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For a long time subscribers of the MalloryBros. YouTube channel, requested that they start a podcast. After years, they finally deliver. New Episode Every Friday!


    • Aug 12, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
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    • 1h 44m AVG DURATION
    • 116 EPISODES

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    Latest episodes from The Mallory Bros Podcast

    Episode 113 | ”. . . Pause”

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2022 123:42

    On this episode of the MalloryBros. Podcast, Terrance started with a conversation about his recent interesting trip to the dentist. They then talk about the new "attention span" and how people receive content and information today as it compares to 20 years ago. Terrance starts an introspective conversation about homophobia and how its weaponized. This leads to a discussion about the use of the word "Pause". Terrell gives Beyoncè flowers for her 7th #1 studio album in a row. Terrance speaks to the concept of friends and business. They talk about 21 Savage's controversial comments about Atlanta, and talk hypocrisy in Hiphop. They argue about the drama between The Rock and Meg the Stallion's boyfriend Pardi and talk about disrespect and how to handle it. Terrance asks a question about Ancestors and the future. They give movie suggestions of the week, talk sports, and Terrance gives Serena her flowers in celebration of her retirement. 

    Episode 112 | ”Sunday Best & FaceTime Sex”

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 117:00

    This is hands down one of the most off the wall podcasts yet! This weeks episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast starts with some random ass trivia Terrell decided to do with Terrance on some "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader" shit. They then give perspective on designer fashion and discuss whether its worth spending for it. This brought them back to the conversation about losing your relatability. They discuss Beyoncè's album and all of the controversy around the Kelis Sample and the term that set off the world. Terrance asks if it's ok to unsend messages. The bros reflect back on the pastor that was robbed in the church which leads to a conversation about "the business of church" and some of the corrupt motives that exist in some congregations. Crazy that right after church, this topic came up.. but Terrance asks the question about Phone Sex and this leads to an INSANE conversation of different sex stories from the Bros. They then talk about asking your significant other if you're "the best they ever had" and the dangers of posing this question. They talk Will Smiths apology to Chris Rock, randomly argue about the best Spiderman again, and discuss thoughts on the sentencing of Brittney Griner. 

    Episode 111 | ”Jean Jacket”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 120:42

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast the bros start with a recap of a very busy weekend. They detail their wedding experience and talk some of the things they'd want at their own wedding. They then talk about their Sunday Brunch experience in DC and Terrell gives his story of his time calling Earl. The fellas did their due diligence and went to see Jordan Peele's "NOPE" so they give their reviews of the film. This leads to the most random heated debate about the comparison of Keke Palmer and Zendaya. Random AF. But the guys then speak to the "Wakanda Forever" Trailer, and the "Till" Trailer that released. They revisit their conversation about Black Trauma Porn. They talk friend groups, sports, and have movie suggestions of the Week!

    Episode 110 | ”The Prove It Tour”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2022 100:49

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros. started with a welcome back to reality for Terrance, who is now Covid Free! Terrell recaps his experience at the Chris Brown and Lil Baby Tour that made it's stop in DC on Tuesday! They then talk about ultimatums in relationships and speak to the importance of communication. They shit on Pyramid Schemes for a bit and share some of their own experiences with them. They then deep dive "the Talking Stage" and how long it should or should not be. Terrance gives a captivating spill on blocking out pettiness that can come from your past. They give hella movie suggestions and Tech Corner makes a return! 

    Episode 109 | ”The Exterminators”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 87:24

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros. start with a conversation about Covid as Terrance has tested positive again! They reflect on the weekend and discuss double dating and talk the do's and don'ts of group outings! Terrell asks the question of whether gift giving is done for you or the person receiving. With the Emmy's coming in a couple months, the fellas do their annual thoughts and predictions about this years nominees! This leads to a debate about the best drama series of the year. The fellas talk more film with Black Panther casting, Marvel, and Jordan Peele. They give movies of the week and end with a story time about the many bug infestations they faced while living in Florida back in 2014. 

