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Saturdays at 8 a.m. on Freedom 95--95.9 FM & 950 AM--Indianapolis. And Sundays at 8 p.m. on 93.1 FM WIBC.

Dr. Robert Prather

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    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2022 54:50

    In our opening segment, Dr. Prather talks about Joe Biden's announcement that the pandemic is over. Then, we talk about the upcoming Flu season and how to protect your health. In this episode, discover:—How Joe Biden's statement that "the pandemic is over" was immediately reversed by the White House.—Why COVID is no longer a pandemic, but an endemic.—The stunning statement by former CDC Director Robert Redfield (and Fauci friend) where he accuses Fauci of a cover-up about the true origins of COVID.—How the flu is one of the leading causes of death in the world and something to take seriously. —The difference between a cold and the flu. And why Dr. Prather says this is an "an odd year" with more flu cases in the summer than normal.—Why the flu virus seemed to disappear during COVID. And what the flu season in the Southern Hemisphere indicates about the upcoming flu season here.—How the flu shot is only about 40% effective…in a good year.—The multiple kinds of flu shot available and the importance of discussing those options before you get it.—Why Dr. Prather says he "absolutely loves botanicals for the flu". And which ones are helpful in boosting your immune system. —The natural Flu-B-Gone product Dr. Prather uses in his office. Plus, the list of natural Homeopathics and Vitamins that are most helpful in preventing and combating the


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather talks about the new COVID-19 booster shot in the opening segment. Then, we focus on the increasing problem of Low Testosterone and how to boost Testosterone naturally. In this episode, you'll learn:—How the new booster shots had zero human trials before being approved and released.—Why Dr. Prather says we would have never had any pandemic emergency if the original COVID virus was like the Omicron variants that are most prevalent right now. —The reason Dr. Prather thinks the new booster will be "a huge embarrassment". —The studies showing the average young man's Testosterone levels have fallen 1% per year for the past 40 years. And how that problem is actually worsening.—How Testosterone levels are falling worldwide (and even in animals). —The harmful role marijuana and pornography play in low Testosterone.—Why Testosterone is "a fountain of youth", where low Testosterone makes men more susceptible to diseases like Cancer, in addition to low sperm count and infertility.—The importance in getting the body to boost Testosterone levels naturally instead of through pharmaceuticals. And why Dr. Prather says it is "quite impossible" to balance Testosterone in the body (for both males and females) without glandular supplements.—How Dr. Prather was dissatisfied with the results of other supplements on the market and decided to develop Stasis Supplements Grass-Fed Orchic Powder to get the desired results for his patients in boosting Testosterone levels.—Why COVID (and the COVID vaccine) has negatively affected Testosterone levels. And the connection between Zinc and low


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2022 54:50

    The show begins with a COVID update about the need for a honest debate and discussion in this country instead of censorship and divisiveness. Then, Dr. Prather discusses why proper bloodwork is absolutely vital for everyone on an annual basis. In this episode, we talk about:—Why a CNN Medical Analyst who was previously in favor of lockdowns is now being called "unscientific, unethical, and fat-phobic" for changing her mind.—The potential dangers from Original Antigenic Sin and Immune Imprinting related to the COVID vaccine. And why this may explain the "crazy stuff" that is happening with people's immune systems right now that cannot be explained.—The story you will not believe about how hospitals are using improv theater to deal with vaccine hesitancy.—How blood work reveals both what is wrong with the body and what could possibly go wrong.—Why Dr. Prather often identifies problems in someone's bloodwork when several other doctors said there was nothing wrong. And the difference between Disease Care and the Structure-Function Health Care model Dr. Prather uses when evaluating blood work.—The reason why health care costs would dramatically decrease and patient results would improve if our health care system was based more on the Structure-Function Health Care model instead of Disease Care.—Why The Prather Profile blood test is considered "an executive level" blood test identical to what the President of the United States would get. And why Dr. Prather does MORE lab tests as a Structure-Function doctor than Disease Care doctors.—How The Prather Profile blood panel includes more than 50 different tests that covers anything that could possibly be wrong in the body from A to Z.—How Dr. Prather's training included over 650 hours of training on interpreting blood work, while the average medical doctor only has 15 hours of training in medical school.—Why Dr. Prather looks beyond "the normal" reference ranges on blood work, which actually are not the optimal ranges of where you should


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update about what the federal government is doing that you need to know about. Then, we wrap up our Anti-Aging series by talking about the growing problem of Alzheimer's Disease, which is the seventh-leading cause of death. In this episode, you'll find out:—How the new COVID-19 vaccine being approved has not gone through any human trials and is based on a prior variant of the virus that no longer exists.—The reason why Dr. Prather calls continuing vaccine mandates "absurd" and don't make any sense according to the CDC's own guidelines.—About the new Department Homeland Security cartoon encouraging children to report their family members who spread COVID "misinformation". And why citizens should be concerned about the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency. —The shocking increase in Alzheimer's Disease in recent years compared to the past. And WHY this increase is happening. —How Alzheimer's is expected to "exponentially increase" as a result of the neurological damage caused by the COVID-19 virus.—Why your fingerprints can be a surprising indicator of Alzheimer's Disease. —The problems with Alzheimer's medications and the recent controversies questioning the research behind them. —The connection between Alzheimer's Disease and heavy metal toxicity, like Aluminum. And why Structure-Function Care needs to be a part of every patient's care.—What role Mushrooms play in helping with Alzheimer's. And the benefits offered by the Stasis Supplements Mushroom Immune Complex and Natrum Naturals Mushroom Elixir Gummy Vitamin products from Holistic Integration. —How Chiropractic and Acupuncture can help reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's. And the diagnostics and annual tests you should have for Alzheimer's Disease.


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update about how the virus is here to stay, but responds very well to natural treatments. Then, we continue our series on Aging by talking about the growing problem of Diabetes. In this episode, you'll discover:—How the numbers of those with the COVID virus are at the highest they have ever been, but not as deadly as the original virus. —The three different types of Long COVID and why Dr. Prather says it is a very big problem. —Why exercise is NOT recommended for Long COVID patients, contrary to Dr. Prather's standard advice that exercise cures a world of ills.—How there are many people with Diabetes who aren't even aware they have it. And why a patient being thirsty all the time is a red flag.—The increased likelihood that a person will develop Diabetes in their lifetime (either Type I or Type II) if they weren't breastfed or if their Mother was deficient in Vitamin D.—The dangerous side-effects of Diabetes medications. And how Dr. Prather is able to help patients reduce the amount of Diabetes medication they have to take, which helps them to live longer and healthier lives.—Why Dr. Prather says Structure-Function Health Care and nutritional supplementation is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for every Diabetes patient.—The Stasis Supplements Blood Sugar Formula Dr. Prather helped develop because there wasn't anything else like it available for his patients.—Why Acupuncture is "absolutely amazing" in cutting down blood sugar problems and stimulates wound healing "like nothing else". —How Chiropractic adjustments can cause patients to have to reduce the amount of Insulin or Metformin they are taking because the adjustments will help their body to regulate their levels


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2022 54:41

    Dr. Prather opens the show by talking about how those who were censored during the pandemic are now being vindicated as the CDC is backtracking on their prior claims. Then, we continue our Anti-Aging series by focusing on why natural solutions are a better approach to Menopause symptoms than pharmaceuticals. In this episode, you'll learn:—Why Denmark has BANNED COVID-19 vaccinations for those under the age of 18.—How the "completely untested" Monkeypox vaccine could cause an even worse Smallpox outbreak.—The Pfizer vaccine trial data showed a 44% miscarriage rate for pregnant women who took the vaccine. And the shocking statistics about vaccines and pregnancy from Scotland and Israel. —The connection between a correctly-balanced Endocrine Symptom and a smoother Menopause. —How Dr. Prather "can't think of anyone" his office has not been able to help get their Menopause symptoms under control through Structure-Function Care.—Why Dr. Prather does NOT recommend Hormone Replacement Therapy or Bioidentical Hormones. And what the studies reveal are the risks of such therapies.—The "easy fix" for why American women have the highest rate of Menopause symptoms in the world, while most women in the world have "zero" Menopause symptoms.—The reason Dr. Prather says Acupuncture is "the most effective and fastest treatment" for hot flashes, which affects 80% of American women.—Why supplementation is "absolutely necessary" for the symptoms of Menopause and to achieve long-term changes.—How the Stasis Supplements Women's Daily Herbal Support Formula from Holistic Integration helps to support women in all stages of life and why women are giving it "rave reviews"


