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The Shotgun Start with Andy Johnson of The Fried Egg and Brendan Porath of SB Nation is a podcast waiting for you early in the morning that quickly blasts through a variety of topics (usually) related to golf and (ideally) relevant to the day. It covers news from the pro tours around the world, amusing and important topics from the amateur game the rest of us play, and some irreverent stuff in between. There will be short interviews, previews, reviews, and dives into the archives. It provides what you need to know on golf through a rapid and fun catch-up discussion.

The Shotgun Start

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    Latest episodes from The Shotgun Start

    Flashback Friday on the “greatest NCAAs ever” with Golf Channel's Brentley Romine

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 56:51

    This is a slightly different Friday show, as an entire Precision Pro FBF segment turns into an episode. Golf Channel's Brentley Romine recently researched and published an oral history on the 2012 NCAA men's championships at Riviera, featuring a nail-biter between two juggernauts in Alabama and Texas and three-dozen players that would go pro, including headliners Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka, Daniel Berger, Thomas Pieters, Max Homa, and many more. Brentley takes us through the timeline and sets up the drama for this legendary championship, much of which was not caught on video. Frugal Fritelli also plays a prominent role and stirs things up for his Texas team. The episode ends with some thoughts about the Texas program and whether it underachieves similar to the football team, and then how the NCAAs have risen in stature in recent years.

    Thirsty Chuck Schwab, Appliance corruption, and LPGA schedule snafus

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 45:16

    This Wednesday episode comes a bit delayed with Andy on the road fleeing the morose Chicagoland area still dealing with Fitzy's fade. Brendan promptly gets into the schedule for the week, beginning with Colonial, where Charles Schwab is handing out all manner of perks -- cars, belt buckles, and potentially a second tartan jacket in as many months for Jordan Spieth. The Stand Up Mixer Senior Championship is the subject of a great catnip call of the week. The LPGA is once again holding a 5-day match play event in a desert on the other side of the country from next week's major, so that's critiqued. There's material from the ground in Holland ahead of the Dutch Open. News hits on a few LIV rumors and debates the worst courtside experience for an NBA game. They close with a “Stars of the Sandhills” segment, a short flashlight on Minjee Lee and her Australian upbringing and ascent ahead of next week's U.S. Women's Open, where she'll be a contender at Pine Needles.

    Sunday at the PGA: JT's charge, Mito's mistake, and Rory's disappointment

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 63:17

    Another major is in the books, and Andy and Brendan begin this episode discussing how this was one you had to really work for to get some action. It was a sluggish weekend, and then it quickly wasn't, as Justin Thomas stormed back into contending position while the leaders fell back in a variety of ways. They break up the episode into winners and losers, beginning obviously with Justin Thomas, assessing his strike on Sunday and his overall place in the game. There's empathy for Mito, and incredulity about his 18th hole process. There's also plenty of props for Will Zalatoris, while a frank discussion of his weaknesses and his ability to rise at majors. Rory's absolutely crushing weekend, and his decision to blow off any discussion of it with the media, is covered. And then there's the Southern Hills review, praise for a week without “silliness” and rebuttal of some of the player complaints.

    Saturday at the PGA: Mito hangs on, Rory abdicates, and Tiger WDs

    Play Episode Listen Later May 22, 2022 48:07

    This Saturday night episode begins with an apology for our horrible Contender/Pretender predictions, a simply unacceptable performance for a gambling podcast. Then it's on to the breaking news of Tiger Woods's withdrawal, and the uninformed takes that will flow from it. They react to the third round as well, giving Mito his due for balling out and assessing his chances for Sunday. There's some critical intel on Matt Fitzpatrick's prep, and anticipation for a Chicago party. Rory McIlroy's horrendous performance is dealt with and everyone involved, including GolfPass, is called to account. There's a best cast/worst case segment on Sunday possibilities, and a debate over more likely backdoor top 5: Rory or Xander. The episode closes with the idiotic comments of Patton Kizzire on Southern Hills.

    Friday at the PGA: Contenders, Pretenders, and Tiger crossing the line

    Play Episode Listen Later May 21, 2022 46:03

    This Friday episode begins with more cat talk, but this one's all about Tiger Woods dragging his decrepit body and rusty game across the cut line for another major weekend. Brendan hails the performance as one that will stick with him for awhile. In contrast to that inspiring show was Rory McIlroy, who is in Andy's sights after a wholly mediocre round that put him five shots out of the lead. Contender or Pretender gets into the elite talent of Will Zalatoris, who will probably not boot this one away with a high round and will need to be caught. Justin Thomas is the prime candidate to do so, and both Andy and Brendan talk about how they're coming around on him. There's a LIV rumors segment around UPS dropping Westy and Oosty, and their top exec bailing after Greg Norman's screwups. They close with some thoughts on the course conditions, players being angry about the sand and slow greens, and reviews of the Mannigcast alternate feed.

