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Concrete content for anyone looking to get better. Ballplayers and coaches come and join! Baseball is the platform we use to help create better men both on and off the field. Development first!Please review what I should continue doing, stop doing, and start doing!

Trey Cobb

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    109: Alex Guerra - HC Radford University

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2022 78:22

    Alex Guerra Notes   Bio Head Coach at Radford University Former player at Radford Former assistant coach at Radford University (2014-2015) For the past 7 years he has been the assistant coach and recruiting coordinator at James Madison University (2016-2022) Started in college baseball at Central Florida as their director of baseball operations as well as their volunteer assistant coach (2012-13) Passionate! Aggressive player and coach! Serious about coaching!   Notes Got into coaching because you want to impact people Who did I want to surround myself with as a staff? Have the right people around you on a daily basis Have a guy that knew the area Developing great relationships with players, well versed in coaching, constantly learning, passionate about recruiting I want guys that want to be at Radford You need to define that you want in those positions when hiring a staff With my personality I need someone…. Stick to your guns, and you have to be ok with making decisions that someone won't like it How you explain the decisions is important Have something done before expected Challenging yourself to get better The people I work with are family to me This is how we are going to build it, and players will have to total ownership of it You either will be about it, or you just won't be around it The head coach needs to set a direction for the entire program “We are going to be a Blue Collar Family”Everyday there will some type of lesson, example that you will bring back to define our culture Being vulnerable is going to be a part of our culture, and The coach needs to be one who starts that. Consistency is the best thing a coach can do. Whatever we do just stay consistent that helps cultivate our culture daily If you have the good players and can develop them with a strong culture you have a chance to win championships Consistently communicate to our guy what exactly their role is  The process, the culture comes from one voice Be myself, treat people with respect, hold them accountable Twitter - @AGBaseball9  

    108 - Cliff Godwin: East Carolina University (ECU)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2022 67:38

    Bio Current HC at East Carolina University 13 NCAA Regionals  2 College World Series appearances  four-time American Athletic Conference Coach-of-the-Year 6 NCAA Regional berths (2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 Greenville Regional host) 4 Super Regional appearances (2022 Greenville Super Regional) 3 American Athletic Conference Regular season championships 3 AAC Tournament crowns 304-151-1 (.668) overall record 20 players have earned All-America status, while 23 were NCAA All-Regional selections, 33 were named all-conference (26 first teamers) and 14 were drafted by Major League Baseball teams. 64 players who have gone on to the professional ranks during his time as a coach at the Division I level 2 time USA Baseball National Team Staff member Strong man of faith One of the top respected people in college baseball   Notes Those rings represent relationships I believe I am at ECU for these moments not the championships I am more of coach to help people in tough times There is no textbook handed to your coach when dealing with a death or tragic incident SPORTWORKS company to do devotionals 2x week Each kid stands up and recites the mission, vision and pirate code before we play You will fall back on your preparation.  Culture is more important than any mechanic I don't need to go to Omaha for my ego. I want it for the other people more than me The more you give, the more you recieve. PIRATES has stayed consistent Vision has stayed pretty consistent There has to be a unbelievable amount of trust between coaches and players and it has to be 2 way street You have to be there everyday in terms of taking advice from pitching/hitting coach Unlimited trust on both sides Motto - triangleTrust Selfless Communication Goals We don't talk about them everyday, we focus on getting 1% everyday Those things are more important to me when we can get people ready for life Its not just me on a podcast, people know exactly what they need to do here Look in the mirror and ask myself what I can do better??!! I try to speak to all of the players everyday Schedule meetings with individual players during the week When body language is off you schedule a meeting and talk The cell phone does not go out with me to practice  I didn't want to bring anyone external to our program because the foundation as already been set Hiring the right people!! If you hire young people who are hardworking and loyal, it will work out!! I need your loyalty! Write gratitude letters before thanksgiving  None of us would be where we are without the help of someone else Best players have in commonComfortable in your own skin, be who you are Ultra competitive, hated losing Players adviceWhere you invest your time that is where you will get your best results You become the average of the 5 people you hang out with. Its all about who you hang out with Don't play the comparison game Be the best version of yourself If you are going to do it, do it your best Do things that you don't like to do  Coach adviceKeep blinders on and not worry about what someone else is doing Don't spread yourself too thin You can get the players to do anything but you can't get them to do everything Work hard, work your tail off, be loyal to who you work for Just keep showing up! It just won't happen tomorrow.

    107 - Liam Bowen; University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2022 66:06

    Bio 5th head coach in UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) history 8 years as an Assistant coach before being named HC AC during America East Championship run in 2017 while he was pitching coachsurrendered just three runs per game schools first America East Championship  third NCAA Tournament appearance Bowen recruited the 2017 America East Rookie of the Year, Christian Torres. lowering the team ERA from 9.01 in 2012 to 3.30 in 2015, the best improvement in the country over that span.  Bowen has recruited and coached four freshman All-Americans, 33 All-Conference selections and 15 All-Rookie team selections Well respected coach and person   Notes Fit a need on our roster Academic fit, high level enough student that can succeed in our school People we can trust in our program Find the player that excites you on the field first to be sure they can play in our conference There is way more to baseball a D1 player than just playing baseball Being a d1 player, there is a lot going into it Keep the schedule consistent Master the routine Give the assistant their time Hire the right guys Make umbc the best place for assistant coaches How do I get our coaches in the best position to impact the players? How do I make that strength relevant for my assistants? This is what I am good at, how can I make an impact on my guys? Division of labor - everyone gets to do some work and people get to do what fires them up Common character traitsSelfless - we win and lose together If you get the right characters you can get everyone working together Selfless and reliable peopleDefine them  Reliable - delivery their skillset on the field consistently. “What do you look like on your bad day?” Selfless - genuine joy of serving others. Can you find joy in your team and teammates' success? A team with true chemistry is guys who have a high regard for the team. If your not good when you are on, you better stop pitching. You got to clock your outs Each moment is important and how it affects your future, innings, result, season, next year, etc You don't want the guys to feel like you are taking english 101 for 4 years. You use what the team needs. The most important scouting is your own practice time One practice a week, during the spring, we run practice like individuals and small groups You got to make time to use all the tools Respond to your own ball flightEverytime I throw the ball it needs to have the same shape Play a high level game of catch Hitter find the ball flight that will make you the most successful 10/80/10 - 10 percent will scrap 10 percent will be very good 80 percent who knows themselves the bestHow do I take my strengths into winning baseball and helping the team Know your identity and find a way to delivery it everyday through their reliability Let yourself be ok with not being the top 10%It is so impactful for our team and for their future We have a unique opportunity in our sport to teach these values because our game is so hard. Find a time to pick your spots where the player will be ready to listen If you are pushing yourself everyday you deserve honesty from the coaching staff Players give effort, coaches give the truth - if anyone falls on that scale things fall We will use every avenue available to help our team get better Portal is a compressed process Roster is smaller to be sure we can make an impact on all our players.  What are the players going to remember about you? How do you learn and grow your own process How are we going to respond to this new environment? I know we are going to be selfless and reliable. It is our north star Twitter and come see us play! @UMBCbaseball  League plays Fri-Sun Come in for free and enjoy!

    106 - Bill Mosiello - Ohio State

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 58:28

    Bio   Current Head Coach at Ohio State University One of the most accomplished assistant coaches in the country with stops at seven different Power 5 programs. associate head coach at TCU for nine seasons (2014-22) nearly 30 years of collegiate coaching experience and seven more years of experience as a minor league manager. 2017 he was tabbed a coach on the USA Baseball 18U National Team  2018 16U NTDP head coach coached over 90 major league players, 28 All-Stars, two batting title winners, two AL MVPs, one AL Rookie of the Year and 2012 Cy Young award winner R.A. Dickey. tutored MLB phenom Mike Trout for nearly two full seasons when he was part of the Arkansas Travelers AA club of the Angels Worked in the Yankees organization as well as with coaching icon Auggie Gorrido at Cal State Fullerton Offensive mastermind at each step of the way working with the top 5% of the game ABCA clinician speaker Incredible baseball mind Hell of a baseball GUY!! Notes Adapt or die and you have to make some adjustments.    I Have a certain set of core beliefs Have to be able to relate to the players How do players learn? Wear  the pants the right way No bat flips - play the game with enthusiasm Going to keep joy in our own team Want them to have a blast but you have to respect your teammates and your team Keeper of the game!!! Teach guys to play the game the right way. Respect your opponents and respecting the team Baserunning is something we can bring to the park everyday Runner at 1b never knows when the guy at 2b  will steal Baserunning worked on daily - some type of theme You can work on instincts You need to make a big deal about it everyday Don't mistake activity for achievement. If you are not detail oriented you are just oding activity A great player learns from other players mistakes Good players learns from their own mistakes I have to do a better job articulating You cannot assume anything We can steal runs throughout the season from our daily baserunning work The FREEBIE WAR is huge for us! Just like the football coach is trying to win the turnover battle Different between reckless and fearless My guys are going to run because they can make it Enable your players that they can do things.  Never underestimate your players Trust your players the sky limit Culture is how you operateDefine it and then demand it Its just like a swing, you teach it daily O - ownership H - hard working I - integrity 0 - one pitch at a time Define them and what do they mean If you are doing it right they can tell you and you need you need to teach it daily Thoughts become things! I need them to see it, and make it important to them There are great kids all over the country Lets keep it simple Meet everyday and discuss everyday and keep it simple - 5 minutes a day Compound effect - doing a little a lot Video of what the play looks like Take notes, watch video, demonstrate, and then rep it out Brian Cain talking about dugout participationbe a great teammate, be engaged, and be sure they are doing it Team organizational meetingsSpecial guest speaker What do you know now that you wish you knew then All these things you have to teach and worked on daily You can only take out what you put in (bank account) Great players Super coachable Invested in teammates Quick learners Comfortable being uncomfortable - when you make changes that is where you grow Success leaves clues! Growth is what we are all trying to get  Learners mindset Its what you know after you know it all that counts the most If i am going to ask my players to grow why wouldn't I, the coach, be growing Great coachesask questions We all need help Learners Humble in the way they acted Be who you are Continue to make adjustments I like to stay in the dugout so they don't even know I am there Ohio State website -  

    105 - Robbie Britt: University of Charleston (WV)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2022 69:40

    Robbie Britt HC University of Charleston (WV)   Bio Finished 3rd year a HC of Golden Eagles 16-game win streak, the longest in program history 11th in the country, its highest national ranking in program history. third straight regular season conference championship with a 24-4 conference record, hosted the NCAA Division II Atlantic Regional for the first time in the program's 118-year history. 4th straight semester with a team gpa above a 3.0 and served over 1000 hours of community service 5 top-25 victories, including a victory over #6 ranked Ashland, and a win over #15 ranked Wingate, a first in the history of the program.  Former assistant and interim head baseball coach at Middle Tennessee State University from 2015-2018.   2022 Notes 40-18 Record (2nd most in program history) Mountain East Regular Season & Tournament Champions NCAA Atlantic Regional Finalist 4th straight conference championship and NCAA Tournament Appearance 6th straight semester with a 3.0+ team gpa 1000 Hours of Community Service in the Charleston community   Robbie Britt Notes 82-36 Career Record (.694 Win %) 53-12 Conference Record (.815 Win %)   Married to Courtney, Father to Ellie (3) and Camp (2). Speaker at ABCA Barnstormer, TBCA, WVBCA, OHSBCA Conventions Owner/CEO Culture House LLC., Empower Leaders, Inspire Excellence   Other Notes Coaching Staff Features a Unique Model - Young Coaches, Bold Opportunities Three Program Pillars: Graduate Leaders, Create Champions, Develop Stewards UCWV Features 3 professional players (Logan Campbell, RHP Minnesota Twins; Austin Henrich, RHP Frontier League; Colt Webb, High Point Rockers, Atlantic League)   Show Notes Staffing provides the experience for the students athletes Oldest coach at 29 If you hire great people, and unlock them to do great work, you can provide an awesome experience Creative content position 7 coaches who have coached with Britt now who are now in full time coaching positions Hire people whoSelf starters, internally motivated Growth minded - want to learn Collaborative and spirited Replicating the modelGet a high school student involve Clearly define expectations and what it looks like Empower them to get it done Identify what you want it to look like (create the vision with width and depth) Width = a lot of people Depth = its not just about winning (something greater, the “transcendent” student experience Who are the people? What are the things I need in my organization? What am I good at?  What am I not good at? Define a clearly defined program for the individual (staff and player) Player and personal side of player development (hire a player development) Cast, clip, quote Look at your resources Either worry about your resources or worry about your resourcefulness! Are their people on campus that want to help your baseball players? Is there a math teacher that would break down metrics? Create a meaningful title Do it If there is value to your program and you have a willingness to be told NO! Recruited a director of analytics just like a student athlete!! Life skills and platform you are teaching through the content If you are teaching so you can coach, you are out of wack!!! Made us be really focused on the type of recruit that is a fit for us! Run it like a business/board meeting - we meet everyday Individual staff meetings The “unseen” hours - where you make life work What are the metrics that we feel leads to winning? (clarify the metrics that are important)Core principles Primary strategies performance indicatorsEV with LA on BIP Physicality wins! Ever evolving (finding clarity) Clarity is always the goal, but evolution towards clarity is what you are trying to achieve (excellence) Its what the game provides!! @CoachRB6, @UCWV_baseball Go to baseball page and then “mountain state of mind blog” Google - “mountain state of mind blog”    

    104: Jack Leggett - HOF Clemson & USA Baseball

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 83:54

    Jack Leggett   Bio Former HC of USA Baseball 18U National Team Author of the ABC's of Coaching 2014 ABCA Hall of Fame member Former head coach of the Clemson Tigers from 1994 to 201521 NCAA appearances, 9 Super Regional appearances, and 6 trips to the College World Series compiled a 955-480 record at Clemson coached over 140 professional baseball signees, 9 first rounders, and 25 players who have played in the Major Leagues. His 1,332 wins as a HC ranks 9th all time for Division 1 ACC COY 1994, 1995 and 2006 Watch Jack Leggett “The Man” - See more on his website -   Notes Delegated a lot to the players with small coaching staff Limited staff you had to know how to handle all aspects Conflict, change, committed, championships Make them believe we were all playing for 1 team (USA)First starts in the recruiting process - it will take you to be unselfish Emphasize at practice the unselfish plays Emphasize those elements in the gameEvery player on the bench needs to recognize Fundamentals are a big deal We are committed to fundamentals Throwing competition into your practiceEngine runs at a higher level If there is no competition or consequence then they think it is ok to not execute If you practice like a harley davidson, then you will play like a harley davidson* Intense, repetition, and accountability* Talented play with fundamentals is much better than a talented player, and if they talented and fundamental and competitive they are special Throwing drills, base running drills, kept it simple (plays that you only really need to use, and just get an out), relationships with players, seeing the wide lense of the game, handled umpires better, more poise Helped being athletic, enthusiastic, and been around good coaching The players knew I cared about them more than just being a baseball player* You learn something all the time. Everytime you go to the field you find something to learn The minute you stop coaching and teaching that are not slidable, then you need to stop coaching watch, pay attention, listen, learn all the time, pick peoples brains, learn the fundamentals Show them the right way, and then show them the wrong way If you can show a kid something, break it down step by step, and then rep it Roll the ball, roll it further away, short fungo, longer fungo, live ground ball Accountability, feedback, and breakdown of fundamentals Have a plan, keep it simple, rep it out Willing to change, understand why he needs to change, attack the change Be willing to trust you Be willing to tell players WHY You are passionate, you care, you are with them in the trenches is the most important quality that you care about them more than just a baseball player Be able to talk to them when you lose and when you win MTA - make the adjustment Get to know your players so you make fewer mistakes If you want your players to be in shape you should be in shape If you can't communicate what you know then it doesn't matter how much you know Body language during tough moments in a game The most valuable lesson is the game is never over to till the last out, the last pitch - its never over Changing pitchers are the toughest decisions Make better decisions with better depth Get a good feel for what is happening in the game that day You can't be right all the time Knowing what your team is all about and having them prepared Play consistently and be ready to play everyday together Email on the website  

