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Hosted by Dr. Jason Balara, this podcast aims at helping professionals finding their own purpose in life and create alternatives streams of income in order to reach their maximum potential.

Jason Balara

    • Nov 29, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    Gain the insider's edge to real estate investing with James Nelson | Know your why #262

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2023 32:17

    EPISODE SUMMARY: Ever wondered how to make it big in the city that never sleeps? On the newest episode of the Know Your Why Podcast, we unravel the secrets of New York City real estate with none other than seasoned investment sales broker, James Nelson. We start off by cracking open the mysteries of the hyper-local NYC market, where James offers his wisdom on why research and mentorship hold the keys to staying ahead of the game. No matter your level of experience, James's expertise in navigating this highly competitive market is sure to be an eye-opener. Peeling back the layers, we then dive into the realm of commercial real estate. James spotlights value-add strategies and how the pandemic has affected retail rents, opening new doors for astute investors. We then journey to the Bronx, discussing the intriguing prospect of the new subway stations and their potential market impact. James also underscores the significance of having a specialized niche, understanding your asset class, and being in tune with the neighborhood you're investing in. As we add more dimensions to our chat, we narrate the success story of a developer who transformed an old property into a flourishing boutique condo, all thanks to the right team. James shares his personal motivation, and the drive that keeps him on top of his game. We also navigate the beautiful world of mentorship, as James stresses its essential role in his journey. On a lighter note, James- a fellow podcaster, shares the value of creating meaningful content and the immense satisfaction it brings. Tune in for an engaging discussion, packed with inspiring stories, practical tips, and strategies to skyrocket your way to real estate success. JAMES BIO: Highly acclaimed investment sales broker James Nelson is the Principal and Head of Avison Young's Tri-State Investment Sales group in New York City. During his 25-year career, Nelson has sold properties and loans totaling over $5 billion. James is also a serial real estate investor and has launched two real estate funds with total capitalizations of over $350 million. He is passionate about helping others achieve real estate success and offers regular training through his podcast “The Insider's Edge To Real Estate Investing.” He regularly lectures at Columbia, Fordham, NYU, Wharton, and his alma mater Colgate. GET IN TOUCH WITH JAMES: book: podcast: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Real Estate Investing in NYC Insights Real estate investing in NYC with guest James Nelson, emphasizing the importance of mentors, research, and staying ahead of the market. (0:14:15) - Opportunities and Strategies in Real Estate Understanding NYC's commercial real estate market, COVID-19's impact on retail rents, niche investing, and upcoming subway stations in the Bronx. (0:19:49) - Investment Success and Building a Team A strong team is crucial for success in commercial real estate investment, with specialized professionals like attorneys playing a key role. (0:23:59) - Motivation and Mentoring in Real Estate Real estate expert James Nelson shares his passion for the industry, importance of mentorship, and advice for those interested in entering. (0:31:00) - Why Success on Know Your WhyPodcast Valuable content, ratings and reviews, and the why behind success were discussed with podcast host James. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Top Three Questions to Ask Before Investing with Paula Nichols | Know your why # 261

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2023 40:52

    EPISODE SUMMARY: We're thrilled to bring you an insightful conversation with Paula Nichols, a seasoned real estate professional with a fascinating journey - from Colombia to the US, from being her mother's real estate agent at a mere age of 15 to now running a successful real estate investment firm, Apogee Capital, with her husband Jonathan. Paula take us behind the scenes of their dynamic partnership, revealing how they discovered their individual strengths and carved out specific roles within their business. You'll soak in their wisdom on setting clear expectations, managing people and properties, and navigating the nuanced world of asset management. We also delve into the strategies Paula wield for successful asset management. She emphasizes the importance of a solid business plan, the use of key performance indicators to measure success, and their unique approach to forging a sense of community amongst their residents. She also navigate the tricky balance of retaining tenants while increasing rent to meet market demands, sharing their success story of achieving an impressive 30-40% retention rate. Taking us further, Paula doesn't not shy away from discussing the financial aspects of their real estate business. She sheds light on the significance of capital preservation and the potential perils of bridge debt. As she anticipates a wave of discounted opportunities due to expiring loan terms, they stress on the importance of risk recognition and asking the right questions before making passive investments. Wrapped up with lessons from their years in real estate and valuable tips for those looking to enter the industry, this episode with Paula Nichols is a goldmine of knowledge for seasoned professionals and aspiring real estate moguls alike. Tune in for an inspiring and informative conversation that will undoubtedly enhance your understanding of the real estate landscape. PAULA'S BIO: Paula Nichols is a real estate professional with experience in project and organizational management, investment analysis and contract negotiation. Paula and her husband, Jonathan, began investing in real estate in 2018 and undertook numerous residential projects before forming their commercial real estate investment firm, Apogee Capital, in 2019. Her current portfolio includes 400+ apartment units in the Texas and Oklahoma markets as a General Partner and almost 1,000 apartment units as a Limited Partner. In addition to her work with Apogee, Paula managed the pre-development of over 800 build-to-rent units in the DFW for a real estate development firm where she worked closely with institutional investors and local government officials. Prior to beginning her career in real estate, Paula worked as a management consultant for clients in the banking and utility sectors. Paula holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration - Finance from Texas A&M University, she is a licensed real estate agent and a certified ScrumMaster®. Outside of work, she enjoys learning about interior design, spending time with friends/family and traveling with her husband. GET IN TOUCH WITH PAULA: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:01) - 'Real Estate Podcast With Paula Nichols Paula Nichols moved to the US, became a real estate agent, studied finance, and invested in 400+ units. (0:03:40) - Business Partnership Roles and Responsibilities Paula Nichols discusses utilizing strengths, expectations, accountability, and asset management. (0:11:40) - Strategies for Multifamily Asset Management Paula Nichols explores asset management, KPIs, community building, and tenant retention. (0:16:35) - Maximizing Revenue Through Property Renovations Paula Nichols discusses balancing financial, construction and leasing components of asset management, increasing rents without forcing tenants out, considering market cycle and time of year, and understanding comps. (0:27:06) - Real Estate Loans Paula Nichols discusses preserving capital, bridge debt, discounted opportunities, risk, and lessons learned. (0:35:04) - Passion and Success in Real Estate Paula shares advice on real estate asset management, preserving capital, and taking on bridge debt. (0:40:11) - Know Your Why Paula Nichols emphasizes preserving capital, balancing financial, construction and leasing components, and potential consequences of bridge debt. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Keys To Success: Enjoy The Journey Not Just The Destination w/ Amelia Knight | Know your why #260

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2023 57:34

    EPISODE SUMMARY: What happens when the dream career you've aspired to since childhood turns into a nightmare? That's the harsh reality Dr. Amelia Knight Pinkston, a multi-passionate recovered burnout vet and integrative health and life coach, found herself grappling with. Our candid conversation reveals her unique trajectory, from realizing her childhood ambition of becoming a vet, to confronting the harsh realities of the profession, and ultimately finding a way to recover from burnout. The veterinary field isn't all puppies and kittens, as many imagine. It's a high stress environment, where imposter syndrome is rampant and trauma responses like workaholism and difficulty with boundaries can manifest. We examine these challenges, shining a light on the pressures veterinarians face and the importance of understanding these stresses. Amelia also provides invaluable insights on how to address and prevent burnout, emphasizing a shift out of survival mode, the critical nature of boundary creation, and zero tolerance towards bullies. But Amelia's journey doesn't stop at recovery. She has redefined health and success narratives, and we explore this mission in detail, discussing how unconscious biases, beliefs, patterns, and habits can be confronted through integrative change work and hypnosis. We also probe into the ripple effect of dealing with disrespectful clients and the need for fostering a thriving, respectful environment in veterinary practice. So, join us as we explore Amelia's inspiring journey and her bold call for positive change within the veterinary profession. AMELIA'S BIO: Amelia is a multi-passionate recovered burnt out vet and integrative health and life coach. She is certified in integrative change work, hypnosis, veterinary medical acupuncture, and is co-chair of the Veterinary Genesis Initiative. She helps animal lovers unleash their most confident, energized, and healthy self using an evidence-based understanding of how the body and brain work - including the unconscious mind - with a holistic approach that honors what their heart needs to create real sustainable change that feels like a breath of fresh air. Her mission is to beat burnout in vet med by empowering individuals and hospitals to embrace a new norm where we put our “oxygen mask” on first and where workplaces foster an environment where it's convenient to thrive. Significant achievements: - Using the lowest point in my life as a burnt out vet to lead me down a path to the highest point in my life where I have embraced being multi-passionate, created Life Boost with Amelia, and help to create positive change in individual's lives and the veterinary profession. - Completing my certifications in integrative change work and hypnosis this year - learning anti-anxiety tools, self-directed neuroplasticity, and techniques for coaching the unconscious mind has been a game changer in my own life and for my clients GET IN TOUCH WITH AMELIA:   Beat The Burnout series: website: "Life Boost with Amelia" Podcast:  Beat The Burnout: Life Boot For Vets Facebook group:   EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Recovering From Burnout Amelia shares her story of burnout recovery and her passion for creating positive change in the vet profession to address burnout and suicide. (0:14:31) - Stress and Imposter Syndrome in Veterinary Veterinarians discuss burnout, trauma response, workaholism, boundaries, and imposter syndrome. (0:24:34) - Addressing Burnout, Creating Thriving Environment Amelia discusses boundaries, zero-tolerance for bullies, nature's necessities, and shifting out of survival mode to prevent burnout. (0:37:47) - Positive Work Environment Importance Setting boundaries, creating a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, and empowering staff to help pets are discussed to create positive change. (0:47:20) - Burnout and Path to Wellness Exploration Amelia and I discuss unconscious beliefs, biases, patterns, habits, integrative change work, and hypnosis to create a new narrative around health and success. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    How to reduce risk when investing passively in multifamily with Alex Kingman | Know your Why #259

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2023 35:47

    EPISODE SUMMARY: Join us for a captivating conversation with Alex Kingman, the mastermind behind investor relations at KGI Capital. Alex's journey through real estate investing is an inspiring tale of grit and determination - from house hacking her way into the sector to managing 20 to 100 unit properties. With a keen eye for distressed properties in Jacksonville, Florida and Northern Indiana, she evinces an unmatchable zeal for growth. What's more? Her deep-rooted passion for helping others live their best life through real estate investment, and her enduring perseverance in the face of adversity, are sure to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit. We delve into Alex's unique strategies for building her portfolio, spotlighting her knack for finding MLS deals and expanding her investor database. Working her way up in the world of real estate wasn't a walk in the park, but Alex's story is a testament to the power of strong relationships and partnerships in the investment arena. As the director of investor relations at KGI Capital, she shares her experiences of connecting with new investors, building an extensive network, and the secret to striking the right balance between her professional and personal life. The final segment of our chat with Alex showcases the importance of having a powerful "why" and the role it plays in staying motivated. Learn from her how to persevere and keep pushing towards your goals, no matter the hurdles. With a strong belief in living life to the fullest, Alex gives us a peek into her life outside of work where she enjoys writing music and hiking. Tune in for an enlightening, inspirational conversation that promises to leave you with some major insights into the world of real estate investing. ALEX BIO: Alex is the Director of Investor Relations at KGI Capital. Her company helps high-income and high net worth individuals invest passively in apartment buildings so that they can reduce their tax burden, grow passive wealth, and live life on their own terms. KGI capital invests in 20-100 unit distressed and heavy value-add multifamily properties in the Southeast and Midwest. To date, they have acquired 80 multifamily units and have $10MM in assets under management. Before going full-time into real estate, Alex was one of the top Airstream salespersons in the country. She is located in the San Francisco bay area and is a mother of two girls. GET IN TOUCH WITH ALEX: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Real Estate Investing and Growth Alex and her partner transitioned from house hacking to investing in commercial multi-family real estate, inspired by Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Game. (0:11:05) - Building Relationships and Expanding Investor Database Alex Kingman shares her journey in real estate, discussing house hacking, building relationships, finding deals, and growing a portfolio. (0:16:46) - Effective Strategies for Building Investor Relationships Alex emphasizes networking, LinkedIn, email lists, and podcasts to build relationships with investors and stresses the importance of understanding strengths and following up. (0:25:48) - Living Your Best Life Alex Kingman discusses taking action, staying motivated, balancing professional and family life, and her hobbies of writing music and hiking. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Transforming Legal Expertise into Real Estate Syndications Success with Bethany LaFlam | Know your why #258

