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Crushing Iron is an age grouper and his coach talking and learning about triathlon. Together they explore the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual side of training and racing everything from a Sprint to an Ironman. Great for beginners and intermediates triathletes. Released every Monday and Th…

Crushing Iron

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    #717 – Listener Q&A - 9-28-23

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2023 61:34

      Today is a grab bag of awesome topics. We look back after 7 years of podcasts to decide if/what we regret saying. We talk about changing coaching philosophy. How long should you recover after an Ironman? What should you do? Not giving into post-ironman temptation. The #1 challenge after your Ironman. When to switch from road bike to TT bike. What is proper finish line etiquette (this one gets interesting). Mass swim starts solve a lot of problems. Moving past a DNF. What podcasts do we listen to in our free time? Who is poised to win KONA Topics: Fall Hoodie Ritual With over 700 podcasts, what do we look back at and regret? Biggest changes in our philosophies over the years The temptation to change has never been higher Recovery time after an Ironman? 400 mile bike relay Will Mike do the double challenge next year at Wisconsin? You think you're ready but you're not The #1 challenge after an Ironman Road bike to TT - when to make the switch? Finish line Etiquette Who really gives a Fk* Mass swim starts Moving past a DNF Bad races as fuel What podcasts to we listen to? Who is poised to win Kona   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #716 – Late Season Race (and training) Focus

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2023 62:29

    Today we look at injecting your late season race/training with a little positive mojo. We look at the positives and the tough spots you might face and how to get through them. Seasonal EPO, Late season FOMO as others sit around watching football, and understanding the emotional swings of peak training. We get into excitement vs. fulfillment so you can have a better perspective on your upcoming race. We look at how hard things create breakthroughs when we least expect it. We talk about overly ambitious goals and why they can be a good thing. We also remind you that every single race is HARD. Be ready for the challenge while you're out there. Choose strong and steady over Epic as you benchmark. And finally we go down memory lane on Louisville. Mike's humble beginnings. Robbie's rocky period. And how all of this has come together better than we imagined, or maybe even recognize. Topics: Even perfect days are messy New York, Chattanooga, Augusta Sundown Swims Louisville is Back Every race is hard Seasonal EPO Late Season FOMO The hardest Ironman you'll do is the one you're training for now Healthy level of fear and self doubt 100% jacked The blame game Overly ambitious Goal? - go for it. Greatest time of year for training Isolating sport to the 10th power Emotion and motivation levels Excitement vs. Fulfillment Something new always gets old How to find new in the old? When you're tired you need more The mood swings of peak training You're doing it for the right reasons. . . remember that Hard things create breakthroughs Trains and training Slow Burn Reaping rewards from the journey Race day is graduation Body of work - Remember what you went through The leverage of a completion of a race No one's guaranteed a good race day We're hardest on ourselves Chasing EPIC How many highs and lows you go through There's no hiding from race pain   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #715 – Working Backwards From Your Goal

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2023 61:42

    The best ability is . . . availability. Today we look at triathlon as a year round sport and why now is a great time to start working backwards from your goal. A lot of us are “all in” or “all out” this time of year, but staying with the program now makes everything easier, and more effective in the future. Now is the time to stay in the game and build the base you want to work from next year. It's like studying for final exams in small doses instead of cramming each year. Figure out what makes you excited and work on that. Put yourself first right now. Create that “don't think about it” volume. Take care of nagging injuries by working on body mobility and balance. Set yourself up for wins now. Be available. Be consistent. And be way ahead of the game. Also, we talk about Louisville being back on the table for racing. Topics: A race with a special feeling This is a year round process Don't bow out - Let it sit Bring back the oldies and the Heat LOUISVILLE Unfinished business Hoodie on - Locked in Writing books This is the time! Get in run shape right now Do you need a break or reason to rebel? Triathlon is whack a mole De-training is part of the program Build the base now that you want next year Long rides and runs are relative It's best to have the aerobic ability first The FTP Trap The “don't think about it” volume All in . . . or All out Time to focus on you Injuries and out of balance Solve next year's problems now The best ability is availability IM Louisville memories   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #714 – Stronger and Faster Racing

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2023 65:42

    Today, we talk about late season races and post-race strategy for getting stronger and faster. The tendency is to get right back at it, but it's better to step back and peel the onion a little to figure out the best way to improve. The off season is a time for regrouping, re-focusing and being a little creative in your quest to get better in manageable ways. The goal is to really find joy in training so it becomes something you look forward to. You can't do it all right now and the good news is, there is time. Time to do what you enjoy. Time to build unshakeable confidence while balancing all the other things in your life. You don't have to do the Ironman dishes right now. Step back and focus on things that you enjoy. Get stronger and better without regret and disdain. Don't trust all your feelings right now. You've gained a lot this year, and now you can create a re-start that energizes you and makes you stronger and faster next year. It's a process, and we can only live on “fake belief” for so long. Topics: We all have our addictions . . . How do we get better? A case of “the buts” Robbie's post-race notes Lewis Litt Dax Bakken - GoFund Me link for his family - Sam Laidlow post NICE interview Doing things that we love Not living our best lives We can't “what if” Getting ahead of your late season race When can we talk about next year? Finding time to re-energize The sky is falling Never felt this good in my life Finishing bone dry Peeling back the onion Start right now Sometimes things don't link up What seems reasonable? Building your continuum Picking the right race and time of year A creative off season Start at the end and work backwards Marathons “I gotta do it now” Our training plans Staying in the game Stop and do nothing for a minute Don't have “fake belief” Undeniable-under-the-radar confidence Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #713 – Ironman Wisconsin 2023 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2023 70:56

    What a weekend in Madison! C26 brings home 2nd Place in the Tri Club North American Championship and 3rd in the 70.3. Big shout out to our team and great racing. A year after the worst weather in IMWI history, we were delivered a perfect day and lots of amazing performances. We get into what we experienced both on and off the course. We talk about the intensity of the bike and how hard it is to get the run dialed in. We look at how slight mistakes add up over the course of the day. We get into how long you need to run before Ironman and it may surprise you. We also look at self doubt, building new gears in training, and talk about why you are capable of way more than you think. And Mike talks about overcoming his race and bike mechanical that turned a great day into a long march of survival. Topics: Jam Packed Race Weekend No more complaining, please The “intro” t-shirt Mike's mechanical Slight mistakes add up It all comes down to the run On course bargaining with yourself Anxiety usually comes in the swim or bike Getting to the run . . . How long is it going to take to finish this run?? Sneaky difficult run course Finding your why while in a race Balancing mental and emotional resilience Burning all the biscuits in training Measuring belief Creating a new gear in your training You are capable of WAY more than you think Be strong to life others up in life Stronger and faster is the goal Self doubt is okay . . . to a point   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #712 – What This Sport Means To Us - Revisiting Your Why

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2023 42:53

    It's easy to forget what this sport means to all of us, and sometimes it's good to go back to the origins of our why. Today we talk about the phases everyone goes through and how easy it is to let negative thoughts rule our emotions. We get into channeling our thoughts in the right way in training and racing. Taking on your race in digestible chunks. We look at how easy it is for the mind to get ahead of our body. Searching for growth, navigating back to baseline and the power of hanging in the middle. Not too high, not too low. Anxiety is normal, it's up to us to say f*ck it, we're moving into the fire. Smile, relax, and enjoy life. Topics: Serenity Now Life goes fast 38 Grand Slam Semi-Finals Remind yourself what the sport has given you Putting hard things in your life People in triathlon are searching for growth Focusing on one small result Doing things you didn't think were possible Anxious is normal Racing as meditation Using positive and negative energy the same way Recycling negative thoughts Digestible bites in racing Memory connects in a chain Mind getting ahead of the body Smile, relax, and enjoy things Navigate back to baseline Hang in the middle Not too high, not too low Lickity split Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #711 – Regret or Resilience?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2023 47:46

