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Dream Chasers radio, with your host Yaya Diamond, providing you with tools for your success.

Yaya Diamond

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    Latest episodes from Dream Chasers Radio

    The Legends show Host Tyrone Lowe interviews Author Michelle Beary

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 29:00

    The Legends show Host Tyrone Lowe interviews Author Michelle Beary.  Tune in for more interview on YOUTUBE  

    Interview with Robert Gauthier the President of Cymcorp International Inc.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 51:00

    WHO IS CYMCORP? We want to empower you to take back control of your health. For far too long, people have been passengers on a runaway bus of a costly and often strained health-care system. We want to change that. It is time for you to grab hold of the wheel and blaze a new, healthier path to your overall well-being. For more than 16 years, we have been providing a scientifically-proven, holistic and all-natural approach to improving your health and boosting your immune system so that your body can fight off many of the diseases and conditions that affect it. At CYMCORP, we are doing our part to contribute to your journey on a healthy road of complete physical, mental and emotional health and wellness. Blog / Podcast : goodsolidhealth.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbCfAbkNib6VDIg-tRcxSWg/videos Website: Cymcorp.ca cymcorp.us https://www.amazon.ca/GSH-Complex-450g-Brand-Nutraxis/dp/B008WG9E9C

    Liquid vitamin for kids founders talk about why kid-a-min is the best

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 15:00

    https://kid-a-min.com/ Kid-A-Min is a liquid herbal vegan supplement company that focus on the well being of children getting a bonus of natural herbs. We are a New Orleans married couple who started Kid-A-Min because we realized our children were in need of more supplements in their bodies. As any parent would want the best for their kids, we decided to give our children a healthier green life. Kid-A-Min vegan vitamins drops are 100% true alcohol-free herbs that are Inherently gluten-free, FDA inspected in a cGMP compliant facility and operation.                                     

    UnguruYourLife.com Monthly Round up with Historical Detective Michelle Gibson

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 17:00

    www.UnguruYourLIfe.com UnGuru is a Private Member Association. All members within UnGuru have read and signed into our membership where their contract is kept on file until they depart as members. Our members are aware UnGuru is at peace with Government Inc., Stateside and Worldwide and also in proper legal standing respected as PRIVATE. UnGuru Correspondents, Educational Broadcasters, Businesses are not part of Government Inc. and share in the ability to sell their own products and services directly to other members within their own PMA's or with the express permission of UnGuru in which a contract between all parties is additionally signed and kept on file within UnGuru PMA. UnGuru Members have also signed UnGuru's Private Membership Agreement with full knowledge that UnGuru PMA is not held liable for any business dealings that occur between members within their own business, inside or outside of UnGuru PMA. UnGuru members make no claims that they are doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, therapists, accountants but maybe to say they are recovering academics, and or medical practitioners.  

    Get to know one of the best rappers of all time Koan Kenpachi

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2021 15:00

    Fans of New Orleans, Louisiana supreme lyricist Koan Kenpachi can rest easy now that his long awaited, highly anticipated single, “Weirdo”, has been released. The track was produced by Sean Carey. In his usual fashion, he kills the track with his amazing delivery, cadence and flow. “Weirdo” like all of his tracks before, does not disappoint. In fact, it is proof that Koan Kenpachi's recent hard work and dedication have just made his art even more exceptional. This Ninth Ward genius used the down time provided by the Pandemic as motivation and an opportunity to perfect his music. The natural born emcee is preparing to release “Supremium”, an album poised to be one of 2021's stellar releases. The visuals for “Weirdo” were filmed by Channel Vivid and are a trip into the mind of one of the world's most talented lyricists. View “Weirdo” https://youtu.be/T0WBTu8VSJY Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/weirdo-feat-sean-carey-single/1586555068 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4lu9M8ccqPcUcvTUCX8isL?si=v9KzsokFRCmkvy_j9zokTA&dl_branch=1&nd=1 Follow Koan Kenpachi: Twitter @koan_music Facebook koan1 Instagram @koan_music KOANMUSIC.com Management: Daily Bread (DailyBreadProductions@gmail.com) PR/Media Inquiries: Arlene Culpepper of MIKODreamz PR (mikodreamzpr@gmail.com)

    The Legends show Host Tyrone Lowe interviews recording Artist Cancace Woodson

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2021 30:00

    The Legends show with Host Tyrone Lowe interviews recording Artist Candace Woodson. 

    The Legends show with Host Tyrone Lowe interviews recording Artist Gail Campbell

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2021 30:00

    The Legends Tyrone Lowe interviews recording artist Gail Campbell

    Interview with multi-talented recording artist London King

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 23:00

    Singer/songwriter, writer and actress London King began performing in front of numerous people at the tender age of four. When eighteen, she moved to London, UK, to pursue a career in acting and singing. Today, she is the lead singer of a successful, all girls rock band, and has her own solo project going on. Her brand new dance-y single with a purpose, Dangerous Love, is currently out on all platforms, a song that sheds light on domestic abuse and abusive relationships. Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPpgfwj2AOyVXSoCQ9MJ6g  

    Interview with founder of the podcast Victim 2 Victor Anu Verma

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 26:00

    You can find more on my: Website: https://victim2victor.net Podcast; Listen Notes: https://lnns.co/uBf-xRAWSnQ Apple: https://apple.co/3wHvUof Spotify: https://spoti.fi/36D6ZYE Anu Verma launched the podcast Victim 2 Victor in early 2021 and it features guests from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds. In each episode, she and her guest share thought-provoking, insightful and poignant conversations about  personal experiences of trauma and abuse along with tangible strategies and techniques that can help move beyond the heartbreak of abuse to a life of happiness and fulfilment.

