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W. David Keith has never met a Taco he didn't like. He believes his hometown of Kansas City is one of the most under rated, underappreciated Taco Towns in the USA. TACO THE TOWN is a safe place where taco lovers can talk about loving tacos. A judgment free zone. On every episode of TACO THE TOWN Dav…


    • Jan 24, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    • 1h 20m AVG DURATION
    • 186 EPISODES

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    Episode 185: BRIARCLIFF BARRIO! On Location for KC Restaurant Week! (w/ Stephen Taylor & Kailee Karr)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2023 99:23

    It's KC Restaurant Week and we're hitting up the new BRIARCLIFF BARRIO up North with special Taco Reviewers KC Stand Up Comics STEPHEN TAYLOR & KAILEE KARR! We chat about the KC Comedy scene, this past October's first Fountain City Comedy Festival but mostly we Taco 'bout Chuck E. Cheese, Showbiz Pizza and the Rockafire Explosion Band (and the doc about them!) That's right, we're getting deep into robotic animal puppets and the people who love them! Kailee also tells us about her recent trip to Mexico City and being a 'warrior out here on these Taco Streets' and Stephen tells us about the Taco scene growing up in Louisiana! Our guests also get into KC Restaurant Week and tell us about some of the spots they've checked out! In the TACO TICKER we learn about the Man who was poisoned by RAT POISON at a Taco Bell! NEVER EAT THAT 4TH BURRITO! ALSO: We reveal our top Breakfast spots and maybe debut a new podcast 'Brunch Bros!' In Random Taco Questions of The Week we ask: Do you have a taco safe word? And What's the Best/Worst Theme Party you've ever attended? TACO THE TOWN!! ALMOST AS AMAZING AS OWNING YOUR VERY OWN ROCKAFIRE EXPLOSION BAND OUT IN YOUR TOOL SHED! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: SUNEATERS courtesy of LOTUSPOOL RECORDS. Sponsors: Heath Injury Law. Suneaters New Album 'Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fingers'.   

    Episode 184: MACARENA'S! On Location! (w/ Codie & Zeke & Patrick Moore from 106.5 The Wolf!)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2023 74:58

    Take your hands off that Taco your holding and place them on your radio! It's time to make a pledge to eat more tacos in 2023!!! And we get this year off to a taco-riffic start by taste testing the tasty tacos at MACARENA'S in the Northland with guests Zeke & Codie and Patrick Moore from 106.5 The Wolf's Morning Show! Patrick tells us how he got in trouble with Amazon and the gang tells us about their Morning Show and Podcast and who exactly is the Glue and who is the Ooze! They also share their personal taco journies and we chat about their favorite Taco spots in KC and who has the strongest margaritas! We also chat about KC Restaurant Week and where you can get some great deals on some KC Tacos! We also break off some knowledge on The Macarena, the song that took over the planet in late 1996-Early 1997 and was named the greatest #1 Hit Wonder of All Time! In the TACO TICKER, we learn about some new Birria Tacos that Taco Bell is testing in two markets and the TGI Fridays Mozzarella Sticks Lawsuit! Don't Miss: Disturbing Tales of Objects Found in Food! Zeke wants a McRib Taco!! AND: 2023 TACO RESOLUTIONS! HAVE YOU MADE YOURS? In Town of The Taco we ask 'KC Needs A (Blank) and Things KC Gets a Bad Rap About! And in Random Taco Questions of The Week we ask our guests: Have you watched any good taco themed TV shows lately? What's your Dream Taco that you've never tasted? And How many Tacos do you think you could eat in a year? TACO THE TOWN!!! GET YOUR NEW OFF TO A TACO-LICIOUS START! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters courtesy of LOTUSPOOL RECORDS. Sponsors: Heath Injury Law & ABSINTHE MAKES THE HEART GROW FINGERS The new album by Suneaters.       

    IN MEMORY OF GISELA RODRIGUEZ-Replay of Episode 175

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2022 56:49

    On December 11th, Former T3 Guest/Friend of the Podcast and Owner of The Classic Bite, GISELA RODRIGUEZ, passed away. Gisela was a ray of light wherever she went, she never met a stranger and lived an amazing and full 30 Years on planet Earth. This is a replay of our episode from back in September with Gisela at EL POLLO REY. Our condolences go out to her friends and family. 

    Episode 183: HOLIDAY COCKTAIL IGLOO POP UP PARTY at The Fontaine Hotel! ON LOCATION! (w/ Daisha Jones, Lauren Scott, Rae Daniel & Lindsey Anderson)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2022 93:25

    It's your ANNUAL HOLIDAY COCKTAIL PARTY EPISODE and this year we're sipping' cocktails and eating South of Summit Tacos at the Fontaine Hotel's Nine One Zero Rooftop Bar Holiday Igloo Pop Up with our guests from KSHB 41 DAISHA JONES, RAE DANIEL, LINDSEY ANDERSON and LAUREN SCOTT (38 The Spot!!!) We run down a list of all of the KC Holiday Pop Ups, play some TACO GAMES, sing a LOTTA TACO CHRISTMAS SONGS, do the TINSEL TACOS Questionare and MUCH MUCH MORE!!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. SPONSORS: KCK Taco Trail, SPANISH GARDENS TACO SAUCE, HEATH INJURY LAW. 

    Episode 182: Return to Rancho Grande! ON LOCATION! (w/ Chris Lost & Scott Hartley from SUNEATERS)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2022 79:29

    This week we RETURN TO RANCHO GRANDE in Parkville, Missouri, the Taco spot where the Taco Podcast seed was planted for Dave, and we sit down to munch on some tasty tacos and enchiladas with Chris Lost and Scott Hartley, two members of the KC Rock band SUNEATERS! The fellas taco 'bout their new album that just dropped ABSINTHE MAKES THE HEART GROW FINGERS and much much more such as: smashing kitchen nook tables, top films of 2022, placenta pills, composing the T3 theme song and we also unveil a new podcast game: The Secret Overused Podcasting Phrase Game! Dave also brings a new segment to the table: a segment called WHOLE LOTTA ENCHILADA! The boys from SUNEATERS also chat about Gallagher's Death and attending the recent Harry Styles and Eagles concerts! ALL THAT AND WE PLAY SOME TRACKS FROM THE SUNEATERS NEW ALBUM, TOO! In the TACO TICKER, the gang discusses Fuzzy's Taco Shop being bought by the parent companies of IHOP & Applebee's! And Taco Bell goin' all in on Guacamole, challenging Chipotle in the Fresh Guac game! In the second half of the show the guests give us their master list of Overrated/Underrated Rock Bands! Chris shares his own Rick James True Hollywood Story and tells us about the time he almost became the lead singer of Pearl Jam! In RANDOM TACO QUESTION OF THE WEEK we find out the proper way to say Salsa and ask the question: "Would you lick a parade float made out of tacos?" TACO THE TOWN! RETURNING TO THE RANCHO! THEY HAVE A NICELY LIT PARKING LOT! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC BY: SUNEATERS courtesy of LOTUSPOOL RECORDS. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail. 

    Episode 181: BRIX LATIN AMERICAN CUISINE! (w/ Birdie Hansen from Effing Candle Co.)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2022 85:09

    This week we're coming to you on location at Effing Candle Company with returning T3 Guest BIRDIE HANSEN, talking turkey, candles and tacos!! We check out the tasty tacos and chips n' guac from the new Westport Taco Spot, BRIX LATIN AMERICAN CUISINE and Dave asks Birdie what exactly a Taco The Town scented candle should smell like? (Bean dip & Leather?) We also read a long list of Birdie's delightful food tweets off Twitter! Each one opens a whole cornucopia of Food Dreams! (How much would 100 Chicken McNuggets cost? We unravel the Mystery of the Plaza Cheesecake Factory Trash Tunnel! And we reveal our 7 Course Dream Last Supper!) We taco lotta Thanksgiving this week as we discuss some Turkey Topics and Birdie tells us about Italian Thanksgiving, Hanukkah Dinner and her Grandma's Meatballs! In the TACO TICKER we discuss the Philadelphia Man who ate 40 Rotisserie Chickens in 40 Days! Would ya? Could ya? And we also learn about the Electric Charging Stations coming soon to 100 California Taco Bells! In Town of The Taco we ask Birdie about Places in KC She'll never Eat Again and KC LIES!! All this AND Birdie tells us 'bout her favorite Midtown Eats!! TACO THE TOWN AT EFFING CANDLE CO! STILL EATING TACOS AND STILL HAVEN'T GOT THE GOUT! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: Spanish Gardens Taco Sauce. Suneaters New Album "Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Finger." On Lotuspool Records.   

    Episode 180: CLUSTERTRUCK with QUIXOTIC! (w/ Tina Rojas, Montanna Michels & Morgan Henning)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2022 104:23

    We wrap up Tacotober and have a little Halloween Hangover (in Taco-vember) by checking out the tasty tacos (and taco salad) at Downtown KC's Ghost Kitchen CLUSTERTRUCK with the super spooky and talented Quixotic Dark Forest & Sensatia Cabaret Performers TINA ROJAS, MONTANNA MICHELS & MORGAN HENNING! Our guests chat about their recent Powell Garden's show DARK FOREST and their upcoming sexy show SENSATIA CABARET Opening November 11th at Crown Center! Dave talks about getting spooked by Witches and Moth Creatures, we get our guests Personal Taco Origin Stories and we wrap up our 5 Years of Taco The Town Celebration by flashing back to some highlights and our guests tell us their all-time favorite T3 Episodes! In the TACO TICKER, we get an update on Chipotle's Annual Halloween Costume Promotion! (Way too much Burrito Talk for Dave's Taste!) We also find out what kind of Taco you should order based on your Zodiac Sign and taco 'bout a spooky story from back in 2020, when Colorado cops responded to reports of Demonic Voices at a McDonald's! (And we touch upon the McRib going away for good and the Adult Happy Meal Shortage! A little too much McDonald's talk for Dave's taste!) ALSO: Our Guests tell us their Favorite Scary Movies!! In Town Of The Taco we discuss: Our Favorite Underrated KC Gem/Attraction, KC Shopping Malls: Past & Present and we Create a New KC Slogan or Motto! In Random Taco Question of the Week we tackle the following Questions: 1. Is a Gyro a Taco?! 2. If there was no such thing as a Taco what would replace the taco to fill that Taco Void? (A Stuffed Ground Beef Corn Dog?) and 3. Worst and Best Fast Food Chain Name?  So if you're still in the Halloween Spirit come on out to the forest and give this QUIXOTIC Episode of T3 a listen!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: Lotuspool 30th Celebration Concert, Suneaters New Album & KCK Taco Trail. 

    Episode 179: LAWRENCE TACOFEST! On Location! (w/ Christie Courville, Elina Alterman & Howie Graham)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2022 115:17

    This week Taco The Town hits the burgeoning Taco Town of Lawrence, Kansas for the First LAWRENCE TACO FESTIVAL!! Dave is joined by special guests Actress/Producer/Director CHRISTIE COURVILLE, Director of Development & Communications at Lawrence Humane Society ELINA ALTERMAN & Director of the Jayhawk Career Network in the KU Alumni Association and Native of Cooperstown, New York HOWIE GRAHAM! Dave & Christie talk about Episode Ideas for the 200th Episode of T3! Everyone plays some TACO GAMES to win some FABULOUS TACO PRIZES! We check the TACO TICKER and learn about a Woman who accidentally invited her friends to a Taco Festival in Another Country! Elina & Dave taco 'bout being Lawrence Tacofest Taco Judges! Hard work but somebody has to do it! Howie tells us about growing up in Cooperstown, New York and how he found his way to Lawrence, Kansas! AND: We also continue to celebrate 5 YEARS OF TACO THE TOWN by listening back to some of the highlights from 5 Years of Food, Folks and Fun!! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail, Suneaters NEW ALBUM "Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fingers" & 30 Years of Lotuspool Records.  

