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Are you an Entrepreneur, Wantrepreneur, or Small Business Owner? Would you like new ideas, insight inspiration that you can apply from successful entrepreneurs? Be our guest and listen to our podcast to discover how other entrepreneurs are getting all of this as they commute, and as they workout in the gym, and as they jog etc. 7 days a week we interview successful entrepreneurs and talk about their journey to discover their struggle before finding success, the big ideas that made their businesses grow, and their aspirations and ideas for the future. In each episode of The Entrepreneur Way Neil chats with successful entrepreneurs as they reveal golden nuggets of information and advice. For the Show Notes and the latest news go to

Neil Ball

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    2044: Stop Thinking about it and Get Started with John Connors Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Boathouse Group Inc

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 48:38

    John Connors is the co-founder and CEO of Boathouse Group, a Boston based full-service marketing and technology agency focused on how marketing can drive company performance. He has built the business over 18 years purely on referrals and a great reputation, as well as a simple idea that if you make a promise, you keep a promise. This mindset has rewarded John and his company with large success along with a high retention rate among clients. After starting his career at the largest agency in New England (Hill, Holliday) and the largest agency in the world (McCann), he launched his own firm in 2001. John has a strong belief that agencies and marketing departments have lost the respect of C-Suites and boards over the past few decades, while possessing an equally strong conviction that now is the best time in a generation to rebuild that respect based on the ability to connect strategy, data, creativity and technology. “Get started… Stop thinking about it and get started”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2043: Telling Your Story and Publishing Your Book with Jeremy D Brown Founder and Owner of Throne Publishing Group

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 32:42

    Beginning his entrepreneurial journey at age 19, Jeremy D Brown used his free time to interview hundreds of successful people across the country, learning from their expertise and acting on their advice. As Jeremy's business development and sales expertise grew, he decided to write his first book in order to establish authority, generate leads, and increase his credibility. The result? His business exploded and Jeremy knew he had found his calling - empowering leaders to share their stories. “Stop listening to this podcast and any podcast and any webinar and anything that you are doing right now and go and start working at it, get it done. I wouldn't listen to any more of Neil's 2000 plus podcasts unless it's in the background while I actually doing what I say I'm going to do so that you become the person that Neil then calls to be on the podcast instead of just listening to it”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2042: Building an Ecosystem of People and Consultants and Peers with Satyam Kantamneni Founder and Partner of Ux Reactor Inc

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 41:27

    Prior to founding UXReactor, Satyam Kantamneni led various in-house design organizations such as Citrix and PayPal. He is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School. While at Harvard, Satyam realized that most businesses aren't leveraging the full power of User Experience (UX) Design as an engine for strategic growth. So, he resolved to change that. Through UXReactor, Satyam demonstrated that UX can and should drive enterprise-wide innovation and business outcomes. UXReactor has enabled its clients-partners to generate hundreds of millions in additional revenue from user-cen-tered innovation. Satyam is passionate about user-centered innovation and he is authoring a book titled which will be released in May 2022. “Take it one quarter at a time. Don't worry about trying to figure out where and how you will end up 10 years from now … Don't let the destination mess with the journey and enjoy every phase of the journey and plan for every sub phase of the journey. But don't plan for the big part because you don't know where you will end up and what will happen, what resources, what the market … Don't try to control them, don't try to predict them just work in the first quarter or two ”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2041: Stop Hanging Around People Who Don't Want to win with Tracy Benson Co-Founder and Owner of Obsesh Media Group Inc

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 76:30

    Tracy Benson is the CEO and co-founder of Obsesh, the sports marketplace platform connecting consumers to top athletes, and empowering athlete entrepreneurs to manage, merchandise, market, and monetize their fans online. Previously she was Global Chief Marketing Officer at Seek Thermal, Global Chief Marketing & Product Officer at Monster Inc. (maker of Beats by Dre and Monster headphones), Head of Marketing at Best Buy, Hyper-Growth Market leader at The Home Depot (where she developed the first athlete-work program for Olympians) and Sales & Marketing Manager at AT&T. Tracy was an All-Conference NCAA volleyball athlete at Western Illinois University before becoming a professional beach volleyball player. She earned an MBA in Marketing & Finance from the University of Notre Dame. “Fear can kill growth. You can't be afraid, stay focused, understand your why, put your story out there, don't let fear get in the way. Your job is to solve a problem as an entrepreneur. Don't give up to early. Rarely is it a honeymoon other ride rarely but if you have got your purpose and you understand your story keep telling that story keep focused on that story. The journey of how you will solve your problem is going to change because we are in this changing environment”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2040: Methodical in Starting and Building Your Business with Sherrie Price Clark Founder and Owner of Storehouse Media Group, LLC

