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Keeping it real about mental health, mental illness, addiction recovery and the business of behavioral health. Our guests and listeners are from all over the globe and all walks of life. The signature show on Mental Health News Radio Network - the world's first podcast network dedicated to our favor…

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    Latest episodes from Mental Health News Radio

    Sibling Sexual Abuse

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 30:21

    Join Kristin and Brad as they talk about his book and a subject not often discussed: Sibling Sexual Abuse.Brad Watts is the author of the book Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Guide for Confronting America's Silent Epidemic. Brad is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider (CSOTP) who specializes in working with families where sibling sexual abuse has occurred. Brad conducts trainings with communities and groups about how to recognize and respond to incidents of sibling sexual abuse. He lives in Virginia with his wife and son. Visit him online at

    Raising Awareness and a Son on the Autism Spectrum

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 25:51

    Join Kristin as she has an amazing conversation with Gina Mitchell about raising a son on the spectrum.  From being a mother to teacher to advocate, Gina shares her experiences, some negative, but overwhelmingly positive as being autistic also comes with its own superpowers.Gina Mitchell is Sam Mitchell's mom. Sam Mitchell is the creator and host of the podcast Autism Rocks and Rolls and the CEO of the Non-Profit Autism Rocks and Rolls. Gina has been Sam's #1 fan well, really since birth, but especially since Sam has spread his wings and shown the world what he's got. She is currently a teacher of 8th-grade students and has a bachelor's degree in English/Social Studies Education, a Master's degree in Education, and a Gifted and Talented Education degree. Gina has been a teacher for 17-years and still is. However, her second job is working at Autism Rocks and Rolls with Sam. Here, she works in marketing, networking, writing, editing, producing, and really, just doing a lot behind the scenes.  When Sam's life mission became helping others, it became hers too. Her favorite pastimes are listening to crime and detective podcasts, music and crazy dancing with her family and students, leisurely swimming, reading books, building Websites, traveling, meeting new people, playing with her dogs, and shopping for bargains.

    Introducing Inside the Aspergers Studio

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 40:13

    Join Kristin as she welcomes Reid Miles to Mental Health News Radio Network with his podcast Inside the Aspergers Studio. Join them for some great conversation about living life on the spectrum. Reid Miles, diagnosed with both ADHD and High-functioning Autism, began his blog, Aspergers Studio, in 2018 at the age of 47. He has since followed that with his podcast Inside the Aspergers Studio where he has a wide array of content for those who are on the spectrum or love someone who is.Reid Miles, diagnosed with both ADHD and later in life, High-functioning Autism, is the founder of the Aspergers Studio blog, and the founder and host of his podcast, Inside the Aspergers Studio. He began his blog at 47 years old in 2018 feeling the need to share his adventures and advice with others who are similar and in some of the same situations as he has been. He has since voyaged even further into podcasting to reach more of an audience. Reid has obtained a Bachelor's degree online and has furthered his education with a Post Graduate Certification which he received while traveling abroad.

    Hoarding and OCD

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 57:10

    Dr. Paul Meier and Kristin talk about hoarding which is a misunderstood aspect of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.Paul Meier is an MD, Psychiatrist, and an Ordained Minister who is the founder of the Meier Clinics. He has authored or co-authored over 80 books, mostly Christian self-help books like Love is a Choice and Happiness is a Choice, and also a series of Bible Prophecy novels, including The Third Millennium.

    Introducing NeuroDiverse Christian Couples

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 34:47

    Listen in as Kristin talks to Dr. Stephanie Holmes and her husband, Dan Holmes, as they discuss their journey of having a child diagnosed on the spectrum and, in time, Dan diagnosed as an adult.  Dr. Holmes has previously been the host of Springbrook's Converge Autism Radio podcast here on Mental Health News Radio Network. Get to know them both as they introduce their new podcast, NeuroDiverse Christian Couples.  Within this show they share their goals of building connection and communication about their life's journey together as they navigate challenges that come with neurodiverse relationships. Dr. Holmes seeks to bring restoration and spiritual renewal to individuals and couples facing challenging situations. By combining affordable rates with a desire to glorify God in all that transpires through the counseling/coaching process, she offers life-changing hope to troubled lives. Through the International Association of NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages, LLC she wants to educate and equip others to build effective strategies for NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages.Dan Holmes believes there is no greater office one can hold than that of a husband and father. Since both roles require complicated interplay on many levels, Dan also believes God has provided help through the leading of the Holy Spirit, the counsel of others, and the work of life coaches.

    Introducing That Infernal Noise with Robert Young

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2021 35:51

    Join Kristin as she welcomes Robert Young, the host of That Infernal Noise, a podcast that has recently joined MHNR Network!  They discuss the everyday mental health moments that we all have and how they each manage...That Infernal Noise.Listen to MORE of Robert on his podcast That Infernal Noise:

    Powerful Unseen Influences with Dr. Paul Meier

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2021 59:41

    Join Kristin and Dr. Paul Meier as they talk about powerful and unseen influences going on in our lives and how that impacts our mental health!

    Welcoming Autism Rocks and Rolls

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 30:07

    Listen in as Kristin welcomes our new addition to Mental Health News Radio Network: Autism Rocks and Rolls with Sam Mitchell. Sam, who was diagnosed with autism at 4 years old, hosts his podcast for those on the spectrum with the insight that another with autism can truly grasp.

    The Self-Care Chronicle: Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2021 29:44

    Join Kristin as she speaks with Dr. Marsha Brown about her podcast, The Self-Care Chronicle, which is newly added to the Mental Health News Radio Network! Dr. Marsha feels it's important that mental health professionals need to remember to take care of themselves as well, after taking care of others.Dr. Marsha D. Brown is a Licensed Psychologist with extensive experience in the assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals of all ages. She is regularly sought out by professional and media organizations for her expertise in mental health, self-care, and conquering stress. . Dr. Brown’s independent practice specializes in helping organizations and companies teach their employees to use the “Deconstructing Stress” method to conquer stress and improve work performance and quality of life.

    Extreme States and Mental Health Reform

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2021 36:35

    Join Kristin as she speaks with Dr. Dan Edmunds regarding his work with extreme states and mental health reform.Dr. Dan L. Edmunds is an existential psychoanalyst and psychotherapist in Northeastern Pennsylvania. His work has focused on drug-free, relational approaches for those undergoing extreme states of mind as well as autism and developmental differences. Dr. Edmunds is the founder of the Center for Humane Psychiatry, an emancipatory movement for human rights in the mental health system. Dr. Edmunds has advocated for psycho-social approaches for those in distress that are affordable and accessible. Dr. Edmunds developed a therapeutic community project and is involved with autism acceptance and the autistic rights movement. Dr. Edmunds is the author of BEING AUTISTIC: AN APPROACH TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING AND ACCEPTANCE; THEY SAY MY CHILD HAS ADHD: DEBUNKING THE BIO-PSYCHIATRIC PARADIGM; THE MEETING OF TWO PERSONS; and MYSTICAL METAPHORS. Dr. Edmunds is a frequent speaker on critical psychology issues. 

