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We love craft beer. Join hosts Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt each week as they dive into the latest beer trends, homebrewing tips and advice, beer-related laws and regulations, industry stats and news, beer and food pairing, and much more. Always entertaining and usually informative. Grab a pint, ha…

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    Dokkaebier - Korean-inspired craft beer

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2021 43:55

    When Dokkaebier founder Youngwon Lee attended craft beer festivals he noticed he was one of the few (or only) Asian people at the events.  He said everyone was friendly and welcoming, he just wanted to find a way to attract more diversity to craft.  Bring on the Dokkaebier.  Many of their beers are both familiar and unique.  A Pilsner with bamboo tea, a Kimchi kettle sour made with lactobacillus cultured from actual kimchi. What started as a pop-up served with Korean tapas blossomed into a full brewing venture.  Working with local brewers to gypsy brew his offerings, Dokkaebier is now available in stores and shipping across California, with more expansion planned in the future. THE BEER LIST Dokkaebier - Bamboo Pilsner - Classic Pilsner with bamboo tea - DIPA - Lemon Ginger Kettle Sour - Milk Stout - With green peppercorns and cardamom - Yuza Blonde

    Textile Brewing Co.

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2021 43:55

    If you brew it, will they drink? Textile Brewing is just a few miles from the Field of Dreams.  My clever mind thought of the "if you brew it" line as soon as I heard this fact.  Of course, it's the same line that everyone thinks of.  Great minds, right? I managed to hold off for most of the show on making the "joke," but it is a fun fact about the brewery.  Another fun fact, founder Tom Olberding had no brewing experience when he decided he was going to open a brewery.  To compliment his skills he hired Nick Ashton as his assistant brewer, who also had no brewing experience. Lack of experience aside, Textile is offering up some really tasty beers.  We sampled a Blonde Ale, Vienna Lager, IPA, and a coffee-pumpkin ale and all were damn good.  Cheers to the new guys. If you find yourself in Dyersville, IA stop in and find out for yourself.  We hear their beer pairs great with a Canadian bacon and sauerkraut pizza.

    Diving in to Dark Lager

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2021 43:55

    There's a lot more to lager than just Pilsner We all have a friend that has made a statement like, "I don't like lagers," or, "I don't like dark beer." It's likely the lager-hater is thinking of something like a Pilsner when they think lager, and the dark beer-averse has a thick and boozy stout on their mind.  Dark Lagers are here to change those opinions. There's a huge variety of flavor in the dark lager world.  On the lighter end, something like a Czech Dark Lager will deliver a touch of toffee, dates, and chocolate.  On the bolder end an Eisbock can be sweet and boozy, with big malt presence of toasty caramel.  If you like Imperial Stouts and Quads, give an Eisbock a try. German Beer Terms The Germans make it pretty easy to know what you're getting in your beer.  Learn these terms and you'll be ready to do some shopping.   Doppel = Double Dunkel = Dark Hefe = Yeast Schwarz = black Weiss = White Weizen = Wheat Bock = Male goat / Buck (Listen to the show to see how this became associated with beer.) Now you know that Dunkelweizen is a darky, wheat beer.  Boom. Drink Local, Give Local Our friend (and show sponsor) Adam Silverberg from The Nest Kennesaw joined us this week.  We sample some brews and he tells us about his annual event to help those in need at the holidays. Through his Drink Local, Give Local event and The Nest you can enjoy some great brews and get on on the raffles for some awesome beer gifts.  Bring a toy for MUST Ministries to add to their holiday store to make sure everyone can have something under the tree for Christmas. If you're not in the metro Atlanta area there's sure to be a similar organization near you. The Beer List Aventinus Eisbock (Germany) Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock (Germany) Duck-Rabbit Schwarzbier (US) Samichlaus Doppelbock (Austria) Einstock Icelandic DoppelBock (Iceland) Arches Mystic Bock (US) Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel (Germany)    

    Getting Spooky with RockSolid Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2021 42:35

    This week we have RockSolid Brewing head brewer Bryan Crass joining us in the studio! Plenty of places offer up craft beer pairing suggestions for your favorite Halloween candy,  Reese's Cups, Skittles, Snickers.  We've got some pairings as well, but our suggestions are for that bottom-of-the-bag candy as we pick the Top 5 most hated candies to pair up.  Necco Wafers?  Got it.  Circus Peanuts?  Check.  You know you'll be eating the leftovers your kids don't want so you might as well have a nice beer to go with it. Bryan shares some info about his time brewing in California and making his way to Georgia,  collabs with other breweries and even one with a haunted house.  We make some recipe plans to go full circle with his blueberry cheesecake beer, and sample his BBA Barleywine as he tells us about their 1st anniversary plans. Happy Halloween, Y'all!  Go Braves!

    Top Secret info from Covert Artisan Ales

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2021 43:55

    About a month ago Jason Murphy from hit me up on Instagram and said, "You gotta check out Covert Artisan Ales."  So I did.  Covert founders Dan and Stacey Berry joined us this week to talk about their Sioux Falls, South Dakota brewery.  SD was a holdout on jumping on the BGR train.  Back in 2018 we even did a Sucking up to South Dakota segment in one of our episodes with Stan Hieronymus.  I'm happy to say that SD is now one our Top 50 states for listeners. As we talk about controversial beer opinions and pleated pants we sampled some of Covert's brews.  Gin and Rye barrel-aged BANG! BANG! mixed fermentation ales, Dana wild ale dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin, and my favorite, Basis sour quad fermented on blueberries then aged in bourbon barrels.  Dan shares some of the meaning behind the shapes and colors of Covert, and everyone gets an invite to visit South Dakota to enjoy the beer, the parks, and the food.  Let's do it. The Beer List Covert Artisan Ales DANA | American wild ale dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin Basis | Sour quad with blueberries conditioned in a select bourbon barrel. Gin Barrel-Aged Bang! Bang! | Mixed fermentation ale aged in gin barrels Rye Barrel-Aged Bang! Bang! | Mixed fermentation ale aged in rye barrels Primtemps - Wild ale fermented in red wine barrels, dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin

    More sexy NA beer talk with Partake Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2021 43:55

    Partake Brewing takes their non-alcoholic brews from the Dragon's Den to distribution Partake Brewing founder Ted Fleming was (is) a huge craft beer fan.  He loves hanging out with friends and sharing a brew.  Unfortunately, after a visit to the doctor diagnosed him with Crohn's Disease he had to ease off the alcohol, and eventually give it up all together. But Fleming wasn't ready to give up sharing a drink with friends.  He did some research on the non-alcoholic beer market and discovered there weren't a lot of great offerings to be had at home in Canada, or in North America in general.  This led him to building a website to offer what he did find, many from Europe.  His website turned into a passionate community and when he finally decided to launch Partake he had a lot of support, even though it meant he would have to give up his website. Partake even visited the Dragon's Den, Canada's version of America's Shark Tank. Fleming got a deal on the show but says they were ultimately not able to finalize it.  He did have a strong backing on a Kickstarter with an IPA and got the ball rolling. Now offering a full lineup of core beers as well as seasonal offerings like Lime (an easy-drinking lager'ish brew with a lime hint) and a Peach Gose. The NA beer market continues to grow, and we are all here for it.  You know we love a good, boozy brew but it's nice for those that can't or don't want to have alcohol to still be able to enjoy a craft brew.  They're popular with health-conscious folks and some of the brews have only 10 calories in a 12-oz can.  Madness. With the Cheers to Adulting campaign Partake Brewing is encouraging everyone to consider Sober October.  With the extravagance of the holidays just around the corner that may not be a bad idea.  Maybe next year.  

    Country roads taking me home to Big Draft Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2021 43:55

    Big Draft Brewing is helping to bring small town West Virginia back to life Big Draft Brewing is located in the tiny town of White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.  Population 3,000, give or take. The town, and the larger Greenbrier Valley community, has faced some hard times in recent years.  The opioid epidemic chipped away at the community and the "1,000 year flood" of 2016 caused widespread destruction and loss of life. Our show this week is as much about the tenacity of the residents of White Sulphur Springs as it is about beer.  You'll have to humor me, this one is kind of personal.  My family is from White Sulphur Springs and I spent some of my childhood Summers there.  It's a close community with strong family ties.  Turns out, by complete chance, my family ties run right to Big Draft Brewing.  It's quite a story so make sure to listen in to hear the full scoop. Founders David Bostic, Clay Elkins, and JW Groseclose join us on the show this week to talk about their brewery and the overall revitalization of their town.  They've built up a city block with Big Draft Brewing, a BBQ spot, a cafe and coffee house, and a concert hall and events venue.  They intend to grow it as as destination that reaches far beyond the city line. But we do talk about beer plenty as well.  JW is the brewmaster and his goal is to make classic and approachable beers that everyone can enjoy.  We sampled the Foreman American Lager, Sudsy's Pale Ale, Bo Red Bohemian Red, and the seasonal Festbier and can vouch for all of them.  There are barrel-aged beers in the works, a saison in the fermenters, and some mad scientist brew utilizing ramps (the wild vegetable) in the works. In addition to tasty beer and BBQ the crew tells us about the fishing, hunting, hiking, and off-roading adventures in the area.  Sounds like a great time all around.  I better get on those country roads now. Side note.... you may not know White Sulphur Springs by name but you may have heard of The Greenbrier Resort.  It's got quite a story, you should check it out.  If you're a gamer and a fan of Fallout 76, you might recognize the Greenbrier as The Whitespring Resort.

    Getting Down with Dead Low Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2021 43:54

    Dead Low Brewing co-founder Kyle Havens and investor and member of the board Yvan Demosthenes join us this week to talk shop! We discuss the many faces of dark lager and how a lot of people have misconceptions about lager beers PLUS the wonders of a Country Lager.  We learn what Dead Low means and how that ties in with the brewery, rocking concerts near by, and give some love to Ohio for their support of the show. For our Beers of the Week, we go with a Tiki theme, including: Left Hand Getting Tiki With It  (Pina Colada wheat) Creature Comforts Athena Paradiso (Pineapple, Lemon, Coriander) Great Divide Margarita Gose Destihl Hawaii Five Ale (Blond ale with pineapple, coconut, mango, peach, & guava)

    Annual Oktoberfest Blind Beer Tasting

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2021 43:55

    It's Oktoberfest, time for some blind beer tasting For the second year in a row, the famed Oktoberfest in Munich has been cancelled.  Sad.  But, the beers are still flowing and there are pretty of great offerings available across the States.  We gathered up with a couple friends and fellow beer lovers recently for our annual Oktoberfest Blind Beer Tasting.  Anthony Storey of Storey Time Construction joined us along with repeat Oktoberfest taster, Nate Scheiber of Cherry Street Brewing. Our rules are pretty simple.  Taste the beer and make some notes on whether or not you like it.  Easy stuff.  We've got Marzen and Festbier in the mix together, it's just all about the season.  We sampled 10 beers for the competition and sampled Bold Monk's Festbier after the tasting courtesy of owner John "JR" Roberts. Listen to the show now to hear our picks.  We'll post our Top 3 list at on Monday, September 20th.  Prost! The Beer List (In alphabetical order, not tasting order.) Bells Oktoberfest | Marzen | 5.5% Hacker-Pschorr | Oktoberfest Marzen | 5.8% Hi Wire Zirkusfest | Marzen, 6%  Hofbrau Munchen | Oktoberfestbier | 6.3% Ironmonger Oktoberfest | Marzen, 5.5% Paulaner | Oktoberfest Marzen | 5.8% Sam Adams Oktoberfest | Marzen style, 5.3%.  Generally one of our favs, but has had off years Sam Adams Festbier | 5.8% Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest | Marzen, 5.5%, not a collab this year Yuengling Oktoberfest | Marzen-style And the after party palate-pleaser, Festbier from Bold Monk.  