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2022 54:50

    This week, we continue our series on Aging, as Dr. Prather explains how Collagen is one of the fountains of youth and is something that everyone needs more of. In this episode, we talk about:—The shocking conclusions from the prestigious medical journal The Lancet's scientific commission investigating the origins of COVID-19. —What the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has shown so far about the COVID vaccine. And how the U.S. Government has spent zero money compensating those with vaccine injuries.—The data from U.S. life insurance companies showing an unprecedented increase in deaths among adults under the age of 40 and a shocking increase in those diagnosed with Cancer.—How Collagen is involved in every single organ and system of our body.—The reason why Dr. Prather says Collagen is almost always involved in diseases of aging. And how you would look like you were 25 for the rest of your life if your Collagen was up to par.—How Collagen begins to drop off at the age of 25 and is the substance most connected to how youthful and beautiful a person looks. —Why Collagen supplementation works best when taken in a chewable form.—The reason why a vegan form of Collagen is the best for the body to process. And the findings that Collagen derived from animals has been found to be high in heavy metal toxicity.—How "everybody" needs more Collagen, but especially Women after Menopause.—Plus, the story of how Holistic Integration's own Natrum Naturals Vegan Collagen Boost Gummy was developed and the ingredients


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 6, 2022 54:50

    This week, we begin a new series on Aging and how optimal Testosterone levels help men to fight off the symptoms of aging and stay young. In this episode, you'll find out:—Why Dr. Prather changed the name of our regular "COVID-19 Update" segment to "Pandemic Update".—How a group of health care employees won a multimillion dollar lawsuit after their employer refused them religious exemptions from the COVID vaccine. —Why doctors are puzzled about the way the normal pattern of viral infections have shifted post-COVID so that we're seeing severe illnesses in the summer instead of the winter.--How 25% of men (in all age categories) have low Testosterone, most without even realizing it. Plus, how Low Testosterone can even cause problems in women.--The symptoms of Low Testosterone: low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, low motivation, lower cognitive ability, lower muscle mass, weight gain, irritability, and depression.--Why your motivation in life is directly related to your Testosterone levels. --The health risks of Low Testosterone: Prostate Cancer, Cardiovascular, Osteoporosis, Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Depression.--How stress, chronic pain, drugs (such as Marijuana), alcohol, the food you eat, lack of rest, the water you drink, and medications (even over-the-counter ones) can all destroy Testosterone.--The treatment options for Low Testosterone from Testosterone injections to more natural solutions such as herbals and supplements.--Why Dr. Prather's goal is to get patients who are on Testosterone therapy to the point where their body produces its own


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update that reports we now have a greater number of cases than at any point in the pandemic. Then, we talk about how the gut is "the #1 determinant" to a person's health, but is even more important for children. In this episode, you'll discover:—How the World Health Organization declared Monkeypox as a "world health emergency"…in spite of the decision-making panel voting NOT to declare it an emergency.—The huge changes between the original COVID strain and the latest variant. And the controversial theory that explains why we're seeing so many variants.--The "revolutionary" findings coming out from National Institutes of Health research on the gut that will change how our health care system treats diseases. --The reason why every child should be checked for gut health, but especially children with learning disabilities, tummy problems, allergies, eczema, ADD, ADHD, autoimmune issues, and ear infections.--Why Dr. Prather says it is a "disaster waiting to happen" if a child has had six or more antibiotic treatments while under the age of 5.--How a child is more susceptible than an adult for gut problems to impact their brain. Plus, how ear infections are related to gut health.--How all autoimmune diseases are a result of a failed immune system. And why the standard medical approach of destroying the immune system for autoimmune disease is wrong and contradicts science.--Why gluten leads to a "leaky gut". And why people today are having more problems with gluten than in the past.--What a G.I. Effects Stool Kit will reveal about your health. And how Dr. Prather rebuilds gut health for patients.--Why a stool kit is "absolutely essential" for pregnant women as the health of a child will be determined by the Mom's


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 23, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update that contains some good news in the fight for health care freedom. Then, we're joined by Dr. Dan Williams, an expert in Regenerative Medicine, to talk about his new collaboration with Dr. Prather and Holistic Integration. In this episode, you'll learn:—The court ruling that is giving hope to members of our military who refuse the COVID vaccine.—The latest update from the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) and how people are being censored and de-platformed from social media for just quoting the accurate numbers from this system. —How the Swine Flu Vaccine in 1976 was pulled from the market after just 25 people died as a result of the vaccine. —Why key government health care officials in charge of vaccines actually resigned their positions instead of going along with the government approval of COVID vaccines for children.—How you can receive a special discount on a Regenerative Medicine service package by attending a special Open House event at Holistic Integration this Tuesday, July 26 at 6 p.m. —The reason why amniotic and umbilical stem cells are not nearly as effective as using stem cells that come from a patient's own body.—Why Dr. Prather says Regenerative Medicine can help patients to keep their own body parts and avoid joint replacement surgeries. —The extensive research database that includes every patient that receives Regenerative Medicine treatment. And how this helps give every potential patient a candidacy rating of Good, Fair, or Poor based on their expected outcome.—What to expect during a Regenerative Medicine treatment and what the recovery from the treatment is like.—Why Regenerative Medicine is a beneficial approach for conditions such as Rotator Cuff tears, Shoulder and Knee Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis Elbow, Neck Pain, Headaches, Shoulder Pain, and Carpal Tunnel


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 16, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update about the increase in cases from the new BA.5 sub-variant. Then, we discuss how to live a longer, healthier life by lowering your biological age. In this episode, we talk about:—How the new COVID sub-variant is producing 100,000 new cases each week.—Why trying to come up with a vaccination for the rapidly-changing coronavirus variants is "like chasing the wind".—What a shocking new Swedish study shows about the Pfizer vaccine and its potential to change the DNA structure in human tissue (which we were assured was impossible and could never happen).—The difference between your chronological age and your biological age. And why a normal biological life span is 10 times the age of puberty. —The factors that influence your biological age. —Why reducing toxins in your body is important for reducing your biological age. And why Dr. Prather says there is a correlation between a person's health and their heavy metal toxicity.—The potential for regenerative farming to produce food that would increase our nutrition, reduce the need for chemicals, and make the environment healthier.—The diagnostics and lab tests that reveal your chemical exposure and your heavy metal exposure. And why Dr. Prather says Hair Analysis is "the best way" to give an accurate picture of your heavy metal toxicity.—Why heavy metal toxicity testing is particularly important for children, a majority of whom have heavy metal toxicity.—How Holistic Integration has very specific methods of removing each and every heavy metal toxicity. And why Dr. Prather says his office "has never had a situation" where they could not remove heavy metals from a patient's


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 9, 2022 54:46

    Dr. Prather opens the show with our weekly COVID-19 update. Then, we talk about the three lab tests that Dr. Prather recommends that everyone have on annual basis. In this episode, you'll find out:—How the nations with the highest vaccination rates are experiencing the highest hospitalization and death rates from COVID-19. —The dominant COVID variants that are spreading across the world and why the vaccinations do not work on the new variants. —The astonishing drop in births being seen around the world and what the research shows about how the COVID-19 vaccine affects fertility. —Why the increase in drownings may be associated with the COVID-19 vaccine.—How The Prather Profile Blood Analysis shows up everything that could go wrong with you in one blood test. —The difference in how Dr. Prather interprets bloodwork versus how the Disease Care model looks at bloodwork. And why the reference range on bloodwork is NOT the optimal range. —The necessity of a Hair Analysis to reveal the mineral and heavy metal content in your body.—Why anyone concerned about Osteoporosis should have a Hair Analysis. And how a patient diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease found Manganese toxicity in their Hair Analysis that, once corrected, eliminated their Parkinson's symptoms.—Why Dr. Prather says that anyone who really wants to be thorough on what is going on in their health needs to have a G.I. Effects Stool Kit.—How six antibiotics before the age of six will cause a child's gut flora to "be completely shot", which contributes to ADD, Autism, and even Cardiovascular Disease and