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2023 40:30

    EPISODE SUMMARY: We're thrilled to bring you a captivating conversation with our guest, Bethany Laflam. Bethany's journey is a remarkable tale of resilience and determination. From a working-class background to a prosperous lawyer, and then a triumphant entrepreneur - she has done it all. Her experiences in navigating through all these transformations, her failures and her eventual success, are a source of inspiration and hold invaluable lessons for everyone looking to carve their unique path. Bethany emphasizes the concept of 'OPE' or 'Other People's Expertise', which she considers a crucial driver of success. She highlights the magic that happens when a visionary and an integrator join forces, and shares how to strike a balance between these two superpowers. She also underscores the significance of having the right mindset to seize opportunities and employ digital resources efficiently. Her approach to investing, especially her dive into syndication, and her innovative concept of matchmaking retreats for investors are incredibly insightful. But Bethany's wisdom doesn't stop there. She discusses the importance of physical proximity in establishing deep relationships, and how it can open up a world of opportunities and resources. She's a strong advocate for the power of vulnerability in building trust and fostering lasting relationships. Bethany also sheds light on the vitality of defining your lane as an entrepreneur and shares her unique techniques to manage stress. Her pursuit of creating a successful life and setting a strong example for her daughter is awe-inspiring. Join us for this riveting conversation and arm yourself with Bethany's hard-earned wisdom for your entrepreneurial journey. BETHANY'S BIO: Bethany LaFlam is an entrepreneur, a seasoned deal lawyer, a mother, and a visionary. With more than 20 years of experience practicing law, Bethany has leveraged that expertise into her business life. In her role as Managing Partner of Premier Law Group, she focuses primarily on real estate syndications and funds, helping syndicators build their empires by safely leveraging OPE (Other People's EVERYTHING). GET ON TOUCH WITH BETHANY: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Find Your Passion, Stay in Lane Bethany left law to start a fund, met her partner, and built something with clients to help them escape the nine to five. (0:14:17) - Finding the Right Team's Importance Bethany emphasizes the importance of combining a 'visionary' and an 'integrator' to achieve success using 'OPE'. (0:22:46) - Mindset and Achieving Conscious Wealth Bethany shares insights on mindset, investing, real estate syndication, and conscious wealth. (0:29:42) - Building Relationships Through in-Person Collaboration Bethany discusses matchmaking retreats, passive investing, creating relationships, taking action, and setting an example. (0:35:16) - Creativity and Entrepreneurial Advice Bethany shares her unique approach to managing stress, defining her lane as an entrepreneur, building a team, forming relationships, and accessing people and resources. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Strategies to Win the Infinite Game of Business with Andrew Longcore | Know your why #257

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2023 41:45

    EPISODE SUMMARY: Join us on a fascinating journey as we explore the world of corporate development and business consulting with our distinguished guest, Andrew Longcore. With a remarkable career trajectory, Andrew has transitioned from graduate lawyer to a successful business consultant. He offers an enlightening perspective on how he seamlessly bridges the legal and operational sides of businesses, highlighting the integral role of a coordinator to knit together all elements of real estate syndication or other business transactions. One of the key takeaways from our conversation with Andrew is the significance of investing in deals that resonate with your beliefs, rather than being a blind pursuer of sales. The essence of fostering partnerships and cultivating trust within relationships is underscored as we unravel the perseverance required to nurture these pivotal alliances. You're going to love our anecdote about a decade-long professional association that has now presented a potential business opportunity. Andrew graciously guides us through his personal outlook on continuous growth, emphasizing the magic that collaboration brings. Balancing his love for sports with his professional commitments, Andrew's personal life anecdotes are both inspiring and grounding. As a word of advice to all the budding entrepreneurs, Andrew suggests considering a partnership to avert expensive missteps. Embark on this invigorating conversation with Andrew Longcore and uncover the secrets of choosing the right mentor and investing in deals that are in sync with your values. Prepare to be captivated! ANDREW'S BIO: Andrew has worked with hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs on their corporate development strategy and implementation. His experience ranges from working with solopreneurs to publicly traded companies in many industries, including technology, manufacturing, business services, hospitality, media, and retail. He has assisted with growth strategy, deal sourcing, deal structuring and negotiations, sourcing funds, transaction management, and post-closing integration. He has worked on strategic partnerships, acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, management buyouts, real estate development projects, executive recruitment, and joint ventures. GET IN TOUCH WITH ANDREW: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:01) - Partnerships and Consulting in Business Andrew Longcore helps entrepreneurs and investors develop corporate strategies, coordinates business transactions, and bridges legal and operational sides of businesses. (0:14:15) - The Importance of Partnerships and Integrity Investing in deals, developing partnerships and trust, and a 10-year professional relationship are discussed. (0:29:19) - Continuous Growth and Collaboration Importance Andrew shares his experience of shifting priorities, passion for sports, and advice for starting a business. (0:35:41) - The Importance of Finding a Partner Andrew and I discuss finding a partner to fill investment gaps, developing complimentary skillsets, investing in deals you believe in, and celebrating his birthday. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    RISE with your PURPOSE with Nick Hutchison | Know your why #256

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2023 32:53

    EPISODE SUMMARY: From being an athlete to an author and entrepreneur, Nick Hutchison's journey is one that sparks curiosity and admiration. We sat down with him to discuss his transformative journey, fueled by his passion for reading and how it unlocked his potential to establish a thriving business. Nick is not just an author but also the founder of BookThinkers, a platform that encourages learning and applying knowledge from books. He shared his experiences, insights and the immense value he reaped from reading Alex Hormozzi's book, which astonishingly doubled his business overnight. Running a small business is no easy feat, and Nick can vouch for that. He took us through his entrepreneurial journey, revealing the challenges he faced and how he managed to stay afloat while 95% of small businesses crumble within the first five years. His secret? A firm belief in the power of books to transform lives and a strong connection to his 'why' that kept him motivated even in the face of adversity. We also delve into the lessons he learned from Alex Hormozzi about the unvarnished reality of entrepreneurship. Unraveling the concept of progress and purpose, we probed deeper into the idea of expansion within oneself. Nick enlightened us with his unique 'Who, Why, How' framework for finding purpose and using it to serve others. He emphasized the importance of having core values and making progress in health, wealth, happiness, impact, and relationships. Wrapping up the discussion, we explored the idea of progress, the feeling of 'enough,' and how to stay motivated on the winding road to success. Tune in, and you might just discover your 'why.' Who knows? It could set you on your path to success, just like it did for Nick. NICK'S BIO: Nick Hutchison is the author of Rise of the Reader: Strategies for Mastering Your Reading Habits and Applying What You Learn and founder of BookThinkers, a growing 7-figure digital marketing agency that serves mission-driven authors. At the age of 20, Nick discovered the world of personal development and quickly used the books he was reading to improve every aspect of his personal and professional life. Now, Nick has dedicated his life to helping millions of readers take action on the information they learn and rise to their potential. Nick's podcast, BookThinkers: Life-Changing Books, features captivating interviews with world-class authors such as Grant Cardone, Lewis Howes, and Alex Hormozi. During these insightful discussions, Nick delves into the pages of their books, uncovering practical and transformative takeaways for his motivated audience. GET IN TOUCH WITH NICK: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Reading for Personal Growth's Power Nick Hutchison discussed unlocking potential through reading books, his journey to success, and the importance of integrating book knowledge. (0:10:36) - Small Business Journey and Challenges Nick Hutchison shares his journey as an entrepreneur, exploring why 95% of small businesses fail and the ROI of reading Alex Hormozzi's book. (0:22:09) - Power of Progress and Purpose Nick and I discuss core values, progress in health, wealth, happiness, impact, and relationships, and his 'Who, Why, How' framework for purpose and service. (0:32:02) - Know Your Why Pop Test Nick Hutchison shares advice on progress, enough, and motivation to reach goals in health, wealth, mindset, and relationships. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Support and Persistence on the Path to Financial Freedom with Raphael Ramos | Know your why #255

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2023 31:28

    EPISODE SUMMARY: Raphael Ramos, managing partner and co-founder of Eagle Summit Equity, graces us with his presence as he opens up about his journey from Hawaii to the East Coast, and finally to Southern California. This intriguing journey led to his introduction to the captivating world of real estate investing, and eventually, multifamily investing. Rafael shares how mentorship programs played a crucial role in his journey and how he reinterpreted the best advice to carve his unique trajectory. Raphael lays bare his ambitious plans for the future including the expansion of his potential investor database, finalizing his website content, and the urgency of designing swift and efficient systems for reviewing deals. Drawing from his personal experiences, Rafael talks about the challenges of networking as an introvert and the strategies he uses to navigate these situations. He emphasizes the importance of supportive relationships with family and close friends, and the value of staying authentic and having a clear vision for the future. For every budding entrepreneur out there, Raphael's insights are an invaluable feast! So, get cozy and tune in to learn from his journey and perhaps, inspire your own. RAPHAEL'S BIO: Raphael Ramos is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Eagle Summit Equity. He graduated from Hawai'i Pacific University with a finance degree and received his MBA from Hawai'i Pacific University. Raphael is a Real Estate Investor with a portfolio of 210 units as a Co-General Partner, Limited Partner and Private Investor. Raphael is honored to be awarded the Division Director of the Year with Toastmasters International - District 49 (Hawaii) in 2018 and also holds a Life and Health License and the Certified Self Funding Specialist (CSFS) designation. GET IN TOUCH WIH RAPHAEL: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:01) - Real Estate Investing and Finding Freedom Rafael Ramos shares his journey from Hawaii to SoCal, his experience with multifamily investing, mentorships, networking events, and how he pushes himself to be more interactive. (0:18:23) - Real Estate Goals and Motivation Rafael Ramos looks to build skills, network, review deals quickly, and increase investor database, with family and friends providing motivation and support. (0:30:33) - Discovering the Why in Success Rafael Ramos shared his ambitious goals, advice for entrepreneurs, and the importance of staying true to oneself. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Success Beyond Adversity: Defining Our Own Path with Jeannette Robinson | Know your why #254

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2023 45:38

    EPISODE SUMMARY: Ever wondered how adversity can shape your perspective on wealth and retirement? Our inspiring guest, Jeannette Robinson, director of investor relations for Blue Lake Capital and host of Blue Lake's Ready to Scale investing podcast, gives us a deep insight into her journey. Jeanette's life took a drastic turn when her 14-year-old daughter fell severely ill, forcing her to rethink her financial planning as a single mother with two disabled children. This crisis led her to a remote job opportunity with Blue Lake Capital, and thus, her career in real estate was born. Jeannette's story goes beyond survival; it's a testament to the transformative power of real estate when it comes to building wealth. Juggling her career and responsibilities as a single parent to two disabled children, she was pushed to consider her retirement and how she could accumulate wealth to complement her children's income. Jeanette underscores the significance of taking immediate action to grow that wealth over time and elucidates why real estate is the juggernaut in achieving this objective. In the final segment, Jeanette sheds light on the often overlooked yet crucial aspect of scaling a company - the company culture. She elaborates on how Ellie Perlman, CEO of Blue Lake, had the foresight to establish processes from the get-go. This decision has driven the company's expansion and underscores the necessity of finding the right people who align with the company's culture. Skills can be acquired, but cultural fit is paramount. She advocates for transparency about the company's culture and the flexibility to adapt processes. Jeanette's journey paints a vivid picture of resilience, giving you a renewed sense of purpose and motivation. JEANNETTE'S BIO: Jeannette is the Host of Blue Lake's REady2Scale investing podcast, as well as the Director of Investor Relations for Blue Lake Capital. Jeannette joined Blue Lake as its first employee, bringing with her an extensive background in technology startups, nonprofits and donor relations, as well as executive recruiting. Jeannette has powered through her impressive career track as a single mother of 4 children, against very hard odds: one of her children has a rare syndrome causing ongoing and permanent hearing loss, and another child lives with chronic illness due to autoimmune diseases. Utilizing the incredible power of a Mother's passion, Jeannette has helped grow Blue Lake to its success today and supported this growth in multiple roles over time, including Director of Marketing to now Investor Relations, and several other hats in between them all. GET IN TOUCH WITH JEANNETTE: Blue Lake Capital: LinkedIn: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Single Mother Overcomes Challenges, Finds Success Single mom Jeannette found a remote job with Blue Lake Capital, transitioning to a career in real estate, while supporting two disabled children. (0:14:58) - Real Estate Wealth and Overcoming Challenges Faced with supporting two disabled children, I invested in real estate to build wealth for retirement. (0:30:35) - Importance of Culture and Scaling Company Ellie's processes, finding the right people, culture fit, objectivity, and flexibility are discussed. (0:43:54) - Uncovering the Why of Success Jeannette Robinson shares her experience of supporting two disabled children, processes for business success, challenges faced, and motivation tips. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Helping GPs and Fund Managers boost their capital raising efforts with Andy Crebar | Know your Why #253