    Beer and BBQ at the Terrapin Atlanta Taproom

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2021 43:55

    A few years ago the Braves made a controversial move to Cobb County, GA... but that's a story for another time. Attached to the ballpark is The Battery.  A live-work-play complex with restaurants and shops and condos, and the Terrapin Atlanta Taproom. Terrapin's Taproom sits just beside the main gate to the Brave's stadium.  You can even get a beer from the taproom from inside the park. (Pro tip, they're cheaper than the ballpark beers.)  Along with the beers they also serve up Fox Bros BBQ, some of the best in Atlanta. Commercial Operations Manager Mark Crouch hosted us at the taproom.  He fed us all kinds of great BBQ and let us sample all the new beers, then we recorded a show.  I think we should have done that the other way around. Mark is one of my favorite people in the beer industry.  Always smiling and friendly, just one of those people that makes feel happy to be seen.  He's a corporate man from Miller, and then their craft division Tenth & Blake, but we don't hold that against him.  He's got passion for the community and for making great, small batch beers, and that's really what it's all about. The Terrapin Taproom is also known as the ATL Brew Lab.  The testing grounds for rookie beers before they get called up to The Show at Terrapin's production brewery in Athens.  When you visit the taproom you'll always find a great selection of lagers plus IPA, stout, some sours, and everything else.  When we visited they'd just put on a fantastic Kellerpils, and tapped their Festbier just as we arrived. You might even catch a beer from some Braves players.  Terrapin collaborated with Chipper Jones for CJ10 Kolsch and Jeff Francouer for Frenchy's Blues, a blueberry Berliner-Weisse made with blueberries from Francouer's farm.  Neat. If you're taking a trip to a Braves game make sure to put the Terrapin Taproom on your list.  Even if you aren't going to a Braves game put them on your list, the taproom is open year round serving up great beer and tasty BBQ. The Beer List Terrapin Atlanta Taproom Kellerpils Festbier One Hopper Mosaic

    25th Annual Classic City Brewfest

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2021 43:55

    Cask Ales and camaraderie in Athens, GA A lot has changed in craft beer in the last 25 years, and Classic City Brew Fest has been there through it all.  Organizer Owen Ogletree tells us about the changes over the years and the great cause the fest supports. We've been attending this event for several years now.  We always grab a few of the brewers and chat a bit about what's happening with their brewery.  This year we sat down with Carey Charles from Arches Brewing for some hot lager talk.  Arches is one of the first breweries in Georgia to take the bold step of being lager-focused, and they're doing a damn fine job of it. Nick Tanner and Ramsay Florence from Cherry Street Brewing join to talk about Nick's two brewpubs, crazy beer laws, and why that helped them make the choice to open a production brewery across state lines in Chattanooga, TN.  Note:  Chery Street's Halcyon location has some of the best fish and chips I've tried.  I want some more right now. Speaking of crazy beer laws... Joseph Cortes, Executive Director of the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild, joins us as well.  He was new to craft beer when he took on his role, but not new to politics.  Cortes shares that the political side of beer is a crazy place to be.  We learn about some of the challenges facing brewers and what's on the agenda for the Guild. The Beer List Arches Brewing Bob's Your Uncle ESB Cherry Street Brewing Grease Monkey BBA English Barleywine MAZURT The Time of Returning Nordic Quad And a whole lot more...

    NOLA meets Funkytown at Neutral Ground Brewing Co.

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2021 43:55

    Neutral Ground Brewing Co. lets you have your cake and drink it, too Ft. Worth... Funkytown, a great place for a brewery.  Friends Stan Hudson and Sean Doublet definitely think so.  When they originally met Sean wasn't even into craft beer.  He noted that Stan came around with growlers pouring 4 oz samples for everyone.  We know this to be likely as we've known Stan for many years and have experienced his proclivity to share his brews.  Interestingly, beer isn't what originally introduced us to Stan, we have cigars to thank for that.  However, we quickly find we shared a common love for craft beer as well.  We've enjoyed beers with Stan around the country.  This was well before Neutral Ground was a thing, but he was a passionate homebrewer.  He's visited us here in Atlanta, I've visited him in Texas, and we've met at cigar meetups in Tennessee, where Stan shipped kegs of his beer up from Texas to share. Sean really didn't have much a choice about being a beer fan around Stan and over the years he developed the same passion.  At the time, he still lived in Louisiana when the two decided to start their brewery.  The name comes from a strip of disputed border between Texas and Louisiana.  We're told sometimes they still stand on opposite ends of the brewery and shake their fists at each other. We chat with Sean and Stan about our history with Stan, and even throw some true/false questions at Sean about some of Stan's adventures.  We chat homebrewing, Louisiana, cajun food, and learn all about their brews.   King Cake beer? It's a bold move to go with a pastry-inspired beer as your flagship, but the King Cake brew is working out pretty well for NGBC.  The fairly light and very drinkable brew delivers on the flavors, and if you visit the taproom in the trendy River East area of Ft. Worth you can even get it in a sugar rimmed glass. Laissez le bon temps rouler! For the full scoop on Neutral Ground Brewing Co. follow them on Facebook or head to The Beer List Neutral Ground Brewing Co. King Cake Force Majeur Hazy IPA Renaissance English Mild Juices & Berries IPA Synesthesia Saison (Yep, that Synesthesia Saison!)  

    Bespoken Spirts makes whiskey in just days

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2021 43:55

    Bespoken Spirits says they can make a delicious whiskey in days instead of years, while using a fraction of the wood and water of traditional methods.  Sounds like voodoo to me, but founders Stu Aaron and Martin Janousek claim their spirits are voodoo-free. They've taken the art of distilling and aging spirits and added some science to it.  Instead of using barrels, they use "micro-staves" plus some heat and pressure to produce the desired result.  They offer your traditional bourbon, rye, and rum but they can get a bit more creative from there.  When the pandemic had breweries sitting on stocks of unsold beer, Bespoken worked with brewers to turn that beer into spirits.  They distilled the brew then worked with their customers to craft the exact aroma, color, and taste they were going for.   We sampled a couple of these beer-its while we talked with Martin and Janousek.  They offered pleasant aromas of caramel, tropical fruit, butter, floral notes and delivered these flavors as well.  We did feel the woody notes in each offering were a bit sharp.  Unfortunately, we didn't sample the bourbon or rye to make a comparison against ones made in the traditional method.  One note, although they do process their bourbon the same as all of their other spirits, it does spend 3 months in barrels prior to that so it is actually bourbon. Bespoken has stacked up several medals for their spirits, so their method must be working.  We'll have to keep an eye out for the bourbon and rye so we can really test them out.

    Jackson Hole's Roadhouse Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2021 43:55

    In beautiful Jackson Hole, WY sits Roadhouse Brewing.  They're one of several breweries in a town of about 10,000.  Although the full-time population may be small, the city welcomes as many as 55,000 visitors every day.  Vacationers enjoying Jackson Hole or on their way to one of the West's amazing National Parks.  And when you're on vacation, you're going to need some beer. Roadhouse Brewing wants you to Live Deep.  We got to running out mouths and forget to find out exactly what that means.  However, we trust Brewmaster Max Shafer gives it to us straight, so we're going to try our best to follow his advice.  We chat with Shafer about the Mountain IPA.  What it is, how it differs from it's NE and West Coast siblings, and what commonalities they share.  We sip on Wilson, their take on the style with a great story on the can, and we're sold. Roadhouse Brewing is a certified B-Corp.  This means they're dedicated to purpose and profit, and they're "legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment."  From our conversation Roadhouse is very serious about their impact on the world, and they've gone to great lengths to embody that.  Shafer shares a few of the things the brewery has done to reduce their impact on the environment. We've never been to Jackson Hole, but if there are more breweries like Roadhouse and more people like Max Shafer then we need to get a trip set real soon. THE BEER LIST Roadhouse Brewing Breath & Bramble Sour Ale with Raspberries and Lemon Highway Pilsner Wilson Mountain Style IPA

    Exhibit 'A' Brewing with Kelsey Roth

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 7, 2021 43:55

    Exhibit 'A' Brewing with Kelsey Roth Exhibit 'A' Brewing was voted the most underrated brewery in Massachusetts by Thrillist.  When we asked General Manager Kelsey Roth if agreed with the distinction we got a hesitant shrug.  Their Goody Two Shoes Kölsch earned a 96 from Wine Enthusiast and landed in their top spot.  Do these two "awards" go hand-in-hand, or contradict each other?  The world may never know. Roth doesn't seem too wrapped up in either.  He just wants to offer good beer and a great place for people to hang out.  And they want everyone to feel welcomed and comfortable as evidenced by their Autism Welcoming hours that present the brewery in a more sensory-sensitive environment. We chat with Roth about his brewery, crazy-expensive beers, and how to pour a good pint.  If you find yourself in Massachusetts, or you happen to be in one of the states they can deliver beer to your directly, make sure to check them out. The Beer List Ironmonger Naughty Soda Lemon Cucumber Hard Seltzer Switchback Bisounnay Smoked Saison Genesee Red Lager Six Bridges Love Tractor Peach Milkshake IPA Mortalis Hydra Fruited Sour

    Wandering Soul Beer Co. with founder Matt Smith

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2021 43:55

    Did you know you can turn your shed into a brewery in Massachusetts?  Wandering Soul Beer Co. founder Matt Smith is a gypsy brewer.  Well, he has his own brewery, a small setup in the shed behind his house.  Local laws allow Matt to sell beer from his shed brewery... brewery shed?  He recently held a bottle release and had folks lining up in his neighborhood to grab some of that sweet nectar.  I hope he has cool neighbors. The shed won't meet the demand for Wandering Soul Beer so large batches are gypsy-brewed at a few local breweries.  The original plan for Wandering Soul was to be a one-and-done brewery.  When Matt and his wife suffered a tragic loss, he found peace in brewing.  Eventually, he came up with a recipe he wanted to brew and share with the public, Melody Maker.  The intent was to brew it one time only, but the popularity of the release took him back for another batch.  Now Wandering Soul brews one batch a month and once it's gone, it's gone. We talk with Matt about what led him to brewing, ska bands, love/hate for El Dorado hops, and plans for Wandering Soul in the future. The Beer List Wandering Soul Beer Co. Melody Maker IPA Wandering Soul Beer Co. Things We Don't Say IPA Wandering Soul Beer Co. Young Mouse Belgian Ale with Mango Wandering Sour Beer Co. From Wreckage Imperial Stout  

    Athletic Brewing Co. and the growth of non-alcoholic beer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2021 43:55

    NA beer is here to stay, and Athletic Brewing Co. is leading the way We last talked with Athletic Brewing Co. in 2019.  They were just getting their roots set and spreading the word of their non-alcoholic craft beer.  The last two years of seen explosive growth for them, and the NA beer sector, so we decided to catch up with them for an update. Bill Shufelt and John Walker are the co-founders of Athletic.  Bill man's the fort at their production brewery in San Diego while John watches over their original Connecticut Brewery and taproom.  Both breweries are in the process of expansion. Even though the segment has grown there's still a stigma with many people about non-alcoholic beers.  Some recall the weird taste of previous NA offerings, and some just don't get the point of a beer with alcohol.  Athletic wants to see NA become a choice just because you like it, rather than a "penalty box" decision for designated drivers, pregnant women, and recovering alcoholics. Bill and John share info on their collaborations and charity work, and their involvement in the recent awards of brewing diversity scholarships with Sacred Heart University.  They also talk about their expanded distribution (including Georgia!) and where they are headed next. Bottleshare is helping the good people of craft Christopher Glenn of Bottleshare joins us again as well.  Spreading the word on his non-profit that helps those in the craft beverage industry that fall on hard times, and about the upcoming Nestober Fest on Oct. 2nd to raise funds for Bottleshare.  Chris's organization started as a local project to help craft employees in Georgia but as word spread he stretched beyond the state and Bottleshare is now a nationwide effort.  Look for Bottleshare collaborations from some of your favorite breweries for an easy way to help the cause. The Beer List Athletic Brewing Co. Run Wild NA IPA Athletic Brewing Co. All Out Extra Dark NA (It's like a stout but they can't call it a stout.) Ceria Brewing Grainwave NA Belgian White Ceria Brewing Indiewave NA IPA Craft Beer News Denver Beer Co. Has Sold a “Beer for Life” NFT Taxes on Beer in Connecticut are Dropping 16.7% AC/DC is Getting a Line of Craft Beers

