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The Shotgun Start with Andy Johnson of The Fried Egg and Brendan Porath of SB Nation is a podcast waiting for you early in the morning that quickly blasts through a variety of topics (usually) related to golf and (ideally) relevant to the day. It covers news from the pro tours around the world, amusing and important topics from the amateur game the rest of us play, and some irreverent stuff in between. There will be short interviews, previews, reviews, and dives into the archives. It provides what you need to know on golf through a rapid and fun catch-up discussion.

The Shotgun Start

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    Latest episodes from The Shotgun Start

    Joel Beall on his Augusta reporting, Ryan Nanni on LIV Orlando and Golf Advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2023 71:06

    It's the last episode before we officially hit Masters week, and Brendan consults with two talented experts for two very different segments. Golf Digest's Joel Beall joins first to discuss his fantastic and lengthy recent story on Augusta National and its tension between continued expansion and its history and identity. Beall describes the reporting process of talking to 70-plus sources, including several members, what surprised him about ANGC's plans, the DOJ antitrust probe's impact inside the club, and what he thinks a future there might look like. There's also a good section devoted to the potential second course at Augusta -- how far along are discussions and who might be consulted for it. The second half of the episode brings in Ryan Nanni, of Shutdown Fullcast, bloomin onion, and Florida expertise fame, to discuss LIV's descent on Orlando, and if anyone will notice. He then joins BP to answer some SGS Golf Advice questions on a fake hole in one, losing a long drive contest to a 13 year-old, paddle tennis fraud, and taking lessons with a spouse.

    Masters hype, LIV preps for Augusta at Crooked Cat, and Trout National with Shane Bacon

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2023 54:17

    Shane Bacon graces us with his voice and presence for this Wednesday episode, which begins with a few Masters odds and ends as the hype and build-up begins with the tournament just a week away. Shane and Brendan discuss some early storylines, including the looming LIV arrival and commingling with PGA Tour pros on the grounds at Augusta National. Will there actually be tension or confrontation? In schedule for the week, they relay some amusing TPC San Antonio stories, make one-and-done picks, and ponder why some pros are teeing it up in Texas. They also discuss LIV's prep at the Crooked Cat in Orlando, and the LPGA's continued West Coast swing with the one true LA Open. News hits on a PGA Tour memo outlining the various statuses for next year under the new Designated framework, the value and weighting of FedEx Cup points, Mike Trout National coming from designer Tiger Woods, and some early CBS plans for the Masters.

    Match Play goes out with a bang and an angry players meeting in Puntacana

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2023 50:49

    Andy jumps on from his vacation but minus a mic cord so apologies for the sound quality. Brendan joins to discuss a fabulous WGC Match Play from Austin, where everything and everyone delivered and certainly made the Tour's choice to end the event look worse and worse each day. They praise the top players, including Bermuda Burns, for all showing out on one of the better weekends in the event's history. They discuss Rory McIlroy's amazing drive to three feet and how it became a stupid talking point in the bifurcation debate. The subject of mallet vs. blade putters also comes up, given Rory's recent change. The results whiparound also yields some amusing intel from the ground at the Corales Puntacana Championship, where a couple old hands were screaming mad in a players meeting with Jay Monahan in town.

    Alarm in the top 10, the U.S. Am changes, TaylorMade's “survey” and SGS Golf Advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2023 55:09

    This Friday episode is a potpourri of thoughts on the Match Play and Puntacana championships. Andy and Brendan ponder which elite player from last year should be more concerned given recent runs of form: Will Zalatoris or Matt Fitzpatrick? There's also some quick Rickie appreciation following his takedown of Jon Rahm. Then they get into the USGA making some significant changes to the qualifying processes for the U.S. Amateur, its original championship. They discuss what those changes will do to the field and also some unintended consequences. The TaylorMade survey is also given a few minutes of amusement. SGS Golf Advice hits on a Schenk putter effect, breaking it down for some slow playing in-laws, a scorecard issue lowering your handicap to dangerous levels, and how to get more Mid-Am reps.

    Match Play swan song, In-Out-Alt for Puntacana, and TFE travel stories

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2023 45:11

    This Wednesday episode is stunted by technical difficulties but you get a solid chat on the WGC Match Play and the PGA Tour's curious decision to end it and abandon Austin. Andy and Brendan ponder what current event might be suitable for a match play spot on the schedule, and the Tour's argument for why East Lake doesn't work. This year's edition of the Match Play is given some attention, with scariest and stinkiest pools chosen, drama about Rory's equipment, and some one-and-done picks. At the opposite field event, they once again play In, Out, or Alternate for one of the more wild and random fields of the season. They close with news of one big equipment company asking for random fan takes on the rollback in a survey.

