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The Daily Mastermind is a Daily Podcast for Entrepreneurs. It provides a Daily Dose of Inspiration, Motivation and Education to help you Create Your Ultimate Destiny and Unleash Your Potential. Mastermind with George Wright III, an Expert in Financial Education, Personal Development, and Entrepreneurship, while he provides key strategies for your growth and success.

George Wright III

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    Don't You Quit

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2022 11:20

    It's only the first week of the year and doubt is starting to creep into your mind?  Can i accomplish my goals?  Am I prepared and ready to crush my goals?  Listen, I know that we are always allowing fear and doubt into our minds...everyone does.  But the true test of a high achiever is when fear and doubt start to manifest in our lives.  This is when you must double down "before" you get off track.  Today I want to give you a few thoughts on how to attach purpose to your thoughts to act as fuel when (and it will happen at some point) your fear and doubt start to show up. Please help us out by sharing this episode.  It would mean a lot to me and I promise there is someone out there needing this message. Thanks for Listening...and check out the bonus below... George Wright III

    Creating Mental Toughness in Your Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 12:19

    Why do people struggle with low confidence and low self esteem.  I believe a huge factor is they haven't learned to develop more mental toughness.  Creating a strong mind and mental discipline is a critical part of creating your best life, because it leads to greater confidence and action in your life.  Today I want to talk about what you might do to create a greater level of mental toughness, and we can visit some strategies to help you with it. Also, I want to offer you a Free Physical copy of the Creating Your Ultimate Destiny Program and information about the Mastermind Academy that just opened up.  I'm super pumped to be able to finally roll this out. Go to and check it out. Have a great day.  George Wright III

    Building a Billion Dollar Business

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2022 47:12

    Wow...rare treat today. We have a rock star on the episode as a Special Prosperity Report Interview. Shaahin is an award winning entrepreneur, writer and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, California. He is the CEO and Chairman of Accelerated Intelligence.  He wrote the book:  Billion, How I Became King of the Thrill Pill.  You don't want to miss this one. This episode has a few F-bombs and such, so cover little ears.... :) Success Leaves Clues 10:19 Shaahin's Favorite Books Disruptor Tales 25:11 Keys to finding success today 27:30 It's Never Too Late 33:24 Recommendation for Change 41:40 LINKS: Shaahin Cheyene's YouTube Channel (Hack and Grow Rich) Accelerated Intelligence Website Shaahin's Email for the Free Amazon Sellers Course Billion: How I Became King of the Thrill Pill Cult Daily Mastermind Resources: The Daily Mastermind Website FREE Prosperity Pillars Poster Click Here FREE Mobile App Download:  APPLE or ANDROID About George Wright III:  George Wright is a Proven, Successful Entrepreneur- and he knows how to inspire entrepreneurs and individuals to achieve Massive Results. With more than 20 years of Executive Management experience and 25 years of Direct Marketing and Sales experience.  His strategic partners and clients operate in over 60 countries and have trained millions of people worldwide through personal and financial education workshops, seminars and training programs. He works with and manages partnerships and marketing efforts with companies, individuals and trainings that include New Peaks, Success Resources, The Millionaire Mind Experience, Club Prosperity, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiosaki, T Harv Eker, David Bach, and many Best Selling Authors and TV Celebrities.

    The Gift of a Fresh Start

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2022 11:31

    Today is an amazing day...It is the first day of the rest of your life. Are you ready to recommit to your goals, dreams, relationships, health and business?  Are you prepared?  If not, it's ok, but don't wait and don't miss the window to BEGIN AGAIN.  Sometimes we start our new year with a renewed spirit, but we fail to identify the most important ares to recommit too.  I hope you will join me for this (first) podcast of the year.  Have a great day.   Please share this episode with anyone you feel will benefit. Thanks for listening.  George Wright III Also, check out our new website and all the new content will be posting and releasing throughout the week.  

    Tips for Year End Planning

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 9:53

    Here are some tips and ideas to add to your year end planning that have helped me.  I hope they inspire you to create an Amazing Blueprint for 2022.   1-Think Big what do you REALLY want be specific and detailed be clear on what you want Tip: What season of your life are you in?   2-Begin with the End in Mind start with the destination not the resources don't worry about the path yet set aside baggage and experience Tip:  TLSP on   3-Establish NEW Disciplines habits rituals activities people Mobile apps:  Calm, Wakeup, Day One, Loseit   4-Delegate or Eliminate answer isn't always continue or delete think out of the box establish values on your activities Resources:  fiverr, upwork,   5-Pruning in Your Life people screentime overeating spending money health concerns (smoking, drinking, etc) rituals (only keep the best) Challenge:  Add one “out of comfort zone” activity   Quote by Jim Carrey:  You can fail at what you don't want, so why not take a chance on doing what you Love…..”   Happy New Year G   Hey...SHARE THIS PODCAST... :) It would mean a lot to me.  Thanks

    Unleash Your Potential with Jennifer Edwards

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2021 47:51

    Today is a great day to talk about Success. What holds you back?  Why are some people successful and others are not?  How do you start to overcome Imposter Syndrome and find ways to Step into Your Greatness.  I'm super excited to be able to introduce you to Jennifer Edwards.  I was able to spend some time with Jennifer discussing these topics and I think you will get some massive value out of the episode. Jennifer is a successful influencer, mentor and creator of several programs designed to help you truly unleash your potential.  I hope you enjoy...thanks for listening. George Wright III Key Principles: Trusting Yourself 05:43 Mastering Your Dominant Vibration 09:01 Fake it til' You Make It 11:42 Imposter Syndrome 13:03 Finding Balance 19:20 Understanding Human Design 20:16 Finding Balance in Your Life 25:50 LINKS: Jennifer Edwards The Daily Mastermind Website Human Design Daily Mastermind Resources: FREE Mobile App Download:  APPLE or ANDROID FREE eBook: The Truth About Success and Failure by Robert Stuberg About George Wright III:  George Wright is a Proven, Successful Entrepreneur- and he knows how to inspire entrepreneurs and individuals to achieve Massive Results. With more than 20 years of Executive Management experience and 25 years of Direct Marketing and Sales experience.  His strategic partners and clients operate in over 60 countries and have trained millions of people worldwide through personal and financial education workshops, seminars and training programs. He works with and manages partnerships and marketing efforts with companies, individuals and trainings that include New Peaks, Success Resources, The Millionaire Mind Experience, Club Prosperity, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiosaki, T Harv Eker, David Bach, and many Best Selling Authors and TV Celebrities.