    Brewing with Cannabis - THC and CBD brews with CERIA Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 17, 2021 43:55

    Cannabis in a can with CERIA Brewing's Dr. Keith Villa As state's legalize the casual consumption of marijuana I think we knew a time would come when it found it's way into a beer.  No doubt that homebrewers have tried this combination out a time or two, but for CERIA Brewing THC and CBD is the focus of their brews. Dr. Keith Villa is best known as the inventor of the iconic Blue Moon Belgian White.  Whether you're a fan or not, it's hard to argue the impact this beer has had on craft beer, and the beer world in general.  We promised Villa we wouldn't dominate the show with Blue Moon questions.  We lied.  We get a good segment in on the history of the brew and the small change that launched it to stardom.  It's a pretty great story. But cannabis beers are the them of the day and we talk plenty about them.  They're are multiple levels of illegality in putting cannabis and alcohol together, so all of CERIA's brews are non-alcoholic, and 0.0% at that.  The brewery didn't want to run afoul of any regulations with the

    Oso Under with Alesmith and Alvarado Street Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 10, 2021 43:55

    Collaboration makes the (craft beer) world go 'round The pandemic may have made beer collaborations more difficult, but it didn't stop great brewers from coming together to make tasty beers.  Like most things in our lives these days, collaborations have gone virtual with Zoom meetings and emails and text messages getting the job done.  We're thankful for these virtual collabs because it brings us amazing things like Alesmith Brewing and Alvarado Street Brewing's Oso Under.  A West Coast IPA loaded up with Australia and New Zealand hops. Alesmith's Ryan Crisp and (with the last minute tag in) Alvarado Street's Dave Ilderton, aka Party Wave Dave, join us this week to talk collaboration, brewing mishaps, love for those West Coast IPAs, and the trends that have come and gone.  Crack open something packing a few IBUs and join us.

    Classic American Craft Beers for your 4th of July

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2021 43:55

    July 4, 1776.  America is born.  There are high fives all around.  Samuel Adams breaks out his homebrew to celebrate.  Life is good. This week we take a look at some classic American craft beers.  American craft is fairly young in the grand scheme of things.  Where many European countries have hundreds of years of tradition, we've got 40ish years - with maybe a couple of exceptions.  A little thing called Prohibition threw us off for a while but when we got back in the game, we went all out.  Anchor Steam hit the scene in 1971, Sierra Nevada in 1980, Sam Adams in 1984.  The 90s gave us bold beers from Dogfish Head and saw the brewpub boom where you could always find a Blonde Ale, a Pale Ale a Porter, and in Irish Red.  There were 90 craft breweries in American in 1978 and today there are over 8,800. Our crafty pioneers brought hoppy beers that not everyone took a shine to.  Many people that were used to their American lagers thought the beers were flawed.  But the brewers pushed on and the people developed a taste for hops and bitterness in their beers.  This led to the IBU Wars with 1,000 IBU beers, the soft NEIPAs, and the fruited glitter milkshake DDH I-can't-even-taste-beer beers we have today.  What a ride. To celebrate this journey we sat down with our friend (and show sponsor!) Adam Silverberg from The Nest Kennesaw.  We talk some about the beers that introduced us to craft, dive into the history of these classic brews, and discuss some of the trendy phases we've seen. Whatever you choose to pack your cooler with this 4th of July there's no shortage of amazing American beer to celebrate with.  I'll drink to that.

    Kicking back with Kettlerock Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2021 43:55

    How many Peets does it take to run a brewery? Kettlerock Brewing in Peachtree Corners, GA is a family affair.  When patriarch Stephen Peet retired in 2019 he figured the easiest way to relax was to build a brewery, and bring the whole crew with him.  Stephen and Sterling Peet joined us on the show this week with Diana, Christa, Taylor, and Devon Peet holding down the fort.  That's a lotta Peets. Stephen tells us the focus of the brewery is community, nature, and the environment.  He recalls a slow time and the brewery a a handful of guests sat apart in pairs but soon started chatting with each other, and that's exactly what he hopes Kettlerock fosters. When Sterling isn't brewing, he's a rocket scientist at Georgia Tech's Space Systems Design Laboratory.  He shares some of the projects they've worked on and tells us about CubeSats.  We asked if he's launched any yeast or grain into space and we're disappointed that he hasn't. The Peets were also founding members of the PC Mashers homebrew club.  If you've been  following the show for a while you may recall Jay as the winner of our Homebrewer of the Year in 2018.  Even though they've gone pro they still stay involved with the club. As we chat we get the story behind the Kettlerock name and each beer.  We talk about working with the whole family, and the cozy vibe at the taproom.  Those that think every new beer today is an IPA will be pleased that the taplist is pretty diverse with a Blonde Ale, Belgian Tripel, Kettle Sour, Seltzer, Wee Heavy, Milk Stout, and a couple of IPAs, of course. When you visit the brewery and order the Kettle Sour or Seltzer you'll get a basic, unflavored brew that you can add a flavored syrup to.  As we sampled the sour we realized how long it's been since we've seen one that didn't have fruit in it. Although their beer is only available at the taproom right now they've recently purchased a canning line and will have some available in the market soon.  Maybe we can talk Sterling into turning one of those cans into a CubeSat. The Beer List Kettlerock Brewing Bear Tracks Wee Heavy High Humidity Hazy IPA Mountain House Milk Stout Trailhead Blonde Ale Tripping Hazard Belgian Tripel Variable Conditions Kettle Sour Craft Beer News Denver's Iconic Falling Rock Taphouse Has Announced It's Shutting Down An Update on The Black is Beautiful Beer Project Founder Lynne Weaver is Buying Three Weavers Back From CANarchy

    Live at Little Beer Fest

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    Beers don't have to be big to be beautiful Last weekend we headed over to Duluth, GA to party with our friends from Good Word Brewing as they celebrated the beauty of small beers. The festival had brewers from all over the country offering up beers under 5% ABV.  There were plenty of lagers as well as some saisons and grisettes, sours, and even some porters and stouts.  In the day of TIPAs and double-digit pastry stouts it's nice to celebrate the drinkin' beers.  We've been preaching Pilsners for year; we knew others would eventually come around. Fighting our best against the DJ that I swear aimed a speaker right at us, we sat down to chat with a few of the brewers at the event.  We talk with Ryan and Todd from Good Word about how the fest came to be and why they wanted a festival of all low ABV beers.  Joran and Shawn from Halfway Crooks Beer chat about their love for lagers and the cult following their LAGER LAGER LAGER LAGER merchandise has. We ran into Crooked Run's Jake Endress who joined us early this year and talked with him about small beer and small wine and Andrew from Thin Man sits down to talk macro lagers and the interesting bowel movements of the wombat.  Enjoy

    BJ's Brewhouse with Alex Puchner

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 5, 2021 43:55

    How much beer do you need to brew to serve 200 restaurants? Alex Puchner has been with BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse since they started brewing 25 years ago.  It's a unique setup they have there at BJ's, with a group of breweries across the country supplying beer to the 200+ restaurants in their chain.  A lot of beer. Alex joined us this week to talk about his early days of brewing with the legendary Maltose Falcons homebrew club and his adventure with BJ's.  We learned about their core beers, their new brew club, and some of the brews coming out of their R&D brewery. We sampled a few of their beers including a fantastic Coffee Blonde and their Cookies and Cream Pizookie Porter.  A mild take on a pastry brew, which Alex says is about as wild as he's going to get. The Beer List BJ's Brewhouse 25th Silver Bock Brewhouse Blonde (Kolsch) Coffee Cult Blonde Committed DIPA Cookies and Cream Pizookie Porter Jeremiah Red

    Philly Beer Week

    Play Episode Listen Later May 29, 2021 43:55

    Philly Beer Week... It's Essential Living in Atlanta I can tell you it's not an easy task to host a great beer week, but Philly Beer Week has it down pretty good. A lot of this is thanks to Philly Loves Beer and the efforts of Executive Director Christina Dowd.  She works with local brewers and bars to promote beer across Philadelphia and much of her time is spent coordinating the events of Philly Beer Week.  Dowd and Varga Bar owner Rich Colli joined us on the show to talk about what it takes to make a great beer week and share some of the fun things they've got planned for this year. The theme this year is "It's Essential" and after being locked up for over a year some good beers with good friends has got to be one of the most essential things good, food and shelter can step aside.  Events will be a mix of in-person and virtual for 2021 so you can enjoy some of the festivities no matter where you are.  Check out the calendar for a full list of what's happening. Cheers to you if you're already in Philly, if not then maybe you're ready for a beercation.  Philly Beer Week 2021 is June 4th - 13th. (I'm no mathologist but that sounds like it's more than a week.)

    Getting Juiced with Oskar Blues

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    R&D makes the world go 'round at Oskar Blues Oskar Blues Head Brewer Juice Drapeau loves to brew experimental beers.  These R&D batches give them the chance to try out new hops, malt, and yeasts, and ultimately impacts the beers we see brewed in huge quantities to be distributed across the country.  Their Guava Rodeo uses a very cool yeast known as Sourvisiae that makes a beer lightly tart without the need for lactobacillus or lactic acid.  Pretty cool stuff. Drapeau and Sr. Marketing Manager Aaron Baker joined us on the show this week to chat about the fun of R&D brewing and a host of other topics.  We learn about what it means to be part of the CANarchy Collective and the benefits it affords the member breweries.    On the heels of their Mustard Beer collaboration with French's we talk about any other possible condiment beers, and offer some terrible ideas of our own.  We also talk about their "Death by" series with the ever-popular Death by Coconut and the upcoming Death by Flapjacks. SMaSH for Stache to support brain cancer research Another recent collaboration for Oskar Blues was with StacheStrong, a charity that supports brain cancer research.  This Single Malt and Single Hop (SMaSH) IPA is brewed with Sabro hops and Pale Genie, an award-winning Colorado malt.  Drapeau tells us the malt offers a wonderful taste of the local terroir.  I couldn't taste the Colorado myself, but can verify it is a tasty beer for a great cause. And a special shout out to Bryan Crass of RockSolid Brewing who stopped by the studio to say hello and share some of his tasty beers! The Beer List Oskar Blues Brewery Guava Rodeo Sour with tangerines Oskar's Lager SMaSH for Stache IPA Thick Haze NEIPA RockSolid Brewing Coconut Cojones Imperial Pastry Stout No Limes Required Mexican Lager Weekend Juice West Coast DIPA Craft Beer News A Tidal Wave of Sexual Harassment Allegations Have Hit the Brewing Industry After a 2 Year Hiatus Het Anker is Returning to the U.S. A Man in Ohio Attempted to Steal a 14 Cases Of Beer More Colorado Beer WeldWerks Brewing is Always Innovating | Ep. 250 Ancient Ales and Historical Brewing with Beer Archaeologist Travis Rupp | Ep. 191 Gluten-free craft beer with Holidaily Brewing Co. | Ep. 167

    Hop Tea and Hop Water with Hoplark

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    Hoplark with Hot Talk on Hop Tea and Hop Water You know we love our beer, but we do dabble in alternative beverages.  This week we're getting all fancy and sipping tea... with plenty of hops. Hoplark co-founder Dean Eberhardt joins us on the show this week to talk about his Hop Tea and Hop Water.  We learn what got the ball rolling on Hoplark, and we get educated on the many varieties of teas. We ask Dean for some pairing suggestions for his hop teas, but he tries to get us to exercise and tells us the pair great with a long bike ride.  That may be, but I'm gonna try mine with some wings, Dean. Seriously, though.  These teas and waters are pretty tasty and give you another choice if you want something crafty and hoppy but can't (or don't want to) have alcohol.  Take one into the next meeting with your boss and sip it while he goes over those quarterly reports.  It will make it so much better. Since there's no alcohol you can get Hoplark direct from their website at  They're also available in whole foods, with future plans to get distribution at bottle shops.  Check 'em out. Their core varieties are: The Citra Bomb | White Tea double dry-hopped with Citra The Really Hoppy One | Black Tea with Simcoe and Citra (this is the one for IPA fans) The Green Tea One | Green tea and Mosaic The White Tea One | White Tea with Lemondrop and Simcoe (lighter, Tim dug this one) We also tried the Sabro and Mosaic Hop Waters and those are pretty dope.

