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The award-winning space science podcast about all things space! Hosted by Alex G. Orphanos, science communicator, maker, and aerospace engineer. Our mission: to spread love and spread science!

Alex G. Orphanos, Science Communicator

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    DART successfully impacts asteroid, Tesla Bot is revealed, & Space Walk & Talk 04 | Discipline & Leaning on your Strengths

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2022 52:24

    On this episode we talk about the DART mission AFTER impact and how the observed debris doesn't match any of our prediction models - and planetary scientists are loving it! We share part of a Twitter thread from @DrPhilTill all about how they expected the debris to act one way, and it did something else instead!  Teslabot Optimus was revealed on AI Day and we were shocked, excited, fascinated, and terrified all at the same time. We asked you on Instagram if you wanted us to chat Teslabot - and you voted YES!! So I share my intial thoughts and reactions after seeing it walk on stage for the first time, unassisted. THE FUTURE IS HERE We close out with another segment of Space Walk & Talk, where I speak about discipline, leaning into your strengths, and working on your weaknesses - all traits I find myself looking up to Astronauts for. I also reflect on the podcast and how unplanned and uncontrollable the path has been to get here.  Have a great week! Support the podcast: • Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod • Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop - • Get a free quote on your next 3D printing project at • Donate at 00:30 What to expect this episode 03:12 How to support the podcast for free 04:20 AG3D printing 05:09 SnapCollar, a 3D printed idea success story! 06:16 Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod 07:44 DART mission impact! What happened?? 09:20 Views from DART impact, Hubble, JWST, ATLAS, and LICIACube 13:05 What are the debris filaments/spindles from impact? New science to be learned! 13:52 Dr. Phil Till twitter thread on impact and debris spindles 17:14 My thoughts on DART Mission impact, and the reason for dust "filaments'" 19:35 DART Question - Why wouldn't we just nuke an asteroid instead of DART? 24:24 Why DART is an amazing mission for the future of defending life across our solar system from deep impact. 22:54 Tesla Bot demo & thoughts 28:20 Teslabot is great for Software Engineers & Programmers 30:39 How I feel about Tesla Bot: the good, the bad, and the existential crisis 35:35 Share your worries with Tesla bot with us! And also what you love about it - email us at 39:04 Space Walk & Talk - Learning who you are, improving your weaknesses, and leaning into your strengths. How Astronauts can teach us about life as human beings - being prepared and disciplined for performing when things get emotional

    AG3D Lab's JWST v3, Mars Update: 3D printing regolith & MOXIE converts CO2 to O, & DART asteroid impact soon!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2022 45:57

    On this week's podcast we discuss all-things space NOT including NASA's Artemis & SpaceX. But instead share some updates from the AG3D Printing Lab, Orbital News from Mars, & review the upcoming DART mission. - AG3D Lab releases it's v3 design for the James Webb Space Telescope. We tested out a new durable resin and share some of the process of using our larger resin 3D printer the ELEGOO Saturn S. - Mars Update 1: 3D printing Martian regolith (soil) with a Ti mixture could provide huge benefit for life on Mars. A little soil goes a long way, and could solve problems not possible with space mission designs today. - Mars Update 2: The Perseverance Rover's MOXIE instrument has successfully converted CO2 into Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide. Oxygen so pure we can breathe it and use it for fuel on a return mission to Earth. - DART Mission will impact an asteroid/moonlet (dual Asteroid system Didymos and Dimorphos) on Sept to see if we are better than the Dinosaurs. Kinetic Impacter spacecraft to prove strategic physics can prevent extinction-level event. DART IMPACT: September 26, 2022, 7:14 p.m. EDT Support the podcast: Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Get a free quote on your next 3D printing project at Donate at  

    Space Progress Incentives | NASA and SpaceX | Artemis Program's future & what comes next

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2022 60:41

    We are all human beings. We have our own incentives to achieve goals in our lives. In the Space-game, incentive for progress depends mostly on how you decide to do space. SpaceX offers engineers of all ages the opportunity to be a part of something revolutionary, like making life interplanetary. NASA offers the best and brightest a chance to join the royal ranks of the United States space program to uphold and progress the legacy of this legendary organization. SpaceX opted to fail fast and learn faster, blowing up rockets in the search for reusability and preparing for interplanetary travel. NASA has history and is at the start of it's roughly seventh evolution with the Artemis Program and getting it's mega-moon rocket Space Launch System ready for Artemis 1. These are two different incentives towards space progress. We go over the novelty with each approach, and discuss the 'summer of hydrogen" which plagued NASA in the Space Shuttle era in the summer of 1990. This summer had months of delays due to unsolvable liquid hydrogen leaks. We review the publication from a NASA employee on what that was like, what they tried, and what they eventually realized from April - October troubleshooting leaks. This problem Artemis 1 is having is an old problem. One that NASA has to deal with because of their incentives.  We get deep into the basics of how to approach any space program, the incentives your workforce has to make progress, and the challenge of "making it happen". The Summer of Hydrogen: Support the podcast: Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Get a free quote on your next 3D printing project at Donate at

    Artemis 1 Scrub 1 | What happened to Engine 3?, NASA learns their Rocket, SpaceX launches twice, and where to watch launches on the Florida Space Coast | The Balance

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2022 44:34

    On this episode we are catching up after a busy, but scrub-filled week here in Florida. The first launch attempt for Artemis 1 scrubbed on Monday 8/29/22 originally due to an Engine 3 cooling issue. We discuss what went wrong and the balance that NASA has to strike as they learn their Space Launch System on the fly. Meanwhile, SpaceX launched twice while I've been here, once on the east coast and once on the west coast. Why is NASA having such a hard time? We go over all of that in the second half of the podcast. In the first half we discuss my time here in Flordia, learning the ins-and-outs of attending a launch as a regular citizen, and I share my experience and advice for YOU the next time you decide to come to Florida's Space Coast for Artemis 2, 3 and beyond! There's lots of places to watch and some things to prepare for if/when you do. We'll be camping out tonight for Artemis 1's second launch attempt on Saturday September 3rd, from 2:17PM-4:17PM ET. Weather is 60% GO! Follow us online for more content leading up to launch. LET'S GO ARTEMIS! Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on Instagram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook Share the podcast with friends & family! Support the podcast: Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Get a free quote on your next 3D printing project at Donate at

    Artemis 1 Prep, A Falcon9 Night launch, and Spacewalk & Talk 02

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2022 26:46

    Hello space-folks! We are here at the eve of the Artemis 1 and getting very excited for launch day. We've travelled to Florida to help cover the launch and cannot wait to share more after Space Launch System and Orion take off to the moon! This episode I share my thoughts on launch day, and how insanely packed with people it will be. We also talk about the night launch I watched (my first night launch/second launch ever) of a SpaceX Falcon 9 which was the best appetizer to SLS you could ask for. We also end the episode with Spacewalk & Talk 02, discussing the first all-female spacewalk/EVA, the challenges of human spaceflight, and my progress with the Wim Hof breathing method (and what I learned I was doing wrong). Live long and prosper and good luck to the NASA team launching Artemis 1 tomorrow! It begins and we are going!

    Chris Wade | Ethereal Geometry Arts, Rocket Graveyards, and Creating Surreal Space Artwork

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 100:04

    On this week's episode we are honored to have Chris Wade of Ethereal Geometry Arts in Hunstville, Alabama on People of Science!  Chris is an artist who works in surrealist style with and Aerospace Engineering, capturing the awe and wonder of his dreams finding abandoned rockets. Alex and Chris discuss the challenges of being an artist, making a living in your passion, and what it takes to get the creative works out of you and on a 'blank canvas', whatever the medium is. We learn about Chris' origin story and how it went from drawing jets, to being obsessed with the guitar & music, and then finding his passion to reenter the arts and start Ethereal Geometry! Please check out Chris' accounts to see his artwork, including some of his latest work making wacky Pet portraits in his surreal-space style. You can also visit him at the Lowell Mill in Huntsville (just give him a heads up you're coming by!) We really enjoyed hearing about how Chris' life has been interconnected with aerospace from a very young age, living in the 'Rocket City' and seeing all the amazing missile defense, ISS operations, and rocket test stands that have been active lately thanks to NASA's Space Launch System and Blue Origin buying one of the historic test stands of the Space Race. A great combination of Arts, Science, Technology, and Engineering to lead us to the Artemis 1 launch and the start of the Artemis Generation! Please follow Chris Wade at: Support the podcast: Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on Instagram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook Share the podcast with friends & family!