    103: Tom Griffin - Carson Newman University

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2022 80:22

    Bio HC Carson Newman University Over 18 years guiding the Eagles, the New Jersey-native has coached five Major League Baseball Draft Picks and 22 total professional players.   38 players have earned All-SAC honors, 15 have been named to all-region teams and seven have taken home All-American honors. Griffin is considered one of the premier catching minds in the game authoring an instructional catching baseball video, "Catch It, Block It, Throw It"  featured speaker at the American Baseball Coaches Association convention in Orlando, Florida in 2007 and Anaheim, California in 2012. He has compiled an overall record of 421-321 and a conference record of 187-165 at Carson Newman.  He is 605-489-2 in 30 seasons as a college baseball coach. (1 year in high school) Griffin, ranked second among active SAC coaches, becomes the 37th active skipper in Division II to win 600 games as a head coach   Notes Am I getting better at communicating? Am I getting better at helping the players get better? There is a greater purpose than the wins and losses The purpose in coaching, and it helps us reflect Coaches have a ton of content to be able to reflect and learn from so much of that good content Help run camps! This is more than just camp, this is lesson in life and how to play the game the right way Be a constant learner Learning when to say things Find out about your kids and what makes them tick Learn to communicate with kids either as a group or individually Have a feel, common sense, street awareness How do we get instincts?Experience, have awareness of what is happening, watching the game, Variety in our training Different drills create athlete as catcher The body get used to the training it is under Catchers Gear only comes off when they hit Ask our catchers how their legs are train accordingly. This is after you get to know them so you know who to push and who to put the brakes on Different stances during each commercials Nothing better than catching bullpens for a catcher Top Gun competition - different test for every aspect of competition The more you can have some competition for receiving, blocking, throwing Spending more time on hitting might not allow you to get in the lineup Working on balls out of the zone to learn how to handle it. Gives the pitcher more confidence Keeps the run game in order Dry work, shadow drills, specific area, simple to complex Pushup to catch - help the body organize it and help when the skill is les complex Training needs to be a higher level than the game so the game becomes easier Visual training, verbal training, and have a lot of tools in the toolbox to help kids get better We are teachers trying to get players from point a to point b We all have opinions and no one is wrong If i am passionate about something and i can get my players to buy in then do it!!  Skid mark on a movement object Listen to the umpire (quit moving) Its got to be something you believe and you are passionate about it and what works for you What works for you! You have to have some core principles When you go shopping, bring a small cart The key is getting the players to buy into what you are teaching Servant hearts - when we develop our catcher we need to develop leaders! The catching position is the leadership position Pitching calling, umpire relationship, leading pitching staff/team relationships,  Classroom, video, we talk about it, show examples of leadership If we don't have them, we need to learn them What are the traits of a good leader?Teach, talk, and practice it! Get feedback when they do it!! Remind them of the time we missed it Specific feedback  Intentional about finding wins everyday!! Pick up on things from a recruit during a visit and how they handle conversation and speak to parents Can we change this mans life?? Why not us?? Never forget where your heart is and what your purpose is  Need someone to tell you the right thing and hold you accountable Need some sort of pitt stop and check in to slow it down and take moments to spend time with someone to make sure you are  Any relationship starts with HELLO! We don't come to watch game, we come to learn! Life is about relationships and learning from others! You gotta see everything Bullpens to outfield - catch the good and catch the bad - want kids to know they are always being watch - everything matters Stretching, weight room - i need to evaluate the player to know you are going to our guy Want players to take ownership of that eventually 90% is being encouraging and 10% is correcting and holding the standard Practice variety - plan it like the game (from offense to defense) Baserunning, team defense, batting practice Creating mass hysteria!!! Help make them make decisions in those chaotic times Be a constant learner Find a mentor Find a servant heart Help the game grow We want a generational kid! Program built on developing the generational player  

    102 - Ryan McGinnis: Kimberly HS (WI)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2022 80:19

    Bio  Current HC and AD Kimberly High School  (WI) Former HC at Oshkosh North  Former AC at Xavier University (OH) His teams have won 9 FVA - Fox Valley Association Conference championships First ever baseball Conference championship at Oshkosh North 2005 9 sectional championships at Kimberly two state championships at Kimberly (2007, 2017)Runner up in 2008, 2014, 2015 Over thirty players have garnered Academic All-State honors Served on the Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association's (WBCA) Executive Board from 2009-2015 and was the President for two years 2022 American Baseball Coaches Association's (ABCA) Ethics Awards Winner ABCA National Convention speaker District Coach of the Year three times WI State Coach of the Year twice ABCA's Regional Coach of the Year twice Former USA Baseball staff member    Note Unity council - group of guys once every 3 weeks in fall to winter, once a week after 1st of yearReturning varsity guys that choose to get more of their experience  More reflective, more leadership skills,  Players own it! Staff has to hold council accountable What do we want to do? Experiences Its more than baseball! You need to have both, quality school/people and quality baseball experience A ballplayer is also a man!! It is the competitive environment that we bring to the program Attitude of gratitude - we do it everyday so we live it!! When you watch video you have to say good first, before you say anything critical Who you are as a player you need to overcome as a coach. Everything we do in practice is aligned and should make sense. Being a champion, being a ballplayer - you are a grinder, you take championship reps  Be your own best coach - know yourself, take your reps, and know what you need The game slows down when you know what your doing Pressure happens when you don't know what's happening Food is a great barrier breaker Get on the same store, same section, same shelf, same book, same chapter, same page, same line, same word Common vocab - what does it mean to “hustle” A whole number of words - give them the definition and what it means to us Unity council create core values each year This is your definition of ___ do you want to be apart of this? Its not you, its your behavior You have to be good when you don't feel great. It is consistency! We can have fun without looking in the other dugout When the shampoo is rinsed out, its time to move on (good or bad) Blue Collar shirts!!!  Each core value becomes a day, so we make it part of what we do During throwing we do and talk to kids about the person This guy listens, this really is our class My goal is that every single day is to make you want to be here! Learned in practice, didn't learn,  Defensive checklist - ownership of what we need to work on Live, what question, who do you feel exhibited, who is not exhibiting it,  Defining arm soreness - scale of 1-5 and be clear so we can help your arm so we can use itHelps us support the kid and becomes more positive Anything we can do to help build a positive relationship, we need to do When we are here, this is sacred time, it is special, and we don't want anything to get in the way of it Am I practicing what I preach? There is part of practice for your personal development and parts that are team development Don't have an identity crisis - you need to know who you are, and help me understand you better Here is how we improve certain metrics - How do those metrics help me be a better player Credible info for college coach to get recruited What is the best fit? Checklist for what you value? Excited about, looking forward to, and worried about If you are courageous enough to put signs down, then you better be courageous enough to make a mistake Cell phone - 920-570-3369 Email - Its is the process, it is the journey that is the heart of what we do Never should we anchor

    101: Chas Pippitt - Baseball Rebellion

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2022 103:46

    Bio    Chas Pippitt is the founder of Baseball Rebellion and creator of the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Methodology. A combination of his unique ability to breakdown the swing to hitters of all ages and his understanding of the importance of technology in training, Chas has amassed over 25,000 one-on-one lessons during his career. Chas has aided in the development of hundreds of travel ball all-stars, dozens of scholarship-level college athletes, and 25 MLB draft picks. In addition to his in person training, Chas does remote training with elite high school, college, and professional baseball players and fly in training with nationally recognized college programs.   Chas has also invented four hitting products, the Launch Angle Tee, the Drive Developer, the Rebel's Rack, Rack Bat, and the Bat Drag Buster, currently used in all 50 states and internationally in over 12 countries. When he's not doing lessons or working on new products, Chas is writing and developing content for and its social media pages, and author of “Learn the Turn.”    Notes  Technology can bring more accountability to the coach What the teacher knows fails in comparison to what the student does Not everything I say will work for every player If you are not measuring what you player is doing you are stealing from them Restaurants use thermometer to make sure chicken is not under cooked, use your phone, pocket radar, sensor, pitch ball Put money back in the program to help your players 10-15 degree hard they hit 800 as a team (reward the window) Style of hit, style of swing can be built with hit trax to where the defenders will be in a game We train to hit the ball where defenders are not, hit the ball harder, and pull the ball in the air straight (no hook) Rotational skill acquisition Turn faster with good posture, vision Train from the great optimal level so when you go sub optimal it is easier Harder more often, pull the ball more in the air, turn faster Turn faster (chest to camera to away from camera, or how fast barrel goes from start to contact “Proving improvement” Not all players have the time. They have 1 game to get 1 at bat, and then 2, and then 3. It doesn't matter what I think of them, it matters how the players USES them (not understand, but use) Work while you wait If you assume just cause the player plays at a high level we are doing a player a disservice Associate speed with hitting, not getting a hit with hitting You can't control getting a hit Give yourself the best chance to turn fast with balance on time while you look at the ball Confidence comes from trusting your preparation A turn that they can control  Elevate the floor of their performance, anyone can hit a ball hard once a while You don't have anxiety of the history of past performances, but excitement for the task at hand from the training you went through Know the rotational movements - Posture, balance, hip hinge,  Flare backside - stand up during turn, and head going forward Assess and address Every player benefits from practicing rotational movements Disciplined through rules of rotation Look fast and delay the turn to hit off speed (work on hesitating turn) When they ask how to hit the off speed, they are ready to hit the off speed The player is searching for feels that feel good  A movement solution that can work when he feels broken He is the guy in the arena, and what works for him is great You can apply rules of rotation to any swing Maximize the opportunity.  Better posture, vision and timing Game sense for vision testing Head lamp swinging - head lamp and keep head on ball Rack turns with multiple people on both sides, “Waterfall turns” Work on rotational work like we think of sprint work and weightlighting Contact Chas at  

    100 - Chan Brown: Parkview HS (GA)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 21, 2022 66:43

    Bio   19th year at Parkview HS (GA) 18th as HC Former HC at Elbert County HS and  AC Northwest Whitfield HS 2018 HOF class of the GA Dugout Club GA Dugouts Club Ethics Award winner in 2021 In his tenure at Parkview the Panthers have:3 national championships (2012, 2015, and 2018) 6 GA state championships 12 regional championships 14 guys drafted since he has been at Parkview Over 200 players in college since he has been HC at Parkview   Notes Travel program starts at 8 and ends at 14 12 weeks with each team - 6 offense and 6 defense to train coaches and players August - july 1 Dad coach with paid assistant that goes to practice with them 11U and 12U paid HC and AC Mostly parkview kids Helps train the parents  Learning the terminology  Develop arm strength Educating and taking care of your arm Defensive series taught to all ages  10-13u practice at least 1 practice together Blend a family atmosphere because they will eventually be on the same team working to win a state championship Parent meeting with the tradition, expectation, ladder system (freshman taking spot of sophomore and building their expectations). Head coaches only meeting to set expectations All coaches meeting to set expectations Baseball class that gets all baseball guys 1:30-3:30 everydayWeightroom, speed and agility, leadership class Be a great person, great student, great teammate, and the player will take care of itself Leadership classEvery wednesday and go into meeting room Hour-hour half 2022 seniors is first class to get class all 4 years Book study Discussion from each class member, break up into different classes Seniors took ownership of what they want out of the class/team During season do NG3 - mentor program (no coaches) Every 2 weeks we meet with each class and air out and see what is going on Player of the day and get them to talk in front of people (1 or 2 depending on schedule)If you get POD you have to speak about someone who made an impact in their life or a situation that made an impact on them Everyday first hour and 45 minutes practiced together (pre practice bunt and mechanic work, stretch and warm up, and defensive skills) Trust the process, look at the bigger picture (perspective) Consistency from all the levels to hear the same message We take what is there and work with it You might think it is the best idea in the world but you have to tweek it to put it in your system Infield throw around - each position has a bucket and make every throw during a game (charted) White series - game like throws (on the clock) with catcher, infielder, and pitchers Practices so fast that the game is slower Everything we do we are trying to compete in a in game situation 21 outs everyday Intersquad to make them compete under pressure Let your guys coach! You are going to have good practices and bad practices, learn from them and see what the coaches had to do with it The player part should be easy Don't get lost in this game, don't let the scoreboard run you!  Teach the game in life    

    99: Lance Spigner - Univ of Arkansas Rich Mountain

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    Bio Current HC at University of Arkansa Rich MountainIn his first season (started the program brand new) he led the bucks to a Plains district championship runner up 3rd season, recruited 2019-2020, played 2020-2021, getting ready to start “playing” year 2 2021 ABCA Ethics Coaching award winner Former Horatio HS HC (28 years) - top of 2A and bottom of 3AHS Teacher of the year  3X ABCA region 6 COY 18 conference championships 10X regional championships Final four in the state 14 times 5X state champion Over 500 WINS   Notes When the people around you set the bar high and help you do the right thing the ethics come naturally Coaching is a relationship game (umpires, coaches, working on the field) Treat everyone with respect, and the way you want to be treated You can't fool players now Everything now needs to be modeled or you won't get the buy in Fine line between leading by example and sometimes you need to speak upIf you don't speak up you are condoning the behavior Same player just a different version 1 year of experience 30 times, or 30 years of experience We take days off when it is time to take days off Always thinking long run and we need to be fresh at the end You need to be able to read you team and play for the end game Variety is a big deal (the mind of an adolescent), get as much variety and competition as possible Better bunt game - pair up players and compete with a better bunt game Validation BP - swings in a round, if they get a hit, they have to validate it with a bunt and score a point Turn 2 game - 2 deep on infield, everyone else at home on the tee, run full speed to 1b, infielders try to turn 2 before runner gets to 1b,  Owes a payback - jumping jacks Bridge activities - something that gets us to get to team dLive baserunning - 3 lines, and front guy actually goes live Push out or drag out - coach pitch Team defenseFundamental drill - 4 rounds, PFP, ground ball on infield (time on the clock), pickoff, ball to outfieldAdded a catcher play and timed DP (6 rounds) Add stop watch to outfield Practice binder with game situation scriptGame situation for team defense with live runners or vs air (time) Team offenseGame situation scriptsRunners at each base, yell out situation of each pitch Don't train the sameProduction point BP2 teams (could use more if you like) Rbi, dirtbags, runners - execute specific skills based on who they are Barrel, Barrel, Wall, Wall, Barel, wall - wall is it needs to get to the wall or get over the wall Train guy specifically to their skills Pair up pitchers on different groups (nasty boys) Horse bullpens as you match up pitchers Technology makes it easier to compete!10% of your Max EV, with certain velo or spin rate Test max EV off tee Average EV on front toss, sitting down, over top, to imitate what they will see in the game You have to think about the level of baseball you are talking about in terms of playing the short game 28-32 ft from home plate painted on the field (kill bunt) Deer point gameRectangle painted 10 ft wide parellel to baseline and split it in halfPitcher side bunt 10 points, foul line side 20 points, on the line 30 points Goal is to make it through 10 rounds and should be 100 points minimum Infield ball handling - 10 reps and raise ball in the air for winnerAround the waist Around the knee Figure 8 scissor 25 ball drill - 2 groups, 90 ft apart, 25 in a row, and then go 25 run downs, miss it, start back at 0,  STAR drill - throw the ball back and forth 25 times in a row, never turn your back to the baseball, and can't throw it to your immediate left and right.   Find a mentor or as many as you can to help mentor you Reach out to coaches, and don't be afraid to reach out,  Lifelong learner - keep growing, keep learning If you are not reading, you are missing out!! Twitter - @spigner23  

    98 - Kyle Watson: Central HS (TX)

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    Bio Head Coach Central HS 6A (TX) - 2016Began as AC (2014) A team out of his district has played in last 4 state championships,  nearly 100 wins in 6 years AC Allen HS (biggest HS in Texas)3 rounds deep in state playoffs Coached Kyler Murray State football championship (7 kids on that team have taken NFL snaps) HC Mount Enterprise (4 years)Playoffs 3 out 4 years he was there AC at Ballinger HSBoth years went to state playoff Been a football coach at stop of his career Manager of Colorado Springs Snow Sox in the Pecos League31-14 and won the division The current Hitting coach for the Mat-Su Miners in the Alaskan League (Palmer, Alaska) Pitching coach in the Texas Collegiate league for the Frisco Rough RidersCovid cut short season Twitter - @kylewatson_22 Email - 903-522-2693   Notes I wish there was so much that I knew when I was a player, and I would have been so much better Signed up for Brain Cain immersion  Red light, yellow light, green light and what do we physically do when we are in those lights What we need to do at the plate  Ball games are won and lost in between the ears! Watch a big league game tonight and watch why they step out of the box and do what they do Baseball class all year longUse classroom to show the WHY Give them a paper, what are you going to do to let that go?  WRITE it down, and then practice it!! I want to see it!! Every time something bad happens, we need to do something. Before practice starts we do mental training and just listen, breath, and relax. Contain yourself, calm yourself down, and get back to green lights.  We work on it in the weight room too! Control your breathing Different kids learn different ways I love the game so much I can listen and learn from them so much I want to continue to learn and be a student of the game, don't ever stop learning I want to see my kids be successful I want them experience that type of success My heart has laces on it!! Pitching need to attack the zoneWays to compete in the zone We want quality PITCH (not strike) Play horse with 9 hole net I want them to know WHY we throw those pitches Pitchers should have a good routinePre game to be ready for game time Players can come up with their own routine Type it up, laminate it, keep it with them Hitters - routine and approach at the plate (mental approach)Attack fastballs early in the count Each of them have their approach HS goal - hit a double in oppo gapPitch dictates  Feeling things is one of the best things you can do to get better Flat batsPalm up through the ball, no rollover Chart hard hit balls (self scout) Not yelling instruction while guy is at the plate Having the correct mindset and approach is where the at bat is won!! A3P - after 3 pitches, what happens within first 3 pitches 13 pitches of less each inning - we chart Chart on the wall to see how their inning went Tell him how confident we are with him to help with A3P, tell him how good our defense is to make a play for him (make 100% of the routine plays), throw the ball in a spot and do your job. They don't have to be the best baseball player, they just need to believe they are! Practice planningArm care - bands and arms up Mental break - lay down, listen, breath, and just be quiet Brian cain daily dominator Practice plan Catch play Fungo work BP sessionCages - focus bats, flat bats, regular bats On fieldBunt, hit and run, behind runner, score runner, firework show!! Baserunning group Defensive group Cage group Group guys based on all levels Baserunning every other day and at the beginning of practiceNot every lead is good for everybody Vaulting (jump) lead is not good for everyone, but others is sooooo good Tight turns Break up infield and outfield to teach/throw and then switch Grass, dirt grass = 1st/3rd Dirt, then grass, and side to side = 2 bases   3 days a week year round In season - one light day, heavy day, and one recovery day Be open and honest with trying new things, but if I don't know why then we won't do it Give them a goal to allow them to be successful, Find the best way for them to learn Allowing kids to grow into their body before you make big time decisions to see where they may end up. Show them that you care!! The things they learn from the basebal field is what they will take long after they are done playing I want to get as many wedding invitations  

    97 - Mitch Thompson: McLennan CC (TX)