    Brewing Forward with Victory Brewing

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    Victory founder Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet talk 25 years of Victory Beers After 25 years, Victory Brewing isn't slowing down. They're goal to Brew Forward means they're doubling down on quality, commitment, and community. As we talk with founder Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet we discovered what it means to be a successful brewer. Barchet is once again able to homebrew. That's success, growing to a point where you don't have to be on the brew deck all the time and can finally enjoy a homebrew. He's done it up right, too. His barn is designed for brewing, with the drains and all, plus a 1 Hectoliter (around 25 gallons) brewhouse. That's how you do it. Victory's Brother Love IPA is a tasty brew and we learn more about that beer and its mission.  We talk about what it was like 25 years ago, what they think of today's brewing scene, and what they see in their crystal ball for the next 25 years. We sip some of that Brotherly Love and some Sour Monkey.  And Brian brings the heat with a vintage bottle of 2015 Sour Monkey.  Good times. #drinkyourcellar

    Jackie O's talks sustainable brewing and new Columbus location

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    Jackie O's Brewery doesn't seem to be interested in bringing back malt liquor We started out our talk with Jackie O's Pub & Brewery founder Art Oestrike by talking on a topic we're passionate about - 40s of malt liquor.  The brewery has brewed malt liquor in the past and we asked Art if it was time to do another one, and make it available in 40-oz bottles.  "Who wants that?" he replied.  We do, Art.  We do. After gathering ourselves, we carried on with co-Directors of Brewing Operations Seth Morton and Alan Gordon.  We learned about the origins of Jackie O's brewery and how Art's mother inspired the name,  Oestrike shared his passion for sustainability in his business, they brew with 40% solar power and return what they don't use to the grid.  They also have a farm where they grow some of the ingredients for their beer and food, and a bake shop to supply pastries and breads. Morton and Gordon tell us about a few of their new beers and we get into a discussion on CO2 recapture and the costs and benefits to a brewery.  Finally, we learn about their upcoming Columbus, OH expansion.  Our friend in the area tells us they've got a huge patio coming up.  Good times all around.   The Beer List Jackie O's Brewery Dark Apparition BBA Imperial Stout Hank's Premium Pilsner Thread Count BBA Imperial Stout brewed with honey and lactose and conditioned on cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and orange zest  Under a Cloud NEIPA Craft Beer News St. Bernardus is Turning 75, and They’re Doing Some Fun Stuff To Celebrate Brits Are Drinking More Beer Than Brewers Can Make States Are Beginning to Roll Back Meal Requirements with Drinks Service Don't miss these other great episodes... Smoked Beer and More with Switchback Brewing’s Bill Cherry | Ep. 266 Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey and Port Brewing | Ep. 242 MadTree Brewing | Ep. 213 If you enjoy the show please consider supporting us on Patreon.

    Red Top Brewhouse puts customer safety first

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    An unfortunate situation at Red Top Brewhouse gave them time to shine Red Top Brewhouse is located in the fairly quiet town of Acworth, GA.  Most everyone is pretty chill, but people can get out of line anywhere.  Brewer Dave Sheets and Marketing Director Chris Henderson joined us this week to talk about a recent incident at their brewery, barrel-aged beers, cocktails, and soleras. Recently, a female guest used a "code word" with the bartender to let him know she was uncomfortable with the advances of a male guest.  The bartender took immediate action and removed the guest from the premises without further issue.  In each restroom at Red Top there is a sign letting guests know the code word to use if they feel unsafe.  One word  if they just want to be separated from the person and another if they want them removed and the police called.  Previously, these code words were only listed in the women's restrooms, but at the urging of guests they are now in the men's room as well as their gender-neutral restroom.  Henderson notes that everyone should feel safe when they visit Red Top Brewhouse. We also talked about the brewery's new beers, self-serve tap wall, their barrel-aging program and sour beers and soleras.  Sheets is a fan of lambic-style beers and plans to have American versions of these styles on at the brewery as well as a great selection of beers from other breweries. As a full-service brewpub, they are also working on a new cocktail menu,  Sheets came to the studio with a full cocktail bar and whipped up some Old Fashioneds to get things started, what a way to start. The Beer List Red Top Brewhouse Honey Honey Saison Mercy Risin' DIPA Monday Night Brewing Taco Time Mexican-style Lager Craft Beer News The States With the Most Craft Breweries in 2020 New Belgium Has Released an Intentionally Awful Ale Beer Consumption Was Down Big in the Czech Republic. Really Big. More Georgia Beer Iron Hill Brewery celebrates 25 years | Ep. 269 Getting Wild with Monday Night Brewing | Ep. 259 Like Father, Like Son at Six Bridges Brewing | Ep. 251 If you enjoy the show plus support us on Patreon!

    Iron Hill Brewery celebrates 25 years

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    While other 90s brewpubs have disappeared, Iron Hill Brewery only gets stronger Do you remember the brewpub boom of the 1990s?  It seemed like there was one on every corner.  John Harvard's and Hops were a couple favorites in Atlanta, and Sundays on the patio of Atlanta Beer Garten listening to 99x's Resurrection Sunday still conjures very fond memories.  All of those brewpubs are long gone, along with many others founded during the 90s boom.  Beating the odds, Mark Edelson's Iron Hill Brewery is still going strong, and getting stronger. Edelson joined us on the show this week to talk about what gave his brewpub staying power over the years and what's in store for the future.  We talk about his days as a member of the board at the Brewers Association alongside the likes of Mitch Steele, Ken Grossman, Peter Bouckaert, and Mr. Charlie Papazian.  He tells us about the challenges of defining a "craft brewery" and shares his thoughts on the biggest challenges today's brewers face. Iron Hill has the impressive distinction of winning medals at the Great American Beer Festival for 20+ consecutive years included being named Best Brewpub.  As the brewery approaches their 25th anniversary this November Edelson has plans for some big beers, he reveals the "big one" on the show this week.  We chat about their new production brewery in Exton, PA and their entry into the distribution market, as well as recent events at their newest pub right here in Atlanta.  Oh, and some chatter about cave-aged beers and cheeses. The Beer List Iron Hill Brewery Homestead Farmhouse Ale Dankonia NEIPA Partake Blonde (Another dive into our #DoctorsOrders NA beer series) Craft Beer News Sam Adams is Buying A Beer For People Who Post Vaccination Proof on Social Media Busch Wants to Put Your Pup To Work as Its Official Dog Brew Taster 100% Cave-Aged, Spontaneously-Fermented Beer Collaboration Being Released More Great Brewpubs The Cannon Brewpub with Brewmaster Charles McLendon | Ep. 220 Wrecking Bar Brewpub | Ep. 123 LOVE THE SHOW?  PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON!

    Roadmap Brewing, where all roads lead to beer

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    Sometimes Roadmap Brewing Co.'s Dustin Baker misses the classroom Before opening Roadmap Brewing Co. founder and brewer Dustin Baker was a middle school teacher.  He admits that sometimes he still misses the classroom.  When we spoke Sant Antonio had hit 100° that day, I think a cool and comfortable classroom would sound pretty good to me, too.  Baker got started brewing after he received a homebrew kit as a wedding gift and with lots of help from his wife and parents, Roadmap Brewing came to life in 2018. Although Dallas / Fort Worth and Houston have thriving beer scenes, Baker admits San Antonio is just starting to catch up.  He's doing his part by offer awesome brews like Italian Pilsners, English Pub Ales, and of course plenty of IPAs and Sours.  We talk some on the Italian Pilsner and even dive into Gruit, a beer-like brew made without hops - although they cheated a bit and added a few to theirs...  We even discuss the greatness of the minivan, as Baker is a proud Mini Van Dad. If you take a trip to San Antonio make sure to stop by for a pint or two.  The brewery is a short walk from the Alamo, which we're told is actually kind of underwhelming.  Oh well, that will leave plenty of time for enjoying tasty beers. The Beer List Roadmap Brewing Craven Cottage ESB Electric Skateboard Session IPA Lil Rhody NE IPA Mini Van Dad DIPA Minor in Italian (Italian Pilsner) Professor Plum’s Alibi (Fruited Kettle Sour) Samoa Cookie Stout Craft Beer News Brewers Association Has Released Their Industry Production Report for 2020 Bart Watson Says Craft Beer Will Likely Return to Growth in 2021 Beer Brewing Simulator Game is Coming to PlayStation in 2022 More Great Texas Breweries Pat Korn heads to Texas as Brewmaster at Vista Brewing | Ep. 175 Sipping Sasquatch with 903 Brewers | Ep. 173

    Back Paddle Brewing with Kyle McCloud and Jason Slater

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    Back Paddle Brewing brings craft beer to tiny Lincolnton, Georgia Back Paddle Brewing is a newer brewery in the small town of  Lincolnton, GA.  They are the first, and only, brewery in town and in an area that isn't exactly craft-focused.  Owner Kyle McCloud and Head Brewer Jason Slater spend time with their new customers educating them on craft beer but they still get plenty of people looking for something that "tastes like Bud Light." McCloud opened his brewery on a tight budget and built much of the space himself, including his brewhouse.  Without the budget for expensive, jacketed fermenters that would allowing cooling his beer to proper fermentation temperatures for most yeast he decided to brew with all kveik and Norwegian Farmhouse yeasts instead.  These unique yeasts are able to do their work at higher temperatures than most others.  Back Paddle offers many styles that you don't typically see using kveik, like an Imperial Stout and Scottish Ale.  We also discuss the brewery's mission to support his community through his #beer4good program and donate to veterans' organizations.  [caption id="attachment_47626" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Back Paddle Owner Kyle McCloud presents a check to The Fallen Outdoors Georgia Chapter as part of his #beer4good program. (Photo: Back Paddle Brewing)[/caption] Never Alone IPA seeks to raise mental health awareness and suicide prevention We also speak with DJ Brian Orlando about his collaboration with Long Island's 1940s Brewing Company.  Never Alone is a DDH NEIPA that supports mental health awareness and suicide prevention by donating a portion of their proceeds.  Orlando lost a friend to her battle with depression and he supports these causes any way he can. Two years ago he brought members of Candlebox, Wheatus, and Sponge together to shoot a video for Choose Song at the brewery for the same cause.  You can view the video by scanning a QR code on a can of Never Alone, or right here. Mental health awareness and suicide prevention resources National Institute of Mental Health - Awareness and Education National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call: 800-273-8255 Chat: Official Website The Beer List Back Paddle Brewing Battle of Dunvegan Scottish Ale Cat Lying in the Sun Tripel Couldn’t See the Ground Imperial Stout Old Fashioned Superstition Lager Sheets of Empty Canvas Back IPA W.A.P. IPA Craft Beer News The Brewers Association’s List of the Top 50 Breweries for 2020 An Illegally Bulldozed London Pub Was Reconstructed Brick By Brick A Virginia Brewery Is Seeking Recognition For The World’s Hottest Beer More Great Breweries Going Strapless with Bootstrap Brewing | Ep. 252 Sixpoint Brewery talks Lager Love and Beer Education | Ep. 247 Non-alcoholic craft beer with Bravus Brewing Co. | Ep. 244 If you enjoy the show please consider supporting us on Patreon!