    Spacewalk & Talk 01 - Artemis 3, Astronauts, The 1st EVAs, Stress, and Breathing

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2022 31:40

    On this episode we try out a new segment called Spacewalk & Talk where I keep myself honest by recording thoughts and ideas I have ONLY ON MY WALKS to keep myself consistent and focused on my own health. We all have our own balance, and we can "hack" our inbalance by thinking outside the having a podcast episode dedicated to only recording WHILE I walk so that I feed the podcast addiction, and a health benefit is included. Instead of saying "I can't" or "I don't have time" I am trying "What if I did this...". Let me know what you think! Shout out to Gary Vee who gave me the idea - the name is still being decided but regardless of that, this episode will be all about Spacewalks, or Extra Vehicular Activities. Human activities outside the confines of the spacecraft they are surviving in. We dicsuss: - Some of the 1st EVAs/Spacewalks and how dangerous they really are - What is an Astronaut? Cassic Astronauts vs. Commercial Astronauts - How Artemis will ALL be about EVAs/Spacewalks, starting with Artemis 3 when the 1st woman and 1st person of color step foot on the Moon. - How Stress made me stupid in college, consistency is better than "perfect", and how Wim Hof's breathing and cold therapy method may show scientific results that show we have more human potential than we think. If you want to learn more about the Artemis missions, and follow along as we go LIVE for launch on August 29th - check out this episode and follow up on social media: Artemis begins | NASA's Orion, SLS, and SpaceX's Starship set the stage to the Moon [FULL EPISODE] #nasa #artemis1 #todayinspace #space #technology #audiopodcast #kennedyspacecenter #spacex #starship #gateway #polaris #astronaut All this and more on this episode of Today In Space! Support the podcast: Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on Instagram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook Share the podcast with friends & family! 1st Spacewalk by Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov: Hubble Servicing Spacewalks: Apollo Missions: Wim Hof Guided Breathing session: Wim Hof VICE episode: The Science behind Wim Hof's methods:

    Artemis begins | NASA's Orion, SLS, and SpaceX's Starship set the stage to the Moon

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 29:47

    We are getting ready for the Artemis 1 launch to robotically send the Orion Capsule to the Moon and back! We update you on how our NASA social application went, and our plans to be in Florida for the entire launch window (August 29, September 2, and September 5). We are so excited to be there for the maiden launch of the worlds most powerful rocket and the first stage to send the first woman and first person of color to step foot on the moon.  This episode, we talk about NASA's SLS and Orion and SpaceX's Starship will make it possible for us to send humans to the moon again. We also talk about how the Gateway will look to make moontravel 'routine' and Starship can help make solar system planet hopping possible! This whole month is about Artemis, and we want to hear your questions! Send us your questions and we'll share and answer them on the podcast. Here's to building a fantastic future...and seeing Artemis 1 launch in Flordia!! All this and more on this episode of Today In Space! Support the podcast: Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on Instagram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook Share the podcast with friends & family!

    JWST starts unfolding the universe, one new image a time | Answering your JWST Questions

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2022 64:43

    On this episode, we have compiled all-things JWST after the 1st images were released on July 11th-July 12th! We are living in a post-JWST world and already the amazing piece of space technology is a suitable successor for the Hubble Space Telescope. And NASA/ESA/CSA are just getting started, as images continue to be released and show us even more about the unseen infrared spectrum of the universe. We share a whole lot of info in this episode, including: What to look for when you're looking at JWST images Where to find the original images and explore, as well as process your own images to share with others! The Challenge of JWST's release schedule and keeping the average citizen up-to-date on the latest discoveries Reflections on what JWST has already shown us We answer some of the questions you reached out to us about on the podcast: What are we seeing in these first images from JWST? How Hubble & JWST are different? How JWST moves in space and how it gained it's usable fuel to extend its lifetime almost double? What are we excited for next from JWST? All this and more on this episode of Today In Space! Support the podcast: Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook Share the podcast with friends & family! Episode Timeline: 00:30 Living in a Post-JWST world / What to expect on this Episode 02:51 AG3D Lab / JWST Coaster & Spacecraft 3D prints / Design for 3D Printing 07:53 We had a great experience for JWST reveal / JWST 3D Print, Paint 08:40 Staying away from social media to keep ideas fresh for the podcast 09:50 1st images from JWST are mindblowing... 11:00 Manscaped Ad - Be ready to represent humanity well when you get abducted by Aliens! You're our only hope! Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! 13:26 What to look for in JWST images when they come out 17:02 Hexagon Star Streak Indicator from JWST 17:38 REACTION: JWST's 1st Deep Field Image 18:36 JWST is a time-viewing machine! 20:36 JWST image covers THIS MUCH of the night sky 22:11 Great place to zoom into JWST images - 23:36 The only downside for JWST - no easily-accessible feed of truth for image releases. Too many website to view for the average citizen 26:36 Processing and releasing your own JWST images 28:06 Reflections from Dr. Z - Associate NASA Administrator 30:36 JWST can find the oldest galaxy / Observing the Sky is observing the past 32:36 JWST is a great piece of Space Technology 33:26 JWST: Exoplanet Hunter 36:36 JWST: Did you know YOU could request observation time? 37:41 What did the 1st JWST images mean to me? 39:26 How much are we desensitised to the universe around us with light-pollution and "in-the-planet" thinking? 40:06 With JWST reveal of so much out there, can the Drake equation assumptions still hold up? 41:06 YOUR questions answered: Why is secret clearance needed to lead JWST team? ITAR & secret clearance (I do not have secret clearance) 44:22 YOUR questions answered: JWST launch doubled it's 10 year lifetime and has more fuel, but what does that mean? What is JWST's orbit? 47:31 YOUR questions answered: Is the Hubble Telescope now a relic of the past? How did Hubble get us to here with JWST? How do JWST and Hubble compare? 55:24 YOUR questions answered: What is JWST's focus moving forward? What am I excited about JWST discovering? 58:18 What do I hope we discover about the universe and humanity through JWST? Exoplanets/ Oumuamua / TRAPPIST-1/ Thinking "outside the box"

    People of Science - Jim Cantrell | Phantom Space, Entrepreneurship, Building things, and the SpaceX Origin Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 9, 2022 73:28

    On this episode, we interview Jim Cantrell for another segment of People of Science. We learn about Jim's childhood inspiration in STEM and go through his time at JPL, working with the French Space Agency, and being a founding member of SpaceX (that's just up until the 2010's, there's more!). Jim shares his experience as part of the crew with Elon Musk the day SpaceX was created while they were trying to buy rockets from the Russians for a Mars mission. Jim shares his journey as an entrepeneur, maker, and builder and we discuss his lessons learned from his time at Vector Space. Jim's current venture, Phanton Space Corporation is looking to change daily access to space by becoming the "Henry Ford of Space". Their first launch is NET August 2023, and did we mention they are using Ursa Minor's 3D printed rocket engine?? All this and more on this episode of Today In Space! Ways to support us: Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod How to Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook Share the podcast with friends & family! Episode Timeline: 00:00 Jim Cantrell shares his origin story of childhood building & making anything, like soapbox go-carts 04:09 Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod 07:36 Jim found Business & Entrepreneurship later in his STEM career and discovered it gave him the scientific freedom he was looking for 09:41 Jim Cantrell's Space Industry Journey, from JPL to the French Space Agency 13:20 Jim Cantrell's Space Industry Journey, from house arrest for espionage in Russia to founding SpaceX with Elon Musk 16:45 Looking back at Gov-Space work, self-realization of hypocrisy, and a change of heart to leave the Space Industry for Racing 18:00 Startups bring Jim back in! Commercial Space lures him back with the ability to build & make now! SkyBox Imaging, Planet, Paragon, Lunar Express & more! 19:15 In 2015, Falcon 1 mass production memory leads to in-house small rocket need for Vector Space Origins 21:00 Phantom Space Corp. thesis: complete the circle for daily access to space using mass manufactured rockets. Origin Story, COVID layoffs, rebuilding from the ashes 23:00 Elon's vertical Integration mindset, "I just wasn't of that mindset, but he was absolutely correct, for the time." 24:30 Creating an ecosystem outside the system, to change the system 25:40 Engines are the solution for Phantom Space, Ursa Major/NASA licensed software cuts down ALOT of time/cost to development 29:20 Getting the size right: Astra/Vector suffered from limited mass to orbit: Where 450kg to orbit came from 31:00 From Rockets to Satellites, Phantom Space is developing their commercial space business to develop space applications 34:00 Many Aerospace Engineers moves to Tech from Satellites because things were too slow. Launch Access can help 36:00 The old promises of Space & Shuttle, Get-away-and-go canister precludes the Cubesat. Human Space Safety vs. Commercial Flight 39:00 SpaceX may not be around if the Space Shuttle didn't retire 40:00 Elon Musk in his 20's, the feeling that Space could be done 'better' & more 'efficient' 42:00 AG3D Printing is here to bring your ideas into reality with 3D printing! Free quote on your next project at, support us by shopping at our Etsy shop at 45:35 Elon Musk, Jim Cantrell, and Mike Griffin go to Russia to get ICBMs for Mars Oasis mission, and SpaceX was born on the flight back 57:00 Jim Cantrell's learned lessons from Vector Space and Phantom Space Corp's origin 1:00:00 Phantom Space ready for hot-fire test, first launch NET August 2023  