    A relatively unprepared chat while watching the LIV playoff in amusement

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2023 47:43

    This is an episode guaranteed to give you at least one (1) good Adam Schenk fact, among many other things related to Jordan Spieth, LIV Golf puttering and billowing about, the NCAA tourney, and a PGA Tour daycare issue.

    The pros get mad about “selfish” USGA rollback, LIV vs. NCAA tourney, and SGS Golf Advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2023 55:11

    As a precaution, this Friday episode was recorded just before the Illinois NCAA tournament game. Andy and Brendan jump into the early tourney action delivering as always, and wonder what the hell LIV is doing scheduling its event opposite that. They also lament the peripheral and buried Phil Mickelson not really having a stage, or a relevant one, to offer comment on the ball rollback. Someone who does have a stage is Justin Thomas, and they go through his “rant” in Tampa about the selfish USGA, anti-athlete rollback, and the potential for them “doing their own thing.” Peter Kostis's insane solution to have exploding drivers is also reviewed. A hearty SGS Golf Advice closes it out, with listener notes on a club championship scoring disaster, a miserable customer golf experience, and balancing expectations to play well and steady on an expensive/great course. 

    USGA announces ball rollback, the PGA Tour's response, and LIV trademark blocked

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2023 73:39

    This Wednesday episode comes on the heels of the USGA and R&A announcing a “Model Local Rule” that would rollback the golf ball some 20 yards for elite male competition. Andy and Brendan talk at length about the announcement, how it will impact the highest levels of the game, what was missing from it, and if it went far enough in combating the distance problem. They discuss the backlash and reaction to it from OEMs like Titliest, players those companies pay like Webb Simpson, and the PGA Tour's rather toothless show of support in its statement. That triggers a world of hypotheticals wherein the Tour might play with the suped-up stuff while the majors play a different, realer golf. After that rollback chat, they hit on shhhedule for the week, make some picks for the preeminent gambling pod, and hit on the news of LIV's trademark claim being blocked by the Miami nightclub. Also, is there a worse sports weekend to have a LIV event than opposite the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament?

    Gold Boy Scheff, Sawgrass thoughts, and the DMCA-happy PGA Tour

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2023 59:29

    It's a Victory Monday episode for a few sundry reasons, and Andy and Brendan jump right into it discussing Scottie Scheffler's dominant win at The Players Championship. They debate the label of his “boring” golf or personality that seems to be an issue for some, and praise the actual game, strategy, and execution show that he put on all weekend. They discuss his “generational” and “all-time” potential after yet another signature win. Then they play a back-and-forth game of “impressed vs. underwhelmed,” running through various players and subjects that fall into one or the other camp from the week that was at TPC Sawgrass. There are some harsh words for a few Euros and some kind words for a certain “elite” Horned Frog. They sign off by asking if the LIV guys were actually missed from this event at all.

    A Fargiveness Fiasco, Pace Problems, and others notes from The Players

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2023 54:46

    This Friday episode is a narrow-ranging review of the first round at The Players Championship, where Brendan has spent the week. They start with some of the driver drama with Collin Morikawa's switch back to an old TaylorMade model and prompt first round 65, and Rory McIlroy struggling to find a new fit after worries his old one might be getting too hot. They also discuss Morikawa's contention, and others, about driving accuracy becoming perhaps the most important part of putting together a good round this week. The pace of play mess is also panned, with the first round not even getting close to finishing before dark. News hits on the lawsuit filed against Tiger Woods by his ex-girlfriend, and then SGS Golf Advice closes it out on a hilarious “thrown clubs” bet and the awkwardness of a single asking to join you.

    A rambling Players preview, Monahan speaks, and the demise of Gold Boy

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2023 72:51

    Andy and Brendan are punchy for the Players preview, which will have you feeling as unprepared as ever for the PGA Tour's gold standard. They react to the full day of press conferences following a players meeting in the TPC Sawgrass clubhouse. Jay Monahan's hour at the mic is given a review, as is Rory McIlroy's presser and others' comments reacting to James Hahn and some grumbling from the middle tier. They talk a little about TPC Sawgrass and what continues to make it a unique event and test, and then rifle through some of the worst, best, and most amusing tee times for the first two rounds. News hits on Netflix ordering another season of Full Swing and then it's another handful of rambling segments on various characters signs us off before the start of the 5th major.

    A Kitty Kat, Spieth, and Rory keep the “Designated” momentum at Bay Hill

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 6, 2023 51:34

    This Monday episode is a ramble with Brendan traveling to LUPLAND and Andy battling spotty wifi, but the two react to a delightful and amusing Sunday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. They discuss Kurt Kitayama's rise to win one of the game's elite events, his unattractive game holding up against the likes of Spieth and Rory and Scheffler, and if Bay Hill truly delineates the best golfer from the week. There's plenty of ammo for the “just a guy” narrative from the sketchy drop to the putting at the finish. They debate more about the new Designated formats for next year and where that would have left someone like Harris English. James Hahn's comments are given a quick examination, with plenty of laughs but also a few points that may be somewhat valid however inarticulately told.

