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Welcome to the best show you've never listened to! The Logan Blackman Show is a sports talk podcast delivered to you in the most entertaining way possible. Started in 2016 and airing only once a week to now in 2022 where we publish an episode everyday Mon

Logan Blackman

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    TLBS - What Happened Last Thursday, Cut Fingers, Stolen Cars, Will Levis Number One Pick, QB Analysis, Iowa, Iowa State, UNI Previews, NFL Wk 4 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2022 83:40

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we start off with something a little different, we go through some things that have been happening recently that just HAVE to be shared. We take a look back at what we did last Thursday and why there wasn't a show, we talk about almost cutting fingers off, Outback Steakhouse, and stolen vehicles, it's all great fun. On the topic of sports, we take a look at some of the recent takes surrounding Kentucky quarterback Will Levis and the possibility of him going first overall. We compare him with CJ Stroud and Bryce Young and discuss why it might not be as crazy as it seems to have Levis go number one overall. We then take a look at the top in-state schools and try and predict how they will do in their week five match-ups while also looking at some of the other top games in college football this weekend. Finally, we preview this weekends action in the NFL while looking at some of the best quarterback match-ups from around the league. Enjoy!

    TLBS - State of the States, 'Gregg's Guys', World Cup Excitement, NFL Power Rankings, Wk 4 Quarterback Prospect Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2022 109:09

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we recap the USMNT's recent World Cup 'warm up' games and discuss whether or not we, as fans, should be concerned for the squad heading into the World Cup in Qatar. We then rate our excitement levels now vs how they were a year ago and why that won't actually matter once the World Cup starts in November. Moving on from soccer, we take a look at some recently revealed NFL power rankings, where we see some interesting teams near the top of the list. We discuss how 'accurate' their ratings are and reveal our own power rankings going into week four of the NFL season. Then finally, we move to college football to discuss our 'nervous levels' going into Iowa's match-up with Michigan and reveal our week four quarterback prospect rankings for the 2023 NFL Draft. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Back-Up Bills Lose to Miami, Jalen Hurts or Kyler Murray, Duality of Iowa, Ohio State is Scary, Undefeated Kansas

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2022 68:02

    Not really feeling a description today, but please enjoy the show, thanks.

    TLBS - Bills Blowout Titans, Josh Allen QB1, Trey Lance Future, Justin Fields Quote, 'The Guy,' Wk 3 Quarterback Prospect Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2022 87:30

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we recap the Bills recent blowout win against the Tennessee Titans, that saw Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs rip apart a young Titans secondary. We then discuss the best quarterbacks in the NFL and how they compare to being the best overall players in the league. Sticking with quarterbacks, with Trey Lance out for the season, we take a look at the Niners remaining schedule and discuss whether or not the Niners are in a better place now, with Jimmy G, than they were with Lance, with the future in mind. Another quarterback in the '21 Draft class that made some headlines was Justin Fields, who had some interesting things to say to Bears fans. We discuss why, though he may be right, you can't come after the fans of the team you play for. Finally, we move our attention to the '23 NFL Draft, taking a look at the top 10 quarterbacks after week three in college football, with a possible change atop the leader board. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Iowa's Offensive Outpour, Revisiting Iowa's Record Prediction, CFB Rankings, Quarterback Struggles, NFL Weekend Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2022 80:54

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we recap Iowa's recent offensive masterclass against Nevada, in a game that lasted around seven hours to complete. We then look at the rest of Iowa's schedule and make some changes to our pre-season record prediction, while also adding in one former Hawkeye to this current team. Sticking in college football, with people always complaining about top 25 polls, we discuss whether or not the polls are stupid or if they are a correct representation of who the best teams are in the country. We also take a look and try to figure out why some of the top quarterbacks in the country, for the 2023 NFL Draft, hare struggling as much as they are. Moving to the NFL, we recap most of this weeks action which saw Trey Lance's season presumably end, Tua toss six touchdowns in a comeback win against Baltimore, the Browns 'Brownsing' up a game against the Jets, and more! Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - USMNT Squad Announcement, Squad Predictions, Stoppable Force v Moveable Object, Petras' Confidence, Iowa Touchdown Quiz, Chargers Choke

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 73:22

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we reveal the latest USMNT squad and discuss whether or not we agree with some of the inclusions/exclusions from the roster. We also take a look at the recently released World Cup kits and decide whether or not we actually like what Nike did for the US' first World Cup kit since 2014. Sticking with the World Cup, we make a no note 26-man squad prediction, while also saying which players I would pick vs who GGG would pick. We then move to football and look at Iowa's weekend match-up with Nevada, or as it's known here as 'the stoppable force v the moveable object.' With Iowa's recent offensive struggles, we look at how they're handling Petras and how keeping him in may be doing him more harm than good long term. With Iowa struggling to score, we thought it'd be fun to do a quiz naming all the players who have scored touchdowns for Iowa while Kirk has been the head coach. Finally, we look at the weekend slate of NFL games and go over the Chargers loss to the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. Enjoy!

