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Discussing the latest NASCAR news, including a weekly recap of races, events and a look ahead to what's next in the sport. Guests include NBC Sports talent such as Jeff Burton, Steve Letarte and Kyle Petty.

Nate Ryan, NASCAR on NBC Sports

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    Jimmie Johnson on his sports car season, his reunion with Chad Knaus and his growth as a racing businessman with sposnors

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 30:45

    Seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson on how he's been getting up to speed on Road Atlanta (3:00); how running IMSA still is helping Jimmie stay sharp for IndyCar (5:15); playing video games with 80 cars on track to prepare for darkness (7:30); on increasing his pace and drive time at Petit Le Mans after a disappointing Watkins Glen (9:30); why Road Atlanta could be personal redemption in trying to return to his Rolex 24 form (11:30); whether Jimmie believes more NASCAR drivers might race IMSA and if he'd like to get in a Next Gen Cup car next year (13:30); on having Chad Knaus back as a teammate (15:30); “we recognize we love working together and being around one another … the way we interact brings out the best in both of us” (18:00); on if Knaus and Hendrick will remain with Jimmie in IMSA next season (20:00); how 2021 has been “a big year of growth” for Jimmie on the business and sponsor side (21:30); the parallels of victories and losses in the business of racing (23:30); what Jimmie has learned to admire in Rick Hendrick and what he wishes he could emulate in the team owner (24:30); learning to embrace the freewheeling side of being a businessman (26:00); what's ahead for Jimmie in 2022 (28:00); Jimmie on his buddy, Kamui Kobayashi (29:00).

    Phoenix: The greatness of Kyle Larson and his 2021 Cup Series championship; Jeff Burton mulls if Larson is the world's best driver

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 41:49

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on a true team effort for Kyle Larson (1:00); did teams err in downplaying the importance of qualifying? (3:30); why the race didn't necessarily fall Larson's way (5:45); the overwhelming superiority of the No. 5 (8:00): ranking Larson among greats such as Mario Andretti (10:30); how Burton came around on Larson … and how Larson came around on NASCAR (13:00); is Kyle Larson the best race car driver in the world? (16:30); dreaming about a Kyle Larson-Lewis Hamilton matchup (18:30); the decision by Rick Hendrick to allow Kyle Larson so much dirt racing (21:30); will Larson's success spark a trend of Cup teams allowing their stars to moonlight more often? (24:00); putting a bow on the other contenders' seasons (28:00); how the Next Gen car affects the outlook of Hamlin and the entire Cup Series entering 2022 (32:00); how will teams redeploy their staffing into new departments? (34:30).

    Martinsville: Alex Bowman vs. Denny Hamlin analysis from Steve Letarte, plus a Championship 4 Phoenix Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 36:13

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Steve Letarte on why the racing seems even more intense this year as the Round of 8 finale (1:00); why Steve didn't like Denny Hamlin interrupting Alex Bowman's burnout (3:30); an interesting analogy to the keyboard warriors (6:00); did Denny have a point? (8:00); should Bowman have gotten more credit for pulling over after knocking Hamlin from the lead earlier? (11:00); an appreciation for Hamlin's mastery of Martinsville (14:00); the trials of Martin Truex Jr. and the No. 19 (18:00); Team Penske's misses (20:00); the strength of the Championship 4 (24:00); is Kyle Larson the championship underdog somehow? (27:30); will the earlier Phoenix race results be an adequate predictor for the finale (30:00); sizing up Hamlin's chances to break through (32:00).

    AJ Allmendinger reflects on his NASCAR career and renaissance with an Xfinity title in sight

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 25:14

    Xfinity Series championship contender AJ Allmendinger on  assessing his dream 2021 season and whether it's his best ever (2:00); reflecting back on the NASCAR transition 15 years later (4:00); the “blur” of his early seasons between Red Bull, RPM and Penske (6:00); his biggest regret from the early years of his NASCAR career (7:30); the impact of Roger Penske with the Indy 500 and Xfinity (9:30); how close AJ has come to leaving racing and how he stays in a good place mentally (11:45); fear being one of his big motivators (14:30); on how joining Kaulig Racing interrupted a career shift and also made him a part of something bigger in “trying to write history” (16:00); his impact on Kaulig's growth (18:45); whether he feels as if he's been the feel-good story in the Xfinity Series this season (20:00); what a championship celebration would be like (22:30). 

    Roval: Analyzing all sides of the Chase Elliott-Kevin Harvick feud with Dale Jarrett, plus the incredible comeback victory by Kyle Larson

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 37:53

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Dale Jarrett on his initial impressions of Kevin Harvick's intentional wreck of Chase Elliott (1:30); why DJ is OK with Harvick's move and how it's different from Matt Kenseth wrecking Joey Logano intentionally at Martinsville in 2015 (3:00); was the timing of Harvick's payback surprising? (4:30); would Elliott have been surprised by the payback? (5:45); how much of a factor did Elliott's closing rate play in Harvick's crash (7:15); would Chase have returned the favor if he had the chance (9:15); how stunning it was to see Harvick make an uncharacteristic mistake (10:45); is this feud now over? (13:00); will there be repercussions from “Merry Offseason and Happy Christmas (15:00); a well-made point from DJ on the need for rivalries but what comes with that (17:00); the black flag that didn't happen for the bumper cover (19:00); at what point should NASCAR step into the Elliott-Harvick feud (21:00); DJ's firsthand history with NASCAR sitdowns (23:30); thoughts on Kyle Larson's incredible comeback victory (25:30); how Larson's championship emergence was evident in his battle with Tyler Reddick (28:00); some sage Earnhardt championship wisdom from DJ (30:30); what happened to William Byron and the late contact with Tyler Reddick (32:30); sizing up the Round of 8 (35:00).

    The Charlotte Roval's brief but very memorable history: "Taking risks is the DNA of NASCAR"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 40:47

    Exploring the brief but very memorable history of the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval through the voices of those who helped create and raced on the dynamic road course. --Joe Gibbs Racing winner Christopher Bell and Adam Stevens tour the layout and detail its appeal and challenges (3:30)--Inaugural winner Ryan Blaney and Aric Almirola recall their initial fears of the course (7:00);--Marcus Smith recounts his burst of inspiration for creating the layout (9:00);--Charlotte Motor Speedway executive vice president Greg Walter on the pushback from drivers and teams and the decision to delay the launch (16:00);--Speedway Motorsports vice president of operations Steve Swift on the international search for advice and insight (18:00);--Smith on Mario Andretti's memorable test run in a Porsche 918 (20:00);--Swift on a very helpful lap by Kyle Busch and a humorous moment with Ryan Newman (23:00);--The jaw-dropping crash that has NASCAR very nervous (30:00); --The breathtaking finish to the debut (34:00);--How the Roval has charted a path forward for NASCAR (37:30).

