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Hear all the latest book previews, author interviews and audiobook extracts from Hodder & Stoughton publishers. Hodder is the UK publishing home of Jeffery Deaver, Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, Ray Mears, Alan Titchmarsh, Melvyn Bragg, David Mitchell and many more... We publish a wide variety of books…

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    NEEDLESS ALLEY by Natalie Marlow, read by Paul Dela Ross - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2023 1:54

    Birmingham, 1933. Private enquiry agent William Garrett, a man damaged by a dark childhood spent on Birmingham's canals, specialises in facilitating divorces for the city's male elite. With the help of his best friend - charming, out-of-work actor Ronnie Edgerton - William sets up honey traps. But photographing unsuspecting women in flagrante plagues his conscience and William heaves up his guts with remorse after every job. However, William's life changes when he accidentally meets the beautiful Clara Morton and falls in love. Little does he know she is the wife of a client - a leading fascist with a dangerous obsession. And what should have been another straightforward job turns into something far more deadly. Drenched in evocative period atmosphere and starring an unforgettable cast of characters, Needless Alley takes the listener from seedy canal-side pubs, to crumbling Warwickshire manor houses, and into the hidden spaces of Birmingham's queer, bohemian society.

    ASHES AND STONES by Allyson Shaw, read by Lucy Paterson - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2023 1:56

    'It's summer. I stand where perhaps Ellen stood, in this ground thick with new thistle and long grass. She would have ken this coast in all weathers: in the summer when it was as gentle as a lake and in the winter, with the high winds and stinging salt spray.' A beautifully written journey through Scottish history and across the Scottish landscape in search of the women accused and killed during the witch hunts. Ashes and Stones is a moving and personal journey, along rugged coasts and through remote villages and modern cities, in search of the traces of those accused of witchcraft in seventeenth-century Scotland. We visit modern memorials, roadside shrines and standing stones, and roam among forests and hedge mazes, folk lore and political fantasies. From fairy hills to forgotten caves, we explore a spellbound landscape. Allyson Shaw untangles the myth of witchcraft and gives voice to those erased by it. Her elegant and lucid prose weaves threads of history and feminist reclamation, alongside beautiful travel, nature and memoir writing, to create a vibrant memorial. This is the untold story of the witches' monuments of Scotland and the women's lives they mark. Ashes and Stones is a trove of folklore linking the lives of modern women to the horrors of the past, and it is record of resilience and a call to choose and remember our ancestors.

    BIGGER, BETTER, BOLDER written and read by Jennifer Cohen - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2022 3:54

    Jennifer Cohen, a superstar motivational coach, illuminates how to get the life you want by being bold, resilient, and creating specific goals and habits. 'I know what it takes to get what you want in life. It's a habit anyone can learn, a skill you can develop, a gift you don't need to be born with. The more experience you get, the more confident you'll be. Even when you fail, you'll feel stronger with each try you make. At work, at home, wherever your life unfolds—be bold. Take action. Ask for the right things. Chase what you want instead of taking what you can get. What do you want most in life, and why don't you have it?' Think about the things that give your life depth, focus, and meaning: deeply satisfying relationships with plenty of give and take, physical health and emotional wellbeing, passion projects, self-esteem, and self-respect. Bold people have these things. Bold people recognize what's holding them back—and it's almost always a fear of failure. They train to overcome their fears, they embrace the 10% Target, and they create everyday, life-long habits to get what they want. Bigger, Better, Bolder brings listeners one step closer to boldness, one chapter at a time. With practical takeaways and action steps-bite-sized Bold Moves—and real-life case studies of boldness in action, Jennifer Cohen teaches you how to get what you want.

    A POCKETFUL OF HOPE by Pat Allerton - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2022 2:15

    The Portable Priest brings hope to those who need it—covering an A-Z of life's biggest modern-day challenges. We live in an age where more and more people are saying something like, 'I'm not religious, but I am spiritual'. 'Hope' isn't just a nice idea—it can be life-changing and at the very least, an empowering lens to navigate troubled times and transcend daily stress. Hope, alongside the idea of a higher power, can help people feel less alone and more supported, especially when the world turns on its head, which can happen at any point. It is well-known through history that during troubled waters and periods of change, whether that be a pandemic, the loss of a loved one or simply someone's lack of purpose, people turn to religion for the answers. Reverend Pat Allerton is here to lead us through the different themes and issues of modern life, showing us that Hope is always there. He leads us though topics such as Anxiety, Acceptance, Connection, Forgiveness, Grief, Love, Togetherness, Trust and Uncertainty to prove to us that Hope is the answer even in the darkest of times

    MAAME by Jessica George, read by Heather Agyepong - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2022 4:46

    A blisteringly funny, heartbreaking novel about 20-something British Ghanaian Maddie as she grapples with identity, love, loss and becoming the woman she wants to be—for fans of Chewing Gum, Such a Fun Age and Queenie. Mum calls me Maame. It has many meanings in Twi, but in my case, it means woman. Meet Maddie. To her mostly absent mum, she's Maame, the woman of the family. To her dad, she's his carer—even if he hardly recognises her. To her friends, she's the one who still lives at home, who never puts herself first. It's time to become the woman she wants to be. The kind who wears a bright yellow suit, says yes to after-work drinks and flirts with a 30-something banker. Who doesn't have to Google all her life choices. Who demands a seat at the table. But to put ourselves together, sometimes we have to fall apart.... Heartbreaking, sharply funny and achingly relatable, Maame is an irresistibly fresh coming-of-age story with a heroine you'll never forget.