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2023 35:50

    EPISODE SUMMARY: What if you had the power to seamlessly merge technology with real estate? Imagine being able to streamline the process of raising funds, document distributions, and attracting investors. Let's dive into a riveting conversation with Andy Crebar, who has done just that! The finance whiz and tech-savvy entrepreneur shares his journey from investment banking to launching his company, GP Flow, amidst the metropolitan hubbub of San Francisco. With stories of his architect father stirring his interest in real estate, Andy paints the picture of how his past experiences have shaped his unique vision for the industry. GP Flow, Andy's brainchild, has revolutionized the real estate landscape by providing an integrated platform for GPs and fund managers. Ever wondered how lead magnets, website optimization, and CRM platforms could come together to create a single source of truth? Andy not only explains this in detail but also gives insights on how GP Flow lends a helping hand to GPs and sponsors, creating an easier and efficient fundraising process. The conversation also digs into how GP Flow has made investor portals simple and trustworthy with automatic funding, and its integration with Dropbox for distributions. Last but not least, Andy decodes the enigmatic concept of tokenization within syndications and how GP Flow aids fund managers in this intricate process. From adopting a tokenization plan to getting investors to opt-in, he breaks down the steps involved, affirming how GP Flow streamlines the entire process. Speaking of long-term thinking for success, Andy's personal narrative reveals his deep-rooted motivation to provide for his family and how that has shaped his approach to work. So buckle up for this engaging talk that traverses the realms of real estate, technology, and personal motivation. Andy's journey is indeed inspirational and packed with lessons for all! ANDY'S BIO: Andy is the CEO and co-founder of GP Flow which is on a mission to unlock the potential of real estate. He's spent his career working in fintech and real estate and lives in New York with his young family. GET IN TOUCH WITH ANDDY: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Real Estate and Technology Andy's journey from investment banking to tech entrepreneurship, real estate's impact on quality of life, and tech's role in the pandemic are discussed. (0:06:26) - GP Flow GP Flow helps GPs and fund managers raise capital by integrating CRM platforms, optimizing websites, and providing support. (0:09:53) - Integration and Ease in Investor Portals GP Flow streamlines distributions and subscriptions processes, offering wire, ACH, and digital currency funding options, integrating with CRM platforms and Dropbox to automate funding. (0:16:46) - Tokenization and Digital Securities in Syndication Tokenization plan adoption, investor opt-in, and GP Flow streamlining the process to provide better investor experience. (0:26:20) - Long-Term Thinking for Pursuing Success Andy provides for his family, is a basketball fan, and has improved his fitness with a hang bar routine. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    The Real Estate Tax Trifecta with Bernard Reisz | Know your why #252

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2023 51:57

    EPISODE SUMMARY: Discover a world where financial education reigns supreme and product sales take a back seat, as we are joined by Bernard Reisz, CPA and chief education officer at Resurer Financial. Promise yourself a future where you are not just another number in the system, but an empowered individual making informed financial decisions. Through our conversation with Bernard, we shatter the illusion of financial products masquerading as advice and shed light on the transformational power of real estate, an avenue often underexplored by Main Street America. Venture into the realm of retirement accounts with us as Bernard demystifies their true potential. Understand how your IRAs and 401ks can be your secret weapon in breaking into real estate, steering clear from the lottery-like mentality prevalent in the market. Get ready to uncover the latent power of self-directed retirement accounts and the role financial institutions play in creating restrictions, urging you to assert control over your financial future. Closing our enlightening chat with Bernard, we tackle the vital role of financial education and knowledge. Pledge to take control and ownership of your investments, while acknowledging the necessary due diligence. Explore the idea of giving back through one's vocation and access the plethora of resources offered by Resure Financial. Finally, Bernard reveals a unique personal fact, teaching us a lesson in humility and commitment. Tune in, say goodbye to financial confusion and embrace the path to financial empowerment today. BERNARD'S BIO: Bernard Reisz CPA is Chief Education Officer at ReSure Financial, curating to help real estate investors understand how real estate title and tax tools - 1031 Exchange, Cost Segregation, 401k/IRA - can be used to turbocharge ROI and wealth growth. ReSure Financial caters to the tax needs of real estate investors, delivering Cost Segregation, 1031 Exchange, and SDIRA & 401k services. ReSure takes an education first approach, so that investors maximize the benefits of real estate tax tools. As a financial nerd that's guested on countless financial, tax, real estate, and legal forums Bernard delivers straight-talk and unique insight on nearly every aspect of real estate tax topics, including life insurance, real estate professional tax status, asset protection, financial planning, business entity selection, S-Corp, C-Corp, partnerships, 1031 Exchange, 453 Installment Sales, UBIT, UBTI, UDFI and advanced tax mitigation strategies. GET IN TOUCH WITH BERNARD: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:01) - The Importance of Financial Education Financial products, guidance, incentives, disincentives, and education are discussed to understand how real estate can transform financial profiles. (0:12:30) - Financial Advisors and Self-Directed Retirement Accounts Retirement accounts can be used to leverage other people's money for real estate investments, emphasizing the importance of effort. (0:16:20) - Retirement Accounts and Self-Directed Investing We examine 401k plans, non-discrimination testing, safe harbor plans, and financial institution restrictions to help those unable to access their money. (0:33:31) - Education and Financial Knowledge Importance Access to education and knowledge is essential for informed financial decisions, taking control and ownership of investments, and understanding Bernard's mission. (0:38:37) - Importance of Giving Back in Vocation We discuss how to give back through vocation, access services at Reshore Financial, and a unique personal fact. (0:50:32) - Exploring the 'Why' Behind Success Retirement accounts, 401k plans, education, and knowledge are discussed for financial decision-making. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    How Leading like a Coach can Change Your Life with Rory Tyer | Know your why #251

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: Ever wonder what it takes to maximize your potential for success? Join us as we sit down with Rory Tyer, an accomplished executive coach and leadership development guru, who enlightens us on his unique and effective coaching techniques that go beyond therapy, and focus on setting clear goals and fostering accountability. Rory opens up about his life journey, starting from seminary to his current role, where he leverages his passion for coaching to create a meaningful impact on individuals and their personal development. Tackling the construction industry's unique challenges requires more than just technical expertise. Rory shares fascinating insights from his work with construction, manufacturing, and trade companies, discussing how the pandemic has impacted the workforce and the importance of skilled trades. He talks about his work with these industries, helping them build sustainable teams, which is especially crucial in managing the multiple moving parts and client relationships during these unpredictable times. As we delve into the personal aspects of Rory's life, he reveals how his time in a band and the influence of music on his career has shaped his coaching approach. The conversation wraps up on an empowering note. We discuss the power of understanding your 'why' and how self-awareness is the first step on your journey to reach your maximum potential. Tune in for a thought-provoking, information-packed episode that offers a fresh perspective on coaching, personal growth, and achieving your career goalsY RORY'S BIO: Rory Tyer is an executive coach and leadership development expert who helps business owners and their leaders get clear on what they want and achieve the growth they need to get there. He's currently a Director on the Accelerate team at HORNE, a professional services firm, primarily serving private construction, manufacturing, and trades companies in multi-faceted coaching and consulting. He's been married for nine years, has three daughters, and lives in Greenville, SC. GET IN TOUCH WITH RORY: www. EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:01) - Coaching Role in Personal Development Rory journey from seminary to executive coaching and leadership development is discussed, exploring the effectiveness of coaching and its impact on reaching potential. (0:11:04) - Duration and Accountability in Coaching Rory emphasizes goal-setting, self-awareness, building habits, and accountability for successful coaching. (0:17:39) - Coaching vs Therapy in Construction Industry Rory coaches individuals to build clarity and goals, focusing on construction, manufacturing, and trade companies to become proactive problem solvers. (0:30:52) - Skilled Trades in Construction Importance The construction industry faces challenges in finding quality personnel, with impacts of the pandemic, decline of trade schools, need for technology, and complexity of managing multiple parts. (0:41:58) - Personal Growth and Coaching Evolution Rory shares his experience with music, self-awareness building, and advice on getting unstuck. (0:48:44) - Power of Knowing Your "Why" - Podcast Rory shares his experience with leadership development, finding quality personnel in construction, and Dave Matthews' influence on his career, emphasizing the importance of understanding one's 'why'. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Strategic Investment Approach: Embracing Cash-Flow-First with Joel Friedland | Know your why #250

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: We're excited to bring you an insightful conversation with remarkable entrepreneur and seasoned real estate investor, Joel Friedland. Known for his resilience, determination, and business acumen, Joel takes us back to his humble beginnings as a 14-year-old landscaper going door-to-door to his present-day venture in real estate syndication. Immerse yourself in his wisdom as he stresses the importance of good judgment, the power of apology, and the role of mentors in shaping his career path. Buckle up as we navigate the turbulent terrain of real estate investing, with Joel guiding us through the market changes of the past four decades. Learn from his experiences to understand the significance of trust in successful investing and managing inherent risks effectively. Be prepared to be inspired as he candidly shares how being open to opportunities paved the path to his fortune. In the final stretch of our conversation, Joel imparts profound lessons on learning from losses and harnessing the power of resilience in the face of adversity. He emphasizes the importance of a receptive mindset towards opportunities and his mission to enrich others with investment knowledge. To wrap it all up, Dr Jason Ballara engages with real estate investors and mindset specialists, dissecting the motivations that drive high achievers. This episode is a treasure trove of inspiration and practical tips for anyone looking to elevate their professional life. So, grab a notebook and get ready to glean some invaluable insights from our conversation with Joel Friedland! JOEL'S BIO: Joel's story is genuinely remarkable. He began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14, running a landscaping business where he convinced 70 families in one weekend to allow him to manage their landscaping, and hired 40 other high school and junior high students to manage the workload. Eventually, he started his own brokerage firm which grew to manage over twenty brokers. Over the last 40 years, Joel has been involved in nearly 100 acquisitions, totaling around 3 million square feet, and has raised over $250 million in private capital. Today, he focuses on low-risk, cash-flow-centric investments and manages an industrial portfolio of 18 buildings. Joel's experience and the lessons he's learned, especially during the Great Recession of 2008, provide a unique perspective on real estate investment. His shift towards conservative (all cash, no mortgage!) investments and a cash-flow-first approach is particularly relevant in today's market. His insights can resonate with your audience, especially those interested in real estate, finance, and prudent investment strategies. GET IN TOUCH WITH JOEL: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:01) - Entrepreneur's Journey in Real Estate Syndication Joel recounts his journey as a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor, from starting a landscaping business at 14 to learning from his mentor Milt and becoming a syndicator. (0:13:24) - Shy Kid to Business Owner I overcame shyness to become a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor, learning fundamentals of pitching and leveraging debt. (0:20:36) - Investing in Real Estate and Volatility Joel emphasizes trust, risk mitigation, and caring deeply when investing in real estate. (0:26:37) - Real Estate Investment Joel shares advice on building a successful business, real estate investing, having smart advisors, due diligence, vulnerability, and avoiding shame. (0:35:34) - Real Estate Investment Structure and Strategy Joel emphasizes open opportunities, explains why flipping isn't always best, and shares a story of making a million and a half dollars. (0:41:27) - The Importance of Learning From Losses Joel shares his journey of successful business and real estate investing, emphasizing open-mindedness, judgement, and learning from losses. (0:55:00) - Power of Your Why Podcast Dr. Jason Ballara speaks to real estate investors and mindset specialists to motivate success and build life according to their own terms. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Mastering Real Estate Capital Raising with Adam Gower | Know your why #249