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 44:08

    Sherrie Clark is the founder and CEO of Storehouse Media Group as well as a best-selling and award-winning author, ghostwriter, author coach, editor, publisher, and book marketer. She uses her 17 years of acquired skills, accomplishments, and experiences to raise up best-selling and award-winning authors, many of whom are entrepreneurs and leaders. To date, she has worked on over 160 books, noting the common struggles many authors share, especially new ones. Her online courses were created to show them how to address those challenges before they arise so they can achieve success with writing a book. So whether she's coaching authors one-on-one, in groups, or through her online courses, she's passionate about ensuring they create a book they're proud to have their name on. Over the years, Sherrie has been dubbed the “Page-Turner Queen” because of her ability to communicate through storytelling and skillfully pull stories and messages out of people. She then masterfully crafts them in a way that not only breathes life into them but also gives her clients credibility and value so that they can become the go-to expert in their profession. As a national speaker, she enjoys sharing her love for storytelling and how it can change lives, even cultures. She learned how to tell a good story as a police officer with the NYPD and has honed this skill ever since through content writing, copywriting, and books. Sherrie has enjoyed every role and phase of her life. She feels each one has contributed to where she's at now, doing what she's most passionate about, and fulfilling the adage, “Do what you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life.” “be methodical in starting and building your business. There is a saying that says don't quit your day job and to me that means that if you are wanting to build a business do it on the side, keep working your job - the job that is providing for you and your family. Because in reality building a business and realising that kind of income it can sometimes take some time and if you replace it with your job you may find yourself and your family in a bad place without that financial support - and it could become really hard on the family as well. And to make matters worse you will become desperate ”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2039: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with Amanda Hamilton Founder and Owner of Hamilton Raye

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 41:39

    Amanda Hamilton believes most business owners are getting it wrong. It's not about just delegating. It's about delegating with intention. She is the founder of Hamilton Raye “Your Outsourced Admin”, which brings professional remote administrative support to startup organizations and businesses so that you can claim your most valuable nonrenewable resources. “Even when the times are tough and you get extremely discouraged don't lose that momentum. Find the one little glimpse of light that you could see out of a challenging circumstance to keep yourself going. Because it can be really tough and it can feel really dark at times but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. And while it takes a long time to get there will get their and everyone goes through it.”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2038: $600 Million of Exits and Never Hired a Single Employee with Trevor Blake

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 54:22

    Trevor Blake is a physicist by background who grew up extremely poor. Eventually, he tapped into the workings of energy, consciousness, and transformation and began creating through intentionality. Over the last ten years, Trevor has created and successfully exited three separate companies for over $600 million and never hired a single employee. "So, I have all the same doubts that everyone else has but what I learned through all of the biographies and all of the testing I have done through life is the tools and techniques that I can use for myself to help me get through that”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2037: Your Passport for a Busy Business with Dr Gordon Jones Founder and Owner of Thrivacy

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 56:27

    Dr. Gordon Jones is a former healthcare executive turned entrepreneur. With more than 30 years of digital innovation, entrepreneurship, and business development experience, Dr. Jones has founded and invested in a variety of projects and startups. Alongside his role leading the emergence of Validide, he is the Adjunct Professor of Blockchain, Data Privacy and Self Sovereign Identity at the University of South Carolina. Dr. Jones earned his bachelor's degree in business administration from The Citadel. Following two tours as a member of the United States Army, Dr. Jones completed his master's and doctorate degrees in health administration from the Medical University of South Carolina. “Really think about all you are going to have to endure in order to do this because it is going to be very difficult and I don't want you giving up two quickly. So, once you commit to your idea… And there is different ways to bring it to market, you don't have to do it by yourself. You can patent it and licence it. But at the end of the day really think about how you want to bring this thing to life, decide on what path you want to do that in, and then once you commit then you have got to stick with it”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2036: Passion for Business and Talent for Success with Shawn Khorrami Founder and Owner of Khorrami Consulting

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 57:45

    Shawn Khorrami has made a career of identifying and artfully handling the issues most business owners don't even look at or lose sleep over. He has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 16, having started and managed more than a dozen businesses involving products and services across a wide range of verticals. “Take the steps forward… Don't be so hard-headed about the product, have flexibility… You have to have that flexibility to keep on developing to bring what you envision as product you are bringing to the world and the problem you are solving…to understand that the world may have different ideas of what that problem is and you may not fully understand it and that may mean changing. So that is a very important thing that I do not see a lot of times”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2035: Value Is Built Over Time with Ed Vincent Founder and Co-Owner of Festival Pass LLC

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 50:21

    Ed Vincent is an Entrepreneur with over 25 years business, technology and management experience including 6 years banking and valuation experience. Founded an e-commerce business in 1999 which was sold to a competitor in 2001. Repeat Founder including SimplyEngage, myProducer, & Predict Ventures. Currently Founder & CEO of festivalPass. Specialties: Subscription Business Models, Marketplaces, NFTs, Corporate Development, Marketing and Branding, Company Structuring, Technology Marketing Solutions, Entertainment Consulting, Complex Deal Structuring “Patience… I think every entrepreneur expects things to go faster than they do… I think the patients to realise that value is built over time and things don't always happen as fast as you expect them to. Persistence and patience is what usually creates value”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2034: Finding the Right Person to Help You When You Feel Stuck with Tiffani Higgins Founder and Owner of The Stay At Home Bookkeeper Academy

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 36:23

    Tiffani Higgins is the founder of the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy and a mother of five amazing children. She started her career out as a CPA working 60 hours a week during tax season, feeling guilty for “choosing” her career over her family. She realized 80% of what she was doing in bookkeeping data entry and could be done from anywhere, so why was she working for a corporation away from her family? Now, she works for herself for 10 hours a week, makes nearly the same pay with no more long days, no stress, and, most importantly, she gets to spend valuable time with her sweet family. She started the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy to teach thousands how to make money while pursuing the freedom in life they desire, whether working from home or on the road in an RV. “if you feel stuck in any way in your business there is a solution, you just have to find the right person that can help you with that. So, whether that's a coach or a business partner or a vendor or a team member somebody out there has the solution so don't focus on the problem focus on how you can attract that solution”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2033: The Importance of Having Metrics to Measure Progress in Your Business with Renee Fry Founder and Co-Owner of Gentreo Inc

