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A believer of all things paranormal and mysterious argues with a bitter and unemployed skeptic to create spicy babies of mildly offensive comedy. Join us as we discuss topics ranging from alien abductions to cryptids to creepy folklore from around the world. Enjoy!

Nick and Tasker

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    • Dec 8, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    • 1h 28m AVG DURATION
    • 102 EPISODES

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    Latest episodes from Close Encounters of the Podcast Kind

    Episode 99: Jeffrey Dahmer Part IV - Trial, Imprisonment and Death

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 96:52

    The actual-for-sure-last-episode where prosecutors piece together gruesome details, find out what was wrong, and a look into how Dahmer faired in his final days in prison!Support the show (

    Kickback Episode: Omicron Variant, Quantum Finance and Hypersonic Missiles

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 68:27

    We got harrowing news, fear-mongering, one weekly Elvis fact and holiday shopping advice that you do NOT want to miss!Support the show (

    Episode 98: Jeffrey Dahmer Part III: Head-Drilling, Final Murders and Arrest

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 98:12

    Dahmer solidifies his place in history with the atrocities he performs as he completely slips away from reality and into an endless void of nightmares!Support the show (

    Kickback Episode: Anime Porn, Spicy Goat Curry and Reddit Murder Survivors

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 65:17

    It's a mild fall afternoon and we're ready to make some hot takes to warm up! Tasker ups his social credit score and Nick gets some IT help! Bing Chilling!Support the show (

    Episode 97: Jeffrey Dahmer Part II - Murder City and The Downward Spiral

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 115:03

    Things are gonna get a whole lot worse as Dahmer begins to loosen up on his urges to kill and begins developing into one of the world's most infamous serial killers!Support the show (

    Kickback Episode: Spooky Scary Halloween, Movies and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 55:51

    We don't have time like we used to, so now here's a short relaxed episode to fill the void just in time for Halloween! Support the show (

    Episode 96: Jeffrey Dahmer Part I - Early Life and First Kill

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 90:27

    What better way to celebrate Halloween than with serial murder? In a CEOTPK first, we jump into the true crime story of Jeffrey Dahmer, the famed serial killer best known for eating his victims and his odd openness about his history! Support the show (

    Episode 95: Missing 411 - Mysterious Disappearances

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 78:13

    Every hiker's nightmare is ending up on the Missing 411 list, so pack your compass and charge your phone and pray you never end up like the people we have in these stories!Support the show (

    Episode 94: Phobias

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 141:14

    Confront your fears! Or deal with them in a healthy and reasonable manner! We list off and discuss various popular phobias that plague mankind for the Halloween spooky season!Support the show (

    Episode 93: Ancient Torture Methods

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 112:41

    Get ready to cringe and wince as we go over the most brutal and inhumane ways to ruin or end the lives of our fellow man in our first gore-tacular episode for the October season! Support the show (

    Episode 92: The Michigan Dogman

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 99:42

    The horror of seeing a man's body with a dog's face charging at you in the middle of the mid-west night comes alive! We go into the local phenomena of a creature messed up enough to cause car accidents and complete paranoia! Support the show (

    Episode 91: Modern Vampires and the Vampire Subculture

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 118:18

    Graveyard specters, cinematic legends, and the sanguinarians that drink blood in real life! Time to kick off the spooky month early with the long-awaited sequel to Historical Vampires!Support the show (

    Episode 90: More Tales From Nick's Hawaiian Vacation

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 54:54

    SCPs hand-picked by Nick! More opinions! And the thrilling conclusion to the worst fanfic ever heard by man! Shaka brah!Support the show (

    Episode 89: Nick Solo Variety Alien Time Show - Hawaii Vacation

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 62:25

    Nick is reporting live from his homeland to bring you cryptids, updates, and smutty fanfic to get you through your commute or workweek! God help us. Support the show (

    Episode 88: The Thunderbird and Other Flying Cryptids

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 102:45

    What casts a shadow from above could be a godlike deity out to protect you, or a surviving dinosaur coming to kill you! We go over stories, myths, and legends about what lurks above in our dedicated bird episode!

    Episode 87: The Lost Island of Atlantis

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 106:22

    Ancient Greece! Nazis! Aliens! We go over the origins, plausibility and potential leads to the location of the lost city of Atlantis that has captivated mankind since the Classical Period!