    Shout out to O So Tiny - Great website, t-shirts, baby clothes, candles, and mor

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 10:00

    O So Tiny is a mom-owned business focused on providing products your tiny ones need, and you will love. we provide you with an excellent shopping experience as our clients' satisfaction matters a lot.  https://www.osotiny.com/ Watch on youtube: https://youtu.be/OJ9qiQYEB3o

    NFTs are an artists paradise - Shout out to Crypto Cartel

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2021 11:00

    https://crypto.com/nft/drops-event/8d47765086ebaef2bb4345d72b15716f Ari Hersch is a self-taught artist born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hersch attended the renowned Greenside Design Centre Collage where he received multiple awards and accolades on various architectural and design projects. After receiving his degree with distinction in Interior Architecture and Design, Hersch was headhunted by South African Architect and designer Mokena Makeka to work at his Cape Town based office. He has been passionate about art since a very young age after studying and learning about artists such as Gerard Sekoto, George Pemba and Ben Macala. His style, subject choice, and works are still heavily influenced by these masters today. He has had works featured in Group and solo exhibitions at key galleries and shows in South Africa, including Arts on Main and the Johannesburg Turbine Art Fair. Hersch cannot be confined to a single medium. He mixes formats, experiment with various materials, and constantly aim to innovate. His skill sets are constantly evolving while using a number of mediums such as pencil, pen, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, oil paint and now digital. Hersch enjoys pushing the boundaries and is currently experimenting with the use of technology in the artistic space. He is working on a series of digital works that will be issued and released as NFT's, “Non-Fungible Tokens” (a Blockchain technology) on major trading platforms.

    The Legends show with Host Tyrone Lowe interviews DJ Hakeem Syrbram

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2021 30:00

    Milwalkee DJ Hakeem Syrbram talks about his journey in the music industry and more with host Tyrone Lowe.  

    Yaya Diamonds Special Recognition to Excellence to Crazee Teez

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 8:00

    Crazee Teez offers eclectic, fun, casual and creative t-shirts with many styles to choose from. Express your steez and connect with silly, like-minded people. Stand out with crazy designs and funny slogans! New styles and merch uploaded regularly. New ideas welcomed :) https://www.redbubble.com/people/crazeeteez/shop Watch Demo of website and products on youtube: https://youtu.be/f_okxCie4UI

    The Legends show with Host Tyrone Lowe interviews recording Artist Beth

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 30:00

    Host Tyrone Lowe interviews international recording artist Beth. Tune in and find out what's new with this up and coming artist.   Watch the interview here: https://vimeo.com/645306943

    Interview with fiction author Nelson Angel - Aliens On Earth

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 20:00

    I'm a screenwriter and video/film producer. After research for months about aliens visiting Earth (scientific research more than conspiracy theories), I decided to write a book in a format similar to a video or film to stimulate readers imagination and creativity. I mixed all scientific information in a fiction story with characters living that scenario. I decided to write in a fiction format because a book in a format of a documentary would be extensive and boring. Book link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08X6CFNH6  

    Interview with Business expert and Podcaster Rael Bricker

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 24:00

    Get your free book at: https://www.raelbricker.com/freebook/ From being 6000ft underground, to starting an education business (that grew to have 4000 plus students) to spending years working in venture capital, Rael has seen it all. He's listed companies on two international stock exchanges, and his financial services group has settled more than $3bn in loans over 18 years. Rael has a diverse work history combined with his unique global research interviews with companies in more than 25 countries. This makes him perfect to present keynotes on growing and achieving business excellence as he has experienced the rollercoaster himself. With over 30 years of experience in organizations and as a serial entrepreneur, Rael Bricker helps businesses succeed by delivering a series of dynamic presentations on building rich and robust cultures.  Rael has been presenting for many years on business, culture, finance and investing and the learning is best practice combined with practical experience to achieve excellence. Rael Bricker holds two Masters degrees, an MBA and MSc (Engineering) and is currently a Fellow of the MFAA. (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia), a Certified Speaking Professional  (CSP) of PSA (Professional Speakers Australia) and a Member of AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors). Additionally, Rael is the first Australian Inspirationalist with Integrus Global,  a Mentor with Mentored With Mark Bouris and the author of “Dive In – Lessons learnt since business school”. Rael is the 2021 President of Professional Speakers Australia (WA) For more information http://www.raelbricker.com rael@raelbricker.com