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 2, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update. Then, we're joined by Christine, a Massage Therapist at Holistic Integration, to talk about a gentle form of bodywork called Orthobionomy and why it is called "Homeopathic Bodywork". In this episode, you'll discover:—How the World Health Organization determined that Monkeypox is not a health emergency and is not as contagious among the general population as first feared.—The Israeli study that found a decrease in sperm count and quality following the COVID-19 vaccine. —What the recent release of 80,000 pages of Pfizer vaccine clinical trial documents has revealed. And the "amazing" number of adverse reactions recorded when it was reported that there weren't any. —The two new variants of the Omicron variant and how the vaccine is not effective for either one. And "the stealth variant" that does not show up on the COVID test even if you have it. —How Orthobionomy works. —What Orthobionomy is good for. And why it is helpful to speed up healing from both new or very old injuries and accidents.—How Orthobionomy before and after a surgery helps speed up healing.—What you can expect during and after an Orthobionomy session.—Why you should try Orthobionomy instead of Massage for muscle knots.—How Orthobionomy is different from Chiropractic. And how it complements and enhances your Chiropractic


    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2022 54:50

    This week, we conclude the discussion we began last week on the growing issue of Depression. Then, Dr. Prather brings a COVID-19 update with the latest news. In this episode, you'll learn:—How the research shows that almost 100% of those who have had a severe case of COVID also experienced some sort of mood disorder.—Why the side-effects of anti-depressant prescription drugs need to be considered as a potential contributor in mass shootings. —The disturbing link between pharmaceutical companies and the funding of government agencies that regulate them.—The "very, very important" role of Nutraceuticals in Dr. Prather's treatment of Depression. And the amazing list of natural products that are helpful for Depression.—How Food Allergies, Hypoglycemia, and Low Hydrochloric Acid can play an overlooked role as causes of Depression.—Why the FDA approval of the COVID-vaccine in babies is being met with low demand from parents.—How the vaccinated have the highest numbers of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID-19.—The injury rates from the COVID vaccine, including "a lot of" patients Dr. Prather is treating with issues like Myocarditis and Guillain-Barre. —Why insurance companies are reporting huge increases in the number of deaths in the 18-65 age group. —Plus, you'll hear Emily's story about how she felt defeated in her health battles until she found Hope at Holistic


    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 18, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update that includes what you need to know about Monkeypox. Then, we talk about the rise in cases of Depression and how Structure-Function Care offers Hope to those who suffer from Depression with solutions that are natural instead of pharmaceutically-based. In this episode, you'll learn:—How Florida's Governor stood up for Special Olympics athletes who were told they wouldn't be allowed to participate unless they were vaccinated. —The "poor" research surrounding COVID-19 vaccines in young children who are already at very little risk from the virus.—How the pharmaceutical companies that received FDA approval for their COVID-19 vaccinations have admitted they will never produce a single dose of the FDA-approved version.—The 8 clinical signs of Depression. Plus, the symptoms of Depression in children and adolescents and how long these signs must be exhibited for a diagnosis. —The link between Depression and Hormones. And why women in their 40's and 50's are more likely to be diagnosed with Depression and prescribed an antidepressant.—The dangerous side-effects of antidepressants and how 40% of patients stop taking their medications because of them.—Why Dr. Prather says the connection between medications and school shootings should be explored. —The research that shows a link between the COVID-19 virus itself and Depression, not to mention how the lockdowns and social isolation have contributed to Depression. —Why 80% of those on Thyroid medication develop Depression. —How diet and exercise play big roles in Depression. And how Acupuncture produces "amazing" and "immediate" results for Depression and


    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 11, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update about the future of vaccine mandates. Then, we share three patient success stories from Dr. Prather's office that will inspire you on your own health journey. In this episode, you'll find out:—How 14 states, including Indiana, require that businesses allow their employees religious and medical exemptions from vaccine mandates.—The necessity of public pushback to defeat vaccine mandates and demand health freedom from the government. —Why Dr. Prather says "the science and the data don't support the vaccine".—The reason the government has had a tunnel-vision approach to vaccines being the solution to the pandemic and ignored all other treatments.—The new vaccine that is a potential alternative to the new Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that is more along the lines of traditional vaccines. —The shocking COVID results being seen in Australia after they strictly followed a strategy of lockdowns and vaccine mandates.—What policy the airlines are trying to change concerning international travel. —Why Pam decided to come see Dr. Prather after suffering from extreme stress and discovered for the first time that she has Scoliosis. And why she says, "I didn't know I could feel this good" until she experienced the treatments at Holistic Integration. —How Katy went to almost 20 different specialists for help after a random neck fracture, including The Cleveland Clinic and The Mayo Clinic, and found no answers until she came to Dr. Prather's office. And how she's so excited to be WALKING again after being close to needing a wheelchair. —And in a special treat for long-time patients of Dr. Prather, we will be joined by Pat, a beloved employee in Dr. Prather's office who retired after 17-years. Hear how she first came to Dr. Prather as a patient after being diagnosed with Lupus and why her general practitioner said she wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for Dr.


    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 4, 2022 54:50

    June is Scoliosis Awareness Month. Scoliosis affects 4 million children, mostly girls between the ages of 10- and 15-years-old. In this episode, you'll discover:—The plans for an International Pandemic Treaty that will give the World Health Organization authority to override national sovereignty in a pandemic.—Why the COVID-19 pandemic was always a Level One pandemic, but was reacted to as if it was a Level Four pandemic. —How Indiana is the 4th-worst (or best, according to your perspective) state for COVID vaccine compliance.—How 80% of Scoliosis cases are "idiopathic" or cases that have no known reason why it has occurred. And how this reflects Dr. Prather's teaching that 80% of our Health Care should be Structure-Function Care and 20% Disease Care.—Dr. Prather's theory that "a perfect storm" of several different things go wrong to cause the development of Scoliosis. And why you should have your child screened for Scoliosis on an annual basis by a doctor who specializes in spinal health. —Why Dr. Prather says that Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Corrective Exercises, and Physiotherapy are all "essential" to treat Scoliosis. And the critical importance of getting an Atlas (the top vertebrae) adjustment as the first step in any Scoliosis treatment.—The necessity of back bracing for Scoliosis patients, but also back braces that are undetectable to protect the emotional and psychological health of kids who have to wear them. —How Dr. Prather "always, always, always" finds a Hormonal imbalance with Scoliosis. And why that imbalance needs to be corrected in a natural, not a pharmaceutical, way.—The diagnostics necessary to diagnose Scoliosis…and not just the expected imaging such as X-Rays.—The Copper-Zinc imbalance that is found in every single Scoliosis case. And the Hair Analysis that discovers this, as well as any Heavy Metal


    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2022 54:50

    In honor of the Indianapolis 500, we present our "Race Into Health Special". Would you rather your body be treated like a high-performance IndyCar or a broken-down clunker on the side of the road? You'll be surprised to find out the similar principles between a winning Indy 500 team and the Structure-Function Health Care approach in Dr. Prather's office. In this episode, you'll learn:—How Structure-Function Health Care takes an IndyCar approach in focusing on how to maximize the performance of your body, while Disease Care is more like trying to fix a car broken down on the side of the road.—Why Structure-Function Health Care relies more on diagnostics than the Disease Care model. Just as IndyCar engineers rely on a multitude of data points on the car's performance, Dr. Prather uses data to discover exactly what is going on in the patient's body.—The need to achieve proper balance, both in an IndyCar for maximum speed and in your body to achieve the true definition of health. —How you need a winning Pit Crew to get you into Victory Lane, and you also need an entire health care team working together to help you to achieve your health goals.


    Play Episode Listen Later May 21, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens with the latest COVID-19 update on the Biden Administration's Disinformation Board and whether this idea is truly defeated. Then, we talk about the upcoming Open House event at Holistic Integration on Tuesday, May 24 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and the free health screenings that will be provided. In this episode, we talk about:—What the recent memo from Indiana's Attorney General revealed about the CDC's own disinformation about COVID-19.—Why Dr. Prather says we could have "easily" prevented 85% of COVID-19 deaths and that most of those deaths were a result of the government mishandling the pandemic. —The Posture Analysis screening that we will be offering on Tuesday night and what it reveals.—The degeneration now being seen in the necks of people in their 20's that used to only be seen in people over the age of 50.—The computer analysis included in our Posture Analysis that calculates the health of your posture and also objectively measures the progress of your treatment in our office.—How a forward head posture of just one inch will add an additional 10 pounds of weight to your head. —What the Body Composition Analysis reveals about your health.—How the Body Composition reveals a more accurate Fat Percentage measurement than the traditional Body Mass Index.—Why Dr. Prather says the "phase angle" measurement in the Body Composition Analysis is the gold standard for research to measure the overall level of your body's health.—How visitors to our Open House event are going to LOVE the free Rapid Release Therapy they'll have the opportunity to


