row will that continue? Baltimore's defense has been BAD to put it lightly, and if Cincy gets momentum early this could hinder the Ravens chances. Monday night we got another good one for you! The Raiders head over to Arrowhead to face an AFC West division rival the Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders have not performed well this season but got a solid victory last week against Denver. Can they replicate this success or will KC continue to dominant the league by storm? Now on to the MLB! Aaron Judge, what can we say? 62 homeruns in a season breaks the all time AL homerun record for most homeruns in a season. He surpasses Yankee legend Roger Maris who has held that record for 61 years. What an incredible season he has had, does breaking this record lock him in for the AL MVP? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The Chiefs Stomp The Bucs In Tampa

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2022 39:24

    What's up, you guys? Kyle is back to kick off the week by recapping some of the biggest games that took place in Week 4 in the NFL this past weekend. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The Bengals Knock Off The Undefeated Dolphins

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2022 59:07

    Welcome back, you guys! Just for full transparency, this episode was recorded a few days in advance of today because of Hurricane Ian, so if the information throughout this episode may seem out of context or inaccurate, we apologize. Kevin and Kyle both live in Florida and did feel the effects of Hurricane Ian, but are safe. Because of Hurricane Ian, The Neighborhood Podcast will face some challenges in the short-term future. We will do our best to ensure the podcast continues to publish content, but until we can operate at full capacity, bear with us if there are any unforeseen interruptions based on the circumstances at the moment. As far as the episode itself, we've got some great games in the NFL this upcoming weekend as Kevin and Kyle dive into several of them throughout the episode. Once again, thank you guys for your patience and support and we will provide updates when it is applicable. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The Kids are on the Rise!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2022 94:15

    Good Afternoon everyone, welcome back! Hope you all had an incredible weekend! What a Sunday we had indeed, did we mention how much we love football?! On todays episode we have a special guest! Kevin's younger brother Ethan is making his debut on the show, lets all show him some love! There is a whole lot to discuss today so lets dive right into the thick of things. First on the slate we gotta talk about Buffalo being upset by Miami. Tua was almost knocked out of the game but comes back to lead the Dolphins to victory! The Bills had plenty of chances but just could not capitalize, round two of this match up is going to be a good one! Down in Tampa Brady tries to defend home turf against the Packers but fall short...literally. The game ended by the score of 14-12 in favor of Green Bay, Tampa just misses a two point conversion for the tie. You could tell both teams were struggling on offense and it truly was a defensive battle. We wonder how each team is going to progress moving forward if they cannot score consistently. Now for Kevin this is massive, the Colts upset Kansas City at home! Matt Ryan leads the team down the field to score with 24 seconds to go. Then the defense picks off Mahomes for his first interception this year to seal it! Is this a good sign for Indy moving forward? Or were the Chiefs just completely out of sync? In the NFC East there was a complete BEAT DOWN! Philly travels to Washington and sacks Carson Wentz 9 times!! They completely embarrass the Commanders with a score of 24-8 and move on to 3-0. Are the Eagles the best team in football?! Another wild finish happened in LA with the Jags headed to SoFi to face an injured Justin Herbert. Jacksonville not only won this game but annihilated the Chargers 38-10!! Has Trevor Lawrence finally made the jump? Could the Jaguars be for real?! Seems like they are moving on all phases and need to be given a whole lot more respect. To wrap this up a future MLB Hall of Famer makes history at Dodger Stadium! Albert Pujols hits not one but two homeruns against the Dodgers to hit career homerun numbers 699 & 700!!!! Congratulations to him on this magnificent achievement, it may never be done again so lets appreciate it while we get to witness it.

    Week Three for the Win?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2022 76:24