    Episode 108 | ”Mahogany Teakwood”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 117:26

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas start with a random ass conversation about the freakiest thing they've ever done on a couch. They then recap the 4th of July and speak to their experiences. Terrance tells a story of his latest trip to Bath and Body Works, and his experience feeling like a piece of meat. They talk Britney Griner's case and have a conversation about the NBA, the WNBA, and the differences in their support. They then dive into the recent police excessive force murder of Jayland Walker, who was shot 60 times by law enforcement in the city of Akron Ohio. Terrance gives Usher flowers for his legendary Tiny Desk performance and challenges Terrell with the comparison to Chris Brown. They then do a Film Run discussing their thoughts on the finale of Stranger Things, they talk James Cameron and Avatar 2, and give movie suggestions of the week. They close out with a short conversation about CTE and the NFL. 

    Episode 107 | ”My Wife And Kids”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 105:17

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas open with a conversation about 4th of July Weekend and share plans. They then briefly recap the mess that is the United States of America, and the recent decisions made by its Supreme Court. This leads to a conversation about their views on Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. The fellas also speak to coparenting and talk about what you are and are not obligated to do in regards to the other kids of your former partner. They give movie suggestions of the week and talk about the free agent frenzy in the NBA, and a very important NFL signing.

    Episode 106 | ”Fxck The Clock”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 105:39

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros. start with a reflection on the 106 & Park days and speak on the Music Video scene and its relevance today. They then have a routine conversation about the fall of creativity especially when it comes to Instagram and social media. Shits gettin' cringier and cringier. The fellas talk MUSIC. They talk about the surprise Drake Album, their first thoughts, and how they feel now. They speak to Beyoncè single and speak to the House Music dance initiative from juggernaut artists. They do a Father's Day Recap, and talk Top Golf and Bowling. They have their annual BET Awards criticism as the ceremony is this coming Sunday. They congratulate the Golden State Warriors on winning the finals, and more! 

    Episode 105 | ”The Upside Down”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 99:39

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros begin with a Salute to Fatherhood as they show love to fathers old and new, step fathers, and father figures. They then talk Juneteenth, and speak to controversy around whether we should or should not continue to celebrate the freeing of the Slaves as a holiday. Terrances takes center stage to speak vulnerably about substance abuse, and its affects. He gives us a window to his journey and words of encouragement for anybody who may potentially be battling the same thing. The fellas talk Squid Game, Terrell finally started Stranger Things. Terrell gets in his Brick and Mortar Leadership bag for a minute to address a recent clip that went viral behind an encounter at Cold Stone, and the guys close with the NBA Finals, and the NFL's new partnership with Lil Caesar's Pizza. 

    Episode 104 | ”Unstable Creatures”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 103:45

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros celebrate 2 Years of Podcasting and speak to the landscape of podcasting today. They each recall experiences where people in their lives didn't believe in them and encourage people to take that step! They then give thoughts on the recent Break Up between Michael B Jordan, and Lori Harvey. Terrance has spice around the publics response to the ordeal. They talk Stranger Things, the New Mike Tyson Series, Jurassic World and more! For Sports they talk the NBA Playoffs, The Broncos New Ownership, and Washington's DC Jack Del Rio and his recent comments that have the Commanders making headlines for the wrong reason yet again. 

    Episode 103 | ”Happy Wife Happy Life”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 116:23

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas really get into their bag of gems and spend the first hour and a half giving nothing but straight GAME! They start with a conversation about dealing with your parents getting older and going from being taken care of, to being looked to for support. The conversation then turns dealing with a woman in a disagreement, challenging yourself on how you respond and defining what you should and should not do when in a relationship. They then discuss the concept of "Happy Wife Happy Life" and give thoughts on it's validity. They close with sports and talk NBA Finals, Gervonta Davis, and cover the recent death in the NFL. Listen to this podcast and catch this game fellas! And Ladies, this is a goodie for yall too! Make sure you on ya toes! 

