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    • Nov 25, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    • 2h 19m AVG DURATION
    • 376 EPISODES

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    Latest episodes from World News with BK

    Podcast#373: Argentina election, Ireland unrest, Florida man pleasures self while riding bicycle

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2023 157:47

    This Thanksgiving weekend started with a look at Argentina's new President-elect, and then went over to the Netherlands to talk about the new government being formed there. Plus the Irish riot after man stabs kids, high-profile names being accused of sex assault in New York, chaos at the company that created ChatGPT, and a Florida man somehow was pleasuring himself while riding his bicycle. Music: God in a Black Suit/"You Don't Have Time"

    Podcast#372: Colombia hippos, Space X launch, NC guys sells videos of him banging dogs for 5 bucks

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2023 158:17

    The podcast was plagued by tech difficulties but I struggled through it... Colombia wants to sterilize hippos, SpaceX launch, Biden and Xi Xinping, Israel raids Gaza hospital, Cyclist love triangle murder conviction, North Carolina guy gets four years in prison for selling videos of himself banging dogs for five bucks. Music: RnBStylerz/"Like Wooh Wooh"

    Podcast#371: Spain riots, Portugal PM quits, India rectal air compressor death (again)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2023 155:23

    Podcast#371: Spain riots, Portugal PM quits, India rectal air compressor death (again) by BK

    Podcast#370: Nepal earthquake, Iran fire, NJ school janitor ejaculates on cafeteria utensils

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2023 154:57

    Started the week off with the huge earthquake in Nepal with over one hundred casualties, and talked about Pakistan's massive deportation operation being carried out. Also latest Gaza/Israel updates, US border complete chaos, Ritz-Carlton semen-contaminated water bottle lawsuit, and an elementary school janitor pleasured self on; wiped anus on various school cafeteria utensils. Music:Black Breath/"Razor to Oblivion"

    Podcast$369: India gay marriage, Ecuador election, DoorDash driver pleasures self into customer food

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2023 153:07

    Started off this week with India's Supreme Court declining to legalize gay marriage, and then talked about elections in Ecuador and Poland. Plus Israel readies ground invasion, Putin readies killer dolphins, Vegas DA caught in underage sex sting, and a DoorDash driver decided to pleasure self into customer's Mexican food; she consumed it before company could stop her. Music: Funkdoobiest/"Lost in Thought"

    Podcast#368: New Zealand election, Israel bombs Gaza, Norwegian castration fetish site trial

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2023 151:14

    Started the week off with the election results in New Zealand, plus a primer for the election tomorrow in Ecuador. Plus a Canadian gold heist mystery, NFL player arrested for mother's murder, Israel bombards Gaza, North Korea shipping weapons to Russia, Indiana autistic school worker pleasures self in front of kids, and a Norwegian castration fetish site owner pleads guilty to severing man's penis. Music: Death In Your Yard/"The Dancing Apes"

    Podcast#367: Israel invaded, Syria drone bombing, NYC subway guy ejaculates on sleeping woman's face

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2023 148:54

    Started off with the crazy news of the multi-pronged, well-planned attack on Israel by Hamas and other Palestinian militants. Then got into the Syria drone attack on a military graduation that killed 80, more US border chaos, US House speaker booted, and a guy riding the subway in NYC ejaculated on a sleeping woman's face. Music: ImReshaud/"Berserk"

    Podcast#366: Iraq wedding fire, Holland shooting, British croc expert beastiality dungeon

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2023 156:15

    Started off with that terrible fire in Iraq which killed at least 119 wedding guests, and then the Pakistan religious parade suicide bomber. Plus Navy SEALs to be tested for steroids, another Republican debate, Diane Feinstein passes, LGBT doc accused of penetrating male patients, and a Brit crocodile expert accused of filming himself sexually assaulting dozens of dogs in home dungeon. Music: 2Pac/"Shorty Wanna be a Thug"

    Podcast#365: Canada Sikh murder, US border chaos, UK guy pleasures self into underwear drawer

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2023 151:14

    Started the week off with the diplomatic furor between Canada and India over the killing of a Canadian Sikh by Indian assassins, then talked about the Ukrainian president's trip to the US. Plus the US border is collapsing, Fire chief caught jackin' it in grocery store parking lot, Libya dams were known to be on verge of collapse, and a UK guy broke into his "friend's" house and pleasured himself into her underwear drawer. Music: Aaron Hibell/"You Look Lonely"