    What will you do when you hit a tough spot in your race? There will be many of them and we all have to negotiate with ourselves on the fly. Don't believe how things feel right now (good or bad) because it will change. Racing allows us many chances to figure things out. To not think about the wrong things. To be resilient and get through because that's why we signed up. Racing is never easy so it's up to us to find resolve in the muck. Find joy in your resolve. When a tough situation comes up, ask yourself, “how do I want to remember this?” Enjoy your longest supported training day and feed off the course energy, but also remember, this is largely about finding fun in your own breath. Topics: Dealing with race week Distractions NICE World Championships Taper week Tennis and Bench Coaching Athlete empowerment Thinking through situations to figure it out Incapable of trouble shooting The ability to have fun Confidence based on proximity Have I done enough? Is your confidence growing as the race nears? Not making definitive decisions Resolve and resiliency The loneliness of triathlon We forget that this is how it is Negotiating with yourself How do you want to remember it? Regret or resilience? Have fun in your own breath   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #710 – A Calm, Relaxed, and Ready Race Week

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2023 58:34

    Today, it's all about how to handle race week. We have over 40 athletes racing at Wisconsin, but this holds for all race week. We talk about what we've learned at our many pre-races and how to be calm, relaxed, and ready… both physically and mentally. We get into the best time to show up, check in, and how to pack for the least amount of stress. We also talk about driving the bike course and the important things to focus on while you're out there. We look at pre-bagging transition, nutrition prep, and carb loading. Where and when should you eat? How to not get stressed about dining options. We also talk about shrinking your circle on site, recognizing positive energy, reducing negative, and how to avoid the chaos of real life Facebook groups. And we talk about your pre-race swim and how to set the tone for a great race. Topics: As the race nears Racing Facebook Groups Old race week habits New race week habits Get there as early as possible Packing - Un-Packing Pre-planning transition Pre-Bagging Race Acclimation on site Nutrition prep Trust issues Melting anxiety Food research for dining Carb loading Reduce or eliminate race week driving Should you drive the course? What to look for if you drive the course Rough roads? Turns? Avoid real life Facebook groups Shrink your circle Differentiate between negative and positive energy Practices Swim - DO THIS!   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #709 – Listener Questions - 8-29-23

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2023 68:59

    More awesome questions today, starting with taper discussion and going through back to back threshold sessions. What happens if you have a big setback before a race? What if you're dealing with nagging injuries or soreness? Are you a strong runner or a fast runner? How should you approach the bike in each case. Is it easier to chase the clock, or fend it off? How do you build confidence as you get closer to your race? Creating smart variation in your training. Is your default to always do more to build your race confidence? How to experiment in training. Listening to your body before your ego. When does it make sense to go rip the bike? Talking treadmill vs. running outside. When, why? How to keep things fresh and fun. Topics: 3 Taper buckets Focus on your wins Dealing with big setbacks before a big race Tendonitis, ongoing pain . . . Mental confidence Overtraining as your confidence builder? Double Threshold days - with examples Heavily monitored training vs. winging it Strength, durability and intelligence in racing Long threshold bike coupled with short threshold runs Listen to your body, not ego Driven by lack of confidence Slow runner? Strong runner? Chasing the clock vs. fending off the clock Racing is experience and experiment Treadmill vs. running outside Don't force yourself to always train the same way Keep things fresh and fun   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #708 – Listener Q&A - 8-24-23

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2023 62:51

    Good questions from the group today. We start with understanding how this heat affects us and how we can handle it better in workouts. We look at cooling down on the fly and when it's not possible. We talk about what we would do if somehow we were running the Ironman brand. We talk about swimming in the ocean and/or with big chop. Strategies for current, waves and other people in the way. We look at negative splitting workouts and talk about it from an effort perspective as well. Settling in on your swims. We also talk about watts and whether or not you should try to increase them at the end of a 70.3 or Full. And, we get into bike fit, position, seat angle, etc. and look at how all of these things affect you on the run. Topics: When the heat just gets into you Cooling down while moving . . . possible? 5 year plan if we were CEO's of Ironman Condense the amount of IM races? Grow the sport from bottom up The corporate numbers approach vs. customers Drop the double World Championships First time Ocean Swim? Dealing with current Battling waves and chop Going from cages to clip pedals Approach to hard sets in the pool Negative splitting by effort Race prep sessions Learning how to settle in on your swim Lactate shuttling How to gather yourself while moving If and when to increase wats on your 70.3 or Full Will we ever swift race against Ellyse? Cycling mixed in for marathon training Seat angle and tight hips on the bike What else does bike position effect on the run?   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #707 – Your Competition is . . . You

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2023 53:26

    A lot of athletes are closing in on their big race and for many it turns into freak out stage. But we're here today to remind you to keep checking boxes. Race energy can be calming and energizing if you channel it the right way. Positioning “race day” or other athletes as competition can put you in the wrong mindset from the jump. Think of the day as being with the peloton. Hundreds of other athletes inspiring and supporting you to get to the finish line. Today we look at how to stay focused in your last big block, your taper, and on race morning. It may be a race, but the day is all about pace. Start working through your anxiety now. Practice race moments while you have time. Learn how to go out at your own pace when the rest of the field is trying to distract you. Roll with the punches. Stay in your own box. Use the side of your magnet that attracts good energy instead of repelling it. Topics: Freakout stage Heat theory PTO Proof of swim time Excellence. How can I be excellent today Looking others a an “opponent” Using that competitive energy the right way Calm to intense It's cool that we're doing the same thing together Magnet - opposites repel Either dread or look forward to exercising Work with other athletes Go out under control Complaining begets complaining The power of being calm Using energy to be successful on race day Visualizing what will happen is success Work through anxiety “How cool is this?” You are an I-ron man.   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #706 – How To Love Your Training

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2023 55:43

    There's nothing better than being excited about the day's training. So, how do we keep that feeling alive all year, or at least, more often? Today we start with a little state of Ironman discussion. Fulls cutback… 70.3's on the rise… and maybe why. Then we look at the mindset of athletes and how they think of training and racing. Hard things might suck at times, but we can use them as a compass for life. We offer a lot of thoughts on how to take the rigidity out of training and make it more enjoyable. Your plan isn't written in stone and it's important to understand your body and how it feels each day. Be open to going longer if you feel it. Be okay with going slower or shorter. There is mystery in the training cycle. Some days we don't think we have it and we do. Other times . . . Be aware of what's going on, give yourself some love and flexibility. Find purpose in what you do. And what you're training for is just one day. Save a little pain and effort for the race. Topics: Hoodie weather for Mike State of Ironman Full decline? 70.3 Increase? Too many races? Athletes that overcommit People seem busier than ever Do you NEED an event on the calendar? Keep doing the hard things as your compass Burnout Keeping an even training schedule year-round Why do you want to race? Do things with a purpose It's one day Listen to the body, and understand the body Goal: Look forward to training tomorrow 2 hours or 2:15? Average to stay steady Go slow until you like it again Cleaning the basement during recovery intervals? Be creative and find your way Run/walk Epitomize flexibility How long you running today? “I don't know.”   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #705 – Marginal Gains

