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Discussing the latest NASCAR news, including a weekly recap of races, events and a look ahead to what's next in the sport. Guests include NBC Sports talent such as Jeff Burton, Steve Letarte and Kyle Petty.

Nate Ryan, NASCAR on NBC Sports

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    Atlanta: Joey Logano's "full circle" win and split personality; the spotters are the story; Denny Hamlin's fine and appeal, Josh Williams controversy; COTA preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2023 39:36

    Kim's 2023 NASCAR plans (1:30); and her off weekend (3:30); Joey Logano finally conquers Atlanta and makes some of us feel old (4:30); has Logano become the prototypical Cup Series driver? (7:00); the admittedly “two-faced” nature of Logano (8:30); and the “jerk” side behind the wheel (9:30); on the battle with former teammate Brad Keselowski (12:00); and the impact it might have had on the Cup finish (15:00); the amount of information coming from the spotters in the battle for the victory (17:30); and how it works for a pit reporter to process that information (20:00) how superspeedway racing is like rooting for air traffic controllers (23:00); should anyone in NASCAR ever be fined for what they say? (25:15); Denny Hamlin's appeal (27:45); the Josh Williams controversy and will he be penalized for parking his car on the track (31:00); the Harvick-Chastain crash (34:30); COTA preview (36:30).

    Phoenix: William Byron maturation; low downforce discussions; Parker Kligerman 2023 Xfinity season; how the young driver narrative is changing in NASCAR

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2023 52:20

    Time codes (estimated): William Byron's maturation into Cup Series winner (2:00); the importance of managing emotions even for a low-key driver (4:30); races that come down to restarts and take more out of the driver's hands (6:30); Harvick's weak restart at the wrong time (8:30); review of the low downforce package debut (10:00); has Parker's prediction of the powerhouse teams striking back in 2023 come true? (12:30); Parker's 2023 Xfinity Series season (16:00); disappointment in Phoenix (19:00); learning how to manage expectations and maximize resources as a young team (22:00); why Parker is giving up any semblance of a personal life to make this work (26:00); and how he's leaning on his girlfriend and inner circle for support in a different way than his last full-time foray into NASCAR (29:00); what happened with his brakes in Phoenix qualifying and how it ties into the fine line drivers always walk with setups (32:00); a short plug for Parker's YouTube channel/vlogging (34:00); where things stand with John Hunter Nemechek post-Vegas (35:30); is the narrative changing for drivers in their late 20s and early 30s getting better opportunities in NASCAR? (38:30); recalling Parker's Next Gen debut last year (44:00); the unfair expectations for drivers thrust into Cup cameos (46:00); plans for COTA and the F1 driver experience (49:00).

    Las Vegas: Chase Elliott sidelined by broken leg in snowboarding crash; Lord Byron and Hendrick Motorsports still reign; what's up with Stewart-Haas Racing?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 6, 2023 41:13

    KP's general takeaways from Las Vegas and why it's the “first” race of the 2023 season (1:30); KP's trip to Bike Week! (3:30); why didn't more cars stay out with Martin Truex Jr. on the final restart? (5:30); particularly those in the last half of the lead lap (7:30); William “Lord” Byron reigns again, but he's been here before, too (9:30); initial reactions to Chase Elliott being sidelined with a broken left leg from a snowboarding accident (11:30); the reaction of NASCAR fans (13:30); the case for giving Elliott a medical waiver for the playoffs (14:45); why being injured might not be as large of a negative in the simulator era (16:15); does Kyle Busch's championship comeback in 2015 from a broken leg bode well for Elliott (18:30); the optics of Elliott getting hurt the day before practicing and qualifying a Cup car at Las Vegas (20:00); the other layers of Hendrick drivers running dirt cars and what Rick Hendrick's reaction to the Elliott accident might be (23:00); when The King broke his thumb before the Daytona 500 (25:00); why this controversy wouldn't happen with other drivers (27:30); assessing where Cup teams rank through three races (29:00); in praise of Corey LaJoie (31:30); is it time for Stewart-Haas Racing to hit the panic button? (34:00); “Kevin Harvick can't run the ball on every play; none of those other drivers help Kevin Harvick move the team forward” (36:00); a dissection of the driver dynamics on multicar teams (37:30).

    Fontana: Kyle Busch quickly returns to victory lane with Richard Childress; what does the future hold for NASCAR at Auto Club Speedway and in Southern California

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 27, 2023 42:02

    Is Kyle Busch's first win coming so early a surprise? (2:30); how does a driver avoid getting down on himself but still manage to rebound (5:00); why this win is important for Richard Childress Racing but Joe Gibbs Racing, too (7:15); what the win means for RCR's legacy and future (9:15); and for Richard Childress (10:15); how Kyle Busch thrives off racing with a chip on his shoulder (11:50); but why Burton thinks this isn't about Kyle Busch playing me against the world (13:15); the massive postrace cheers for “Rowdy Busch” (15:30) and the reasons why – and why Kyle the Antagonist is still good (16:30) why the win could be a “double shot” of confidence (18:30); Trackhouse Racing's hot start (20:00); the impact of no practice and why Burton thinks there needs to be more (22:30); team takeaways from Fontana (25:00); the impact of a longer restart zone (27:30); why racing today is all about “trying to mess the other guy up” (29:30); contemplating the history and future of California/Auto Club Speedway (30:30); how a paradigm shift with racetracks is occurring in NASCAR (32:00); should NASCAR have a Cup points race in Southern California next year? (34:30); what about a Rockingham return? (36:30); Las Vegas Motor Speedway preview and who needs to be good (38:00).

    Daytona: Ricky Stenhouse Jr.'s calculated aggression; Kyle Larson's last-lap lament; the importance of crew chief-driver bonding; why so many unlikely winners

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 20, 2023 47:43

    The Daytona 500 is back, but more practice needs to be, too (1:30); Steve's plan for getting more Daytona 500 entries (3:30); and for improving Duels action (5:30); turning points in the Daytona 500 (7:30); the importance of pit cycles and caution flags (9:30); impact of the choose rule being used at Daytona (11:00); dissecting the winning move by Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (12:30); determining the race winner on a last-lap caution (14:00); Kyle Larson's lament on the last-lap decision (16:30); analyzing what might or might not have happened if Larson had a redo (19:00); how Stenhouse's best superspeedway mistakes likely helped him become a first-time Daytona 500 winner (22:30); the message that crew chief Mike Kelley sent to Stenhouse (26:00); and some history their longtime relationship (28:00); why that crew chief-driver rapport can mean so much through the faith instilled (30:00); “Ricky Stenhouse Jr. knew whatever happened in that race, he was going back to a group that supported him” (32:00); a little more on Stenhouse the person (34:00); a funny Stenhouse anecdote from the links (36:00); why does it seem as if more unexpected winners are happening in the Daytona 500? (38:00); can it be reconciled with being the season's biggest race? (40:30); Fontana lookahead (43:00).