    Population Based Care

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2021 37:02

    Join Kristin and Dave as they discuss population-based care. What is it and how can we make it work within the Mental Health arena.

    Intuitive Eating: The Path to Better Physical and Mental Health

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2021 57:18

    Join Kristin and Kathleen (Kat) for a discussion about how the pandemic has brought on an uptick in eating disorder issues.Kathleen (or Kat) Schwarz is a physical therapist, yoga teacher, energy healer, spiritual channel and passionate anti-diet educator. Her company Compassionate Healing Services aims to make high-quality physical and mental wellness services accessible to those most in need, regardless of their ability to pay. Her podcast "Trauma Redefined with Kat and Joe" will be released on the Mental Health News Radio Network in early 2021 and will explore the relationship between childhood trauma and physical and mental health problems in adulthood. Kat and her partner Joe Mitsch will offer a fresh perspective on difficult problems such as self-harm, suicidality, substance abuse, and eating disorders. Photo of Kat Schwarz is thanks to Gaia Dawn Studios.Petition link Kat refers to:

    Communal Narcissism with Kim Saeed

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2021 56:17

    Kim and Kristin discuss what communal narcissism is and how to navigate your way through it.

    Rocking and Rolling with Autism

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2021 37:22

    Sam and his Mom, Gina, join Kristin to talk about Autism and Sam's work as an advocate for Autism awareness!Find out more about Sam at

    Ending Human Trafficking with Kristi Wells

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2021 28:56

    Join Kristi Wells and Kristin as they discuss human trafficking and what we can do to end it for good!Kristi is the co-founder and CEO of Safe House Project. Safe House Project is uniting communities to end domestic sex trafficking and restore hope, freedom, and a future to every survivor. Safe House Project’s mission is two-fold: increase survivor identification beyond one percent through education and ensure every survivor has access to safe housing and holistic care by accelerating safe house capacity and development across America. Safe housing and restorative care is critical to ending the cycle of victimization. Education is key to spotting, reporting, and ultimately, preventing trafficking. Their vision is to see communities across America unite to end domestic sex trafficking and restore hope, freedom, and a future to every survivor.

    Answering Your Questions About Covid-19 Vaccinations

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2021 48:41

    Join Kristin and Dr. Vigerust discussing the vaccination process and the new phases of our pandemic experiences.Dr. Vigerust received a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Texas at El Paso, a master’s degree in Microbiology and Immunology from Texas Tech University and a Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Pathology from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Dr. Vigerust conducted post-doctoral research at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Dr. Vigerust completed a second post-doctoral fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical School in the Department of Pediatrics Disease in the area of molecular biology. Currently, Dr. Vigerust is completing a second master’s degree in Molecular Diagnostics from Arizona State University.Dr. Vigerust was a faculty member in the Pathology, Immunology and Microbiology Department at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and a Health Research Scientist in the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Most recently, Dr. Vigerust is the Chief Scientific Officer and molecular scientist for several diagnostics laboratories focused around precision medicine, genomics and infectious disease. Dr. Vigerust has published extensively in top tier international journals, presented his research at national and international conferences and is an active editor and reviewer for several prominent journals. Dr. Vigerust has developed several novel molecular diagnostic assays for the prediction of inflammation and cardiovascular risk in patients with diabetes, infectious disease and cancer. Dr. Vigerust speaks often on the subject of precision medicine and was selected as a TEDx speaker in 2016. He serves on the scientific advisory boards of Proze, Electronic Care Giver and ImAware.Dr. Vigerust currently maintains an Adjunct Assistant Professor position at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the Department of Neurological Surgery and a Clinical Assistant Professor position with the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy. Dr. Vigerust’s academic and research interests focus around areas of precision medicine in the treatment of a broad range of disorders that are driven by inflammation including psychiatric and behavioral disorders, pain, neurooncology and cardiovascular disease.

    Get the Best Virtual Hug (Listening to this Show) with Barry Shore

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2021 60:11

    Everyone on our editing team, Kristin the host, and you will feel the best virtual hug you've ever had by listening to this podcast episode. Barry Shore is our guest and Joy seeps from his pours! Tune in as he and Kristin talk about his life experiences and his effusive brand of self-love and giving love to the world.Learn more about this Joy Ambassador at

    Continuing Our Calling Post 2020

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2021 55:21

    Join Dr. Kristina Hallett, author, speaker, professor, psychologist, and podcaster (Be Awesome) for a discussion with Kristin about how to find, evolve, and continue our calling in a post 2020

    Finding Happiness and Success in a Post Covid World with Dr. Noelle Nelson

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 12, 2021 26:26

    Join Dr. Noelle Nelson and Kristin for a discussion about what the world can be post covid-19.

    The Heart of a Warrior

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2021 43:00

    Join Jen Satterly with All Secure Foundation for a discussion about first responders, PTSD, Trauma, and healing!

    How Does Our World View Affect Us?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 27, 2021 57:37

    Dr. Paul Meier and Kristin how our world views affect our mental health.

    Avoiding Life: What is Avoidant Personality with Phillip Dacus

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2021 46:12

    What is Avoidant Personality? Join Kristin with new podcaster, Phillip Dacus for in depth discussion. Phillip is the founder and CEO of Avoidant Personality Resource Center. Kristen and Phillip discuss Avpd and why it is such a horrible mental health condition.

    A Safe Haven Space for Refugee and Immigrant Mental Health

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2021 28:22

    Egette and Kristin talk about her new podcast on Mental Health News Radio Network: Safe Haven Space. Egette Indelele was born and raised in a refugee camp in Tanzania. She is the oldest of five children and a first-generation honor college student at George Mason University. She is studying Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive and Behavior Neuroscience in hopes of opening her own practice in Burundi and emphasizing the importance of mental health while serving children with the hope of healing their traumatic life events. Egette’s work with Safe Haven was inspired by her experience as a refugee . She founded Safe Haven to help refugee students resettle in a new world while having access to mental health services.Aside from mental health, Egette has a great passion for children around the world. With the passion to help children, she became the President of a UNICEF club at George Mason University. The club gave her the opportunity to advocate for children’s rights and educate her university community on the importance of helping the younger generation. She extended her passion and is now serving on the United Nation international Children Emergency Funds USA National Council. She also manages a program where members and volunteers mentor and tutor elementary-aged children at a local community center that serves refugees transitioning to life in America. With mental health being a stigma around the world, specifically in refugees and immigrant families, she believes that Safe Haven will ease the transition to the American life. She also believes that it will help student perform better in school overall, while working on solving unresolved

    Student Mental Health with Sean Perry

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 40:45

    Join Sean and Kristin for a discussion about student mental health and new ways to educate, empower, and provide help. Sean Perry has two decades of coaching experience and working with youth. He’s a certified Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Specialist/ instructor, certified in Childhood Trauma and is an Exposure Response Prevention Specialist. As of late Sean is trained to train staff in the Signs of Suicide Prevention Program. He also has been trained in collaborative problem solving.Sean has spent the last several years in the Human Service/Mental Health field.Sean saw a huge gap in the mental health industry while working in the private residential setting. He noticed that it was more about the have and the have nots then anyone would like to admit. This lack of equality pushed Sean to create We R H.O.P.E. Inc. with a colleague. While operating We R H.O.P.E., Sean was simultaneously the Program Manager at a residential treatment center for boys with severe trauma. He has since resigned to focus all of his energy on We R H.O.P.E. Sean hopes to create change in the public schools by bringing support at a much younger age and breaking the stigma of mental

    Grace and Humility with Dr. Paul Meier

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 28, 2021 31:56

    What can two people who are polar opposites in so many ways including politically discuss about grace and humility? Join Dr. Paul Meier and Kristin for a show among great friends.