    The Balance | Working in Tech & Engineering, Defining what an 'asshole' is at work in STEM

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 35:49

    This episode, we dive into the balance of being a human-being in a demanding and engaging career in STEM, specifically Technology & Engineering. Even more so at a place like SpaceX, Blue Origin, or NASA (to name a few). While the job can very technical and detail oriented, there's also the fact that you're still a human-being and it's a difficult challenge. You have to juggle your desire to do cool science stuff with not getting completely overwhelmed by the work to the point you have a breakdown. It is at the end of the day…a balance. And to make it even more challenging, sometimes you deal with assholes! But we wanted to define what a true “asshole” is in STEM. Do they attack ideas or people? That's our gauge. Which one's the asshole? Let's find out - and I want to know from you what you consider an asshole at work to be? If someone is critical but sticks to the data and doesn't attack you as a person…are they still an asshole? Is it on you? Is Elon Musk an asshole? Does this all relate to the internal SpaceX employee letter and subsequent firings? You betcha! And like most things nowadays….it's actually complicated but frequently oversimplified. Let's dive into the core of the problem, which is also the solution - humanity! 00:30 Introduction 03:55 AG3D Printing - our lab is here to bring your ideas into reality...with 3D printing! 08:56 SpaceX Letter 10:56 SpaceX is a Technology company, working in Tech is difficult 11:56 Is Elon Musk an asshole? Defining the types of asshole 12:56 Ashlee Vance's book on Elon Musk is a great introduction to working in Technology 14:30 What makes an Asshole an Asshole? Do they attack ideas or people? 16:36 Tony Fadell's interview on Lex Freidman's podcast was a great example of defining assholes in technology workplaces 17:56 Examples of the different types of Assholes: Attacking ideas vs people 22:05 Make a "good deal" with yourself and a challenging STEM career 19:30+03:56 Working in engineering and technology is demanding 23:36 My time working as an Apple Genius Bar Technician prepared me for a career in technology and 3D printing 24:56 How to Make a "good deal" with yourself and a challenging STEM career 26:45 For the 1st time, I'm concerned about the culture of SpaceX and the scientific progress at risk if it's true. 28:56 The 'slow/safe progress' culture hit NASA in the 2010's because of the Space Shuttle's disasters 29:56 Science problems are best solved when the human problem is kept in check 31:36 Closing Thoughts on working in Tech & Engineering, and the human challenge of making space travel possible 32:56 We are speaking to Jim Cantrell in July!

    JWST 1st Image incoming, NASA Grows Plants in Lunar Soil, and EHT Captures Black Hole at center of our galaxy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 46:54

    In this episode we have alot of space & science to cover! There were so many exciting things that happened in May/June that we are only just catching up. Lot's of 1sts going on lately: 1. Blue Origin's NS21 mission sends the 1st Mexican-born woman to the Edge of Space 2. NASA grows plants in Lunar Regolith for the 1st time. The soil was saved from the Apollo-era missions that brought back moon soil for us to test! 3. The EHT team captures the 1st image of the black hole at the center of our galaxy. Only the 2nd image EVER taken of a black hole 4. JWST plans to release the first images on July 12th! We discuss an event that happened on May23 & May25 to JWST. We share another Twitter Spaces clip where we got to ask the team about how the data JWST will take is different from Hubble. All this and more on this clip from the podcast! Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Share the podcast with friends & family!    

    Jane Davies | MSc Digital Anthropology, 3D printing, and humanity in Space | People of Science

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 61:37

    On this segment of People of Science we welcome Jane Davies to the podcast! Jane is a Masters of Science student researching the Digital Anthropology of 3D printing in Space. Luckily, this podcast is all about that cross-section of humanity and Jane reached out to us! It's been great to have participated in Jane's research and it's awesome to have made a friend through the internet! Jane shares her research, creative process, and insights as a Digital Anthropologist and we discuss humanity and the science around it.  From NASA 3D printing the first wrench in space, to tracking down early Space Artifacts of Earth, the Moon and Mars, we discuss this incredible cross-section of additive manufacturing and human space travel. Jane shared her STEM origin story on how she started in Digital Anthropology at University College London, as well as her interest for a future career in the Space Industry. All this and more on this episode of the podcast! Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Share the podcast with friends & family! 00:00 - Intro to Jane Davies, Digital Anthropology, and the Anthropology of Space 02:09 - STEM Origin Story for Jane and Digital Anthropology 05:04 - we'll put it up on the screen here "are copenhagen and denmark the same thing?" - answer 04:00 - Academics, Advice for future college students 11:00 - Anthropology, Digital-Age Humans, and the study of humanity 14:50 - Anthropology of 3D Printing in space, COSS, Early Space Artifacts (16:05) 17:00 - Terraforming Lunar and Martian Soil, Anthropology of the first space seeds 18:30 - Moon Seeds for Anthropology (19:30 - The 6th Planet, Navajo), NASA's Veggie Lab, 3D Printing in Space (21min) 22:00 - Jane's Research on the first 3D printed objects in Space 23:15 - The 1st 3D printed wrench in Space (where is it?), What are 3D models? 24:30 - Research & Anthropology of Humans (26:20 Tom Bolstorf 2nd Life) 28:05 - Jane's Writing Process, Finding your Creative Method, & the torture of editing 30:10 - Alex's method of mindmapping, Jungian Personality Science ( 33:04 - The Anthropology of the Metaverse, NFTs, and VR 37:10 - The 3D model of the space wrench Barry Whilmore 38:30 - The potential Environmental & societal impacts of Cryptocurrency 40:00 - What are Anthropologists like? Malinowski 41:40 - Archaeology vs Anthropology 42:30 - Social Skills in Science: Being Curious 44:30 - Takeaways from Jane's research on the first 3D printed part in space 54:00 - 3D printing opens up the individual to ALL the possibilities to make 57:10 - What's next for Jane? Opportunities for Human Science in Space, Tech

    The Balance | RocketLab catches Electron w/ a Helicopter, Boeing OFT-2, AG3D gets a 3D Scanner, and Staying on Mission

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 37:24

    On this episode we recap the latest from a busy May in Space, including: - Boeing's OFT-2 gets a Part DEUX after fixing some valve issues  - James Webb Space Telescope continues Science Instrument commissioning  - Rocket Lab catches their Electron Rocket with a Helicopter and the CAPSTONE spacecraft is on its way to New Zealand for an Artemis/Gateway mission to the Moon - The AG3D lab gets a new 3D Scanner We discuss the balance of staying on mission when things get tough, busy, and confusing. JWST is a great story of staying on mission Have a great week and make sure to spread love and spread science!  LLAP Alex G. Orphanos The unreal science behind how James Webb aligned its mirrors and go it working  

    NASA Artemis 1 Delays, SpaceX Crew-4 Launch, & my JWST Q on Twitter Spaces

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 40:55

    This week we have much to discuss about all things space!  - NASA's Crew 4 launches to the ISS on a SpaceX Falcon9 & Crew Dragon NET April 23 5:26AM ET - NASA's SLS Wet Dress Rehersal gets delayed & we get new launch window possibilties for this summer in Florida at Pad39A - The Jame Webb Telescope team was on Twitter Spaces talking about the cryocooling the MIRI instrument is doing to get it ready for first observations - I got to ask a question live! We share the engineer & scientist answers here - We also discuss the latest projects in the AG3D Printing lab, with out resin 3D printed Falcon9 and our early prototype of our next JWST product for our etsy shop! to support the podcast and get a cool 3D printing gift at the same time All this and more on this episode of the podcast! Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Share the podcast with friends & family!