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    Bio Current HC of McLennan CC, and national COY for D1 JUCO 2021 D1 JUCO national champions In 9 seasons he is 322-125 (.720) record, including a 168-64 (.724) conference mark  three conference championships, three regional championships, a second-place finish at the 2015 JUCO World Series, and the 2021 NJCAA Division I Baseball National Championship 16 MLB Draft picks including the top NJCAA MLB Draft Pick in America in three of the last four years 3 consecutive years being ranked number 1 in NJCAA polls in some point of season 108 players went on to play at four- year universities with 87 advancing to play at the NCAA Division 1 level of competition. Baylor University (1995-2012) as hitting coach and recruiting coordinatorthree Big 12 Conference titles, 12 NCAA Regional appearances, three Super Regional appearances and the 2005 College World Series. Former Auburn AC under Hal Baird and made a WS appearance (1994) Former Mississippi St GA, AC, and director of baseball ops under Ron Polk, making a WS appearance (1990) Constant winner  Loved by many Notes We really want the kids to know we care about them more than just baseball players Its more than just baseball with us Surround yourself with great people Pour into your players  Challenge of juco with only 1 or 2 years Culture built every year -you will lose nearly half your team Creating the idea we are trying to be excellent and what it means to grow up Serving each other is big Look for ways to encourage your teammate and encourage their efforts Hold each other accountable - get to class, serve the team, If we ask the player to serve each other we need to serve our players!! No one is more important than the team The only way for us to keep them here is that they love it here and we make it a great experience*** Juco allows for draft eligibility and still get a shot for their dream school We expect that kid to make those base running plays but we don't find ways to practice it oftenHelps hold kids accountable This is my year 32, this is my players year number 1 ***** I want performance Approach is all about swinging at strikes and taking balls, pitch recognition Help guys learn what they do well Create ways for hitters to feel offensive! Have an approach of how to attack the pitcher I don't want my 9 hole guy to have the same approach as my 4 hole guy Group hitters in their BP groups to work on what they need, and who they are Get guys to be honest with themselves Trust who you are and do what you do! BE YOU!!! Get them to do what they do well, and maximize it for the team Keep on the players Set up situational BP Its a mentality  Control their emotions or their emotions will control them! I got to keep working on it too!!! Breath!! Stick with the process Great players - incredibly hardworking, passion to improve, know where they are going, knew who they were, and not concerned with others Bring in guys with great competitors with great mentality you are going to win! Do they love it or not? I don't want to kick you to work hard Seeing guys that have passion and are good teammates Talent is not enough Are you shaving everyday? How big are your feet? Catch them before they have a lot room to grow Do they have more left in the tank? You want to look young in the recruiting world, dream on me that I still have a lot left in the tank! I want these players to tell my daughters they loved me!! Twitter - @mthompy25  

    96: John Fitzpatrick - Indianola HS (IA)

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    Jon Fitzpatrick Notes   Bio Current Assistant AD and Head Baseball coach at Indianola High School in Indianola, IowaStarting 2nd season (30-11) Below .500 year before Kasey Blake, Brady Blake is junior Former Head Baseball Coach at Martensdale St. Marys (public school)10 years, 12 years total  Part of 88 win streak as an assistant coach (under Justin Dehmer) 9 of 10 years as state finalist  Ethan Westfall played professionally (Rockies) 3rd year as a Mental performance coachAuthor of Don't Shoot the Young Buck: Living in the Present Moment Worked with 3 college teams - Concordia, Central College, Simpson College Multiple High school teams in all sports Provides 1 on 1 coaching to many athletes   Notes The mental game is a separator Brian Cain total immersion Mental minute at the beginning of practiceAwareness, strategy, action Build in routines during practice Practice green lights, yellow lights, red lights Release routine - physical, breath, self talk Practice striking out End of practice journal - well, better, how or start, stop, continue to reflect on themselves, the team. Well, better, how for more of a weekly to kick start your week Start, stop, continue post game to get us closer to where we want to be at the end of the year Does the kids thinking align with the coaching staff thoughts  APE - Attitude/Appearance, perspective/preparation, energy/effort Be clark kent and turn into superman when you get to the ball field and change into your uniform. Journaling post game helps them turn back from Superman to clark kent APE - stuffed animal to visualize APE Signal lights Green lights - GO! When things are going smooth,  Yellow lights - caution - pump the brakes or speed up through the light Red light - STOP or you will crash Recognize as respond to get back to green light What does our body language look like in green lights? How does that change when adversity hits? Where is our focus? What does our self talk?Have kids write it down Release languageGet big - take a deep breath on a focal point,  GOOD SO what! First place to start with team was signal lights, then build routines based on those lights Shadow bullpens - no ball, just visualize, and lost in a routine Leadership drives culture, culture drives behavior, behavior leads to results (performance pathway) Go from coach fed leadership, to player led leadership Created 4 key principles to culturePETE - process, energy/effort, trust, excellence Define each of the principles What you do on the daily basis will get you the results Everything we talk about in baseball goes way beyond the field Person, student, and player and what is “above the line” and define it, there is no grey area “Was that above the line or below the line?” simple question to ask and hold each other accountable to Carving out time every single day What is driving your program? What are those things we are going to be really good at? What are your core values? What do they look like on the field Signal lights Strategies to handle signal lights 3-8 hitting chart - hard hit ball chartDefined each number of hard hit and find out which numbers you hit when you are going good What works best for you, and then get really good at that! Pitchers first pitch % (60-67%), and quality innings Figure out what pitcher is really good at and what they need to go with in certain situation A3P - After 3 pitches is the ball in play or is it a 1-2 count?  Pitching is about being efficient due to pitch counts 2 out of 3 - 67% of at bats Reverse engineer what we want from our programGraduate State championshipGet to the park Win sub state host/win a district Win the conference Go 1-0 today Everyone has that same goal, how are you going to get there?  How are you going to separate yourself? 515-339-5490 Twitter - @Fitzpatrick_MP  

    95 - Frank Leoni: Mt. St. Mary's University (MD)

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    Bio Current HC at Mt. St. Marys (MD) Former HC at Marymountfour seasons of 20 wins or more 2021 Atlantic East Conference Championship NCAA High Point Regional. Atlantic East Coaching Staff of the Year award. 6 years in a row won ABCA Academic Excellence Former HC at William & Maryaveraged 28 victories a year with a top mark of 36-21 in 2008.  14 players were drafted by Major League Baseball clubs, Former HC of Rhode Islandtook the program from a two-win team in 1994 to back-to-back 30-win seasons by the end of his tenure 2010 inductee into the Rhode Island Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame 2015 Martha Vinyard Sharks (Futures Collegiate, now New England)- Co-Manager of the year, League Champs Leoni has led three programs to a combined total of 596 wins Servant leader and builds communities up!   Notes Interviewed every returning player - get to know, thoughts on program We do not want our guys to be devalued as a person! Give each player the fair amount of attention, returning and new Peer reviews at the end of the fall - survey the entire group of players and coachesRank each person according to our values (ACCGL) Rank each position (hitters, position, starters, relievers, etc) Pick cy young, mvp, rookie of the fall, and top 3 captains ACCGL Core team values (values represented in the principles)Meetings to talk about who they want to be? How can you make core values more tangible? Need to understand what is most important, before we have that conversation with the team Team core principles (action statements)Process before results, quality over quantity, everything with a purpose, always compete Get better as a person and the results follow Overall theme is servant leadership - servant mentality Merit system to help quantify behaviorsExcel sheet for each player Earn and lose points Everything is tied to playing time 7 or more points to be able to play in the game 3 ways to earn pointsAcademic performance Service hours (2 hours - 1pt) Positive cultural experience Lose pointsLate Bad grades Bad behavior Send a copy of the points to the team Its about catching them when they do good! Gives kids opportunities to do positive. Guys that do not play all the time, it gives them a value in a program 7 days of service inspired by the book Leaders in the Locker RoomYou need leadership in every level of program 7 different team community service events - team split up between the 7 events, and all ages are part of a team as they plan, organize, and run event Off season break up into 4 teams and compete in all non-baseball competitions Teach about leadership during the competition - be ready for when adversity strikes We are in a people business! The more I have focused on culture and people the wins take care of themselves X's and O's will only take you so far If a player does not invite me to their wedding, I feel I had failed them Culture through practiceThrowing progressions and players leading each other  Skill work - baserunningConditioning through baseball work, not running poles Hitting - swing practice and hitting practice Team defense - 3 line pitching Hitters - can we add value to that guy?  Game changers - its how we play the game on the fieldWhen we win game changers we usually win the game Any 2K hit, rbi, Homeruns, leadoff batter, base hit bunts, HBP, positive team contributions For every 5 GC they get stickers, 10 stickers for pitchers and they get pitcher BP QPA - Quality plate appearances End of every week in the spring we talk about the cool things we did and write on a cookie and put it in the jarBring the jar to the game and put it next to the helmets Whatever you deem important you will get better Email Twitter - @coachleoni, @msm_bsb  

    94 - Clay Cox: Paris Junior College

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    Bio Current HC of Paris Junior CC (TX) (2016 - present)Former assistant of the Dragons where in his 1st year as an assistant the Dragons doubled their win total and improved in every offensive category, including leading the conference in stolen bases. Whie at the helm his team has been:Teams rank in the top 10 for stolen bases multiple years Teams continue to be ranked nationally in offensive and defensive categories each year Played for regional championship 2021, longest streak in 30+ years Won nearly 70% of his games Sent over 50 guys D1 2021 2nd in the nation with team GPA Founder of Infield U - Former Texas Collegiate League with Brazos Valley Bombers4 straight TCL championships and broke several team records during his time as Skipper   Former AC of West Alabama UniversityGulf South Conference regular season title and GSC tournament championship School record for winning percentage in a year and win record Multiple national known podcast guest, ABCA hot stove presenter 2021 USA Baseball 17U task force, USA Baseball coaches clinician Notes   Number 1 thing in our stolen base system is MINDSET!Break the mindset in the fallHave to go in the first 3 pitches Same lead What do you see off the pitcher Sheet in the dugout that keeps home to plate, catcher pop times Steal start times (78 ft), and then post what your numbers are, and then see the pitcher/catcher number 3.35 + = automatic greenlight DBR - dirt ball reads Read the angle of the ball, not just at contact Pressure bursts pipes!! Be careful when players make mistakes, allow them to fail forward Coaches own mistakes and get out in front of it This is a family, and we need to be in this together.  OKG - Our Kind of Guys - if you are 99% then don't come, you need to be 100% bought in If you expect it from the kids, you will get it!! When you are upfront about these expectations, you are either get it or get out 388 jucos in the country, 2nd in the nation with team GPA We want to WIN at everything Class attendance policy - if you miss you better let me know, if you do not whole team gets in trouble, if you tell me, you get in trouble Leave phones on the bus when we go on the road to eat! Take care of the little things, and the big things take care of themself Team get togethers with family, cooking for the players Gave the team more freedom to what they need to work on later in the year. Getting feedback to get ownership in their work Weights, nutrition, and sleep to perform at the optimum level 3 days a week year round in the weightroom Listening to players to see what they need Some teams can handle dyas off, and some teams cannot Yoga 3 days a week from august to May have decreased naggin injuries Post stretch just as important as pre stretch You grind because you love it! Work with each pitcher based on the innings/pitches to manage workload FB/CU only for 1st 3 weeks of fall, and then work up through the fall November active rest, put the ball down and just recover and work out Break up pitchers on charts, and rotate people doing them so everyone knows how to do the chart Give it to someone and say do the chart, not just say it, give it! Hell week - welcome to JUCO!First meeting classroom to walk through throwing program, prep step, and positioning, and then error analysis chart Like to show video of the move before explaining it Infeld group me! - send video to talk and get ready to work  Offensive freedom with in your swing We discuss mentality and approach, and decision making In the fall I do not give them ABs to see who is coming in to watch film Be the best version of YOU!! If you are a speed guy, don't try to be a big Bomber! 2 strike approach - we just will not go down. I am just as good with 2 strikes, that I am with 1Everybody needs to choke up some Expanding in and out, not up and down MENTALITYStep out of the box, pat chest, and coach gives it back 2 strike warAlways a station, daily Each rep focus on 2 strike approach Lightening round Weekly 2 strike war winner 70% for year We have to win 70% - anything that puts us on base, or throw another 2K pitch Offensive find is when we do things that stand out (+ or -)  % of gotta piece with 2K Pass the stick - next man up Refuse to lose (R2F) Notecard on game points for next day game recap, and if player can't see coach then he goes to player to give him the touch Taking notes during the game and during recap it can go 20 minutes or it can go an hour  I am here to develop the player If we put it on a recap, we do not want to see it on another recap The only thing that is forced on the infield is the hop on the prep step Things are repped and so in depth that they end up doing things the way they should Out of high school infielders are not getting through balls and pre pitch is bad multi-million dollar house needs a great foundation. That prep pitch is your foundation Infield report carddrills/groups based on where guys are struggling Throwing program, ozzie and picks, drill work Infielders can run itself if I cannot be there. Try to relate things to the world so much, they will help off the field just as much on the field We are truly a family Put the person first! 99% of them Twitter @coachcox, or @infieldu  Email on Paris JC website

    93: Todd Fitz-Gerald - Stoneman Douglas HS (FL)

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    Todd Fitz-Gerald - Stoneman Douglas High School   Bio Current HC Stoneman Douglas HS (FL) Stoneman Douglas ended a historic 2021 season being ranked the #1 HS team in the nation by Perfect Game (#2 Baseball America)  2021 National Head Coach of the Year (his 3rd time, 2016 & 2008) 2021 Florida State Coach of the Year (2nd time) 2021 Florida state champion2nd state championship in 6 years 3rd FL state championship #1 in the country Former HC at American HeritageFlorida state champion (2008) 2008 All USA COY Overall record of 446-119, .789 winning percentage His teams have been in the top 50 in the country 12 years in his 20 years as HC 32 players have been drafted into professional baseball Man of integrity, high character, and teaches life lessons Notes More interactions with kids, more patience since the school shooting Let assistant coaches coach, so he can float around and talk to each position Don't ever feel like you have to call me to come back to practice. You are always welcome Open door policy - promote guys as much as possible Sports are the best thing to bring people together Tragedy to triumph You need to have luck Baseball is a game that teaches you perseverance, failure, tough, level headed So many life lessons Toy drive for Joe Dimaggio hospital Rizzo walk for cancer Hang lights for foster kids Far major things in life than winning and losing games Want players to be the best version of yourself and don't be anything different My resume is because of the players who have played for me INAM - Its Not About Me  QAB - write down their at bat and grade itA or F Result Pitch, count, tendency chart Won't tolerate after striking out and not giving love to other teammates. Being a bad teammate 20 minute meeting prior to practice to go over game night before Just because it is not D1 does not mean you are not a Dude! What is the best fit for you??! Decisions needs to be made on more than just baseball - school, baseball, academics, social, distance, etc Do you have a list of questions to ask coaches when recruiting? Chart and intersquad to be competitiveNot just result - hard 90? You getting out of the box? You standing on 2 when you pop up? 4.3 seconds or less on the infield to make a play Intense at practice, relax at games - don't make me coach you today!!! You have competed all week.   The only team that can beat us is us! Competitive Pitchers Get outs! Control the running game There is a lot more than throwing the ball 60'6” Control emotion, stay in the moment, know you are the best guy on the mound Challenge period - all hitters around turtle, guy on the mound, runner at 2B, defense, 1 outGuys who have not done well in certain things well Pitching and defense win championships, offense wins games We will eliminate the inner third and look outside and over the plate and take advantage of mistakes Some years we bunt, some years we don't! Try not to coach the first 4-5 innings I don't want to coach on game days In the fall everyone has the green lightHow are you going to know if you don't go?? I don't want them to rely on coaches to make decisions and then we will talk about it Its the only thing in life you can fail and be considered great Allow yourself to be successful, stop pouting Its not about you! Athletics roll the school system, and starts with the football team to have a good yearGood AD Administration support Booster club - all fundraising is ran through own booster clubBanners, hit a thon, dinner with a pro Bring excitement to the programWall of fame Facility upgrade - fences and windscreen Cover the batting cages Clubhouse I want them to go off to college and BE READY!!! They are college ready is the best compliment I can get! 954-295-6878    

    92: Gerry DeFilippo - Challenger Strength (NJ)

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    Meet Gerry DeFilippo -   Bio Head trainer and owns and operates Challenger Strength  Serves as the strength coach for the Jersey Hitmen. He orchestrates the programming and training for eight different Hitmen teams, which range all the way up to the Elite and Premier Junior's Level Programs.  Since founding Challenger Strength in 2016, Gerry has worked with over 100 college, college bound and professional athletes across multiple sports.   Numerous articles published on EliteFTS, Muscles and Strength and Elite Baseball Performance.  Gerry is certified by industry legends Joe DeFranco and James Smith.  As a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist he specializes in athletic performance, pre-movement preparation, strength, power, speed, core training, program design, and mental toughness, all built on the seven pillars of athletic performance.  Aside from being a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist and working with athletes, he is also an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, with a background in personal training and general fitness. Great follow on Twitter, shares great content!  Notes We can't just focus on the output, we need to decelerate as well Athletes need to get better at deceleration, start AND stop If we can't get better at them in a controlled setting, then we will really be behind in a chaotic, game like setting Athletes are having to start up, after they have just stopped What do you see “prominent” in your sport? Look at it from a simple perspective and expand from there You will always have a baseline and a progression and regression Progress or regress depending on athlete and where the athlete is. Their “neutral” Deceleration isn't needed if you are not fast enough “Earning progression” Start and stop sprintsYell Partner reacts Drop foam roller Avoid people Older athlete separated with sprint work and decel work Younger athlete needs more consistent sprint and decel work to get a foundation of movements Do they have a year or two of training under the belt to get them in the right group/plan In season versus out of season just depending on what you are getting a lot or have not gotten enough Are we looking at the movements we need in the game and base programming off that If you are not getting better in your rotational output then we have to go heavier Why am going to continue doing light rotation work when it is not working? Overrated in getting in balance (throwing med right and left handed, not needed) You are not going to undo movement with the few med ball throwing In season maintenance and focus on what we are not getting in our sport Hinge is different with the field and in the weightroom ***At a certain point you need to evaluate what your goal is and go all in If it is what the kid wants and they go after  Causation vs correlation - was it the athlete and 3 sports or the genetics Jump mat and vertical power Learn the reasoning behind the test first, and then get the equipment Velocity based training Technical proficiency in movements If what they are doing is not working Instagram @ChallengerStrength Twitter @Challenger_ST Website - www.challeger Podcast - muscle and management - spotify   