    TLBS - Bills Bully Rams, NFC Season Preview, Wk 1 Reaction, Iowa's "Offense," Wk 2 Quarterback Rankings, Random USMNT Talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2022 150:26

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show, we proudly recap the Bills week one demolition of the reigning Super Bowl champs, beating the Rams 31-10 in the fortress known as So-Fi Stadium. We discuss why the game should've been worse and why the Bills look to be on a mission after that game. We then reveal our 2022-23 NFC predictions while reacting, or overreacting, to what happened during week one of the NFL season. We talk about bad teams winning, kicking, kicking, and kicking, and why it is insane to write Trey Lance off after his second career start. Though we wanted to talk about this earlier, we go through what happened during Iowa State's 10-7 win over the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday. We look at Iowa's offense and why there is no offense in the nation, currently, that can compare to what the Hawks are doing with the ball in their hands. Finally, we reveal our week two quarterback prospect rankings for the 2023 NFL Draft and, randomly, discuss the USMNT's soon to be announced September squad and why we hope the 'leaked' USMNT kits are not the real thing. Anyways, enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Cy-Hawk Preview, Fun CFB Weekend, Bills v Rams Talk, 2022 AFC Season Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2022 96:36

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we look forward to Saturday as Iowa and Iowa State meat in Iowa City for the annual Cy-Hawk Series. Though the Hawks have won the past six outings against the Cyclones, expectations of winning this game, from both sides, are seemingly not that high. We take a look at the game, the series, and reveal who we think will win and why. We also discuss the other games going on this weekend in the world of college football and point out which games, besides Iowa v Iowa State, you should turn your attention to on Saturday. Moving to the NFL, we take a quick glance at the opening game of the season, as the Buffalo Bills take on the LA Rams, and discuss why this upcoming season feels so strange after what has happened in years prior. Then finally, we reveal our predictions for the upcoming NFL season, at least on the AFC side. We give in-depth analysis about each team, providing records, key players, and divisional/playoff standings for each team going into the season. Enjoy!

    TLBS - The NFL Returns, Jalen Ramsey Quotes, Chiefs v Chargers Roster, NFL or College Football, Wk 1 Quarterback Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2022 97:58

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we celebrate the return of the National Football League as the Buffalo Bills take on the LA Rams. With that, we discuss the possibility of this being a Super Bowl LVII preview, the weirdness of the Bills being one of the favorites, and Jalen Ramsey's old quotes about Josh Allen coming back to bite him. Sticking with the NFL, we discuss the 'wild west' that is the AFC West, which is arguably the toughest division in the NFL. With that, we reveal our rankings for the division while also going position by position, deciding who has the best roster in the division, but does that mean they're the favorites to win the division? Time will tell. We also go over the age old debate about what is better, college football or the NFL, and hopefully provide an answer to the debate. Finally, we talk a little more about Iowa v Iowa State and reveal our post week one quarterback rankings for the 2023 NFL Draft. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Offensive Incompetence, Start of Rivalry Week, National CFB Review, Bryce Young Runs, Anthony Richardson Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2022 77:01

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we recap everything that went on this weekend in the world of college football, starting off with the excitement factory game of the week that was Iowa v South Dakota State. An impressive display of offensive genius was on display as Iowa came out 7-3 victors over the Jackrabbits, curtesy of a field goal and two safeties. We discuss what Iowa needs to do to keep that momentum flowing as they go into 'rivalry week,' with the game against Iowa State taking place this Saturday. We discuss how attitudes from each sets of fans are comparable to each other from this point last year, and why Iowa should feel really good going into this game given how well the offense worked. We then move nationally, as we look at some other exciting games from the weekend, as we saw Bryce Young show off his full arsenal of abilities, Anthony Richardson and Florida take down Utah, USC taking care of Rice, and a first for college football in the scoreboard department. We also take a look at some FCS results, as UNI came out 48-17 losers against our nation's Air Force and why Drake v North Dakota State is similar to Alabama v Rice. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Technical Issues, Iowa/Iowa State/UNI Opponent and Season Previews, Power Five QB Rankings, Naming All CFB Teams, Top Four Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2022 122:20

    On a very special Saturday episode of the Logan Blackman Show, we look forward to the upcoming college football season for the 'big three' Iowa schools by previewing their first games of the season. We take an in-depth look at each opponent and give our predictions for how we think they'll fare in week one, while also, once again, giving our final record predictions for each team. We then go through the power five conferences in college football and reveal our quarterback rankings for each conference (NOTE: this is not necessarily about draft potential, just how good they are at the college level). We then go to Sporcle and attempt to name all 131 schools at the FBS level in college football before, finally, making our predictions for the College Football Playoff in this weeks edition of 'top FOUR Friday.' Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - NFL Top 100 Review, Highest Paid Back-Up, NFL Hot Take Review, Pressure on Hurts, NFL Cuts

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2022 65:06

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we review the final rankings of the NFL's Top 100 players of the 2021-22 season. We look at the official rankings and compare them to our own while also making fun of some other top 100 lists as well. Though he didn't make anyones top 100, Jimmy Garoppolo can sleep well at night knowing that he's the NFL's highest paid back-up, after restructuring his contract which will allow him to leave as a free agent in 2023. We also review some of 'Jukes' biggest hot takes for this upcoming season, with some much more 'hot' than others, while also discussing who has more pressure on them for this upcoming season out of Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa. Finally, as the NFL season nears, rosters are slowly getting trimmed down, we look at some of the cuts that have recently taken place and why the Bears should thank their lucky stars they signed MVPeterman to their practice squad. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Matt Araiza, More Tyreek Hill Quotes, Rookie Dinners, Rookie Disrespect, Fantasy Football 101

