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Join the Footy Travelers (Colin & Mike) as they wander the globe in search of footy adventure. Along the way they'll discuss their own travel experiences, meet fellow soccer supporters, and hear what's important to others in the tribe of over 3.5 billion

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    Ep 51 | Footy Travel as a Journalist - Part 2 w/ NWSL photo-freelancer Georgia Soares

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2023 46:02

    Welcome to Part 2 of our behind the scenes look at what it was like to ‘footy travel' as a professional journalist covering Women's World Cup 2023 (aka, the biggest women's football tournament ever) this past July and August. In this episode, Colin chats with Georgia Soares, a footy photo-journalist originally from Brasil, currently plying her trade out of Philadelphia, largely with the NWSL and some of the teams based on the east coast. We discuss the award-winning Christen Press photo that sparked her recent succces, what it was like to mix it up on the field with World Cup Champions, and a couple special DMs - one from a Ballon d'Or winner. Travel tips for photographers and footy travelers included. Episode Outline 0:03:08 | Welcome to Georgia 0:05:36 | Getting the text for the Women's World Cup project 0:09:02 | How Georgia got into sports and footy photography 0:12:32 | THAT (award-winning) Christen Press photo 0:15:34 | Shooting the WWC 23 Final, and getting a DM from the Golden Ball winner 0:18:38 | Georgia's take on the state of women's soccer 0:23:44 | Bearing witness to the passion of the Philippines 0:27:08 | Shout out to Colombian & Dutch fans, and a DM from Daniela Arias 0:29:37 | Flying for a footy photographer, and on-field credentials 0:33:31 | A 'compressed' travel tip 0:38:18 | Rapid Fire begins 0:39:03 | Ali Krieger for the win 0:41:53 | And the 'worst airport' award goes to...   Foot(y)notes: Check out Georgia's photography on her website. Follow Georgia on Instagram, and find her now-world-famous photos of Aitana Bonmatí and Daniela Arias. Here's an article put out by the Athletic of Georgia's 25 favorite photos from the USA v Netherlands match. And a video from the Athletic project we worked on highlighting what it was like for Georgia as a photographer at WWC23. Georgia talks more about her award winning Christen Press photo.   *LEAVE US A RATING & REVIEW* We'd really, really appreciate it - like, REALLY appreciate it! - if you left us a star-rating. And for you Apple Podcast listeners out there, go ahead and leave a review too! *VISIT THE FOOTY TRAVELERS FAN SHOP* Head to our new fan shop to cop an exclusive Footy Travelers 'Away' jersey, or score a custom-designed supporters' scarf. Hurry though! Quantities are limited and supplies won't last long! *SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS* Race2Adventure From the stunning scenery of Chile to the captivating allure of New Zealand – R2A invites you to join them on an exhilarating vacation around the world. Their 8-night adventures are tailor-made for fitness enthusiasts, explorers, and travel aficionados who crave more from their vacations. With R2A, you don't just visit a destination; you become a part of it.  

    Ep 50 | FTP's 50th Episode PARTYYYY!!! (feat. Listener and FFT Q&A)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2023 71:57

    We made it!!! Well, at least to Episode 50. Jury's still out on whether we've fully 'arrived' in the footy, travel, and/or podcast worlds (you can help with that below by the way). As we celebrate our 50th full episode, we share some tips for Liga MX tickets following a recent trip to Mexico City (both Cruz Azul and Club America games at the Azteca - very nice!) and answer FFT questions about all things footy travel. Up next... 50 more! EPISODE OUTLINE 0:02:27 | Recapping Mexico City and tips for tickets to Liga MX games 0:13:07 | FFT Question #1: Why did Saudi Arabia win World Cup 2034 hosting rights? 0:19:47 | FFT Question #2: What foods can footy travelers look forward to at World Cup 2034? 0:22:21 | FFT Question #3: Could a coaches' challenge approach replace VAR? 0:26:38 | FFT Question #4: To sit or stand at soccer matches? 0:31:03 | FFT Question #5: Best stadiums you've been to and which ones are left? 0:40:52 | FFT Question #6: Best story about traveling to a stadium? 0:47:26 | FFT Question #7: Where did supporters scarves come from? 0:53:05 | Footy Travel Question #8: What has been your most 'dangerous' footy travel experience? 1:00:53 | Footy Travel Question #9: Top goal(s) ever witnessed live? 1:04:20 | Footy Travel Question #10: Favorite FTP episode so far?   Foot(y)notes: Check out this awesome market tour we did in Mexico City with Orson & Ho Here's someone else's insights on getting Liga MX tickets, if you want to measure against our own experience. This is for anyone who REALLY wants to dive deep into the current VAR protocols (or wants something to help them fall asleep). It was actually Episode 15 Colin referenced that was all about the Craig Willinger Fund.   *LEAVE US A RATING & REVIEW* We'd really, really appreciate it - like, REALLY appreciate it! - if you left us a star-rating. And for you Apple Podcast listeners out there, go ahead and leave a review too! *VISIT THE FOOTY TRAVELERS FAN SHOP* Head to our new fan shop to cop an exclusive Footy Travelers 'Away' jersey, or score a custom-designed supporters' scarf. Hurry though! Quantities are limited and supplies won't last long! *SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS* Race2Adventure From the stunning scenery of Chile to the captivating allure of New Zealand – R2A invites you to join them on an exhilarating vacation around the world. Their 8-night adventures are tailor-made for fitness enthusiasts, explorers, and travel aficionados who crave more from their vacations. With R2A, you don't just visit a destination; you become a part of it.

    Ep 49 | Footy Travel as a Journalist - Part 1 w/ The Athletic and SB Nation's Kudzi Musarurwa

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2023 73:43

    **LAST CHANCE to be featured in Episode 50!!** For our 50th episode, the Footy Travelers want you to send in your footy travel questions for us. Whatever the question, record yours on a voice memo app, try keep to keep it to 30 seconds or less, and email it to Tell us your name, where you're from, and tune in to Episode 50 to hear your question answered, right here on the Footy Travelers Podcast! ****  Welcome to Part 1 of our behind the scenes look at what it was like to ‘footy travel' as a professional journalist covering Women's World Cup 2023 (aka, the biggest women's football tournament ever) this past July and August. In this episode, Colin & Mike chat with Kudzi Musarurwa, a footy journalist originally from Zimbabwe, currently plying her trade in Canada with outlets such as The Athletic and SB Nation. We discuss travel tips (duh!) for Victoria Falls, her take on how data has changed both men's & women's soccer, and what it's been like in press conferences with everyone's favorite, meme-able president. Oh. No, not that president. The other one. Episode Outline 0:00:05 | Episode and series intro 0:07:12 | Welcome to Kudzi 0:10:42 | Outlining The Athletic WWC '23 video project on footy journos 0:13:19 | In Zimbabwe, football is king  0:16:52 | Kudzi gets her start in journalism - unconventionally 0:21: 31 | Analyzing women's footy just like the men's 0:26:37 | Have data and analysis changed football forever? 0:34:53 | Most meorable fan moments from WWC '23 0:39:22 | The role of FIFA, Infantino, and national federations in soccer's progress 0:46:05 | Why Kudzi would invest in women's soccer RIGHT NOW 0:52:35 | Kudzi's professional travel tips 0:56:51 | Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe 1:03:28 | 'Rapid Fire' aka 'Dry Season' questions begin 1:10:01 | Kudzi's dream project (almost comes true) 1:11:35 | The 'good hang' testimonial   Foot(y)notes: This is our favorite video from the Athletic project we worked on with Kudzi, highlighting her time with the American Outlaws (and the Footy Travelers). And here's one highlighting her overall travel experience in New Zealand. You can follow Kudzi on the platform formerly known as Twitter. Here's an article from Kudzi on Infantino's questionable pre-tournament comments. And the piece she was most proud of from Women's World Cup 2023 (an examination of Sweden's tactics). This article describes the issues facing the Zambia Women's National Team that we talk about, although it was written in August. Sadly, we haven't been able to find any solid follow up on the situation :-/ Last but not least, the article Kudzi wrote for The Athletic about the 54 American-born players who played in the World Cup, but not for the U.S.   **LEAVE US A RATING & REVIEW** We'd really, really appreciate it - like, REALLY appreciate it! - if you left us a star-rating. And for you Apple Podcast listeners out there, go ahead and leave a review too. Please, and thank you! **FFT PROMO OFFER - from Laird Superfood** Are you ready to feel more energized, focused, and supported? Go to and add nourishing, plant-based foods to fuel you from sunrise to sunset. Use out promo code ‘FTP' for 15% OFF!!