    Thursday at the PGA: KVV joins to assess “housecats” and create a new taxonomy

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 44:08

    Well it's a unique Thursday episode after the first round of the PGA Championship, where ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenburg is on the ground and writing insightful and reported articles. Andy and Brendan do not use his time to get into any of those substantive matters, but rather, as the originator of the “housecat” term to describe (maybe pejoratively) a player, to classify golfers into different categories of the cat species. Which player is the screeching alley cat? Who's the jungle cat that's been in captivity too long? Who's the kitten sipping milk from a saucer? The episode finishes with a Precision Pro Flashback Friday segment on “Tempo Raymondo” or “Fat Raymond,” the 1982 PGA Championship winner at Southern Hills.

    PGA Preview: Tiger feeling it, Rory's drought, and the cost of one's thirst

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 60:12

    It's another major week, and one that has both Brendan and Andy buzzing thanks to a great venue with a host of player storylines that could come to fruition. But first, an Alex Cejka chat. Then they get to Tiger, who was in full form at his press conference and looks like he's feeling himself and physically much improved. Justin Thomas taking up pitchforks with the fans about beer prices is also addressed, as well as his chances to win and whether it's time to put up or shut up at the majors. There's the usual pre-major segment on favorite tee times, and some not-so-favorite groups. Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, and Scottie Scheffler's chances are all also discussed, before some picks are made. The LIV chatter is also covered, from the PGA's updated stance via Seth Waugh to Rickie's surprising moment of candidness that created some news and if it means anything for the marketing darling.

    Phil's PGA absence, Tiger's and Bryon's?! arrival, and the Craig Ranch Massacre

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 62:36

    This Monday episode begins with tales of Andy's attempt to fill his POD before an upcoming move. Then it's over to someone who is not on the move, namely Phil Mickelson, who will not be re-appearing to public life to defend his PGA Championship. Brendan and Andy discuss how bad it must be in Phil-ville to not defend his title, and the prospects of a return in the safe cocoon of LIV Golf. Someone who is in Tulsa is Tiger Woods, and this episode argues for why this is his best chance at a major, not the Old Course. Also apparently playing this PGA is Bryson, fresh off hand surgery but still whaling away and trying to go. The Byron Nelson recap focuses on the Husky Boy's triumph, and debates whether Spieth is or is not a house cat anymore. Lexi Thompson is the subject of a drive-by, but the Champions Tour is not! They close with a debate/drama about a rules quirk at the U.S. Am Four Ball.

    PGA Tour denies LIV waivers while Greg Norman flops to and fro

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 53:24

    This is a somewhat different SGS episode focusing on a singular story, diving right into the eventful week in the continuing drama between the PGA Tour and the disruptor league, LIV Golf. Brendan and Andy begin with the Tour's denial of waiver requests to play the London event, and what that may have wrought on Tour in the immediate future, like this summer. Greg Norman's debacle of a week is dissected after some flippant rationalizations for horrific murders. They ponder who would have been a better choice to head up this Saudi effort, and whether it's not too late to find new leadership. There's ample criticism for LIV's bumbling efforts, but also for the Tour's response, especially as it relates to creating discipline on the PGA Tour University front. They close with a few thoughts on the likely legal battle that is coming and whether we're about to have the last “normal week” on the PGA Tour for the foreseeable future.

    The PGA gets a “Manningcast” while LIV gets nothing

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 42:21

    This Wednesday episode begins with an NBA Playoffs minute after Andy's trip north to take in the Bucks-Celtics. On golf, Bio Kim gets a shoutout for his first win after the bird suspension. Then they begin by diving into the schedule for the week, starting at the Ranch, Craig T. Nelson Ranch. There's reaction to a strong field in Dallas after weeks of meh on the Tour. There's also scoffing at players being “ready” for the PGA, and an event of the week battle that includes the U.S. Four Ball. Some one-and-done picks reignite further and redundant Spieth debates. There is great fascination with the Euro Tour event in Belgium, which boasts quite an eclectic field. In news, they discuss ESPN rolling out a “Manningcast” with Joe Buck for the PGA Championship and LIV Golf apparently giving away the rights to its first event likely to be broadcast on YouTube.

    The Homa ascent, Sergio's LIV Golf tantrum, and a Keegan defense

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 58:04

    It's a punchy Monday episode full of energy after a Sunday spent with moms. Andy and Brendan get into the test of TPC Potomac against a middling field. Then it's on to media darling and 4-time winner Max Homa, his perspective, and how the expectations get raised from here. There's also an unexpected segment defending Keegan Bradley, a frequent punching bag. Sergio Garcia's latest outburst is dissected, with a focus on what it means for LIV Golf taking on the temperamental Spaniard. This leads to further discussion about LIV, its latest recruits, and a scoop about the number of releases requested for the London event and the cheeky end-around cited. The Pissbear's redemption story is covered as is a strong week on the Social Security Tour. Finally, they close with some good words about the Baton Boy.

    LIV incursions, and Shane Ryan on his Ryder Cup book and the match's future

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 75:07

    This Friday episode begins with some questions on who asked for a Robert Allenby image rehabilitation tour. Then Brendan and Andy get to the latest on LIV, notably Westy Island sinking into the sea (this was recorded PRE-SERGIO, which will be addressed on Monday). There's also a discussion of the weird PGL memo that was sent out to the world. Andy has some thoughts on Matt Wolff's struggles and first-round lead at TPC Potomac. Then they're joined by Shane Ryan, whose book on the Ryder Cup will come out next week (pre-order here). They get into a wide range of interesting and amusing topics related to the matches, from its future prospects, the PGA Tour getting involved on the Euro side via the strategic alliance, Phil's bencing at Whistling Straits, and some of the biggest surprises in researching and writing the book. Thanks to Shane for his time.