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2022 86:14

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we go over the recent events surrounding the Buffalo Bills and their now ex-punter Matt Araiza. We look at the situation as a whole, going over what had happened and discuss why this situation was handled as poorly as it was by the Bills organization. We also take a look at some more Tyreek Hill quotes surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs and discuss our confusion for why he's saying the things he is, about Patrick Mahomes and his time there as a player. Sticking with the Chiefs, rookie wide receiver Skyy Moore recently posted a pic from his $22,000+ dinner. We take a look at it and go over why, though very expensive, it'd probably feel good to pay that much for dinner. We also look at how other rookies have done so far this preseason and why some very talented players fell where they did in the draft. Finally, we give you a lesson in fantasy football, about who to draft, where to draft them, and what strategies you should implement in order to take the league over. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Big Time College Football, Top 20 CFP Teams, Top 50 College QB Review, Opening Day Quiz, Mahomes vs Ex-Teammates

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2022 111:35

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show, we look to Saturday and preview some INSANE college football match-ups, most notably between Nebraska-Northwestern and Hawai'i-Vanderbilt. Next, we move on to even more college football power houses and review ESPN's recent article about the top 20 College Football Playoff contenders. We read through the list and decide whether or not each team deserves such recognition while also naming some teams that weren't mentioned in the article. We also take a look at some recently made top 50 college quarterback lists. We review each list while revealing our top quarterbacks for this upcoming season. Moving over to the NFL, with the season being two weeks away, we do a quiz where we had to name the 92 quarterbacks who were rostered at the start of the 2016 season. Finally, we take a look at recent quotes surrounding Patrick Mahomes while also discussing whether or not Lamar Jackson should become the highest paid player in the league. Enjoy!

    TLBS - Back From Vacation, Crazy Fight Weekend, Deshaun Watson Suspension Decision, Jimmy G Trade, Starting Rookie QBs

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 80:26

    After a short vacation we are back with another fantastic episode of the Logan Blackman Show! Today, we look at some of the fights that took place this past weekend and why one of them left me completely speechless. We also review Deshaun Watson's increased suspension, from six to 11 games, and why nothing in the NFL is done without precise intent. With Deshaun Watson being out until week 13, people are starting to speculate a possible trade for current Niners quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. We take a look at the trade and try to decide whether a not a trade for Jimmy G makes sense for the Browns, while also figuring out which other teams could possibly trade for the two time NFC Champion. Finally, we recap some of the NFL's preseason action and try to figure out which rookie quarterbacks could see some real action once the season starts. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Field of Dreams Game, Most Hated Fans, New AB Quote, Top Five Tight Ends, Best Power Five Prospects

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2022 92:21

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show, we preview the Field of Dreams Game against the Cubs and Reds and discuss why this game is 100x cooler when you're from the state of Iowa. We also rank our top five baseball movies while recapping last year's game and going over the most hated teams in sports. Moving to football, we read the latest tweet from quote machine Antonio Brown, and why this one of the more interesting quotes from Brown over the recent years. For 'top five Friday,' we continue down our list of greatest players of my lifetime by ranking the top tight ends from the past 24 (and a half) years. Finally, we review ESPN Draft guy Matt Miller's list of the best prospect from each power five school, where we agree or disagree with his take while providing other options for the schools. Enjoy!

    TLBS - Behind the Scenes, Motivation, Taking 'L's', Top 10 Quarterback Hot Take, Rookie Quarterback Situation Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2022 92:50

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show, we take a look behind the scenes of our last episode, which featured Kevin Rusler and Zach Tracy, and gave some insight and exclusive information about the show and why it could've been cut from two plus hours down to just over one. We also discuss different types of motivation and why 'taking L's' can sometimes result in some of your best work. Moving on, we go over one of my hot takes from Monday's show, that wasn't heard, and why I don't necessarily think it's as big of a hot take as some people may originally think. We also take a look at the rookie quarterbacks from a season ago and rank each quarterback given their current situation, which includes rosters, coaches, etc. Finally, we discuss the quarterback battle between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold and why Darnold may be keeping things a little bit closer than originally anticipated. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS ft Kevin & Zach - Legends of William Penn, Appendix Story Explained, Sports Injuries, Changing Positions, Offense v Defense

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 71:35

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we welcome on two William Penn legends in the form of Kevin Rusler and Zach Tracy! One of my favorite episodes, Kevin and Zach go over some of their fonder memories at William Penn University. We clear the air about Zach's 'burst appendix,' we discuss Kevin's foot injury and why it de-railed his NFL career, we discuss changing positions, and what is the superior group on a football field, the offense or the defense. Hope you enjoy the show!