    The Balance | US Launch Independence, SLS rollout, & the changing tide of global Space efforts

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 41:04

    This week we discuss the nuanced topic of launch independence, the ability of a single country to continue their space programs regardless of global conflict that might interrupt international partnerships like the ISS and other space ventures. Given the continuing conflict in Ukraine, this story continues to develop. NASA also rolled out the SLS for the first time from the VAB to Pad 39B, which marks a momentus moment for Artemis 1 just around the corner. Looking forward to seeing that rocket in person in a few months! We're trying to go down to Florida and take it all in! Having a moon rocket along with all of our amazing "broomsticks" here in the US provides us an opportunity to continue our progress in space without the need for the Russian Soyuz system. US launch independence is at an all time strength given the last 10 years of work to allow America to launch its own Astronauts from American soil. What happened? How did we get here? Why are we so lucky? We attempt to answer those question throughout this episode. We also discuss the challenge others around the world are having now, as missions are getting shuffled now that organizations like ESA & JAXA who might have relied on Russian Soyuz launches to go to space. Even competitive rivals like OneWeb and Starlink are joining together to launch on American rockets to avoid delay and collapse of millions of invested dollars. It is a complex situation, and strangely the Space Force predicted these types of changes in their outline of Space Future 2060 release in 2019. All this and more on this weeks episode! Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Share the podcast with friends & family!

    Steve Good CCO of Ramon.Space | Software & Supercomputing to Space, & the universal language of Math & Physics | People of Science

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 56:52

    On this episode we return with another People of Science segment! This week, we are honored to have Steve Good, the Chief Commercial Officer of Ramon.Space - a company dedicated to bringing software & supercomputing to space. Today Ramon.Space Announces their High-Capacity Space-Resilient Storage Solution to the public. The boom of interest in space has been helped out by the economical advancements in rocket launches thanks to companies like Spacex - but what happens now?  Steve shares his STEM origin stories and how math & physics connected with him at a young age while his love of space merged into a 25 year career in Aerospace and Satellites. We discuss the business of satellites, orbits, and computing in space - and how the storage solution Ramon.Space is offering for spacecraft can meet the growing need and bridge the gap of our infrastructure needs in space. If you really want to learn more about satellites and what it takes to launch hardware with 0% failure rate over 50+ missions to space, while also enabling the future of storing, computing, and connecting data in space - look no further! Brief Review & runthrough of the missions Ramon.Space has supported: Hayabusa 2 TGO Mars Orbiter ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter ESA Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) NASA's Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) A big thanks to Steve Good & Ramon.Space for joining us and sharing their story! Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Share the podcast with friends & family!

    Ukraine, The Space Progress Conundrum, SpaceX's Starlink, and JWST's 1st image

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2022 20:22

    After alot of delay we are back for another episode of the podcast. I've been through the ringer with food poisining and other life stuff, as I'm sure you have as well. There was alot to catch up on since our episode to close out January and we review what's new in space this week. The war in Ukraine and Russia's invasion is terrible, and I do my best to stay in my lane of experitise and share how this affects the space industry. I am no international expert or political scientist but this conflict is already changing the scope of international policies with the global Space Industry being affected directly. We are in strange and difficult times, and the conundrum of space progress repeats. Major Space Progress parallels Major Global Conflict.  We close out by catching up on some of my favorite space news from last month, including a new Director of JPL, a wild year of SpaceX's Starlink so far (the good & the challenging), and the first engineering images of the James Webb Space Telescope. Thanks for joining us and for sticking around - very much appreciate everyone who listens/shares/follows the's to building a fantastic future for all of us. Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Share the podcast with friends & family!  

    Jenna Bryant | Space "Beyond Launch", Dual-Use Tech, & Embracing the non-linear path in STEM | People of Science

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 14, 2022 67:59

    This week we are honored to have Jenna Bryant, the Co-Founder of Embedded Ventures and the CEO/General Partner on the podcast. We had Jordan Noone, her Co-Fouder and CTO for Embedded at the end of last year (available here) and we pick up our conversation about space "beyond launch".  We explore Jenna's non-linear STEM original story and discuss how we should be embracing that as the norm, becuase it has become the norm in Tech. Jenna's has seen this first hand in her early days as a Tech Recruiter during the hayday of Silicon Valley, and its helping her and Embedded Ventures shape the future of space with Dual-Use Tech.  Learn more on this new exciting episode of the all-things space podcast! 00:15 welcome Jenna Bryant / Embedded Ventures 01:05 outreach STEM 06:45 mentor ship programs, twitch streaming, 08:15 project payload for middle school girls to design test and launch a rocket! 09:45 science is messy 10:45 Juleah kaliski 11:15 stem origin story 12:15 tech agencies in LA 13:15 Jenna's mentor and MySpace 13:45 from tech recruiter to investor, Jordan and Jenna's balance, meeting Jordan noone 17:45 founders become recuiters 18:45 kittycad 20:35 the hype was real for a new CAD innovation 27:45 making money better & smarter 28:55 geeking out about space infrastructure 30:15 every company is becoming a robotics company 31:45 GPS has a risky future, infrastructure, starlink 38:15 BTTF & Deloreans 41:15 materials science will be the future! 44:15 airdropping around the world 46:15 Huntsville influence & space 52:15 nonlinear careers in stem are the norm! 01:00:15 trumpets playing and jazz 01:04:45 final thoughts from Jenna Bryant

    Thoughts on the first humans living in space & how money will work on Mars, the Moon, and in space | TIS265

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2022 24:25

    This week, there have been some thoughts brewing that I keep circling back to. It's got some layers: What kind of skills will the first humans living on another planet need to survive? What is the first 50-100 years of humans living in space going to be like? If people are living somewhere, they'll need money - what is that going to be like on Mars? This line of thinking started with the remote assembly of JWST in space by humans on Earth, and tied in with an article from Interesting Engineering that shared a company who is contactless drilling on Earth and hopes to bring it to Mars.  We would LOVE to hear your thoughts, if you have more information and knowledge on the questions we are posing, or want to let us know what you'd like us to explore next! Mars: Bill Britton - Cyberskills & Cybersecurity James Burk - Mars Society, Mars Coin, MarsVR Lex & Elon Part III (i.e. Cryptocurrencies in Space)  

    Webb Telescope Fully Assembled in Space, the Insanity of Starship, and a Hubble-born Perspective | TIS#264

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 32:25

    On this week's episode we share some thoughts on just how significant the success of James Webb Space Telescope is so far after being assembled in space on its way to 1 million miles from Earth at L2. There's a lot we will learn about existence after the big bang thanks to JWST, and we know that Hubble changed the way we look at space. Who doesn't have a Hubble pic on their computer? You can support the podcast and get a 3D printed JWST inspired coaster here in our esty store at We also talk about the difference between Engineers & Scientists, and how they support each other. And of course we share some thoughts about how crazy SpaceX's Starship is as the "chopsticks" of the launch tower are being weight tested before trying to literally catch the most powerful first stage rocket we have ever built... Thanks for joining us this week! Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Share the podcast with friends & family!

    James Webb Space Telescope | A space success story, a reflection of 2021, and actions for a great 2022! TIS#263

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 33:29

    Wishing you nothing but improvement and the best for you in 2022! Closing out 2021, we wanted to enter 2022 by recapping the story of James Webb Space Telescope as a beacon of hope that even with struggle, difficulty, and decades of doubt - humans can still perform great acts and complete the goals set out before them. After the successful Christmas day launch, the assembly process on the way to 1 million miles away from earth continues to be successful. Some of the most difficult moments are behind with more to come... The journey to getting this astronomical marvel off planet and into space was a saga in its own right. It really resonated with me about what life is like as a human being on this planet called Earth. This week we discuss how similar the challenges that JWST faced is to what we face in today's world. There are so many lessons to take away that we can use to understand the struggle we go through in a post-pandemic world. Struggle may exist, but performing at the moment you need to is critical, and we have NASA, ESA, and CSA to thank for adding more life to the space telescope as it makes its way to L2. We also try to discuss Lagrange Points, and what they are and why they are important. I do my best to make things simple, but of course, its not that simple to begin with. Bear with me as I discuss this 2 body phenomena, and share what lessons I took away from 2021, and the actions I hope to continue in 2022. Happy New Year - and to building a fantastic future! JWST Launch Reel Review (@todayinspacepod) JWST May operate for more than 10 years: Record year for orbital launches: NASA Explains what a Lagrange point is: Detailed report on the stationkeeping maneuvers for JWST while at L2: Visual Representation of JWST orbit around the Sun:

