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Dr. Emily Morse shares her expertise on sex, relationships and everything in between! Submit your questions to Emily by emailing For more sexy fun, including blogs, photos, videos or to stream this show, visit

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Make Missionary Sex Hot

Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 30:36

Missionary gets a bad rap. I've seen it called the “comfy sweater” of sex – and can we talk about the name? Not sexy. Almost…anti-sexy. But despite its label, I don't think that's why missionary is considered vanilla or boring. It's simply the default position, the one a lot of us fall into automatically – making it easier for us to tune out, phone it in, and miss out on any potential eroticism. So on today's episode, we're going to make missionary more exploratory, as I address some of your common complaints. Such as: how do we make it more exciting? I'll tell you all the reasons I love missionary, and give you technique tips to make it more surprising and fun. Next, vulva owners: are you having a hard time reaching orgasm in missionary? Of course you are: it's not the prime position for clitoral stimulation, so I'll offer position hacks that make it more pleasurable. Finally, is it possible to be kinky during missionary? Oh yeah: from bondage to dirty talk, we can leverage all that eye contact to turn it into the hot experience you crave. Show Notes: Missionary Sex Position - New and ImprovedThe “Bottom” Line On Anal w/ Dr Evan Goldstein Pillo by DamePosition Breakdown: Doggy Style Vs Cat PositionMagic Wand Mini See for privacy and opt-out information.

Radical Confidence is Sexy w/ Lisa Bilyeu

Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 70:51

Housewife turned billion-dollar co-founder Lisa Bilyeu is the picture of confidence: she's got a thriving business, a partner she adores, and basically, is a literal boss. But she also overcame illness, insecurity, and massive relationship challenges to get where she is today.In her new book Radical Confidence, Lisa shares the lessons that changed her life, and helped her become the hero of her own story. On today's show, I ask her about keeping the sexual spark alive in a longterm relationship, the “purgatory of the mundane,” and how to have a growth mindset with your partner.Show Notes:More: Radical ConfidenceMore Lisa: Instagram How to Find The Best Lube for You See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Truth about Sex Addiction w/ Marnie Breecker

Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 34:46

So listen: is sex addiction real? We've all heard stories of infidelity followed by explanations of sex addiction as the reason for the behavior. But the truth is, just because someone cheats doesn't mean they're a sex addict. According to therapist Marnie Breecker from the Center for Relational Healing, sex addiction is indeed real: it's an intimacy disorder with both emotional and physiological symptoms. On this best of show, Marnie and I talk about the common and compulsive behaviors of sex addiction, the deep human need for love and connection, affordable treatment options, love addiction, a how-to on IMAGO therapy (a great tool for communication) and healing steps for couples. Show Notes:More Marnie: Website | Instagram Sex Addicts Anonymous See for privacy and opt-out information.

Masturbation Pro Tips (Part 1)

Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 29:50

Did you know that masturbation helps you sleep better? Tones your pelvic floor? And – surprise – boosts your immunity? But let's be honest: these aren't exactly the main reasons people masturbate. You masturbate because it's pleasurable, but as the OG form of self-care, masturbation delivers all kinds of benefits, physically and psychologically. That's why today's show kicks off a two-part masturbation series, and later in the month, we'll look at how masturbation benefits a partnership. On today's episode however, it's all about YOU: common masturbation fantasies, how to mix up a stale masturbation routine, how to make your solo sex more erotic, and how to practice mindful masturbation. Plus, I take your questions! Can a vibrator desensitize your clitoris? All this and more on Part 1 of our Masturbation Pro Tips Series. Show Notes:Squirting Secrets w/ Deborah SundhalThe Sex with Emily Shop page Our Edging Guide Our Yes No Maybe List See for privacy and opt-out information.

Sex Hacks for Moms w/ Dana Myers

Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 48:32

There's a misconception out there, that once women become moms, their sexiest years are OVER. But as my guest Dana Myers explains, that's nonsense – and as a mom, she can prove it.Dana is the founder of sex and beauty brand Booty Parlor, but she's also a wife and mother to two children. On today's throwback show, she shares secrets from her book “The Mommy Mojo Makeover” to help women rediscover their sensual self-confidence, fall back in love with their bodies, and masturbate for self-care. We also talk about resentment in a relationship (and how to fix it), and why mothers deserve a sense of sexual entitlement. Yes moms: you deserve sexual pleasure! If you want more of it – or know a mom who might – this is a can't miss conversation. For More Dana B Myers:Booty Parlor | Website | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | FacebookTry Dana's pheromone fragrance & use code DANA15 See for privacy and opt-out information.

Sex Fantasies Turned Sex Realities

Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 37:14

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: communication is a lubrication. But today I've got the receipts: previous callers who took my communication advice called back, to give us a status report!On today's best of show, I'm letting you listen in on my callers' sex lives after they took the brave but vulnerable step of talking to their partners. We've got a longtime married couple, with a husband who wants more kink in bed; a success story of treating vaginal pain; a newlywed who brought BACK the spark with his man after incorporating role play, and a mom who never had any sex guidance growing up…and is now doing things radically different with her teen daughter. All of them are living proof that better sex starts with communication, so listen now, get inspired, and let their sex-cess motivate you to have a sex talk of your own.Show Notes:Emily's Shop PageThe Yes No Maybe List See for privacy and opt-out information.

Best of: Audio Porn w/ Caroline Spiegel

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 28:23

Audio porn is one of the most brilliant sex tech innovations of the past few years. It's immersive, discreet, and super intimate – you literally feel like you're in the room with people who are having sex. Plus…it's a great way to ratchet up your own dirty talk or your masturbation routine. So on today's best of episode, I'm sharing my conversation with Caroline Spiegel, creator of Quinn: an audio erotica app that was one of the first to market. We talk about audio porn and solo sex, how to use audio erotica with a partner, and a special bonus! Caroline and I listen to some audio erotica together, including a guided masturbation clip. Plus, we take your questions like, enjoying porn as a blind individual, how to embrace a naturally sexy voice, and – wild card – can you really be allergic to semen? Find out on today's show.More Caroline Spiegel & Try Quinn:Quinn: Website | Apple App Store | Android App storeCaroline Spiegel: Instagram | TwitterShow Notes:How Do I Explore Bisexuality While In a Relationship?The Yes No Maybe List See for privacy and opt-out information.

Therapy: The Relationship Game-Changer

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 35:48

Just like going to the gym improves your body, going to therapy improves your mind. And bonus: couple's counseling can radically improve your relationship and your sex life. So why do some people absolutely refuse to go?On today's show, I'm giving you the therapy low-down, so you can decide whether you should try it – or, if it's the right call for you and your partner. I'm talking: signs it's time to look for a therapist, pros and cons of solo therapy vs. couple's counseling, whether sex therapy is right for you, what to expect from a typical therapy session, and how to find therapy that works for you – including budget-friendly options. Plus, I take your therapy-related questions on porn addiction, sexual trauma and what to do if you tried to improve your sex life with your partner…but they cheated anyway. Show Notes:Ask Emily: My Wife CheatedAmerican Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and TherapistsBook: The Body Keeps The Score Book: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone Maximize Your Orgasm w/ Dolly JosetteAsk Emily How Do You Get Your Partner to Go to Therapy Book: So Tell Me About The Last Time You Had SexBook: She Comes FirstTherapy for Black GirlsTherapy for LatinXEMDRIA Best of: Coming Together w/ Celeste and Danielle See for privacy and opt-out information.

Hottest Hotline Calls

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 42:48

When you're desperate to fix your sex life with your partner, what do you do? (You call me, of course.) Maybe the sex started hot, but got real boring. Or maybe you and your crush are finally hooking up…but the sex is meh, and it's a huge letdown. What now?On today's Best Of hotline show, I'm sharing some of my favorite listener questions and letting you listen in as we talk through solutions. We've got sex-stonewalling partners. Compersion vs. cuckholding. A self-described “lazy lover.” Bisexuality, plus a squirting tutorial. Trust me, if you've got the right communication skills, you can talk through anything: and on this episode, I help you make those sex talks way less gnarly. Show Notes:Our Yes No Maybe List Emily's Shop Page The Magic WandThe Womanizer Boston Scientific New Low T See for privacy and opt-out information.

Sex and the Senses

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 43:00

When it comes to sex, a lot of us have a movie in our head about the way it “should” go down. I should look a certain way. They should kiss me a certain way. We should have epic orgasms. In other words, picture perfect...But here's the real real: you're going to orgasm way easier – and more intensely – if you can get out of your head, and into your body. So on today's show, I'm helping you have fully embodied sex using your five senses. Together we can remove the mental blocks from orgasm. If you're not turned on or inspired to have sex, these are sensory tools you can use to seduce yourself or your partner…and feel all the electric sensations leading up to the big O. Plus, I take your questions: how to talk dirty without swearing, how to bring back an MIA orgasm, how to stop disassociating during sex and much more.Show Notes:Ask Emily: How Do I Partner I've Been Faking OrgasmsThe Fin by DamePodcast: Where Did My Orgasm Go?Our Communication Guide Talk Dirty to Me w/ Joanna Angel See for privacy and opt-out information.

Best Of: Boundaries Are Hot W/ Dr. Jennifer Freed

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 57:18

To create our hottest, most fulfilling sex life, there's one critical thing we need – and no, it's not flavored lube. We need boundaries, and the ability to express them to others.But what is a “boundary,” exactly? As a buzzword and an emerging concept, boundaries can improve every relationship, sexual or otherwise. So on today's best-of show, sex therapist, author and my dear friend Dr. Jennifer Freed and I help you figure out what your boundaries are, how to set them with others (and follow through), and how to NOT let people steamroll over your values…especially when you're a people pleaser. For more Dr Jennifer Freed:Website | Instagram | Twitter See for privacy and opt-out information.

Best of: Coming Together w/ Celeste and Danielle

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 62:21

What do you actually want to feel during sex? On today's best-of episode, my friends Celeste Hirshman & Danielle Harel, co-authors of Coming Together: Embracing Your Core Desires for Sexual Fulfillment and Long-Term Compatibility, help reveal your core desires – your personal, psychological motivation for having sex, and how to get that feeling in the moment.Celeste, Danielle and I talk about how sex can be a medicine for old wounds we felt growing up: whether you want to feel powerful, special, even degraded in bed – it all goes back to our personal history, and what we're looking for when we have sex. We also talk about creating your hottest sexual movie, how to perform sexual breathing, and why – if you want sex to last in a long-term relationship – you really have to do this core desire work. It's a can't miss episode of sexual wisdom, whether you're single, partnered, or simply want to know what gets you hot.For more Celeste, Danielle & Somatica Institute:Website | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | FacebookJoin the Fall 2022 Somatica Sex & Relationship Coach TrainingTo Find a Coach Near You See for privacy and opt-out information.

Intimacy & Infidelity

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 9, 2022 34:49

Here's something wild: nearly half of people in monogamous relationships report they've had affairs, according to recent research. Half! And that's just the people who admitted it. We can all agree that getting cheated on feels awful – as in, the literal worst. So why is it so common? In this episode, we're talking trust and infidelity as we break down the reasons why people cheat, what to do if an affair has happened, and deciding whether to rebuild or break up and move on. Plus, I take your questions on trust and infidelity: how to restore your confidence after an affair, what to do if you suspect or just caught your partner cheating, and how to come back from online infidelity. Show Notes:Ask Emily: How Do I Tell My Partner I Don't Like Something? The Gottmans on Compatibility, Conflict & ConversationFor More Information on EMDR TherapyTips for Better Communication See for privacy and opt-out information.

How to Date These Days

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 40:44

So you're ready to date. Fantastic! But are you feeling a little rusty on flirting? Making the first move? And, real talk: how's your dating app profile? Today's show is your dating primer 101, so you can walk into every date knowing exactly what you want: whether it's a long-term partner, or a just-for-the-night hookup. I'm talking how to meet people, how to make sexy conversations, how to take your best dating app pics, and what people are looking for when they're on a date. Plus, I take your questions! How to feel more confident saying “yes” to dates, how to express your intentions around sex, when to bring sex toys into the bedroom and much more. Show Notes:15 Types of Sexuality and Attraction to Help You Understand Your Desire StyleFriends with Benefits: A GuideEsther Perel's Game: So Where Should We Begin?We're Not Really Strangers GameThe Gottman Institute's GameThe Magic WandEmily's Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace See for privacy and opt-out information.

Best of: Network & Chill w/ Jordan Harbinger

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 2, 2022 43:30

When it comes to relationships across the board – from sex, to work, to friendships – do you actually know what impression you're having on others? Especially when you first meet someone? In this best of show, I'm throwing it back to my conversation with fellow podcaster Jordan Harbinger, who gets real on social behaviors and the power of body language. Jordan and I talk about the difference between authenticity and hustling, confidence while dating, and the shocking power of nonverbal communication. He coaches us on developing open, positive body postures, and helps all of us walk into a room with charisma and curiosity. For More Jordan HarbingerWebsite | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube See for privacy and opt-out information.

A+ Oral Sex for Vulvas

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 48:36

Is there a vulva owner in your life you'd love to treat? By giving them the best oral sex of their life? You've come to the right place. Whether or not you're with someone currently, or simply want to brush up on your oral skills for the future, it's never a bad time to sharpen your pleasure techniques. After the blow job episode I did earlier this month I promised that you'd get an oral sex show specifically for vulvas – and it's here.In today's episode, I'm talking you through everything you need to know to deliver A+ oral sex, specifically for vulvas. I'm teaching how to tease, how to use your tongue, how to perform the Kivin method, and how to stimulate the famous G-spot. Plus, I take your questions! What to do if you desperately want oral but your partner isn't too keen on giving. How to let go of potential insecurities and truly enjoy receiving. What to do when your hygiene concerns are getting in the way of pleasure, How to reduce discomfort while giving. Plus, how to give your partner pointers on what you like and tips for a squirting experience.Show Notes:The Most Common Problems for VulvasMind-Blowing Oral Sex in Under 5 Minutes: The Kivin MethodEmily's Shop PageAsk Emily: How Do I Go Down On a Vulva?The Vulva Gallery Squirting Secrets w/ Deborah SundahlAsk Emily: How Do I *Actually* Start Squirting? Tips for Better Communication GuideThe Yes No Maybe List See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Breakup Bounce Back

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 48:54

Breakups completely, fundamentally suck – full stop. Especially if you're still connected to the person: you still live together, you share friends, or…you can't stop fantasizing about them sexually. And that's because breakups function exactly like withdrawal: this other person was a drug of sorts, and now, you can't get your hit. But breakups also teach us a lot about ourselves, especially if that person was annoyingly awesome in bed. So in this episode, we're looking at the psychology of breakups, empowering ways to cope and move on, and most importantly, how to keep nurturing your sexuality while you heal. Plus, I take your questions! How to move on from a hookup partner who's not ready for a relationship, what it means when you're sexting with an ex, how to do the friendship custody battle after a breakup, and how to break up when you know it's the right thing to do…but you're terrified to do it. Show Notes:7 Steps to Breakup Recovery PodcastMore About EMDR TherapyThe Yes No Maybe List See for privacy and opt-out information.

Best of: Big Mouths and Better Sex (Talks) w/ Gil Ozeri

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 47:33

If you are someone who had substandard sex ed as a young person (all of us?), you are going to love this throwback episode with Gil Ozeri, comedian, actor, and writer for the very popular show “Big Mouth”. Growing up with adults who avoided the sex talk like the plague, Gil discusses the shame that can result...shame a lot of us still carry. That's why “Big Mouth” (now in Season 5 on Netflix) takes the awkward experience of adolescence, demystifies it, and helps all of us get the answers we wish we'd gotten back then — while being super funny. If you've got a young person in your life, this episode is a must-listen. Gil and I take a dive into our own hormonal teen years, how to make sex ed more relatable, and tips for post-baby sex…because why not? I also take your questions: how to give a better blowjob, how to make FaceTime sex hot, and how to get your sexual connection back after the spark has died.For More Gil Ozeri:Website | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | TikTok See for privacy and opt-out information.

Daddy Issues w/ Violet Benson

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 41:29

I am joined by Violet Benson, host of the new podcast Almost Adulting and creator of the wildly popular Instagram account @DaddyIssues_. Over the last couple of years, Violet has become well known for her irreverent relationship and dating advice. In this interview, Violet reveals why she has stopped dating (for now), what exactly a “pick me girl” is and how attraction is not always dependent on good looks. And because this is a sex show after all, Violet shared some tips for avoiding potentially embarrassing moments in the bedroom. This is a good one!For More Violet:Almost Adulting PodcastMeme Instagram | Personal Instagram | Podcast InstagramTwitter | Facebook | Youtube See for privacy and opt-out information.

Best Blow Job Ever

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 41:19

We're talking about blow jobs. It's an oral sex masterclass, and you're invited.On today's episode, I'm sharing everything you need to know about oral sex on a penis.Also, I take your blow job questions: where to start as a beginner, how to enjoy receiving, what to know when pleasuring an uncircumcised penis and what to do if you're struggling to swallow. Don't blow off this episode. Together, we can bring your oral sex game to the next level. Show Notes:Everybody Loves Oral6 Oral Sex Tips for Going Down On a Vulva Mind-Blowing Oral Sex in Under 5 Minutes: The Kivin MethodHow to Give A Better BJ Skyn Condoms Emily's Shop PageBreathe App See for privacy and opt-out information.

Your Guide to Sexting

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 27:54

A great sext is all about anticipation…kind of like foreplay: And as the 21st century way to talk dirty, sexting — when executed well — can be super hot. Sexting is an art form, and in this show, I give you pro tips for perfecting yours. Because let's face it: randomly sending a bunch of squirting emojis might not be as sexy as it is confusing, for the person on the other side. As with everything in life, good sexting comes down to emotional intelligence, so let's talk shop. This episode is designed to help you send your best sext, and excite the person receiving your message. Plus, I take your questions! How to start flirting online, how to manage your devices so your messages don't accidentally end up in the wrong place and how to have good phone sex in a long distance relationship. Finally, the Sex With Emily community has delivered, and I'm sharing YOUR hottest sexts.Show Notes:Talk Dirty To Me w/ Joanna AngelSignal MessengerWhat's app Amorous AppWe-Vibe Toys See for privacy and opt-out information.

Orgasm with a Capital O

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 51:19

Let the pulsations begin, because today's episode is a love letter to your orgasm – and all the ways we can dose your body with pleasure. First, we're helping you understand, anatomically, just what the hell is going on with the big O. And for my never-had-an-orgasm friends we're going to give you techniques to help you get there. Finally, we're offering tricks to elevate your orgasm, with everything from easy hacks to long-term rituals, to achieve the deep pleasure you crave. Plus we take all your orgasm questions! What to do when you can't orgasm with your partner, how to break the habit of faking orgasms, how to bring back an orgasm that's suddenly disappeared, and how to achieve the holy grail of multiple O's. Show Notes:Shop w/ Emily The WomanizerWe-Vibe ToysDame ProductsThe Edging Guide Je Joue Kegel Ball SetBiohack Your Orgasm w/ Alisa VittiBellesa Try Quinn See for privacy and opt-out information.

Friends With Benefits: A Guide

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2022 38:44

Are you cut out for friends with benefits? If you crave regular sex, but don't have capacity for a full-on relationship, an FWB arrangement could be just what the doctor ordered. But there's a lot you should know before diving in!For some, FWB's can be a super satisfying way to get your needs met, without the commitment of a traditional partnership. However, just because it's not “traditional” doesn't mean there aren't rules of engagement, boundaries, and lots of communication. In this episode, I help you self-assess to figure out if you're a good candidate for FWB, explain how FWB's are qualitatively different from casual sex and hook-ups, and hacks to live your best FWB life. Show Notes:The Communication Guide The Yes No Maybe List He's Just Not That Into You: The No Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys See for privacy and opt-out information.

Best of: Sex Tips I Wish I Knew In My 20s

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2022 47:57

Sexual wisdom (like all wisdom) is self-awareness plus lived experience. But I hear from people in their 20s all the time who are shockingly self-aware – they just haven't stacked enough life experience to know how to navigate sex as it applies to them. So maybe that's you, or maybe you're not in your 20s…but feel like you missed out on some sexual basics. If that's you, gather ‘round, because this best-of episode is devoted to all the killer advice I wish I'd been given in my 20s. Whether it's figuring out what your turn-ons are, what to do when a partner constantly cheats, or how to try anal (one word: lube), I'm answering all of your ground zero sex questions today. We get into all of that, plus how to approach your first threesome, how to seek out couple's therapy (yes: you can do it in your 20s!), and how to communicate your deepest desires in the bedroom.Show Notes:The Communication Guide The Yes No Maybe ListComing Together by Celeste and DaniellePjur Anal Lube See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Secrets to Happier Sex w/ Dr. Amen

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 30:43

You've probably heard that the brain is the largest sex organ in your body. But can you really hack your brain for happiness? Or better sex? Psychiatrist and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen has amassed the world's largest database of brain scans, and studies that information to reveal something fascinating: using neuroscience-based habits, we have the power to radically improve our mental health, our mood, and yes – our sex lives. Dr. Amen's latest book is You, Happier, and on this episode, he reveals the lies of happiness, the stress hormones impeding your sex hormones, how to focus on micro-moments of happiness, and strategies for protecting yourself from the “noise” in your head. He also explains why happy people tend to live longer, have better relationships, be more successful in their careers…and, let's face it, have way hotter sex. Listen now, to learn how to master your mind, and reap the rewards. More Dr. Daniel AmenTo Order You, Happier Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | TiktokAmen ClinicsDiscover Your Brain Type30 Day Happiness Challenge See for privacy and opt-out information.

How to Build Sexual Tension

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2022 32:20

Let's talk sexual tension and seduction, people. Maybe you're single, and trying to brush up on your flirting skills. Or perhaps you're in a long-term relationship, and frustrated that you don't entice each other like you used to. Either way, I'm going to teach you how to build (or rebuild) sexual tension.At its core, seduction itself is about creating sexual tension, and to pull that off, we need a few things at our disposal, like confidence and radical presence. It's a sexy sort of restraint, where your behavior is suggestive (not explicit), and your vibe is patient (not desperate). So today's episode is all about sharpening our skills in the sexy and suggestive department. Plus, I take your questions, like how to make the first move, how to turn sexual banter into actual sex, and much, much more. Show Notes:Chemistry, Attraction & Connection w/ Matthew HusseyHow to Be a Master Dater w/ Matthew Hussey See for privacy and opt-out information.

Fire Up Your Fantasies w/ Elle Chase

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2022 48:43

Sexual fantasies give us a window into what we need: a type of touch, a type of power, or even a type of person. But what if you're one of those people who's like: “I don't know how to fantasize, Emily?” Then look no further than sex educator and author of Curvy Girl Sex Elle Chase. Elle joins me to talk about cultivating your erotic daydreams, what your fantasies say about your desire style, and how to turn a common fantasy into a reality: finding a friend with benefits. Plus, we take your questions! How to respond to a partner who desperately wants to watch you have sex with another (but you're not so into it), what to say to a partner who thinks butts are gross, how to talk about your kink to a new partner and much more. For More Elle Chase: Website | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookElle's Naughty Coloring Book | Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase | Elle's Fantasy Course Show Notes:Tell Me What You Want by Justin LehmillerCome As You Are by Emily NagoskiThe Yes No Maybe List We Vibe Toys See for privacy and opt-out information.

Unf*k Your Relationship w/ Gary Bishop

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2022 48:19

When you keep running into the same relationship (or sex) problems over and over again, what's the one common denominator? Brace yourself…because it's you. You're the thing that carries over from partnership to partnership, which is why Gary Bishop, author of the crazy bestseller “Unfu*k Yourself” decided to write a new book – a tough love spin on self-help. It's called “Love Unfu*ked: Getting Your Relationship Sh!t Together,” and I invited him to chat with me about it.In this interview, Gary and I talk about how to become aware of our destructive relationship habits, and concrete ways to manage them. He tells me the one simple change he made with his current partner that transformed their relationship, and we go deep on feeling threatened: the fight or flight response that inhibits emotional intimacy, not to mention our best sex. But we also talk about the hopeful side of radical self-awareness, and the opportunity in front of us, when we step outside of ourselves, look at our patterns, and change them – to create room for the pleasurable connections we all want. For More Information About Gary Bishop:Website | Twitter | Instagram Love Unfu*ked See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Secrets of Sexual Attraction

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2022 32:05

Today's show is all about exploring sexual attraction; what it means and how does it fit into romantic love. By the end of today's episode, you'll better understand how and why YOU may feel sexually attracted to another person and how that can sometimes be distinct from feelings associated with long-term love. Plus, I take your questions! What to do when you're straight, but kinda wanna hook up in a non-straight way, what to do when you and your partner are both submissive (and both crave dominance), how to bring back the spark, and when you should hang onto a friend with quality benefits – and, when to let them go. Show Notes:Sex, Drugs and The Side Effects of Birth Control w/ Ricki Lake & Abby EpsteinFor More Studies From Justin Lehmiller See for privacy and opt-out information.

Anal Tips & Prostate Play: A Beginner's Guide

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 48:30

Let's talk anal play! If you're a booty newbie, where do you begin? What feel-good nerve endings are you looking for? Should you start alone, or with a partner? And how the hell do you go shopping for butt plugs? Listen: if you've got backdoor questions, my guests Dr. Charlie Glickman and Dr. Hernando Chaves have answers. Today's best-of episode is THE anal 101 primer, and if you're not butt-curious now…you will be, in less than an hour. Listen up for tips to stimulate the prostate (AKA the male G-spot), how to prepare hygienically, finger techniques for prostate massage, and how anal play can add so much crazy pleasure to your sex life, no matter your gender. Show Notes:Dr Charlie Glickman | WebsiteHernando Chaves | Instagram | TwitterAnerosSkyn Condoms See for privacy and opt-out information.

Adrenaline and Arousal

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2022 45:30

How do you kickstart sexual arousal? Would you believe me if I told you that sometimes, the best ways to get turned on have nothing to do with sex itself? When you take the focus off the bedroom, and turn your focus toward adventure – the kind that gets your heart-pumping, your adrenaline going, and your anticipation building – a cool thing happens in your brain. You're excited, and that excitement spills over from the activity into…sex. Pretty nifty, right?So on today's show, we're going to trust, touch, and titillate our way towards arousal, with bonding hacks you can use on your next date whether it is with a long term partner or someone new. Plus, I take your questions! Ways to feel confident and sexual again after a breakup, how to have kinky sex with a partner who says they aren't interested, how to decide if you should wait to develop a relationship with a super busy person or cut em' loose, how to take sexy pictures with each other, and how to communicate your needs efficiently outside the bedroom so that you can reignate the spark when you're back inside.Show Notes:Serena Kerrigan's Let's Fucking DateEsther Perel's Where Should We Begin? Come As You Are by Emily NagoskiThe Yes No Maybe List See for privacy and opt-out information.

Say Goodbye to Awkward Sex

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2022 47:22

As much as we'd like sex to be seamlessly hot all the time, sometimes…it gets a little awkward. Too much teeth during a blowjob. An erection that won't last. Someone farts! It happens - and when it does, it can seriously derail the mood.But does it have to? I'm of the opinion that if we know how to respond during moments like these – with compassion, collaboration, and sometimes a sense of humor – an erotic moment doesn't have to come to an abrupt halt. So on today's show, I'm taking the point of view of someone who didn't “do” the awkward thing, they witnessed it. And by the end, you'll know how to hold space, how to handle situations like these, and not shame the person on the other side – so you can keep the party going, and continue having fantastic sex. Show Notes:What It Really Means When You Can't Stay HardThe Vulva Gallery See for privacy and opt-out information.

Top 10 Most Popular Sex Topics

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Nothing makes me happier than people taking pleasure into their own hands, so my team and I have assembled the 10 MOST popular articles on and we are dedicating this episode to the things our listeners most want to hear. Spoiler alert: you all love porn. And giving pleasure.I see what you're interested in, I see what you're curious about – so I consider today's show scripted by you. It's a deep dive into our most read articles; whether it's preparing for a threesome, mastering awkward sex positions, or learning how to squirt. So buckle up, because this is quite the content-filled episode. Alright, let's dive in! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Hotter (Solo) Sex

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When you hear the phrase “self-care,” what comes to mind? Bubble baths? Booking a massage? Those things are all lovely (I'd argue essential), but I've got one more thing to add to your self-care routine, and I'm going to make a case for it: solo sex, AKA masturbation. If you're a regular listener to this show, you know how much of a solo sex advocate I am. But we're going to go a little deeper into this topic, because there's still a lot of shame associated with masturbation: fear of getting caught, embarrassment about our noises and facial expressions, confusion around toys and which ones are best. That's why today's show is your Solo Sex 101, where we create a solo sex routine that works for you, get into all the ways solo sex nourishes your mental health, and how to get into the right headspace for it. Plus, I take your questions! When masturbation feels depressing, how do you learn to love it? Or when you're asked to masturbate in front of your partner, but feel self-conscious about it, what do you do? I tackle these questions and so many more, on our solo sextravaganza. Show Notes:Dr Emily's Shop PageDame Fin Je Joue MimiMore on Information on EMDR See for privacy and opt-out information.

Best of: Doggy Style Tricks & Performance Tips

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Let's cut right to the chase: doggy style is hot-looking, but is it hot-feeling? I can't tell you how many questions I get about this position, mostly from people who are confused…wondering if they're doing it wrong. You're not! You may just need to tweak it a bit, to make it work for your body. So on today's show, I give you my favorite doggy style hacks, because let's be honest — no one wants a broken penis. Let's avoid the ER, and give you the hot doggy style sex you deserve.Plus, I take your questions! Is polyamory more natural than monogamy? What should you do if you catch feelings for your friend-with-benefits? Is it really cheating if you have a no-sex kink session with an old flame? And finally — body dysmorphia of the vulva. Do you have it? Friends: let me help you love it! Don't buy the hype, by which I mean false standards. I tell you exactly how to make your vulva a MUCH-deserved object of your affection.Show Notes:Skyn Condoms See for privacy and opt-out information.

Talk Tantric Sex To Me

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Here in the 21st century, we're fascinated by something that was invented in the 7th century: tantra, and more specifically, tantric sex. But it's also one of the most misunderstood practices around, starting with: it's not just about sex! Tantra is an entire world of spirituality, intimacy, breathwork and presence, which is precisely why I have Barbara Carellas, founder of Urban Tantra, on the show with me today. A pioneer in the world of tantric healing practices, Barbara gives us the real deal on these sacred techniques – and shows us how we can use them in the modern world, for full body pleasure, higher states of consciousness, and a radically deeper connection with your partner. Plus, I take your questions! How do you stay in the present moment during sex, and not disassociate while it's happening – or, get so nervous that you block all the pleasure? I've got some thoughts on that.For More Information on Barbara:Website | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | FacebookShow Notes:Emily's Shop Page See for privacy and opt-out information.

Take Your Sex Life from Stale to Sexy, Part 2

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When it comes to sex in longterm relationships, why do they start hot, then go lukewarm? Why does our eroticism go dormant, once the newness of a relationship wears off? And what are some specific strategies for bringing back the heat we desperately long for? It's part 2 in our Best Of special on taking your sex life from stale to sexy, and I can't wait to let you listen in on my conversations with John Wineland and Esther Perel, and a bit of wisdom from Tom Bilyeu.John is a relationship coach specializing in polarity and embodiment, and for this show, I've selected his most potent advice on hot sex. According to John, getting in touch with our masculine and feminine energies – regardless of gender – has the power to transform the way we show up in bed. Next, I talk to Esther Perel, well recognized couples therapist, author and fellow podcaster, who explains how a couple's sex life loses its passion. Our partners become reliable and safe, which is great for a relationship, but according to Esther…not always great for sex. So how do we revive the mystery, the risk, and a sense of adventure with our partners? Listen for the sensual techniques she uses to help couples get back in touch with their hungry side. Finally, Impact Theory's Tom Bilyeu dishes on desire – and why attraction for other people is not death for a relationship. Show Notes:John Wineland | Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YoutubeEsther Perel | Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YoutubeTom Bilyeu | Website | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube See for privacy and opt-out information.

Take Your Sex Life from Stale to Sexy, Part 1

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It's the #1 question I get as a sex educator: “our sex life is stale, how do we make it hot again?” For long-term couples, this issue is so common it's almost a cliche. “Once you're married, say goodbye to your sex life! Haha!” Except, it's not funny, right? It's actually pretty painful, once the new relationship energy wears off, and we no longer have that magical chemical cocktail running through our veins. That's why I am so pleased to be doing a two-part, Best Of special on this precise topic, kicking things off with sex educator Ian Kerner, author of the iconic book “She Comes First” and his latest, “So Tell Me About the Last Time You Had Sex?” I'm also sharing advice from Drs. John and Julie Gottman of the Gottman Institute, who have led some of the most comprehensive studies on successful couples, and the key ingredients of their success. (Which includes a great sex life, of course.) I'm pulling out the best-of-the-best of their advice and techniques, so you can try them yourself, and create your own “arousal runway” to bring excitement back into your relationship and the bedroom. Show Notes:Ian Kerner | Website | Twitter | BooksThe Gottman Institute | Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook See for privacy and opt-out information.

Your Guide to Squirting

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Squirting during sex: how, exactly, does it happen? Which body part controls it? And what the hell is it made out of? For vulva owners, squirting is a thing of mystery - but it doesn't need to be. In this special Best Of episode, I'm giving you my tips and firsthand experience with squirting as well as highlights of my conversation with sex educator Deborah Sundahl, who teaches us exactly how to squirt -- and I mean, step by step.For example: did you know, vulva owners, that you have a prostate? That's the g-spot, despite headlines you see every few months questioning its very existence. Also: did you know that clitoral orgasms and g-spot orgasms are two different things? Finally, with time and practice, did you know that EVERY vulva owner can squirt? It's not magic -- it's anatomy! Plus, I take your questions on squirting, from how to start, best positions to do it, and how to communicate to your partner what you want them to do. Show Notes:Deborah Sundahl: Website | BookFascinator Throw Ejaculation blanket See for privacy and opt-out information.

Relationship Red Flags & Green Flags

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We've all heard of red flags in relationships, but let's be honest: sometimes, they can be terribly hard to spot. Especially when you really want a relationship to work, or, if the other person is super hot. (Am I right?) That's why I'm bringing you a special episode today, focused on all things red flags -- and green flags -- with my two favorite voices on the matter, psychologist and author Dr. Ramani, and YouTube's (and probably the world's) favorite dating coach, Matthew Hussey. Dr. Ramani and I take a deep dive on narcissism, and talk through things like love bombing, devaluation, and the different types of narcissists out there -- as well as the personality types who tend to fall for them. And if you're thinking, “I wouldn't possibly fall for that nonsense,” think again! These folks are master manipulators, and at their core, deeply insecure. Next, Matthew Hussey walks us through our own less-than-ideal tendencies, such as: why we keep going for aloof and unavailable people, how we repeat painful patterns from our childhood, and how we ignore someone's inconvenient truth. But Matthew also tells us what to look for when we're dating someone new, such as curiosity, equal investment, and consistency with words and actions. If you're dating right now, listen to this episode -- twice. Show Notes:Dr Remani: Website | Instagram | Twitter | YoutubeMatthew Hussey: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube See for privacy and opt-out information.

Sexy Self Improvement

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Anything worth having takes time, whether that's a better sex life, a deeper relationship, or an awesome relationship with your body. But staying consistent is hard: we get bored, we get rebellious, we want to cut corners. We're human, after all! That's why, if we want to meet goals - ANY goal - we have to create rituals. And the key to sticking with them? Identifying your “why.”So on today's Best Of show, I'm talking to Max Lugavere, host of The Genius Life podcast, and Jennifer Cohen, host of Habits and Hustle, to give us the lowdown on sexy self improvement. Max gives me the scoop on food addiction (and its similarities to porn addiction), how daily sunlight improves our health, and how processed food short circuits our satiety signals. Jennifer tells me the three habits successful people all have in common, how to get your partner on-board for working out, and the correlation between exercise and sex drive. Get out your grocery lists and gratitude journals, because after this episode, you'll be totally inspired to start small habits for big self-growth. Show Notes:Max Lugavere | Website | Instagram | Facebook | YoutubeJen Cohen | Website | Instagram | Twitter See for privacy and opt-out information.

The 10 Hottest Moments of 2021

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2021, we hardly knew ya. Just kidding, we totally did, and we've got the FaceTime sex to prove it. All year long, we've been saving up the very best moments of Sex With Emily, so you can walk into 2022 more sex-wise than ever. From squirting to sex dreams, Nikki Glaser to Esther Perel, we're doing a hot flashback of YOUR most talked-about episodes. On this show, we've banked the top pieces of sex wisdom from hands-down incredible guests. Discover your dating style, locate the g-spot once and for all, and build your sexual confidence with some of the smartest (and funniest) voices out there. Before you create your New Year's resolution list, be sure to listen to this one – because I guarantee you, their advice will elevate your 2022. Show Notes:So Tell Me About The Last Time You Had Sex by Ian KernerTo Find Your ChronotypeFemale Ejaculation & The G Spot by Deborah Sundahl See for privacy and opt-out information.

Boys, Sex and Masculinity w/ Peggy Orenstein

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Where do men get their earliest messages about sex and intimacy? Why do they talk about banging / pounding / hitting it (like they're at a construction site), and how does this conditioning affect your sex life – no matter your gender? Peggy Ornstein is the author of several iconic books on teens and sex, but on today's fan favorite episode, she joins me to talk about Boys & Sex: a fascinating account of young men as they navigate hookups, porn and relationships, as told by the boys she interviewed. In this episode, you'll learn how even in the shadow of #MeToo, boys are still confused about having mutually fulfilling sex, while still being a “man.” Listen - when it comes to masculinity, Peggy is an expert. She explains why she doesn't love the term “toxic masculinity.” She recognizes that men get a confusing message: be dominant, but don't be too aggressive. Reporting from the front lines of bro culture, Peggy reveals the sex conundrum that men so often find themselves in, and ways we can all evolve to have relationships that are more interesting, more erotic, and more emotionally intelligent. For More Information on Peggy Orenstein:Website | Instagram | TwitterBoys & SexGirls & Sex See for privacy and opt-out information.

Body Confidence, Bisexuality & Better Sex

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To get our needs met, we first have to be able to articulate our needs – and be brave enough to share them out loud. But it's easier said than done! We get worried about what the other person will say, or we don't have the words to express what we want, so we bury those longings and wait for a better time. Then before we know it, years have passed, and that better time never arrived. We're sexually frustrated and resentful, because we never had the sex talk that was crucial to our happiness…until now. On this show, we're leaning into discomfort, so we can come out on the other side sexually satisfied. In other words: we're learning how to have a sex talk! Even when it's just with yourself. How do you cultivate positive self-talk, when everyone around you affirms your hotness - but your brain just doesn't buy it? Or how about when one of you wants to have sex every day, and the other doesn't: how do you communicate your way through mismatched desires? Finally, let's get into improving the quality of your sex life with a partner: when the sex itself has become rote, routine, or just plain boring, how do you revive it? The first step is an open conversation, and on this episode, I'm giving you scripts and tools so you can get over those fears, and get into mutually satisfying pleasure. Show Notes:The Sex with Emily Yes No Maybe List See for privacy and opt-out information.

Best of: Women, Lust & Infidelity w/ Wednesday Martin

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 40:50

“Women cheat for emotional connection, men cheat for sex.” “Men are horn dogs, women are frigid.” Heard any of this before? Did you know these are factually untrue? In this fan favorite episode, cultural anthropologist and bestselling author Wednesday Martin joins me to talk about female sexuality research findings, now that more females are entering the field of sex research. Believe me when I say: her revelations will change your life.Wednesday's book Untrue: Why Nearly Everything We Believe About Women, Lust, and Infidelity is Wrong and How the New Science Can Set Us Free was a major conversation starter. Today, we're more open to alternative relationship models, and a huge part of that is because of Wednesday. In this conversation, she debunks the lies we've been told for decades about female sexuality, including: men just want to spread their seed, while women want to protect their precious eggs. Wrong! Turns out, monogamy is pretty rough on female desire. How about this one: women cheat because they crave emotional care. Nope! Sometimes, women just want sex with someone new. Finally, how did these lies get started in the first place? Wednesday walks us through the faulty science that got us here, and how accurate measures of female desire are radically changing the way we understand sex – for all genders. For More Information About Wednesday Martin:Website | Instagram | TwitterUntrue: Why Nearly Everything We Believe About Women, Lust and Infidelity is Wrong See for privacy and opt-out information.

So You Wanna Have a Threesome

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Welcome to the wide world of alternative relationship models. Opening up, threesomes, and swinging are increasingly becoming more mainstream, so naturally, we've got questions. Some of us do better with monogamy, but some of us thrive with a little variety - and no matter where we land on the spectrum of relationships and sex, we can always gain vocabulary to explore our desires, and act on our pleasure.So on today's show, I take your questions on open relationships and we get into it. First, we tackle open relationships when we're already partnered. How do you establish the ground rules? What do you do when your partner has a date but you don't, and you feel that jealousy coming on? Next, threesomes and swinging: how do you practice safe sex in a group sex situation? Finally: when you're the third party, what's the best way to talk to the partner of your partner? In this case, and truly all others, the key is becoming a grade A communicator – because if there's one thing you can count on in an alternative relationship, it's lots and lots of talking. Show Notes:Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships by Tristan Taormino See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Deal with Divorce w/ Laura Wasser

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 54:32

You may think of her as divorce attorney to the stars, and Laura Wasser is certainly that. But Laura is also a sharp thinker on marriage and communication, and is here to tell us what every couple needs to know before saying "I do." She says that couples who have the prenup conversation are actually more likely to stay together than those who don't, and that money is an even bigger conversational taboo than sex. She also tells us what it's like repping actor clients vs. musician clients, why we're seeing a celebrity-led trend of "gentle separations," and how social media has changed the game for divorce cases.Plus, I take your divorce questions! When is it time to say "I don't," and get the hell out? Or how about if you're single, and have a tendency to hook up with older, separated men -- are they just your type? Or...are there some deeper conversations you need to be having, with them, and with yourself? Let's talk dating as a divorcee: when is it OK to tell the kids you've met someone new? And finally, after being married for so long, how do you tell the difference between love and lust, when you're back on the scene? All this and more, on today's divorce show. For More Information on Laura wasser:Website | InstagramIt's Over Easy: Website | Instagram | Twitter See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Secret to Better Sex: Trust

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 33:29

In order to feel turned on, we first have to feel safe. And that's the funny thing about trust: once it's broken, it has a way of quietly shutting us down, so that our relationships aren't as deep, our curiosity is blocked, and even our self-sex takes a hit. But there IS hope: trust can be healed. Neuroplasticity is a beautiful thing, and if we compassionately work on ourselves (possibly with a partner), we feel worlds better - more secure, and definitely more sexy.So on today's Ask Emily show, I take some of my favorite calls on trust, and how to repair it. What happens if your spouse cheated on you, to the point where sex feels sorta gross now? Or how about if you were the cheater, and your sex life just isn't the same? (Two words: couples therapy.) How about this one: you're in a partnership, and things are basically fine - but the spark has completely worn off, and you don't know how to talk about it? Or, what if you tell a new partner you love them, they don't reciprocate, and THEN the sex takes a nosedive? In both cases, I've got answers. Finally, when you're “too picky” of a dater, is it really because they're all duds? Or, are there some underlying trust issues there, that are keeping your sexuality safe, cool, and totally dormant? The bottom line is this: when we feel free, we feel sexy. And on today's episode, we're helping you radically reclaim your erotic freedom.Show Notes:Ian Kerner's book - So Tell Me About The Last Time You Had Sex. Our Yes No Maybe List See for privacy and opt-out information.

Best Of: The S(ex) Factor w/ Sheila Kelley

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2021 50:55

Sheila Kelley is a moment, a mantra, and the founder of S-Factor: a feminine movement practice that offers classes in strip, pole dance, and erotic dance. “We live from the armpits up, and get trapped away from our bodies,” Sheila says. So her passion is to free people through movement, so they can return to their bodies, and have more energy to move towards what they want. This is a gem-filled conversation that you're going to want to pause several times, so you can take in Sheila's explosive wisdom...and apply it immediately to your daily life.Plus, I take your questions! We're all venturing into brave new worlds today, and need advice. What to do when you're dating as a grown woman, with kids in their 20s - but the men you're matching with are young adults too? Is that a problem? We discuss. Next: is it possible to get “orgasm addicted” to porn? I talk you through it. And finally, beginnings and endings: how do you begin your anal sex journey? How do you end a marriage as you knew it? As Sheila says, it's all an incremental journey of self-investment and growth -- and by the end of this episode, you'll have done a bit of both.Find more about Sheila Kelley here:Twitter @theSheilaKelleyInstagram: @SheilaKelleySsfactor.comInstagram @s.factorTwitter @skelleysfactor See for privacy and opt-out information.

What's Your Sexual Fantasy?

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So you've got a sex fantasy...and you're ready for it to become reality. That's great! But let me be the first to tell you: this process is part art, part science. The art? That's your erotic self. Closing your eyes, imagining hot -- possibly taboo -- scenarios, and taking the time to discover what turns you on. But the science? That's where we have to get tactical and think with our heads -- as well as our loins.On today's Ask Emily show, I take your calls on fantasy and give you practical advice on how to fulfill them. Let's say your partner has been hinting at a cuckold scenario: how do you go about finding a “third,” and how do you manage expectations for all involved? We get into it. What about play parties: how do you ensure a consensual environment, making sure everyone feels safe in the context of an orgy? I've got thoughts! And finally, what if you don't have any fantasies, but you want some? Is there a way to get more creative? Yeahhh there is. Right this way for some sexy self-discovery.Show Notes:FetLifeFeeld #Open Ok Cupid Yea No Maybe ListBook: Coming Together by Celeste And Danielle See for privacy and opt-out information.

Best Of: Sexy & Self-Aware w/ Lewis Howes & Lisa Bilyeu

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 62:42

I like to think of Lewis Howes and Lisa Bilyeuas as leaders in the self-awareness world, especially when it comes to relationships. Both Lewis and Lisa are incredibly successful: she went from housewife to cofounder of a billion-dollar business, he went from picked last for dodgeball to pro athlete, New York Times bestselling author and uber successful podcaster. But here's the thing: success is empty if you don't learn to like yourself, and both are intimately familiar with that truth. On today's Best Of episode, I'm pairing these two voices to bring you the most powerful advice on self-love and fulfilling relationships. We hear from Lisa, who tells the story of radically changing her role in her relationship, and Lewis, who tells the story of radically hustling for respect (and getting it) -- only to realize he needed to learn how to respect himself. In this show, you'll learn how to ask your partner for exactly what you need, how to break the habit of “testing” partners, how to identify the masks you wear for the world, and why sex transforms after you've taken the time to understand who you are - and love yourself, no hustle required. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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