    Episode 102 | ”Is This Seat Taken?”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 91:50

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas start with a mental health check, and reminisce on some of the current dealings in life. They of course spend time discussing the most recent school shooting in Texas and give their thoughts on the Gun Control conversation. Terrance asks an interesting question about being a Mama's boy and the guys discuss what red flags can come with that, they then talk about the difference in approaching a woman today vs years past and talk the different ways to shoot your shot in todays time. For Sports, they talk the potential end of the NFL Pro Bowl Era, and the most recent NBA Playoff Series. 

    Episode 101 | ”No Butterflies”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 108:09

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas start with a Birthday Weekend Recap, talking about the things they did and how they feel getting older. They then do a brief recap of thoughts on the Kendrick Album a week later. J Cole's name comes up as they debate a track from Forest Hill's Drive to Kendrick's "We Cry Together", and then they speak on what they expect musically for the rest of the year. There's a good segment regarding health as the gentlemen pay their respects to Lil Need and speak to the importance of taking health more serious even at a young age. Terrell then gets the soapbox out to speak on what he believes people should pay attention to regarding the Shooting in Buffalo and the gentlemen pay more respect to the victims who tragically lost their lives. For the sports segment the fellas talk a little NBA Playoff Basketball, and they close out with a salute to the graduating high school class of 2022 and give advice on choosing what to do next! 

    Episode 100 | ”Century Boyz”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 104:59

    On a very special 100th episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros. start with some reflection on their podcast journey and talk about each of their favorite episodes. They then talk about their thoughts on Kendrick Lamar's "The Heart Part V" and give predictions and thoughts about what is to be expected from his album "Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers". With Mother's Day this past weekend, the bros speak on what they did for Mom. They talk the recent arrests of Young Thug and Gunna. Terrance leads us into a conversation about Dreams and Realities and they get a lil conspiracy theory-ish.. but in an interesting thought provoking way! Terrance runs us through Tech Corner and they finish with Sports! 

    Episode 99 | ”The Ride”

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 107:27

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a random ass appreciation for the movie Biker Boyz. Terrance tells the world how much he loves the new Panera Bread Chicken Sandwich. They 100% did NOT pay us for this free promo smh. They recap Future's album a week later, give favorite tracks, and talk Pluto doing 200K first week. They discuss Jack Harlow and talk expectations for his album and comparisons to Drake. Terrance gives us a Met Gala rundown. Terrell talks about the Great Resignation and the guys discuss reasons people are quitting their jobs. They talk about the potential overturning of Roe v Wade, Ozark, TV Character arcs, the NFL Draft, and Charisma in the NBA. All that and More! 

    Episode 98 | ”You're NOT Invited To The Cookout”

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 107:39

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a discussion about the music industry and the importance or unimportance of first week numbers. They then talk about the 44 Billion dollar acquisition of Twitter made by Elon Musk and discuss whether this is a good thing, or a bad thing. This leads to a conversation about the influence of Black Twitter, The Viral rendition of Lil Baby's verse on Wants and Needs, and their honest opinion on the phrase "Invited to the Cookout". They also have a TV Segment where they cover some recent things in TV and Film from Shows to Cinemacon. They also have a small debate about Meryl Streep and Viola Davis. They have the sports segment where they talk the NBA Draft, the Playoff picture and more. Sprinkled in are some of Terrance's weird what if scenarios and Terrell's random customer service woes. 

    Episode 97 | ”My Name Is My Name”

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 101:01

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a Recap of Easter Weekend and some of the things they did with family. They Recap Coachella and some of the highlights they saw from the 3 day event. The news of the week was Kendrick Lamar's announcing of a new album to drop just before the Bros birthday. They talk expectations for the album and talk about how the world may receive it. They each saw "Everything, Everywhere, All At Once" in theaters this weekend and they loved it. They have an interesting conversation about Ice Cream. They talk about the false rumors surrounding Rihanna, and how the world is starting to take on rumors as facts. This leads to a conversation about how the world thrives in Disfunction. They talk Viola Davis' upcoming portrayal of Michelle Obama and address criticism. They speak to Netflix's recent subscriber loss and talk options for the future. They do some late NBA Picks per listeners request. They talk Snowfall, Atlanta and writing for television and more! 