    LADY JOKER: VOLUME 2 by Kaoru Takamura, read by Brian Nishii - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2022 2:52

    This second half of Lady Joker, by Kaoru Takamura, the Grand Dame of Japanese crime fiction, concludes the breathtaking saga introduced in Volume I. Inspired by the real-life Glico-Morinaga kidnapping, an unsolved case that terrorized Japan for two years, Lady Joker reimagines the circumstances of this watershed episode in modern Japanese history and brings into riveting focus the lives and motivations of the victims, the perpetrators, the heroes and the villains. As the shady networks linking corporations to syndicates are brought to light, the stakes rise, and some of the professionals we have watched try to fight their way through this crisis will lose everything—some even their lives. Will the culprits ever be brought to justice? More importantly—what is justice?

    MINDFUL COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY by Seth J. Gillihan, read by Sean Patrick Hopkins

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2022 2:57

    A practicing psychologist—one of the top popularizers of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)—offers a fresh, welcome approach for treating mental health issues that speaks to our times, blending mindfulness and spirituality with CBT to effectively overcome negative thinking, achieve deep healing, and truly attain lasting peace. Mental health professionals have numerous tools and techniques to help their patients battle depression and illness. But while these methods can alleviate the pain, they are often only temporary. Based on his extensive knowledge of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and his personal experience with depression and illness, Dr. Seth J. Gillihan believes we need to do more than relieve our symptoms to become healthy and whole. To achieve long-lasting wellness and good health, we must embrace the spiritual in our healing. By incorporating insights from both Christianity and Buddhism and mindfulness into the therapeutic process, we can exponentially magnify the healing CBT provides. Gillihan calls his method Mindful Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and shows how it can be used successfully to master negative thoughts and behaviours and choose the right actions to become fully present and at peace in our daily lives. This extraordinary guide shows how to banish the stubborn lies we tell ourselves—that we're unlovable, stupid, unworthy, defective—and adapt new healthful and spiritual practices that can help us retrain our minds to focus on the deep truths of our existence—that we are perfect in our imperfections, and most important, that we are beings deserving of love.

    LOKI by Melvin Burgess, read by Gerard Logan - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 5:27

    Step into the ancient fir-tree forests of Scandinavia and bear witness to legends as epic as those of the Greeks and the Romans. Melvin Burgess revolutionised children's literature with the infamous cult novels Junk and Doing It. In his first adult novel, Loki, he breathes new life into Norse myths. Starting with the Norse creation myths, the trickster god Loki takes the listener on a wild ride through Norse mythology, from the time the gods—the founders of Asgard—defeated races of monsters, and hurtling through famous stories, including Odin hanging himself on the World Tree, the theft of the corrupting gold ring and the murder of Baldr, the god of love and the Sun. This narrative may seem familiar enough at first, but the listener should beware. Born within the heart of a fire in the hollow of a tree-trunk, Loki arrives in Asgard as an outsider. He is a trickster, an unreliable narrator, the god of intelligence and politics. In spite of his cleverness and sparkling wit (or, perhaps, because of this...) Loki struggles to find his place among the old patriarchal gods of supernatural power and is constantly at odds with the god of thunder—Thor. This is a retelling that is contemporary in tone, at once amusing and relatable. It is a heartfelt plea to overthrow the old gods of power and authority and instigate a new era ruled by love and intelligence. Alongside the politics of Asgard, it charts the course of Loki's many loves and families, from his mothering of Odin's famous horse to his intense, turbulent, and, eventually, fatal relationship with Baldr the Beautiful—a tender and moving story of love that goes wrong, jealousy and a transitioning that is forbidden by society.

    AN EMOTIONAL DICTIONARY written and read by Susie Dent - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 3:28

    Whether it's the distress of a bad haircut (AGE-OTORI) or longing for the food someone else is eating (GROAKING), the pleasure found in other people's happiness (CONFELICITY) or the shock of jumping into icy water (CURGLAFF), there are real words to pinpoint exactly how you feel and Susie Dent, Queen of Countdown's Dictionary Corner and lexicographer extraordinaire, is going to help you find them. Here are 1001 terms everyone needs, whether it's the best kind of hug (CWTCH), the relief found in swearing (LALOCHEZIA), or the ability to endure till the end (PERTOLERANCE). It's time to rediscover the lost positives of language (and be more GORM); find out how a stork gave us the word for the love between parent and child, and who the first MAVERICK was. Packed with unexpected stories and unforgettable words, on a mission to describe the indescribable, this life-enhancing audiobook will deepen your vocabulary as much as it extends it. Welcome to the first truly human dictionary, as idiosyncratic and unusual as you are.