    Play Episode Listen Later May 14, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather spends the first half of the show with a COVID-19 update that reveals the latest efforts that would increase government control over our health. Then, we continue our discussion from last week about Knee Pain and how you can find relief without drugs or surgery. In this episode, you'll find out:—How the California legislature has introduced a bill that would regulate how medicine is practiced and would force doctors to subordinate their decisions to public health bureaucrats. —The "chilling" proposal for a central vaccination registry. And the California bill that would allow minors to be vaccinated without their parents' consent.—The push for a treaty that would allow the World Health Organization take over in a pandemic and supersede national laws. And why Dr. Prather says the United States should actually pull out of the WHO.—How the Walgreens vaccination statistics show you are more likely to get COVID the more times you are vaccinated.—Why Dr. Prather says, while pharmaceuticals and surgery are sometimes necessary, the only way you can really fix a Knee is through Structure-Function Care.—The reason why your Knee will function better if you just lose 5% of your Body Fat Percentage. —The importance of Chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises in relieving Knee Pain and reversing Knee degeneration. Plus, how Physiotherapy electrical stimulation can provide "an immediate change" in a patient's pain level. —How just one Acupuncture session caused a patient's surgical scar from Knee surgery to immediately change color from white to pink.—The role Decompression Therapy played in helping numerous patients in Dr. Prather's office to cancel scheduled Knee surgeries.—Why Glucosamine "works better than pharmaceuticals" and gives the building blocks of cartilage. And how specialized topical herbal liniments at Holistic Integration can relieve pain almost immediately and promote healing.


    Play Episode Listen Later May 7, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update. Then, we talk about how Knees pain is the #2 cause of chronic pain, with 30% of all American adults suffering from Knee pain during their lives. In this episode, you'll discover:—What is happening with the COVID-19 lockdown in China and how their government is able to track its citizens with government-issued cell phones. —How the data has shown the COVID lockdowns to be an unsuccessful strategy because the virus is "here to stay". —The prediction made by Bill Gates that the worst COVID surge yet is coming. And how he wants national sovereignty to be removed so that the World Health Organization can make all the decisions during a pandemic. —The stunning news that the Centers for Disease Control tracked Americans through our phones to check compliance with their COVID lockdown orders. —How obesity contributes to Knee problems, not only because of the extra weight on your joints, but because obesity interferes with your body's ability to regenerate Knee cartilage.—The two types of Knee alignments, including the one that 60% of all Olympic Sprinters have. Plus, how this alignment that provides an athletic advantage when you are younger will wear out more quickly as you age.—The botanical medicines, nutritionals, and homeopathic medicines that can actually regenerate Knee cartilage, which Dr. Prather sees on the X-Rays in his office on a regular basis.—Why Dr. Prather says NSAID's (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are effective in the short term for Knee pain, but cause long-term problems because they cause degeneration of Knee cartilage as well as damage to the liver, kidneys, and heart.—How there were about a million Knee replacements in America in 2020, with a growing number expected in future years. And why Dr. Prather says Knee replacements are not an answer because it means "you automatically have a disability for the rest of your life".—Why Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Physical Therapy represent a better way of getting the Knees in proper alignment for the healing and regeneration of the


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with an update about the latest court ruling overturning the CDC mask mandates on airplanes.  Then, Dr. Prather reveals the shocking reason why some people have a negative view of Chiropractic care without realizing why they have a negative opinion. In this episode, you'll learn:--Why the perception of Chiropractic being unsafe and unscientific was the result of a conspiracy on the part of the American Medical Association that was proven in a landmark Supreme Court case.--How insurance companies prove the safety of Chiropractic by offering Chiropractors the lowest malpractice rates of any health care professional. And how low malpractice rates surprisingly result in a lower reimbursement rate for Chiropractors.--The variety of techniques in the Chiropractic profession (over 700!) and the gentle, non-force adjusting techniques Dr. Prather uses in his practice.--The most common mobilization technique in Chiropractic that makes the "cracking and popping sounds". Plus, why Dr. Prather doesn't use that technique.--Which health conditions require specialized Chiropractic adjusting techniques, including Osteoporosis and post-surgery.--How the Atlas Orthogonal adjustment of the top vertebrae is a specialty of Dr. Prather, who is the only board-certified Atlas Orthogonist in the state of Indiana.--How the study connecting strokes to Chiropractic adjustment was composed entirely of cases where the adjustments were made by people who weren't even Chiropractors!--Why going to your hairdresser to get your hair washed is a higher risk than getting a Chiropractic neck adjustment.--Why even post-surgical Scoliosis patients with a rod in their back can get relief from a safe, gentle, reflex adjustment technique.--The benefits of Chiropractic adjustments for patients who have had knee and hip


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 23, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather is seeing an increase in patients who are suffering from headaches after getting COVID and also after getting the vaccine. He calls it an "under-reported and under-treated problem" that there are answers for. In this episode, we talk about:—What happened to California's planned COVID vaccine mandate for children to attend school.—The "dystopian" lockdowns that are happening right now in Shanghai, China that are "like a concentration camp".—Why Britain just stopped releasing all COVID data after 90% of the people hospitalized or dead from COVID were vaccinated. —How chronic headache sufferers are reporting the worst headaches they've ever experienced after having COVID. —The "rebound headache” that can occur because of the headache medications themselves. And why Dr. Prather says headache medications are great for short-term relief, but "stink" for long-term relief.—Why "easily 50% or more" of those who have had the vaccine are reporting headaches. And why this is a common side-effect for all vaccinations.—The importance of thorough diagnostics for anyone who had issues post-COVID or post-vaccination that could potentially save your life.—How one-sided migraine headaches (especially on the left side) and a visual aurora associated with them are a common pattern in post-COVID headaches.—Why Chiropractic is "always involved for those who get immediate relief from their headaches". And the importance of the gentle Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment as "the King of headache fixers", which is a specialty at Holistic Integration.—How Acupuncture can provide immediate results and will work on 100% of the post-COVID headache patients. And how Acupuncture "ALWAYS gives relief" for patients after their Structural issues have been fixed through the Chiropractic


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 16, 2022 54:50

    There are 700,000 Gallbladder surgeries every year in America. But while Gallbladder problems are increasing exponentially, Dr. Prather says Gallbladder issues can be cured "if you know what you're doing". In this episode, you'll find out:—The states that performed the best and worst in their COVID-19 policies. —How the World Health Organization appointed "the number one culprit" to investigate the origins of COVID-19 in a dramatic conflict of interest. And why Dr. Prather says this is like having the Fox investigate who is stealing the Chickens.—The plan by the United States Government to develop a program to put the vaccine into your salad…without your knowledge or consent.—How women have a higher rate of Gallbladder Disease than men. And the racial groups that are at most risk for Gallbladder Disease.—Why you will ALWAYS have digestive issues and will need supplementation for the rest of your life even after you have your Gallbladder surgically removed. —That spasms in your SHOULDER on the right side and pain between your shoulder blades are an indication of Gallbladder problems.—Why Estrogen Dominance in your hormones are connected to Gallbladder Disease. And how Dr. Prather figured out how to solve Gallbladder issues by dealing with underlying food allergies.—How medications, especially Cholesterol-lowering drugs, can be one of the major contributors to Gallbladder Disease. And the connection between Gallbladder Disease and Hemorrhoids. —Why Dr. Prather says that herbals "are absolutely critical" for Gallbladder work. Plus, how the combination of Peppermint Oil and Ox Bile will dissolve gallstones and is "the best treatment for the Gallbladder".—The "amazing" combination of Chiropractic and Acupuncture to stop Gallbladder attacks "immediately" and relieve the


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 9, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with a COVID-19 update about what the future holds for the virus. Then, we continue our discussion from last week on how to treat Adrenal Fatigue, which Dr. Prather is now seeing in 100% of patients—including himself. In this episode, you'll discover:—How COVID-19 is here to stay and is not something we are going to get rid of, much like how we continue to deal with the same virus that caused the 1918 flu pandemic.—The shocking stories of healthy athletes who are suffering from cardiovascular issues (and the theory about WHY that is happening).—Why Dr. Prather says you cannot find the protein sequences of the COVID-19 virus in nature, but you CAN find them in the patent office. And the impossible mathematical odds that the COVID-19 virus and the Omicron variant emerged naturally from nature. —How the diagnosis of Hypoadrenia has been replaced and is now usually diagnosed as Anxiety or Depression…which can actually be a result of depleted Adrenal Glands.—The benefit of Structure-Function Care in treating Hypoadrenia and why Dr. Prather says it is the only way to approach it because all pharmaceuticals actually wear out the Adrenals.—The nutrients that play a big role in building up the Adrenals, including: Vitamin C, B-complex (especially Pantothenic Acid B-5), Magnesium, and CoQ10.—Why Adrenal Glandulars (in pill form!) are "the best and quickest way" to restore the Adrnenals. And how the Adrenals are one of the things in the body that "can bounce back very fast" if treated properly.—The story of how Licorice was actually developed as a treatment, not as a candy, and is an herbal beneficial for the Adrenal Glands.—How your sensitivity to pain, inflammation, and arthritis will increase as a result of lowered Adrenal Glands. And how proper Adrenal function will actually help you deal with Stress