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2023 61:58

    Be the best of who you are, not the worst of who you aren't. Today, we talk about the importance of marginal gains in training, and life. Why do we do this sport? To get stronger, more resilient, and build the foundation we take on this journey. We talk about shifting our perspective on gains and comparison. There's a lot of power in marginal gains, and frankly, they are the key to better racing. No more beating yourself up because you're not “fast.” Fast is relative in endurance sports. It's about how little you slow down. You can't go back and fix training, but what you can do is train for a better understanding of your effort and execution. Focus on recovery and being the best you can be today. With love to Somer and her family. Topics: When the sole motivation is a race Life is 24/7/365 Total separation from the sport 1:11 Ratio The healing process Everything is about gains and comparison? Mental and emotional de-training 3% better Food is food When we tend to beat ourselves up One more mile The performance pendulum Over analyziing decisions “I woke up this morning and this ride was sh*t” The gift of acceptance You can't go back and fix training Control in the moment Effort and execution Training the mind for execution and effort The best we got some days (or years) Sam Laidlow Ozzie Smith Under recovered The best of who you are, not the worst of who you aren't   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #704 – Your Final Race Block

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2023 60:02

    Whether you feel behind or confident going into your race, this podcast is for you. Today, we look at the most important things you can do in your final training block to be ready on race day. We look at the demands of the swim and how you can prepare with your last month or so of training. We talk about the importance of the bike, including strength, ability to stay even, and how to stay away from too many surges. We look at stress, lactic build up, going from coasting to engaged, and how to balance your bike effort for 112 miles. We also look at the run and talk about why it's so dependent on a good bike. And finally, if you're behind, we talk about the most important parts of getting yourself into the strongest position possible on race day. Topics: Is it hot or cool? Can you handle the heat? USAT Worlds You can't win on the swim, but . . . Crossfit Games Big Gear Work Swim preparation From the torso up Legs take up a lot of oxygen Having different swim speeds/zones 2nd loop will be choppier The pre-transition feeling Crotch rockets in traffic jams Smooth and in control on the bike Best bike day - even riding Average and normalized power Turns and surging Cornering Stress - lactic build up From coasting to engaged Strength on Strength on Speed Mentally strong Off the bike to the run If you feel behind . . .   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #703 – Building Confidence While Re-Charging The Mind And Body

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2023 55:47

    Today we go through what we learned at our Wisconsin Camp this last weekend. We look at things like the “walking the plank effect” and how to build confidence by just showing up. We get into how we all crave validation, but sometimes it's hard when training alone. We touch on how social media can ignite lingering anxiety. We talk about illness and how to conquer fears of the unknown. We all need emotional re-charges in this sport and why stepping out of your comfort zone is often the best place to do it. Anxiety is energy, it's up to us to transform that into confidence and excitement. Topics: Wisconsin Camp 2024 Lots of new athletes Fall is loaded with Ironman Events Emotional recharges Re-focus your enjoyment We all want to feel validated Talking things through Confusion and the unknown in relation to depression Getting to the bottom of it with our athletes Unknown is intimidating Show up - solve the unknown question Realistic yet fearless Social media and fear factors Hill repeats Do things that give you confidence Don't live in a problem that doesn't exist If you're afraid, performance suffers Swim anxiety Illness I'm not participating in your anxiety Walking the plank effect Afraid of what we'll find out   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #702 – What Swimming Teaches Us About Bike And Run

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2023 55:56

    We've been watching the World Swim Championships for the last couple days and it has ignited a ton of thoughts on, not only how to get faster in the water, but on the bike and run as well. We go deep into technique and pacing and how all of that translates from swims into longer course racing in general. We talk about mindset of seeking improvement and how to accept little gains as huge wins. We also look at your personality types and how that should affect the way you go after races. We talk about tweaking form vs. counterproductive habits. We also get into how tension can have a huge impact on your speed and look at ways to relax and build better economy. Topics: Swim Championships Katy Ledecky The mindset to stay with something Swimming and Rhythm Even splits Arm Speed and turnover Technique Making things Easier Making it fun so you actually like it Run form and Economy Tensing up on the bike Going too fast or too slow Counterproductive habits Trying to be someone you're not Once you start to crumble . . . . . . . Form isn't coming back Don't force - let it come out First lap of the marathon What is too slow?? What type of person are you? Fly and Die There's always something to tweak Experiment with your pace   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #701 – Find A Way To Get It Done

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2023 57:49

    What if you made “getting into the pain” your priority? Today we look at finding joy in the struggle and growth process. Most of us seek endurance sports because we want to change something in our lives. It's important to remember that and realize success and confidence come from experience. We are literally changing who we are and it's not always easy. . . But, it's easy to chase easy. Today is about figuring out a way to get it done and why some of our worst/most challenging experiences are the real fuel for better racing. Don't be trapped in “can't” or feeling “not good enough.” There's no time for a march of excuses. Chase the cobblestones. Find reward in the challenge of getting it done. Topics: Big race weekend! Control your effort and execution Chasing the pain Turning life around Most people seek out endurance sports Making this your life list Courtney Dauwalter Individual Goals Chase the cobblestones Doing things because they are hard It's easy to chase easy Where growth is not Finding a way to get it done Dealing with demons of the past Trapped in “can't” Feeling “not good enough” We are what we expose ourselves to Fear of affirmation Look in the mirror You can't be great at everything Literally changing who you are Forging steel Quiet confidence The March of Excuses Confidence comes from experience The spoon fed grind of the century Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #700 – Don't Forget What Got You Here

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2023 54:43

    You probably know we're not much for fanfare, so today's podcast is more about humility, reflection, and appreciating what we have. We certainly realize we would be nothing without you, so we thank you for giving us your time and helping us build such a positive community. Today, we talk about not being obsessed with what we “don't” have and finding ways to find motivation in what we have NOW. Today is always "day one" and with the right focus and not-overthinking, we have a lot to be excited about. We look at why sometimes we have to figure out what not to do and be okay with that. We also talk about how state of mind is a choice and how it really boils down to how you approach training and racing mentally. Don't “look” too hard for improvement and remember that fatigue masks fitness. Close your circle and always ask yourself, why not me? Topics:  700 podcasts, but is one missing? 4-8 weeks out from a race What not to do Obsessed with what we don't have It's awesome to feel good Your state of mind is a choice Try to hit some singles No one is coming to save you Do you need this or want it? Pay attention to the small things How can you enjoy everything? Looking too hard for improvement Fatigue masks fitness Take metrics out that cause you doubt Close your circle How do you get faster? Don't wait, fix it when you can Why not you? Future tripping Strike the match but don't burn it up Stay focused but don't overthink it Unexpected wins and PRs Fitness takes care of itself   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #699 – Hydration And Fueling with Dr. Alex Harrison

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2023 69:00

    Every triathlete should listen to this podcast. We go deep into hydration and fueling and keep the solutions simple. We look at why most triathletes don't take in enough sodium. We look at traditional sports drinks and explain why they likely need to be supplemented. We talk about too much peeing, hypoglycemia, and extreme thirst and what they indicate. We get into solid foods vs. gels and explain what might be best for you. We talk about fueling on race morning and why you could be setting yourself up for disaster as early as the swim. We also get into how you can dial in your nutrition for different types of workouts. We talk about the root cause of cramping, some myths about high blood pressure, and how our traditional fueling may be at the root of why so many triathletes have a hard time losing weight. Topics: Saturday Morning Fueling App Solving the fueling mystery How much sodium? How many carbs? Is there bad sodium? Under-hydration Over-hydration Blood/sodium concentration Most sports drinks aren't designed for Ironman Extreme thirst Morning of the race Too much peeing How much sodium per liter? It doesn't have to be so complex Solid foods vs. Gels The best thing for your gut A hydrated gut functions the best Fueling by listening to your body Placebo effect Slower digesting carbs vs. fast carbs How many carbs? Training your gut Dialing in your nutrition on every workout Fueling the bike AFTER a swim Possible cause of swim anxiety What causes cramping? Blood pressure and sodium Should your blood pressure be higher? Fueling and weight loss for triathletes Serving sizes Too much water? Contact Dr. Alex Harrison - Saturday Morning Fueling App - Search Saturday Morning Fuel in App Store   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #698 – Let Loose And Keep Training Fun