    Framework for a new “designated” PGA Tour revealed, and SGS Golf Advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2023 81:38

    This Friday episode begins with an extended chat on the Illinois basketball player who missed time for drinking too much Monster. Then Andy and Brendan jump into the news of the framework for designated events in 2024. They disagree, quite often, about the importance of removing the cut and the field sizes being just 70 or 78 players. They also discuss the scheduling or bunching of designated and non-designated events, and how those fields will be built on the qualification criteria of various courier cup points. They debate how this might be WGCs 2.0 with some fervor. SGS golf advice hits on a nightmare week at golf school and some preferred lies abuse, before they go back for more on the Tour overhauls and allegations that Brendan is being nice before a trip to Ponte Vedra.

    Bay Hill appreciation and the context LIV lacks, and a PR Open field guessing game

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2023 59:16

    It's Wednesday so Andy and Brendan begin with a debate about high school basketball. Then they get to Bay Hill and another designated event on the docket. That results in an unplanned follow-up on LIV and some of its issues surrounding context and getting off the ground with delusional revenue goals. They also discuss the paltry ratings numbers that have come out in recent days. On Bay Hill, they discuss what they've come to actually appreciate about the API as a test for pro golfers and year-over-year ability to yield primo winners. The opposite of primo is the opposite field Puerto Rico Open, and instead of hollering about that field for another year, Andy quizzes Brendan on a list of names, making him guess between In/Out/Alternate. This results in many incredulous laughs, and some old-fashioned hollering too about “Big Tom Callahan” and many others.

    LIV's sluggish start and uncertain future, Kirk nearly hits a Honda, Non-designated delights

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 27, 2023 57:50

    It's a lively Monday episode that begins with the discussion of some bland weekend home maintenance projects. Then Andy and Brendan get into the finish at the Honda Classic, where Chris Kirk nearly hit a Honda parked in the middle of the pond at the 18th. There's some amusing intel on that activation, and a little praise for the potential niche that a non-designated event could carve. Then they review the LIV season two debut, wondering where the momentum or proof of concept may come from next and relaying some grumbling about the general state of things. They discuss the CW debut and the lack of context for anything that happens on that Tour. Then they have a thought experiment about who would go back to Q school and advance out of there should this fall apart at some point.

    Intel and angst from DLF, LIV shenanigans in Mexico, and SGS Golf Advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2023 47:16

    It's Friday! Andy and Brendan jump into it with some early thoughts on the Burly Boy from England by way of Louisiana, the Baton Boy at home in Florida, and a Coody immediately popping on the Honda leaderboard. There's an audio “Design Disasters” segment after Brendan woke up to a 3-minute rant from a Euro Tour caddie on the 17th at DLF, which demanded further investigation. Then they get to the LIV season opener, and all the social media stunts the players have had to partake in down in Mexico. There's also a review of Pat Perez's quip about the PGA Tour being booted from the venerable Mayakoba and Peter Uihlein's analogy that the 4 Aces are just like the Yankees. There's some incredulity and scorn for the new SIWGR. The week closes with an SGS Golf Advice segment on Full Swing watching best practices, albatross doubt, and a “vigilante course setup.”

    Phil's tedious LIV team, Bubba's offseason moves, and the glorious return of DLF

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2023 49:34

    This Wednesday episode begins with some important decisions and marital kerfuffles on the home improvement scene. Then Brendan and Andy get to the final announcement of the LIV teams, with some incredulous words for the way Phil Mickelson is spending some of the sunset days of his career. Conversely, there's great admiration and surprise for Captain Bubba's team-building philosophies. News of tape-delayed coverage on the CW is also discussed, and whether that matters for overall numbers. They also discuss the dog portraits that players are receiving in Mayakoba. The stinky Honda Classic field is previewed within the context of how something like this now fits in the Designated era. They get into some of the also-ran names, but also highlight the potential for a youth movement. Then it's on to the event of the week, the great DLF's return to the Euro Tour for the Indian Open. They read some excerpts on the course and marvel at its so-bad-it's-good abilities. News hits on the R&A changing some Open exemptions and Sam Bennett's choice to skip Riviera, which leads to an extremely cool story about Stephen Curry.

    A Designated delivery of Rahm-Homa at Riviera, Tiger optimism, LIV signs Pieters

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 20, 2023 64:22

    Andy and Brendan begin this Monday episode after a highlight of the PGA Tour schedule by discussing some childcare angst. Then they quickly jump into a fabulous weekend of golf from Rivieria, where Jon Rahm ascended to world No. 1 with another win and Max Homa pushed him down the stretch. They hit on the notion of Rahm as “clearly” the best player in the world, if not most consistent. They praise Homa's post-game comments and continued approach pushing the best in the world down the stretch of primo events. They discuss how Riviera holds up, or doesn't, to the modern player and equipment. Oh, also, there's a Tiger chat, mostly about his prospects and reasons for optimism. Results discusses Bernie anchoring his way to Hale Irwin's record and the Pissbear getting a Euro Tour win. News hits on Thomas Pieters going to LIV, with some insight into what maybe prompted the move.