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 2, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show by discussing "The 10 Biggest Mistakes On COVID-19". Then, he talks about how the lab tests used to show about 25% of patients suffered from Adrenal Fatigue, but that number is now at 100% of patients. In this episode, you'll learn:—Why the emphasis on surface transmission of COVID-19 was "absolutely ridiculous". —How the closing of schools was "a waste of time" and has caused a huge amount of long-term problems that we'll be dealing with for years to come.—The Natural Immunity from COVID-19 is 2.5 times more effective than the vaccine, while taking the vaccine will actually cause you to LOSE any Natural Immunity to the virus. —Why making people die alone and isolated from their loved ones was completely unnecessary and cruel.—The reason Dr. Prather says that the people who are in charge "should be put on trial" for what they've done over the past two years.—How an under-functioning or exhausted Adrenal Gland is "the forgotten diagnosis" when it comes to Chronic Fatigue or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.—The LONG list of symptoms of Hypoadrenia, including: fatigue and exhaustion, light-headedness when you stand up, sleep disorders, headaches, depression and anxiety, low blood pressure, mood swings, low libido, poor concentration and memory, frequent infections, low back pain, inability to lose weight, joint and muscle aches, and slow reflexes. —How Dr. Prather describes Adrenals as "the workhorse of the body" and Adrenal Fatigue as "when your get-up-and-go got up and left".—The role that pharmaceutical companies played in getting doctors to stop diagnosing Hypoadrenia and replace it with a diagnosis of Anxiety or Depression instead. Plus, how "all pharmaceuticals actually damage the Adrenals".—Why Dr. Prather says that Structure-Function Care is "the ONLY way" to treat Hypoadrenia. And the importance of the Sodium-Chloride-Potassium levels in bloodwork and the Sodium-Potassium balance in a Hair Analysis when diagnosing


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 26, 2022 54:50

    After our discussion on Erectile Dysfunction two weeks ago, this week Dr. Prather talks about the effective and natural treatments for Erectile Dysfunction that get to the root cause of the problem. In this episode, we talk about:—Why men should be able to be sexually virile up until their 80's if they are healthy. —The importance of Nitric Oxide for male virility, which pharmaceuticals like Viagra are based on. And the natural solutions that increase Nitric Oxide without the side effects of the prescription drugs.—Why Structure-Function Care looks for a more permanent and long-term solution to E.D., while the medical approach only offers a temporary fix by targeting the symptoms.—How the nervous system is key to making the sexual act work. And the role of Chiropractic in keeping the nervous system working properly without any interference.—Why Dr. Prather says herbals are one of the best ways to go about helping with sexual performance. And why you will most likely be ripped off if you try to buy these herbal products online.—How Ginkgo Biloba is the most important herbal for sexual performance in both males and females, improving sexual performance in 76% of men and 91% of women.—The aptly-named herbal that prevents and treats Erectile Dysfunction, while also increasing lean body mass and changing fat into muscle.—The effectiveness of External CounterPulsation (ECP) Therapy in increasing circulation, improving overall cardiovascular health, and helping with Erectile Dysfunction. —How Holistic Integration uses lab tests and diagnostics to determine the root cause of the issue and which solutions will work best for each individual patient.—How Hypothyroid is one of the most common reasons for reduced sexual performance. And how the Liver actually plays a very big role in sexual


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 19, 2022 54:50

    Graves' Disease is a hyperthyroid condition. Dr. Prather had it when he was a teenager, which inspired him to do what he does today. In this episode, discover:--The health battle Dr. Prather endured while still a teenager with Graves' Disease. And how he overcame it and is now cured of it.--The symptoms of Graves' Disease. And the diagnostics that determine a diagnosis of Graves' Disease.--How women are three times more likely than men to develop Graves' Disease. And that the highest age group for risk is between 18 and 40.--How President George H.W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and their DOG all developed Graves' Disease. And the surprising thing that caused it.--Why the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic adjustment of the neck (which is a speciality of Dr. Prather's) is important for Graves' Disease.--Why Structure-Function Care gets to the underlying problem of Graves' Disease by helping to build a person's immune system. And the risks and additional health issues that come from the Disease Care approach of drugs and surgery.--How acquired food allergies contribute to Graves' Disease.--Why Acupuncture helps with Graves' Disease through specific points that help the Thyroid.--The risk-free benefits of Homeopathy for Graves' Disease, which Dr. Prather calls "a secret weapon" that is "one of the best ways" to treat Graves' Disease.--The benefit of cruciferous vegetables for Graves' Disease. And why those with an under-active thyroid (hypothyroid) should avoid those 


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 12, 2022 54:50

    Erectile Dysfunction affects 20-30 million American men and is likely under-reported. But 85% of cases are due to underlying health issues like Cardiovascular Disease. In this episode, you'll discover:—The difference between Male Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction.—How pharmaceuticals (like anti-Cholesterol medicines, Beta Blockers, and anti-depressants) are big contributors to E.D.—The astonishing statistics about declining Testosterone levels in military men since World War II. (And how these low levels are even being seen in young men who are still teenagers.)—The role Atherosclerosis and Diabetes play in E.D. And how Atherosclerosis is the #1 contributor to E.D.—Why it is "very rare" for men over 50 to have E.D. due to psychological and not physical causes. And how your libido is a key indicator for your overall health.—The "Hand Test" Dr. Prather says you can use to gauge the health of a man's erection. —Why alcohol has a negative effect on male performance and can actually shrink the testicles. And how smoking even TWO cigarettes can cause E.D.—The dangers of marijuana use for male sexual performance, including issues of infertility. And why Dr. Prather says it is "really difficult" to get Testosterone levels back up to normal levels in marijuana users.—How pornography is actually destroying male sexual performance, not enhancing it. —Why Dr. Prather says your sexual life is linked to your nutrition and "the better your nutrition, the better your virility". And the natural supplements that help with male sexual


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 5, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with a list of the top lies we were told about COVID-19 over the past two years. Then, we are so proud to be joined by Rebecca who shares her inspiring story about how she lost over 50 pounds and reduced her Body Fat Percentage from 47.7% to 27.7% with the DTS Weight Loss program at Holistic Integration. In this episode, you'll learn:—Why Dr. Prather says the government authorities deserve "an F-minus" for their COVID-19 response and got everything wrong.—The top lies we were told about COVID-19 over the past two years and how those who told the truth were censored and fired from their jobs.—How the latest major study from Sweden reveals that the COVID-19 vaccine DOES change DNA within as few as six hours after vaccination.—Why obesity is "the #1 factor" for how severe your COVID-19 response is going to be.—The importance of a Health Coach to help hold you accountable, to guide you, and to encourage you on your weight loss journey.—How Rebecca's husband also lost about 30 pounds since he was eating the same things she did!—How The Fit-3D device takes about 2000 images of your body to evaluate the trends of your body and helps structure the program to help you meet your goals.—The importance of an individualized Food Sensitivity Test to determine which foods are good for you and which foods cause issues like inflammation in your body.—Why even "healthy" foods can even be shown to be bad for your body through the Food Sensitivity Test. —The shocking statistic about how the average American carries between 15 and 20 pounds in just inflammatory weight.