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: We're going on a rich educational journey with Dr. Adam Gower, a seasoned professional in the realms of real estate and finance. With more than 30 years of experience under his belt, Dr. Gower charts his unconventional route into the industry, from knocking on doors in Southern California to becoming a successful real estate mogul. He also shares some intriguing insights into the evolution of real estate capital raising, painting a vivid picture of how the process has changed from the pre-internet days to the present digital era. The conversation takes a fascinating turn when we examine the impacts of regulatory changes brought by the Jobs Act of 2012 and the Securities Act of 1933 on digital marketing in commercial real estate. These regulations, which were originally designed to stimulate market liquidity and provide access to cash for startups, had unexpected outcomes. Dr. Gower weighs in on these changes and their ripple effects on the industry, illuminating how his experiences raising capital in the 80s and 90s have been affected by this evolving landscape. In the final stretch of our chat, we delve into the philosophical side of life and discuss the elusive pursuit of happiness. With reference to studies conducted by Lord Richard Layer, we explore the idea that our happiness level is often influenced by how we compare ourselves to others. This comparison can lead to a relentless cycle of desire for more. Our discussion extends to the importance of finding contentment in what we have and the impact of social media on our emotions. We also touch on understanding investment risk, the best strategies for investing during a downturn, and the importance of patience and diversification in investments. So, tune in and embark on this enlightening journey with us and Dr. Gower. You'll surely come away with a wealth of knowledge and insights that will enrich both your real estate pursuits and overall life experience. ADAM'S BIO: Adam Gower Ph.D. is a 30+ year real estate veteran with over $1.5 billion of CRE investment and finance experience who today builds digital marketing systems for real estate professionals who want to raise equity capital online (aka ‘crowdfunding') and he has taught over 4,500 individuals how to build wealth, preserve capital, and earn passive income from investing in real estate. He has over $7 billion of experience transacting distressed real estate for major institutions and banks. Find out more at or run a simple Google search for ‘Adam Gower Crowdfunding' to learn more. GET IN TOUCH WITH ADAM: Books:   EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:01) - Jobs Act and Real Estate Journey Adam Gower shares his journey from manual labor to success in real estate, investments, and finance. (0:03:51) - Evolution of Real Estate Capital Raising Dr. Adam Gower shares his experience raising capital for multifamily deals, networking, private networking, and manually producing documents. (0:20:12) - Real Estate Advertising and Regulatory Changes Regulations of the Jobs Act of 2012 and Securities Act of 1933 caused lack of liquidity and difficulty for startups to access capital. (0:31:01) - Pursuing Happiness, Freedom From Choice Freedom of choice, soulmates, and taxation system's effect on happiness are discussed. (0:38:38) - Finding Happiness and Understanding Investment Risk We discuss contentment, social media, asset classes, investing in downturns, and diversification. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Turning House Rehabbing into a Million-Dollar RE Business with Deborah Razo | Know your why #248

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    EPISODE SUMMARRY: We're thrilled to share an episode that is bound to uplift and inspire as we sit down with the dynamic Deborah Razo. Imagine being in a serious car accident and using that experience as a launching pad to personal and financial freedom. That's exactly what Deborah did, trading in her entrepreneurial ventures to embark on a journey in real estate investment. She opens up about the trials she faced and how she overcame them, revealing the importance of partnerships and team dynamics along the way. Strap in as we follow Deborah's inspiring transition from flipping single-family homes to owning three apartment complexes. She paints a vivid picture of her evolution, emphasizing the value of experienced guides and the right team to breathe life into your vision. Along with her story, Deborah shares a resourceful book she found useful about maximizing high dollar activities to achieve financial independence. As we wrap our engaging conversation, Deborah reveals her shift towards empowering others and creating community through her brainchild, the Women's Real Estate Network. With a passion for music and a heart for nurturing dreams, Deborah leaves us with invaluable insights for those eyeing the real estate field. From networking to education, and the power of taking action, she's a testament to the endless possibilities that await when you dare to dream. Connect with Deborah to start your own journey and make your mark in the world of real estate. DEBORAH'S BIO: Deborah Razo is a seasoned entrepreneur with over three decades of experience. She discovered her path to financial freedom in real estate investing after owning and partnering in various small businesses. Armed with a business degree and further education from UCLA, Deborah transitioned from her successful design firm to a thriving real estate rehabbing business. With her strategic approach, she flipped properties for immediate gains in California and invested in other markets for long-term wealth. Deborah now manages a real estate portfolio exceeding $5 million. She's also a Tony Robbins Trainer, peak performance coach, and the visionary founder of the Women's Real Estate Network (WREN), empowering women in the real estate industry to excel. Her journey is an inspiration to all striving for personal and financial growth. GET IN TOUCH WITH DEBORAH: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Overcoming Challenges for Personal, Professional Growth Deborah shares her journey of financial and time freedom, emphasizing the importance of mindset and the courage gained from a Tony Robbins event. (0:10:29) - The Importance of Partnership in Entrepreneurship Deborah's journey to financial freedom was driven by tactical steps, partnerships, team building, and maximizing high dollar activities. (0:17:43) - Entrepreneur Shifts and Real Estate Investments Deborah shares her journey of finding help to grow her business, focusing on her strengths, and relying on integrators. (0:33:12) - The Importance of Knowing Your Why Deborah shares advice on real estate investing, her singing hobby, and connecting with her to empower others. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Mastering mindset: From Coaching to Entrepreneurship with Tristan Petricca | know your why #247

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: Join us for a captivating conversation with Tristan Petricca, a serial entrepreneur who has seamlessly navigated his way from the barstool to the boardroom. With a keen passion for helping others, Tristan takes us on a journey through his career - beginning with his first job as a bartender, his venture into the world of digital marketing and culminating in the creation of his own short-term rental business. Tristan's unique path led him to become a digital marketing expert without any formal education in the field. He shares insightful anecdotes about the evolution of digital marketing, the power of networking within your industry, and the irreplaceable value of having a clear and compelling "why" in driving business growth. If you're looking for inspiration or practical advice on transitioning careers, making a name for yourself in a competitive field, or just want to hear an incredible success story, you won't want to miss this episode. Tristan's story is a testament to the idea that passion, focus, and determination can lead to success in any field. He offers practical advice on how to stay focused on your goals, take calculated risks, and the importance of understanding and meeting the unique needs of your customers. We also delve into Tristan's thoughts on Gary Vaynerchuk's new book, "The $100 Million Leads", and his tips on how to stay focused and take calculated risks. TRISTAN'S BIO: Tristan Petricca is a serial entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has always had a passion for helping others which fueled his desire for starting his first digital marketing agency to help small business owners achieve their goals. He then founded and grew another marketing agency to the multi-million dollar mark within the first 2 years of operating. In 2020, he started Sojourn Properties, a luxury short-term rental management company based in Scottsdale, AZ; working with investors and home owners to revolutionize the industry through technology and premium experiences.   GET IN TOUCH WITH TRISTAN:   EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:01) - From Cold Calling to Digital Marketing Tristan shares his journey from bartending to digital marketing and creating a short-term rental business, despite no formal education. (0:08:03) - Evolution of Digital Marketing and Rentals Tristan transitioned to digital marketing for short-term rental businesses, emphasizing website and Google ads, ranking #1 for Airbnb property management, and specializing in luxury short-term rental marketing. (0:20:40) - Business Success Through Priority Focus Tristan emphasizes staying in one's lane, core values, and understanding customer needs to build a successful business model. (0:26:07) - The Importance of Focus in Business Tristan shares his experience of streamlining processes, importance of marketing and media in short-term rental business, and thoughts on Gary Vaynerchuk's new book. (0:37:27) - Coaching, Competing, and Pursuing Goals Tristan shares tips on transitioning to digital marketing, finding a mentor, staying focused, and taking a leap of faith. (0:42:32) - The Power of Knowing Your Why Tristan emphasizes the importance of having a clear "why" to drive success, and how focusing on a single goal can help manage time and resources efficiently. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Never Settle for Just Success with Dr.Kelly Flanagan | Know your why #246

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: Do you ever wonder why some individuals seem to reach their maximum potential while others struggle to find their purpose? This episode might just have the key. We're honored to host Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a personal growth and relationship coach, who takes us through his journey from a clinical psychologist to a viral blogger, to an appearance on the Today Show. His story is a testament to the power of 'knowing your why,' a concept he passionately champions. Kelly's insights emphasize the importance of authenticity, emotional awareness, and managing our reactions in our quest to become more self-aware and emotionally balanced. As a parent, do you ever feel overwhelmed by fears and expectations? We get real about this, digging into parenting's challenging aspects, examining how our anxieties and the messages we pass on to our children can shape their lives. Dr. Flanagan provides some thought-provoking perspectives on the necessity of supporting our kids in being themselves without making them feel like a disturbance. Furthermore, we look into how reclaiming our worthiness without doing can lead to profound healing and self-acceptance. Finally, we dive headfirst into the power of emotional reactions and the practice of 'squishing.' Dr. Flanagan expertly guides us through the process of managing emotional reactions, advising us to move through them rather than suppress them, and respond from a place of deeper wisdom. We also explore the transformative power of opening our hearts, recognizing when we unknowingly shut them off, and finding ways to reintegrate all aspects of ourselves. This episode is an enlightening journey into self-discovery, authenticity, and the importance of embracing our true selves. Join us as we uncover these profound insights and more with Dr. Kelly Flanagan. DR.KELLY'S BIO: Dr. Kelly Flanagan is an author, speaker, personal growth and relationship coach, and licensed clinical psychologist. He blogs regularly at, his writing has been featured in Reader's Digest, Huffington Post, and The 5 Love Languages, and he has appeared on the TODAY Show with his daughter. Kelly is the author of two non-fiction books, Loveable: Embracing What Is Truest About You, So You Can Truly Embrace Your Life and True Companions: A Book for Everyone About the Relationships That See Us Through, both of which debuted as a #1 New Release in Interpersonal Relations on Amazon. His first novel, The Unhiding of Elijah Campbell, was released in October 2022 and made the ECPA Bestseller List. Kelly is married to another clinical psychologist named Kelly, and they have three children who are nineteen, fifteen, and thirteen years old. They live in a small town outside of Chicago. GET IN TTOUCH WITTH DR.KELLY: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - The Importance of Knowing Your Why Dr. Kelly Flanagan shares his journey to reach his potential, discussing why knowing your why is essential and how to feel enough, belong, and have a purpose. (0:12:42) - Embracing Authenticity and Overcoming Parental Pressure Worthiness, expectations of parenthood, and accomplishments are discussed to reclaim worthiness without doing. (0:24:04) - Parenting, Self-Acceptance, and Emotional Awareness Managing anxieties, supporting kids to be themselves, and moment to moment awareness to manage emotions. (0:31:43) - Transformative Power of Opening the Heart We examine how to open our hearts, stay with emotions, and manage anxieties as parents. (0:39:27) - Techniques for Managing Emotional Reactions Recognizing threats, handling emotions, responding wisely, and moving through challenging emotions. (0:45:08) - Embracing and Integrating Our True Selves We examine squishing and how to make mindful decisions consistent with our values. (0:49:03) - The Power of Knowing Your 'Why Dr. Jason Ballara explores the power of knowing your why, worthiness, anxieties, protecting oneself, and 'squishing'. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Know your WHY NOT with Frank King | Know your why #245