    Podcast#364: Libya floods, Putin meets Kim, Virginia state house candidate Charurbate porn videos

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2023 153:07

    RARE Friday night podcast... started with the devastating floods in Libya and an update on the Morocco earthquake. Then Putin meets up with Kim Jong-un, US immigration chaos, Stolen Van Gogh painting returned, Brussels bombers convicted, and a female candidate running for the Virginia state house is outraged her Chaturbate porn videos that she uploaded on to the internet have been discovered. Music: Peso Pluma/"Zapata"

    Podcast#363: Morocco earthquake, North Korea nuke sub, India eunuch gangs turf war

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2023 152:19

    Podcast#363: Morocco earthquake, North Korea nuke sub, India eunuch gangs turf war by BK

    Podcast#362: South Africa fire, Gabon coup, German fake doctor botched penis enlargement death

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2023 155:48

    Started the week with at least 74 people killed in a South Africa building fire, and then talked about France banning the Muslim Abaya dress. Plus USMC Osprey crash, Trump Federal trial date set, Afghanistan Gold Star families go after Biden, Maui fire updates, and a German fake doctor gets five years for killing a guy by injecting his penis with silicon oil. Music: Jimmy Buffett/"Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes"

    Podcast#361: Denmark Koran-burn ban, India moon landing, Indiana semen syringe squirter

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2023 151:54

    Started this week's podcast with Denmark trying to ban the burning of the Koran, and then talked about the India moon landing (and Russia's failed moon landing.) Plus Wagner group chief killed, Trump mugshot, Republican debate, Zambia fake gold mystery, and an Indiana man arrested after spraying Walmart shopper with a syringe filled with his semen. Music: Gil Scott-Heron/"Lady Day and John Coltrane"

    Podcast#360: UK baby serial killer, Maui fire questions, Spain bullfighter rectal goring

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2023 152:19

    Podcast#360: UK baby serial killer, Maui fire questions, Spain bullfighter rectal goring by BK

    Podcast#359: Ecuador assassination, Pakistan train derailment, Boston MD pleasures self on plane

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2023 146:59

    This week started with the news of the Ecuadoran presidential candidate being assassinated, and then I talked about Iraq banning the term "homosexual." Plus the Maui fires, Pakistan train derailment, DOJ appoints special counsel to Hunter Biden investigation, FBI kills old man making threatening facebook posts in pre-dawn raid, and a Boston doctor decided to pleasure himself in front of a 14 year old girl on a cross-country fight. Music: Ramirez/"Be a Witness"

    Podcast#358: S. Korea mass stabbing, Senegal uprising, Florida man church ejaculation

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2023 153:32

    Started this week off in South Korea, where some young guy ran over a bunch of people in his car and then stabbed more in the train station. Then it was on to the deadly protests in Senegal and an update on the coup in Niger. Plus the Trump indictment, NASA screws up Voyager 2, hidden cameras found in Portajohns, Mexico cartel armored vehicles, and a Florida vagrant breaks into church playground to charge his phone/pleasure himself. Music: Deftones/"Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)"

    Podcast#357: Niger coup, Russia bans gender surgeries, Aussie caught on camera banging goats & cows

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2023 154:43

    Started this week with this coup that happened in Niger, and then talked about a school roof that collapsed in China and killed 10 kids. Then it was the Hunter Biden plea deal falling apart, the US House holds UFO hearings, Federal judge throws out Bowe Bergdahl's court martial conviction, Seattle vagrants fight for drug turf using IEDs, and a guy in Australia was caught on camera banging sheep, goats, AND cows. Music: Sinead O'Connor/"Mandinka"

    Podcast#356: Kenya meltdown, N. Korea US defector, German guy genital injection death

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2023 153:21

    Started with the running battles in Kenya over tax hikes, plus an update on the death toll in the starvation cult over there. Plus Russia backs out of grain deal, RFK jr. hearings, IRS whistleblowers testify, Canada mountain gondola death, and a German guy meets another guy on a "gay dating app;" kills him by injecting his genitals with oil. Music: Tony Bennett/"Dancing in the Dark"