    Episode 96 | ”Green Face Daytonas”

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 106:39

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a recap of Terrell's trip to Costa Rica. They then get to a discussion about Drake's recent leaked verse on Jack Harlow's track. This leads to a discussion around Drake's beef with Pusha T. They then talk about J Cole's reign as Feature King and Terrance takes a very "Terrance" take on J Cole's status in the Game and challenges J Cole's fans with perspective. They then get into some TV with a discussion about Peacocks "Bel Air" and Netflix's newest #1, "The Ultimatum". 

    Episode 95 | ”Titties Out”

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 102:03

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas discuss their thoughts on the Grammy's. They then discuss if it's necessary to ask your girl the "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" question to make it official. This leads to a conversation about social media and whether your significant other has the authority to tell you whether or not you can like other girls/guys pictures. The highpoint of this episode is the Bros. discussion of the recent comments made by Channing Crowder about Ciara, Russell Wilson and Future. How is Russell Wilson a Square? is the question posed by Terrell. And Terrance, as per usual, presents a very unique answer to this question. The guys talk TV, they answer the question of whether a man can buy your girl a drink and how you should respond. They give movie suggestions of the Week, and Terrance gives an impromptu masterclass on Sexual Tension in film. A Gem of a discussion. 

    Episode 94 | ”Idols Become Rivals”

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 121:58

    As you all know via last week's podcast, the Bros. were excited as always about the Oscar Awards happening Sunday. Since attending and graduating from Film School, its been a tradition of theirs for 10+ Years... That said, they had a front seat, live reaction to what became the craziest night in TV history. On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros. talk IN DEPTH, about their reaction and thoughts on the feud between two of their beloved icons, Chris Rock and Will Smith. After the hour and a half long discussion the fellas talk HBO's "House of Dragon", Creed III, Patreon Livestreams, and Terrance has an edgy critique of the new season of Donald Glover's "Atlanta". S3.

    Episode 93 | ”The One Who Knocks”

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 107:40

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. podcast, the fellas start with a conversation about the Grammy's decision to bar Kanye West, as well as J Prince's suggestion to have artist perform. They talk about Snowfall and challenge it's creativity and speak to how todays writers fear taking daring steps in the stories they tell and continuously bail out characters in ways that are unrealistic.They then speak to Bel-Air and the changes made between the original and the adaption. This sparks the conversation about Netflix as a Streaming Service and the changes they aim to implement. They compare these companies and their impact. They have a conversation about Pusha T's Arby's McDonald's diss as well as make a most random comparison of Jazmine Sullivan and Beyoncè. Terrance highlights social medias impact on dating in 2022 , Terrell speaks to facing your fears in front of your youth. They close with Movie Suggestions of the Week, Oscars on Sunday, and talk about all of the NFL Offseason craze from the past week. 

    Episode 92 | ”Brick By Brick”

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 103:08

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the guys open with a conversation about who gets more women. This sparks a conversation about which twin was the inspiration for the current Mallory Bros "look". They speak on Kendrick's Potential music to come in 2022, and discuss their impatience with how long its been. They then give needed flowers to Monique for her contribution and speak to the impact of black trauma roles in film as they correlate to awards without future acclaim. They talk about the free agency frenzy that has been happening on a day to day around the NFL and speak to Deshaun Watson's return. They then talk about DL Hugely's recent feud with Kanye West and fighting the uphill battle of fighting a narrative. They close with a strong tech corner! 

    Episode 91 | ”I'm Not Black, I'm OJ..”