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 26, 2022 54:50

    80% of us will have TMJ in our lives, often being unaware that is the cause of our health issues. In this episode, find out:--How TMJ is one of the joints that gives feedback to the brain about where the body is, giving it a global effect on the body. And how your jaw actually contains a disc.--The surprising emotional effect of the jaw due to a nerve that goes directly to the brain's emotional center. (It's why the jaw tightens when you get tense or nervous.)--Why TMJ is connected to suicides, and the amazing story that inspired Dr. Prather to get involved in treating TMJ even as a student.--How you MUST have the Atlas (the first vertebrae in your neck) properly aligned in order to fix TMJ. And how TMJ causes pelvis, shoulder, and elbow problems.--How TMJ is a major cause of unresolved headaches, and how Dr. Prather usually knows the source of headaches just hearing the patient describe them in the consultation.--The gentle adjustment techniques Dr. Prather invented himself for TMJ that feel like a "puff of air" to the patient.--Why Acupuncture is extremely helpful in relieving TMJ, especially in helping inflammation and with "immediate results".--How Auriculotherapy (micro-current stimulation of ear Acupuncture points) is "the most proven treatment in the entire world" and how it helps long-term TMJ patients.--That lymphatic congestion connects to TMJ and vertigo issues. And how short-wave Diathermy helps drain lymphatic congestion.--The exercises you can do to help TMJ. And what you should do when you wake up in the morning to release the jaw muscle. Plus, the supplements helpful for


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 19, 2022 54:50

    Cardiovascular Disease and Strokes are the #1 and #4 killers, causing 30% of all deaths. And Atherosclerosis is the root cause of those issues, with the first symptom of Atherosclerosis usually being fatal. In this episode, you'll find out:—The overwhelming evidence from the Johns Hopkins study that showed the COVID lockdowns had an extreme negative effect on the health of Americans and were "a complete fiasco".—How a new study from the Netherlands shows the COVID vaccination collapses the immune system, while the data from Israel shows the vaccinated more likely to die than the unvaccinated.—Why Dr. Prather says masks have caused a tremendous amount of harm in childhood development that "we'll be paying the price for" in the future.—The damage caused by Free Radicals, toxins, and drugs (prescription and non-prescription) to the endothelial lining of our arteries.—Why smoking causes a 70% greater risk for Atherosclerosis. (And the smoking cessation program Dr. Prather uses for his patients.)—How 90% of Atherosclerosis is determined by lifestyle factors, such as controlling Diabetes and Hypertension.—The different perspective Structure-Function Care has towards Cholesterol, which is "a symptom of and not the cause" of the problem. (And the surprising reason why those who live to be over 100 usually have an extremely high Cholesterol level around 300.)—Why the Total Cholesterol to HDL ratio is a more important consideration than just the overall number. And how Cholesterol being too low is actually dangerous to the body.—How External CounterPulsation (ECP) Therapy is the #1 treatment for Atherosclerosis in Japan and China, which helped them to cut their Cardiovascular Disease patients by over a third.—The crucial role Fiber plays in fighting Atherosclerosis (and why Dr. Prather would choose Fiber as the #1 supplement recommendation). And how Vitamin D is "absolutely critical" in Atherosclerosis


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 12, 2022 54:50

    In honor of Valentine's Day, this week's show focuses on Sexual Health. In this episode, you'll find out:--How often is considered a healthy libido?--Why sex plays a role in your overall health, and how sex affects your immune system.--The reason why newlyweds can actually make each other sick (for up to 4 years!)--Why monogamy is healthier for your immune system.--How sex impacts your hormones and can promote healing and improved brain health.--How men can lower their rate of prostate cancer. (And how a man's angle of erection can reveal a lot about his health).--The natural, non-prescription answers for low libido and erectile dysfunction. (And why men who rely on drugs like Viagra probably have underlying health issues.)--The impact of pornography on low libido and a decrease in sexual health. (Plus, how Structure/Function medicine can help with addiction issues, including pornography.)--The STD that is a major cause of infertility and how a woman's sexual satisfaction improves


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 5, 2022 54:50

    Diabetes is the fastest-growing disease in America.  35 million Americans have Diabetes, and about 80 million are pre-Diabetic. Diabetes-related deaths climbed 17 percent in 2020 and 15 percent in 2021 from where they were before the COVID lockdowns. In this episode, you'll discover:—Why Diabetes is a growing problem. And why this issue is unique to America.—The (really gross!) story behind the name Diabetes and how the Ancient Greek doctors used to diagnose it.—How Dr. Prather finds "there are more people who come into our office who are pre-Diabetic than aren't."—The role of viruses like Coxsackie B in kicking off Type I Diabetes.—The 3 P's of Diabetes symptoms to be aware of.  Plus, how weight loss is a "red flag" symptom of Diabetes...which is often caused by weight gain.—How the nerves, the kidneys, and eyes are damaged by Diabetes.  And the increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer that come from Diabetes.—The two reasons why the Millennial generation will be the first generation to not live longer than their parents.—How Type II Diabetes  "HAS to be" dealt with through Structure-Function Health Care, while Disease Care is "totally worthless" in getting Type II Diabetes under control.—Why herbals are "amazing" for dealing with Diabetes.  And the role Homeopathy plays in dealing with Diabetes, especially when dealing with children.—The WORST food for Diabetes that increases blood sugar more than any other food.  And how fiber is "probably one of the best medicines" for Diabetes.—How Vitamin utilization is decreased by Diabetes, while the need for Vitamins is increased by Diabetes in order to prevent damage to your body.  And why Chromium is described by Dr. Prather as a "magic" mineral for


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 29, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather spends the first half of the show on the latest COVID-19 update that will cause your blood pressure to rise. But don't worry, because he spends the rest of the show talking about how to get your Hypertension under control! In this episode, you'll learn:—How the CDC now admits that the cloth face masks we've been told to wear for almost two years are not effective in preventing COVID infections. —The latest reports showing a huge increase in children experiencing speech delays because of masks.—How the new rules from The Biden Administration on Monoclonal Antibodies make no sense and are causing people to die.—Why anyone who tells you the vaccine works against the Omicron variant is LYING. And how the data shows the vaccine actually makes your body's response to the Omicron variant WORSE. —Why pregnant women should not take the vaccine and the shocking statistics on miscarriages in the last year. Plus, how vaccines are resulting in changes in the menstrual cycle, with the highest accumulation of the spike protein being found in the ovaries.—How half of all American adults actually have Hypertension, with most not even realizing it.—Why Hypertension is known as "The Silent Killer" and how every system in your body is damaged by it.—Only 25% of those diagnosed with Hypertension are successfully controlling it with prescription drugs.—The importance of correct mineral balance in your body to normalize blood pressure. And the connection between heavy metal toxicities like Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead as the root cause of Hypertension in many patients.—The Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Adjustment that research has shown can have a greater effect on blood pressure than prescription drugs.


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 22, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather talks about how The Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic adjustment is the most important procedure you can do for your health. And he pays a moving tribute to his mentor and the founder of the technique, Dr. Roy Sweat, who just passed away at the age of 94. In this episode, we talk about:—How the vaccinations are not effective for the Omicron variant and actually have a negative effect, causing a more severe infection if you have been vaccinated.—Why all vaccination mandates and restrictions should be suspended.—How people can have multiple infections at the same time with the Omicron variant.—The actual death rate from COVID-19 and how the CDC is now calling for us to STOP testing people without symptoms. —The importance of the Atlas, the top vertebrae of your spine, and how that area controls the body's entire autonomic nervous system.—Why Dr. Prather says if he just had one procedure that makes the biggest difference and offers the greatest change in the health and well-being of the body, he would choose The Atlas Orthogonal program. And why he calls this technique "the secret to our success in our office".—The incredible story of how Dr. Roy Sweat became Dr. Prather's mentor and the inspiring life lessons he taught. —The 80% of us who actually need the Altas Orthogonal adjustment, most of whom don't even realize it. And the reason why Dr. Prather says it is important to know when to adjust the Atlas and when NOT to adjust it.—Why the Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment can lower your biological age by 20 years and is a big determinant for how long you live.—How The Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment is shown to make a bigger difference in blood pressure than pharmaceuticals and is "probably THE most important thing" for Multiple Sclerosis patients.


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 15, 2022 54:50

    A 10-year insurance company study showed that using Structure-Function Care as primary care resulted in 60% cost savings, 85% improvement in outcomes, 90% patient satisfaction rate, lower hospitalization rates, fewer pharmaceuticals, and a 98% approval rating from specialists. In this episode, find out:—Why the "stunning news" from an Indiana-based life insurance company that the death rate of working age adults increased by 40% last year is a result, not of COVID-19, but the policies in reaction to the virus.—How Dr. Prather says everyone in charge of our health care policies should be fired. —What people should do to protect themselves in light of our government failures, including the importance of testing Vitamin D levels.—Why the American health care model is broken, as "we spend the most and have the worst outcomes".—How natural products that get amazing results are shut down by our government. And how the government and insurance companies give the highest reimbursement rates to the procedures that have the highest risk of a patient dying. —The reason why Dr. Prather says we have the best Disease Care in the world, but we are "just wasting our time" if we do not include Structure-Function Care for the best patient outcomes.—That pharmaceuticals have to be poisons in order to be classified as a pharmaceuticals and, by their very definition, only control symptoms but do not make you healthier. —Why this Health Care model would eliminate the drain of health care costs on businesses, increase the wealth of this country, and make a huge difference in the pain and suffering of our citizens.—What is necessary to make this Health Care model work in our country. —How Structure-Function Health Care has a greater reliance on diagnostics and lab tests than the Disease Care model.