    Podcast#355: China mass stabbing, India moon mission, Brit guy banana penetration

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2023 148:03

    Started out this week with a mass stabbing at a preschool that killed six people, and then talked about the India mission to the moon. Then it was Ukraine and NATO, serial cat killer arrested, FBI director testifies to Congress, Oregon mayors quit over offensive social media memes, a former CIA officer sued for grooming an employee, and a British guy was seen in public masturbating while penetrating himself with a banana. Music: Too Short/"Just Another Day"

    Podcast#354: Mexico bus disaster, Ukraine cluster bombs, Thai guy fire ant penis enlargement

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2023 152:29

    Back from the week off... got into the South Africa gas leak that killed a bunch of people, and then the bus crash in Mexico that killed a bunch of people. Plus the US is officially sending cluster bombs to Ukraine, a roundup of the SCOTUS decisions, France riots cool, Semen doctor update, and a guy in Thailand decided to try enlarging his penis by sticking it inside a fire ant colony. Music: Municipal Waste/"Wave of Death"

    Podcast#353: Russia fake coup, China BBQ explosion, Serial bodily fluid squirter imprisoned

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2023 151:02

    Began this week with the ongoing events unfolding of the Wagner group marching on Moscow, only to abruptly stop and turn around. Plus a Chinese BBQ joint exploded killing dozens, the Titanic submersible comes to a tragic end, Hunter Biden's plea deal, Paris explosion mystery, and a guy who enjoyed squirting his semen as well as fake semen on to dozens of women imprisoned for four years. Music: Damu the Fudgemonk/"Coco Mango Diced"

    Podcast#352: Canada road disaster, Nigeria drownings, Penn Prof caught on camera pleasuring self/dog

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2023 153:50

    Started with that terrible highway accident in Canada that killed 15 people, and also talked about the Nigeria drownings that killed over 100 people. Plus Delta Force operators hurt in Syria, UK guy completely nude in park with a tree, Greece migrant disaster, and a Penn State professor caught in area park trying to film self masturbating while having his dog lick his anus. Music: Third Eye Blind/"Losing A Whole Year"

    Podcast#351: Colombia jungle kids found, Trump indictment, UK doctor semen consumption trial

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2023 157:41

    Podcast#351: Colombia jungle kids found, Trump indictment, UK doctor semen consumption trial by BK

    Podcast#350: India train disaster, Senegal unrest, NZ grandma buries kitchen knife in man's anus

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2023 156:11

    Got started this week with the very latest on that horrific train disaster in India, and then talked about the violent street protests in Senegal. Also the debt ceiling deal, more border nonsense, Jaime Foxx health update (maybe,) Pentagon bans drag shows on base, and a New Zealand grandmother creeped up behind her son's friend making breakfast and jammed a 15 cm blade right up his rectum. Music: Nine Inch Nails/"March of the Pigs"

    Podcast#349: Guyana school arson, Japan murders, Elementary teacher pleasures self in classroom

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2023 146:01

    Podcast#349: Guyana school arson, Japan murders, Elementary teacher pleasures self in classroom by BK

    Podcast#348: Canada fires, Turkey election results, Brazil guy kills boss over ejaculate beverage

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2023 152:07

    Started this week with the unrelenting Canada wildfires, and then talked about the historic flooding in Italy. Plus election results from Turkey and Thailand, US DoS convoy ambushed in Niger, another marijuana execution in Singapore, Durham Russia election interference report, Vice media declares bankruptcy, and a guy in Brazil kills his boss after boss gives him a drink with ejaculate inside of it. Music: Masha Hima & Tokyo Tears/"Mom Let Me Go (veins slowed remix)"

    Podcast#347: Pakistan riots, Colombia drug sub, Czech guy dies while pleasuring self

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2023 151:45

    Started this week with the arrest, then release, of former Pakistan PM Imran Khan that caused riots all over the country. Then that crazy policeman who killed his colleague and then others at the Tunisia mosque. Plus yet another India air compressor rectal death, Brazil doctor rips baby's head off during birth, Chaos at US border, Nursing home allows naked vagrant to wander around, and a guy in the Czech Republic dies of electrocution while pleasuring himself with homemade anal toy; massager. Music: Good Riddance/"Dry Season"