    Good Morning everyone, happy Friday! It has been a long week and we are just looking forward to some football. Now I do not know about you guys but there are so many games we gotta talk about today, so lets dive into it! We got a lot of games to discuss but first on the agenda has to be Buffalo traveling to Miami to face off against the Dolphins. Both teams are 2-0 looking to take command of the AFC East. Will Josh Allen be too much for Miami's defense? Or will Tua find a way like he did last week to make the impossible happen. Down in Tampa we have a Hall of Fame showdown! Rodgers vs Brady for the 5th time in their career's. Now here is the thing, Tampa is the farthest thing from healthy. Their entire receiving core is injured (or suspended), will Tom be able to overcome being short handed? Or will Aaron's new batch of receivers finally wake up in time to take advantage of Tampa's lack of depth? Swinging it on over to the west coast we go ourselves an NFC West showdown! The Rams are headed to the desert to face off against Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. Both teams have had their bad games and not so bad games. This match up is to prove whether or not last week was a fluke for each. Will Stafford return to his playoff self from last season? Or will K1 run all over the Rams defense? The division battles continue through the day it seems! Another tough game is up next when the Lions face off against the Vikings in Minnesota. Detroit looks legit, the offense seems to be unstoppable but that defense not so much. The Vikings got embarrassed just a few short days ago on MNF. Can Kirk bounce back and show us that offense is no joke? Or will Detroit continue to shock the world and move to 2-1? This next one has a little bit more meaning, specifically revolving around the quarterbacks involved. The Eagles go to Washington to face the Commanders but its a bit more than just that. Carson Wentz plays the Eagles for the first time since the trade and Jalen Hurts gets to prove that Philly made the right call. Washington has played surprisingly well, led by Wentz they have been in both games thus far. We all know what the Eagles did on Monday night so can they repeat that success? Monday Night just closes out what seems to be division weekend! The Cowboys are headed to New Jersey to face off against the big blue guys (the Giants just incase anyone was wondering). New York is 2-0 and Dallas is looking to follow up on the W against Cincinnati last week. Can Saquon carry this offense passed the early defensive player of the year in Micah Parsons? Or does Cooper Rush continue his winning ways and takes Dallas to a record of 2-1?

    The Week of Comebacks!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2022 108:56

    Good Morning everyone! Happy Monday!!!!!!!!! Jeez! What an incredible weekend we had full of Football! Today we talk about pretty much almost every game from yesterday in the NFL. So sit back and enjoy the ride as we break down week 2! To start the day off Miami traveled to Baltimore and the game was an instant classic! Tua leads the Dolphins all the way back and outscore the Ravens 28-3 in the 4th quarter!!!! Now this next one we had to skip some games because of how embarrassing it was for one team...Dallas upsets Cincinnati in a shocker in Texas. Joe Burrow gets sacked 6 more times as the Bengals fall to 0-2. The offensive line of the Bengals needs to be CUT! 13 sacks in two games is absolutely unacceptable! This next one was another thriller! Arizona made their way to Vegas and the second half of this game was WILD! Kyler leads the Cardinals back to a victory in overtime by the score of 29-23! His athleticism and mobility led the way to a crazy come from behind win in the second half. As a Colts fan this next one is beyond painful to discuss. The Colts have not won a game in Jacksonville in almost a decade, did that trend break? The answer is absolutely not, the Colts lost 0-24...Matt Ryan looks lost, Frank Reich still can't play call and the defense cant stop a cold. Moving on from that horrific performance... The New York Jets went on an incredible run in the 4th quarter as well! Coming back and beating the Browns 31-30 led by Joe Flacco. Yes you read that correctly, JOE FLACCO! He goes for 307 yards and 4 touchdowns, he had an incredible performance! Cleveland chokes in typical Brown fashion and they lose a heart breaker. Last on the slate of games we talk about the Seahawks and 49ers. Unfortunately Trey Lance goes down for the year with a broken ankle and insert who? You guessed it, the man we talked about all offseason, Jimmy G! Jimmy led the 49ers to a convincing win 27-7 showing the 49ers front office that they made a wise decision to keep him on the roster. Prayers up for Trey Lance and we hope he has a speedy recovery! As we always do on our Monday episodes we preview both games tonight! Tennessee takes on Buffalo and Minnesota goes into the Linc ready to face the Eagles! Can Josh Allen continue his dominant performance from last week? Can Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown continue to give opposing defenses a migraine? Or will Derek Henry return to form and knock off the Super Bowl favorites. Maybe Kirk Cousins and that offense will be too much for that rebuilt Philadelphia D. Find out tonight!!