    What's Distracting You From Your Goals

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2021 9:48

    Are you letting life distract you from your true destiny?   Welcome to the club…   Todays world is filled with distractions.  Facebook social media, emails, mobile phones, movies, parties, friends and family.  All of these things can become a unhealthy distraction of you are going through life on autopilot.   Make a commitment to become less distracted Make a commitment to be more intentional Make a commitment to live on purpose Make a commitment to focus on more than YOU and your feelings   Thanks for listening... :)

    Time Mastery

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2021 12:46

    Time Mastery is critical to creating more results in your life.  It starts with creating a new perception and view of your time.  Time is definitely the most valuable asset you have and it's a currency you want to manage wisely.  Plus, there are several time mastery principles and keys I will share in this episode.  Please listen and take some notes.  I promise this episode will help you create returns in your life and upcoming year. Thanks for listening. George Wright III

    Creating Your Ultimate Destiny FREE Gift

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2021 12:46

    Thanks for listening today.  I am excited to be doing Episode #500 with you today.  I want to share a few thought and offer you a 130page PDF version of our Best Selling Course Creating Your Ultimate Destiny.  Please enjoy and share this episode with someone you feel would benefit from some daily inspiration, motivation and education.  Thank you and have a great day. George Wright III

    Leadership Qualities to be an Influencer

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2021 12:27

    We are all leaders in different areas of our lives.  But what separates a Great Leader from an average leader, manager or professional.  What truly helps someone to create influence and the ability to inspire, motivate and grow people around them.   I love the content from John C Maxwell on Leadership and today I want to highlight the 21 Indispensable Qualities of a True Leader that he outlines in his book.  My goal is to inspire you with these topics and give you a framework to include in your Ultimate Plan for the coming year.

    What Do You Want Your Life to Be Like?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2021 9:30

    I want to just have a conversation with you today about your year end goals, and your perspective you are using to create your plan for 2022.  I hope you are having a great week so far and look forward to getting some specific feedback from you after this episode.  Do me a favor and listen to this episode and then hit me up on @thedailymastermind on instagram or facebook and give me some feedback on the questions that I ask you.  Also, I'll cover some simple steps to push your year end planning to an even higher level.  Thanks for listening. George Wright III

    A Masterclass on Persistence by Napoleon Hill

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 13:10

    Calvin Coolidge said this about Persistence...   "Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”    Join me today as we discuss the keys to developing persistence and the obstacles you will face...directly from teh man himself...Napoleon Hill.  :)

    Ideas for Creating Accountability for Massive Results

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 11:42

    Seriously difficult to get true results in your life without accountability.  I have found that without accountability I am less productive in many areas of life, and I am a pretty disciplined person overall.  BUT...accountability not only helps instill discipline, but it can provide serious feedback in order to make critical course corrections in life.  Who are you accountable or working with in your life to create accountability and provide you with feedback, encouragement and mentoring?

    Creating Discipline for Massive Results

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 12:01

    I just got back from visiting my son at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina.  To say it was awesome would be an understatement.  Obviously we had a great time visiting, but I was super impressed with the Firehouse and the Air Force Base.  Shout out to Isaac (my son) who is a Firefighter and Airman.  Ultimately, I can't think of a better example of DISCIPLINE to begin our discussion of this topic today than the Military.  I'll share some thoughts, ideas and strategies on the podcast.  I hope you will join me.  Thanks for listening.

    Taking Action for Massive Results

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2021 11:59

    Today I will be traveling but I have a message I want to share with you about Taking Action in your life and business.  It is step 5 in our 8step series for results and it is a big one.  Sometimes I find that I get too caught up in which actions to take when the REAL AMSWER is just to identify the NEXT you ever feel the same?  I hope this message will help to motivate you to take the next step you need to take toward your goals.  Thanks for listening. George Wright III

    How to Create Certainty for Massive Results

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 12:30

    I am really excited to talk to you today about creating certainty in your life.  Our #1 problem sometimes is not that we can't make key decisions.  It is that we continually second guess ourselves.  We question our confidence, abilities and ideas.  This is so counterproductive to our results.  The KEY is to flood ourselves with CERTAINTY right after we make a decision. This is what has helped me and today I'll give you a few of my ideas and strategies that have worked for me.  Thanks for listening.

    How Decisions will Help You Create Massive Results

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2021 9:52

    Today is Day 3 of our series on 8 Keys to Massive Results in your life.  So many of us have difficulty making key decisions to move forward in our lives.  We struggle to make decisions and once we make them we don't fully commit to the process of following through.  So, even if you don't struggle with decisions in your life, I think you will find some of this discussion helpful.  I truly believe that our lives are defined by our decisions and this is an important topic and skill set to master.

    How Clarity Will Help You Create Massive Results

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 11:56

    Today I want to talk with you today about Clarity to accomplish your goals.  Having a clear vision of where you are going is important, but one of the main reason we are STUCK at different times in our lives is that we lack Clarity.  Also, when you lack clarity, it makes us feel overwhelmed...always busy and also sometime feeling unfulfilled and worn down.  Today, I'll give you some strategies and ideas on how you can fix this and create some clarity.  I hope you enjoy.

    How Vision will help you Create Massive Results

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 12:40

    Today on the podcast we are talking about Vision and keys to developing your Vision for your life. This is part of a 8 day series we will be doing over the next 2 weeks. We are covering the 8 keys to Success and Results in the coming year. Today with Vision we will be breaking down your Purpose, Passion and Leadership Mastery Skills. I hope you will join me and listen. But more importantly, I'd ask that you share this episode and you send me some feedback on what I can do to help you more with this topic. Thanks for listening.