    Ep 48 | Serendipitous & Diplomatic Footy Travel in South America and the Country FKA Swaziland

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2023 63:40

    If you haven't realized it yet, soccer (aka 'actual football') is a great way to connect with people from countries and cultures around the world. And especially for us Americans, it can serve as a diplomatic avenue to show an appreciation for others' cultures. Today's episode discusses that very idea, but also what it's like to simply stumble upon opportunities, almost serendipitously, to add some footy into your pre-existing travel plans. We hope you enjoy this one, as our guest, Keving Godlberg, recalls two such instances, both of them involving World Cup Qualifiers - one in 2004 in Argentina, the other in 2008 in Eswatini (FKA Swaziland). Recommended reading: Kevin mentions two great books on our book shelves that every footy fan should read - How Soccer Explains the World, by Franklin Foer and Soccer Against the Enemy, by Simon Kuper.   * EPISODE 50 is on its way... and you could be on it! * We want to celebrate this major milestone by featuring your footy travel questions on the episode. Whatever your question is, record it on a voice memo app, try to keep it to 30 seconds or less, and email it to . Tell us your name, where you're from, and we'll select the best, most-well composed ones to answer right here, on Episode 50 of Footy Travelers Podcast. Foot(y)notes: Our favorite footy for good organization, the Craig Willinger Fund, is looking for its next set of honorees! If you are (or know) a young person fighting a critical illness, visit their website to apply to be an honoree today. The Footy Travelers Fan Shop is NOW OPEN! Grab our latest jersey release or a brilliantly designed supporter scarf. Here's a good write-up on the World Cup 2030 announcement, and another on why all roads lead to Saudi Arabia 2034. Euro 2024 tickets are available in the initial application phase until October 26, 2023 (2pm CET). More tickets available after draw on December 2, 2023. Keep your eyes on the CONMEBOL website and channels for news on Copa America 2024. Check out our friends at Race2Adventure (R2A) and their upcoming trips to Morocco and Scotland.   Episode Outline 01:42 | Footy travel news review 14:52 | Fantasy Premier League comiserating 18:31 | Why was Kevin in Argentina and Eswatini (FKA Swaziland) in the first place? 22:22 | The beautiful practice of integrating the beautiful game into pre-existing travel  25:06 | Argentina 2004 33:51 | Swaziland 2008 begins... 34:35 | ...but first, a fantastic opportunity to support a great (footy) cause 36:24 | The Swaziland vs Togo experience (DJ set included) 46:30 | Xavi saves Kevin at the Madrid airport 48:00 | Footy as a diplomatic tool for culture exchange 55:37 | Using soccer to establish street cred 58:12 | Kevin makes Dutch news

    Ep 47 | Football for good, the WoSo community, & impact in Jamaica w/ Football For the World's Monica Bosiljevac

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2023 59:40

    In today's episode, we chat with Monica Bosiljevac, a footy traveler for good, doing good, as the Executive Director of not one, but two 'footy with purpose' organizations: Football For the World, and AO Impact. Monica shares her experiences as a footy traveler in places like Jamaica, Tanzania, and most recently, Australia and New Zealand for the Women's World Cup 2023. Oh and a brief stop at a taxidermy-decorated restaurant. Don't miss that part of the episode! Good stuff there for sure. 00:50 | Intro 03:57 | Welcome to Monica & her footy traveler origin story 09:21 | Monica's take on WWC23 host countries & the quality of the footy 13:03 | Bringing 'main character energy' back & forth across the Tasman 18:30 | Art Basel FC - bringing art & soccer together to change the world 19:28 | Football For the World & the Jamaican connection 22:17 | FTP 'Episode 50' IS COMING!! 24:34 | Tanzania & more Jamiaca 27:42 | Supporting & impacting Jamaican football 31:49 | The power of fan diversity 34:04 | How footy culture shows up around the world 38:55 | Rebuilding the systems of global and women's football 43:26 | 'Rapid Fire' begins! 49:04 | Throwing 'bows during pickup in Jamaica 55:32 | Monica's prediction for the future of US Soccer ANNOUNCEMENTS: FFTs! We are so close to Episode 50! You can be a part of that big moment by sending us your footy travel questions. Record a voice memo with your name, where you're from, and your question, and send it to  Also... The Footy Travelers Fan Shop is now open! Be loud and wear your pride with our brand-new 2023-24 Footy Travelers jersey. Or show off your passion for the beautiful game with one of our supporters scarves. Head to and grab the game's latest & freshest swag today! Foot(y)notes: US Soccer fans can join the American Outlaws supporters group here, or make an impact with... AO Impact. Check out Art Basel FC via their website or via their Instagram page. Visit the Football For the World website, or the F4TW Instagram page. Here are the 6 episodes of the Chipotle / AO "Unwrapped w/ the American Outlaws" series featuring Monica: Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3  Ep 4 (the Footy Travelers are in this one!!) Ep 5 Ep 6    

    BONUS Episode | Extra time (aka 'Fergie Time') w/ ESPN Senior Writer Mark Ogden

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2023 6:50

    Here's a little ‘added time' to our discussion with ESPN senior football writer, Mark Ogden. Or shall we call it ‘Fergie time'? As you'll hear in this bonus content, Mark had some unique and exclusive access to Manchester United and its legendary manager back in the ‘good old days.' Although one time… ‘Oggy' apparently went too far. Enjoy!

    Ep 46 | Champions League in Iceland, Manchester United in Kazakhstan, & Argentina's Superclásico w/ ESPN Senior Writer Mark Ogden

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2023 70:26

    Today we're joined by ESPN senior football writer, Mark Ogden. Having been a professional football journalist (and a professional footy traveler) since at least the early ‘noughties', Mark is an absolute treasure trove of stories. No cheeky or pithy description today. This outline speaks for itself: ----- 00:00:00 | Introduction & welcome 00:04:07 | Mark's ESPN and footy traveler origin story 00:07:47 | The internet's impact on Mark's work (& life) 00:12:45 | Keeping the list of all 54+ ‘countries been' for footy 00:15:10 | Traveling to Iceland for Champions League preliminary rounds 00:18:09 | Interviewing the modern day footballers & Breidablik's Europa Conference League berth 00:20:53 | Tips for longer term footy travels (i.e. World Cups) 00:24:19 | Mark's Women's World Cup 2023 experience in Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand 00:28:05 | The challenge of getting to San Marino (home of the worst team in the world) & avoiding travel headaches 00:33:15 | Manchester United, in Kazakhstan, on a sub-zero Thursday night 00:37:25 | Travel buddies from the Manchester days, an upcoming Wrexham book, and the death of Queen Elizabeth 00:39:32 | Insights gained covering Iranian soccer after the murder of Mahsa Amini & subsequent protests 00:43:23 | Meeting Lionel Messi's body double, some thoughts on AI, & packing woes 00:46:50 | Thoughts on the loudest & proudest fan groups & a San Siro CTA 00:50:07 | Why Burnley has been punching above its weight 00:51:55 | Everton (& Liverpool) fans' approach to community impact 00:54:00 | Rapid Fire begins! 00:58:19 | Ronaldo (CR7) recognizes Mark & colleagues at World Cup 2010 01:01:40 | Mark's bucket list footy trip (Boca Juniors vs River Plate Superclasico) 01:02:50 | Thoughts on US Soccer, Messi-mania, & Pep's next move 01:06:20 | How Spain have upended women's soccer & Mark's hidden gems of footy traveling ----- Foot(y)notes: Keep up with Mark's coverage of the beautiful game (and his footy travels) on Read more about Mark's experience at the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League preliminary rounds in Iceland. This is the #HungerDoesntWearClubColours initiative that Mark mentions in our discussion.