    TLBS - MLB Trade Deadline, Deshaun Watson Suspension, Dolphins Drama, Top Five Wide Receivers, Officially Official Premier League Predictions

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 100:52

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show, we recap what happened during the MLB trade deadline. We look at some of the biggest moves and why the move that didn't happen may have been the most important. Moving over to football, we react to the news regarding Deshaun Watson and his recently revealed suspension. We discuss whether or not that's long enough and try and figure out what will happen with the NFL, apparently, looking to add to his six game suspension. Speaking of suspensions, we take a look at what's going on in Miami, with the Dolphins losing two draft picks as well as owner Stephen Ross being suspended for 'violating the integrity of the game.' Also, for this addition of top five Friday, we reveal our list of the top wide receivers of my lifetime, with a somewhat surprising inclusion coming in at number five. Finally, we reveal our officially OFFICIAL Premier League season predictions. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Month of Football, NFL Preseason Goings On, Growing Up Panthers, UNI, Iowa State, Iowa Season Previews, CFB Tier List

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 87:50

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we celebrate August as the month of football, as we are a few days away from the first NFL (pre-season) game of the season as well as being just 27 days away from the start of the college football season. We start off going over how pre-season works in the NFL, and why it is not really a sign of things to come before the upcoming season. We also discuss the importance of college football in states without NFL teams, and why college football in the great state of Iowa comes second to nothing in the sports world. With that, we take an early preview of the 'Big Three' schools in the state, UNI, Iowa State, and Iowa, looking at each roster and what to expect from each team going into the season. Finally, we make a tier list consisting of all the power five teams in college football, and rank them given how we feel they are going to do this upcoming season. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - One Week From Football, Allen Lazard HOF, US Today Predictions, Top Five Running Backs, Barcelona Debt, Premier League Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 107:45

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we celebrate being one week away from NFL football, as the Raiders take on the Jaguars in Canton, Ohio! Yes, it may just be the Hall of Fame game, but it's still football. Sticking with the Raiders, we compare Adams' comments about Derek Carr to Aaron Rodgers recent comments about Allen Lazard, and see who is more likely to make the HOF between Carr and the former Urbandale J-Hawk. With football being a week away, US Today released their usually highly controversial pre-season predictions, so we took a look at those and discussed which predictions are more likely to happen than others. Then, for this week's 'Top Five Friday,' we rank the top five running backs of my lifetime, with a surprising inclusion at number one. Finally, we move onto another brand of football and take a look at Barcelona's current financial situation while also giving a quick preview for the upcoming Premier League season, which is also a week away. Enjoy!

    TLBS - Appendix Stories, Kyler Murray Contract, Lamar Jackson, NFL Top Receivers, Trey Lance, Cubs Sellers Again

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 86:55

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we discuss Joe Burrow going under the knife to remove his appendix while going over some appendix stories of my own. We also take a look at Kyler Murray's contract and discuss the clause that was put in his contract to make sure he does his homework, undistracted. Sticking with mobile quarterbacks, we read a recent quote from an unnamed NFL defensive coordinator about Lamar Jackson and discuss why people that hate on Lamar are just plain stupid. Then, we take a look at Chris Simms' top five receivers in the NFL, which saw Ja'Marr Chase at number one, while revealing our list of the best receivers in the league. We also congratulate Trey Lance on being named the starter in San Francisco and cry some more about the Chicago Cubs, once again, trading away a face of the franchise. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - More NFL Alternates, Cam Newton to Cleveland?, Madden Quarterback Ratings, Overrating Averageness, Baseball HOF

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2022 78:55

    Hello everyone and welcome to this new episode of the Logan Blackman Show! Today, we go over some of the recently released alternate uniforms in the NFL, with the Chicago Bears possibly dropping the worst helmet of the offseason. One team I can't really picture with an alternate helmet is the Cleveland Browns, and with there being some reports about them being interested in Cam Newton, we discuss the Browns truly chaotic quarterback room. Sticking with quarterbacks, we review the latest Madden 23 ratings and discuss why the quarterback ratings are the worst in the game, so far. We also look at some recent comments made by the highest rated receiver in the game, and discuss why overrating averageness is very annoying. Finally, with David Ortiz being inducted to the baseball HOF, we take a look at the inconsistencies surrounding the hall and why this could lead to the likes of Barry Bonds entering immortality. Enjoy!

    TLBS - More Madden Ratings Revealed, New Uniforms, Kyler Murray Extension, Top Five Friday, Insanely Early NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2022 106:57

    On today's episode of the Logan Blackman Show, we take a look at more Madden 23 ratings, and decide if the highest rated players in the game really deserve their titles. After looking at Madden's latest ratings, we look at the New York Giants recently revealed retro uniforms, as well as discussing which other teams should reveal their new uniforms next. Speaking of 'new,' Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is now the second highest paid quarterback in the NFL, taking home $46.1 mill a year. Was this a smart move by the Cardinals or did they massively overpay for the former number one overall pick? Sticking with quarterbacks, again, we take on a new segment, titled 'Top Five Friday,' where we reveal our list of the top five quarterbacks in NFL history, minus Tom Brady, Joe Montana, and Peyton Manning. Finally, we reveal our insanely early prospect rankings for the '23 NFL Draft! Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - More Watson Drama, Best Players Worst Teams, Madden Ratings Reveled, Mid-Season MLB Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 102:15

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we look at some more details surrounding the Deshaun Watson situation, with recent reports stating that he may sue the league if he's suspended for a season. We look at the possible suspension and see if him suing the league could actually take place given his punishment. Moving on, but sticking with the Browns, we take a look at some of the worst teams in NFL history and try and name the best player from each team, with some coming easier than others. After speaking on good players, we look at some of the recently revealed Madden 23 ratings, speaking on what we like, or would possibly change, while also naming the best players at each position. Finally, with the regular season paused due to the All Star game, we take a look at how things are going around the MLB while also taking a look back at our pre-season predictions to see how accurate we were. Enjoy!