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: What if you could turn adversity into an opportunity to make a difference? Join us as we sit down with renowned Mental Health Comedian and Suicide Prevention Speaker, Frank King. He shares his inspiring journey of finding purpose after a life-altering Chapter 7 bankruptcy. From making his teacher laugh in fourth grade, to hitting the road for 2,629 nights in a row with his wife, to using comedy as a tool for suicide prevention, Frank's story is a testament to resilience. We also explore the particular pressures faced by veterinarians and dentists, focusing on the physical and mental strain these professions can induce. Frank gives insight into the unique challenges faced by women in these fields and the importance of pet insurance in alleviating financial burdens. Moreover, we delve into the vital signs of depression, offering guidance on how to support someone who is struggling and how to initiate a conversation around suicide. Lastly, we tackle the pervasive issue of cyberbullying and the effects of digital media on mental health, particularly amongst youth. Sharing personal experiences, Frank highlights the potency of anonymity in fostering a hostile online environment. Additionally, we chat with a bodybuilding enthusiast about the importance of a hobby separate from work and its mental health benefits. To wrap up, Dr. Jason Ballara joins us to emphasize the significance of defining your 'why' and living life on your own terms, showcasing inspiring stories from real estate investors and mindset specialists. Tune in for an enlightening, inspiring, and empowering conversation. FRANK'S BIO: Frank King is an exceptional Suicide Prevention Speaker and Trainer who brings a unique blend of talents to your event. With a remarkable track record as a 7-times TEDx Talker on Mental Health, he combines his expertise with a background in clean, clever stand-up comedy. However, what sets Frank apart is his personal journey as a warrior in a lifelong battle with depression and thoughts of suicide. This firsthand experience adds depth and authenticity to his presentations, making them not only content-packed but also eminently listenable. GET IN TOUCH WITH FRANK:   EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Suicide Prevention and Finding Your Why Frank King shares his story of finding his why after bankruptcy, discussing suicide prevention, and his early days of comedy. (0:03:35) - Journey From Comedy to Suicide Prevention A comedian found courage to pursue dreams, use comedy to prevent suicide, and break Bill Gates' record for most TEDx talks on mental health. (0:11:24) - Veterinary Medicine Veterinarians and dentists face financial, physical and mental strain, with female practitioners taking on additional duties; pet insurance can help ease the burden. (0:20:42) - Understanding and Responding to Depression We discuss support for depression, starting conversations around suicide, and providing help for those at risk. (0:29:09) - Suicide, Mental Health, and Cyberbullying Suicide, helping young people in crisis, pandemic statistics, and professional school competition are discussed. (0:39:10) - Cyberbullying and Digital Media Impact We discuss cyberbullying's effects, problem solving for children, dangers of social media, power of anonymity, and personal experiences. (0:52:05) - Mental Health Advocacy & Bodybuilding Power Guest discusses self care plan, bodybuilding benefits, funny first date story, and competing in bodybuilding contest. (1:03:26) - The Importance of Knowing Your Why Discover the power of having a "why" to reach goals, with inspiring stories of real estate investors and mindset specialists. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Why mobile homes are the future of affordable housing with Franco Perez | Know your why #244

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2023 45:41

    EPISODE SUMMARY: Curious about how to turn a 700 square foot mobile home into a modern, spacious 2000 square foot abode? Tune in to this fascinating episode as we chat with Franco Perez, a trailblazer in affordable housing. Raised in an immigrant family from the Philippines, Franco was compelled, at a young age, to drop out of school and work two jobs to support his family. This sparked a burning passion in him to provide a solution for middle-class families who struggle to afford real estate in the current market. You'll be riveted as Franco unveils his unique approach to transforming old mobile homes into stylish, modern houses. Facing skepticism initially, Franco's innovative business model is now wowing park owners and residents alike, who are keen on upgrading their old units. But his story goes beyond simply creating affordable housing. Franco's journey reveals essential insights into wealth building, financial freedom, and the importance of understanding one's net worth. Get ready to be inspired by Franco's determination to bring about change in the world, one mobile home at a time. We also delve into his passion for videography and how it's become a key marketing tool for his projects. His inspiring journey, from struggle to success and his drive to give back to his community, is a story that's sure to motivate you. So, hit play and be a part of Franco Perez's revolutionary mission to create affordable housing. FRANCO'S BIO: Having grown up in a family with an unstable housing situation, Franco is on a mission to create affordable housing in Silicon Valley. He discovered that the Bay Area's mobile home parks offer an abundance of underused land with great growth potential. After years of dedication to his vision, Franco has established a devoted team of like-minded individuals who believe that their positive impact equals success. Inspired to reimagine mobile homes and expand affordable housing opportunities across the Bay Area, Franco's talented team strives to unlock the pathway to homeownership and help families establish financial security where it might otherwise seem impossible especially in this time of pandemic. Beyond his drive to develop cost-effective housing, Franco also enjoys videography, showcasing some of his favourite local restaurants and local small businesses, and promoting San Jose's unique culture to the world. GET IN TOUCH WITH FRANCO: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Creating Affordable Housing in Silicon Valley Franco Perez converted old mobile homes into modern, affordable housing to help middle-class families in Silicon Valley. (0:12:57) - Create Impact and Take Action, Real Estate Franco Perez studied wealth building and net worth to create affordable housing for families in Silicon Valley. (0:23:27) - Understanding the Potential of Mobile Homes Cost of housing in Silicon Valley, mobile home transformation, amenities, stigma, fostering community discussed. (0:39:42) - Advice for Starting a Successful Business Franco Perez's passion for videography is discussed, emphasizing resourcefulness and passion for projects, with completed housing projects available online. (0:43:59) - Discovering Your Why Franco Perez shares his journey to build affordable housing in Silicon Valley, his family's financial struggles, and how videography has been a powerful tool. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Rediscovering Purpose: A Military Journey with Eric Upchurch | know your why #243

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: Ever wondered how you can create long-term wealth through real estate investing? Strap in as we talk strategy and opportunities with army special operations veteran turned real estate investor, Eric Upchurch. Eric will blow your mind as he reveals the twists and turns of his journey, from his humble Midwest roots to multifamily units, storage, mobile home parks, and student housing. Hang tight as he spills the beans on his investment tactics from purchasing a fourplex with a VA loan to house hacking. Eric offers a no-holds-barred look into his journey as a limited partner and explains how his experience, including investing in a fourplex in Bakersfield in 2008, shaped his real estate approach. Eric underscores the importance of education and understanding the resources available to you. But prepare yourselves, because this conversation isn't just about real estate investing. We wrap up with Eric opening up about his mission and purpose, urging listeners to discover their own passions and find happiness in giving back. He hammers home the importance of taking action, learning, networking, and adding value to others. So get ready for a conversation that's not just about real estate, but about unlocking your potential and finding your "why". Your journey to success starts now with Eric Upchurch. ERIC'S BIO: Eric Upchurch is an Army Special Operations veteran who has a passion for educating the military community on how to create long term wealth through real estate investing. He has invested in thousands of multifamily, storage, mobile home park and student housing units as a General Partner over the last decade with involvement in sourcing, capital raise, risk capital, asset management, investor relations and as Key Principal. While serving our nation, Eric completed 5 combat deployments, and earned a Master's Degree in Aeronautical Science while managing a 27-man squad, deployed around the globe. Eric now serves as Co-Founder of Active Duty Passive Income (ADPI) and is a Senior Advisor with ADPI Capital. Eric resides in California with his wife of 18 years and two boys. GET IN TOUCH WITH ERIC: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:01) - Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Eric shares his story of investing in real estate, educating the military community on wealth creation, and his journey to discovering his passion. (0:12:48) - Real Estate Investment Strategies and Scaling Eric shares his journey of investing in a fourplex and house hacking, educating himself on resources and investing passively. (0:17:55) - Real Estate Investing Mindset and Opportunities Eric Upchurch shares his journey of discovering real estate investing, emphasizing the importance of mindset and action, and the potential rewards of taking risks. (0:24:16) - Networks and Action in Real Estate Eric Upchurch purchased a fourplex with a VA loan, connecting people to build a 72-bed student housing deal, and demonstrating the power of taking action in the multifamily industry. (0:38:09) - Finding Purpose and Giving Back Eric Upchurch, a veteran and real estate investor, shares his journey of discovering his mission and encourages listeners to explore their passions and volunteer. (0:45:08) - The Importance of Taking Action Eric shares his story of investing in real estate, emphasizing learning, networking, adding value, and taking action. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Benefits of Self Storage Investing with Powell Chee and Won Yang | Know your why #242

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: Sometimes life throws us into a crossroads where we must decide between staying comfortable or taking a leap towards the extraordinary. That's exactly what happened to our guests, Powell Chee and Won Yang—two inspiring individuals who found themselves juggling corporate jobs and growing real estate investments. Their life-altering decision led them on a remarkable journey from running a clothing business to leading a thriving real estate partnership. Their stories remind us that life and business are constantly evolving. Among other fascinating topics, they share their decision to transition from multifamily properties to self-storage investments in 2020, viewing themselves as deal hunters rather than just a self-storage group. Amidst the pandemic, they adapted, looking for the best deals and embracing new technologies. They also dive into their various exit strategies for their self-storage properties and how they aim to exceed their investors' expectations by over-delivering. But their journey is not just about financial success—it's about living an extraordinary life. They envision a future that brings financial, time, and space freedom, and being a source of blessing and providing opportunities for their families. They've learned that knowing your 'why' is vital in shaping your journey. So, whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this episode is a compelling exploration of ambition, adaptability, and finding your purpose in the world of real estate. Join us as Powell Chee and Won Yang unravel their inspiring real estate journey and the value of having a clear 'why'. POWELL CHEE AND WON YANG'S BIO: Powell Chee: Lives in SoCal Coached Football for 18 years: 6 years at college level Corporate Sales background, retired July '22 RE Investor: SFR, MF, Self Storage Loves beach volleyball Achievement: started a fire with 2 sticks. Took 4.5 hours. Won Yang: Born in South Korea Grew up in Argentina Served in US Army Formerly business owner in fashion industry REI investor: SF, MF, Self Storage GET IN TOUCH WITH THE GUESTS! EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Real Estate Investing and Partnership Journey Paol and Juan share their real estate journeys, making the decision to invest instead of a corporate job, owning multi-family and self-storage properties, and Juan's retirement. (0:11:51) - Clothing Business to Real Estate Transition Paol Chi and Juan Yang found financial freedom through real estate investments, networking and partnerships. (0:23:08) - Transition to Self-Storage and Unmanned Operations Paol Chi and Juan Yang transitioned to self-storage investments in 2020, considering location, team, returns, business plan, asset class, and COVID-19 impacts. (0:31:36) - Commercial Real Estate Exit Strategies Paol Chi and Juan Yang plan to build a brand, consider portfolio sales, refinance, and hold long-term to exceed investor expectations. (0:37:04) - Pursuing an Extraordinary Life and Success Paol and Juan plan for an extraordinary life with freedom, blessing and opportunities for their families. (0:46:58) - Knowing Your Why Paol Chi and Juan Yang share their "why" and multifamily to self-storage transition, exit strategies, and future plans. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Creating Value on a Tight Budget with Ray Woods | Know your why #241_Audio

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: What if a simple conversation could change your life? That's exactly what happened to our guest, Ray Woods, who shares his inspiring journey from the corporate world to a successful venture in real estate investing, all sparked by a chance encounter with a stranger. Join us as Ray details his transition, underlining the essence of financial literacy and the strength that lies in discussing aspirations with others. Imagine having to balance the challenges of real estate investing with the need for financial stability. Ray emphasizes the often-overlooked benefits of a regular W2 job and how patience, not a get-rich-quick mindset, paved the path to his real estate success. He also shares his Airbnb experiences, demonstrating how he used the platform to free himself from debt and generate capital. Do you have the resilience to keep going even when times get tough? Finally, Ray offers invaluable advice for budding real estate investors, highlighting not just the importance of a solid financial base and a concrete plan, but also the indispensable role of hard work and determination. We delve into the significance of collaboration in the industry and the power of a clear purpose. Discover how Ray found his 'Why', and how this has been instrumental to his success. Tune in to this episode that's packed with motivation, financial wisdom, and practical advice that can help steer your own journey towards real estate triumph. RAY'S BIO: Ray Woods, originally from Mississippi and now a resident of Georgia since 2016, had a transformative 2020: - He achieved six figures in his real estate career, showcasing his dedication and success. - Ray also made significant improvements to his mother's health, demonstrating his strong family values. - His adventurous spirit led him to fulfill a dream of traveling to a European country, embracing new experiences and cultures. GET IN TOUCH WITH RAY: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Real Estate Journey and Financial Education Ray Woods shares his journey of transitioning from corporate America to real estate, discussing goals, aspirations, money, and budgeting. (0:14:00) - Real Estate Challenges and Finding Balance Ray Woods shares his journey in real estate, emphasizing the value of a W2 job and the patience needed for success, and his experience with Airbnb to pay off debt. (0:26:13) - Real Estate Investing and Finding Role Partnering with people to build a portfolio, collaboration in real estate, roles and people involved, finding the right partners, and working together are essential for large real estate investments. (0:36:33) - Getting Started in Real Estate Advice Ray Woods advises on financial stability, capital and skills acquisition, and leveraging time to succeed. (0:41:17) - Discovering Your Why Ray shares his journey into real estate, emphasizing financial stability, time management, partnering, and a determined mindset. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Embrace the 5 Freedoms : Vitality, Mindset, Time, Place and Finance with Sanjay Sharma | Know your why #240