    Episode 178: RETURN TO ARROWHEAD STADIUM! ON LOCATION! (w/ Alena Lee, Greg Bennett & John Stoner)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2022 112:20

      Episode 178: Return to Arrowhead Stadium! On Location! (w/ Alena Lee, Greg Bennett & John Stoner)    This week T3 returns to ARROWHEAD STADIUM, the Home of the CHIIEFS, to taste test all the tasty tacos, nachos, quesadillas and Doritos encrusted empenadas available to all the hungry football fans with special guest Taco Reviewers KCTV 5's ALENA LEE & GREG BENNETT and Chiefs Superfan/Dive Bar Aficionado/Master Tailgater/Reformed Catsuit Wearer JOHN STONER! Alena & Greg, former Las Vegas residents, diss on the Las Vegas Raiders and swear their allegiance to the Chiefs! John gives us examples of his extreme Chiefs fandom! Greg tells us about going on Double Dates with The Weather Channel's Jim Cantori and we break down the age old question: How far could Patrick Mahomes throw a taco?! Alena reveals her love for Beiber, we reveal our Must Have Football snacks and we answer the question: who on the current Chiefs team would we like to eat tacos with? In the TACO TICKER we reveal the winner of the Taco Bell Next Retired Item to return to the Menu Contest and we remember the story of the Drunk Florida Man who used a Taco as an ID when he fell asleep in a Taco Bell drive thru! ALL THIS AND: We participate in the TORTILLA CHALLENGE (Slapping each other in the face with Tortillas!!!) Greg tells us about Florida Gator Tacos!! Nacho Etiquette!! We wonder if the Empenadas are purposely shaped like Andy Reid's mustache! We also find out if the Tonganoxie Split is real! We also play TOWN OF THE TACO, read some GOOD/BAD REVIEWS IN FUNNY VOICES and read some RANDOM TACO QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK! And don't miss another 5 Year Flashback as we celebrate 5 Years of Taco The Town all Taco-tober long!! TACO THE TOWN BACK AT ARROWHEAD!! FOOTBALL, FRIJOLES AND FRIVOLITY! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsor: KCK Taco Trail.   

    Episode 177: CHICKEN N PICKLE! On Location! (w/ Brian Masilionis & Fernando Leon)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2022 76:08

    Pickleball! America's Fastest Growing Sport! Tacos!! America's Most Beloved Food Stuff! This week on Taco The Town both come crashing together at the Pickleball Party Palace CHICKEN N PICKLE in South Overland Park where we devour some tasty tacos with our special guests BRIAN MASILIONIS from Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits and Bartending Mastermind FERNANDO LEON from Rye in Leawood! Dave shares some Pickleball Fun Facts and ponders if you can play Pickleball while holding a Taco in one hand a paddle in the other? Brian tells us about his 6 city cocktail tour and what hot drink trends he found happening around the nation and here in KC! Fernando tells us what cocktails he's been mixing up lately at Rye and our guests also tell us their favorite Taco Spots in KC! In the TACO TICKER, we taco 'bout Pizza Hut's 'Italian Taco's promotion and we also learn about the woman who went viral after being stuck in a Taco Bell drive thru for 40 minutes when the person in front of her ordered $240 worth of food! Also: Taco Bell Emergency Port-a-Potties! Should they put them next to the drive thru for emergencies? ALL THIS AND: The proper way to listen to 'Stairway to Heaven' and eat tacos! And: The Best Tequila to drink with tacos! In RANDOM TACO QUESTION OF THE WEEK WE ASK: What's the Best Smelling Parking Lot in KC? And What's something you are a lot of as a kid but you won't even touch nowadays? CHICKEN N PICKLE N TACOS N LIQUOR!!! Grab your paddle and let's get to work!! THIS WEEK ON TACO THE TOWN!!  Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS COURTESY OF LOTUSPOOL RECORDS. Sponsor: KCK TACO TRAIL.   

    Episode176: NATIONAL TACO DAY ON THE KCK TACO TRAIL! (w/ Will Francis, Erika Holliday & Carlos Chamon!)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2022 95:24

    We're kickin' off Taco-tober and celebrating Oct. 4th NATIONAL TACO DAY by hitting the KCK Taco Trail and taste testing some tasty KCK Tacos with Kansas City Comedians WILL FRANCIS, ERIKA HOLLIDAY & CARLOS CHAMON! We check out three never before reviewed KCK Taco Destinations: CALIFORNIA TACO SHOP, TAQUERIA LAS ARENOSAS & TACOS EL GUERO 100% MICHOACANOS! On our Taco journey, our guests tell us about the upcoming FOUNTAIN CITY COMEDY FESTIVAL OCT. 13th-15th! Will enlightens us on growing up in Alabama eating PB&J Tacos and about jumping on and off the Meat Wagon! Erika informs us about growing up in a Burrito Family (but she has since reformed) and why Drew Carey is the Worst! Carlos says he would not eat a taco with a spider on it and we find out why Will is a 'Dry Boy'! And what exactly is Cricket Flour?! Other Topics discussed: Would you dip a Cinnamon Twist into Nacho Cheese? Erika tells us about the time she participated in a Hot Dog Eating Contest! We go over our plans for National Taco Day! Will encounters some tacos drenched in Tartar sauce and Erika encounters some Wet Tacos herself! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout Taco Bell bringing back the Mexican Pizza to the menu on a permanent basis! What item should they bring back next? The Double Decker Taco or the Enchirito? (And does Taco Bell have Sand in their food? And why do Skittles and Starburst make Erika sweat?) In TOWN OF THE TACO we talk KCK Slogans, Best Italian spots and KC Dance Clubs and Comedy Clubs! ALL THIS AND: We check in on the Mental Health of our Astronauts! Complimentary Chips n' Salsa: Yay or Nay? Carlos tells us about being a Tripe Guy! COOL OR COOLER RANCH? TIPS ON TESTING POISON BERRIES IF YOU'RE LOST IN THE WOODS! And we answer some RANDOM TACO QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK! NATIONAL TACO DAY ON THE KCK TACO TRAIL IN TACO THE TOWN! OPEN MIND, OPEN MOUTH!!! Be sure to get your tickets to the FOUNTAIN CITY COMEDY FESTIVAL at FountainCityComedyfest.com! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail, Visit KCK and SUNEATERS NEW ALBUM "Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fingers" Available NOW from Lotuspool Records.   

    Episode175: EL POLLO REY! On Location! (w/ Gisela Rodriguez)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2022 56:28

    This week T3 hits one of the tastiest chicken taco spots in KCK as we finally check out EL POLLO REY on Kansas Avenue with special guest GISELA RODRIGUEZ from The Classic Bite (theclassicbite.com!) Gisela tells us about her business The Classic Bite, growing up in Mexico and why you should never make friends with a Pig (or chicken) on your childhood farm! Dave tells the tale of when Gisela hooked him up with a free doughnut! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout the Viral Chipotle Burrito/Taco Hack that they are trying to put a stop to! (And Gisela tells us about her own Chipotle hack!) We also talk a little about the Tik Tok Cheesecake taco trend! Fruity Pebbles Cheesecake Tacos anyone?! What would be your dream dessert taco? In Town Of The Taco we ask our guest to create a new KC SLogan or catchphrase and we also ask her what the Lamest Thing Happening in KC Right Now is! In Random Taco Question of the Week we find out what's the furthest our guest has ever travelled to eat a taco! ALL THIS AND: GISELA GOES AFTER CRUNCHY TACOS AND WANTS TO SHUT DOWN ALL TACO BELL'S! WHO HAS THE BEST TORTILLA CHIPS/QUESO IN TOWN? Nothin' but Opulent Taco Vibes at El Pollo Rey on the KCK Taco Trail this week on TACO THE TOWN! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: SPANISH GARDENS TACO SAUCE & KCK TACO TRAIL.   

    Episode174: LA PARRILLA! On Location! (w/ Josh Berwanger)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2022 61:02

    School is back in session in the Taco-rrific Taco Hamlet of Lawrence, Kansas so that means T3 is back on the hunt to taste test all of the tasty tacos on Mass Street! This week we hit an L-Town classic LA PARRILLA w/ musician/artist/director JOSH BERWANGER (The Anniversary, Berwanger Band, The Only Children and new project Gemini Parks!) Josh tells us about his new band Gemini Parks (and their upcoming show Sept. 10th at Lemonade Park) and he also tells us about his massive Jar Jar Binks and Zima collection! Dave and Josh talk about their Action Figure Collections and we find out that Josh can't say the word 'Doll!' We also hear the tale of Josh's taxidermied squirrel Johnny 'Rockin' Herbster. Josh also tells us about the recent Anniversary shows at the Vagrant Records 25th Anniversary celebrations! And don't miss a discussion of Laser Discs, Voyage of the Mimi and a Chiefs Season Preview (from 30 years ago!) In the TACO TICKER, we chat about Kim Jong UN's Father Inventing the REDACTED and the story of Some Undeclared McMuffins leading to an airplane passenger getting a hefty find! (And Josh declares he invented Basketball!) In TOWN OF THE TACO, we taco 'bout The BEST CONCERT we've ever attended! SpiritFest! Sandstone Concert Memories! Woodstock '99 (and the tattoo Josh got there!) Also I Always Wondered This About KC and Describe your Perfect KC/Lawrence Day! ALL THIS AND: Josh says LA PARRILLA might have THE BEST Veggie Taco he's ever tasted! In Random Taco Questions Of The Week we tackle the deep taco queries: Do you think Ghosts get jealous when they see the living eat tacos? Or are there Ghost Tacos? If there was no such thing as tacos, what food item would fill the taco void? AND we get to the bottom of the statement "If it ain't crunchin', I ain't Munchin'!" We also play the newest Gemini Parks banger 'Up All Night!' TACO THE TOWN AT LA PARRILLA! MUCH LIKE A GEMINI PARKS CONCERT YOU GOTTA BRING A POGO BALL AND A KABOODLE!! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters Courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail.   

    Episode 173: SOCIAL in Waldo! ON LOCATION on 816 Day! (w/ Jamie Weiss & Sarah Blattner)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2022 87:59

    We celebrate 816 Day by taste testing some tasty tacos at SOCIAL in Waldo with our special Taco Reviewer Guests KMBC 9 Traffic Anchor/Reporter JAMIE WEISS and KC Margarita Expert/MLB Replay Operator/KC Sports Behind-The-Scenes Master-of-All Trades SARAH BLATTNER! Dave and his guests partake of some special 816 Double Decker Tacos as well as the Beer/Margarita and Shot special at Social while chatting about their 816 Day plans! Sarah tells us about visiting all 30 MLB Ballparks, Controversial Replays she's been a part of (Umps: why are they so grumpy?) and she gives us her thoughts on the Baby Royals! Also: who would be the best Royal to eat tacos with? We also talk a little about that '90's All Star Music Concert happening after the Royals game this weekend and we find out just how young Jamie is! Jamie tells us about being new to KC, learning all the street and place names, which ones she still has trouble with and why KC needs to slow down when it rains! We also chat about our favorite Waldo Hot Spots and rave about the Midwest Taco at Social and why it's a darn near perfect KC Taco! In the TACO TICKER we discuss Mission Taco Joint's mission to help save a local KC Skate Park with their new Frontside Grind Taco! And we taco 'bout the Man who plans to eat only Taco Bell for 30 Days to see if he gets healthier! (Sounds like the health plan Dave already lives by!) And: If you had to eat at 1 Fast Food Restaurant/chain for the rest of your life, where would you choose? In TOWN OF THE TACO we answer the questions KC NEEDS A (BLANK)! And What's your favorite Seafood in KC?! In Random Taco Question of The Week we ask: What's a food you've never eaten and never will? And in 20 Years Time is KC a BBQ Town or a Taco Town? TACO THE TOWN AT SOCIAL! 8-1-SIXIN' IT IN WALDO AS YA DO! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: Spanish Gardens Taco Sauce & KCK Taco Trail. 