    Blue Origin NS-19, Parker Solar Probe 'touches' the Sun, and JWST launches Xmas Eve! TIS262

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2021 26:34

    In this episode we cover the latest in all-things space since our last episode on Dec 9th. - Blue Origin launched the 'Original Six' to the edge of space and back landing safely in West Texas.  - The Parker Solar Probe 'touched' the sun and it's corona for the first time, and some recent research linking solar wind and asteroid regolith with creating water which may explain the Earth's water 'budget'. One thing's for sure, our Sun is a main reason we have life as stable as we have it on Earth. To think it may also be 'wetting' the solar systems airless bodies is WILD - Jame Webb Space Telescope launches on Christmas Eve, December 24th at 7:20AM EST. We discuss what JWST will do to expand our understanding of the universe and our existence. Where we come from.  Solar wind research: Solar Wind Research paper abstract:   Hope you are doing well and hanging in there during the holidays. Live Long and prosper...and keep spreading love & spreading science.  Alex G. Orphanos

    SpaceX on Red Alert! Rocket Lab reveals Neutron and Blue Origin wins Space Station contract | The Balance TIS#261

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2021 26:32

    This week we're talking about the balance as SpaceX is on red alert! Starship & the Raptor engine are at risk to bankrupt SpaceX if they don't figure it out soon. Elon's email to SpaceX employees was leaked and reveals what we have seen so many times from Musk - logical, almost Vulcan-like honesty.  All of this was revealed as SpaceX continues to battle their competition like Blue Origin (just chosen for a contract to develop Orbital Reef to replace the ISS) and Rocket Lab (who revealed their design for their Neutron Rocket, which will compete with Falcon9!). While these companies duke it out for a share of the space economy, its a great time for space development as this type of healthy competition pushes us further towards sending the first woman and next man to the surface of the moon. And that's just the beginning of what's to come!  Thank you for joining us 00:00 - Introduction/SpaceX on Red Alert! 03:35 - Blue Origin win's Space Station contract 07:00 - Rocket Lab's newest rocket - Neutron 14:00 - Elon musk emails & 'typical Elon' 20:00 - Starship SN20 getting ready down at Starbase 23:00 - Closing thoughts, how to support the podcast If you like what we are doing and want to support us, please subscribe to our SubStack ( and on the various platforms for the podcast. It's free for you and means so much for us! And don't forget to share with friends & family too. Listen/subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcasts & Spotify Watch/subscribe to the podcast & clips on: Youtube Spread Love, Spread Science. Alex G. Orphanos Links, References for this episode: Yusaku Maezawa launches to the ISS to train for trip around the moon: SpaceExplored article on SpaceX Raptor Crisis by Derek Wise: Elon being honest about Tesla & SpaceX almost dying Elon being honest about CRS-7 Flight Failure Elon's other emails - NASA certifying that Crew Dragon is the only certified craft for humans to go to space/ISS Fairing recovery: Rocket lab vs SpaceX: Blue origin: Orbital Reef gets chosen by NASA 00:00 - Introduction/SpaceX on Red Alert! 03:35 - Blue Origin win's Space Station contract 07:00 - Rocket Lab's newest rocket - Neutron 14:00 - Elon musk emails & 'typical Elon' 20:00 - Starship SN20 getting ready down at Starbase 23:00 - Closing thoughts, how to support the podcast

    Jordan Noone | Space "Beyond Launch", Deep Tech, and Embedded Ventures | People of Science

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 76:25

    This week we are joined by Jordan Noone for an episode of People of Science. Jordan is currently the Co-Founder, CTO/Partner of Embedded Ventures, dubbed the "skunkworks of deep tech venture capitol" is investing in companies and technologies for space "beyond launch". There's so much focus on the rockets, but the whole reason we have rockets is to send payloads into space. If we solve the cost problem of going to space with reusability, then what comes next? How good is the stuff we are sending to space? Are we even ready for it? This is what Embedded Ventures is focused on solving for the space industry. Jordan was previously a Co-Founder, CTO of Relativity Space, who are revolutionizing the additive manufacturing and aerospace world by combining 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and autonomous robotics to create a rocket from raw material in 60 days with 100X less parts. We learn about Jordan's STEM Origin story, which has ultimately led him to a unique perspective as a 28-year old multi-business entrepreneur and engineer. Speaking of unique - did we mention he worked at SpaceX on both Cargo & Crew Dragon, a small stint at Blue Origin, and the head of USC's Rocket Propulsion Lab? Buckle in folks, we're launching this podcast for what comes next in space! Please welcome, Jordan Noone! Embedded Ventures R&D cooperative with USSF:  

    Kosmos-1408, Anti-Satellite tests, and 5 years of AG3D Printing | Thanksgiving | TIS259

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 34:19

    A Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US - and happy holidays to everyone around our planet Earth! We have a great travel podcast for you - perfect for the driving, shopping, traveling you'll likely be doing this week. Between Anti-Satellite tests, Orbital debris, and the 5 year anniversary of our 3D printing lab AG3D - there's a lot to cover!  Thanks for joining us Have a great Thanksgiving!

    NASA's HLS Drama OVER! SpaceX, Blue Origin, & the Emergence of Orbital Reef | The Balance TIS258

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 30:10

    A LOT has happened in the matter of a week in space...NASA & SpaceX continue work on HLS after months long delays, Blue Origin loses protest but strikes back with Orbital Reef for the next stage of Artemis. We learn about the diverse group of technologies, capabilities, and companies that make up Orbital Reef - Blue Origin, Sierra Space, RedWire, Boeing, Genesis Engineering, and Arizona State University (ASU). We explain WHY the HLS contract was so important to progress in space, and WHY Space Stations are a necessary technological development for us to truly have access to space for all. HLS Contract Timeline: April 2021 November 4th, 2021 Blue Origin loses protest for HLS Contract with NASA Orbital Reef, a Blue Origin company: RedWire:

    James Webb Telescope preps for launch, NASA's SLS & Artemis 1, & a 3D printing Halloween | TIS257

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 29:58

    This weeks episode we are talking about some important launches coming up this year if all goes well. Both missions are long awaited missions years in the making! Space Launch System is stacked inside the Vehicle Assembly Building in Florida for the first time. James Webb Space Telescope FINALLY (hopefully) gets ready for launch onboard an Ariane 5 rocket on 12/18/21. Both missions have been a long time coming and it begs the question - what have we learned from these long delayed missions? What could we do better to have a rugged space program that isn't susceptible to political whims and a waining public interest? How did we make our 3dprinted Halloween costume of a SpaceX helmet like the one the Inspiration4 wore on their mission? All this and more! We've got lot to chat about! We'd love to know what YOU think James Webb telescope gets ready for launch - what to look out for: A History of Hubble leading up to the Launch of James Webb Space Telescope: Hubble Repair news coverage:

    Blue Origin sends Kirk to Space, LUCY launches, & the first satellite refueling station from OrbitFab

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 34:05

    So much to catch up on from this month! Blue Origin sends Captain Kirk (William Shatner) to #space, LUCY launches to the Trojan Asteroids, and OrbitFab is launching the first satellite fueling station on a SpaceX Falcon9! & SO MUCH MORE For anyone waiting for a new episode this month - thanks for your patience! Life got the best of me, and sorry you had to wait. But thanks to everyone who reached out. All is good, just busy working on my future!  NASA launches the Crew3 mission on Halloween morning 2:21AM ET from Cape Canaveral, FL! We'll do a show covering the launch so we'll see you next week for another episode LUCY heading to the Trojan Asteroids Blue Origin Drama: Orbit Fab Launch:

    The Balance: Inspiration4, The Scientific Mindset, & Learning about my mind & body TIS#255

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 22:21

    This week we are closing out the exciting month of September and sharing more thoughts about the Inspiration4 mission. This first all-civilian mission has had a PROFOUND affect on me. Still processing just how much but it's really got me focusing on my own body & mind and wanting to make progress in a more healthier & fit me. NOT what I was expecting as my takeaway from this mission, but this really broke down my perception of astronauts as being required to be professionals. We are good enough to train basically anyone to become an astronaut now apparently.  I want to hear YOUR thoughts on what you've loved about Inspiration4 as well - so please reach out to us on social media @todayinspacepod on Twitter & Instagram, @todayinspace on TikTok, and /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook. Or email us at  As always, the podcast is brought to you by AG3D Printing, our 3D printing lab where we bring people's ideas into reality! We sell fun gifts and things for around the home on our etsy shop And we also have our lab where you can bring almost any idea from notes on a page to a physical product with our iterative design process. Head over to and follow us @ag3dprinting on Instagram to get a free quote on your project with us FAA review of environmental impact - public comments open  