    Bristol: Peeling back the many layers of in the Chase Elliott-Kevin Harvick confrontation; why so many cut tires at Bristol?; playoff surprises good and bad; should Bristol still race dirt?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 41:38

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on analyzing the initial contact between Chase Elliott-Kevin Harvick (2:00); why Harvick has plausible deniability in what Jeff says was a racing incident (4:30); why the rash of cut tires at Bristol? (6:30); the most interesting and compelling part of Chase's interview for Burton (8:30); does Chase really need to prove himself in Year 6 of being in Cup? (10:30): is there a generational aspect to their differing viewpoints of what happened? (12:00); how drivers manage the balance between self-interest and building political capital (14:00); what Burton appreciated about how Elliott and Harvick handled their differences (15:30); was Chase in bounds by holding up Harvick to help Larson win (18:00); the case for how Elliott might have hurt himself by preventing Harvick from the victory (20:00); have Harvick and the 4 team turned a corner? (22:30); some surprises from the Gibbs teams, Penske and Kurt Busch (24:30); has the championship race reset to Larson, Hamlin and the field (26:30); the Xfinity Series finish (27:30); the importance of the regular-season championship and that points … still … matter (29:30); and breaking down how it affected the Cup and Xfinity races (31:30); what will become of Bristol's dirt race after a wonderful weekend on the concrete? (33:00); tracing the recent history of Bristol's racing (35:00); is Vegas to open the Round of 12 actually a bigger wild card than the Roval? (38:00).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Mike Helton recalls the impact of Sept. 11 on NASCAR

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 30:24

    In a sitdown about Sept. 11's impact on NASCAR, vice chairman Mike Helton recalls a difficult 2001 season already for NASCAR (2:00); the scene in Daytona as Sept. 11 began (4:00); the impromptu command center in Bill France Jr.'s office (6:30); taking care of NASCAR industry members scattered around the country (8:30); processing the emotions while determining the path forward (11:00); “Hey, this is way too big. I don't have it in me to do it.” (12:30); unplugging New Hampshire (14:30); how the country knew it was time to stop … and then time to restart sports and entertainment (16:30); making changes to entry and security policies (18:30); the resiliency and resourcefulness of NASCAR teams that week (20:30); a memorable sea of 150,000 American flags (22:30); “it was almost as if we were shooting a movie about patriotism (24:30); an appropriate winner (26:30); the aftermath of a memorable day for Mike (28:00).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Pre-Daytona: Handicapping the regular-season finale: NASCAR Cup driver fears about COVID-19 protocols; Ryan Blaney's 2021 emergence

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 30:38

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on sizing up the Daytona regular-season finale (1:00); putting maybe an unprecedented premium on points mattering in this race (3:30); another wrinkle: A new rules package for Daytona since February (4:30); the importance of the already heightened impact of manufacturer and teammate alliances (6:30); unpacking the COVID-19 news from Michigan (10:00); the debate over a negative test providing clearance (12:30); “this is a tough situation for all of us” (14:30); drivers wrestling with a bigger picture (16:30); the vaccination part of the equation (18:30); the inherent self-determination of the driver and racer (21:00); are we witnessing the championship contender emergence of Ryan Blaney? (24:00); if the 750 horsepower tracks will be a Penske strength in the playoffs (26:30).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Indianapolis: IndyCar-NASCAR crossover at the Brickyard; Chase Briscoe v. Denny Hamlin; the Turn 6 curbing failure; a stunning win for AJ Allmendinger and Kaulig Racing

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 34:38

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Steve Letarte on evaluating the “State Fair” of Motorsports at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the NASCAR-IndyCar crossover on the road course (1:00); making a Rolex 24 comparison (3:00); how about having an IndyCar-Cup doubleheader (4:00) … or even both series on track concurrently? (5:30); how the atmosphere compared to the Brickyard 400 (7:00); what a victory means for Kaulig Racing (8:30); and AJ Allmendinger (10:00); breaking down Briscoe v. Hamlin (12:00); Could Briscoe really have been unaware of the penalty (13:30); does the team bear responsibility for the penalty going unheard? (15:00); the way Briscoe rouged up Hamlin (16:30); Stevie's opinion that Briscoe owes Hamlin another conversation (18:00); Is it time to start a SAFER-style project for track cleanup enhancements? (20:00); the track curbing failure (21:30); is the curbing even needed? Dale Jr. and Stevie wonder (23:00); and is there a better solution for the 90-degree curb? (24:30); other fixes to consider (26:00); the enforcement of track limits (27:30); resin at Nashville! (29:00). See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    NASCAR and NFL Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs and team president Dave Alpern on his book "Taking the Lead" and the past, present and future at Joe Gibbs Racing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 62:41

    NASCAR and NFL Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs and team president Dave Alpern on why Joe Gibbs Racing went years without a sign out front (1:00); the impetus for Dave Alpern's book (3:00); Joe Gibbs' thoughts on authorship and having something to say (5:00); how Dave Alpern became tight with the Gibbs family (7:30); what Gibbs saw early in Dave Alpern (10:00); the legend of the “College Pukes” of JGR (12:00); the origins of JGR's “buttbusters” (13:30); how being a “racer” fit the Gibbs mold (16:00); the five principles of JGR (17:30); “Everything that I've been in has been team” (20:00); on the culture and people-first legacy of J.D. Gibbs (22:30); the regular six-hour commute that Alpern made in his early years (25:30); how Joe Gibbs tries to lead by example and how the team maximizes those strengths (28:00); Joe Gibbs, the $100 million Fed Ex salesman (31:00); how JGR had to renegotiate its sponsorship deals after Carl Edwards' retirement (34:30); how faith fits in as a core value at JGR (38:00); reconciling Christian principles with competing in a sport where bending the rules is a necessity (41:00); how JGR has dealt with rules transgressions and its understanding in toeing the competitive line (43:00); how difficult it was for Dave to revisit the final years with J.D. Gibbs (46:00); the pain of watching the debilitating illness that took his best friend (49:00); how Dave has gotten Coach Joe to adapt to more work-life balance (52:00); the complementary styles of Alpern, Gibbs and other JGR leadership (54:00); how JGR will manage the future as NASCAR endures some revolutionary structural changes with the Next Gen car (56:30).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Atlanta: Kurt Busch's continued resurgence; Kyle Busch vs. Ross Chastain; Kurt vs. Kyle; and the controversy over Atlanta Motor Speedway's makeover

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2021 35:58

    The renaissance of Kurt Busch (1:30); is Kurt a better driver now than ever in his 21st Cup season? (3:30); what Kyle Busch and Ross Chastain said about their battle (5:30); Burton's read? “They're both right,” and here's why (7:15); Kurt's hearty endorsement of Ross' actions (9:30); And why things would be different in the playoffs (10:30); did being a big brother to Ross help Kurt beat his younger brother Kyle? (13:00); does there seem to be more of an edge to this sibling rivalry? (15:30); unpacking Kyle Busch's rant and drivers' displeasure about the Atlanta Motor Speedway changes for 2022 (18:00); how Burton handled his airing of grievances about safety 20 years ago (19:30); Burton's case for removing emotions from the discussion with frustration naturally boiling over from so much happening in NASCAR (22:00); how much do the drivers need to be informed as a professional courtesy (24:30); Burton's conversation with Marcus Smith (27:00); trying to redesign a track with a completely new car (30:00); “Pick up the phone and call Marcus. Nothing's been graded yet” (32:00).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Parker Kligerman on startlingly positive economic trends in the truck series, hooking a Silicon Valley sponsor, Lime Rock and eSports/iRacing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 9, 2021 51:29

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Parker Kligerman on the eSports/iRacing venture with Landon Cassill (1:00); the demand for iRacing events such as these remaining strong as the pandemic ebbs (3:00); the “euphoric moment” around motorsports and why it's happening (4:30); the sales pitch for getting a “Drive to Survive” fan to NASCAR (6:30); drawing parallels between different series' driver personalities (8:30); what the deal was with Lando Norris (10:30); Parker's F1 dream nearly is realized! (12:00); life as a new minority owner of historic Lime Rock Park (14:00); what his involvement with ownership is (16:30); what crazy things does Parker have planned for being a track-owning pit reporter in the IMSA Lime Rock race? (18:30); the “Bristol Bullring” of GT sports cars (20:30); the backstory of Parker's new Silicon Valley-style sponsorship (21:30); should more drivers and teams be DM'ing tech companies to start sponsor relationships? (24:30); a discussion about the improving economics of the truck series (27:00); how team budgets have decreased as much as 50 percent over the past four years (29:00); the midpack teams that are moving up the grid and changing the face of the Xfinity Series (33:00); the efficiencies discovered through pandemic racing that must remain permanent (37:00); how Parker and his team are benefiting this season (39:30); thoughts on Justin Marks buying Chip Ganassi Racing and what it might mean for prospective Cup drivers such as Parker if the ownership demo changes (45:00).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Pocono: A memorable doubleheader with a masterful pass by Kyle Larson, the grit of Alex Bowman, and Kyle Busch winning with only one gear