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2023 56:23

    This is one of the toughest times of the year. A lot of us are in huge blocks and the grind is real. Today we talk about how toe make that process more enjoyable. How to explore within workouts, how to find more energy for training, and how to get your mind wrapped around the long-range goals. Every workout can seem SO IMPORTANT but we're here to tell you, they are not. Knowing how to adjust and when to take a well-timed day off are huge when it comes to maintaining your love for this sport. Age is just a number and we're all trying to feel younger as we get older. It's not about being soft, know your body and learn how to be strong, resilient, and race ready. Topics: Life on the road Moving pains 2024 Camp Link Age is just a number He's 83 and still racing Let loose and have fun Try something that pushes you High expectations It seems “so important” Burned out mentally before physically Explore within the workouts Race plans No one can predict an “A-Day” If you dread it, tread it When you should stay inside It's not about being soft Knowing your body Being tough Understanding your weaknesses Having PERMISSION Most athletes leave their race in training Tipping the confidence scale The power of a well-timed day off Coaching InquiriesMike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #697 – Listener Questions - July 4th, 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2023 50:09

    More awesome questions from the listeners. We start by talking about what we think are the best tri-kits and what to think about before getting yours. We look at injuries and why some people tend to be more injury prone than others. We talk about getting more comfortable on your bike from being clipped in to climbing and descending. We ask each other which race we'd do the rest of our lives if we only had one choice. There's a good discussion on nutrition including our standard approaches to how we eat on the daily. On your left etiquette in training and racing. How to keep your hunger at bay, and is it ever a good idea to just take a week off in the middle of the season? Topics -  Dogs and 4th of July Finding the right Tri-Kit Sleeves/Sleeveless? Suck at running? Hate running? Bad habits You shouldn't be injury prone Terrified of clipping in on the bike What makes a great event What race would Mike and Robbie do for the rest of their lives if they didn't have a choice Variety is for the weak Be obsessed with the puzzle Dumb questions Friction between local tri clubs? Nutrition in general Napping Water Hungry or bored or thirsty? On your left etiquette Trying to be perfect Keeping your hunger at bay Take a week off?? Get your life together Enjoy and appreciate your freedom Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #696 – Listener Questions - 6-27-23

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2023 46:42

    Great questions from our listeners and we start with training for a running race while still maintaining your inner triathlete. We look at how athletes have gone from 70.3 to successful marathons. Also, building base for your first 70.3. What if you have tendonitis? Should you keep running? Then . . . we get into a bit of a rant about KONA qualification slots. We look at what Ironman is doing to get more women in the sport. We also talk about the thought that watering down qualification for men and women has made the whole thing lose some luster. We look at local tri-club communities and whether they are growing or declining. And finally, decoding the big ring vs. small ring if you feel the same resistance on both. Topics: When we need your help Wiley Veterans Training for run only races as a triathlete Going from 70.3 to a marathon Building Base - First 70.3 Tendonitis - keep running? Don't choose to stay hurt Hurt? Rest, get answers, figure out the solution Slot Allocation Process What should the World Championships look like? Qualifying for Boston Failure and disappointment can be healthy Chasing challenges KONA Exclusivity Approaching hills on the bike and run Local Tri-Communities Building or declining? Big ring vs. Small ring for climbing Straight chain lines   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #695 – How To Not Suck At Cycling - Part 6

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2023 38:41

    Back into the cockpit for another round of how to not suck at cycling. Today we look at how cycling is often overlooked as a technical or athletic discipline. We go deep into high cadence, intensity, balance, and big gear work. We also take a dive into lactic acid and V02 max training. How to do it, why it's important, and how to look at things differently if you're training for long course vs. short course. We get into a lot of methods to develop your cycling economy so you can ride strong, but also get off the bike ready to run your best race. Topics: Cycling fitness and how to build it Swim and Run fitness Technique as it comes to cycling You need to ride a LOT Intensity vs. Riding long Sprint/Oly cycling vs. Long Course High Cadence Big Gear Mountain biking “phase” Be an athlete, think, react Forcing your legs to make quick changes Own your gearing Focus on cycling economy Maximize your pedal stroke Struggling from long course to short course Lactate/Vo2 Max Glycogen or Fat? Turning energy into speed Burning through glycogen stores too soon Energy reserves Big gear work at threshold Why you bonk Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #694 – How To Not Suck At Cycling - Part 5

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2023 36:05

    Today is all about saving watts and energy on the course but gaining as much as 10 minutes in your Ironman bike split. This is basically technical ways to become a better cyclist. We look at riding bumpy roads, preparing better for the course you're racing, and how to get better at handling. We also look at why your bike fit may be costing you major watts and how a more comfortable position can get them back. We talk about deep wheel rims and when you should or shouldn't use them. We get into short course vs. long course approach. We talk about tires and the right PSI, along with how you can find what's perfect for you and your bike. Topics:  Riding Bumpy Roads Relax your grip Not about forcing, it's feeling Getting all the fitness out of yourself Ride Outside Sturdy and strong courses Ride similar terrain to race Hill Repeats Soft pedal your neighborhood and work on corners Sight your angle before you get to the turn Best money spent on Free Speed Short course - more aggressive Long course - a little more lax Lung constriction in aero Fall into your bike position Position change to save Watts Wheels - Deep rims vs. Shallow Tires and PSI Gator Skins vs. GP 5000 PSI Charts Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #693 – What Makes A Great Race Venue

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2023 32:02

    Coach Robbie spent the weekend at one of our C26 Team Races, Des Moines 70.3, and today we look at the racing experience. We talk about the little things that make the weekend a lot more fun for athletes and spectators, including, where to stay, how to spectate and what kind of little things make a big difference. By all accounts, Des Moines did it right and it was a bit of a positive surprise on a lot of levels. Topics: Des Moines 70.3 Course and race changes Park it and Leave it What makes a race spectator friendly? Shuttle buses T1 pet peeves Closed vs. Open bike course Swim course Bike Course Run Course Post Meal Food Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #692 – Creative Training for Better Results

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2023 63:46

    Sometimes we gotta break the mold. Kids are much more creative than adults. Today, we look at ways to train that will be more enjoyable, and even more effective. We look at taking risks and chasing logical consequences. We also talk about flex training and making decisions about your workouts on the fly. We look into creating the ability to get stronger as the session/race goes. We talk about effective breathing, the ability to create one more, and analyzing our current state of tired. Lots of good examples on how to be a little flexible on the f**ck-around and be a better athlete for your efforts. Topics: Learning hard lessons Logical consequences How do you know if you're going hard enough? Flexibility Own Real Time Decisions Creativity Test Integrity of the workout Can't predict how you will feel The best get better as the session/race goes on Think like a kid Tired playing all day One more Andrew Huberman Focus your exhale So much fun in figuring it out Over-analyzing to the death of enjoyment Rip it- have fun Sometimes it's best to not have a plan Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #691 – Mid-Season Wake Up Calls