    Phoenix: Joey Logano on a supremely confident championship run; what happened with Chase Elliott and Ross Chastain; what's 2023 hold for NASCAR and Next Gen Year 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2022 50:48

    The confidence of crew chief Paul Wolfe heading into Joey Logano's championship performance (1:00); Logano's belief and how he might have leveraged it at Phoenix (3:45); the importance of wining at Las Vegas and other factors (6:00); the critical pit crew change for the No. 22 (7:45); why having a head start on Phoenix still is an advantage with the Next Gen car (9:00); what Parker noticed from the other championship contenders (11:30); what happened between Chase Elliott and Ross Chastain (13:30); the perspectives of each driver (16:00); what's the future hold for Joey Logano (18:00); the importance of Phoenix and Paul Wolfe (21:00); what Parker sees for the Next Gen competitive balance in 2023 (23:30); why the sustainability of finding an edge is limited (26:00); does NASCAR need more cars on track in the real (instead of virtual) world (28:00); Parker's wild idea for NASCAR Midweek Thunder (31:30); the case for keeping race cars “cartoonish” (33:30); Parker's 2023 Xfinity Series plans (35:00); what has changed for Parker in this second chance, 10 years after his last stint as a full-time NASSCAR driver (38:30); how personal growth has and will shape his career (41:00); what he sees in the development of Noah Gragson and other young drivers (45:00); 

    Martinsville: Ross Chastain's wild ride; does NASCAR need to address future moves; Christopher Bell's must-win moment; Ty Gibbs' possible title repercussions

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2022 41:28

    How and why Ross Chastain's wild ride worked at Martinsville (1:00); previous attempts with similar maneuvers and the impact of the new car (3:00); what the move shows about Chastain's evolution as a race car driver this season (5:00); why hasn't this been tried before at Martinsville? (7:00); where does NASCAR go from here with the Phoenix championship weekend ahead (9:30); the danger of letting the move go unpoliced in the future (12:00); addressing the situation before Phoenix (14:00); are the optics “embarrassing” despite the exposure? (16:00); what about in the context of the safety-conscious 2022? (18:00); Christopher Bell's dream season (20:00); what makes the No. 20 team so clutch (22:00); empathy for Denny Hamlin and another missed season at a championship (24:00); Xfinity Championship 4 preview and if repercussions await Ty Gibbs (26:30); is Ty Gibbs ready to be promoted into the Cup Series (28:30); why Burton had a bigger problem than the aftermath of Ty Gibbs' win than the way he did it (30:30); how racing on Sundays could be having an impact on his Saturday races (33:30); Cup Championship 4 preview (35:00).

    Homestead: Kyle Larson's best Cup race?; what happened with Martin Truex Jr.; another Ryan Blaney gaffe; a possible split driver-team championship

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2022 39:07

    How mentally draining was it for Kyle Larson to run the wall for three hours, and what it says about him, his career and the 2022 season (1:30); one of the best races of Larson's career? (4:00); why running the wall at Homestead is different than Darlington (6:00); the positive impact of the Next Gen on Homestead racing (8:00); KP's relationship with Ross Chastain (10:00); the craftiness of Trackhouse (12:00); is Chastain racing differently deeper into the playoffs? (15:00); what happened on the Larson-Martin Truex Jr. pit collision (17:00); how Truex sort of caught a break (19:30); the historical significance of a possible split owner-driver championship in Cup (22:00); an F1-inspired team championship idea from KP (24:30); the weight on Martin Truex Jr. (26:30); Ryan Blaney's Martinsville outlook after two blunders (30:00); why qualifying at Martinsville will be so critical (34:00).

    Vegas: How NASCAR should handle the Bubba Wallace-Kyle Larson crash; Joey Logano's winning moves; why drivers struggle with the Next Gen limits

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2022 37:36

    A return to playoff normalcy (1:30); how Joey Logano put himself in position to win (3:00); the battle fort he lead with Ross Chastain (5:00); the strength of Chastain's No. 1 pit crew (6:30); on the improvement of 1.5-mile tracks this season (8:30); Trackhouse Racing's continued breakthrough (10:00); Ryan Blaney's sudden ending to a solid day (11:30); how the cars are speaking to the drivers differently about where the limit is with the Next Gen (14:00); how that might have helped some drivers (17:00); and how it might have hurt others -- and their teams in particular (18:30); Christopher Bell's Round of 8 outlook after a tough break (20:00); Burton's take on Bubba Wallace's contact with Kyle Larson (22:30); how should NASCAR address Bubba Wallace's actions? (24:00); a case for restructuring how NASCAR issues driver and team penalties (26:30); the balance of holding a driver responsible but also allowing leeway for heat of the moment (28:00); the plight of Chase Elliott heading into Homestead (30:30); Denny Hamlin's quietly solid Vegas (32:30); a Kurt Busch sendoff (34:30).

    Roval: Larson's massive disappointment; Suarez's physical toll; Briscoe's mad dash; the Next Gen and road courses; Formula One salary cap controversy

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2022 46:02

    Christopher Bell and Adam Stevens seize the moment (2:00); Kyle Larson's huge disappointment (4:30); did he shoulder too much of the blame? (6:30); or just having an off year for an all-world driver? (8:30); the upside of Larson taking it so hard (11:00); the tribulations of Daniel Suarez (12:30); what it felt like to drive without power steering (14:00); what's next for Next Gen steering? (16:00); Parker's idea of a slush fund for Next Gen R&D (18:00); Chase Briscoe's mad dash (20:00); a detailed breakdown of the move through the chicane (22:00); the playoff emergence of the No. 14 team (24:30); NASCAR's investigation of Cole Custer (27:00); how this is completely different from Richmond 2013 regardless (29:00); the Next Gen's conundrum of road course race-ability (30:30); what's confusing about the challenge (32:00); why tire wear doesn't necessarily seem a key the way it would be at speedways (34:30); a Formula One story that has caught the eye of Parker -- and others (37:00); why there could be repercussions for NASCAR and other series (39:30); Round of 8 preview and predictions (42:00).

    Talladega: Tamer because of concussion concerns? What's next for making the Next Gen safer? A sublime superspeedway showing for Chase Elliott

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2022 32:18

    Ryan Blaney vs. Chase Elliott (1:00); the usual cast of superspeedway characters (3:00); with new players Erik Jones and Michael McDowell (5:00); exploring the phenomenon of the end of stages becoming mini-race finishes (7:30); what to make of a relatively tame Talladega race – was it safety related? (9:45); dissecting Denny Hamlin's choice on the final restart (11:30); yet the racing was still frenzied (13:30); on the decision by Joey Logano to hang back on the final restart (15:30); what's the outlook and timeline for improving the rear-end clips on the Next Gen? (18:00); how at least one perception needs changing on the car (20:00); settling on what an acceptable design cycle timeframe should be (22:00); the importance of remaining vigilant about constant improvements to the car (24:00); will William Byron get some of his points back on appeal? (27:00); handicapping the Roval cutoff race (30:00).

    Texas: Tough times with tire durability; William Byron vs. Denny Hamlin and a missed call for NASCAR; Tyler Reddick's inspiring ties that bind

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2022 46:15

    Why KP thinks NASCAR should have called the race after Kevin Harvick's wreck (1:00); “I'm not good with popping a tire every 35 laps. I'm not good with this car going into the wall” (3:15); who was to blame for the tire problems at Texas? (5:30); would shortening a 500-mile playoff race for safety reasons compromise its integrity in any meaningful way? (7:30); how the current state of the Next Gen factors into KP's thinking (10:00); why Texas was reminiscent of the ugly tire war era of the 1990s (12:00); why tire competition is a bad idea (14:30); the concept of tire management and what should be expected at an elite level of racing (16:30); and how the concept of tire management has evolved (19:30); trying to find the happy medium of the tire that falls off instead of popping (21:30); William Byron vs. Denny Hamlin (25:00); how should NASCAR have handled penalties (27:30); why KP believes a postrace punishment isn't warned for Byron (30:00); how did NASCAR miss the initial call? (32:00); on Byron's reaction in the incident (33:30); a MotorMouths of the Race quote from Tyler Reddick on his No. 8 team (36:00); why Reddick and the team keep succeeding despite the awkward circumstances (38:30); Talladega – the original wild card! -- amid a sea of mediocrity (41:00).

    Bristol: A record-tying 19th winner; the Next Gen durability gets exposed; short track shortcomings, Brad Keselowski's belief in Chris Buescher; Round of 12 preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2022 39:38

    How DJ knew there would be so many winners this year (1:00); Ross Chastain and Joey Logano on how much difficult it is to “peak” in the playoffs (3:00); and what DJ thinks that means for the future (6:00); how do teams save setup-related tricks for the playoffs? (9:00); DJ's recent run of winning predictions (11:00); how the Next Gen car was exposed at Bristol (14:00); how teams are adapting to some downsides to being in a spec series (16:00); and why it was somewhat expected (17:00); pit crew mistakes still being a factor (18:30); what can NASCAR do to address Next Gen reliability and did the dirt race mask the looming issues (20:30); what can NASCAR do to improve the Next Gen on short tracks (23:00); an old-school attrition race (26:00); Roush Fenway Keslowski Racing's first victory (27:30); MotorMouths of the Race: A quote from Brad Keselowski on Chris Buescher (30:00); Round of 12 preview: Chase Elliott suddenly the Championship 4 favorite again? (33:00).