    8 Keys to Getting Results in 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2021 12:48

    Ok, so today I want to talk to you about Creating the Future that you were meant to live.   The last few weeks, I have been deep diving into a few things... -upcoming birthday -direction of my life... -gratitude for family, friends, success... -but focused on legacy and significance more and more...especially with the events of recently.   I have wanted to align all the Areas of my life in a more synergistic way... ...mindset ...body and health ...relationships ...supplements, networking, marketing, systems ...mentoring, masterminds, academy learning, workshops, partners and opportunities   I have taken many weeks to outline a true strategic vision for G3 Worldwide and The Daily Mastermind. ...I am not going to necessarily outline that vision today but it will be rolled out over the coming weeks. I've gone through that I want to share with you... ...I know that many of you are struggling in good and bad ways. some want to go to the next level some know what they want but are having trouble some don't know what they want others are dealing with financial issues others are dealing with mindset and "getting stuck inside your head" cycles we (as entrepreneurs) continue to deal with the roller coaster of business, life, relationships, communication ...its part of the process.   you love freedom but hate the overwhelming responsibility you exude confidence but suffer from imposture syndrome you crave flexibility but hate the operations at times of employees, financial, et. you operate outside your comfort zone on purpose but constantly battle limiting beliefs you prioritize learning and growth but you have experiences, seminars, or training you struggle to follow through with.   You may have come successfully through business failures, divorce, depression, anxiety. You probably experienced massive wins while also having big losses at time.   I get it.  I've been there too. But whenever I face challenges, key decisions, or need to pivot in business and life... ...there are certain STEPS I take to get me through them...there are certain key processes that seem to help.   The last few weeks have been no exception.  There are a short list of 8 key principles that I seem to go back to over and over again that ALWAYS GENERATE RESULTS. I would like to share this list with you today... ...then, I want to take each one of these KEY STEPS/TRAITS/REQUIREMENTS FOR SUCCESS and break them down ...over the next 2 weeks I will share the strategies, ideas, action steps, resources and mentorship lessons I have learned on each of these steps and go into a deep dive.   My hope is that as you plan, outline and execute your next moves this will help you bring clarity. My hope is that you can recognize, prioritize and go back to these same things (like i do) whenever you need them. Please help me in this journey to give me feedback on the ones you like, struggle with, or even lack understanding... How you do anything is how you do lets go through these together over the next couple weeks.

    Stop Trying to Be Someone Else

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2021 12:00

    Sheesh.  I wish everyone would stop trying to be someone they are not.  Stop trying to be someone else. Just do you.  Be you.  This life is not going to get you the results, happiness, fulfillment and success you are looking for as long as you are not being authentic and real with yourself.  I believe that the reason so many people are struggling is that they have a massive GAP between where the "think" they are now and where they "think" they should be.  Join me for a quick BLAST about this topic.  :) Please comment and share this episode.  Tag me in your post when you share.  I wanna see what you are saying and it helps me sort through the notifications and see what you are saying.  Make it a great day. @thedailymastermind George Wright III

    A Time for Reflection

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 16:32

    I think it is super important to take some time before the end of each year and analyze the progress, results and even cycles you have experienced this past year.  In order to learn, grow and achieve more in your life this coming year...and you will definitely crush this next need to make sure you adjust and pivot in the right direction.  Today I want to discuss some ideas, thoughts and strategies to help you do that.  I'm going to share a short mastermind mentoring session I did with a couple of people.  I hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening. George Wright III

    Mastering the Skill of Sales & Persuasion

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 15:06

    Sales is a topic that no one enjoys, but everyone needs if they want to grow their business.  However, I have found that it is the #1 skill you can master in order to create massive results and growth in top line and bottom revenue in your business.  Your perspective, your skill level and your techniques will ultimately determine your confidence and results.  So, today I want to share with you a few tips and a framework to create more sales and develop your ability to persuade individuals in your life.  I hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening.  Please share this podcast and tag me in your post. @thedailymastermind George Wright III

    Your Beliefs Will Determine Your Results

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 11:48

    I will rarely offer a shortcut to success, but today on the podcast I feel there is definitely a shortcut you can use.  You see, your belief level is the #1 thing that will hold you back from results in your life, and I have learned that there are definitely ways you can increase your level in belief in what you are doing.  I'll share my thoughts on the podcast today.  Thanks for listening. George Wright III @thedailymastermind

    Morning Habits to Win the Day

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 11:16

    I've learned throughout my life the best way to have a Great Day is to start with a Great Morning. Over time I have found that certain things will help me to create momentum and really kick start my mind, body and spirit.  As a result, my business, relationships and life are much more productive and I create far more results.  Today I want to share with you some ideas, strategies and thoughts that I feel will really help you Win The Day. Thanks for listening.  Please share this podcast to your stories and tag me in the post so I can see what ideas have helped you.   George Wright III @thedailymastermind

    Finding Meaning in the Obstacles in Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 15:37

    The Key to Overcoming Obstacles in our Lives lies in a message from Marcus Aurelius: Objective judgement, now at this very moment. Unselfish action, now at this very moment. Willing acceptance-now at this very moment-of all external events. That's all you need. I hope you have an amazing week, and I'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode.  Thanks for listening. George Wright III

    How to Change Your Identity & Perspective

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 9:04

    One of my Mentors, Wayne Dyer, said, "When you change the way you look at things.  The things you look at change".  I want to talk with you today about creating change with your perspective and how this is a powerful tool to make massive and long term change in your life.  Thanks for listening.