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2021 40:20

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on revisiting the doubleheader concept (1:00); what can be transferred to other tracks and how? (2:30); how to keep fans' energy up throughout the weekend (4:30); Burton's case for bringing back more practice and qualifying (6:30); dissecting Kyle Larson's masterful pass for the lead in Race 1 (8:45); whether it makes a difference when a teammate is involved (10:45); the code of racing in Cup (12:15); does Pocono cause more cut tires at the end of a run? (14:30); why Alex Bowman deserves more credit than just “being lucky” (15:45); a “step-up moment” for Bowman (17:45); NASCAR's talks with Hendrick Motorsports about “addressing” their cars (19:45); NASCAR's role in scrutinizing the fastest teams (22:15); what Kyle Busch meant about needing to use all four of his tires as good as they should (24:15); how Kyle Busch won only with fourth gear (27:00); Burton explains the most impressive part of what Kyle Busch did with only fourth gear (29:00); on the 18 becoming the best Gibbs/Toyota car (31:00); Kurt Busch's push for the playoffs (32:15); on what's next for Brad Keselowski and Penske (34:00); Road America preview (36:00).Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice.

    Chad Knaus, VP of Hendrick Motorsports, on racing sports cars in a reunion with Jimmie Johnson

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2021 32:55

    Chad Knaus, the vice president of competition for Hendrick Motorsports, on how much fun he's had racing sports cars (1:00); the appeal of the cars (2:00); always on his bucket list (3:00); working with international drivers (4:30); the differences in the “cult” of IMSA vs. NASCAR (5:30); communication with multiple languages involved (7:00); Knaus' takeaways from racing sports cars at Daytona and Sebring (9:00); explaining the drive time penalty at Sebring (11:30); on the thrash to prepare the backup tub at Sebring (13:30); working with Jimmie Johnson again (16:15); could there be more sports car endurance races in the future for Hendrick? (17:30); on how sports cars help with NextGen prep (19:30); and with larger wheels on pit stops (21:00); some of the sports cars in Knaus' personal collection (22:00); how calling an endurance race is different and similar to calling a Cup race (23:30); Changing up the flow of Hendrick Motorsports' NASCAR debriefs (26:00).Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice.

    Nashville: Kyle Larson's winning ways and the role that team owner Rick Hendrick is playing to ensure he stays on top of his game

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 41:48

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Dale Jarrett on the NASCAR Cup Series being back in Nashville (1:00); how the surface responded to rubber and racing (2:30); the Kyle Larson in 2021 comparison to Jeff Gordon in 1998 (4:30); making the most of a second chance (6:30); how running sprint and stock cars is making Larson a better driver (8:30); applying the homework from NASCAR to racing sprint cars (11:00); how other teams might be able to pick up on what makes Larson so good … but also how leaning his secrets doesn't matter (13:30); the long leash that Hendrick Motorsports has given Kyle Larson on running dirt races (16:00); DJ's message to Rick Hendrick: “You're the smartest guy I've ever known” (18:30); the takeaways from how Cliff Daniels and Kyle Larson managed the only nervous moment of Sunday's race (21:00); “lessons learned” from the other races that got away (23:00); will competitive jealous be a factor at Hendrick Motorsports (25:30); the Chase Elliott disqualification for five loose lug nuts (28:00); why did so many miss the boat on brakes? (30:30); how the track changed and what the future of resin and PJ1 might be (32:00); Pocono preview (36:00).

    All-Star Race/pre-Nashville: Sizing up Kyle Larson's extraordinary run and the Cup Series' return to Nashville Superspeedway

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2021 32:14

    NASCAR on NBC analysts Jeff Burton and Steve Letarte on Kyle Larson's amazing roll of excellence (1:00); the tough decisions team face on 2021 vs. 2022 (3:30); a comparison to Hendrick in 2007 (5:00); regular season recap from Burton and Letarte through 16 races (6:00); on Kevin Harvick's slower start (7:00); on Richard Childress Racing's improvement (8:30); Nashville Superspeedway, the great unknown (10:30); a scouting report from Jeff Burton (11:30); what applying resin to the track means for practice (13:30); the importance of studying all the details ahead of time, especially in traffic (15:00); the concrete factor (16:30); the practice factor (18:30); memories of 2001-11 at Nashville Superspeedway (19:30); why the track reminds the analysts of Kentucky Speedway (20:30); the welcoming environment of downtown Nashville (21:30); a “new” old market for NASCAR (23:30); the unknowns of the final 10 regular-season races (25:00).

    Sonoma: How good was Kyle Larson and why?; the importance of data homework and the Scott Speed connection; F1 tries a NASCAR finish at Baku

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2021 49:35

    NASCAR on NBC analyst and NASCAR driver Parker Kligerman on how fast Kyle Larson was at Sonoma (1:00); the impressive feet of gaining 6 seconds in six laps on a leader (3:30); is it harder to drive well with a car that is so superior (5:30); what is making the Hendrick cars so good on road courses? (7:30); will the parts freeze and development restrictions make it tougher to catch Hendrick in 2021? (10:00); the homework Kyle Larson has been doing (12:15); and the Scott Speed connection of coaching (15:00); how data has finely honed driver coaching in all forms of top racing and namely IndyCar (17:30); even though some drivers don't talk much about it (20:00); how Scott Speed makes an impact with limited recent experience (21:30); another surprising layer to the Cliff Daniels-Kyle Larson relationship that involves dirt racing (24:30); why it's important to have a crew chief-driver relationship that at least fits some mold (27:00); Ross Chastain's big move (29:00); talking some Formula One in Baku (32:00); what happened to Lewis Hamilton? (33:30); the interesting call by F1 to institute a NASCAR-style finish (37:30); F1's new strategy for success (40:00); and the Americanization of F1 (42:30).

    The CART-IRL Split and the 1996 Indy 500/U.S. 500: A 25-year retrospective on a civil war that shook IndyCar

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2021 42:58

    The NASCAR on NBC Podcast examines the CART-IRL Split and the 1996 Indy 500/U.S. 500 in a 25-year retrospective that examines one of the most momentous events in IndyCar history. This narrative episode includes several interviews, including former IndyCar team owner John Menard, 1996 Indy 500 winner Buddy Lazier, former CART champion Jimmy Vasser, former CART winner Adrian Fernandez, CART CEO Andrew Craig and seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson.

    Dover: Hendrick Motorsports' historic past, present and future; another near-miss for Kyle Larson; looking ahead to COTA and Austin, Texas

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2021 44:31

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on Hendrick Motorsports’ historic day (1:00); what made the performance even more impressive (3:00); Hendrick on the cusp of even more history (4:00); the validation of Rick Hendrick’s business practices and focus on people (6:00); how it feels now inside the walls of Hendrick (8:30); is Rick Hendrick the best in NASCAR history? (10:00); Hendrick’s long-term driver lineup seems very secure (11:30); the tough decisions that team owners have to be make balancing age vs. performance (14:00); the conversation that Alex Bowman and Greg Ives had about leadership after Darlington (16:30); the divides within a race team organization (19:00); whether Burton ever had those conversations with his crew chief (21:00); the scrutiny that drivers face because of the mountains of SMT data (23:30); what Burton likes about all that advice from engineers and teams … and one thing he doesn’t (25:30); what to take from Kyle Larson’s 25th second-place finish (29:00); Burton’s only knock on Kyle Larson’s game (31:30); the resurgence of Welcome, N.C.’s racing hub (34:00); COTA preview! (36:30); an inaugural event veteran explains what it’s like going to the first race at a track (39:30).