    A thirstbucket tracks Tiger on the ground, Riviera field foibles, a LIV personality quiz

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2023 56:59

    Andy and Brendan are bouncing into Friday after that exhilarating Thursday night finish at Riviera, where a new thirstbucket of the century was born. Andy relays a few notes from the ground after following the Tiger, Rory, and JT supergroup and seemingly ending up like Waldo in the background of every shot. There are some optimistic thoughts on Tiger, a few comments on playing with his “friends,” and getting the real deal product in the same week that the Netflix show has gotten so much of the attention. There are a few angry notes about Thomas Pieters not being in the field, and some scuttlebutt about who might make designated events going forward into next year. News hits on some LIV roster moves and the deliverance brought by Mean Dean Burmester. There's an unplanned personality quiz taken on the LIV site that apparently matches you up with your team. SGS Golf Advice closes it out to get us to the weekend.

    Tiger's back, Moving Riv out of February, and J.B. Holmes's pool

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2023 53:14

    It's an unfocused Wednesday episode that regrettably, or fortunately, comes during the best week of the PGA Tour season. Andy has driven down to Los Angeles and reports from his first day on the ground about a wild encounter on the Riviera steps. They also preview the Genesis, but not without pondering if it's getting lost in the schedule or if February is the best time for such a high-profile peak on the schedule. There's a wild divergence on J.B. Holmes drawing a tee time with Will Zalatoris, and Holmes's penis pool featured on a reality show (not Full Swing). They discuss some holes at Riviera as well. Tiger's return, his press conference, and his odds to win being the same as the Kitty Kat are covered. News hits on Adam Scott's election to the PAC chairman and TGL adding a couple gold medalists.

    A sChef in the Pancake Zone, Xander's sketchy ruling, and wimpy layups

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2023 46:04

    Andy and Brendan ignore the start of the Super Bowl to record this Monday episode on a strong weekend at the designated debut of the Phoenix Open. They discuss Scottie Scheffler's return to No. 1 in the world and how he enters the Pancake Zone without having his “best stuff” in a loaded event with some difficult playing conditions. But there's also some early scorn for the layup approaches taken by Nick Taylor and Jordan Spieth as they tried to chase down Scheffler. The sketchy Xander Schauffele ruling raises several questions and an extended discussion on why it's even a crutch of the rule, why second opinions are even allowed, and the process of hitting into a free drops via the grandstands. The predict-a-ball gizmo on CBS is also given further attention after its use at TPC Scottsdale.

    Bryson's messy divorce with Cobra, NBA vs. LIV trade deadlines, SGS Golf Advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2023 60:02

    The weekend is nigh, and a giddy Brendan and Andy bounce around on a variety of topics from the WMPO “wasted” hats, the biggest tree in the world, and mushroom-watching. Then they dive into a Golfweek article on Bryson DeChambeau testing clubs at Ping, with some spicy comments from Cobra about his deluded demands and fraught history with his first pro equipment partner. Then they discuss Hudson Swafford's 81 in Oman and if he parlayed a “contract year” into a quiet quitting situation. As the NBA trades fly, news touches on the airball (basketball term) of a real LIV offseason of trades and moves, with the term chucklefucks making its return. If LIV collapses, should there be various appeals hearings where each player has to cross the drawbridge in shame for a bit of theater? SGS Golf Advice hits on a club champ quandary, a brutal member-guest invitee, some WMPO party dilemmas, and the gimme process.

    Is Phoenix the Tour's most important event and LIV rebranded teams arrive

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2023 63:51

    Andy and Brendan begin this Wednesday episode running down the “content bonanza” as Pebble wraps up, the influencers arrive in Phoenix, new LIV logos are unveiled, the PGA Tour gets new website, Titleist makes a film, and the Swilcan patio controversy continues. All this before some Monday cleanup on an underplayed Justin Rose story from his win at Pebble. Then it's on to the shhhedule for the week, which involves a wide-ranging discussion on the designated debut of the Phoenix Open and how it may be the most important or “biggest” event on the PGA Tour. There's a debate about the most thirsty scene of the week. Then they get to the LIV captain announcements with their new logos, team descriptions, and awkward dancing. News hits on Pat Reed flying to London for the arbitration hearing with the DP World Tour, Dan Patrick enlisting with the troops, and where designated event field makeups go from here.