    US Open media day, A Rory contradiction, and Shark tales about Phil's comments

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 48:28

    This Wednesday episode begins with some Andy and Brendan notes from their day at The Country Club in Brookline, site of this June's U.S. Open. They discuss the tee sheet snafu that left Andy without a home, and relay a mini-primer about the course and how it might show for the national championship. There's a potential big flagstick energy dilemma for the USGA. Then it's on to the shhhedule for the week, which prompts a take on the self-contradictions of Rory McIlroy and his new contract extension with his equipment manufacturer. News closes with Greg Norman talking about the immediate damage Phil Mickelson's comments did to the imminent launch plans for the Saudi league back in February.

    Use Golf Facts accuses Tiger of tainting the PGA, Rahm scratches a W in Mexico

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 45:02

    It's a first-of-the-month recording, which immediately puts Andy in a good mood for this Monday recap. First, however, Brendan begins with a Sunday morning wake-up to golf facts being shared far and wide. This time, there's an accusation that the PGA, Southern Hills, and Tiger are in cahoots to make it an inequitable major championship. This leads to a somewhat more serious discussion about the post-Masters “Now what?” part of Tiger's comeback and how competitive he might be. Then it's on to results from the weekend, starting with the LPGA event at Palos Verdes, hitting on Marina Alex's victory, Lydia Ko's amusing honesty, and the course. On the PGA Tour, they praise the setup guys as well as Jon Rahm, who did not have his best stuff but scratched out a W against a super stinky field in Mexico.

    The Thicc Boi Brigade gets a new recruit, LIV's marketing gets worse, and Jesper tales

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 51:38

    This Friday episode begins with new video of Phil Mickelson surfacing, and the close inspection of it that followed and what that might have yielded about his playing plans and fitness. This dovetails into a chat about reports he's signed on for all 8 LIV Golf events, and if his career is forever debased by the potential legal fight that might come. That transitions into a dissection of more details about the Liv plans, including some horrible marketing slogans on their website and highly-priced ticket packages for events the details of which remain quite scant. There's also a review of the near driving range fight between Kevin Na and Grayson Murray, with a separate plea for Na to be thrown off the tour. Flashback Friday focuses on the catnip of the week, Jesper Parnevik's new look, recalling some of his great successes and eccentricities, like eating volcanic sand, during his rise in the 90s. It features several amusing Jesper quotes about his process.

    Mickelson sorta surfaces, LIV heads to Trump Doral, and a dumpy field in Mexico

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 54:34

    This Wednesday episode is full of pep, beginning with a concern Brendan raises about Andy using a ridiculous peppy phrase in an email, which prompts an even more ridiculous explanation for the use of said phrase. Then they move to signs of life from Phil Mickelson, whose agent released a statement about keeping “options open” for two upcoming majors and one Saudi event. They discuss the sadness of this denouement and what the rest of his career could look like. Then it's on to LIV golf, which apparently has 15 top 100 players committed to their opening event in London. But the segment is more about how the entire operation, save for funding, is just a sh*tshow that's hard to get excited about right now and what a blown opportunity it feels like. They also banter about the finale of this year's LIV schedule reportedly going to Trump Doral. Schedule for the week closes out this episode, with some cool intel on the LPGA venue and less enthusiasm for a crappy field in Mexico on the PGA Tour.

    The Xander conundrum, a Coetzee Zone threat, and ClubCorp Classic thoughts

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 37:11

    Brendan returns for this Monday episode, which begins with a quick popping of the Zurich Classic before diving into an extended debate about the resume of Xander Schauffele, who added a two-man victory to that CV on Sunday. Some Billy quotes about wind in NOLA are also put up for further examination. Nasa Hataoka's runaway win in LA is duly praised, while Pablo Larrazabal's victory is examined vis-a-vis the Coetzee Zone. On the Champions Tour, the Club Corp Classic, where Tony Romo played as a celebrity, is discussed. Also, that title sponsor's rebrand into something called “Invited” is reviewed before news hits on Greg Norman announcing an intention to play The Open at St. Andrews.

    DJ Pie and Walk Up Music

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 47:22

    No Laying Up's DJ Piehowski joins the pod to fill in for Brendan who remains on vacation both physically and mentally. DJ and Andy discuss the Zurich and how it kind of stinks. DJ does point out the trace back to Zurich's decision to implement walk up music and the game of golf's explosive growth since. Andy then gets into the walk up music selections for 2022. Enjoy, Brendan hopefully will be back on Monday and thank you again to DJ Pie for his time and patience.

    Where is Oklahoma? Sean Martin attempts to clear the air

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 63:37

    With Brendan on vacation, the PGA Tour's lead editor Sean Martin joins Andy to discuss the week in golf. The two start with a rousing conversation on Sean's parenting tactics before getting into the Zurich Classic and the notable pairings. They then can't resist having a lengthy discussion of Ben An and Carl Yuan and how certain teams may have come together. The conversation then turns to the LPGA Tour's Los Angeles swing before settling on Trevor Immelman's assistant captain picks for the Presidents Cup. Thank you to Sean for filling in for the big guy.