    ESCAPE FROM MODEL LAND by Erica Thompson, read by Kirsty Dillon - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 5:36

    How do mathematical models shape our world—and how can we harness their power for good? Models are at the centre of everything we do. Whether we use them or are simply affected by them, they act as metaphors that help us better understand the increasingly complex problems facing us in the modern world. Without models, we couldn't begin to tackle three of the major challenges facing modern society: regulation of the economy, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet in recent years, the validity of the models we use has been hotly debated and there has been renewed awareness of the disastrous consequences when the makers and interpreters of models get things wrong. Drawing on contemporary examples from finance, climate and health policy, Erica Thompson explores what models are, why we need them, how they work and what happens when they go wrong. This is not an audiobook that argues we should do away with models, but rather, that we need to properly understand how they are constructed—and how some of the assumptions that underlie the models we use can have significant unintended consequences. Unexpectedly humorous, thought-provoking and passionate, this is essential listening for everyone.

    FOR PROFIT by William Magnuson, read by Dan Woren - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 3:11

    We have long been suspicious of corporations recklessly pursuing profit and amassing wealth and power. But the story of the corporation didn't have to be like this. For most of history, they were not amoral entities, but public institutions designed to promote the societies that granted them charter. Magnuson reveals how the corporation has evolved since its beginnings in the ancient world. What happens in this next chapter of the global economy depends on whether we can return to their public-minded spirit, or whether we have sunk irrevocably into the swamp of high profit at all costs. Epic and compelling in scope, For Profit illuminates the roles corporations played, for good and evil, in the making of the modern world.

    FORGIVE by Timothy Keller, read by Sean Pratt - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 5:32

    An exploration of the power and the possibility of forgiveness, from New York Times best-selling author Timothy Keller. 'Why is it better for me to forgive someone and take on the cost of that forgiveness myself?' In his new audiobook, renowned pastor and author Timothy Keller grapples with this thorny question: why we should forgive those who hurt us. It is the heart of the gospel, but it's not solely important on a religious level; the matter of forgiveness has a huge impact on social and cultural levels, in terms of how we deal with the people, and problems, in our lives. What is it like to carry around resentment and judgement, and what does it cost us to do so—as against the very real personal cost of extending forgiveness to others? These are issues that matter on a daily level, as well as a spiritual one. Writing with his trademark wisdom and deep reliance on the Bible, Keller helps listeners think about these questions in an way that will help them rethink their lives, in ways that point to Jesus showing us how to live in the world—and how we can live in a spirit of forgiveness.

    MISSION POSSIBLE by Alexandre Mars, read by Neil Gardener - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 2:40

    Why Anyone Can Be a Good Entrepreneur. Is entrepreneurship the path for everyone? No. But can anyone, no matter where they come from, become a successful entrepreneur if they choose to? According to Alexandre Mars, the answer is a resounding yes. Serial tech entrepreneur, millionaire and philanthropist Alexandre Mars gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to become an entrepreneur, and one who does good along the way, sharing tricks of the trade he learned over his career building companies (and selling them to the likes of Blackberry and Publicis) in the U.S. and Europe. Part of a new generation of philanthropists, Alexandre is one of the leading global entrepreneurial voices changing the way the business world thinks about money, its power and its purpose. Mission Possible reminds us that there's no one way to start and build a business. Bringing together a wealth of perspectives from dozens of today's top entrepreneurs from around the world, including the founder of Pinterest and the former Buddhist monk who created Headspace, listeners will discover it is possible to make money and have a bigger mission too.

    THE NEW BRAND YOU by Catherine Kaputa, read by Katherine Fenton - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 5:03

    In person and online, discover the best way to position and market yourself in the new world of work. The New Brand You is the field guide to standing out and succeeding in the new professional landscape transformed by the pandemic. In the new world of virtual, remote and flexible working, everyone needs to consider carefully their personal brand and power, and many will need to hit the 'reset' button. We are all on camera now - we all need to be producers of our own brand narrative. Like it or not, in a digitally driven, more competitive, more global world of employment, the reality is that you need to consider your personal brand. You have no choice, if you don't brand yourself, other people will. And not in the way you want to be seen. That, or you will simply become invisible, and that's almost never good. The New Brand You uses ten tried and tested strategies from the commercial world of branding and applies them to individual brand creation. Strategies such as defining your positioning, researching your target audience and taking steps to ensure you always stay relevant, are equally applicable to individuals as they are to products and companies. It's not about sticking some slightly skewed version of your name on social media, it's about smart positioning and successful tactics. Featuring high profile success stories and accompanied by an online Personal Brand Finder, an assessment tool that measures psychological preferences and aligns with the ten strategies in the audiobook, this audiobook will help you to target the most relevant strategies for you. It will include examples, exercises and callouts to make it a quick listen and easy to action immediately. Getting your personal branding right will give you the edge in the new age of work.