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: Have you ever wondered how the principles of medicine can cross-apply to the real estate world? Dr. Sanjay Sharma, a seasoned real estate investor and full-time hematologist oncologist, joins us to share his fascinating journey and insights. From his intense medical training in the hustle and bustle of New York City to his fruitful medical practice in tranquil Orange County, Dr. Sharma explores the parallels between these two disparate yet interconnected worlds. Our conversation takes a deep dive into the exciting realm of real estate syndication. Even if you have a small budget or are new to this field, Dr. Sharma sheds light on how syndication can be your path to participate in the real estate market. He emphasizes the importance of having a trustworthy sponsor and a multi-disciplinary team, underscoring the critical role of trust in successful investing. But what fuels Dr. Sharma's commitment to both his medical profession and real estate investing? We wrap up our discussion exploring the evolution of his 'why', influenced by his grandfather, who fought for freedom alongside Mahatma Gandhi. His profound advice for budding real estate investors is as inspiring as it is practical: take action and learn from your mistakes. This episode is a treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge for both newcomers and seasoned investors. Tune in! DR. SANJAY'S BIO: Dr. Sanjay Sharma, a real estate professional and visionary investor making waves in the LA and Southeast multifamily market. With a proven track record as an investor, capital raiser, and syndicator, he has brought remarkable returns to physician and high net worth executive investors, paving their path towards financial, geographical, temporal, vital, and mindset freedoms. But there's more to Dr. Sharma than meets the eye. As a practicing physician specializing in hematology and oncology, he possesses a unique perspective, borne out of firsthand experience in understanding the needs of fellow doctors. Before his medical journey, Dr. Sharma honed his skills as an epidemiologist, focusing on public health and safety. After completing medical school at the prestigious Medical College of Virginia in 1999, he embarked on a remarkable path. He pursued an internal medicine program at Washington University in St. Louis, which ultimately led to a fellowship in hematology and oncology at Mount Sinai in NYC. Along the way, he found the love of his life and settled in Southern California, where they are raising their two amazing children. Driven by a passion for education, Dr. Sharma founded an oncology medical education company, sharing cutting-edge treatment opportunities with countless oncologists. Additionally, he is a sought-after national public speaker, captivating audiences with his expertise and captivating presence. Dr. Sanjay Sharma—trailblazer in real estate, physician, and educator—continues to make a profound impact, empowering investors and transforming lives along the way. Prepare to be inspired by his exceptional journey and unwavering dedication to his profession. GET IN TOUCH WITH DR.SANJAY: Linkedin: Sanjay Sharma MD Instagram: @hemeonclive Tiktok: @hemeonclive EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Commitment and Investments in Real Estate Dr Sanjay Sharma discussed the dedication and rigor of becoming a medical specialist, the importance of knowing one's why, and physician moral injury and burnout. (0:12:56) - Doctor Investing in Real Estate Syndications Syndication enables investors to align money with goals, while multi-disciplinary teams and trust are essential for successful investing. (0:27:34) - Personal Growth and Evolving Why Dr. Sharma discussed the importance of a strong 'why', personal growth, and shared a personal insight. (0:33:12) - Real Estate Inspiration and Advice Dr. Sanjay Sharma shares advice on real estate, emphasizing action and learning from mistakes, inspired by his grandfather's legacy as a freedom fighter. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    From $0 to $100M in assets under management in just 4 years with Will Matheson | Know your Why #239

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: This episode is brimming with the incredible journey of Will Matheson, a successful entrepreneur who, alongside his brother, transformed a deep-rooted passion for real estate into a thriving business. Join us as we explore the rise of Matheson Capital from its humble beginnings in 2017, to a business that now boasts over 100 million dollars of assets under management. We commence with Will's tale that starts from his minimum wage broker days in Los Angeles, navigating challenges such as emergency rent control. We then fast forward to the present day, where we dissect the unique short-term investment strategy that Will and his brother employ, and how this approach has propelled their growth. Discover how they adapt to shifts in the market by predicting the future, ensuring they stay one step ahead. The episode also uncovers the current real estate market, highlighting factors leading to decreased pricing. Emphasizing the importance of flexibility in a debt structure, we discuss whether to opt for higher interest rates or agency loans. Finally, we conclude with Will's insights on professional property management's critical role in a property's success. Don't miss out on this engaging episode filled with valuable insights and practical advice from a seasoned entrepreneur. WILL'S BIO: At the end of 2017, Will Matheson and his twin brother Evan were a few months away from graduating Columbia University's Masters in Real Estate Development program, and they were faced with a choice; go the traditional corporate route or start their own company. Despite having no track record, no ownership experience, and very little equity, they bet on themselves and opted to start their own company, Matheson Capital. By January of 2018, they had already completed their first acquisition, an $800k duplex in Los Angeles. With limited resources, Matheson Capital focused on smaller value-add properties and short-term holds. In the five years since their first purchase, they have completed another dozen multifamily / student housing acquisitions valued at over $100 million. They have worked with high net worth investors, family offices, private equity groups, and Wall Street firms, delivering an average investor IRR of 40% on their six completed projects. Despite changes in the market, Matheson Capital is continuing to push forward with the goal of owning $1 billion of real estate by 2027. Outside of real estate, Will is learning to fly a plane, and he also serves as a board member for Lowcountry Veterans, a homeless veterans shelter located in Charleston, SC. GET IN TOUCH WITH WILL: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Capital Raising Strategies in Real Estate Will and his brother built a real estate business to over $100M, investing in LA and facing rent control challenges. (0:11:04) - Short-Term Investment Strategy and Market Outlook Will and his brother built a successful real estate business, using strategies such as shorter hold periods and predicting the market. (0:17:11) - Buying Real Estate in Current Market Flexible debt structure, bank/agency loans, and decreased pricing factors discussed. (0:28:00) - Capital and Management in Real Estate Will discusses the importance of professional property management and reaching one's maximum potential. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Inspiring Young Minds :A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Impact with Deven Wohlwend | Know your why #238

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    EPISODE SUMMARY: Discover the fascinating journey of Deven Wohlwend, who started investing in Legos at the tender age of five. Deven's story takes us from his earliest lessons in investing, sparked by an unexpected suggestion from his father, through his trials and tribulations in Lego investing. His early lessons around understanding 'why' became a crucial aspect of his success and led him to become a real estate investor by the age of seven. You'll be captivated by his ingenuity and determination, proving that age is just a number when it comes to investing. Listen in as we explore Deven's remarkable venture into real estate investing, negotiating deals with sellers and turning flippers' properties into profitable investments. This conversation highlights the significance of mentorship and solving problems for people, not just in real estate but also in life. We'll also explore how millionaires and billionaires solve bigger problems than the average person and the importance of aligning your investments with your passions and expertise. DEVEN'S BIO: Deven found a way to invest in what he knew when he was only 5 years old. By the time he was 7, he started a company and started purchasing real estate. Within 3 years, he had bought 20% of a 60-unit complex. At 11 years old, he published his first book: If I Can Do It, So Can You! Last year, he published his second book, The Garage, with Mark Victor Hansen. He currently runs a group for teens & young adults called Millionaires in Training. GET IN TOOUCH WITH DEVEN: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Investing in Legos Deven invested in Legos, learning from mistakes and applying lessons to futures investments; importance of acting quickly emphasized. (0:09:17) - Real Estate Investing Journey and Strategy Deven invested in real estate at seven, negotiating a great deal, highlighting mentorship and problem-solving for profit. (0:17:51) - The Power of Real Estate Investing Deven shares strategies for financial freedom, his books, and his online group to help young people succeed in business and real estate. (0:24:29) - Driving Towards Success Deven teaches financial education to make the world better, learned from his parents' Cash Flow game, and encourages learning and taking action. (0:31:17) - The Importance of Knowing Your Why Deven shares his journey to financial freedom, discussing his parents' investing lessons, his first house, and his transition to teaching financial education. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Unlocking Time Freedom Through Integrated Wealth Creation with Eric Wohlwend | Know your why #237

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    EPISODE SUMMARY : Looking for the key to unlock financial and time freedom? How about learning to grow wealth that lasts for generations? Buckle up for an enthralling conversation with the seasoned real estate investor, Eric Wohlwend, who's been in the game for over two decades, repositioning over a thousand units. Eric shares the nuts and bolts of his successful journey, the importance of knowing your 'why', and how he passes down his wealth of knowledge to the next generation. Juggling between a successful business and a balanced family life might seem like a daunting task, but not for Eric Wohlwend! Eric's secret lies in controlling his time and using his strategies to build sustainable wealth. He gives us a sneak peek into his long-term vision of creating a wealth fund that'll survive for five generations and how his kids have been instrumental in his journey right from the day they were born. We delve into the intriguing world of wealth building using tax-free money and how his children benefit from this strategy. Teaching investing concepts to a five-year-old using Legos might seem far-fetched, but Eric Wohlwend has done it. This episode takes a deep dive into how he nurtures the work ethic and creativity of his children, teaching them about investing and making them a part of his real estate business. Listen in as we discuss the importance of fostering the right habits in children and how discovering your 'why' can help you reach your maximum potential. You surely don't want to miss the wisdom and practical tips packed in this episode! ERIC'S BIO : Eric has been a full-time Real Estate Investor for over 2 decades. He has repositioned over a thousand units including single & multi-family residential properties as well as multiple types of commercial properties. He still controls hundreds of these. Eric has written multiple #1 Best-selling books including “Family Success Triangle.” Using what he teaches, both of his kids started buying real estate when they were seven years old without any money or credit from their parents. Both of his sons have purchased enough assets to be financially free before they were old enough to drive. The family continues to invest & travel North America speaking, learning and growing together. Now they focus on teaching others to integrate their business, family & investing so they have more freedom. Their goal is for everyone to have financial, time & location freedom. GET IN TOUCH WITH ERIC : EPISODE CHAPTERS : (0:00:01) - Real Estate Financial and Time Freedom Eric shares his story and wisdom to help others achieve success, freedom, and knowledge-sharing. (0:13:39) - Value of Time and Wealth Building Eric has managed to balance work and family while growing a successful real estate business, taking advantage of arbitrage and creating a sustainable wealth fund for five generations. (0:19:42) - Real Estate Investing With Kids Eric balances work and family life, invests tax-free money, and shares his son's experience buying a truck. (0:23:58) - Real Estate Investing and Family Involvement Eric balanced work and family life as a real estate investor, teaching his children to invest and hosting weekly dinners to teach others. (0:28:50) - Teaching Kids Real Estate and Balance Eric successfully balances work and family life as a real estate investor, teaching his children project management and timeline skills, and emphasizing the fun parts and benefits of investing. (0:40:41) - Teaching and Inspiring Children in Business Eric balances work and family life, teaching his children the benefits of hard work and efficiency, and fostering their creativity. (0:46:07) - Teaching Kids Financial Skills Through Legos Eric taught his five year old son investing basics, such as buying low and selling high, and the importance of partnerships. (0:55:59) - Discovering Your Why Eric teaches his son investing basics and balances work and family life, exposing his children to real estate early on. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Think Outside the Box and Leverage Your Capabilities with Travis Baucom | Know your why #236