    Spicy thoughts on Spieth, the Frittelli penalty, and chum

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 42:56

    Andy and Brendan are back on the horse! This Monday episode is slightly delayed, but it's here and what it lacks in substance, it makes up for in amusement, hopefully. They begin with many thoughts on Jordan Spieth, the win at Harbour Town, his resume, and some ridiculous comps to Hall of Famers, both good and bad. Other Heritage thoughts revolve around Dylan Frittelli's penalty for hitting a ball out of the trees and enhanced scrutiny on Patrick Cantlay. The results segment leads us down the path of discovery on KFT pro Pontus Nyholm, now nicknamed the Pontoon Boat. News hits on Bryson's surgery, the Shark “chumming” the waters for LIV with some highly-ranked amateurs, and DL3 letting it slip that Phil may now be on the sidelines for the Bethpage Ryder Cup captaincy.

    Bubba headed to Saudi's LIV and Masters clean-up with Kyle Porter

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 52:42

    This Wednesday episode was delayed as Andy and Brendan get back from Augusta trying to pick up the pieces, which Andy is still in the process of doing. So Kyle Porter of CBS joins to add some of his perspective from his week on the ground at Augusta National, focusing on the winner, runner-up, Tiger, and other odds and ends from his notebook. Then they get to the shhhedule for the week, where Kyle saddles Andy with a one-and-done pick and there's an amusing tale about Kyle not getting to play Pasatiempo, site of this week's Western Intercollegiate. They close with news, which is on the Shark, Greg Norman, resurfacing with more comments about his impending league and the report of five committed names, including Bubba Watson.

    Sunday at the Draddy Cabin: Scheffler's win, Rory's charge, and Tiger's power

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 68:12

    Masters week comes to a close at the Draddy Cabin in Augusta, where Andy and Brendan record one last time on Sunday's conclusion to the Masters. They begin with Scottie Scheffler's stroll to the green jacket. They discuss how he got it done, what it means for his future, and observations from the ground. The power of following Tiger as he closed out his week is also relayed. Rory's charge, and if it means anything beyond a nice moment, is debated at length. Tyrrell Hatton's searing critiques of the course are addressed. There's a chat on the laser focus of ANGC and the pleasures of a phone-less week, and many more amusing odds and ends, including an encounter with the commish, during an emptying of the notebook. Thanks to all of you for supporting and listening all week, and B. Draddy for making our stay possible.

    Saturday at the Draddy Cabin: Scheffler steers it in, Tiger fades, and Augusta swings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 10, 2022 39:56

    There are 18 holes left to go at the 2022 Masters, and a giddy Andy and Brendan set things up for Sunday from the Draddy Cabin in Augusta. They review the third round happenings at ANGC, where Scottie Scheffler got shaky on the second nine but steered it in to lead by three at the 54-hole mark. They react to some of the continued 15th hole debate, with Andy re-telling a few stories from the ground at that spot. There's delight in a Horschel-Hatton featured group pairing for Sunday, disappointment about a few faders, and disposal of the debate about a Tiger WD.

    Friday at the Draddy Cabin: The magic is back at the 15th

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 9, 2022 45:39

    It's Friday night in Augusta and Andy and Brendan talk Masters at the midpoint from their Draddy Cabin before a big night out on the town. They begin, unintentionally, with Tiger Woods -- the made cut, the “juice,” and a person simply relishing playing a Masters, regardless of current physical fitness or past accomplishment. There's ample discussion on the leader, Scottie Scheffler, who expertly navigated the par-5s. And that leads to a discussion on the 15th, playing to a momentous decision to go or hang back thanks to some wind and a new tee box. There's also plenty of fun had with Hudson's equipment malfunction, Billy's baton twirls, and Thicc Boi's meltdown.

    Thursday at the Draddy Cabin: Tiger returns

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 43:41

    Andy and Brendan are live at the Draddy Cabin in Augusta for this first round reaction episode at the Masters. They begin with Tiger, hailing his return as a momentous day in golf history. There's awe of his round of 71, but realistic assessments about how it looked as others got swept up in the hoopla. They contemplate what it might mean for the rest of the tournament. There's a report on the conditions and course from the ground, with a theory about subair for patron areas outside the ropes. It was also a good day for the Saudis, with leaderboard representation and honorary starter representation. There's reaction to Rory's underwhelming round, concern about airborne interruptions, and an MC segment that focuses on another disappointing showing from JT at ANGC.

    Wednesday from the Draddy Cabin: A Masters preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 61:45

    Andy and Brendan are live together in Augusta at the Draddy Cabin for what will be the start of a daily run of episodes. This one is a preview, which unintentionally begins with some disgruntlement about certain environmental conditions and some deep thoughts about Rory McIlroy's focus after he made an impression on Andy in his press conference. Then there's a Tiger chat, hitting on his chances to make the cut, the absolute Nike disaster, and the overlooked aspect of what might make this return slightly easier. There's a wide-ranging chat on the course changes, getting deep into the alterations at 11, the new tee at 15, the changes at 3 green, and others. It features comments, both positive and critical, from some of the players who paraded through the press center and reaction to their reactions. There's also some great Larry Mize intel before signing off with picks to win for all the gambling diehards out there.