    Pebble problems, A new build-a-player, insane Swilcan Bridge outrage

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2023 52:45

    Andy and Brendan record this late Sunday episode with some reactions from a wind-and-weather delayed weekend at Pebble Beach. Andy is back from the grounds with some more tidbits and insights, and some questions about Brent Grant, specifically who he is. There's also chatter about Justin Rose, Peppy Peter, Andy mushing Denny McCarthy's hot round, and the future of the event after another underwhelming field this year. They also discuss CBS's shot predictor feature in what was a weekend of love for the broadcast. The Saudi International, DP World Tour, and KFT winners are all given their dues, with particular angst about Pierceson Coody stuck down in the minors. News hits on the incredible outrage over the Swilcan Bridge patio and the Phoenix Open field that includes a bunch of heavy hitters, a loaded Monday qualifier, and the Dutch Boy.

    3 days of preferred lies, WGC Austin no more, SGS Golf Advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2023 51:12

    This Friday episode begins with the “Geronimo Test” and the $100,000 price for something called the Smash GC Family Package. Then Brendan and Andy reflect on Brooks Koepka playing in Oman the week of the Phoenix Open. There is some Dynapower scoop from Andy's day out at the Pebble Pro Am, as well as some Kitty Kat facts. They review the wonders of Martin Trainer's website, which proudly claims anti-American and socialist views. There's exasperation over three days of preferred lies at Pebble because of the chance of moderate rain in one afternoon. News hits on WGC Austin folding up after this year, PXG developing a golf ball, and rumors of Cam Smith struggling to find a country club in the Jacksonville area. They close with an SGS Golf advice on guilt by cheating association, calling a penalty on yourself or trying to hash it out with a partner, and more.

    Reed's statement signifying nothing, Bubba's new LIV team name, Pebble's fall

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2023 64:28

    This was supposed to be a short one, but all manner of news, schedules, and Euro Tour names are discussed over the course of this hour. Andy and Brendan begin with Pat Reed issuing a statement no one asked for, satisfied no one, and only re-loaded another round of further scrutiny on him after Dubai. They also get to Bubba Watson's quote from the Saudi International that he joined LIV because his 10 year old knew the team names. They also laugh about Phil claiming he's “disengaging” from the drama. This leads to a “Shotgun Scoop” on Bubba's new team name, as well as another re-brand and name for the Aussie quartet. Schedule for the week takes a long, hard look at the weak field at Pebble Beach of all places, and doles out some blame for this unacceptable trend. News hits on Bassy Munoz's reported departure, the scrubbing of Will Zalatoris's putts, and a draconian new rule on the PGA Tour for one-year bans even for non-members.

    Rory beats Binoculars Boy in Dubai, more Reed rules drama, and Homa just keeps winning

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2023 68:17

    Andy and Brendan waited for the Dubai Desert Classic to finish before recording this Monday episode, and man were they rewarded with both substance and catnip. They begin with Rory McIlroy manning up in the final round, finishing birdie-birdie to edge Pat Reed by a shot in what was an entire week of drama between the two on and off the course. They try to contextualize what it might mean to win in January for a player at a level where the majors are usually all that matters. On Reed, there is a lengthy chat about yet another incident where it could be said he cheated when he identified his ball up in a tree that it did not go in, and how golf's oversight permits these kinds of maneuvers from many more players with far less scrutiny on them. After that lengthy chat on Dubai, they get to Saturday's winner, Max Homa, and the “playing narrative” around him as he continues to rack up Ws in his early 30s and whether his actual golf is sometimes obscured by the endearing personality and popularity.

    Flicking tees in Dubai, Seminole bans LIV boys from Pro-Member, SGS Golf Advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2023 64:22

    Andy and Brendan close out the week with a Friday ramble on the drama and intrigue in Dubai both on the course and off the course. There is a diversion, however, to highlight the All-Burly team following up on the Kenneth Lofton chat from Wednesday. The Rory-Reed kerfuffle is covered with the new, added context of subpoenas. They ponder whether Rory should have gotten in Reed's face and also the veil of some notion of a “gentleman's game” being long gone. They wonder whether the Euro Tour's best play would be to keep these mixed fields going to further the drama. News hits on LIV's CCO leaving and Seminole banning LIV players from the Pro-Member. SGS Golf advice concludes the episode with some rollicking conundrums, including one on playing with an amorous couple.

    Reed throws a tee at Rory, LIV announces 2023 schedule, Aberg vs. Surratt

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2023 39:19

    It's a whiparound show with a hard stop at the end that probably spends too much time at the beginning discussing the regular CW lineup, like Maury, Judge Mathis, and others, preempting live LIV coverage on Fridays. There's also probably too much time dedicated to the announced musical act for the Players, Riley Green. And there's also probably too much time spent on Patrick Reed throwing a tee, allegedly, at Rory McIlroy. Andy and Brendan also ponder what they're missing at the PGA Show this week. They go through the entire announced LIV schedule one-by-one, with some questions about the Crooked Cat-Augusta National back-to-back stretch. Schedule for the week focuses on Rory's 2023 debut in Dubai, where there are some thoughts on that and the Ludvig Aberg hype, Septic Tank's continued patronage, and the “home clubs” listed on the DP World Tour's website. 