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 100:53

    On the Season 3  premiere of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas begin with a conversation about the recent profiling of Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler.    They then dive right into the recent trades made by both the Broncos and Commanders and give their takes on the moves by their favorite teams. They talk Calvin Ridley's $1500 Parlay and have a discussion about how elfin' ridiculous this gas pandemic is. This leads to a conversation about how inflation affects relationships. Terrance begins a warm conversation about the Bros. college days in Florida and the bros. talk everything from living in Orlando, riding bikes to school, experiencing racism, being followed home, and more.  They have a movies segment where they talk Batman, Snowfall, and I Am Legend 2. They talk Lil Durks comments on Body Count, and there's a short Tech Corner! 

    Episode 90 | ”And The Award Goes To...”

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2022 100:34

    On the Season 2 Finale of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, awards season is upon us. After a short conversation about Euphorias finale, and Snowfalls premiere, the bros have a discussion about this past weeks SAGAFTRA, and NAACP Image Awards Winners. They talk in depth about what it'll take to get the Image  Awards to a more respectable level, and challenge the winner of SAG's Ensemble award. Terrance then sparks a discussion about using things you got from your exes, and somehow this leads to a very solid Tech Corner! Terrell then gets in his conspiracy theorist bag and sparks a conversation about the universe, aliens and if dinosaurs actually existed. The bros finish with some game given to those looking to take on content creation and discuss what it takes to be successful in today's climate.

    Episode 89 | ”Side Chicks and Inflation”

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 89:49

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros give their opinions on All Star Weekend. They answer Azealia Banks question regarding Black Men and killing each other. They speak on Kanye's show and talk Donda 2, the Stem Player, and Jeen-Yhus. This leads them to a detailed discussion about Side Chicks and what IS and IS NOT prohibited from your friends. The Bros. then give some thoughts on the crisis in Ukraine. They talk Hot New Hip Hop, thoughts for Season 3 of the Podcast, and give some sound job advice.

    Episode 88 | ”Can I Get A Uhhh?”

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2022 101:52

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a recap of Valentines Day, and Terrance speaks to his very long and dark weekend. The fellas then criticize those who practice fake self love. Terrance then starts a conversation about McDonald's marketing strategies from now and a past time. The fellas finally cover their thoughts on Kanye and Audi's beef. They recap the Super Bowl and speak to the game and half time show performances. This leads to a quick conversation about TDE and their relevance. Lastly, the fellas speak to the Mayor of New York's recent point of view on the Drill Music scene as it correlates to violence in the city.

    Episode 87 | ”Hair Done, Nails Done, Everything MID”

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2022 111:09

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, Terrell starts with his humbling trip to the dealership. They then reflect on Valentines day's they've had and talk ideas for the fellas this year. They talk Kanye's idea for Black Future Month, Roddy Rich going dark, and how the newest generation has oversaturated and changed the term "mid". Terrance then questions whether artists Primes are getting shorter. They talk in depth on the controversy behind Joe Rogan and Terrance questions the true motive behind the problem. They talk "fake outrage" and "respect". Terrance questions the authenticity of your ex befriending another one of your exes, and Terrell criticizes Jim Jones latest experience at the Gucci Store. To close, the bros talk Super Bowl and make picks for Sunday's big game. 

    Episode 86 | ”Speak Nothing Of This”

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2022 107:11

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a discussion on Joey Badass' comments on Angela Yee's Podcast. They then deep dive into a discussion on the Brian Flores Lawsuit against the NFL, and talk about the different variables that come with suing the league. The Bros talk Tom Brady's retirement and whether he's the best Athlete of all time, they recap the NFL games from last week, and Terrance gives an explosive reaction to the Washington Football Team's release of their new name, "The Washington Commanders". Terrance then trashes those who text "How are you". Terrell gives a warning about friends and their intentions. 