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2023 66:07

    It's not always fun to have a wake up call. Today, we get into the illusion of seeking dreams without putting in the work. Mike did a Sprint over the weekend and he had to take a long, hard look in the mirror. We get into riding on success from the past, and how 90% of life is just showing up . . . but most people don't do the 10% which is learn from success or failure. We talk about confidence as a crutch, how it's good to have a healthy fear hanging over you, and why we have to own our successes and failures. Eventually being unprepared will wear you down. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, only goes so far. When we have a big, exciting dream, we should go for it, but it ultimately boils down to doing the hard part, which is the actual work. Topics:  Des Moines and Eagleman Mike's Sprint wake up Abandoning habits that matter Riding the belief train too much 90% of Life is showing up Getting stuck on your dream vision Not adjusting to hit your goals Riding past successes 24 Hour Rule Athletes and 180 degree swings Cramming for tests and races The Result IS Hard work Woulda, coulda, shoulda, #Didn't All nighter studying Why do you expect what you do? Dedicate to . . . doing your best It gets old going into things unprepared Massive underachieving Confidence as a crutch Acceptance of where you are in training Paralyzed by that “entry into the sport” frame of mind It's time for action The harder you work, the luckier you get “If I get lost, if I get injured, if I die, it's my fault” A healthy fear hanging over you It's my fault Own success . . . and failure. Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #690 – Don't Try To Be Someone You're Not

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2023 67:57

    Life is a hell of a lot easier when we're not trying to be someone else. Today, we get into how that relates to training. We tend to get a lot of information from the Elite People in their fields, but a lot of times they are so far past us they'll take the things we really need for granted. Today, we get into the nuts and bolts of training, increasing intensity, fueling, eating habits, and general well-being. Too many of us make multiple decisions at once and it can be overwhelming. Find something that works for you and stand by it. Have the courage to be yourself and believe in your own journey. Topics: Don't be someone you're not Transitioning to the heat Dew point, humidity, wind Ramping intensity High altitude and heat analogy Reasons for under hydrating Eating by numbers No hydration before workouts? Workouts are only as good as your ability to recover Two big decisions at once . . . . . . Start out slower in heat Fueling for performance or physique? Stop underfueling! Are you fueling enough to do more? When we get our info from Elite Athletes Sick/Fast Food Theory Fueling before you think you need it Owning your journey Find it. Believe in it. Taking ourselves too seriously Your Race isn't every day 5th Avenue Candy Bar discussion Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #689 – Listener Questions - Better cycling, open water swimming, training with injuries, hills

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2023 69:54

    Some awesome questions from the group today! We start with training on the bike and how to get better. Riding alone vs. a group. How to push yourself when you're alone. We look at the best way to troll Ironman Facebook groups. We talk about how to train when you have an injury and a race coming up. Mike and Robbie share their biggest racing fears, along with what scares them as they track athletes. We shell ideas on where to start with your first racing bike. Also, you swim great in the pool, but can't put it together in open water… we get things straightened out. How to train if you're injured. Racing back to back days. Smart spends for your cycling. And tackling hills at Ironman Wisconsin. This one would be great for a drinking game. TOPICS: What's up across the globe? ITU Rolling Ironman - How to get better on the bike Long rides solo or with groups? Pushing yourself when you're alone Mental toughness The best way to troll Facebook Groups Dealing with an injury when your race is looming Mike and Robbie's biggest race fears Our coaching fears while tracking I don't have a bike, where should I start? Turning solid pool swimming into fast open water swimming Recalibrating after an injury Racing back to back days Best place to spend your money as a cyclist Tackling hills at Ironman Wisconsin Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #688 – Reclaim Your Competitive Fire

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2023 66:13

    Today we talk about the importance of igniting our own competitive fires. This is more than competing to win. It's about competing against yourself to be your best and putting yourself in those situations. It's about finding ways to get fired up to chase something you want. It's about trusting that you can keep going. We get into how difficult it can be to fuel your own fire all the time. We look at that fine line between being too calculated and letting it rip. The best athletes in the world don't look at their watch when they're chasing a win. They just compete. They Just get it done. Today, we look at how that mindset can help you in training, racing and life. The best ability is availability. And often, that's availability to figure out how to just get it done. It's easier to throw more wood on an inferno than to ignite a soggy log. Topics: Igniting competitive spirit inside you Milos Gwen Jorgenson Rip off a 5k or 10k We try to make everything calculated Brownlee, Neuman, Blumenfelt Kids need more free time Childhood games Robbie's Sprint Race The best don't look at their watch when chasing Racing without a watch Just being a competitor Where does your brain go when you look at your watch? Worry about fighting vs. failing Life is a game of in the moment What does it take to ignite your fire? Constant battle going on against yourself It's difficult to fuel your own fire all the time The best ability is availability Just get it done Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #687 – Hopes And Dreams Die In The Details

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2023 55:11

    How do you think about race preparation? Today, we look at ways to get the most out of your fitness on race day. We look at the difference between preparing with accessories and preparing with knowledge that will make you faster. Do you really KNOW the race course? Do you train on similar terrain or simulated terrain? We look at ways for you to dial in your nutrition, but also talk about how the perfect game plan with nutrition can be ruined by bad pacing. We also look at how bad nutrition can be overcome by perfect pacing. Being unprepared equals fear. Are you training with purpose in regard to the race course or just winging it in hopes it works out? There is a ton of free speed out there if you know where to look for it, and we're not talking about aero helmets and carbon shoes. Topics: Running yourself to the podium Chatt 70.3 Largest attendance since the lockdown Chatt 70.3 field always stacked Knowing your race course Getting the absolute most out of your fitness Accessories vs. Preparation Carbon plated shoes Prepare like a pro triathlete Drive the course Don't be surprised, be prepared Train on terrain like the race Nutrition blaming Poor pacing can ruin a race Perfect nutrition can be ruined by bad pacing Terrible nutrition can work with the right pacing Margin for error Guessing at nutrition Pain Massage Caves Do the extra research The more prepared you are in the details Unprepared equals Fear Wondering how your race will go, instead of knowing Doubling up on the stress Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #686 – Negotiating With Yourself (In Training and Racing)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2023 57:13

    Charles Bukowski said, “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” And he's right. Today we combine that thought process with how Kobe Bryant built mental toughness by negotiating his own thought process. Racing and training presents hundreds of opportunities to “figure it out” and those are the golden nuggets of becoming a better triathlete. Today, we look at self talk and creating tough situations in training so you know how to handle them in racing. We look into the power of being alone in your head and becoming mentally strong. Get through nagging niggles. We talk about trainers vs. gamers and what sets them apart. Can you callus your mind in such a way that it makes you race better? Layer in opportunities to quit, but don't do it. How do you get through the tough training moments and beat that inner voice that's telling you to quit, or worse, not start. Topics: Marketer's Anonymous The inner voice Listen to Kobe Spend time alone in your head Beating niggles in your mind Mentally prepared for a race Are you mentally weak or ready? Digging deep on the run Figure it out Running without distraction It hurts more to run slow Gamers vs. Trainers What is a race atmosphere worth? Mental warfare What matters most is how well you walk through the fire. Choose to go to battle How are you making things harder? Layer in opportunities to quit What's your mind gonna say? Smart decisions come in all packages Quit talking about it . . . Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #685 – Stop Waiting for Life . . .