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 50:33

    Renee Fry is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gentreo, an on-line software provider with a mission to provide affordable, accessible and easy-to-use estate planning tools for everyone. Renee has led and helped start multiple companies, served in the Massachusetts government cabinet as head of Business and Technology and is a graduate of Harvard Business School. “Do it, try it, get going. Those are the things that to many people spend too much time asking questions, planning… Put something out there, try it out see what's working, see what's not working… When I say do it it's more get product, get going and make sure that people have something to try out, and that you get your name out there as well”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2032: Legal Marketing in a Business with Jordan Ostroff Co-Founder and Owner of Legalease Marketing

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2022 40:38

    Jordan Ostroff is a visionary entrepreneur, President of LegalEase Marketing, Managing Partner of Jordan Law Fl, Host of multiple facebook live show and the Chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida. “You have to know your ideal client. The more that you know your ideal client, the one you truly want to work with, the best kind of client as specifically as possible the easier every other decision becomes because you can think about where they are now and that's where you can market to. You can think about where they are going to go when they need you and that's where you market to. You can think about what they are really concerned about and you can write about that or talk about that in what you are putting out there. You can think about what they want to see out of the company when they hire it and you start doing those things. You start thinking about what they want to see after they have done hiring you and start doing those things to get referrals and more business”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2031: Trust Is the Foundation of Every Relationship with Cody Bjugan Founder and Owner of Bjugan Enterprises Inc and VestRight LLC and Allied Development

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2022 47:49

    Cody Bjugan has been a key player in 30 development projects, developing 2,300 lots/units from raw dirt to create $920M in revenue from residential real estate development. He started VestRight in 2019, to teach others the system that got him into the game, a simple way to create 5 to 7-figure paydays from off-market land deals, without owning or developing the land, without debt, and with very little cash at risk. “Just don't stop. Keep going, keep pushing, don't give up on yourself, you are worthy and you are capable… A lot of entrepreneurs are their own worst critic… Get out of your own head and just don't stop, don't give up, keep pushing forward… Really be aware of have you put limitations on yourself and are those fair limitations or are they limitations that you need to figure out how to overcome and remove from your thinking”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2030: Business Acumen in Apparel with Bryan Rhode Founder and Owner of Acumen Apparel

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 55:09

    Bryan Rhode is the founder of ACUMEN Apparel, a new men's clothing brand keeping dress shirts tucked and tight all day. He served in the Marine corps infantry and practiced corporate law before becoming a prosecutor. Rhode served as Secretary of Public Safety for the Commonwealth of Virginia. “My best advice is just to stay at it. It's a lengthy process… There are going to be million reasons to turn your back along the way and just stop particularly when you see how long process is. But if you are really committed to it my advice to you, is you have just got to stay with it, stay with it, stay with it, stay with it, keep going. It seems long, it seems hard but you will look back and it will have gone by in a blink and you will be amazed at what you can achieve”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2029: The New Model of Selling with Jeremy Miner Founder and Owner of 7th Level Communications LLC

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 48:35

    We live in a post-trust world, but Jeremy Miner understands what it takes to not push, but persuade customers in the world of selling. As the founder of 7th Level Communications, Jeremy educates how to close more sales in less time, learning how to communicate to today's cautious, skeptical buyers. “learn how to position your brand the right way where people don't view you as some needy company but you are viewed as more of a trusted authority, viewed more as an expert who is going to get them the results that they want. It's all about how you position your brand”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2028: Only Focusing on What You Can Control with Robert Overweg Founder and Owner of Adaptable Mindset

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2022 40:12

    Robert Overweg is the founder of the Adaptable Mindset program. He and his team empower people to develop their own Adaptable Mindset, to develop mental flexibility. Learn how to create mental space and to find new possibilities. “Follow your own path, take care of this mental space that we have been talking about, take care of your inspiration and build a structure that supports you. Like structure of how many times you exercise, where you take your inspiration and a few things which helped me a lot which is how to find your USP, your unique selling point. It could be by thinking what is your spiky point of view? What is the one thing that you believe is true but other people still have difficulty accepting but you can have beautiful discourse about and you can talk for hours or days about that specific subject. I think those are wonderful tips. ”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2027: If You Plan You Will Get That Future with Bew White Founder and Owner of Summer Classics

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2022 65:18

    Bew White began his entrepreneurial journey at age 28, and despite many ups and downs, started his own company called Summer Classics - he designs, creates, and builds beautiful furniture. Bew was inspired to write his biography outlining his successes and failures and what it means to live a truly substantial life. The book, "A Summer Classic, The Bew White Story", helps readers jump into the wealth of experience of Bew White. He offers crucial lessons in both business and life to those who have ambition but perhaps not the road map to success. “Have those six characteristics or stop… The grit… Push through. Don't let anything get you down. Push through. And you will think that you can't push through but you can. You have got to have that grit to be able to push through”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2026: Generating Something That Solves a Problem and People Really Appreciate with Guy Remond Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Guidr LLC