    Tiger arrives in Augusta, Did ANWA kill the Dinah, and Kupcho's major moment

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 52:46

    Andy and Brendan are reunited in person at the B. Draddy Cabin in Augusta as they prepare for a full week of podcasting from the Masters, which starts with a few solid minutes of car talk following a mighty struggle trying to figure out how to put the top up on the convertible. On golf, they begin with some immediate reactions to Jennifer Kupcho's winning the first major of the year and the first of her career. This prompts a discussion on the tension between ANWA and the Chevron Championship, nee Dinah Shore, which Christina Kim was quick to point the finger at Augusta National for helping kill off in Southern California. They ponder whether ANWA is now the most high profile and prestigious event in all of women's golf, and what it can do for the women's game on the whole, even with the negative side effects of some format issues and the schedule conflict. The Valero is mostly panned for a lackluster leaderboard before news closes on Tiger Woods's arrival to make a “game time decision” for the Masters.

    Masters intel and memories with 2008 winner Trevor Immelman

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 59:54

    This Friday episode features a discussion with Trevor Immelman, a Masters winner and currently an analyst with NBC/Golf Channel and CBS, calling both the Augusta National Women's Amateur this weekend and the Masters next week. Trevor provides insight on how Augusta National has evolved in recent decades, tells a story about Gary Player making a hopeless request with Clifford Roberts, sets the scene of Champions Dinners past, recalls the pressures and particulars of his win with Tiger finishing second behind him, and some of the shots that “make you feel like a kid again” around the course. Thanks to Trevor for his time!

    Tracking Tiger's jet and Masters plans, and ANWA with ESPN'S Kevin Van Valkenburg

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2022 50:31

    SGS is graced by the presence of ESPN Senior Writer Kevin Van Valkenburg for this Wednesday episode, which begins with the hysteria around flight tracking Tiger Woods' plane into Augusta. Brendan and Kevin begin by assessing the likelihood we see Tiger play the Masters, how good or bad that might go if he does, and the current contrast in standing between Tiger and Phil Mickelson. The exile of Phil is also discussed with KVV, along with a few other pre-Masters storylines. Then it's on to the first major of the year, the newly named Chevron Championship, nee ANA or Dinah Shore. They discuss the abandonment of that event's history with the upcoming move to Texas. The third Augusta National Women's Amateur is also previewed, with some format quibbles raised and players to monitor. The Valero is also noted before a fun sign-off with KVV recalling an excerpt on Lee Westwood discussing his favorite book.

    Is getting to World No. 1 now equivalent to a major, and Tiger walks

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 41:49

    This Monday episode begins with reaction to the WGC Match Play finale, where Scottie Scheffler ascended to OWGR No. 1. Andy and Brendan consider whether this achievement, in light of Scheffler's emotional reaction, has gained stature approaching a major win among younger players. They discuss several other match play quibbles and delights from the weekend in Austin, including Kevin Kisner's ability to compete at a place where he can use the slopes. Masters Fact of the Day hits on the time a patron jumped in the pond at the 16th hole, and also a story about Andy bringing some Elijah Craig bourbon on a flight with him this weekend. News is more story time, with tales of a Euro Tour robbery on the road in South Africa and listeners putting “Zatch” to use out in the real world. They close with rumblings of Tiger walking rounds out at Medalist this past week and what it might mean for a competitive start in April.

    Bryson's break, Aimpoint angst, Sun sleeve scoop, and a Tiger Flashback

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 55:06

    It's Friday, so this episode begins with a bit of whimsy on some intel from Austin about the practice attire of a certain local. Then Andy and Brendan whip through some early impressions and controversies from the WGC Match Play, touching on Keegan's excruciating aimpoint routine, Paul Casey's lucrative WD, Reed blasting it into the line drive section, and the inconsistent rulings on a sprinkler head with red spray paint on it at the 13th. Masters Fact of the Day includes a book recommendation as well as a mid-century review of Augusta National. Flashback Friday goes back to the start of this century, when Tiger was at his peak powers but a scuffling “rotund” opponent got the best of him in Match Play.

    Is Mickelson canceled, fleeing Westy Island, and Bryson's hamate bone

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 46:26

    This Wednesday episode begins with troubled times on Westy Island, where things may need to be on an official pause due to some disconcerting Twitter activity. Then it's on to the cancellation, or purported cancellation, of Phil Mickelson, most recently out of the Masters, where he's played for almost 30 consecutive years. Andy and Brendan discuss Phil's forgotten betrayal that keeps getting lost in all the shouting about political correctness and cancellations, with an unexpected comp to the movie The Rock. The shhhedule for the week begins with the WGC Match Play, with some praise and critiques for the current format and schedule. There's a breakdown of pools where beef and tension could bubble to the surface, and reaction to the Thicc Boi staying in the field with his broken hamate and torn labrum. News closes with the announcement that Oakland Hills will be firmly back hosting a bevy of USGA championships for the next 30 years.