    Ep 45 | US Soccer's Next World Title & its ENTs w/ World Cup Champion Rebecca Ostrander

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2023 29:57

    Remember the last time the US won a World Cup title? It was on the women's side of course (go figure!). Down 1-0 at halftime, but clawing back and getting it done 4-2 in a thrilling session of overtime against a formidable Australian side. No?! You don't remember? Oh, right! You're probably thinking of 2019, when the USWNT won in France. Well guess what? That wasn't the last time the US won a World Cup title, and we're here to talk about it! In this episode, Colin chats with fellow footy traveler (and World Cup Champion!) Rebecca Ostrander about US Soccer's Extended National Teams (ENTs), the US Women's CP National Team's 2022 IFCPF World Cup Championship, and what it means to support 'soccer for everybody' in the great United States.  Foot(y)notes: Learn more about US Soccer's Extended National Teams. ...and read more about the Women's CP National Team's 2022 World Cup victory. Support the Extended National Teams with a donation. Be sure to select 'Para 7-a-side' under the 'National Team preference' menu on the second page. ...and follow all nine of them on the Extended National Teams' Instagram page. Upcoming schedule for US Soccer ENTs: Sept 20 - Oct 8 | 2023 Deaf World Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Oct 15 - 20 | 2023 FIPFA Powerchair Football World Cup in Sydney, Australia Nov 17 - 26 | 2023 Parapan American Games in Santiago, Chile

    Ep 44 | FTP at WWC23: Post-Tournament & Post-Travel Review w/ Matt Marshall of Eat Pray Ball

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2023 67:04

    Fellow Footy Travelers, as you know, we are back stateside. And honestly, it doesn't feel great! After such an incredible month at the 2023 Women's World Cup, both the jet lag and the post-vacation blues hit us hard, so we're here to talk about it. Join as we welcome FFT Matt Marshall of the Eat Pray Ball Podcast to the show, to debrief our thoughts, feelings, and major takeaways from what was arguably the best Women's World Cup ever (so far)! Foot(y)notes: We spent entirely too much time talking about jet lag, but here are some proper jet lag facts (& tips to beat it) in case you dozed off during that part. As far as how long it will last... it's not a stretch to say we're still fighting it.  ICYMI: Two weeks after being crowned Campeonas del Mundo, La Roja are still dealing with this mess. Shame!  If you're like us, you're stoked for the next Women's World Cup. Here's when it will be announced. ******************************** Use code 'FTP' at Laird Superfood for 15% off!! Are you ready to feel more energized, focused, and supported? Go to and add nourishing, plant-based foods to fuel you from sunrise to sunset. 15% OFF!! ********************************

    Ep 43 | FTP at WWC23: The Footy Travelers Go to Prison & the "Coast-to-Coast" Perth and Sydney Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2023 55:05

    Australia's no longer a British penal colony, but that doesn't mean you can't find yourself in a colonial-era prison like the Footy Travelers did in Fremantle, Western Australia. Listen in for all the juicy details, as Colin & Mike recall the last week of their WWC23 adventure through Aotearoa New Zealand & Australia - a Perth to Sydney 'coast-to-coast' week that saw them downing oysters with old friends, commiserating with local Matildas fans at FIFA Fan Fest, sipping beers while tossing balls across beautifully manicured seaside lawns, and most importantly... attending their first ever WORLD CUP FINAL!   Foot(y)notes: Wonder what it was like behind bars as a colonial convict? Check out all the Fremantle Prison (a UNESCO World Heritage Site!) has to offer. We did the ‘Convict Prison' tour. There's soooo much to do around Western Australia (it's Aussie's largest state after all). The Margaret River area is the traditional land of the Wadandi (Saltwater) People, and offers wine tasting, surfing, and truffles galore! We visited Passell Estate, Vasse Felix, and the Margaret River Chocolate Company before diving into the day's footy. If you're in Sydney and you're an active footy traveler, you have to do the Bondi to Coogee Walk. While you're at it, stop in to the Clovelly Bowling Club, grab a jug or two, and try your hand at lawn bowling by the sea. Tell Chris the Footy Travelers sent you ;-)   ******************************** Use code 'FTP' at Laird Superfood for 15% off!! Are you ready to feel more energized, focused, and supported? Go to and add nourishing, plant-based foods to fuel you from sunrise to sunset. 15% OFF!! ********************************

    Ep 42 | FTP at WWC23: Mike Grabs Coach Beard's Butt & Victoria, Australia Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2023 45:09

    True story! Mike's hand rested gently on Brendan Hunt's (aka Coach Beard from Ted Lasso) butt for roughly 3-5 seconds. A moment he will always remember and one Brendan may wish to forget. Join us in this episode for this and other stories from our time in the great Australian state of Victoria during our travels for Women's World Cup 2023. We spot some koalas in their natural habitat, some kangaroos in a particularly peculiar place, and expand our footy experiences at one of the greatest Aussie rules football matches the AFL has seen this season! Speaking of which, we may have butchered the explanation of the ending of that game. Bombers were up by 1, then down by 5, but then... well, listen to the episode to find out! Foot(y)notes: If you're curous about the AFL after hearing this one, check out the truest professional 'footy' league in the world.  This is where to guarantee yourself a kangaroo sighting.  And here's where to start your koala 'hunting' adventure. Drive further up the road at your leisure.

    Ep 41 | FTP at WWC23: Joining the Mile High Club & New Zealand South Island Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2023 34:35

    The Footy Travelers join the Mile High Club (no, not that Mile High Club), by recording this episode on an airplane! In this one, we discuss our travel-focused time on New Zealand's South Island - foregoing any in-stadium matches but still repping loud and proud in our onsies in some local Kiwi pubs. Spots discussed include Marlborough wine country, Kaikoura, and Christchurch. Foot(y)notes: Must see's/do's of the north-eastern quadrant of the South Island include... Stopping by the Slip Inn in Havelock for some green-lipped mussels Doing a wine tasting tour via bikes from Bike 2 Wine in Renwick Ordering the chowder at the Store in Kekerengu Soaking in the views of the Seaward & Inland Kaikoura Ranges Eating at Gatherings in Christchurch

    Ep 40 | FTP at WWC23: First Days of Tournament & New Zealand North Island Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2023 47:54

    Welcome to the "FTP at Women's World Cup 2023" series, where we bring you a more in-depth look at our experience traveling for and during the Women's World Cup in New Zealand and Australia. We're starting with our North Island review, because… well that's where this trip began. As we recalled just over a week's worth of footy travel, and recorded on one of the inter-island ferries in the middle of the Cook Strait, Mike and I discuss our second World Cup opening match experience, and share some travel recs and tips in and around places like Auckland, Taupo, and Wellington. Foot(y)notes: Quick plug for other footy related stuff... If you're looking to test your player management and team budgeting skills against some fierce competition, the Fantasy Premier League we have been playing in for several seasons is looking to expand. With over 40-some players already, a head-to-head full season option, and two survivor-style options spanning each of the two halves of the real season, this is a great option for fans looking to go beyond just watching from the couch, but who maybe aren't traveling to see games live, in-stadium. If you're still looking for a Fantasy Premier League, and like the idea of 3 chances to win BIG throughout the upcoming season, email to get more information and a link to sign up.