    91: Ryan Kinnan - Davenport HS (TX)

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    Ryan Kinnan Bio 17th year as a teacher and coach. started at Euless Junior High, 6th-9th grade During that time he was also the Varsity Assistant baseball coach at Euless Trinity High School Football State Championship in 2005 Euless Trinity yearwork for legendary Coach Steve Lineweaver  Assistant at Irving High School for 2 yearscoach Trevor Story (Colorado Rockies) First HC job at a Texas 3A school called Carrollton RanchviewRanchview we broke the single season stolen base record    9 years at 6A Irving MacArthur.Irving averaged 3 wins a year for the previous 10 Averaged 14 a year during his 9 year tenure First Baseball team in school history to make back to back playoff appearances  4 straight playoff years. Also the first team to win 20 + games in school history. Current HC at DavenportBrand new school 600 kids Almost all juniors, sophomores and freshman.  Every sport but football is competing on the Varsity level. 68 collegiate players and 7 MLB draft picks Learner, family man, cares about kids Notes 3-5 year plan First had a meeting with players and parents You don't take money with you, you take people Relationships and discipline Reward shirtsPlayer of the week Golden glove - fielder of the week Silver slugger -  Cy young -  Baserunning tshirt -  Tryout point system No more than 20 pitches at a time in a bullpen 1 first and third play 1 bunt coverage Don't be a slave to the clock Mental training Ladder series with glove and ball Baserunning3 bases, 4 bases, baserunning carousel Position specific Team D/O Offense theme daysMonday - my pitch Monday - only hit your pitch or your out! Tuesday - 2 strike tuesday 21 outs Situational game - pull out card to do situation  4 base drill - call out where to throw the base in sequence Chart during offense BP using managers HR philosophy, if its your pitch, hammer it, if not swing late Intersquad - if you are thrown out you get to go back, second time your out Fathers night out - go out to local restaurant and spend night with dad Mothers night out - dress up in shirt and tie and go  Team outing once a month - open to entire families Hand written Christmas cards to every player  Professional baseball game Team dinners - team outings on Wednesday nights on shortened practice day (recovery day) We are only going to be as good as parents allow us to be Outside the fence needs to be pulling hard as inside the fence Steve Mackey - “2 Words”Video clip with follow up questions Brian Cain material during mental skills at the beginning of practice Stop and take good deep breath as we transition to hitting/different areas of practice “Always Grind” hitter and pitcher notebooks - guided notebook that breaks down each at bat/each pitch “Opportunity for improvement” - consequence for not doing what you are supposed to do Recruiting talks to figure out what they really want at the next level It is our job as a coach to help players in whatever they want to do “Virtual combine”  - streamline all data to one site “Testing day” will put it in one site and track each yearTest every 6 weeks Baseline testing Spotlight the highest achievers Distance throws 60, steal start EV and Blast for Bat speed Pull downs  Command game with 9 pocket net Grade reports on Sunday! Have a standard of a GPA (3.0 or higher) Business card to give out kids, and kids stats on the back that the coach needs Baserunning - green, yellow, red system and just have it in the dugout to see and let them know Fire, Stop, Icicle  Fire - no rules, Stop - station to station Icicle - cold, no risks Dugout participation chart - points for specific talk and engagement in the dugout Daily, weekly, and monthly sheetGold, silver, and bronze medal winner shirts @coachkinnan @bsbldavenport DM on twitter  

    90 - Ray Evans: NHSBCA Hall of Fame

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    Evans Notes   Bio 559-251-2 career record Dr. PhillipsBack to back District title first two years (between COVID) Flanagan - 15 years3 time state champion, 2005, 2006, 2010 12 district title 12 region finals 2010 National championship  Dr. Krop - 5 yearsStarted the program 3 out of 4 District titles Miami Beach - 10 yearsRestarted and revamped title to 1st district title in since 70's (20 years later)   HOF Class of 2021 National HS Baseball Coaches Association Currently works with Power Baseball and Assistant coach at Windermere HS (HC Eric Lasiter)   Notes Made a checklist of what he needed to be successful to take over a program Continuity of staff and admin to get to where we need to be very quickly Support from admin, parent, and player buy in to be successful Changed the look of the facility and culture came with it. Kids saw how committed I was and brought them in Great coaching staff that I surrounded myself with and that continuity was key Everyone had a position coach Staff was part of the checklist and admin helped make it happen Bring in a coach and let them do their job Its never just you! Players, admin, staff, parents, family Learned what NOT to do It doesn't matter your age, it matters your talent At the end of the year evaluation yourself and evaluate your staff Observe at a parent meeting and see their family situation When they know you really care, the kids will open up You got to be able to speak to kids You are worried about the Wins than the kid and their life Needs to be ONE of the best thing, not the best thing Getting a game winning hit cannot be the best thing of your life, but it is something you will remember. The impact will be greater than any game you will win The game is important than any individual Program, team, individual You have to be involved with the kids and not just because of the game Look for great situations in moving jobs You want to win every year You can't keep running the same offense if you don't have the personnel You need to adapt Yes we want exit velo but it depends on your body (big guys can hit in air, but smaller guys need lower launch) You need adapt to the times Our 9 beats their 5!! Sprint on and off the field People want to see you smile, have fun, and hustle  Its not about any one person, its about the kid Work ethic, we wanted to out work everyone.   Competing everyday, scouted every team,  What did we do wrong, not what did they do wrong Its constant comradery and then get back to the whole team and build chemistry Take seniors on trip Something with competition everyday Create some type of competitiveness to be successful Baserunning everyone does the same thing Automatic on certain counts, shut down on slide step, or unless coach shuts down You have to adapt and you have to love what you do If you are second guessing yourself then it is time to do something else Surround yourself with really great people Work hard at your craft 954-854-7855  

    89 - Garrett Baker: Inspiration Academy (FL)

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    Garrett Baker notes   BMBB store - Bio Player development coordinator for Inspiration Academy (Bradenton, FL) (Summer of 2021) American International College pitching/recruiting coordinator, and assisted S&C (Fall of 2018) Westfield State University pitching and S&C (2017) Independent Baseball (empire league (NH), and Pecos league (AR)) Undergraduate in Exercise science and Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology Topics Starting with a breathing exercise and routine based warm up Meetings in small groups Skill emerges through my mental capacity Lets envision the best practice we possibly have! Check in with yourself and see if you are checking into thoughts in the past or future, and we need to get rid of them to have our best practice Signal lights - red, yellow, and greenGreen light I go Yellow light I need to be cautious, so be aware Red light I need to stop before I spin out of control Get rid of the red thoughts4 box - inhale 4, exhale,  Physical helps me wipe it away Final thought helps me get back to now and action Practice on the mound, and in the actual place Having the process in play and practicing it each day Same verbiage with hitting coach to discuss the mental skills The ability to bring yourself back to the moment will help be a better person and ballplayer Just notice the thought to bring yourself back to the moment If you are not locked into a drill, perform the mindfulness training to continue that skill Players need ownership in their own routines Need to have a routine of when things are not going to wellDo something physical Take break Mental thought! Allowing freedom and learn themselves Movement challengeSomewhat based on assessment Encourage the body in a different way Blend a water bag with throwing to develop a pattern Assessment looking at indicatorsBack leg Front leg Glove arm Throw arm Rotation Capture trunk Trunk into arm Universal movements that are within everybody 2 days very individualize and 3 days of team workout Learning all movement patterns within team workout Guys given option for movement prep before game Savage pitching certification We can stabilize movements without thoughts Your body is interested it can use in multiple ways Mid week bullpen is all water bag bled throwing to targets 3 prescribed drills to pitching Basketball throw - treat the arm as an extension of the body (goalie throw)And blend with plyo/baseball “Success” is when the drill helps capture the movement The on field matters - and we will evaluate based on how they perform In game we do not want to have thoughts, and training within this environment by allowing the body to feel the force Encouraging the movement, by providing the outside force and stabilize to be in your best spot Create the best movers while ensuring the workload is there Your body adapts to the stress it gets put on it Movement madness Monday - movement challenges to be adaptable  PVC GameDrop pvc pipe as low you can Challenging movement system  Mimics sport Swipe up and swipe down and you have to either jump or squat down Minimal jerk, minimal joint motion, minimal processingMaximize everything Recovery movement circuitWalking in a squat Different lunge/squat in 15 yards Crawling The lizard Spine work Arm movements, low intensity easy movement Wrist clinics What matters is listening to the player because you can't push the system that is already overloaded Have a framework to work off of Twitter and Instagram - @coachgbaker BMBB store -

    88 - Veronica Alvarex: USA Baseball & Oakland A‘s

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    BMBB store - Bio USA baseball women's national team head coach since 20192019 team of the year and coach of the year Been a part of the 12U baseball ID series, task force, and trials staff. Served as an assistant coach for one year prior to her time at the helm first woman to be named the USA Baseball Rod Dedeaux Coach of the Year Played 2008-2015 as a catcher on the US National team ​​Team USA finished its tournament with a perfect 7-0 record and the program's first gold medal since the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games and was voted USA baseball team of the year that year 2019-2020 served as a coach with the Oakland Athletics at Minor League Baseball Spring Training 2021 Oakland A's roving catching instructor for minor league baseball   Notes MLB breakthrough series - all girl event for high school girls The Trailblazer series for 12-14 year olds USA baseball develops USA baseball website for future events Veronica's events on Instagram The softball and baseball swing should be more similar than they are Prepare for the highest level by tearing things down before we build them up.  Attack your weaknesses and think more long term One knee down (OKD) has gotten out of control,  If you don't know why you are doing something then it can go by the wayside Capitalize on adjustability Receiving is about our feet, hips and have adjustability based on pitch location Adjustability when a pitcher misses so you don't move too much Change to a knee when pitcher is missing up Pitcher throws down constantly and you need to receive low pitches more Be able to be balanced and have it all in your versatile. Keep strikes, strikes, make balls, strikes Blocking balls, making plays helps the pitchers mental capacity Catchers need to keep the mentality of the pitcher strong If pitcher is working fast, you need to keep them working fast Pitcher is working slow, slow them up - calling time, calling outs, talking to umpire, giving the pitchers extra seconds to think and take deep breaths bench/role players know their roles to keep the energy up and keep everyone engaged Catchers can call their own game and have that experience Target practice for throwing Blocking competition  Receiving - thumb under technique Use 3 joints to help with framing - shoulder, elbow and wrist Less movement the better, lets make this look as sneaky as possible. Strike zone awareness - knowing where it is and how much I need to move my glove to get a strike Use markers on my body to know the zone (top of the catcher knee is the knee on hitter) Receiving starts in the middle of the strike zone, use your joints, and then catch the angle as it tries to go away from the strike zone Pre pitch movement - glove down to the ground to then come up and receive it (flex to firm); start with a neutral elbow Sneaky receivers done with good timing Tracking the ball is also pre pitch movement Exaggerate movements with youth level How can I explain the same things a million different ways I want them to have success All about the team, if it does not help the team, we are not doing it! Staying in touch with the players and have a personal relationship with each person Everyone is a leader in some way on the team Instagram @veronicaoalvarez BMBB store -

    87 - Travis Hash: Absolute Sports Performance

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    BMBB store - Bio Director of S&C at Absolute Sports Performance (2018 when opened) Loyola Blakefield Baseball S&C coach CCBC Dundalk Baseball S&C Personal training background, even since HS - graduated HS with certified personal trainer  CSCS certified -      Notes Younger the person the easier it is to recover Train, recover, and compete in the sport 48-72 hours recover before next competition Communication for best program about what the week looks like, days off we take advantage for work Athletes will typically be sore from increase volumeCan handle high weight less reps with not too much soreness Eccentric lower part of the lift provides from soreness than concentricRDL (eccentric) vs Hip thrust (more concentric) Limiting range of motion - back squat - using box with limit range of motion The best overall strategy to mitigate soreness is to consistently trainBowling analogy - if you just go once in a while you will be sore Stay in the weightroom Be able to adjust your plan, based on life! Have to be flexible Online, remote programming options Have separated season  Under-development or over stress Have a system in place for different levels of movements and commitmentTierFoundations of movement - squat, hinge, push, and pullIf we do not have these movements we can't move on Accumulation block - build up so we can build  Higher reps  Strength block  - maximal output Power and speed  Peak with power and speed as we enter the season During season we are maintaining strength and power/speed blocksSprint work, plyo work, strength work Above 80-85%  Rating of perceived exertion (RPE) - finding a weight to find a pretty good gaugeEssentially finding his 3 rep max Rated 1-10; 1 - dynamic warmup, 2-5 very light weight, 6 - 4 or 5 left, 7 - 3 reps, 8 - 2 reps, 9 - 1 rep, 10 - max The real coaching comes into managing work loads and intensity Plan for the things you can plan for You need an assessment but it needs to make sense for you! Do not just copy and paste from big programs Take pieces of assessments that will actually help and you can use and know 10 different movements Performance test with Hinge, Jump, sprints Ncaa has data that you can compare with your data to see what average athlete can do What does the average of this team really need?  What are the most lacking?Build around that weakness During phase 1 individual attention for specific patterns How you cue (verbal talk) and prescribe weight to each athlete is the best way to individualize Have a reprotirs of cues and rotate through each as best you can for each kid Re establish the foundation and based on the assessment determines how long we need to focus on the movements Weights and intensity can help determine the individualization Individualizing the weight and intensity is best way to see results in team RPE helps the player determine the best weight for them (become their best coach): automates the process As a coach you need to be there and talk to see if we need to increase or decrease weight. Be there, be honest! Bar speed, velocity based training, which correlates bar speed to intensity Assessing athletes every single day: RPE, movements, moving weight, soreness Program set weeks we will deload 3 weeks strong (RPE increase each week), 1 week deload (week 1 RPE) Checking with your athletes each day to gauge intensity - check numbers and communicate and adapt plan Track as much as you canAssessment you can handle - pick what you think is important to get baseline, and assess them periodically Record weights and have a training card that has a long term plan - write weights and sets Foundational movements are still foundational even with arm care Arm care (accessory work, you have to strong in the foundational movements to support your arm) Rotator cuff strengthening - j bands,  Scap strengthening - good ROM and stability!Landmine presses Full ROM on rows Timing - up tosses, med ball drops, shoulder tube, tramp work Whatever you are assessing it should matter for the sportLateral jump - single leg force production is important for baseballSplit squat, lateral lunge,  Rate of force production and velocity Pre and post activity questionnaire - sleep, soreness, stress, perception of lift,  @hashsportsperformance on Twitter and Instagram  

    86 - Chris Joyner: Auburn University S&C

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    Joyner Notes   BMBB store - Bio Current Auburn S&C coach Baseball (August 2018 - Present, 4th season) 16 years in pro ball Major League S&C Coordinator for Toronto Blue Jays 2014-2017. Major League S&C Coordinator for Brewers 2007-2010 Minor League S&C coordinator for Toronto Blue Jays from 2003-2006 working with more than 150 players in the system including Roy Halladay. Has worked with some big time big leaugers like Roy Halladay, Trevor Hoffman, Jose Bautista, and Josh Donaldson.   Notes Run your own ship - need to be able to make adjustment on your own because coaches will not always be around Scouts asking S&C what a player is like! Journaling each week and reflecting on the weekSleep, final exam before the start, program, drink enough? All about Developing trust  Listening to the players Know players you have the best interest at heartPush when they need pushed Let them rest when they need to rest Create athlete profilesMovement assessment  Force plate Range of motion Baseline test FMS What is the development from the day they stepped in? Movement is the foundation, and whatever is on top of it will fall You have to have a baseline of movement Explode, load, and drive -  Track average velo and peak velo What does that profile look like? Recognize red flags Earn the right to load up Weight Room where they can just train and be a safe place All about patterning (hinge, push, pull , carry) Menu of options of the patterns (uppers, lowers, total body,) Give them an arm throwing program working with the PC with weightlifting on a calendar. Try to detail as much as possible Adapt to skill work, scrimmage,  Treat it like spring training - hit the most important patterns Starters get them on their routine Relievers treated like position players - 2 days in season or 4 days in off season Always encourage recovery Be as consistent as you can on workout days In season - be on a routine, be consistent, Giving them ownership of a program based on how their body performs, what they like and how it works for them (individualize) Master the simple things Surveys at the end of fall to get feedback from players on all areas what they like and do not like Incoming guys take summer school and it helps tremendously to get used to routine, campus, coaches and their style. Not stretching the cold rubber band - lacrosse ball, thera gun, foam roller How do I prepare? I'm fixing to go do some work, so attack it in your pre work Philosophy - prepare, work, recovery, repeat In season we are more “recovery specialist”Foam roller Cold tub Hot tub Recovery boots Lacrosse ball Same movement pattern but different phase of the pattern (load, explode, drive) How does their top velo and average velo correlate to show when guys can go back to back and how to program him the days before and after appearance What is going on with your body weight? The numbers are telling me you just need to rest and recover squat , hinge, push, pull, carry What movements are they doing on the fieldWork on them! What the fundamental patterns are - it just doesn't look right and you address thoseMake time for it in practice - body weight, pushups, balance, stretch For us it is movement!! If you are not moving right, work on it Heart rate ranges based on who they were (for conditioning) Different conditioning for different guys based on their development Its not a one size fits all Conditioning is about work capacity and does not have to be just running  