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2023 64:44

    Today we talk about how lucky we are that we chose triathlon at certain points of our lives. It's easy to take for granted, but we get into being able to appreciate how much better off we are because we chose to move. We look how many people wallow in funks when it doesn't have to be that way. We talk about the beauty of feeling younger as you age. We talk about why we do things we know we shouldn't and how to feel good about feeling good. We look at falling into the same traps and how to avoid them. Really, this is a reminder that you have made a choice and it's the right one. Movement is medicine and you can do whatever you choose to as long as you make that decision. No Ragrats :) Topics: Don't Get Left Behind Sam Long We are LUCKY we have chosen triathlon Saved my life Saved my day Text threads instead of lunch Moving to a new office to avoid stairs Feeling lonely and knowing you need something When it feels like you've been hit by a bus Falling into the same traps The Search for Excitement Golf for more active people Aging and getting faster Minimum effective dose When you should be more selfish Introvert/Extrovert iPads and video games Live your dream Get sun Hunching over computers keyboards Knees - use them or lose them Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #684 – Why, When, and How to Take A Day Off

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2023 53:58

    Are you worn out from training or your daily life? Today, we contend that you're probably not overtrained, but you're more likely under-recovered. We'll take a dive into the elements of real recovery and talk about how important it is to find that true energy that you know is inside you. We look at the purpose of days off and how you should utilize them. We talk about recovery workouts and how important it is to treat them with respect. We all make big planning lists for our long weekend workouts, but are we crushing our energy on the daily by not giving shorter ones respect? It's an interesting topic and one that's focused on keeping you on a good roll, looking forward to training, and helping you recognize you're digging a hole before you're already in one. Topics: Seasonal Transitions Dew Point, Humidity Lack of Sleep Sore legs, quads When Spring goes straight to Summer Gulf Roast 70.3 Chatt 70.3 Woefully placed days off Getting the most from a day off Stress is stress Swimming at lunch Different kinds of tired No weekends . . . Calendars are weird Day off = Focused Recovery You're not overtrained, you're under recovered Focused and intentional training Hard to fit it all in Dissipate Stress The “2-3 days” before effect A lot of Tuesday World Champions out there Stress Buckets Tired and slow and performing the same Not realizing you're in a hole until you're in a hole More, more, more Energy is encouraged If you want to do more, do more recovery   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #683 – How to Not Suck at Swimming #11

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2023 59:50

    Our favorite series is back!  What do you think about when you swim? Turns out, it should be a lot of things . . . but in small doses. Today we get into the importance of the front end of your stroke. We talk about how to have a strong catch and good feel for the water. Both of those can improve your speed in the water tremendously. We also get into the idea of thinking but not thinking. Micro thoughts and how to work on your swim on the fly. We get into stroke rhythm, head position, cause and effect changes, and sighting obsession. We also tell you why swimming “wrong” on purpose could help you stroke. Loads of top-line, actionable discussion today about how to make you a better swimmer. Topics: All that fitness . . . gone. Without fun, what is there? Get you some C26 Gear! What do you think about when swimming? Head position in the water Bilateral vs breathing every stroke Good technique is free speed Not making huge changes Obsessing with one thing Everything is connected Spall changes matter Anti-singular drills Cause and effect High elbow Stroke rhythm too fast? Sighting obsession Try to swim wrong Always start in the front The back is a little gravy Finding feel for the water Owning your wrist position Swim stroke comparison with pedal stroke Running intervals compared to swim intervals Teach yourself to be an athlete Accumulate minutes of doing it right! Benefits of good form Going through the motions Swimming is a chronic load Bad form equals bad balance. Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #682 – Keep The Integrity of Your Workouts

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2023 58:13

    There is a lot at play when thinking about keeping the integrity of your workouts. Are you going too hard, too easy, or not recovering enough? These are all things that can make or break the consistency of your training and we all know that consistency is king. Today we look at how to handle workouts when you “don't have it” or get in the mindset of “proving you have it when you don't.” We look at how to handle intervals and rest to get your ass in the ballpark of today's workout. We look at preparing for race pain. How to get out of the “way up or way down” cycle. How to handle pool sessions. Adaptation. Hitting the ceiling when you want to. And the concept of not always crushing it, but just being good. And of course, when all else fails, laugh it off. Topics: Midwest salt of the earth Big Pro racing weekend Complicated and confused Podcasting universe Coupon Code for 25% gear: c26gear  (good through May 8, 2023 at midnight) Swim intervals Trapped in the overall average pace Adaptation Being able to hit that ceiling When the goal is high intensity Bike intervals When the integrity is an easy workout Looking ahead at the toughest sessions Hard work vs Hard workout Quality over quantity? Overcooking 24/7 Training for the race pain Finding answers when you're struggling Either Way Up or Way Down Don't crush next week, just be good Creating better days and attitude Laugh it off   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #681 – Listener Q&A - Weight training, swimming intention, Couch to IM, and more!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2023 64:11

    How do we REALLY feel about weight lifting? Find out today, and how we think it combines with endurance sports. We also talk seasonal depression and ask if it's more prevelant these days. We look at ways to beat it. Plus, how long should you be in triathlon before deciding to tackle an Ironman? Couple different perspectives. Why are swim breaks so short? When should the be longer? Also, is it better to swim 2x200 or 1x4,000? We'll look into swim training intention, different speeds in the water and building control. We also look at what might be some interesting locations for a new Ironman race. Topics: Seasonal Depression more common? The best thing you can do for your health Casual conversations to start the day Hydration in cold weather Del Boca Vista pool How long should I be in triathlon before tackling Ironman? 18 months from Couch to Ironman? Limiting outside Life Stress Weightlifting vs. Swimming Heather Jackson's triathlon future? Wattie? Swim and Rest breaks. . . why so short? Purposeful swim training Having intention and different speeds in the pool 2 x 200 vs. 1 x 4,000? Lifting on off days Foundational strength What would be a good location for a new Ironman? Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #680 – Attack Your Weaknesses

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2023 58:30

    If you're like most of us you excel at one or two of the three sports in triathlon. But guess what? Attacking your weaknesses can often improve the others as well. Today, we look at how and why to put more time into things you're not good (or natural) at. This goes from spending more time in a certain sport to figuring out the little secrets to what Free Speed means with regard to racing. We get into the idea of shooting for the sun and landing on the moon along with what that REALLY MEANS. We can talk about things, plan them out, imagine certain outcomes, but it really comes down to doing work. And that might not always be the kind of work you think it is. The easier your “fast” feels, the longer you can hold it. But how do you get to that point? What are some good training strategies that make going fast feel easier? Topics: Just showing up Shoot for the Sun, Land on the Moon? Aiming differently at the target Rekindle competitive nature Rising tides raise all ships Seed money or sell something?? We avoid doing things we're not good at, but . . . Which side of the body do you favor? Passive improvements Balancing the left and right side Picking races for different types of athletes Strong arm/Weak arm The key to lowering your run time Returns on investments Hibernate and shed as you go? Run economy Real Free Speed The easier your fast feels the longer you can hold it Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #679 – Decisions and Consequences

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2023 69:47

    Pro Triathlete, Collin Chartier, admits he used EPO and we use that as a launch point for how a lot of us get trapped in the game of chasing no matter the consequences. We are all human, so it's a mystery why things like this surprise us. It's going on at the age group level as well, but the point is, the only person we can really count on is ourself. It's so easy to get caught in the hypnosis of television, social media, YouTube videos, but most of it is fake. Today, we take a deep look inside and put stock in what we can do without chasing others. And stop judging by the headline.  Topics: Pro Triathlete Collin Chartier admits EPO use Race Directors and Volunteers USAT Multi-Sport Festival All our heroes are dead Doping Owning your journey Obsession with other people People are imperfect Clout Chasing Head in the Sand Expecting others to live up to your image Interventions Bystanders and enablers The only one you can count on is you Passive lies Too much stock in others Cheating and lack of confidence or grounding Part of the side show TV is poison   Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #678 – The Bail Switch