    Smoked Beer and More with Switchback Brewing's Bill Cherry

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    Switchback Brewing is going to smoke all the beers Switchback Brewing founder Bill Cherry has a passion for smoked beers.  He approaches smoke from a culinary standpoint, not to overwhelm the beer with smoky notes but to add depth and character to the beer while showing smoke as a legitimate flavor component. Through their Flynn of Fire Smoked Beer Initiative Switchback shows off the world of smoked malts.  Their "Smoke-ometer" shows you what percentage of smoked malt is in each beer and you may be surprised at the subtleties of a beer with 25% of the malt bill smoked.  However, Switchback's top-selling beer is smoke-free.  Switchback Ale is not only the brewery's top seller but also the #1 selling beer in Vermont.  The beer was developed as a "flavor concept" and doesn't necessarily adhere to any specific style.  It's a drinkable amber-ish beer that blurs the lines between complexity and simplicity. We also discuss Switchback's upcoming 20th anniversary and the decision to make the brewery 100% employee owned. Although I went into the show a smoke hater I left with a greater appreciation for smoky beers and what can be down with smoked malt.  I'm still not on board for in in-your-face Rauchbier, but I'm down with what Switchback is doing. The Beer List Switchback Ale (American Amber) Barrel-Aged Blackstrap Ale (Flynn on Fire Series) Bisounnay Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Saison (Flynn on Fire Series) Unkel Dunkel (Flynn on Fire Series) Craft Beer News Stone Has Agreed to Pay In Excess of $1.8 Million To the TTB Sierra Nevada Set a Guinness Record With a Keg and a Trebuchet A Hack Forced Molson Coors To Stop Making Beer More from Vermont breweries 14th Star Brewing with co-founder Steve Gagner | Ep. 193 Lawson’s Finest Liquids with Sean Lawson | Ep. 190 von Trapp Brewing | Ep. 127

    The Saison Show - Origins, Style Profile, and Homebrewing Tips

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    We want to Make Saisons Cool Again It wasn't that long ago that saisons were one of the popular styles.  Several breweries offered up some variation or another and a lot of great collaborations came about.  The saisons are still there, they just don't have the hype they used to.  We'd love to see them come back around. The saison style started in 1700s in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium.   Each farm brewed their own take on these Farmhouse Ales in the cold months for seasonal farm workers (Saisonnièrs) to drink during the warm months.  This gave farm workers something to do in the cold months, used up any excess grain, and provided a clean and safe source of hydration for farm workers.  Each worker may drink up to 5 Liters per day of these low ABV (3.0-3.5%) beers as they toiled away.  As each farm used the resources they had available it was difficult to nail down an exact saison style at the time.  Today, the style has some definition but still offers up a lot of variation.  The alcohol content has creeped up a bit and the ones that fall into the range of the originals are known as a Table Beer. Saison lovers Britt Teusink of brewery in planning Frameshift Fermentation and Brandon King of Stout Brothers Beer Markets joined us on the show this week to dive into the style.  Teusink plans to brew a variety of saisons at Frameshift and has his own blended culture to provide a unique character to each of his brews. Saison Lovers Unite!  (L-R) Brian Hewitt, Britt Teusink of Frameshift Fermentation, Brandon King of The Stout Bros., and Tim Dennis. The Award-winning Synesthesia Saison Recipe Saison is a great style for new homebrewers to try out as the yeast is very open to higher temperatures that don't require temperature control.  Pitch your yeast at room temperature and let it go and you should end up with a great saison.  For the malt bill you can use all Pilsner malt, or toss in some spelt or wheat to your liking.  Experienced homebrewers can expand on the style with the huge variety of yeasts available or culture their own. Here's our recipe for Synesthesia Saison.  We've consumed gallons of this beer and it's won a handful of medals in homebrew competitions.  If you try it out let us know what you think. Synesthesia Saison Type: All-grain Batch size: 5.5 gallons OG: 1.053 FG: 1.006 Efficiency: 70% ABV: 6.2% IBU: 23 Ingredients 8 lbs 8 oz Pilsner Malt 1 lb 8 oz White Wheat 1/2 oz Hallertauer @ FWH 1/2 oz Saaz @ 60 minutes 1 lb Belgian Simplicity Candi Syrup @ 10 minutes 1.0 oz Mosaic @ flame-out for 10 minutes WLP566 Belgian Saison II Yeast Process Mash for 75 minutes at 148°F and sparge to target volume.  Boil 120 minutes following addition schedule above.  Chill to 67°F and pitch healthy yeast into well oxygenated wort.  Start fermentation at 67° and ramp 5° every 24 hours to 90°, allow to ferment for a total of 14 days, verifying FG is reached.  Bottle condition to 3.0 vols for at least a month (you can drink it earlier but it’s much better after a month+), beer develops champagne-like characteristics with age. The Beer List Allagash Saison Violette Boulevard Saison Brett Creature Comforts Common Things Dupont / Allagash Brewer's Bridge Jester King / Buddha's Brew Collab (saison and kombucha hybrid) Saison Dupont Variant Dream Balloon Craft Beer News An Overwhelming Majority of Beer Drinkers Want Direct-To-Consumer Shipping An Online Writing Platform is Looking for Beer Hangover Testers Goldman Sachs Says No- and Low-Alcohol Beers Could Reach $3 Billion by 2025 Check out these farm-fresh episodes Saison Season with Logsdon Farmhouse Ales | Ep. 235 Boulevard Brewing’s Steven Pauwels | Ep. 180 Farmhouse Funk with Fonta Flora’s Todd Boera | Episode 152  

    Social Fox Brewing on Oenobeer and 1st Anniversary

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    Social Fox Brewing powers through the pandemic to celebrate 1st Anniversary It wasn't by choice that Social Fox Brewing opened at the start of the pandemic.  However, they've made the best of it and soon they'll be celebrating their first anniversary.  The Social Fox crew joined us in the studio this week to share some beers and chat.  Head Brewer Craig Smith along with co-owners Mike Greene, Mark Klafter, and Scott Norwood all came along for the ride. Social Fox recently released their first beers in cans and has more in the pipeline.  They recently released Straight Outta Norcross, a West Coast IPA, to give visitors a break from all the haze out there.  Gold Belt Golden Ale also offers a drinking beer when you just want to take it easy and not overthink what's in your glass.  On the opposite side of that coin they've also released some Oenobeers, a beer-wine hybrid, and plan to brew more of those as well. As the weather warms up (at least here in the South) we talk about seasonal drinking and how much that impacts our beer choices.  You know we're not scared of a stout in Summer, but it is nice to look forward to those fair weather beers. Look for Social Fox cans around Georgia or visit their taproom in downtown Norcross. Social Fox Brewing 20 Skin Alley Norcross, GA  30071 470-359-4109 The Beer List Social Fox Gold Belt Golden Ale Social Fox Straight Outta Norcross West Coast IPA Social Fox Tumblefield IPA Alesmith Kickbackrelax Crushable IPA Highland Brewing High Pines IPA Craft Beer (and Coffee) News Platform Beer Company Has Closed Their Columbus, OH Tap Room Researchers Have Made Big Strides in Expanding Our Understanding of the Hop Genome Aging Beer Was Stolen From A Sunken Ship of the Coast of Argentina Check out these other great episodes Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey and Port Brewing | Ep. 242 Ninjas and Unicorns and Pipeworks Brewing | Ep. 238 Stouts are for Summer with Orpheus Brewing’s Jason Pellett | Ep. 179

    Coffee and coffee beer with Apotheos Roastery

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    Bringing coffee and beer together makes for one great beverage Adding coffee to beer in modern brewing only goes back a few decades but individually both have been enjoyed for centuries.  For coffee, the story traces back to an Ethiopian goatherder who noticed his flock full of energy and "dancing" after eating a small red fruit off of some shrubs.  The goatherder  figured he'd give it a shot as well and soon joined his energetic goats.  The origins of beer, as we've discussed before, isn't crystal clear, but suffice it to say beer has been a part of our lives for a long time. We sat down this week with Apotheos Roastery's Adam Silverberg, Dale Hughes, and Jason White to learn more about that coffee origin story and how it spread across the world.  White also shares some info with us on the roasting process and the flavors in coffee that compliment our beloved beers.  We sample a few brews as we chat and we all left dancing like a bunch of goats. Visit Apotheos Roastery in Kennesaw, GA or order online.  Apotheos also has a subscription service to try their newest blends every month. Apotheos Roastery 2871 Cherokee Street Kennesaw, GA  30144 404-665-5350 Hours | Mon-Fri 10-6, closed on Saturday and Sunday Shop and Subscribe | The Beer List Allagash Barrel and Bean Carton Regular Coffee Founders KBS 2017 Founders KBS 2020 Monday Night Brewing Loving Cup Craft Beer (and Coffee) News A High Percentage of Hawaiian Competition-Winning Coffee Lots Using Controlled Fermentation Del Hall is Going on a Beer-Only Diet For Lent Again This Year Heineken is Cutting 8,000 Jobs As Part of Their Plan To “Move Beyond Beer” Check out some of our other episodes Bourbon: Origins, tasting, and recommendations | Ep. 261 Diversity in Craft Beer with Atlantucky and Leaders of the Brew School | Ep. 248 Ancient Ales and Historical Brewing with Beer Archaeologist Travis Rupp | Ep. 191

    Music and Malört with Mikerphone Brewing

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    Mikerphone Brewing's Mike Pallen is inspired by music Mikerphone Brewing founder and owner Mike Pallen didn't set out to be a brewer.  Although his dad worked at Miller, he didn't want his son to follow in his footsteps and urged him to go to college.  So Pallen did just that.  After getting his degree he began a career in the music industry with the ultimate goal to work at Capitol Records in Los Angeles.  That didn't happen.  However, along the way he found his love for brewing and after working at a couple of Chicago breweries he decided to start his own. Music was still very much in his blood and that inspires every beer made at Mikerphone.  Each beer is named after a song our group.  The artwork reflects the names with some familiar nods as well as some that take a bit of thought.  The artists portrayed on the beers have been mostly supportive.  When Pallen received an email from Eminem's management over his Slim Hazy beer he expected a request to cease and desist.  Instead, they loved the name and even met with Pallen in New York. Mikerphone Brewing's Mike Pallen having fun with some barrels. (Photo: Mikerphone Brewing) The allure of Smells Like Bean Spirit If you have limited knowledge of Mikerphone's beers you probably know of Smells Like Bean Spirit stout.  The label reflects Nirvana's Nevermind album, very accurately.  "Bean Spirit" has seen many variations with different coffees and adjuncts.  Pallen put a lot of work into the best method to use to get the coffee into Bean Spirit to get the best flavor and minimize the possibly of bringing the green pepper taste that can happen.  It worked.  We sampled the Barrel Aged Super Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit as we talked.  It's thick and luscious and paints the inside of your glass while delivering huge dark chocolate, coffee, and maple.  Mikerphone has plenty more to come in this series. Mikerphone Brewing Malört Crush Crush Crush is coming for your enjoyment. (Photo: Mikerphone Brewing) Beer aged in Malört barrels? If you know Malört you'd think it would be the the last barrel a brewer would reach for to age their beer.  But when the distiller reached out to Pallen to see if he wanted first crack at some to age beer he didn't hesitant to jump at the opportunity.  The brewery received excellent feedback on the first beer they did in the barrels, a Pilsner.  Coming up are a milkshake IPA and solera saison, and Smells Like Bean Spirit will get the Malört treatment as well.  Pallen said he can't wait to showcase, and for others to see, what the barrels impart to their base beers. The pandemic may prevent a huge party but Mikerphone is going to celebrate their 6th anniversary the best they can.  They're brewing up six beers for the occasion that will be available at the brewery.  Pallen is also starting to think of a second location for the brewery in Wisconsin and he reveals the name he has in mind as well as the awesome concept. The Beer List Crush Crush Crush | Vanilla Orange Milkshake IPA Do You Remember the Time | Brett Farmhouse 2 year Solera Flagpole Citra | DDH IPA In a Blender Smoothie | Berliner with strawberry peach and banana Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit Double Canadian Maple Barrel Aged Super Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit Thursty DIPA Craft Beer News The World’s Oldest Mass Production Brewery Has Been Discovered in Egypt Los Angeles Health Inspector is Caught on Camera Dancing in a Brewery Heineken is Cutting 8,000 Jobs As Part of Their Plan To “Move Beyond Beer” More Chicagoland Beer Off Color Brewing with co-founder John Laffler | Ep. 223 Revolution Brewing with John “Jumpy” Palos | Ep. 202 The Chicago Brewseum | Ep. 198