    SpaceX Inspiration4 Deorbit, Ocean landing, & Recovery Hangout w/ Niko Orphanos of Weebs & Weights

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 49:05

    This week's episode begins with a recap of the successful Inspiration4 mission that successfully raised over it's $200 million fundraising and returned the crew of four back home to their families.  I am still searching for the right words to describe all that I am processing after this three day mission in space, that went farther than any current mission in orbit with the worlds largest window ever flown. We follow up with the audio from our 40 minute live hangout on our Facebook page/Todayinspacepodcast with my brother Niko Orphanos on his Twitch channel and discord  Watch the full broadcast from SpaceX that we had on in the background: Follow Nik on Twitch: Subscribe & Listen to the Weebs & Weights podcast:  

    SpaceX St. Jude's Inspiration4 Launch Hangout w/ Alex, Sara, and Niko

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 84:50

    On September 15th, 2021 the first all-civilian crew of Inspiration4 launched aboard a Falcon9 rocket to take a Crew Dragon spacecraft in orbit around the earth for three days at an altitude of roughly 575km (which after Day 1 has already reached as high as 590km!) A truly historic day and a true first that could open the ability for anyone to go to space. The mission is also a fundraiser for St. Jude's Research with the goal of raising $200 million dollars.  This recording was taken from our Facebook LIVE event as we watched the stream of the launch via SpaceX's website. As I am trained as an engineer and not a sound technician, I do apologize for the overlaying of audio feeds at times. We are working on our setup for the next broadcast so if you have any constructive feedback to help us get better please reach out! @todayinspacepod on Instagram/Twitter @todayinspace on TikTok /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook

    Inspiration, 3D printing, and the double-edged sword of Work-Stacking | TIS#252

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 25:51

    We're back after an episode-light August and ALOT of 3D printing with AG3D to talk about the double-edged sword of work-stacking. A technique I learned from a toolmaker in my days working in injection molding and by researching how a certain South African human is able to do so much with their companies in rockets, electric cars, AI, satellite internet, tunneling, neural interfaces and more... It's a powerful tool but WOW can you overload yourself. So we'll be talking about that a little more in depth, as well as covering the latest with Astra, Firefly, Starship and of course the upcoming Inspiration 4 mission. Thanks for joining us - LLAP Astra's 'Hover' Launch ( Firefly's mostly good test flight of Alpha: Just the video of the test flight (from Firefly) Inspiration 4 00:00 Introduction & checking in 06:20 The future of Space in review 07:00 Inspiration4 thoughts 08:30 What mission would I do as an Astronaut? 09:10 Thoughts on Astra "hover" launch 10:25 Firefly's Alpha Test Flight - good data, no more rocket 11:30 Thoughts on Orbital Starship launch 13:04 The future of Space continued 16:30 Work-Stacking - lessons from a toolmaker & a guy with a rocket 21:15 Outro / Subscribe / Email us your questions!

    James Burk | The Mars Society, MarsVR, and humanity's future home on the Red Planet | People of Science TIS#251

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 63:19

    After taking a week off and going North into the woods of Maine, we have returned refreshed and ready to discuss the near future of space! For Week 2 we're discussing humanity's future home on Mars, and we couldn't have asked for a better guest. This week we had the pleasure of speaking with James Burk, the Director of IT and Webmaster of the Mars Society and the lead for MarsVR. James shares his STEM origin story and how his passion for science and space began. We dive into the history of the Mars Society and how close we are to sending humans to the Red Planet really is. We discuss all things space to the max, from SpaceX & Starship to the crowdfunded success of James' project MarsVR, as well as potential uses for cryptocurrency in space - we went deep.  If you are a fan of space and wondering where all this progress is heading, this is a great podcast for you. Even more so if you are new to space and have lots of questions! Please enjoy our talk with James Burk and reach out to the Mars Society if you want to get involved and be hands-on in making a difference for humanity's future! The Case for Mars by Dr. Robert Zubrin (founder of the Mars Society): Learn more about the Mars Society: Learn more about MarsVR:

    Bill Britton | Cyber & Space, Securing our Space Future, 650,000+ Jobs, & Making Cyber a common skill

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 72:35

    Welcome to August of 2021! This month we wanted to discuss our near space future for all of us. While Billionaires and other lucky folks head to the edge of space we have to really focus on where this takes us. If going to space is regular, how do we make that a stable thing? What kind of job opportunities open up for all people? How do we secure our space assets, from top secret satellite technology to the data a crew is using to dock successfully to the space station? This week we welcome Bill Britton to the podcast to share his STEM origin story and discuss the cross-section of cyber and space. There is a need for over 650,000+ jobs right now in cybersecurity, and that isn't including the space industry that is virtually all digital and old - analog and highly susceptible to hacking. Do we need more PhD Rocket Scientists? Or just people who understand the basics of cybersecurity - digital literacy, cloud analytics, and cyber awareness? Can it be taught like any other skill but focused on the needs of the industry? We also learn about the California Cybersecurity Innovation Challenge where college students create an experience that high school students take part in for a challenge. To use these three pillars of Cybersecurity to solve a problem that is Sherlock Holmes-worthy (and I'm very jealous - it's very interactive and sounds like a blast!). It's going international soon - learn more about it in this episode. Thanks again to Bill Britton for coming on the podcast - it was a pleasure! Learn more about the work they are doing here: Jobs market for Cybersecurity has 500,000+ employee gap GenCyber Space Camp:

    5 Major Takeaways from Virgin Galactic & Blue Origin | July 2021 Review| The Balance: Billionaire Space Race

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 26:34

    It has been one space-filled July! Today in Space we share our 5 major takeaways from everything human spaceflight this month...because that's a thing now!? But seriously, there's a lot to unpack here. It's not just logical and technological, but emotional and complicated. So let's talk about it We want to know what this billionaire space race means to you. Email us at or on social media @todayinspacepod! To stir up the conversation, we discuss: 1. Capsules vs. Spaceships 2. Astronauts vs. Space Tourists 3. Wealth, Inequality, & open-access to space 4. Rage Against the 'Machine' of Humanity 5. The Affect of Human Spaceflight - why are these missions so emotional!!?? We also share a New Concept thanks to Jacob Hoffman for a new inclusive term 'spaceflyer' that acknowledges the magic of being a space tourist, but maintains the unique certification & skill for becoming an Astronaut or Cosmonaut. And the FAA tends to agree, and so would we. Blue Origin Test Flight Replay: Virgin Galactic Unity22 Replay: FAA Revises criteria for commercial astronaut wings: The origin of the term "Spaceflyers" - Jacob Hoffman @wildlingupnorth: Blue Origin: Jeff Beezos and his brother will go to space: Auction closes at 28 million for ride with Beezos brothers to Space: - Some of the broadcast SpaceX Inspiration4 team training before orbital launch into space Crew Details: The Mission: Training & Progress:

    Blue Origin to the edge of Space! The Bezos Bros, Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen | The Balance | Today In Space#248

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 26:34

    Blue Origin is set to launch their New Shepard rocket to the edge of space with four crew members on board! Jeff Bezos and his brother, Legendary Wally Funk, and 18 year old physics student Oliver Daemen get ready to launch to the edge of space and back. I did my best to cover what I know about Blue Origin in one episode while be honest and pointing out where I am biased. Because if you didn't already know, we're pretty big SpaceX fans here. But that can't stop us from talking about what Blue Origin is doing right and what I wish they would do more of!  the best of luck to the crew tomorrow morning! Here's to another first in the new space race, here's to a safe and successful launch of New Shepard! Space Links: Blue Origin: Jeff Beezos and his brother will go to space: Auction closes at 28 million for ride with Beezos brothers to Space: Wally Funk joins crew for first human flight of Blue Origin: Oliver Daemen joins crew for trip to the edge of space! Inspiration4 team training before orbital launch into space Crew Details: The Mission: Training & Progress:

    Virgin Galactic Unity 22 Mission sends Full Crew of 6 to the edge of Space & back! | Launch Hangout TIS#247

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2021 67:30

    On this weeks episode we share the compact and edited version or our Launch Hangout the the Virgin Galactic Fully Crewed SubOrbital flight of Unity22. The successful mission launched Richard Branson and his crew of 6 up to the edge of space and glided safely to the runway at Spaceport America in New Mexico. A powerful human Spaceflight mission that has us thinking the future of open access to space for everyone! We open with some talk about the billionaires space race and share our thoughts about this unique way of sending humans into space commercially  - big congrats to Richard Branson and the team for 17 years of hard work to reach this day. Apologies for any sound issues, I introduced a new microphone and went live on Facebook with a new setup. I did my best to remove the echo and balance the sound.  Wally Funk joins crew for first human flight of Blue Origin: Virgin Galactic First Fully Crewed Spaceflight What is considered the "edge of space"? The Kaman Line about the mission Unity 22 Unity22 mission Launch Broadcast (Launch Footage - close to takeoff!)