    Episode 86: Netflix's "Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified" Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 109:07

    Netflix has a popular alien show out, so you know we had to watch and review it! We'll be covering the show's format and content about Project Blue Book from the US Government!

    Episode 85: Top 10 Hoaxes Proven To Be Fake

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 115:55

    Myths, cryptids, and paranormal legends DEBUNKED! We tackle some of the most popular cases of the fantastic that ended up being cases of a little trollin'!

    Episode 84: Interview With A Reptillian II - The Final Lacerta Files

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 107:52

    The revelations never end! We continue with more stories, truths, and secrets from Lacerta, the only known Reptillian to ever grant a human being an interview without killing anyone (we know of)! 

    Episode 83: The Professor Tasker Show - Hyperreality

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 64:53

    In a cozy 3am sitdown, Tasker explains and discusses the nuances of Hyperreality, the concept of humans being unable to determine between a simulation from what is real!

    Episode 82: The Abduction of Whitley Streiber

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2021 84:51

    Hypnotism, premonitions, and inappropriate sexual alien advances! We're returning to our grassroots and talking about a famous abduction that contributed highly to the UFOlogy community!

    The 2021 Navy UAP/UFO Report

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2021 108:30

    The big report we all were waiting for: in-depth, uncensored, and pulled apart! There's no national panic, so you can bet we have some opinions and criticisms!

    Episode 80: Ghosts of the American Civil War

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2021 103:05

    4th of July 2021!  What better way to celebrate than with the twisted history of America and some ghosts that resulted from it! We got Confederates, we got history, we got blood and we got ectoplasm! 

    Episode 79: Famous African Cryptids

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 115:44

    We travel to the most hidden parts of the Congo, Madagascar, Ethiopia, and more to cover some of the bigger-named cryptids that lurk under all of our noses, waiting to be rediscovered!   

    Episode 78: The Men In Black Part III - Theories and Speculation (The 1990's and Beyond)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2021 128:45

    We conclude our Men In Black series with more peeking into the ruined lives of goth and non-goth UFOlogists across the globe who met with these eyebrowless weirdos, as well as provide explanations for their very existence! 

    Episode 77: The Men In Black Part II, 1970's-1980's

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2021 120:05

    Stalking, hypnotic, and more creepy cases of Men In Black appearing and disappearing! We go to Jersey City and even to the good 'ol UK to explore the people affected and the photo evidence!

    Episode 76: The Men In Black Part I, 1950's-1960's

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2021 127:10

    With the tacky suits, fedoras, sunglasses and all, the real MIB guys aren't here to save you. We jump into the earliest known sightings and cases of MIB activity in the first of our three-part series on the Men in Black!

    Episode 75: Dante's Inferno Part II, Circles 6-9

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2021 111:11

    Sodomy, scat, fires, and furries! Dante and Virgil's journey to the center of Hell comes to a climactic finish in part two of our dramatic and non-serious narrative retelling of The Divine Comedy's Inferno!

    Episode 74: Dante's Inferno Part I, Circles 0-5

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2021 105:27

    The Vestibule, Limbo, Lust, Greed, and Wrath! We go through and describe the first five circles of Hell from the famous narrative journey from The Divine Comedy starring Dante and his poetry bro Virgil 

    Episode 73: Haunted, Cursed or Possessed Dolls and Other Objects

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2021 120:44

    Anabelle the Doll is one of the many supernatural things that go bump in the night in this horrifically dazzling collection of scary objects with some kind of paranormal twist to them! 

    Episode 72: How The American Government Spies On You

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2021 111:35

    The NSA. Edward Snowden. The FBI. Government surveillance is a real and constant threat to the private lives of citizens all over the world! Nick brings these issues to light, as well as some ways to protect yourself and your weird secrets! 

    Episode 71: The Professor Tasker Show - Uncanny Valley

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2021 65:12

    Twisted necks, stretched smiles and hollow eyes got you down? Tasker has an explanation for you in this special about Uncanny Valley while Nick is away for the week!  

    Episode 70: Interview With A Reptilian - The Lacerta Files

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2021 101:18

    In 1999,  Swedish men Ole K. and E.F. managed to score an interview with a Reptilian alien. We bring you both the transcript and the polarizing truths that come with this hallmark moment in Ufology history!