    Dr. Paul Meier: Anniversary Illnesses Part II

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2021 35:27

    Join Dr. Paul Meier and Kristin for part 2 of anniversary illnesses. Dr. Paul Meier Notes: NORMAL BRIEF GRIEF. My father died many years ago and I was with him when he died talking to him and it was a wonderful experience even though sad to lose him. I have dealt with it well I believe. One Christmas Day a few years after his death, I was excited to go wake up our young kids to open presents and have an exciting day together, but then I felt suddenly sad for no apparent reason and couldn’t figure out why. I went into a room by myself and prayed for insight and immediately became aware that my parents always came at Christmas mornings to open presents with us. My Mom was still alive and would be there soon, but my Dad wouldn’t and I missed him. I actually encouraged myself to cry and did so for about two minutes and prayed that God would send an angel to give him a hug up in heaven and tell him we love him and miss him today. God would never say no to a request like that. Then I felt great again, having become aware of the reason and dealt with it. Feeling temporary brief dysthymia is not always a bad thing. It was a good thing in that circumstance and it might be for you in our listening family too.REGRESSION = Lots of my clients who I have seen for med checks but brief therapy once every few months for 10-15 years have done great that long, but we all still have a tendency to REGRESS to some extent to seeing life and ourselves and our roles like we saw them in childhood when we visit parents and sibs on the holidays or other events (weddings, etc.) and then are surprised we may feel worse temporarily after the holiday and not even know why. I warn my clients as I see them in Nov and Dec to watch out for that and I explain this to them. That way they catch themselves and avoid it, or sometimes need to avoid obnoxious parents who are always verbally abusive. To feel guilty for staying out of contact or limiting contact with chronically abusive parents is false guilt. We should feel guilty if we subject ourselves and our families to that instead. “Honoring your father and mother” in the Bible doesn’t mean letting them dominate or abuse you. It might mean having no contact with them but pitching in financially with other sibs to help pay for a nursing home when they are old, or it may involve doing nothing but avoiding or assisting them altogether.PTSD SYMPTOMS MAY OCCUR ANNUALLY EVEN WHEN GONE THE REST OF THE TIME. If there is a past traumatic event of any kind or even strong regret that has not been adequately dealt with, each year near that anniversary date any person might experience more anxiety and sadness and not know why. Even nightmares that are difficult to understand, or more sensitivity. A person MIGHT be aware of what it is and feel bad each year or MIGHT NOT even be aware of what it is. For example, people who believe abortion is OK for personal reasons often feel sad annually at the time it occurred, often unconsciously, and may even look around at kids of the age that child would be had he or she been born and have conscious or unconscious regrets or guilt feelings. This is part of what is known psychiatrically as POST-ABORTION SYNDROME.UNRESOLVED GRIEF. Anniversaries of major losses, like death of a child or significant other. Broken relationships. Divorce is often more traumatic than the death of a beloved mate. It is a rude awakening that the mate was not who you thought he or she really was. It is a willful rejection of you rather than an unexpected death.

    Dr. Paul Meier: Anniversary Illnesses Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2021 42:18

    Join one of your favorite cohosts, Dr. Paul Meier, discussing how times in our lives that were traumatic are stored in our bodies. Dr. Paul Meier Notes: NORMAL BRIEF GRIEF. My father died many years ago and I was with him when he died talking to him and it was a wonderful experience even though sad to lose him. I have dealt with it well I believe. One Christmas Day a few years after his death, I was excited to go wake up our young kids to open presents and have an exciting day together, but then I felt suddenly sad for no apparent reason and couldn’t figure out why. I went into a room by myself and prayed for insight and immediately became aware that my parents always came at Christmas mornings to open presents with us. My Mom was still alive and would be there soon, but my Dad wouldn’t and I missed him. I actually encouraged myself to cry and did so for about two minutes and prayed that God would send an angel to give him a hug up in heaven and tell him we love him and miss him today. God would never say no to a request like that. Then I felt great again, having become aware of the reason and dealt with it. Feeling temporary brief dysthymia is not always a bad thing. It was a good thing in that circumstance and it might be for you in our listening family too.REGRESSION = Lots of my clients who I have seen for med checks but brief therapy once every few months for 10-15 years have done great that long, but we all still have a tendency to REGRESS to some extent to seeing life and ourselves and our roles like we saw them in childhood when we visit parents and sibs on the holidays or other events (weddings, etc.) and then are surprised we may feel worse temporarily after the holiday and not even know why. I warn my clients as I see them in Nov and Dec to watch out for that and I explain this to them. That way they catch themselves and avoid it, or sometimes need to avoid obnoxious parents who are always verbally abusive. To feel guilty for staying out of contact or limiting contact with chronically abusive parents is false guilt. We should feel guilty if we subject ourselves and our families to that instead. “Honoring your father and mother” in the Bible doesn’t mean letting them dominate or abuse you. It might mean having no contact with them but pitching in financially with other sibs to help pay for a nursing home when they are old, or it may involve doing nothing but avoiding or assisting them altogether.PTSD SYMPTOMS MAY OCCUR ANNUALLY EVEN WHEN GONE THE REST OF THE TIME. If there is a past traumatic event of any kind or even strong regret that has not been adequately dealt with, each year near that anniversary date any person might experience more anxiety and sadness and not know why. Even nightmares that are difficult to understand, or more sensitivity. A person MIGHT be aware of what it is and feel bad each year or MIGHT NOT even be aware of what it is. For example, people who believe abortion is OK for personal reasons often feel sad annually at the time it occurred, often unconsciously, and may even look around at kids of the age that child would be had he or she been born and have conscious or unconscious regrets or guilt feelings. This is part of what is known psychiatrically as POST-ABORTION SYNDROME.UNRESOLVED GRIEF. Anniversaries of major losses, like death of a child or significant other. Broken relationships. Divorce is often more traumatic than the death of a beloved mate. It is a rude awakening that the mate was not who you thought he or she really was. It is a willful rejection of you rather than an unexpected death.