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    Meet Travis Baucom, an incredible real estate investor and coach who has found an innovative niche in the self-storage sector. His journey from traditional real estate practices to this fascinating alternative is nothing short of inspiring. Travis provides a candid glimpse into how he moved away from the headaches of rental properties and began exploring the world of self-storage investments, a domain that he believes is the easiest and lowest defaulting asset class. His stories from flipping over 400 houses from 2015 to 2018 offer invaluable insights for anyone in the real estate space. In the second segment of our talk, Travis shares his wealth of knowledge on the smooth management of self-storage facilities, a process he has brilliantly streamlined with the aid of modern technology. He delves into the advantages of the syndication model and the benefits of non-judicial eviction, both vital to mastering this side of the business. This conversation is a treasure trove of information for anyone seeking to shift from conventional real estate models to more innovative and lucrative systems. But Travis's journey doesn't stop at real estate. He is also passionate about education, and he shares his thoughts on the importance of business and entrepreneurship in the school curriculum. His dream of starting a school based on entrepreneurship and STEM education is inspiring and reinforces the importance of knowing your “why.” So, join us in this enlightening chat with Travis Baucom as he motivates us to take decisive steps in our own real estate journeys. You'll walk away with a wealth of knowledge and a spark to ignite your own “why.” TRAVIS BIO: Travis Baucom is the founder and CEO of Balcomie Capital. He is the director of the overall investment strategy, asset acquisitions, and business development activities for BC. Mr. Baucom personally selects all key investment markets and asset classes in order to meet the goals of his investors. He brings to the company over 10 years of investing experience and asset development. He started his journey in the private markets in August 2012 and has been directly involved in the acquisition or development, repositioning, disposition, asset management, and strategic planning with over $55million in AUM. Prior to Balcomie Capital, Travis was CEO of the largest privately owned distressed house buying company in the State of Texas, Texas Trust Home Buyers. Buying over 400 single family homes within a 5 year period. He developed and implemented the company's strategy along with directing the asset acquisition and management of those assets. Travis and his wife, Kristina, founded a private school focused on entrepreneurship, emotional awareness, and a strong emphasis on STEAM curriculum. Travis is part of the fightin' Texas Aggie class of ‘07, enjoys the outdoors with his 4 kids, and is a large supporter and advocate of the foster system of Texas. GET IN TOUCH WITH TRAVIS: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Transition to Self-Storage Real Estate Travis Baucom shares his journey from flipping houses to investing in self-storage, discussing the benefits of the lowest defaulting asset class. (0:09:00) - Transitioning From Rental Housing to Self-Storage Travis transitioned from owning 72 rentals to self-storage, utilizing software and automated payments, with minimal maintenance and non-judicial eviction. (0:15:46) - Managing Self-Storage Facilities and Syndication Travis uses QR codes, fractional facilities managers, and syndication to manage self-storage investments without onsite staff. (0:27:09) - Starting a School/Real Estate Start-Ups Travis shares his experience starting a school based on entrepreneurship and STEM education, emphasizing the importance of business and entrepreneurship education for young people. (0:31:17) - The Importance of Knowing Your Why Travis shares his journey from owning 72 rentals to self-storage, using technology to manage investments, and starting a school based on entrepreneurship and STEM education. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Mindset & Focus and the path to Wealth Creation with James Kandasamy | Know Your Why #235

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    Have you ever dreamed about making a major transition into the prosperous world of multifamily real estate investing? Prepare yourself to get a taste of that reality in our enriching conversation with James Kandasamy, an award-winning multifamily operator, developer, and industry thought leader. Originally from Malaysia, James shares his enthralling journey that led him to the US and subsequently into successfully shifting from single-family to multifamily real estate investing. James has managed to carve a niche by focusing on value-add and deep value-add multifamily investments as they tend to be more lucrative than single-family units. With a streak of determination and an appetite for challenging the "deeper, difficult stuff", he reveals his impressive strategy that allowed him to independently raise a staggering 80 million dollars. His insights on the real estate market trends are invaluable, especially about variable and fixed rate loans and how they are impacting the industry. In this episode, we also explore James's passion for creating generality wealth through passive investing and his commendable commitment to philanthropy. His meticulously crafted approach to property management and growth is a lesson for all budding as well as experienced investors. James's story is a testament to hard work and perseverance. So, tune in to this power-packed conversation and let yourself be inspired by James's journey and his insights into the multifamily real estate market. JAMES'S BIO: James is an award-winning multifamily operator, developer, industry thought leader, and CEO of Achieve Investment Group. He has authored two best-selling books “Passive Investing In Commercial Real Estate” and “Smarter Doctors - You Work Hard, Make Your Money Work Harder!”. He's also the host of a popular Achieve Wealth podcast. To date, James has identified, underwritten, and overseen the acquisition process of over $517M of quality multifamily investments (19 Assets), and still growing. He has also led passive investors to an average IRR of more than 20% in past deals. His creative and dynamic multifamily management strategies led to the creation of 6 passive investor millionaires in 2022. GET IN TOUCH WITH JAMES: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Scaling Multifamily Real Estate for Success James Kandasamy shares his journey from Malaysia to the US, and how he successfully transitioned from single-family to multifamily real estate investing, achieving an average IRR of greater than 20%. (0:13:14) - Investing in Commercial Real Estate James Kandasamy shares his journey, stresses importance of difficult work, articulating truth for investments, and his slow and steady approach to growth. (0:19:45) - Real Estate Market Trends and Opportunities Variable rate loans put sellers at risk, while fixed rate loans offer protection in a rising interest rate environment. (0:29:28) - "Ambassador Programs and Passive Investing" James shares his successful real estate business, Chief Cast foundation, writing books, and plans for passive investing. (0:40:50) - Knowing Your "Why" James Kandasamy's journey, variable rate loans, fixed rate loans, and interest rates discussed to reach maximum potential. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Unraveling the Power of RE Over Traditional Investments with Chad Schieler | Know your why #234

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    Are you interested in climbing the ladder of real estate investment? Then this is an episode you cannot afford to miss! We chat with accomplished real estate investor and syndicator, Chad Schieler, who shares his inspiring journey of transitioning from a career in electronic payments to scaling his real estate portfolio to a staggering 140 units in just three years. What if the key to overcoming analysis paralysis was simply taking action? Allow Chad to guide you through his unique experience of buying his first property, the invaluable lessons he learned along the way, and the nuanced art of creating value and attracting investors. We also explore his innovative strategies in property management and scaling, with a particular focus on the significance of inspections, the challenges of collaborating with smaller management companies, and the potential benefits of investing in tertiary markets. If you've ever wondered how to turn the rough patches into golden opportunities in real estate, Chad shares his insights on this very topic. Hear about his optimistic plans for his company's future and his intentions to refine their processes and systems in 2023. This episode will surely provide you the knowledge and inspiration you need to take your real estate investing game to the next level. So, let's get started on this exciting journey! CHAD'S BIO: Chad Schieler is a driven, accomplished real estate investor and syndicator in the Indiana market. Prior to real estate, he spent 17 years in the electronic payments industry building a book of business from zero to 7-figures annually. Today he is scaling the real estate business and building a local team. His real estate portfolio includes 140 units as GP and over 900 as LP. In his spare time, he travels and enjoys all watersports. GET IN TOUCH WITH CHAD: EPISODE CHAPTERS: (0:00:00) - Real Estate Investor's Journey and Strategies Chad Schieler took action to buy a property, overcame analysis paralysis, and scaled his portfolio to 140 units in three years. (0:07:12) - Lessons From Property Management and Scaling Chad and I discuss rental property inspections, scaling up, investing in tertiary markets, and structuring deals. (0:13:49) - Real Estate Investor Attraction During Hard Times Chad and I discuss risks, sponsorships, hard times, opportunities, and refining processes for 2023. (0:20:05) - Preparing for Opportunities in Real Estate Chad and I discussed taking advantage of opportunities, measuring activity, being proactive, and the importance of asking. (0:29:20) - Getting Started in Real Estate Chad and I discuss time freedom, water sports, electronic payments, mentors, and real estate investments. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Is self-storage a good investment with Tom Dunkel | Know your why #233

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    Episode Summary: Join us for a stimulating conversation with Tom Dunkel, a real estate investor and mindset specialist with 25 years of industry experience. Listen as he shares his intriguing journey from corporate mergers and acquisitions to the establishment of Bellrose Asset Management. Hear firsthand how he leveraged his experience in corporate America and knowledge of capital raising to succeed in the challenging realm of real estate. Get inspired by Dunkel's approach of underpromising and overdelivering in real estate investing. He emphasizes the importance of thorough research, robust financial modeling, and the ability to defend your models to investors. Plus, you'll hear his experience of building a team from scratch, navigating the world of residential wholesaling, and his venture into the self-storage industry. Dunkel's mindset of 'who, not how' could be the key to filling the gaps in your own team. Tune in to understand the current challenges and opportunities in the self-storage market. Dunkel explains the supply and demand curve optimization strategies to maximize unit revenue. Also, hear his personal journey as an empty nester and his pursuits in personal growth, including his passion for music. Finally, Dunkel shares his three keys to success in real estate investing and provides a glimpse into the ever-changing self-storage market. Don't miss this chance to hear from an industry veteran and gain invaluable insights into the world of real estate investing. Tom's Bio: With a background in finance and 25 years of real estate and investment experience, Tom brings extensive expertise to Belrose Asset Management. From startup to world-class organization, Tom specializes in discounted nationwide asset opportunities since 2006. His financial savvy, open communication, and integrity help alternative investors achieve wealth-building goals. Tom is the Managing Director of Belrose Storage, a seasoned team acquiring underperforming self-storage facilities in the eastern U.S. Turning assets around, they achieve high-teens, tax-advantaged returns for high-net-worth equity partners in 2-3 years. Get in touch with Tom: Episode Chapters: (0:00:00) - From Mergers to Real Estate Tom Dunkel shares his journey from corporate America to founding Bellrose Asset Management, offering insight into creating success and fulfillment. (0:05:30) - Underpromising, Overdelivering in Real Estate Investing Tom Dunkel shares his experience transitioning to real estate investing, emphasizing research, financial modeling, and under-promising/over-delivering. (0:11:36) - Building a Real Estate Team Tom transitioned from finance to real estate investing, wholesaling, rentals, fix and flip, distressed mortgage notes, and self-storage, partnering with Joe Downs to form US Mortgage Resolution. (0:24:16) - Challenges and Opportunities in Self-Storage Self-storage market challenges include optimizing supply/demand, managing variable rate loans, and maximizing revenue. (0:39:37) - Empty Nesters and Pursuing Personal Growth Tom Dunkel shares his transition from corporate finance to real estate investing, his wannabe rock and roll hobby, and a free ebook for investors. (0:44:41) - Three Keys to Success Tom Dunkel shares his three keys to success in real estate investing: niche, team, and education. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Ground up vs value add and why you might have it wrong with Shannon Robnett | Know your why #232

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2023 42:39

    Episode Summary: On this exciting episode of the Know Your Why Podcast, we sit down with the impressive Shannon Robnett. With over 25 years of experience in the construction and development industry, Shannon shares valuable insights and lessons learned from her journey. Listen in as Shannon reveals how her childhood experiences influenced her career trajectory, the transition from corporate America to entrepreneurial life, and the critical skills needed for success. We explore the ins and outs of ground-up development and how to create solutions by understanding the needs of people and creating a budget that attracts individuals to the project. Shannon shares her experiences with multifamily and industrial projects, the process of reverse engineering projects, and the significance of establishing relationships with banks and general contractors. Also, we delve into the process of obtaining entitlements and zoning for projects and the importance of de-risking. The episode continues as we navigate the world of industrial buildings, exploring how they offer advantages to landlords, tenants, and investors. Shannon shares valuable insights about industrial tenants and multifamily tenants, their needs, budgets, and leases. As we round up the episode, Shannon expresses her passion for helping investors understand how to achieve financial freedom and the power of turning a hobby into a tax savings. Tune in for a truly enlightening conversation! Shannon's Bio: With over 25 years of experience, Shannon has been involved from start to finish on over $350MM in construction projects such as multi-family, professional office buildings to city halls, fire and police stations, schools, industrial projects and mini storage. Along with his knowledgeable team at Shannon Robnett Industries (SRI), Shannon is dedicated to sharing his expertise and delivering top-quality projects that bring numerous passive income streams to his syndicate partners. Get in touch with Shannon: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: Episode Chapters: (0:00:00) - Know Your Why Podcast Shannon Robnett shares her experience in construction, transition from corporate to entrepreneurial life, and the skills needed to succeed. (0:09:44) - Ground-Up Development Shannon Robnett shares her experience in ground up development, creating a team, reverse engineering projects, budgeting, building relationships, and obtaining entitlements. (0:18:39) - Real Estate Development Risks and De-Risking De-risking is important, leveraging the timeline, avoiding change orders, labor and material shortages, and experience. (0:25:55) - Industrial Real Estate Leasing Advantages We examine industrial buildings, tenants, traffic patterns, multifamily tenants, leverage, and interest rates. (0:36:03) - Financial Freedom Through Education and Real Estate Helping investors achieve financial freedom, real estate investing, and networking for success. (0:41:12) - Value and Inspiration in Real Estate Turning real estate investing into tax savings to achieve financial freedom with industrial buildings and tenants. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    From 50-Hour Workweek to Financial Freedom with Sam Primm | Know your why #231