    TLBS - We're Back, Watson/Mayfield Situation, Zach Wilson, Conference Realignment, Crazy CFB Takes

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2022 96:11

    Hello one and all and welcome BACK to the Logan Blackman Show! After an unplanned break from the show, we're back providing the same awesome show you've been accustomed to! For today's episode, we take a look back at all things we've missed since our last show, starting with the Deshaun Watson/Baker Mayfield situation. We look at Baker getting traded to the Carolina Panthers and try and figure out Deshaun's inevitable suspension will be. Sticking with NFL quarterbacks, we analyze the Zach Wilson 'situation' which saw him gain a whole hell of a lot more fans than what he had before the 'situation.' We also look at ESPN's list of top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL while also revealing our much anticipated top 10, while figuring out who could be the 'worst' quarterback to win a Super Bowl this season. Moving to college football, we take a look at the craziness that's going on with conference realignment, which has seen USC and UCLA announce their intentions to join the Big Ten by 2024. We also take a peak at some recent NIL deals and make fun of some of the more interesting takes surrounding college football as of late. Sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Millions Update, Young v Stroud, CFB Transfer Portal, Weird Numbers, Star Wars Quizzes

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 74:25

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we fill you in on our recent email regarding our 3.8 million dollars and why I hope it comes in the mail sooner rather than later, because I now have no money. After that little sob story we move back to the NFL Draft, with ESPN's Todd McShay dropping an insanely early 2023 mock draft. With that, we go over, again, the differences between Bryce Young and CJ Stroud, and who should be the first pick between the two. Sticking with college football, we take a look at the recent landscape in the transfer portal and how NIL has changed the sport forever but always remember, don't hate the player, hate the game. Our final football topic surrounds some of the worst numbers you can wear in football, at whatever position. We give some examples of some truly bad ones while also looking at some of the numbers I have had to wear throughout my sporting career. Finally, with this being "Star Wars week," we test our knowledge of the force by taking a few quizzes (I cringed writing that). Either way, enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Millionaire Logan, Trip Down Memory Lane, More NFL Draft Talk, Draft Quiz, '23 Quarterback Prospect Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 85:11

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we go over the fact that I have stumbled across a very large sum of money. We go over how I came to be in this position and why the newfound millions will not change me as a person. With that, we take a little trip down memory lane, to the 2019 NFL Draft. We look at the players who did not get their fifth year options extended from the class while also going back to look at some of our old mock drafts. Sticking with the draft, we attempt to name every player picked in the top 10 of every draft since 2010. Out of 120 players, how many do you think we got? Then finally, we take a look into the future and reveal our insanely early rankings for the 2023 quarterback draft class. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Why I'm an Idiot, Full NFL Draft Recap, Favorite Picks, Insanely Early '23 NFL Draft Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 130:16

    Welcome one and all to this Monday edition of the Logan Blackman Show! This show is an exciting one because the 2022 NFL Draft has finally reached it's conclusion! With that being said, we recap the first round of the Draft, going over why we though things would turn out the way it did, why I'm an idiot, and discuss whether or not I liked the picks or not. After the full first round recap, we blaze through rounds two - seven, not giving as much in-depth analysis, but still looking at which players went where and why they landed where they did. With that, we go through each round and declare our favorite picks, with some possible surprise inclusions. Then finally, we take an insanely early look at the '23 NFL Draft. Looking at the top prospects you should be looking out for and who our favorite individual prospect is at each position. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - NFL Draft Eve, '18 Draft Throwback, Officially Official Prospect Rankings, Full NFL Draft Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 154:23

    Today on this NFL Draft Eve addition of the Logan Blackman Show, we take a trip down memory lane, as we were four years to the day of my favorite draft of all time, the 2018 NFL Draft. With that, we look at how each player has faired so far through their relatively young NFL careers and place them on a tier list to, rightly or wrongly, compare them to the best of our abilities. Coming back to our year, 2022, we reveal the officially official final prospect rankings for the upcoming draft. We go through each position, revealing anywhere from 15 to 20 players, and seeing who is the best, who are the sleeps, and who are the somewhat overrated players in the draft. Finally, we give a full preview to the upcoming draft. Going through each selection in the first round, narrowing down all the recent rumors to try and to pin point what each team could do come Thursday. Enjoy the show! (Mock Draft 5.0 will be out Thursday)

    TLBS - The Year of the Wide Out, Receiver Position Depth, Draft Pick Tier List, NFL Big Fours

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 89:46

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we look at the current state of the wide receiver position in the NFL, in both the draft and in the league. In the league, we have players like Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, and Terry McLauren all possibly looking for new places to play given their current contract situations. We also discuss why NFL GMs and owners can thank the Jaguars for their current predicament at wide receiver. Sticking with the position, we look at the overall depth of the position and discuss why we could see a record number of receivers go in the first round. Keeping with the draft, we go through a tier list ranking all the number one overall picks from 1998 to 2019 (I don't know why 2020 and 2021 weren't included, I didn't make the list). Finally, as we teased on Friday, we go through each team in the NFL and reveal who has the best "big four" in the league! Enjoy!