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2023 60:31

    Ever get the feeling you just want to bail on a workout? Well, today we give you permission . . . but, there are some caveats. And bail doesn't mean fail. This is about your autonomy in the sport and owning your sessions. What does that mean when it comes to an interval session on the bike or a tempo run? Or even a pool workout? Today we look at how often the most important thing is just to get on the bike and see what happens, but doing it with options. You never really know until you give it a shot and seeing a workout you don't want to (or don't think you can) do is a bummer. It's all about the integrity of workouts. We also look at how much you really need to run for Ironman, what coaches look to for intel on athletes, and the dreaded 18 hour swim. Topics - Kids in cars The greatest guy in Baltimore The perfect workout Pressure combined with expectations Bail not fail Different ways to set up your workouts for success Clearing up the gray areas of training Don't be a robot to the session Interval length doesn't make or break a workout Giving you autonomy with options How coaching get the most out of your workouts Coaching intel Own your sessions Destroyed by your runs? 2nd, 3rd, and 4th winds Hang around More people get hurt by bad form The 18 hour swing Coaching Inquiries Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #677 – Finding Real Passion In Your Training

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2023 65:02

    *Note ... the first couple minutes have some wonky audio but it's fine after that. Today we look at finding passion, purpose, and calling within triathlon. We get into how to find excitement in the little things and not have to always chase new races or shiny objects that are mostly just a distraction from what is in this moment. We talk about motivation and how the most successful athletes go about finding it. Look at your process and figure out ways to find excitement in things that may not be exciting on the surface but lead to your long term success and health. We pay to do this sport, taking it too seriously can put you in a pinch. We explore the beauty of “slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” All you have to do is look at the top runners at Boston and see them floating along like they're on a group run. Mastering your movement makes you faster. And finally, be proud of the hard work and choices, not your natural gifts. Tackle hard things and create the best memories.  Topics: Nagging Injuries Feeling younger as you get older Garmin sponsors at our Wisconsin Camp Don't chase what is the hot trend of the day… Do your passion!  Training for trombone Finding your own motivation Keep the same routes  Create mini races Fun in training The races can't be the motivation What do you want from the sport? We pay to do this Slow is smooth and smooth is fast…..  that's progress. Slow is relative to everyone - think of it as easy. Be proud of your hard work and choices, not your natural gifts.  It's harder to get better at things we're naturally good at. Tackling hard things Difficult times create the best memories   Coaching Inquiries: Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #676 – Flat Course Training and Execution

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2023 63:08

    Today we talk about flat course racing, but as usual, there are a lot of applications for all courses as we bounce between the differences between flat and hilly. We start by talking early season open water swims and how to be prepared if you don't have enough time to get in open water. We also look at what a wetsuit does and how to make sure you're using it to your best advantage and not letting it throw you into a state of anxiety. We talk about the bike and the importance of training in aero for flat courses. We look at how a weak core can impact your swim, bike, and run. We talk about mixing up cadences on a flat bike and run. We get into training techniques that will make you more prepared for long flat runs. And we hit on the differences between training inside and the demands of being in the elements. Topics:  Flashback Fridays? C26 Lifetime Listeners Early season Open Water Swimming Not enough time for Open Water practice? Building Open Water fitness Get in your wetsuit often Free speed, body compression Wetsuit anxiety The race goal: Delay the core from heating up There no such thing as too much lube Keep the wetsuit HIGH Core and Lower back issues in aero Technique for engaging the core A weak core drags you down in swimming, biking, and running Swim with a stable core in your wetsuit (and with pull buoy) Train in Aero Less power in aero Core in cycling as it relates to your run Full engagement of the pedal stroke Importance of slow pedal torque training Do you have an aero plan for the wind? Calibrate to the weather Crosswinds and aero Energy spent outdoors is significant Sailboats into the wind Flat runs Hips- Ironman lean Changing cadence and turnover Break up the load Change the demands on purpose Coaching Inquiries: Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #675 – Mixing Short Course Races into Your Calendar

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2023 62:33

    Today we talk about how to prepare and race Sprints and Olympics when you're training for longer races. But, if you're just racing short course there are tons of good nuggets about how to get a much better performance. Sometimes we forget what it feels like to go hard and short course is a great way to calibrate yourself with your effort. We look into whether you should taper or not and why it can simply be a waste of a week. We look at HOW to race sprints and olympics. From training to pacing to letting it rip on the bike and figuring out the run. We talk about pain and how to go through it when you keep hearing alarm bells. Why the fastest athletes on the planet go without a watch on the run. Short course is all about finding your limits… today we look at smart and strategic ways to get there. Topics: 30 Days of our lives 30 day commitment Looking for excuses Blaming yourself or others? When running and something hurts . . .  Going through the pain The obstacle is the way Froggy weather Commit or not Objective and mature decisions Does your decision makes sense with your life? What does your A-Race mean to you? Have a plan and purpose Drop a race in Tapering for short races? Always keep your swimming up Bike - Oly - Lower volume, intensity up Running - keep intensity Do you deserve a taper? Don't waste a week Mixing in a marathon affects 5 weeks of your calendar  Be engaged with your running - no plod mode Calibrate yourself with racing.  Running matchless When all you know is how you feel Do you remember what it feels like to go hard? Brick runs . . .  Swim hard, then bike…  Bike like there is no run… All these alarm bells…  It's about finding your limit Coaching Inquiries: Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #674 – The Triathlon Rabbit Hole

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2023 62:07

    Today we answer listener questions and spend a lot of time in the rabbit hole finding good little nuggets. Mainly, there is a lot of discussion about cycling, specifically on windy or hilly courses. We go through a deep explanation of how to train and race your best with a thorough explanation of average power vs. normalized power. We also compare and contrast riding without power and how that should be approached. We look at the best tires and go into how (even though we know nobody wants to do it) important it is to be comfortable changing your tires on the race course. We also talk about when and how you should increase distance, both in training and races. A lot of good stuff in the weeds of this podcast. Enjoy and have a great weekend! Topics: Long winters Windy running Camp Openings Support the podcast by getting some C26 Gear Race day bike execution Ironman Texas vs. a hilly course Recognizing tail winds How to ride hills Average Power vs. Normalized Power The physiological cost of riding No one ever says, “I think I left a lot on the bike course” Road surfaces Riding outside vs. the trainer Tire suggestions Not flatting Learn how to change a tire!  New to triathlon Training to escape and punish ourselves Tired of being tired Coaching Inquiries: Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #673 – Listener Questions 4-4-23

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2023 65:32

    More great questions from all of you! We talk mass swim starts, seeding, and how to deal with the crowded water. We get into road bike vs. TT bike, including when to switch, and . . . do you even need to switch? We talk about the drawbacks of TT bikes if you're not willing to put in the time, along with bike fits and why aggressive positions can hurt your race performance. We each give our biggest lessons from our first 70.3's and fulls. Robbie is asked if he ever gets confused when Mike goes off on a tangent and Mike promptly goes off on a tangent to see if he gets confused. We look at self-calibration. We discuss when is the right time to jump from a 70.3 to a full. And we talk about your bandwidth, support, time constraints, and the “want” to race a Full. Topics: Mass Swim Starts C26 Gear Store is Stocked!  C26 “Swim School” - Registration is Open Switching from a Road Bike to TT Bike - when and how TT bikes are not free speed unless you work at it Aggressive bike positions Training rides and run injuries The run is blamed for everything Lessons we learned from our first 70.3 and Full  Socks or no socks Don't give in The run hurts Soak in the finish line Walking in Ironman is like a drug Does Robbie ever get confused when Mike goes off on a tangent? Mike goes off on a tangent Heart rate in the sauna and counting by polyrhythm  Self calibration Jumping from a 70.3 to a Full Training is the journey You need bandwidth, support, time, the want and the drive How are you willing to re-arrange? What are you willing to give up? Best way to seed yourself for a mass swim start Coaching Inquiries: Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #672 – Own Your Journey