    Darlington: Martin Truex Jr. remains the NASCAR dominator; but Kyle Larson and William Byron push toward the elite

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2021 35:47

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Kyle Petty on why Martin Truex Jr. is the championship favorite (1:00); why is he so dominant so often in his victories? (3:00); breaking down the Martin Truex Jr. driving toolbox and moral code (5:00); what the dominance says about his communication skills (7:00); has Truex been undersold as a driver in the past because of the attention focused on his crew chief (9:30); Kyle Larson’s shot at a winning pass (12:00); and how the sprint car mentality sometimes might cause him to overthink it (15:00); Kyle Larson’s case for being a top three team (17:00); the magnificence of Lord William Byron (19:30); does Hendrick need an Alpha driver (21:30); KP’s theory on why there weren’t more spins despite the cars being harder to drive (23:00); whether Darlington made a permanent case for low downforce (26:30); “I can’t run qualifying laps for 400 laps and race” (29:00); a peek forward on a tough stretch in the 2021 schedule (31:00).

    Kansas: Kyle Busch extends an impressive streak in trying circumstances; Kyle Larson sees another win slip away

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021 31:28

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Dale Jarrett on the importance of extending the Cup winning streak (1:00); has DJ seen any other star driver as motivated by records as Kyle Busch? (3:00); No pressure: Just 10 wins this year and five annually from here (5:00); has Kyle Busch learned to compartmentalize the personal from the professional better in 2021 (7:30); a general acceptance of the 2021 rules package by Busch and others (10:00); Kyle Larson really kicking himself as another win escapes his grasp (12:30); and maybe a bigger picture reason (14:30); the curiously timed caution flag from NASCAR (16:30); the case for holding the yellow flag (18:45); are Kansas restarts becoming a bigger crapshoot than Talladega (20:00); DJ does wonder how he might have done with this form of racing (22:30); will there be more than 16 regular-season winners? (24:00); what to expect from Darlington (26:00); a 2021 Cup playoffs opener preview (28:30).

    Talladega: Brad Keselowski's recovered magic, Matty D.'s move, Joey Logano's crash, Burton family's big weekend

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2021 40:47

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on sid Brad Keselowski win again because the rules changed or is he overthinking it? (1:00); did Talladega change that much in Burton’s era? (4:00); what makes the good superspeedway drivers great (6:00); how prerace mindset can make such a huge difference (8:00); analyzing the Matt DiBenedetto move on the final lap (10:00); it takes a village to win a superspeedway race (12:00); the pressure facing Matt DiBenedetto (13:30); the pressure of a driver’s faith in the spotter (15:00); Joey Logano’s anger at being upside down and what NASCAR can do (17:30); what Burton believes is the only solution (19:00); why do drivers keep wrecking at the end of superspeedway stages? (21:00); the most important parts of the analysis: figuring out how the car got airborne and how much they can reinforce the roll cage (24:00); big weekend for the Burton family (28:30); on the advice Jeff gave his nephew Jeb (30:00); the lessons and success of Harrison Burton’s Cup debut (31:30); what might be next for Harrison Burton (34:30); a quick Kansas preview of what it means for Stewart-Haas Racing and Kevin Harvick (37:00).

    Richmond: Steve Letarte on Greg Ives' winning magic trick for Alex Bowman's stunning victory; Hendrick's winning balance; Denny Hamlin's frustration; a perplexing call for Brad Keselowski; Jimmie Johnson's IndyCar debut

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2021 29:33

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Steve Letarte on why this wasn’t a stolen win! How Alex Bowman and crew chief Greg Ives seized the moment with a surprise strategy move (1:00); Steve’s “secret” to short track tire pressures late in the race (3:30); how Ives got a preview that the adjustment might work (5:30); an important victory for Hendrick Motorsports (7:30); on Alex Bowman becoming an underrated regular winner (8:30); Hendrick Motorsports sitting pretty with Chad Knaus at the helm (10:00); how the leadership dynamic at the team might be changing (12:15); another missed victory for Denny Hamlin and how the No. 11 team reacts (14:30); the “danger zone” of a second place being frustrating (15:30); appreciating an 11.2-second pit stop under pressure with five guys (17:30); and why it might have made the second place even worst for Hamlin (19:00); what was Brad Keselowski’s team thinking in Stage 2? (21:00); was the extra set of tires worth the gamble maybe? (23:00); Jimmie Johnson’s IndyCar debut at Barber Motorsports Park (25:00).

    Michelle Martinelli of For The Win/USA TODAY Sports on a new NASCAR-themed podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 16, 2021 23:04

    Michelle Martinelli of For The Win! and USA Today Sports joins to talk about the third (NASCAR-themed) season of The Sneak (1:00); the backstory of the mysterious Mario Rossi (3:00); the lack of general NASCAR awareness about the Rossi story (5:30); the story of “Black Thursday” (7:30); were some of these events covered up by the NASCAR industry at the time? (10:00); NASCAR’s stance on the Rossi history (12:30); where the idea for the podcast originated (14:30); the wide variety of characters in a true crime genre podcast and what it’s like reporting it (17:00); what the early reaction has been from the NASCAR community (19:00)

    Daytona 500 winner Front Row Motorsports' general manager, Jerry Freeze

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2021 51:10

    Jerry Freeze, general manager of Front Row Motorsports, on life at the Daytona 500 champion's headquarters, even if the signage doesn’t reflect its greatest triumph yet (1:00); describing the command center at Front Row Motorsports and its role in warding off geese (3:00); what being general manager entails (4:00); comparing the Daytona 500 victory to Front Row’s other wins (6:00); the morale boost of winning the Daytona 500 (7:30); a goal of advancing through the first round of the 2021 playoffs (9:00); what sponsors have been added since Daytona (10:00); “we’re in a better position than we’ve ever been revenue-wise but also are spending more to go race” (12:30); improvement of the Roush Fenway and engine alliances (14:00); becoming a de-factor four-car team with Roush (16:00); support from Ford post-Daytona (18:00); how the Daytona 500 win impacts Love’s, which previously was interested mostly in business-to-business from its McDowell sponsorship (20:30); a funny anecdote about the Love’s family (23:00); on how the 2019 finish shaped McDowell’s 2021 victory (25:00); the seven-figure difference of making the playoffs (27:00); a windfall of millions through 2023 (29:00); why Front Row is as competitive as it’s ever been in part because of some the parts freeze by NASCAR (31:30); some real-world examples of how things changed in 2021 (33:00); and how it still caught Freeze a little off guard with the opportunity (35:30); whether NextGen could continue these trends (38:00); will the team benefit from other teams looking ahead to 2022 (40:30); what it’ll cost to switch over to the NextGen car (42:30); outlook for the rest of the season (44:00); a plug for rookie Anthony Alfredo (45:00); on a new driver lineup dynamic for the team (47:00).

    Bristol Dirt: Kyle Petty on the Hamlin-Logano rivalry and surprising restart, plus NASCAR returning to its dusty roots for the first time in 50 years, and Parker Kligerman on what it was like to drive it

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2021 43:36

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Kyle Petty on why The King and other old-timers were leery about Bristol Dirt (1:00); how racing on dirt in 2021 compared to 50 years ago (3:00); does NASCAR need a dirt race to showcase driver talent? (5:30); “it’s all about the fans,” and they told KP that they loved it (6:30); improvements to consider for 2022, starting with the potentially unfixable dust (8:30); tire wear is OK! (9:30); KP TANGENT (into the free pass rule) (10:00); “rules should never be changed in the middle of a sporting event.” (11:30); several tweaks (windshields, etc.) that KP believes should be considered (13:00); strong dirt performances by some unexpected drivers (14:00); how Daniel Suarez and others made it work on “a driver’s day” (15:30); what to make of 18-1 long shot Joey Logano winning the race (18:00); And big races for Truex, Suarez and Stenhouse (19:00); what happened on the final restart with Logano and Denny Hamlin (21:00); some dimestore driver pyscho-analysis of being ruthless in the Cup Series and why Logano seems better at it than any of his peers (23:00); where things stand on the Bristol bump and run (26:30); PARKER KLIGERMAN JOINS and talks about his eighth place in the trucks at Bristol (30:00); on how track conditions radically affected his performance (32:00); why the dirt guys didn’t run as well (34:30); Parker’s wishlist for improvements (36:30); trying different types of dirt (38:30); what’s left for Parker in the 2021 trucks season (40:00).