    TLBS - Forgetting Easter, Top Three Prospects, Mock Draft 4.0

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 62:55

    On this pretty crappy edition of the Logan Blackman Show we apologize for missing Monday's show, as we didn't, yet at the same time did, remember that it was Easter. A day filled with an early morning and a ton of food caused me to not record. After our longwinded apology, we turn our attention back to the NFL Draft, as we are just over a week away from the '22 edition of the draft. With that, after revealing our favorite prospects, we reveal the top three players at each position, teasing the officially official prospect rankings, which should come out either Monday or Wednesday of next week. Finally, we reveal mock draft 4.0! Though we released it on Friday, this is the first time we've been able to talk about it on the show, which is exciting! With that being said, enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Top Position Groups, Deep Receiver Class, Bust Predictions, Last First Round Quarterbacks

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 57:02

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we take a look at some of the top position groups in the 2022 NFL Draft. We analyze each of our top three groups, revealing why we rate them so high and why your team shouldn't fear if there's an early run on each group. With that, we take an in-depth look at this year's wide receiver class and why some of the top guys in this class could be gone very early given how there is quite a few receiver needy teams in the first round. Moving over to quarterbacks, we take a look at an ESPN article that tries to predict how the top six quarterbacks in this class will fair at the next level while going over why you shouldn't try and predict who'll bust and who's a "can't miss" prospect in the draft. Finally, we run through another Sporcle quiz and try to remember who was the last quarterback each NFL team selected in the first round. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - NFL Draft, Risers and Fallers, Positional Odds, Top Five Prospects

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 60:43

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we take a look at some of the possible risers and fallers for the 2022 NFL Draft. From Kyle Hamilton and Tyler Linderbaum, to Desmond Ridder and Ahmad Gardner, we take a look at some of the players who could go a lot sooner, or a lot later, then what people are expecting. Afterwards, we look at each position group in the draft and reveal our over - under for how many players could be selected in the first round in each group. Finally, we take a look at our top five prospects in each position group, why we think the way we do and if anything could change in the future. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Full Week of Shows, '22 MLB Predictions, Desmond Ridder Hype, Stefon Diggs Contract

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 69:44

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we celebrate finally getting through a full week without missing a single upload! After not recording a full week of episodes since late February, we have finally gotten back on the saddle! With that, we finally reveal our 2022 MLB season predictions! From division winners to the Playoffs to postseason awards, we look at every possibility and reveal how we feel about everything surrounding the sport of baseball. Moving to football, recent reports are saying Desmond Ridder could go as high as eighth overall to Atlanta. We look at the reports and figure out whether or not it'd be smart for Atlanta to take the former Cincinnati quarterback in the top 10. Finally, Stefon Diggs just signed a long term extension with the Buffalo Bills, with the hopes of him retiring with the organization in a few years. We look at the Bills expectations for the season and why they're the early favorites to take how the Super Bowl! Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Down With The Sickness, Favorite Prospects, McShay Mock Draft Review, Top Five NFL Offenses

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 47:19

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show, while being down with the sickness, we go through each position group in the 2022 NFL Draft and reveal our favorite prospect from each position. Special note, we had to exclude our number one rated player at each said position, which made things a little more interesting. Sticking with the draft, ESPN's Todd McShay recently released a two round mock draft, so we took the liberty to go through it and give our thoughts and opinions on each pick. Finally, with the Broncos trading for Russell Wilson, the question has been asked if whether or not the Broncos now have a top five offense. So, we go through the entire NFL and reveal our unofficial top five offenses in the NFL. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - World Cup Group Reaction, 2010 Flashbacks, QB Class Comparisons, CBB Final Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 67:12

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show, we give our reactions to the recently revealed groups for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which sees the United States in a group with England, for the first time since 2010, where the US tied the Three Lions 1-1 in the opening game while also finishing atop an "easy" group for England. We also take a look at the rest of the groups and try and figure out which group could be considered the "group of death." Moving to another brand of football, we go through mock draft 3.0 again while also going through every quarterback class since the '97 draft and decide whether or not the '22 class is really one of the worst of all time. Finally, we give a short little preview to the college basketball national championship game between North Carolina and Kansas, trying to predict who'll come out on top in the "Roy Williams Bowl." Enjoy!