    THE REBEL AND THE KINGDOM by Bradley Hope, read by Lee Osario - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 5:51

    The wild story of a college activist's high-stakes attempt to topple the North Korean regime and change the world. In the early 2000s, Adrian Hong was a soft-spoken Yale undergraduate looking for his place in the world. After reading a harrowing account of life inside North Korea, he realized he had found a cause so pressing that he was ready to devote his life to it. What began as a trip down the safe and well-worn path of organizing soon morphed into something more dangerous. Hong journeyed to China, outwitting Chinese security services as he helped ferry asylum-seeking North Korean escapees to safety. Meanwhile, Hong's secret organization, Cheollima Civil Defense (later renamed Free Joseon), began tracking the North Korean government's activities, and its volatile third-generation ruler, Kim Jong Un. Free Joseon targeted North Korean diplomats who might be persuaded to defect, while drawing up plans for a government-in-exile. After the shocking broad-daylight assassination in 2017 of Kim Jong Nam, the dictator's older brother, Hong, along with Marine veteran Christopher Ahn, helped ferry Nam's family to safety. Then Hong took the group a step further. He initiated a series of high-stakes direct actions, culminating in an armed raid at the North Korean embassy in Madrid-an act that would put Ahn behind bars and turn Hong into one of the world's most unlikely fugitives. In the tradition of Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild, The Rebel and the Kingdom is an exhilarating account of a man who turns his back on the status quo-to instead live boldly by his principles. Acclaimed journalist and bestselling author Bradley Hope - who broke numerous details of Hong's operations in The Wall Street Journal -now reveals the full contours of this remarkable story of idealism and insanity, hubris and heroism, all set within the secret battle for the future of the world's most mysterious and unsettling nation.

    THE SNOW HARE by Paula Lichtarowicz, read by Rose Ackroyd - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 2:01

    An unforgettable love story set in Siberia during the Second World War and of living with impossible choices. Lena knows she hasn't got long left. While a nurse administers morphine to ease her pain, she relives her life. Growing up in a small town in Poland, she was an earnest young girl determined to become a doctor who found her dreams put on hold as she became the reluctant wife of an army officer and then again by becoming a mother, in which she finds a fierce and surprising joy. As war approaches, she returns home. But when Russia invades her middle-class family are deemed Enemies of the State and sent to the work camp in Siberia. It is in the endless forest, where, despite the bitter cold, the biting hunger and the back-breaking work, Lena learns that it is possible to fall in love at the edge of the world and the edge of life. When her lover, Grigori, falls ill she takes the decision to use the precious antibiotics she was given in Poland, to save him. It means that when her daughter becomes sick, she is unable to save her. It's a decision that will continue to haunt her after the war, even as she builds a tentative new life, first in Wales, then England. Exploring marriage, motherhood and our incredible capacity for cultivating hope in the darkest times, The Snow Hare is the unforgettable story of a woman who dares to love and to dream in the face of impossible odds, and of the peace we each must make with our choices, even long after the years have gone by.

    THE MONGOL STORM by Nicholas Morton, read by Nick Biadon - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 4:21

    How the Mongol invasions of the Near East reshaped the balance of world power in the Middle Ages. For centuries, the Crusades have been central to the story of the medieval Near East, but these religious wars are only part of the region's complex history. As The Mongol Storm reveals, during the same era the Near East was utterly remade by another series of wars: the Mongol invasions. In a single generation, the Mongols conquered vast swaths of the Near East and upended the region's geopolitics. Amid the chaos of the Mongol onslaught, long-standing powers such as the Byzantines, the Seljuk Turks and the crusaders struggled to survive, while new players such as the Ottomans arose to fight back. The Mongol conquests forever transformed the region, while forging closer ties among societies spread across Eurasia. This is the definitive history of the Mongol assault on the Near East and its enduring global consequences.

    STANDING BY THE WALL by Mick Herron, read by Sean Barrett - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 1:49

    A Slough House Christmas short story from the Sunday Times number one bestseller of Bad Actors. Here in Slough House, the intelligence service's home for inept spies, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Roddy Ho is used to being the one the slow horses turn to when they need miracles performed, and he's always been Jackson Lamb's Number Two. So when Lamb has a photograph that needs doctoring, it's Ho he entrusts with the task. Christmas is a time for memories, but Lamb doesn't do memories—or so he says. But what is it about the photo that makes him want to alter it? How would the slow horses cope if Roddy Ho didn't exist? And most importantly of all, are the team having Christmas drinks, and if so, where? Standing by the Wall offers a glimpse into the kind of seasonal merriment you might expect at Slough House, where the boss generally marks the festive season with an increase in hostilities. But then, this is the secret service, not Secret Santa. And the slow horses aren't here to enjoy themselves. Roddy Roddy Roddy? Ho Ho Ho!

    NINETEEN WAYS OF LOOKING AT CONSCIOUSNESS by Patrick House, read by P House & T Clarke-Hill

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 4:01

    An overview of modern consciousness research and how our brain works. A concise, elegant, and thought-provoking exploration of the mystery of consciousness and the functioning of the brain. Despite decades of research, remarkable imagery, and insights from a range of scientific and medical disciplines, the human brain remains largely unexplored. Consciousness has eluded explanation. Nineteen Ways of Looking at Consciousness offers a brilliant overview of the state of modern consciousness research in twenty brief, revealing chapters. Neuroscientist and author Patrick House describes complex concepts in accessible terms, weaving brain science, technology, gaming, analogy, and philosophy into a tapestry that illuminates how the brain works and what enables consciousness. This remarkable book fosters a sense of mystery and wonder about the strangeness of the relationship between our inner selves and our environment.