    Ep 39 | FTP Presents: Eat Pray Ball w/ Footy Travel Drone Pilot Matt Marshall

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2023 30:26

    Before the Footy Travelers flew south to chase that World Cup feeling (and winter) down unda', Colin sat down with Matt Marshall of the Eat Pray Ball Podcast in Matt's LA studio to chat all about footy travel, World Cup soccer, and the growth of the women's game across the globe.  Listen here for the first half of the conversation, or head straight to the Eat Pray Ball YouTube channel to get the full (video) episode: Foot(y)notes: Matt is also an exceptional drone pilot who captures incredile footage of his footy travels. You can check out Matt's footage on his Instgram handles: @EatPrayBall @mathwho If you're still making plans for travel to NZ, be sure to check out this page about "Arriving in New Zealand" and be fully aware of their customs and biosecurity requirements. If you're heading to Australia, this is a good place to start for their biosecurity info. Make sure you have proof of onward travel for both countries.

    Ep 38 | World Cup NTK Series: Last minute tickets for WWC '23 and host city must-do's

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2023 51:21

    The Footy Travelers are on their way to Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia for the Women's World Cup 2023, and they have everything you need to know about the stadiums and cities hosting all 64 matches. Along the way Colin & Mike address ticketing updates, including the FIFA ticket resale platform, and a super secret, insider way to get tickets to the World Cup Final! Foot(y)notes: If you're still looking for tickets to Women's World Cup mathces, you can check the FIFA ticketing page for availability, or head straight to the ticket resale platform for better odds of scoring. This is a great resource for getting to know the stadiums themselves. Check out the official squad lists of all 32 teams. Everything you need to know (NTK) can be found in the tournament's digital fan guide.

    Ep 37: Part 2 | Chatting Between Clean Sheets w/ American Superfan Cheyenne Foster

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2023 46:38

    This is Part 2 of our conversation with American superfan, Cheyenne Foster - aka @btwnCleanSheets. If you haven't listened to Part 1 yet, do that first. If you have aready, well... enjoy! ;-) Foot(y)notes: You can check out Cheyenne's work (@btwncleansheets, unless otherwise noted) on all your favorite social media platforms: YouTube (@BetweenCleanSheets) Instagram TikTok Twitter   **OUR FIRST PROMOTIONAL OFFER - from Laird Superfood** Are you ready to feel more energized, focused, and supported? Go to and add nourishing, plant-based foods to fuel you from sunrise to sunset. 15% OFF!! ********************************

    Ep 37: Part 1 | Chatting Between Clean Sheets w/ American Superfan Cheyenne Foster

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2023 36:30

    We say that the best part of footy traveling is meeting and connecting with fellow footy travelers from all over the world, and when we connect with a like-minded FFT who's out there doing the damn thing in their own unique way, you know we're gonna get them on the pod! Today's guest is just that kind of footy traveler. In this 2-part episode, Colin & Mike got together (physically, not biblically) to chat with Cheyenne Foster, an FFT out of the D.C. area who shares her MLS, NWSL, & US Soccer fandom as an avid vlogger, content creator, & fellow podcaster! The boys talk to Cheyenne about all sorts of fun footy travel topics:  beer showers at Audi cross-country travel to El Traficos that get canceled experiencing World Cup 2022 in 'non-traditional' ways traveling as a woman & Cheynne's favorite US soccer cities to visit Foot(y)notes: You can check out Cheyenne's work (@btwncleansheets, unless otherwise noted) on all your favorite social media platforms: YouTube (@BetweenCleanSheets) Instagram TikTok Twitter   **OUR FIRST PROMOTIONAL OFFER - from Laird Superfood** Are you ready to feel more energized, focused, and supported? Go to and add nourishing, plant-based foods to fuel you from sunrise to sunset. 15% OFF!! ********************************

    BONUS Episode | FTP LIVE: CNL Semifinals NB4 Party w/ Ryan Shirah

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2023 34:07

    So many acronyms in the episode title! In this BONUS episode, Colin caught up with fellow footy traveler Ryan Shirah, a major player in US Soccer supporters culture, at the American Outlaws Night Before Party (NB4), ahead of the CONCACAF Nations League Semifinals. Apart from serving as one of the heartbeats/drumbeats of the supporters section, and looking footy-supporter-costume-chic in his Ulysses S. 'Chant' get-up, Ryan is one of those genuine humans who always brings great vibes "Everywhere we go-ooooh!" Colin & Ryan chat about Ryan's footy travels, and why Americans (and the other guys) should be getting hyped up to welcome world-wide footy travelers during the 2026 FIFA World Cup. You can follow Ryan on Instagram: @iamshirah Check out these other accounts as well: American Outlaws - @americanoutlaws Vegas Outlaws - @vegas_outlaws

    Ep 36 | Motorbiking through Africa to World Cup 2022 w/ 'Topo' Ramone

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2023 45:15

    Maybe you were lucky enough to get to World Cup 2022. In which case, you were most likely lucky enough to get a flight to Doha from wherever you live. But some Footy Travelers are just more adventurous than most of us, and they don't rely on luck - they make life happen! Our guest in this episode, Francisco 'Topo' Ramone shares the story of his adventure journeying to World Cup 2022 by motorbiking from South Africa to Ethiopia (the furthest he could safely go on land). Along the way, Topo deals with elephants interrupting his sleep, too many AK's to count, and of course, a great victory for his country - he's Argentinian by the way. Smash that 'Play' button for our most adventurous footy travel story yet! **OUR FIRST PROMOTIONAL OFFER - from Laird Superfood** Are you ready to feel more energized, focused, and supported? Go to and add nourishing, plant-based foods to fuel you from sunrise to sunset. 15% OFF!! ******************************** Foot(y)notes: Don't forget about our EURO 2024 trip announcement. If you want to join us, FILL OUT THIS INTEREST FORM. You can follow this and Topo's other adventures in a variety of places: YouTube Instagram Facebook TikTok Interested in other motorbiking stories? Mike mentioned a few: Motorcycle Diaries (film version) Long Way Up Long Way Round Long Way Down  

    Ep 35 | Riding the Dutch Oranje Bus w/ Henk van Beek

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2023 43:12

    If you've never heard of the Dutch Oranje Bus, or if you love combining your footy fandom with an amazing party - boy are you in for a treat! In today's episode Colin sits down with Henk van Beek, a founding member of the association that started the Dutch Oranje Bus, the ultimate fan experience of the KNVB (we think). Colin and Henk discuss the bus's experiences in Europe, what it takes to ship the bus abroad (it's been to several World Cups), and touchingly, Henk's experience with the bus in Ukraine for the 2012 Euros. Be sure to listen until the end, when Henk delivers a great message for all footy travelers, but especially those heading to World Cup 2026. **OUR FIRST PROMOTIONAL OFFER - from Laird Superfood** Are you ready to feel more energized, focused, and supported? Go to and add nourishing, plant-based foods to fuel you from sunrise to sunset. 15% OFF!! ******************************** Foot(y)notes: Don't forget about our EURO 2024 trip announcment. If you want to join us, FILL OUT THIS INTEREST FORM. Here's the 1988 Andre Hazes song, “Wij houden van Oranje (We love Orange)” that Henk talks about in the episode.  And here's a great write-up on the bus from the Athletic. You can follow @DutchOrangeBus on Instagram… …or, if you're Dutch is better than ours, on their website.