    Bourbon: Origins, Tasting, and Recommendations

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    Whiskey comes in many forms, but bourbon is America's spirit The origins of bourbon are both known and debated.  We know early settlers in Virginia and Kentucky made use of the abundance of corn to distill their whiskey, but there are a variety of stories on who was first to put it in a new, charred oak barrel and to actually call it bourbon.  No matter the exact origins of bourbon we now have a spirit that is all American to enjoy.  Congress declared so in 1964 stating that bourbon is a "distinctive product of the United States."  Score one for America. We're joined this week by Bruce Tierney, all around aficionado and spirit consultant to Dekalb Bottle House.  Tierney shares with us the history of bourbon, let's us know what it takes to call a whiskey bourbon, and offers some suggestions on affordable options to test the waters as well as some of the rarer bourbons to seek out.  We also discuss what flavors to look for when tasting as well as common off flavors, and a quick course on how to taste your bourbon. There's much more information on bourbon than we could cover in this show so we've included additional information and resources here.  Side note, if you're used to sampling beer in 4 oz pours know that 4-5 1 oz pours of bourbon kick harder than you think.  Proceed with caution. Copper pot stills at ASW Distillery in Atlanta, GA (Photo: Thechadwix, CC BY-SA 4.0) What makes a whiskey bourbon? Must be produced in the United States Many people mistakenly believe bourbon must be made in Kentucky but it can be made anywhere in the US.  Several other countries support the American origin, but some do not.  Be careful when purchasing overseas. Must be made from at least 51% corn Has to be aged in new, charred oak barrels Can be distilled to no more than 160 proof.  Higher proof distillation begins to strip flavors. Has to be entered into the barrel for aging at no more than 125 proof Must be bottled at 80 proof or more There is no minimum age requirement for bourbon as long as it meets the above guidelines Outside of these requirements there are several variations allowed such as wheated and "high rye" bourbons, bottled-in-bond, straight bourbon and blended bourbons. How to begin your bourbon experience Tierney has offered up his very detailed advice on how to get started with bourbon including notes for selecting a bourbon, glassware and tasting. My first recommendation for someone new to bourbon is to start your experience by tasting standard bourbons from the major producers first before deciding if you want to branch out and try other brands. I recommend brands that tend to be between 90-100 proof. Yes, that may seem a bit hotter at first but they also tend to be more flavorful. The minimum permitted proof is 80 proof and at that point you are drinking a good bit more water than bourbon anyway! If it seems intimidating to shell out the money to buy a bunch of different bourbons you are right! Although all of the major bourbon producers have a brand that costs in the $20-35 range it can still be a lot of money. Pick a couple that are of interest or are readily available in your area and start with those first. Don't try too many different brands to start with. Or if you are fortunate enough to live near a bar with a good bourbon selection start by tasting different bourbons a glass at a time if you don't want to commit to buying a full bottle. Any bourbon bar worth its name will have many if not all of the standard brands from the major distilleries. If they don't then you are in the wrong place! Try to learn a bit about the different bourbons you have selected. The internet can be your friend here. I can personally recommend as a good source for information about bourbon and many other types of spirits. Remember all bourbon is made from at least 51% corn but what is the rest of recipe of grains, known as the mashbill, that makes up the bourbon? Most bourbon use either rye or wheat as the "flavoring grain" in addition to the corn and a little bit of malted barley when you are buying brands from the major distilleries. Many people think of rye as making bourbon a bit spicier although to meet it seems a bit earthier than spicier. Is it mostly corn with a little bit of rye? Buffalo Trace falls into this category. Or does it have a lot of rye? Four Roses Single Barrel is one of the higher rye content bourbons. Maybe make those two your first choices and see which you like better! Most other brands tend to fall somewhere in between. Or is it a bourbon with wheat as the flavoring grain? This type is a bit less common but still readily available. Basic options include Maker's Mark, Larceny and Weller. Perhaps start your journey with a rye bourbon and a wheated bourbon. After you have tried your choices several times you can decide which one you prefer and then try something more similar to see what appeals to you. Try tasting the bourbon without adding anything at first. That means no ice, no water. Once you find a few you like you can then drink them however you like. But learning how to taste Bourbon is different from drinking Bourbon. Try to acquire a glass made for tasting bourbon and other spirits. A typical rocks glass works fine for drinking but to appreciate the aroma as well as the flavor a glass like a Glencairn that narrows a bit at the top helps hold in the aroma. A small tapered white wine glass can also work well but just be careful how much you pour! What looks like a small pour in a wine glass can be quite large. Have some water available. Water is useful to cleanse your palate between tastes in addition to keeping you well hydrated! It is also useful if you want to add a drop or two to your bourbon but only after first trying it without any water. An eye dropper is useful for adding water a drop or two at a time rather than just trying to pour a small amount in. You can always add more drops but you can't take water back out if you pour too much in. Try to think about what you taste and smell as you drink the bourbon. It is very useful when first starting out to take notes about each bourbon you try. Consider getting a small notebook to take those notes and be able to look at the notes from bourbons you may have tried earlier. Bourbon drinkers tend to refer to the flavors they appreciate when tasting by a variety of names. Does it have caramel or vanilla flavors? Fruity or herbal flavors? Woody or buttery flavors? If you are struggle to come up with descriptions don't panic! Instead, perhaps try looking up a Bourbon Flavor Wheel on line to help you try to determine what you are tasting. Four broad categories to think about when trying a bourbon include Appearance, Aroma, Taste, and Finish. Try not to look at reviews by somebody else before you taste. That will tend to put certain flavors and characteristics in your head. Instead do your own review first and then see what others said afterwards. Also, everyone's palate is different and your own palate can change over time depending on what you have eaten or been doing recently so what somebody else describes may not be what you taste. You may also want to taste the same bourbon several times over a period of days before making a decision on whether you like it or not. Note the color of the bourbon by holding it up to a light or placing a clean white sheet of paper behind the glass. Is it light and amber or dark brown? Is there a reddish hint to the color? Swirl it gently and see how quickly it and slides back down in the glass. The streaks or “legs” that appear may quickly drip down or it may happen a bit slower suggesting a more thick or viscous whiskey. Check the smell or "nose" of the bourbon. Open your mouth slightly and give it a gentle sniff by putting your nose practically in the opening of the glass. Do so gently because initially you make pick up strong scent of alcohol before you get the aroma of the bourbon itself. Don't gulp the bourbon down in a single quick swallow! Instead take a moderate sip and then let the liquid move across your mouth and tongue. Yes, it may burn a bit initially but you will eventually adapt to that. You will pick up different flavors on different parts of your tongue and mouth that you will otherwise miss out on. You can even “chew” on the bourbon gently to let it coat your mouth. Take your time before you swallow! Finally swallow the bourbon and try to appreciate the finish of the bourbon before reaching for the water! Does the taste linger awhile or disappear quickly? Did the flavor change by getting more sweet or bitter or fruity in nature? Pulling barrel samples at the Buffalo Trace Distillery (Photo: Buffalo Trace Distillery) The ten major bourbon distilleries Barton 1792 Distillery Sazerac owned Barton's primary brand is known these days simply as 1792. In the past they made an excellent budget bourbon called Very Old Barton 100 proof, a six-year-old bourbon that delivered great flavor for less than $20. But it was not not widely available and the six-year age statement was eliminated a few years ago. Barton doesn't really have a special limited release but has recently moved to expand their line of whiskeys with several new brands. But for someone new to bourbon the 1792 brand is the place to start. Brown Forman This distillery is primarily known for the brand Old Forester although the also make a brand called Early Times. Old Forrester 100 proof is readily available at a decent price and the recent release of Early Times Bottled in Bond is also well priced if sometimes less readily available. Brown-Forman has an ongoing release of other specialty bourbons and one annual allocated release known as Birthday Bourbon that celebrates the birthday of the founder, George Garvin Brown. It used to be more readily available and decently priced but has more than tripled in price over the last 8 or so years and is as hard to get as any of the special releases. The best place for the new bourbon drinker start is the standard Old Forester 100 proof. Buffalo Trace Buffalo Trace is a distillery with many brands that is owned by the Sazerac company. It has of course become the darling of the bourbon world primarily because of one name and that name, of course, is Pappy Van Winkle.  But Pappy is the brand of another company run by the descendants of Pappy Van Winkle. They currently source all of their bourbon from Buffalo Trace using the same mashbill as the Weller line of what is known as “wheated bourbon”. It is different from bourbon made under the various Buffalo Trace brand names because the Van Winkle family chooses bourbon that fits a particular flavor profile that they feel best represents their products.  Among the different Buffalo Trace brands that you may be familiar with are Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, EH Taylor and the Weller line of bourbons. Also from Buffalo Trace are several sought after but currently hard to find brands like Blanton's and Elmer T. Lee. The big annual special release from Buffalo Trace is known as the Antique Collection which includes George T Stagg, William Larue Weller and Eagle Rare 17 year-old bourbons along with Thomas H. Handy and Sazerac 18 year-old rye.  These have become extremely difficult to find and are usually marked up well above the suggested retail price much like Pappy Van Winkle bourbons. Four Roses There are four standard bottlings - Yellow Label (Which now has a beige label but is still often referred to as yellow label), Small Batch, Small Batch Select and Single Barrel. Yellow label is the lowest proof and least expensive but both small batch and single barrel are excellent bourbons well worth considering when starting your bourbon journey. Heaven Hill This distillery produces several bourbon brands that you may not even know are from Heaven Hill. They include Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Henry McKenna, Fighting Cock and Larceny. Old Fitzgerald and Parker's Heritage Collection are currently two of the primary annual special and allocated releases and periodically they release Elijah Craig 12 and Elijah Craig 18 barrel proof bottlings. Jim Beam Jim Beam is a well know and long-standing bourbon producer of many different brand names. The classic Jim Beam "White label" can be found almost anywhere in the country. Other brands from Beam include, Bookers, Bakers and Knob Creek which tend to be a bit more expensive although Knob Creek can still be a decent value. In addition, Beam makes a second mashbill or style of bourbon that include Basil Hayden's and Old Grandad which has long been regarded as an excellent budget bourbon. It comes in several proofs at 80, 100 and 114. The 114 may be a little strong for the novice bourbon fan but consider the 100-proof version or a Knob Creek 100 proof as examples of Beam bourbon. Maker's Mark Once an independent distillery making a wheated style of bourbon exclusively. It is now part of the Beam family (officially known as Beam-Suntory after they were purchased by the Suntory company of Japan). Maker's Mark used to make only one bourbon for domestic consumption now they have three, having expanded first with Maker's 46, which many think is a bit better than the standard, and the cask strength Maker's Mark bourbon. They don't really do a particular special release each year but have been doing variations on Maker's 46 lately. Midwest Grain Products / MGP MGP is unique in that it was the only major whiskey distillery not located in Kentucky. Instead, it is located just across the Ohio river in Indiana. They are also unusual in that they don't sell their own whiskey save for a few very limited exceptions. They do now have their own brand called Rossville Union which is a rye whiskey but to my knowledge they don't routinely sell their own Bourbon. Instead, they distill and age whiskey for other companies to buy and sell under their own label. As a result, there is tons of it on the market. The best way to tell if you have an MGP whiskey is to look at the label and see if it says "Distilled in Indiana". This most likely means the company either doesn't distill bourbon themselves or have only recently started distilling and need time for their own Bourbon to mature. And while bourbon enthusiasts sometimes make fun of the fakers and schemers who carelessly bottle MGP as if it were their own whiskey, it is important not to forget the great MGP bourbon and rye that has gone into various bottlings of excellent whiskey from places like High West, Smooth Ambler, Willett and others. Wild Turkey Wild Turkey has long had a large and loyal following and is often a spirit that bourbon enthusiasts look for old and rare bottlings from.  Brands include the basic Wild Turkey bourbon at both 80 proof and 101 proof along with Russel's Reserve, Rare Breed and Kentucky spirit. They have also started a premium line called Master's Keep which is a unique and different style of whiskey every year. This is a case where I would suggest the Wild Turkey 101 bourbon over the standard 80 proof version as the best place to start. Woodford Reserve Woodford is owned by Brown Forman but made it its own separate distillery. Well sort of! It is unique for being made by using pot stills rather than the more common column style still other major distilleries use. Some people, find the Woodford has a bit of a coppery or metallic component to the taste. In any case, typical Woodford whiskey is reportedly blended with whiskey from Old Forester to create a more balanced flavor. The basic Woodford Reserve is my recommendation to try if you want to compare it to other brands. (Tierney notes this is not one of his favorites.) Newer Distilleries Here are a few new up and coming Kentucky distilleries to look for after you have had time to develop your bourbon preferences: New Riff, Wilderness Trail, Bardstown Bourbon Company, Luxrow Distillery (recently purchased by MGP), Angel's Envy (Port finished Bourbon) Drink Local!In addition to these well-known distilleries many areas have local options for Bourbon.  Check and see what's available near you. Still want to learn more?  If you've got Hulu check out Neat: The Story of Bourbon, a great documentary featuring many of the master distillers. The Beer Bourbon List Elijah Craig Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Four Roses Small Batch Georgia T. Stagg (Buffalo Trace Antique Collection) Old Forester 1910 Old Forester 1920 William Larue Weller (Buffalo Trace Antique Collection) Craft Beer News Hop Growers of American Have Released Their Annual Report For 2020 ABInBev Is Moving Production of Stella Artois To The US By The End of The Year Draft Sales Were Down 46% Nation-Wid During the Super Bowl Check out these other episodes... Beer & Bourbon & BBQ at The Nest | Ep. 254 Kombucha and Fermentation Fun with Cultured South | Ep. 236 Sake Primer with the Taps @ Ph’East | Ep. 214