    How to Create an Evolution in Your Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 10:19

    Episode 481:  How to Create a Massive Evolution in Your Life A few years back I had to deal with a pretty difficult shift in my business and personal life.  I remember talking with a mentor of mine and he said, "George, you have a couple different paths you can take to create some change in your life right now".  He said, "you can choose to create a REVOLUTION or an EVOLUTION." I really thought a lot about that moment over the last few years.  It appears there are times in our lives that we can choose change, but choosing the path for change is the real key.  You can choose a revolution which generally ends up with force, hurt, challenges and difficult situations...and make no mistake, sometimes this is needed.  Or you can choose EVOLUTION that can create change in a positive direction through a process of taking the high ground and outstrategizing the difficulties in your life.  I chose Evolving my life and I think it is a wise choice for many of us in life as well. Today on the podcast I want to talk to you about creating some massive change but also strategies that can help you to do this over the coming week. Thanks for listening.  I hope you gain value from these thoughts. George Wright III

    How to Invest In Yourself

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 8:27

    Episode #480:Start Investing In Yourself I'm headed to an event down in Las Vegas and wanted to share some ideas with you on the podcast on how you can start investing in yourself...I hope you enjoy.   start with goals (vision) exercise (physical) meditation (mindset) pay yourself first (future) side hustle (application) education (mastery) travel (experience) journal (memories) networking (net worth) relationships (happiness) Thanks for listening.  If you have any great ideas that you have been doing to invest in yourself, post them in your IG stories and TAG ME so I can see them. George Wright III  

    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 10:06

    Episode #479:  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Review of Stephen Covey Best Selling Book Principles   Every once in a while I like to review "timeless" principles that have helped me in my life.   Stephen Covey was a professor, speaker and best selling author.  He wrote a book called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as well as several others.  Time magazine named him one of the 25 most influential people.   The book sold over 30 million copies worldwide.  The audiobook become the first non-fiction book in the history of US to sell over 1 million copies.   In his book Covey talks about using a series of habits to align your principles (external) with your values (internal).  The 7 Habits represent amazing ideas on how you can align yourself and also (in my opinion) become a better, more effective and successful leader in business and life.   Here are the key 7 Habits : 1. Sharpen the saw. Don't work yourself to death. Strive for a sustainable lifestyle that affords you time to recuperate, recharge and be effective in the long-term.   2. Be proactive. You have a natural need to wield influence on the world around you so don't spend your time just reacting to external events and circumstances. Take charge and assume responsibility for your life.   3. Begin with an end in mind. Don't spend your life working aimlessly, tackling whatever job is at hand. Have a vision for the future and align your actions accordingly to make it into a reality.   4. Put first things first. To prioritize your work, focus on what's important, meaning the things that bring you closer to your vision of the future. Don't get distracted by urgent but unimportant tasks.   5. Think win-win. When negotiating with other, don't try to get the biggest slice of the cake, but rather find a division that is acceptable to all parties. You will still get your fair share, and build strong positive relationships in the process.   6. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. When someone presents us with a problem, we often jump right to giving a solution. This is a mistake. We should first take time to really listen to the other person and only then make recommendations.   7. Synergize. Adopt the guiding principle that in a group, the contributions of many will far exceed those of any individual. This will help you achieve goals you could never have reached on your own.   I hope these ideas and principles will help you to continue to grow and uncover the best version of yourself by reminding you to align your principles and values.

    How to Deal with Fear in Business

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 12:05

    Episode #478:  How to Deal with FEAR in Business   Entrepreneurs suffer from fear for many reasons 9 out of 10 businesses fail failure is part of the journey...baggage   Even Success can provoke anxiety and fear pressure to perform fear of money   Fear of failure is a state not a trait...very important   Many sources of fear of business: financial security cashflow and revenue self esteem (imposter syndrome) social views and impressions FOMO opportunity costs time value   The source of fear is important for a few reasons: 1-some fear is a motivator (money, FOMO, opportunity cost) 2-some fear is a demotivator (self esteem, social views, etc)   FEAR causes paralysis and overanalyzing situation (F>E>A>R)   Fear affects your goals you set (holding back, not 100% in)   Fear can make you add pressure, urgency and timelines to certain goals that are unnecessary and affect results in a negative way.   What are some ways you can respond and what are traits needed to successfully navigate and deal with fears in business:   Harvard Business Review listed 4 key elements entrepreneurs can use to analyze and deal with fear in business:   1-Emotional self-monitoring and control. Emotional intelligence involves both awareness of one's feelings and being able to control their influence on thought and behavior. Some of our entrepreneurs could pull this off. “If I'm in a lower mood one week and I look at my projects, I see only negative things and reasons why it can't happen. I started to learn that that's actually not associated with the projects, but it's associated with my emotions,” one said. Added another, “I've recently been learning to separate that anxiety out because I've learned that it's just transient.”   Emotional self-awareness is a skill that can be learned, and it involves becoming aware of the signs of emotions intruding upon consciousness through feelings and moods, anticipating their impact on thoughts, and using this awareness to limit their effects on decision and action. Practicing self-awareness can help curb the potent influences of negative emotions on goal setting and decision making.   2-Problem solving.  Actively seeking out flaws and weaknesses and doing something about them is a powerful means of reducing the fear of failure. Intuition is a potent source of information, and research has demonstrated that among experts, tacit knowledge and gut instinct lead to rapid and effective decision making. Such instincts are often associated with feelings rather than specific thoughts. Feelings of fear driven by concerns over the idea, for example, can offer important signals that work is needed. When treated as such a signal and acted on, rather than being repressed or ignored, these emotional flags can help entrepreneurs eliminate weaknesses and flaws in their venture idea.   A proactive, problem-solving response to feelings of fear can help reduce fear. But our research also shows that such action tends to be inhibited when the fear is caused by doubts about the validity of the business idea. This suggests that taking a deliberately action-oriented approach, overcoming the desire to repress or ignore the problem, will be especially important. Of course, weaknesses can never be eliminated altogether. For any entrepreneur, perfectionism is potentially dangerous.   3-Learning. Entrepreneurs told us one of the ways in which they overcome the feelings of fear was through learning and information seeking. This might be for core knowledge, such as computer coding skills on the part of the software entrepreneur seeking financing, or learning to cope with the high pace of activities that most entrepreneurs experience. Some of the entrepreneurs we interviewed learned through formal education and training, although it was more common to do research, reflect, and network with experts and mentors.   Learning is a powerful antidote to fear of failure, helping to mitigate one's doubts by increasing one's capabilities. But uncertainty is real and constant. Uncertainty and ambiguity are defining features of the challenge of entrepreneurship. There are always unknown unknowns out there, and so a recognition that one will never have all the information one wants — that one will always have to keep learning — is important.   4-Seeking support. Reaching out to mentors who are directly related to the business you are starting is really key and really helpful. For entrepreneurs in a constant battle with fear of failure, mentors and networks can be a vital source of reassurance. Mentors and social supports are beneficial because they support the three strategies of learning, problem solving, and self-awareness.     Bottom Line is that FEAR in your business is a real thing. But remember that you are not alone and it comes with the territory.   Fear can have both Negative and Positive affects so be aware of the source and reason for fear. NOTE-even the positive affects can bring added stress so be aware of this.   So, even though FEAR is a common and natural thing in business....developing your ability to identify and deal with it is the real skill you must develop.