    Ep 34 | EURO 2024 Trip Alert

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2023 53:59

    CALLING ALL FELLOW FOOTY TRAVELERS!!! We're going to the Euros, and we want you to join us! That's right. The Footy Travelers are teaming up with Race2Adventure in the hopes of securing a second boat for their Euro 2024 trip between June 17 - June 25, 2024. Highlights include: cruising the Rhine through 4 stunningly beautiful countries (Switzerland, France, Germany, & Netherlands) during the group stage of Euro 2024 effortless accomodation and transportation during the group stage of Euro 2024 daily morning walks, hikes or runs to get your blood pumping (or chase away that hangover) and get you ready for a full day of watching Euro 2024 matches docking in or within an hour of Euro 2024 host cities (we'll be near Frankfurt on June 20, and in Cologne on June 22) three meals a day with wine and beer included at each dinner Did we mention this trip puts you in the host country, Germany, during the group stage of Euro 2024?!?! The first boat is already sold out. The second boat waitlist is already collecting names. Make sure you get interest in now... DON'T MISS THE BOAT!! To let Race2Adventure know you're on board (ha!), fill out the interest form below, tell them the Footy Travelers sent you, and let's get that second boat!! Euro 2024 second boat interest form

    Ep 33 | World Cup NTK Series: Women's World Cup 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2023 37:09

    “All the footy ladies! All the footy ladies!” Oh, sorry. You caught us jamming out there. What can we say? We're excited for the upcoming Women's World Cup - and everything it brings with it: The USWNT going for a 3-peat. A trip down under. The final continent traveled to together. And… THIS WC NTK EPISODE! Listen in for a breakdown of all things Women's World Cup tickets and travel considerations. You know, the stuff we're good at talking about. **OUR FIRST PROMOTIONAL OFFER - from Laird Superfood** Are you ready to feel more energized, focused, and supported? Go to and add nourishing, plant-based foods to fuel you from sunrise to sunset. ******************************** Foot(y)notes: Making a trip to Denver and curious about Centennial 38 (C38) Supporters Club bus & tailgate tickets we mention? Check out their events page and choose the game you're interested in attending. If you still need tickets to the Women's World Cup, you can get them directly on the FIFA Ticketing website. And yes, the US Soccer allotment is sold out. Still have questions about WWC ‘23 tickets? Check out this FAQ page. If you're heading to NZ, you'll need entry authorization (either a visitor visa or an electronic travel authority (ETA). Start here to get those. Same story for Australia. If you're a US passport holder you can get their ETA. Otherwise, it might be worth starting here. We miss Flight of the Conchords too. Here's the entire scene ;-)

    Ep 32 | Footy Fandom, History & Charity w/ Eagleman and Wonder Woman

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2023 67:59

    Featured-guest episodes are back in full swing with not one, but two incredible footy travelers this week. Mark "Eagleman" Cranston & Lila "Wonder Woman" Asnani sit down with Colin & Mike to discuss their latest footy travels, what it's like to be soccer super heroes, and plenty of US Soccer history. Rapid fire questions also make a return, and Stu Holden pops up yet again in conversation. Get ready to fly! Foot(y)notes: Visit Mark's incredibly informative website,, built with the footy traveler in mind.  Your next two chances to catch Eagleman and Wonder Woman in action both happen to be games against regional rival Mexico. Head to the US Soccer website for tickets, or visit American Outlaws for tickets to the supporters section. Here is the birth of the great American soccer fan tradition that Eagleman & Wonder Woman started.   THE FIRST HALF 03:03 - Romantic beginnings 05:39 - Eagleman & Wonder Woman unveiled 09:43 - The man behind the costumes 11:43 - Relationships strengthened through footy 16:03 - Celebrity moments w/ Frankie Hejduk, Fernando Fiore, & Greg Bishop 19:13 - A first-hand account of the Fan Leader Network at World Cup 2022 29:06 - Pregnancy delays the inaugural World Cup experience THE SECOND HALF 32:09 - A super hero's ultimate footy travel experience 35:55 - Visiting every World Cup Final stadium 38:59 - Footy travels in North Korea?! 38:57 - Using experience & recognition for the greater good 42:03 - Capturing footy history 47:17 - 'Rapid' fire begins... 51:07 - 'Pay-by-the-hour anniversary fun' in Manaus 53:08 - Stu Holden is small (statured) 55:15 - Falling in love with Diego Forlan 1:01:41 - What it's like to meet Eagleman & Wonder Woman IRL

    Ep 31: Part 2 | FTP at WC22: The Footy Travelers' Wrap-up Grades and Superlative Awards

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2023 27:03

    It's one thing to bring you all in-depth interactions with fellow footy travelers from World Cup 2022, but why not put a nice bow on it?! In the second part of our final FTP at WC22 episode, Colin & Mike offer up their final thoughts, grades, and a few awards to the fans and organizers of this latest edition of 'FIFA bulldozing their way to billions in revenue.' 01:28 - How the 'awards' work 02:04 - AWARD #1 | 'Best Storyline' 03:57 - AWARD #2 | 'Biggest Surprise Player' 05:18 - AWARD #3 | 'Friendliest Fans' 06:38 - AWARD #4 | 'Loudest Fans' 08:26 - AWARD #5 | 'Least Engaging Fans' 10:48 - AWARD #6 | 'Best Kit/Jersey' 11:53 - AWARD #7 | 'Best Qatar Travel Tip' 14:09 - AWARD #8 | 'Best Doha Attraction' 15:57 - AWARD #9 | 'Grading World Cup 2022 Stadiums' 19:05 - AWARD #10 | 'Grading World Cup 2022 Transportation' 22:06 - BONUS AWARD | 'Overall Grade for Qatar as Host' 25:56 - Closing the book on World Cup 2022

    Ep 31: Part 1 | FTP at WC22: Group H - Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2023 46:15

    Hooraaaaaay!!! We did it! The Footy Travelers connected and chatted with at least one fellow soccer fan from every country playing at World Cup 2022 - and this episode is the final proof. In this edition of FTP at WC22, we chat with an expat family from Portugal living in the Middle East, a couple of trael buddies from Ghana who feel some type of way about Luis Suarez, the entire Uruguayan FIFA Fans' Cup team (who feel pretty much the opposite about Luis Suarez), and a friendly fan leader from Seoul, South Korea. Not gonna lie, we dipped our toes into the 'potentially controversial' in this one, but cooler heads prevailed and we came out unscathed. Enjoy this one - it might be three and a half more years until we get a chance to do it again. Foot(y)notes: 07:07 Portugal In case you're curious about the kids' "candy" comments, we thought we'd clear the air a bit - Muslims CAN eat candy, just certain kinds.  13:07 Ghana In case you need (or want) to remind yourself why Luis Suarez is public enemy #1 in Ghana. 24:11 Uruguay More Suarez shithousery (aka Suarez biting people). 35:56 South Korea Son Heung-Min shared the 2021/22 Premier League Golden Boot with Liverpool's Mo Salah - except that all of Sonny's goals came from the run of play (Salah scored 5 pk's)

    Ep 30 | Hold my beer! - A conversation w/ Ed Ball, the Qatar Alcohol Map Guy

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2023 40:29

    They said you wouldn't be able to drink at World Cup 2022. Ed Ball's response:  “Challenge accepted!” Not only did this intrepid footy traveler defy the odds by downing plenty of deliciously fermented suds during his trip to Qatar, he created a tool so that others could easily find the places to do the same. Yes! Ed Ball is the ‘Qatar Alcohol Map Guy'! In this episode, Colin & Mike sit down with Ed to dive deep into the background and process of the map's creation, Ed's plans for future maps and footy travels, and perhaps a few bubbly beverages themselves. Cheers! Foot(y)notes: If you're heading to Doha yourself and wondering where to find a drink, check out Ed's map. Here's a Deadspin article that perfectly articulates the ridiculousness of Qatar's thoughts on alcohol at a World Cup. Here's a great guide to alcohol (i.e. rules to know) in Qatar post-World Cup 2022. In Doha for awhile and thinking about applying for a liquor consumption permit? Good luck! Here's how to get to the QDC (Qatar Distribution Center). The American at Leyton Orient that Ed mentions? Charlie Kelman.