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 65:08

    Guy Remond - Non Executive Director, Investor & Entrepreneur An experienced individual with over 20 years in the tech, software & consulting/advisory industries, as a founder, director, investor and advisor. Brief Profile: Guy's working career began in retail where he enjoyed an eleven-year stint in various managerial positions. Following this, he followed his passion for anything technical and branched out on his own into the technical world. In 2001 he was a founding member and CEO of Cake Solutions Limited and over the next 16 years, he directly oversaw the development of the business from a small start-up to that of an international, multi-million-pound company respected as being at the cutting edge of engineering and process in the open-source software development world. After being recognised in the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 and being viewed as one of the most unique, forward-thinking and fast-growth companies in the industry Cake Solutions Limited was acquired by a multinational corporation and the business was subsequently rebranded as Disney Streaming Services, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a company owned by The Walt Disney Corporation. As a creative and widely experienced individual with a keen focus on personal development, company culture and process improvement, Guy has invested in a number of companies and is actively working with these companies in a non-executive director or chairman role, helping them to fulfil the leadership's drive to a successful outcome. Guy is building two new organisations with his business partners Gary Fletcher and Dave Zumpano. EHE Capital Limited is a highly efficient tech-led Private Equity organisation with a genuine focus on supporting entrepreneurs through their companies high growth stage through to a successful conclusion. We also provide qualified, high-quality deal flow for investors, private equity and venture capital organisations. Guidr LLC is a legal document platform whose moonshot is to be the largest legal entity in the world that does not employ any lawyers. We are digitising, democratising and demonetising legal services, helping smaller law firms compete in the digital era. In addition to his working commitments, Guy dedicates time to charitable activities. For well over a decade he has worked with Variety - the Children's Charity in a number of voluntary roles, currently acting as the Chairman for the North West region in the UK and more recently as a Trustee for the organisation. “There is going to be more change in the next 10 years than there has been in the last 50. Any businesses that are not tech led or tech driven in the next 10 years that don't adopt AI won't be around, they will just disappear. All future businesses have to be tech led and they have to understand how artificial intelligence is going to affect that business and they then have to be on top of that and ahead of the curve and that will give them a fighting chance ”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2025: The Business of Online Growth with Kenny Gray Founder and Owner of Grayt Media LLC

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 32:59

    With us today is Kenny Gray, founder of Grayt Media. Kenny and his team help businesses find their unique message. He is here today to provide insights on creating unique, creative strategies that produce effective results to help scale revenues, boost brand awareness, and enhance the user experience. “Come up with your plan and work it. And believe in yourself because nobody else is going to show up for you, no one is going to do it for you and no one is going to tell you that you are going to be great at it and you can do it. You just need to have goal and a vision and go for it. Even if your business or whatever your idea doesn't pan out you are going to learn so much and it's going to bring so much tremendous value to your life win or lose. Just keep swimming”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2024: Your Ideas. Your Voice. Your Book Done for You! with Vikrant Shaurya Founder and Owner of Best Selling Book

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 55:02

    Vikrant Shaurya is the CEO & Founder of, #1 Bestselling Author, sought-after Book Launch Manager, and an internationally recognized Digital Publishing Expert. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and first-time authors actualize their dreams by joining them in their self-publishing journeys through his courses, coaching, and done-for-you services. “Your business is kind of a reflection of your personality. The way you are, the way you are systemised, the way you deal with people, the way you prioritise. It is going to be reflected in your business. So, this really important to also work on yourself along with business. So, if you are constantly working, if you are constantly improving your business, I highly recommend people to improve yourself as well. And of course, improving yourself on all of the areas of your life not only with finance and business but also with productivity, with health, with relationships and all the other areas of your life which is going to drastically improve your business and also it's going to make your entrepreneurial journey very easy”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2023: Being the Best at Whatever You Are Doing with Edwin Rojas Founder and Owner of Rojas Talent Group Inc

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 45:58

    Edwin Rojas was born for the entertainment industry. From stumbling into a magic shop at ten, entertaining “at sea”, to climbing his way up to corporate office as a talent booker, Edwin founded Rojas Talent Group and has now produced shows for numerous casinos, theatres, resorts, cruises and top corporations while also managing entertainers and consulting to major venues. “Follow your gut and just be the best you can be at whatever you are doing and don't do everything for money. The money will come. If you are the best at whatever you are doing the word will spread like wildfire … People talk to people and you are going to have… There is nothing like word-of-mouth”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2022: If You Will it it Is Not a Dream with Evan Nierman Founder and Owner of Red Banyan

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2021 56:28

    Evan Nierman is a crisis management expert who serves as the Founder and CEO of Red Banyan, a globally renowned public relations firm that guides clients through complex high stakes situations. He is also the bestselling author of CRISIS AVERTED: PR Strategies to Protect Your Reputation and the Bottom Line. “If you will it it is not a dream. If you believe in yourself and you believe in your team and you every day, take incremental steps to make yourself a little bit better each day. It's like this Japanese concept of kaizen which is incremental improvement. If you get a little bit better as a person or as a business every single day in short order the gains are massive”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2021: Quickly Cutting Your Losses and Iterating with Dom Einhorn Founder and Owner of CX Sports

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2021 48:21

    Dom Einhorn is the founder and CEO of CXSports, a technology platform that helps amateur and semi-professional sports teams develop and monetize their brand and media assets. Dom also serves as the president of Sarlat Rugby, a semi- professional rugby team founded in 1903. “Never give up. I've seen so many ventures that should have succeeded and did not ultimately succeed simply because the entrepreneur threw in the towel to early… If you truly are on the wrong track then yes you need to cut your losses but it doesn't mean you have to give up being an entrepreneur. Try to pivot and try to find something that works. When you are doing gambles make calculated gambles that don't cost you a fortune. Be able to quickly cut your losses and iterate. If you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur try and stay in entrepreneur and not get a job just because you had a failure. Don't be afraid to fail. Fail as quickly as possible. The quicker you fail the cheaper it is. ”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2020: Creating Memorable Stories That Stand Out and Drive Predictable Sales with Joseph Wilkins Founder and Owner of Funny Sales Videos

