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The Shotgun Start with Andy Johnson of The Fried Egg and Brendan Porath of SB Nation is a podcast waiting for you early in the morning that quickly blasts through a variety of topics (usually) related to golf and (ideally) relevant to the day. It covers news from the pro tours around the world, amusing and important topics from the amateur game the rest of us play, and some irreverent stuff in between. There will be short interviews, previews, reviews, and dives into the archives. It provides what you need to know on golf through a rapid and fun catch-up discussion.

The Shotgun Start

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    Latest episodes from The Shotgun Start

    Tiger talks, Bryson oils up, and the Asian Tour pokes the bear

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 40:21

    This late Monday episode was planned as another installment of the Year in Review, but Andy and Brendan could not shut up about some of the recent developments in the world of golf. So they begin with a few comments on Thanksgiving weekend before transitioning to reactions on The Match V. Is hard work never really sleeping with Bryson? They discuss Phil's work on the mic, and why Brooksy was always a natural for this kind of deal. Then it's on to Tiger's first interview since his car accident. They discuss Tiger as a golf guru for Charlie, the joy of just seeing him make an appearance, questions they wish were asked, and the unnecessary timetable guesswork that's happening. Also, what his statement about not playing the Tour full time anymore might mean for that organization -- speaking of, the Asian Tour lobbed a salvo with the announcement of a lengthy commitment list for the Saudi International next year. Can the Tour do anything to respond and is this list just going to keep growing? Back with more Year in Review Part 3 later this week!

    Year in Review Part 2, presented by Precision Pro Golf

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 51:04

    This Black Friday edition of the Year in Review is a quick companion piece to Wednesday for your Thanksgiving holiday travels, and it's brought to you by Precision Pro Golf, the official rangefinder of the Shotgun Start. This part picks up with some of the Pat Reed embedded ball-gate fallout, and runs through the Phoenix Open, Pebble Beach, and a wind-delayed Riviera. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next week or so in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season. There is also, if you can believe it or not, a Black Friday sale in the SGS Pro Shop if you're so inclined.

    Year in Review Part 1, presented by Precision Pro Golf

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 68:21

    The annual Year in Review series is back, and earlier than normal this year thanks to sponsor Precision Pro. This episode begins with some quick comments on reports of the PGA Tour bringing wide-ranging purse increases and other incentives as a counter move to the upstart disruptor leagues. Then it's on to the Year in Review, beginning with Kapulua, where Bryson was trying not to black out and Pat Reed was wearing non-sponsored GFore apparel. This part runs through Torrey Pines, where Pat Reed was self-adjudicating embedded balls. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next week or so in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for your support of the podcast!

    The Tiger activation, Dubai Drama, the Ko show, and some other spicy takes

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 46:17

    This Monday episode is an amusing jaunt through a surprisingly full weekend of golf news. Andy and Brendan begin first with the Tiger Woods swing video, expressing surprise, hope, and context about the commercial aspect of why it was posted. They discuss whether this means we'll see him playing again soon, or ever. Then they get to Dubai, where Collin Morikawa's impressive career start continued by becoming the first American to win that season-long contest. They discuss some of the outrageous numbers Morikawa is putting up. There's also an unexpectedly lengthy chat about Rory, his coach split, what success in November means for someone with his resume, and ripped shirt-gate. On the CME, they marvel at Jin Young Ko's dominance, her GIR streak, and the state of the women's game heading into 2022. There are digressions on Lexi, Nelly, and Lydia as well. Talor Gooch is given his due for his breakthrough win before a closing segment on hot driver faces, Brooksy's new equipment deal, and whether his best golf is behind him.

    Embracing the fall series, and writing a Ryder Cup book with Shane Ryan

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 34:40

    We are joined by the estimable Shane Ryan for this Friday episode. Shane is at the RSM Classic this week in Sea Island, and jussssst finished a 40-day sprint writing a much-anticipated Ryder Cup book. We begin first with that project -- the arc and elevator pitch of the book, his overarching takeaways from a decade immersed in the Ryder Cup, what it was like to write in such a short span after the conclusion at Whistling Straits, and one especially despairing moment during that writing process. Then we transition to his view from Sea Island, what he likes about the event that some might argue shouldn't exist, and what he's seen this week so far. Shane is also a defender, mild albeit, of the fall series and expounds on what he finds acceptable and endearing about a portion of the schedule that is often an easy target of the misanthropes. Thanks to Shane for the time, and you can preorder his book here.

    The worst day of the week, and the Town Crier rings his bell in Dubai

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 31:06

    This Wednesday episode begins with a tale of Andy claiming he just played golf in the worst weather he's ever experienced on the course. Then he and Brendan debate and consider the worst day of the week, with a strong argument made for Tuesday. The schedule for the week begins with the RSM Classic, an event with a commendable-enough field full of Georgia Bulldogs. The CME Championship is then discussed, as well as the “remastered” Tiburon course and the general Naples scene. Over on the Euro Tour, it's the Race to Dubai conclusion, with Collin Morikawa in the driver's seat and Billy Boy on his heels. The Town Crier was busy making proclamations from the Middle East, calling for a reduction in cards and fewer “handouts” to the rank and file PGA Tour players not doing enough. These comments, and a solution, are discussed in a closing news segment that also features brief asides on Rory's carbon footprint and his apparent Greg Norman distaste.

    The Lambo Open, The Anchor Cup, and the Oil Man

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 37:58

    Andy and Brendan are back from the weekend in one piece -- barely, as one host did fall off the back of a moving truck. They begin by talking Houston Open, which goes off into a discussion on how Memorial Park punched back a bit on this field of elite tour pros over the weekend. Jason Kokrak's winning ways are praised, but there are also questions about whether Golf Saudi might soon get the UPS brown-out treatment as a sponsor. There is also a report from the ground on Brooks himself being briefed on the infamous “Spartan Butters Wedding Theory.” On the LPGA, they begin first with the Lexi Problem after another ghastly putting finish. Lamborghini insurance is also a meaty subject of discussion in the LPGA recap. On the Champions Tour, they hit on the general confusion over who won the Chuck Cup and who won the Chuck Championship and the seniors really throwing their weight around when it came to priority TV coverage.

    Slugger re-surfaces, Euro Tour re-brands, and Ben Rothenberg on tennis

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 61:21

    This Friday episode begins with some quick discussion around Slugger White joining up with Greg Norman and the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Investments, as well as the European Tour becoming the “DP World Tour” with a 47-event schedule. There's also a reading of an extremely weird Slugger and Norman moment illustrative of why they might be working together again. Then Andy and Brendan continue on with their Friday guest routine to go decisively off-golf-topic with Ben Rothenberg, a tennis writer for the New York Times, Racquet Magazine, and host of the No Challenges Remaining podcast. It was suggested to them that tennis has many of the same structural and organizational issues, and strengths, that golf currently grapples with and that Ben would be the perfect guest to orient them on that. It's an interesting and edifying discussion on another sport that should resonate with the golf nut who might know little (or a lot!) about pro tennis.

    A coffee shop quibble and ‘the Reagan Memorial

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 22:11

    Andy is in Brendan's neck of the woods for this episode and he is plagued by Brendan-levels of execrable wifi, so this one runs short. They begin with a rant about hipster coffee shops that open too late, as well as other breakfast cuisine retailers that maintain peculiar hours. Then it's on to the schedule for the week, starting with the Houston Open, or the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Houston Open as it's now known. They discuss some featured groups, Memorial Park conditions, and the hopeful return of rowdy crowds. The blueberry brigade will be back out in full force for the return of the LPGA in the Tampa area. The Schwab Cup finale and Euro Tour descent into Dubai are given a quick nod before the Wifi puts a quick end to this one, but we're on to Friday.

    Hovland's Cave, Nakajima's next, and the Alker Quandary

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 35:58

    This Victory Monday episode begins with an appreciation of Cleveland and Illinois weekend sports success, but not of Bert Bielama's coaching tactics. Then it's on to the golf, beginning with Viktor Hovland's win in Mayakoba for the second straight year. Andy offers some statistical insights into what makes Hovland so good, even in comparison to his elite peers, and where he might fall on the Rahm and Morikawa scale. The world amateur No. 1 Keita Nakajima's win at the Asia-Pacific Am is reviewed, with praise for both him and that event's continued run. There's a deep dive analysis on Steven Alker, winner of the second leg of the Champions Tour playoffs, and just the astounding cash run he's been on the past 10 weeks. It's another instance which really pulls the pants down on the Champions Tour. Lastly, they preview the final day of KFT Q-school and express sympathy for Big Mike becoming a content pawn.

    The Butterfield Boys, An Enlightened Prince, and a Saudi Shark

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 73:06

    This hybrid Monday episode delights in a first of the month recording, which prompts both a recap of Halloween and an assessment of November and where it ranks among the month, generally. Then it's on to a quick recap of the Butterfield, where two shovel boys finished 1-2 and some rookies got some precious points. There's a larger-picture discussion on golf's contorting reticence to say something is cheating or that someone cheated. Then it's on to the schedule for the week, hitting on the World Wide Technologies of Mayakoba and a possible Geronimo reunion. In news, they discuss the new regulations on greens reading books and the enforceability of these commendable regulations. Supplementing our chat on the Saudi news on Friday is more on these leagues that only exist on powerpoint at the moment. The PGL's continued grasp for headlines with an apparent strategy to try and get friendly with the PGA Tour is discussed, as is the Liv Golf Investments and Asian Tour news. Is there a worse messenger or front man in golf than Greg Norman? Is the Asian Tour maneuver actually a brilliant one? Are any of these leagues ever going to announce a player?

    The Butterfield Boys, An Enlightened Prince, and a Saudi Shark

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 43:47

    This hybrid Monday episode delights in a first of the month recording, which prompts both a recap of Halloween and an assessment of November and where it ranks among the month, generally. Then it's on to a quick recap of the Butterfield, where two shovel boys finished 1-2 and some rookies got some precious points. There's a larger-picture discussion on golf's contorting reticence to say something is cheating or that someone cheated. Then it's on to the schedule for the week, hitting on the World Wide Technologies of Mayakoba and a possible Geronimo reunion. In news, they discuss the new regulations on greens reading books and the enforceability of these commendable regulations. Supplementing our chat on the Saudi news on Friday is more on these leagues that only exist on powerpoint at the moment. The PGL's continued grasp for headlines with an apparent strategy to try and get friendly with the PGA Tour is discussed, as is the Liv Golf Investments and Asian Tour news. Is there a worse messenger or front man in golf than Greg Norman? Is the Asian Tour maneuver actually a brilliant one? Are any of these leagues ever going to announce a player?

    Saudi shuffling and the annual SGS golf Halloween costumes brainstorm

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 44:41

    This Friday episode begins with the news of the week, perhaps month, and perhaps year, that greater movements are afoot with the Saudi Golf League, and that there was a closed-door embargoed pitch to (some hand-selected) press and that the Norman-as-Commissioner announcement is imminent. They discuss who might already be committed, the one large remaining obstacle, and the cohort it will take to make this work. Then there's some vital mid-first-round check-ins on the Butterfield, where the winds are wreaking havoc. After a restart of Brendan's abominable wifi, they close with their annual golf-related Halloween costumes segment, an annual favorite in the SGS universe. The laughs close out the week with some obvious and obscure costume ideas for the weekend festivities.

    Is this the worst field in PGA Tour history?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 41:31

    It's a light schedule for the week, but that does not mean there's nothing to talk about on this Wednesday episode of the Shotgun Start. Andy and Brendan begin with a few notes on the East Lake Cup, including if Oklahoma has a recruiting advantage when it comes to burly recruits, like linebackers or QBs preferring a certain school. Then it's on to the Butterfield Bermuda Championship, which boasts quite possibly the worst field in the history of the PGA Tour. Whether it's cost of travel, vaccine requirements, or some other reason, it's not even a full field with alternates dropping like flies. Andy combs the bottom of the field for a quiz game on whether or not a specific player in this field has had a *top 25* on *any* OWGR-eligible tour in the past five years. They ponder some potential SGS favs who could find a little rejuvenation ala Brendon Todd and Brian Gay, the winners here the first two years. It's 30 minutes or so of laffs, incredulity, and analysis you didn't know you needed, and may still not need, on the Butterfield Bermuda Championship.

    A wide-ranging chat on garage sales

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 59:49

    This delayed Monday episode is full of life, extracting every ounce out of a global golf weekend on multiple tours. But first, there are ample details and discussion on an attempted garage sale at Andy's house over the weekend. What kind of people show up? Were golf items of note parted with to some uncaring new owner? Then it's on to the Zozo Championship, where Hideki Matsuyama won in front of his home fans. They discuss the import of that, the extravagant framing of it, the lack of buzz in the U.S. around the event, and why this should be a must-play primetime event on the schedule for the top players. Jin Young Ko's brilliance is then highlighted, including a discussion on an impactful quote from her about her mental health struggles early this year. Bernhard Langer's incredible achievement on the Senior Tour is appreciated, but not without multiple shots at the Tour in general, as well as Phil's grumpiness at the tournament. The Euro Tour's winner prompts a confession about the functional “utility of kids” after his kid got him unlocked from the bathroom in time to make his tee time. The laughable report about Greg Norman becoming head of the Saudi League is discussed, before a lengthy final segment on Q school players advancing.

    Justin Ray on who made 2021 leaps, data walls, and other metrics

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 52:22

    Our Q4 Friday guest series continues with the great Justin Ray, perhaps the only *essential* follow in all of golf twitter. The premise of the chat was for Justin to edify us on some players who made significant improvements, or “leaps,” over the last year. We start with that, but then it quickly bounces around on a bunch of different, and interesting!, topics. We discuss the continued importance of distance, some strokes gained flaws, data walls at the majors, his beloved Houston Astros, the threshold for putting “proficient at Excel” on your resume, and much more. Thanks so much to Justin for his time and enlightening us.

    Zozo returns to Japan, Aussies get creative, and “Rickieville”

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 31:50

    This Wednesday episode is a quick whip through the schedule for the week, starting with the Zozo Championship on the PGA Tour. Andy laments the no-cut status and the notion that the PGA Tour is sending its worst kind of product to a market that every player should play in during the season. During this discussion, the new Australia event for pros and amateurs is praised, while a larger concern about that historic golf market being somewhat left behind on the greatest pro stages is raised. Also, is Rickie the player with the most to gain from these sleepy fall events, or is it “European Rickie”? The first leg of the Schwab Cup is noted, with defending champ Phil Mickelson in the field. Some “notables” from both KFT and LPGA q-schools are discussed as well, including Dr. Jack's boy. They close with news on one college player signing with an agency for NIL matters before a technical issue forces an abrupt ending.

    The Prince's Return, SAS overruns, and the Summit cinch

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 33:29

    This Monday episode begins by reacting to Rory McIlroy's rousing weekend in the desert, where he got to 25-under for his 20th PGA Tour victory. Begins is probably the wrong word, because before the Rory chat, there's ample discussion about some of these ridiculous scores, ample eagles, and the Summit challenge, including Rory's own comments that the Tour would be happy to give the course back to the members and the owner. There's a debate on whether a plaque (not necessarily the CJ plaque) is the worst kind of award memento you can receive, even worse than a ribbon? Rickie's resurgence is also praised as a possible sign of things to come. The coverage catastrophe is given its due, as the SAS Championship and senior circuit gets its moment, the one no one but them wanted. Matty Fitz's victory in Spain is reviewed, with some side discussion on what Paddy Harrington must be thinking watching two of his players take down trophies on Sunday.

    The Future of the European Tour and its schedule with John Huggan

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 47:59

    This Friday episode begins with some reaction to Phil's indignant tweets about the news of the USGA rule on driver length, and a not-so-subtle threat at his own PGA Tour for adopting it. Then Brendan and Andy are joined by European correspondent for Golf Digest (among many other things), the legendary John Huggan to discuss a variety of topics from across the pond. First, they ask John about his close friendship with and memories of Renton Laidlaw, the voice of the European Tour who died this week. Then they banter on the “strategic alliance” and what it means for the Euro Tour, its players, and its future schedule. Europe's Ryder Cup future, both the roster and its captains, is discussed. They close with some wildly amusing tales about John's playing days. There's plenty of historical and big picture thoughts on the game mixed in as well so many thanks to John for his time.

    Shrinking shafts, JR Smith show, Players purse bump, and CJ Plaque ‘desert golf'

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 47:51

    This Wednesday episode promptly goes off topic, discussing the “preemptive” rain delay in Chicago, October not being as good as September, and if the rules of golf are actually not that bad compared to the officiating and umpiring conundrums we're watching every weekend now. Then Brendan and Andy begin with an early news segment, discussing the new USGA local rule limiting driver length to 46 inches and what it means for Tour golf, among others. Then they discuss the PGA Tour bumping the Players purse to $20 million as well as providing essentially a “travel stipend” to the lower rank-and-file members in what's basically a golf pro union. JR Smith's first foray into competitive college golf is reviewed, and any and all critiques are addressed. Then it's on to the schedule for the week, starting with the CJ Cup, which will take place at a new venue in the desert that's not ‘typical desert golf,' if such a type even exists. There are 3 things to watch there, and more on the Euro Tour's return to another “so bad it's good” venue.

    Did the Phil show cannibalize the PGA Tour, Sungjae's arc, and a Schenk Lineup

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 34:04

    This punchy Monday episode reacts to a Bears win, a Browns loss, and a healthy serving of worldwide golf over the weekend. Andy and Brendan begin by pondering if the biggest star was not playing on the PGA Tour this week but up with the Seniors, and what that means for both circuits. They discuss Sungjae Im's win in Vegas and the potential for him to be the best men's Korean player ever. Adam Schenk somehow becomes the subject of a segment. Rafa Cabrera Bello's career is put in the crosshairs (that's probably too strong a term for it) after winning his national open. And in the event of the week, the Jin Young Ko machine rolled on in New Jersey.

    Friday Mailbag, gambling on youth sports, and a Vegas Invitational flashback

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 44:41

    This Friday episode begins with a quick check-in on some of the tournament action this week before transitioning to a mailbag. Andy and Brendan put the call out for questions minutes before recording, and they run through a series of both golf and non-golf queries on the fly. Then the second half is a Precision Pro Flashback Friday on a past Las Vegas Invitational, featuring 3-time winner Jim Furyk, who beat Jonathan Kaye, a “bad boy” rebel on Tour. They discuss some of the amusing circumstances around that 1999 Vegas Invitational, Furyk, and Kaye, including the details around his 2-month suspension and multiple run-ins with both fans and the commissioner.

    Is the Town Crier required to make an Urban proclamation?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 48:54

    This Wednesday episode begins with an apology about the missing Monday episode and some ample clean-up from the weekend on Sam Burns, the Dunhill, Celine Boutier, and a Swedish killer. There's also a digression on whether the Town Crier has to make an announcement and declaration about the town fool in NE Florida. Then Andy and Brendan are on to the schedule of the week, which leads to Martin Laird appreciation and a couple unrelated stories about their scant few visits to Las Vegas. They ponder if every Champions Tour event should just be a guy and his friends, like this week's “Furyk and Friends” in Jacksonville. The LPGA event earns event of the week honors but one move that does not earn praise is the big news that the Dinah Shore will be relocating to Texas in the coming years. They discuss this at length in the news segment, which also features a chat on the newly announced Bryson-Brooks Match V at the Wynn in Vegas.

    Bones is back, and Fall schedule/Sanderson status with Will Bardwell

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 58:45

    This Friday episode begins with a quick update on Baton Boy Sr. playing over at the Dunhill, Mr. October finding his sweet spot, and news that Bones is returning full-time to looping with Justin Thomas. Is this an unintended PIP play? Does it matter at all for JT's golf and how does it hurt the broadcast? Then Andy and Brendan welcome Mississippi's own Will Bardwell, of Lying Four fame, to discuss his Sanderson Farms Championship enthusiasm, his history with the event, and its strength in its current form. They also asked him on to get at the larger discussion around rumors that the fall events may no longer carry Courier Cup points. What would this mean for Sanderson and events like it in the fall? What would they actually play for? And is this a leverage play to boost Euro events as part of the strategic alliance. The episode closes with a transatlantic Flashback Friday. First is the on the time John Daly nearly gave the Mississippi event's finance guy a heart attack by asking for his earnings in cash on the spot. Second, is when Westy hit the greatest shot in Dunhill history resulting in a “pas de deux of elephantine proportions.”

    The Asswagon breaks down and Kevin Clark of The Ringer joins to talk Bears-Browns

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 61:51

    This Wednesday episode begins with some sad news about an SGS favorite getting sold for parts. Then Andy and Brendan offer some Ryder Cup clean-up with one more thought about how this could go for the next several years. The schedule for the week starts with a favorite here, the Chicken/Peacock/Sanderson Farms Championship in Jackson, Mississippi. Notables features a husky quartet and Andy tries to diminish the entire event's existence. The Dunhill and LPGA are also covered and praised during the schedule for the week segment. But neither earn event of the week honors, which go to the two U.S. Mid Amateurs, where SGS has some rooting interests. The second half of the episode is a chat with one of the podcast's few returning guests, Kevin Clark of The Ringer. Kevin offers some reactions to the Ryder Cup, including his own personal history with the event, before they transition into a hard discussion about the leadership group of Andy's beloved Bears. They discuss if an analog to the Manningcast could work in golf, and make some other ridiculous football-golf comps. Thanks to Kevin for his time.

    Sunday at the Ryder Cup: Drinks, Tears, Thanks, and Takes

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 81:12

    Our week in Sheboygan comes to an end with an American rout at the Ryder Cup. This recap episode is once again live from the Bixby Bus. It begins with a “thanks” to Mr. Kohler, a call back to an amusing inside nugget that started the week. Then it's on to the takeaways from the victorious and dominant American side, and the defeated and battered European side. Andy talks about going back out to watch Westy play the 18th to “bring the old warhorse into the barn.” Brendan talks about going out to watch Rory and what the emotion that poured out of the European side meant for both this cup and going forward. They caution about all the grand pronouncements on what these three days means for the next several Cups, and also reiterate why it's the best event in golf. They also debate who we'll see again in Italy, and much more from another week on the ground. This episode, along with all of the episodes from Wisconsin, are supported by Bixby Coffee, where new Shotgun Start pitcher packs are live to go with the trusty SGS blend and Westy Island blend.

    Saturday at the Ryder Cup: Beer chugging-gate

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021 41:35

    This Saturday night episode begins with Andy and Brendan pondering whether they should decamp from Sheboygan and hit the road in the Bixby Bus to go to the Bears-Browns game. The U.S. has all but locked it up at Whistling Straits. They discuss Rory's absolute no-show, DJ's tour de force, Lowry not getting more run, and the disrespect that the Euros might have felt by Justin Thomas chugging beers in between sessions on the first tee. Tension corner focuses on this new peculiar practice of USA players putting their putters down to indicate they should have been given a putt, Brooks and Berger AND Sergio battling with a rules official, and Spieth and Rahm's caddie getting into it. Least and most valuable players are awarded, the blame game is accounted for with Paddy, and the American Marshals and fan groups are addressed. This episode, along with all of the episodes from Wisconsin, are supported by Bixby Coffee, where new Shotgun Start pitcher packs are live to go with the trusty SGS blend and Westy Island blend. Also, there will be 10 percent off everything at checkout up through Saturday.

    Friday at the Ryder Cup: Is this over?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2021 41:08

    It's Friday! And not just any Friday, but a Friday with real, actual Ryder Cup matches to dissect and delight in after a full day at Whistling Straits. Andy and Brendan, with appearances by Will Knights, react to the day from the Bixby Bus in Sheboygan. They discuss the first tee experience and whether the Wisconsin sports fans will ever recover from the lack of juice. They nominate some of their best players, worst players, biggest surprises, and others from each session on Friday. The Bryson show, the Rory sadness, the Westy angst, Finau's force, and the Casey catastrophe are specifically called out after some up-close observations inside the ropes. They also wonder who plays for Europe on Saturday if they actually want to try and make this competitive again. This episode, along with all of the episodes from Wisconsin, are supported by Bixby Coffee, where new Shotgun Start pitcher packs are live to go with the trusty SGS blend and Westy Island blend. Also, there will be 10 percent off everything at checkout up through Saturday.

    Thursday at the Ryder Cup -- Lineups set, Opening ceremony amusements

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 38:48

    This special Thursday episode reacts to finally, at long last, getting some real lineups to discuss after an interminable week of pre-match ceremony. Andy and Brendan shout about the absolute howitzer of an opener featuring a Texan and an Arizonan up against the American duo of Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas. They proceed to run through the entire card for the opening session, expressing anxiety about a couple favorites and confidence on a few others. They make picks for each match, choose their favorite matchup, most lopsided potential, and question if anyone was foolishly left on the bench. There's also some reaction to an offensively bad and unnecessary opening ceremony. This episode, along with all of the episodes from Wisconsin, are supported by Bixby Coffee, where we will be launching new Shotgun Start pitcher packs to go with the trusty SGS blend and Westy Island blend. Also, there will be 10 percent off everything at checkout up through Saturday.

    Weds at the Ryder Cup: Can we talk about this astronaut mannequin?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 42:33

    This Wednesday episode comes to you live from the Bixby Bus in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Andy and Brendan offer some initial thoughts after walking around Whistling Straits on Wednesday morning and hearing a few more of the players talk. Some initial chatter focuses on the wind and cold perhaps equalizing things in a way you might not expect for an away team. They discuss some of the early duos we've seen signaled throughout the first couple practice days, the Rory “conundrum,” the DJ-Morikawa power play, and if analytics have taken “the fun” out of the captaincy catastrophes. There's an argument made that Bryson should play as much as possible. Candidates for “shit stirrer” of the week are also bandied about. Worst potential pairings are also nominated. And they close incredulity over a shining example of the absurdity of the pomp and circumstance of these interminable pre-match days. Thursday will bring another preview episode reacting to the lineups for Day 1. Subscribe to the SGS or Westy Island blends at Bixby to support the pod's work this week.

    A *new* world No. 1 at the Fortnite, Dutch Boy Toffer, and RV reconnaissance

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 26:03

    Before the madness of the Ryder Cup and a flurry of episodes later this week, this truncated Victory Monday episode is a quick reaction to the weekend in golf, starting with Max Homa's ridiculous back nine in Napa that took the Fortnite Championship and put him in the lofty perch of new world No. 1. Andy and Brendan discuss their former colleague's quick turnaround to start the new season, the firm conditions at Silverado, and Maverick McNealy's swing at the 17th tee that cost him. Then they whip around the rest of the golf world, hitting on Jin Young Ko coming back from a lengthy break and immediately winning on the LPGA, a Toffer getting it done on the Euro Tour after six years of hell and almost blowing an 8-shot lead, and Darren Clarke rumbling and bumbling to his third Champs Tour win. They close with some supremely naive chatter on the RV for the Ryder Cup after Andy had a disconcerting chat with the owner of the vehicle.

    The annual SGS over-unders episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 57:51

    This was an early mid-week recording for the Friday episode, with Andy on solo dad duty and Brendan with school golf outings to tend to and the flurry of Ryder Cup episodes coming next week. They begin with some quick news on Brooks Koepka saying he's healthy and ready to go, potential partners for him, and Paul Azinger's comments that he should relinquish his spot if his heart is not into it. There's chatter about a potential cart ban for the captains and the confounding American vice-captain strategy. Then it's on to the over-unders for the new PGA Tour season, now an annual tradition on the Shotgun Start. They pepper each other with a mix of amusing and semi-serious propositions for the season that's to come on Tour. Included at the end are some NFL season over-unders for their beloved Browns and Bears, and general chatter about vocabulary and other life hacks.

    Awards angst, Fortnite Tent Championship, and Bryson's ‘wrecked hands'

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 47:03

    This Wednesday episode begins with some trepidation about transportation for next week as the Shotgun Start goes on the road for the Ryder Cup. Then they get to the farcical PGA Tour season-ending awards, where four “win” Patrick Cantlay took home the honors and non-member Will Zalatoris won Rookie of the Year. Does it actually matter? Should we be worked up about it? Has the entire process been corrupted and shrouded in mystery? Then it's on to the Fortnite Championship in Napa, where Jon Rahm can avenge his POY snub. There are multiple “things to watch” for this season-opener in wine country. They continue through the schedule for the week before closing with reaction to news of Bryson's extreme speed training and wrecked hands as he gets ready for the Ryder Cup and World Long Drive simultaneously, and Brooksy's candid comments on why the team matches are a tough adjustment.Awards angst, Fortnite Tent Championship, and Bryson's ‘wrecked hands'

    No one has ever ‘waited all day for Sunday night'

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 35:53

    This Sunday episode was recorded during halftime of the Bears-Rams game and begins with some questions about Andy Dalton, specifically, “why?” There's also a critique about the theme song for Sunday Night Football and a few comments about the Browns' loss. Then Brendan and Andy get to the Intercontinental Baton Boy, who left the comforts of the moat, went across the Atlantic, and won the European Tour's “flagship” event. They discuss whether he *actually* deserved a call from Steve Stricker and whether he should be mad about that. Regardless, it was motivation for some sterling play and baton work in front of the English fans, who he certainly tried to play to. Then they discuss the messy European Ryder Cup process, with the constant fluctuations, the Westy-Lowry drama, and the Rose “snub.” There's also the matter of another interested party tweeting and liking tweets suggesting a displeased camp. David Toms is also given a quick shoutout for his win on the Champs Tour.

    U.S. Ryder Cup team finalized, and a Spotlight on the BMW PGA at Wentworth

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 82:51

    This Friday episode begins with some reaction to Steve Stricker finalizing his roster for the Ryder Cup this month. Andy and Brendan praise the picks, highlightling Scheffler's suitability. They also discuss course fit as a gauge for a contest that's entirely different from week-to-week golf. Also, Patrick Reed's reaction to the “snub” is discussed. Then, in honor of BMW PGA Championship week on the Euro Tour, there's a Spotlight on the 2011 edition at Wentworth. They highlight the titanic clash for world No. 1 between Luke Donald and Lee Westwood and the unfortunate playoff finish. Donald's career is also put under the microscope a bit, debating whether his path up was a unique trailblazing of sorts in NCAA golf and staying stateside when he was out of college. The reign at world No. 1, his chase for a major, and talk of a rivalry with Rory are also highlighted. Wentworth is also put under the microscope, including a spicy war of words between Ian Poulter and the then owner at this 2011 edition. Ernie's history of course changes are documented, as is the continued push-and-pull of getting the best in the world to show up for what has always been a hefty purse at the “flagship” event.

    It's coming Ernie's masterpiece

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 42:13

    This punchy Wednesday episode begins with a celebration of a golf achievement the likes of which we will not see again, the “Chase for 83” ending on the Minor League Golf Tour. Andy and Brendan celebrate Sunny Abacoa's SEVENTH straight win down in the swamp to achieve even what Tiger could not. Then it's on to the schedule of the week, which is expertly crafted for this time of year. There's one main event, and it's primo coffee golf that will end before football in the states. It's also the event of the week, the BMW PGA Championship, at Ernie Els' best design, the former Harry Colt design, historic Wentworth. Three things to watch hits on the Ryder Cup race across the pond, a galaxy brain take on how the Race to Dubai has outmaneuvered the FedEx Cup, and the Baton Boy in a foreign land. There is a history lesson on the course architect of the venue on the Champions Tour. Notables for a few other lower tour events lead to uncontrollable laughter approximating the Andy North ringtone episode. There's a segment on Ryder Cup picks for the U.S. side -- who they want/expect/would make them most mad. They close with news of Will Zalatoris being eligible for Rookie of the Year and PGA Tour University getting a new title sponsor.

    Solheim grading, match play rules drama, and Net Tour Champ flops

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2021 60:08

    This Monday episode comes out late reacting to the holiday finish of the Solheim Cup, where Europe cruised to a victory at Inverness. Andy and Brendan discuss the captains' strategies and misjudgements, breakout stars, the established stars who came up short, and the Inverness setup and routing. Then they have a separate discussion on the rules drama from Saturday night -- who was at fault, what should have happened -- and if it impacted the competition the rest of the way. The Net Tour Championship is reviewed, including a side bar about media criticism and not falling into the trap of advocacy or becoming the boy who cried good. The larger points are made that this season-ender sucked and they elaborate on why it sucked. A Ryder Cup captain's picks analysis ensues, with Kevin Na, and even the Baton Boy, getting some love. The Korn Ferry Finals 25 qualifiers are called out and given their due, even Dawie Van Der Walt who catches a drive-by. They briefly chat about the Euro Tour delivering back-to-back twin winners, and some underwhelming comments about the Italian host venue of the next Ryder Cup. The episode closes by circling back to the Solheim with a segment on possible future venues they'd like to see.

    Solheim study, Ryder Cup 1st mate Phil, and Cantlay crushes Net Tour Champ format

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 50:07

    This early Friday episode begins with a discussion on best practices for unboxing videos and some Brendan anxiety over that. Then it's on to the event of the week, the Solheim Cup, which is set up perfectly from a schedule, roster, venue, and tv format. Now they have to actually play the matches to deliver the goods, and Andy and Brendan preview the pods on the U.S. side, discuss the behavioral study that grouped them, Bubba's involvement, and a few great holes to watch at Inverness. News hits on Phil Mickelson and Fred Couples being named assistant captains for the Ryder Cup, which leads to a digression and a rant on Phil's lashing out at the USGA about driver length. News also covers Patrick Cantlay's destruction of the format in East Lake and its “criminal” impacts. Flashback Friday goes way back and celebrates arguably the greatest run of golf ever.

    The Brooksy Bylaw, Net Tour Championship, and Burly Boy Journeyman

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 60:19

    This Wednesday episode gloriously falls on the first of the month, so you can imagine Andy's giddiness. Brendan's mood is also lifted by the fact that he's not calling in from a space cave and the audio should return to acceptable enough. They begin by jumping right into the news from Jay Monahan's press conference that the Brooksy shouts are considered “harassing behavior” and will now not be tolerated. They discuss how this is even enforceable, the slippery slope, and the Tour courting this exact creature that they're now aghast about. Then it's on to the Tour Championship and its staggered start format. They react to some JT and Rahm comments on the format, try to remember much about East Lake, and ponder a format that Andy thinks would hit a sweet spot for the new gambling craze. Pat Reed's return, apparently by bus tour and showing off his hibiscus refresher, is also discussed within a larger Ryder Cup roster debate as the final week before that's finalized on the U.S. side. The Journeyman of the Week is a burly boy in the Web Tour finals who just clinched his card and has some interesting thoughts about peanut butter. Friday will bring a full Solheim Cup preview and discussion sponsored by our good friends at Zero Restriction(use promo code SGS25 for 25% off) .

    Exploring the limits of podcasting potential

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 40:53

    Even by Shotgun Start standards, this is a bit of an experimental episode. With Brendan up in Baltimore covering the BMW Championship, and the late finish, he calls in from the road along with Kevin Van Valkenburg of ESPN, who was also on the ground and gathering some incredible reporting on the Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Cantlay duel. The trio focus solely on that BMW final round, Cantlay's potential, the Bryson heckling, the defenseless setup, and if the fireworks mean anything either way for the FedEx Cup. Wednesday's episode will be a more thorough recap of the other events, the Ryder Cup points race closing, and a focus on the Solheim Cup. Thanks to Kevin for joining us and apologies to listeners everywhere for the poor audio quality. We won't try this again!

    Ryder Cup roster debates, The Curse gets canceled, and a Caves Valley primer

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 73:27

    Will Gray of NBC Sports Edge joins for this packed Wednesday episode recapping the Monday finish, looking ahead to the schedule for the week, and drilling down on the Ryder Cup roster shuffling with just two events, and maybe only one for a few, to go before picks are made. Brendan begins by asking Will about his transition to gambling coverage and any surprises he has encountered as golf has run into the embrace of legalized gambling. Then they review the final round of the Northern Trust, where Tony Finau finally broke through for his second PGA Tour win. Is the PR Curse officially dead? Are we overdoing it on the narratives about what it means in multiple ways? Then they're on to the BMW this week, spotlighting a couple of their favorite aspects of the second leg of the courier cup and also providing some early intel about the first-time PGA Tour host, Caves Valley in Baltimore. An event of the week is crowned as they run through the rest of the schedule and then they discuss the Ryder Cup points race and roster options in the final week, which Will has been studying up on. They also touch on Patrick Reed's health situation and how that might impact the roster. The Journeyman of the Week is a high-profile stud coming out of college who failed to make the postseason for the first time since he got his card. Will then closes with some SEC football predictions and handicapping insights because he can.

    2021 majors come to a close, Tuesday finish for the good of the game, and Boise drama

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 39:32

    This Monday episode begins with a tale from the road, as a family vacation gets off to a rough start. Then it's on to the Women's Open at Carnoustie, which closed the books on the majors for 2021. Andy and Brendan react to Anna Nordqvist getting it done despite being unable to chip, Nanna Koerstz Madsen booting it away on the 18th hole, some invasive Playing Through choices, Louise Duncan's contention, and the Salas slow play. The Northern Trust discussion moves to the updating of the rules to allow for a Tuesday finish, the tough break in the schedule, the grounds crew efforts to get it playable for Monday, and the SubAir usage throughout the week. Similar to the Women's Open, the 18th hole became a scene of catastrophe in Boise on the KFT, where Greyson Sigg used a drop from a backboard to make par and edge an imploding Aaron Rai. The Ferryman gets it done at the Czech Masters and the bomber jacket Rod Pampling got for winning on the Champions Tour is worth googling.

    Nerves-less Nelly, was DJ's spare driver on the ferry, and Flashback to St. Andrews

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 43:18

    This Friday episode begins with some wedding talk before Andy and Brendan get to the golf. On golf, they begin with the Women's Open, where Nelly Korda is again at the top of the leaderboard. They discuss some of the conditions at Carnoustie as well as a few of the unheralded names amidst the big guns on the leaderboard. At the Northern Trust, they hit on Pat Reed's WD and how DJ didn't have a back-up driver ready to go at Liberty National. An impromptu segment, Ryder Cup Review, debates the candidacies of Tony Finau and another potential American irritant for roster spots in September. Precision Pro Flashback Friday is a double dose, the first recounting one of the all-time absurd sponsor activations before what used to be the first Playoffs event. The second FbF hits on a historic Women's Open, where the best player in the game won at the first ever Women's Open trip to the Home of Golf.

    Carnoustie coffee golf, Playoffs confusion, and Big Daddy journeyman

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 51:15

    This Wednesday episode begins with the event of the week, the Women's Open at Carnoustie. Andy and Brendan highlight some of the key tee times and discuss the course setup options that should test the best women's players in the world. Then they're on to Liberty National, stumbling through the top 125 players and wondering how the hell some of them got to the postseason given their profiles. The Euro Tour event has a distinct silver medal vibe. The Senior Tour event is really only cause to mention the one time Brendan said something on air that got the Tour to call into Golf Channel. And last but not least is the start of the KFT finals, where the usual mix of familiar names have come down to play for improved status next year on the Tour. The Journeyman of the Week is a Kiwi who did not make the FEC, or the KFT, and will be out there in the woods wandering to try and make his way back.

    Alternate lines at Oakmont, over-dramatizing the Top 125, and KFT card watch

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 56:32

    This Monday episode reacts to a full and diverse weekend of golf offerings, starting with the U.S. Amateur. Andy and Brendan review the revolving door of tv channels that the final visited, the Greaser-Piot match, the limited coverage earlier in the week, and yes, the alternate lines down different venerable Oakmont fairways that got plenty of action on Twitter. At the Wyndham, there's a rant on the overselling of what it now means to *not* make the top 125, as well as some thoughts on the six-man playoff format, Chesson Hadley's push, and Roger Sloan getting family time. In Europe, there are two segments dedicated to Ryann O'Toole facts and Calum Hill facts, which devolves into research on the Western New Mexico University mascot. They close with what turned into arguably the most compelling conclusion of the day, the regular season finish on the KFT, where David Skinns burst through for a win and a Tour card, Austin Smotherman held on for dear life, and Taylor Montgomery got screwed thanks to a well-worn old scheduling gripe.

    U.S. Am reactions, OWGR reform, golf's field of dreams, and Flashback to Watts Gunn

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 51:31

    This summer hours Friday episode wanders around, starting with some thoughts on the early bracket matches at the U.S. Amateur. Chicago may have a new favorite son, Mike Holmgren's son is a big boy, Thorbjornsen is a rallying killer, and more on Oakmont. Andy and Brendan then bounce around on some of the early stories from across the tours, hitting on Wyndham, the Women's Scottish, and the KFT. They discuss the OWGR reforms and also ponder what golf's answer to MLB's “Field of Dreams” game would be. J.R. Smith's attempt to play college golf is also praised. Flashback Friday throws it way back to another U.S. Amateur at Oakmont, the 1925 edition, which featured two members from the same club and one notorious party boy playing in the finals. The episode closes with some quick thoughts on Merion and Oakmont getting USGA championships all the way out to 2050 and what larger impacts that might signal.

    Superfluous caps Top 10, Superfluous “ue” at U.S. Am, and Journeyman of the Week

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 63:30

    This Wednesday episode is a wide-ranging look at all the games within the game this week -- the top 125 to make the playoffs, the ISP Top 10, the Risk-Reward Challenges, the cards at the KFT, the U.S. Amateur finalist perks, and much more. Andy and Brendan begin with the Wyndham Championship, where Matthew Wolff could win seven figures in the risk-reward challenge. There's also general confusion over the Business Tour Top 10. They both offer one choice they'd like to see play his way into the top 125 this week. Then it's on to the event of the week, the U.S. Amateur at Oakmont and uniquely spelled Longue Vue. They hit on the stroke disparity between the venues during the first day, and the stroke disparity between a crispy Oakmont and a rain-soaked one for the second round. There's a lengthy and often incorrectly informed discussion on what Cazoo, which is now sponsoring another Euro Tour event this week, does as a company. The Journeyman of the Week is Sean O'Hair, who is playing Wyndham and well outside the top 125 in the FEC standings. O'Hair's career highlights, the infamous upbringing, and current Tour status are covered in this closing segment.

    Nelly's gold, Prancing in Memphis, Hurried Harris and Befuddled Bryson

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 60:05

    This Monday episode begins with feelings of vindication and delight over some high-profile confusion on the Home of Golf during the final round telecast at TPC Initech. Then Andy and Brendan get into the resolution of the event of the week, the women's golf at the Olympics. They discuss Nelly's gold, Inami's charge, and Ko's comportment as maybe the model professional golfer. They also have some final big-picture thoughts on golf in the Olympics. Then it's on to the WGC Memphis, with a big shoutout to Honest Abraham Prancer for his first win. They discuss their unexpected enthusiasm and anticipation for this WGC, and the absolute circus that ensued in the final group implosion between Thicc Boi and Harris English. They discuss the absurd boundary fence ruling and why the Tour is setting up “bumpers” to keep balls in play. There's also reaction to the pace of play, shouting fore backlash, and refusals to talk to the press. At the Women's Amateur, they ponder if the winner might be a Frugalite while praising the Westchester setup. The winners at the Home of Golf, in Reno, and in Utah, also get their due.

    Applauding Aditi, Hoping for Herman and Henson, and Bashing Bryson

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 6, 2021 54:00

    This Friday episode is another AM recording to work around the overnight Olympics, which Andy and Brendan immediately jump into at the top. They start with the peculiar decision not to play more than 18 holes per day that has brought in the possibility of a 54-hole event, and the uncertainty it has created around the last two rounds. Then they opt to talk not about the favorite in first, but the current silver-medal position holder Aditi Ashok, who is hanging in there despite an extreme distance disadvantage. There is, of course, a segment praising Nelly Korda but also cautioning against again forgone gold. In Memphis, they discuss the “Summer of Harris,” Jim Herman's run at the WGC title, and the Thicc Boi's altruism of not taking vaccines out of the general supply. At the Home of Golf, they re-visit and root on an old friend and first original guest on the SGS. They close with a Precision Pro Flashback Friday that hits on one astounding stat and a former winner in Memphis who nearly missed his Sunday tee time because he was watching a space launch.

    Defending medalists, Schedule moves & playoffs tinkering, and Journeyman of the week

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 48:13

    This Wednesday episode begins with a preview of the women's golf competition at the Olympics, and a quick rebuttal to any notion that it's unfortunate the course might play “harder” for the women one week later. There are three things to watch, including a theory about why we have all three medalists from 2016 playing this week when we had none last week. Then it's on to the double dose of Tour golf, both at the WGC Swampass at TPC Initech and the opposite field boys trying their hand at stableford in Reno. This just leads immediately into reactions on the new PGA Tour schedule -- the courier cup incursion into Euro Tour events, the remaking of the Playoffs for August stops in Memphis and Atlanta, and the omission of some major American markets, among other things. Continuing with the instant schedule for the week, there's a return to the incredulity about the Euro Tour event at the fake St. Andrews and some praise for the U.S. Women's Amateur. They close with a new segment, the Journeyman of the Week, brought to you by our old spirits-making friends in Michigan. This week's subject is “the other Bassy,” who might be the greatest golfer ever at Arkansas.

    A Boy from Bratislava grows up to be the Silver Slovak

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2021 58:34

    A triumphant Monday episode begins with some “we'll always remember where we were” reminiscences about a legendary Saturday night and Sunday morning at the men's Olympic golf competition. Andy and Brendan discuss all the delightful elements of the Boy from Bratislava's record-setting round of 61 that earned the golf-loving nation of Slovakia a silver medal. They hit on the actual golf, the absolute shotmaking show, the jubilant middle-of-the-night party on Twitter, the broadcast having to acknowledge and lean into the Slovakian story, the true “love story” that delivered this country a medal, some unconfirmed reports about Sabbo's Saturday night out, and much more. Of course, they also hit on the actual gold medal winner and the weight and import the competition seemed to carry. They recap the 7-man playoff and the other Rory's attempt at a bronze. The glowing reviews from JT to Morikawa to the other Rory's change in tune are also discussed, as well as their own impressions from a great late-night watch and what it might mean for Olympic golf going forward. There's also recaps of all the other golf, including Annika's absolute dominance at the U.S. Senior Women's and a Western Am phenom playing the most grueling test in amateur golf in between visits to Lollapalooza.

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