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2023 36:12

    Sam was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. Following the conventional path, he secured a corporate job for a reasonable income. Yet, amidst the grind of a demanding 50-hour workweek, an unsavory boss, and the desire for more family time, he felt a pull for something greater. Real Estate emerged as his solution. Through tenacity, he conquered setbacks, accumulating $45 million in assets, 150+ rental properties, over 1,000 property flips, and establishing a property management enterprise all within 9 years, all achieved without personal capital. This triumph granted him the cherished freedom he yearned for. This odyssey led him to establish FasterFreedom, a platform designed to share his journey and empower others to attain akin financial autonomy through real estate. His guidance is rooted in practical experience, ensuring that his advice is current and effective. Get in touch with Sam: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Avoiding the Pitfalls of Self-Directed Investing with Kaaren Hall | Know your why #230

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2023 40:31

    Kaaren Hall, CEO uDirect IRA Services, LLC and OCREIA Despite being in the midst of a recession and mortgage market collapse, Kaaren Hall founded and made a resounding success of uDirect IRA Services. She discovered a strategic way to put her 20+ years in mortgage banking, real estate, and property management to use. The solution was an untapped market for both her skills and for investors – self-directed IRAs. Through uDirect IRA, she has guided tens of thousands of Americans through the process of diversifying their investments using self-directed IRAs with $1B+ Under Management. Learn more about Hall and her thriving company at Get in touch with Kaaren: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    From Middle Class Mindset to Leaving a Legacy with Charlie Hardage | Know your why #229

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2023 39:29

    Charlie Hardage worked in the corporate world for over 12 years in IT Sales. He worked with household names like Google, Dell, and AWS. Charlie spent 5 years in the US Army as an Infantry team leader earning a Combat Infantryman Badge and Purple Heart. He has been investing in real estate since 2017 and is the Co-Founder of H&K Investment Group. Charlie is a part owner in over 1,050 doors across 6 properties. In 2022, he left his full-time job to pursue real estate full-time. His company works with passive investors and helps them achieve financial freedom through cash-flowing properties. Get in touch with charlie: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Unlock Your Life: From Rentals to Multimillion Apartments with Jennings Smith | Know your why #228

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2023 50:07

    Jennings is the CEO of My First Million in Multifamily, co-creator of the coaching and mentor program The Deal Room and the host of Unlock Your Life Podcast. In 2013, Jennings started to purchase rental real estate, and in 2019 moved into commercial real estate, amassing a portfolio of apartment complexes, self storage, and mobile home parks. In three years, his portfolio has grown to over $60,000,000 in value, comprising over 1500 rental units, with $800,000 a month in rents collected. Jennings' passion for real estate and business has blossomed into the education company, My First Million In Multifamily. Boasting the fastest growing and most engaged community on Facebook, the group has over 24,000 members in less than 2 years. With over 300 subscribers paying monthly, his courses and educational products have broken $750,000 in revenue in less than a year. Jennings and his business partner, Yeadon Smith, host a weekly show in the group, as well as running their mentoring program, The Deal Room. Applicants who are accepted into this elite program gain access to their full multifamily course, with live mentoring. Get in touch with Jennings: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    From Zero to RE Success: Building Income Without Capital with Caleb Johnson | Know your why #227

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2023 37:52

    Caleb Johnson, an entrepreneur who embarked on his journey at the tender age of 18. Caleb's impressive portfolio includes managing assets like 30 units in Albuquerque, New Mexico, acquired in June 2022, 16 units in Oklahoma City, obtained in February 2022, 40 units in Las Cruces, secured in July 2022, and a whopping 12,000 square feet of retail space in Casa Grande, Arizona, acquired in December 2021. Not stopping there, Caleb's achievements continued to soar. Before the age of 25, he had already acquired over $9 million worth of real estate assets. As a true testament to his ambition and dedication, Caleb is the founder of the acclaimed "From Trial to Triumph" podcast, where he has interviewed influential leaders in various fields. Driven by his faith-based principles, Caleb is committed to serving investors and building lasting relationships. His passion for entrepreneurship and unwavering dedication make him a force to be reckoned with in the world of real estate. Let's give a warm welcome to Caleb Johnson, a true inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors alike. Get to know Caleb: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Defying the Odds: Thriving Through Real Estate & Resilience with Amy Sylvis | Know your why #226

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2023 42:29

    Amy Sylvis is the founder and principal of Sylvis Capital, a real estate firm that invests in large commercial real estate properties in emerging markets throughout the United States. Accredited and non-accredited investors appreciate investing alongside her to take advantage of not only her extensive experience, but also her detailed research and exclusive relationships. Sylvis Capital offers commercial real estate investment opportunities without the day to day hassles of owning real estate while generating strong returns. Sylvis Capital currently has over 748 apartment units, 208,000 square feet of flex industrial space, and $96M worth of assets under management. Get in touch with Amy: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Taking on industry giants to support independent hospitality businesses with Mark Simpson | Know your why #225

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2023 32:48

    Mark is founder of Boostly, the leading website design and online training academy that gives hosts the tools, tactics and training to boost their profits through direct booking. Born in Scarborough, Mark grew up immersed in the hospitality industry - most notably his family farm accommodation business- and went on to kick-start. his marketing career in Hamburg, with a Web 2.0 company focused on social networking and local reviews. Mark's experience in the hospitality industry coupled with marketing expertise fueled the creation of Boostly. Get in touch with MarK: Instagram:@boostlyukLinked Twitter:@boostlyuk TikTok: Podcast:Boostly Podcast Spotify:Boostly     If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    From Rocket Scientist to RE Guru with a $150M portfolio in MF and self-storage | Know your why #224

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2023 37:09

    Chad Zdenek is the founder and CEO of CSQ Properties. He is a Rocket Scientist, turned Entrepreneur, turned Real Estate guru. His career has spanned 25 years but the last 7 years he has built a multifamily and self-storage portfolio over $150M through syndication and personal investing. Today he invests actively and passively in multifamily and self-storage projects across the United States. He is also one of the rare investors who invests in CA and outside of CA. Get in touch with Chad: Free eBook : If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    The power of coaching with Austin Linney and Jason Balara | Know your why #223

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2023 39:23

    Austin Linney is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, business and mindset coach, and host of the weekly podcast, Construct Your Life with Austin Linney. He has built an expansive network of top professionals in leading industries, and helped countless individuals break through obstacles and become who they were meant to be. For years, Austin struggled with negative thought patterns, self-sabotage, and alcohol addiction that left him trapped in an unfulfilling job, financial struggles, and disconnected and failing relationships. When he reached a breaking point, Austin knew he needed to take radical responsibility for his mindset and his life. He dedicated everything to learning strategies, systems, and tools to break free from a self-destructive cycle and live a life of abundance and significance. Now Austin lives his passion and purpose helping people establish habits and improve their mindset so they can live the life they truly want. Get in touch with Austin: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Lark Veterinary Impact Fund Webinar with Jason Balara | Know your why #222

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2023 46:41

    In this week's special episode, Jason talks about the Lark Veterinary Impact Fund. He dives deep into many important bullet points: Who is Lark Capital, why he decided to launch a Fund, and most importantly, why now. Listeners will also learn the philosophy behind the Fund, the team that brings it to life, an overview of their investment strategy, and the reasoning behind including small businesses. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Unlocking the advantages lying within the TCO Method with Andy McQuade | Know your why #221

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2023 65:19

    The creator of The TCO Method™, Andy has been working with real estate developers, owners and operators since 1997 and has been involved with every type of project from small bathroom remodels to new construction tract builds, custom single family residential homes from 1,600 to 34,000 square feet and touched over 150,000 living spaces in 29 states and 3 countries. He spent over 22 years on the supply side, and built his network and expertise working with clients to understand why they wanted certain things and how their business runs, and not just selling stuff to check a box. He developed The TCO Method™ as a formal consulting service shortly after he left his W2 to open his business with prompting from a large commercial real estate operator. He focuses on helping owners and operators increase their NOI by focusing on Total Cost of Ownership and putting the decision making and problem solving process in that light. He lives about a mile south of Lake Ontario in upstate NY with his wife and 10 year-old son, their GSD and two cats. Get in touch with Andy: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Increasing NOI through tenant and vendor relationships with Karen Lane | Know your why #220

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2023 31:15

    Karen has been in property management for commercial real estate her entire career. She has worked with private and institutional investors on both coasts and internationally. Karen has a knack for increasing NOI through tenant and vendor relationships. Get in touch with Karen: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Value add multifamily investing in a changing economy with Taylor Loht | Know your why #219

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2023 39:18

    Taylor is doing 7-8 syndicated real estate deals a year and just crossed 550 podcast episodes. Taylor just married the woman of his dreams and earned a purple belt in brazilian jiu jitsu last year. Get to know Taylor: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Key to success: having a great relationship with your clients with Justin Bosack | Know your why#218

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2023 40:11

    Owner/Partner of REMAX REVOLUTION founded in 2018 with 160 agents with 2 offices and 14 staff. In 2022 he sold 1300 plus homes for over $560 Million in Volume. He also runs a team of 25 agents and he is still in personal production focusing on new construction and waterfront homes at the Jersey Shore. He is also the Chairmen of the Board for the Toms River Field of Dreams a $6M Special Needs park and playground. Get to know Justin: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Beyond the White Coat : Unveiling the Veterinarian's Journey with Dr. Mery Wang | Know your why #217

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2023 54:59

    Mery was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to the US when she was very young. She has lived in SoCal for most of her life but also spent time in Utah and NorCal. She received her Bachelors in Biology at UCLA and got her DVM degree at WesternU. She then completed a rotating internship at VCA West LA and spent a year working as an ER doctor after. If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Helping medical professionals create passive income through RE with Savannah Arroyo | Know your why #215

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2023 38:08

    Savannah "The Networth Nurse" is a full-time Registered Nurse in Los Angeles, California. She uses her skills as a leader in healthcare operations to manage multi family syndications. She also helps busy medical professionals create passive income through real estate investing. Get to know Savannah: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Transitioning from Wall Street to multifamily investment with Ryan Nunes | Know your why #215

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2023 32:56

    Ryan was the leading commodity derivatives salesperson at Wall Street banks for 13 years. He transitioned to multifamily in 2019 and is a general partner in $64 MM of assets and a passive investor in 3,195 units across Texas, Florida, Arizona, Georgia and Ohio. He is the founder of Life Changing Capital, a Houston, TX based Commercial Real Estate Private Equity firm and takes an institutional, transparent and hands on approach to multifamily. Get to know Ryan: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Scalating from 5$ an hour to owning over 250 doors with Anne Curry | Know your why #214

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2023 53:39

    Awarded as the top 1% of real estate brokers in Pierce County, WA, Anne Curry is an expert in real estate investing, selling, developing, and remodeling with over 25 years of experience in the industry. By starting her professional career making $5 an hour as a preschool teacher with greater dreams to support her family, Anne has since then scaled her real estate portfolio, currently owning over 250 doors and 12 apartment buildings. In addition, Anne has developed various housing communities around Pierce County, adding a transaction of purchasing and remodeling 50 single-family homes in one transaction, as well as purchasing 164 units across 44 properties in one transaction to her expertise. Anne is passionate about supporting and guiding her clients as they purchase and sell, as well as personally contributing to the community on the tips and tools to create passive income and generational wealth through investing in real estate. Get to know Anne: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Achieve your financial goals faster investing in RV Campgrounds with Don Spafford | Know your why #213

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2023 37:16

    Don Spafford is a partner with Beyonder Holdings, an Outdoor Hospitality Investment company that specializes in RV Resorts and Marinas. These are purchased through syndications open to both accredited and non-accredited investors. Don is a father of four and is fluent in Spanish. He began investing in Real Estate in 2017 and was able to leave his job five years later. Get in touch with Don: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

    Recovering Syndicator Creates & Operates Customizable Funds with Jeff Greenberg | Know your why #212

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2023 33:40

    Jeff Greenberg is the CEO and Managing member of Synergetic Investment Group, LLC (SIG). For over 12 years he has managed all aspects of commercial real estate ownership including acquisitions, investor relations, operations, value-add implementation, and dispositions. Through SIG Wealth Fund, a diversified and customizable Equity Fund, SIG provides the opportunity for high-net-worth individuals to passively invest in Commercial Real Estate with best-in-class Commercial Deal Syndicators. Jeff uses his extensive experience and network to help investors to discover and invest in high-quality alternative investments. Jeff has been involved in projects worth nearly $150 million consisting of over 2,000 units. He has been involved with stabilized and value add properties including Student Housing, as well short-term rental, and Market Rate MF properties. Get in touch with Jeff: Free ebook: If you want to know more about Dr. Jason Balara and the Know your Why Podcast: Audio Track: Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:  

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