    TLBS - The Comeback, World Cup Bound, USMNT, NFL Free Agency Recap, Mock Draft 3.0

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 111:06

    Welcome back one and all to the Logan Blackman Show! After a nice little three week break we are back giving you the content that you didn't even know you needed! Not only are we back recording, but the USMNT is back in the World Cup! Though they lost to Costa Rica 2-0 on Wednesday, the US still finished third in their qualifying group, allowing them to get their bags packed for the World Cup in Qatar! With that, we go over our feels from 2017, take a look at the possible squad Berhalter could deploy, and try to figure who the US' best strikers are between like five or six players. Moving on from one football to another, we finally get a chance to recap all that has gone on so far this offseason in the NFL. From Deshaun Watson going to Cleveland, to Davante Adams going to Vegas, Christian Kirk going to Jacksonville, and so on and so forth. Finally, we reveal the Draft "Expert's" officially official 2022 NFL Mock Draft 3.0, which is one of the weirdest ones we have done to date! Glad to be back, enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Baseball is BACK, Carson Wentz Trade, Quarterback Carousel, '23 QB Class

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 49:15

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we celebrate the recent news surrounding Major League Baseball, as the MLB and the MLBPA have reached an agreement ending the lockout and allowing there to be baseball this summer! With that annoying issue out of the way, we turn back to the NFL, as Carson Wentz was traded from the Indianapolis Colts to the Washington Commanders. We look at the possible options for the Colts at quarterback while also taking a look at the other available quarterbacks/quarterback needy teams and deciding whether or not Seattle should tough out this year with Drew Lock and wait until '23 for a quarterback or not. Finally, we look at the trade that sent Khalil Mack from Chicago to Los Angeles and try and predict how the AFC West will shake out next season. Enjoy!

    TLBS - Rodgers Extension, Wilson Traded to Denver, NFL Combine Recap, Mock Draft 2.0

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 82:56

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we look at the biggest moves from around the NFL, with Aaron Rodgers signing an extension in Green Bay and Russell Wilson getting traded to Denver. With Rodgers resigning, we try and predict what the future holds for former first round draft pick Jordan Love, and why we hope people don't write off the former Aggie just yet. We also discuss Denver being catapulted into the top three in a few peoples recent NFL power rankings, and why the Broncos could possibly end the Chiefs strangle hold in the AFC West. One move that hasn't gotten too much publicity is Cam Robinson being franchise tagged in Jacksonville, does this open the door for Malik Willis to be selected second overall?? Who knows, but finally, we recap the 2022 NFL Combine and reveal the Draft "Expert's" 2022 NFL Mock Draft 2.0! (that is now ruined thanks to today's moves) But still, enjoy!

    TLBS - Day 1 Combine Recap, Kenny Pickett Hand Size, One Hit Wonder, NFL Draft Team Needs

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2022 70:46

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we recap everything that went on during day one of workouts at the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine, that saw the quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends all take the field in front of 10,000 fans at Lucas Oil Stadium. With that, we take a look at some of the "winners" from the day, going over who surprised us, who lived up to expectations, and who maybe didn't have the best day. We also go over the reported size of former Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett's hand size and discuss whether or not it actually matters in the evaluation process while also comparing him to Liberty quarterback Malik Willis, discussing who will be the first QB taken in the 2022 Draft. Finally, we go through the 32 team field for the draft, going over each teams needs and finding a prospect that could fill said need for the upcoming season. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Major League Bull Sh*t, NFL Combine Preview, 40-Yard Dash, Potential Combine Ballers

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 59:52

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we go over the recent events surrounding Major League Baseball, who have entered their first strike since 1994. We look at each side of the argument and try to figure out if/when anything will actually be solved. Moving on from baseball, we give a nice little preview for the upcoming NFL combine. With testing starting up on Thursday, we go position by position and tell you which players to keep an eye out for and go over why the 40-yard dash is the most pointless important thing the combine has to offer. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - USMNT Injury Concerns, Aaron Rodgers, Trey Lance, Quarterback Destinations, More NFL Quizes

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 71:35

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show, we go over our recent trip to Iowa City and recap Iowa's recent match-up against Michigan State, which saw four players get their numbers retired and saw Iowa get a big time 26-point win at Carver-Hawkeye Arena, for your's truly. We also go over some of the recent injuries that are plaguing the USMNT, with Weston McKennie being sidelined with a fractured foot for 8-12 weeks, which will see him miss the States' final three World Cup qualifiers. Moving to a different type of football, we take a look at Aaron Rodger's situation in Green Bay, San Francisco deciding between Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo, and reveal our very rushed list of quarterback destination predictions. Finally, we take on a couple more sporcle quizzes regarding NFL quarterback, from naming the last five opening day starters for each NFL team to naming every rookie who has started at least half of their team's games during their rookie season. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - No Football Episode, UNI Basketball, Daytona 500, USWNT, USMNT World Cup Hopes

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 21, 2022 75:20

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we look at the sad reality we are currently living in, no NFL or college football for the foreseeable future. Though that's upsetting, we at least got the USFL coming back in April, so that's good, right? If not, we have other sports for you to turn your attention to! Today, we recap UNI's recent win vs Missouri State, which saw the Panthers take top spot in the Missouri Valley Conference standings with two games left in the regular season. We also recap the most recent Daytona 500, which saw rookie Austin Cindric take the checkered flag in the 62nd running of the "Great American Race." We then take a look at the USWNT's recent demolition against New Zealand, which saw the "Football Ferns" score three own goals in a 5-0 loss to the States. Then finally, with three games left to go in CONCACAF qualifying, we take a look at what the USMNT needs to do to make the 2022 World Cup in Qatar while also revealing which players should make the squad IF they do end up qualifying. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Super Bowl Recap, GOAT Halftime Show, Stafford HOF, USFL, Mock Draft 1.0