    NFL Week Two Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 79:04

    What is going on everyone! Welcome to the new platform for the Neighborhood Podcast!!! It has been a while since we have been able to put out an audio episode but this is the PERFECT TIME to return! The NFL is back and week 2 is upon us. Last night started the week with The Chargers faced off against The Chiefs in Arrowhead. The Chiefs came away with the win in the 4th quarter but the battle of the AFC West did not disappoint! Other games we are going to focus on are going to be as follows! Tampa travels to New Orleans to face Jamies and the Saints. Who will command the lead of the NFC South?! Cincinnati is headed to Dallas this week, both teams looking to bounce back from their poor performance in week 1. The Bengals are trying to avoid an 0-2 start and so are the Cowboys. Difference is one has their star quarterback and the other does not. Can Cooper Rush upset the Bengals and keep Dallas alive until Dak gets back? Last game on the slate is going to be a weird one. Normally this wouldn't even be close but the Packers are 0-1 and Chicago is 1-0. Safe to say Green Bay underperformed last week and the Bears got away with one. Can Aaron Rodgers make due with his new receiving core? Will Justin Fields get his first win against Green Bay? A legend in Tennis has called a quits. Rodger Federer has announced his retirement. As one of the greatest tennis players of all time he will truly be missed in the sport!

    Its about damn time!

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    The time we have all been waiting for! Football season has finally arrived!!! Although it is only the preseason we will take it. Its been a while since we have had a full episode so we do apologize in advance. We have had some vacations and life kind of sneak up on us but we are back! First on the agenda we are going to talk a little bit about the QB battle going on in Carolina. Baker or Sam? Who do you have? Now there seems to be something potentially brewing in Washington! Is Carson Wentz' time as a starting QB in this league running out? Rookie QB Sam Howell shined in his NFL Preseason debut. Can he make a push for some playing time this season if Wentz continues to struggle? Out in New York Jets QB Zach Wilson avoids serious injury! He left the Jets first preseason game with a knee injury that many believed could've been season ending. Turns out it was merely a meniscus tear and bone bruise, so instead of him being out for the year he'll be sidelined 2-4 weeks. To wrap this up our division predictions continue and today Kevin gives his thoughts on the AFC West. Most would call this the best division in football. would you agree? Who do you having winning the West? --- Send in a voice message:

    Football is looming...

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    Happy Tuesday everyone! We are back in action with some new content ready to go! Shannon Sharpe made a statement on Undisputed last week about Kevin Durant. His comments basically said that Steph Curry is responsible for the success of KD's career. Would you agree? The Utah Jazz have completely lost their minds! They have asked the Knicks for 4 young players as well as 6 future first round draft picks in exchange for Donovan Mitchell!! What in the hell is going on in Danny Ainge's head?! With Football right around the corner we discuss our top 5 running backs currently in the NFL. Who do you have on your list? Continuing on the trend of football, we received quite a bit of back lash on our recent tiktok post. A lot of people stated that we were crazy choosing Mac Jones over Baker Mayfield but then choosing Baker over Trevor Lawrence. Lets get something straight here, as of right this moment Mac is better than Trevor. This is not Clemson any more, until Trevor proves his worth, it aint even close! --- Send in a voice message:

    Endless Summer

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    What is going on every body happy Thursday! We got a lot of content coming at you today so lets get into it! Are the Utah Jazz looking to hit the reset button?! The front office has stated they are now listening to offers for Donovan Mitchell! Where will Donovan land?! Out in Brooklyn, it seems the market for Kevin Durant has cooled off. The Nets asking price has just been well too high for other teams to consider trading for the 34 superstar. Will KD end up holding out if kept on Brooklyn's roster? Within the NFL there are a lot of up and coming Quarterbacks. In this segment we give our top 5 QB's under the age of 25. As the MLB season hits the half way point there are some mid season awards we would like to hand out. The AL and NL MVP as well as Cy Youngs for both leagues. --- Send in a voice message:

    MLB All Star Game already?!

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    Good Morning everyone Happy Monday!! Hope you all had an incredible weekend! I cannot believe we are already at the half way point of the MLB season!!! Well with that being the case we are going to hit some baseball topics today. We give our overall report cards for the best team, the most surprising team, the most disappointing team and then the worst team in baseball. Then we slide into the All Star game line ups where the Yankees lead the way with 6 All Stars. In some NBA news Damian Lillard signs a massive extension in Portland. What does this mean for the Blazers? Out in LA there is a team that is leading the NBA in total salary spent! I'll give you a hint, it isn't the Lakers! The LA Clippers lead the way with a 191 Million dollar pay roll this up coming season!! With the addition of John Wall, can they make a run in the Western Conference? Last we talk about a very interesting topic here. Our top 3 current players in the NBA right now! Who do you got?! --- Send in a voice message:

    The Madness continues!