    Episode 172: RUSTY TACO! ON LOCATION IN LAWRENCE! (w/ Miss Heather Beaver)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 73:09

    This week we take a Mini Summer Taco-cation up the road to the terrific Taco Town of Lawrence, Kansas to check out some of the rustiest of tacos at the new RUSTY TACO location on Mass Street w/ special guest Taco Reviewer Hairdresser/Makeup Artist/Twitter Celeb and Lawrence resident MISS HEATHER BEAVER (@msgreenhair on Twitter!) We chat about Lawrence's recent taco-ssance and some recent Taco spot closings (Ta Co. & Torchy's!) We learn some Rusty Taco History and Heather let's us in on what it's like growing up having an innuendo as a last name (it ain't easy!) Heather also tells us about the Taco scene growing up in Hoisington, Kansas and what her favorite Lawrence Taco spot is! In the TACO TICKER we tackle some delicious topics like: That Tik Tok Pink Sauce! What is it?! Would you try it? In the Cheesy Gordita Crime portion of the show we taco 'bout the disturbing story of the Taco Bell manager who poured hot scalding water on some customers! Yikes! All this and Heather tells us about working at a Dairy Queen in her youth and the secret of the upside down Blizzard trick! In TOWN OF THE TACO, we chat about The Best Day Trips around KC/Lawrence and the Best Pizza in KC/Lawrence! (Which means we also talk about the new Dill Dough Pizza at Guy's!) Also don't miss Rusty Taco manager Jessie Lyons as she stops by to introduce us to our tacos & tequila! All of this and we find out: Can a Rusty Taco be soggy? What direction do you tilt your head while eating a taco? Tales from a Hoisington Whorehouse!! The keys to having a successful Twitter Account! Heather tells us about her exciting trips to Funkytown (or the Time she was Too Funky For Funkytown!) BAG SALAD!! Onion Breathe: Dealbreaker at a post-Taco Make out sesh? And in RANDOM TACO QUESTION OF THE WEEK we ask: Would you ever get your engagement photos/maternity photos taken at a Taco Bell? TACO THE TOWN AT RUSTY TACO!! THIS ONE IS STACKED AND LOADED!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsored by KCK Taco Trail. 

    Episode 171: Scary Gary's Shark Week/Sharknado Bash! ON LOCATION! (w/ Scary Gary Cooper and a plethora of Taco The Town All Stars!)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 71:37

    This week Taco The Town is coming to you from the belly of the beast ... which in this case is the home of SCARY GARY COOPER and we've been invited to his 8th Annual SHARK WEEK SHARNADO SHELTER BASH, celebrating all things shark-centric! We love sharks as much as the next shark enthusiast but the real reason we are here is to try Scary Gary's STREET SHARK TACOS!!! And to chat with many Former Taco The Town Guests like: LIZ NELSON, BLAIR CRAGG, ADRIAN TORRES, ADAM ROBERTS, DANA COLLINS & JILL SIXX! Gary tells us about the origins of his Sharknado Party, we deliver into Shark Week History and we ask: "Could a Shark/Would a Shark Eat Tacos and if so, how many?" We also touch up on Janky Branson Sharks and Liz & Blair tell us about their wedding and how they met on the Taco The Town Dating App! We chat about everyone's favorite Shark Movie and favorite SyFy Channel Shark Movie ('cuz that's a whole other thing!) In the TACO TICKER we react to the cataclysmic news that Klondike is discontinuing the CHOCO TACO! Is this just another Bait & Switch by Big Taco? We do our best to unravel the threads and expose the Taco Bell/Choco Taco Cabal! Also: Local Restaurant Tiki Taco announced they are going to be making their own in-house Choco Taco! All of this and: Jill Sixx tried Scary Gary's Beyond Meat Taco! We recount our favorite Moments from the Sharknado Films and we get deep into the Acting Career of Tara Reid! THE 8th ANNUAL SCARY GARY SHARKNADO SHELTER SHARK WEEK BASH!!! TACOS N' SHARKS! SHARKS N' TACOS!!! TIME TO TAKE A BITE OUTTA BOTH THIS WEEK ON TACO THE TOWN! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail & Our Music by The Bump Band.   

    Episode 170: LILLY'S CANTINA! ON LOCATION! (w/ Cast & Crew of KC Fringe's 'KING KIRBY!')

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2022 83:32

    POW!! ZOOM! KABOOM!! This week we're hitting LILLY'S CANTINA in the Midtown/Westport/Roanoke/Southwest Trafficway part of town (Next to the Cat Cafe!) and chatting it up with Cast & Crew members (Chris Cole, Violett Springate & Jen Raines) of the KC Fringe Festival show 'KING KIRBY!' (See it July 22nd thru 30th at Upside Bungee in the West Bottoms!) Our guests tell us about the play (Cigar Chompin' and Mustache Fun!) and we get a little into the History of Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Marvel/DC Comics! Chris, Voilett and Jen also come in hot with some strong Quesadilla Opinions! (Maybe a little too much Quesadilla talk for Dave's taste!) WE ALSO DISCUSS: Quesadillas the Size of Babies?! And Accidental Extra Tacos at the bottom of your Taco Bell bag!! Eat it like the gift/mistake it is or let it stay there and get cold?! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout THE WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE TACO!! It's got a Goldflaked Tortilla, Lobster, Kobe Beef, Beluga Caviar and much more!! WOULD YA ORDER IT?!  AND there's a new Taco Chain coming to the metro area called TACOS 4 LIFE that wants to help conquer world hunger with every purchase! In TOWN OF THE TACO we get into our Favorite KC Landmarks, the Best Place to see a Concert/Show in KC and ask "What Would You Put In Your KC Care Package to an Out-Of-Towner?" In Random Taco Question of the Week we ask: "What examples do you have of your phone listening to your thoughts?", Who is the most annoying person to be stuck in line behind at Chipotle AND What's something you used to eat a lot has a kid that you won't touch nowadays! ALL THIS AND: We find out what a GRAVY SPOT is!! Did Jack Kirby or Stan Lee ever eat a taco?! And the guests suggest some other awesome Fringe Shows to check out at the KC Fringe Festival! (GET OUT AND SEE SOME SHOWS, KC! Tickets are at kcfringe.org!) This Taco The Town Episode is Marvel-icious!! MUNCH!! CRUNCH!!! WHAMMO!!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail & Our Music by The Bump Band.     

    Episode 169: TACO TANK! ON LOCATION at the IRON DISTRICT! (w/ Dana Collins & Shelbi Neel)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 73:15

    This week we keep this Summer Taco-cation a' rollin' by returning to the Iron District in North Kansas City to taste test the tasty tacos (and nachos and churros) at TACO TANK with our special guests DANA COLLINS (Chips n' Salsa addict) and SHELBI NEEL (loves tacos and selling insurance but usually not at the same time!) Dana tells us what her favorite chips n' salsa in the city is and tells us about living in Austin, Texas for 7 years where there was a taco truck on every corner! We get to the bottom of where the Northland and North Kansas City merge and is North KC the Brooklyn of KC? We get into a little Ward Parkway Mall chat and also run down a list of our favorite North KC Hot Spots!! (Neon Wild anyone?!) Also Shelbi answers some Taco Insurance queries! (Would she give life insurance to someone dressed like a taco?) In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout Taco Bell's big announcement that it will be testing 2 new items: the Big Cheeze-It Tostada and the Big Cheeze-It Crunch wrap Supreme! (But people just want the Big Cheeze-It.) Also be talk a little Joey Chestnut and the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and the disturbing story about 15,000 Gallons of Hot Dog Filler spilling on a Pennsylvania Highway! Our Highways are not safe!! In TOWN OF THE TACO we ask 'Whats your favorite appetizer in KC?' and 'KC needs a (blank)!' All this and Maddie from Taco Tank brings by some churros and Dave talks about washing his hair with cilantro! In this case the soap WAS cilantro!!! And in RANDOM TACO QUESTION OF THE WEEK we ask: Would you stay at a Taco Bell Air B&B? TACO THE TOWN AND TACO TANK!!! ONE DAY WE WILL MAKE THE DREAM OF OF A TACO CANNON COME TRUE!!! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. SPONSORS: SPANISH GARDENS TACO SAUCE, KCK TACO TRAIL & OUR MUSIC BY THE BUMP BAND. 

    Episode 168: WEST COAST SUMMER TACO-CATION! On Location in Hollywood! (w/ Michael McMillian)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 106:18

    Summer Taco-cation season is upon us so Dave hits the road up and down the West Coast with his pal Actor MICHAEL McMILLIAN (True Blood, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Bigfoot Collectors Club Podcast, Slate Your Name Podcast!) They review 5 West Coast Taco chains: TREJO'S TACOS, TACO TIME, JIMBOYS TACOS, DEL TACO & the LA Valley Legend CASA VEGA! Michael also tells Dave about the crazy Taco Bell Drive thru incident that changed his Taco Bell life! Dave & Michael break down the history of all 5 Taco chains as well as taco 'bout: Suspenders! The Jimmy Kimmel Connection! Taco Synchronicities! Del Taco's Taco being named the #1 Fast Food Taco by Thrillest! When will KC be getting a Del Taco? Are Chicken Tenders and Chicken Fingers the same thing? Dave & Michael remember the first summer vacation they took together as kids to Muskegon, Michigan and the time they fought over an older woman! Melted Cheese on a Taco: Game Changer or Difference Maker? Sacramento Delicacies! A very controversial Taco Time Menu Item is ordered and consumed! DRIVE THRU RASCALS! Michael tells us about working with the man, the myth, the legend GUY FIERI and his podcasts BIGFOOT COLLECTORS CLUB & SLATE YOUR NAME! ALL THIS AND: Bad Churros ordered at a Pizza Place! THIS TACO-CATION RE-CAP IS READY TO RUMBLE DOWN TUMWATER BOULEVARD!!! HAPPY TACO-CATION SEASON FROM TACO THE TOWN!!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail & Our Music by Bump Funk. 

    Episode167: VIVA TACOS & TEQUILA! ON LOCATION! (w/ Amanda Rose & Trevin Bartee from The Seriously Sinister Podcast)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 77:30

    This week our Great Summer Taco-cation brings us to the new South OP/Leawood Taco spot VIVA TACOS & TEQUILA, an immaculate taco palace! We are joined by Special Taco Reviewer Guests AMANDA ROSE & TREVIN BARTEE from SERIOUSLY SINISTER: A True Petty Crime Podcast! They tell us about their show and we can't about some Taco related Petty Crime stories and some Non-Taco related Petty Crime stories! Amanda (a big fan of chips n' salsa) gives us a breakdown of her favorite chips n' salsa in the city and Trevin tells us about being raised on PEANUT BUTTER TACOS! We taste test some tasty tacos and margaritas...but not just any margaritas! These come in an awesome golden plane!!! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout KC being named a host city for the 2026 World Cup and how it's a huge chance for KC to introduce our delicious tacos to the world! Also Dave volunteers his services to the Mayor to help him get more tacos into the mouth's of World Cup visitors! Also we tackle to topic of the New Floating Bank-like Taco Bell design! Are the taco chutes a danger to small children? Is this the future we were always promised? In the Cheesy Gordita Crime segment of the show we tell the tale of the Prison Escapes who was captured while in the Taco Bell Drive Thru! In Town of the Taco, we ask our guests what their favorite Sandwich spot in KC is, their favorite Seafood spot and if they know of any KC LIES or KC Secrets!! All of this AND we ask: If you could only eat one fast food restaurant for the rest of your life what would you choose? And who has the BEST Margaritas in KC?! It's a busy T3 this week!! True Petty Crime, Tacos and a little plane that flies margaritas right into your heart!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail and Our Music by The Bump Band. 

    Episode 166: GUY'S DELI! TACO PIZZA! ON LOCATION! (w/ Hartzell Gray & Kitty from The KC Morning Show Podcast)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 90:36

    This week on T3 we kick off our Summer Taco-cation as we once again venture into the World of TACO PIZZA but not just any Pizza! It's GUY'S DELI in Westport's SPANISH GARDENS TACO PIZZA!! That's right, we are ON LOCATION at the hottest new deli in town (Guy's Deli in the former Joe's Pizza-by-slice spot) and we're joined by guests HARTZELL GRAY & KITTY from the KC MORNING SHOW Podcast! Dave and his guests try out some delicious taco pizza, critique each other's pizza eating styles and go over some Guy's Snacks History as well as some Taco Pizza History! Hartzell speaks about his many jobs and Kitty rages over Taco Bell taking away the Mexican Pizza again! Also: Can we get a large Potato Chip fountain to honor KC being the birthplace of the BBQ Potato Chip? In the TACO TICKER, We try to get to the bottom of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza bait-and-switch and we also taco 'bout the Burger King in Pennsylvania where a man walked in and there were no employees! We also get into some Tales from the Subway on Southwest Blvd! (What's up with that place?) In Town of The Taco we ask: What's the best place to see a concert in KC? And What's your Favorite KC Landmark? ALL OF THIS AND: Kitty tells us about making a Spaghetti Taco in her Youth! Should Guy's get into the Chocolate Covered Potato Chip Game? And Hartzell does NOT DIG Shrimp Tacos! In Random Taco Question of The Week We Find out: How do you pronounce 'salsa'? And what's the Strangest Thing You've Ever Done or Seen in a restaurant? (Family Fisticuffs at Perkins!) Also: A Special Tribute to Shannon Gaines Bowman. TACO THE TOWN & KC MORNING SHOW UNITE WITH GUY'S DELI!! A MATCH MADE IN KC FOOD HEAVEN! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: Spanish Gardens Taco Sauce, KCK Taco Trail & Bump Band 'Our Music'. 