    Podcast#346: Serbia shootings, Thailand female serial killer, Illinois horse banger

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2023 155:08

    Started this week with the two mass shootings in Serbia, and then talked about the crazy story in Thailand about the policer officer's wife who poisoned over a dozen people to death trying to steal their money. Plus Russia Wagner group, NYC subway choking death, Park ranger killed by elephant, Apple earnings report, and a guy in Illinois was caught by deputies mid-thrust inside a horse. Music: Gordon Lightfoot/"Sundown"

    Podcast#345: Singapore pot execution, Ethiopia cult deaths, Paramedic finishes on elderly patient

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2023 151:40

    Started this week with a Singapore guy who got executed for a marijuana deal where he never even touched the drugs, and then talked about an Ethiopian cult who starved themselves to death. Then it was the controversy over VA funding being cut, a Pakistan boy born with two penises and no rectum, Biden to run for re-election, and an AMR paramedic sexually assaults nursing home patient in back of ambulance; finishes. Music: T.I./"What You Know"

    Podcast#344: Yemen stampede, China fire, Florida Walmart self-pleasuring vagrant actually Professor

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2023 151:34

    Started with that crazy stampede in Yemen, then the outrage over the New Zealand feral cat-killing contest. Plus the India population boom, CIA director he admits he put together anti-Biden laptop because he wanted a job, India claims the made US sub come to surface, Alabama and other shootings, Florida suspected vagrant pleasuring self in Walmart turns out to be local professor. Music: Blink-182/"Pathetic"

    Podcast#343: Sudan erupts, Pentagon doc leak, NY urologist arrested after underage patient abuse

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2023 154:31

    Started this week with the breaking news of two of Sudan's military units battling in the capital, and then talked about the FBI arresting a 21 year old airmen for leaking top secret pentagon papers. Also France pension law is signed, Singapore kid tried to bang a cat, Arizona kicks out a state legislator, South Carolina woman murders her three children, and a Manhattan Urologist is indicted after pleasuring his underage patients. Music: Chubb Rock/"Treat 'em Right"

    Podcast#342: India avalanche, Ukraine war plans leak, Mississippi woman's canine orgy

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2023 156:06

    This week began with that massive avalanche in India in the Himalayas, and then I got into the Pentagon opening an investigation of the leaked Ukraine war plans. Also an FBI/JSOC raid got the wrong guy, Israel battles Lebanon, Tennessee GOP kicks out 2 legislators, Iran-Saudi summit, and a Mississippi chick was arrested after posting videos of herself having intercourse with multiple dogs. Music: Foreigner/"Urgent"

    Podcast#341: Pakistan border attack, Trump indicted, Colombia guy rectal cucumber surgery

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2023 150:53

    Started off with talking about the Pakistan border attack by Iranian militants that left 4 dead, and then Finland joining NATO. Plus the Nashville transgender shooting, Trump gets indicted by NYC, Tornadoes wreck Arkansas, Turkish threesome gone wrong, Egypt finds 2,000 mummified ram's heads, and a Colombia guy claims cucumber found in rectum must have "grown" there. Music: Hatebreed/"This is Now"

    Podcast#340: Syria suicide drone, Ugana anti-LGBT bill, Eunuch fetish website trial

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2023 154:07

    This week starts with the suicide drone attack against US forces in Syria in which an American contractor was killed and six wounded, and then got into Uganda's new anti-gay bill. Plus the CBO report that offered an option to cut VA disability, India guy bangs a dog on camera, Trump rallies in Waco, TikTok CEO grilled by Congress, and a man is on trial in the UK for running a eunuch fetish website which live-streamed home castrations. Music: Afroman/"Colt 40ty fiva"

    Podcast#339: France pension meltdown, Putin goest to Crimea, NJ guy bangs cat to death

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2023 156:42

    Started this week with the pension reform plan forced through in France, and the ensuing protests, then talked Putin in Crimea and the US drone knocked out of the sky by Russian fighter jets. Plus Trump may go to jail, banking meltdown explained, former Pakistan PM arrives at court to face corruption charges, Mexico President just making things up now, and a New Jersey guy tortures/bangs cat to death using all orifices. Music: Hippie Sabotage/"Under My Skin"