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 53:43

    20 years ago, Joseph Wilkins founded ProCreative marketing agency and has produced ad campaigns for clients including Google, Linkedin and McDonalds. With two decades experience, hundreds of millions of views and over $50 MILLION in tracked sales, Joseph shares his 8 step process to help other businesses drive online sales. “Get off your rear end and do it… You have got to outcomes… You can get off and go and do it and it will be outrageously successful or it can fail. And in both cases, you are going to learn… If you genuinely have a great business idea or even a good business idea with great marketing and great confidence you can take a good idea and you can make it great but you will never know if you don't just go for it.”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2019: Bootstrapping a Beauty Business with Jared Mitchell Founder and Owner of Skin Care by Alana

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 49:49

    Jared Mitchell is the co-founder of SkinCarebyAlana - which is one of the largest online retailers of organic and all natural skin care products. He started the company with his wife and is responsible for over 30 million dollars in product sales. Jared is also the eCommerce consultant for NPDigital and founder of BeefySites, which is focused on helping e-commerce founders scale up their businesses. “In the US the stat that I heard is 75 percent of all new businesses that are attempted fail. I think there is a good reason for that. I think number one people give up way too early. It's about blood sweat and tears. There is going to be times when you are going out of business. You not only feel that you are, your numbers not only say it but you are. And you are in charge of your own destiny… If you are actually going to do it right starts from day one, make sure that your product is amazing. Do the right research… I rather see somebody wait and keep it as a side hustle for three or six months before rushing into something that is going to fail”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2018: Persistence and Perseverance Wins in Business with Ambrose Blowfield and of The Marketing Company

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 41:27

    Ambrose Blowfield is one of Australasia's leading trainers and specializes in mastering the sales conversation, business-to-business selling, mindset development and long-term business growth. He has delivered training in person in 10 different countries across 3 continents, his online training has helped over 15,000 businesses in 20 countries, across 6 continents. “aside from building a great and open support team around you it has to be persistence and perseverance. I think it was Thomas Edison said that genius or success becomes from one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. I think that is absolutely true in entrepreneurship. Having a great idea or a great product or a great service isn't enough. You have got to be able to persevere and to see yourself through the ups and downs of life and business and the economies of the world and even the local economy. You are going to have to work hard hence pick something you are passionate about and then you will put in the perseverance”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2017: Stop Trading time for Money with Joey Mure and Russ Morgan Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Wealth Without Wall Street

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 90:30

    Joey Mure, Founder and Partner at Wealth Without Wall Street, brings impact, integrity, and generosity to the company every day. He hopes to be remembered as a lover of Jesus, devoted husband, and faithful father. Despite dreaming, around age 10, of becoming an orthopedic surgeon, Joey was in the mortgage business for 11 year before moving to finance in 2014. His personal mentor, Nelson Nash — another man of integrity and impact — is someone Joey deeply admires. Joey's strengths in building relationships, asking great questions, and influencing and empowering people with the Wealth Without Wall Street message make him invaluable to the company's mission. He is relational, impactful, and a true leader. His colleagues would add that he's thoughtful, funny, and a family man. Many people don't know that Joey ate a 72-ounce steak dinner once. If he could be anywhere other than work, you'd find him at the beach with his family. And every Sunday morning, they're worshipping the Lord. A lifetime goal of Joey's is to impact the world for Christ; and a more near-term goal is to purchase a beach house for my family. Aside from Wealth Without Wall Street, Joey listens to Sharran Srivatsaa's Business School podcast and Donald Miller's Building A StoryBrand podcast. He's happiest when he's traveling with his wife or golfing with his girls. He cares deeply about Campus Outreach, Cru, Navigators, Sav a Life, Lifeline Adoption, and Young Business Leaders. His aims to live by the words “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path (Prov 3:5-6).” Wealth Without Wall Street's Founder and Partner, Russ Morgan, is known as “The Idea Guy.” Russ began his professional career as an investment advisor in 2004 after graduating from Auburn University — a slight foray from 10-year-old Russ' dream of becoming a professional baseball pitcher. Russ started IBC in 2009, and eventually went on to found Wealth Without Wall Street in 2015. Russ' mother was an enormous inspiration for him growing up. As a single mother with two young children, she took a rigorous, accelerated track through college while working multiple jobs, all with the goal of bettering her children's lives. When he's not working, you can wave to Russ on a boat at the lake pulling his kids around on a tube. And on Sunday mornings, he's probably rushing to church with his family … only 10 minutes late. Russ' creativity, fresh ideas, and knack for problem solving are indispensable assets to his role at Wealth Without Wall Street. Russ would describe himself as competitive, creative, and passionate; his colleagues would likely add that he is helpful and abundant. Russ hopes to be remembered as an innovator who loved to teach others, and he has a goal to one day serve in the mission field. Finishing the book is another more near-term goal. Aside from Wealth Without Wall Street, Russ learns from the Business School podcast with Sharran Srivatsaa and Donald Miller's Building A StoryBrand book and podcast. Aspire Movement, Campus Outreach, and Young Business Leaders are three causes near to Russ' heart. Russ in one motto? “Just try!” “I would say doing what you're doing right now, educating yourself and even taking it one step further, networking… The more you can force yourself to be in a position to network and to grow that to me is number one… Find people who are successful, way more successful than you and spend time with them ”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2016: Understanding How to Scale with Lynne Silber Eichenbaum Founder and Owner of Nompi Gloves and Gardensleeves