    Episode 165: Jalapeno Tacos KC (w/ KC Funk Legend BUMP FUNK, Robert Kelly, Jeremy Scott & Chris 'Lost')

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 82:18

    This week we're honored to be joined by special guest BUMP FUNK, KC Funk & Soul Legend! Bump and Lotuspool Records just released his long awaited album 'Our Music' by The Bump Band which was recorded in 1983 and thought to be lost forever! Also joining us this week is Bump Band vocalist and bass player ROBERT KELLY, Bump's Son JEREMY SCOTT (who helped rediscover his Dad's music) and Lotuspool Records Head Honcho CHRIS 'LOST' (also from the Lost & Found & Rewound Podcast!) We review the tasty tacos from JALAPENO TACOS KC in the NORTHLAND! In this episode Bump and the crew tell the story of how the album OUR MUSIC was found and brought to Lotuspool Records for release and Bump and Robert tell us about the early days performing KC Funk! Bump also described his famous stage attire (futuristic arctic caveman diaper?) and we do a run down of some of the tracks on the OUR MUSIC album! In the Taco Ticker we taco 'bout a man who started a weight loss journey when Taco Bell took the Grilled Stuffed Nacho off the menu! And we also get into the Florida Bride and her caterer who were arrested for lacing their Wedding Lasagna with Marijuana! And don't miss Bump telling us about the time a young Bump accidentally stumbled upon The Beatles concert at Memorial Stadium in the '60's! In Town of The Taco we tackle The Best Italian Spot in KC, The Casinos and 18th & Vine! Also Don't Miss: Bump tells us about a bad taco experience he had in Tijuana! Chris Lost wants Dave to nominate him for the Buck O' Neil Seat at a Royals game! And Jeremy, Chris and Bump tell us about their bowling league! In Random Taco Question of The Week we touch on: Best Nachos in KC! What's the furthest you've traveled for tacos? Have you ever been in a fight over food? And do you have a song that you're embarrassed is on your listening device? TACO THE TOWN WITH THE BUMP BAND!! THE PERFECT ELIXIR FOR THOSE WHO WANT A TASTE OF FUNK WITH THEIR TACOS! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: SUNEATERS and BUMP BAND courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsored by: SPANISH GARDENS TACO SAUCE. KCK Taco Trail. OUR MUSIC by the Bump Band. 

    Episode 164: Third Street Social! ON LOCATION! (w/ Natalie Fieleke, Hannah Williams and Po Wang)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 65:51

    We're back on the South Plaza this week checking out the tasty tacos at THIRD STREET SOCIAL with special Taco Reviewer Guests NATALIE FIELEKE (Snack & Style Aficionado) and Savor & Swirl Co-owner HANNAH WILLIAMS! Natalie tells us about her days working at Taco Bell as a teen! (What secrets did she learn? Did she get to use the meat hose?) Hannah remembers her weird childhood Taco Bell order! (Sour Cream and Black Olive Taco?) Natalie fills us in on her recent trip to Mexico and DAVE WANTS TO PAINT A NEW TACO MURAL! WHO WANTS TO HIRE HIM? Also: Ketchup in Taco meat? Yay or Nay? In the Taco Ticker we taco 'bout Dolly Parton and Doja Cat releasing the parody musical "Mexican Pizza: The Musical" on Tik Tok to celebrate Taco Bell bringing back the Mexican Pizza! And we tell the tale of the Couple who found a bag of 1950's McDonalds good in the walls of their home while doing a renovation! Were the fries still crispy? What other fast food relics are out there waiting to be found?! Did Tom Pendergast leave a half eaten box of chicken in the walls of the building we are recording in?! In Town of The Taco we ask 'What's Your New KC Slogan'? And who is your favorite KC Historical Figure? Our guests sip on some delicious Spicy Margs as we chat with PO WANG the culinary director at Third Street who introduced us to his tasty tacos (and Burger)! That's right, we review our First Burger on T3 as we go HAM on the Animal BURGER! Dave eats a Taco that reminds him of a taco he ate in a past life centuries ago! And Dave also reveals what he thought of his first visit to Whataburger! In Random Taco Question of the Week we ask: If Tacos weren't called tacos what would you name them? And What would you fill your personal pinata with? TACO THE TOWN AT THIRD STREET SOCIAL! LIKE A PINATA FILLED WITH GUACAMOLE, THIS ONE IS CHOCK FULL OF GOODNESS! (Just don't hit us or green stuff with start spewing out.) Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: Our Music by The Bump Band. KCK Taco Trail. 

    Episode 163: PORT FONDA! ON LOCATION! (w/ Alena Lee, Bill Hurrelbrink, Nick Leckey, Becca Stout and Dave's MOM!)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 102:38

    It's a big week on T3!! It's Cinco De Mayo Week and Mother's Day Week so Dave kicks off the episode by interviewing his MOM, the woman who started Dave on his Taco Journey! She even answers some TACO TOPICS questions! Then Dave and his guests, KCTV 5's ALENA LEE & BILL HURRELBRINK and Super Bowl Champ & NFL Vet NICK LECKEY, belly up to the bar at Westport's PORT FONDA and taste test the tasty tacos and salsas and preview their Cinco De Mayo Street Party!! Alena helps us figure out what exactly MUD RAIN is, we check in with Bill on how KCK Taco Tourism is going and Nick re-tells his Coyote Carcass/Taco Bell Drive Thru Story! (Alena also shares her own weird late night Drive Thru shenanigans!) We also celebrate the NFL DRAFT this episode by conducting our First TACO THE TOWN MEAL DRAFT, where we draft different Taco The Town Food types to see who creates the tastiest and toughest meal!! Nick shares memories of the day he was drafted and we ask Alena if she thinks the NFL will catch on in her hometown of Las Vegas? Bill ponders what legendary K-State coach Bill Snyder's Taco Bell order would be and Nick gives us the scoop on one of his favorite new  secret Taco spots in KC! Also: We are introduced to the SALSA CLOCK and Amazing Taco varieties by BECCA STOUT!!! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout the Kindergartners who accidentally drank tequila during snack time! And the USFL Player who was cut from his team when he ordered pizza over chicken salad! In TOWN OF THE TACO we touch upon our favorite Pizza places in town, favorite Hole-In-The-Walls and Things KC Gets a Bad Rap About! ALL THIS AND: What are your Cinco De Mayo plans? Great Hangover Songs! Dave meets a Cauliflower Taco that confuses his taco senses! Will there be a Taco Bell Cantina vs. Port Fonda rivalry in Westport? Did Mini Chimis go too early in the draft?! It's our CINCO DE MAYO Preview on TACO THE TOWN!! THIS IS THE TIME ON SPROCKETS WHEN WE DANCE!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK TACO TRAIL & OUR MUSIC BY THE BUMP BAND. 

    Episode 162: Jose Peppers vs. Mi Ranchito! TACO THROWDOWN SHOWDOWN # 2! (w/ Steve & Mike Weatherford)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 88:40

    It's way past time we had another Titanic Taco Tussle!! That's right! It's time for another TACO CHAIN THROWDOWN SHOWDOWN!!! This is where T3 pits two taco chains (this time two local taco chains) against each other to determine who has the tastiest tacos! This time it's the two KC titans with multiple locations....JOSE PEPPERS VS. MI RANCHITO!! We're putting their tacos, espinaca and chips n' salsa to the ultimate taco cage match! To help us get to the bottom of these tacos we are joined by our special guest Taco Reviewers THE WEATHERFORD BROTHERS, STEVE & MIKE! They help Dave figure out if Jose Pepper was a real man and Steve updates us on his Richard Marx Cover band EX MARKS THE SPOT! Steve and Mike also unveil and perform some tracks from their new musical 'TACO CITY: THE MUSICAL', which maybe loosely based on the life of T3 Host Dave! (But they deny it.) In the TACO TICKER, the gang taco 'bout Taco Bell's MEXICAN PIZZA coming back on May 19th and the also try to figure out what Phil Collins's hit song 'IN THE AIR TONIGHT' has to do with the Mexican Pizza's Return! They also cover Taco Tattoos and the Denver Taco festival that will give you free tickets if you have one! They run down a list of Taco Tattoos they wish they had and chat about tacos being their own perfect Food Pyramid! In TOWN OF THE TACO they cover KC Restaurants and Food Trucks as well as 'What's on your KC Postcard?' The throwdown goes down and the tacos are NECK & NECK! Don't miss the shocking results!!! It's too close to call!! What taco do the boys gush about for minutes on end and will it determine the final champion?!! ALL THIS AND: Would you trade your children for a taco?!! What Hollywood Actors would star in Taco: The Movie?! And: Worst & Best Laughs!!! IT'S ALL ON THE LINE ON THIS WEEK'S EDITION OF T3!! TACO CHAIN THROWDOWN SHOWDOWN EDITION!!! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: Una Familia Tequila. KCK Taco Trail. Our Music by The Bump Band. 

    Episode 161: RED BRIDGE BARRIO! ON LOCATION! (w/ Marisa 'Madame' MacKay & Jenny Pierce w/ the KC Burlesque Festival)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 85:51

    KC had a rich taco history but it also has a rich Burlesque history so this week we're combining them both as we taste test the tasty tacos at the RED BRIDGE BARRIO (BARRIO KC) with KC Burlesque Performers MARISA "MADAME" MACKAY and JENNY PIERCE! Marisa and Jenny help us preview the upcoming 10th Annual KC Burlesque Festival on MAY 7th at the Historic Folly Theatre (Get your tickets today!!) and Dave is offered the chance to be a judge at the show! Will he accept?! Jenny tells us about growing up in the Non-Taco-Centric city of Lexington, Kentucky and Dave and Marisa remember the KC Taco scene of the 1980's! (Why are hipsters always eating spaghetti?) Marisa shared some stories about the Folly Theatre's historic past and tells us why she thinks it is haunted AF! We play some TACO GAMES and taste test the taco-rrific Fried Avacado, Carne Asada and Birria Tacos at the Barrio! All this and Jenny shared some weird stories from her days as a Flight Attendant! In the TACO TICKER we discuss LIQUID LASAGNA and which Missouri City is healthier: KC or St. Louis? In TOWN OF THE TACO we ask: What's the Best Concert you ever attended in KC? And Best Thing/Worst Thing about KC! Also Don't Miss: Who has the best churros in town? Unpopular Taco Opinions! And in Random Taco Questions of The Week we ponder: Do Tacos make a good First Date Meal? And Jenny answers the GREAT ELEVATOR TACO CONUNDRUM! TACOS AND BURLESQUE!!! MYSTICALLY ENTERTWINED AND GONNA STAY THAT WAY!!! THIS WEEK ON T3! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail & OUR MUSIC by the Bump Band. 

    Episode 160: FAJITA PETE'S! (w/ Mariah Kelli & Eliza Williams)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 82:25

    This week we step into the Fajita-verse to review the tasty Fajitas and Tacos at FAJITA PETE'S in Overland Park with special guests Mariah Kelli and Eliza Williams (KC Fashion Models, Fashion Honors Autism)! Mariah tells us about how she has recently abandoned tacos for quesadillas (WTF?) and Eliza gets shook when we tell her about the Pancho's/Rancho's name change! Our guests also tell us about their High School years flirting with a handsome Taco Bell employee that worked the drive thru window which might have also led to their love of Taco Bell! We get into some SIZZLIN' FAJITA CHAT (Did you ever go through a Fajita phase? What are the traits of a Fajita Guy/Girl? Are Fajita people all Geminis?) We also crack open some Fajita History or Faj-history and learn about the origin of Fajitas! In the Taco Ticker we taco 'bout the Taco Bell Nacho Fries shortage, get into some deep French Fry talk (Mariah has some serious thoughts on Fries!) and we also discuss Chipotle using influencers to promote their new Pollo Asado menu item! In Town of The Taco we answer the questions KC NEEDS A (FILL IN THE BLANK) and What's the Worst Idea KC Ever Had! All this and: Dave eats Bean Dip! We try not to celebrate National Burrito Day! Does Fajita Pete's deliver on little red scooters or not? Eliza puts our Burrito censor to work! CAT HAIR TACOS! A REAL TACO NO NO! And in Random Taco Question of the week we ask: 'Whats the Longest You've Ever Gone without eating a Taco?' and 'Whatcha Watchin'?' Hop on your Red Scooter and enter the Fajita-verse of Madness this week on T3!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail & 'Our Music' by the Bump Band. 