    Ep 29 | FTP at WC22: Group G - Brasil, Switzerland, Serbia, Cameroon

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2023 51:42

    The march through World Cup 2022 footy traveler groups reaches its penultimate episode. This week, Mike & Colin look back at their time in Doha with fellow traveling soccer fans from Brasil, Switzerland, Serbia, & Cameroon. Were the caipirinhas or the Brasilian confidence stronger? Do we finally know what it takes to emigrate to the beautiful land of the Suisse? What's on tap outside of footy for someone visiting Serbia? And did Colin randomly meet Samuel Eto'o's grandmother? It's all here in this episode! Foot(y)notes: Brasil Perhaps this is where that Brasilian confidence started. The recipe for a good caipirinha is pretty straightforward, but if you'd like something a bit fruitier, perhaps a Mike-style ‘caipi-fruta'... Switzerland We found this interesting as we looked deeper into Deiter's industry of hemp-based building materials. Serbia Our Serbian guests humbly claimed that Belgrade has a “really good nightlife.” What they didn't tell us was that it's been called the ‘best in the Balkans.' However… Check out the comments on their specific recommendation, River nightclub, one of Belgrade's many ‘splavs', before you head there as a footy traveler :-| Cameroon If Cameroon is on your bucket list, we'd recommend the ‘know before you go' policy. You can read up on travel to Cameroon here, and here, and here.

    Ep 28 | FTP's 1st BIRTHDAY!!! + FTP at WC22: Group F - Belgium, Morocco, Canada, Croatia

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2023 61:11

    We did it! We made it to the 1-year mark!!! Thanks to everyone who helped make this first year possible: our listeners, our guests, our fellow footy travelers all over the world. You all are an incredible group, and we can't wait to meet more of you in our travels over this next year and in years to come.  In this episode we also continue our look back at our World Cup 2022 experience through interactions and conversations with Group F footy travelers from Belgium, Canada, Morocco, & Croatia. What do Belgians think about the Golden Generation? Is soccer bigger than hockey now in Canada? Can you really go skiing in Northern Africa? And what was up with all the water polo gear fans were wearing at Croatia games? It's all here in the latest episode! Foot(y)notes: Belgium Haven't seen (or heard of) one of Mike's favorite movies of all time? Check out this teaser and you might understand why he loves it so much. Canada Wondering what the best ski resort in Canada is like Colin? Depends. Are you going for snowiest? Snow reliability? Most terrain? Morocco Speaking of skiing... YES, you can ski in Morocco! Here's proof. Who is you favorite Moroccan footballer of all-time? Croatia Here's that Moja Domovina video from Hrvatski Band Aid (Band Aid Croatia) We talked lightly about this song and Slovkav's singing it to us when we chatted with him, but it has much deeper roots than we two bozos give it credit for in the episode. It was released in the initial stages of the 1991–95 Croatian War of Independence, and was often played to boost morale either among soldiers on the battlefield or civilians in their shelters. Learn more about its history and meaning here.

    Ep 27 | "It was a dream" - A World Cup Final adventure w/ Messi's biggest fan

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2023 41:48

    What was it like traveling to Qatar just to watch the World Cup 2022 Final? To journey halfway around the world to see your favorite player, the GOAT - the greatest of all time - win the sports world's most coveted trophy for the country that bestowed your heritage upon you? How much would you pay to witness what some have called the greatest sporting event ever played? Shirley C (IG: @betweenthenotes) has the answer to all these questions and more in our latest episode. It's one of the best Footy Travelers stories you'll ever hear. Visit Shirley's Insta page for more content from her trip. Relive what Shirley witnessed at the World Cup 2022 Final.

    Ep 26 | FTP at WC22: Group E - Germany, Japan, Spain, Costa Rica

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2023 42:58

    What a wild World Cup group this was! Over the course of two hours during the last set of group matches, there were nine changes to the final table, and all four teams — Germany, Japan, Spain, and Costa Rica — occupied one of the two qualification spots at one point. After the final whistles blew, despite winning their match against Costa Rica, 4-time World Cup champions Germany were out. Despite losing against Japan, 2010's World Cup champs Spain were in. And Japan, the first team out of Asia, Africa or Oceania with multiple wins against former champions at the World Cup, reached the knockout stages in consecutive World Cups - another first. But how would the Footy Travelers' time spent with fans from these nations stack up? Would there be as much drama? Would VAR have to step in? Find out in the latest episode of the best podcast out right now (when it comes to sharing stories and experiences around footy travels, that is.)! Foot(y)notes: Germany If this website is any proof, Oktoberfest can be found in more than just Munich. Japan Here's a good pros and cons breakdown for the Hakuba vs Niseko debate.  Spain Yes! Spain has skiing. Here's a look at their ski resorts.  Costa Rica It's not all surfing and Imperial in Costa, check out this guide to all the rainforests in the land of Pura Vida.

    Ep 25 | FTP at WC22: Group D - France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2023 54:52

    This episode is brought to you by the letter 'D'. You know, as in 'Drama.' Boy has there been some in the USMNT camp! 'D' is also the World Cup group whose fans we chat with here. Dive into Mike & Colin's Dialogue with fellow footy travelers from the Destinations of France, Australia, Denmark, & Tunisia. It'll be Delightful! Group D Foot(y)notes: Since we'll tease you at the beginning, here's a rundown of the the Berhalter-Reyna drama, and one explanation for how it got this far. Australia The Sydney vs Melbourne debate is surely everlasting. Here's one perspective on it. Here's another one. And another one. Hell, why not one more? Denmark Hummel and the Danish made a statement with their kits at this World Cup, but World Cup organisers fired back. This is Michael Laudrup. France The USMNT isn't the only team that's experienced some turbulence dealing with blackmail and in-team shithousery. Perhaps we're more like France than we like to think. Tunisia Find Tunisia Ligue 1's international ranking among the other domestic leagues of the world.  Explore the northern most point of continental Africa.

    Ep 24 | FTP at WC22: Group C - Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 2023 40:17

    The holidays have wound down, but the Footy Travelers World Cup 2022 series rages on! Up next are our moments with Fellow Footy Travelers from Group C nations: World Cup Champions Argentina, Dos a Cero runners-up Mexico, the White Eagles of Poland, and the Green Falcons of Saudi Arabia. Foot(y)notes: Every Argentina goal on their way to World Cup 2022 glory ARG v KSA highlights MEX v POL highlights ARG v POL highlights KSA v MEX highlights ARG v MEX highlights POL v KSA highlights  

    BONUS Episode | FTP Presents: Carefree Louisiana & Bluesday '23 in New Orleans

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 26, 2022 34:30

    Sadly, World Cup soccer is on pause until mid-2023 (who's going Down Unda'?!). The good news is, club football is back, and so are our BONUS episodes! In this one, we bring you an exciting (if you're a Chelsea FC fan), US-based footy travel experience to tide you over: BLUESDAY! From February 3-5, 2023, Carefree Louisiana, one of the largest Chelsea supporters groups in the US, will be hosting their annual event in conjunction with the city's annual Krewe du Vieux parade. For more details, including travel options, visit 

    Ep 23 | FTP at WC22: Group B - England, Wales, Iran, USA

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 18, 2022 69:40

    The 2022 FIFA World Cup has just concluded with what was inarguably not only the best World Cup Final ever, not only the best soccer game - EVER!, but the greatest sports game the world has ever witnessed! Is there even any need to continue the Messi v Ronaldo GOAT debate?  Regardless, the Footy Travelers Podcast "World Cup 2022" series DOES continue, with Group B fellow footy travelers (FFTs) from England, Wales, Iran, USA... Foot(y)notes: GRANT WAHL A note from Grant's wife, Céline Gounder. The last “World Cup Daily” entry (Day 25) we received from Grant's Substack. ENGLAND Check out Toyan, aka (DJ) Chino of Vinyl Vandals. WALES Blow your mind with some Brains Beer! What exactly are Welsh cakes? WTF is Yr Wyddfa?! IRAN Keep up with the situation in Iran.  Here are a few suggestions for how to support Iran from afar. Here are some things that are already being done. USA Consider joining us in LA for USMNT vs Colombia. Consider joining your local chapter of American Outlaws.