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 70:29

    Lynne Silber Eichenbaum is the inventor of GardenSleeves by NOMPI Gloves. A self-taught seamstress and a huge gardener who suffered multiple bouts of Poison Ivy, short wrist length glove was not helpful, so she invented GardenSleeves with a blouson sleeve that secured over the bicep with an elastic band. “Do your research, make sure you have a product that fills a need. Not just necessarily something that whimsical or that cute. What's really going to sell is when you solve a problem that people have… Then take baby steps. Don't spend your life savings and say okay I am just going to throw all of my eggs in one basket… I would say have faith, grow the business at a comfortable pace and just do it and you never know. You don't know unless you try”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2015: Putting Your Money to Work So You Do Not Have to with Samson Jagoras Investor and Owner of The Growth Vue

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 47:20

    Samson Jagoras is an entrepreneur, RE/MAX commercial real estate broker. President, and founder of Growth Vue Properties. Over his 12+ year career in business, executive leadership & entrepreneurship, he has served as a professional Futures & Commodities broker, actively invested in real estate, and acted as the Chief Strategy Officer for Madwire, an INC 500 marketing, and technology company located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Samson currently puts together large commercial apartment investments throughout the United States, opportunistic land development, fix n flip and buy/hold deals in Northern Colorado; and sits on the executive leadership team at Madwire, where he helped grow revenue from 7 million to over 100 million & grown the employed base from 35 employees to 600 employees in ten years. Having built 5 departments, consulted thousands of businesses on marketing and business operations, hiring north of 400 employees, and coaching countless business/marketing professionals, Samson now uses those skill sets to structure, negotiate and manage multifamily projects for active and passive investors, business consulting and commercial real estate. Samson graduated from the University of Colorado and holds a master's degree from Logan University. “Make sure that you are building a business that accommodates your lifestyle design. I see a lot of people build businesses that don't actually support their ultimate life goals and they find themselves years later not entirely happy in their business or maybe not able to maximise the business to the greatest level because they aren't ultimately not loving what they are doing”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2014: Fuelling Entrepreneurial Sparks with Christopher Kovalik Founder and Owner of Rushdown Revolt

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 85:32

    Christopher Kovalik is the CEO and Creative Director of Rushdown Revolt. A former Wall Street Banker turned game developer, Chris risked reputation, success and salary to go all in on “the worst video game in history”, a platform fighting game that shut down after only a year of operation and was ranked in the bottom 5% of all Steam-reviewed games at the time. With no coding or game development experience, Chris relied on his analyzing skills, savviness and Wall-Street swagger to flip this game that flopped. By opening communication lines wide open between business leaders, developers, designers and gamers, encouraging a vibrant, active community and listening to customer feedback, Chris catapulted what was a thriving social environment for fighting games back to life. Rushdown Revolt has flipped the industry upside down ever since, ranking in the top 5% of all Steam-reviewed games in only two years since its acquisition and growing at a rapid rate, with game users up 20% month-over-month by word of mouth only. “Never give up and then you wont fail. You only fail once you give up”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2013: Creating the Shopify of Business Formation Services with Chad Sakonchick Founder and Co-Owner of Betterlegal

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 56:29

    Chad Sakonchick is a serial entrepreneur and automation expert. He believes strongly that humans should do things humans are good at and robots should do things robots are good at. His most recent business is BetterLegal, where he is automating the professional services arena. “a formula for building your business… If you are starting a business, you should develop and then market, and then develop and then market. And do equal parts of both because… Too many people think that their service is better, their product is better, and that might be true. I know ours is but it is not out there enough. And so, if you are starting from scratch, it should be… And develop doesn't have to be software it can be developing processes, developing what your services look like or your culture. But develop in equal amounts as you market. And make sure that you do as much marketing as you do development because if you don't tell anybody, if you don't get that out there then it doesn't matter how much time you spend on the development part”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2012: Finding the Gold in the Jewellery Business with Joseph Landin Founder and Owner of SFL Maven Corp

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 40:36

    Joseph Ladin is the CEO of SFLMaven Corporation, an online provider of premium, high-end luxury jewelry and goods, which he founded in 2003. He is a highly-accomplished entrepreneur with more than 18 years of e-commerce experience. Ladin graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in sociology and business. “Just go for it, do it while you are young… Even if you fail there's still you went out and you did it you try your hardest and you learned lessons and you are just ready for the next adventure after that. There is no failing ”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2011: Disrupting the Flooring Industry with Jack Aspenson Founder and Owner of S3 Surface Solutions LLC

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 49:54

    Jack Aspenson is the CEO and President of S3 Surface Solutions, a disruptive, client driven organization that focuses on providing environmentally friendly, simple surface systems that are long lasting and cost-effective. With more than 25 years of experience in entrepreneurial business development, consulting, and sales management, Jack knows how to develop a competitive advantage. “accept risk. It's going to happen… Accept change, be ready for it… Manage your personal cash flow as well as you do your business cash flow and don't overspend. I don't care if you are worth three or 4,000,000 dollars in the bank you can overspend and cause yourself to go down quickly… Plan… If you don't have a plan you are planning to fail ”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2010: Execution Is Where Your Vision Comes Out with Christy Keeton Founder and Owner of Keeton Realty Investments LLC