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    We are back baby! Happy Wednesday everyone and hope you all had a good 4th! Today on the podcast we are going to be talking about NBA Free Agency once again! It just never stops to be honest! Biggest news coming out of last week was Kevin Durant requesting a trade from Brooklyn. How will this effect his legacy moving forward? On the other hand, this isn't the Nets first time swinging and missing on some big time superstars. What does this trade request mean for the Nets moving forward? Another organization that might be going through it are the reigning champs. The Warriors have lost some key players to free agency early on this offseason. Losing players like Juan Tuscano Anderson, Otto Porter Jr, and Gary Payton II. How will this impact the team moving forward? Is it time to panic? Lastly we are talking about some INSANE contract extensions that were signed! Who will have the biggest upside to those contracts? Who doesn't deserve it? --- Send in a voice message:

    The NBA never goes away!!

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    Happy Thursday everyone! We got a good one for you coming in hot!! The NBA Free Agency period begins this evening at 6pm but we wanted to discuss some of the earlier slated news! Dejuonte Murray gets traded to the Hawks, does he move the needle for them in the East? As per usual the Knicks are already headlining free agency with multiple early moves. Mitchell Robinson is set to sign an extension up to 4 years but thats not the key move! The Knicks have cleared cap space to make an offer to Mavericks point guard Jalen Brunson for upwards of $110 Million!! Is he worth it?! Draymond made some comments about the 2017 Warriors not being able to beat the Cavs without Kevin Durant. Is he out of pocket for those comments? We brought back the rapid fire segment talking about a few quick topics within free agency! Tyler Herro to get 25 Million a year?! Miles Bridges completely closes the door on himself for a max extension with his latest issue off the court...not lookin good! In Dallas the Mavericks look to be interested in some defensive anchors. Are they worth it? Now in the MLB Freddie Freeman has some news for us, firing his agent after a massive contract issue. Seems like his agent failed to communicate the Braves made him one final offer before he decided to sign with the Dodgers. Something seems fishy out thereeeeeeee, so Freeman said GET OUTTA HERE!!!! Did Freddie want to stay in Atlanta?! --- Send in a voice message:

    Now what are we supposed to do?!

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    Happy Monday everyone! Today we got a late post but better late than never! The Avalanche conclude their quest and win The Stanley Cup. Keeping the Lightning from their 3rd consecutive championship just furthering our point of how hard it is to three peat! So much news has been circulating within the NBA and we are going to try to cover as much as we can! Kyrie to LA seems almost for sure at this point as discussions with Brooklyn continue to dwindle. KD is being summoned to Portland?! Looks like Dame and some other teammates are posting things on social media to try and convince Kevin Durant to join the Blazers. Odds of that happening? Bradley Beal looks to be opting out of his contract but not to leave Washington. He is opting out to resign a potential 5 year/248 Million dollar deal. Seems like Beal is in this for the money and not to compete, thoughts? We go through a rumor round up that consists of John Wall being bought out by Houston. Jalen Brunson is the Knicks primary target this offseason but the Mavericks do not seem like they are going out without a fight. Dejounte Murray is also rumored to be targeted by the Knicks, can he help in their rebuild process? Golden State looks to fully reload, but it would cost them upwards of 500 Million. Can it be done? A potential ALCS matchup was played this weekend! The Yankees split a 4 game series with the Astros but Houston seemed to have out played New York. Should the Yankees be worried? --- Send in a voice message:

    One door closes and another opens..

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    Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry for the late post! In the NHL the Avalanche hold off the lightning come back and take game 1 of the Stanley cup finals! Can Tampa still find a way to make this three peat a reality?! Tonight is game 6 of the NBA Finals. The Warriors look to hoist up their 4th trophy in 8 years while the Celtics look to protect home court and force a game 7! Can Golden State close this out or will Boston extend their championship dreams for one final game! Shaq made some comments this week about Steph Curry already being a top 10 player of all time. Now as one of the top 10 players of all time does his word carry any weight? Where do you rank Steph amongst the greatest players to ever play in the league? To continue this NBA train it looks like the Dallas Mavericks have begun making moves already!! Without wasting any time at all they go and acquire Rockets PF/C Christian Wood. What does this mean for Dallas moving forward? What does Kevin think more importantly!? --- Send in a voice message: