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Unafraid of the big moment… unafraid to take the big shot… and unafraid to ask the big questions. A 7-time NBA champion, Robert Horry performed his best when the stakes were the highest. Now he’s taking a look into greatness from all walks of life, from athletes and celebrities to the families in our neighborhoods. Learning who superstars are behind their celebrity from all cross sections of sports and culture. And find out who inspires greatness amongst their family and community.


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    Latest episodes from Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

    Robert Horry has advice for Julius Randle, high hopes for Ja Morant, thinks Ben Simmons is coming to Atlanta and plays Black Crime or White Crime on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2022 67:52

    Robert Horry has to reluctantly offer congratulations to the Georgia Bulldogs after they took down his Alabama Crimson Tide in the National Championship Game, and is floored by the number of Alabama players that entered the transfer portal after the loss. Plus we dive into the Julius Randle controversy in New York, and Rob says that guys who play in NY need to have much thicker skin because the media is always gunning to get under their skin. We also get Rob's take on the electric play of Ja Morant - who he compares to Derrick Rose - and Rob is a firm believer that Ben Simmons could be on the move to Atlanta to join the Hawks if the deal is right. The audio of the week comes from Kristina Pink on the Clippers broadcast, we hand out a heroic Big Shot of the Week, and play a hilarious round of Black Crime or White Crime.

    Jenna Bandy joins Robert Horry to talk about her social media stardom, setting world records, and challenges Big Shot Bob to a shooting challenge!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 67:21

    The Big Shot Bob podcast is back after the holidays, and we get the lowdown on B-Dog's bout with COVID, and Rob's holiday with his mom. And of course the Antonio Brown drama takes center stage, and when asked if Rob ever had a teammate he was concerned about, he breaks out a classic story about Dennis Rodman shredding Kurt Rambis and getting thrown out of practice! Plus social media superstar Jenna Bandy joins the show, and tells the guys how she grew her wild basketball skills into a job in social media, her crazy list of wins and accomplishments, and she even levels a challenge to our very own Robert Horry. Jenna also sticks around for a very appropriate Big Shot of the Week, and the guys break down the coming National Championship Game.

    Shaquille O'Neal cuts it up with Robert Horry and crew, and Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye take over the show in this encore presentation of the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2021 76:18

    Shaquille O'Neal crashes the show for a throwback edition of Borderline, and everyone's favorite game Black Crime or White Crime! Plus Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye take over to talk NBA, classic stories and lots more - on this encore edition of the Big Shot Bob Pod. Happy New Year and we'll see you in 2022!

    Tate Frazier and Robert Horry discuss Kyrie's return and the Lakers struggles, plus Urban Meyer fallout, Tiger Woods and more on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 70:52

    Tate Frazier is an all-star basketball podcast host - and he jumps in with Rob and the crew to dive into the return of Kyrie Irving, after all the drama and controversy that has surrounded him this season. Plus we pick Tate's brain on the Lakers struggles, Isaiah Thomas arriving in LA, and moves from around the league he'd like to see happen. Rob and the crew also jump into the Urban Meyer fallout after he kicked his kicker, the return of Tiger Woods, some amazing audio of the week from the Charlotte Hornets, and a wild Big Shot of the Week!

    Robert Horry talks about Steph Curry's 3-point record, the Westbrook trade rumors in LA and answers lots of listener questions on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 58:02

    Rob and Rob open the show this week by reflecting on Steph Curry's historic night, as he breaks Ray Allen's record for the most three-pointers of all time. Robert wonders if guys like Ray Allen and Reggie Miller played in today's NBA if that number would have been higher and harder to break... but agrees that Steph is the greatest shooter to ever play the game. And we somehow devolve into a conversation about meeting fans in public, and Rob shares some stories about being on both sides of that encounter. Plus Rob weighs in on the Westbrook trade rumors in Los Angeles, and he feels bad for Russ because he feels like the Lakers are trying to use him as a scapegoat for a bad start to the season. Rob also thinks that the Nets can't reverse course on Kyrie even if they are hurt, what the Celtics need to do to keep their superstars happy, and some wild questions about uniforms and grudges in the post-game presser.

    Robert Horry responds to Jay Williams trash talk allegation, jokes about college football and offers a Big Shot of the Week to the Lions on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 56:21

    Jenners has to eat crow on behalf of the Georgia Bulldogs, as Alabama alum Robert Horry gets to do a victory lap after last week's show, where we all piled on Alabama and thought they'd lose to Georgia. Plus Rob sounds off on Zion's troublesome weight gain, talking about how hard that weight pulls on a player's body. We also ask Rob about what he said to Jay Williams, as he said Rob was a big trash talker on ESPN radio this week - and Rob doesn't even remember! Plus we touch on Brian Kelly's new southern accent, why Bill Belichick is the greatest coach in pro football history, and a wild Big Shot of the Week that spans from Dan Campbell to Jarod Goff's girlfriend! We cap off the show with a round of Team or No Team, to test Rob's knowledge of obscure college and pro teams!

    Robert Horry sounds off on NBA players tossing abusive fans, the college coaching carousel and tries to pass the US Citizenship exam like Enes Kanter on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 54:30

    Rob and the crew open the show talking out about our impending 1-year anniversary, and the conversation about "who wears #52" sparks a really interesting conversation about Ray Lewis. Plus Rob weighs in on Tristan Thompson and LeBron having abusive fans ejected from games, and how he has only reached that point with a couple of fans ever in his life. Plus it's a huge week of college football news, and Rob (as an Alabama alum) has plenty to say about the SEC Championship Game, and gives his take on both Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly bouncing to new high profile jobs. And in honor of Enes Kanter Freedom becoming a US citizen this week, both Robert Horry and B-Dog take turns trying to answer questions from the US Citizenship exam... and it's NOT easy!

    Robert Horry defends LeBron against Isaiah Stewart, discusses Luke Walton and his favorite coaches, and reluctantly gives props to the Suns on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 56:04

    Robert Horry and the crew dive into their Thanksgiving family traditions, before breaking down the huge LeBron and Isaiah Stewart fight that led to a huge brawl on the court... and Rob says he used to give guys five seconds to apologize if they ever hit him by accident or he would come after them. We also get Rob's thoughts on Sacramento moving on from Luke Walton, and Rob thinks that Luke is a great guy that was put in a failing situation, and will likely get another shot to coach down the line but probably wasn't ready. Rob also gives some reluctant love to the Suns, talks about his favorite all-time coaches and what made them great, and everyone on the show hates the new taunting rules in the NFL. The Big Shot of the Week goes to a heroic high school football player, and we answer tons of interesting questions in the Post Game Presser.

    Kevin Frazier talks about the Staples Center renaming, has strong words about the Kyrie drama and beating up his teenage son on the court on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 58:56

    Robert Horry and the crew kick off the show by diving into the renaming of the Staples Center, to Arena, and Rob says that if the Lakers hadn't won so many titles in that building no one would care about changing the name. Plus Rob jokes about Alex Caruso's tribute video from the Lakers, and gets heated when reflecting on how much he didn't want one upon his return to LA. And the always awesome Kevin Frazier jumps in to talk about the Warriors, he has some strong words about Kyrie's drama, and jokes about having to beat up his teenage son on the basketball court!

    Robert Horry says Jokic lost street cred, remembers a huge Kobe-Reggie fight, and tries to defend Zion's weight on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 73:37

    It was a crazy week for Jenners and B-Dog who worked the World Series in Atlanta - which got Rob talking about how tough his championship runs were, and how of all the parades he got to attend (SEVEN) it was the Lakers parade that was the most electric. Plus Rob weighs in on the cheap shot by Nikola Jokic on Markieff Morris, and thinks Jokic lost his street cred because he hit Morris in the back... which leads Rob to recall a time when Kobe Bryant and Reggie Miller got into it during a game, and settled up with a full-on fist fight at center court after the game was over! Somehow Rob also tries to defend Zion's weight, and we all dive into Dwight Howard's reaction to being left off the NBA 75 list. Plus Rob and B-Dog argue about the Lakers struggles without LeBron on the floor, the Ben Simmons heavy fine era beginning in Philadelphia, and Rob weighs in on when he had doubts and questions about team ownership in the wake of the Robert Sarver story.

    Robert Horry's favorite moments with Shaq, Steve Kerr, Mark Cuban, Gary Payton, Vernon Maxwell, Jeanie Buss and more from the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 46:01

    We flash back to some of the best stories from our biggest guests on the Big Shot Bob pod! Including Shaquille O'Neal talking about coming to the Lakers out of shape after winning a title, Rob's man crush on kindred spirit Steve Kerr, and his relationship with Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue. Plus Mark Cuban on the difference between Adam Silver and David Stern, Gary Payton on his love of trash talk in the NBA, and Mario Elie reliving the Kiss of Death and the era of flexing on players! And brilliant moments from Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney (and his divided loyalty between Clemson and Alabama), amazing memories from Vernon Maxwell, and Lakers owner Jeanie Buss on the relationships with players and coaches that meant the most to her!

    Robert Horry never got a big game ball, talks about Richard Jefferson vs the ball boy, and the struggling Lakers on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2021 62:04

    It's a crazy week for Jenners and B-Dog who work at the Braves stadium in Atlanta, and this show is being taped on the eve of Game 3 of the World Series... which makes Rob miss being famous, for all the perks! We also jump into the Tom Brady 600th touchdown ball story and Rob recalls how he didn't get the game ball when he was on the eve of breaking Kareem's playoff games record because Pop didn't start him! And in regards to Richard Jefferson versus the former NBA Ball Boy, Robert Horry says that he recalls a specific reporter in DC that would also stare at the player's privates in the locker room and they used to call it out before he came in. Plus Rob and B-Dog have plenty of thoughts on the struggling Lakers. Plus the guys test their knowledge of obscure fears just in time for Halloween in a round of "You Scared?"

    Robert Horry on the Lakers struggles, Ben's drama, partying on the Spurs and stories about fake IDs on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 73:47

    We open the show this week with the Braves-Dodgers smack talk between Rob and Jenners, which spirals into wild stories from MLB games we've attended. Of course we also start with Ben Simmons, and Rob is very frank about the fact that Ben is costing himself AND the Sixers money. Plus lots from around the league as the NBA season tips off, including Kevin Huerter's payday in Atlanta, early reactions to the Lakers and how Rob thinks they will struggle, and what to expect from James Harden in free agency. And the story about Jordan Mahomes disrespecting the Sean Taylor game somehow spirals into more wild stories from Rob's days in the league, including a party night with the uptight Spurs players that he's sure they all remember! And we round out the show with stories about fake IDs, where we would hide our secrets as kids, and some great questions from listeners in the post game presser. 

    Robert Horry says Kyrie should stop the comparisons to Ali, Ben Simmons owes his team an apology, and Vince Young talks Texas football and the SEC on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 63:12

    Robert Horry is headed to Vegas this weekend for his son's basketball tournament, so the Vegas Raiders come up early, and we get Rob's reactions to the John Gruden story. We also lead with the Kyrie situation in Brooklyn, as Rob thinks that the Nets didn't have many options, and that Kyrie needs to stop comparing himself to Muhammad Ali. Plus when Ben Simmons rolled back into Philly, Rob says he owes his teammates an apology and conversation before they hit the floor. We're also joined by college football and NFL legend Vince Young, who talks about his love for Robert Horry, his role with the Texas Longhorns, Texas moving to the SEC, and whether Reggie Bush should get his 2005 Heisman back. And why won't the Suns sign DeAndre Ayton to a max deal, the Big Shot of the Week goes to a kind-hearted young firefighter, and Rob and Jenners lay out a Braves-Dodgers NLCS bet!

    Robert Horry talks preseason, players defrauding the NBA health and welfare fund, the future for unvaccinated players and the Urban Meyer saga on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 53:11

    Robert Horry and the crew jump into NBA preseason and the debate about whether the stars should get playing time in preseason games. Then we find out live about the breaking news that 18 players are being charged with defrauding the NBA health and welfare fund, and Rob jokes that he's checking to see if he's on the list, as the fund owes him a very large amount of money. And the negative media spin on the Andrew Wiggins vaccine story gets us into a discussion about the future of players like Kyrie Irving if he refuses to get the vaccine. Plus the trash can gator trapper from last week's show is taking shots at Ben Simmons which somehow leads to stories about people invading our homes! Of course there are lots of laughs around the Urban Meyer story as it gets wilder and wilder, Rob goes OFF on teams that continue to hire him, and there's a debate about whether or not USC would hire Urban if he got fired from the Jags. We close out with hilarious Powerball audio, we give out the Big Shot of the Week and we play a classic game of Walmart or Waffle House!

    Josiah Johnson talks about being the king of NBA Twitter, NBA vaccinations, Ben Simmons and plays the NBA Emoji Game on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 60:32

    The reigning king of NBA Twitter, meme lord Josiah Johnson joins Robert Horry and the crew to talk about his best Twitter moments, NBA players refusing vaccinations, the Ben Simmons and Sixers deadline drama, and Josiah and Rob to face off in a round of the NBA Emoji Game! The crew also jumps into the Tyson Fury/Deontay Wilder fight, Conor McGregor butchering Take Me Out To The Ballgame at Wrigley Field, and we hand out the Big Shot of the week to an amazing police officer in New Jersey.

    Robert Horry answers listener questions about his playing days, his friends and comedians, plus never before heard stories on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 41:28

    We are loaded up with fun questions for Robert Horry in this week's show, but we start with Judge Rob settling some issues in the Jenners house. And our amazing listeners bring some wild questions for the show, including Rob's favorite NBA stories, his snack preferences, best friends and Halloween at the Playboy Mansion! We're also featuring stories from the show you've never heard, including Rob's favorite baseball player, the time Rob played in an NBA game with a huge hangover, and one of the funniest moments from our entire show about Rob's renovation needs at his new home.

    Shaquille O'Neal jokes about this season's NBA trades, his out of shape days in the league, today's sensitive players and lots of fun on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 48:47

    We open the show this week with Robert Horry defending Russell Westbrook in a skirt/kilt at New York Fashion Week, and says he didn't mind it at all while the rest of the show was a big off-put. Plus Shaquille O'Neal joins the show for a LOT of laughs, including Shaq joking about Robert Horry having played with skinny, medium and fat Shaq, how the "new era" guys in the NBA look at him as a hater even though he's got rings, and explains how he thinks Chicago can be a good surprise this season. And we welcome back a couple of Shaq's favorite segments - Borderline and Black Crime or White Crime! And we all share our thoughts on Norm Macdonald, Nick Saban's love of "deez nuts" jokes and we hand out the Big Shot of the Week.

    Metta Artest and Robert Horry talk about Ben Simmons shooting struggles, the meaning of NBA titles, favorite teammates and more on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 70:34

    We kick off the show with a revelation that Robert Horry was rooting for the Cowboys in the NFL season opener, and everyone is thrilled about the return of college football with such epic week one matchups. We are also joined by the one and only Metta Artest, and we dive into winning a title with Kobe and the 2010 Lakers, and Metta's take on Ben Simmons not wanting to shoot the ball and play in Philly. Metta also dives into his new platform, his new podcast, and his favorite teammates. Plus thoughts and prayers with Cedric Ceballos, Rob's take on the Paul Pierce vs ESPN drama at the Hall of Fame, and our memories of September 11th as we look back on the 20 year anniversary.

    Robert Horry talks about losing The Jump, Ben Simmons drawing a line in Philly, Bishop Sycamore, angry fans and more on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 65:49

    Robert Horry and the crew get right into the Ben Simmons drama in Philly, and Rob thinks that this is going to play out into the season. We also bust Rob's chops about losing his job on The Jump, and Rob says he had no clue they were going to pull the show and found out on social media like everyone else. Plus Rob might be starting soon for the Bishop Sycamore basketball program, Cam Newton's future in the NFL, and the start of the epic college football season! We even get into how the Mets and other athletes should handle boos from fans, amazing audio from a Virginia school board prank, the Big Shot of the Week and lots of listener questions! Play along on Sleeper with Rob and the guys as football season gets started:

    Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye and Robert Horry go deep into their NBA careers, the "soft" 90's Suns, the legacy of Kobe, and Hakeem versus Duncan on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 58:43

    Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye take over this week's podcast, on Robert Horry's birthday! Richard wants to know about the Danny Ainge incident from Richard and Channing's perspective, and how Robert thought that Danny's practices were soft and would have secretive meetings and exclude members of the Suns team, and that rubbed him the wrong way. Plus they get into the debate of the great players in the league, and how LeBron unfairly gets compared to Jordan because of the pieces around them. Everyone also discusses the legacy of Kobe Bryant, and how Rob knew he and others had to make sacrifices to get Kobe the ball because he was that special. And everyone chops up the defensive powerhouses of the 90's, and Richard and Rob chop up their individual experiences playing for San Antonio, including the debate of Hakeem versus Tim Duncan. A HUGE show this week, thanks to our friends at Sleeper, check them out here:

    Terrell Owens and Robert Horry talk about the NFL taunting crackdowns, wanting to race Sha'carri Richardson and his new show on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 69:13

    We get to catch up with Hall of Famer Terrell Owens, who is never short on opinions, immediately says that he thinks the NFL is hurting the entertainment value of their game by cracking down on taunting and celebrations. TO also gets into how the NBA Commissioner is better connected with the young players and fans then the NFL Commissioner, the dedication he still carries to stay in top shape, and how it's not only Brandon Marshall that he wants to race... but he also wants a piece of Sha'carri Richardson in a race!! Plus we dive into the Clippers trades, Rob's mentality about coming off the bench and how Carmelo Anthony has finally figured it out, an Atlanta area man takes the Big Shot of the Week for his $1 initiative, and some really awesome and interesting questions in the return of the Post Game Presser.

    Taylor Rooks and Robert Horry talk about Dennis Schroder's deal, the NBA's young superstars and the Skip Bayless and Jenny Taft drama on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 64:40

    Taylor Rooks joins Robert Horry and the crew, and we immediately dive into Taylor's hometown Atlanta Hawks, who she sees as the most likable young stars in the NBA, the Dennis Schroder deal with the Celtics, and how she felt about the Jenny Taft and Skip Bayless rift that surfaced this week. We also talk about Andre Drummond's save on his young son, Lenny Dykstra's hilarious challenge to Aaron Carter, and the Dodgers ball girl who gets the Big Shot of the Week!

    Robert Horry on the aging Lakers, Embiid and Drummond, the rebuilding Bulls, Chris Paul, Steph Curry and all the madness from NBA Free Agency on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 59:27

    Robert Horry gets right to business on the team he works for - the Los Angeles Lakers - saying that he likes the addition of Westbrook to the team but thinks they still need a solid three-point threat on that roster. We also dive into the awkward "friendship" that Andre Drummond and Joel Embiid will have to establish in Philly, and how Rob thinks Ben Simmons is hurting his career by ghosting all his teammates in Philly. Plus Rob thinks the new "big three" in Chicago with DeMar, Lonzo and Caruso are pretty much all the same players, how he feels that the Hawks should have added more pieces instead of just paying Trae Young and John Collins, the surprise of the massive Chris Paul deal, the Miami Heat's new look roster, and the historic contract of Steph Curry. It's NBA Free Agency madness all over the show, and a light hearted Big Shot of the Week from MLB.

    Robert Horry on how the Sixers need to trade Simmons, Bradley Beal's future and the rest of NBA free agency, plus Simone Biles, Aaron Rodgers and more on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 69:53

    Robert Horry and the Big Shot crew start off with NBA Free Agency as it boils to a head, and Rob thinks the Sixers burned a bridge with Ben Simmons after the way they spoke on his game after the playoffs. Plus we discuss Bradley Beal's future in DC or elsewhere, the rumored Dennis Schroder contract with the Lakers, 3-on-3 basketball in the Olympics and more. We also get into the Aaron Rodgers saga in Green Bay and how Rob thinks Aaron won, and Rob sounds off on the media's coverage of Simone Biles, speaking to the pain that most athletes carry with them and power through almost every day. Plus classic audio from collegiate baseball, and a 17-year-old Olympic gold medal swimmer gets the Big Shot of the Week!

    Robert Horry has praise for Giannis, says Booker shouldn't compete in the Olympics, and Jaime Maggio crashed Sean Payton's wedding on this week's Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2021 66:54

    The Milwaukee Bucks won the 2021 NBA Championship, and Robert Horry had high praise for Giannis Antetokounmpo after his dominant performance in the series. Plus Rob talks about super teams in the NBA and reveals that he didn't want to go to Miami to play with Shaq because he was afraid of all the temptations. We also talk about the mess at the Olympics, how Rob doesn't think Devin Booker should travel to play overseas, Tom Brady has jokes at the White House, and how Aaron Rodgers turned down a mountain of money. We also award Shohei Ohtani with the Big Shot of the Week for giving his HR Derby money away to team employees, and enjoy the amazing story about how Jaime Maggio crashed Sean Payton's wedding in Mexico!

    Robert Horry and Clyde Drexler talk USA basketball and his NBA legacy, plus Jack Flaherty joins the show to talk Shohei Ohtani and the 2021 season on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2021 76:56

    Robert Horry starts the show with former teammate and NBA legend Clyde Drexler, and they immediately talk about how tough the 80s and 90s Western Conference teams really were and how hard it was for him playing in Portland. Clyde also talks about playing his best against Michael Jordan, Clyde joining the 95 Rockets and trying to build chemistry, and the struggles of Team USA basketball. We also touch on the Connor McGregor injury, Marvel's latest releases, and even Tampa Bay winning the Stanley Cup. Plus Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty joins the show to talk about Ohtani, how MLB is messing with pitchers and how they change the baseballs every season, and the hilarious story about how Jack owes Rob dinner and refuses to make good on the bet!

    Robert Horry and Sam Cassell talk Ben Simmons, his work with the 76ers and their playoff loss, plus the Rachel Nichols saga and LeBron the basketball dad on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2021 69:33

    Rob opens the show this week with long-time friend and teammate Sam Cassell, now an assistant coach with the 76ers. Sam did a lot of work with Ben Simmons this year and says that he doesn't think Ben cost Philly in their Game 7 loss to Atlanta. They also discuss how enraged they both were after they got traded from the Rockets, the value of being a good team, and the benefits today's NBA players receive compared to what they got in the 90's. Also Robert Horry speaks to the Rachel Nichols situation, as he works with Rachel on "The Jump" and says this felt much more like a money issue rather than a racial one. And is LeBron the basketball dad taking it a bit too far at Bronny's games? We close up with Sha'Carri Richardson, the disgusting and amazing tradition that is the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, and another legendary Big Shot of the week!

    Robert Horry won't judge Scottie Pippen, talks about the accusations about Phil Jackson, talks Conference Finals and chats it up with Dale Earnhardt Jr on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 77:35

    We open the show with the drama surrounding Scottie Pippen this week, and Robert Horry says he's not going to judge Scottie because he knows the pain of losing a child, and he's fearful that Scottie's in pain right now. He does address the accusation that Phil Jackson was a racist, and says while he never saw that from Phil, he did have to correct his language a few times around the team so it wasn't perceived that way. We also touch on how Rob feels about his career, has he received the respect he feels he's owed, what it was like playing in the NBA Finals during the OJ chase (as we look back on the anniversary), and break down the latest from the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. We also get to talk to Dale Earnhardt Jr, who is kicking off his second season of "Lost Speedways" on Peacock, and we discuss growing up in the shadow of his father, what he misses about being out on the race track, and the kind of father he hopes to be to his little girls. Plus Rob's thoughts on Jason Kidd and Chauncey Billups as the NBA's newest head coaches, Jayson Tatum's $33 million dollar snub, the woman who killed the Tour de France, and an inspiring Big Shot of the Week!

    Robert Horry on timid Ben Simmons, Clippers failures and Celtics new coach Ime Udoka, plus a challenge with Cody from trick-shot superstars Dude Perfect on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2021 59:01

    Of course Rob opens with all the latest insanity from the NBA playoffs - from Ben Simmons not taking any shots in the fourth quarter, to the failure of the Clippers to protect the rim on the ONLY shot the Suns could have taken with less than a second left in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Plus we're joined by Cody Jones from YouTube sensation Dude Perfect to talk about their new book, their wild trick shots, and how Big Shot Bob and Dude Perfect need to come together to create some cool content! And we get into this WILD Josh Smith vs Doc Rivers audio, Rob has a little criticism for new Celtics head coach Ime Udoka, wild fan fights during the NBA Playoffs, and how Tom Brady keeps his receipts on the coaches that passed on him! Get into the mix on Twitter and Instagram @BigShotBobPod - or email

    Robert Horry talks Chris Paul, Kevin Durant and this week's NBA madness, plus Mario Elie on the legacy of the 95 Rockets, the famous Kiss of Death and more on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2021 85:12

    We open the show this week with tons of NBA news - including what the Suns will do without Chris Paul, Kevin Durant's historic night for Brooklyn, Kawhi's injury and what it means for the Clippers, and why Kenny Smith was talking trash about Rob on Inside the NBA! Plus we're joined by NBA veteran Mario Elie - a member of the 94-95 Rockets and Rob's teammate - to talk about the legacy of the 90's Rockets, how the Kiss of Death sparked all the NBA antics, and both guys run down the conflict with Danny Ainge after Game 3 of the Western Conference Semis. And Mario reveals that Greg Popovich was on the verge of getting fired when he got to San Antonio, and he did his best to challenge David Robinson and Tim Duncan to be tougher for them to survive. We also dive into Big Baby's attack on Kyrie Irving, Charles being censored by TNT for shaming San Antonio's women, and a couple hilarious pieces of audio in this week's That's Unfortunate!

    Robert Horry and the crew go big with NBA playoffs, from the Lakers exit to Jaime's Clippers, plus amazing audio from college baseball and Kevin Harlan on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2021 65:14

    It's a huge NBA Playoffs roundtable - with Robert Horry, Jaime Maggio, Brandon Harper and Jenners - going into all the big stories from the week and of course finding ways to pick on Rob after the Lakers elimination. The Lakers conversation kicks things off, with Rob saying they need to find ways to take the pressure off LeBron James and maintain the health of Anthony Davis. And since Jaime Maggio is with us, and she works for the Clippers broadcast, we talk about LA going to the ropes with Dallas and how they often just need to get out of their own way. Plus the conversation about the Suns leads to a debate about Coach of the Year, a debate about Jokic winning the MVP, and Rob jokes that he doesn't want the Nets to win and is low-key rooting for the Clippers. And of course Jenners brings the wild audio of the week, from a University of Virginia pitcher, a hilariously unfortunate segue from Kevin Harlan and TJ Olsen receives the Big Shot of the Week!

    Robert Horry breaks down the Lakers playoffs, the Hawks knocking out the Knicks, and the recent fan incidents around the NBA on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 4, 2021 66:52

    Big Shot Bob gets right into the NBA Playoffs, with his thoughts about the Lakers on the ropes, , the Clippers on the ropes, and the Hawks-Knicks series that captivated the country. Plus Rob's "good friend" Danny Ainge retiring, and how that resulted in Brad Stevens somehow getting promoted after his Celtics got bounced from the NBA Playoffs. We also do a segment called the NBA Thunderdome, where we dial in on each of the wild instances with fans going after the players over the last week and how, as a player, Rob took each conflict. Plus we talk about Coach K retiring and the legacy of Duke, the wild new Sky Pool in London, an NHL announcer marks the return of "That's Unfortunate" and a truly inspiring Big Shot of the Week!

    Baron Davis joins Robert Horry to talk Knicks playoffs, Trae Young and making movies, plus the latest on the Clippers mess and playoffs drama on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2021 71:44

    Robert Horry opens the show by trying to figure out what's going on with the Clippers, who are now down 0-2 in the first round of the playoffs. And we're joined by NBA legend (and now filmmaker) Baron Davis to talk about "Domino: Battle of the Bones" that he's written and directed. Plus Rob and BD talk about their rivalry in college basketball, the playoff loss for the Knicks sparking a new playoff rivalry with Trae Young and Atlanta, Julio Jones saying he wants out of Atlanta, his love for Steph Curry and his BD tributes, and how and why he dove into podcasting. Plus more we celebrate the anniversary of Rob's biggest "Big Shot", try to figure out who let one slide on an open mic at the PGA Championship, and dole out the Big Shot of the week!

    Robert Horry and Rudy Tomjanovich talk Hall of Fame, Rudy's time coaching Rob, coaching styles and managing players like Mad Max on a special bonus Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2021 22:33

    Rudy Tomjanovich joins Robert Horry to talk about his Hall of Fame induction, and why he chose that national stage to campaign for Rob to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. We also dive into Rudy's coaching style, his time coaching guys like Rob and Vernon Maxwell in Houston, and how the Houston Rockets had to hide their Robert Horry pick in the 1992 Draft because they didn't want any other team to take him. Rate and review the show to keep us on the charts so we can bring you more great content every week!

    Robert Horry and Vernon Maxwell talk about Max walking out in 95, how he never got his ring, the state of today's NBA and fighting with fans on the Big Shot Bob Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2021 63:41

    We open the show with Robert Horry's reaction to Rudy Tomjanovich lobbying for him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, during his HOF speech! Rob said his phone was blowing up all weekend, and of all his coaches he's still the closest with Rudy. Then we're joined by the one and only Vernon Maxwell - and we get an answer to a question everyone has asked, did he get a 1995 championship ring? Plus we get Mad Max on today's NBA, his hilarious retelling of his fight in the stands in Portland in 1995, and his great relationship with Rudy T even after everything they went through in Houston. Plus Kwame Brown's meltdown brings us the audio of the week, Steph winning the scoring title sparks a huge MVP debate, we get Rob's take on the Playoffs new play-in system, and with Marv Albert's retirement we relive Rob's big shot in the Western Conference Finals, a moment he got to share with Kobe Bryant. Email your best questions or clips to and join the fun!

    Robert Horry and Mitch Richmond share Kobe memories and hilarious NBA stories, plus Westbrook's record, Beal-Bazemore "beef" and Zion's future on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 60:55

    Robert Horry opens the show this week by joking about the gas shortages across the country, and we find out how grossly overpriced gas is in Los Angeles. And we get Rob's take on Russell Westbrook breaking the triple-double record this week, one we thought would never fall. Plus NBA legend and Hall of Famer Mitch Richmond joins the show to talk about his years with the Kings and struggling with a sub par team, shares memories of playing with Kobe ahead of his HOF induction this weekend, and shares some EPIC stories about how nervous he was at his own HOF induction and how Rick Fox stole his championship basketball. And we round out the show with Bradley Beal's "beef" with Kent Bazemore, Zion and finger-gate and the debate about whether he'll stay in New Orleans, amazing audio from a judge on Zoom and the Big Shot of the Week!

    Robert Horry talks about finally getting his degree from Alabama, the NFL Draft, the Knicks winning season and answers listener question on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2021 60:45

    Robert Horry - 29 years after being drafted in the NBA - received his college degree from the University of Alabama this week! He jokes about not being able to dance in the aisle because he's too old, the afterparty with his mom, and how he wasn't the oldest person in the graduating class. Plus a ton of stories around the NFL Draft, including Zach Wilson's hot mom, the Aaron Rodgers drama, Jaime's Giants, Rob and B-Dog's Falcons, and even the never ending football story of Tim Tebow. And Rob believes that Carmelo Anthony is a first ballot Hall of Famer after he made history this week. We also answer a bunch of great listener questions, which included breakfast cereal, picking up girls on Zoom, and the behind the scenes story of Vernon Maxwell being dismissed from the 1995 Houston Rockets and the vote they took about whether or not to award him a ring. Submit your questions for a shot to be featured on the show,

    Gary Payton and Robert Horry talk about the art of trash talk, NBA war stories, and the hilarious story about how he got his nickname on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2021 62:46

    We open the show this week by getting Rob's thoughts on Jeanie Buss and her list of the most important Lakers of all-time, and how he feels like Shaq and Elgin Baylor should have been on that list. Plus we kick around the story about Master P's son starting college with a huge endorsement contract, which evolves into stories from our days as poor college kids! And we're joined by the one and only Gary Payton, who talks about the art of trash talk in the NBA, the best ballers from Oakland, and the hilarious story of how he got his nickname "The Glove" from his cousin after the NBA Finals. Plus stories from the NBA, amazing audio from Charles Barkley making fun of Georgia girls, and another inspiring Big Shot of the Week!

    Rick Fox talks to Robert Horry about the Lakers chemistry, his mixed family and Phil Jackson's homework, plus Steph Curry's madness and should the Pelicans be moved from New Orleans on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2021 75:48

    Robert Horry and the crew kick off the show this week with thoughts on Steph Curry as the best shooter of all time - and Rob says he's better than anyone he's ever seen or played with. Plus we have an amazing conversation with Rick Fox about life and basketball, including the unmatched chemistry of the 2001 Lakers, his philosophy with teams and coaches, and his ventures in the entertainment and business worlds. Plus Rick talks about his time being coached by Phil Jackson and the homework they used to get, and the fun the team had with Rick's mixed family. We also get into Zion's comments about how he loves to play in New York, which leads Rob to say that he thinks they need to MOVE the Pelicans out of New Orleans because they don't support the team! What?! We also play the amazing audio of Snoop Dogg from the Jake Paul fight, talk a little Kobe-Nike separation, gawk at the Dodgers rings and give out our Big Shot of the Week.

    Robert Horry and Muggsy Bogues talk Space Jam, classic NBA stories, plus Barkley's MNF offer, the Garden's a dump and Usher bucks on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2021 73:26

    Muggsy Bogues joins Robert Horry and the crew to talk about his favorites in the NBA, his super-cool 90's Hornets squad, classic stories from the set of the original Space Jam and the exciting young Charlotte Hornets squad he gets to watch living in Charlotte. Plus we talk about Jamal Murray and Rob's wild injuries from his years in the NBA, the Lakers rolling the Nets without LeBron and AD, the mess at Madison Square Garden, Charles Barkley offered the spot on Monday Night Football, Usher bucks, and the most electric bowling call you've ever heard after a 7-10 split on ESPN. Email your best stories and questions to for a chance to be featured on the next show!

    Robert Horry and the crew talk about Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant vs Michael Rapaport, the National Championship game and more fun on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2021 58:08

    Robert Horry opens the show with the crew joking about Paul Pierce's wild weekend on Instagram, and Rob thinks that maybe Paul knew he was on the way out at ESPN and decided to go out his own way. We also get into the Michael Rapaport vs Kevin Durant drama on Twitter and the show debates who was at fault for the way this story developed in the media. That spurs a conversation about the biggest fights we've all gotten into on Twitter with fans and everyday people. Plus on the heels of the Baylor-Gonzaga game, we get "Big Shot Bob's" take on the Jalen Suggs game winner for Gonzaga to beat UCLA, and Rob wasn't that impressed because it was a bank shot! And this week's Big Shot goes to a cancer survivor who shattered the Girl Scout Cookie sales record, which launches into another debate about Girl Scout cookies. Get involved with the show by emailing your best clips, stories or questions to

    LA Lakers owner and CEO Jeanie Buss talks NBA trades, LeBron's impact in LA and Robert Horry's relationship with Phil Jackson on the Big Shot Bob Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2021 65:42

    Robert Horry and LA Lakers co-owner and CEO Jeanie Buss dive into the Lakers 2020 NBA Championship and how hard life was in the bubble, Rob gets personal about his relationship with the zen-master Phil Jackson, the mentality Rob had after he got traded and how it affected his relationship with both Jeanie and Dr. Buss. We also get into the Shaq trade in 2004 and how hard that was for her personally, LeBron's impact on the Lakers and his future in LA, and even Jeanie's new venture in Women Of Wrestling (WOW). We also get Rob and Jaime's thoughts on the moves around the NBA, and Rob tells us the inside story about why he hated Danny Ainge. Follow us across all social @bigshotbobpod - or email

    Robert Horry and John Salley talk tournament and their NBA days in the 90's, plus DeShaun Watson drama and more on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2021 60:50

    Robert Horry opens the show by talking up the fun of March Madness and how busted his bracket is and how he doesn't care because he loves the upsets. Plus the great John Salley joins the show and talks about Robert Horry's anger management problem, his hopes for his alma mater Georgia Tech basketball, his days playing in the rough-and-tough NBA of the 90's, how he would run past the out of shape big men in his day like Robert Parish, and how his Vegan lifestyle changed his entire life. We also dive into the Deshaun Watson drama, the LaMelo Ball injury and some hilarious clips in this week's "That's Unfortunate." Follow us across all social @bigshotbobpod - or email

    Robert Horry and Dabo Swinney talk about their time together at Alabama, Clemson star Trevor Lawrence, and his relationship with Nick Saban on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2021 73:34

    Robert Horry catches up with fellow Alabama alum and now the head coach of the Clemson Tigers, Dabo Swinney! Coach immediately starts talking about their time together on campus, his future first round draft pick Trevor Lawrence, and his profound message about building leadership into his program at Clemson. We also get into Dabo's relationship with Nick Saban and what it took to improve it over the years, and how their programs are both adapting to today's players and NFL playing style. We also dive into the Drew Brees retirement, Tom Brady's weird battle with father time, the Patrick Ewing snub at the Garden and some California high school students get the Big Shot of the week. Follow the show @BigShotBobPod on all social platforms or email your questions to

    Robert Horry and Calvin Johnson talk about the Hall of Fame, life after pro sports, Matt Stafford's new journey in LA and more on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2021 66:18

    Calvin Johnson joins the show as he gets ready to enter the NFL Hall of Fame this summer! Megatron and Robert Horry talk about life after pro sports, receivers he likes in today's NFL and his former QB Matthew Stafford's new journey in Los Angeles. Of course the crew gets into the All Star festivities in Atlanta, including the Embiid/Simmons haircut incident that caused them to sit out the game, the lackluster dunk contest and why Robert Horry turned down the dunk contest for years when he played. Rob is also not that impressed by the move of Blake Griffin to the Nets, breaks down the Dak Prescott monster deal in Dallas, and what it took to get Pepe Le Pew bounced from LeBron's Space Jam 2. We hand out this week's Big Shot to Aaron Rodgers for his $1 million COVID relief fund, a quick edition of That's Unfortunate, and the post-game presser covers best receivers and all-time movies that should never get a sequel. Follow us across all social @bigshotbobpod - or email

    Robert Horry on the lackluster All-Star Weekend, the wild Knicks fandom and his lobby for the city of Houston on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2021 68:33

    Robert Horry talks about how All-Star Weekend won't have it's usual luster because there will be no fans screaming for the players - and he's worried about guys getting hurt. Plus Rob's take on Lloyd Pierce getting fired in Atlanta, the state of New York Knicks fandom after the team claws back to 500 on the season, Zion's amazing month of February, and Houston resident Robert Horry jokingly lobbies for players and fans to come back to Houston. And we get our round-up of insane news for the week involving Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss and whether Rob would go to the new space hotel. And hilarious audio from the great Doris Burke on this week's That's Unfortunate. Follow us across all social @bigshotbobpod - or email

    Robert Horry talks All Star parties, Cam Newton's camp incident, LeBron and the scoring record, and jokes about basketball and sports with comedian Frank Caliendo on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2021 73:08

    Robert Horry opens the show by saying NBA players are going to have to make a decision between All Star Weekend parties and looking out for their families and teammates... and while most of the guys are pretty smart, he himself is ready for Covid to end because it's wrecked his party game. We're also joined by the hilarious Frank Caliendo who breaks out impressions of Shaq, Charles Barkley, John Madden, and his epic Bill Walton. Of course we get Rob's take on the Cam Newton incident, his thoughts on Tiger Woods, we ask if LeBron will break Kareem's scoring record, and how no one is happy with Meek Mills' Kobe lyric. Our Big Shot of the Week goes to an FAU player who hit TWO Grand Slams in the first inning of his first ever college game, and the post-game presser brings some great questions to the table. Follow us across all social @bigshotbobpod - or email

    Robert Horry talks to Mark Cuban about the National Anthem controversy, fans in Dallas and his relationship with Adam SIlver, plus flopping with LeBron and drunk Tom Brady on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2021 73:42

    Big Shot Bob opens the show with the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban... and right off the bat we address the biggest story of the week, as Mark decided to NOT play the National Anthem at the start of this NBA season. Mark breaks down his reasoning, and the kickback that came his way after the decision. Plus Mark talks about fans coming back to see games in Dallas, his relationship with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, investing with his kids in the wild stock market, and his young superstar Luka Doncic. The show also flops around the league with the LeBron flop story and the audio from the broadcast, we relish in the greatness of drunk Tom Brady. We are also nominating Marshawn Lynch as the next big thing in broadcasting after his wild commentary on the FCF broadcasts. Rate and review the show on Apple, and follow along on Twitter and Instagram @bigshotbobpod or email your best comments to

    Robert Horry and Steve Kerr talk Warriors, NBA in the pandemic and classic stories, plus Rob defends the players about the All Star Game and more on The Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 73:02

    Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr joins the show for a very candid conversation with Robert Horry - covering everything from the Warriors tough start, the influence of Pop and Phil Jackson, his favorite teammates and even his favorite championship win. Plus we discuss all the "Free KD" drama in Brooklyn, the antics of the streaker at Super Bowl 55 including the amazing call by Kevin Harlan, and Lamar Odom's boxing match with Aaron Carter. Plus some hilarious audio in this week's Big Shot from the Chicago Bulls game this week, and two amazing sports fails in "That's Unfortunate". Get involved with the show and email your best questions or clips to

    Robert Horry and Tyronn Lue talk about the Clippers, plus amazing audio from Courtside Karen, Draymond Green and more on the Big Shot Bob Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2021 64:41

    Robert Horry breaks down LeBron James vs Courtside Karen that was all over the Internet in the last few days, and talks about the altercations he's had with hecklers over the years. Plus it's the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers Tyronn Lue - who reflects on his relationship with Big Shot Bob, the strengths of his Clippers squad, Marcus Morris and Pat Beverley being the toughest players and emotional leaders of his team, and . And Draymond Green's hilarious post-game destruction of Rodney McGruder leads to a great conversation about NBA tough guys - and Robert's take on the all-offense no-defense Brooklyn Nets. Plus Robert's take on Deshaun Watson and the big recent NFL moves. Follow the show on all social platforms @bigshotbobpod - or email

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