    Interview with recording artist Slayer Tha G

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 23:00

    #slayerthag #hiphopmusic #artistinterview Interview with up-and-coming recording artist Slayer Tha G. https://open.spotify.com/artist/2N2LLn0xns97iS0moldKZ9?si=lsttRB4bRwiATX3qJ6OMuA&utm_source=copy-link Instagram- @Slayerthag

    8 Year old Podcaster Gwen Rose talks about her podcast and interviews Yaya

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2021 19:00

    GwenGetstowork.com What Do Adults Really Do All Day At Work? I am an 8 year old. My name is Gwen Rose. I wanted to do this podcast so all the girls, boys and me could learn about what adults do all day. In each episode we will learn what adults in different jobs really do.  Gwen would love to do more interviews on location but to make sure they sound great she needs a little upgrade to her kit. We have researched and researched and put together a well considered list of multi-tasking equipment. We are very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to listen and to share Gwen Gets To Work. Any contributions to this equipment fund will also be deeply valued by our little family team. Please help Gwen get out and about recording the world of work as it is right now!

    The Legends hosted by Tyrone Lowe - guest Jaida Symone singer songwriter

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2021 30:00

    https://www.facebook.com/Jaida-Symone-271964297985640/ Tune in to "The Legends" hosted by Tyrone Lowe every Wednesday and Friday at 7pm EST.  

    Hank Thomas's Masterpiece - A Dive Into The World of American Politics

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 24:00

    Hank's  book  A  Broken  Sausage  Grinder;  Is  Our  Government  Fundamentally  Flawed?  Was written  between  2011-2012  during  the  midterm  elections  that  marked  the  end  of  Obama's  first two  years of  administration. He  later launched the  2nd edition as an update.   Hank's goal with the book is to educate the average  American citizen of what the government should be doing based on the doctrines laid down by  America's founding fathers vs. what they are doing and how they are going wrong.   “We the  People of the  United  States,  to form a  more perfect  Union,  establish  Justice,  insure domestic  Tranquility,  provide for the common defense,  promote the general  Welfare,  and secure the  Blessings of  Liberty to ourselves and our  Posterity,  do ordain and establish this Constitution for the  United States of America.”  -  Preamble   Hank iterates occasionally the principles that are laid down by the founding fathers of the country and how strongly the current political moguls are straying away from it.  . We all must take an active part as responsible citizens and come together for a  solution and a better American future.   “Everybody proclaims disgust with our political system,  yet the system continues to get more disgusting and nothing is going to change until we the people change it. My research  for  this book  has  convinced  me  that  our  political  process  can  and  will  work  if  we  choose  the  right people to represent  us.”  -  Hank Thomas   

    MERKQ - Mothers Everywhere raising Kings and Queens - Interview with CEO “Deme”

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 18:00

    #blackwomenpodcasters #mothers #CEOinterview https://merkq.us/ MERKQ. We want you to know that we stand 100% behind the quality of our products. We believe in our products so much that we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If there is ever any problem with your order, please send us an email at Details@merkq.us Additionally, to make you feel comfortable with your purchases, we offer real-time tracking on all products sold. You can know what is happening with your purchase, when it has shipped, and when it will arrive. Our goal here at MERKQ is to amaze our customers, create customers for life, and be the number 1 online store! Thank you and please feel free to reach out via email or contact us on our Facebook page at any time. Buy with confidence at MERKQ - we will take care of the rest and make sure you are happy!

    Lose 20 Pounds or More and get toned with personal trainer and author Igor

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 31:00

    https://www.fitnesssolutionsplus.ca/ Hi, I'm Igor Klibanov Pretty soon after I started personal training, I realized that exercise alone isn't enough to change your body. My clients were getting decent results, but I knew there had to be something more comprehensive and personalized to get them looking and feeling better. So, I spent over 15 years doing the research to figure out programs that were effective (no fads or gimmicks), with visible results, and that they could stick to in the long-term. Unfortunately, most personal trainers aren't trained in nutrition and supplementation. Fat loss resistance is very real. In some people, there are certain “physiological blockage” that make fat loss more difficult and frustrating than it should be. And unless you know what to look for, you don't know what to fix. My Dream Body MAP program removes these blockages through the right fitness, nutrition, and supplementation strategies.

    Author Christopher J Alexinas talks about his new book Coffee & Cash

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 13:00

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09GKQQV8M Coffee and Cash is a book that holds the secrets to successful sales, deals, negotiations, and the power of a loving family. The tools in this book help not just a sales person or financial expert, but anyone who is involved in regular interactions with prospective clients/customers. You understand how to become someone that never gets 'No' as an answer, as well as see the power of a loving and supportive family or partner.