    Podcast#338: Germany mass shooting, Nordstream bombing, Florida man ejaculate terrorism

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2023 155:11

    Started off with a rare mass shooting in Germany by a disgruntled Jehovah's witness, and then got into the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia brokered by China. Plus the Silicon Valley bank meltdown, Tiger Woods tricks ex into leaving his house, Nordstream bombing intelligence suggests "Pro-Ukraine group," Twitter files congressional hearing, Japanese rocket fails, and a Florida guy stalked woman, pleasured himself onto her house AND her car. Music: Pennywise/"Revolution"

    Podcast#337: Greece train disaster, CA blizzard, UK guy forces seagull to give him oral

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2023 155:07

    Began this week with that crazy train disaster in Greece, and moved on to the mysterious poisonings happening to Iranian schoolgirls. Also meltdowns over covid lab-leak theory, USMC getting rid of scout snipers, Vietnam medal of honor, Ukraine's defense of Bakhmut, Nigeria stolen election claims, and a British guy forces his penis into a seagull's mouth in front of horrified onlookers. Music: Doe Boy/"3AM in LA"

    Podcast#336: China mine collapse, Nigeria election, UK old guy requests sex act in church

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2023 151:55

    Started with the mine collapse in China that has dozens missing and feared dead, and then talked about the one-year anniversary of Ukraine-Russia war. Plus the stupid new Fort Bragg name, medical flight goes down with no survivors, Trump goes to Ohio, teacher catfishes his male students into sending him nudes, and a fake masseuse in Brazil pretends to be gay in order to pleasure himself to his influencer massage clients. Music: Beck/"Sissyneck"

    Podcast#335: Syria ISIS attack, Ohio train disaster, UK guy caught banging mayor's horse

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2023 154:25

    Started with a deadly ISIS attack in Syria which killed dozens of people, and the raid US SOF did there and killed a terrorist. Also Chinese spy balloon fallout, Ohio train disaster, MSU shooting, race-faking woman activist, Navy fitness test zeroed, and a UK guy gets caught mid-thrust banging mayor's horse. Music: New Order/"Ceremony"

    Podcast#334: Turkey earthquake, Pakistan lynching, North Dakota priest confessional sex acts

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2023 149:03

    Started this week with a rundown of all the earthquake news out of Turkey as the death toll climbs to over 25,000, and then talked about the UFO we shot down over Alaska. Also State of the Union audio, blasphemer lynched in Pakistan, AI stream shut down over transphobia, social justice activist murder, Twitter goes down, and a North Dakota priest commits sex acts with woman in church, makes her go to confession after he finishes. Music: Pantera/"Mouth For War"

    Podcast#333: ChiCom balloon, Pakistan mosque bomb, Wisconsin guy pleasures dog

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2023 154:55

    Started this week with the Chinese spy balloon getting shot down after it was allowed to leisurely traverse the United States. Then it was a bad week for Pakistan, with bombings, drownings, and a bus crash. Plus a Laguna Beach doctor gets murdered on his bike, Memphis police officer shot, American medic killed in Ukraine, Africa Wagner group war crimes, Wisconsin guy pleasures self with dog, and an all-time excuse for public masturbation in South Carolina. Music: MC HotDog/"Out of Here"

    Podcast#332: Jerusalem shooting, Ukraine gets tanks, Aussie trout sex viral video

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 28, 2023 156:01

    Began with the mass shooting in Jerusalem, after the Israeli police raids killed Palestinians. Plus more on the tanks that will be shipped to Ukraine, and the political scandal unfolding in Kiev. Also the two California shootings, Trye Nichols protests, Paul Pelosi video, and an Australian couple makes viral video of the man penetrating the woman with a trout as she talks dirty. Music: Suicidal Tendencies/"Cyco Vision

    Podcast#331: India kite slaughter, Iraq soccer stampede, Florida necrophilia

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2023 155:02

    Got started this week with the news that 6 people died from kite strings in India, then talked about the tanks that Ukraine wants. Also an Iraq deadly soccer stampede, Afghanistan female politician shot dead, LGBT couple trafficked adopted children, AWOL Navy SEAL killed in Ukraine, and a Florida funeral home worker caught banging corpses and offs himself. Music: Crosby, Stills, and Nash/"Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"