    AFRICAN EUROPEANS written and read by Olivette Otele - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 5:31

    A Guardian Best Book of 2020 A History Today Book of the Year, 2020 Renowned historian Olivette Otele uncovers the untold history of Europeans of African descent, from Saint Maurice who became the leader of a Roman legion and Renaissance scholar Juan Latino, to abolitionist Mary Prince and the activist, scholars and grime artists of the present day. Tracing African European heritage through the vibrant, complex, and often brutal experiences of individuals both ordinary and extraordinary, she sheds new light not only on the past but also on questions very much alive today - about racism, identity, citizenship, power and resilience. African Europeans is a landmark celebration of this integral, vibrantly complex slice of European history, and will redefine the field for years to come.

    A PLACE AT THE TABLE by Jo Swinney, read by Jo Swinney, Miranda Harris & Anita Cleverly

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 2:55

    A reflection on hospitality, rooted in the story of A Rocha and the life of the late co-founder Miranda Harris, alongside her daughter Jo Swinney. At a time when loneliness and isolation have reached unprecedented levels, it has never been more important for Christians to embrace the practice of hospitality. For many, it is a lost art—a practice we have forgotten, neglected or distorted beyond all recognition. Amid material comforts and rife individualism, practising hospitality can often hold unrealistic expectations and insurmountable pressure. But what if the practice of hospitality was simpler and yet more profound than we imagined? From the simple act of preparing vegetables to the warm welcome of a stranger, co-authors Miranda Harris and her daughter Jo Swinney re-define hospitality for the modern age. Drawing on biblical insights and a deep well of experience—most significantly within the community in the A Rocha family—this is a warm invitation to embrace the loving kindness of others. To be hospitable doesn't require culinary excellence or matching cutlery—it doesn't even require a home of one's own; true hospitality offers a welcome into imperfection and messiness, a place to belong and be embraced. Following the progression of a meal, from its planning to the moment every guest has departed, A Place at the Table is a heart-warming invitation into a life of thoughtful food preparation, shared meals and meaningful conversation.

    WHEN WOMEN LEAD written and read by Julia Boorstin - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 7:36

    In her groundbreaking, deeply reported work, Julia Boorstin reveals the odds-defying leadership approaches of women running the world's most innovative and successful companies—and what we can learn from them. Now, in When Women Lead, Boorstin brings together the stories of over sixty of those female CEOs and leaders, and dozens of new studies. Her combination of narrative and research reveals how once-underestimated characteristics, from vulnerability and gratitude to divergent thinking, can be vital superpowers—and that anyone can work these approaches to their advantage. Featuring new interviews with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jenn Hyman, Whitney Wolfe Herd, Lena Waithe, Shivani Siroya, and more, When Women Lead is a radical blueprint for the future of business, and our world at large.

    SOFT LAD written and read by Nick Grimshaw - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 6:41

    The debut audiobook from much loved radio royalty, DJ and TV personality Nick Grimshaw. In Soft Lad, for the first time, Grimmy will share his outlooks, surprising obsessions and personal experiences with the world, in audiobook form, from his 14-year career climbing to the helm of the Radio 1 breakfast show, he'll discuss everything from his love of music through to self-care and partying, Red Nose Day, coming out, dogs, family, ADHD, Catholicism and his journey from Oldham, Lancashire, to the bright lights and big city of London–with all that he's seen in-between. These are his very best tales and learnings about himself from things gone right and wrong, with all the high and lows, that will make listeners laugh, cry and feel completely nostalgic. It is a heartfelt listen that's unmistakeably Grimmy.

    PRAYING LIKE MONKS, LIVING LIKE FOOLS by Tyler Staton, read by Tim Mackie - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 5:50

    'What if, until now, you've never really prayed. Not like Jesus designed it, anyway.' Prayer is the source of Jesus's most astonishing miracles and the subject of Jesus' most audacious promises, and yet, most people - even most Bible-believing Christians - find prayer to be boring, obligatory, disappointing, confusing, or, most often, all of the above. If you've ever felt this way, Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools is your invitation to trade your conceptions and misconceptions about prayer for prayer in its purest form: a vital, sustaining, powerful connection with God that is more real and alive than you could have ever imagined. In this audiobook, Tyler Staton - author, pastor, and national director of the 24/7 Prayer movement - addresses common roadblocks to prayer and gives you the confidence to come to God just as you are. Through biblical teaching, powerful storytelling, and insights on historic Christian practices, Staton helps you... Express your doubts and disappointments about prayer Discover and practice multiple postures of prayer, including silence, persistence, confession, and more Understand and embrace the wonder and mystery of prayer in everyday life Realize that prayer is a powerful invitation to partner with God in the redemption of a fallen world And, ultimately, open or reopen the line of communication with your Creator and experience afresh his divine power on earth. Prayer is a journey, and this audiobook will help you transition your prayer life from a path littered with half-hearted requests to a treasured journey of ever-deepening, adventurous relationship with Jesus.