    Atlanta: Dale Jarrett explains how Kyle Larson let one get away, whether Joey Logano affected the outcome and what the victory will for Ryan Blaney's reputation

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2021 33:03

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Dale Jarrett on how did Kyle Larson lose this race? (1:00); did Joey Logano really affect the outcome much? (3:30); how did Ryan Blaney conserve his tires so well on a track that gobbles them? DJ offers the Hall of Fame driver perspective (5:30); what this victory says about the emergence of Ryan Blaney as a championship contender (7:00); did Kyle Larson need more information on how he was getting beat by Blaney? (9:00); might Larson’s dirt background have been a disadvantage to Blaney when it comes to tire conservation? (11:00); focusing on the lessons of the loss for Larson (13:00); and how he rebounds from the Atlanta disappointment (15:00); lessons for the No. 5 team as well (17:00); on Blaney opening as 15-1 shot to win Atlanta and why the victory was a little unexpected (18:30); the continuing struggles of Kevin Harvick (20:30); what DJ says are major concerns for Stewart-Haas Racing (23:00); how many winners will there be in the 2021 regular season? (25:30); DJ’s prediction (27:30); a Bristol dirt preview (29:30).

    Phoenix: A critical victory for the No. 19 team, an epic restart by Martin Truex Jr. and could there be more than 16 regular-season winners?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2021 33:32

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton returns to the NASCAR on NBC Podcast for his first appearance in a year and five days to break down the NASCAR Cup race at Phoenix Raceway, including recalling the last time we did this pre-pandemic (1:00); what stood out about Martin Truex Jr.’s victory, aside from being so good after scrubbing the wall (2:00); was this a bit of a breakthrough victory for the No. 19 team? (4:00); a deeper look at crew chief James Small (6:00); if the nature of the surprising turnaround in the race is a trust and confidence-builder (8:00); why Jeff likes monitoring the radios of drivers who are struggling (9:30); stage racing as illuminated through fantasy racing (10:30); as he’s been saying for the better part of five years on this podcast, Burton clearly explains once again why points … still … matter (13:00); breaking down the final restart in which Truex beat Logano (15:00); why Phoenix restarts are unlike any other since the reconfiguration (18:00); did Joe Gibbs Racing addresses its Phoenix weaknesses (20:30); five winners in five races: Can it continue? (22:30); what about more than 16 winners in the regular season? (24:30); Atlanta Motor Speedway and Kevin Harvick’s wheelhouse (27:00); the pride of being so good as a driver, your technique can’t be replicated (29:30).

    Las Vegas: What is it about Kyle Larson and his new office cubemates at Hendrick Motorsports that have the Cup team running so well?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2021 30:18

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Steve Letarte breaks down the NASCAR Cup race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, including Kyle Larson breaking the “underdog” streak (1:00); how it felt to see a crowd (though limited) at Las Vegas this time (2:00); is Larson getting up to speed so quickly a surprise? (4:00); sizing up the surge by Hendrick Motorsports (6:30); why Rick Hendrick would say this might be the most chemistry is team ever has enjoyed (8:00); wondering what Hendrick driver debriefs are like these days (10:30); how it might have evolved from the Jeff Gordon/Jimmie Johnson era (12:00); why now might have been the perfect time for Chad Knaus to be put in charge of Hendrick’s competition overall (14:00); do the Hendrick drivers’ styles mesh because they’re of the same age? (16:00); and how they might fit together just as well in office cubicles (18:00); the 1-2-3 countdown of the best teams in Cup (19:15); Kyle Busch and a simulation to real world discrepancy (21:00); on the beauty of Kyle Busch hating a third-place finish (23:30); is that tough on new crew chief Ben Beshore? (25:00); the struggles of Stewart-Haas Racing (26:30).

    Homestead: Steve Letarte returns to the pit box! An inside view, plus a "parts freeze" explanation and what William Byron's win does for Rudy Fugle

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2021 39:09

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Steve Letarte breaks down the NASCAR Cup race at Homestead-Miami Speedway, where he returned as a de-facto crew chief for the first time in several years and explained how race day felt (1:00); what surprised him the most about what the NASCAR garage looks like now vs. 2014 (2:30); how the race unfolded (5:00); why Corey LaJoie seemed less worried about everything than Steve (6:30); how Steve still found his happy place despite his car being out for the last 100 laps (8:30); how Sunday compared to his first race as a crew chief nearly 15 years ago (10:30); how crew limitations could impact the crew chief transitions for engineers (12:30); the extra duties that come with being on a pandemic-era pit crew (15:30); Steve’s insight and experience with Rudy Fugle winning his third race as a Cup crew chief (18:00); good signs for Hendrick Motorsports (20:00); who is Rudy Fugle (21:30); explaining how the “parts freeze” is affecting the Cup Series (23:30); why it’s helping the smaller teams (27:00); will NASCAR do more of this for parity with the NextGen car (29:00); challenging the parity discussion (31:30);

    Daytona Road Course: Did NASCAR make the right call on the rain yellow flag? And analyzing breakthrough victories for Christopher Bell, Ty Gibbs

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2021 34:13

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Steve Letarte breaks down the NASCAR weekend at the Daytona Road Course, analyzing how Christopher Bell and Ty Gibbs are making the future seem bright at Joe Gibbs Racing (1:00); why are so many inexperienced drivers getting their first NASCAR national series victories at road courses? (3:00); some insight on what Letarte knows about Bell and Gibbs before their breakthroughs (5:30); appreciating the rarity of consecutive first-time winners (7:30); the turning point of the race, starting with NASCAR’s officiating decisions (10:30); appreciating the tire wire and strategy from having options (13:00); the discussions NASCAR needs to have on officiating road courses (15:00); looking at local yellows and talking to the drivers before COTA (17:00); some other considerations before making policy changes (19:00); what the CBell victory meant for his crew chief after Adam Stevens had a bit of a contentious split with Kyle Busch (21:30); making the case for the “team of rivals” approach (24:00); the impact of two first-time winners on the playoff picture (27:00).

    Daytona 500: Steve Letarte analyzes Michael McDowell's stunning victory

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2021 35:09

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Steve Letarte breaks down the Daytona 500, analyzing the breathtaking final lap and what he saw between Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano (1:00); Are we learning you shouldn’t block while leading on the last lap of the Daytona 500? (3:30); How does Roger Penske handle the aftermath? (4:30); on Michael McDowell’s underdog story (7:00); how the race's turning point was all about pit strategy (11:00); why Daytona turned out to be a numbers game that Toyota and Denny Hamlin couldn’t win (13:00); was Hamlin right to be confused why the Chevrolets waited until the last lap to make a move? (14:15); the missed opportunity of breaking manufacturer ranks (16:00); why the Toyotas still shouldn’t kick themselves too much (18:00); on whether the six-hour rain delay (and big crash before the red flag) impacted the rhythm and flow of the race (20:00); the ability to control a race like Dale Jr. and Denny Hamlin can (22:00); Stevie’s Speedweek in Daytona and how it felt weird (23:30); how does McDowell’s victory shake up the playoff picture (26:00); the increasingly wild-card nature of the regular season (28:30).