    Eyes wide open - Dare to be aware Ron Tabachnick interviews Yaya Diamond

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 56:00

    Ron Tabachnick contacted Yaya Diamond a couple of weeks before this interview with a challenge which she accepted.  This is an interview you have to pay attention to because even I found out how wrong I was about my thoughts and outlook on my life as it is now. I learned I have to change my speech and take my time to think it through before answering.  What did you get from this episode? Comment below and let's talk about it. Do you want to accomplish a task that is important? Implement a 3-step procedure. Develop a 'roadmap'. Before you invest your time and money, practice like an athlete preparing for a competition. Robert T., V. P. Business Development states: "Ron Tabachnick has an uncanny ability to enable you" 1) to understand the current state of your affairs, 2) to create a view of where you want to go, and 3) to create and capture a roadmap for success. His 3 step approach is straight-forward. His capabilities at bringing out the understanding of your issues are extremely valuable to both your business and personal relationships". When you are seeking a fresh perspective, ask Ron: rt@insightacall.com

    Queen Kayy talks about her journey in the music industry and more!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2021 13:00

    Cookie cutter artists, New Orleans femcee and Ground Game Global artist Queen Kayy will be the one who breaks the mold. The beautiful and amazingly talented young artist/entrepreneur is poised to take over the entertainment industry. Queen Kayy is a talented rapper/songwriter and aspiring actress, along with being a sought after cosmetologist/MUA and entrepreneur. Queen Kayy's latest musical oering, a single entitled “Ooey Gooey”, is available on all major platforms. It's a catchy single with unforgettable visuals and just an all around dope vibe. Set in Kayy's Kakery, the video exudes sexiness and doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination. Directed by Bossman Jvngle and filmed byCalliopeFilms, the video is set to be one of the hottest of Summer 2021. The single is produced by JFever. Queen Kayy is a beautiful addition to the entertainment world and she is here to stay! Twitter @iamqueen_kayy Instagram @iamqueen_kayy @thedolledexperiencee @kayyskicks Management: Bossman Jvngle of Ground Game Global PR: Arlene Culpepper of MIKODreamz PR

    International Nova is a motivator and a mentor - Billboard charting recording a

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 19:00

    Hailing from the Bronx, NYC. It was very apparent that Nova was different. His personality has always commanded everyone's attention. Since birth Nova has always been drawn to music with his attention glued to Hip-Hop, RnB and various types of Latin music. Fast forward to the moniker known as International Nova, he has proven to be a force to be reckoned with working with notable artists such as Musiq Soulchild, Petey Pablo, French Montana, Terror Squad just to name a few. From the booth to center stage International Nova has performed alongside Pitbull, Backstreet Boys, Mario and countless others. With his eye on the prize, International Nova relocated to Atlanta. From his billboard charting single “Wine for Me” in 2017, to his debut on the 2PAC biopic “All Eyez on Me” as well as his TV network debut on “Love and HipHop Atlanta”. International Nova's presence has been felt everywhere. In 2021 Nova released his remixed single “Controla ft Petey Pablo” which has been rapidly gaining momentum globally. He is currently filming a Latin Reality show called “Off Air. He is also a big youth advocate and uses his platform to promote and give back to the community. In June of 2021, Nova was recognized by Rolling Stone India as a Global Artist to watch. https://iaminternationalnova.com/

    Premier UBN Opening with Michelle Gibson from Piercing the Veil of Illusion

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 18:00

      Premier Opening is November 7th. “Premier UBN Opening, with Michelle Gibson from Piercing the Veil of Illusion. Michelle Gibson is UnGuru Your Life's Ensemble Educational Broadcasting Historian, and Liaison Correspondent for Happenings on UnGuru Broadcast Network”. UnGuru will establish a worldwide movement in which people can identify one another locally, based within Apolitical statuses, and enjoy differences in lifestyle, personal journeys, histories, and a respect for individualism and free thinking. Let us return to life without agendas but with autonomy, common sense ethics, honesty, transparency, honor and character. Those without agendas given by government institutions will pave the way for communities around the world to peacefully end corruption through conscious consumerism. Thus, we ensure our young families and youth are left with the keys to continue to repair our world. www.unguruyourlife.com

    Co-Host of The MortgageWISE Radio Show Randy Chambliss on Mortgage and money

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 23:00

    https://www.lahousingauthority.org/our-company/ Randy Chambliss (NMLS# 145175) is the Executive Director of Louisiana Housing Authority, Corporate Mortgage Branch Manager with Geneva Financial, Real Estate Developer, Financial Educator, Speaker, and Co-Host of The MortgageWISE Radio Show and Video Podcast. Mr. Chambliss comes from being an at-risk youth growing up in the city of New Orleans, struggling teenage father, being homeless in 2005 doing Hurricane Katrina to buying his first home and investment property in 2006 (at the young age of 26) to building and managing a multi-million dollar financial & real estate organization.   As an established real estate and mortgage expert, Mr. Chambliss has become a trusted housing advocate in the communities he serves. He is a proud husband and father, so he firmly believes that a strong relationship with the Most High God and family are the most important parts of his life. In addition, he believes that mindset development, financial education, and homeownership, can be an essential part of building generational wealth.  Mr. Chambliss has been a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator since 2008, so he has been around the real estate and mortgage industry and is well versed in all the changes that have come and gone.