    Eating Through a Pandemic with Nicole Christina

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 15, 2021 31:00

    Join Kristin and Nicole for a discussion about how people with and without an eating disorder are handling sustenance intake during a global pandemic.Nicole is the host of Zestful Aging on Mental Health News Radio Network.

    Greta Gar Bitch: Open to Where Life Takes You

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2021 36:35

    Join Kimber Leigh and Kristin for a discussion about many things including her best selling book Greta Gar Bitch. Greta Gar~BITCH is the true story of a young girl growing up in a family with extreme dysfunction. Enduring daily physical and emotional abuse that was fueled by alcohol, sex, and drugs. The severity of abuse caused two of the four youngest children to commit suicide as their only way out six months apart from the other. In another six months, the mother committed suicide by ingesting a gallon of vodka a day, with a variety of prescription meds. When the mother’s body could no longer keep up with this cycle of drinking and drugging, her death left this family in their darkest hours.At the tender age of seven, Kimber Leigh listened to the stories told to her by her grandfather, about the famed Hollywood actress from the 1930s, Greta Garbo. Kimber’s grandfather said, “You are going to be just like her when you grow up." When Kimber shared his words with her mother, her mother’s reply was, “Sweetheart, you will never be anything but a BITCH... a Greta GarBITCH!”Kimber’s life was left in turmoil after years of suffering physical, sexual, and emotional abuse at the hands of her mother and others.This book reveals what turned Kimber’s life around, so she was able to lead a life of miracles, peace, love, and forgiveness. These experiences taught Kimber how to understand the real ‘game of life’ leading her to find true love, all the while witnessing endless miracles along her life’s long journey.Great Gar~BITCH will explain how YOU can live a miraculous life. People will witness your growth and say, WOW!Kimber Leigh is a highly respected actress, model, producer, television host, spokesperson, and master of ceremonies. She is well steeped in the Arizona cinema scene, whilst residing on the Big Island of Hawaii with her husband. ... Kimber has also received a Gold Hermes and a Telly Award for her work in

    Anxiously Okay with Alec Baynes - Here to Help Learn to Cope with Anxiety

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2021 18:42

    Join Kristin as she welcomes Alec Baynes to MHNR Network with his new podcast, Anxiously Okay. Listen as Alec and Kristin catch up and Alec gives some insight into his new podcast regarding his experiences learning to cope with Anxiety.Alec Baynes, an avid gamer, brings a youthful perspective to MHNR Network. He grew up diagnosed with Aspergers and had to learn to manage through his life struggling with anxiety.Twitch: smartalec24 Email: wab0624@gmail.com

    NEW! The Funky Brain Podcast - Get Help Learning Life Skills

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2020 35:26

    Join Kristin as she speaks with MHNR Network's NEW addition, Dennis Berry, who hosts The Funky Brain Podcast. Dennis and Kristin discuss varied aspects of learning to cope with this thing we call life.  Dennis Berry is a Certified Life Coach and has been working with people worldwide for over 15 years. With modern technology, he can work with anybody anywhere via Zoom. His expertise is in Life Mastery. He has been sober since April 8, 2003, during which time he became a successful businessman, athlete, and family man. His journey in recovery helped him find his mission in life, which is to help others achieve inner peace and success, and master every area of their lives. Dennis knows what it is like to be helpless and hopeless with no positive direction. He was able to climb out of the gutter and transform his life and he spends his life helping others do the same.

    Catching Up With Friends in 2020

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2020 48:44

    Join Kristin with Frank King, The Mental Health Comedian, as these two friends sit and discuss 2020 and how it's all affected them within their friendships. They reflect upon the pandemic, the politics, and friendships.  As a humorous keynote speaker, Frank brings his corporate brand of comedy to educate, inspire, and finally, entertain…again, ah-has, with a sprinkling of ha-ha’s, in a one of a kind presentation on matters of life and death. He blends his experience as a clean, clever stand-up comedian, an award-winning syndicated humor columnist, and as a warrior in his own lifelong battle with depression and thoughts of suicide, for content-packed and eminently listenable keynote presentations and workshops.

    Timeout For Mental Health: Coaching Men on Mental Health & Masculinity with Tim Krass

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2020 42:29

    Join Kristin as she speaks with, Tim Krass, who is bringing his podcast, Timeout For Mental Health to Mental Health News Radio Network. Tim explains his harrowing experience with depression, addiction, suicidal ideation, managing personal traumas, and his 30 years of research on what masculinity should truly look like. He shares his goal of helping as many men as possible relearn what is often learned toxic masculinity and learn how to begin processing what are often unmanaged trauma responses that can manifest in negative ways throughout life.Tim Krass is a veteran media and entertainment executive, as well as a leadership coach for business executives. Krass holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Georgetown University and an M.A. in Sport Management from Ohio State University. Krass has had executive roles with major media companies such as FOX and Univision. Krass has studied masculinity and taught leadership training for more than thirty-seven years. Krass resides in Redondo Beach, CA, where he is an active participant in recovery meetings regarding marijuana, depression, and alcohol, as well as working one on one with men regarding alcoholism, addiction, and masculinity issues, that occur both at home and in the workplace.

    Transpired: Helping the Transgender Community and Those That Love Them

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2020 38:41

    Join Kristin as she welcomes Seth Carlson and his new podcast, Transpired, to Mental Health News Radio Network.  Seth draws upon his own personal experiences as well as the experiences of those he mentors within the transgender community and brings a whole new type of voice to our ever-growing network of podcasts.  In this episode, Seth shares some of what is to come on his new podcast that is catering not only to those who are transgender but also to those who are allies, those who know and care about someone who is transgender, and even those who simply wish to understand more about the transgender life experience.  He shares a few brief experiences that give a bit of insight into the difficulties that transgender individuals experience that the cisgender population quite often just isn't able to understand through experience.  Seth Carlson is a freelance writer, a musician, speaker from North Carolina. He is a post-surgery transgender man who remains on hormones. He is notably known as “The Trans Life Coach” in and around the community, where he offers one-on-one mentoring sessions for transgender youth and adults alike.