    85 - Steve Rassel: Toronto Blue Jays S&C

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    BMBB store - Bio Toronto Blue Jays S&C Coordinator since 2019 Webber International University Head S&C Coach 2009 - 2019 and Associate AD (2016)he was working with every team he has transformed the department into one of the most well-renowned programs in the country over 80 coaches that have been under the tutelage 2 Full time coaches, Interns, and GA S&C finalist 2016 and 2018 for National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Daytona Cubs S&C coach 2009   Notes Helping people through training Train the person and we hire and fire based on culture and skill level Training to help the team but ultimately helping the individual Collaboration is key to talk to coaches on different sides (S&C and player development) Total collaboration to help solve problems together (mental, player development, S&C, medical, coaches) Balance between performance and development Not trying to develop them so much that we would sacrifice performance Continuity and being able to speak the same language to align as player move  Team of Teams modelUS special forces joint command to have an effective team General stanley mcCrystal We could not what we wanted to do, but we can do what we had resources You may want the whole gauntlet, but you need to settle on smaller test now Assessment driven process is to help understand the athlete Pay attention to details, learning, and compiling information  Identify what people need the most (pillars) Need more bracing forces All gas no brakes, so be sure you have holistic and balanced approach Stay open minded while you are training  Informed approach and learn what is impacting performance Its important to approach it systematically Reaching out to an expertise and find out what these athletes need to get better Minimal effective dose - don't bite off more than you can manage. What are you comfortable doing to help them reach the next step holistic, movement program - push, pull, hinge, simple movement patterns You want ownership and asking why because that means they want it, keeps you on your toes, and speak at a high level You can't start something in something, it needs to be a blend from off season to in season so they aren't as sore In season should look different than off season program Minimal effective dose in season. Progressive fatigue, but not nose diving Have a training program that they are maintaining during the season Total body approaches during the season, twice a week, once a week last half of the season “Mirco-dose”  - two to 3 exercises in a short period of time Young players are resilient and may need a higher “dose” so they do not nose dive Gradual progression from off season to in season Med ball training very important for baseball players Young players need multi-sport approach to help athleticism Training needs to be in balance (strength with movement) Light weighted implements to train the movements and as you start to advance you add the weight You don't want to push for external strength without willing to brace internallyBody weight plank test Activate glutes Its not about loading weight, but also holding tension! Elite in stability and strengthSingle leg RDL Squat hold - two legs and single Hip bridge Hold loads and don't strain externally Less load on shoulders in season Lay a foundation of volume in the off season Slow motion temp work Building that foundation on purpose Off season phases (typically 4 weeks), stack phases, sometimes deload depending on player Purpose of the phase! Keeping core beliefs at the front of your decisions Another dude trying to figure it out and pick people brain an implement “Adjusting spokes!” Relentless growth!   BMBB store -  

    84 - Brendan Clary: R.L. Turner HS (TX)

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    BMBB Store - Bio Coach Clary is going into his second year as the Head Coach of the R.L. Turner Lions in Carrollton, TX. He has made previous coaching stops at Ranchview, Lubbock-Cooper, & Slaton prior to that. Worked his way up through the ranks at each level coaching to make his way into the head coaching job.  He played his college baseball at Lubbock Christian University while receiving a degree in History with a minor in Exercise Sports Science. He holds memberships from NHSBCA, THSBCA & ABCA. He was a recent ABCA Barnstormer Clinician at TCU.   Coach Clary also coaches with the Dallas Patriots organization in the Fall & Summer as the head coach of a 2024 group.    Coach Clary has been married 3 years to his wife Kelsey, who also teaches and coaches. They welcomed their first child into the world, daughter Charlotte, over this past summer.    Notes Fall 3 innings or 25 pitches “Machine league” - 6 outs in an inning, 2 pitches, time limit to go play as much as possible At school - “foundational and relational” “Ron Washington's” - 5/5/5 - knee work, fielding position Med ball progression - movement patterns without having to teach itHeel toe action with med ball “Kickball roll” - ask the pitcher for what you want Roll Series - outfielders going back as long as they like to, and work through each side Get behind drills - ball up and get through the ball Travel ball kids - “chasing opportunity for the next level”Individual skill based Play tennis - find a line and get the ball back and forth  Pre practice period for everyday drills “The Menu” - list 5 drills, and players get to choose 3 to completeGets ownership of their development Flacco's - wide receiver drills Leadership council - kids voted on 3, and they chose 2, and coach picked 2 Parent GroupMe along with email Write down my identity and what you want as a program. Growth plan for 3-5 years with more process based Created jobs and duties for assistants Ask questions Our culture grows everyday We are the protectors and keepers of our own culture Little things do turn into big things We protect our culture as much as we can Practice plan out in group meCopy in locker room Movement prep, j bands, arm blades, plyos, PCR (play catch routine) PCR - 12-15 minutes If you are going to throw then you need to warm up and then go throw, not go practice everywhere  and then come back to throw Combo work - “Cinco series” -  If you want to eat spaghetti, you need to go get that noodle warmed up and ready to eat. If it sits around it gets tight and sticks together, and  Outfield Grid system - 9 boxes, 1,2,3 in, 4,5,6 in the middle right and left, 7,8,9 back and left to right Infield grid system - 4 boxes to simplify communication Red, yellow, green running system Colored baseballs that will determine how to get the ball to first  The feet will dictate the throw, stay in the box to make a good throw The best pickoff most time is a step off Have an “active” take Taken “sacrifice” out of the word buntGet the bunt down and away from the pitcher Bunting is offense 21 outs and will sometime do 6 outs with varsity and 3 outs for JV Deck of cards to pick situations Middle of practice and throw a guy in a situation and see if they win/lose and go back to practice  @brendan_clary Join the state association, and the national association to help grow your career.

    83 - Jonathan Wyman: Hebron Christian Academy (GA)

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    #BMBB gear - Bio Current Assistant Coach at Hebron Christian Academy (GA) Former HC at Lanier HS (6 years) and Norcross HS (4 years) Former AC North Gwinnett HS (5 years) and part of a 7A state championship Servant leader Teacher of people (multiple disciplines from Special Education to Physical Education, and multiple sports) Strong man of faith Exactly what this podcast is about, helping grow people using the platform of baseball!!! Notes Took a job to be part of a big time athletic school (a winner), but needed to serve and do anything he could do be part of it to get foot in the door Baseball is the biggest game of adjustments and COVID showed how baseball can handle it Passion is going to die out, love will never fade Its all about relationships  Used to be do what I told you because I am the adult (do as I say because I am authority), and now it is about explaining the why and our purpose Be sure you know what you are doing, learning objective, desired outcome, and plan to get there (objective, measurables, and procedures) Do not be reactive Secret of the bamboo - you never know what is growing on the inside (what you can't see) I'm trying to sell tickets to my funeral everyday I want to go to weddings Win the human war!! If you can get the hearts and minds to play together its special How do I get a player to take a bullet for me?  If I can win that we will be successful Core value during “longhorn for life” and make a curriculum about each core valueWhat, why, and what it looks like when its no present Daily lesson plan (5-10 minutes) - pillar for the day, quote, challenge Its real easy to judge when you don't walk a mile in their shoes (catchers pitching to pitchers in catchers gear) Its not so much about getting people on your bus, as much as it is getting people off! “Working Geniuses” - try to get everyone on your staff with each gear of a geniusWhy, idea on why, discernment, get it done, rally the troops I am trying to coach every child like they are my own Channel all of my stuff proactively through the person standpoint (making better people) Mindfulness training - being able to disconnect Show me your bank account and you show me what is important EV fungo Get you to hate your batting average - look at Slug an OBP 3-8 hit chart - hard hit contact Offensive chart - based on positive/negative of at bats and value as offensive player (Plus chart) Coach bible - putting what we do in a slide show @coachwyman11 on Twitter @coach_wyman 770-361-3628 #BMBB gear -

    82 - JT Heenan: Salem University

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    Bio Current Head Coach at Salem University Served as assistant coach and recruiting coordinator in 2019-20,  Promoted to head coach during the summer of 2020. Previously served as assistant director of operations for West Virginia University baseball graduate assistant coach when West Virginia earned a regional berth in the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship for the first time in 21 years Former catcher for the Mountaineers Heenan served as an Advanced Scout and Director for Prep Baseball Report from 2017-19.    Notes The showcase is also a lie detector Great resource but it is just a platform Gave a coach a time to talk about how to prepare for a showcase Use a mundane tak to get better The coaches that are more vocal there players are going places D2 doesn't have the roster restrictions so they can take a chance on a kid D1 can only have 35 roster spots and you have to get right on a kid The most time I spend on my job is retention. Keeping guys is the most important job  Player 1 or player 50 you need to give them the same amount of opportunity Player 50 could be pitching for you in a big game 4 different lineups (evaluate constantly) 4 pitching rotations (evaluate constantly) We don't split JV and varsity - we try to get guys as many reps as possible and give coaching staff time to manage a game Listed out roles for each person on your staff and told them to dominate their role When first get on campus meet with each kids, at the end of fall meet with guys to let them know their role based on stats, video, and plan from the coaches Develop through the fall and then see where we are, attack it over break, and then compete in the spring  If you earned it in the fall, you have earned the right to fail in the spring Make it measurableQuality at bats Come to class early Binder done Juice box after practice - reinforcing the last core value of a our cultureGive out 1 or out 10 - kids come up, jug the juice/give a speech! Made a curriculum for our cultureValue Accountability Communication Energy Accountability groupsCoach in charge of each group Competitions within each group Lifting groups Hitting groups GRIT - dominating the mundane tasks Common struggles is what brings team together Your common enemy should be being an average team I can adapt a plan but I cannot execute a plan I do not have At the end of practice do a competition, and not just baseball I can recreate pressure, not necessarily the same game situation The binder is the commitment to the team - bring it everywhereHitter, pitcher, mental notes Reinforces our culture Character, process, result Representation of the binder Google Drive is an electronic version Meet in the morning and scaffold it PGM - Personal Growth Monday's Have a curriculum but if we need to review part of the process we circle back and go over what we need. Why, how, what! 1% of your day is roughly 15 minutes Best recruiting tool is your players, and the people are what get you there Green light moment Red light moment Hitting routine written out - pre game, adapted pre game routine,  Journal each pitch, or each at bat, or during BP (match pre game routine) Black and white bullpen reportBalls, strikes,  Video embedded Coaches subjective report Player report and gives report of their performance Video bullpen Body language Mechanics Between pitches that make them successful  Defensive reps is more accountable for the amount of reps we need to help evaluate all the players and be sure they have the same amount of reps Red, yellow, and green runners for defensive baserunners Hitters - wall busters, gap to gap, grinderGrinder - bunt guy, slap guy, beat a infield play  Gap to gap  - guys can swing it and bust stretch to double Wall Busters - you have to hit it by the outfielder to get to 2nd Green runners - you have green light  Yellow runners - you get chance to run Red runners - you are not allowed to run Scouting reports on the wrist for runners  Email Twitter DM @hennan_hacks

    81 - Matt Nein: Salisbury University Performance Coach

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    Bio Current Coordinator of Sports Performance coach & Assistant Athletic Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation at Salisbury University 2018 National Strength & Conditioning Association College Strength Coach of the Yearfinalist for the NSCA College Strength Coach of the Year In 2016 & 2017 oversees the training programs of 21 varsity teams During his tenure as Coordinator, Matt has had the opportunity to work with 14 National Championship teams, 8 individual National Championship athletes, and over 340 All-Americans Prior to Salisbury University he spent time as a S&C coach with the Toronto Blue Jays   Notes Where are we losing out on the little things? When we are stepping up to the rack what routine are using to step into our lift? We need to visually be able to see it, so the athlete can relate to it on the field Find the opportunities to use  Tower of annoy (week ¾ of training, week 5 of school)Competing against other teams (iron Sammy) In understand the process, and the value of the very next move (pitch) Going through your mental routine before you do your set Bar speed measuresNeed to see numbers hit Relating concepts in the moment from what we are doing in the weightroom to the field How are we still using the concept later on (week 6 and further) to connect the concepts Power of the pennyIts the compound effect when you pick up a penny each time Anytime you saw change on the ground you picked it up and brought it in Model to show the daily process and the little things that add up to success If you are willing to walk over the little things of life you will not be successful The things I can control is my fitness level: strength, speed, and diet 6 componentsLift Conditioning Recover Nutrition Physical Skills Mental skills Put players in pressure situations during conditioning (play man up) Play the process right, focusing on doing your job right now Assess commitment: Jeff janson - commitment continuum Define it, assess it, and measure it Value in the weightroom Attitude - meet outside our weightoom before they walk in to get in the right mindset. Difference between elite and average Research related to body contact, and the teams with the most positive touches were the team in the championship Feedback Without value and the vision problems exist Values drive the decisions and accountability can happen Its ok to give both positive and negative but we are going to get better together Lead out of love Stay simple - what do the athletes need most? Assessment is critical - know where you are, so you can plan on where you want to go Constantly on players about down contact time If you can't produce force, you won't be able to produce force quickly Long term athletic development: start in technique, and move forward from there One leg sport, and that will be mature exercises once they get to that point Change the way you brace - rapid/standard bracing and move to rotational bracing Quickly brace because all movements through bracing of pelvis Everyone starts around the same movements to begin and then develop from there Everyone is squatting but rack 1 is different than rack 2 based on what they need We may not be lifting ideally, but we are lifting ideally for that moment Relationships help build up our trust for feedback on how they are feeling during lifts/movements Repetition and reserve  RPE - rate of perceived exertion -  If you are willing to lie to me how hard practice is we have a bad culture and we will not be as good as it can be How can we pull ourselves back and be as simplistic as possible to get the most out of our performance. Email DM of facebook or instagram  - Matt Nein

    80 - Nolan Harvath: WVU Strength & Conditioning

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    Bio Current WVU Strength and Conditioning Coach Former Strength and conditioning coach at Glenville State University while serving as assistant athletic director Former Intern at WVU, working primarily with the football team where he assisted in all team lifts and run and broke down all strength and conditioning activities Harvath also served as a consultant for the University of Charleston baseball team from 2016-20, designing all strength and conditioning programs for the team. He tracked, monitored, and assessed all data obtained from each macrocycle. Harvath got his starts in high school serving as S&C coach for Morgantown and East Fairmont HS Develops the whole person Extremely Passionate   Notes Life is all about growing as a human and being who you are allows you to grow and be the best version of yourself Once a week staff meeting to go over the whole program and culture is a part of that Greatness from yourself before you can get greatness from someone else Respect yourself, your teammates, and others Representing 1.8 million people in WV Intent!! You need to have intent in everything you do  Trust yourself, your preparation, and your teammates In the weightroom you get to see each others sweat equity WHOOP bands that monitor load, recovery, sleep, and their strain for the day Live to fight another day Develop the athlete centered approach! Ask questions based on WHOOP data can open up great conversations The body cannot distinguish between athletic stress and academic stress Quality if movement rather than the quantity of weight on the bar The plasticity is great during the high school level and is so valuable at their age more than ever Force plate testing and movement test when they first get on campus General physical preparation (GPP) “tissue block” Circuit for two weeks to help with guys movement patterns and teach everyone and slow cook athletes longer than need it Its ok to regress the movement to get a better movement Have everyone on the same page so you can see where to make modifications You cannot be married to a exercise, you need to be married to a stimulus!  Meeting the athlete where they are at to chase what our team needs and individualize to the players needs  There are some carry over in some of the movements, and movements is a skill, and if an athlete can practice it more they will be better at it Sprint based model with acceleration performance Thursdays are performance days - time to compete and post times Back map from when you need win a ball game 22 out of 36 PR the week of big 12 tournament Develop a relationship with them to trust when the conversations are real and they say they are sore and can't work out The movement that made you sore, you should do it with less intensity We don't focus on what can't do, we focus on what we can do. Focus on the solution, not the problem We want athletes that want to find a way and find an edge Daily performance feedbackGrading on intangibles that every human has control of 1-5 - color coordinated  Gold Navy Gray Existent Resilient Defiant Difference between gold and navy is how you helped someone else, servant leadership, and buy into each other success You need to coach each athlete at least one exercise to show you care to show they are a human ABC - Always be coaching “Blue collar” jersey - old school, bloody knuckle jersey Consistency is the greatest gift of any humans Constant evaluation to earn the Iron Mountaineer Velocity based training during in season and depending on the athlete and what they can handle Sleep is the most paramount durign the summer with the long days  Some olympic lift and some don't Quality of strength last +-30 days In season is lower volume higher intensity More weight and less reps and focusing of velocity of bar Fundamental movement patternsKnock them out Quality and execution of movement 3 days a week Progressive overload Gain knowledgeEric cressey Alex simone Simpler things savagely well Slow cooking the athlete!! Taking the small wins, celebrating the 5 lb PR just like the 100lbPR Velocity based training is a piece of the weight lifting program Velocity based training on a compound lift Sprint progressionUphill runningKaraoke Side shuffle Sprints Resisted  Fly end runs Tues - acceleration Thurs - max velo Red flags of runningArms crossing Looks like swimming Long swooping lever Knees across the body Hyper extended back  - do A march, A skip, boom booms Stop poles, and running 100 yards For every 10 yards we give them 60 seconds rest Starter recovery dayDon't blow them up - get them moving, temp runs,  Training baseball players and take that in consideration, and meet them in the middle  

    79 - Nolan Neiman: Manatee HS (FL)