    Keyla McDaniels of podcast You Dont know My Story - real stories

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 20:00

    You Dont know My Story - Host Keyla McDaniels A Podcast you never knew you needed! Existing in today's society is arguably the most challenging job we have had thus far. I provide a safe space to tackle topics and dig deeper by seeing beyond society's expectations and opening up and telling our stories and the journey that led us here! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/keyla-mcdaniels/support Listen in here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/you-dont-know-my-story/id1584063864

    Battle of the cover bands choreographer Jesse V3ga interview

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 10:00

    Jesse Vega is an Actor/Dancer and Recording artist in the Bronx,NY Performing and being involved in the industry for 16 years. His credits include many successful Short Films,Features and produce 2 independent studio albums in 2017(Microphone) and 2019(Who I Am). Now he is adding Choreographer to his roster as he gets ready to be part of an amazing show on E! “Clash Of The Cover Bands”. A new reality tv show about tribute acts competing head to head to win over to become the “Ultimate Cover Band” winner and a chance for $25,000. Jesse will be artistic choreographing with #1 JLo Tribute Artist in Las Vegas Connie Pena. The show is available to watch as of now but Connie P segment will air Nov 3,2021. Jesse signed on to be Choreogeapher to showcase the best of the best JLo signature choreography and is excited for the world to see on Nov 3 2021 at 9:30pm. On top of his exciting venture into choreographing in the show Jesse has his latest bi-lingual single “Seras Tu” and “For U” a love song. That is storming the independent radio station in NYC LDM Radio. For the month of August “Seras Tu” and “For U” Dominated #1 and #2 for 3 weeks. Currently still holding strong in the Top10. Instagram and Twitter @JesseV3GA  

    Nerdinion! The Podcast review - Spoiler Alert - Movies, dumb jokes, and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2021 9:00

    https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/nerdinion/id1530499832 Once a week, two nerds get together and talk about a particular movie ad nauseam. Listen for the petty fights, stay for the dumb jokes. Cheers!   Yaya Diamond - "2 Thumbs up! Five Stars! Be warned it will spoil the movie but in a great way."   

    Author Mymie Campbell talks about her memoir and becoming an author

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2021 15:00

    www.mymiecampbell.com Mymie Campbell is the eldest of 3 children raised by her mother, a single parent in Hackney United Kingdom. Mymie studied philosophy at North London University and graduated in 1998 before pursuing a career in local government as an administrator then worked her way up the ladder to execute officer up until 2009. She currently works in the private sector and has also just launched her own cleaning business. She is a Christian and a member of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) Survivor The Truth I Speak is her first novel/book. Mymie has 3 children- Jacob, Joshua and Mya and lives in Essex, United Kingdom.

    Interview with EDM music artist Or Golan

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 12:00

    https://www.instagram.com/orgolan23/ https://youtube.com/channel/UCv7Il8BJauftjlwdS6ftiGg https://twitter.com/OrGolan6?t=CJb0fvX4g07zWAmUv3g_8A&s=09 https://open.spotify.com/artist/4v0oSYqriABhC2vMuQGm4n?si=D2zBfrf7S16lQrhOFbTZog&utm_source=copy-link If there is one thing, one word, to describe my next guest it would be "Amazing"!  "Just go for it" is his advise to the world. "Life is too short" he says. I totally agree Or.   

    Interview with VIN ZEELAND - Author of Life with Zippy

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 21:00

    The inspiration for the Life With Zippy Series came from raising four daughters. As I watched each child develop and grow I learned more from them than I could ever teach them. Each stage was an adventure and delightful experience; well most of the time it was an adventure. ​It was when they developed speech that I was struck by their perspective. Especially the questions. Their interests were all so different from each other. It was like herding cats. ​Now they are grown. But the memories of their words, actions, and zest for life impacted me deeply. My heart grew bigger and my disposition softened. ​Over the years I realized how important it is to nurture strong, interdependent girls to become healthier independent women. I am the beneficiary of the blessing of raising four daughters. Now is my opportunity to capture those experiences and deliver them in story form; with some embellishment; of course. Each story in the Life With Zippy Series touches on different aspects of character and personal values. The stories illustrate healthy family dynamics of love and respect, problem-solving, harnessing creativity, learning wisdom, and living out healthy values. ​One of the values I learned from having daughters is being connected in communication. The communication of not just speaking; but active listening. That's why books are so important. Books teach us communication skills. I remember reading books every night, along with prayers. The laughter, the tickling, the comforting, and trust-building that developed over the years. Those are the moments that inspired the Life With Zippy Series. It's my prayer that the Life With Zippy Series will become some of your child's favorite stories. That reading these stories will help build a stronger bond and secure attachment. Lastly that it will inspire your child to fall in love with the good things in life.