    Individuation: A Necessary Step Towards Growth

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2020 36:38

    Join new podcaster, Anthony Metten, for a discussion about individuation. What is it? What does that mean? Why is is so vital to your mental health?Thought leader Anthony Metten is ushering in a new era of life skills with an empowering message born from rigorous introspection and bold vulnerability. “Who we are isn’t who we are,” he explains. “It’s all about being in the present. The past is depression; the future is about anxiety.”For Metten, self-perception is the gatekeeper of all the great things in life. “Success favors those willing to look deep inside. Those brave enough to remove the veils that once protected them but now hinder their growth,” he reveals.Metten shares his message through speaking engagements and via his innovatively written book #upshift(Blooming Twig Press). His methodology blends tenets of psychology, career counseling, and real world experience.At the core, Metten’s emboldening approach is about our relationship to the self, but its benefits fluidly extend to the workplace. Career success begins with the bonds we have with our coworkers, winning is a team-based activity fortified by deep interpersonal bonds.For executives, Metten encourages them to be brave and strong enough to be vulnerable. He also encourages them to establish trust and understanding through transparent communication with clear boundaries - that's where success starts. “Here’s the deal: You have to recognize other people,” Metten says. “Successful businesses are built on the people who work there. They help bring the accomplishments; it’s not about the boss, it's about the people. That’s leadership.”He recommends company rising stars to take chances but stay self aware as they make big decisions. “The question isn’t where you are on the continuum, it's whether you're on it, and what you’re willing to do to consistently improve self understanding. Along the way you will have setbacks and hurdles but don't worry, we all have them. It's what you learn and do with them that sets you apart,” Metten says. “Onstage Metten exudes an assured, bold but refined demeanor. He’s an in-the-moment speaker cued into the audience’s energy, making dynamically meaningful twists and turns so each engagement is vibrantly unique. The constant in his work is always giving attendees a reason to pause and consider what could be possible, for both their careers and their personal lives.Metten’s own life has been defined by consistently and continually redefining his self-conception. Growing up he internalized the distorted imaging surrounding him and descended into a life of frustration and low self-esteem. When he found himself a single parent, high school dropout, bankrupt and living on a friend’s couch, he knew it was time to hit the reset button. He transformed his own life through the lessons he teaches others. Metten went onto earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Career Development from Santa Clara University. Previous to his thought leader work, Metten was a Senior Vice President at one of the largest global financial institutions in the financial industry.“You need to do the hard work,” Metten says. “And you’ll know you’re doing the hard work when you’re honest with yourself. Get into areas you’re unfamiliar with, stretch, and get a little uncomfortable; those are the areas where growth and opportunity lie.”www.anthonymetten.com

    Men and Mental Health: Being Proud of Yourself

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2020 54:14

    Join Joe Mitsch and Kristin Walker as they talk about how to develop pride in yourself.

    Our Relationship with Food, Ourselves and the World

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2020 58:11

    Join Kristin and Carolyn as they discuss everything from social unrest, racism, eating disorders, and her incredible podcast that just joined Mental Health News Radio Network. Born in Houston, Texas, Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross spent her childhood in San Antonio where as the oldest of five children, she comes from a long line of physicians and healers. Her mother’s father was a well-known physician in Bryan, Texas, who opened his own hospital and nursing school. His mother, Betty Love, was a Cherokee medicine woman.Dr. Ross wanted to be a doctor from the age of nine and worked many summers and vacations in her grandfather’s office, going with him on house calls, helping him deliver babies and learning how to dispense medications in his office pharmacy.Dr. Ross’s Medical BackgroundDr. Ross completed her undergraduate degree in Modern Foreign Languages at Purdue University and then was a full-time mother of her two older sons before returning to school to complete her Pre-Med requirements. She then went to the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Ross’s practice experience after medical school helped fuel her interest in understanding what makes people heal as she saw that most of her patients’ medical problems were related to lifestyle habits and the stresses of modern living.In searching for a better way to address these issues, Dr. Ross began to explore complementary and alternative therapies and the use of herbs and supplements for her patients. She then completed a residency in Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University and set up practice in San Diego, California, where she eventually opened three women’s centers where she practiced primary care and office gynecology. Her women’s centers integrated the best of western medicine with complementary and alternative therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, and nutrition counseling. She developed and ran The Anchor Program that offered a holistic approach for individuals with food and body image issues. The Anchor Program is a non-diet approach with a philosophy that health and well-being are everyone’s right no matter their size. During that time, she also served as the medical director of The Rader Institute’s inpatient eating disorder program.Dr. Ross’s Focus on Integrative MedicineDr. Ross’s own personal health crisis and the diagnosis of her mother with Alzheimer’s led her on a journey to healing in which her perspective about medicine changed and her desire to focus on integrative medicine led her to the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Ross completed a two-year fellowship in Integrative Medicine, studying with Dr. Andrew Weil. Her path then led her to work as the head of the Eating Disorders Program and the Integrative Medicine Department at world-renowned inpatient hospital, Sierra Tucson where she pioneered the Integrative Medicine approach to eating disorder treatment. She currently works in private practice in Denver, Colorado, as an addiction medicine specialist and suboxone doctor who specializes in opioid addiction treatment. She also is a consultant for treatment centers across the country on eating disorders and integrative medicine.Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross is a mother of three sons and has one granddaughter. She is also a nationally known author, speaker and expert in the field of Eating Disorders and Integrative Medicine. Her most recent book is “The Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder and Compulsive Overeating Workbook.” Other books include, “Healing Body, Mind and Spirit: an Integrative Medicine approach to the treatment of eating disorders” describing her own journey to healing and the miracles she found along the way. Dr. Ross has also developed a line of supplements as a result of her research, which are designed to support the recovery of patients with eating disorders and addictions.

    Drinking and Driving: A Discussion with MADD's Helen Witty

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2020 34:39

    Helen and Kristin discuss the impact MADD has had since its inception in 1980. The organization had a significant impact on Kristin and Helen. They share their reasons for advocacy and education. Helen Witty in her own words: Eighteen years ago, as our shattered family faced our first Christmas holiday without our 16-year-old daughter, Helen Marie, I could not have imagined introducing myself to you as MADD’s new National President.I came to MADD in the months after Helen Marie died a sudden, violent death by an alcohol- and marijuana-impaired teen driver. Just as suddenly, we faced the impossible tasks of funeral arrangements and criminal court proceedings, of organ donation and boxing up her things forever. We faced a grief so profound it hardly seemed survivable.Until that sunny afternoon in our hometown of Miami, my husband John and I had our dream family: a boy and a girl, named for each of us. John and John. Helen and Helen Marie. Our daughter came first. When John followed three years later, Helen Marie was thrilled, until she learned he wasn’t going back. But she learned to love him, deeply. They were imperfect, well-adjusted children. They were everything my husband and I had prayed for.On June 1, 2000, our dream family was torn apart. It was a normal day, except that Helen Marie was nervous. She was going to direct a school play the next day, and although she’d acted many times, this was a new role for her. She wanted to go rollerblading to work off her stress.I wanted her to stay home; I’d been traveling for a few days, and we had so much to catch up on. But as she laced up her rollerblades, she told me not to worry. She stuck to a regular route. She used the crosswalks. She would be right back.John, 13, wanted to go, too, but she asked me to keep him home because she wanted to go fast. That was Helen Marie – always quick. We called her HM because it was so much faster.At the end of the driveway, she spun to face me. She blew me a kiss and told me she loved me. And she took off, blonde hair flying behind her.This is how I choose to remember her.In those grief-blurred weeks that followed, pamphlets arrived from the Miami-Dade Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. At first, I could not look at them. But later, at the suggestion of a friend, I called.I cannot fully explain all that MADD gave to me. At the most basic level, they provided information. At the most profound, the inspiring men and women who walked ahead of me showed me that I would survive the pain. They showed me that one day, I might even smile again.They gave me the priceless gift of hope.MADD also gave me a platform. I could only lean on it in the beginning. Then I stood on it. Slowly, I learned that I could fight from it. I could educate from it. For 11 years, as a volunteer, I tried to return what I had received. I spent another eight years as a staff member, facilitating MADD’s prevention programs in South Florida and talking to parents and children about the tragic consequences of underage drinking. I told Helen Marie’s story, because there is power in our stories. They unite us. They save lives.As your new MADD National President, I want to help survivors and victims of drunk and drugged driving. I want people to know that they don’t have to be victims for the rest of their lives. I want them to understand that the pain, though permanent, isn’t defining. It can be channeled into something life-changing – and life-saving.I want to educate. Drunk driving is still the No. 1 killer on our roads. This is unacceptable. We know how to reduce drugged driving and end this 100 percent preventable crime.I am so grateful to the people who came before me. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to be your new National President. I look forward to working with each of you. Together, we can save