    Rahm as the “real” No. 1, downloading the CW app, and SGS Golf Advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2023 58:17

    Andy and Brendan are back after a “relaxing” weekend watching golf and football. They begin with some clarity on where Jim Nantz will be calling Farmers from, and questions about title sponsors and stadium naming rights. Eventually, they get to Jon Rahm and his second straight victory on the PGA Tour at the AmEx in Palm Springs. They lament why everything he did this week was framed through some sort of OWGR debate or discussion, and ponder the nihilism of such an event like the AmEx. The Davis Zone is given its due, as is the big bird from Xander. Victor Perez is lauded for his victory in Abu Dhabi and Brooke Henderson for her win in Orlando. But there are some questions about wisdom teeth removal as an offseason challenge. News hits on the CW-Liv deal going final before an SGS Golf Advice segment to make up for Friday's whiff. This one takes on a different kind of “whiff” as well as another listener looking for penance from a junior golf cheating incident. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Poulter is “changed,” LIV nears TV deal with CW, The Gas Man cometh

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2023 36:44

    This Wednesday episode is a rapid-fire unstructured discussion that begins with the schedule for the week, which quickly transitions into Ian Poulter's latest comments from the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. The field is a mixture of DP World Tour players and the fellas from LIV, which reports indicated was closing in on a TV deal with the CW network. They discuss this and find a random list of the 20 worst channels on cable and boy does that take a sudden turn. The strong field at the AmEx is pondered before some one-and-done picks are made. News hits on a stunner joining the Ryder Cup assistant captains ranks for Rome and Nelly Korda making the jump to a new equipment and apparel provider.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Si Woo respect, Spieth disrespect, and non-designated dumps

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2023 49:55

    This holiday Monday episode begins with a damning follow-up on the “provisional pedant” from Friday's golf advice segment. Then it's on to the Sony Open, where Andy demands more respect for the talent and work of his boy Si Woo KIm, who he's been pushing for more than five years now. They also discuss the first non-designated event of the year, and whether the gulf between the designated and non-designated events will widen when it comes to TV product presentation. On the Sony, Brendan starts to acquiesce to Andy's Spieth thoughts after a rollercoaster and disastrous T1-MC two-day stretch. They also hit on the Hero Cup and what, if anything, it means for the Ryder Cup. News has some fun with the PAC list of names being announced and Zinger's quote that his stretch on the PAC was a “colossal waste of time.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Netflix tease time, LIV's first 2023 signee, and Golf Advice on Provisional Pedantry

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2023 52:06

    This early Friday episode begins with some investigative reporting that yields a first-hand account of Seamus Power's travels from Maui to Abu Dhabi and why this flying west option may have been impacted. Then they're onto some early Sony movers before getting into an extended chat about the Netflix golf trailer, its authenticity, its prospects, and how this might just be the best year yet to be a golf fan. News of Mito signing with LIV is discussed, as are the waivers for multiple Camerons to play the Saudi International. The episode closes with a Golf Advice segment on dropping a decade-old grudge against a “provisional” pedant and choosing to live in an area simply based on a legacy spot at a sweet country club. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Higgs says LIV took all the villains, A sad trip back to Hawaii, and Hero Cup hopes

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2023 52:09

    This Wednesday episode begins with shock and horror at the lopsided Georgia-TCU game, and asks some big questions about fan travel to blowouts, winning with class, and whether one of Brendan's youth basketball teams can claim to have done so. The schedule for the week begins with the Sony Open, where a stronger-than-usual field is on hand. Andy claims it might be ripe for a certain over-the-hill scrambler to get a W. There's excitement around the Hero Cup, believe it or not, and more questions about Seamus Power's trip from Hawaii to Abu Dhabi. News hits on Jay Monahan's interview with writers behind closed doors at Kapalua, and Harry Higgs suggesting that the Tour is lessened by LIV taking all the villains, who provided a measure of entertainment. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    A dynamite Tour opener, Morikawa goes ‘touch ‘em all,' and Rahm's chase down

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2023 50:11

    It was a dramatic finish to the first event of the new year on the PGA Tour, so Andy and Brendan begin with excitement over the Bears getting the No. 1 pick, allegations about fixed NFL games for name-brand franchises, and demands for a date to be set for Browns-Bears in 2023. Then they get to the drama between Jon Rahm and Collin Morikawa, and wonder if the Tour had its own fix in to appease the Champions in the field and Paradym Puppeteers. They discuss Collin's collapse, which featured a bunker shot that had Zinger exclaiming “touch ‘em all!” The narrative shift was rapid and harsh, and they wonder what it means the next time he has a lead late in a “pressure” moment. It was a tough scene for the newly named Chip Monk. They also appreciate Rahm and a great opening weekend and product put forth by the Tour and NBC. They close with questions about Tom Hoge and TCU's chances on Monday against Georgia. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    A new cologuard commercial, Kapalua shines, and SGS Golf Advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2023 59:23