    Crooked Run Brewing with Jake Endres

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    Crooked Run Brewing is more than just beer When Crooked Run Brewing opened co-founders Jake Endres and Lee Rogan were just 25, making them the youngest brewery owners in Virginia. They've had great growth in the last seven years. The duo has opened a second location, started making wine, and launched their Native Culture sub-brand offering wild and spontaneous ales using Virginia ingredients. Endres joined us on the show this week to talk about the journey. We've got more hot coolship talk this week, a staple of their Native Culture series. They released their first Lambic-style beers in late 2020 and will release a Geuze-style later this year. Coolships, wine, and fruity seltzers In addition to beer they've also began making "low-intervention wine", also called natural wines, that use less or no additives in the process. Crooked Run has also got into the seltzer game, making massively overfruited versions. (How did we get here? Wasn't seltzer supposed to be a lighter, lower calorie alternative to beer??? Now we're overfruiting them and even making smoothie versions? Sheesh.) Like many breweries, Crooked Run has taken a hit from the pandemic. But shifting into more packaged product to go has helped them weather through. Enders is excited for what they've got planned this year, with big releases from the Native Culture series, more wine, and yes... even more of those fruit-filled seltzers. The Beer List 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Ommegang Three Philosophers Southern Grist Batida with Passion Fruit WeldWerks French Toast Stout Craft Beer News Uber Is Acquiring the Drizly Alcohol Delivery Service Achel Has Lost Their Official Trappist Designation Just the Taste of Beer Can Trigger a Rush of Chemical Pleasure More Sour and Wild Beer Getting Wild with Monday Night Brewing | Ep. 259 New Glarus Brewing’s Daniel Carey | Ep. 163 Sour Beer: Lambic, Geuze, Gose, and Berliner with Orpheus Brewing and The Woodlands | Episode 147

    Getting Wild with Monday Night Brewing

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    Monday Night Brewing's Peter Kiley talks about taking "safe" beers to the next level Monday Night Brewing started as a Bible study group with founders Jonathan Baker, Jeff Heck, and Joel Iverson.  In addition to learning the word the group brewed beer together, on Monday nights.  When popularity among their friends continued to grow they realized they may on to something.  Monday Night Brewing opened their original taproom in Atlanta in 2013. Brewmaster Peter Kiley tells how they brewed "safe" beers in the early days.  Golden ales, a "pseudo Pilsner", a simple IPA.  The beers weren't bad, they just weren't necessarily exciting, and the craft crazies demand excitement.  Kiley and I had a conversation many years ago about ideas he had for beers that would be expensive to make, and he wasn't sure that craft consumers would be on board with that.  In time, consumers demanded bigger, bolder, better beers, and they were willing to pay for them.  One of the early breakout beers was Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt, a barrel-aged version of their Scotch Ale. Fast forward to 2021 and Monday Night now has three locations making amazing beers.  Their original brewery and taproom on Trabert Avenue in Atlanta, The Garage on Atlanta's West End focusing on wild and barrel-aged beers, and a brewpub in Birmingham, AL.  In addition to The Garage they also have the Hop Hut at their original location that focuses on bold, small batch IPAs. We also dive into the wild world with Kiley.  He tells us about their coolship (dubbed The Crunkship) and what makes it special, the details of spontaneous and mixed fermentation beers, and why blending is important.    

    Asheville's UpCountry Brewing with founder John Cochran

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    UpCountry Brewing's John Cochran has a long brewing history UpCountry Brewing is one of Asheville's newer breweries but it's not the first brewing rodeo for founder John Cochran. Cochran got his start at Marthasville Brewing, one of Georgia's first and, unfortunately, short lived.  Way back in the dark ages (the mid-1990s) there wasn't much craft beer to be had in Georgia.  The US was feeling the effects of the 90s brewery bust and this little southern state was behind the times to begin with.  After departing Marthasville Cochran worked at Atlanta Brewing Co. where he met "Spike" Buckowski, the pair would eventually partner to open Terrapin Beer Co. Many years were spent working around the harsh Georgia alcohol laws to build Terrapin into one of the most popular breweries in the Southeast.  In 2016 MillerCoors took a "majority stake" in Terrapin.  Buckowski chose to stay with the company while Cochran departed to start UpCountry. This week, we talk about those early days of Georgia beer, the importance of diversifying your beverage portfolio, pickle beers, working with distributors vs. self-distribution, and a few other odds and ends. UpCountry Brewing Taproom The Beer List UpCountry Brewing Black Currant Gose Black is Beautiful Schwarzbier Dill Pickle Gose Scamper IPA Sippin' on Ginger Juice (Regular and Cherry) Craft Beer News Hill Farmstead Has Shut Down For 2 Months Falling Rock Tap House is Selling Off Rare Vintage Beer To Stay Afloat VinePair Says They Can Guess Who You Voted For Based On What You Drink More Carolina Beer Lonerider Brewing’s Galen Smith | Ep. 183 Palmetto Brewing and Catawba Brewing with owner Billy Pyatt | Ep. 177 Farmhouse Funk with Fonta Flora’s Todd Boera | Episode 152

    Beer Guys Radio Show Trailer

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    Welcome to the Beer Guys Radio Craft Beer Podcast!  We love craft beer and we love sharing with others.  Join hosts Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt every week as we talk with the amazing people of craft beer. We talk new beers and new breweries, brewing science, beer history, homebrewing, beer culture, and much more.  Grab a pint, have a seat, and tune in! CONNECT WITH BEER GUYS RADIO Got a question?  Comment?  Hate mail?  Send them all to Listen and Subscribe | Patreon | Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Buy Beer Guys Swag |

    Having a Hoot with Parliament Brewing Co.

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    Did you know a group of owls is called a Parliament? I was hopeful that Parliament Brewing Co. was inspired by some cool P-Funk but Brewmaster Justin Bosch tells us it's all about the owls as they convey a sense of community and contemplation. Bosch is part of the father/son/son trio behind Parliament and he took an interesting route to opening a brewery.  While pursuing a law degree he played professional poker, for his brewing certificate from UC Davis, and worked at Schlafly in St. Louis for a while prior to starting Parliament Parliament has some powerful neighbors with Russian River, Lagunitas, and Bear Republic just down the road.  In the heart of wine country there are still plenty of people looking for beer, and the beer and wine communities work well together.  Bosch tells us he frequently gets barrels from local wineries and has several beers aging in them now. We get into some saison talk and reminisce on their popularity a few years ago, talk more about wine and beer, and dive into experimentation and steps to developing a perfect recipe.

    The Great Outdoors with Lake Tribe Brewing

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      A youth YMCA club led the founders on a path to open Lake Tribe Brewing In their earlier years the founders of Tallahassee, Florida's Lake Tribe Brewing were in a YMCA youth group called... The Lake Tribe.  I know, spoiler alert.  Years later the fond memories of the group inspired the name of the brewery. Jesse Ross, one of the founders and Head Brewer joins us on the show this week to talk about the roots of Lake Tribe Brewing and how they started super small before expanding. The outdoor themed brewery started with just a 20-gallon brew system, the size of some homebrew setups.  As they made their (very) small batch beers they gained a following and eventually upped their game to a 20-barrel system. Ross talks with us about the challenge of growing hops in Florida and some of the experimental hops he's enjoyed experimenting with.  We discuss the small but passionate and growing Tallahassee beer scene and we get some details on their  WildWoods Series of sour beers, and the best outdoor activity to pair with a few of their beers. The Beer List Lake Tribe Beckster’s Satsuma Wheat Lake Tribe Camp Citra Dry Hopped Sour Lake Tribe Chopped Hazy IPA Lake Tribe Old Chief IPA (Extra Special IPA) Lake Tribe Red Cloud IPA

    Beer Guys Radio 5th Anniversary Reunion

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    Wow, we've been at this thing for five years now... The world of 2016 was a different time. There were a lot fewer breweries than there are now, a lot more IBUs in our IPAs, and a total lack of global pandemics. Good times. When we started Beer Guys Radio we intended to be a local show covering the Georgia beer scene. Folks seemed to enjoy our chatter and asked us to cover beer outside the state and we started getting more radio stations across the country. With that push we changed the format to cover beer all over the world. We got the squad back together for this episode. Beer Guys Radio's original co-host and co-founder Aaron Williams and Becky Smalls were in the studio to reminisce as well as look ahead. We talk about how BGR got its start, the trends we liked (and didn't like) over the last five years, some of our travel adventures, and what we think the future holds. Thanks for taking this ride with us! We hope to keep this bus going for a good, long time. CHEERS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Beer List We tried to curate this list to be meaningful to our 5th anniversary so here's a little extra info on why these beers made the cut for this show. Creature Comforts Tropicalia Why: Trop was a benchmark beer for our local beer scene in Georgia.  It upped the bar for beers that came after it and we saw a lot of great new breweries and existing breweries really up their game. 2013 Gouden Carolus Cuvée Van De Keizer Why: I was introduced to this beer in 2016 and immediately fell in love.  I've hoarded several and always look for a special time to open one. Monday Night Garage Club Level 5 Why: Level 5, 5 years.  Easy peasy. 2016 Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout Why: Because 2016.  Also, it's delicious. 2019 MAZURT RIS ASW Bourbon Barrel Why: MAZURT is technically a homebrewer but they have won medals at Hunahpu's Day and were one of the top rated breweries in the US per Untappd.  We ran into our friend Hamp of MAZURT and he gifted us a bottle, so we had to drink it. Craft Beer News Untappd’s List of the Top 10 Beer Styles of 2020 Brewers Association Posted Their 2020 Points and 2021 Predictions Beer Advocate Has Also Made Some Predictions About 2021 Some of Our Favorite Episodes Farmhouse Funk with Fonta Flora’s Todd Boera | Episode 152 New Glarus Brewing’s Daniel Carey | Ep. 163 Ancient Ales and Historical Brewing with Beer Archaeologist Travis Rupp | Ep. 191