    Episode 159: WALKING TACOS at UP DOWN! ON LOCATION! (w/ Jason Ramos & Nick Fuston)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 101:05

    On this week's episode we finally unwrap (or should that be unbag?) the enigma that is the WALKING TACO down at UP DOWN in the Crossroads with guests JASON RAMOS and NICK FUSTON from Up Down and the It's A S I.N. Podcast! Jason and Nick tell us about their podcast and what it's like working at Up Down! Dave and his guests share some Arcade/Video Game stories from their past and Jason tells us about holding the Taco Eating Record at The Easy Inn (32 Tacos!!) We get down the the nitty gritty on Walking Taco history and finally determine if a Walking Taco is a taco or just taco adjacent! We also consider some other names that a Walking Taco could be called! (Taco Salad Bag? Taco Satchel? The No Tortilla Taco?) In the Taco Ticker we taco 'bout TikTok TV Coming Soon to Fast Food Restaurants and Medical Offices! We touch upon the avocado shortage and avocado inflation and also talk about the Communist Leader from Vietnam who ate a Gold-Flecked Steak from Salt Bae's restaurant in London! In Town of The Taco we cover 1.) "I always wondered this about KC!" and 2. Favorite spots in The Northland! In random Taco Question of the Week we ask: Would you eat a $60 Taco? And will our future be filled with Virtual Tacos or is it already? All this and: What's the best club sandwich in KC? A very violent answer to 'Would you ever turn down a taco?' NFT Tacos!! AND THE ULTIMATE QUESTION: WHERE ARE WALKING TACOS WALKING TO?! Taco The Town!! Extra Sour Cream Please!!! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail, Una Familia Tequila and "Our Music" by The Bump Band from Lotuspool Records. 

    Episode 158: TACO BELL CANTINA! ON LOCATION! (w/ Liz Cook)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 69:55

    It's Spring Break in KC!! Why not head down to the newest Cantina in town...the TACO BELL CANTINA! We're joined by Special Guest Taco Reviewer Restaurant Critic LIZ COOK (Haterade, The Pitch, Defector, Midwesterner) who does a quick re-cap of some her most recent and infamous food articles (Rodent Repelling Automotive Tape, Malort Parties, Hot Beef Sundaes, Loose Meat Sandwiches, Chicken Drink and Make-At-Home Edible Cheese Covered Packing Peanuts!) She also tells us about growing up in Iowa in a Taco-centric Town and tells us why everyone should be eating more Taco Pizza! It's our first time at the Taco Bell Cantina so we partake of the Liquor Infused Baja Blast Freezes and Liz tells us about some of her other favorite spots in Westport past and present! In the Taco Ticker we cover some of the latest Taco Bell news such as: Taco Bell cancelling plans to add Beyond Meat to the Menu, Taco Bell bringing back Choco Tacos after a 7 year absence (but only in LA & Milwaukee) and we get into the Cheesy Gordita Crime story of the week where Police shut down a Georgia Courthouse after finding some mysterious Taco Bell Cravings boxes on the courthouse steps! WHAT'S IN THE BOX?! In TOWN OF THE TACO, Liz tells us what her favorite store/shop In KC is as well as some of her favorite taco spots she reviewed last summer! We also get into the Pancho's/Rancho's name change! (Will Liz be writing an in depth dep dive about that next? Ya never know!) ALL THIS AND: Dave breaks out a new impression, Liz tells us what the best brand of store bought Tater Tots are, we get deep into some Nacho Cheese Chalupas and Cheesy Gordita Doritos Locos Tacos! In Random Taco Question of the Week we ask: Who has the Best Chips n' Salsa in KC? TACO BELL CANTINA IN WESTPORT! Truly the Next Evolution of T. Bell or as Liz so eloquently states: "(Taco Bell Cantina is) the Live Mas Ethos made manifest in glorious Technicolor and Neon!" EDITOR: MATT ALLEN. MUSIC: SUNEATERS Courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsor: KCK Taco Trail. 

    Episode 157: TACO-HOLICS CLUB! On Location! (w/ Paige Fickbohm & Sydnee Owens from Actually Actualized)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2022 84:56

    If a taco lover was to be a member of any club there might not be a better club than the TACO-HOLICS CLUB in Downtown Lee's Summit, MO! And that's where the show is this week with our special guest taco reviewers PAIGE FICKBOHM & SYDNEE OWENS from the ACTUALLY ACTUALIZED Podcast, a local KC podcast that helps it's listeners live a healthier and more productive life! Paige & Sydnee give Dave a little advice to help him Actually Actualize his Taco Easting Journey and to reach his full taco potential! Our guests also give tips on how to block time on your schedule to eat more tacos, solidify your morning breakfast taco routine & introduce us to a Taco High Five! (Will High Fives and Low Fives ever come back?) Paige tells us about being a Taco Bell Party Pack Girl from way back and Sydnee tells us about growing up in Lee's Summit and eating at that one place on the highway with the plane crashed into the side of it! Since we are at TACO-HOLICS CLUB, we run down a list of the different types of Taco-holics and find out what type our guests might be! (Happy, Sloppy, Sentimental, Infantile, Touchy Feely, Violent, Naked, Broken Down or Blackout!) ALSO: Have you ever whispered to your tacos? If so, what did you say? AND: Cold Left out tacos? Yay or Nay? In the TACO TICKER we discuss the new Taco Bell Cantina opening up in Westport and we taste test some of the new Brach's Late Nite Taco Truck Jelly Beans! Just in time for Easter!! In Town of the Taco we taco 'bout First Friday and the Crossroads and ask "What's the best place in town to bring Out-of-Town Guests?" We also wonder if you can purchase an insulated/heated fanny pack for keeping your tacos warm? ALL THIS AND: Sydnee reveals her hatred for BEANS!! In Random Taco Question of the Week we wanna know WHAT WOULD YOU PUT INSIDE YOUR PINATA? AND WHAT'S THE LONGEST YOU'VE EVER GONE WITHOUT EATING A TACO? Taco The Town at Taco-holics Club!! No Jacket Required!! Music by SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsored by KCK Taco Trail. 

    Episode #156: QUIKTRIP TACOS! (w/ Kevin & Danny Ritz from the State Your Line Podcast)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2022 65:42

    We love a good gas station here in the midwest (OPE!) and we are blessed to have one of the best in abundance here in KC...QUIKTRIP!! QT has always been a great place for taquitos but now they have TACOS so we gotta put them to the test with our special guests KEVIN & DANNY RITZ from the STATE YOUR LINE Podcast! Kevin & Danny talk about being members of the Lopez Family, the First Family of KC Tacos! They also taco 'bout growing up eating their Grandpa Manny's Tacos and working at Manny's in their youth! (Is there a magical taco portal in the Manny's Restaurant basement?) We also get into some FAJITA CHAT! Are the State Your Line Guys really Fajita Guys? Dave tells us some QuickTrip History and Fun Facts as the gang share their favorite QT Memories! In the TACO TICKER, we discuss the new Chipotle Restaurant design where Chipotle doesn't want you to eat inside!! We also get into NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY on 2/22/22! Will you be celebrating? And we also talk a bit about Taco Via on 95th Streets Staffing Issues leading to cutting store hours. In RANDOM TACO QUESTION OF THE WEEK We ask the brothers what toppings should never go on a taco! KETCHUP?!! MAYO??! PEANUT BUTTER?! TACO THE TOWN! NEVER NOT EATING ALL THE TACOS IN THE TOWN!! AIN'T THAT RIGHT, LAMAR? WOOF!!! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsor: KCK Taco Trail. 

    Episode #155: LOS CORRALS! On Location! (w/ Brittany Tilander, Palmer Davidson & Patrick Moore)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2022 86:31

    In this episode we FINALLY head down to 9th Street to taste test the tasty tacos at one of the oldest (if not THE oldest Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City) LOS CORRALS!! Dave is joined by special guest taco reviewers BRITTANY TILANDER (Voted The Pitch's Best Stand Up Comic in KC 2021), PALMER DAVIDSON (Fox 4's GREAT DAY KC aa well as many future undisclosed projects) and returning for his third time on the show PATRICK MOORE (Fox 4's GREAT DAY KC, KC Magazine's Podcast) to review this KC Classic! Los Corrals was opened in 1949 so we run down a list of other things born in 1949: Silly Putty, NATO, Billy Joel and Richard Gere! Patrick tells us about his love for the orange cheese dip at Los Corrals and Brittany tells us about her favorite and unexpected local taco spot: Funhouse Pizza! We taco lot about NATIONAL PIZZA DAY(Did you celebrate?) and we tackle the topic of our favorite local pizza spots! We also discuss when is it all right to reply with multiple fire and exploding head emojis and drop into someone's DMs on Sexy Instagram posts! In the TACO TICKER we crack open the topic of the new HARD MOUNTAIN DEW BAJA BLAST hitting the shelves in selected states in Late Feb! And did you notice your Fast Food Drive Thru Lanes taking longer and messing up more orders in 2021? That's because they DID!!! We get to the bottom of it. And CHICKEN EXITS IN DRIVE THRUS: Why every drive thru must have one! ALL THIS AND: MYSTERY SHOPPERS! We talk a little about the film LICORICE PIZZA and why it should be called 'WATER BED: THE MOVIE!' And VALENTINE'S DAY Heart-shaped Taco Platters or Heart-shaped Pizzas!! WHICH IS BETTER? In TOWN OF THE TACO, we ask what's your Favorite Shop/Store in KC? What's on your KC Postcard? AND What's the weirdest place in KC?! ALSO DON'T MISS: Taco/Nacho Bathtubs! Dave tells us about the time the police found his wacky prop box in the back of his car and detained him! We figure out what Seal was really singing in 'KISS FROM A ROSE'!! In RANDOM TACO QUESTIONS WE FIND OUT OUR GUESTS: What's your Favorite Summer Jam!! What kind of fast food meal would you like your soap to smell like?! And What's the Best or Worst Theme Party you ever attended?! TACO THE TOWN: IT'S ALL ABOUT BALANCE!!! Be sure to purchase tickets to Brittany and Patrick's Feb. 28th Movie Roast of TWILIGHT: NEW MOON at Screenland Armour.com! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. SPONSOR: KCK TACO TRAIL. 

    Episode 154: TAQUERIA LA NUEVA! ON LOCATION! (w/ Jordan Betts & Will ”KC Fresh Reviews” Hertel)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2022 86:51

    We're BACK from our Mid-Winter Nap and we're ready to keep tasting all the tasty tacos in the town!!! This week we check out one of the newer Taquerias on the block TAQUERIA LA NUEVA in Overland Park with our special taco reviewer guests Emmy Award Winning TV News Reporter from KSHB 41 JORDAN BETTS & from KC FRESH REVIEWS on Twitter Food Lover WILL HERTEL! We kick off the episode talkin' 'bout tacos, the Winter Olympics, The Top Donut Spots in KC according to KC Fresh Reviews, Unpopular Food Opinions (Will hates Corn!) and much much more! We discuss the Chiefs Epic Collapse (THANKS A LOT APPLEBEE'S DATE NIGHT SONG GUY) and our plans for the Super Bowl! What's YOUR Go-To Super Bowl dish?! We also get into Taco Bell's Chicken Wings and Jordan tells us what a Funeral Roll is! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout the National Chicken Wing Shortage, the 15 Gallon Keg of Hormel Chili n' Cheese Contest, Taco Bell's Monthly Taco Subscription Service has launched and a Brawl broke out at a Golden Corral in Pennsylvania over a shortage of steak! ALSO: Jordan gives us her review of the new JACKASS Movie and tells us about the time she fell into a sewer hole! AND WE ASK: Eating tacos in a movie theatre: YAY OR NAY? In TOWN OF THE TACO we cover WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE ABOUT KC? And MUSEUMS N' STUFF! AND: DID PANCHO'S CHANGE THEIR NAME TO RANCHO'S?!! And in Random Taco Question of the Week we ponder: If Tacos Didn't Exist what food item would fill the void? AND What would you fill your Fantasy Piñata with? How about some Hormel CHILI CHEESE?!! Put your Taco Eatin' Pants back on 'cuz TACO THE TOWN IS BACK FOR 2022!!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsor: KCK TACO TRAIL. 