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2022 87:38

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we finally get a chance to recap the most recent Super Bowl, with the LA Rams taking down Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20. We look at the game as a whole, looking at player performances while also recapping the greatest Super Bowl half-time show of all time, a show that featured Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, and 50 Cent. After that, we look at the recent take about Matthew Stafford and the Hall of Fame, discussing whether or not he should make it in while also comparing him to some other "on the edge" players currently in the NFL. Finally, we take a look at the USFL's recent jersey reveals and show the world the Draft "Expert's" first official mock draft of this draft season, revealing mock draft 1.0! Enjoy!

    TLBS - NFL Honors, Super Bowl Preview, Halftime Show Hype, Super Bowl Quarterback Quiz

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2022 62:11

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we reveal our official picks for the 2021 NFL Honors, which I found out right before the show that it takes place on the 10th instead of it's normally scheduled Saturday. That being said, we go through each individual award and give our reasons for why we think each person deserves their award. Also, with this Sunday being Super Bowl Sunday, we take a look at the match-up between the Cincinnati Bengals and the LA Rams, go over how each team got here, why each team should win, and give our final prediction while also discussing our hype for (potentially) the greatest halftime show of all time! Finally, we take on a Super Bowl quiz, as we go back through each Super Bowl and try to remember the winning and losing quarterbacks for each game. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - Expensive Episode, Washington Commies, Senior Bowl, The Last Pro Bowl, NFL Head Coaching Hires

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 76:52

    On today's episode of the Logan Blackman Show, after some unintentional time off, we take time to recognize that we are living in the big times now, with this being the single most expensive episode in TLBS history. We also discuss some of the things we missed since our last show like Tom Brady officially retiring and the Washington Football Team now being called the Washington Commanders, or Commies. After that, we recap the Senior Bowl, which took place last Saturday, looking at some of our favorite players and if anything has changed in regards to the battle for the number one quarterback in the draft. Finally, we look at new head coaches from around the NFL and recap what was hopefully the last ever Pro Bowl game. Enjoy the show!

    TLBS - AFC Championship, Joe Burrow Confidence, Tom Brady, NFC Championship, Jimmy G's Future, Quarterback Chances

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2022 85:17

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we recap the recent battle between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals, which saw the Bengals come out on top, making their first Super Bowl since 1989. With that, we take a look at Joe Burrow's confidence and how it compares to the greatest of all time, Tom Brady. Speaking on the G.O.A.T., reports from Saturday stated that Brady was finally retiring from the NFL, only to be followed by more reports that that wasn't necessarily true, yet. So, we look at Brady's career and discuss him hurting my feelings as a child and why he is truly the greatest of all time. Moving over to the NFC, we recap the Rams victory over the 49ers, making their second Super Bowl in four years. We look at the Stafford trade and why this was more than likely Jimmy G's last game as a 49er. With that, we give a percentage for how likely each NFL team is at retaining their current starter and finally, going over some of the recent coaching hires from around the league. Enjoy!

    TLBS - The Greatest Game Ever Played, Josh Allen, Overtime Rules, Divisional Round Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 50:26

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we recap this weekends action from around the NFL, mainly discussing the greatest game ever played between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs. We go over all the events from the game and why this game is my generations version of "wide right." Sticking with the game, we analyze the Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes' performances and why we should be expecting them to meet in the Playoffs for years to come. We also take a look at the NFL's overtime rules and discuss whether or not the Bills lost the game because of a coin flip or because the "number one defense in the league" allowed the Chiefs to drive almost 50 yards in two plays to force overtime. Finally, we touch base on the rest of the action from around the league and take a sneak peak at some of the action for Championship Sunday. Enjoy!

    TLBS - NFL Divisional Round Preview and TLBS "Staff" QB Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2022 78:30

    On this Friday two segment episode of the Logan Blackman Show we preview this weekends upcoming action in the NFL Playoffs, as the divisional round kicks off Saturday at 3:30 between the Bengals and Titans. We go over every game this weekend while providing analysis and giving predictions. Finally, we reveal the TLBS "Staff's" top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL! We asked 15 people to give us their top 10 quarterbacks from around the league, then put each list together and give each position a point value to determine the true top 10 quarterbacks in the league! Enjoy!

    TLBS - Greatest Game Ever, Josh Allen GOAT, Drought QB Rankings, NFL Playoff Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 64:35

    Today on the Logan Blackman Show we recap the greatest Bills game of the 21st century, the 47-17 demolition of the New England Patriots. We look at every significant number for that game and discuss Josh Allen's historic playoff performance in zero degree weather. Sticking with the Bills, we look back at "the drought" and rank the top five quarterbacks during those trying times and why we as Bills fans are so thankfully for Josh Allen. Finally, we also rank our top 15 quarterbacks in The NFL while also recapping the rest of the action from Wild Card weekend and why my predictions haven't really changed since the start of the Playoffs. Enjoy!

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