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 8, 2022 54:50

    The number one New Year's Resolution is weight loss. 3-out-of-4 adults are obese, which Dr. Prather says must be approached as a disease process and not just a lifestyle issue. In this episode, you'll discover:—How the latest British Medical Journal data show the COVID-19 Vaccine provided an effectiveness of less than 1%. And that the clinical trials prior to approval were a "sham". —The Oxford University study that shows Vaccinated Males under 40 have a 14 times greater risk of getting Myocarditis and Pericarditis from the vaccine than from the virus.—The Israeli statistics that show a vaccinated person is 28% more likely to get the Omicron variant than if you are unvaccinated. —How VAERS now reports over 1 million adverse events from the COVID vaccine and Columbia University's study estimates there are over 400,000 American deaths associated with the vaccine.—The insurance company announcement that they have witnessed an unprecedented 40% death rate increase in those 18-50 (and it's not from COVID-19).—Why Dr. Prather emphasizes the importance of proper blood work prior to any weight loss program. And how hormonal balance is critical to any fat reduction. —How the G.I. Effects Stool Kit Dr. Prather uses for his patients reveals the state of your gut health, which impacts how well your body processes calories and nutrition.—The Fit 3D Body Scan that Dr. Prather uses in his office that reveals exactly how many pounds of fat you have and why he says it is "a good motivator".—Why a thorough Food Allergy test is important to identify the specific foods that cause 80% of the toxic stresses in your body.—Why BMI is not accurate and the Body Composition Analysis which tells you what your real fat percentage


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 2022 54:50

    Dr. Prather uses The 8 Pillars Of Perfect Health to evaluate the health of his patients. How does your health rate? In this episode, we talk about:--How Dr. Prather's battle with Graves' Disease as a teenager influenced the development of this system.--The 5 systems of the body's energy flow, and why all pain is caused by a blockage of energy flow.--How proper oxygenation in the cells prevents cancer, and why anemia IS a big deal (in spite of what some doctors say).--What Xenobiotics are and how it impacts several systems in your body.--What the correct balance should be for water within and outside of your cells, and how this balance impacts your health.--The blood test you should have annually to determine the vitamin and mineral balance in your body.--The 5 categories of exercise essential for good health.--What your "phase angle" is and the test that measures how well our body's battery is charged.--The importance of our attitudes and outlook in our health (and the role homeopathy and flower remedies can play in improving this area).--How several different patients with fibromyalgia each had a different underlying cause that needed to be addressed (and why an individual approach to health care is vital)


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 25, 2021 54:50

    We present our Christmas special on The Voice Of Health Radio this week. You won't want to miss Dr. Prather's moving message that opens the show. Then, we share inspiring patient success stories from this past year to encourage you that your health CAN get better.


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 18, 2021 54:50

    Dr. Prather gives an update on the new Omicron variant and how it may be the most contagious variant of all (but this might actually be a good thing). Then, he talks about the health benefits of mushrooms, including the latest research on how mushrooms may be beneficial for COVID-19. In this episode, you'll learn:—How the Omicron variant has 50 changes to the virus (including 30 to the spike protein), making it "almost like a brand new virus".—Why Omicron is "a virus of the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated".—The good news about the Omicron variant being much easier on the body than prior variants and "more like a cold".—How chewing gum may be able to help protect you from getting the COVID-19 virus and prevent you from transmitting it.—Two books about COVID-19 that you might want to add to your Christmas list.—Why the data on the first two weeks after vaccination is being hidden.—The promising research going on right now about how mushrooms can help with COVID-19, including COVID long-hauler symptoms.—How different kinds of mushrooms provide a greater benefit when combined than if used individually. And the 5 kinds of mushrooms you need to know about for your health.—Why Dr. Prather says he's proud to offer a particular combination of mushrooms that hasn't been been used that much.—The ingredients in the new Stasis Supplements Mushroom Immune Complex that Dr. Prather and his team have


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 11, 2021 54:50

    Dr. Prather opens the show with our weekly COVID-19 update. Then, we're joined by Leah Wilson, co-Founder and Executive Director of Stand For Health Freedom. In this episode, we talk about:—How the mutations in the spike protein of the Omicron variant reveal the variant was caused by the vaccine. —Why Dr. Prather says it is "ludicrous" to say the unvaccinated are causing the variants. —How natural immunity is 13 times more effective than the vaccination in protecting a person from COVID-19. —Dr. Prather's analysis of what should have been done differently to better protect people from COVID-19 in the past two years.—The history behind Stand For Health Freedom and how it has rapidly grown in the past two years.—The latest rulings from the courts on the Biden vaccine mandates.—How Indiana's leadership has fared so far in protecting our health care choices during COVID-19.—The tools offered by Stand For Health Freedom to help us make our voices heard by our elected officials.—Why the Montana health freedom legislation is superior to the Iowa health freedom legislation. And why this is important to consider for upcoming legislation here in Indiana.—What you can do right now to influence our Indiana State Legislature to protect our health care freedoms in the upcoming January


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2021 54:50

    20% of the population suffers from chronic pain. But Dr. Prather points out that our health care system is not handling pain well. In this episode, you'll find out:—The latest on the Omicron variant and how it is "a major genetic change" in the virus. And how the Omicron variant is mild in its symptoms, but seems to affect younger people more. —How it is a "complete lie" that the variants are due to the unvaccinated, but it is the VACCINATED that put pressure on the virus to mutate.—The latest judicial decisions that have stopped the vaccine mandates from going forward. —The four types of pain and how each type needs to be treated differently. —How Dr. Prather's office has a success rate "pretty close to 100%" for Headaches when most Headache patients have given up hope for finding a solution.—Why someone in their 30's is more likely to suffer from back pain than someone over the age of 65.—How the medical answer to pain has been "a complete disaster" that led the opioid crisis, which killed 100,000 people in just the past year. And how Dr. Prather believes that number is an under-estimation of the real death toll.—Why you have to start with Chiropractic as the basis of any pain care.—The role of Acupuncture in helping with opioid addiction. And how Acupuncture stimulates the production of the body's own natural opioids and heals the opioid receptors that have been damaged.—Why Auricular Therapy (or Auriculotherapy) is one of the most powerful therapies in Dr. Prather's office that targets Acupuncture points on the


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2021 54:50

    Rapid Release technology is the secret weapon in Dr. Prather's office to combat the aches and pains that come from soft tissue disorders and musculoskeletal issues. In this episode, you'll discover:—How Joe Biden's OSHA mandate for vaccines have hit a roadblock in the courts.—The latest data that reveals the places with the highest number of COVID cases are the areas with the highest rates of vaccination.—Dr. Prather's 5 reasons that the COVID-19 vaccine must be voluntary.—How scar tissue develops in the body.  And how surgery to remove scar tissue can even cause it to grow faster.—Why Acupuncture helps the scar tissue to "melt away" and be absorbed by the body.—How adhesions cause a loss of motion in the body.  And how Dr. Prather's office uses the combination of Chiropractic adjustments, Rapid Release Technology, Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Physical Therapy Exercises to restore full motion.—The recent research that has shown the Fascia material throughout the body is all one organ.  And how Fascia is the main thing that determines your posture and has a very big effect on the nervous system.—Why the optimal frequency vibration of the Rapid Release Technology works to break up abnormal tissue and helps the body to lay down normal tissue that is fully functional.—The conditions that Rapid Release Technology is beneficial for, including:  Carpal Tunnel, Shoulder Issues, Rotator Cuff Tears, Golfer's Elbow, Tennis Elbow, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Headaches, Sciatica, Scoliosis, TMJ, Knee Conditions, and Plantar Fasciitis.—Why several of Dr. Prather's patients consider Rapid Release Technology the only thing that helped them when everything else they tried before