    Episode 153: CHRISTMAS COCKTAIL PARTY! ON LOCATION AT JULEP! (w/ Michael McMillian, Daisha Jones, Megan Werner, Aisa Palomares & Chris Lost)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 102:28

    This week we celebrate the conclusion of another year of Taco-ing the Town with our Annual Christmas Holiday Cocktail Party! And this year we're sampling the tasty and festive cocktails at JULEP's SIPPIN' SANTA Holiday Pop Up with some Taco The Town All Stars: Actor, Writer, Podcaster MICHAEL MCMILLIAN, KSHB TV 41 Traffic Anchor & Host of 'ONE TANK TRIPS' DAISHA JONES, Oncology Researcher & Cornhusker fueled on Coffee and Beer MEGAN WERNER, Actress/Model/Stuntwoman AISA PALOMARES & Co-Host of the Lost & Found & Rewound Podcast CHRIS LOST! Dave kicks things off with his special take on a beloved KC Christmas Classic! Daisha tells us about her recent wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii and why she dislikes old Christmas Movies! We ponder the question: Did Rudolph have psychic powers? We tell some scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases Long Long Ago!! (What Holiday needs more ghosts?!) We get into Weird Christmas Traditions of the Past! Chris won't stop talking about Easter and reveals the secret holiday he created: BROTHER-IN-LAW DAY! All this and: TAMALE TALK! MEGAN'S TEQUILA STORY! HIDDEN FOOD ITEMS HIDDEN IN CAKES AND PIES! UNPOPULAR CHRISTMAS OPINIONS! X-MAS MOVIE CHECKLIST! And Michael tells us why LOVE ACTUALLY is actually a terrible movie! We also ask what's the Better X-Mas Movie: Die Hard or Road House? (Swayze or Willis?) And DON'T MISS: Dave doing his uncanny Bruce Willis impersonation! We play the super fun and festive game TURN THIS CHRISTMAS SONG INTO A TACO SONG! And we also do some GOOD REVIEWS IN FUNNY VOICES of JULEP! ALL THIS AND: TINSEL TOPICS! WORST X-MAS DINNER STORIES! DO YOU GET YOUR NOG ON? Department Store Santa's: Why you so scary?! And to close it all out we belt out some of our favorite CHRISTMAS SONGS!! Pour yourself a cocktail and celebrate the Holidays and our Mid-Season Finale this week on TACO THE TOWN!! DON'T MISS THE CLIFFHANGER!!! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsors: KCK Taco Trail and Lost & Found & Rewound Podcast.     

    Episode 152: EL MAGUEY! ON LOCATION AT THE HOLLADAY DISTILLERY! (w/ Kyle Merklein, Jules Van Dongen & Matt Jacquinot)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 92:26

    IT'S THE HOLIDAYS AT HOLLADAY! TACOS AND BOURBON!! BOURBON AND TACOS!! In this special episode of T3 ON LOCATION at the HOLLADAY DISTILLERY in Weston, MO, we find out if tasty tacos and delicious bourbon make a good pairing! (Spoiler Alert: THEY DO!) We check out the taco-rrific tacos from EL MAGUEY in Platte City with our special guests Master Distiller at Holladay KYLE MERKLEIN, Hospitality and Tourism Manager at Holladay (and #1 Darts Player in the America's) JULES VAN DONGEN & Brand Engagement Manager at Holladay MATT JACQUINOT! Kyle gives us his tips and tricks to sippin' Holladay's bourbon and Matt gives us a history lesson about the Holladay Distillery property and tells us about the HOLIDAYS AT HOLLADAY Pop Up Event! Jules answers the question if Darts and Tacos mix and what it was like growing up in The Netherlands without tacos! We also reveal some Boone's Farm stories and chat about Weston Hot Spots! WINE! BBQ! SKIING! Matt and Jules tell us about their Special Taco Friends relationship and Kyle wonders why he is not invited to their frequent taco lunches! In the TACO TICKER we learn about JACK-IN-THE-BOX purchasing DEL TACO! (What's inside a Jack-in-the-Box Egg Roll?) And we also taco 'bout Chipotle's Popular Cilantro Soap! In TOWN OF THE TACO we breakdown the BEST PLACE TO BRING OUT OF TOWN GUESTS IN KC, the BEST/WORST THINGS ABOUT KC and WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE KC GUILTY PLEASURE! In Random Taco Question of the Week we ask: Would you ever drink a cup of coffee inside a Taco Bell? What is the best Fast Food coffee? And who has the BEST CHIPS N' SALSA IN KC? ALL THIS AND: The Power goes out on us during the craziest Wind Storm in KC history and we keep on eatin' and sippin' bourbon!! TACO THE TOWN AT THE HOLLADAY DISTILLERY!! DRIVE YOUR EARS UP TO WESTON WITH US, GRAB A GLASS OF SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER AND GRAB A BUSHEL FULL OF TACOS! We're celebrating the Holidays at HOLLADAY! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. Sponsored by KCK Taco Trail and Lost & Found & Rewound Podcast. 

    Episode 151: THE SUGAR SKULL GRILL! (w/ Belinda Post)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 85:09

    This week we track down some tasty tacos from The SUGAR SKULL GRILL Taco Truck with our special guest Taco Reviewer TV's BELINDA POST! Belinda tells us about the time she was a dancer at a Kid Rock Concert, her favorite KC Holiday Pop Ups and we get to the bottom of her typical Taco Tuesday game plan! Dave tells Belinda about the time he had an Out-Of-Body Taco Experience as a Child while Belinda tells Dave about her trips into the mountains where she gets out of the city and connects with nature! In the TACO TICKER, we taco 'bout Torchy's Tacos CEO Retiring and Torchy's announcement that their Naughty Santa Taco will be returning for December! (Would you eat a taco called that?) We also break down taco pricing! (Would you eat a $6 taco?) And we also touch upon the story of the Tik Tok Door Dasher that videotaped her feud with a Taco Bell Drive Thru Worker! Belinda airs her thoughts on the current state of the restaurant industry! (Be kind, people!) In Town of the Taco, we discuss PLACES IN KC I'LL NEVER EAT AGAIN and IF KC EVER DOES THIS I'M MOVING! We also ask the question, Did Kenny Rogers open up for KISS at The Independence Events Center? ALL THIS AND: Topeka Taco Talk! Italian Cuisine! Canadian Mist: The Band! Pulling out your personal hot sauce on a first date! (GAME CHANGER?!) Ever pack a taco on a mountain hike? Is there such a thing as too much avocado? What kind of Taco World will we be living in 10 Years from now? What kind of food flavored soap would you wash yourself with? DID WE FAKE THE MOON LANDING?! WE'RE ANSWERING ALL THE BIG QUESTIONS THIS WEEK ON T3! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. SPONSORS: KCK TACO TRAIL & LOST & FOUND & REWOUND Podcast. 

    Episode 150: Return to TIKI TACO! On Location! (w/ Sam Billen, Ryan Pinkston, Bill Billen & David Bandy)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 92:05

    In our 150th Episode we return to one of our favorite taco spots on West 39th Street which has recently been revamped...TIKI TACO!! We check out their fresh as hell tacos with special guests SAM BILLEN & RYAN PINKSTON from Primary Color Music who debut their brand spanking new TIKI TACO Jingles on the show!! Also joining us is Sam's Dad and Jingle Writing Legend BILL BILLEN! We talk to the crew about the Secret to Writing a Good Jingle and play one of our favorite games...The Great JINGLE OFF!! Ryan tells us about growing up putting ketchup on his tacos and Sam & Bill tell us tales of Topeka's Tacos! In the TACO TICKER we discuss NASA's latest innovations in SPACE TACOS! (Are we flying too close to the Taco Sun?!) We also taco 'bout Papa John Schnatter who claims to have 'tasted' 800 pizzas over the last 18 months! And the news shortly thereafter that Papa John's will be rebranding! In Cheesy Gordita Crime, we learn about the New Zealand Cops who arrested men entering a Locked Down City with a trunk full of illegal KFC in their trunk! DON'T MISS: Tiki Taco Manager DAVID BANDY swings by to tell us what's new and hot and fresh and tasty at the new TIKI TACO! David also tells us about the plans for a 2nd Tiki Taco Location in KC and the current location of the Mini Tiki Taco Car Fleet! ALL THIS AND: Stealing Doughnuts! Doughnut Assault! WE SOLVE THE MANDELA EFFECT! DEER TACOS! Sam remembers his Grandma's Taquitos and other disturbing childhood tales! AND in RANDOM TACO QUESTION OF THE WEEK We Ask: What MTV Music Video changed your Life? What part of your body would you make into tacos? What's the proper order when layering a taco: Cheese over meat and lettuce or Cheese under meat and lettuce?! It's always ISLAND TIME on TACO THE TOWN at TIKI TACO on 39th Street!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS Courtesy of LOTUSPOOL RECORDS. SPONSORS: KCK TACO TRAIL & Lost & Found & Rewound Podcast. 

    Episode 149: CAPTAIN‘S CORNER! GIANT TACO THANKSGIVING! On Location! (w/ Molly Buchanan, Mindy Hargesheimer and Katherine Wald)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 90:45

    This year we're spending Thanksgiving in Paradise (Missouri) at CAPTAIN'S CORNER, Home of the Super tasty GIANT TACO!! Dave is joined by Molly Buchanan aka Crowning Glory Blog on Instagram and Mindy Hargesheimer aka Kansas City Bucketlist on Instagram! And instead of eating turkey we partake of the BIG FAT TACOS at Captain's Corner inside the Paradise, Missouri General Store! Also Store Owner and Head Chef KATHERINE WALD stops by to tell us the origin story of the GINORMOUS TACO and taco 'bout the other wonders in Paradise! We do a DEEP DIVE into Thanksgiving and for the first time we're discussing TURKEY TOPICS!! It's a can't miss! We also get into why you should take Dave on all your family vacations, the problem with taking photos with food, KCK Taco Trail Talk and we find out what everyone is doing for Turkey Day! (Tulsa Turkey Trot anyone?) Also Dave remembers a traumatic childhood memory involving Green Bean Pie, Turkey Tacos (would ya eat 'em?) And Molly and Mindy run down a list of KC Holiday Pop Ups! All this AND: Mindy wants smaller tacos, Dave unveils his Joey Lawrence impersonation ("Whoa!") and Fish Flops! In the Taco Ticker we discuss the opening of KC's First Whataburger. (Are we really a 'GASP'  Burger town? Arby's Vodka & Reese's Peanut Butter Pie Sell Out! And a couple paid $4,000 to have their wedding reception at the World's Most Beautiful Taco Bell in Pacifica, California! Would ya do it? ALSO DON'T MISS: Dave wonders if this is the GIANT TACO he's been looking for his whole life? We ponder other large over sized food items! Sonic Ice! Is Billy Ocean from Tulsa?! And much much more!! Get FULLED UP on HUGE TACOS as BIG as a juvenile Turkey this week on T3!! Gobble Gobble Y'all! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. 