    Beer & Bourbon & BBQ at The Nest

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    The Nest wants you to Give Local. Drink Local. It's the most wonderful time of the year.  That's what they tell us.  Not a bad mantra to live by, even in 2020.  However, many families struggle at this time of year getting all the cool gifts their kids want Santa to bring them.  The Nest teamed up with MUST Ministries and several local breweries and distilleries to have an awesome tap takeover and toy drive to help those in need.  With each wrapped toy brought to the event attendees got a raffle ticket for some awesome gift baskets from participating brewers and distillers.  Nice. We were on site at the event to enjoy the festivities and talk with some of the participants... The Nest Kennesaw Adam Silverberg and Monroe Shiestel from The Nest joined us to talk about the event, what to expect on a visit to The Nest, smoked 'gator, and their sister company - Apotheos Coffee Roasters. (Expect more in Aptoheos in 2021) Burnt Hickory Brewery We've had Burnt Hickory's Scott Hedeen on the show many times.  He's a great talker with great stories and a great friend.  However, Scott isn't the man in the driver's seat this time.  BHB's new CEO Brandon Baessler and Social Media Manager Amanda Banker sat down to chat about the brewery and what's coming in the new year.  Brandon was a bit guarded in what he shared but he said expect more bottle releases from the brewery, some old favorites, and some new brews too. Lazy Guy Distillery Brand Ambassador Elizabeth Lalvani joined us to talk about the history of Lazy Guy and their building, taking your time to make bourbon, snow cream, and what's coming up from the distillery. The Beer List Burnt Hickory The Didjits Ironshield Brewing Heroes Helles Parish Brewing Ghost in the Machine Lupulin Brewing Blissful Ignorance Pontoon Brewing Fruit Cup Vol. 3 Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday this year filled with beers and cheers.  If you find something good that we didn't have on the list let us know! [caption id="attachment_47410" align="aligncenter" width="800"] A sampling of the offerings from Lazy Guy Distillery (Photo: Lazy Guy Distillery)[/caption] Craft Beer News Beer Sales are Strong Again in U.S. Retail Stores VinePair Says They Can Guess Who You Voted For Based On What You Drink If You Turned 30 in 2020 Breckenridge Brewery Wants to Give You Free Beer More in the Giving Spirit Bottleshare – Raising Glasses, Raising Hopes | Ep. 209 Episode 107: SweetWater and the Giving Kitchen | Ep. 107

    12 Beers of Christmas - 2020 Edition

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    It's the most wonderful time of the year.... Much like our Oktoberfest episode, this is one of our favorites to do each year.  We blind sample a dozen Christmasy beers and pick our favorites while chatting about Christmas drinking traditions and history. This year's line up... 21st Amendment - Fireside Chat | 7.9% Anchor Brewing - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (Our Special Ale) | 7% Bell’s - Old Fashioned Holiday Ale | 10.8% Bruery - Partridge In A Pear Tree (2020) | 11.3% De Dolle - Stille Nacht | 12% Delirium Noël / Christmas | 10% Highland Brewing - Cold Mountain | 5.9% Prairie Artisan - Christmas Bomb! | 13% Sierra Nevada - Celebration Fresh Hop IPA | 6.8% Southern Tier - 2XMAS | 8% St. Bernardus - Christmas Ale | 10% SweetWater - Festive Ale | 8.1% Bonus / Cellar: Slaapmutske Christmas “Kerstmutske” Christmas Nightcap 2019 | 7.4% Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday this year filled with holiday beers and cheers.  If you find something good that we didn't have on the list let us know!

    Going Strapless with Bootstrap Brewing

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    Bootstrap Brewing defies plague, sees excellent growth in 2020 Unprecedented Times, Social Distancing, The New Normal... we've got plenty of terrible phrases to describe the dumpster fire that has been 2020 and its impact on everything we do.  We've seen breweries and bars layoff staff (sometimes more than once) or close altogether.  Bootstrap Brewing isn't having it.  They're following all the protocols to be safe but, despite the challenges, they've seen excellent growth this year and they are gearing up for more. Brewery founders Leslie and Steve Kaczeus joined us this week to talk about that growth and what's driven it.  Unlike many newer breweries that rely on taproom sales Bootstrap has a strong wholesale presence and they've continued to grow that business amid Covid shutdowns.  In addition to their core beers like Insane Rush IPA they've also began offering seltzer as well as non-alcoholic brews under their Strapless line.  Steve explains that the Colorado lifestyle is very active and health conscious and more consumers are looking for beverage options that fit their lifestyle.  There's continued growth in gluten free offerings that they've filled with their seltzers and the athletic folks (and non-athletic folks, we don't judge) can also choose one of their Strapless non-alcoholic brews.  One of the Kaczeus's good friends and early mentors is Dale Katechis, founder of Oskar Blues Brewery.  Katechis recently invested in Bootstrap allowing them to acquire more equipment to support their growth, as well as some special equipment for experimental projects. Despite all our discussion of non-alcoholic and gluten free offerings, Steve gets all giddy talking about their big stouts.  They'll soon release ZEUS!, a 13.5% beast with snickerdoodle coffee. For more info on Bootstrap Brewing make sure to check out their Facebook page for all the selfies of Steve you can handle and stop by the taproom for a hug from Leslie... once the plague is over. Visit Bootstrap Brewing 142 Pratt Street Longmont, CO  80501 720-438-8488 [caption id="attachment_47387" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Bootstrap goes Strapless for their non-alcoholic offerings.  Sexy. (Photo: Bootstrap Brewing)[/caption] Craft Beer NewsI Founders is Laying Off 89 Workers in Grand Rapids and Detroit Ninkasi In Oregon is Laying off 12% Of Their Workforce Yuengling Has Begun Work on Their Beer Tourism Expansion Plans in Tampa Beers of the Week New Belgium / Ale Sharpton Piano Keys | Imperial Stout with coffee and vanilla Creature Comforts / Green Cheek Living on the Sun TIPA Grassroots Donut Disco 2015 | Cinnamon Toast Donut Stout [caption id="attachment_47386" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Try a bit of everything with the Bootstrap Party Pack. Now it's a party. (Photo: Bootstrap Brewing)[/caption] More Colorado Beer WeldWerks Brewing is Always Innovating | Ep. 250 Ancient Ales and Historical Brewing with Beer Archaeologist Travis Rupp | Ep. 191

    Like Father, Like Son at Six Bridges Brewing

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    Six Bridges Brewing celebrates 2nd anniversary as they eye expansion Just ahead of the kickoff for the 2nd Anniversary month Six Bridges Brewing's Clay Gridley joined us the studio for this week's show. Clay is one half of the father and son team behind Six Bridges, dad Charles Gridley makes up the other half.  A Georgia Tech grad, Charles enjoyed homebrewing in his spare time as a chemical engineer and notes his engineer background brings valuable experience to the team.  Clay took some time off to be a professional ski bum in Colorado before becoming a firefighter.  He enjoyed his homebrewing as well and the pair often talked about opening a brewery one day. In 2018 they made it happen with their opening in Johns Creek, GA.  The initial plan was to never brew the same beer twice but after the overwhelming popularity of some of their inaugural beers they decided it's OK to have a few staples.  Medlock IPA and their Pink Guava Sour Continuum are always favorites. We talk with Clay about how things are going working with his dad, the pros and cons, and whether they compliment or contrast each other. (Hint, it's both.)  We also discuss growth at their current location as well as plans for additional taprooms in the future, and we get the rundown on the special brews planned for their anniversary month. Visit Six Bridges Brewing 11455 Lakefield Drive Suite 300 Johns Creek, GA  30097 470-545-4199 Craft Beer NewsI Charles Hamaker, Creator of Many Well-Known Abita Beers Has Died Rudy Giuliani and Notorious Four Seasons Press Conference Lampooned By New Beer Beer Sales are Strong Again in U.S. Retail Stores Beers of the Week Six Bridges Brewing Bears on Unicycles Whiskey barrel-aged stout with cherries, chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla Medlock IPA Shelby American Golden Ale Silent Accord Coconut Milk Stout Sour Continuum with Key Lime Space Hawk TIPA (Collaboration with NoFo Brewing) More Georgia Beer Diversity in Craft Beer with Atlantucky and Leaders of the Brew School | Ep. 248WeldWerks Brewing with Neil Fisher and Jake Goodman | Ep. 160 Bees and Brews with Steady Hand Beer Co. | Ep. 246 La Fria cerveza con Second Self Beer Co. | Ep. 240

    WeldWerks Brewing is Always Innovating

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2020 43:27

    WeldWerks Brewing has way too many barrels We last talked with WeldWerks Brewing in early 2019 as Jake Goodman and Neil Fisher joined us on the show.  This week, we catch up with them again as CEO Colin Jones and Innovation and Wood Cellar Lead Skip Schwartz join us. We're big fans of WeldWerks and I don't think I've had a beer from them I didn't enjoy.  They're most known for their Juicy Bits IPA but they brew amazing sours and stouts as well.  Just like us, they're fans of that long boil, with some stouts boiling for a day and a half or more.  The flavor and viscosity of these beers is hard to match with weak little 1-2 hour boils. The brewery has kept up its aggressive release schedule, with five new beers debuting this week.  Schwartz helps keep things fresh and exciting with new brews, but also looks at the processes to continuously improve there as well.  The barrel program has grown well beyond their initial intentions and they currently have some pretty amazing barrels (Birthday Bourbon, anyone?) with beer soaking up all the goodness. Jones talks to us some about his approach as CEO and focusing on the "us" much more than the "me."  He strives to build a strong team and let them do what they are good at.  For his efforts he was recognized with the Titan 100 award this year, recognizing influential CEOs in Colorado. Whatever he's doing, it seems to be working. Visit WeldWerks Brewing 508 8th Avenue, Greeley, CO  80631 3043 W. Pikes Peak Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (Coming soon) Craft Beer News Influential Beer Importer Shelton Brothers is Calling It Quits Jason Buehler, Header Brewer for Denver Beer Co. Has Died in a Climbing Accident Beer Sales are Strong Again in U.S. Retail Stores Beers of the Week WeldWerks Brewing Advanced Fluid Dynamics DIPA Blueberry Cobbler Berliner Cereal Killer Pilsner-Style Lager French Toast Stout Starriest Night More Colorado Beer Ancient Ales and Historical Brewing with Avery's Beer Archaeologist Travis Rupp | Ep. 191 Fruit and Funk with Troy Casey of Casey Brewing & Blending | Ep. 169 WeldWerks Brewing with Neil Fisher and Jake Goodman | Ep. 160

    Lupulin Brewing is More than Delicious Hops

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2020 43:27

    Work Sucks, Drink Beer Lupulin Brewing sounds like they've got things figured out - Work Sucks, Drink Beer seems appropriate, especially now.  Founder Jeff Zierdt and Matt Schiller focus on making delicious beers for your off-hours.  Although they're known for their hoppy offerings, as their name implies, they offer up many other styles as well.  They've won several awards for their German-style lagers, make some tasty porters and stouts, and have a thriving sour program.  We caught up with Schiller as he passed through Atlanta and sat down to talk shop and share some of his brews. We had to talk hops so we discuss the different methods of hop delivery and what Lupulin prefers to use.   We dive some into experimental hops and the interesting flavors that are coming out today (oak barrel and coconut?), and we dive into lagers some, with talk of their GABF Doppelbock and other German goodies. Visit Lupulin Brewing Lupulin has two tasting rooms for you to enjoy: Minnesota | 570 Humboldt Drive, Suite 107, Big Lake, MN | 763-263-9549 South Dakota | 2425 South Shirley Avenue, Suite 112, Sioux Falls, SD | 605-275-5544   Craft Beer News Sweetwater Brewing Company is Being Acquired by Global Cannabis Company Aphria Inc. BrewDog is Going All Willy Wonka With 24-Karat Gold Punk IPA Cans VinePair Says They Can Guess Who You Voted For Based On What You Drink Beers of the Week Lupulin Brewing 8 Count IPA CPB Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter Imperial CPB - Like CPB but more Imperial Fashion Mullet IPA Hooey IPA Monks Meadery Dragon's Nectar More from the Midwest August Schell celebrates 160 years of family brewing | Ep. 243 Ninjas and Unicorns and Pipeworks Brewing | Ep. 238 Off Color Brewing with co-founder John Laffler | Ep. 223

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