    Podcast#330: Nepal plane crash, US Army cocaine, OnlyFans Transcanine

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 15, 2023 150:44

    Started with the morning news of a plane going down in Nepal, then talked about the duel-citizen Brit-Iranian being executed by Tehran. Then got into the tanks headed into Ukraine, NYC terrorist going on trial, Senegal bush crash kills forty, China crash kills twenty, Biden classified documents, Army SOF accused of cocaine/human trafficking, and an OnlyFans chick said she was kicked off after saying she was a "trans-canine" and pleasured dogs. Music: The Yardbirds/"Psycho Daisies"

    Podcast#329: Mexico cartel violence, Somalia car bombings, UK masturbating walrus pleases crowds

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2023 149:12

    Got the New Year started with some good Mexican drug cartel violence, and then talked about Dubai relaxing some of its stiff alcohol laws. Plus the House leadership contest, NFL player has cardiac arrest on field, Idaho murder suspect arrest affidavit revealed, Chinese kid needs surgery to remove thermometer shoved inside, and the masturbating UK Walrus Thor pleases the crowds. Music: Los Cuates de Sinaloa: "La Reina Del Sur"

    Podcast#328: 2022 Year in Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2022 171:47

    The 2022 Year in Review

    Podcast#327: New Zealand cig ban, India lethal booze, NC man flings ejaculate at Walmart shopper

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 18, 2022 152:29

    The ultra-rare Sunday podcast begins with New Zealand banning cigarettes to anyone born after 2008, and dozens of people die from homemade alcohol in India. Plus Twitter bans (then un-bans) journalists, Trump NFTs, Veterinarian mom kills two police officers, Argentina wins world cup, and a North Carolina guy caught filming himself throwing ejaculate on Walmart shoppers. Music: David Allan Coe/"Need A Little Time Off For Bad Behavior"

    Podcast#326: Germany coup raids, Ukraine strikes Russia, Florida man bangs friend's goldendoodle

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2022 155:26

    Started this week with German police raiding hundreds of coup plotter homes, and then talked about Indonesia banning sex outside marriage. Also SCOTUS takes on free speech vs LGBT, Ukraine uses drones to strike Russian targets, Elon Musk releases more Twitter files, Homelessness being driven by supercharged meth, and a Florida guy bangs friend's dog; destroys church nativity scene. Music: Leftfield/"Phat Planet"

    Podcast#325: Haiti collapse, Spain mail bombs, Pittsburgh students violate medical cadavers

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2022 152:58

    Started off with the news that some US officials want to send a military to Haiti to stave off a total collapse of the country, and then talked about the attempted assassination of a Pakistan diplomat in Afghanistan. Plus a series of mail bombs being sent to embassies in Spain, a German member of parliament leaves his wife and kids for a porn star, Liver King admits steroids, former transgender Navy SEAL now de-transitioning, and two University of Pittsburgh medical students fingerbanged some medical cadavers. Music: Fleetwood Mac/"Everywhere"

    Podcast#324: China factory fire, Indonesia earthquake, India sex guru slays couple with superglue

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2022 153:20

    Started with that factory fire in China that killed 38 people, and then got into the anti-authority health riots taking place across the country. Plus the German gold coin heist, hackers release video of state journalist pleasuring self in office, Florida doctor arrested for performing sex acts on unconscious patients, Trump back on Twitter, and an India tantric guru has couple have sex in front of him, pours superglue all over them, then stones them to death. Music: Gorillaz/"Rhinestone Eyes"

    Podcast#323: Russia gas explosion, Gaza deadly fire, Japan guy inserts 90-inch jumprope into self

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2022 152:50

    Started with a couple of gas explosions; one in Iraq and one in Russia that killed dozens. Plus a fire in the Gaza strip killed 21 people, FTX meltdown continues, Idaho murder mystery, Twitter journo meltdown, Dominican Republic deports Haitians, and a 79 year old Japanese guy shoved a 90 inch jumprope into his penis and had to have it surgically removed. Music: Five Finger Death Punch/"Under and Over It"

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