    Episode 148: The WESTSIDE LOCAL! (w/ Abby Olcese)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 91:12

    We're back on the WESTSIDE eating some tasty tacos from THE WESTSIDE LOCAL with The Pitch's Film Editor and Writer ABBY OLCESE! That's right! We're chatting 'bout FILMS AND FAJITAS! MOVIES AND MARGS! Abby gives us a run down of her BEST/WORST Films of 2021 and we get into her Overrated/Underrated Actor/Director/Film of All Time!! (We also talk about the time she broke her parent's blender making Puerco Pibil Tacos and the exhilarating feeling of seeing F9 in a theatre!) In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout the Taco Bell and Arby's locations in San Francisco offering EV owners the option to charge up while enjoying a Chalupa! Also we learn about the Twitter users who discovered an abandoned McDonald's on an island in Alaska that dates back to the '90's! (Perhaps the best setup for a horror movie ever!) In CHEESY GORDITA CRIME we hear the story of the Chipotle employee who threw scissors at an irate customer! In TOWN OF THE TACO we chat about MUSEUMS N' STUFF, Best Italian in KC and Worst Idea That KC Ever Had! ALL THIS AND: Proper Dining Attire for eating on the Westside! Dave gives us a run down of the tacos he ate on his recent excursion to Nashville! Donkey Bones!! And in RANDOM TACO QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do People who don't like tacos get anxiety on Taco Tuesday?! Put on your best velvet cape and flat-brimmed influencer cowboy hat and turn up TACO THE TOWN! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters Courtesy of Lotuspool Records.      

    Episode 147: THE MIXX! (w/ Dan Cohen & Sari Lowenstein)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 101:30

    This week on T3 we review the tasty tacos at THE MIXX (with 2 KC Locations!!) Not to be confused with The Max (where the kids from SAVED BY THE BELL used to hang out after school) or The Miz (the WWE Wrestler!) Our special Taco Reviewer guests this week are KSHB 41 News Reporter DAN COHEN and returning guest Foodie & Photographer SARI LOWENSTEIN (@kcbysari on Instagram!) Dan tells us about the taco scene in New Jersey and Upstate New York! We also get into who has the best Buffalo style buffalo wings in KC (Al's in Parkville!) We also touch upon how everyones Halloween was and if our guests have hit the Cider Mill yet this Fall! Sari tells us about a great new food spot in OP and we also talk TOUCHE' THE NIGHT CLUB! ALSO: Don't miss Dan reliving his first IN-A-TUB TACO Experience and Sari waxes poetically about CORN NUGGETS! In the TACO TICKER: We taco 'bout Taco Bell's STEAL-A-BASE STEAL-A-TACO promotion (Did you get your free taco?), Taco Bell's new CANTINA CRISPY MELT TACO, CHIPOTLE Introducing Biscuit to their menu and announcing they are going to introduce a new Chicken style to their menu! We also tackle the Tik Tok Tale about a Woman's Disastrous Date involving a strange man with no car, no money and a trip through the Taco Bell Drive Thru! In TOWN OF THE TACO, we discuss the BEST/WORST THINGS ABOUT KC and we hit the dance floor to get to the bottom of KC Dance Clubs and FUNKYTOWN! ALL THIS AND: Is the side we ordered Mashed Black Beans, Bean dip or Bean Soup? Former Taco The Town Guests Daisha Jones and Greg Payne's Wedding! Will there be dance battles on the dance floor between Channel 41 and Channel 5 On Air News Personalities? And in RANDOM TACO QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK WE ASK: What's something you wouldn't eat as a kid that you eat all time now? AND Would you drink a cup of coffee from Taco Bell? (TACO FLAVORED CREAMER ANYONE?) GET IN THE MIXX WITH T3!!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records. 

    Episode 146: HALLOWEEN SPOOK-TACO-LAR! On Location at CARVED in Riverside! (w/ Allison Sasso, Scary Gary Cooper, ‘Killer‘ Katie Crawford, Chad ‘Creepy‘ Crenshaw)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 115:54

    It's that terrifyingly taco-tastic time of year!! TACO-WEEN TIME!!! And we're celebrating this year by eating tacos and popcorn (and popcorn tacos and sometimes cotton candy/popcorn tacos) at CARVED in Riverside, Missouri! CARVED is a fun, one night only, Halloween Event in Riverside that has everything! A Pirate Ship, Fortune Tellers, Fire Dancers, Stilt Walkers, a Haunted Trail, a Zombie Robot named Carl, Jack-O-Lanterns and a TACO TRUCK!!! Host Demonic Dave gets a Tarot Card Reading from ALLISON SASSO from VEIL & VOW TAROT and she uncovers Dave's Taco Future! Then later Dave and his Taco Reviewer Guests SCARY GARY COOPER (Co-host of Slaughter Movie House, Legendary Gamer, Taco & Craft Beer Enthusiast)  KILLER KATIE CRAWFORD (Grammy Winning Singer, Writer, Part Time VO Artist)  & CHAD 'CREEPY' CRENSHAW (Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, C2D2 Films) eat some tasty tacos from the taco truck CHAMPION BURRITOS-TO-GO and discuss everything Halloween before they take a walk down the CARVED Spooky Haunted Trial (and give their review!) ALSO: The gang runs down a list of America's FAVORITE HALLOWEEN CANDY (by State) and remember their FAVORITE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES OF THEIR CHILDHOOD! They also get into the WORST HALLOWEEN CANDY OF ALL TIME and go over a list of HALLOWEEN TRADITIONS, YAY or NAY Style! Katie tells us about Spicy Gummy Bears and puts out a call for a Hinge date to take her to a Haunted House! We catch floating wisps of Cotton Candy in our mouths! Scary Gary shows us his Insane Clown Posse tattoo and everyone tells us their favorite scary movies to watch around Halloween Time! The guests also tell us about some of their  REAL LIFE GHOST ENCOUNTERS!!! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout Some Alleged Haunted Taco Spots Across America! A KEN-TACO-HUT where a ghost Taco Bell employee walks into the freezer!!! Get ready 'cuz they are gonna chill you to the bone! TACO THE TOWN AT CARVED!!! A TERRIFYING EVENING OF ROBOT ZOMBIES & TERRIFYING TACOS!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music by: SUNEATERS Courtesy of LOTUSPOOL RECORDS. 


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 115:56

    4 Years Ago, OJ Simpson was released from prison, 'Thor: Ragnarok' was released in theaters and a little ole podcast called TACO THE TOWN was released onto the Podcast Airwaves for the FIRST TIME!!! This week we celebrate 4 years of T3 by looking back at show highlights from the past year! It's a CLIP SHOW, PEOPLE! ALSO DON'T MISS: Old friend of the show Actor/Writer/Podcaster MICHAEL McMILLIAN (the 1st T3 guest from Episode #1) stops by to give us a MICHAEL TAKES ON TACO BELL Review of the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco! PUT ON YOUR HEADPHONES, GRAB A TACO OR 4 AND CELEBRATE 4 YEARS OF T3!!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS Courtesy of LOTUSPOOL RECORDS.  

    Episode 144: GG‘s Barbacoa Cafe & Tarahumaras #2! NATIONAL TACO DAY! ON LOCATION! (w/ Kailee Karr, Carlos Chamon, Alan Carr, Gabriel Gonzales & Perla Garcia)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 95:52

    We celebrate NATIONAL TACO DAY by hitting the KCK Taco Trail and reviewing the tasty tacos at two Taco-rrific KCK Taco spots, GG's BARBACOA CAFE and TARAHUMARAS # 2! We are joined by special Taco Reviewer Guests and Local Stand Up Comics KAILEE KARR & CARLOS CHAMON! Also Executive Director of Visit KCK, ALAN CARR, joins us and unveils some breaking KCK Taco Trail News! And don't miss GABRIEL GONZALES from GG's and PERLA GARCIA from Tarahumaras #2 telling us about their taco spots and delicious menu! In addition to taste testing tasty tacos we also discuss creating a KCK Taco Trail Pedal Tavern, Kailee tells us about her Hot Dog Ambassadorship and living a Hot Dog-centric Life, our Guests first taco Memories and we lay out our National Taco Day Rituals! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout the creators of South Park buying the famous Colorado Mexican Restaurant Casa Bonita! (What restaurant from your childhood would you buy and refurbish?) In the CHEESY GORDITA CRIME STORY of the Week we tell the tale of the Texas man who was fined for taking his horse through the Taco Bell Drive Thru! In TOWN OF THE TACO, we ask our guests to DESCRIBE THEIR PERFECT KC DAY! The Soup Eating Lady Painting at Succotash! WHAT OUT-OF-TOWN THING WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRANSPORT TO KC and we talk a little about MARTINI CORNER! ALL OF THIS AND: A QUESO WATER BED! A Chucky Cheese Sex Club! Segway Stories! The Kansas City Stand Up Comedy Scene! And in RANDOM TACO QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Taco The Movie is being made in Hollywood! Who would you cast? And would you eat a Tuna and Kangaroo Taco?! HAPPY NATIONAL TACO DAY FROM TACO THE TOWN! MAY ALL YOUR TACOS BE TASTY! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS Courtesy of Lotuspool Records. 

    Episode 143: CACTUS GRILL! ON LOCATION AT TERRA LUNA! (w/ Quixotic‘s Maggie Andriani, Liz Fraley & Ethan Lottman)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 76:46

    This week we are deep in the mystical and mesmerizing forests of the Overland Park Arboretum, the location of Quixotic's Terra Luna Experience, eating tasty tacos from CACTUS GRILL with performers from Quixotic MAGGIE ANDRIANI, LIZ FRALEY and ETHAN LOTTMAN! We talk about what visitors can expect at Terra Luna this year (one more week of shows Oct. 1, 2. & 3rd), performing in bubbles on lakes, weird animal encounters and Dave talks about filming his early days filming his college caveman "art" films out at the Arboretum! Maggie reveals her hate for hardshell tacos and Liz and Ethan share their other controversial taco opinions while Dave suggests Quixotic incorporated tacos into their performances! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout KCI announcing the local restaurants that will be featured in the New Terminal! Did your favorite local restaurant make the cut? Dave reveals his plan for a large Laser Taco that would greet visitors at the airport! We touch upon Taco Bell's Taco Lovers Pass only available in Tucson, Arizona (for now!) And in a Cheesy Gordita Crime story we hear about the Taco Bell employees in Nashville, Tennessee who launched fireworks off inside their own Taco Bell restaurant! We also get into our favorite Late Night Drive Thru shenanigans! In TOWN OF THE TACO we chat about KC Concerts, Waldo and our guests tell us about places in KC they will never eat again! All this and: An uncomfortable conversation with Maggie about Breakfast Burritos! Octopus, Squids & Eels! Would you eat them in a taco? Taco Bell Air B&B!! Would you stay there? The Worst and Best Fast Food Franchise Names! (Spangles or Toot-Toot's?) And if a taco falls apart in your plate do you grab a fork or scoop it up with your hands? All of the topics are covered this week at Terra Luna by Quixotic! Join us in the mystical forest and please bring some mosquito spray! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. 

    Episode 142: Tacos El Tio! At the KC Renaissance Festival! (w/ Daisy The Washing Well Wench, Richard the Pauper & Shawn Shellnut)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 88:12

    Huzzah, Lords & Ladies! This week we're taking a trip back to Ye Olde Taco times as we sit down and share some tasty TACOS EL TIO tacos with DAISY THE WASHING WELL WENCH, RICHARD TEACHOUT aka RICHARD THE PAUPER and SHAWN SHELLNUT aka VALIZAK The Adventure Trainer & The Tomato Guy at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival! Our guests tell us what we can expect out at the Ren Fest this year and we get to the bottom of the question: "Has anyone ever finished a Turkey Leg?" Dave brings up some fun Weekend Theme Ideas (Star Wars Weekend with Ewoks! Taco Swallowers!) and runs down lists of Fun and Saucy Renaissance Slang Words (Daggletails and Fopdoodles!) and Renaissance Era Foods! (Eels! Peacocks! And Swan! OH MY!) Shawn tells us about the emotional trauma of having tomatoes thrown at your head every day! Richard tells us what a Peasants Lunch is! In the TACO TICKER we discuss the new futuristic Taco Bell Drive Thru design that looks like a Taco bank! We also touch upon the new RUSTY TACO location opening up in Lawrence, Kansas and the new Tacoholics Restaurant opening up in Lee's Summit! And we try to unravel the MCDonalds McFlurry Fiasco! Why are all the McFlurry Machines breaking down? And why is the government stepping in?! Shawn also tells us about an amazing Taco Bell Cantina experience he had! ALL THIS AND: Taco Eating Renaissance Capes! Eating Tacos with the King! Dream Eating Taco Eating Destinations! The Secret Meaning Behind the Beach Boys song 'Don't Worry Baby'! In RANDOM TACO QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK, Daisy shows us the proper way to hold and eat a Taco! What topping should never be put on a Taco! AND What's the longest you've ever gone without eating a taco?! Step back in time with us this week to a simpler time when everyone wore tights, ate pigeons and mush and tacos were only the stuff of Renaissance dreams! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of Lotuspool Records.