    Episode 85 | ”She Loves Me NOT”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 28, 2022 91:59

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a conversation remembering Kobe Bryant, as it's officially been 2 years since the passing of he and his daughter. They revisit the Antonio Brown situation following his recent interviews. Terrance sparks an interesting discussion on the relationship between men and women and what the future holds for the current culture. There's another random crazy "would you rather" and Terrell puts Terrance in the hot seat about HBO's Euphoria and it's second disappointing episode in a row. They talk about a potential fight between Tyson and one of the Paul Brothers, show some love to Regina King and reflect on the passing of her son, and finish with picks for the NFL Conference Championships and reflect on the nail-biting finishes from last weeks Divisional Round.

    Episode 84 | ”Spinnin' The Block”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2022 97:42

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a discussion on Gunna taking the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list, and taking out The Weeknd. They destroy "Scream 5" cause it was trash. They then have a discussion on T.I's most recent comments about not ever being out-rapped by his peers. This leads to a debate about T.I and Future, and who would win in a Verzuz Battle. The bros then talk about HBO's Euphoria as its second episode aired this past Sunday and give thoughts. Terrell begins a discussion about Toxic Positivity and the dangers of some of the things we see on our timelines daily. The Bros talk pros and cons of going to film school, Netflixs price hike, Osmosis Jones, Terrance asks the wildest Hot Seat Question maybe ever, and Terrell gets deep in his Rabbit Hole bag about if we really exist, or if everything we are, is a dream. The guys close with a recap of last week's playoff performance, and make pics for the Divisional Round.  

    Episode 83 | ”That Aint

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2022 123:25

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, they bros start with a message about consistency in the New Year. They then send an RIP message out to a few very important celebrities that unfortunately lost their lives over the past week and a half. They talk Gunna's album as it compares to Weeknd's rollout which leads to an interesting discussion about the term “P” and it's meaning. They have a discussion about the Taco Bell Wing Craze that leads to a fast food argument. They speak to their excitement about HBO's “Euphoria” making its return. They then speak to their experience as African descendants of Slavery and their experience with those in the culture who have the benefit of a “Home Country”. This conversation is inspired by the conversation the guys have about Maya Angelou's new Quarter and a different take on the Harriett Tubman 20 dollar bill. A very edgy, insightful, and honest discussion.  Lastly, the fella's recap the NFL's final regular season games and make bold picks for the Playoffs. 

    Episode 82 | ”Old Rich Me or New You?”

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2022 125:01

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with the storm that affected the east coast and their experience with a foot of snow! They discuss expectations for both Gunna and Weeknd's projects set to release today. They talk Covid and its new strand IHU, and its potential land in the US. Terrance asks an interesting question that leads to a discussion about who you are vs who you want to be. They talk Black Male Podcasts and protecting black women, Antonio Brown leaving the Bucs, Terrance addresses The Washington Football Team's recent events and the guys make picks for the last week in American Football's Regular Season.

    Episode 81 | ”Mallory Bros. Enter COVID-19 Protocol”

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 82:32

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros discuss getting covid and talk about their symptoms and experience with it. They recap Christmas week end, and how weird this year was. They reach back to discuss some Spiderman spoilers, have an interesting conversation about tipping in restaurants and Black Owned Businesses, with the New Year in less than 24 hours, they talk New Years Resolutions and some plans for 2022. Terrance recaps Washingtons fall to Dallas and picks are made for Week 17.

    Episode 80 | ”Let The Music Do The Talking”

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2021 118:34

    On this Christmas Eve episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with some holiday talk. They recap Terrell's first trip out of the country. They then reach back to Big Sean's Drink Champs interview and the situation with Kanye. They have an intense conversation about Verzuz and Jay Z, and give their takes on who can beat Jay Z on this stage. They have a SPOILER FREE conversation about the new Spiderman film, Tech Corner's back with some interesting things this week. They then talk Christian Rappers, new films, and of course, NFL picks for Week 16.

    Episode 79 | ”The Coronation”

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 104:09

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with the recent release of "A DAMN DOCUMENTARY" recently released via their Patreon. They circle back to Kanye and Drakes "Free Larry Hoover" Showcase, they have an intense discussion on the Black Panther and if Tchalla should be laid to rest or recasted. And if recasted, who?.. They talk Christmas gifts again. Terrell speaks on the idea that Thanos may have been a hero as opposed to a villain, ands Terrance is back with a Red Pill Blue Pill question but this time, his question stands as thesis statement, to what becomes a very interesting conversation of circumstance. To finish up, Terrance takes the stand to defend his Washington Football team, and the fellas make picks for Week 15! 