    Playoff update: Bubba Wallace's big win at Kansas, Kyle Busch's big move to RCR and a preview of Bristol Motor Speeedway's first-round cutoff

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2022 35:25

    The inner calm of Bubba Wallace and the new No. 45 team ahead of Kansas (1:00); why a looser Bubba Wallace might have resulted from earlier disappointments at Nashville and Michigan (3:00); how Kurt Busch still is playing a role in the No. 45 team (5:00); the concept of a split championship becoming a reality in Cup (7:00); and why that could be impactful in multiple ways (8:30); digesting Kyle Busch's move to Richard Childress Racing (10:30); the Ty Gibbs factor (12:00); whither Kyle Busch Motorsports' manufacturer alliance (13:30); what's ahead for Tyler Reddick (16:00); and could it be 23XI Racing next season? (18:00); MotorMouths of the Race: A quote from Richard Childress (20:00); does Kyle Busch mind the Earnhardt comparisons? (22:00); Bristol cutoff race (24:30); could Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick both be eliminated? (26:00); why have the powerhouse teams been unable to raise their games so far in the playoffs? (28:00); drivers who can lock in during Stage 1 (30:00); Race for the Championship (32:00).

    Daytona cutoff: Two critical moves by Austin Dillon in a playoff win; Tyler Reddick's good faith play for RCR; NASCAR's rain drama ... and dilemma

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2022 45:13

    How Austin Dillon navigated the massive wreck into the lead in a split-second decision (1:30); is it better to take the bottom in wreck-avoidance? (3:30); accelerating through the wreck (4:30); how Austin Dillon took the lead on Austin Cindric (6:30); how Cindric took things (8:30) and the wait by Dillon and the Chevys to make the move (9:30); Tyler Reddick playing the role of good solider for Richard Childress Racing (12:00); being the grandson of the team owner in NASCAR (14:30); why the win was important to Dillon's career (17:00); nepotism in NASCAR and how it's judged (19:30); on the “step up moment” for several drivers (22:00); what lies ahead for Martin Truex Jr. and other non-playoff cars being de-prioritized (24:30); credit to NASCAR for waiting out the rain delay (26:00); the controversial rain crash and what NASCAR should do next (28:30); why fixing the situation absolutely needs to happen but also isn't simple as it seems (31:30); Jeff explains the rules on how running order works during and after a caution flag (34:00); a Motormouths of the Race quote from Austin Dillon about Daytona (39:15); brief Darlington/first round preview (41:30).

    Watkins Glen: Kyle Larson vs. Chase Elliott, Round 2 and the aftermath; NASCAR loves racing in the rain; Kimi Raikkonen's impact; Daytona preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2022 47:02

    On the postrace scene with Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson (1:30); and what it means for these Hendrick Motorsports teammates (3:00); why Parker sees merit to Larson's view of the incident (4:30); Larson's explanation (7:00); should Chase have taken the inside lane? (8:30); the Chase Elliott side of the story (10:00); why did Chase think he was racing Bristol next week? (11:15); is Larson's move fair because Elliott doesn't wreck? (14:00); where are things now between Elliott and Larson (16:00); Ty Gibbs' Xfinity move on William Byron and whether that is fair game, too (18:00); or would it have been classified avoidable contact in another series? (21:30): how the optimum rain race delivered a strong Stage 1 (24:00); another strong performance by Michael McDowell (26:00); kudos to NASCAR for managing the race well (27:30); a Motormouths of the Race quote from Kyle Larson about Kimi Raikkonen (30:00); the impact of the Next Gen in attracting international talent (32:30); how the project helped raise NASCAR's profile (35:00); time for a Project 91 in F1 for NASCAR? (37:00); Parker's secret for interviewing Kimi Raikkonen (39:00); Daytona preview, starting with the plights of Ryan Blaney and Martin Truex Jr. (40:30).

    Richmond: A "different" Kevin Harvick wins again; Denny Hamlin's pit crew woes; strategy gambles and disappointments; Watkins Glen preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2022 45:30

    On Kevin Harvick's surge into championship contender … and how deep the No. 4 might go in the playoffs (1:30); why Michigan was a surprise but Richmond wasn't (3:00); how Harvick has seemed different (in a good way) this season (5:15); and what that says about his faith and trust in Stewart-Haas Racing (7:30); the lack of execution for Denny Hamlin's pit crew (9:00); and Stevie's aggressive solution for fixing it (11:00); how the NASCAR pit stop is now like a slant route (13:15); remembering a time in 2010 when switching pit crews won a Cup championship (14:30); how such a decision might be broached (16:30): the strategy gamble that nearly won Richmond for Christopher Bell (18:30); Stevie's befuddlement and disappointment with crew chiefs lacking creativity with pit strategy (20:30); the case for making race strategy an art form (23:30): why was it hard for many teams to stay on top of Richmond and keep up after running well earlier (27:00); some thoughts on Richmond's style of short-track racing (29:00); and short-track racing in general (31:30); the eBay Motors MotorMouths of the Race: A quote from Kevin Harvick taking pride in “Old Guys Rule” (36:00); Watkins Glen preview: A race with a lot of foreign-born flavor (41:00).

    Michigan: Kevin Harvick becomes NASCAR's “most dangerous” playoff driver; Bubba Wallace's crushing second place; Blaney on bubble; Truex out?; “Swerve or Die”

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 54:25

    Did 15 winners ever seem possible to KP? (1:00); “the most dangerous man in motorsports” (3:00); what it meant that Harvick “controlled” the race to snap a long winless streak (4:30); how KP saw the former high school wrestler from Bakersfield, California, seize the race (7:00); how experience might have hindered Rodney Childers' adaptation to the Next Gen car (9:30); Bubba's big heartbreak (12:00); is Bubba being too hard on himself? (13:30); how he will move on from it as a smarter, better driver (16:30); are Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan rubbing off on Wallace, and is that a good thing? (19:00); the stakes for Ryan Blaney and Martin Truex Jr. (21:00); where things stand for Truex and the 19 team after a bumpy Michigan (26:00); KP's concerns on Blaney (28:00); what a year for Kyle Busch (30:00); the Ty Gibbs in Cup factor coupled with the Next Gen (32:30); and how Kyle Busch might perceive all of those factors (35:00); Denny Hamlin's disappointment and the continuing Gibbs errors (37:00); the eBay Motors MotorMouths of The Race: A memorable quote from Kevin Harvick (40:00); and what it reveals about what we always have known about Harvick (42:00); KP discusses his new book, “Swerve or Die” that was released this week (45:00); his reasons for writing it and how it became a very therapeutic process that helped him work through some unsettled (and dark) periods in life (46:30); 

    Indianapolis: NASCAR-IndyCar doubleheader; Ross Chastain's controversial access road move; Tyler Reddick's resilient win; road racing quality in the Cup Series

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 33:45

    Thanking the co-host of the popular “Off-Track” podcast for moonlighting (0:30); general thoughts on IndyCar-NASCAR crossover both on track and in the booth (1:30); what it was like calling a NASCAR race vs. an IndyCar race from the same location and with many of the same staff (3:00): how Hinch prepared for calling the Xfinity race (4:30); on his future NASCAR broadcast work (5:30); how the IndyCar schedule might have impacted some crossover dynamics (7:00); the response to NASCAR from IndyCar fans (8:30); breaking down the last restart of Sunday's Cup race (10:30); would Chastain's move have worked in IndyCar? (13:00); ways to deter access road usage in the future (15:30); Hinch's take on the quality of NASCAR racing on road courses (18:00); the appeal of a NASCAR strategy race through an IndyCar lens (19:00); blacks and reds in NASCAR? (21:00); The mental toughness of Tyler Reddick and Alex Palou (22:00); how will the Palou situation get resolved? (24:00); handicapping the final four IndyCar races of the season (26:00); Nashville preview (28:30).