    Mental Health Awareness in the Online Gaming Community

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2020 38:53

    Join Aaron and Kristin for a hilarious and information discussion about mental health advocacy and suicide awareness in the gaming community!About Aaron: My name is Aaron Wanserski and I'm the Video Game Outreach Director for the Center for Suicide Awareness in Kaukauna, Wisconsin.I'm a pretty normal guy, outgoing, fun, nerd, (yes that is my wedding photo :), but I realized things were not exactly how I wanted them to be. I was a police officer for 12 years before I decided to help people in a different way. Mental illness is something that many people suffer in silence from, including myself, but it’s rarely talked about.I was able to connect with The Center for Suicide Awareness and create a podcast for them as another way to break the stigma. The theme/slogan for our podcast is “everyone has a story”. You don’t have to be famous to have a story. Everyday people have something to share. Those stories and experiences go a long way with people.That’s what this podcast is about. About knowing that it’s ok to be you and to not feel insecure about yourself. There are people just like you. Be kind, you are loved, you are important, and remember, you are not

    Pivot Work with Elizabeth Bellivieau

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2020 30:24

    Join Kristin and Liz for a discussion about a new podcast on Mental Health News Radio Network: Pivot Work!Elizabeth Belliveau, MSW, LICSW is a practicing clinical social worker and has experience in a wide variety of settings, including residential programs with adolescents, juvenile justice, school-based counseling, outpatient therapy, and in-home/wrap services through the CBHI model. A Graduate of the College of the Holy Cross and Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, her practice embodies a client-centered, holistic, multi-faceted treatment approach that encourages achieving full functionality in life. Elizabeth specializes in helping clients achieve sustainable change for their lives. She holds advanced training in DBT, CBT, EMDR, ARC, TF-CBT, as well as therapeutic yoga. Elizabeth has extensive experience providing consultations and clinical supervision to practitioners, and advising on program and service development. She has presented at major conferences such as Horizons for Homeless Children, MASOC, BAEYC, NASW, and the statewide juvenile justice conference. She is a facuty member at Bay Path University Graduate School of Mental Health Counseling and Mount Wachusett Community College, and serves as an internship supervisor for local MSW students in the Worcester area. She additionally serves as a board member of NASW Central Region and the Rise Above Foundation, as well as being active with many local non-profits. She is also a Reiki

    Negotiating with Narcissists with Rebecca Zung, Esq.

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2020 38:26

    Join Kristin as she speaks with one of our new podcasters, Rebecca Zung, Esq. who has recently come to us with her podcast Negotiate Your Best Life. Her career as an attorney led her to have to identify and manage narcissists. Kristin welcomes Rebecca here to our Narcissistic Abuse Healing Network with an amazing episode about how Narcissists work. Listen to her no-nonsense approach to dealing with narcissists and then go check out all of her knowledge contained in her own podcast, Negotiate Your Best Life with Rebecca Zung.Rebecca Zung is one of the Top 1% of attorneys in the nation, having been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a “Best Lawyer in America”, as “Legal Elite” by Trend Magazine, and recognized by her peers and the judiciary as AV(c), preeminent rated in family law, the highest possible rating for an attorney by Martindale Hubbell. She went from being a single mom, a college dropout, to becoming one the most powerful lawyers in the country at the helm of a multi-million dollar practice. She is now committed to sharing her secrets and empowering others to live their lives at their optimum level of success, professionally and personally. She is the author of the bestselling books, "Negotiate Like You M.A.T.T.E.R.: The Sure Fire Method to Step Up and Win" (foreword by Robert Shapiro) and "Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Freedom," and is a sought after major media contributor. Now, Rebecca remains a partner in Long, Murphy & Zung, and is based in Los Angeles and Florida. She is continuing to serve through her incredible on-demand programs such as "S.LA.Y. Your Negotiation With a Narcissist," and the "Divorce Delete-Alt-Control Masterclasses."

    Success is Measured By How Much You Give with Mitzi Perdue

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2020 42:53

    Join Mitzi Perdue and Kristin as they talk about what success really is and how ending human trafficking became one of her many passions!Check out her initiative at Perdue knows that every family business has a culture. The question is, does this culture come about by design or by default? The ones that come about by default rarely support keeping the family business in the family across the generations.So, what can a family do to develop and strengthen a culture that will support their deepest goals and values?Mitzi Perdue draws on the experience of her family of origin, the Henderson Estate Company which dates back to 1840 and was the forerunner of the Sheraton Hotels (her father was co-founder of the chain). She also looks to her marital family (she’s the widow of Frank Perdue from Perdue Farms) that began in 1920.In both cases, family members in each generation put enormous effort into creating and maintaining strong, values-based cultures. Her talks stem from her lifelong observations not only of how her two families have kept together over a combined total of 280 years, but she’s also closely observed how other high net worth families, often ones she’s known since childhood, created and continuously strengthen positive cultures. She’s also observed almost countless cases where families that lacked a supportive culture failed spectacularly.Mitzi’s talks contain practical tips for embedding a positive culture. She’s been a part of carrying out all of them, and in some cases, creating them. These are tips that work, they’re practical, and they can make a spectacular difference in whether the family continues across the generations, or becomes one of the 70% that fails to pass on their legacy to the next generation.Mitzi is a businesswoman, author, and a master story teller. She holds degrees from Harvard University and George Washington University, is a past president of the 35,000 member American Agri-Women and was one of the U.S. Delegates to the United Nations Conference on Women in Nairobi. She currently writes for the Academy of Women’s Health, and GEN, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.Most recently, she’s authored Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Business and Life Lessons from Frank Perdue. The book made #5 on Amazon’s Business Biographies, out of a field of 20,000. She’s also the author of, I Didn’t Bargain for This, her story of growing up as a hotel heiress.A woman of many talents, she also programmed a computer app, B Healthy U, designed to help people track the interactions of lifestyle factors that influence their energy, sleep, hunger, mood, and ability to handle stress. In addition to being a programmer and software developer, Mitzi is also an artist and designer of EveningEggs™ handbags.In addition, Mitzi the author of more than 1600 newspaper and magazine articles on family businesses, food, agriculture, the environment, philanthropy, biotechnology, genetic engineering, and women’s health.She was a syndicated columnist for 22 years, and her weekly environmental columns were distributed first by California’s Capitol News and later, by Scripps Howard News Service, to roughly 420 newspapers. For two years she was a Commissioner on the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science.Mitzi also produced and hosted more than 400 half hour interview shows, Mitzi’s Country Magazine on KXTV, the CBS affiliate in Sacramento, California. In addition, she hosted and produced more than 300 editions of Mitzi’s Country Comments, which was syndicated to 76 stations. Her radio series, Tips from the Farmer to You, was broadcast weekly for two years on the Coast to Coast Radio