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2023 59:07

    Today we talk about permission to be yourself. Owning your journey applies to so many things and we detail how that should be goal number one in your life, training, and racing. Resistance comes from within and it's your job to jumpstart yourself into feeling good. We look at ways you can do that today, tomorrow, and to get in a groove for your race. We also look at ways to have fun with what you're doing in training. Weather and mood and remedies. That post workout feeling. Owning happiness. Don't burn yourself out, embrace the permission to do things you enjoy.  Topics:  Cliff diving Leaning into Life What if we had advertising?? New Classic C26 Gear is IN Weather and mood Cooped up inside Your body lets you travel, use it Zoom Calls Just do it The chasm between the recliner and a workout That post-workout feeling Own Your Journey Watch the sun come up When all the lanes are full Things tend to take care of themselves if you work it Take ownership of your happiness How long you gonna run today? Figure out how to have fun with what you do The hardest week EVER People who crave rigidity How much easy volume can I get in this week? Jumpstart yourself into feeling good Resistance comes from within You need outlets Don't burn yourself out Permission to do what you want and to be yourself Coaching Inquiries: Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #671 – Micro Decisions for the Win

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2023 59:17

    Today we look at the little decisions in training and racing that will take you to the next level. Understanding simple things like, the more fatigue you have, the longer the warm up, and today's success could be as simple as you getting out to move your body. We look into race mentality from the beginning of the swim until the end of the race, and why your tank should be full AFTER you get out of the water. We remind you that if you didn't swim or bike enough in training, don't act like you did in the race. We look at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th winds and how to find them. We talk about the power of incremental gains and why it's so important to control and understand your effort. Race practice can happen in every single training session if you know what to look for and today we define how you should feel at the end and what's the proper understanding of Emptying the Tank.  Topics: Texas camp and new swim camp Attitude is contagious  Stepping out of your comfort zone Surround yourself with the right people You never regret having coffee with a good friend 2nd, 3rd and 4th winds Athletes overestimate what they can do in three weeks Athletes underestimate what they can do in a year Flipping the micro and macro Micro decisions to START a workout The hardest part of a run is putting on your shoes The win for today is that you got out and moved Easy to lay in your excuses Don't make Macro decisions when you start Incremental gains and small increases Owning different paces, power and zones Own where you're at Do you have the mental capacity to hold on? Racing mentality How to finish right If you didn't swim or bike enough, don't act like you did Lap pace only The problem with ERG The more fatigue the longer the warm up Keeping that Last Gear in your back pocked You should have a full tank of gas AFTER the swim Coaching Inquiries: Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #670 – Don't Blow Up Your Race

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2023 43:06

    Today we're talking race strategy, and more importantly how to handle the demands of race energy. We look at an honest evaluation of your training and how that might, should, could translate in your race. We look at the realism of your potential at this time. We discuss planned and unplanned governors that can help keep you under control. We talk your “energy bank” and how not to overdraw in the swim. We discuss how most people blame their run, but it's really their bike. And we get into the concept of leaving it all on the race course and the right way for you to think about emptying the tank.  Topics: Race performance is objective The origin of the Crushing Iron podcast photo Ask yourself - Did my training meet the requirements? Are you living in a pipe dream? How to be relaxed Coach's job: Take you week to week based on where you're at  Did you put in the work to get the result you wanted? The governor you didn't know you needed Under fueling You have the ability but you have to have the energy Withdrawals from the energy bank start in the swim Certain parts of the race demand more energy Everyone blames the run because it's last Be proud of your effort Pre-race excuse building Empty the tank in the way you want to Be proud that you showed up!  Coaching Inquiries: Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #669 – Objective Evaluation of Your Race(s)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2023 39:55

    Do you look back at your race and put an honest level of judgment on how you did? Today we look at what makes a great race for YOU. We talk about why time and placement shouldn't be the number one factors. We look at your metrics not based on times/splits. We talk about your effort, how you figure out goals and attain them. Starting the swim without a watch. The course and the conditions and how to play them. We look at adjusting to the moment WHILE you're racing and how the right mindset can give you a race you're proud of instead of a complete sh*t show.  Topics: Texas Camp Time isn't everything Kicking off the race calendar What makes a great race? Be objective - Athletes tend to forget 3 Tier Projections How did YOU feel you did? Looking at your watch and judging Regardless of the time and placement, ask yourself . . .  How did you feel? Courses matter, conditions matter Metrics not based on time/splits Adjusting to the moment A, B, C Goals Your best effort is relative Not wearing a watch for the swim Mindset can save your race in the middle of it Coaching Inquiries: Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #668 – There Is No Prize

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2023 58:29

    This is a look in the mirror podcast. We talk about the concept of chasing a prize, when the prize is right in front of us. We chose triathlon, it didn't choose us. And it can be really hard. But the hard work is what changes our character and transforms us into who we become. We talk about why “getting out to train” is hard and why it IS part of the training. Racing is about overcoming challenge after challenge. That's what training prepares you for. To dig deeper and find that belief in yourself. We look at how our most successful and happy athletes approach their training and life. We want it to be easy, but it's not and there are no guarantees. The hard things change you.. .   Topics: Being hostage to a race Just look it up on YouTube Who we pick to win it all Triathlon is tough Big blocks We CHOSE this  It's important to know what you signed up for  We expect if changes  Sauna as your reward for swimming You motivate yourself Sophomore slumps Refuse to believe you can't Those with the highest expectations are least happy Even keel for even keel The weight behind expectations Done with today, what's next? Don't rob the moment The most successful and happy triathletes do this . . .  There is no prize Giving up is easy Working hard for a long time always pays dividends The hard things change you Rough is what you need sometimes Doing it over and over We want it to be easy Feel unbreakable  There's no special day, it's all part of the moment Naive confidence There's no guarantees If you work hard, you have a better shot Small decisions add up to wins Coaching Inquiries: Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -

    #667 – Play Like A Kid

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2023 65:34

    When kids play, then never seem to want to stop. How can we find that love for the game in our daily training? Today, we talk about how to approach sessions. So many athletes want to put the hammer down, but this is an art of knowing how and when. We'll look at the concept of grinding and why that tends to lead to friction that haunts us later. We look into how a lot of athletes leave their race in training. We also talk anxiety, depression and addiction. How did we get here?? And we get into our "why" and how it's really probably a simpler answer than you think. Play like a kid and find your freedom.  Topics -  March Madness Tri Season is Here!  Energy: Cost to value ratio T Check and W Checks  Burn out is similar to the overnight success What's in your head that won't allow you to play? Don't try to out-happy, happy Anxiety, depression, Addiction How did we get here? Overtraining We need to be good at stepping back Over committing to a race calendar Just be ready It shows up 3 days later When triathlon is your life The best athlete's Strava looks boring Grinding Sticking around is priceless Don't leave your race in the training Kids at play never want to stop Why are we doing this? Feel good Text Thead misery Find your freedom Coaching Inquiries: Mike Tarrolly - Robbie Bruce -  

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