    What do you Fear and Why do You Fear it?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 9:31

    Episode #477: What do you FEAR and Why do You FEAR it?   Today I want to talk with you about Fear.  We all have things that we fear in life.  Sometimes this fear can become paralyzing and sometimes it helps to keep us safe.  Fear can be a good thing if it involves protecting us and our family.  However, sometime fear can keep us from truly manifesting our best life and unleashing our true potential. Thats the reason I am bringing it up today on the podcast.   Join me and share this episode.  It would mean a lot to me to hear back from you on how this topics affects you in life right now.   Thanks for listening. George Wright III

    Strategies to Eliminate Worry & Anxiety

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 9:29

    Episode #476:  Strategies to Eliminate Worry & Anxiety Let's chat today about Worry, Anxiety and things you can't control. :) Does this Describe you… afraid to say what you really think constantly thinking that people are upset with you when they really aren't do you do things that you dont really want to do and then regret it afterward you find it hard to do something different and may be too scared to do so avoid certain people, because you are scared they don't like you you do what others tell you to do and find it hard to make decisions   These are Signs You Worry too Much About Others…   How do you STOP WORRYING…???   1-Think about Why You Care -society is conditioning you   2-Focus on Being in the Moment -both a distraction and grounding moment   3-Know that People Don't Normally Care -just like you they focus on themselves   4-Practice Self Love and Acceptance -self confidence and self esteem -meditation, healthy living, focus on you   5-Find Your Group of People -surround with positive people…comfort -validation, common goals, honesty   6-Understand You Cant Please Everyone -"better to be loved by a few than liked by everyone” -you will absolutely have critics…its price of success   7-Know that Life is Too Short -life is short…make the most of it -don't waste time on others critics focus on you   Bottom Line… Learn to Create Unshakable Focus and Determination Value the FEW and Tune out the REST

    Mental Discipline Through Physical Fitness

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 26:23

    Thanks for listening today.  I want to talk to you today about the #1 way I am able to get out of a rut when my life is not going the way I want it to go.  Let's talk about physical fitness, mindset, and the real connection between your body and your mindset.  There is no question in my mind that if you want to level up in ANY AREA OF YOUR LIFE...your physical fitness can help you to do it. Please join me in the facebook group for the daily mastermind. George Wright III @thedailymastermind

    How to Navigate The Seasons in Your Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 13:28

    Episode #474: Navigating the Seasons of Your Business   I attended an amazing Mastermind Event this past weekend in Houston. There were over 5,000 investors and entrepreneurs in attendance. I was able to spend time with many of my personal mentors but also spend time mentoring many of my own clients and partners.   During this weekend I learned a lot and was able to really identify some critical keys to success that are helping many people crush it in today's marketplace. Make no mistake, there are men and women truly crushing it right now in life and in business. So what is the difference maker? What separates them from everyone that is struggling?   Well, throughout this week, I'd like to share a couple of key principles, ideas and strategies that most of these people are applying. I hope that it might create some inspiration, motivation and even ideas for you to apply in your own business.   So, today I want to share with you a concept that was discussed with our mastermind, and the #1 key to creating massive results even when times are tough for your business and life.   Thought: In order to truly maximize your results and navigate the ups and downs in your life, you must understand, accept and deal with the "Seasons" you will go through. Much like the weather, you will undoubtedly go through all 4 seasons in your business life. Let's discuss this and I'll share with you the key to truly capitalizing on each season.   Seasons of Business & Life Spring- plant seeds, you are optimistic about the summer Summer- everything goes right, you are crushing it Fall- things slow down, you can't figure out why things aren't working Winter- nothing is working, you are discouraged and negative emotions   Rules of the Seasons You can't skip a season You can't force a season Winter is a given Spring always comes All areas of life go through seasons   The Secret to Crushing Seasons The Secret to Success is to maintain a SUMMER Mindset during all Seasons.   How to Maintain the Mindset Rituals- create discipline when motivation is gone Environment- positivity, growth, alignment, consistency, belief People- belief transference and success minded people Faith- a decision to belief in the "future vision" of you and your life   This is my challenge to you today: 1-Understand and Accept the Seasons 2-Create, Cultivate and Maintain a Mindset & Vision of Summer   Thanks for listening. George Wright III

    You Know Exactly What is Missing In Your Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 15:24

    Today I want to highlight what I think is missing in most of our lives.  I hope you get some great inspiration or motivation out of this episode.  Thank for listening. George Wright III

    It's Time To Go All In for Your Best Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 17:09

    Episode #472: It's Time to go all in for your best life.   What's been holding you back? Is there something you've been wanting to do for a while now? Is there something missing in your life? Maybe you don't know what it is but you know it's time for change... What is the reason you are hesitating and procrastinating? fear of failure fear of others thoughts circumstances not negative, but other reasons...backups, opportunities   Failure is NOT TAKING ACTION REGRET is the worst kind of Emotion   Time to GO ALL IN...right now   Steps to take action right now...3 Specific Steps 1-Make a Commitment decision commitment resolve public commitment Burn the Boats... If you want to take the island, you need to burn the boats You may have heard story of Cortes and burning his ships...this is source of quote Cortez arrived in the New World with 600 men and upon arrival, made history by destroying his ships.  This sent a clear message to his men:  There is no turning back.  Two years later, he succeeded in hs conquest of the Aztec Empire.   Create certainty...Create forward vision for Yourself and Your Team.   Safety nets are keeping you from success NOTE-it doesnt mean you cant course adjust or correct... simply means you won't look back or go backwards.   2-Create Certainty surround yourself with the right people learn your craft...MASTERY create a vision, plan, strategy visualize the end goal daily (affirmations, visual, verbal) create validation and small wins   3-Massive Action productivity vs activity KPIS accountability mentoring, support, partners, mastermind   It's never too late to create your best life, business, success, wealth, relationships Heard an analogy the other day...haven't seen movie but loved the quote   QUOTE "This is my letter of resignation.  This is my obituary.  The young girl who worked for you for the last seven years is dead and buried.  She leaves behind a lifetime of indecision, hesitation and fear.  She will not be missed.  She will not be mourned.  Because she was really never alive to begin with.  But she is now.  And she has her entire life in front of her.  An entire life just waiting to be filled."  