    Become a Holistic Life Coach on Aruka.com with Mayim Coralyn Vega

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 38:00

    Would You Like to Become the Healer of Your Home & Your Community, & Create a Profitable Online Health Coaching Business?   Are you interested in becoming a health coach, a naturopath, an herbalist, or a nutritionist? Do you need help finding the right program for studying holistic health and healing?    Or perhaps you already have a health coach certification, but you're still not confident enough in healing people and don't know how to build a business that will empower you to have an impact helping people and allow you to leave your regular day job?   Are you ready to get a deep and comprehensive picture of holistic health and healing and learn from top healers in our day so that you can stop being stuck in a job or a career you don't have a passion for?   Heal yourself and others - WITHOUT the Need for Pharmaceutical Drugs with Harmful Side Effects, Doctors, or even Dentists!   Become more knowledgeable about holistic health and healing than most medical doctors who have graduated from medical school, without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and years of time in expensive schools or programs.   Build a health coaching business that will allow you to work from home and achieve time, location, and financial freedom and help people achieve transformational results. That's what people learn how to do at Arukah.com - The Holistic Life Academy

    Interview with Kool from Kool and the gang - Update and new single out now

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 13:00

      #koolandthegang #celebration #funkdisco Bio: https://www.koolandthegang.com/history Kool & the Gang, officially launched in 1969, after performing for five years under various band titles, has influenced the music of three generations and, at the age of 49, the band has become true recording industry legends. Thanks to iconic songs like Celebration, Cherish, Jungle Boogie, Summer Madness and Open Sesame, they've earned two Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards, 25 Top Ten R&B hits, nine Top Ten Pop hits and 31 gold and platinum albums. In 1964, Ronald Bell and his brother, Robert “Kool” Bell, joined Jersey City neighborhood friends Robert “Spike” Mickens, Dennis “Dee Tee” Thomas, Ricky Westfield, George Brown, and Charles Smith to create a unique musical blend of jazz, soul and funk. At first calling themselves the Jazziacs, the band went through various names – The New Dimensions, The Soul Town Band, Kool & the Flames – before settling on their famous moniker. Over the next several years they solidified their musical chemistry on the rough-and-tumble East Coast music scene supporting acts like Bill Cosby, Ritchie Havens and Richard Pryor. Their self-titled 1969 debut album introduced their signature instrumental sound and fierce horn arrangements and spawned their first Billboard R&B charted single, Kool & the Gang.

    Podcaster to Podcaster - Interview with Meryl Klemow of Campfire Sht Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 22:00

    Meryl Klemow is a podcaster, writer, comedian, and apparel brand founder in the Los Angeles / San Diego area! Her podcast is called Campfire Sht Show and it's about the "sht show" moments of life. The new t-shirt line, out now, is called Pre-Canceled and it's a comedic take on cancel culture and conspiracy theories. Campfire Sht Show is a fiery mix of anything goes honest talk when friends sit around a campfire and the absolute insanity that is us. From money, love, weird one night stands and our own disgusting fetishes, we bare all. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/campfireshtshow/support Subscribe to the podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/campfire-sht-show/id1342946142    

    Interview with Trilogy Author Nassim Odin - Podcast Video interview

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2021 16:00

    I started writing fantasy and science fiction novels in 2020 and the first book is now available at Amazon. I have interests in reading about ancient civilizations, painting, cooking, traveling, and learning languages. I have a PhD degree in Engineering and I am writing under the pen name of Nassim Odin. https://www.nassimodin.com/

    Free Yourself From Yourself | Finding Your Personal Freedom | Timothy Stewart

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2021 4:00

    #FYF #personal #TimothyStewart Free Yourself From Yourself (FYFY) is a personal story and proven success program for addiction recovery, firmly grounded on the knowledge, understanding and application of Spiritual Principles. Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/Timothy_Stewart MY BOOK: “Free Yourself From Yourself” by Tim Stewart Get a Copy Today: https://freeyourselffromyourself.com/ OUR SERVICES: https://talkmantalk.com/talkmantalk-i... ☕Donate to Channel: https://freeyourselffromyourself.com/... WEBSITE: https://talkmantalk.com/ SOCIAL CHANNELS::

    Interview with Billboard charting recording artist "Such"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 22:00

    iamsuch.com Music is a universal language, and for SUCH (pronounced ‘such'), it is the language of her soul. Growing up the daughter of Haitian immigrants, her life was centered around faith and family. Singing in her father's church planted the seeds for a music career that is on the rise and touching the world. Following an appearance on American Idol, which took her to Hollywood, Such wrote and recorded ‘Trial and Error', spawning a hit single, ‘Sugar Maple.' Her music found a solid following in the UK, where she spent several consecutive weeks atop the Soul charts, and in Africa where she won the All Africa Music Award, continental Africa's equivalent of a Grammy. Such also discovered a passion for acting and played Celie, the lead character in the stage adaption of The Color Purple, earning Broadway World Best Actress and Best Acting Debut Awards. Her latest single ‘Before Dark‘, a top 40 Urban Adult Contemporary hit oozes with the growing self-confidence of a woman who knows what she wants, and how and when she wants it. “I've been on this road to discovering who I am as a Black woman and someone who is a little more comfortable in her skin.” Such shares this journey with her new album, ‘WIDE NOSE, FULL LIPS. Inspired by challenges such as police brutality and a desire to flip the mainstream standards of beauty, WIDE NOSE, FULL LIPS is an unapologetic love letter to blackness. Such is currently touring and looks forward to creating unforgettable bonds and memories with music lovers everywhere.