    Episode 78 | ”Santa Claus and Effect”

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 104:18

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros jump into a conversation about the TV Show "Harlem" and its terrible portrayal of a Black Barbershop experience. They talk Kevin Hart's "True Story", Terrell details his recent doctor visit and talks the importance of having a Doctor of your culture. Terrance starts the conversation about giving proper gifts to your significant other and the bros drop GEMS on doing the Holiday Season the RIGHT WAY. Terrance also shits on "Gift Card Gifts". They have a semi heated discussion on the Will Smith and Denzel Washington debate, and of course.. they recap this week in football and talk picks for week 14. 

    Episode 77 | ”Apocalypse Now”

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2021 106:42

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas recap Thanksgiving. They have an off the grid style conversation about drunk sex, dealing with your woman while drunk, Terrell says he was abused, and Terrance talks about the dangers of high sex. The guys also recap their experience at the Monday Night Football Game, they salute Virgil and speak on his death, they talk RG3 and his upcoming book, a weird  “Would You Rather” in regards to the Apocalypse, and more.  And Of Course NFL Picks.

    Episode 76 | ”A Constant State Of Rage”

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 111:16

    Happy Thanksgiving to All! and Happy Shopping! On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a conversation about Thanksgiving traditions and ranking Thanksgiving food. They then jump into a discussion at length about the verdict of the Kyle Rittenhouse case and its implications for the future. They discuss the Grammy nominations and give opinions on who should win the award for Best Rap Album. Terrance talks ROBOTS in this weeks Tech Corner and threatens everybody's job and then gets candid about growing up and dealing with Rejection.  Terrell Surprises Terrance with an Early Christmas gift ON AIR right after the NFL Picks! 

    Episode 75 | ”Grindin‘ Badges”

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 102:25

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a conversation about movie theater etiquette, specifically when on a date. They talk sex scenes in movies, youth and job retention, and spending your time wiser. Unfortunately the news of Young Dolph's untimely death happened right in the middle of the podcast. The Bros. took time to share some immediate thoughts and show some love to the fallen Memphis legend. Solid Tech Corner This Week! They also speak on Ridley Scott's harsh comments on Superhero films and Terrell doesn't hold back. Lastly, the Bros. discuss the comments made by Ari Fletcher about Men and Gaming. Terrance lead the Man Time Conversation that lead to debate. Tune in and pick a side!  Oh Yeah, Of course NFL Picks. 

    Episode 74 | ”Hated In The Nation”

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 115:26

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros spend lengthy time discussing the tragic events at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival. Primarily, the give their takes on the number one question everyone has. "Whose responsible?". They talk about Kanye's interview with Drink Champs, speak on Will and Jada's drama, and touch on some current television. And as always, NFL Picks. 

    Episode 73 | ” The Harder They Ball”

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 111:15

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas begin with a Halloween Recap, and a discussion of what candy you should and should not give away. They then discuss Jay Z's induction to the Rock Hall of Fame and give predictions on the next artist that should be granted that honor. This leads to a conversation about fame and depression, and how different levels of life have different levels of experience. They discuss the tragic accident involving Henry Ruggs, and discuss childhood/adolescent memories of what would be considered "best feelings". They discuss relationships and losing your individuality, and discuss the importance of continuing to focus on yourself and what makes you, you. Lastly, they discuss the new Netflix Original "The Harder They Fall" and WITHOUT SPOILERS, give their opinions on performance, direction, plot and more. Before NFL picks, Terrell discusses the impact of Von Millers trade, they discuss the Redskins/Broncos game from last week, and make new picks for Week 8.   