    PICCADILLY by Midge Gillies, read by Jessica Alade - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 3:21

    A people's history of Piccadilly: London's bustling meeting place for over a century. There's nowhere quite like Piccadilly Circus. From the moment they emerge, blinking from the underground station, visitors to Piccadilly Circus face a sensory onslaught. Its streets and alleyways merge into an intoxicating thoroughfare, with the power to propel an individual onwards to adventure, romance, or something more sinister. Ever since its iconic Eros statue appeared in 1893, the junction has been a vibrant meeting place, attracting visitors and pleasure-seekers from all walks of life: political plans and theatrical careers were hatched at its restaurant and café tables, lovers met below the statue of Eros, and to this day tourists pour out of its historic Tube to experience the bright lights of London's nightlife. Piccadilly explores how the area has been shaped by social and historical events—from female suffrage to world wars to technological advancements—and by its colourful cast of characters—from flower girls, shop assistants and sex workers, to film stars, Bright Young Things and conmen (and women). For many, the Circus has represented both a home from home and a brave new world, as campaigners, revellers, opportunists and romantics have all been drawn to Piccadilly's bright lights. This is the story of why Piccadilly Circus continues to mean so much to so many.

    PURPOSEFUL CURIOSITY by Dr Costas Andriopoulos, read by Michael Chance - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 3:05

    Open your mind to radical curiosity and be inspired by the journeys of curious and inquisitive people in order to push boundaries, make new discoveries and find meaning and purpose in your own life. This audiobook offers a masterclass in the power of purposeful curiosity to succeed and lead a fulfilled life. Dr Costas Andriopoulos has spent the last five years interviewing the most curious minds working today, focused on people who have harnessed their inquisitive minds and innovative thinking to achieve great things across a variety of fields. In this audiobook, he explores the way these special people have channelled and fed their curiosity with purpose and weaves in gripping insights and advice from the interviews along with cutting-edge research from psychology, neuroscience, management, history, sociology and anthropology to illuminate the purposefully curious approach. Packed with practical tools alongside the fascinating narrative, the audiobook offers Dr Andriopoulos' nine essential lessons that will allow you to make use of curiosity in your own life to empower you—whatever your journey—and help you replicate the experiences of others to reach your goals and thrive.

    ADHD AN A - Z written and read by Leanne Maskell - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 5:00

    A guide to navigating life as a young adult with ADHD—from someone who's been through it all. Navigating the world with an ADHD brain can be exhausting. The rollercoaster ride from clinical assessments through diagnosis to treatment can leave you feeling anxious and isolated, worried about failing or feeling different. This handy guide is here to change all that. If you have (or suspect you have) ADHD, you'll know the frustration of being given neurotypical or clinical advice—but this is straight from an ADHD brain to you. The accessible A-Z format, covering everything from burnout and finances to time management and relationships, gives you the tips and confidence you need to reach your full potential. It empowers you to understand why ADHD brains work the way they do and how to harness your unique mind to think creatively and overcome any hurdle life throws at you. Easy to digest and full to the brim with practical life advice including budgeting plans for impulsive spending, advice on rejection sensitive dysphoria and ways to relax, this audiobook provides everything you need to feel confident and supported through your ADHD diagnosis and beyond.

    TOO MUCH written and read by Tom Allen - audiobook extract

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    Happily settled in a new relationship and with a dream house of his own, comedian Tom Allen had finally moved on from the arrested development of millennial life and could at last call himself an adult. But when his father died suddenly in late 2021, Tom's newfound independence was rocked by a fresh set of challenges, and he began to find solace in the past (and his new vegetable patch). Told through snapshots from Tom's busy life—whether reflecting on the campness of funeral customs, muddy lockdown walks in unsuitable footwear or just reminiscing on his childhood obsession with Patricia Routledge—Too Much is a hilarious joyride of stories as well as an emotional ode to Tom's beloved dad, and a touching manifesto on how to navigate the complexities of grief. With moving honesty and wit, Tom writes beautifully about those days, weeks and months following his family's loss, and about how bewildering the practicalities of life can be in the wake of an upheaval—those moments, really, when everything can start to feel a bit too much....

    THE OTHER GUINNESS GIRL by Emily Hourican, read by Rebecca Lee - audiobook extract

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    The dazzling bestseller charting the lives of one of Ireland's most fascinating families. Honor Guinness is rich, aristocratic, shy and awkward—nothing like her glamorous cousins Aileen, Maureen and Oonagh. But when she marries the charming and ambitious American Henry 'Chips' Channon, together, they make the perfect couple. Determined to conquer London society, they are soon are at the heart of the best social circles—including a close friendship with the Prince of Wales and Mrs Wallis Simpson. But within the marriage, all is less than perfect. Meanwhile, Honor's best friend, the beautiful, enigmatic Doris, is focussed on marrying well to provide security to her family. Born to a German-Jewish mother, she has charm and looks but not Honor's advantages of birth and connection. Set 1932-1936, The Other Guinness Girl is an evocative story of excess and wealth against a backdrop of events that changed Europe: The rise of Nazism, the abdication of a king, and the slide into World War II. But will Honor, and Doris, find where they belong in times of change?