    NASCAR Safety: Past, present and future with Jeff Burton

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2022 30:28

    General thoughts on Kurt Busch missing Pocono with concussion-like symptoms and acknowledging racing's inherent dangers (1:30); the variables (and accompanying risks) that make racing different from other pro sports (3:30); why safety is a community issue (5:30); tracing the origins of the last safety revolution in NASCAR (7:15); reflecting on an era when conversations in NASCAR were contentious about safety (11:00); what's happening with drivers in Next Gen crashes (15:00); a focus on the headrest and foam (17:00); staying proactive while acknowledging that “driving a race car is not a safe endeavor” (18:00); what's the next step for the SAFER barrier? (20:00); “Things happen at speed” – understanding the risks drivers accept and the indescribable feeling of what it's like to hit walls at 190 mph (22:00).

    Pocono: The Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch disqualifications and why NASCAR dropped the hammer; a tough year for Joe Gibbs; Hamlin vs. Ross Chastain; hard hits with Next Gen

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2022 39:42

    Setting up the Denny Hamlin-Kyle Busch disqualifications (1:00); DJ's thoughts after the details came to light (3:30); providing some context on the new DQ era of the 21st century (6:30); should NASCAR be inspecting more cars with greater scrutiny after races? (8:00); NASCAR's new message to the garage (12:00); the penalty of perception with a disqualification (15:00); the strain and stress of a turbulent season on Joe Gibbs (17:30); Latest round of Denny Hamlin vs. Ross Chastain (21:00): why DJ says Hamlin's move was aggressively fair (23:30); a Tyler Reddick-Chase Elliott battle with meaning in retrospect (25:00); Chase Elliott the title favorite (26:00); DJ reflects on current concussion protocol vs. when he raced through them (27:00); DJ's concerns with the Next Gen car and heavy impacts (29:30); career-best finish for Jimmie Johnson at Iowa Speedway (32:30); and a quick preview of the IndyCar-NASCAR doubleheader weekend at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (35:00)

    New Hampshire: Christopher Bell makes it 14 Cup Series winners; Chase Elliott's self-criticism; Martin Truex Jr.'s disappointment; Kyle Busch's surprising contract status

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2022 41:05

    The backstory on Christopher Bell being the best of the Joe Gibbs Racing drivers (1:00); why CBell might get overlooked at Gibbs (3:00); is Bell the latest example of the strength of coming up through the dirt ranks? (5:00); on Bell asking for more silence from his team on the radio (7:30); how the driver-crew chief-spotter dynamic works (9:30); Burton's experience with being distracted by the radio (11:00); the impact of NASCAR declining to penalize the No. 20 team after Atlanta (13:00); and how the win might help the newly formulated pit crew (16:00); New Hampshire vindication for a JGR pit crew swap that initially was ridiculed (18:30); an example from Jeff's driving career of being empowered by a challenging moment (20:30); the return of Self-Flagellating Chase Elliott (23:00); and the disappointment of Martin Truex Jr. (25:30); the surprising Kyle Busch contract situation (28:30); the pressures that the No. 18 team inherently is facing (32:00); the Dillon-Keselowski feud (36:00); Pocono preview (38:00).

    Atlanta: Chase Elliott gets emotional hometown win; Round 2 of Ross Chastain vs. Denny Hamlin; fantastic performance, heartbreaking finish for Corey LaJoie

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2022 41:31

    The story of Chase Elliott's mustache (1:00); Kyle's recent sitdown with “The King” and Jeff Gordon about the 1992 season finale at Atlanta Motor Speedway (2:00); the “new” Atlanta Motor Speedway superspeedway racing (5:00); how it differs from Daytona and Talladega (7:30); hearing siren for Chase Elliott (10:00); and what the hometown win means for a Cup driver (13:00); a sublime superspeedway performance (15:30); Elliott's quiet growth and the No. 9's positioning as championship favorite … (18:00); … a championship favorite that goes unheralded (21:00); analyzing the final lap (24:00); how Martin Truex Jr. helped Elliott win the race (26:00); the message sent by Corey LaJoie's performance (28:00); will it help the “Super Shoe” earn a first-tier ride? (30:00); unpacking Ross Chastain vs. Denny Hamlin (34:00); and why Kyle believes Chastain has been unfairly targeted (38:00).

    Nashville: Chase Elliott wins with brilliant restarts; Joe Gibbs Racing falters in the pits; why single-lugnut stops are so tough; Bubba Wallace's radio outbursts

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 37:46

    How Chase Elliott won the race starting with the restart in which he took the lead from Kyle Busch (1:00); a new way of approaching restart choice with Next Gen (2:30); Chase seals the deal (4:00); the difference between the critical restarts for Kyle Busch and Chase Elliott (5:30); Chase's video game maneuver to gain eight spots in a lap (7:30); was Chase being modest about how good he was in making the move? (9:00); how the Next Gen is forcing some uncharacteristic driving (10:30): the pit stop conundrum for Joe Gibbs Racing and Toyota (12:00); understanding the personnel crunch in pit crew personnel (14:30); the difficulty in training pit crews with the lack of Cup-Xfinity crossover (16:30); digging into more of why pit stops are so tricky this season (18:30); how important differences from other series increases the likelihood of pit miscues with a single lugnut in NASCAR (19:30); the frustration level of Toyota/JGR spending weeks trying to fix the problem (22:00); why there's no quick fix (23:15); the dynamic of driver-pit crew performance criticism (25:30); and what that means for Bubba Wallace (27:30); putting Wallace's radio outbursts in context (29:30); championship outlook with nine races left in the regular season (31:30); Road America preview (33:30). 

    Nashville preview: Trackhouse Racing's amazing breakout year; Silly Season analysis and questions; which Cup Series stars should be worried about making the playoffs?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 37:58

    Trackhouse Racing, the story of the 2022 Cup Series season so far (1:30); is it the culture or the car that is helping Trackhouse? (3:45); the impact of the Next Gen on hiring as it relates to education vs. experience (6:15): how the Next Gen is similar to assembling IKEA furniture but also (literally) much different (7:30); revisiting the Suarez victory aftermath (9:30); and why Stevie still believes Suarez needed the victory to cement his spot in the No. 99 (11:30); why it's tough to remain winless and unable to close while a teammate excels (13:45); recognizing the journey of Travis Mack and validation of the crew chief as team leader (15:45); 16 winners! (17:45); the level of concern for Harvick and Truex (19:00); Silly Season and why the Nos. 10, 18 and 19 are the key to movement (21:00); trying to analyze the other dynamics of open rides and full rosters (23:30); “If I'm Kyle Busch's agent, you're playing a little bit of chicken with the Truex decision” (25:30); what of the Xfinity Series hopefuls? (26:45); what Stevie expects with a more chaotic Nashville with the Next Gen track debut (29:00); his surprise at the lack of a “dominant” winner (31:30); the heat factor at Nashville (34:00).