    We did not have to wait long this year for some sort of recording hurdles, as Andy is forced to record on his phone in the car in a grocery store parking lot due to wifi being knocked out from the storms. Nevertheless, both Brendan and Andy are enthused and rejuvenated by the first full round of the year, which is always a delight to take in. They explain how and why Kapalua succeeds as a Tour stop, discuss Jon Rahm's quote that it is “nothing but wedges,” appreciate the return of Zinger, and laugh at some new commercials Andy was sure to put in his notes. They also hit on leader Collin Morikawa and his expanding stable of coaches, as well as the preposterously muffled marketing around what the broadcast is now calling “designated events.” News touches on two new Masters exemptions being handed out, including to the reigning NCAA champ. They close with the new year return of SGS Golf Advice, which covers a lawnmowing vs. golf dilemma, a friend who wears Loudmouth, and having to pick up a wine tab. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    It's 2023! Here's an extremely not comprehensive season preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2023 57:37

    It's a new year at the Shotgun Start, and Andy and Brendan immediately begin with questions about names: who's coming up with all these dramatic weather names and who's naming some of these new drivers? They have lots of energy and are excited to be out from under the Year in Review. The fake vs. real Scott Stallings wins both the year's first catnip and thirstbucket of the week. There's also a first-of-the-year check-in on the happenings at Panther National, with great amusement in a certain framing of the project. Then it's on to the schedule for the week, which is just one event, the Tournament of Mostly Champions at Kapalua. Andy is over the moon about a sponsor-less Cantlay and thinks it means big things for him in 2023, which leads to a bigger take on elite players chasing equipment money. There's also chatter about who will be Mr. Irrelevant from this year's field and which players in the top 10 right now might tumble this year. It's a fascinating, if not maddening, exercise to get us rolling into 2023. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Year in Review, Part 10

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2022 75:17

    The Year in Review comes to a close, and it's shut down early before we get to the Net Tour Championship. So for the second year in a row, East Lake is given short shrift. This part does, however, cover the amusements from LIV NJ, a bonanza of lawsuits, TPC Initech, the dramatic TRO hearing, and the Delaware Delegation in mid August. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next couple weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.

    The Year in Review, Part 9

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 26, 2022 80:51

    The last men's major of the year, the 150th Open, was also a celebration of the game's history. It's also where LIV's Ian Poulter got booed on the first tee. It's also where one unnamed LIV player, who we name in this episode now, furiously cursed out a reporter for asking about OWGR dangers. This part of the Year in Review covers The Open in detail, and then gets to some amusing Scott Piercy developments at TPC Sod Farm and a spate of LIV typos in graphics, like “Louise” Oosthuizen. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next couple weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.

    The Year in Review, Part 8

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2022 89:28

    We're past the U.S. Open and further into the summer of LIV on the Year in Review. This episode begins at the Travelers, where Brooks Koepka bolts the Tour and is labeled “duplicitous” while the PGA Tour announces some major changes, some of which would not last the year. The U.S. debut of LIV in Portland is also chronicled as well as some regrettable quotes from the JP McManus in Ireland as the final men's major of the year approached. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next couple weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.

    The Year in Review, Part 7

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2022 89:10

    LIV officially launches, and the pace of this Year in Review series slows considerably. This part covers, essentially, two weeks -- the RBC Canadian Open, which was opposite the inaugural LIV London event, and the U.S. Open, arguably the championship of the year in men's golf. Andy and Brendan delight in the absurdities of the first actual LIV event and some of the drama around it that carried over into the week at Brookline. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next couple weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.

    The Year in Review, Part 6

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2022 91:37

    This episode of the Year in Review begins with the newly-crowned Husky Boy Ranch at the Byron Nelson before moving to the second men's major of the year at Southern Hills. It was there that the “pampered fcks” got worked up about sand, Tiger hobbled along, and a relatively flat major came to life in the final hour. Also included in this segment is the release of the first “LIV List,” Bryson finding “the Lord,” and some amusing leaks about plans for the first draft party. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next couple weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.

    The Year in Review, Part 5

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2022 99:16

    It's a beefy, old-school length episode of the Year in Review that begins with the Masters, where Tiger made his return to competitive golf. Andy and Brendan cover that major in great detail, then celebrate, sorta, Spieth's victory at Hilton Head, some absurd re-writing of the record books at Zurich, and a whole lot of weird and forgotten LIV details that started to leak out during this time period. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next couple weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.