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    Bio CURRENT HEAD COACH AT MANATEE HIGH SCHOOL Current GM of Square Up academy Current Florida HS director for Knights Knation Baseball 2016 – 2019 – Associate Scout – Texas Rangers 2017 – 2018 –  Head Coach Staunton Braves, Valley League 2016 – 2018 – Director of Baseball – Florida Surge Baseball 2013 – 2016 – Head Coach – IMG Post Grad 2011 – 2013 – Assistant Head Coach / Recruiting Coordinator – Millersville University 2009 – 2011 – Assistant Coach  – University of Maryland 2008 – 2009 – Assistant Coach – Florida Gulf Coast University 2006 – 2008 – Assistant Head Coach / Recruiting Coordinator – DeSales University 2005 – 2006 – Assistant Coach – University of Pennsylvania 2005 – Professional Player – New Jersey Jackals 2001 – 2005 – Player at DeSales University Notes You got to keep competing and pushing ot help these kids be successful in more than baseball You need to have a band program, hitting program, defensive philosophy, and having a plan for what we are doing Its not about wins and losses, its about how you act and holding kids accountable Laying the foundation and getting kids on board Have the kids see their progressExit velo testing Weightlifting testing “Rebranding” is not about what the past didn't have its about what we do now and moving forward Detail oriented and learned how to be detailed in all we do Let your coaches coach and do your job Understanding what its like at different levels of competition, and demand results Relationships and build a program within** Learning how to be happy at whatever level in the game of baseball If you can get them to believe in you they are going to try to do things the right way “Be the Best” program where it is about sacrificing for others and working for the guy next to you Inverted triangle where you serve others from the bottom up Leadership council - one guy from each class, and coaches pick one In charge of holding others accountable Meet once a week and discuss how to get more buy in Guys that do it right and we voted but we got let go because he did not live up to the expectations No rules, just don't embarrass the team, and I am the judge and jury and executioner Little league clinics with local little leagueHalf hour coaching clinic with local little league every Friday Be at football and basketball games, be involved in school and community is huge trait for good programs At the end of the day - what is the goal?  The goal is to move on How can we prepare them for the option they will have? The more pressure you can put on guys lets go! More fun atmosphere and create action Track meet mentality - home to first in 4 seconds Start with baserunning with offensive philosophy Bunt to third, and not to 2nd, a lot more ways to score from 3rd with 1 out You have to know your clientele and plan accordingly What are you going to have the guys buy into and hold them accountable Running small ball system gives you a weapon when you run into the buzz saw The level when to start small ball depends on the team and their ability  When we can give them confidence in what they are doing is going to help them play game Whether they help you win or not doesn't matter, getting them excited and wanting to play for us  High pressure bullpens - 1 pitch to get someone out and create our own toughness String across home plate, 9 hole screen, spot on the wall - compete and help them HATE losing  

    78 - Pete Savage: Reno High School (NV)

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    Savage Notes   Bio Head Coach at Reno High School (NV) since 1995 Over 700 career victories  Has won 82% of his games at Reno From 2001-2004 teams went 105-13 2004 Nevada State champion In 2003 his team won 32 consecutive games  12 regional titles 15 state tournament berths and 4 runner up Garrett Hampson was his first big leaguer The bottom line of the bio is we are about what we are doing for our players today! Notes If you come see our program you will see a bigger picture of how we help others   First reason why we are so successful is we have 3 former head coachesYou are only as good as your assistant coaches Second reason we are successful is our program vocabulary You need to take a step back and realize why you are doing what you are doing Complexity is the enemy of execution - SIMPLE We focus on us 50:1 compared to the other team.  We play against the game and how we play the game The word I is not allowed in our environment The word “perfect” is not allowed in our program You are either with us or against us, there is not middle ground How to be a great teammateWhat does it mean to be a good teammate? Show examples Failure vs success - define the twoDefinition of failure is when you stop playing Its a learning opportunity not failure What is the definition of success - giving your best effort on behalf of your teammate Being relentless and stay in the fight Be consistent Measurement = motivationGive people data to compete Everything matters - dugouts, practice, everyone matters PILLARS - all decisions run through our pillars Its more important the interaction player to player, coach to coach and do not allow anything you do not like Catch them doing good! Praise them for their efforts There is no better way to get better besides being together! Spend quality time together Work the grind, play the gameWork your butt off at practice, and then enjoy your game Practice is for the coaches and games are for the players Baseball is a game you cannot rush, there is no clock! Spend as much time planning practice as you do actually practicing Practices as competitive as possibleChart every swing, pitch, groundball etc Live pitchers vs live hitters Just win today's practice!! A bad practice bothers me much more than a bad game! Coach needs to be a facilitator for the players development on and off the field At times you need to be a player coach, and another time you need to be honest and put them in their place If we are going to demand all of these things from them we need to display those things and walk the walk!!  It is important you build the relationship through the player to show you care, are prepared, and come with great attitude Do a good job where you are at! It is important that  Player to coach - built on respect and trust Player to player - earning the respect of your teammates Critical to team development an player development Players rate each other based on individual qualities We all have something to work on. No one is perfect, and it fall back to that philosophy Foxhole test - 3 points for person on your back, 2 on your right, 1 on your left Hero, highlight, and hardship - each kid gets a chance to speak about who their hero is, personal highlight, and a time they had a tough hardship As you see it….Players write out the lineup, starters, relievers Helps self evaluate Mental game is huge for us!!Ken ravizza Brian Cain Justin Dehmer The game teaches you how to deal with things Our job is to help prepare our players for the challenges life throws at it This is the Reno High baseball way RIGHT NOW!10 commandments (the fundamentals of the game) - they don't change: being a good teammate, throwing strikes, hitting the ball hard, etc will always be there, but we need to find ways to help teach guys and be the example of getting 1% better.  Legacy of a number - connecting successful people who wore the numbers The secret to the teams success is building that relationship, so that player is going to bust his butt for his teammate and get better!! BUILD that relationship To be loved, to be taught, to be challenged! Some kids need to be hugged, and some need to be kicked  Pregame2 hours prior to a game “Savage time” - 15 minutes early Active warm up Catch play BP Game goals - team, pitching, hitting, defense Back Cals - talk through hitting approach with who team, go over situational baseball Meet as a team, do sprints, play 6 phases of offenseHitting Situational hitting Short game  Plate zone discipline - hit your pitch, look for it, never chaseQuality swing chart - try to get 2 swings off every AB Baserunning Base stealing Practice checklist, practice what happens the most Ranking system - hitters rank pitchers, pitchers rank hitters Are you that bad of a hitter that you can't change your 2 strike approach? Do you emphasize it? Do you practice it?  Everyone knows  Figure out with our pitching staff where the ball went, and then train, train, train Define what you want, and then track it!! Play of the day - defensive play of the day, shirt for the defensive play of the day What you honor and what you emphasize has to become special to the players! Hustle chart -  Stop watch is analytics What do you want to be good at??? Track it and emphasize it!! Measurement = Motivation 5 games - do you win??? Game within the gameOn the bus Pre game in/out Game Post game Wasting time is a cardinal sin - our time is valuable so lets make it important 775-690-9316 Be your own coach. YOU BE YOU! Emphasize it Everything reflects back on you! You are the leader!!!!

    77 - Joe Palumbo: Archbishop Spalding HS (MD)

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    Palumbo Notes   Bio Head coach at Archbishop Spalding (MD) - Going into my 10 year (9th season) Played at the University of Maryland from 2005-2008   Joe Palumbo is the head varsity baseball coach at Archbishop Spalding High School. The former Maryland baseball player led the Spalding program to three consecutive MIAA “A” championships and #1 rankings in The BaltimoreSun in 2014, 2015 and 2016, as well as Top 50 national rankings in USA Today in 2015, 2016 and 2019. He was named the 2014 Coach of the Year in The Baltimore Sun, The Anne Arundel County Capital-Gazette, and the Co-Coach of the Year by the Varsity Sports Network and the Maryland State Association of Baseball Coaches Association. In 2016, he was awarded the 2016 Anne Arundel County Capital-Gazette Coach of the Year award. Following Spalding's 2021 MIAA “A” regular season championship he was selected as Anne Arundel County Capital-Gazette Coach of the Year. He has now coached 38 players that have gone to play collegiately at the NCAA Division 1, 2, or 3 levels.     Notes We have high standards, and you need to know how to build a culture Culture of high standards and excellenceMy standards are high across the board - in the class, weightroom, hallway, and ball field We do not hide our standards Character, commitment, and championsChampions - other people want to be around youYou are producing good things day in and day out in your life Character - how are you getting results in your daily life, how are you working when I am not around,  commitment(s) - you have to do the work and if you get on it by yourself and do the work you make even get a commitment (if you want to go that route) The parents are helpful in instilling the culture I need to prove myself to the new class every year Messages, classrooms, weightroom to bring in people and talk about lessons learned from people who have done it the right way to be champions Weightlifting 3 days a week until christmas break (off season) In season utilizing individualize program and focus on the movements I don't want you to feel like I was as a freshman when I was behind, so we are going to get you prepared for the weightroom Emphasis on form for younger guys and older guys can get after it The goal is injury prevention and strength development The wrestler and football player can learn a lot of mental toughness than playing baseball After fall ball (end of october) we bring up the intensity of weightroom January is where we start up baseball activities up until mid february when we have tryouts Infield work can be done in a small place If we can run a great indoor practice that can separate us from the rest because anyone can run a good practice outside You want your guys sharp at the end of the year Coaches need to pull themselves back and see what happens at the end of the year and plan for the year What gets you on second base? Based on your skills we will try and enhance those skills Put pressure on them consistently You have to have a plan and stick to the plan, so you have a better chance you execute the plan You have do everything right and get out We are going to play to guys strengths  Your team should guide your philosophy We want to be competitive in the box Teachable moment after the game to talk about situations where the approach brokedown We need to make adjustments to their adjustments Conversations during BP and situational rounds to work on approach (what you are looking for) Its ok to get beat for 2 strikes, but we are not getting beat in hitter counts Velo BP days are uncomfortable for our hittersCoach close or machine juiced up Pitcher who has not thrown live in a while he will go in front of the mound to go live at hitters BPLive  Baserunning Situational Defensive position  Cages I try to put the most pressure on our team defense segment as I can. Time based to implement and teach Then show you can execute 5 in a row and we move on If we can “handle the ball” and don't give up any runs we cannot lose If we are going to be really good at the fundamentals we are going to be tough We are running until the other team shows us they can stop us As a coach what can you learn today? You can learn from Nick Saban, Kobe Bryant, and a lot of great people, and lear as much as you can If you put the work in to be successful in baseball an you take that same work ethc you will be successful in anything   

    76 - Jim Maciejewski: Mauldin HS (SC)

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    “Mach-ee-es-ski” Bio 11 years as head baseball coach and 1 as Athletic Director at Mauldin HS (SC)36 Players to college, 4 drafted, 1 free-agent signee. Former assistant coach at USC Upstate under Matt Fincher and Dorman HS under Ben Waddle (Wah-dle). Managed the Brockport Riverbats of the New York Collegiate Summer League in 2007.  Has also coached American Legion and Travel baseball. Been a member of the USA Baseball Task Force since 2018 scouting for the 14u & 17u Team Championships, along with the several NTIS events. From assistant AD, to full time AD at Mauldin since 2020   Notes Rely on a tight circle of coaches with any question I may have It is so rewarding to see the impact you can have on other programs  Lean on others who have done it well  Create the best experience for everyone in every program Leadership program within the whole athletic program**** Build a strong culture within the whole athletic program Community service**** We did a lot of things on a smaller scale and we want to do it on steroids Take ownership of what you do and who you are It needs to come for a deeper meaning of trust and common ground MAVS U - “Motivated Achievers Value Success”Based on Tyler Gillum Lesson based around the needs of the teamBe a good teammate, son, study skills, run down Group activity, independent activity,  Have a video and present in front of teammates Mavs U becomes the “Cabinet” for the Mauldin HS athletic department“What does it mean to be a Mauldin athlete?” Cabinet will help with community service Community service - miracle league, hospital visits, angel trees, Elementary school after school programs, community clean up Kids need to have an appreciation for what they have The greatest leader in the world, washed someone else's feet The best leadership is serving other The best leadership lesson is serving someone else Kids apply and they need to interview to be a part of the leadership task force Creating chemistry and not forcing leadership!!** Kids need a chance to get to know one another and grow relationships Leadership classroom sessions start year 1, as soon as possible! Leadership doesn't matter if those kids don't care about one another Be a good person! Do what you say you are going to do Bands based on behavior system. Players moved up with player recommendations and had to justify Boat crews - split up the talent and in competitive groupsKeep them through the fall Leader of the crew Points for anything we want to compete with We are not going to progress the skill until they can verbalize it, teach it, and own it. Pinch runner called “game winner” We can know everything about a team but if we can't make plays it doesn't matter what we know about the other team The positive board - write it on the board something positive that has happened in the game. The average fan would not even notice. You may never see the finished product, but you need to keep plugging away because something you said will make an impact** Curriculum cannot just be 50 straight. It will always change, but you will have your pillars Mavs U based on Tyler Gillums Growth U and Brian Cain's pride program Core values and Mission and Vision are voted on each year to own what type of team you want to beWhat does it look like a player, person, and player “That's Mauldin” Use the mission and vision statement based on what you want to be about and how you plan on getting there Creating chemistry over leadership - what is more important?? Creating a culture we just want to create something consistent something they can depend on We can't try to do something and replicate something that others are doing  Coaches need to do things for who they know they have! Goes back to growth mindset.  Twitter - @Maciejewski24DM are open!  

    75 - Andrew Wright: New York Yankees Player Development Dept

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    Bio Currently serving the New York Yankees Player Development Department as the Director of Dominican Republic Baseball Operations (2019) Former HC at Charleson (WV) University from 2015-2019staff from three to eight and wins from 16 to 41 in 4 years. In years three and four claimed MEC Southern Division Championship and MEC Tournament Championship.  Lost in championship in year 2. 2 NCAA Regionals Achievements-3 consecutive school records for wins 36, 38, 41 Head Baseball coach at Concord (WV) University from 2010-2015Increased the roster from 24 to 38 -Increased the staff from 2 to 5 -Set consecutive school records for wins in 2013 (36) and 2014 (38) -Won 2 Conference Championships (2011,2013) -Appeared in 2 NCAA Regionals -Created and Implemented "1000 Hour Project" and "Get to Give" Community Service Initiatives -Improved team GPA from

    74 - Mike Kelly: Loyola Blakefield (MD)

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    Bio Head Coach at Loyola Blakefield since 2017 Former Don assistant coach 2012-2016 Former Atlanta Braves scout from 91-95 Assistant for Baltimore Johnnies (similar to Cape Cod league)2 number 1 draft picks 2nd pick overall 4th pick overall Dundalk CC assistant from 1990-1994 Assisted with multiple Baltimore metro teams over the years Has coached 4 big leaguers kid driven Players first coach!   Notes When you come to my school you will be one of my guys for life Checking on guys after they leave the program Connect with alumni, even if it is just an email You have to get the players (you need talent) You need to have the culture (expectations) Players need to buy in Each year there is a different level of buy in The most talent doesn't always win, but the most talented team of players Get the last guy on your team to be all in is when you get something special Buy into the culture, buy into the baseball teaching/philosophy Adjust to how players feel about the team and play for each other, not just for themselves. I do less messing with hitters You need to drive the baseball to play at a high level I am kid driven - more what the kid needs and develop the kid**** ETF - embrace the fearFear of the totality of hitting the baseball Fear of making mistakes Know it is going to happen Don't run from it Its ok, and let go at it, and have fun with it Give players test based on the playbook, based on our systemEither put the play on, or you take it off Take away as much thinking I can from the player, so they can just play and react instinctively If the kids make a mistakes I take responsibility for that, and I need to teach it and go back over it again Aggressive offensively, and make other team give up outs to get to the next base. Defensively we do not want to give up anything We teach during practice, and during games kids go have fun, learn, and coaches get feedback on what they need to practice. Getting practice done with JV and Varsity, together to teach everyone, and also get kids home in time to study and have family time! I am watching all the time Talking to kids during BP to talk about life or even get feedback from players on practice We are going to do the things that we do the most during games! Generally see the biggest improvements from our outfielders, they must go all out for the baseball. Every BP ball that comes off the bat we go for it 100% 2 guys at each position - next guy comes right up after each rep Infield throws until their arm is done, but make each play, you just may not throw it. Get corrected right away, and get the praise right away Its easy to beat up, but you better praise em up! Machine pitch intersquad to get as many situations as possible, keep it moving Intersquad, 3 teams, pitcher has plays off the L-screen I am training everyone to be leaders, each person needs to lead their life. Every team has a hierarchical of players/leaders First thing is to LEAD yourself - find out who you are and what to embrace and stay away from Kids teach kids - share what you know with other players Be authentic, be real - the kids will know, and you will not fool them. Be upfront and honest with kids right away “Baseball class” - if players have problem in “baseball class” we don't want parents to talk to us, but in “geometry class” they call the teacher How to compete to get on a team, and compete against your best friend for a position on the team. I'm in the business of helping kids! @baseballcoachk  Email -  

    73 - Ron Eastman, Woodlands HS (TX)

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    Bio 21 seasons as HC of Woodlands HS (TX) 482-155 14 district championships overall record in 27 years as a head coach is 640-275 3 state championships 3 time national COY 3 first round draft picks 2017 HOF class of the National HS Baseball Coaches Association 57 All State Players, 16 All Americans and has had 26 players taken in the MLB Draft 2006 his Highlanders were crowned the national champions by Baseball America Extremely humble and high class individual Legend! Notes Routines Red lights, yellow lights, green lightsGreen lights -  The higher level you go the more mental the game is The 6 inches between your ears controls the 6 feet below  The difference between winning and losing is execution Use telescope approach (whole year) and then break it down The mental game helps you be where your feet are Mental toughness is about helping you stay present in the moment The past is your ego and the future is your pride, and being in the moment is about being humble. Routines are huge and teaching in practice and executing in games When you get to the game - you take off your clothes and you are no longer a student, son, you are all in and focused in on the game When you leave the game/line - you take off your clothes and go back to being a good son/boyfriend/community member Drop in the brick, bring a toilet to flush the error So what, next pitch to help stay in the moment Work on breathing - easy to do when things are going well, but to have the ability to slow it down when the game speeds up and recognizes. Players should have their routine, so when they are waiting they are doing their routine When the at bat starts you have work your routine (in the hole, on deck, etc) Understanding what a players release is and work on itDefense get out of the circle Purposeful reps to be sure they are aware of their release routine (make them bobble) Pitcher wipes the mound (to wipe away the last pitch) Classroom session, mapped out practice, and execute in practice The lightbulb may not come when we have them but when We are trying to develop the champions off the field, and the championships on the field work it out First days of the fall we are only in the classroomDevelop core values - called “family values” Excellence - be your best Competitive Energy  Selfless How are these visible in the community, classroom, home What kind of service can we do for the community?Challenger league - go help and host I wanted to develop a program, not just a team Getting to know each of your teammate is crucial Present the values - what do we think of them?? How do we demonstrate in the classroom, community, home We have to model the behavior Put all kids in the program in small groups and have a leader and they get to know each other, and at the of the fall we have a draft to put together team for “Dell Challenge.”  Captains choose   Costume Halloween game Boat crew leaders in charge of attendance to tell coaches who is absent Once you think you have this game figured out it will humble you quick 80-85% pitcher/hitter battle, so we need to dominate that battle We are focused are on the things that happen the most  Rapsodo to help get numbers to get recruited and help develop a pitcher quicker YOU NEED TO BE YOUR BEST HITTING/PITCHING COACH Driveline Axe bat trainer for overload/underload bat speed training Stations where you choose what works for best for them, along with what WE are doing We are trying to give them ownership Book studies Mind, body, spirit - getting a little bit better each day Practice what I preach! Focus on the process and play one pitch at a time Summer homework - live your family values, read the book, and do a one page reaction paper on it, watch Miracle the movie and look for family values.  Creating habits versus setting goals. What habits will you create to make a big difference? We all have those dreams, and look at your habit and do they reflect your goal? Raise or lower your goals based on your daily habits Fill out your weekly schedule so you know where you time is goingLog your week! Reflect and see where your time is going Then fill out your schedule If you have a goal you want to achieve then your time need to match that Don't try to do it all, find out what works for your guys!  