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2021 50:47

    As an Engineering Technician in the oil industry, Christy Keeton's expertise was to analyze multi-million dollar acquisitions and build annual budgets. She opened Keeton Realty Investments in 2012 to flip houses. In 2019, focus transferred from single-family to multi-family. She chose real estate for freedom, to rescue children from trafficking, teach single parents be financially free and build a legacy. “don't think you have to do it alone. Most businesses are a team effort. Somebody is going to know something more than you. Find somebody who has been in your shoes, see how they can help you. Education is great, knowledge is money, it really is. But experience, that is even greater. So if you can find somebody that can help you where you need help because they've already been there and they can bring your experience to you that is the best thing I can say. Just don't do it alone, it will kill you”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2009: Redefining the Sleeping Market with Kevin Hillman Founder and Owner of Restflix

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021 42:15

    Kevin Hillman is obsessed with redefining the sleep market. He has won multiple awards and was recently named a 40 under 40 award winner by the Business Observer. Hillman served as the president of Powr, a OTT platform, before launching Restlix. “My best advice would be if you have a vision, it is up to you to make it a reality. Create a plan to begin, execute it. Some things won't go your way but stay the course and most importantly never get distracted or discouraged. I think you will have success if you can persevere”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2008: Being Consistent to Really Start Seeing Growth with Augie Johnston Founder and Owner of Vidchops

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2021 37:30

    Augie Johnston is a 35 year old ex-YouTuber, former professional basketball player, and founder of VidChops. VidChops allows YouTubers to add an expert video editor to their team in just a few clicks so they never have to edit again. “Just get started. Get started with an idea and soon you can hire people to help you. I would say your main goal is not to be profitable in the first few months. I would say invest some money so you can get it up launched and then start hiring people as soon as possible to help take the busywork off your hands. So that would be my best advice to build a team”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2007: How Far Can You Take Your Life When You Embrace Failure with Blake Hutchison CEO of Flippa

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 37:26

    Blake Hutchison is an accomplished entrepreneur and the CEO of Prior to Flippa, Blake was the general manager and chief revenue officer of Luxury Escapes and head of strategic partnerships at Xero. Blake was also the founder of GOOD44, a venture capital-backed specialty food marketplace helping small business owners target a new customer base. “Go exceptionally fast”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2006: Rethinking and Reinventing Key Parts of Your Business for Future Growth with David Nour Founder and Owner of The Nour Group Inc

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2021 85:38

    David Nour is a senior leadership advisor, educator, executive coach, and bestselling author. Nour is internationally recognized as the leading expert on applications of strategic relationships in profitable growth, sustained innovation, and lasting change. He is the author of eleven books, including bestsellers Relationship Economics®, Co-Create, and Curve Benders. “beyond your educational foundation, beyond your professional pedigree your most valuable asset and you are only strategic and sustainable differentiator is your portfolio of relationships. So become more intentional, become more strategic, become more quantifiable in the relationship you choose to invest in. And that advice is as relevant inside your organisation as it is external to it”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2005: Making the Decisions You Need to Make with Sabrina Horn Founder and Owner of Horn Strategy LLC

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2021 41:15

    Sabrina Horn is an award-winning CEO, C-suite advisor, communications expert, and author. With only $500 and five years of work experience, she founded Horn Group, a public relations firm that for a quarter century, advised thousands of executives and their companies—from the hottest startups to the Fortune 500. She was one of few female CEOs in Silicon Valley in the early 1990s and has always aimed to exemplify authenticity and advise her clients on its merits. She's written for publications including The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Chr(34)Chr(34)Chr(34)Chr(34)it depends on what they need to hear at the time. Sometimes it's just take action, sometimes it's... This is not what you want to hear though... What's the worst that can happen. Probably the big one in our business is done is better than perfect... Maybe not in heart surgery but in business is that whole imperfect action, it's the whole minimal viable product, it's getting your thing out there and getting the feedback so that you can make the tweaks. But the more you just sit on it then who are you helping? You are not helping anybody. You are not helping anybody if nobody knows that this thing exists. And maybe that thing is just an idea, maybe it's a product or maybe it's a service but if you don't get it out there then no one gets helped. So done is better than perfectChr(34)Chr(34)Chr(34)Chr(34)...[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2004: Managing Inwards and Manage Outwards with Laurence Olivier Founder and Owner of Life Q

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 56:57

    Laurence Olivier is the CEO of LifeQ, a leading health informatics company. Laurence brings over three decades of global technology and business leadership, and has served on the boards of more than 50 startup, private and public companies around the world. He is also partner with two VC firms, 4Di Capital (South Africa) and Veritas Venture Partners (Israel). Laurence's academic qualifications include Electronics Engineering, Commerce, and Data Sciences. “don't be shy to be a bit naïve. Because if you are not, you will just be a me to. I think entrepreneurship is not a fashion show where one rises and falls on the ratings from people in armchairs. One has to do things outside of the conventional box. Focus on things in front of you and don't be affected by the views of so many others on the side which is not experiencing where you are at that point in time”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2003: Finding a Way by Keeping Your Mind on the Future with Anne Gannon Purchaser and Owner of The Largo Group Inc

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 40:37

    Anne Gannon is a CPA with 15+ years experience in all areas of tax and accounting for individuals and businesses.  Anne's specialty is simplifying the accounting process for business owners so that they have the information they need to make the best path forward for their business. During the Covid 19 pandemic Anne volunteered her time to the hospitality industry to assist the many businesses in the US struggling to survive. Anne continues to provide education and guidance to entrepreneurs and business owners who are making their way back and building a new path forward for their businesses. While Anne loves her role as the owner of The Largo Group, she is most proud of her role as Mom to her sons James and Fraser, and wife to her husband and best friend Steve. When not working her favorite hobby is hiking through the woods with her family! “Believe in yourself. There is no reason that your dream can't become a reality but you just have to believe in it and work hard at it. Anyone who will tell you that things happen overnight or Jeff Bezos is lucky. No, I think that people that you see succeeding whether it's at a massive scale or just a small business it's hard work. That's really what it is I think if you work hard and continue to be persistent in how hard you work it will work out”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2002: Building a Great Business for a Great Buyer to Take over with Joe Valley Founder and Owner of Exitpreneur LLC