    Laura Wontrop Klauser, Chevrolet sports car program manager for Corvette Racing, Cadillac Racing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2021 47:10

    The newly named Chevrolet sports car program manager who oversees Corvette Racing and also has managed the Cadillac program that has four consecutive overall victories in the Rolex 24 at Daytona on her new expanded role as a major manufacturer executive in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Series (1:00); how many people she oversees (3:00), the great start to the Rolex 24 that GM Racing enjoyed on the first weekend in Daytona (5:00); what it’s been like dealing with the attention on Chase Elliott and Jimmie Johnson (7:00); how the program and teams integrate the superstar drop-ins (9:00); the excitement of vying for a fourth consecutive Rolex 24 victory with Cadillac (11:00); how Laura got into racing while growing up in Baltimore (13:00); the first race car project she worked on in college (15:00) how she became a car person (17:15); on making the shift from the production to the racing side of General Motors (18:45); adding the oversight of the Corvette Racing to her managing the Cadillac program (21:30); on taking over the role formerly held by Corvette Racing icon Doug Fehan (23:30); does she see encouraging signs of more women in auto racing (25:30); the importance of female role models like herself and mentor Alba Colon (28:00) on if being a woman in racing has resulted in different treatment (30:30); some instances in which she’s had to get stern with teams (34:00); how she has fun away from the track (37:00); what her biggest concerns are trying to win the Rolex 24 at Daytona (40:00)

    The best of Bristol according to some of NASCAR's best

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2020 27:41

    Richard Petty, Darrell Waltrip, Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt Jr. share everything they love about Bristol Motor Speedway ... their first impressions on rolling into NASCAR's "Last Great Colosseum," the secrets to some of their success, why they tell every fan it's the first NASCAR racetrack where they should attend a race, the toll it takes on drivers and the special atmosphere and allure it holds.

    Ep. 214: Part II with Tyler Gibbs and Jack Irving of Toyota Racing Development's TD2 driver development program

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2020 30:59

    The brain trust of Toyota Racing Development's vaunted TD2 driver development pipeline on some of Toyota’s up and comers such as Chandler Smith (1:00); “you have to remember they’re still just kids” (2:30); more of the name in and out of the program (4:00); the importance of USAC dirt racing (5:30); how Toyota Racing Development deals with having teams provide the slots for its drivers (7:30); thinking about the “greater good” for auto racing (9:30); dealing with the luck, good and bad, of keeping drivers or having them get away (11:00); the NextGen timeline with driver development (12:30); exploring William Byron in depth (13:30); what it’s like dealing with “NASCAR dads and moms” (15:00); “Parents have seen their kids run perfect races, and they expect that every time.” (17:00); why drivers whose parents “let go” tend to have more success (19:00); holding younger drivers accountable for their actions (20:00); teaching the real-world consequences for off-track behavior (21:30); the rage-quitting incident and how that was used as a teachable moment (23:30); trying to find the line of what is offensive vs. generational (24:30); but also encouraging drivers to have personalities – and neck tattoos (25:45).

    Ep. 213: Part I of Tyler Gibbs and Jack Irving of Toyota Racing Development's driver development program

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2020 45:48

    The brain trust of Toyota Racing Development's vaunted driver development pipeline on their backgrounds with TRD (3:00); being based in California but being “comfortable” with that and the travel it demands (5:00); the origins of the driver development program (7:00); which includes physical training, social media and health and nutrition advice (9:00); figuring out to pay for the program and rising star Christopher Bell (10:30); “if we need tried to go back and do this 100 times, it probably doesn’t work” (11:30); the importance of being hands on, understanding every prospect won’t stay and getting the byproduct of teams working together more often (13:30); kicking off the program with a home run in Christopher Bell (15:00); reflecting on Erik Jones and Bubba Wallace being in the program before it was fully formed (16:00); William Byron’s time with TRD (17:00); the “family selection” process (18:00); how Toyota attaches sponsors to drivers the way teams would (19:30); how dealing with the sponsorship as a manufacturer differs from managing it as a team (21:30); preparing “kids” for meeting with sponsors and learning businesses (23:00); incorporating the elements of “Sports Science” and “Moneyball” analytics (25:00); learning about how to analyze drivers through the Texas Rangers and TCU (26:30); ensuring that drivers get a “report card” on their progress (28:00); teaching drivers basic information like how to handle running out of gasoline on track (29:00); how the metrics of “Moneyball” and “Sports Science” work together (30:30); the simple ways of teaching drivers about nutrition and simple things (32:00); the importance of removing team variables to enhance evaluations (34:30); what trying to develop drivers is like during the middle of a pandemic (35:30); keeping drivers exercising and in communication across long distances during lockdown (37:00); managing expectations about getting in the car after a long layoff (39:00); how TRD is advising its younger drivers on returning to track as racing restarts (40:30).

    Ep. 212: Chris Gabehart on iRacing with Denny Hamlin and resuming the 2020 season

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2020 31:40

    The two-time Daytona 500-winning crew chief for the No. 11 Toyota of Denny Hamlin on how he finds benefit in iRacing by running practices races with Hamlin, and learning to improve communication (3:00); his passion for iRacing and how long he’s been involved (4:30); his racing background in Super Late Models (6:00); how many wins in real life vs. iRacing and his history with owning a simulator (8:30); how iRacing can help build the Gabehart-Hamlin relationship, particularly in a world without practice (10:00); the difference between how IndyCar and NASCAR are approaching iRacing (12:30); what he’s learned from watching Hamlin on Twitch (14:00); getting a rare window into a driver’s mindset with the helmet off (15:00); what makes Hamlin so good at iRacing (17:30); how iRacing is a level beyond IROC (19:30); what the absence of fear – and the pressure of big-time sponsorship -- mean (20:30); is he glad 7-year-old Taylor Hamlin won’t be ending a No. 11 race on a real track anytime soon? (22:00); what the preparations for the 2020 season have been like (23:00); what will be the biggest obstacle facing teams? And the impacts of social distancing on teams (25:00); what’s been happening at Joe Gibbs Racing (27:00); how is the No. 11 approaching the rest of 2020 after starting off so well at Daytona but then having a long layoff? (29:00).

    Ep. 211: NASCAR's iRacing boom with Parker Kligerman and whether Twitch translate to real-world racing

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2020 32:22

    The NASCAR on NBC analyst and accomplished iRacer on how his life has revolved around his sim (2:00); the story of girlfriend Shanny’s Emmy (3:00); can NASCAR bring Twitch into real-world racing? (5:00); what the infrastructure challenges are (7:30); the technology of making it happen (9:30); foreseeing the controversies with Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson and safeguarding against the next one (11:30); Parker’s mom is listening to his Twitch stream and also is a big Conor Daly fan (14:00); will the Pro Invitational Series still exist when real racing returns? (15:30); how eNASCAR's audience metrics are benefiting hugely from the Pro Invitational Series (17:30); recapping Richmond and the politics involved (19:30); Talladega up next (21:30); explaining the dreaded Netcode (23:30); Parker’s history with iRacing and the backstory of his shoutout from Steve Myers (25:30); a shoutout to the NASCAR on NBC and NASCAR America production crews for their groundwork on iRacing broadcasts (28:30).