    Bermuda Burns, a marketing theory on the FedEx Cup, and Greg Norman's media blitz

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2022 43:22

    This episode is a victory Monday of sorts for Andy, who went out on limb with his one and done pick this week at the Valspar. He and Brendan get into the final round in Tampa, but not without first discussing the theory presented on the broadcast that the playoff is the time when all the pressure is gone. Davis Riley's eventful round is also chronicled, including having to wait on the 18th tee to hit while the player in front of him stepped off his wedge yardage. There's also discussion about the anti-backboarding boundary nettings that came into play. The Elijah Craig Masters fact of the day is an astonishing if not shocking one that has both Andy and Brendan marveling. News touches on Greg Norman's media blitz and some of the WGC Match Play dropouts, notably Rory and Phil.

    Saudi's LIV Golf has a schedule & courses, and USGA comments further on distance

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 51:13

    This Friday episode reviews a few days full of significant news both on the disruptor league attempts to the PGA Tour and the USGA's latest update on its distance plans. Andy and Brendan begin first with a solemn note on the horrific tragedy involving the University of the Southwest golf team. From there, they discuss the release of LIV's schedule and the stinky roster of courses. There's also a rumor about another massive signing bonus that leads to further debate about the progress that the Saudi cash could make once/if this thing gets up and running. The PGL's re-emergence in the form of a report on a proposal sent to Rory McIlroy is also addressed, and they close with the distance issue and the signals this latest USGA and R&A update sent.

    Snake pits and overcooked storyline cliches, and also Henrik Stenson

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 45:19

    If you need gambling advice for the Valspar Championship, this is the show for you. Andy and Brendan spend one whole minute offering their one and done picks for Tampa. Around that, however, is chatter about brackets, generally, the sponsor exemptions in Tampa, the story of Luke Guthrie, proud Illinois product, and the whether the designer of Copperhead, Larry Packard, is related to Hewlett Packard. This devolves into a discussion on printers and the scam of ink replacement. Also included in this episode is the Elijah Craig Masters Fact of the Day, which leads to a chat on the rental car situation for the upcoming Masters trip. News closes with Henrik Stenson as the new Euro skipper for the Ryder Cup and what that means, if anything, for the Saudi league.

    Cam's breakout, Saturday's massacre, Redesigning the 17th, and requiem for Gold Boy

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2022 70:46

    This Monday night episode reacts to the wild, interminable 2022 Players Championship. Andy and Brendan begin with Cameron Smith's biggest career win to date, and exactly how he got it done with perfection in some areas and, well, some relatability in others. There are not a lot of kind words for conservative Paul Casey, even though he did catch a crap break. The drama around Viktor Hovland confronting Daniel Berger over his drop at 16 is also reviewed. Anirban Lahiri is praised as the anti-Paul/Pat Casey. Then they get to Saturday, taking on the complaints about an inequitable draw on the tee sheet and an inequitable hole in the island 17th. They revel in the type of shotmaking it produced and praise the journey that may have produced a less-than-ideal leaderboard come Sunday. At the end, Gold Boy is given one last round of applause, while Collin Morikawa gets a critique, and the topic of redesigning of the 17th is given one more pass.

    Questions about “Gold Boy”

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 52:17

    It's Friday and where else would Andy and Brendan begin if not for Gold Boy. That's our sweet little mixed reality boy that came into our lives prancing around the screen on Thursday at The Players Championship. The plan was not to talk about this mixed reality stunt until late in the show, but it gobbles up the first 15 minutes or so as there are a number of questions and concerns surrounding Gold Boy, who will apparently be with us all weekend. There is actual golf talk, of course, even with minimal golf to assess after a rain-soaked Thursday. They discuss the weather for the rest of the week, the “challenge” of spin control, Pat Reed flipping off the hole, and whether there could be a good side of the draw given the forecast. Will Zalatoris's putting stroke is also discussed. Precision Pro Flashback Friday focuses on a prior Players Championship when the wind and weather wreaked havoc on scorecards, as may happen on this Saturday, but Lanny Wadkins turned in one of the all-time performances.

    Monahan on legacy vs. leverage, Phil discipline, and PGA Tour gambling questions

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2022 60:53

    This Wednesday episode serves as a Players Championship preview, but there's not much on the instant event until late in the second half of the recording. Andy and Brendan begin by reacting to the rare Jay Monahan press conference, one of only a couple per year, in which the commissioner was peppered with questions about Phil Mickelson, who may or may not be suspended, the rival league threat, further transparency, and the The Players cufflinks. Jon Rahm's comments on course setup, Rory's comments on suspensions becoming public, and JT's response to a question about Russia are also discussed. Player picks are made, and there's weather talk about what's coming the next five days. News hits on a lengthy Golf Channel segment on gambling with the PGA Tour exec on gaming, and a report on some changes made to Augusta National ahead of next month's Masters.

    Bay Hill bromides, Rory's ‘punch drunk,' and ample Pillow Talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2022 54:12

    It's a Victory Monday of sorts at the Shotgun Start, which begins with some college basketball chatter. From there, it's quickly into Bay Hill, where Scottie Scheffler is given his due as the new No. 1 player in the world. But the primary entree in the API reaction is on the course setup and high scores, reacting to Rory McIlroy's critiques and some concerns that more players may start skipping it because it's too hard a punch to the face. Andy and Brendan work through this in a back and forth, delineating between “so hard it's boring,” firmness that's interesting, and the dartboard of other weeks, with a few devil's advocate challenges about the U.S. Open at more venerated courses. Billy Boy's big week is also covered, as is the BFB's honorable WD, the repeated Pillow Talk on the broadcast, and the Arnie hagiography. Jin Young Ko is praised, the PR Open is questioned, and the Champions Tour is acknowledged. News hits on Bryson's WD from THE PLAYERS.