    Haley Harrison PhD in Nanoscience, NASA Social CRS-19, and Grad school advice

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 2, 2021 72:50

    This week we have the honor of having Haley Harrison on the podcast for a segment of People of Science. I met Haley at the CRS-19 NASA Social where we witnessed a Falcon 9 launch supplies to the International Space Station and toured the NASA Facilities like the VAB And Veggie Lab. Haley shares her path in STEM in pursuing her PhD in Nanoscience (which we can officially congratulate her for achieving recently! Way to go Haley!). She shares her experience finding a great team to support her through Grad school and shares advice on how to make the most of it while you are there.  We also brainstorm about how nanoscience can change the future, and specifically some applications in the space industry on how things like nanotubes (carbon or boron nitride) can help us achieve amazing things! Want some quick context on Nanoscience if you're new to the topic? Check out these links: Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast:   Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at  Share the podcast with friends & family!

    The Balance: We're all just emotional apes w/ incredible technology | TIS#245

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 21:49

    We're back! After some much needed time for a mental health break and an introspective view at where I'm at in my life at 31, we have returned fired up and ready to talk about the balance.  This is a great episode for anyone who is new to the podcast for some context on who I am, and a deep look at a part of my STEM origin story. No one has an easy time in a STEM career - it's a gauntlet. And I found myself doubting my own self after mentioning my goal of training to become an Astronaut. The same doubt that plagued me as a young 20-something, still full of angst and self-sabotage from a lack of confidence. I get more philosophical than scientific as the episode continues...but still a fun one that I hope helps someone going through a tough time as we transition to the next phase post-pandemic. But thanks to a commencement speech by the President and COO of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell - things started to align and make sense again! HIGHLY recommended listen for anyone in a STEM career or studying to become a scientist or engineer. We'd love to hear your STEM origin story if you have one - email us at! What sparked your interest and passion in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics? (don't forget the Arts too!) Gwynne Shotwell's Commencement Speech: Stephen Pressfield's 'The War of Art': ^ This is an affiliate link that helps support the podcast, if you purchase the book/audiobook we get some money from Amazon for sending you there!

    Why I DIDN'T Apply to be an Astronaut and how Perspective is EVERYTHING | TIS#244

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2021 21:48

    On this episode of the podcast I try to answer the question "Did I apply for the Inspiration4 or dearMoon project?" as honestly as possible. Going to space is not easy, and having physical limitations makes that harder. But not impossible. The possibility of going to space and podcast about my experience has me literally dreaming about the stars. Just like with any problem, solutions can be found even when it seems impossible. It just takes looking at things from a different perspective and then new solutions reveal themselves. I've changed my mind about wanting to be an astronaut over the course of this podcast. Recently, with all the exciting opportunities for everyday people to go to space upon us - I find myself being both brutally honest about my chances now and extremely hopeful and excited about the future possibility.  This was a really stressful episode to record and put out there. I've been thinking about this for a while, and especially now that I'm trying to be healthier and more fit. I've got a long way to go, and dreaming of going to space helps me quantify the work I have left and how far I can push myself to get stronger. My hope is this opens up your mind to the possibility that something you felt was impossible is actually achievable if you set the right goals and have the right perspective. We all have our own unique challenges, but don't let close-loop thinking prevent you from achieving your full potential.   

    SpaceX's Momentum, SLA 3D Printing, and Learning by failing forward | TIS#243

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2021 34:02

    On this episode, we discuss the shear momentum behind SpaceX as they continue to gain trust in the space industry. We get some progress with NASA's HLS Contract for Artemis, and I discuss the failures/learning with our new SLA 3D printer as I 'fail forward' towards our first 3D print. Taking requests for topics you'd like to hear on the podcast!  Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast:   Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at  Share the podcast with friends & family! - SpaceX gets National Defense funding increase - Innovative new Space Technology enabled by affordable reusable rockets - Yusaku Maezawa to the ISS to train for #dearMoon HLS contract drama continues...senate bill to make NASA choose a second HLS contract (is there more funding?) Senate bill updated

    Luca Rossettini | CEO & Founder of D-Orbit | People of Science - Dealing with Orbital Debris Logistics

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2021 53:55

    On this weeks episode of #todayinspace we were honored to talk with Luca Rossettini, the CEO and Founder of D-Orbit for a segment of People of Science. We discuss Luca’s STEM Origin story and talk about challenge of orbital debris as the future of space develops. D-Orbit is strategically positioned to help humanity create debris management solutions for satellites - enable us to create logistics needed to ensure safety and prevent collisions that could inevitably ruin everyone’s access to space. Orbital Debris is everyone’s problem, especially the people who launch satellites into space, and D-Orbit is there to innovate and provide solutions to the explosive LEO and GEO markets around Earth...and if needed - the Moon and more! Enjoy our discussion of all things space, the the growing challenge of orbital debris logistics, and the incredible things yet to come for our near future in space! Learn more about D-Orbit by going to Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Follow us on social media @todayinspacepod (Instagram & Twitter) @todayinspace (TikTok) /TodayInSpacePodcast (Facebook) Share the podcast with friends & family! 00:11 - Introduction 00:56 - Luca intro 01:00 Luca's STEM origin story 03:22 Origin of D-Orbit / Space Logistics 05:43 Safety & Logistics matter after COVID - 6500 Satellites to 23,000 in the next 5-10 years / NASA, Planet Labs, Business, & New Space 09:32 How did you create this culture of new space and old space at D-Orbit? / Satellites are becoming commodities with software & technology 13:39 New Space is Global - NASA is enabling space world wide 16:47 What can D-Orbit do for the future of the space industry? Enabling companies to use satellites faster and launch where-ever they need. Getting to space is better with d-orbit 23:02 Dealing with Orbital Logistics, SpaceX triples the amount of satellites in the next 5-10 years, whose problem is orbital avoidance? 27:00 satellite de-orbiting options 30:00 The costs of having a satellite in orbit 32:00 The Economics of Science 36:00 What solutions are D-Orbit offering the satellite space industry? Space Debris / Active Debris Removal / Market in GEO & LEO Luca Rossettini should be an Astronaut - why D-Orbit exists 41:30 The Aerospace Career - The Gauntlet 43:10 Diversity in experience and thinking in the space industry 44:00 What are you excited about & final thoughts / Space is for everyone / why spend money on earth / enabling the human expansion in sustainable space / want to work at d-orbit? Join the space industry! / Space Law / Space Jobs available D-Orbit - Apply today! 48:00 Engineers and scientists aren't always communicators / communication is important in stem

    SpaceX's Crew 1 returns to Earth, NASA's HLS Drama, & remembering Astronaut Michael Collins