    LOOKING TO SEA by Lily Le Brun, read by Jessica Whittaker - audiobook extract

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    Looking to Sea is an alternative history of Britain in the twentieth century, told through the prism of ten iconic artworks of the sea, one for each decade. 'We see nothing truly until we understand it.' John Constable An alternative history of Britain in the twentieth century, Looking to Sea is an exquisite work of cultural, artistic and philosophical history. From Vanessa Bell's Studland Beach, one of the first modernist paintings in Britain, to Paul Nash's work bearing the scars of his experience in the trenches and Martin Parr's photographs of seaside resorts in the 1980s that tackle ideas of class and deprivation, Looking to Sea embraces ideas from modernism and the sublime, the impact of the world wars and colonialism, to issues crucial to our world today like the environment and nationhood. Looking to Sea is an astonishingly perceptive portrait of the twentieth century. Art critic Lily Le Brun brings a fresh eye, acute observation and challenges the listener to find a new way to look at the history of our island nation.

    HUNTING GHISLAINE by John Sweeney - audiobook extract

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    Hunting Ghislaine tells the extraordinary, shocking story of Ghislaine Maxwell, the former partner of disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the daughter of media baron Robert Maxwell. Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who suffered a tragedy, the death of her father, a war hero, a philanthropist, a good man, in suspicious circumstances. She fled to New York where she made a new life with a brilliant mathematician. Her name is Ghislaine Maxwell and her lover was Jeffrey Epstein. Through Jeffrey, and her family name, Ghislaine became friends with some of the most powerful people on earth, ex-President Bill Clinton and President-to-be Donald Trump and the second son of the Queen of England, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. But this is no fairy tale. Hunting Ghislaine sets out the other side of the story, and it's one of the darkest you will ever come across. Ghislaine's father, Robert Maxwell, was a sadist, a war criminal, a monster. His cruelty deformed Ghislaine Maxwell long before she met Jeffrey Epstein. Her one-time lover was convicted for being a paedophile. So Ghislaine's life has been spent serving not one monster but two. In Hunting Ghislaine, legendary investigative journalist John Sweeney uncovers the truth behind this fairy tale story in reverse.

    CARBOLICS by James May - audiobook extract

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    Top Gear and Grand Tour legend James May's quirky, entertaining take on cars, trucks and even the bicycle. Why does a man with a Ferrari and a Porsche drive a Fiat Panda? Is going fast really necessary? Is it your fault if you get run over? Why will electric cars really save the planet (possibly)? In Carbolics the UK's favourite petrol head (after Clarkson and Hammond) James May answers these questions and more. Across 80 essays, James gives his quirky, entertaining take on cars, motorbikes, trucks—and explains why the bicycle might just be the best invention of all. Written with James's characteristic wit and humour, Carbolics is perfect for petrolheads.

    COLOUR by Victoria Finlay - audiobook extract

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    On a journey that takes her from Afghanistan, to the Australian outback, to ancient caves in China, and the saffron harvest in Spain, Victoria Finlay gives an extraordinary and compelling account of the history of colour. Colour unlocks the history of the colours of the rainbow, and reveals how paints came to be invented, discovered, traded and used. This remarkable and beautifully written book, part travelogue part narrative history, remembers a time when red paint was really the colour of blood, when orange was the poison pigment, blue as expensive as gold and yellow made from the urine of cows force-fed with mangoes. It looks at how green was carried by yaks along the silk road, and how an entire nation was founded on the colour purple. Exciting, richly informative and always surprising, Colour lifts the lid on the historical palette and unearths an astonishing wealth of stories about the quest for colours, and our efforts to understand them.

    FABRIC by Victoria Finlay - audiobook extract

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    Victoria Finlay spins us round the globe, weaving stories of our relationship with cloth and completing the trilogy of books which began with her first bestseller Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox. How is a handmade fabric helping save an ancient forest? Why is a famous fabric pattern from India best known by the name of a Scottish town? How is a Chinese dragon robe a diagram of the whole universe? What is the difference between how the Greek Fates and the Viking Norns used threads to tell our destiny? In Fabric, bestselling author Victoria Finlay spins us round the globe, weaving stories of our relationship with cloth and asking how and why people through the ages have made it, worn it, invented it and made symbols out of it. And sometimes why they have fought for it. She beats the inner bark of trees into cloth in Papua New Guinea, fails to handspin cotton in Guatemala, visits tweed weavers at their homes in Harris, and has lessons in patchwork-making in Gee's Bend, Alabama—where in the 1930s, deprived of almost everything they owned, a community of women turned quilting into an art form. She began her research just after the deaths of both her parents—and entwined in the threads she found her personal story too. The book became her journey through grief and recovery. It is her own patchwork.

    THE SWARM, by Frank Schätzing, read by George Weightman - audiobook extract

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    More gripping than Crichton, classier than Cussler, Frank Schätzing's record-breaking ecological thriller is now in audiobook. Frank Schätzing's amazing novel is a publishing phenomenon with translation rights sold around the world, drawing rave reviews for both pulsating suspense and great scientific knowledge. The world begins to suffer an escalating and sensational series of natural disasters, and two marine biologists begin to develop a theory that the cause lies in the oceans, where an entity know as the Yrr has developed a massive network of single-cell organisms. It is wreaking havoc in order to prevent humankind from destroying the Earth's ecological balance forever. The Americans, under the ruthless General Judith Lee, take a more pragmatic approach than the scientists, seeking to wipe out the being of the deep. The scene is set for a massive confrontation...