    Quincin "Que" Williams - Futuristic Hip Hop artist and producer

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 13:00

    Planet Q Productions was created in 2006 by music producer Quincin "Que" Williams when at the time only a handful of recording artist have been known to write songs about the future, but no one ever put two and two together like Quincin Williams did and completely merged them together until now. One day Quincin Williams was looking at the cover of a Neptunes album which Featured Pharrell Williams, and Chad Hugo as members of StarTrak, and at the same time listening to a Nas song called "A New World", and a new idea was born called Futuristic Hip Hop.  Hear the Album that blasted Quincin "Que" Williams music career off and quietly made his Album Platinum Status. These are songs he wrote from 2001 till the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. What made the Album so successful is he used his 18 Wheeler to sell copies of his own CD's at all Truck Stops he visited throughout the United States. The entire Album was written, arranged, and produced by him, Now That's Futuristic!!!  https://www.planetqproductions.com/ ​

    Interview with Freelance writer, author, and teacher Quinton Douglas Crawford

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 24:00

    Quinton Douglas Crawford is a freelance writer, author, teacher and organization leader with over fifteen years of professional experience. He takes part in many local cultural, social justice, environmental, and educational programs in and out of the country. He loves to contribute to the positive formation of a better present and future. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Chapman University and holds certifications in CBEST, CSET, and TESOL. He had served as a volunteer teacher trainer in Ghana, a primary English teacher in China, and an organizer for Bernie Sander's campaign in the 2016 elections. He has experience in public speaking, conducting workshops, and hosting local television author interviews for regional authors and activists.

    A Cure for COVID-19 Isolation Interview with author Rosenna Bakari

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 27:00

    HealingChallenge2022.com The Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Guide - A Cure for COVID-19 Isolation Could this be the miracle to the COVID-19 Isolation? Cure for COVID-19 Isolation The Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Guide New York— October 11 — Could this be the miracle to the COVID-19 Isolation? Dr. Rosenna Bakari is using her latest book, “The Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Guide,” to support mental wellness by creating a challenge. “#HealingChallenge2022” will organize “healing squads” to address the isolation that so many people are feeling during COVID. Healing squads will consist of 4-12 readers from family, workplaces, friendships or organizations that hold each other accountable for engaging with the book all year with the author's guidance. “The easiest way to initiate change is to open ourselves up to new experiences (The Healing Journey).” Positive Impact Participants will begin to normalize healing as personal development by using common language and goals based on the book. Nothing like this has been done before and the potential for change is enormous. “So many people need this type of support” Product Availability Participants, including businesses, can register for the challenge at HealingChallenge2022.com. “The Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Guide” can be purchased anywhere books are sold.

    Interview with Recording artist and Record label exec Pepper Gomez

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 22:00

    Renaissance man and producer Andrew Kitchen joins forces with Chicago House singer-songwriter Pepper Gomez to unveil the new single/music video, “My Heart Plays For You,” via Wake Up! Music Group. Andrew Kitchen Talking about “My Heart Plays For You,” Andrew shares, “This track was three years in the making.  I wanted to bring the people something positive.” While Pepper Gomez adds, “I'm always humbled and inspired when someone asks me to create on their track. Though my comfort zone is House, these lyrics and melodies came pouring out. I've noticed I basically assume a character when I sing different songs. This one is all Pepper love – perfect in all its imperfections.” https://celebmix.com/music-video-premiere-andrew-kitchen-releases-my-heart-plays-for-you-featuring-pepper-gomez/  

    Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman - Amazing talent and new song

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2021 17:00

    https://seeyourshadow.com/ Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman Songwriter, producer, photographer, filmmaker Artistic Director Michael Coleman has a proven track record that his creativity is endless.  As the head of See Your Shadow Songwriting, Michael has been responsible for bringing a multitude of projects to life spanning all genres and media.  His work has been featured in film, television and sporting events and Michael has been profiled and featured on radio stations both nationally and internationally. Michael is an award winning songwriter, with five international iTunes Number 1s to his credit. Click below to learn more about the man known as “The Metropolitan Cowboy”.

    Michael Dillard releases book “Accidental Success" - Can success be an accident?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2021 26:00

    Accidental Success is a self-motivational book for someone stressed out with their life, career, or personal finances and needs the motivation to get up and get going. This book inspires, motivates, and teaches the readers how to build generational wealth step by step. The book contains the inspiring real-life story of Michael Dillard and the secret formula that he used to go from unemployed on a Friday to traveling around the world as a Foreign Service Officer (what he calls an Accidental Diplomat) on a Monday. Michael Dillard was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, and raised in Clarksville, Tennessee. Michael graduated from Northeast High School. From age 7, he was raised in a single-parent house when his parents divorced. The U.S. federal program called Upward Bound motivated him to develop a vision for his life. It provided tutoring and cultural exposure while in high school on the campus of Austin Peay State University. In addition to being an author, Michael Dillard is an Executive Coach. He completed his ICF executive coach training from the Center for Executive Coaches. One can book or schedule a coaching session with Michael at www.madillard.com. Michael received his Bachelor's Degree from Middle Tennessee State University, his MBA with a specialization in Financial Planning from Strayer University, and a Master's Degree in Accounting from Liberty University. Michael has put all the secret ingredients to success and happiness in the book, as he wants a maximum number of people to learn from his diverse experiences in life.  “I really enjoyed reading about Michael's life and how he made it…. proving that despite setbacks, you can achieve success. This book is an inspiration to all, and I recommend it wholeheartedly,” says Mary H, a reviewer. Website: www.madillard.com