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2021 38:45

    On this weeks episode we dive into the success of NASA and SpaceX with Crew 1 and Crew 2, now that both Crew Dragons are making history. Drama is developing with NASAs Human Lander System contract going solely to SpaceX for Starship, and we celebrate Astronaut Michael Collins after his passing as I share my favorite thing about the legendary human being.  I also share how the show will change over the next few months and the newest 3D printer added to our 3D printing Lab AG3D   Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook How to Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Follow us on social media  @todayinspacepod (Instagram & Twitter) @todayinspace (TikTok) /TodayInSpacePodcast (Facebook) Share the podcast with friends & family! Astronaut Michael Collins: Nighttime Splashdown for Crew 1: NASA HLS drama: Crew 1 undocking 00:00 - 01:03 - Intro 01:03 - Snobbie Awards! 03:07 - NCM Award 03:30 - Next up....orbital news: 03:57 - Crew 2 first crew dragon to dock to the ISS twice 04:15 - Crew 1 and Crew 2 intermingle on ISS 04:36 - Crew 1 - US Spacecraft record of time in Space, 167 days 05:02 - Second Operation Crew Dragon launch and landing for Launch America 05:22 SpaceX has a fleet of ships as well! 06:31 - It takes a village...and sometimes a city to run a launch company 07_09 - its not like SpaceX is the only one with a fleet - ULA! 09:03 - In developmental Space - Starship SN15! 09:48 - advice on following Starship test flights live 11:56 - China's Tianwen-1 rover scheduled for landing on Mars May 17th 12:23 - Landing attempts on Mars - A history 13:52 - RIP Astronaut Michael Collins 15:19 - Toolmaking - gathering the knowledge of the elders for the future 16:50 - 1 of 3 left from Apollo 11 - more determined than ever to speak with them 17:35 - most fascinating thing about Michael Collins to me... 18:12 - what he thought of his time by himself during Apollo 11 19:35 - NASA's Artemis Program 20:51 - NASA wanted to invest in three companies to develop a human landing system 22:02 - The Drama begins...Blue Origin and Dynetics protest SpaceX being chosen as sole investment 22:32 - what does this mean for SpaceX's Starship? 23:11 - Luckily SpaceX has been working closely with NASA 23:33 - Progress has not stopped...BUT Dynetics and Blue Origin have the right to protest. May find out WHY NASA chose spacex and not the others 26:02 - Production update = the balance, Working Engineer 32:26 - message from the balance - change is good, and best if you act on it quickly. Don't obsess over it 34:16 - Shout out to Andrew Sink! New 3D printer has arrived! 35:18 - Unpackaging the Iron Box 36:40 - AG3D printing promo

    The Balance: NASA chooses SpaceX for HLS for Artemis, the moon!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2021 21:38

    The balance has been achieved between NASA & SpaceX! Starship was chosen as the single investment and winner of the HLS contract to bring the first woman and next man to step foot on the Moon. We started this segment of the balance with a question about whether or not NASA & SpaceX could combine forces and bring their best aspects together for a single effort to advance humanity in space....and this selection is a MASSIVE win for everyone involved.  As is custom with 'The Balance' I also discuss balance in my own life and explain why this episode is audio only and what I'm doing to take care of myself physically and mentally in the middle of ALOT of change in life.  I also share my thoughts on the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter test flight and some ideas on how to prevent martian dust from killing any future rovers.

    Review of NASA's Crew 2 & SpaceX's Inspiration 4 mission & Thoughts on First Contact

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2021 35:02

    In this episode we’re playing catch-up to review all the human Spaceflight underway in the next few weeks and months. Crew 1 makes a port relocation in preparation for Crew 2, and we review the Inspiration 4 mission and crew, as well as the impact of the first all civilian space mission. What does this mean for the future? I also discuss the impact of what First Contact IRL would have on humanity in honor of this years April 5th anniversary of the scifi timeline in Star Trek when humans met Vulcans for the first time. And a quick overview of what happened to Starship SN11 and why SpaceX is jumping to SN15. Elon Musks explanation for Starship SN11 RUD Meet the First All-Civilian Space Crew: Who’s on board Inspiration 4?? Sochi Noguchi review of SpaceX suit:

    NASA's SLS Success, 200 years of Greek Independence, and Leonard Nimoy Day

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 26, 2021 23:13

    On this week's episode there's alot to catch up on in Space! NASA successfully test fired their RS-25 engines for the Space Launch System, the heavy lift vehicle created from the Space Shuttle, and is planned to be used for the Artemis Missions. Starship SN11 test fired successfully in Boca Chica, Texas. SpaceX scrubbed the 10km test flight until Monday. March 25th was the 200th anniversary of Greek Independence and I share my thoughts as a second generation Greek American and reflect on just how recent that it.  & March 26th was Leonard Nimoy Day here in Boston, MA and I share how one of his tweets basically saved my life - to Live long and prosper! Have a great week! Stay sharp, and keep questioning & learning! Spread love & Spread Science! Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Follow us on social media  @todayinspacepod (Instagram & Twitter) @todayinspace (TikTok) /TodayInSpacePodcast (Facebook) Share the podcast with friends & family! NASA'S SLS Test Fire for Full Duration  

    Oumuamua vs. String Theory | Testable vs. Untestable Hypothesis. Which should we fund more? | Today In Space

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2021 24:05

    In this episode I explore my thoughts on redefining the 'Scientific Ladder of Ideas' - specifically for a Hypothesis. Our talk with Avi Loeb last week opened my mind to two distinct groups for the 1st stage of scientific ideas. Testable and Untestable Hypothesis. Oumuamua vs. String Theory. If you haven't already listen to our last podcast about Avi's groundbreaking hypothesis about the origins of our first observed interstellar object, Oumuamua.  Which idea has the potential for the most benefit to humanity? Is one idea more likely to be solved in 100 years, or even sooner? Do we have our priorities all wrong because certain scientific theories have become an 'industry' that would rather perpetuate the machine of science than to fund a hypothesis that may change the 'industry'? All this and more in this episode! Follow us on social: - @todayinspacepod on instragram & twitter - @todayinspace on TikTok - /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Follow us on social media  @todayinspacepod (Instagram & Twitter) @todayinspace (TikTok) /TodayInSpacePodcast (Facebook) Share the podcast with friends & family!

    Avi Loeb | Oumuamua, Astrophysics, and Academia's struggle with new ideas | People of Science

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2021 72:50

    On this episode of People of Science we are pleased to have Avi Loeb on to discuss the scientific mystery of Oumuamua. Avi is an Astrophysicist who's hypothesis on the first detected interstellar object to pass through our solar system looks at all the facts and leads us to challenge humanities greatest question - "Are we alone in the universe?" A true Sherlock Holmes style mystery challenging our logic when the evidence in front of us points to Oumuamua not having a natural origin. First thought to be a comet, but without any evidence of a tail or gas emitting from it as it passed the sun the change in orbit can't be accounted for. Add up the other details; a large change in reflectivity pointing to a pancake shape (not cigar shaped) and knowledge that we've discovered our own space trash exhibiting the same behavior from the sun's reflectivity - it points to Oumuamua exhibiting a very long and wide shape measuring 1mm or thinner in thickness that was 'pushed' by the Sun as it went by. Where did this object come from? Is it spacecraft remnants from another civilization? Are there more of them out there?  Avi kindly breaks down the entire mystery and the resistance this idea is having in the Academic circles. We welcome this thoughtful hypothesis that has the chance to change the entire way we think about life on Earth and is testable in under 10 years. Please enjoy the podcast Purchase Avi's book "Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth": More on Avi Loeb: 3D Model of Oumuamua (an artists rendering): Support the podcast: Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop Donate at Follow us on social media  @todayinspacepod (Instagram & Twitter) @todayinspace (TikTok) /TodayInSpacePodcast (Facebook) Share the podcast with friends & family!

    Mars in Review 2021 & NASA's History, Ed Dwight, Nichelle Nichols, & Charles Bolden | Thoughts from an Engineer

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2021 22:55

    In our final episode of February we wanted to share what to expect in space to start March 2021 (on earth and mars). I share my thoughts on Mars Perseverance Landing and the data we've gathered. The inevitable fake science reporting or poor attention grabbing content sharing fake Mars has returned. Can we get better at this as science communicators? Latest data from Mars rover (images, videos, & more) can be found here: Then we close talking about NASA's history, which is infinitely tied with Black History month. This year we learned about Nichelle Nichols' influence on NASA from the 1970's-2015. A major influencer on the diversity of talent from all spectrums of humanity.  The new movie about Nichelle Nichols, 'Woman in Motion', on this exact topic can be found here: More about Ed Dwight: More about Charles Bolden:  

    NASA Perseveres to Mars and lands Rover - Perseverance despite the Pandemic for Mars2020! | Facebook Live Replay

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 19, 2021 52:45

    We went LIVE on Facebook to have a Mars Mission hangout to celebrate the final of three missions to the Red Planet. Catch the replay of the exciting finale of Mars Exploration for this season with the Perseverance Rover Entry, Descent, and Landing for NASA & JPL.  A MASSIVE congratulations to the Mars2020 team, quite literally persevering through a pandemic and still accomplishing what so many have failed at before - landing successfully on Mars. Never mind using a rocket powered skycrane to drop an SUV sized robot on another planet.  Looking forward to learning and sharing what our newest robotic emissary will teach us about one of our planetary neighbors in our solar system. Possibly the next one we adventure too as humanity... NASA's Eyes Animated Simulation - About the landing location - Jezero Crater Broadcast LIVE by NASA

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