    Episode 72 | ”It‘s Mindset”

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 103:05

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros open with flowers for the Migos. They discuss the tragic events involving Alec Baldwin and the death of a cinematographer on set, they discuss scary movies and their placement in todays industry, talk more in depth on their thoughts of You Szn 3, and they debate the philosophy around the theory that "Girls only want the Bad Boys". Oh yeah, and NFL Picks per usual. 

    Episode 71 | ”Catch Me If You Can”

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 112:41

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros begin with a Recap of the weekend. They discuss the return of Netflix Original Series "You". They then discuss black film, fake appreciation, and indoctrination. They talk Dating Coworkers, Tok Tok and Social Media, making smart choices for college, an update on the Vlog situation and discuss the potential they have to break into the film world again to do shorts. Also this podcast they gave out a lot of advice. Oh and of course, NFL Picks.

    Episode 70 | ”Devil In A Red Flag”

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 117:24

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas open with a discussion on Kyrie Irving and his choice, they talk in depth about "Male Best Friends", your off day and your significant other, they talk about the Red Flag craze from Twitter this week, John Gruden's resignation, and of course.... NFL Picks! 

    Episode 69 | ”Jeepers Creepers”

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 120:58

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the fellas talk in depth about the tragic death of Miya Marcano and the creepy nature of what women have to deal with at the hands of a mans interest. They talk about the new House of the Dragon trailer from HBO, talk some film and TV, women shooting their shot, and in honor of episode 69, the fellas discuss whether that position is Lit, Shit, or just Ok.    Oh yeah, and NFL Picks of course.

    Episode 68 | ”Speak It Into Existence”

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 114:11

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast. the fellas start with a debate of who was a more authentic fan of their football team, they then talk Netflix's Squid Game, Drake giving J Cole Flowers, A lot of Film Talk!, they speak to Comfort Zones and Speaking things into existence, they explain again the meaning of their signature "Whole 9".  And of course... NFL PICKSSS!!

    Episode 67 | ”Humble Days”

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 116:55

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros recap a crazy Wedding Weekend, and talk Marriage and relationships. They talk about the events at the Texas border involving the Haitian Refugees, they talk about the conversation between Drake and MJ, they talk body count and the youth mindset regarding sex, they talk giving to the homeless, Red flags, and of course.... NFL WEEK 3 Picks! 

    Episode 66 | ”Real Friends”

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 106:34

    A very off the dome podcast this week, no deep dockett! The Bros tackle some of the events of the last week to include The VMA's, the Verzuz, and some topic requests by supporters. They talk parenthood, ladies, Terrell gives a Storytime to when he got played, and of course.. the NFL picks for the week, as well as a recap of last week.

    Episode 65 | ”When You Walk Through the Garden”

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 112:40

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the Bros pay tribute to the life of Michael K Williams. They talk the phrase "You can come over.. if you want", they speak to the comparison of Donda and CLB since we've now had both albums for a week, they talk film school and its worth, Steve from Blues Clues, Clickbait and Netflix shows, and FOOTBALL IS BACK so you know what that means!!? Week 1 Picks are in! Lets Go! 

    Episode 64 | ”Certified Lover Boyz”

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 95:50

    On this episode of the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros talk Donda, and give some opinions on favorite moments from the album. They talk the craziness that it took to get the review together as well. They talk expectations for CLB and the comparison of Kendrick, Drake, and Kanye for release. Terrance gives a hot take for Candyman (Spoiler Alert), and in light of Certified Lover Boy, the fellas talk sex, tough questions in the bedroom, threesomes, and more! 

    Episode 63 [Updated] | "Sex Work and Spiderman"

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2021 109:30

    Some Audio Missing from the end. Here's the Podcast in Full.   "On this episode the Mallory Bros. Podcast, the bros start with a discussion about Only Fans, Strippers, sex work and more. They talk Sha'Carri Richardson, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z and Beyoncè, Football, and end with a discussion of the new Spiderman trailer, and who portrayed the best Spiderman."

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