    Sonoma: Daniel Suarez makes history in first Cup win as his NASCAR perseverance and sacrifices pay off; tough stop for Kevin Harvick; big day for Next Gen

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 32:32

    Daniel Suarez's memorable first Cup win for Trackhouse Racing: Did seeing teammate Ross Chastain's two wins wear on Suarez and crew chief Travis Mack? (2:30); Suarez's bumpy road and long journey to Trackhouse (5:00); the importance of a driver's confidence and how hard it is to maintain after being fired (6:30); the sacrifices and perseverance of Daniel Suarez that go unseen (9:00); Parker's first meeting with Daniel (11:30); wrestling with so many of the typical self-doubts for any driver … while also trying to learn English (13:30); could Chastain's ordeal at Gateway indirectly have helped Suarez? (15:30); “Drivers are very insecure. No matter what we say, we are” (17:30); the travails of Kevin Harvick and the not-so-good pit stop (19:30); Parker's own frustrating experience with an SHR pit crew (20:45); the insatiable drive of Kevin Harvick to be perfect (22:00); how the Next Gen is driving differently on road courses (24:30); looking ahead to NASCAR on NBC at Nashville (26:30); Parker's upcoming NASCAR schedule (29:00).

    Gateway: Ross Chastain gets sideways with Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott; a fantastic finish for Joey Logano and Kyle Busch; NASCAR's memorable debut in St. Louis

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 45:10

    What KP has been up to lately! Audiobook memoir (1:00); Dinner Drive, Season 2 (2:00); Kyle Petty Charity Ride with new NASCAR Hall of Famer Hershel McGriff (3:30); Ross Chastain's surprising apology and what to make of it (5:30); why KP thinks Chastain could have been even less contrite (7:45); Justin Marks' unapologetic defense of Ross Chastain (9:30); why Ross Chastain actually should keep racing the same as he did at Gateway (11:30); should Ross Chastain make a full heel turn? (13:00); how Ross Chastain is similar to Joey Logano (14:30); how much of the pushback on Chastain is establishment-driven? (16:00); “If you're 40-plus, you're on the back side (of your career)” (18:30); what's ahead for Martin Truex Jr. (20:00); Denny Hamlin's viewpoint on the Chastain incident (22:00); was it fair to vow significant retribution (24:00); where is NASCAR in Year 13 of the Boys Have At It (26:30); the fantastic finish between Kyle Busch and Joey Logano (29:00); how two fierce rivals have built such a mutual respect for how they race each other (31:00); the remarkable knack that Joey Logano and Kyle Busch have for excelling at inaugural races (33:00); the enthusiasm around NASCAR's Cup debut in St. Louis (37:00); looking ahead at the rest of the regular season with NASCAR on NBC coming soon! (39:30).

    Kansas: Kurt Busch career transformation continues; an emotional win for Denny Hamlin and 23XI Racing; Bubba Wallace pit stop woes; tire troubles strike again

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 40:39

    The 20-year transformation of Kurt Busch from being one of the most disliked drivers to one of the most respected (1:30); “Kurt Busch has made every race team a better team” (3:30); why DJ believes the Kansas win is bigger than Kurt Busch's 2017 Daytona 500 victory (5:30); is Kurt Busch the most adaptable and versatile driver in NASCAR history? (7:30); how Kyle Busch might factor into his older brother getting overlooked (9:30); why this was such an emotional victory for Kurt Busch and Denny Hamlin (12:30); why being a driver/team owner is inherently a distracting line of work (15:00); DJ on what it's like to race against cars that you own (17:00); Bubba Wallace's pit crew problems (18:00); and DJ's advice on how to handle the struggles (20:30); on the lingering single-lug pit stop problems and how long DJ thinks it will last this season (23:30); analyzing the tire problems for several teams at Kansas (26:30); what makes building tires for the Next Gen – and stock cars in general – difficult (29:30); DJ's headed to his first Indy 500 in person! (33:30); what are the odds of Jimmie Johnson winning the Indy 500 in his first start and what it would mean (36:00).

    Darlington: Was Joey Logano's move on William Byron fair?; how the Next Gen is impacting hard racing in NASCAR; impressions of the F1 debut in Miami

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 51:46

    Dissecting both sides of the controversial final lap at Darlington (2:00); Parker's take on whether Logano's decision to move Byron was fair (4:00); how did this compare to other famous Darlington battles like Busch v. Craven in 2003? (6:15); the selling point for NASCAR and its fans (7:30); tracing when the racing mentality gets ingrained (8:45); how this maybe was or wasn't a traditional bump and run (10:30); an impressive turnaround by Logano and Team Penske from a miserable Dover (13:30); how the Next Gen car is like playing Wordle (15:30); why do the Next Gen cars' parts seem more fragile? (17:30); the V-8 Supercar connection (19:30); “there's no race car in the world that is designed to hit stuff” (21:30); how the Next Gen business model slows down some of the process of reinforcing parts (24:00); why drivers were spinning off Turn 2 (25:30); the case for Denny Hamlin's team still being the most dangerous in Cup (31:00); Miami GP recap (34:00); Parker's case against exclusivity (36:00); the case for capitalizing on motorsports' momentum better (38:30); signs of future collaboration (40:30); how successful was the event across the board? (42:30); Parker's excellent weekend at Darlington and what it means for the future (44:45).

    Talladega: Ross Chastain's crafty win; Kyle Larson's mistake; Erik Jones' heartbreak; Kyle Busch's contract

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 36:01

    On what happened during the final lap from the perspective of Kyle Larson and Ross Chastain (2:00); A.J. on whether Chastain faked out Larson (4:45); the development of Ross Chastain into a more patient driver at Talladega (6:30); on the edge that Chastain still has to his driving – and that A.J. witnessed at COTA (8:30); “I thought about it at COTA: I might be trying to chase down the (Cup) champion here.” (10:30); the case for a deep playoff run by Ross Chastain (11:30); the massive heartbreak for Erik Jones coming up a few thousand feet short of a major victory (13:30); why Talladega seemed such a track position race and difficult to pass (16:00); what the elimination of side-drafting has meant as an impact on superspeedway racing (17:30): why A.J. came up just short of winning Saturday's Xfinity Series race (19:00); the sudden interest in Kyle Bush's contract status at Joe Gibbs Racing (22:00); why A.J. loves Kyle Busch's “what you see is what you get” style (24:00); the danger of contract negotiations going public (26:00); A.J.'s jam-packed 49-race (!) schedule for 2022 (29:00); becoming a leader at Kaulig Racing (30:30); the past start of his racing career (32:00).

    Bristol Dirt: Kyle Busch "backs into" historic win after Chase Briscoe backs into Tyler Reddick

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 34:04

    On if it matters when drivers “back into” wins (1:30); is it fair to criticize Busch for embracing this win while grumbling about Alex Bowman at Las Vegas? (4:00); aside from being No. 60 and continuing an 18-year streak, why this win meant something more to Kyle Busch (5:50); dissecting Chase Briscoe's move on Tyler Reddick and why he made it (8:00); all the reasons that DJ believes Briscoe's attempt at a pass was “terribly wrong and mistimed" (10:30); analyzing how Reddick interpreted the situation and whether he was right to blame himself for letting Briscoe get too close (13:30); DJ's admiration for how Tyler Reddick carries himself (14:30); how Reddick's team might have felt about the situation (16:30); DJ recalls a time at Martinsville that his team wished he'd been more aggressive (18:00); did dirt racing really change the way the track raced? (20:45); a big question about if dirt works: does it put Cup's pavement superstars in the best light and showcase of their elite talents (24:00); the case for putting both of Bristol's races back on concrete (26:00); what to expect at Talladega Superspeedway (28:00); which drivers will be the most desperate? (30:30).

    Martinsville: Lord Byron reigns on a lackluster night in Cup; fists fly in Xfinity

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 45:24

    William Byron's great start continues with solving Martinsville (2:30); how William Byron is doing Kyle Larson things (4:30); do we need to talk more about Byron's versatile greatness? (7:15); how does the success impact Byron being in a contract year? (9:15); and how might it affect his leverage and what he seeks in negotiations? (10:30); what happened to Chase Elliott at Martinsville (12:30); the key to the Chase Elliott-Alan Gustafson relationship staying strong (14:30); how do a driver and crew chief get on the same page? (17:30); talking about a lackluster race by Martinsville standards (19:30); hearing from all the drivers (20:30); why this might not be a complex of a fix as some believe (24:00); detailing all of the issues being faced, from shifting to temps to aero (26:30); first step to solving the problem is admitting it (28:30); the Xfinity fight, starting with the views of Ty Gibbs and Sam Mayer (31:00); Stevie has a new opinion on what should be allowed with physical altercations (33:30); whether there is a societal inflection point that should impact NASCAR's view on violence (36:00); why Ty Gibbs put himself in position to be raced that way (38:00); Jimmie Johnson's injury (40:00); Stevie on looking forward to watching Jimmie at Indy 500 qualifying and the four toughest laps in auto racing (43:00).