    How to Create Clarity in Your Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 13:15

    Episode 471:  How to Create Clarity in Your Life. Let's talk about Clarity.  I believe most of us lack clarity in our lives and that is why we struggle with visualizing and manifesting our best life.  But how do we create clarity?  I think that we all need to do certain things that will help us to get clear, but we must be willing to put in the work.  Here are a few steps we talk about in the podcast today to create a very clear vision of what we want in live.  I know a few of them might surprise you with regards to creating clarity, but join me for the discussion. Create Space Be Present Gratitude Practice Focus & Accountability Massive Action Thanks for Listening and Please share this episode if you got some value. George Wright III  

    How to Visualize and Manifest Your Best Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 13:36

    Episode #470:  How to Visualize and Manifest Your Best Life Today I want to talk to you about Vision…   You might be wondering why I talk so much about Vision… you best life starts with vision it's on ongoing process, not just a one time event if you are like me, you need to clarify even more so I want to share some thoughts on vision I came across an great article on great website to reference for thoughts, ideas, strategies I want you to take notes then, sit down for 10 min and execute on your thoughts   How to Create a Vision for Your Life Think of your vision like the compass for your life… You MUST spend time CONSISTENTLY mapping out your life Clarity will come with time and time will require clarity of your vision   Why You Need a Vision… without direction you will not end up where you want to go experts agree that you will accomplish more with a vision your life satisfaction and personal happiness will increase (think about that) if you don't create a vision, you will live someone else's vision (unhappiness)   How to Create Your Life Vision… Understand it will take consistency, patience and time to create clarity Vision will require writing down thoughts, reflection and visualization The key is to create vivid, clear, and distinct and purposeful components of your vision   What Do You Want? So let's start with the question…What do you Want? Question sounds simple but it's not.  Think about it. I ask people all the time what they want and the answers don't come quickly…Why? “A life of fulfillment doesn't happen by chance…it happens by design” It's helpful to ask questions…thoughts and direction come from questions. Personal, Professional, Relationships, Finances, Lifestyle   (Tips to remember) Why do you want certain things? Focus on what you want not what you don't want. Dream a little. Don't be afraid to reach for the stars. create a vision board, write in a journal, open a note on your phone.   (Questions to get you thinking) What really matters to you in life? Not what should matter, what does matter. What would you like to have more of in your life? Set aside money for a moment; what do you want in your career? What are your secret passions and dreams? What would bring more joy and happiness into your life? What do you want your relationships to be like? What qualities would you like to develop? What are your values? What issues do you care about? What are your talents? What's special about you? What would you most like to accomplish? What legacy would you like to leave behind? Most Importantly….What do you want your life to be like?   What Would Your Best Life Look Like?   I love the exercise of describing your best life in detail. What would your perfect day look like.  Break down the details. Think about what life would be like 5, 10, 20 years from now. Visualization is the key to manifesting in your life.   (Questions to get you thinking) What will you have accomplished already? How will you feel about yourself? What kind of people are in your life? How do you feel about them? What does your ideal day look like? Where are you? Where do you live? Think specifics, what city, state, or country, type of community, house or an apartment, style and atmosphere. What would you be doing? Are you with another person, a group of people, or are you by yourself? How are you dressed? What's your state of mind? Happy or sad? Contented or frustrated? What does your physical body look like? How do you feel about that? Does your best life make you smile and make your heart sing? If it doesn't, dig deeper, dream bigger.   Take some time to sit down and write, reflect, and dedicate time to this exercise. You are worth it, but you only deserve it if you are willing to work at it.   I'm sure many of you have read or heard of the book Think and Grow Rich.  One of the best selling books of all time.  100M copies sold over 80 years. Whether you've read the book or not, it might help you to remember that the title is…   THINK and Grow rich….meaning….thinking is a requirement of success and happiness. Don't wait for your future to be created.  Take responsibility and create your vision. It's never too late to start living the life you were meant to life But, you must start by taking time to create and visualize the life you want to live.   Thanks for tuning in today. Have a great week. George Wright III  

    How Will You End the Year?

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    Welcome Back to the Daily Mastermind. I hope you don't mind if I give you some "real talk" today...Cause I'm doing it anyway.  :) How are you doing so far this year?  Hitting your goals?  Feeling accomplished?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Are you setting yourself up to start crushing it in January or are you more excited today than ever to start crushing your goals over the next 60 days.  If you are not pushing yourself now, then you won't be doing it later.  If you are not MORE MOTIVATED now, then you wont be created results later.  All you have is today.  Games are won and lost in the 4th quarter...Period Today I want to talk to you about some ways to gear up and create massive action and results over the next 30-60 days.  This will give you the "edge" and a head start on making 2022 your best year ever. Thanks for listening. George Wright III

    The Power of NOW Part 3 of 3

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    Today I am recording this episode from the comfort of my massage chair after an amazing workout.  Talk about a great example of living in the present moment...what a great life and I'm grateful for the ability I have to record content for thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world.  We definitely live in a world of opportunity and technology...very grateful. So in part 1 of this 3 day series we talked about: -you are not your mind -time is an illusion of the mind -how to ground yourself in the present more often And, in part 2, we talked about: -accessing the Power of the present moment -becoming the "silent" observer of your mind -letting go of psychological time Today, we are going to talk about some Awesome stuff that I feel you will get some massive value from: -Eliminating negative emotions and problems -How to live in you "life" not your "life situation" -Reframing and eliminating your problems -Creating Joy in the Present moment and journey of life. I hope you will try to be PRESENT and really grasp these ideas.  I KNOW they will help you if you will apply them in your lives. Please share this podcast with someone you know.  It would mean a lot to me and also to someone that really needs it. Thanks for listening. George Wright III