    72 - Ryan Alexander: Grove City High School (OH)

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    Ryan Alexander Bio Current HC at Grove City HS (OH)  Finished 13th season at GCRecord    244-100 Conference championships. 6.   2010. 2012.  2014. 2015. 2017.  2021.   State playoffs.  2 trips to state final 4.  2011 and 2012  Players to college/pro over 75 to college.  3 drafted.   2 still playing.   Highest rank.  #1 in state in 2012.  #17 USA Today.   Notes 8 week shutdown for pitchers with on ramp See what showcase or camp you have coming up Limit throws for 2 way players - don't take infield, put balls in buckets Pitchers give their own pitching plan for when their days start and what it looks likeWhat you do day before, day after, two days, etc Lift, rest, active rest, arm care, etc Create your own plan based on what they know, how bought in they are, so you are either given a plan or creating it Letting kids being so individual to get what they need and their routine Outfield with outfield, infield with infield, and feel their throwing progression for different throws to prepare themselves Always trying to pick something up and if it works for you, use it! It is doesn't feel good, we can't do it! *** Everyone needs to have their own plan and know their arm so if they don't have a team that is organized he can fall back Non stop teaching of the way we want to play the game (Dirtbag and Nasty)Dirtbag mentality - dirtbag competitions and rewards given at the end of practice Classroom sessions Presentations, memories of past dirtbags Bright green shirt - offensive, defensive, or energy giver and they would wear it the next day to practice/game Bring alumni back to help instill and be around to help maintain the consistency of the dirtbag culture All weather balls Give a full week of tryouts -2 days to show what you have on the mound (15 pitches) Rating scale Inf velo, exit velo, bat speed, ground ball, outfield footwork, catcher pops Competitions all week Talk to every single kid and the competitions lead to good talks If we have a game tomorrow, this is where we see you - constant communication all year! Those roles are not sticking and you need to perform in practice and game to keep them Always evaluating how you good of  a teammate you are Mulch sale for big fundraiser - get out mulch easter weekend Everything is going to be under scrutiny so we need to think about it and protect ourselves Pitchers used to get skinnier and skinnier and I want to keep guys thicker and more muscular, so we need to do sprints and not 3 miles! Kids running chartsArmed forces (pitching chart) - + and - for quality pitches Quality at bats Hustle chart (little things) Charts can be different based on what your team needs On a strikeout drop your bat and go hit the pole, say what you have to, get it out of your system, and when you get back be a good teammate Twitter - @coacha8  

    71 Eric Kibler: USA Baseball & Horizon (AZ) HS (Ret.)

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    Bio Start the Horizon High School program (AZ) in 19802007 National Champions 6 Arizona 5A State Championships 3 Arizona 5A State Runners-up 20 Regional Championships 7 National Invitational Championships 881 total wins 809 wins in Arizona which the most wins for a coach in Arizona history. 3 first round draft picks. 28 overall players drafted in MLB Over 200 players gone onto to college and played USA Baseball staff member Coordinator of USA 14U and 17U olympic development program.  2018 started the 16U program 2010 USA Baseball COY 2012 USA Baseball Development COY Arizona Baseball Coaches Association HOF, Arizona Coaches HOF, High School association HOF, National HS BCA COY in 2018 5X Arizona COY Notes To be a good teammate, don't care who gets the credit and we will be in good shape Taught you how to practice, and then gave you ownership Pound the fundamentals and make sure you are efficient Took a lot of things personal as a young coach The joy playing like a kid is what keeps me moving forward** I hope I never forget what its like to play like a kid! ~Kris Bryant Play multiple sports and give “active rest” - play other sport, work on hitting, skills, etc You have to train the athlete and be athletic to be great  Play for now, and if you play they will find you, and play for now and the end will take care of itself Do you want to be good or do you want to be great? If great, then the expectations went upEvery pitch BP Make other players better Want to and not a have toYou should not “have to” come to practice, you need to “want to” If i teach them how to practice and then give them ownership Mental game is coached up more than it used to be due to the negative leadership that wanted positive outcome (“my way”) When you think you need some help you come ask me and then we are all in! Everyone is an individual and a little different, so you need to say and do things that works for them Standards instead of rules - standard has more worth Ownership is a big deal - you have no control over and it develops trust There are program absolutes! Hustle, trash talk, class Model the behavior and calming during post season/pressure situations Being honest with players is the best thing you can do for playersI care enough to tell you the truth You need to be careful with your words because conversations stick with the players When we make mistakes we must own it, and the players see that and then they will own it when they make mistakes.  Captains meeting once a week to keep everyone mind right and see who needs a kick in the butt or a pat on the back Start with a quote and talk about how it impacts each person Baseball is not my life, and baseball humbles you, so start with a quote and see how it impacts our life Interview in the fall  - 1 on 1 to evaluate strengths and weaknessesBased all year Figure out who the person is See if they have good self awareness USA baseball Manual - write down my experiences Process versus results - everyone except us is result focus Get comfortable with being uncomfortable to get past it (feeling rough) If you are playing a team sport, you should always put in extra time for your teammates** I will really emphasize the little things, and role the player did during the game Every player needs to have a role no matter the talent Practice planQuote Practice in 10 Dynamic steals/baserunning Bands  Throwing program (and be OUT there)Go stealth when kids cannot say a word If you lose the clubhouse your done, and it starts with communication I don't go too long because I want every rep quality rep Team defense or position drills depending on the staff Good footwork is paramount to being a good fielder Relays with live baserunners. Run till you get out (then work on rundowns). “What happens in the game the most often?”No catcher pop ups everyday, because it does not happen everyday Winning 1 run ball gamesThrowing program Baserunning - “the coach is just your stop sign”Live baserunning with outfielders - put in situations I can't expect them to perform in situations we have not covered Situational baseball Speeding the game up Competitive bullpensScripted P-I-T-C-H (horse for bullpen) Pace - 12 seconds or less between pitches Intensity  Practices are for coaches, games are for the players. If I do my job I should be able to sit in the stands How can I play you if you can't do your job?  Do you want to be good or great? Playing time is huge! Sit the player if he is not acting right, and you Give pitchers permission to get hit No words on the field, the tunnel (cage) is our classroom Is this practice going to help us win a game or lose a game? Baserunning and bunting - special teams of baseball1st/3rd game - score as many ways as we can Runner on 3rd and score the game winning run Evaluate our strengths and weaknesses as a coachHow can I score with the team that I have? Hit with 2 strikes - embrace and get more mentally tough Pitch recognition - look at the bullpen, hitters take and say where it was I know how to pitch a kid how they take a pitch Taking pitches is as important as hitting pitches 602-291-1952    

    70 Drew Bailey: Bluefield State College (WV)

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    Bio The 2020-2021 season marked the first year for Drew Bailey as the Head Baseball Coach at Bluefield State College. In the 2020-21 season the Big Blue finished 15-12 overall, marking their first winning season in school history.  The Big Blue won the first Black College World Series against the Xavier University of Louisiana.  Bailey, joined Bluefield State College after four different coaching stops and a professional playing career. Bailey spent time as the pitching coach at Concord University before becoming the pitching coach and RECOR for the Bluefield College baseball.  He was also the former head baseball coach at Averett University in Danville, Virginia.  Bailey played two professional seasons for the Athletics' organization where he posted a 5-0 record and had an ERA of 2.80 ERA. He racked up 48 strikeouts in 54 professional innings and limited opponents to a .216 batting average   Notes Surround yourself with great people He doesn't work for me, we work together Recruiting and cultureGot to be able to recruit and bring in talent Got to have standards and hold expectations Creating structure, recruiting, and building culture When guys develop mentally and maturity the baseball player develops Recruiting goals, alumni goals, classroom goals, ncaa regional goal as a team,  Set and communicate our Standards - work ethic, kindness, accountability,  “Developmental” team - JV team, we need to treat our last guy like our best guy I'd rather lose a close game against a rank opponent than go dominate a bad team Can't process and compete at the same time! Video is huge so they can see the adjustment Film and feel - we have to film it so we can cue it to be able to feel it Measure it to find out what type of pitcher they are - 2 seam or 4 seam, slider or curveball Most players struggle to accept their identity, and we need to help them identify who they are Pre throw activation - don't need to throw more than 15 minutes Mobility - yoga once a week Fast twitch, explosive intense movements/running rather than slow twitch long distance running Just because I played professional baseball people assume I know baseball. That is the biggest misconception in our game. Some of the best coaches in the game are guys who did not play at a high level Passionate, learning, and communicate are staff guys I am looking for Most high school kids don't understand how to hold runners and run the bases! Love the competition that breeds in the fallExit velo competitions - best average of ev wins! If you don't handle your academics you will not attack your baseball as good as you could It is a privilege to be able to play Adversity of schedule, practice, freedom do it without parents, Need support - we will support the kids, tutor groups, study hall 3.2 is the standard I have a problem with a guy who is  2.8 and could be 3.5! Grade checks, classroom checks - be where you are supposed to be. Expectations not rules Guys who are not accountable are not coachable Don't ride that emotional rollercoaster - keep pushing forward and keep working to push through adversity What can you control?  If you can't control it, don't focus on it “Into the real world” session - people from around the community in the real world and what they have done to push through adversity. Daily communication to help with their mental game I want my guys to know we are setting themselves up to be a better husband, father, co worker, etc “40 year commitment” not just 4 year! Your reaction to the situation is everything  What is your why? What's your playbook? Baseball is a platform, we need to serve others. Baseball is what we do, it's not who we are.   Butch Thompson - “you need to build them up before you break them down” Guys will play hard for you when they know you care about them I don't want to treat players differently just because they don't perform  

    69 Steve Roof: Madison Central HS (KY)

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    Bio Current HC of Madison Central HS (Kentucky) Coach Roof just finished his 21st year as the head coach of Indians' baseball team.   During his career at Central, his teams have a record of 526-224-1,  won the Kentucky 11th region title in 2015 and 2018,  and was the Kentucky 11th region runner-up in 2021, 2014 and 2005.   The Indians' have also won 18 district championships.   Roof was named 11th Region Coach of the Year in 2010 and 2014.  Coach Roof has been the head coach of the East/West All-stars six times.  Works with USA Baseball   Prior to Madison Central, Coach Roof was an assistant at Eastern Kentucky University for four seasons under Hall of Fame Coach Jim Ward From 1998-2000, Roof served as the Recruiting Coordinator, and the Colonels won the OVC in 2000.   He was also the head coach of the Durham Braves in the Coastal Plains Collegiate League. Great guy, constant learner, huge work ethic!   Notes 16 Day Baserunning install - its not just running the bases, its putting the pressure on the pitcher and as a results we get more fastballDay 1 - 1st base Day 2 - sliding (you can't be a baserunning team without getting dirty)Pull guys Story time - criss cross applesauce Day 3 - leads at 1B Day 4 - leads at 2B Day 5 - leads at 3B Day 6 - dirt ball reads I want you to ask why, I want you to know why we do it, and it creates more buy in! You read the catcher on the dirt balls - read the knees  Measured leads, what is your time 1st to 2nd Teaching from game 1 to the end of the year, and always teaching and adding to the journal If you can play catch at a high level you can execute a run down We stop doing everything and all situations, and focused on what happened most frequently Why didn't my player understand?  It is on us coaches! We need to find something and stop complaining! Find a way to compete and find a way to win Look at everything you have and hold true to what is working.Know your guys Know what you are trying to do Focus on yourself Finding the right fit for each person and individualizing to fit the players needs When players take charge of their own development that is a win for our program Run producer or run scorer - speed guy or heavy hitter 1st third - find our roles, find who can play, may lose games due to development  2nd third - learn from our mistakes 3rd part of season - here is who we are Made a google classroom for the team Book study in the fall Players texting me about a book that was personal to them Memorize a quote for the beginning of practice Classroom sessions Trying to develop men! Can we get them to maturity? The individuals get better collectively and WE get better 4 things that can happen once the pitch is throw, so control what you can!Hit it hard and get out Hit it hard and get a hit Hit is soft and get out Hit is soft and get hit Be the best you can  Family, hard work, and toughnessFamily - accept your role, roles can change, play for each other Hard work - doesn't matter get better, if you aren't where you want to be, then you find a way to get better Toughness - when the game is on the line are you going to perform? Serve each other, get better, toughness to handle the pressure How? Get 1% better each day Batting practice Charting defense Expand your range - layout in practice, and sellout in practice Dirtbag chartWhat does a dirtbag look like? Give him a shirt at the end of the game 2 strike adjustmentTeam AB Sacrifice myself for the team Put it in play Measuring it makes it more significant Wear a pitch get a chicken sandwich  What can we do to promote the things that no one seems to care about?  The little things Make it competitive and reward the winners - Have a group of guys you can trust that can help you in situations. “The grass is brown everywhere!” Developing the person, and loving your team - tell them you love them! Have a common goal and develop the man! Email 859-661-2414

    68 Matt Deggs Univ of LA at Lafayette "Rajun Cajuns"

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    Bio Current head coach at Louisiana University at Lafayette, Ragin Cajuns! Former head coach at Sam Houston State winning the conference championship 3 of his last 4 season at Sam Houston StateBecame the first Sam Houston State team to go to a super regional in 2017 16 players went into the draft during his tenure Former Ragin Cajuns assistant coach in 2012-20142014 was the first time Louisiana ever had a number 1 ranking, but it was Deggs second time when he was an AC at Texas A&M and they were ranked #1 in 2009.  First mid major to ever be consensus #1 at the conclusion of the season Former Texas A&M and Arkansas AC First experience as head coach was at Texarkana and led them to their first ever trip to the JUCO world series, helping develop future All Star Hunter Pence A man of faith A leader of men Best selling author A fierce competitor   Notes Too many of us wrap our identity into what we do, instead of who were are Two types of people, humble and people about to be humbled I don't care about what you have done, I care about what you are going to do about it. The sin is not getting back up! 15 to 28 book that told my story about being broken and redemption Press conference went viral to tell my story and use a platform try to be transformational not transactional especially when it comes to win and losses We make one promise - we will develop the well rounded man! When your identity is wrapped up in what you do, you are not fully there mentally and will fill it with other sources Graduation, team gpa, community work “Master key” = degree that will open doors Become very good at the things you do control!Attitude, energy, concentration,  It is a culture of over achieving - taking pride of what things no one else cares about We are in the relationship business1-1 is important Teaching and test “Professional development” - half hour before a lift or practice Binder of “Cajun Baseball” Two things to have a shot - organized and united! Classroom, guest speakers, and one on one times Clarity of mission and understanding  Culture is leadership and action on a daily basis Master coach - 1. write things down, structure and organize it. 2. Test the guys! attitude , approach, tenacity, toughness Not every pack is created equal The structure/framework stays the same but what we do inside needs to adapted and evolved You will always need them more than they need you! Loyalty is everything! No player is worth burning a bridge with another coach You need to be upfront, honest, and authentic, and when you are you they will do what they can for you! When you are unafraid to be embarrassed in front of the guys you lead, you got it!  Just own it, lead from the front, and don't throw everyone under the bus. Your offense is only as good as your personnel The power of contribution - wolfpack baseball! Team centeredTeam at bats -  Pride yourself on who you are for the success of the pack Guy on the bump is the buffalo, and we need to surround him (like wolves) to get him out of there Callous mindset that loves to fight and not focused on the result/record, they want to scrap! The success of an individual is determined by the team, but the teams success is NOT determined on one individual Results are temporary, and the relationship with your boys is forever Runner, bombers, hitters, ballplayers and we train them accordingly  