    Richmond: Denny Hamlin scores one for the older guys with NASCAR's new car

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 39:46

    Welcome back, DJ! How's the new place in Phoenix and what do you think of NASCAR in 2022? (1:00); unpacking Richmond's tire strategies and how difficult it was for William Byron and Martin Truex Jr. (3:00); on Byron feeling like a sitting duck in the lead on old tires (4:30); a 1-2 finish for Hamlin and Kevin Harvick that earned their first top five finishes of the season (6:45); the challenges of adapting to a new car for Hamlin and Harvick (9:15); how does a driver go against everything they've known in driving a car to be successful with a new style? (12:15): Hamlin's hometown edge at a track that requires immense precision and “an art form” (15:00); a DJ anecdote about seeing Richmond's blueprints (17:00); a critical win for JGR/Toyota (19:00); the strength in numbers equation for Chevrolet (21:00); on the importance of “data points” and engineering in today's NASCAR and Next Gen (24:00); the Formula One model for technology appeal (25:30); the new choreography of pit stops and why DJ isn't as much of a fan for safety (27:45); “Before this gets out of hand and we have more teams doing it, why not say we have to go behind the car with the rear tire changer as we've done (30:00); how teams are dealing with burnout in a brutal schedule (32:00); where things stand with Richmond's racing quality (34:00); looking ahead to Martinsville and why Cup drivers are in for a tough -- but fun -- test (36:00).

    COTA: A wild final lap and another new winner in Ross Chastain

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 47:26

    Was Ross Chastain's winning move over the line or totally in bounds? (2:00); dissecting how Jeff Burton saw the final lap and why “I'm OK with that” (4:00); why late-race restarts can be more “embarrassing” on road courses (6:00); did AJA have reason to be miffed? (7:30); has the “win at all costs to make the playoffs” mentality evolved recently in NASCAR? (10:00); whether today's drivers are less artful with moving someone for a victory (12:00); any repercussions (beyond Allmendinger) for Chastain? (14:30); the progression of Chastain's driving and attitude (16:00); and how it is similar to Kyle Larson's in some regard (18:00); how did Trackhouse Racing get so good so fast? (21:30); the importance of Chevrolet in the equation (23:30); and the legacy of Chip Ganassi Racing (25:00); on the drivers who have yet to win (27:30); is the Brad Keselowski team penalty indicative of the pressure on teams and is there more to come? (30:00); COTA and enforcement of track limits (32:30); and should an alternative to full-course yellows on road courses be considered? (37:00); such as local yellows? (38:15); lug nuts and loose wheel penalties (41:00); Jeff Burton's hopes for a Richmond renaissance (43:30). 

    Atlanta: Did NASCAR's new superspeedway pass the test?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2022 43:07

    KP's overall impressions on the “new” Atlanta (1:00); do drivers' voices need to be heard or will they be heard? (3:00); where he thinks drivers' focus should be with new tracks and layouts (safety) 5:00; what's tricky about the new turns (6:00); the “shut up and drive” philosophy (8:00); the “tax” that drivers have to pay in superspeedway racing (10:00); will team owners push back if this tried elsewhere? (12:00); why this overhaul might be ill-suited for other 1.5-mile tracks (13:30); the layout seemed to deliver for fans who want more Daytona and Talladega (15:45); but less of a chess match? (16:45) why the new Atlanta was even more mentally exhausting for drivers and spotters than Daytona and Talladega (18:45); a tribute to "Lord Byron" being in a really good spot at Hendrick Motorsports (20:45) and why William Byron is the anchor and future of Hendrick Motorsports, not Chase Elliott (22:00); “William Byron is closer to the prom than he is to retirement (24:00); the tank-like qualities of the Next Gen car (26:00); why the lack of driver scouting data might be a reason for veterans struggling against surprises this year (28:00); Denny Hamlin's early season struggles (30:00); thoughts on Jimmie Johnson's sixth-place finish in his IndyCar oval debut at Texas (32:30); and becoming a legitimate contender for the Indy 500 (35:00); trying to put a potential Indy win in perspective (37:00); Kyle Petty's new book, Swerve or Die, comes out this summer! (39:00).

    Jimmie Johnson on his sports car season, his reunion with Chad Knaus and his growth as a racing businessman with sposnors

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 30:45

    Seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson on how he's been getting up to speed on Road Atlanta (3:00); how running IMSA still is helping Jimmie stay sharp for IndyCar (5:15); playing video games with 80 cars on track to prepare for darkness (7:30); on increasing his pace and drive time at Petit Le Mans after a disappointing Watkins Glen (9:30); why Road Atlanta could be personal redemption in trying to return to his Rolex 24 form (11:30); whether Jimmie believes more NASCAR drivers might race IMSA and if he'd like to get in a Next Gen Cup car next year (13:30); on having Chad Knaus back as a teammate (15:30); “we recognize we love working together and being around one another … the way we interact brings out the best in both of us” (18:00); on if Knaus and Hendrick will remain with Jimmie in IMSA next season (20:00); how 2021 has been “a big year of growth” for Jimmie on the business and sponsor side (21:30); the parallels of victories and losses in the business of racing (23:30); what Jimmie has learned to admire in Rick Hendrick and what he wishes he could emulate in the team owner (24:30); learning to embrace the freewheeling side of being a businessman (26:00); what's ahead for Jimmie in 2022 (28:00); Jimmie on his buddy, Kamui Kobayashi (29:00).

    Phoenix: The greatness of Kyle Larson and his 2021 Cup Series championship; Jeff Burton mulls if Larson is the world's best driver

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 41:49

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on a true team effort for Kyle Larson (1:00); did teams err in downplaying the importance of qualifying? (3:30); why the race didn't necessarily fall Larson's way (5:45); the overwhelming superiority of the No. 5 (8:00): ranking Larson among greats such as Mario Andretti (10:30); how Burton came around on Larson … and how Larson came around on NASCAR (13:00); is Kyle Larson the best race car driver in the world? (16:30); dreaming about a Kyle Larson-Lewis Hamilton matchup (18:30); the decision by Rick Hendrick to allow Kyle Larson so much dirt racing (21:30); will Larson's success spark a trend of Cup teams allowing their stars to moonlight more often? (24:00); putting a bow on the other contenders' seasons (28:00); how the Next Gen car affects the outlook of Hamlin and the entire Cup Series entering 2022 (32:00); how will teams redeploy their staffing into new departments? (34:30).

    Martinsville: Alex Bowman vs. Denny Hamlin analysis from Steve Letarte, plus a Championship 4 Phoenix Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 36:13

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Steve Letarte on why the racing seems even more intense this year as the Round of 8 finale (1:00); why Steve didn't like Denny Hamlin interrupting Alex Bowman's burnout (3:30); an interesting analogy to the keyboard warriors (6:00); did Denny have a point? (8:00); should Bowman have gotten more credit for pulling over after knocking Hamlin from the lead earlier? (11:00); an appreciation for Hamlin's mastery of Martinsville (14:00); the trials of Martin Truex Jr. and the No. 19 (18:00); Team Penske's misses (20:00); the strength of the Championship 4 (24:00); is Kyle Larson the championship underdog somehow? (27:30); will the earlier Phoenix race results be an adequate predictor for the finale (30:00); sizing up Hamlin's chances to break through (32:00).