    Ep. 210: Parker Kligerman on Year 2 as a team owner in the eNASCAR iRacing Coca-Cola Series

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2020 33:59

    The NASCAR on NBC analyst, who co-owns a team with Jeff Burton in NASCAR's top iRacing series, on what’s happening for iRacing and Burton Kligerman Esports in its second season (1:15); “the viewership has been insane” (3:00); why he wants to get away from the term “eSports (4:45); number origins (5:30); the pitch to Valvoline for sponsorship (6:30); the professionalism of eSports (8:30); Bringing in owners such as Denny Hamlin, Kyle Larson and William Byron (9:30); Venn diagram of real world and virtual team owners (10:30); the edge (or disadvantage) of bargaining against a team that has Michael Jordan (13:00); what the iRacing model and team sponsorship look like now (15:00); the massive jump in the iRacing purse (17:00); what the Valvoline sponsorship does for BurtonKligerman eSports (18:30); how the team handles promotion and social and media (20:30); the “controversy” over eSports drivers being treated like real-world drivers (22:00); the “adapt or die” philosophy to embracing eSports (24:30); how do real-world drivers coach virtual drivers? (26:30); relating to teenage gaming phenoms and their “impressive maturity level” (28:00); how much Parker works with Jeff Burton (29:00).

    Ep. 209: Jeff Burton on what NASCAR learned during the West Coast Swing

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2020 27:44

    The NASCAR on NBC analyst on why Joey Logano is the best restarter in NASCAR (1:00); how he did it unconventionally at Phoenix (2:00); lessons learned for November when the championship is on the line (3:00); where are the Toyotas, the surprise of Joe Gibbs Racing’s start and can the team improve for Atlanta? (4:30); how will teams decide on focusing on the 2021 changeover vs. the 2020 season? (6:30); can a team change something that’s good by overthinking it? (8:30); is Hendrick better because of the Camaro or the team? (10:30); the 2020 demeanor of Kyle Busch (12:00); “sometimes we forget that drivers can be just like the people listening to this podcast" (14:00); social media and external pressure on Cup drivers (15:30); Jeff says the driver social gatherings of the motorhome lot are a misconception (17:30); short track and 1.5-mile racing trending upward, so should NASCAR change superspeedways? (19:00); on Harrison Burton’s big win and the importance of being patient with talent (21:30).

    Ep. 208: Kyle Petty on Ryan Newman's crash and state of NASCAR safety post-Daytona 500

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 20, 2020 29:43

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Kyle Petty on the visceral emotions and dark personal memories that came from watching the response to Ryan Newman’s terrifying crash (1:00); how drivers move past those incidents (2:00); is there a necessary selective memory that needs to be embraced (4:00); the disconnect between today’s younger drivers and death at the track (5:30); “the sport is never going to be foolproof safe” (7:00); how the attitudes of younger drivers might be different in the iRacing age (8:30); should the practice of “slam drafting” be addressed and by whom (10:00); on Corey LaJoie’s comfort with the current superspeedway package (13:00); what’s next for Ryan Newman (16:00); did Newman’s outspokenness help save him? (18:30); the worst possible outcome always lurking (20:45); will NASCAR change rules for Talladega and will drivers race differently there? (22:00); on Denny Hamlin’s sublime third Daytona 500 victory (25:00).

    Ep. 207: Denny Hamlin, defending Daytona 500 winner

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2020 40:27

    Denny Hamlin, the defending Daytona 500 winner and driver of the No. 11 FedEx Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing, on the pro-am golf tournament he just played that tested his surgically repaired shoulder (1:00) and put him up against some famous competition (2:00); recalling the end of his victory in last year’s Daytona 500 (3:30); the quasi-deal he had with teammate Kyle Busch for restarts in the final 10 laps (5:30); outrunning Busch for much of the 2019 season (6:30); reflecting on how the championship got away at Homestead-Miami Speedway (7:30); why Denny had “a little bit left” before the fateful decision to put tape on the grille (8:30); and why he already got past second-guessing the decision (9:30); his faith in crew chief Chris Gabehart and maturation as a driver (10:30); becoming an iRacing team owner (11:30); co-owner Michael Jordan’s involvement in the iRacing Jumpman paint scheme (12:30); the blowback to iRacing not being deserving of the attention (13:30); his reaction to the death of Kobe Bryant (15:30); what it means to be a #GirlDad (17:30); “Taylor TV” and Denny’s oldest daughter (18:30); being known as one of NASCAR’s best interviews (20:30); the input of drivers in creating the new short-track package for 2020 (22:15); addressing issues with Goodyear in a “Come to Jesus” meeting (23:30); how close Cup drivers came to unionizing five years ago (25:30); whether he laments that forming a union would help stabilize driver salaries in such a pivotal season for free agency (27:30); what Denny expects from some motivated drivers (29:15); Brad Keselowski’s recent comments about how veterans were affected by the low-horsepower, high-downforce package last year (30:30); his memories of Late Model crew chief Rodney Estes, who recently died (31:45) and getting closure before he was gone (33:15) and their incredible run in 2002-03 (34:15); everything seeming to be lining up for Denny in the 2020 Cup season (36:00)

    Ep. 206: IMSA champion Dane Cameron on the Rolex 24, being teammates with Juan Pablo Montoya and his route to Team Penske

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2020 38:06

    In a preview of the 2020 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, Team Penske's Dane Cameron on how it feels to roll into Daytona as defending series champion (1:00); recapping the disappointments of the 2019 Rolex (2:00); trying a 12th time to win an iconic event that is so difficult to conquer (3:00); “it’s like running qualifying laps for 24 hours” (4:30); how talent and technology have increased the competition level (5:45); on how the Rolex 24 is unique on the schedule (7:00); another way to look at the degree of difficulty: Getting nine straight sprint races perfect (8:30); why DPI is essentially “an Indy car with fenders” (9:45); how much contact the DPI cars can make (11:00); how Dane went from living near a track known for its NASCAR (Sonoma) and wound up in sports cars (12:00); “All I really want to do was earn a living driving a race car. I wasn’t too fussy.” (14:00); any aspirations of following Jeff Gordon’s footsteps? (15:00); what’s it like sharing a car with another driver? (17:00); and why it works so well with Juan Pablo Montoya (19:00); why JPM’s brutal honesty works well for Dane (22:00); his best JPM stories (23:30); and first reaction to learning they’d be paired (25:30); on whether he feels overshadowed by his team’s Indianapolis 500 winners (27:00); whether he interacts with the NASCAR and IndyCar teams at the shop as a resident of North Carolina (29:00); would he like to moonlight in another series? (31:30); Dane’s family connections in the IMSA paddock (32:30); how that’s changed dinner conversations with his father working for a rival team (34:00).

    Ep. 205: David Hoots

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2019 58:56

    The former longtime NASCAR race director on the projects he is working on now consulting with series on helping reshape rulebooks (2:00); where racing series sometimes get in trouble with rulebook language (4:00); his expertise in race procedures and studying how the NASCAR rulebook evolved over the decades (6:00); how it can help teams and competitors in many ways to have a better grasp of the rules (8:00); the difference of officiating a race from other professional sports (10:00); what does he think about whether racing series have too many rules in the major leagues because the teams are too good? (12:00); some history lessons on the genesis of rules in the Cup Series (14:00); the trickiness of issuing penalties consistently (16:00); helping teams navigate the potential fluidity of the rulebook and why it’s advantageous (18:00); how extra knowledge can help even with “unavoidable penalties” (20:00); real-world examples of how knowing in-race rules can benefit driver and crew chief (22:00); which teams and series where David has been consulting (26:00); is there anything that major-league series do to streamline their rulebooks? (28:00); how often David looks at rulebooks from past decades to see how things progressed (30:00); the importance of tribal knowledge in the era of Computer Animated Drawings and engineering (32:30); keeping innovation as a series moves into a spec car era (35:00); how involved David was in writing rules side as a race director (38:00); NASCAR’s move to eliminate racing back to the caution and how it was implemented in 2003 (41:00); the sea change of double-file restarts being instituted in 2009 and how that impacted calling races (43:30); what it was like changing race procedures that had five or six decades of history in NASCAR (46:00); adding electronic monitoring of pit speeds (49:00); what the 2019 season was like for David watching races from outside the tower for the first time since 1988 (50:00)