    67 Adam Moseley: Hoover HS (AL) & USA Baseball

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    Moseley notes   Bio Current Head Coach Hoover HS (AL)2021 state finalist 2017 7A Alabama state champion 5 area championships in a row 44 have gone to play college in 7 years - 16 D1 Member of the USA baseball staffPitching coach 14U national development program Pitching coordinator for 14U national development program Assistant coach 15U trials Pitching coach for the 2018 15U World Championship USA national team 18U national pitching coach Former Head baseball coach at Virgil Grissom HS1st and 2nd round picks  Won over 400 wins as a head coach Incredible person Man of faith Learner and leader!   Notes 5 zones 1 is off the plate left side 2 is on the corner 3 is down the middle 4 is on the corner 5 is off the plate right side If its up in on the hands Scripted pens - fb in the 1, 2 seam in 4 Script the first 10 pitches in the game What gets him comfortable in the game - breaking ball glove side or two seam inside These are the first 5 pitches and do you like him You can train whatever you want on the strike zone, but if you don't know what the umpire is calling it doesn't matter Release points (on nose, ear, and off face) What are you getting ready for? Focal point Flatground teaching pointsFeel, release points, finger over the ball In the summer - work with bullets, based on the last performance Tunnel - keep it in line from me Just like in basketball, shooters shot, and throwers throw You need to throw with more on the line to give you feedback The art is how much the guys needs in between startsDealing = needs more adversity in between to keep edge Struggling = keep confidence high in between Look at them as pillars not rocks and stones - long toss, lifts,  Form to Rate these 3 things everyday with some notes - soreness, effort, and feel (whatever are the pillars) Things that don't work are easier  Open your home to your team Coach for the events that matter the most!! Look for moments to bring them aside and make a meaningful relationship In big moments I am going to touch them (encouragement) Try to talk to each player individually Live out life as much as I can in front of the team Character developmentEveryday is doing character development, that doesn't separate you, that is how you live your life Fall - gets a day Spring - pre practice and discuss how it relates to life 24 hour principle - if it is important in 24 hours we will discuss it then CultureBe there consistently Be in the front, when you need to be in the front, be in the back when you need to be in the back They need to know you will take the bullets for you Start with shading on the pitch Have pinch hitters ready early Start practice with a new situation - new situation each pitch and get rollingVideo the session to discuss next day Pitchers throw live or throw flat ground to hittersHitters go in with 0-2 count Work on your stuff Email - Twitter - DM are open: @moseleyadam

    66 - Sean Davis: Sherwood HS (MD)

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    Davis Notes   Bio Head Coach at Sherwood HS (MD) since 2012140-36 4 time regional champion MSABC district coach of the year 2016 and 2019 AC at Sherwood started in 20092010 state champion AC at Georgetown Prep and Rockville Express At the end of his career at Frostburg he was the all time leader in hits, runs, at bats, and games played. A DUDE!!   Notes Post practice plan in the PE office and guys check it and post to group chat Hack attack for multiple usesDirt ball reads First and thirds Pop ups  Bunting with a little pace Using pocket radars to give immediate feedback for a kid to swing with a content Spray charts for opposing players  Fastball taken for a strike Can't take the best pitch of our at bat Especially in “GO” counts Guys who take more fastballs in counts tend to be weaker hitter Conversations with players about what they are seeing and having an approach Each conversation is different based on the player Getting kids prepared for collegeCall pitches, picks from dugout, signs from a wristband, practice preparation Picks - verbals and non verbals around  As many touches as possible in a short amount of time4 man fungo, 3 rotation PFP Lineups are defensively based Offensively changed our philosophy based on how we swing it If the players know you genuinely care about them you can ask the world of themWe are doing this because I do not want the seniors to cry at the end of the year If I won't, they don't! If I go to everything they know I am bought in. Make it feel big league, as good as it can! Twitter - @woodbaseball1 DM's are open  

    65 - Mark "Pudge" Gjormand - James Madison HS (VA)

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    Bio Current head coach at James Madison High School26th season at Madison (31st overall)Langley HS (1 year) Marshall HS (8 years) 2 VA state championships 1 perfect season, which was recognized as one of the best high school teams of ALL time 14 Liberty Conference Championships 1 Concorde Conference Championships  In 2018 Gjormand was named Conference Coach of the year for the 7th time  Region 6 Coach of the year for the 4th time.   Home Plate Club's high school coach of the year National Baseball Coaches Association (BCA) East Coast coach of the year finalist for the BCA's national coach of the year award Founder of MVP International where multiple sports are played all throughout the world Incredible clinician speaker Leader of men!   Mental game master!!   Notes Learning how to lose is just as important as learning how to win Take the reigns early and then loosen it up as you go Unload christmas trees for lions club in the community Phases of the seasonPhase 1 - pre season and off season, friday life lessons Phase 2 - spring break - tournament and compete for something Phase 3 - conference play - win as much as we can, we only count wins, we lose and we get back up Phase 4 - conference tournament Phase 5 - regional tournament Phase 6 - state tournament You always need to overachieve no matter how good you are You are not a 9 hitter, you are 1 of 9 hitters! Post goals at the beginning of the season in the locker room I have been there, but I have not been there with this team! Glue guys - do the things no one sees and keeps us all together In baseball we can't ride the emotional rollercoaster We need to stay at a level and feel where it needs to be My captains are my seniors, because as a senior you deserve to be a leader and it gives you the opportunity to put it on a resume. If they are not ready for that leadership then it is on me! Players win games, coaches lose games Winning can be the bridge to misery Rise and shine or rise and wine, be careful Follow on twitter @coachpudge8 email at James Madison High School  

    64 - Trevor Flow North Hall HS (GA)

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    Bio Current Head Coach at North Hall High School (GA)2021 AAA Georgia State Champions!First as a head coach  2013 won 3A state championship as assistant coach 116-33 overall record  first year (2018) as head coach the Trojans finished 24-7 and made it to the Sweet Sixteen in year 2 the Trojans finished 21-16 and made it to the Final Four,  year 3 the Trojans were 12-4 and ranked #1 in AAA before the Covid shortened season. Region Coach of the Year honors during the 2018 season AAA Coach of the Year in 2019 Constant LEARNER! A DUDE!!   Notes Keep a card and write down any learning point throughout the game Extended column - these things that can help us or hurt us in the playoffsBecome Practice plans  Hope to cross off items as we go If I am going to ask a kid to get better I need to be specificIt's on me to be specific Write MAY on their bullpen ball The playoffs are like a high wire - regular season is low and then as you get longer in the season the wire gets higher and you have no net! Team goal of 950 field %Outfield - NO GAPS Infield - can't play infield without good feet 200 ground balls a day -  Only throws full speed or DON'T THROW Game speed feet if you can't throw game speed Your expectations as a coach turn into players' actions! Positions are rented! You better watch out for the teams that fight for positions When you get to the point of vulnerability you don't back down from confrontation More time in the weightroom, long toss sessions, bullpens, any chance you get to get to know each kid because you can't talk to each kid the same Your kids need to know that you don't have it all figured outNot scared to tell the kids I made a mistakeLet a pitcher in too long Send a runner or didn't send a runner It can't be a one size fits all Big difference between knowing the game as a player and knowing the game as a coach There is no substitute for experience How do I extend the 21 outs on my side and shorten them on their side Most coaches don't trust their players preparation, when it turn it is the coaches who prepared them, so it's really the coaches failure in preparing.  Would you rather win a game 10-2 or 10-6?10-2 you lost an opportunity for you to find something about a kid 10-6 you got an opportunity for you to find something about a kid Know you players and their identity (move power hitter to leadoff spot based on his identity) Video breakdown and character talk When they leave the program I want them to know I love them and be better people and have more than an identity than baseball players Character card - values of the people in our program will possessThis is your card about you as a man in this program If I take it we talk about, and I give it back when I see they make the changes Reached out to staff as characteristics of what our kids need the most Made hard decisions based on the character of a kid - addition by subtraction  Surface - element cardSurface - fence, grass, backstop, etc Element - wind, temperature, sun, etc Team meeting before practice Character talk before practice Feel the heart beat of your team and see what would be generic for the guys and figure out what works Don't be scared to fail and think the coach is “cool” Twitter - @trevorflow Email North Hall social media is a dialogue for myself The more I coach it's not competing against the other coach, it is coaching/playing against the game and ourselves You got to go out and play chess not checkers!! Advice from other coaches through the coaching community  

    63 - Rob Younce: Greenbrier Christian Academy (VA) & Canes Baseball

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    Younce Notes   Bio collegiate playing career at the US Naval Academy and Old Dominion University involved with baseball for over 25 years.  Assistant Coach at Greenbrier Christian Academy (VA) Under 500 before coming on staff 2019 - lost in state semi 2020 - covid 2021 - D2 state champs Canes Baseball hitting and INF coach for the 14 National team. Coached at every level Former Scouting director for the organization Associate Scout with the Philadelphia Phillies.  created Coastal Va Baseball  Notes Survey at the end of fall to discuss role and communicate expectations Want guys moving faster during practice The standard is the standard! It doesn't matter what jersey I am wearing Kids have to know the orders - High school - we still want the kids the win no matter if they play the next level or not Travel - we still have a standard and kids can use to help speed up their progression Find multiple ways to say things to help with multiple kids It's a hard conversation to tell someone they are not meeting the standard, and most time the kids know it Has not changed that coaches want to see them Rise in the value of college camps The player themselves gets them recruited Coach gives an honest assessment that is credible My job is to gives honest feedback/criticism Leave it better than you found it Point out the hop where the last hop would land Get the right hop as an infielder Teach them how to get the right  Defensive efficiency chart - lanes and speeds Swing decision chart Not a finished product, be a constant learner Be who you are and give yourself an honest assessment of where you are Twitter @robyounce DM's are open  

    62 - Phillip Shallenberger: Powerballers Baseball, Former Cairn University and Savannah Bananas

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    Shallenberger Notes Bio   Current GM of the Park Sports Complex Powerballers 17U Baseball Coach Head Coach @ Cairn University from 2016-2020: 2019 CSAC Coach of the Year Recipient;  All Time Winningest coach in Cairn University History Lead the Highlanders to 1st playoff appearance and victory Assistant Coach @ Savannah Bananas 2020; Worked with players from JUCO, D2, and D1 levels;  Helped team reach the Coastal Plains Championship Game; Coached 11 All CPL Players Assistant Coach @ Belmont University 2015; Top 10 in seven offensive categories in all of NCAA D1;  OVC Tournament Appearance;  Coached 4 Players drafted from Belmont Player/Assistant Coach @ Geneva 2006-2010/2011-2013; Team MVP with a .420 Batting Average and lead the team in Saves;  NCAA All- Region Team & All- Tournament Team;  Coached NCAA D3 National Strikeout Leader   NOTES Intentional about relationships How many touches can I get with each player each day? Roots were in the relationships with the players Culture drove the fruit Every single player heard their first name called everyday at practice What is your value as a coach? Are you in a place that values relationships? Wrote each player a letter from the head coach to show how much they cared The formula doesn’t change, the people do - find out how they tick Treat each individual player like their own individual Practice looked different for every single player 724-448-7808 @coachphill_s

    61 - Tim Saunders NHSBCA & Dublin Coffman (OH) retired

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    Bio Retired HC of Dublin Coffman High School (2020) Former President and now Executive Director of the NHSBCA USA Baseball (1995-2015) Olympic Sports Festival Colorado Springs (last ever) 1997-2015 USA Baseball staff  HC of 16 year olds and assistant coach for 18 YOD First team to beat Cuba twice in 3 game series USA Baseball Amatuer COY 2000  Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2004 Central District Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2005 In 2012 he became the first coach from Ohio to be inducted into the National High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame Career record of 589-393  Led Shamrocks to 13 league titles at Coffman, and 2 league titles at Meigs HS Assistant at Indiana University 86,87 Division I state semifinal appearance in 2000  State championship in 2001 Relationship article  Molding Young Men Article Notes Being held accountable has changed Treat them all the same in a way but different Handle the situation right at the time it happens Good coaches have a way of communicating why things happen Triangle - players, parents, and coaches - coaches making decisions, support the players, and players support us, parents support us when kids do The more you want the kids to open up, the coach needs to open up Communication is so key, and the more people know they let you be Signed contract for role and if they complained about it they will be cut Be friendly, help people out,  Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to learn? Be genuine Have a heart to heart sometime with the parents/players Be a better communicator Believe in what you do Know your players (who to yell at and those you pat on the back) Be able to talk to people (high fives, head up when your walking down the hall) Tried to make every day a recess!! You can’t win competitions with BASSET HOUNDS! Slow, don’t care, lazy Quit talking and let’s get to work All levels can be developed your expectations just change Coaches compliment - “practice is over already?” If you have no Relationships, you have no Culture! Relationship article  Molding Young Men Article  

    60 - Tom Marker Oletangy Orange (OH)

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    Bio Alma Mater: Capital University ’02    The 2021 season is the 3rd as head coach at Olentangy Orange for Tom Marker. During his tenure Marker has turned the Pioneers into a state and district power, leading Orange to a number one State Ranking and top 50 National Ranking this season.    Marker’s record of 39-10 (.796) is first all-time in winning percentage at Orange. In his career as a head coach Marker is 237-141 (.627). Marker’s efforts have paid off in the win column and across the board as Prep Baseball Report has tabbed Orange as the top program in the state in the last three State Poll Rankings.    In March of 2016, Marker was asked to speak at the National High School Baseball Coaches Association clinic in St. Louis. Since then, Marker has spoken at the OHSBCA clinic and the LHSCA clinic.    Over the last six seasons, Marker has led his teams to four district final appearances. Marker was named Central District Baseball Coach of the Year in 2013. He also served as President of the Central District Coaches Association and is currently a member of the National High School Baseball Coaches Association staff.    Currently, Olentangy Orange is the number one ranked team in the state of Ohio and has a record of 17-2. Their team is hitting over 0.400 and they bolster a roster with commitments to Vanderbilt, Wright State, Toledo, King University, West Liberty University and Ohio Northern University.    Marker teaches sixth grade math at Olentangy Orange Middle School and lives in Lewis Center with his wife (Amie) and three children (McKenzie 9, Jackson 4, and Lainey 1). He has been on numerous podcasts including most recently being asked to be on the “Making Math Moments” podcast.    Olentangy Orange – 2019-present (Head Coach)  Upper Arlington – 2015-2018 (Head Coach)  Bexley – 2010 - 2014 (Head Coach)  Grove City – 2009 (Pitching Coach / JV Coach)  Independence – 2006-2008 (Head Coach)   Notes “PD” days - personal development days - individual days  Classroom sessions Everyday we go through the plan as needed Slide show from Huddle “Town meetings” - movement of personnel, leadership skills, Sundays (record on zoom)   In game data Huddle Chop the video up and put into a slide show for what we need to do better QAB First pitch swing % Fast ball take UCLA tendencies Dirt ball reads Red alert plays Back to the infield to take a bag with infield back turns Lob back to the pitcher Points on scrimmage, not just runs Red alert 10 points 2 out hit = point Web gems = 2 points “Hustle rules” - process based scrimmage The more you swing, the more you walk! If you are aggressive, guys will start to nibble Roster reduction NOT cut Your going to play, not going down to JV or up to Varsity 401k - youth program “Option” period everyday in training to prepare for that option  Instead of exit meetings we do quarterly meetings Hitters - appetizers, entree, and dessert Get loose Challenge Good taste in your mouth Can’t have A goals with D actions “Transparency meeting” - after tryout meetings Game days - very little instruction, it is their playground Sprinkler flags for marks for baserunning No mechanics during BP, that happens indoor facility breaking it down ON field BP Vandy series Rivalry period Dead, live, dead, live - BP with live basrunning Practice should not look like camp! PD stations, PD groups @coachmarker DMs are open  

    59 - Matt Ittner; Cox High School (VA)

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    Bio Coach Ittner begins his fourth year at the helm of the Cox baseball program.  He is a 2008 graduate of Cox High School, where he was a 3-year varsity letterman for the baseball team.  Coach Ittner went on to play for two years at College of the Albemarle from 2010-2011 and then at Virginia Wesleyan College for his remaining two years from 2011-2013.  In the fall of 2014, Coach Ittner was hired as the junior varsity head baseball coach at Cox High School.  After a 9-1 campaign with the Cox JV baseball team in the spring of 2014, he was hired by Salem High School in Virginia Beach to be their varsity head baseball coach and spent three seasons there from 2015-2017.   July 2017 was named Frank M. Cox HS HC In 2019 Coach Ittner was named Region 6A co-coach of the year after compiling an 18-6 record and earning a state tournament berth for the Falcons.  Coach Ittner is currently a special education teacher with Virginia Beach City Public Schools. Notes Raise your minimums!! D2 guy to a D1 guy. No baseball guy becomes a baseball guy! Brett McCabe’s catalyst school How do you deal with the player that question everything? How do you deal with the player that loses confidence? Live calls Ways to grow more than the X’s and O’s Notebooks on each player - logging conversations - knowing the athletes, looping back with the athletes - do you really understand the player? Story telling  Authentic and drawn to what keeps coaches up at night Tough Topics that head coaches have to deal with Are you reflecting with what happens the most? Story telling before each game - we want them to be in it “Out of the hat” app - random name that generates to connect with “Find out Fridays” - 2 minute conversation between sets with weightlifting and classroom session Fall and spring evaluation (google form) more formal than the informal Find out Fridays The coaches that do it at the highest level to deal with human beings? Am I given myself the best opportunity to build the person? Program pyramid - standards of the program 3 tiers  Greatest level of respect is taking a coaching cue and doing it! Coaching staff built the pyramid Culture bulbs your program, identity builds your team Finding a common theme that guys buy into to make the year special “Mission 23” Expedition 6-13 - climb to last day of the year Bring it home 2021 Talked to SEALS about the process  5 games goal QAB champion -  F3P champion -  Offense Big Inning BB/K = 1:1 QAB = 50% Create 7 or more freebie 4 or more in 7 inning Defense Win the freebie war Deny the big inning Less than 120 pitches F3P - what you do the first 3 pitches Get off the field in less than 20 pitches and stay on offense for more than 20 Color code what happens during the game (green good, and red bad) Strings of QAB to produce a big inning @falcons_skip  

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