    PIP reactions and KVV with #FBF on Phil Mickelson's deluded pro baseball tryout

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2022 75:22

    ESPN Senior Writer Kevin Van Valkenburg joins this early “Friday” episode with some delightful insights on golf news past and present. The trio begin with reaction to the final PIP results announcement, from Tiger deciding to poke Phil about his premature celebration to Bubba Watson sneaking in the backdoor top 10 to the Hideki omission. At Bay Hill, Rory's comments on starting to welcome Phil back into the tent and forgiving him are inspected closely. The Masters Fact of the Day makes its triumphant return as does Flashback Friday. For this one, KVV requested Andy and Brendan come in cold as he takes them on a magical ride re-telling the mid-career boredom endeavor of Phil Mickelson believing, and actually trying, to pitch in high professional baseball, getting a tryout with the AAA Toledo Mudhens with begrudging approval from their major league affiliate Detroit Tigers. It's a solid 20 minutes of cackling at some of the truly amazing quotes around the experiment that KVV dug up, so thanks to him for his time and contribution to the episode.

    Thicc Boi's affliction, the PR detritus, and Captain ZJ's picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2022 48:20

    It's an early Wednesday episode celebrating the arrival of March, a good if not great month. Andy and Brendan begin with a discussion on Bryson's WD from Bay Hill, and his social media video full of fits and starts announcing it. It sounds like Bryson may be on the shelf for longer than this week, so the two ponder his injury, his career to date, and his post-bulk run. Then it's on to the schedule for the week, where Brendan confesses that Bay Hill has a piece of his heart and Andy delights in the par-3s of all the same length. The oppo field event at Puerto Rico is a who's who of the alternate list army, which is covered at length. They close with news, which primarily focuses on Zach Johnson as the new Ryder Cup captain, his hype video, and his retention of six captain's picks.

    The Phil cancellation, Lowry's “stolen” Honda, and Todger tales

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2022 42:23

    Well, it's take two for this Monday episode after the original was lost to the technology trouble dustbin. Andy and Brendan, however worse for the wear they may be, gleefully hop in to discuss the Sepptic Tank's maiden victory on the PGA Tour, Shane Lowry's contention that it was stolen from him by the rain, and Daniel Berger's woeful pre-putt routine. Also covered on the Honda is Tim Tucker seemingly back to full-time looping, and NBC back on the broadcast. Andy, of all people, expresses some empathy for Phil, which gets into the larger cancellation that may or may not be happening with the six-time major winner. Brendan also has a critique for Callaway's “pause” of their marriage with Phil. The dump-in-a-box Classic is also given a half-full account.

    We've surely come to jest

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 69:18

    It's Document Review Friday on the Shotgun Start, and Andy and Brendan begin with Norman the mailer sending yet another letter out into the void, addressed to one, but aimed at an audience for many. The Shark's missive is dissected in full, with motivations, legal points, and the Tour's weaknesses, considered throughout the chat. Then it's on to Phil Mickelson's “apology,” where they discuss when we might see the old Lefty again. Who do we see play next -- Tiger or Phil? A theme throughout both of these document discussions is how this became a collection of some of the worst possible elements that could have exploited legitimate Tour vulnerabilities. Both Andy and Brendan also debate whether this will make the tour feel more confident in how they have done things and double-down on that, or actually change. News hits on the JT-Jack design duo debuting at something called Panther National, ZJ getting the nod as Ryder Cup captain, and some delightful LPGA news. They close with Brendan's review of The Woods·Jupiter after his much anticipated visit there on Monday.

    Honda down and out, and Brad Faxon chats the PGA Tour of the past (and putting)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2022 52:12

    This Wednesday episode begins with The Town Crier making some official proclamations about Phil Mickelson and his potential Ryder Cup captaincy future. Then it's on to the schedule for the week, where Andy and Brendan discuss the struggling Honda Classic as one of the “have-nots” in this stretch of the schedule on the PGA Tour. Then Brad Faxon joins us for a wide-ranging chat from the B. Draddy bungalow in Jupiter with the Tour in town ahead of the Honda. Faxon discusses some of the best shots, players, and skills of his era on the PGA Tour, from Corey Pavin to Tiger Woods, and how the game has evolved since then. There's also ample discussion on putting, the outlawing of greens reading books, and whether armlock putting should be banned too. (This episode was recorded jussst before Phil's meandering apology, which will get a full accounting on Friday).

    Chopped and screwed SGL, whither Phil, and an 81-shot spread

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 21, 2022 55:15

    This Monday episode begins with Brendan down in the swamp pledging to go to The Woods Jupiter and Andy struggling to diversify his wardrobe in San Francisco. Then they quickly jump into the news of the day, that DJ was done dabbling with the Saudis, and Bryson was … issuing more mealymouthed statements. Were Phil Mickelson's insane comments the precipitating event causing the DJ defection? And where does Phil go play now, if anywhere? At the Genesis, they praise Joaquin Niemann's efforts, even though the weekend got a little flat at times. They marvel at the Chez stat line, as well as CBS continued run, Viktor's alternate lines, and Rory piling on Phil before the week was out. They close with some ABSOLUTE delightful findings from their quick Champions Tour wrap.