    The Year in Review, Part 4

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2022 79:33

    The Year in Review continues with the first major-ish event of 2022, the Players Championship. This edition will be remembered most for the breakout performance from Gold Boy, but it was also a big week for the PGA Tour Bot and the brand messaging from Jay Monahan's team in response to Saudi rumors. Also included in this portion are the Valspar and Valero, some ANWA and the ANA farewell, and a WGC Match Play review. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next couple weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.

    The Match is back, NYT digs into LIV, and questions about Ockie

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2022 59:37

    Andy and Brendan return after a week together out on the west coast, and they begin with tales of Baker coming back to haunt a survivor pool, birthday party overkill, and an overzealous kids tumbling class enforcer getting in Andy's kitchen. On golf, they begin with The Match, and its success for the golf geeks everywhere. They praise JT, pan the amount of carts, question how we frame Tiger's “progress,”ponder whether more of these should replace actual PGA Tour events, and investigate Phil's odd tweet encouraging folks to watch. The second half of the episode focuses on the New York Times report on LIV's financial future based on a consulting study, and what that says about the league's motives and staying power as the PGA Tour tries to further isolate it.

    The Year in Review, Part 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2022 68:15

    The annual Year in Review series marches on as Andy and Brendan wrap up the West Coast swing with Riviera and move over to the Swamp Swing. This part covers the moment when everything blew up for real in the golf world, with Phil's “scary mfers” quote coming to light via Alan Shipnuck, the reaction to it, and the fallout in the “pausing” and cancellation of sponsor deals. There's also plenty of amusing non-Phil and non-LIV items from the start of the Florida swing. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next couple weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.

    Bahamas mud ball moaning, Courtesy car controversy, and Norman pops back

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2022 42:55

    This Monday episode begins with some brief reactions to Sunday action for both the Bears and Browns, as well as a harrowing weekend injury that nearly cost one host his career. Then Andy and Brendan are on to the light golf offering from the weekend, with some angst about the Hero World Challenge cannibalizing the potential for better Aussie Opens and events down under. There's a review of Viktor's win and the mud ball objections, as well as Scottie Scheffler's homemade proposal for addressing it. The dual Aussie Opens are given lots of attention, with some reports on thin amenities, shuttle bus drama, and pace of play issues related to conducting three championships at once. But there's plenty of praise too for the winners and the bold attempt. News closes with Greg Norman saying he doesn't even think about Rory or Tiger and will be with LIV for a long long time.

    The Year in Review, Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2022 69:18

    The annual Year in Review series continues after a shortened part 1 due to the stomach bug. This Part 2 takes on some meaty events, picking up at Farmers, weaving up to Pebble and the opposite Saudi International event full of ridiculous quotes, Bryson's moving target of injury explanations and driving range dramas, and revisiting the birth of “Cannon Fodder Charley” in Phoenix. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next couple weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.

    Tiger talks and says ‘Greg has to go,' LIV's 2023 schedule comes into focus

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2022 50:02

    This Wednesday episode begins with Andy bundled up in his unheated shed and Brendan nice and warm indoors in Maryland prepared for the various seasons. They then jump into Tiger's press conference from the Hero, covering a range of topics from cooperation with LIV, Sharky hatred, the use of carts, the Tour taking out a loan and Phil's contradiction of that, and the notion of players wanting to compare themselves to Hogan and Snead. Schedule for the week hits on Hero and a great event down under. News hits on Rahm and JT joining TGL and the LIV 2023 schedule coming into focus with a host of international venues announced and some others reported and rumored on recently. This leads to more TripAdvisor reviews read aloud.

    The Year in Review, Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2022 48:26

    The annual Year in Review series is back, but it starts off worse for the wear with Andy battling a stomach bug and Brendan having the kids at home for an unexpected “snow” day off following the Thanksgiving vacation. So plans are cut short and this Part 1 gets us through the first few events of 2022. The episode begins as always with Kapulua, where preferred lies were in play, Phil and Bryson were scheming, scores were low, Notah had his level, and a new metric for gauging elevation change was developed on the broadcast. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next couple weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.

    Hollering about the PIP and Golf Advice for your Thanksgiving weekend

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2022 69:29

    This Wednesday episode begins with some initial thoughts on Thanksgiving dinner prep and travel before a brief discussion on the majors maybe no longer accepting the kind of contact ball that one big Aussie prefers to play. Andy and Brendan then dive into the official PIP results for this past year, with some absolutely preposterous and disrespectful NFL QB x Spieth comps. They also ponder just how much time was spent on the formula, who has a gripe about their ranking, and where it goes from here. The second half of the podcast is a rousing SGS Golf Advice segment on some psychotic on-course behavior, subtly encouraging friends to get better, getting crushed by your significant other, logos, and after-work league strategies.

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