    The Power of NOW Part 2 of 3

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    Today is part 2 of a 3 part series I am going on the Power of Becoming Present and using the present moment to create more results in your life.  I am highlighting chapter 3 from the NY Times Best Selling book from Eckart Tolle. I am really getting value from applying these principles in my life, and I hope they do the same for you. Yesterday we talked about reminding yourself that you are not your mind and not to look for answers to your problems inside your mind (since most problems are created by the mind).  We also talked about the concept of Time being an illusion/delusion, and we talked about learning to ground yourself in the Present Moment in order to avoid the issues created by the Past Memories and Future anticipation. Today I want to highlight and talk to you about: How to Access the Power of the Present Moment How to Become the Silent Observer of Your Mind How to Let Go of Psychological vs Clock Time I think it is so important to learn to be aware of what your mind is doing and I think today will help you to think more about that so you can create some results.  I hope you get a lot out of today, and I look forward to finishing up with this idea more tomorrow. Thanks for listening. George Wright III

    The Power of NOW Part 1 of 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 11:35

    Episode #466:  The Power of Now Welcome back to the Mastermind... Today I want to share with you a chapter form an Amazing book I have been studying lately.  The book is a NY Times best seller called the Power of NOW by Eckart Tolle.  My hope is that it will bring you some amazing value and help you create some clarity and results in your life. Learning to disconnect from the Past Stories we tell ourselves while also not allowing our future goals to distract us from the Present moment can be a challenge.  I believe Eckart has some awesome perspective, strategies and ideas you can use to make this happen.  I hope you will agree. Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing your feedback. George Wright III

    I Attract Success

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    Episode #465:  I Attract Success Here is a quote I personally love and am I'm using inside my life… YOU Must Become Better First Jim Rohn said, “Success is not to be pursued.  It is to be attracted by the person you become.” I love that!   Why? Because I've utilized this in my own life. You see, I've always pushed hard for everything I've achieved.  I've worked hard for everything I had my life.  I work hard because I felt that if I worked hard, I would get the things and the lifestyle that would make me happy and help to fulfill me.  What I learned later in life is that “things” don't really make you happy.  Then, as I grew and became more and more successful, I decided that I'm going to start living a life on purpose.  I decided to live life doing the things that will make me happy.  I started to do more things that were short term gratification (that I felt would create that sense of fulfillment), but also things that would help me to be happy.  But still, there was something missing.  I finally learned the ultimate lesson … that you need to be able to work hard and take massive action…But you also need to learn to ATTRACT the life, the success, and the prosperity. LEARN THIS LESSON NOW…Use the Law of Attraction You have to leverage the Law of Attraction in order to attract what is best for you and your life. You'll attract everything you desire, as you become a better and better person.  You'll benefit from this proven law of the universe… TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, THEN ALLOW SPACE FOR ATTRACTION Now you've probably seen or read The Secret which covers the Law of Attraction.  The principal, however, has been around since the beginning of time. There are many resources you can master about the Law of Attraction, even inside of The Daily Mastermind app. I truly believe that most don't ultimately understand this universal law.  This is a universal law of prosperity. Bob Proctor does an amazing job teaching a lot about the Law of Attraction because he talks about it a little differently.  He explains it is actually two distinct laws:  the Law of Vibration (primary) and the Law of Attraction (secondary).  These two laws work together in harmony and the more you understand them, the more you can use them to create your life. So, what do you need to do in order to ATTRACT more success into your life? Well, you have to grow “yourself” …you have to grow personally.  For example: learn to increase your confidence.  increase your energy so you're operating at a higher frequency develop your mindset  shift your paradigm, the view you have of the world  create focus with specific intentions of where you want your life to go There are many strategies and things you can do in order to personally develop and attract more success in your life.  We talk about them each and every day on this podcast. But here are just a few reminders, so you can have context for this Pillar today… DAILY RITUALS Daily rituals will help you increase your confidence and your energy level—two for one. DAILY AFFIRMATIONS To grow your mindset and change your paradigm, have daily affirmations.  This will allow your subconscious and conscious mind to go to a whole new level. Write out your affirmations and repeat those morning and night or writing them down and having them in front of you is a very solid strategy. LIFELONG LEARNING Next, lifelong learning that we just talked about that a few days ago.  Lifelong learning will definitely help you to be able to attract success in your life as you personally grow your knowledge and skills. ​SUCCESSFUL COMMUNITY Also, surround yourself with successful people.  Surrounding yourself with more successful, prosperous, happy, and fulfilled individuals will expand your life.  That frequency and that attraction is going to happen even at a higher degree for you with the higher vibe of those around you. INCREASE YOUR FAITH Lastly, the strategy that I really want to emphasize today is faith.  Yes, faith. Faith is a decision to have confidence and trust that you will create the life you desire and attract it toward you.  This is different than belief. Belief will come as you grow your actions.  Create new experiences, and your belief will begin to change.  But faith is a decision. Choose To Believe…You can choose to believe that success is going to be attracted into your life.   Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy, this is physics." Do you part to work with and leverage these amazing universal laws, and the energies of your life will bring the success you desire. I know that you have greatness inside of you.  Now let's get it! George Wright III

    Strategies for Driving Behavior

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    Episode 464:  Strategies for Driving Behavior Welcome back to the Mastermind... I'm excited today to share a message with you on how you can make a greater impact with your product, company or service. Many of us know What we do and How we do it, but most of us have not truly defined WHY we do it.  This is important because you will create must greater results and drive much more behavior in the marketplace when you operate from a Place of WHY you do what you do. Today, I am going to talk with you about this topic and share with you a few resources you can find to detail out a more innovative and impactful strategy for your company, product, service and life... I hope you enjoy. George Wright III