    Ep 22 | FTP at WC22: Group A - Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2022 29:56

    World Cup 2022's Round of 16 has just finished, leaving 8 teams to battle it out for the most prestigious prize in international sports. But our 'FTP at WC22' series has only just begun, bringing you 1 episode from each of the tournament's 8 initial groups. Follow along as Colin & Mike talk with fellow footy travelers from all 32 participating countries (and maybe a few others), learn something new about a place you've never been, and enjoy the connections being made all in the name of the beautiful game! Our first group is Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, and Netherlands. What's the best national park in Ecuador? Do all Dutch people really wear wooden clogs? Find out by listening now! Foot(y)notes: Why does the Dutch team wear 'oranje'? Follow the Dutch Oranje Bus Are 'Holland' and 'the Netherlands' actually synonymous? Who has Senegal produced other than Mane? This is the Ecuador/Qatar incident

    Ep 21 | FTP at WC22: Qatar's 'Spygate' and the Opening Ceremony

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2022 36:30

    The Footy Travelers are at World Cup 2022! And so is Morgan Freeman. In the first episode of the 'FTP at WC22' series, Colin & Mike spill the full details on the opportunity to attend the opening ceremony and match - inclusive of flights and accomodation - on the tournament organizers' dime. Along the way, the media picked up on the tournament's 'Fan Delegation' program and labeled participants as 'spies' for the Qatari state. But what was the Footy Traveler's first-hand, on-the-ground experience? Listen now to find out! Foot(y)notes: Our World Cup Qatar 2022 reading list: A Message to Everyone Going to Qatar World Cup Brings Epic Culture Clash to Qatar The World Cup's Forgotten Team The media explores World Cup Qatar 2022's 'Fan Delegation' program: ESPN NY Times NPR The Times (UK) (Netherlands)  

    Ep 20 | World Cup 2022 (and beyond) w/ Ray Noriega

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2022 64:06

    WORLD CUP 2022 IS DAYS AWAY!!! Get hyped, and get ready with American Outlaw and US Soccer diehard, Ray Noriega. Colin & Mike discuss Ray's recent travels to Europe to see the USMNT in their pre-World Cup friendlies, the best and the worst of his past travels (he's been to every World Cup qualifier since 2005!), and get Ray's insights on what to expect from this and the next two upcoming World Cups (Women's 2023, Men's 2026). Get in now, and listen to Ray Noriega drop some serious footy travel experience. Foot(y)notes: Not clear on the Andrés Escobar reference? Check this out. Find the Futbology app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Still looking for World Cup 2022 tickets? Start here.  Want to "buy the dips" and get in now on your US Soccer fandom? You can join US Soccer's Insiders program for free, or join the American Outlaws supporters club.

    Ep 19 | FTP Origins: The Footy Travelers Are Born

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2022 56:40

    Rob & Ryan who?! No. The best bromance in global footy is between FTP co-hosts Colin & Mike. At last, their separate footy traveler origin stories combine, as they recall the pivotal moments that led to the birth of the original Footy Travelers duo. Listen in for the story of Mike's big proposal to Colin in 2008 (one he needed time to warm up to), of their first World Cup experience at South Africa 2010, and the greatest consecutive 24 hours they've ever had traveling the globe for the beautiful game. Spoiler Alert: it involves a lot of Russian vodka. This episode also includes two special announcements, so be sure to listen through to the end! Foot(y)notes: Follow the Footy Travelers on Instagram to keep up to date with their upcoming World Cup travels. While we don't know all the details surrounding the opening ceremony, here's a few things we know so far.  Relive the greatest game the Footy Travelers have been to (so far) -or- Listen to the iconic Ian Darke call.  

    BONUS Episode | World Cup NTK Series: Additional travel details for Qatar 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2022 8:24

    Quick episode this week to tie up some loose ends folks have been asking about when it comes to traveling to Qatar for World Cup 2022. Wondering if COVID is still a thing? Hint: it IS! Foot(y)notes: Qatar's Ministry of Public Health "Travel and Return Policy": The official "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 COVID-19 Protocol": More juice from someone who's been to Qatar recently (subscripition needed for full article): FIFA's page for ticket resale (keep an eye on this closer to the tournament): FIFA's overall ticketing page for the 2022 World Cup:

    Ep 18 | World Cup NTK Series: BOOZE!!!, food, & other cultural considerations for Qatar 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2022 48:33

    This episode is H-U-G-E... HUGE! You can read all the articles and write-ups you want, but the Footy Travelers are bringing you lived experience in Qatar, in the form of expat Seth Osborne, to answer all your questions about food, culture, tips to stay cool in the desert, and of course, everyone's #1 need-to-know - how to find alcohol in Qatar. Country-specific travel tips abound in this one for the world's most avid Footy Travelers heading to the World Cup in 2 months. *SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* FTP is now one of the 60 BEST SOCCER PODCASTS (#39) according to FeedSpot!!! Foot(y)notes: Info on the planned fan zones in and around Doha  FIFA Time Out The World Cup Additional info on drinking rules at World Cup Qatar 2022 ESPN Sports Illustrated

    Ep 17 | Alright, alright, alright - FTP in Austin, TX

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2022 52:02

    Back in August, Colin & Mike traveled to the “house that McConaughey built” - the beautiful Q2 Stadium in Austin, Texas. They also explored the footy pubs of the Texas capital city, as well as some recommended ‘hot spots' to help them cool down from the Texas heat. Listen in to hear their insights on one of America's most quickly growing cities. You'll also get some great footy travel advice from two heavily active Austin FC supporters and an opinionated Uber driver or two. Insider tips abound for foodies, music lovers - even that pitiful friend of yours who's a Tottenham fan. Colin &  Mike also discuss the upcoming World Cup and one of the major changes that has already affected the tournament's schedule. Foot(y)notes: Austin IG accounts to follow: @bridget.dunlap  @LosVerdes @LaMurgaATX @EAntu12 @rico.charlie_adventures @Pollo.FC @PaprikaATX @TacoFlats

    Ep 16 | FTP Origins: Colin's Origin Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2022 37:39

    Once again we turn inward, this time diving deep into co-host Colin's  origin story. From young pee-wee days in New Jersey, to two influential trips to soccer's birthplace, all the way to using the sport to forge relationships in the Asia Pacific region, Colin walks us through his formative experiences and explains how the sport influenced him from an early age. Like our first "FTP Origins" episode with Mike, Colin gets just as profound, sharing his sense of responsibility and purpose to share the joys and gifts that footy and travel have given him so far in his life.   Foot(y) notes: Catch the highlights (including the infamous Alan Shearer PK) of Colin's first Premier League game. Here's a brief history of how USISL became the USL. This is what the South Jersey Barons are today. And if you didn't know that Thailand has its own Premier League...