    AJ Allmendinger reflects on his NASCAR career and renaissance with an Xfinity title in sight

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 25:14

    Xfinity Series championship contender AJ Allmendinger on  assessing his dream 2021 season and whether it's his best ever (2:00); reflecting back on the NASCAR transition 15 years later (4:00); the “blur” of his early seasons between Red Bull, RPM and Penske (6:00); his biggest regret from the early years of his NASCAR career (7:30); the impact of Roger Penske with the Indy 500 and Xfinity (9:30); how close AJ has come to leaving racing and how he stays in a good place mentally (11:45); fear being one of his big motivators (14:30); on how joining Kaulig Racing interrupted a career shift and also made him a part of something bigger in “trying to write history” (16:00); his impact on Kaulig's growth (18:45); whether he feels as if he's been the feel-good story in the Xfinity Series this season (20:00); what a championship celebration would be like (22:30). 

    Roval: Analyzing all sides of the Chase Elliott-Kevin Harvick feud with Dale Jarrett, plus the incredible comeback victory by Kyle Larson

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 37:53

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Dale Jarrett on his initial impressions of Kevin Harvick's intentional wreck of Chase Elliott (1:30); why DJ is OK with Harvick's move and how it's different from Matt Kenseth wrecking Joey Logano intentionally at Martinsville in 2015 (3:00); was the timing of Harvick's payback surprising? (4:30); would Elliott have been surprised by the payback? (5:45); how much of a factor did Elliott's closing rate play in Harvick's crash (7:15); would Chase have returned the favor if he had the chance (9:15); how stunning it was to see Harvick make an uncharacteristic mistake (10:45); is this feud now over? (13:00); will there be repercussions from “Merry Offseason and Happy Christmas (15:00); a well-made point from DJ on the need for rivalries but what comes with that (17:00); the black flag that didn't happen for the bumper cover (19:00); at what point should NASCAR step into the Elliott-Harvick feud (21:00); DJ's firsthand history with NASCAR sitdowns (23:30); thoughts on Kyle Larson's incredible comeback victory (25:30); how Larson's championship emergence was evident in his battle with Tyler Reddick (28:00); some sage Earnhardt championship wisdom from DJ (30:30); what happened to William Byron and the late contact with Tyler Reddick (32:30); sizing up the Round of 8 (35:00).

    The Charlotte Roval's brief but very memorable history: "Taking risks is the DNA of NASCAR"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 40:47

    Exploring the brief but very memorable history of the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval through the voices of those who helped create and raced on the dynamic road course. --Joe Gibbs Racing winner Christopher Bell and Adam Stevens tour the layout and detail its appeal and challenges (3:30)--Inaugural winner Ryan Blaney and Aric Almirola recall their initial fears of the course (7:00);--Marcus Smith recounts his burst of inspiration for creating the layout (9:00);--Charlotte Motor Speedway executive vice president Greg Walter on the pushback from drivers and teams and the decision to delay the launch (16:00);--Speedway Motorsports vice president of operations Steve Swift on the international search for advice and insight (18:00);--Smith on Mario Andretti's memorable test run in a Porsche 918 (20:00);--Swift on a very helpful lap by Kyle Busch and a humorous moment with Ryan Newman (23:00);--The jaw-dropping crash that has NASCAR very nervous (30:00); --The breathtaking finish to the debut (34:00);--How the Roval has charted a path forward for NASCAR (37:30).

    Bristol: Peeling back the many layers of in the Chase Elliott-Kevin Harvick confrontation; why so many cut tires at Bristol?; playoff surprises good and bad; should Bristol still race dirt?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 41:38

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on analyzing the initial contact between Chase Elliott-Kevin Harvick (2:00); why Harvick has plausible deniability in what Jeff says was a racing incident (4:30); why the rash of cut tires at Bristol? (6:30); the most interesting and compelling part of Chase's interview for Burton (8:30); does Chase really need to prove himself in Year 6 of being in Cup? (10:30): is there a generational aspect to their differing viewpoints of what happened? (12:00); how drivers manage the balance between self-interest and building political capital (14:00); what Burton appreciated about how Elliott and Harvick handled their differences (15:30); was Chase in bounds by holding up Harvick to help Larson win (18:00); the case for how Elliott might have hurt himself by preventing Harvick from the victory (20:00); have Harvick and the 4 team turned a corner? (22:30); some surprises from the Gibbs teams, Penske and Kurt Busch (24:30); has the championship race reset to Larson, Hamlin and the field (26:30); the Xfinity Series finish (27:30); the importance of the regular-season championship and that points … still … matter (29:30); and breaking down how it affected the Cup and Xfinity races (31:30); what will become of Bristol's dirt race after a wonderful weekend on the concrete? (33:00); tracing the recent history of Bristol's racing (35:00); is Vegas to open the Round of 12 actually a bigger wild card than the Roval? (38:00).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Mike Helton recalls the impact of Sept. 11 on NASCAR

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 30:24

    In a sitdown about Sept. 11's impact on NASCAR, vice chairman Mike Helton recalls a difficult 2001 season already for NASCAR (2:00); the scene in Daytona as Sept. 11 began (4:00); the impromptu command center in Bill France Jr.'s office (6:30); taking care of NASCAR industry members scattered around the country (8:30); processing the emotions while determining the path forward (11:00); “Hey, this is way too big. I don't have it in me to do it.” (12:30); unplugging New Hampshire (14:30); how the country knew it was time to stop … and then time to restart sports and entertainment (16:30); making changes to entry and security policies (18:30); the resiliency and resourcefulness of NASCAR teams that week (20:30); a memorable sea of 150,000 American flags (22:30); “it was almost as if we were shooting a movie about patriotism (24:30); an appropriate winner (26:30); the aftermath of a memorable day for Mike (28:00).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Pre-Daytona: Handicapping the regular-season finale: NASCAR Cup driver fears about COVID-19 protocols; Ryan Blaney's 2021 emergence

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 30:38

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on sizing up the Daytona regular-season finale (1:00); putting maybe an unprecedented premium on points mattering in this race (3:30); another wrinkle: A new rules package for Daytona since February (4:30); the importance of the already heightened impact of manufacturer and teammate alliances (6:30); unpacking the COVID-19 news from Michigan (10:00); the debate over a negative test providing clearance (12:30); “this is a tough situation for all of us” (14:30); drivers wrestling with a bigger picture (16:30); the vaccination part of the equation (18:30); the inherent self-determination of the driver and racer (21:00); are we witnessing the championship contender emergence of Ryan Blaney? (24:00); if the 750 horsepower tracks will be a Penske strength in the playoffs (26:30).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Indianapolis: IndyCar-NASCAR crossover at the Brickyard; Chase Briscoe v. Denny Hamlin; the Turn 6 curbing failure; a stunning win for AJ Allmendinger and Kaulig Racing

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 34:38

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Steve Letarte on evaluating the “State Fair” of Motorsports at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the NASCAR-IndyCar crossover on the road course (1:00); making a Rolex 24 comparison (3:00); how about having an IndyCar-Cup doubleheader (4:00) … or even both series on track concurrently? (5:30); how the atmosphere compared to the Brickyard 400 (7:00); what a victory means for Kaulig Racing (8:30); and AJ Allmendinger (10:00); breaking down Briscoe v. Hamlin (12:00); Could Briscoe really have been unaware of the penalty (13:30); does the team bear responsibility for the penalty going unheard? (15:00); the way Briscoe rouged up Hamlin (16:30); Stevie's opinion that Briscoe owes Hamlin another conversation (18:00); Is it time to start a SAFER-style project for track cleanup enhancements? (20:00); the track curbing failure (21:30); is the curbing even needed? Dale Jr. and Stevie wonder (23:00); and is there a better solution for the 90-degree curb? (24:30); other fixes to consider (26:00); the enforcement of track limits (27:30); resin at Nashville! (29:00). See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    NASCAR and NFL Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs and team president Dave Alpern on his book "Taking the Lead" and the past, present and future at Joe Gibbs Racing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 62:41