    How to Immediately Get out of a Rut

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    Episode #463:  How to Immediately Get out of a Rut Have you ever felt stuck? So you question where you are in life and why? Are you caught up in your head with overwhelm, anxiety or stress? Do you feel like you are in a fog or maybe have too much going on in your life, so you sometimes don't feel very productive? Well, welcome to the club.  I feel this way often and I'm not sure if that is good or bad, but I know it is just a part of life.  That is why I have adopted Strategies and Daily Rituals that help me to Break Out of the RUT when I have noticed I have slipped back into it. I hope todays message is one that gives you some great ideas (or maybe just reminds you) of stuff you already know you can be doing to PUSH Yourself out of the Rut and into the Progress you are hoping for. Thanks for listening today...DO ME A SOLID TODAY... If you got some value...SHARE THIS EPISODE.  PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR IT, Trust me.... George Wright III

    10 Tips for Brain Health When you Work Remote

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 13:23

    Episode #462:  10 Tips for Brain Health for Entrepreneurs Many of you know that I have been obsessed with Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Brain Health.  I am always looking for ways to creating better thinking habits, patterns and rituals.  I am a avid learner when it comes to Brain Health and Neuroplasticity. Today I want to share 10 tips from an article that Dr Amen wrote from the Amen Clinics. He is a multiple best selling author and also has a great podcast with him and his wife if you are interested in looking it up. I hope you enjoy and this is one you will definitely want to take notes on.  Have an amazing rest of your day.   Thanks for listening. George Wright III

    Morning & Evening Rituals for Success

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 7:42

    Episode #461:  Morning & Evening Rituals for Success Have an amazing Day.  I hope this episode brings you some value and encourages you to develop strategies for you to Win the Day. George Wright III

    I Create Daily Rituals

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 11:49

    Episode #460:  I Create Daily Rituals One of my Mentors used to always say to me (as well as huge audiences around the world)... How you do anything is How you do everything. I have started to learn just how significant this statement is over the last couple years.  During the struggles of the past couple years, I have seen many of my friends, partners and family members struggle financially, mentally and emotionally.  I myself have also had many times that things seemed very overwhelming. But, I have seen first hand that "how I structure and maintain my day, my attitude, and my discipline" has carried my through many challenges and presented numerous opportunities.  I've seen a pattern of success, optimism and even "results" follow around individuals that have consistently placed their daily rituals as a priority in their lives. In other words, how you do anything is how you do everything.  Your daily rituals will help you to create discipline and consistency even when you don't feel like it.  And guess what, there are always times we don't feel like doing what we need to do in order to be successful, happy and productive. That's why I am especially excited to talk about Prosperity Pillar #10 on my podcast today.   I CREATE DAILY RITUALS I will go through some ideas and strategies that have helped me and many others to create results, discipline and fulfillment in their lives.  I hope you gain some value and appreciate you listening. George Wright III Don't Forget to join me every Wednesday Morning at 8:30am MT for our LIVE Mid-Week Mastermind inside The Daily Mastermind Facebook Group!!  

    2 Hidden Messages from Napoleon Hill

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 12:06

    Episode #459:  2 Hidden Messages from Napoleon Hill After 80 Years and over 100 Million Copies sold, the book Think and Grow Rich is probably responsible for creating more millionaires than any other publication.  Its secrets and words of inspiration have helped countless thousands Set Goals, Create a Plan and Take Massive Action to manifest what they desire. But how come so many people that have read and applied its principles NOT created the success they desired?  It's not because they didn't apply the principles.  It is not because they didn't work hard.  However, I truly believe it IS because they missed a couple important steps in the process of going after their goals.   Today I'd like to point out a few "hidden messages" or steps I feel you may be missing when you are setting your goals for 2020.  I hope that you can gain some insight and inspiration from this episode.  Please listen and send me some feedback if you have anything you can add to the discussion.   Also, I'd like to ask you to share this episode online or with anyone you know that might benefit from the principles we discuss here today. Thanks for listening. George Wright III Don't Forget to join me every Wednesday Morning at 8:30am MT for our LIVE Mid-Week Mastermind inside The Daily Mastermind Facebook Group!! SHOW SPONSORS: Protect Wealth Academy 3-Day Asset Protection & Wealth Creation Summit Get Your 2 FREE Tickets Here: MASTERMIND RESOURCES: FREE Mobile App Download  APPLE or ANDROID You are a Driven, Passionate Entrepreneur and your Thoughts Create Your Life.  You need on-the-go Daily Motivation, Inspirations, and Insights to Fuel your day. That's why you are part of the MASTERMIND and use the Daily Mastermind Mobile App. Apple Download Android Download   FREE eBook: The Truth About Success and Failure by Robert Stuberg What if success isn't what you think it is? What if many of the people who you think are succeeding are actually losing, and many of the people who you think are failing are really succeeding? Download at    

    5 Keys to Execute Like a CEO 

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    Episode #458:  5 Keys to Execute Like a CEO  Today I want to ask your permission to hit you with some “real talk”.  We get so caught up in personal development sometimes that we fail to remember that EXCUTION is the goal to creating results in our lives. You can have REASONS and EXCUSES or you can have RESULTS…Period. So today I want to share with you some specific details on 5 key areas that I use on a weekly basis to hold myself accountable and focused on my goals.  I hope they will help you.  We will cover: Foundation             Schedule             Rituals Clarity             Purpose             Vision Focus             KPIs             Discipline Execution             Action             Productivity Accountability             Structure             Scorecards  Thank you for listening today, and I challenge you to start holding yourself accountable for RESULTS in your life and in your business.  Hit me up if you need help doing it.  :) George Wright III   Don't Forget to join me every Wednesday Morning at 8:30am MT for our LIVE Mid-Week Mastermind inside The Daily Mastermind Facebook Group!! SHOW SPONSORS: Protect Wealth Academy 3-Day Asset Protection & Wealth Creation Summit Get Your 2 FREE Tickets Here:   MASTERMIND RESOURCES: FREE Mobile App Download  APPLE or ANDROID You are a Driven, Passionate Entrepreneur and your Thoughts Create Your Life.  You need on-the-go Daily Motivation, Inspirations, and Insights to Fuel your day. That's why you are part of the MASTERMIND and use the Daily Mastermind Mobile App. Apple Download Android Download   FREE eBook: The Truth About Success and Failure by Robert Stuberg What if success isn't what you think it is? What if many of the people who you think are succeeding are actually losing, and many of the people who you think are failing are really succeeding? Download at    

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