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2021 54:50

    About 5-6% of people suffer from Spondylolisthesis, but they represent almost 1-out-of-3 patients in Dr. Prather's office suffering from low back pain. In this episode, you'll learn:—Who has benefitted from the COVID-19 pandemic and who has suffered the most from it.—The shocking statistic about the increase in drug deaths.—Why it is important to distinguish deaths WITH the virus and deaths FROM COVID-19. And why Italy dramatically reassessed their COVID-19 death numbers to only 3% of previously-reported deaths.—How Spondylolisthesis is considered one of the most difficult low back problems to correct.—Why Dr. Prather's approach to Spondylolisthesis gets results for patients who have had no success elsewhere. —Those at highest risk for Spondylolisthesis, including: gymnasts, cheerleaders, offensive linemen, and active children. —Why proper imaging and diagnostics are so crucial for a correct diagnosis and treatment for Spondylolisthesis.—The reason why Dr. Prather says surgery for Spondylolisthesis makes him "cringe" and why he considers it "the least effective of all surgeries out there". And how he is able to still offer help for those who have gone through the surgery.—How the RIGHT Chiropractic adjustment is necessary for successful treatment of Spondylolisthesis. And the types of Chiropractic adjustments that should definitely NOT be done for Spondylolisthesis cases.—The relief that Acupuncture, nutritional supplementation, and corrective exercises provide for


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2021 54:44

    This week, Dr. Prather spends most of the show on the latest in COVID-19 news, including the controversy surrounding Aaron Rodgers. Then, he tells you what you need to know about Vitamin D as the days become shorter and we get less sunshine. In this episode, we talk about:—How San Francisco is targeting CHILDREN as young as 5 for vaccine passports in order to be out in public.—The percentage of parents who can't wait to get the COVID-19 vaccine for their children. And the percentage of parents who say "over my dead body".—What the statistical analysis shows about how many children's lives will be saved from the vaccine versus how many children will die from vaccine complications.—Why two New Zealand epidemiologists have called for a halt in the COVID-19 vaccine for children, pregnant women, and those of childbearing age. —How government health agencies changed their definitions of "vaccine" and "gain of function research".—Why the authors of the book, "The Truth About COVID-19", are suing Senator Elizabeth Warren.—Why Italy dramatically revised their official COVID-19 death numbers to just 3% of their original number.—The importance of Vitamin D in fighting COVID-19.—How the optimal range of Vitamin D is over 80, but the average person only has levels in the 30's.—The link between darker skin color and Vitamin D


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2021 54:50

    Have you ever looked at the health care system in America and wondered, "How in the world did we get here?" This week on The Voice Of Health Radio, Dr. Prather talks about the roots of our modern health care system, the forces behind its establishment over 100 years ago, and why that history explains what we are seeing today. In this episode, you'll find out:—The difference between getting the virus and getting COVID-19.—How the flu is a greater risk for children than COVID-19.—What the data from Israel and Great Britain reveal about how long the COVID-19 vaccine is effective.—Why The Flexner Report in 1910 is considered the start of our modern health care system.—The shocking story behind how the recommendations of The Flexner Report were adopted in the name of "science".—How there were 35 different philosophies behind medical schools prior to 1910, but all were closed down in favor of the Asclepian system that is the basis of our health care system today.—Why our health care system would be 80% Structure-Function Care and 20% Pharmaceuticals if we had a true free-market system instead of a government-backed monopoly.—How the philosophy of Humanism influences modern medicine.—The connection between Eugenics and the Humanist movement.—Why Plato's "Republic" reveals what "The Great Reset" is trying to implement in our society right


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2021 54:50

    Dr. Prather spends two segments this week on the COVID-19 update because there is so much news to cover. Then, he talks about Infection Prevention Week. In this episode, you'll discover:—How the FDA approved the COVID-19 vaccine for children 5 and older this week by going against their own rules and approval process.—The outrageous comment made during the FDA approval hearing for the vaccine where they admit that they won't know if it is safe for children until they give them the vaccine.—How children in Indiana are now being refused treatment because they have not received the COVID-19 vaccine.—The claims made by the escaped Chinese scientist and what she is saying about the true origins of the COVID-19 virus. —What the latest data from Israel and Britain reveals about the actual effectiveness of the vaccine and how the vaccine may be interfering with your body being able to develop a natural immunity to the virus.—The beneficial role vaccines and antibiotics have played in reducing infections and, conversely, the problems that have been created through their misuse.—Why the CDC, FDA, and WHO state that we are in a "post-antibiotic society" and that we should seek out alternatives for antibiotics unless they are absolutely necessary.—The reason Dr. Prather says all of our antibiotics would still be effective if we practiced the model of Structure-Function Care being responsible for 80% of patient care, with 20% of care reserved for pharmaceuticals and surgery.—How veterinary medicine research is showing the effectiveness of herbals over antibiotics in treating infections.—The effectiveness of Homeopathy in helping to build natural immunity. And why Homeopathy is especially important to use as a safe treatment for


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2021 54:50

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which drives our discussion this week after Dr. Prather provides a COVID-19 update, In this episode, you'll learn:—The difference between a vaccine given intramuscularly versus intravenously. And the adverse reactions associated with the COVID-19 vaccine being administered incorrectly.—The threats of dishonorable discharge and crippling fines for members of the military who refuse to take the vaccine.—How the CDC changed their minds after first saying it was dangerous to mix COVID-19 vaccines from different companies.—Why having children and breastfeeding help to reduce the chance of a woman developing Breast Cancer.—The dangers of underwire bras in contributing to Breast Cancer.—Why Iodine is so important for a woman's breast health in both preventing and treating Breast Cancer. —How herbals like Venus Flytrap, Mistletoe, and Echinacea can be helpful for Breast Cancer.—The "critical" connection between proper hormone balance and Breast Cancer. And how Dr. Prather finds that 90% of patients being tested do NOT have a proper hormone balance.—Why Cancer patients who have Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments report 80% fewer adverse symptoms during their Cancer treatments.—Plus, you won't want to miss hearing the inspiring story of Joy, who is now Cancer-free after first coming to Holistic Integration with Stage 4


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2021 54:50

    We conclude our two-part series we began last week on the importance of supplementation. In this episode, we talk about:--How the symptoms of aging are actually nutritional deficiencies, making supplementation especially necessary for older people.--Why children are in need of additional supplementation.--That your chance of surviving Cancer increases by 50% if you are not anemic. Plus, how anti-cholesterol statin drugs decrease your CoQ10 levels...which causes heart problems the drugs are supposed to prevent.--How the American Cancer Society says that 60% of all Cancers are caused by nutritional deficiencies.--The link between nutritional deficiency during pregnancy with postpartum depression and eclampsia.--How every addict suffers from severe nutritional deficiencies and are in need of supplementation in order to be restored to health.--Why 80% of all girls involved in school athletics are Iron deficient. And the incredible story of how Dr. Prather helped an entire girls cross-country team to win the state title with Iron supplementation!--The importance of not guessing when it comes to a patient's supplementation by doing proper lab tests such as bloodwork, hair analysis, and stool testing.--Why Dr. Prather uses a technology called Electrodermal Screening (EDS) to help provide accurate individual recommendations about which supplements will work best for a patient and give them "the most bang for the buck".--How often someone should be checked for their nutritional health and supplementation needs.—Plus, you'll hear all about the new Stasis Supplements Sleep and Relaxation Package from Holistic Integration.


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2021 54:50

    Very few of us receive the nutrition that we need from our diet, making proper supplementation a vital part of our health. 68% of all Americans take supplements on a regular basis. In this episode, find out:--The 4 different categories of supplements.--Why Dr. Prather does NOT recommend multivitamins for most patients.--The safety of supplements and why you need lab tests before taking any supplement. (And the shocking number of deaths per year from PROPERLY prescribed pharmaceuticals.)--How the Structure/Function Health Care model practiced by The Prather Practice, by the FDA's own definition, truly does no harm.--Why Dr. Prather says America has "the best Disease Care in the entire world", but "one of the worst Health Care models in the entire world".--How "we could solve the health care crisis in America", improve patient outcomes, and reduce health care costs.--What the first line of patient care should be for pain management. (Hint: It's not opioids.)--The approach taken by Holistic Integration to determine exactly what supplementation a patient needs. And why Dr. Prather considers supplementation as "a very critical part" of his practice.--How 97% of all Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease cases are AVOIDABLE.--Why the nutritional quality of our food has deteriorated, making it "impossible to be healthy" from the food we eat.—Plus, you'll hear all about the new Stasis Supplements Pain Relief Package from Holistic Integration.

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