    Episode 69: Adrenochrome and Liberal Elites

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2021 106:25

    The rich are drinking children's blood for youth? Possibly! We explore the horrible ritual of harvesting Adrenochrome and the people behind it in a very brand-risk type episode! 

    Episode 68: The Fountain of Youth and Immortality

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2021 133:47

    Life-giving water! Modern vampirism! Alchemy! Magick! Of the many ways to live well beyond your original lifespan, we look at some of the more adventurous, prolific, and realistic attempts to achieve it! 

    Episode 67: Bodysnatchers, Doppelgangers and Extraterrestrial Imposters

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2021 113:34

    IMPOSTER IS SUS AHAHA anyways, get ready to doubt your friends and loved ones as we discuss the methods, precautions, and defense procedures against creatures that replicate the human form! 

    Episode 66: Nick Solo Variety Alien Time Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2021 65:43

    Nick aka E-rratic Samurai becomes the sole star of the show in a questionable takeover of the podcast! Join him for short-form alien stories, guests, fanfics, and conspiracies in this new format that will last forever and ever and ever...?

    Episode 65: Dyatlov Pass Incident

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2021 98:17

    Privet! We travel to Soviet Russia to discuss the possibly suspicious, scientific, or supernatural explanations of the mysterious, basically-unsolved case that took the lives of 9 experienced Russian hikers! 

    Episode 64: Leprechauns (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2021 123:44

    The drinking episode! After a cup of scotch, we revisit the only thing that we know about Ireland for St. Patricks Day!

    Episode 63: Nazi Human Experiments

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2021 135:07

    During an era where mankind's vibrations were brought down to an all-time low, we look into the horrifying and true tales of torture and murder within the walls of some of the worst concentration camps!

    Episode 61: The Galactic Federation of Light Part I - The Roster

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2021 122:36

    The super-alliance of alien species across the cosmos, right into your earbuds! We've hinted at it before, but we are finally jumping into the main species that make up the Federation that keeps us safe from the horrors of deep space!

    Episode 60: The Mystery of the Man from Taured

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2021 101:23

    Time Travel? CIA? Alien contact? We discuss all the possibilities for the unsolved case of a man who appeared in Japan from the nonexistent country of Taured!

    Episode 62: The Galactic Federation of Light Part II - The Agenda

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 99:32

    The clock is ticking and humanity's last hope may lie in this episode! Join us to discover why we've been protected by the Galactic Federation for so long, and how we might be able to slip into their ranks before it is too late!

    Episode 59: Sexual Monsters and Entities (SCP Foundation IV)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 108:49

    Lust is in the air! In our Valentine's Day Special we take a peek at some of the more saucy, steamy and traumitizingly detailed articles of some of the sexiest SCP's known to the Foundation!

    Episode 58: Flat Earth Theory

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2021 123:58

    The biggest heated debate over whether the Earth is flat or round is right here, and right now! Get ready to rebel or defend the status quo in this two-hour power battle!

    Episode 57: Intro to Mantis Insectoid Extraterrestrials

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2021 107:45

    Giant, intelligent alien bugs from outer space! Hang onto your exoskeletons and check out another of the many species watching us from afar!

    Episode 56: Biblically Accurate Angels

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2021 95:49

    Be Not Afraid! Or be extremely afraid! Of the giant flaming eyeball wheel in your room! We go into the truth of what angels are supposed to look like to us feeble humans, and if they are actual eldritch nightmares or not!

    Episode 55: Child Organ Harvest - The Alder Hey Scandal

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2021 111:22

    Botched surgeries, stolen hearts and voiding your Organ Dono sticker! We're going to find that he 90's was a different time for the poor people of England and the fate of the missing organs of their children!

    Episode 54: Unidentified Submerged Objects (USO's)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2021 101:26

    The beach episode! Aliens in the ocean! Or something weirder? We take the plunge into the dark depths of the ocean to see what's happening right under our noses!

    Episode 53: Good Luck, Bad Luck, and How To Bend It

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2020 116:39

    Start 2021 off right in this brief, non-exhaustive crash course on luck across the world! And also get your witchy chops going with some methods to possibly hedge your bets for the future! You've been warned!

    Episode 52: Was Jesus Christ An Alien?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2020 105:37

    The Blasphemous Christmas Special! The true origins of Jesus and his methods of performing miracles are questioned and dissected as either holy acts, or the ploys of a space wizard! Find out the truth for yourself, and Happy Holidays!

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