    Interview with recording artist CHANTEL “CECE” WASHINGTON - New music

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 16:00

    Chantel “CeCe” Washington has proven herself to be an undeniable talent to reckon with! Whether on stage or in the studio her dazzling sound captures the very essence of pure quality and soul. “CeCe” sings with a burning fire and passion to touch the lives of all who will listen and feel her emotion through every original song she sings.  Currently her EP single and music video “Body” featuring Kimmy, is soon to be released August 13th, 2021 on all major music platforms. Also stay up to date with her new EP entitled “What is love” soon to be released on all major music platforms. Also featuring indie artist Actzmusiq, Kimmy, Fresh & Andrew Freeman!  In addition not to exclude her acoustic video included  “CeCe” Uncut .”What is love” Ep gives each listener a opportunity and experience to feel the triumphant ups or misfortune downs of love by heavily influential sounds of hip hop and r&b soul vibes. Anyone listening will definitely dance and relax while Netflix n chillin!!  https://megabuzzmusicpromotions.com/press-releases/blog/chantel-cece-washington-releases-stunning-single-body  

    Interview with recording artist Deanne Alexi - New Music "Hold My Hand"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 24:00

    Deanne Alexi is an amazing vocalist who loves God. She displays her love through her new song "Hold My Hand". Tune in to this episode and feel the love she has for her family and God.  "Energetic and heart warming" - Brunokim Media  Instagram @deannealexi Tiktok @7deannealexi7 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/deannealexi Twitter @deannealexi Snapchat sang_dd

    Introducing Latin Hip Hop recording artist "Chepz"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 17:00

    Chepz is one of the most exciting Dominican hip-hop artists to emerge in years. Since debuting with his explosive first tracks, he has grabbed the attention of the Latin hip-hop world with his fearless yet poetic stories. On his most recent full length ‘J.E.S.R.,' he has taken a major step forward and proven himself a force to be reckoned with. With eight tracks that reveal his versatility and artistry, it is sure to cement his status as an impossible-to-ignore talent. Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/artist/0JlM3ioUfPQa3XSXMzTAiK?si=6tSjKZ67RqyNujqJzeU8PA&dl_branch=1 Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/chepzcity/ Youtube-https://www.youtube.com/c/Chepz Twitter- @Chepzcity02 Email- chepzcity@gmail.com

    Lyfe Jennings R&B, soul singer-songwriter debut of new song

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 15:00

    #lyfejennings #newmusic #celebrityinterview Debut of his new single: LYFE JENNINGS FEATURING : AMINA BUDDAFLY : THEIR SIZZLING SINGLE TITLED : "FLAWLESS DIAMOND" American R&B and soul singer-songwriter, record producer, and instrumentalist. He plays the guitar, bass, and piano which he integrates into his music. The New York Times referred to him as a "socially minded R&B singer". Stay tuned for the debut of his new song right here during this live stream! Make sure to follow on all social media platforms: https://www.facebook.com/LyfeJennings/ https://www.instagram.com/lyfejennings/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/33C3ByGk9NCrjTIXr6npqf?si=8wRDDY3AT3GHs-omHKJYVw&dl_branch=1&nd=1 Get your bottle of Yaya Diamonds Refresh right here: https://bit.ly/Yaya_Diamond_Fragrance_Collection

    Interview with Jay Q The legend - Airing his new song "Be Mine"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 21:00

    https://breakoutmusic.com/jayq-the-legend/ JayQ The Legend is an American singer-songwriter of Afro-Caribbean decent, who released his debut single, Body Talk, in 2019. Body Talk is featured in the 2020 Netflix hit movie “The App that Stole Christmas”, and earlier hit the top of the Billboard Digital Song and iTunes charts. Body Talk has received more than 17 million US Radio impressions since its release and reached a high of 19 YTD on Urban AC Radio 2020. In addition, JayQ The Legend's Body Talk single has been nominated for a 2020 HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media Award). This is one of two HMMA nominations, which also includes his 2020 summer hit “Amazing Girl”. Body Talk, and several JayQ The Legend songs also penetrated charts in the UK, France, and South Africa. JayQ The Legend is a prolific writer, and has written recently with Grammy winners Joelle James, 1500 or Nothin', and Jazze Pha. He has been featured on National Rotation on BETJAMS, BETSOUL, VH1 Soul and Music Choice. His Spotify streams have reached over 5 million across his entire 2020 discography. JayQ The Legend grew up in the US Virgin Islands and New Orleans. He overcame a difficult childhood with a violent stepparent. After a rough start in college, he joined the marines where he honed his discipline and survival skills. He earned both his MBA and JD, working tirelessly in civil rights, criminal, and entertainment law in the deep south. He represented several up-start rappers, delivering them to their major labels contracts.

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