    Mickelson's lost his marbles, ‘the kids' rebuke the SGL, and “The Tugboat”

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2022 57:22

    It's a packed Friday episode and yet another one where the actual golf has receded into the background as the Saudi Golf League rumors continue at a fever pitch. Brendan and Andy begin with Phil's comments to Alan Shipnuck, in which the 6-time major winner debases himself in probably the most shocking way since this entire ordeal and power struggle began. From there, they rumble through the many quotes coming from players young and old, for and against, from the last few days on the potential breakaway tour. They ponder a couple other big themes at play, like events consolidating, sponsors running away, and Augusta staying quiet in the background. A fun anecdote from the Riv range leads to a new nickname debate on “the wagon hitcher” or “the tugboat.” News hits on the PAC developments and a new fall concept, Annika playing the U.S. Women's Open, and Tiger's press conference. Precision Pro Flashback Friday is a quick homage to a venerable L.A. Open host of the past.

    A Saudi cloud over the PGA Tour's best event, and the Bryson media kerfuffle

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2022 54:15

    This Wednesday episode begins with Andy and Brendan lamenting all the off-course rumors and maneuvering dominating the conversation yet again at what is the best week on the PGA Tour schedule. They discuss Will Bardwell's piece on sportswashing, Kramer Hickock blurting out some specifics, or alleged specifics, of Saudi signees and schedule, and the notion that the players also want more of the major championship pies. The two also seem to come to an unfortunate conclusion that we're headed for a successful Saudi enterprise that will get stronger over the years. Then it's on to the schedule for the week, where Riviera and the actual golf get its due. They cover some featured groups, some featured holes, and convey their excitement for the week ahead. News closes with a rant on the preposterous context-free coverage of Bryson's statement denouncing “false rumors” about his playing schedule.

    Scottie, Sahith, and Cannon Fodder Charley

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 14, 2022 63:33

    After a wild and eventful weekend, this Monday episode naturally begins by discussing the worst, most nonsensical holidays on the occasion of Valentine's Day. Then Brendan and Andy get to the Phoenix Open and Scottie Scheffler finally prevailing for a win over Patrick Cantlay in a playoff. The breakout weekend for Sahith Theegala is also put in perspective and appreciated. The 16th hole beer showers are reviewed, as is Brooks Koepka's play over the final 36. Then it's on to Charley Hoffman, the unprotected pro, penalized martyr, and useful idiot for players like Phil and Bryson trying to take the Saudi league money. There's a full accounting, full of laughs, incredulity, and critique about the issues and contentions by small and large sprouting from Hoffman's meandering Instagram rant.

    Influencer invasion, DLF canceled, and a chat with CBS lead producer Sellers Shy

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2022 41:31

    This Friday episode begins with some amusing anecdotes from the ground about the influencers overrunning the Phoenix Open this week. Brendan calls for a complete and total influencer rollback. News hits on Stacy Lewis getting the nod for Solheim Cup captain and the Indian Open being called off yet again, but Andy vows to not let DLF fall victim to cancel culture. Then they are joined by CBS' lead producer for golf, Sellers Shy, who chats about the evolution of broadcasting in golf and his career in the industry, and more specifically about his work at CBS after taking over the lead chair last year. Thanks to Sellers for his time and indulging our questions.

    Thirsty in the desert and the Howell predicament

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 38:57

    This early recording previews the upcoming week at the golf influencer Super Bowl known as the Phoenix Open. Andy and Brendan discuss the strong field, strong finish, and some of the younger exemptions playing, notably Preston Summerhays. There's an interlude on the superintendent's championship that Andy watched up close, with some questions about credentials for entry. One and done picks zero in on someone sure to quench his thirst in the desert, and another tried-and-true standby, the Desert Fox. There's a short discussion on Charles Howell III, who will make his 600th start this week. Which young players might go this long in the coming decades, if any? The DP World Tour event focuses on some amusing notables and the lack of a title sponsor, with some added intel from the locker room in Dubai a few weeks ago.

    Tommy Tables beats the house, Saudi gets a sportswash, and Thicc Boi breaks down

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2022 49:38

    This Monday episode begins with some investigative reporting on Andy “stumbling into controversy” out on the West Coast. Then it's on to the Pebble Beach Pro Am, where Tommy Tables was triumphant. There are a few theories thrown out about “fluke winners” of this event, and the Spieth contention that Tables is someone you do not want to face on Sunday because of how he plays craps. There's ample Spieth discussion, with some scar tissue ponderings, reaction to the shot from the edge of the cliff, and the good fortune of getting him involved on an otherwise thin leaderboard. Then it's off to Saudi Arabia, where they got their sportswash moment with a dramatic HV3 win. Brendan and Andy discuss the conflict around covering these events, how the PGA Tour may have overplayed its hand, and how they're likely here to stay. Also covered is Bryson's injury and the told-you-so takes that flowed in the wake of his WD.

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