    Taking the 'Dis' out of Disability with Dr. Paul Wichansky

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2020 38:20

    Kristin and Chas speak with Dr. Paul about taking the "Dis out of Disability", bullying, and inspiration!Dr. Paul in his own words below:Never let your attitude become a disability.I was born with cerebral palsy and have a hearing loss. My family and friends have never allowed me to see these disabilities as "robbing" me of a chance to lead a normal life. Rather, I have worked hard to transform obstacles into unique opportunities for self-improvement and host inspirational programs designed to show my audiences, by example, how they can also do the same.I am a motivational speaker who hosts interactive programs, in-person or virtual, on the topics of disability awareness, diversity, anti-bullying, and overcoming adversity.In September 2020, the NJ Senate honored me with this proclamation for sharing my story of leadership and resilience with over 1M+ youth and teens, parents, and educators during an inspiring 40-year speaking career at schools in New Jersey and nationwide.My school programs help instill in youth the courage and confidence to excel in their studies; treat their peers with respect; develop character and other leadership traits; and be motivated to realize their goals.University and corporate audiences invest in an engaging conference keynote that introduces students and professionals to a former special needs child who has conquered the effects of cerebral palsy, implemented diversity initiatives at his university, earned a doctorate, and leads a confident and fulfilling life in the face of adversity.Given that our challenges can be our greatest gifts, I share life insights that have enabled me to find courage and confidence in an exciting journey of self-discovery. My clients learn how to face their adversity with perseverance, optimism, and a "Yes I Can!" attitude.

    A Journey through our Current Healthcare System

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2020 26:31

    Join Thomas and Kristin as they talk about the state of healthcare in the United States and his new book Heart to Head and Back Again...a Journey through the Healthcare System. With well over thirty-five years of extensive healthcare leadership experience, Tom is a voice for relationship centered and compassionate care, servant leadership and quality and systems improvement.An author, leader and advisor, he is also an internationally recognized speaker and writer with an expertise in healthCARING models, heart and mind communication, courageous vulnerability, systems thinking and improvement, stopping bullying, adverse childhood experiences (ACES) and bringing “love in action” to all we do.He is a father, husband and coach. A coach to healthcare leaders. And a coach to young men.Tom has written the book, The Big Kid and Basketball … and the lessons he taught his Father and Coach, where he shares stories of bullying, resiliency, parenting, coaching, faith, family and love.He is also a contributor to the book, Bullied Back to Life, focusing on how victims of bullying have used their experiences to fuel their success, and how you can too.And a contributor to the Amazon Best Selling book, Highway to Heart, Humor, and Honesty in Healthcare, a book for healthcare providers, patients, and family members who desire to understand how to better connect with one another.Tom believes at the end of the day it is all about impact.

    Community Living and Mental Health

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2020 41:55

    What is an intentional community? What is community living and how can impact our mental well being? Join Cynthia Tina and Kristin for an in-depth discussion on the real deal of community living experience.Cynthia Tina is an expert in the field of intentional communities, having traveled to over a hundred sustainability and community projects worldwide. She helps people connect to intentional communities as a matchmaker for seekers and as a consultant for growing community projects. Cynthia is Co-Director of the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC), a 35 year-old nonprofit dedicated to supporting intentional communities as pathways towards a more cooperative, sustainable, and just world. She is also the founder of Ecovillage Tours (since 2019), was an officeholder on the Board of Trustees for the Global Ecovillage Network (2015-2020), and was Director of the youth ecovillage network NextGENNA (2013-2018). Cynthia lives in an intentional community in Vermont where she is currently building a passive solar home and tending a permaculture garden. Learn more and book a community matchmaking session with Cynthia at

    Help for Pre and Post Election Stress with Prairie Conlon

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2020 52:13

    Join Kristin and Prairie as they discuss the collection stress we are all under in 2020. They also talk about some things you can do to help your mental health as you navigate through our upcoming presidential election. Prairie Conlon is a clinically trained mental health counselor who utilizes animals to help her patients navigate their mental health struggles. She is also the host of The Animal Effect podcast on Mental Health News Radio Network.Prairie is a licensed mental health professional and is considered the world’s leading expert on Emotional Support Animals. She is the Clinical Director of Therapetic and consults for CertaPet, one of the largest telehealth companies in the nation. Prairie has a Master’s Degree in professional counseling and a Postgraduate Degree in Military Behavioral health counseling. She is certified as an equine assisted psychotherapist. Prairie is a certified Accelerated Resolution Therapist and helps train future trauma therapist in this modality. She consults for several nonprofits for veterans and first responder trauma, including The Lone Survivor Foundation and Horses that Heal. She is the founder,developer and lead researcher of emotional support animal Assisted Therapy (ESAAT) which is a set of techniques utilized to decrease anxiety, panic attacks, depressive symptoms, and sleep difficulties with the use of an Emotional Support