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 63:39

    Joe Valley has built, bought and sold over a 1/2 dozen of his own companies, and sold nearly 1/2 billion in online businesses through his firm Quiet Light Brokerage. He is the bestselling author of The EXITPreneur's Playbook - a book designed to help you achieve your own incredible exit. “Keep your overhead  low and don't be afraid of making mistakes”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2001: Planning and Delivering an Epic Experience to Your Customers with Dan T Rogers Founder and Owner of Point to Point Transportation and Sales Sidekick

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2021 50:24

    In defying the odds and always looking to challenge the status quo, Dan T Rogers helped to grow a quick-serve restaurant chain, tripled annual sales for an existing book of business, and pivoted his own company to navigate tremendous growth; the 2008 recession; and being listed for seven consecutive years of the Inc 5000 listings. “there are no special snowflakes”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    2000: Making Sure That You Can Run the Organisation Your Product Needs to Maximize Success with Anthony Minessale II Founder and Owner of Signal Wire Inc

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 56:10

    Anthony Minessale II is the Founder and CEO of SignalWire, an enterprise CPaaS that delivers advanced FreeSWITCH as a Service through an elastic-cloud framework and developer-friendly APIs. He has 25+ years of experience in software engineering, telecommunications and open source. In founding SignalWire, Tony's mission to bring the complex technology behind real-time communication to the mainstream came to light. “Make sure what you are doing is something that you want to be doing. It will make it a lot easier. Be sure it's really what you want to be doing because it's a key ingredient that breeds the ability to move on when it is not the best days – if you really want… Really wanting it is most of the battle”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    1999: Expanding Your Reach to Explode Your Sales with Meredith Kallaher Founder and Owner of Meredith Kallaher LLC

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 41:46

    Meredith Kallaher's marketing agency helps business owners expand their reach and explode their sales with updated copy that converts, social media ad strategy and management and/or build out of Kajabi products. She is a wife and mom to 3 teenagers with a new puppy who balances out the teenage hormones! “Take time to interview potential clients. People skip that all the time. And you will be surprised at what your customers actually want instead of you just guessing what they want”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    1998: Creating a Business That You Can Sell Even If You Never Envisage Selling That Business with Andy Lopata Co-Founder and Co-Owner of H & A Lopata Ltd

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 50:07

    A specialist in professional relationships and networking for over 20 years, Andy Lopata was called ‘one of Europe's leading business networking strategists' by the Financial Times and ‘a true master of networking' by the Independent and A very experienced international speaker and podcast host, Andy is the author of five books, has been quoted in a number of other business books and regularly quoted in the international press. Andy is President of the Fellows Community and a two-time Board Member of the Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland (PSA) and a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute as well as a Master of the Institute for Sales Management. He is also one of just 26 recipients of the PSA's top honour, the ‘Award of Excellence'. “Start with the end in mind. Know what your business is going to look like in five, 10 years' time and build from that point. The other piece of advice is there is nothing that you must do. We are surrounded by experts who tell us we must do this, we must do that, we must do the other. There is nothing you must do. There is advice. It's your business you determine which advice you want to take, which advice is relevant to you and your business. Which advice is going to work in your circumstances in the context in which you're operating and then you decide what to do. Just because something has been successful the one person it doesn't mean it's going to be successful for you ”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    1997: The Importance of Working with the Right People with Tim Luscombe Founder and Owner of KLO Partners

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2021 47:13

    Tim Luscombe is a strategic thinker who helps business leaders and owners become more successful. He is an executive coach, chairman and non-exec director focused on improving business performance. Tim also helps business owners and leaders buy and sell businesses successfully and is the author of Deal Finance which is available on Amazon He is the past National President and past Chairman of the Professional Speaking Association He's an accredited coach with The Core Asset helping smaller businesses with their marketing and business growth His background is in financial management and career highlights include Madge Networks which grew from 50 to more than 2000 employees and went public on NASDAQ with a 76% compound annual growth rate. Tim was responsible for Madge's business across Asia Pacific opening 11 sales offices across the region. Tim was later the UK MD of Black Box, an IT distribution & networking business. “The best advice I could give to any entrepreneur would be to work with the right people. Find the right customer, find the right partner, find right supplier and do something you love to do. Do it with the right people”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to

    1996: Why Marketing Is the Most Critical Part of Any Business with Nathan Littleton Founder and Owner of Nathan Littleton - Build Credibility, Win Business

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2021 56:10

    Nathan Littleton is a marketer, professional speaker and author who helps businesses to grow by attracting and winning more customers. Having started his first business, building websites from his bedroom at the age of just 12, he now sends more than a million emails each year for his clients. “Get help where you need it. And that comes into parts… It comes in the fact that you should find a mentor or a business coach even if it is simply to bounce ideas off them. It might be that it is a friend. It might be a friend that you can use as an accountability partner to genuinely hold you accountable to do the things that you know you need to do. Or a mentor or a business coach who works within that space that can give you advice that goes along with that and that can tell you exactly what things are that you need to do and hold you accountable to doing”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to