    Ep 15 | Footy Travel with Purpose - A Conversation with Emily Agueda of the Craig Willinger Fund

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 61:41

    We know, Mike says it a lot: “This episode is a good one.” But THIS episode… is FIRE! As we sit down with Emily Agueda of the Craig Willinger Fund, we learn what footy travel with a purpose looks like, as Emily discusses the fund's mission (Spoiler Alert: it's all about footy travel and making dreams come true). Other topics include Emily's take on the women's game, her carry-on bag travel advice, and a clever way to arrange a personal meeting with the G.O.A.T. Foot(y)notes: Check out the Craig Willinger Fund's approach to footy travel with a purpose:  Apply to CWF:  Help CWF:  This is the video of Diweni Jituboh with Wayne Rooney we mention in the episode: And one of Hannah Smith's experience with the CW Fund in Natal, Brasil: Last but not least, an awesome write-up and news story on Travis Hackett's experience with Leicester City: 

    Ep 14 | World Cup NTK Series: Lodging, Flights, & Transportation (w/ guest host Rob C)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2022 44:42

    *FTP TRAVEL ALERT*  We'll be in Austin, TX August 5-7. If you're in town, going to the Austin FC v San Jose match, or are from the area, we'd love to connect - either ahead of time for travel recommendations, or during our stay to share a frothy beer and talk footy. Reach out to us through our Instagram account (@footytravelers).  *END ALERT* As for this week's episode, we welcome special guest host Rob Cervantes (IG: @bnceo), a fellow footy traveler and La Blanquirroja fan,  as we discuss Qatar 2022 accommodations, flights to and from the desert, and in-country transportation once we all reach the smallest nation (city) to host a World Cup - ever!  Foot(y)notes: If you still need lodging or to apply for your Hayya card, head over to the official portal for all that business: You'll need your ticket application number handy. Flight research is on you, but here's something helpful we found as we researched Qatar metros for once you arrive: And if anything changes leading up to the tournament, FFTs can follow @RoadTo2022 (Arabic), @RoadTo2022en (English), @RoadTo2022es (Español), or @RoadTo2022News on Instagram to stay up to date.

    Ep 13 | An American in London - Wembley, the Emirates, & Arsenal FC's biggest fan

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 43:54

    In this week's episode, Colin takes back the reign (spelling & use intentional) as he shares his recent experience in the land of the good Queen Mother. Listen in for a review of North London hot spots Swains Lane, Dartmouth Park, and of course, the Emirates (R.I.P. Highbury). Colin also discusses some travel tips for anyone attending a match at Wembley, he and Mike duke it out over just whose Wrexham owner Ryan Reynolds actually is, and we hear from (probably) Arsenal's biggest fan! Foot(y)notes: Whatever happened to Highbury anyway? Watch this. Check out Conor's sick new drop. Or Mike's. Or both, whatever. Get yourself to the Emirates stadium tour. Make sure you know the deal with your Wembley event's beer policy. And if you find yourself in North London, we highly recommend the Bull & Last for accomodation, and Swains Wine Bar for some proper wine & proper food.

    Ep 12 | FTP Origins: Mike's Origin Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 39:58

    This episode is a special one, as we turn inward and dive deep into co-host Mike's beautiful mind, pulling out his own origin story. From growing up in rural New Hampshire, to cementing himself in podcast history as one of the founding Footy Travelers, Mike walks us through his upbringing and explains how the sport influenced him from an early age. With great mentors along the way, Mike navigated the world of a young soccer player while fighting high school awkwardness, cancer, college decisions, and everything in between. In this episode, Mike gets profound, coming to the realization that both soccer and travel were contributing factors in some of his most significant decisions.   Foot(y) notes: Want to support kids and young adults battling cancer? Check out these two organizations near and dear to Mike's heart: Ulman Foundation Craig Willinger Fund  Learn more about the great Shawn Griffin:   Nostalgia Alert!! Relive one of Mike's most influential soccer memories in the '94 World Cup Final penalty kick shootout: Mike's a huge footy kit nerd (we know!). Check out some of our favorite vintage and custom footy kit accounts from Insta: SaturdaysFootball ClassicFootballShirts IcarusFootball

    Ep 11 | Cascadia Cup - Seattle Edition

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 41:40

    In this episode, Colin travels solo to Seattle and chats with Cameron Collins from the Gorilla FC supporters' club, just ahead of the Sounders' Cascadia Cup match against the Vancouver Whitecaps last season (October 9, 2021). The two discuss what Cascadia Cup is, the power of soccer to unite the community, and Cameron's insights on some fun, non-footy activities to take on while in Seattle. Foot(y)notes: What is the Cascadia Cup? Learn more about Seattle Sounders supporters groups:  Cameron's urban tourist recommendation: Cameron's nature tourist recommendation:

    BONUS Episode | The one where Sporting Serotonin does rapid fire

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 23:00

    In this follow-up BONUS episode to our conversation with the lads from Sporting Serotonin, we get Jack and Paul's take on the City of Brotherly Love - and some 4-4-4 breathing to start us off.

    Ep 10 | The one where we're "Philly tough" about mental health

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 45:07

    FFTs! It's May. Which means... It's Mental Health Awareness Month. In support of a topic we all need to get behind, Colin & Mike chat with a few members of Sporting Serotonin, an amateur footy club out of Philadelphia, about what mental health means to them and the unique way they're spreading their message of positive energy and good vibes - one golazo at a time! Foot(y)notes: If you or a loved one are in distress or want free, confidential support, you can dial 988, or call 1-800-273-8255 to talk to a caring professional.  The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline also provides more resources on its website. You can also check out NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness), the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. Check out and follow Sporting Serotonin for all things footy and mental health... ...and Icarus FC too!

    Ep 9 | World Cup NTK Series: Qatar's *NEW* Stadiums

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 27:57

    You can't have an international footy tournament without footy stadiums, now can you? Although, those stadiums apparently don't need to actually exist for you to be named the host of such a tournament - who knew?! Yes, the stadiums of the Qatar World Cup 2022 have been much talked about, for a lot of negative reasons. As the tournament draws near though, and the Footy Travelers prepare for their fourth consecutive World Cup experience, they can't help but wonder, "What should we all expect?" Join Mike and Colin as they explore each of the 8 stadiums hosting matches later this year. Foot(y)notes: Curious what these stadiums actually LOOK like? Check out this visual preview. Khalifa International's air conditioning system explained. Here's the ArchDaily write-up that had Colin raising his brow (and chuckling in despair). The gahfiya explained in more depth.

    Ep 8 | D.C.'s 'Chelsea Phil' talks C.I.A. - a Chelsea in America (or Administration?!) episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 53:23

    Chelsea FC has been in the news a bit more than some other Premier League clubs recently. Their ownership has been a hot topic for almost two months now, as Roman Abramovich, a well-known Russian oligarch, was sanctioned by the British Government following the invasion of Ukraine. On the positive end of things, the men's first team just placed into the FA Cup Final for the third season in a row, where they will look to vindicate themselves for two straight Finals losses. So what better time than RIGHT NOW to share a conversation Mike & Colin had with Chelsea in America member, and Charm City Blues chapter head, Phil Williams?! Mike, Colin, & Phil discuss all things Chelsea, including the perks of being a part of an official supporters group for a team abroad, Phil's experience as a Chelsea fan in the 90's, his feelings on being called a "plastic," and of course, his thoughts on the club's current ownership saga. Foot(y)notes: Visit the Chelsea in America webpage for more info on this group. Check out the Charm City Blues page too! Here's the Roman Abramovich statement from March, before the Blues started seeing red following his sanctioning by the UK Government. Here's a bit of an update on the sale of Chelsea FC. We'll see what happens soon! Can Chelsea redeem a season of turmoil with an FA Cup trophy?

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