    NASCAR and NFL Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs and team president Dave Alpern on why Joe Gibbs Racing went years without a sign out front (1:00); the impetus for Dave Alpern's book (3:00); Joe Gibbs' thoughts on authorship and having something to say (5:00); how Dave Alpern became tight with the Gibbs family (7:30); what Gibbs saw early in Dave Alpern (10:00); the legend of the “College Pukes” of JGR (12:00); the origins of JGR's “buttbusters” (13:30); how being a “racer” fit the Gibbs mold (16:00); the five principles of JGR (17:30); “Everything that I've been in has been team” (20:00); on the culture and people-first legacy of J.D. Gibbs (22:30); the regular six-hour commute that Alpern made in his early years (25:30); how Joe Gibbs tries to lead by example and how the team maximizes those strengths (28:00); Joe Gibbs, the $100 million Fed Ex salesman (31:00); how JGR had to renegotiate its sponsorship deals after Carl Edwards' retirement (34:30); how faith fits in as a core value at JGR (38:00); reconciling Christian principles with competing in a sport where bending the rules is a necessity (41:00); how JGR has dealt with rules transgressions and its understanding in toeing the competitive line (43:00); how difficult it was for Dave to revisit the final years with J.D. Gibbs (46:00); the pain of watching the debilitating illness that took his best friend (49:00); how Dave has gotten Coach Joe to adapt to more work-life balance (52:00); the complementary styles of Alpern, Gibbs and other JGR leadership (54:00); how JGR will manage the future as NASCAR endures some revolutionary structural changes with the Next Gen car (56:30).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Atlanta: Kurt Busch's continued resurgence; Kyle Busch vs. Ross Chastain; Kurt vs. Kyle; and the controversy over Atlanta Motor Speedway's makeover

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2021 35:58

    The renaissance of Kurt Busch (1:30); is Kurt a better driver now than ever in his 21st Cup season? (3:30); what Kyle Busch and Ross Chastain said about their battle (5:30); Burton's read? “They're both right,” and here's why (7:15); Kurt's hearty endorsement of Ross' actions (9:30); And why things would be different in the playoffs (10:30); did being a big brother to Ross help Kurt beat his younger brother Kyle? (13:00); does there seem to be more of an edge to this sibling rivalry? (15:30); unpacking Kyle Busch's rant and drivers' displeasure about the Atlanta Motor Speedway changes for 2022 (18:00); how Burton handled his airing of grievances about safety 20 years ago (19:30); Burton's case for removing emotions from the discussion with frustration naturally boiling over from so much happening in NASCAR (22:00); how much do the drivers need to be informed as a professional courtesy (24:30); Burton's conversation with Marcus Smith (27:00); trying to redesign a track with a completely new car (30:00); “Pick up the phone and call Marcus. Nothing's been graded yet” (32:00).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Parker Kligerman on startlingly positive economic trends in the truck series, hooking a Silicon Valley sponsor, Lime Rock and eSports/iRacing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 9, 2021 51:29

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Parker Kligerman on the eSports/iRacing venture with Landon Cassill (1:00); the demand for iRacing events such as these remaining strong as the pandemic ebbs (3:00); the “euphoric moment” around motorsports and why it's happening (4:30); the sales pitch for getting a “Drive to Survive” fan to NASCAR (6:30); drawing parallels between different series' driver personalities (8:30); what the deal was with Lando Norris (10:30); Parker's F1 dream nearly is realized! (12:00); life as a new minority owner of historic Lime Rock Park (14:00); what his involvement with ownership is (16:30); what crazy things does Parker have planned for being a track-owning pit reporter in the IMSA Lime Rock race? (18:30); the “Bristol Bullring” of GT sports cars (20:30); the backstory of Parker's new Silicon Valley-style sponsorship (21:30); should more drivers and teams be DM'ing tech companies to start sponsor relationships? (24:30); a discussion about the improving economics of the truck series (27:00); how team budgets have decreased as much as 50 percent over the past four years (29:00); the midpack teams that are moving up the grid and changing the face of the Xfinity Series (33:00); the efficiencies discovered through pandemic racing that must remain permanent (37:00); how Parker and his team are benefiting this season (39:30); thoughts on Justin Marks buying Chip Ganassi Racing and what it might mean for prospective Cup drivers such as Parker if the ownership demo changes (45:00).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Pocono: A memorable doubleheader with a masterful pass by Kyle Larson, the grit of Alex Bowman, and Kyle Busch winning with only one gear

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2021 40:20

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Jeff Burton on revisiting the doubleheader concept (1:00); what can be transferred to other tracks and how? (2:30); how to keep fans' energy up throughout the weekend (4:30); Burton's case for bringing back more practice and qualifying (6:30); dissecting Kyle Larson's masterful pass for the lead in Race 1 (8:45); whether it makes a difference when a teammate is involved (10:45); the code of racing in Cup (12:15); does Pocono cause more cut tires at the end of a run? (14:30); why Alex Bowman deserves more credit than just “being lucky” (15:45); a “step-up moment” for Bowman (17:45); NASCAR's talks with Hendrick Motorsports about “addressing” their cars (19:45); NASCAR's role in scrutinizing the fastest teams (22:15); what Kyle Busch meant about needing to use all four of his tires as good as they should (24:15); how Kyle Busch won only with fourth gear (27:00); Burton explains the most impressive part of what Kyle Busch did with only fourth gear (29:00); on the 18 becoming the best Gibbs/Toyota car (31:00); Kurt Busch's push for the playoffs (32:15); on what's next for Brad Keselowski and Penske (34:00); Road America preview (36:00).Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice.

    Chad Knaus, VP of Hendrick Motorsports, on racing sports cars in a reunion with Jimmie Johnson

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2021 32:55

    Chad Knaus, the vice president of competition for Hendrick Motorsports, on how much fun he's had racing sports cars (1:00); the appeal of the cars (2:00); always on his bucket list (3:00); working with international drivers (4:30); the differences in the “cult” of IMSA vs. NASCAR (5:30); communication with multiple languages involved (7:00); Knaus' takeaways from racing sports cars at Daytona and Sebring (9:00); explaining the drive time penalty at Sebring (11:30); on the thrash to prepare the backup tub at Sebring (13:30); working with Jimmie Johnson again (16:15); could there be more sports car endurance races in the future for Hendrick? (17:30); on how sports cars help with NextGen prep (19:30); and with larger wheels on pit stops (21:00); some of the sports cars in Knaus' personal collection (22:00); how calling an endurance race is different and similar to calling a Cup race (23:30); Changing up the flow of Hendrick Motorsports' NASCAR debriefs (26:00).Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice.

    Nashville: Kyle Larson's winning ways and the role that team owner Rick Hendrick is playing to ensure he stays on top of his game

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 41:48

    NASCAR on NBC analyst Dale Jarrett on the NASCAR Cup Series being back in Nashville (1:00); how the surface responded to rubber and racing (2:30); the Kyle Larson in 2021 comparison to Jeff Gordon in 1998 (4:30); making the most of a second chance (6:30); how running sprint and stock cars is making Larson a better driver (8:30); applying the homework from NASCAR to racing sprint cars (11:00); how other teams might be able to pick up on what makes Larson so good … but also how leaning his secrets doesn't matter (13:30); the long leash that Hendrick Motorsports has given Kyle Larson on running dirt races (16:00); DJ's message to Rick Hendrick: “You're the smartest guy I've ever known” (18:30); the takeaways from how Cliff Daniels and Kyle Larson managed the only nervous moment of Sunday's race (21:00); “lessons learned” from the other races that got away (23:00); will competitive jealous be a factor at Hendrick Motorsports (25:30); the Chase Elliott disqualification for five loose lug nuts (28:00); why did so many miss the boat on brakes? (30:30); how the track changed and what the future of resin and PJ1 might be (32:00); Pocono preview (36:00).

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