    THE SWARM by Frank Schätzing, read by George Weightman - audiobook extract

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    More gripping than Crichton, classier than Cussler, Frank Schätzing's record-breaking ecological thriller is now in audiobook. Frank Schätzing's amazing novel is a publishing phenomenon with translation rights sold around the world, drawing rave reviews for both pulsating suspense and great scientific knowledge. The world begins to suffer an escalating and sensational series of natural disasters, and two marine biologists begin to develop a theory that the cause lies in the oceans, where an entity know as the Yrr has developed a massive network of single-cell organisms. It is wreaking havoc in order to prevent humankind from destroying the Earth's ecological balance forever. The Americans, under the ruthless General Judith Lee, take a more pragmatic approach than the scientists, seeking to wipe out the being of the deep. The scene is set for a massive confrontation....

    THE REFUGE by Jerome Loubry, read by Emma Powell - audiobook extract

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    A small island. A forgotten community. Unknown danger lurking in the water. Where to hide when there's nowhere left to run? Sandrine is asked to empty her late grandmother's house on a small island near the Normandy coast. She soon discovers that its elderly inhabitants haven't left the island since their arrival as children during World War II. Sandrine can tell they are terrified of someone, or something. Yet, they refuse to leave the island. What happened to the children from the holiday camp that was suddenly shut down in 1949? And who was Sandrine's grandmother really?

    21 DAY MINDFULNESS CHALLENGE written and read by Gill Hasson - audiobook extract

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    21 Day Mindfulness Challenge combines the empowering brain-altering approach of mindful thinking with a clear, three-week programme of reflective exercises, meditations and facts. With this deeply practical audiobook, mindfulness will become a locked in habit. Every day you'll learn (at least!) three new approaches, and will discover: How to calm down, gain perspective and regroup How to vary the intensity or focus of mindful exercises for any situation How to use mindfulness as a starting point for how you approach everyday challenges Why three weeks is enough to pierce the bubble of stress you're used to carrying around with you

    ALL THE THINGS LEFT UNSAID written and read by Michael Harding - audiobook extract

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    The new bestseller from the beloved memoirist and Irish Times columnist Michael Harding. For almost fifty years Michael Harding has been crafting words in a bid to express himself and explore truths about the human condition. But even still he found himself unable to say certain things he really wanted to. Then, while in recovery from surgery, he travelled to a cottage on the Atlantic coast and thought again about life and the people who had profoundly affected him; mentors, lovers and old friends. There at the ocean he wrote letters, with an intimacy not previously risked. Letters that were never posted, but that appear now in this audiobook—a vulnerable and beautifully wrought collection of insights into life, death, friendship and love.

    BEFORE I DO by Sophie Cousens, read by Emma Sidi - audiobook extract

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    The brand-new novel from the New York Times best-selling author of Just Haven't Met You Yet and This Time Next Year. What would you do if the one who got away turned up the night before your wedding? Audrey is marrying Josh; steady, dependable Josh, the love of her life. They share a flat and a bank account, and it's the only relationship that Audrey's ever had that feels like something she can put her trust in. But romance should be full of fireworks, and as the big day approaches, Audrey's found herself wondering if Josh really is 'the one'. So, when Josh's sister, Miranda, arrives at their rehearsal dinner with Fred—Audrey's 'What If? guy', the man she met six years ago and had one amazing day with but never saw again—Audrey can't help but see it as a sign. Surely Fred's appearance the night before Audrey is due to get married can't be a coincidence. And when everything that could go wrong with the wedding starts to go wrong, Audrey has to wonder: could fate be trying to stop her from making a huge mistake?

    BLACK ENGLAND by Gretchen Gerzina, read by Debra Michaels - audiobook extract

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 1:46

    A powerful history of the forgotten lives of black Georgian Britain. Georgian England had a large and distinctive black community. Yet all of them, prosperous citizens or newly freed slaves, ran the risk of kidnap and sale to plantations. Their dramatic, often moving story is told in this audiobook. The idea that Britain became a mixed-race country after 1945 is a common mistake. Even in Shakespeare's England, black people were numerous enough for Queen Elizabeth to demand their expulsion. She was, perhaps, the first to fear that whites would lose their jobs, yet her order was ignored without ill effects. By the eighteenth century, black people could be found in clubs and pubs, there were churches for black people, black-only balls and organisations for helping black people who were out of work or in trouble. Many of them were famous and respected: most notably Francis Barber, Doctor Johnson's esteemed manservant and legatee; George Bridgetower, a concert violinist who knew Beethoven; Ignatius Sancho, a correspondent of Laurence Sterne; and Francis Williams a Cambridge scholar. But many more were ill-paid, ill-treated servants or beggars, some resorting to prostitution or theft. And alongside the free world there was slavery, from which many of these black Britons escaped. The triumphs and tortures of black England, the ambivalent relations between the races, sometimes tragic, sometimes heart-warming, are brought to life in this well-researched and wonderfully listenable account. The black population of Georgian England had been completely ignored until this audiobook changed the conversation, clearing the way for a new kind of history based on the experiences of ordinary people rather than the ruling classes.