    Profile of a Nation: The Mind of Donald Trump

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2020 41:12

    Join Kristin for an incredible show with Dr. Bandy Lee, speaking today about the process she and many other prominent psychiatrists undertook from an apolitical look at the mental health of Donald Trump. We ask the question, "What does a nation do when the leader of their country displays behavior that deems them unfit and unsafe for office?"Dr. Bandy Lee discusses her most well-known book, "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President" and here today to introduce us to her new book, "Profile of a Nation: Trump’s Mind, America’s Soul."Dr. Bandy Lee is a medical doctor, a forensic psychiatrist, and a world expert on violence. She became known to the public by leading a group of mental health professional colleagues in breaking the silence about the current U.S. president’s dangerous mental impairments. She is currently president of the World Mental Health Coalition, which is dedicated to promoting public health and safety.During medical school, she also obtained a divinity degree to expand her understanding of the human condition. Trained at Yale and Harvard Universities, she was chief resident at Massachusetts General Hospital and a research fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health. As a faculty member of the Law and Psychiatry Division at Yale School of Medicine for 17 years, she taught at Yale Law School for 15 of those years, covering the mental health aspects of asylum law, criminal justice, and veterans’ legal services. Her clinical work consists of psychiatric services at maximum-security prisons and in state hospitals, in addition to working as an expert witness for the state and federal courts. Currently, she holds medical licenses in four states.She served as Director of Research for the Center for the Study of Violence (Harvard, U. Penn., N.Y.U., and Yale), co-founded Yale’s Violence and Health Study Group at the MacMillan Center for International Studies, and has led an academic collaborators project for the World Health Organization’s Violence Prevention Alliance, helping to translate scholarship into implementation and to support research in low- and middle-income countries. She has consulted with governments on prison reform and community violence prevention, such as for France, Ireland, Alabama, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. She has also played a key role in initiating reforms at Rikers Island, a correctional facility in New York City known for extreme levels of violence.She created a popular Global Health Studies course at Yale College, “Violence: Causes and Cures,” which led to the most comprehensive textbook on the subject to date, “Violence: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Causes, Consequences, and Cures” (Wiley-Blackwell, 2019). She published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and chapters, 15 edited scholarly books and journal special issues, over 200 op-eds in outlets such as the Guardian, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Independent, and Politico, and the New York Times bestseller, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President” (Macmillan, 2017 and 2019). The last proceeded from an ethics conference at Yale School of Medicine, which led her to consulting with over 50 members of the U.S. Congress.The World Mental Health Coalition is a professional organization that assembles mental health experts to collaborate with other disciplines for the betterment of public mental health. It also attempts to step in where the American Psychiatric Association has failed in societal leadership. Her current goals center around educating the public on mental health matters that have national and international consequence, so that it can be empowered to protect itself.She owes a great debt to her maternal grandfather, Dr. Geun-Young Lee, a renowned physician who helped inspire many in reconstructing South Korean society after the war, and to her mother, who continued to practice his philosophy in her beloved United States.

    Narcisissm in 2020: Our Need for Boundaries with Kim Saeed

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2020 40:19

    Join Kristin as she speaks with Kim Saeed, one of our own podcasters from "Heal, Grow, Evolve with Kim Saeed," and they are speaking about narcissism in the current environment we are all living in this year. Narcissists are coming out of the woodwork, and we are not all at the top of our game due to stress levels. Stop listening to anyone who is victim-shaming you into feeling this is your fault for allowing it to transpire, but begin putting up any needed boundaries. Kim Saeed is a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert, transformative educator, renowned speaker, and bestselling author of How to Do No Contact Like a Boss! In 2013, frustrated by the lack of information and support in her own journey towards narcissistic abuse recovery, she developed her own collective space to help others break the narcissistic spell. Today, has reached over 195 countries and has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives. In 2016, she launched The New Life Academy, an online school devoted to helping narcissistic abuse survivors restore their self-esteem and create meaningful, fulfilling lives. Kim asserts that, when harnessed appropriately, devastating and abusive situations can become the catalysts for profound transformation. She believes that no one deserves to remain a victim of generational dysfunction or abusive relationships. Furthermore, she believes that all survivors have the ability to flourish, thrive, and create an ideal life in recovery. Kim has always been passionate about advocacy and education. She has her Bachelor of Education with a multidisciplinary background in teaching, psychology, organizational development, and research.

    Covid-19: A Follow Up About Lab Testing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2020 18:50

    Join Kristin as she speaks with Victoria Frenkel, the CEO of Top Lab, about Covid-19 testing. Victoria came on once before and the backlash we received on Facebook from posting that show was tremendous. Conspiracy theories, hate, and vitriol. We thought it might be a great idea to check back in. Whether you believe it or not, people are suffering from Covid-19 whether they have contracted the virus or haven't.Victoria Frenkel is the CEO at Advanced Comprehensive Laboratory, LLC / Top Lab

    The Power of Asking with Mark Victor Hansen

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2020 56:45

    Listen in with Kristin as she has an inspiring conversation with Mark Victor Hansen, most commonly known as the New York Times bestselling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and is here today to discuss his new book, "Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny,"  that he co-authored with his wife, Crystal Dwyer Hansen.  During these times of change and uncertainty, sometimes the way to get what you need and want is to simply ask. Positive change is what we need, and Mark is here to tell us how to begin getting it.Mark Victor Hansen’s life mission is to awaken the possibility in every soul. An internationally known speaker, Hansen co-founded Chicken Soup for the Soul® along with Jack Canfield, as a way to share motivational anecdotes with people all over the world. In addition to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, he is a prolific writer with many bestselling books, such as The One Minute Millionaire, Cracking the Millionaire Code, and several others, and is able to be found on Amazon. Hansen has had a profound influence in the field of human potential through his library of audios, videos, and articles in the areas of big thinking, sales achievement, wealth building, publishing success, and personal and professional development. A philanthropist and humanitarian, Hansen works tirelessly for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, March of Dimes, Childhelp USA, and many others. He is the recipient of numerous awards that honor his entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropic heart, and business acumen. He is a lifetime member of the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, an organization that honored Hansen with the prestigious Horatio Alger Award

    Radio Free Entertainment Network: Bringing Mental Health into Light with Christavus Dominic.

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2020 67:19

    Listen as Kristin speaks to Christavus Dominic who is here to discuss his new venture, Radio Free Entertainment Network, which is a 27/7 radio streaming platform who, through personal life experiences, has come to realize exactly how important taking care of one's mental health truly is. Radio Free Entertainment Network will be airing MHNR content on their streaming platform in order to help bring mental health and mental illness into the spotlight and help remove the stigma.As a champion for diversity, Christavus is a broadcast personality for WONE 97.5 Classic Rock Radio Station in Akron, Ohio. Experienced Radio Personality & Entertainment Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Music Management, Entertainment Management, Management, Special Events Production, and Student Development. Strong media and communication professional with focused studies in Communications and Arts Administration from The University of Akron. Radio Free Entertainment Network, Ltd. is a broadcast and internet streaming radio network playing the music of renowned and independent artists. They are dedicated to empowering their communities to promote educational, civic, and cultural development. Launched this month by three community leaders, Christavus Dominic, Warner Mendenhall, and Shuaib Meacham, the Radio Free Entertainment Network aims to offer a full-service aggregate radio station, music recording company, and marketing services as a one-stop-shop. The Radio Free Entertainment Network is a small but powerful network dedicated to bringing more community to the world through music. Their mission is to amplify the voices of the traditionally under-represented by helping local communities of passionate advocates make a positive impact on the world. We believe a variety of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds creates a better community for their staff and a better product for their users and the communities they serve. Their streaming radio platform provides a 24/7 digital listening experience. The programming is designed to feature an array of musical styles and community viewpoints throughout the week. To the small business owner, they can offer a broader reach for their goods. To the independent performer, they can provide access to a wider audience. Their educational service goals include establishing literacy programs as well as creating more internships in broadcasting, production, and marketing. As recent times have shown that without media professionals, essential information could become inaccessible, the industry holds a crucial spot on the global stage.

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