    Episode 141: Wiener Kitchen & Taco Via Taco Dogs! ON LOCATION! (w/ Dave & Jessica Derr & Elena Cleaves)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 79:52

    The sun sets on Hot Taco Summer with a little Labor Day wiener cookout as we try to unravel the Mystery of The Taco Dog w/ Dave & Jessica Derr from the Wiener Kitchen/Wiener Wagon and Elena Cleaves from Grace Advertising and AccessHealthNews.com! (Sadly Elena's Pet Pig did not join us.) Dave & Jessica introduce us to the Wiener Kitchen's delicious style of Taco inspired Sausage dishes and we also taste test the classic Taco Dogs from Taco Via! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout Taco Bell's new breakfast menu and their new Chief Impact Officer Lil' Nas X! Also Taco Bell enters the Chicken Wars with their Crispy Chicken Taco! And for the first time we check the WIENER WIRE and get the lowdown on the report that eating a single Hot Dog takes 36 minutes off your life! (Poor Joey Chestnut!) And the Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile can now be hired as a LYFT! Will it be coming to your town? In Town of The Taco we get into a serious conversation about KC's public transit, our favorite place in KC to get away from it all and what's our favorite Pizza in KC! ALSO: Is a Hot Dog just a Sausage Sandwich? Wiener Kitchen pleads "Don't cut your Hot Dogs into Coins!!" And in Random Taco Questions of The Week: How many tacos do you eat in a year? What's the craziest thing you've ever done or seen in a restaurant? And what movie could've been made better with the inclusion of tacos? ONE LAST LABOR DAY WIENER ROAST AS HOT TACO SUMMER COMES TO A CLOSE! Make way for Mild Taco Autumn! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: Suneaters courtesy of Lotuspool Records. 

    Episode 140: Our House KC! ON LOCATION! (w/ Tayanna Nelson, Emily Keizer, Patrick Moore & Maggie Zahner)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 77:32

    We're back on 39th Street eating some tasty tacos at a new taco spot OUR HOUSE KC with our special guests TAYANNA NELSON (GoodBodiesKC), Returning guest and taco-fanatic EMILY KEIZER and PATRICK MOORE (Host of the KC Top 5 Podcast on The Pitch Podcast Network!)  We spend most of the start of the show giving our SPOILERS and opinionated review of HBO's 'The White Lotus'! But we also taco 'bout Tayanna's Hot Taco Summer Pool party and the time her taco life was changed forever on a trip to Mexico! We also put Burritos (the B-word) on Blast! In the TACO TICKER, we cover NATIONAL FAJITA DAY! Did you celebrate? We also get into the cancellation of KC TACO FEST on Sept. 11th and react to the news that the Kansas City Chiefs have released Defensive End Taco Charlton. Such a waste of taco-related potential! We also get into the weird story of Little Caesers's Pizza sending a fan a lifesize stuffed dummy in the mail! Was it stuffed with cheese? AND DON'T MISS Owner of OUR HOUSE KC MAGGIE ZAHNER stops by to introduce us to her lovely tacos! In TOWN OF THE TACO, we chat about the KC Restaurant Scene! The KC Riverfront! And Patrick tells us about how he celebrated his 21st Birthday at the Casinos! We also ponder the fact that Doritos are going to be with us for the rest of our lives and once again we express our love for In-A-Tub! In RANDOM TACO QUESTION OF THE WEEK we ask our guests: HAVE YOU EVER WALKED OUT OF A MOVIE? WHAT'S THE BEST/WORST THEME PARTY YOU'VE EVER ATTENDED? And WHAT'S SOMETHING YOU ATE A LOT AS A KID THAT YOU WON'T TOUCH TODAY? Our House KC is not just a 1 Meat Pony! They are all about the meats and delicious margaritas with Tequila soaked pineapples! THIS WEEK ON T3!! Editor: MATT ALLEN. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of LOTUSPOOL RECORDS.

    Episode 139: KNUCKLEHEADS! ON LOCATION! (w/ Lindsey Peterson & Boyce Richardson)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 83:48

    We're crunchin' and munchin' on some Juke Joint/Honkey Tonk Tacos this week on T3 down at KNUCKLEHEADS in the rockin' and historic East Bottoms with our special taco reviewer guests LINDSEY PETERSON from The Secret Life of Milfs Podcast and returning guest BOYCE RICHARDSON from the Coastless Podcast! We talk with Boyce about his life as a Fellow (WHAT KC SECRETS DOES HE AND HIS ANCIENT COUNCIL HOLD?!) and things get hot and saucy (Hot Saucy?) as we chat with Lindsey about her podcast The Secret Life of Milfs and All the Secrets of Milfdom she protects!!! (EIFFEL TOWER HIGH FIVE anyone?) We get into Boyce's love for '90s bands, The Secret backway to Knuckleheads if you want to avoid trains, Good times at the Rieger (Knuckleheads' Neighbor) and KC T-Shirt Pride! We also run down a list of the amazing bands and touring acts that have played at Knuckleheads and we ponder what musician would you like to eat a taco with and what musician would you NOT want to eat a Taco with! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout what new creation TACO BELL is concocting in it's kitchens (WHITE HOT RANCH FRIES) and we tackle the topic of Patrick Mahomes bringing 30 Whataburger Restaurants to the KC Area! (IS THAT TOO MANY?) What other fast food franchises would you like to see Mahomes bring to KC? (In-And-Out? White Castle?) In TOWN OF THE TACO we talk First Friday & The Crossroads! Our Favorite KC NAME! ALSO: We talk T.I.L.F.s! TOM SELLECK! MOM TACOS!! We ask the question: Did blues legend Robert Johnson ever eat a taco? TULSA TALK! Southeast Kansas Taco Chains! HANSON!! And in RANDOM TACO QUESTION OF THE WEEK we ask: WHAT'S YOUR MOST CONTROVERSIAL TACO OPINION? And: WOULD YOU SPEND THE NIGHT AT A TACO BELL AIR B&B? Just eatin' tacos at a Juke Joint under a bridge in the East Bottoms on a rainy night! As the Honky Tonk Blues Gods intended! EDITOR: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters courtesy of LOTUSPOOL RECORDS. 

    Episode138: WORLDS OF FUN! GRAND CARNIVALE! ON LOCATION! (w/ Katie Crawford, Chad Crenshaw and Davis DeRock)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 90:07

      Hot Fun Under The Hot Taco Sun! Dave and his guests spend the hottest day of this Hot Taco Summer on the hunt for tacos at the happiest place in KC, WORLDS OF FUN, riding rides and taste testing amusement park fare from 6 Different Countries during WOF's GRAND CARNIVALE Celebration! Dave is joined by Singer/Wordsmith/Worlds Of Fun First Timer KATIE CRAWFORD and the boys from C2D2 Films CHAD CRENSHAW and DAVIS DeROCK! We remember our favorite rides from Worlds of Fun past and Dave gives us some KC Amusement Park History Lessons! Chad tells us about his days working at the park and we all get nostalgic for that Worlds of Fun Parking Lot Smell (HOT TAR IN THE SUMMER TIME!) We run down a list of some weird and wacky Amusement Park/State Fair Foods! (FRIED BUTTER!) Davis fills us in on the old Joyland Park in Wichita and remembers the day he rode the Mamba 23 times in a row! We ride a lotta rides and all get a thorough jostling and rate our favorite rides at WOF! Dave reads a list of KC-Centric rides he would love to see at the park! (The Rib Ride! Pendergast Plunge! Pothole Peril!) We do some GOOD REVIEWS IN FUNNY VOICES, RANDOM TACO QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK and Review the Tastes of CARNIVALE featuring food from 6 Different Countries! Come get your brain jostled at WORLDS OF FUN AND TACO THE TOWN! Editor: Matt Allen. MUSIC: Suneaters courtesy of LOTUSPOOL RECORDS.   

    Episode 137: CITY BARREL! ON LOCATION! (w/ Kathleen Spiking, James Stutsman and Alana Gwinner)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 90:23

    We're in the Crossroads this week taste testing the tasty Barbacoa tacos and beers at CITY BARREL with guests KATHLEEN SPIKING (Real Estate Agent from REECE NICHOLS & Taco The Town Super Fan), JAMES STUTSMAN (Owner and Brewer at City Barrel) and back for her 4th appearance on the show ALANA GWINNER from Eleven Three KC!! We check in with our guests to see how their HOT TACO SUMMER is going and Kathleen helps Dave get to the bottom of Taco Home Renovations! (Taco Nooks and Taco Pool Parties?) James teaches us how he gets an IPA to mate with a mimosa and we touch on the Hamm's Beer shortage! James tells us about the new beers coming out at City Barrel and Alana and James tell us about their favorite new beers and beer trends in KC Breweries! In the TACO TICKER we taco 'bout the TACO BELL Ingredient Shortage hitting the nation! And we discuss the Taco Festivals coming to KC in September! Which one will you be attending? We also talk NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY! (How do you and yours celebrate?) All this and Kathleen and James run down a list of their favorite local taco spots and Alana tells us about her husband's Mac n' Cheese Taco recipe! ALSO: The episode quickly turns into a PSA about riding scooters while drunk (DON'T DO IT!) as Alana and Kathleen tell us about their scooter wrecks! In TOWN OF THE TACO we talk 18th & Vine, KC LIES and more KC Brewery chat! AND DON'T MISS: Dave answers F-Marry-Kill (Salsa, Queso, Guac), A Rock Mountain Oyster Taco (Would you eat it?) and Blender Tacos?!! TACO THE TOWN AT CITY BARREL! ENJOY RESPONSIBLY! Editor: Matt Allen. Music: SUNEATERS courtesy of LOTUSPOOL RECORDS. 

    Episode 136: FOX AND PEARL! ON LOCATION! (w/ Lauren Scott, Wilson Ballew, Daisha Jones & Vaughn Good)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 81:38

    This week we're basking in the amazing taco ambiance at FOX & PEARL on the Westside featuring our All Star cast of Taco Guests LAUREN SCOTT (Host of 38 The Spot, KSHB TV), Actor/Model/Mississippi Man WILSON BALLEW, back for her third appearance DAISHA JONES (Traffic Anchor KSHB 41, Host of One Tank Trips) and Fox & Pearl's chef and owner VAUGHN GOOD!  Daisha updates us on her wedding planning and the latest highlights from ONE TANK TRIPS! (Haunted Museums in Omaha, Louisburg Cider Mill Donuts and making phosphates in Independence, Mo!) We go over some Flip Cup and Beer Pong rules! Wilson & Daisha share college soccer stories! Lauren tells us about an eventful trip to Bali where she wrecked a scooter and got 'Bali Belly'! Wilson reveals he grew up in a Taco Salad Family and tells us about his favorite taco spot in San Francisco! We also talk a little traffic and get an update on the Independence Bridge that eats Semi Trucks as if they were tacos! Wilson also tells us some Mississippi Ghost Stories and Lauren tells us about her strange aversion to candy! (Never had a Snickers?!) In the TACO TICKER we learn about a Tik Tock Hack that teaches you how to make a Crunch wrap Supreme at home out of your leftover Chipotle! We also chat about McCormicks Taco Seasonings Search for a Taco Guru! In TOWN OF THE TACO we taco 'bout our Favorite New KC Restaurant Trends, The River Market/City Market and our dream Streetcar Expansion Route! We visit with Chef VAUGHN GOOD who tells us about his amazingly tasty and elegant tacos! (Rabbit and Sausage!) Our guests give us a showstopping performances in BAD REVIEWS READ IN A FUNNY VOICE and Lauren even sings us some IN THE HEIGHTS! ALL THIS AND: KC Steak House Recommendations! BAJA BLAST: NOW AVAILABLE AT HOME! Taco The Movie is being made: who do you cast? Wilson's Special Late Afternoon Breakfast Cereal Combo Recipe! What's something you ate as kid that you will not touch nowadays? And IN 20 YEAR