    Ep. 204: Post-Homestead with Jeff Burton and Steve Letarte on Kyle Busch's greatness; a subdued celebration; being "behind" on championships; the mistake by Martin Truex Jr.'s team and living with it; debating the calculated error by Denny Hamlin's crew c

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2019 36:27

    In our final 2019 Cup playoffs edition of the podcast, the NASCAR on NBC analysts discuss the greatness of Kyle Busch and how he overcame his dislike of this season's rules package (1:00); did being a self-proclaimed “underdog” help, or was it all just part of drivers downplaying the pressure? (4:00); is making the championship round now the same as winning a championship? (6:15); why Kyle Busch seemed subdued in celebration (8:30); his sensitivity to pondering being a multi-time champion and winning a “legitimate” title (10:30); does Kyle feel “behind” on winning championships? (13:00); the Denny Hamlin saga and storyline (15:30); how Martin Truex Jr.’s team made a colossal error (18:00); living with the pain and memory of such a mistake (20:00); the calculated mistake by Denny Hamlin’s team (23:00); differing opinions from Burton and Letarte on whether the gamble was well assessed by Chris Gabehart (25:00); how much second guessing will there be for the No. 11 on if Hamlin could have won? (27:30); the end of Homestead-Miami Speedway’s championship hosting run and what’s next for Phoenix (30:00).

    Ep. 203: Cup Playoffs, Post-Phoenix with Steve Letarte on the new dynamic duo of Denny Hamlin and Chris Gabehart; what the victory means to Hamlin's reputation; a controversial pit call; what happened to Joey Logano?; the wide-open Miami field; how Joe Gi

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2019 26:38

    In our weekly NASCAR on NBC Podcast feature during the 2019 Cup playoffs, Steve Letarte discusses the Chris Gabehart-Denny Hamlin dynamic (1:00); reinstilling Denny Hamlin’s confidence (2:00); installing structure but letting Denny be himself (4:25); on that Mark Martin comparison (6:15); quantifying what the Phoenix win meant to Hamlin’s reputation (8:00); analyzing the controversial call for two tires (10:00); what happened to Joe Logano’s team? (12:00); a lauded performance by the playoff contenders (13:45); how does Logano’s mistake happen? (15:00); the wide-open championship field (16:00); how it’ll work for JGR with three teams in the championship round (17:00); the big secret among JGR crew chiefs (18:30); thoughts on rotating the championship in the future (19:30); and how to enhance passing at short tracks next season (21:00); on the plus side for Phoenix at the new title destination (23:00).

    Ep. 202: Cup Playoffs, Post-Texas with Kyle Petty on Kevin Harvick's gambit to win and the rope-a-dope on Joe Gibbs Racing; Denny Hamlin's mistake and what it says about championship makeup; KP on why veterans mess with Denny; NASCAR's best tough guys; Jo

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2019 40:13

    In our weekly NASCAR on NBC Podcast feature during the 2019 Cup playoffs, Kyle Petty discusses the surprising gambit by Kevin Harvick and the No. 4 team (1:00); did he rope a dope the JGR cars? (2:30); why so many drivers struggled with traction compound in the first half at Texas (4:00); Denny’s mistake and what it says about his championship makeup (6:00); why Phoenix offers so many layers of redemption for Hamlin (8:30); why Denny needs to be Michael Jordan in Phoenix (10:00); KP’s theory on other drivers “messing” with Hamlin (11:30); fun anecdotes about Kyle Petty the teenager learning some lessons about the toughest guys in NASCAR history (13:15); who was tougher, David Pearson or Cale Yarobrough (15:15); Joey Logano’s championship mettle (16:30); the essence of title-caliber teams (19:00); the agony of Denny’s championship quest (21:00); Kyle Busch’s relief after Texas (22:30); why KP believes the 200-win mark detracts from something greater for No. 18 (23:30); Let’s talk intentional cautions! Here are Kyle Larson's thoughts (26:00); And the role that Kyle believes NASCAR has played in the trend (28:30); “there’s no doubt in my mind Bubba spun that car to get a caution, and I do not fault him at all” (30:00); Tony Stewart’s thoughts (33:00); and why some intentional cautions are worse than others (35:00)

    Ep. 201: Cup Playoffs, Post-Martinsville with Dale Jarrett on Kyle Busch's slump; the Hamlin-Logano feud; fighting team members; Joey's (maybe) intentional spin; MTJ's excellence; Lord Byron's emergence and how to improve the action at Martinsville next s

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2019 34:25

    In our weekly NASCAR on NBC Podcast feature during the 2019 Cup playoffs, Dale Jarrett discusses how does Martin Truex Jr. handle the next two races? (2:00); did the No. 19’s playoff surge catch us off guard (4:30); why Truex already is DJ’s championship favorite regardless of the next two races (6:00); on how teams find another level in the final 10 races (7:15); behold the greatness of Lord Byron (8:45); what’s up with Kyle Busch’s slump (11:00); getting No. 18 back on track (14:30); should teams get involved in driver disagreements (16:30); should NASCAR follow the lead of other professional sports on disciplining agitators (19:30); thoughts on the Hamlin-Logano rivalry (22:00); did Joey Logano intentionally spin to get a caution? (24:00); another impressive gritty performance for Logano (26:30); What can be done to ensure there are more than three lead changes in each of the Martinsville races next year? DJ says look at the tires (27:30).

    Ep. 200: Cup Playoffs, post-Kansas with Steve Letarte on Brad Keselowski's collapse and what's next for Team Penske; Denny Hamlin's emergence as championship favorite; Kyle Larson's injured ribs; what's next at Martinsville

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2019 28:13

    In our weekly NASCAR on NBC Podcast feature during the 2019 Cup playoffs, Steve Letarte discusses did Brad Keselowski make the right moves on the last restart (1:00); was it the biggest collapse yet for a playoff driver in a cutoff race (2:30); why the recent carelessness for Team Penske and how a loose wheel happens to start a race (4:00); who gets held accountable for the mistakes (5:30) are Keselowski and Paul Wolfe still right for each other? (7:30); Chase Elliott’s performance and why he pushed Joey Logano at the end of Stage 1 (10:00); Denny Hamlin’s turnaround from a year ago (11:30); Hamlin’s important ties to FedEx leadership (13:30); geling with new crew chief Chris Gabehart (15:45); is the memory of Martinsville 2017 still fresh for Hamlin (17:00); Kyle Larson driving with injured ribs (18:15) and why the team shouldn’t have been involved in his decision (19:30); Larson’s disappointing day at Kansas (20:30); Kyle Busch’s third-place comeback (22:45); Martinsville predictions (24:30)

    Ep. 199: Cup Playoffs, post-Dover with Dale Jarrett on Kyle Larson's growth as a driver; Joey Logano angering other drivers; the racing at Dover; what's next at Talladega

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2019 30:28

    In our weekly NASCAR on NBC Podcast feature during the 2019 Cup playoffs, Dale Jarrett discusses Kyle Larson’s development into being a winning driver Sunday at Dover and what DJ saw change for the No. 42 in the regular season (1:00); did Larson finally arrived at some realizations on how to race because the time simply arrived, or were there discussions within Chip Ganassi Racing? (4:00); the weight of expectations for Larson in his sixth season (6:00); can Larson reach the championship round and if so, is he a favorite? (8:00); why getting through on points is so difficult (9:30); did Martin Truex Jr. have the best car at Dover? (10:30); how Truex got past the pit crew miscue so quickly (12:30); on Joey Logano racing hard while being more than 20 laps down (15:00); the human element that reared its ugly head at Dover (17:30); Joey Logano’s ruthlessness on track (19:00); on the racing at Dover and some driver complaints (21:30); would more horsepower help? (23:45); handicapping the contenders for Talladega (25:00); how manufacturer alliances might be different this weekend (27:00).

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